Among Wolves (2023) Movie Script

(western music)
(wind blowing)
(footsteps tapping)
- Why aren't you working?
This is a business,
okay honey, this
ain't no charity.
Room and board is not free.
Whatever struggle you have
in your head right now
with what you do here,
that needs to get
gone real quick like.
You're my best girl.
Now, go on upstairs.
And could you please
look a little happier?
Go on.
Uh huh.
(uneasy music)
Y'all with Sheriff
Dillard's people?
Couple under guys
up there already
having their way with the girls.
(uneasy music continues)
(upbeat western music)
(gun shots firing)
(gun shots firing)
(upbeat western music continues)
(uneasy music)
(punches thudding)
(phone ringing)
- [Michael] Do you
recognize my voice?
- It's an interesting
world we're living in where
one man can pick up a device
and speak to someone
several miles away.
Progress is coming,
isn't it my friend?
- [Michael] It's done.
- [Rome] Good.
And that's the last of them?
- [Michael] Only one remains.
- Oh yes,
the sheriff.
We are seeing to that problem.
- [Michael] Good,
contract's fulfilled then.
- We greatly appreciate
the alliance we have had.
- [Michael] I hope
whoever you find
to replace us can
be as efficient.
- Oh.
The terrors of the territory
are retiring, I believe.
- [Michael] Correct.
- Well, may you
ever need a favor,
please do not hesitate to ask.
You have done more for us than
you could possibly imagine.
And the cowboys never forget.
Consider yourself lucky sheriff.
Had I unleashed those
two dogs on you,
there'd be nothing left
for your wife and
daughter to recognize.
You understand what I'm saying?
Be thankful we're allowing you
to have a funeral for
your family to attend.
- The cowboys fist.
(gun shot fires)
(gentle music)
(people chattering in distance)
- Father Callahan
wants you outside.
A few more men came
back from town.
They've been beaten quite badly.
One might need
stitches to the head.
I'm not sure how
much more of this
he expects us to entertain.
I do not see God's work here.
What is it?
- No, nothing.
- Kara,
what have I told you about this?
You might try reading
something like this.
- I have, Beth,
a thousand times.
- And has it not spoken to you?
- Of course it has.
- I know that this
is not the ideal life
and it's not necessarily
what you want,
but it is not without reward
and it keeps us from sin, right?
- Yes ma'am.
- Now,
let us see these
miners put to bed
so that we may get
some sleep ourselves.
(fire rumbling)
(people chattering)
Here's the bandage
you asked for.
- Thank you.
But you'll need to
check with me later.
- Right.
- Wrap it up and then
I'll see you a bit later.
- Right, thanks.
- Just fine.
We'll run out.
Get on with you.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
(exhales sharply)
You know,
after the war,
I thought I wouldn't be seeing
much of this color anymore.
I believe the Miller
Colfax Mining Company,
I'm betting they're hiring
new employees right now
as the replacements.
- So what of all
these men, father?
Surely we cannot keep taking
care of them like we have been.
- Well I hear there's
will be a negotiation
for fair wages and
it seems the right
thing to do, you know.
- The company won't have it.
You know that.
- Oh, have a little
faith, sister.
- Faith is all I
bloody have these days.
- Well try not to lose it
for the both of us please.
Oh, come on now.
The good Lord made me not
without me faults, but
I blame him
for allowing man to
make good whiskey bar.
(fire rumbling)
Oh no.
It looks like
the negotiation is turning
into a termination.
Step behind me.
Come on now.
- My name is Thomas Barkley
and I'm here with the Miller
Colfax Mining Company.
You men are on company land,
which means you gotta get your
shit outta here and vacate.
- Mr. Barkley,
might I ask
what agency you'd
be working for now?
- I don't like repeating myself,
but I will for you, father.
I've been sent by
the mining company
to protect their interests.
- Which would be what?
I'm thinking, I'm hoping
that there'd be a peaceful
solution to all this.
- Peaceful or not, I really
don't give a good goddamn.
These men need to
either go back to work
or I'll bring men in that will.
- But these men are
members of the union.
