Among Thieves (2019) Movie Script

Somebody watch him? Jesus!
The fuck
are you looking at?
I got the fives,
you get the rest.
Yeah, I got.
I got him, I got him!
The fuck is
goin' on over there?
Come on. Wake up!
Arthur, we need you here, man!
Fuck, wake up, brother!
Arthur! Arthur,
we need you here now!
- Is he breathing?
- I dunno.
What am I supposed to do?
Shit, there's
fucking blood everywhere.
We got to do something, or he's
gonna get goddamn blood...
- Lay him down!
- Fuckin' shit!
Help me, move!
We got to get him out of here.
Put his head down.
Kick his legs up.
you got to help me, help me!
- Lean down, hand him down.
- Oh shit, man.
- Just lift his legs up a little bit.
- I'm tryin'!
- Lift his legs, man. Come on!
- Blood everywhere, I can't find it.
He's not gonna make it.
He's out cold now.
- There was a clinic back by the hotel.
- Oh, no, we're not going.
- It's not worth it, we'll get caught.
- He needs our help right now.
- He won't make it.
- Think about this.
- We can not let him die.
- Give us away and exposes us.
No, you guys, they had a
cushion. The exchange can wait.
- Arthur, it's not open.
- It's open, it's a straight shot.
- It's fucking behind us!
- It's not that far.
- We're not going to make the window.
- We're fucking ourselves.
We understand,
we'll take the highway.
- That bullet could've ripped into any of you!
- But it didn't!
- But what if it did, huh?
- Yeah, I didn't fuck up and waste my bullet!
- Our part of the team...
- He is part of the team. That is all that matters!
- Over me man, we're not going anywhere.
- He's with Cortez.
I would not let
any of you bleed out.
- We're not letting him.
- He'd let us die.
Gil's right,
we barely know him.
He'll get help
once we're free.
No, he risked his life
just like you guys.
- I agree, but there's the job.
- If we're late we're all fucked.
- We need to keep moving.
- We're not showing up to Cortez with his guy dead.
Well with what you said about Cortez,
not arriving is much worse.
Oh, so you're gonna stand by
and watch him fucking die?
We're not
standing by if we lose him.
- It's his own damn fault.
- He didn't stay in the hallway.
If it was on me I'd feel
a little bit more compelled
to keep him on, shit.
Fuck, brother, what the hell?
Come on, stay with us, man.
Stay with us,
brother, come on.
Come on, breathe, breathe!
Come on, come on.
- Well, that simplifies things.
- Jimmy.
- Have some respect.
- What do you want me to do, huh?
- Nothing, I want you to shut the fuck up.
- Well sit around...
- Shit!
- Fuck...
Come on, Arthur it's over!
It's over!
There was nothing
we could've done anyway.
- We couldn't save him.
- We should just put all this behind us
and get out of here!
We need to fucking move.
I'm fucking aware!
Let's fucking go.
Well, let's fucking move.
Tell me one of you besides
Rafael can drive this thing?
- Then pull out the ramps.
- I'm not getting back in that car.
you have all the keys,
what are we doing?
No one can drive a truck.
I can't even drive stick.
Well, we should at
least try something.
We can't just
keep sitting out here.
Who feels confident driving?
Fuck no.
I don't.
Well I've got the RV.
you live in a trailer park.
Okay then you fucking do it.
You're up Bruce.
- Shall we make this thing move?
- I dunno, man,
haven't driven stick in years.
Fuck all
the decals are worn off.
Doesn't show the gears.
You got this.
Let's see.
Fuck, man.
Come on.
Give it some gas, let's go.
- I put it in the wrong gear.
- Well, get in the right gear.
Fucking clutch,
it's burned to shit.
- Is this burned out, or something?
- What the fuck?
Fuck this.
Hey Bruce, we should stop.
You're taking up the whole road.
Bruce, watch out!
Well, we can't just sit here,
at least pull us off the road.
- Gil!
- Okay, okay...
What the fuck?
- Get back here.
- What's going on?
Leave the fucking money!
Gil, where the fuck you goin'?
