Among the Shadows (2019) Movie Script

WOLFE: Why don't you go
to the European police?
PATRICIA: Because I think
it's one of you.
WOLFE: I have a feeling
I'm gonna wish
I never answered that call.
I already do.
President Sherman
is running his first
election campaign,
nearly two years after
his referendum compromise
lifted him to acting-president
of the newly-formed
European Federation.
REPORTER: John Kilborn
and President Sherman
met and shook hands
in the Palais du Congress
in Bruxelles
after each spoke to the conf...
Patricia Sherman
addressed delegates in Paris
on behalf of
her husband's campaign.
I'm immensely proud
of our European Federation.
We will use our fears to stay
the United States of Europe
and become a stronger,
more peaceful order,
as an example
to the rest of the world,
something my husband wanted
for so long,
to unite us all.
WOLFE: As far back
as I can recall,
they've been at war.
Codes established.
Every so often,
something occurs
to set off the balance,
to tip the scales.
This is where
it gets complicated.
PRIEST: Peace of God,
which passeth all understanding.
Keep your hearts and minds in
the knowledge and love of God.
Blessing of God Almighty,
the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit,
be amongst you
and remain with you always.
It's time.
Bon apptit.
Hello, darling, it's me.
I'm delayed.
He's late as usual.
So, uh,
but do wait up for me.
I love you very much.
Your wallet.
On the hood. Now.
Don't shoot.
- Now!
- I'm getting it.
Your Rolex also.
Now the briefcase.
Allow me to take out
the contents, at least.
Briefcase on the hood.
You know, I'm quite fond
of this suit,
and I really don't think
you want to put a hole in it.
Well, silver bullet
make big holes.
Who are you?
I know you.
Who are you?
Sorry, Harry.
Nothing personal.
Uncle Harry, how are you?
- I've been shot.
- Good one!
Auntie Emma catch you eating
before dinner again?
This time...
it's a silver bullet.
What did you say?
What are you talking about?
Shh. It's Randall.
- Rand... Randall Jackson?
- Yes.
Now, listen to me...
- You know I love you.
- Harry, where are you?
Harry, stay with me!
I'm coming to get you, Harry!
Stay there.
Excuse me. Move. Move!
Lieutenant Hunter!
Detective Hunter.
Detective Hunter!
Let her through.
So, uh,
it's a mugging gone bad.
No ID.
Wallet's missing.
Got an anonymous tip.
No ID on the shooter.
BASTIEN: It's McGregor.
What's she doing here?
Private investigator
on my crime murder scene?
Shouldn't you be out chasing
some cheating wives
or husbands?
The victim was Wolfe's uncle.
Really? How interesting.
You okay?
Yeah. I've had better nights.
Do you wanna tell me what
a presidential campaign manager
was doing down here
at this time of night?
I don't know, Lieutenant.
I'm off to
Lieutenant McGregor's house.
I'm sure I can find
a cheating wife there.
Smart ass.
What do we have? Gauge?
I want a full autopsy done.
Go through this
with a fine-tooth comb.
Get that report first thing
in the morning, Bastien.
Good job tonight.
Blaze, come on.
What do you think
is the difference
between people and wolves?
They're animals, silly.
I'm not an animal.
Well, no, not like...
Not the same as them, no.
Like me...
when I discovered...
I had an animal inside of me.
Maybe you will too.
Maybe you will discover
the animal inside of you.
Ms. Wolfe?
The private investigator?
My name is Jean Tesaud.
I work for the First Lady,
Patricia Sherman.
Ms. Sherman requests
a meeting with you
at your residence or offices
to discuss a matter.
May I ask
what this is regarding?
No. It's a private matter,
and your every discretion
will be greatly appreciated.
I see.
Please. Take a seat,
Mrs. Sherman.
What can I help you with?
- I want to hire you.
- For what?
Someone wants to kill
my husband.
He is the president, after all.
The call asked
if we got the message.
Why don't you go
to the European police?
Because I think
it's one of you.
By me, you mean...
A werewolf.
And what makes you so sure
it's one of us
and not one of you?
And by you, I mean vampire.
Your kind are
a lot more vicious than us.