They have a right
to fair treatment
and a right to fair wages.
- These bastards are lucky
they got a goddamn job.
- You don't leave
enough for them to put food
on their family's tables.
You and your kind
have been preying on them
ever since the mining
company paid Pinkertons.
We both know that.
You've been skimming
these poor boys' wages
and run rampant
through the west.
'Tis a blasphemy.
- You know what I hate
about the Catholic Church?
It never knows when to
mind its own business.
(suspenseful music)
(gun shot fires)
(people yelling)
- Get me to the tent.
(people continue yelling)
(gun shots firing)
(gun shots firing)
- Kara.
(gun shots continue firing)
- There's not much time.
Kara, look under the bed.
Get the bag.
But when you get some,
some place safe,
look in there.
(gun shots firing)
Now you two have to get
far away from here because
you're both witnesses to
those events out there
and they're gonna
come looking for you.
so run,
run like the devil's
after you because he is.
On the bed.
The book.
Good book.
Open it.
Give it to me, Elizabeth.
Now help me up.
(distant gun shots firing)
You two,
out the back with you.
- What about you?
- Don't worry about me.
I know a thing or
two about firearms
before I was ordained a priest.
Now go.
Go, Beth.
(gun shots firing)
- Goddammit, kill those bitches.
What's the problem, George?
You have a problem with killing?
- No I--
- Because if you do,
I'll find somebody who
actually has a pair of balls
and they can do it.
- I got no problem
boss, I'll do it.
- Then do it.
(priest groaning)
(gun shot fires)
- We have to keep moving.
(insects thrumming)
- Where are we going?
- I don't know, but we
have to get someplace safe.
- We should look
in the bag, Beth.
- We can't, not yet.
Once we're someplace not out
in the open, we can look.
- Then know our faces.
They know who we are.
- That's why we
have to keep moving.
- Well how will we
know when we're safe?
- Have faith, Kara.
The Lord will tell us.
- [Kara] What is it?
- It's a ranch.
(knocking on door)
Is anyone there?
Please, is anyone there?
We need help.
(banging continues)
What is it?
- There's someone.
- What is it, what did you see?
- I saw.
(door creaking)
(gun cocking)
- Please sir,
we mean you no harm.
We came looking for help is all.
- What'd make you assume
you'd find help here?
- Human nature sir.
- Compassion is an
illusion for the ignorant
who think it'll provide
safety in violent times.
- Sir,
man may dismiss
compassion from his heart,
but God never will.
- Won't find God here.
And thievery is a quick way
to a shallow grave, miss.
- Kara.
- We are not violent sir,
but violent times seemed
to have discovered us
and I'm not a thief sir.
Only an admirer of poetry.
- Are you armed?
- No sir.
We would never take up a gun.
- Well that's stupid.
Angel here was
preparing breakfast.
I suppose
you could join us
if he doesn't mind.
- I don't mind at all.
- Thank you sir.
Thank you.
- I'll go the well and
fetch some water and
you can clean yourself up.
There's a table inside,
go ahead and have a seat.
Try not to steal anything else.
- Open it.
- [Kara] What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Oh what did the letter say?
Does it explain the money?
- It does.
Yes, these are all
of Father Callahan's
collections and earnings.
- Oh, why did he
give them to you?
- To us.
He wanted us to
have a good life.
That was his last request.
- Wash.
- Thank you.
- Breakfast.
- About time.
- [Beth] Thank you.
- Eat.
You're not guaranteed
a meal tomorrow.
- Which one are you gonna
tell the tale of how
y'all ended up here.
- We are servants of St. Mary's
over in Ruby.
- Of course you are.
- We were under the guidance
of Father Michael Callahan.
I'm not sure if
you're aware, but
the minors have been
striking over in Ruby.
- Not surprising.
Give a man a wage, he'll
eventually ask for more.
- And what would
the alternative be?
- Kara.
- Continue.
- Well we were tending
to the workers.
They were being run out of Ruby.
Some of them had been
beaten quite badly.
- They were working in
unfair conditions too.
It was very dangerous.