- Get back here!
- Get the fuck back here!
- Bring the fucking money back, Gil!
- Get the fuck back here.
What the fuck you going
to do with fake bills, huh?
Get back inside.
I can't risk you
getting picked up.
I'll fucking shoot.
Then fucking shoot.
I'm not fucking around.
Drop the money.
The fuck you thinking?
Get up!
Let's go.
There's no need to leave the truck.
It's been sitting here all week.
- It's scenery at this point.
- Then what should we do? We can't just sit here.
What the fuck, give it back.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you, give it back!
Don't fucking test me.
Look, I'm not gonna be
the only one here without a gun.
Now fucking give it back.
- Everyone hand in your guns, now!
- What? No way!
- I'm not giving him my gun. That's fucked up.
- Turn them in.
I'm not having
another gun pointed at me.
I didn't
fucking do anything.
Everyone, turn 'em in.
They won't be that far away.
They'll be in the trunk, let's go.
Now what? How are we
supposed to make it to the bus stop?
Why do cops keep
traveling this road anyway?
They were obviously doing
something out this way.
We can't be out
in the open like this.
This is the problem.
Everyone in the trailer.
So now what are we gonna do?
What's the fucking plan?
- I say we go straight to the harbor.
- And fuck Cortez?
No that's not an option,
we're not quitting.
We're gonna miss
the window at this rate.
No, it's his truck,
it's his money.
We've got time.
We're gonna do the exchange.
We're gonna take the clean
bills and we're gonna...
Either way, we need
to start moving now.
Cortez is back on that bus...
- Call him and tell him to fucking wait.
- We need a payphone.
- No, you can't reach him by phone.
- We can't wait.
Well if he leaves
he's not getting his plates.
Finding him isn't gonna do shit
unless we start moving now!
No, waiting
makes him vulnerable.
He's not gonna do it.
The time between buses
- is all we get.
- Then what do you propose?
- We need a new car.
- They know how we escaped,
now you want to jump back into
something that matches our description?
- We're not gonna fucking walk!
- I think Bruce should keep driving.
You try driving! Fuck this rig.
- We're not gonna make it
- at five miles an hour.
- There's a junkyard not too far back.
That's not gonna work.
He's right,
what if nothing starts?
There's a bar,
a mile or two inland.
Basically it sits by itself.
That works.
So who's going?
Gil, you like to run.
I'm not leaving
without my paycheck.
- Just fucking go.
- Someone else is going.
We'll, I'm covered in blood.
Fuck, I'll do.
I'll run.
All right, fine.
That's a plan.
I'll draw you a map.
There's a pen up front.
If it's not this one
it's the next one.
- You'll see it.
- Got it.
Does this make sense?
I'm ready, fuck.
Well, try to blend in,
don't stand out.
We're the only
white people here.
Steal something
nondescript, something simple.
You sure you know where this is?
I got it.
Can I get my gun back now?
Just do as I say.
Don't set off any alarms.
I know what I'm doing.
All right.
Now, get going.
I got to lock you in.
- What?
- I need to lock the trailer.
- What the fuck? No, you don't.
- How do I know you guys won't try driving again
- and leave without me?
- Because that's not how we operate.
- Now stop wasting time.
- I'm fucking serious. - Start fucking running!
We're not gonna leave you
behind, you have my word.
You guys can hijack
an oncoming car, I don't know.
No, I'm not takin a hostage,
I'm gonna be waiting here for you.
Yeah, stop wasting time, go!
We're not gonna do that, man.
- How do we know you won't run away?
- Why the fuck would I run away?
- My money's here.
- You have nothing to worry about.
Then prove it.
This is
fucking ridiculous.
You just fucking ran off.
The gate gets locked
or I don't go.
I'm boiling in here.
Just relax.
It's been a half an hour!
It only seems that long
because we've been
sitting here in silence.
Whatcha gonna do
with your share, Wes?
How much longer do
we have to fucking wait? Huh?
I don't like being locked up.
That's your fault.
You put it in his head
we'd flee.
You never
should've agreed to this.
This is all fucked up.