And stronger.
He said he knew
what my husband was.
Why would a vamp marry a wolf?
Because I love him.
Both candidates wolves.
If only the humans knew.
Five thousand up front,
plus expenses.
Here's ten.
Come see me if you run out.
Do you know Randall Jackson?
No. Should I?
He's one of my kind.
Yeah. He killed Harry.
How do you know that?
Money in the hand
always jars my memory.
Do the police know about it?
No, not yet.
And I want to find him
before they do.
Here's my private number.
Call me if you just happen
to remember anything else.
Does it burn you that we have
all the power in the Federation?
You mean drunks or wolves?
PATRICIA: You're weak,
but stronger than the rest.
You already have the desire.
I'll give you
everything you need.
WOLFE: We're not doing this.
Get out of my head.
Please keep me updated.
WOLFE: Vamps and humans
never bother me.
Nothing much does.
But Harry's dead,
and I've got
the president's wife
asking me to figure out
who it was.
I think I'm gonna regret
ever answering that call.
I already do.
They seem to have no idea
about who runs their city.
Decisive vote for apathy.
I think they know.
The werewolves and vampires
accept their support
and that graciousness
is all they ask in return
for compliance.
Hey! How about
some service in here
whilst I'm still a pup?
You got a problem, bub?
Yeah. This place is a dump.
Missed you, Frank.
Ah, my little Wolfie-wolf.
How come you don't
come around no more?
Your old lady threatened to
hurt me if I ever came back.
I believe the exact term
was "spay."
She's always been
the jealous type.
Want your usual?
Hair of the Wolf?
Your jokes are worse
than her spaying.
Sorry about Harry.
He was a class act.
Another wolf has passed on!
Raise 'em!
You seen Randall?
Don't tell me it was him.
Son of bitch!
Wolves killing wolves.
What's the world coming to?
I need to find him.
I'll make a call.
Help yourself.
Try not to get Frank
into trouble.
WOLFE: Where are you?
Where are they in this city?
I'll find you.
I can smell you.
I know you're there behind
a corner and inside a sewer.
I'll track you down
and make you writhe
whilst I extract your veins.
I'll drink your sap,
while you beg me to stop,
and I won't,
but I'll enjoy every second
of the hunt.
Most of all, the moments
before I bite down on you.
And the first rip.
You know, Kristy,
if you don't really understand
the wolf inside of you,
the animal inside of you,
the problem is someday
you might not remember
what you were doing
when that side of you
is in control.
Our top story today,
President Richard Sherman
continues with
his reelection campaign,
addressing the media
at Parliament.
Sherman and his team noted
that they will soldier on
after his campaign manager,
Harry Goldstone, was found dead.
Killing Harry
wasn't part of the plan.
Don't quote me the code.
Wolves don't kill wolves?
A shocking development
from Saint-Gilles.
We have reports coming in now
that a number of bodies
have been found
at the city's largest park.
Police are on hand
and investigating this latest
in a series of gruesome attacks.
Let's split up
the fucking money now.
When are we getting paid?
Two nights from now.
On the 25th.
Keep the cops busy.
Hit two parks
on your way home.
Lock him up!
I didn't do anything.
Nobody ever does anything!
You're going to jail, son!
ANCHORWOMAN: President Sherman
was in Brussels today,
speaking to an auditorium of
select international journalists
at the at the Western European
Nations Summit.
SHERMAN: Harry Goldstone
was a friend
and political confidant
for my entire career.
His service
to the Federation...
Ah, Bastien, have a seat.
Yeah, just in time
for the president's speech
about his
dead campaign manager.
The debate will go on.
That's the way
Harry would want it.
The person who, um,
who knows me better
than anyone else,
the person
that I trust the most.
And, of course,
Frederik Forsythe,
our lawyer and friends.
Ah, Blaze! Pull up a chair.
Nice of you to join us.
Ah, forensics.
The bullets were silver.
Silver is silver,
gold is gold.
Dead... is dead!
President's office
breathing down my neck!
They want answers,
and they want them now.
His campaign manager is dead,
and he has an election
coming up!
So I want you and you
on the streets.