- It's a dangerous life.
- And what was the company
that refused the wage increase?
- Miller Colfax Mining Company.
They sent representatives
to the camp.
They told the minors that
if they refused to work
then they were trespassing
on company land.
So the miners came to the church
looking for safety.
And then last night
the company men
came to the church.
When Father Callahan
posed questions,
they shot him
and then they
proceeded to gun down
everyone else in the street.
We managed to escape.
We found ourselves here.
- Did they see you escape?
- No.
But our bodies will
not be with the dead.
- Surely they are
looking for us by now.
- Yes,
Witnesses to a massacre are
never good for business.
Gunned down all the miners?
Doesn't sound like the
company men came to negotiate.
- Sounds like muscle.
- Pardon?
- Pinkerton's hired thugs
that bust up unions
for these people.
- How do you know so
much about these things?
These men?
- You do not want to know
the answer to that question.
- I did not catch your name sir.
- I did not give it.
- Who are you?
I'm Kara.
Kara Engels from San Francisco,
- I'm familiar
with San Francisco
and the state that it's in.
- [Kara] Oh you've been?
- I was there once.
Breathtaking city.
Full of celestials as I recall.
It is a pleasure to meet
you Kara from California.
What about you?
If I had to guess
you're from back east somewhere.
- Elizabeth.
- Well you can call me Michael.
That's Angel.
I'm sure you're both
very tired after last night,
sleep would do you well, so
two beds in here as you can see.
Angel and I have things
outside to attend to, so
when you wake,
we'll discuss how best to
get you on your way.
- Mr. Angel, you are
both very good men.
- Well ma'am, we're a lot
of things but good we ain't.
- She looks just like her.
- Yeah, she does.
(horses trotting)
(wind blowing)
- We'll leave the horses here.
I don't wanna spook anyone in
case they have information.
Everyone knows what
needs to be done?
Let's make this quick.
(ominous music)
- Angel, they're here.
(ominous music continues)
- Think they're friendly?
- Friendlier than
we are, I imagine.
(ominous music continues)
- Afternoon gentlemen.
- Hello.
- My name is George Holmes.
I work for the Miller
Colfax Mining Company.
We've been tracking two
women since last night.
Appears their trail came
through your property.
We're wondering if
you saw 'em come through.
- Can't say we've seen anybody.
We don't get many
visitors out this way.
Say their trail led you here?
- That is correct sir.
- Hmm.
- All's you brought
is the four of you?
(ominous music continues)
- Yes.
- That's all?
- You both have the ability
to make a man mighty
nervous, gentlemen.
- We seem to have
that effect on people.
- Just the four of
us you see here,
but men capable of a
great deal, I assure you.
Might we take a look
inside the house?
- The women.
- Pardon?
- The women.
Why y'all looking for 'em?
- Murder.
- I do hope it wasn't
someone we know.
- Not likely.
He was a preacher back at Ruby.
- Beth?
What's going on?
- They're here.
- I'm gonna ask one
more time gentlemen.
May we take a look inside?
- Absolutely.
We have nothing to hide
from the likes of you.
- Is there anything you'd
like to share with me
before I open this door?
- Yes.
I fucking hate Pinkertons.
(gun shots firing)
(gun shots firing)
(man groaning)
- You should've brought five.
(gun shot fires)
(western music)
- What are we gonna do?
- We will pray.
The Lord will protect us
like he has done here.
- The Lord?
The Lord did not kill
those men out there.
We did.
And we took pleasure in it.
I told you before,
you won't find God here
and now thanks to
the two of you,
me and my friend
will most certainly
face more of those badges
that will most
certainly come looking
for their dead friends.
And like most men,
won't take too kindly to us
being the ones that killed them.
- You could have
turned us over to them.
- You have a strange way
of showing gratitude.
- My gratitude is given to God--
- Don't say it.
Your naivete is pathetic
and it'll get you
killed in this world
if you never learn to take
matters into your own hands.
- I do not agree with
what you are saying sir.
- Why?
Because you live life
according to blind faith.
Sheep to the slaughter.