I don't leave people behind.
I have no problem waiting.
- Things happen. He could get run over, you don't know!
- Yeah, I agree.
How do we know he's not going
to just fucking die out there?
It hasn't been that long!
Just sit down and relax!
No problems, huh?
Thank you.
This is taking too long.
maybe you should've gone.
Don't act like
you're okay with this.
This is the path we chose.
- Stick to your...
- I didn't choose this! You have fucked us!
- You think I like this?
- Hey, hey, hey, it's getting too heated here. Calm down!
- Fuck you!
- Calm the fuck down! - Don't you ever fucking tell me
- to calm down.
- I got us this far.
Yeah, and you have
sealed us in this fucking tomb!
- What the fuck do you want me to do?
- We need to make a move!
And not just sit around
with our thumb in our ass!
- Do what exactly?
- Shoot our way out.
- Get the fucking guns.
- We're getting too rash, it hasn't been that long.
I don't give a shit, I'm about to ram the
car into the fucking gates. Goddammit!
- We're killing the battery.
- Got to be fucking kidding me.
We've only been
in here for fucking ever.
I don't need panic right now!
The battery's fine
it's on the timer.
The damn switch is in the cabin.
This situation is perfect!
Get the guns...
- Shooting won't work!
- Give me the goddamn...
- It's Jimmy!
- Open the fucking gate.
Everybody get ready, hurry.
Let's make this
transition quick.
Everyone out and load the bags.
- Give me a hand.
- Let's go.
Open the trunk.
- Oh shit. What the fuck?
- They fucking shot me.
- Who?
- The fucking cops! - The cops?
- Yeah.
- Wait, they saw you? They follow you?
- It was their car.
- What do you mean it was their car?
No, no, about halfway through
I saw the police shit
but it was too late.
They were already there.
You mean that car
belongs to cops?
Out of every car in the city
you choose this one.
- You're the one that sent me there!
- What were you thinking?
- Fucked this up.
- Oh, god, there were only about five cars.
I don't understand.
Were they off duty, undercover, what?
It's a personal car.
They won't find it.
I wasn't followed.
I swear.
They see which way
you drove off?
Yeah, they fucking shot me!
Oh god, what kind of cop
doesn't have an alarm?
- Who were these guys anyway?
- I dunno.
The older guy had
a hip badge, wore a suit.
- These case files are from the counterfeiting ring.
- Let me see that.
- This is the guy who made the bust.
- Oh, fucking hell!
Well, I dunno,
maybe this'll distract him from the heist?
It all leads back to us!
Pull out the ramps.
We're putting the car inside.
Fuck, let's go!
How bad is it?
It fucking hurts!
- Could be worse.
- Oh god.
Take me to a doctor.
You were gonna take Rafael.
He was dying.
I need a doctor!
It's fucking killing me.
be fine, you'll last.
We need to
get the fuck out of here.
Yeah, we're all fucking aware.
There are cops
circling this area.
They will find us.
How the fuck did this happen?
You choose
the one fucking cop bar?
Are we still meeting Cortez?
'Cause we should fucking bail.
No, we can make it.
No, we can't.
The highway's
the quickest route.
I'm not going into the city,
that's where all the cops are.
- It's the fastest way.
- It exposes us.
- We can make it.
- I dunno, it's risky.
None of
this matters, we're stuck.
Look, we're not going
to steal another car, are we?
That was a disaster.
- Bruce, you need to try again.
- I can't drive this truck.
Come on, if we thought he could
do it, we wouldn't've Jimmy.
needs to try again.
- I can't promise anything different is gonna happen.
- Do it.
Anything's better than sitting here.
Hey, I mean, I'll take five miles an hour.
I definitely
can not do the highway.
I don't care.
Just fucking drive.
- Shh, Wes, listen.
- Don't tell me...
- Shh. You hear that?
- Hear what?
- Quiet, quiet.
- I don't hear anything.
Just wait, wait.
The fuck is that?
It stopped.
Wait, wait, wait.
It's a rock. Someone's
throwing rocks at our truck.