Turn over every stone.
Ask every single question
and come back with answers.
I need answers.
What do I need, Blaze?
- Answers.
- That's right.
I told you. Be careful.
Things are gonna get
a lot tougher.
I know you said this,
but we both hated him.
We know he could never
take the next step.
Harry had to go.
I know that.
So let's speak about
something else.
Something better.
I always hated Frank.
- Well, it's all done now.
- Good.
Listen, they aren't even human.
You have to be careful.
They don't care about life.
I've dropped in the polls.
Gotta dump this
Free Energy program.
It isn't working
with the voters.
Matthew, we're from
different parties,
but we've made
this administration work.
I appreciate dissent,
but let's remain constructive.
Yes, but I don't think
you realize
the enemies you're making
with this plan.
Patricia and I are determined.
Can't we leave Patricia
out of this?
I wouldn't underestimate
As long as you don't
overestimate her.
Keep her in her place.
Her place is on my side,
and on my other side is you.
Only one of you is replaceable
in the upcoming election.
- Understand?
- Excuse me, Mr. President.
I've gotta take this call.
I don't trust him.
Do you?
First Lady Patricia Sherman
took the stage
at the International States
Business Summit.
Hello, everyone.
REPORTER: As the President
has mentioned his new plan,
where do you fall
in the economic debate?
The proposed
Energy for All program
shows that our president
embraces progress.
And I'm behind him 100%.
REPORTER: What role do you see
the President taking on
for the next three years,
if reelected,
in terms of assisting
Federation nation states?
The people know we've made
tremendous strides
in our first term.
We trust that they'll want
to see the job gets finished.
However, right now,
we would like to send our love
to Harry's family.
Our condolences are with them.
WOLFE: They're hidden.
Waiting for me.
Awake all hours of the night.
But I'll outlast them.
Separate them from the pack.
And then give them
what Harry would otherwise.
What if there's ten?
Hmmph. All the better.
Ten it would be.
Harry told me.
REPORTER: Asked how the death
of their campaign manager
would affect current plans,
both Richard
and Patricia Sherman
echoed that
Frederik Forsythe...
Look what I found.
It's important.
...strategy and policy
for the administration.
You again?
Must be a big day.
The 21st.
Does it mean anything to you?
No idea, Lieutenant.
I find out you're lying,
which I think you are,
or I find out that you're
holding back information,
I'm throwin' you in jail.
And I'm doin' you
for obstruction!
I see that private detective
license of yours.
I'm gonna wipe my ass
with it.
Enjoy doing that.
WOLFE: They're like rats.
They hunt for food,
live in colonies,
fight for warmth.
They have alphas.
They appoint kings and queens
to keep order,
so they can keep looking
for their comforts.
Their entire existence is
built around food and warmth.
There's no difference.
They just delude themselves
with imagined complexity.
TV: Harry Goldstone
was honored today
at funeral services
in Ixelles.
The president's
long-time speechwriter
was shot and killed
in an apparent robbery
at the Gare du Nord last week.
I really didn't want to have
this conversation
at the funeral.
I understand.
So did you know
what Harry was?
A good politician?
Oh, my God. Good Lord,
are you one of them too?
How many of them
are in your family?
Enough to keep you guessing.
And I suggest
you keep this to yourself.
Oh, yeah? Am I being threatened
by an actual bitch?
That's dogs, Wauters.
Not wolves.
I only wanted to get
Harry's killers to justice.
Why? It's good for business.
It's better for the city.
There's been enough killings.
And besides,
Harry was my friend.
Well, Mr. Vice President,
There's all forms of justice,
isn't there?
I understand this happens,
but I just don't want it
to happen again.
Do you have any idea
who recommended Wolfe
for this investigation?
Hey! Kristy!
Need a lift?
ANCHORWOMAN: Tomorrow will be
the final presidential debate
between President Sherman
and John Kilborn.
This is one of
the most contested...
Looks like we'll have ourselves
a new president soon.
You weren't checking
on Randall Jackson
for alimony, were you?
Randall killed Harry.
Does anything connect
to Eddelman?
Come on.