- Mr. Michael,
I do live my life by a different
set of beliefs and morals.
And I'm sorry if you
do not agree with them.
All I want is for us
to be safely removed
from this situation.
And while I might not be
able to take up weapons
or orchestrate a
series of violent acts,
the fact that it may
be necessary for us
to survive this ordeal
is not lost on me.
So I have a proposition for you.
I tell you this
in the confidence
that we will not be harmed
once information is given.
Do I have your word?
- You do.
- We have in our possession
a large sum of money
given to us to keep us
safe and start a new life.
The two of you are capable
in areas in which we are not.
So I would ask that
we could hire you
both to take us to safety,
start a new life somewhere.
And if you do take this
job, my only request
is that you leave us
with enough capital
to start an honest
life somewhere.
- That could have gone better.
- There'll be more coming.
- That's a fact.
Church ladies offered
us a contract.
They got a lot of
money in that bag
and they showed it to me.
They just want us to get 'em
someplace away from this.
Just someplace safe.
I imagine they want to start
up a church or something,
play the Lord's servants
and in another lifetime I'd
said that was noble, but
they don't know these men.
- Yeah, they don't
know us either.
- Well, what do you want to do?
- Those Pinkertons
are like bloodhounds.
They ain't never gonna
stop chasing those gals.
When they do find 'em,
they're just gonna
shoot 'em in the back and
roll 'em into a shallow grave.
Those poor gals ain't
never gonna be safe
no matter where they go.
- Okay then.
(upbeat western music)
- There gonna be watching
those roads like hawks.
- Does that mean you'll
take me up on my offer?
- Well sister, there's
four dead Pinkertons
on the front porch
and more gonna come
and we're going to
have to kill 'em,
so we might as well
get paid for it.
- Might I ask, sir,
who you both are?
Men of your skill and
occupation do not go unnoticed,
at least I would think not.
- All you need to know is
we have the skill
and the tools
to see you to safety.
But we're not saints.
We're not God-fearing men.
So Bible thumping sermons
will not be tolerated.
We understand each other?
- Yes.
- We will determine our
pay when the job's over.
- [Beth] Yes.
- And something else.
This is not going to be easy
and more people
are going to die.
- A lot more.
So when the shooting starts,
you just do what
we tell you to do.
- Do that and you might
get outta this alive.
- So if the roads cannot
be traveled, what do we do?
- We didn't say they
couldn't be traveled.
Just gonna be a little
more difficult is all.
We do have a few advantages.
They don't know where
we're coming from.
They don't know
where we're going.
And we're better at
this than they are.
We have to be
because they're gonna have
men all over this desert
looking for you two.
- Yeah.
We can assume they have
the law in their pocket.
So they'll be
looking for you also.
- Where will you take us?
- We're gonna make
a stop at Finning.
There's a hotel there.
Used to be a safe place for us.
I'm not sure who owns it now.
- That is back in the
direction of Ruby.
- [Michael] It is.
- We cannot go back there.
- They'll never
suspect you're in Ruby.
They'll think you're as far
away from there as possible.
- And while we take
a look around town
and gather information,
you'll be taking
refuge in one place
those boys will
never think to look.
- I'll get the horses ready.
- Turn the other two loose.
(soft western music)
(fire rumbling)
(soft western music continues)
- Do you trust them Beth?
- They have not yet
given us reason not to.
- I'm afraid they will.
I've read about them.
- About them?
- Men like them in dime novels.
They're outlaws,
gun slingers.
What kind of men know
how to kill that well?
Only men that have done
it before many times.
They had no remorse, no soul.
- It is not for us to judge
the souls of men, Kara.
We leave that to God.
- I can hear you
and spread out
like I told you to.
- What do you see?
(tense music)
- Take cover.
(tense music continues)
- Bill.
(upbeat western music)
- We're with the Miller
Colfax Mining Company.
State your business.
(upbeat western music continues)
(gun shots firing)
- Mama.
(gun shot fires)
(soft western music)
(horses trotting)
(soft western music)
- Michael.
(soft piano music)
- Let's go.