Shh. Just be quiet.
It's a fucking punk,
just let him pass.
It's fine,
everything's gonna be fine.
It's no big deal.
Do you hear anything?
I can't tell what he's doing.
I think that was the front door.
He's behind the wheel.
He can't do much,
I got the keys.
He's at the wood.
What the fuck is he doing?
Did the fuck find the hatchet?
No, I doubt that.
Then what the fuck
is he doing here?
He's doing something.
Get out of there!
Look at him, fucker!
Hey, I got it.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Fucker unplugged all
the brake lines and shit.
Yeah, it's
probably why the fucking cops
were here earlier.
- Oh man!
- Where's this go?
Without the proper tools,
it'll be awhile.
Well, how long is it gonna take?
It's gonna take some time.
Hey, guys!
We're almost done,
we're about to test the engine.
Guys, there's
someone watching us.
- Oh, fuck that kid.
- Who is that?
He was the son of a bitch
rooting around under our hood.
He pulled out
all the brake lines.
Everyone in the truck!
- Go, go, go.
- Hey, Bruce!
Let's go!
We got to go!
- Let's go!
- Move, you piece of shit, move!
- Real slow.
- Come on, Bruce!
Come on, Bruce!
Let's go!
Get the guns!
Come on!
I need the keys to the guns.
Get out of
the way I can't steer.
- I need the key.
- They're almost here.
Come on, Bruce.
Pick up the fucking pace!
- Arthur!
- Get out of here!
Close the gate!
Get the fucking guns.
I can't hold it.
Get the fucking guns!
I'm fucking on it!
Come on, you fucking thing.
Hurry up!
What the fuck?
Come on!
I got it!
Give me a push!
Watch out, watch out!
Okay, take this.
Tell me where they're going.
Your fucking, little friends.
The one who ran.
Look at my face
when I'm talking, come on!
Tell me where they're going
and I'll take you there. Okay?
- Then we'll...
- Fuck...
Where are they fucking going?
Where's the rest
of the money, huh? Where is it?
You're not going
to tell em anything? Huh?
You gonna tell me shit,
There's more money, right?
There's more money,
motherfucker, where is it?
- Where are they going, you're fucking, little friends?
- It's fake.
- It's what?
- It's all fake.
What the fuck are you saying?
Come on.
You fuck
with that and you're fucked.
You can only
spend that up the street.
Thinking I'm stupid, huh?
If you want it, you must work.
Where are they fucking going?
- I'm being honest.
- You're not being honest.
- I saved you.
- Where are they fucking going?
- I got you that. That's enough.
- No, I don't think so.
where is the rest of the money?
Motherfucker, where is it, huh?
Take me to them.
Or I will kill you.
You would've been arrested.
They left you behind, gringo.
Are they worth protecting, huh?
Where are they?
You ain't gonna get shit.
Shit, are you guys all right?
Why are we stopped? Keep moving.
- There's traffic. I can't stop and go in this thing.
- What about Arthur?
He'll figure it out.
Come on, let's go.
No, no, no!
We can't leave him here.
Do you think he got away?
There's nothing we can do.
Gil, if they
have him, they'll kill him.
We haven't killed ours.
What do you mean, you got one?
That shit who broke our engine.
That's great,
we can trade him for Arthur.
I don't know
how that would go down.
Then we have to go back for him.
There's no time.
There's nowhere to go back to.
But we can still make this drop.
Arthur got us this job.
What do you think's gonna happen
when we show up without him?
Do you know Cortez?
Does Cortez trust you?
You don't even know his real name.
He might just fucking kill us all.
We won't meet him period if we
don't get back on the road.
Look, Arthur knows to go to
the harbor. He'll meet us there.
Arthur would do it
for any of us.
- He wouldn't take me to the hospital.
- Shut the fuck up, Jimmy.
- Get behind the wheel, Bruce.
- No.
Get back behind
the fucking wheel!
I am not gonna
drive through the strip.
I'm either going back for
Arthur, or I'm going to the...
Get on the damn highway!
We can still do this exchange.
You know what,
just fuck Cortez, all right?