Just because you're a PI,
and I'm police,
doesn't mean we can't
work together.
When I confronted Randall,
he had a bag full of money.
Eddelman's rich enough.
Randall had C4 as well.
He's a shooter and a bomber.
Anything else
you are not telling me?
What could be this urgent,
The debate is in four hours.
Trust me. It's worth it.
How did you get this?
All you need to know...
is the debate is in the bag,
Mr. Kilborn.
A series of polls show
that the debate went hands-down
to challenger John Kilborn.
He seemed to have
all the answers
to the moderator's questions,
as well as
President Sherman's rebuttals.
It appeared the president
was rattled at times
and perhaps because he was not
as prepared as he might've been,
without his trusted strategist,
Harry Goldstone.
WOLFE: I can't get a lead
on Randall or Mason.
Trail's gone cold.
Come on, come on, think!
Who would want my uncle dead?
This doesn't make any sense.
Who is Randall working for?
Who would know about us?
Something doesn't add up.
Someone out there knows.
Copy that. We're in position.
Okay, 4-0-1,
we have eyes on the limo.
Glad you agreed to meet.
I know how unusual a request
this is.
My vice president
has been pushing
for this meeting for a while.
Your boy did well
at the debate.
What can I say?
Kilborn played well.
It's easy to play, if you've got
the right sheet music.
Harry was our friend.
Patricia, please.
Mr. Eddelman's a businessman,
not a murderer.
He's only trying to help.
I had nothing to do
with Harry's murder.
And you...
don't be a sore loser.
Kilborn is ahead in the polls,
and you are going to lose.
Are you suggesting
some type of deal?
You bow out gracefully next week
due to illness,
and I cut you in
on a huge share of my profits
from my deal
with EFF's new pipeline.
That's insane.
Why would I do that?
I can still win.
Richard, be reasonable.
You don't want
European Fossil Fuels
as an enemy.
If you think that I...
Let's hear him out.
You've thrown away
a lot of money on this campaign.
I'm just looking out for us.
The pipeline money
would be a godsend
politically and financially.
Hey, want a light?
You've certainly
thought this through.
Politics is like poker.
You win when you cover
all the angles.
And I always win.
All you have to do is say yes.
What the hell?
Got a question for you.
I've nothing to say to you.
How many people
did you kill today?
Fuck you!
Your uncle was killed because he
was wrapped up in bad business.
Do you think this is a game?
Harry's dead,
and you're linked to it.
And you two...
If I find out you had anything
to do with his death,
I'll rip your throats out!
Take care of her tonight!
Solve my problem...
and win!
Just being paranoid.
HARRY: You're distant.
What's going on?
- What? Did I do it again?
- Yes.
I'm here!
So talk to me. How are you?
What's going on?
I wanted to ask you something.
There's a guy called Colin
I'm trying to track down.
Heard a lot of good things
about him.
Do you know him?
It's been a long time.
So you know him.
The name doesn't
mean anything to you?
No, I... I've never
heard of him before.
He conjures up potions
for people.
Powerful potions.
Wait. Do I need to be careful?
Is he dangerous?
It might be
for you to find out.
Where is he based?
I only know
he was based in Rome.
Evening, sir.
Colin Haroosen.
I was told to come and see you.
Am I in the right place?
I believe you're lost,
young lady.
Really? Games?
You know who I am.
Towel, sir.
I need to get back.
WOLFE: I need your help.
COLIN: Why the hell
would I help you?
WOLFE: Because my Uncle Harry
was murdered last week,
and I'm gonna find out
who did it.
Follow me.
I need a potion.
That's not my thing.
Harry Goldstone was my uncle.
He was killed last week.
I need your help.
You need to leave.
My uncle thought
very highly of you.
I have five thousand in cash.
Five thousand?
Are you kidding?
I'm dealing with
some very unpleasant people.
That's your problem.
Well, I'm about to make it
our problem.
I'll call when ready.
WOLFE: What is this place?
COLIN: The kind of place
where no one bothers you.
WOLFE: Too radioactive
for humans?
COLIN: Yeah. Too toxic.
WOLFE: Did you think over
what I asked about?
COLIN: I did.