(old timey music)
(old timey music continues)
(people chattering)
- Sit wherever you like, gents.
(old timey music continues)
Not in all my days
would I have ever thought
to see you two here again.
- He still looks the same.
Be still my heart.
By the light of the moon.
Your names once
again twixt my teeth.
How long has it been?
- Seven years.
- And what's got you
showing your faces in public?
- Little job we're finishing up.
- Oh,
a job?
You don't say.
- Mm hmm.
Yeah, that's right.
- Now
what can old Colin
do for a couple of old friends?
- Still got the place upstairs?
- [Colin] Yeah, of course.
- I need to stash some
cargo for the night.
- Uh huh.
And would this cargo
be of the breathing variety?
What's mine is yours.
- Business looks a little slow.
What's paying the
bills these days?
- Well a lot's changed
since you've been gone.
Cowboys ain't running
much around no more.
Got a lot of Pinkertons in town
due to the mining
business over in Ruby.
I was doing some good coin
from those minors,
I'll have you know.
- The Pinkertons, they got
the law in their pocket?
- The law?
What law?
There ain't no law
for miles around.
Oh, if the cowboys
were still running,
I could be doing tons
of nefarious activities,
I'll have you know.
- Cowboys was a
brotherhood, Colin.
- Yeah, yeah.
Cowboys, brotherhood, right.
I meant no offense.
- What about the
mining business?
- Got a lot of guns up there.
Big strike happened.
They called in the
Pinkertons to settle 'em down
and guess it must have worked.
Next thing you know we got
Irish, Poles
and Turk.
They all arrived (mumbles).
Almost like they knew
what was going on.
Cheap labor, they say,
I don't believe it.
Any other news?
Big fellow.
He arrived from
New York, I believe.
- What do you mean big fellow?
- Well he works for
the top, don't he?
Make sure the mine
keeps producing.
Also, if you must,
a local preacher been killed.
by a couple of church ladies
that used to work
for him, they say.
- You don't say?
- Yeah.
Big fellow offering big reward.
Oh yeah.
Wants 'em dead for
what they've done.
- Ain't looking for a trial?
- Like I said,
there's no law.
Now what's this cargo?
- Couple of church ladies.
- Oh.
- Okay, Angel will
see to the horses.
Come with me.
(old timey music)
Our old friend Mr. Brixton
still owns this place, so
you're safe for now.
- Is Mr. Angel coming?
- Soon.
going to take care of the horses
and make sure they're
ready to go in the morning
so we can get you outta here and
get you someplace safe,
someplace where
those men won't look
for you anymore.
Colin said there're
women's clothes, so
find something that fits.
And you should boil some
water, maybe take a bath.
Could be a while before you
get to take another one.
And you need to sleep
'cause we got some rough trail
ahead of us after tonight.
- Mr. Michael.
- Just Michael,
for Christ's sake.
- Michael,
where will you and
Angel be this evening?
- Well, we're gonna put
our ears to the ground.
We're gonna
try to find some information.
A lot of guns in the county
right now is the word.
- Looking for us?
- It would appear
that way, ma'am.
And speaking of guns,
if somebody shows
up at this door
that shouldn't show
up at this door,
you use it.
- I do not believe in
those means, Michael.
- I'm not asking you.
- Why is this happening to us?
- You'll be all right.
Sometimes life tests us
in the most unimaginable ways.
The measure of our strength
is in how we react.
So young lady, you be brave
and I promise you everything's
gonna be all right.
(Kara sobbing)
- Why does he look
at her like that?
- Because she reminds
him of his daughter.
You look just like her.
It's truly uncanny.
Angel's wife and daughter were
brutally murdered
by men just like the men
that are after you,
men that believe
they're above the law.
Nobody did anything about it.
So we found out who they were
and we planned our
revenge very carefully.
And we executed that
plan flawlessly.
And that's when we realized
we were good at it.
So we started doing
it for a living.
So we became
barbaric ghosts.
Terror of the territories,
they started calling us.
You have nothing
to fear from Angel.
I've known him since childhood.
I even let him marry my sister.