I don't care anymore.
Just go to the damn harbor.
I'm not leaving
with this confetti money.
You were earlier.
Fuck you!
Are we doing this or not?
It's gonna be close
but we have a window.
I can't do traffic!
What the fuck?
We have agreed that
the city fucking exposes us.
Every fucking cop is back at our mess, Bruce.
Now's our chance!
Oh yeah, I could crash.
Is that what you want?
We need to go fucking now,
Bruce. We got no fucking time.
Get to the front of the truck.
Okay, if we backtrack
I can get us out of the country,
that's what I can do.
We are going to the bus stop.
All right.
Then you guys drive.
Be my fucking guest.
Would your friends
do this for you, huh?
Louder, come on!
You better hope everyone's here.
You see, that cop?
He doesn't fuck around.
You need to be gone
just like me.
Don't be stupid! Come on!
Now's your chance.
Check their pockets.
Go on check, I got your back.
Fuck you.
Just let me go, man,
I won't say shit.
I should fucking kill you.
I was going to free you, man.
Don't give me the fucking,
give me your Dakota and fast.
- I don't have a fucking car.
- You have friends nearby?
They all fucking run,
didn't you see that?
You're the one who
got here, you fucker.
They don't even know
my face, motherfucker.
We shot at fucking cops.
- Give me some money.
- You made me leave it behind, remember?
- Give me your fucking money. Where's your wallet?
- I didn't grab shit, okay?
- Not even a phone? What the fuck?
- I didn't grab shit, okay?
Step back!
Nothing, fucker, nothing.
We need to get cleaned up
and get a phone.
- Nothing, man, no one's answering, okay?
- Call another.
They won't answer
a routed call, gringo.
- Not after all this shit.
- Then call someone else.
I don't know their numbers,
dude. I don't...
Someone has to be close by.
Well, we're not
near anybody I know.
You're fucking
getting me out of this.
You know what, fuck you, man.
I'm done with you.
I can't help you with this shit.
Are you fucking crazy, man?
Take us to a fucking bus.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Hey, wait!
- What? What?
- Stop!
Get behind the counter.
When he comes through the door...
- Are you crazy?
- Tell him I went out the back.
- He'll fucking kill me.
- Just fucking do it.
He doesn't know who you are.
You owe me!
Shh. Be quiet!
Shh, be quiet.
Hey, quiet.
Tell the lady to shut up.
Quiet, quiet!
It's all right, you got it.
Just fucking drive!
Move, forward.
I do not
understand you, just drive!
Fucking drive your car!
Go, forward!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Drive, forward, go, come on!
You okay?
Stay awake.
How long are we
gonna wait for Arthur
once we get to the docks?
After our Cortez stop?
He'll probably beat us there.
If he doesn't?
You can't think like that.
It's Arthur.
The longer we wait,
the more time the cops have.
I know, I just don't want
to think about it right now.
I don't like it either, all right?
But I just think we should all agree
- on something beforehand.
- I wait for him?
I'd like to think I would too,
but can't wait all night.
Hang in there. You'll make it.
Why don't you guys come back
and help with this?
Got to get this money counted.
Come on, each grab a bag.
Why are we counting it?
To see if Cortez notices
that you just threw
away a chunk of his money.
Stop the car then!
Stop the car!
Get out of the car!
Where are we on this thing?
Where are we?
Where did we go, how far?
Is this it?
Is that right?
Okay, use your goddamn finger
and point on
the map where we are.
Oh, fuck!
This can't be right. What the fuck, man?
There's no way I lost this much.
- Well, then we didn't have enough money to begin with.
- I stuffed almost all of it
- before Rafael was popped.
- Cortez is going to fucking kill us.
He won't fucking know.
Just spread it among the other bags.
No, we had a business agreement.
Arthur would uphold that.
- Arthur's not here.
- You can't just lie to a man like Cortez.
He won't be able to count it all, all right?
It'll take too long.
- We...
- We have two goddamn minutes.
He ain't going
to have enough time.
I say we just
tell him the truth.
You think that's
gonna work better?