WOLFE: I have someone
who's hired me.
COLIN: I know who hired you.
I hear her here.
WOLFE: And what do you hear?
COLIN: All kind of things.
COLIN: I have nothing
to say about it.
WOLFE: Do you have it for me?
COLIN: For your uncle's sake,
in two days,
I'll have something for you.
And she won't be able
to get in your head.
No one will for 18 days.
WOLFE: Thanks.
We'll speak soon.
COLIN: I hope so.
Come here often?
Too dreary for my taste.
Following me?
I don't believe in them.
I'm here paying my respects.
Just a coincidence.
You don't strike me
as the sympathetic type.
He was my favorite.
The one that got away?
Not quite.
We were making love and...
I get the picture. And?
What brings you here?
Gathering my wits.
Fear doesn't become you, Wolfe.
What have you told
Detective Bastien?
I thought you said
you weren't following me.
I'm not, but I have
my own resources.
He thinks my story about Harry
doesn't add up.
Lieutenant McGregor
is gunning for me now.
You need to be a better liar.
The stakes are a lot higher now.
You should be careful
what you tell others
that don't have
our best interests in mind.
Do you have anything
you want to share with me?
Right now? No.
I'm just trying
to make sense of everything.
Be careful
of the European police.
It's not that they have
bad intentions,
but they just don't know
the whole situation.
I can handle it.
How have you been holding up?
Does not having Harry here
affect your plan?
Not having Harry makes
everything a lot harder.
He was a good friend to me.
He was someone I could trust.
Now you're that someone
I can trust.
Don't let me down, Wolfe.
I'm on it.
EDDELMAN: Are you holding up
your end of the deal?
I'm working on it.
You haven't done
what you said you would do.
I've been patient.
Je sais.
You have to understand.
I want everyone to be realistic.
Don't shoot the messenger.
We want the energy initiative
off the table. Dead.
That is your only choice.
Off the table or dead.
We want to keep you
in the game.
You've been very useful.
WOLFE: Before you embark
on a journey of revenge,
dig two graves.
I don't have to dig mine
just yet.
Randall hangs out
with two mangy mutts.
Mason and Armand.
This is Armand's
last known address.
I bet those two
are behind the park murders,
a distraction
for the European police,
to keep them off
Harry's murder case.
If I hear anything,
I'll call you.
Word is even the vamps
are getting anxious.
Those bastards!
They're ready to kill
any one of us,
just to keep things in peace,
so watch your tail
out there, Wolfie.
Who's the top of this pyramid?
I want to know everything.
Not you, but you're a problem.
We'll fix that.
This is for Harry,
but I won't end this
so quickly.
- Shh.
I like a midnight snack
before I go to bed.
You like that?
You like that?
Shh, shh, try to relax.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I thought you might need
a little help.
Thanks, Frank.
If Mary knew you were here,
she might try to finish
what Armand started.
She'd cut out your ovaries
with a rusty butcher knife.
He'd been bitten.
If you leave him...
It's humane, I know.
I'll put Armand in my truck.
Bring him out
when you're full.
I'll load him also.
The best way to get the one
who really did this to Harry
is to let Randall
live a little longer.
I'm going to enjoy
when that's no longer needed.
REPORTER: Patricia Sherman
continues her campaign
on behalf of her husband,
the current president,
and stopped in to address
the EconBrussles,
covering a wide range
of topics,
from environmental awareness
to the upcoming vote
in less than three weeks.
Wow. Religion.
Frederik, didn't know
you had it in you.
You're so practical.
I miss him.
Harry? Please, Frederik.
We can dispense
with the pleasantries.
You don't like many of us.
Was Harry just a random killing?
I'm looking into it.
If I find out
that your jealousy
of us hiring Harry
to lead this campaign over you
had anything to do with this...
The streets are full of people
who'd sell their secrets
for 40 euro.
Some for 20.
And I'm only too glad
to pay for them.
Detective Blaze.
Take it easy.
I need to ask a favor,
from one old friend to another.
There's a leak
inside the department.
I need you to find out
who's got links to Max Eddelman.
Someone inside is helping him.
Randall and Eddelman
are linked.