(old timey music)
(people chattering)
- Give me a cigar, Colin.
(old timey music continues)
(people chattering)
- I almost forgotten what the
sense of safety feels like.
We took it for
granted I now feel.
(gentle music)
- We will find
safety in each other.
Sometimes a friend is
enough in this life.
It's more valuable
than any treasure.
- Yes, I suppose.
- Those newspapers and
dime store novels that you read,
what draws you to them?
- Adventure,
cities and people I don't know.
Most of them are
about bank robberies,
criminals, outlaws.
To have a window into
that world was exciting.
I could experience it without
dangers at that
particular lifestyle.
However, now we have
found ourselves in it.
- Yes we have.
- These men that we
are now connected with,
do you think them bad?
- I truly hope not.
I do know they are violent,
but I believe that
God has shown us
another side of their nature.
- Things aren't
always as they appear.
And now
we are going to wear
whore's clothing.
- I don't think I can.
- Our clothes do
not define us, Beth.
- They once did.
It was a long time ago.
One night a customer
beat me so badly,
they threw me onto the
street and left me for dead.
That was the night
Father Callahan found me.
He nursed me back to health.
Showed me a better way.
He saved me from this life.
He saved you from this life too.
You were too young
to understand, but
when your father died,
he owed gambling debts
to the worst kind of men.
All of his holdings
and possessions,
you among them,
were to be divided
among his creditors.
Father Callahan
learned of this plan.
So we took you,
we fled California
and we ended up here.
- Why are you just
now telling me this?
(knocking on door)
- Hello?
I have clean towels.
Mr. Brixton said you all
might be needing some.
Hi there.
I thought you might
be wanting these.
Everyone comfortable?
Anyone need anything?
- I think we're fine
for tonight, thank you.
- Oh,
Well don't hesitate
to come on downstairs
if you need anything.
I promise y'all,
us whores don't bite it,
- We shall,
we shall let you know
if we need anything.
Thank you.
(old timey music)
- It's not her.
It's not her.
It's not her,
no matter how bad
you want it to be.
They got a lot of money
in that bag up there.
It's a new life.
It's a real ranch, good cattle,
go down to Old Mexico like
we used to talk about.
They got a lot more guns
than I thought they had.
Hell we're facing an army here.
I'll go up there right
now, get that money
and we leave here tonight.
'Cause if we stay here
till tomorrow morning
and try to take them with us,
you and I both know how
that's going to end up.
Two choices.
Two outcomes.
What's best for us.
I'm not just talking to hear
myself talk for Christ's sake.
Say something.
You wanna try to
get them outta here
and probably get
killed tomorrow?
Or do you want to go to Mexico
and live a little
bit before we die?
Saving that girl ain't gonna
bring Sarah back, Angel.
Tell me you know that.
- Do you remember
wasn't too long ago that
you and me lived by a code?
Yeah, it was all about the job
and once we accepted it,
there are no looking back.
we saw it through no
matter what the cost.
And I don't think it's
very healthy of us
to go thinking that we
did it for the money.
No sir.
We did it 'cause we
enjoyed the hunt.
Now I'm gonna see this through
with or without you.
- Shit.
(men celebrating)
- [Man] Right, yeah!
All right.
- Woo.
- Mind if I sit?
I don't recognize your face.
Are you new in town?
- Passing through.
- Passing through?
Where are you headed?
- West maybe.
- Ah, West.
Truckee, maybe San Francisco?
- No place in particular.
- Why West?
- Change of scenery.
Where are you from?
- Where am I from?
Well, originally New York.
- Is that a fact?
- [Thomas Barclay] Yes it is.
- Well you must be one of
them bowler hat wearing thugs
that's infested
these parts lately.
- You know,
I may be wrong here,
this tone of
hostility toward me.
Did I, did I do
something to offend you?
- I believe you did.
- What?
- Who's your boss these days?
Old man Pinkerton's
been gone a long time.
Hell, I heard you had a
woman running the damn place.
- A man who knows the
business of others
and the history of others.
- In a way, yes.