- I want my full cut, all right?
- We're not delivering the full package!
- Can't he just print more bills?
- I dunno. He has to rebuild.
- I just don't want to take that chance.
- He has to trust us, right?
- That's why people hire Arthur.
- I get that. I get that,
but we stole all of it.
His insiders will tell him that.
No, I just don't want to take that chance.
What do you think Bruce is gonna say
- about all this?
- We're not telling Bruce.
We can't pull this off.
Did you not hear
what Bruce just said?
Without Arthur what's
stopping Cortez from killing us
and taking all
the fucking money?
Well, what's
stopping us from killing him
and taking everything? Huh?
Where the fuck did you take us?
that's why I needed the input.
We have to get off
the highway at some point.
None of these
roads look promising.
I can't see shit. Fuck.
Cortez is already waiting. Fuck!
Are we even close?
I don't know this route.
I got us close, a couple
of miles maybe, I dunno.
Shouldn't there be
a bus coming through here?
No, this is the wrong road.
But one of those
should connect to it.
- Does he know?
- He doesn't know, but look,
he recognizes
the name of the port,
- so maybe he could take us there if we backtrack.
- No, no, no.
The cops are behind us, Bruce.
We need to keep moving forward.
Somebody's got
to make a decision.
- We are so fucked.
- Which way is it, Bruce?
- I want to say right but I have no idea.
- Fine, perfect,
we're going right then. Let's go, come on.
Everybody, hurry up. Come on.
Into the fucking truck.
- Oh, goddammit, Bruce...
- I'm sorry. - Enough!
- Shit, are you sure...
- Where the fuck are we, Bruce?
- Jesus Christ!
- I don't know. We didn't scout this way
- so nothing looks familiar.
- It all looks the same, Bruce,
'cause it's a fucking desert!
Yeah, what do you
want me to say, man?
We should have
been there by now.
How long
before Cortez leaves?
Look, just fuck it!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
We don't even know
where the fuck we are.
Get back on track.
No, we can't turn around
there's no room for U-turns.
Then keep fucking driving
'cause it ain't here.
Where do you think it is?
It's got to be
out that direction.
- We can't keep getting lost.
- What the fuck?
Jesus fuck!
Hold it, whoa, whoa,
whoa, don't shoot, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
We have your money right here in the bags.
Don't shoot.
Where's Arthur?
Or Rafael?
We had a rough start.
But it's all fine.
It's all good now.
You have nothing to worry about.
- Where's my truck?
- It's fine.
Since Rafael can't return it,
it will be left at the port.
He's your man,
he's your problem.
Are we doin' an exchange or not?
It's all there.
- We also brought you the case files.
- I already have them.
Arthur's pay
divided equally into six,
by his request.
We're five.
Considered to be
a member of your team,
Rafael was
meant to have a share.
He was your hire.
You pay him.
Those were
Arthur's instructions.
His share goes to his family.
There will be no
further contact from my end,
and as you have
no way of reaching me,
this ends our relationship.
Oh fuck!
You got to be
fucking kidding me.
What the fuck was that?
- Oh shit.
- Jesus.
- Are you all right?
- No.
I can't fucking believe
you gave him Rafael's share.
What was I supposed to do?
I wanted to get
the fuck out of there.
- Shit!
- What the fuck?
Jimmy, get up, Jimmy!
Fuck, man.
Told you to stay awake.
where'd that little shit go?
You let him get away.
Okay, I'll do
the driving, don't worry.
All right,
next time don't fall asleep.
the worse behind you.
Come on.
So, no sign of Arthur?
No, I was hoping
he'd be there but...
No, come on,
let's get to the port.
All right.
Let's hope he beat us there.
- There's nobody there, they've been bought off!
- We have no authority there.
And you have no
authority anywhere.
- And you've been standing in my fucking way!
- Fuck you,
I've done
everything I should have.
Then get the fucking answer!
You brought me here
to solve this.
This is how you do it!
It's got to be done.
Are you gonna do it or am I gonna do it?
Wes, help Jimmy put
the money in the boat.