Who do you think
is the leak?
Bastien is the only one
that knows about the link.
There's a lot more riding
on this election
than just whose ass is warming
the president's chair.
She certainly has the motivation
to dig into this.
We need someone like that
on our side.
I'll get the answers from the
police about Harry. Trust me.
I'm sure they're doing
the best they can.
They can try harder.
He's right. The only bullet
that could've killed Harry
had to be silver.
Wish you were here.
Me too, darling.
They need to see that this
hasn't hurt our campaign.
Frederik, go prep the team.
Ready to take on a thousand
questions from these guys?
I wouldn't expect anything else.
There's my president.
I just need it this one time.
Do you have any idea
what you need?
I'm dealing with a rough crowd.
They're using silver bullets.
Sounds terrifying.
You have no idea.
Your ancestors died for this.
COLIN: It's ancient blood
of vampires.
Keep that in mind.
Many people would
give anything for this.
It's not something we give out.
It should make your mind
a fortress,
but the effects might
take a toll on you physically.
But your mind will be sharper,
and she won't get in.
Don't tell me you're leaving us.
The city's not safe.
Frederik, you know we must
support our president
in these trying times.
Any progress on Harry?
He was...
carrying the debate strategy.
The only other person
who knew about that was you.
Speakerphone, Frederik.
Who is this?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Thank you for seeing me,
Mr. President.
I don't like ultimatums,
but you've left me no choice.
Gimme that. Yes. This is mine.
- Take that.
The leg.
Where did you find this?
What the fuck are you?
I'm your duly-elected president,
trying to make things
better for everyone.
Humans too.
Listen, you freak.
Kill the Free Energy program.
It took me 30 years to develop.
This can't happen overnight.
You have two days to kill it.
That's absurd.
PATRICIA: You're doing well.
Getting some people upset.
Keep going.
The potion's good for seven
days at a time.
Very clever. I can only get you
when you're sleeping.
Do you hear my voice?
Pay attention to my words.
Follow my voice.
Let me in.
Did you dream of me?
PATRICIA: Do you remember
what we talked about?
You've been wasting time.
You need to focus again.
And keep an eye on McGregor.
He's involved.
I want them taken out.
The girl, the cop,
the inspector.
Mostly the girl.
Right, but...
But nothing!
It has to happen!
You want her taken out?
Call Randall,
tell him no mistake.
Do it.
We don't care what it costs.
Just take care of this.
Well, figure it out.
But you missed with the car.
Don't miss this time.
This is Alabastar Blazine
of the Brussels
Metro Police Department.
Please leave a message.
Thank you!
Hey, it's me.
Can you meet?
It's important.
The city mourns the death
of 15-year veteran police
detective, Alabastar Blazine,
who died this afternoon
in a car explosion
outside an uptown Helge
parking garage.
Foul play is not being
ruled out at this time.
We will continue to bring you
more information
as it becomes available.
Who is it?
McGregor. Open up.
Warm welcome.
You expecting
someone dangerous?
I don't know
who to trust anymore.
Bastien just called me.
Found a bomb
under his car too.
Is he all right?
Yeah. Bit spooked. Okay.
Makes two of us.
Blaze called to tell me
that there was a link
inside the department
to Randall Jackson.
My department?
The bomb took him out
before he told me.
So you had to invite me
all the way down here.
Just couldn't tell me
over the phone?
I didn't call you.
Your secretary sent me a message
to say that you'd meet me
at my office.
See, I don't have a secretary.
Shooter! Go, go!
Go, go!
Don't worry.
We're gonna make it.
Thank you.
What the devil are you?
What the hell do you think I am?
Let's get a drink.
So are all these people...
not... people?
Not most of them.
Don't werewolves eat humans?
Yeah, we do.
I'm only messing with you.
A nice juicy steak
will do for me,
just like vampires don't go
around biting people's necks
and can go out during the day.
We can adapt, you know.
You may say that, but what about
the deaths in the parks?
I mean, you do know that
werewolves are behind it.
They're friends of Randall's,
trying to distract police
and undermine the president.
Ah! So you are
keeping something from me.
But all this?