- You know,
it's real hard having a
conversation with you friend
with this animosity
aimed towards me.
- I know the feeling
all too well.
- I think you're trying
to get me involved here
in a public argument
with the hope that I
may pull out my gun
and you pull your gun out
thinking that you'd be
justified in shooting me dead.
Well, if that is what
you're thinking, my friend,
my men are gonna come in here,
and they're gonna shoot
the living hell outta you
and throw your fucking
body in the street.
And feed you to the pigs.
- Strength in numbers, eh boys?
- Is there any other way?
- In the game of guns,
only numbers I've
ever worried about
is whether or not I
had enough bullets
and whether or not I could
pull the trigger fast enough.
Good evening, gentlemen.
- You got something you
wanna say to me, old hound?
- If I want any words outta you,
I'll just cut 'em outta you.
- All right, let's
get 'em outta here.
Get 'em out west to our friends.
They'll be safe.
Is that the plan?
(train whistle blowing)
(soft western music)
(door creaking open)
(guns cocking)
- Oh, whoa, whoa.
Put the gun down lady.
Put the gun down.
I'll spare this one.
Come on.
Trust me.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Just hand it over.
Be a good girl.
That's it.
That's it.
Give it to me.
Everything's gonna be okay.
That's it.
(soft western music continue)
Sorry it had to come to this.
It's just the way of the world.
Let's take them outside.
Barclay wants to hang this one.
We'll send the other
one back to Ruby.
We'll see that in examples
made out of her there.
(soft western music)
- You said you
wouldn't hurt her.
- Oh.
You never heard the
confessions of liars?
Come on.
- No.
No, please, please, please.
(soft western music continues)
- Where's your friend at now?
- Come on.
Stop your fussing.
Get down there.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Beth!
- Come on.
Let's go.
Bring him out.
Cut it out.
- You're a dead man, Brixton.
You'll get to hell
before I do, I swear.
- Mr. Barclay wanted this
situation handled with care.
Never expected that this
lot would have some help.
where is your associate?
- Go to hell.
- Hell.
Stick them.
- Now do I need to ask again?
- You can ask who
you blue in the face,
you Pinkerton shit sack.
(women sobbing)
- [Kara] No.
No, please.
- How about now sir?
Now you have anything to say
with this dilemma facing you?
- Promise you'll
see her to safety.
- I'm gonna see
you both to safety.
- She is all that matters now,
at any cost.
- Mister,
I'm not one to beg.
- And I ain't gonna ask again.
- I do not know where he is.
I don't know.
- Somehow I just do
not believe that.
- Promise me.
Promise me.
- Beth.
(gun shot fires)
oh my Beth.
(dog barking)
(Kara sobbing)
- Take her back to Ruby.
Barclay wants a confession
for the preacher's death.
We'll take him back as well.
He'll be of some good use.
get rid of this body.
Pigs will do just fine.
(dark western music)
- Iris, Belle, darling.
Afternoon there Miles.
- Ah, Mr. Brixton.
What a pleasant surprise.
- I was hoping you had a few
minutes to spare then, eh?
- Absolutely sir.
Quite the commotion
earlier today, eh?
- Yes, so yes
it is quite a mess.
- [Miles] Strange
times we live in.
- Strange times Indeed.
Strange times indeed.
Now then,
how is your boy doing,
Charlie isn't it?
- Yes.
Good, sir.
Got a job in Gentry at the
new post office, he did.
- Great news.
That's fantastic.
Good lad.
Fine young man.
Well give us your best.
Let's have it, Miles.
(ominous music)
Let's have it.
(ominous music continues)
- We'll all be okay.
(horses trotting)
- It's a sin to lie.
- I do not lie.
- Don't matter.
You'll meet your
maker soon enough,
then you can confess to him.
(body thudding)
- Took you long enough.
(upbeat western music)
(guns cocking)
We need to make a call.
(train whistle blowing)
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
Boss, it's for you.
- Yeah, what is it?
- [Michael] You know my voice.
- Truth be told, I thought
I never hear it again.
Well, a lot has changed
since you boys left town.