Gil, I'll need help
backing this thing up.
I don't want it
here in the open.
We need to find a place for it.
You really think someone's
gonna check this thing?
I just want to be safe.
We should
probably also grab Rafael.
No loose ends.
All right. Hey.
You lose any of that
I'll fucking kill you.
Okay, come on, let's go.
Come on.
Arthur's not here.
Shit, fuck.
How long do we wait?
I dunno.
This is why I
brought it up earlier.
Should we have
somebody wait for him?
How long are we gonna
be safe here, man?
We didn't buy
out the port forever.
He wouldn't leave without us.
I get that.
But listen, man, we don't know
if he's already caught or not.
We'll figure something out.
We just have to make a group decision.
It's a matter of waiting.
He could be gone or
he thinks we're gone.
What's this?
What's with the guns?
Truck's yours, take it.
Don't act innocent.
Gimme my money.
Our deal is over.
No, our deal is over
when I receive what I paid for.
The fuck are you talking about?
Don't fuck with me.
Give me the rest of my money.
You already stole Rafael's
share, don't pull this shit.
No, I upheld my part.
Okay, it's fine, it's all fine.
We'll give you a bag.
I'll take all of it, pendejo. I'm being
reasonable here. Had I known about it,
I would've returned it to you.
Only Arthur could,
which is why
Rafael killed him for me.
- I don't leave a trail.
- Fuck.
Arthur was the only one that
tried to get Rafael to a doctor.
We never said Arthur was dead.
Well then where the hell is he?
Fuck you!
Give me the rest of my money
and tell me
where the fuck he is!
You're outgunned, pendejo.
You'll still die.
Give me a bag and I'll leave.
I'm not giving you shit.
Back away!
You are gonna
honor our agreement.
Arthur would
but you don't want him here.
So you have to deal with us.
You give me what's mine!
I offered you a fair deal.
We could have been gone by now.
Who is that? Who is it?
Not with us.
Weapons down, everyone.
- Not happening.
- Backup is behind us.
Weapons down!
doesn't involve you.
You behind this?
Stop interrupting!
You won't escape.
Weapons down.
we'll all kill them together.
Do it, shoot!
Fuck that kid!
He wouldn't give you up.
I don't believe you
and I don't care.
He helped you.
You wouldn't have made it
this far without him.
He doesn't deserve to die.
Come on!
He'll shoot you after us.
Guns on the ground, now!
Only more will come.
Now is the time to listen.
This won't last.
Lower your guns.
Enough of the interruptions.
You've never
been in control anyway.
Fuck you.
What the fuck?
Get on the ground, now.
Get down, I'll shoot.
Kill him.
Fuck you!
He's a two-face fuck, Arthur.
He tried to have you killed.
All right.
This is what's gonna happen.
You know we all have
something that the other wants.
We all value our lives more.
So, we're all just gonna get
back in our vehicles and leave.
It's that simple.
I trust you not to shoot.
You trust us.
Keep going. Ow!
Can you walk?
You got the keys?
Jimmy, Jimmy has them.
The key.
Toss the key.
We'll wait as long as we can.
Come on.
I can't cover both of you!
Get Jimmy!
Jimmy, shoot!
- Come on, let's go.
- Where's Arthur?
- He's behind us, he'll come.
- We need to go now.
- No, no, just wait.
- We're out of bullets. - Give him time.
We're not giving him time.
We need to go now.
- We're not leaving anyone behind!
- Bullshit, watch me!
We're not leaving him behind!
Just fucking wait!
I'll shoot!
Don't move!
Get off the boat.
Drop your weapons, now!
I'll shoot him.
Get off the boat.
Just go!
He'll die!
- Come on, everybody off.
- Fucking go!
- Get out of here!
- Enough! Everyone out!
Just fucking go!
- Shut up!
- What are you doing?
Get back in the boat!
Get the fuck out of here!
Drop your guns.
Just go!
Hey, he will die!
Get off the boat.
- Get back in the fucking...
- Hey, enough!
No one leaves.
When I hid the gun
I spared you.
Don't move.
Don't fucking move.