Never in my darkest dreams.
First Lady Patricia Sherman
took the stage today
at the International States
Business Summit.
She made her first
public statements
since the death
of Harry Goldstone.
I'm immensely proud
of the European Federation.
We will use our fears to stay
the United States of Europe
and become a stronger,
more peaceful order,
as an example
to the rest of the world,
something my husband wanted
for so long,
to unite us all.
Frank, two doubles, please.
So we've got enough
to convict Eddelman.
Convict him of what?
If I raise
some suspicious alone,
he'll sue the department
back into the Stone Age.
Until you bring me
some hard evidence
that links him
to Harry's death,
I can't even touch him.
Eddelman and Kilborn have
practically stolen the campaign.
That's politics, you know.
It's politics.
So they knew
Blaze was onto something,
and they knew
he was gonna tell me,
which only means...
they're gonna
come after us again.
Not unless
we get to them first.
They could hit us any time,
any place, any day.
Any day.
What's the date today?
- The calendar!
- What calendar?
The calendar
in Randall's apartment.
The 25th was circled,
the number 8.
We know he's linked
to Eddelman.
The president
has a party tonight.
They're having an office party.
He is a walking target.
I'm driving.
I think I might need this.
It's actually not bad, Frank.
Come on! Come on!
We gotta go faster than this.
WOLFE: Do you wanna just
shut up? You're not helping.
DIRECTOR: Patricia, we're ready
for you in two minutes.
We'll start with your speech
and then move to the questions.
So do you have
any silver bullets?
Never had any use for it.
Maybe this time
you might need them.
Tactical detail,
stay out of sight at all times.
I want weapons teams
on the ground floor
and in the garage.
I don't know.
I'm giving up.
I've giving up because
we're not gonna make it.
We're gonna make it.
Trust me!
I'm calling Bastien.
Are you sure about this,
you keep your eyes open.
Trust me on this, Bastien!
Eyes open!
I can be there
in a few minutes.
Expect anything!
DIRECTOR: Is there anything
you need right now?
Can we run
and get you anything?
Echo Team, maintain control
of our escape vector.
The longer we wait, if we just
don't go right after we hear it,
then it's gonna
keep happening.
I want a one-mile
primary perimeter.
- No!
You take the back,
I've got the front. Go, go!
Son of a bitch.
Wish I could've
killed you myself.
Looks like someone's
covering their tracks.
Bastien, mind pointing
that somewhere else?
- Dead. Shot twice.
- By who?
Just saw Max Eddelman
get on a lift.
Let's go!
Where's Bastien?
- Sent him around the back way.
- No!
Do you need an ambulance?
No, I'm okay.
Where's Bastien?
Tributes from world leaders
continue to pour in
for the late President Sherman.
REPORTER #2: Comes as a possible
response to local unrest
that has been overwhelming
city police...
A president-elect crisis team
is now meeting in private to
deal with this tragic situation.
REPORTER #4: We have various
reports from Brussels police,
which we are gonna bring you
later on in this broadcast.
We are getting ready to tune in
live to an address to the nation
from the First Lady
Patricia Sherman.
It's difficult to put into words
how much the tremendous support
from the people of Europe
means to me.
As president, my husband gave
everything for this federation.
He even gave his life for it.
He and I spoke many times
about how being president
was the highest privilege
he could ever imagine.
This European Federation
was his home.
His biggest pride.
In the spirit of that pride,
I am announcing that I will be
taking his place on the ballot
for the office of President.
A vote for Patricia Sherman
is a vote
honoring my late husband.
Thank you.
WOMAN: Oui, allo?
I need to book flight
for tomorrow
or even tonight late.
Okay, for tomorrow?
First flight you have
to Jamaica.
Yes, this can be done.
WOLFE: Somebody's tying up
loose ends.
And in a hurry.
But who?
Only a few players left.
Haven't I killed most of them?
Come on, come on, think!
There's a big piece
not on the table.
McGregor, where are you?
You need to check on Matthew.
I know he has
something to do with this.
WOLFE: Who's on the inside?
Someone out there knows.
I can feel it.
I just hope I'm not too late.