I'm a legitimate
businessman now.
- Yeah, we know,
but some people need to die.
- Some people?
What have you boys
gotten yourself into?
- Pinkertons.
Don't worry about it, it won't
be any blood on your hands.
But when it's done,
we'll be needing a favor.
- Well I always make
good on my promises.
- [Michael] You'll know
when the time's right.
- Lord have mercy on
whatever cocksucker
pissed them off.
(upbeat western music)
- What the hell's all
this dynamite for?
- It's for the mine.
(upbeat western music continues)
- No, let me go.
Let me go.
- There's gonna
be a hanging, pa.
- Stop fussin', or I'll
shoot you right now.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Help!
- [Bill] Get over here.
Come on.
- Help.
- Right over.
- [Kara] No.
- Get over here.
- Hey.
Mr. Barkley.
Think this
spectacle's necessary?
- Why don't you mind your
own goddamn business.
- No rope?
You got,
what the, what the hell
kind of a town is this?
You got a gallows
without a rope?
Jesus Christ.
You are gonna sign a confession
to the murder of
Father Callahan.
- Hey, this ain't right.
This ain't right at all.
- I told you to mind
your own business.
- As far as I see it,
I'm still the law around here.
- Well I think you failed
as the law around here.
You let those men strike.
You didn't do your job
and that's why I'm
here doing it for you.
- You're just a thug hiding
behind a piece of tin,
the lot of you.
You always have been.
- This woman
killed a priest
and she's gonna hang.
- You and I both know
this lady did not kill a priest.
You're sandbagging her
'cause she's seen something.
It's no secret.
So let's not pretend.
I might be old,
but I ain't blind or stupid.
- You're old,
you're blind
and you're stupid.
Now get outta my way.
Get me that rope.
- You killed them.
You killed them all.
- I didn't kill anybody.
- You did.
And the devil will
have his way with you.
- Sweetheart,
the devil has always
had his way with me.
Gimme that rope.
- [Thug] Boss.
- Come on sweetheart,
let's get clear here now.
Come on.
(ominous music)
Get down.
Son of a bitch.
(ominous music continues)
(gun shot fires)
(ominous music continues)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(gun shots firing)
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music continues)
(gun shots firing)
(dramatic music)
- You have to help.
(dramatic music continues)
(gun shots firing)
- Boys ain't that
smart, are you?
I've heard of you both.
Some men believe
you to be ghosts.
Well, you sure as hell
ain't invisible, are you?
(gun shots firing)
And you sure as hell can bleed.
(gun shot fires)
Bad move, Marshall.
(gun shot fires)
(gun shots firing)
- I told you if I wanted
any words outta you,
I'd cut 'em outta you.
(ominous music)
(gun shot fires)
(ominous music continues)
(gun shots firing)
(ominous music continues)
- All right.
This is what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna get on my horse.
I'm gonna take her with me
and you ain't gonna stop me.
(ominous music)
- [Michael] Be brave.
(gun shots firing)
- You.
Son of a bitch.
- Marshall,
I heard there wasn't
no law in this town.
- Ain't been much of a
law man lately, pard.
- Didn't look that way to me.
At the Brixton Hotel,
there's a remains of a woman.
Her name was Elizabeth.
If you could see that she
was buried next to that
preacher they all been
talking about, I'd be obliged.
She would've wanted that.
- No.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- What are you thanking me for?
- For allowing us to do
one good thing in our life.
(gentle music)
- We're here.
- Where are we?
- Place where you'll never
have to look behind
you ever again,
a place we said
we'd deliver you to.
You'll be safe here, Kara.
Now you go in there,
you ask for a man named Rome.
Tell him you're a
friend of the ghost.
Go on now.
- Thank you, Michael.
- Robert, take her horse.
Go take her horse.
- You know my voice?
- I certainly do.
- Take good care of her, Rome.
- She's in good hands.
No one will touch her.
- [Michael] Thank you.
- What can I get you?
A doctor?
- No.
- Where are you gonna go?
- I'm going to hell, I reckon.
But maybe
I can find a cool spot there.
(western music)