REPORTER: Patricia Sherman
is the new president
- of the European Federation...
- Nina.
with a resounding
58% to 41% victory
- It's about time.
- over Ambassador John Kilborn.
We have polls now reporting
in 87% of Federation
voting locations,
in all EF nations
other than Bulgaria.
We will take you live now
to the campaign headquarters,
where Madame Sherman
is expected to give
a victory speech this hour.
- What the fuck?
Are you heading somewhere?
Bien sr.
Hmm. Well, I hope you stick
around for next week's agenda.
Do you remember
what we talked about?
I said yes. C'est la.
I'm sure you won't
want to miss it.
Bonsoir, Frederik.
Au bon sant.
Thank you for seeing me,
Mrs. President.
Excuse me. Miss President.
- Did you come to apologize?
- For what?
For not preventing
my husband's death.
We could've prevented it
if you...
And I'm sure
you're broken up about it.
Our business has concluded.
Haven't you done enough?
You had me completely fooled.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Stolen debate material,
death threats backed up
by Harry's murder.
You had us all
looking the wrong direction
'cause when a husband
gets murdered,
who's the first person
that police look to?
Unless the evidence
points otherwise.
Maybe a political motive.
I don't appreciate
your accusations.
You couldn't have done it
all by yourself.
You needed heavy lifting.
Keep the investigation
pointed away from you.
So this is what I'm paying for?
- The same person
who's pointing a gun to
the back of my head right now.
Eddelman was killed
by a silver bullet.
Only someone who knew he was
a wolf would've used one.
Well done.
Maybe there is room for you
in the new administration.
Here's what's going to happen.
McGregor will suffer
a fatal accident very soon,
which leaves me with
one loose end to tie up.
About damn time.
PATRICIA: You've done well.
Everything I've asked
as best you can.
And for that,
you have my gratitude,
which is not easy to come by.
PATRICIA: I removed all traces
of my endeavors.
WOLFE: McGregor,
he won't let you...
PATRICIA: He's one of us now.
You don't need
to worry about him.
There's no one else
to think about.
WOLFE: Get out of my head.
Just stop.
PATRICIA: Someone needs
to take the fall.
We need a face on the tragedy
of the last month.
You will be that face.
Tomorrow, you will
turn yourself in.
Bastien will be with you.
You'll confess to killing
Randall and Mason
in retaliation
for Harry's murder.
You'll be given
a lenient sentence.
Two to four years.
You'll only serve
twelve months.
Then you'll be compensated like
you never thought possible.
You'll never be poor again.
So take your reward...
if you have the courage
to take it.
This is the last thing
I'll ask of you, Wolfe.
Meet your destiny.
Harry would be proud of you.
You just put down your fears,
and lift yourself with me.
WOLFE: I didn't find...
PATRICIA: Who do you think
killed him?
I'll do what I have to.
Take the sentence if I need to,
then... take her up
on her offer.
It'll be all right, won't it?
What choice do I have?
Harry... died for nothing.
But I won't forget this.
I'll remember everything.
The people, the cause.
The shine on the street.
They won't keep me in a cage.
I'll be out,
and I'll be on her every day.
PATRICIA: I've already
won the election.
WOLFE: Have to be positive.
Stay busy.
Concentrate again.
Remain focused on Harry.
No more racking my brain.
No more wondering.
PATRICIA: Tomorrow you will
turn yourself in.
It happens whether or not
you come along, Wolfe.
I've already won the election.
Everything is resolved now.
WOLFE: Did you know?
COLIN: Did I know what?
WOLFE: She could still
read my mind.
She heard every thought.
COLIN: There was no way
to prevent that.
She's truly amazing.
I guess that's why
she is where she is.
WOLFE: I'll be out
in a year or so.
Not that long.
Plenty of time
to think it over and plan.
She's won for now.
I'll have my day.
It just won't be
for a year or so.
She'll let me out
on the pretense
that I'll be
an asset for her.
I'll be the animal
Harry told me I was.
I have to do this.
But it's not over.
And when it's done,
and I'm done,
Harry will have his day.
I won't forget him.
She won't keep me in a cage
for very long.
When I get out,
she will burn.