Amores Urbanos (2016) Movie Script

Amores Urbanos
- Restless Love -
Ma, should we get up?
I think your friends are hungry.
Why do you think that?
I don't know. Your friend was at the door.
I think they want to get up.
What time is it?
- Holy shit!
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong, Ma?
- Stay here.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Where's Marcelo?
Guys, where's Marcelo?
He went downstairs really quick.
- Julia, sit down.
- He'll be right back.
Marcelo, who is she?
Who is she?
- Stop it.
- Who are you?
- Say it, Marcelo.
- Leave, please.
Leave. Go away.
Wait. I don't get it.
What do you mean "leave"?
He looked at me and told me to leave.
And who was the other girl?
Girl, the other girl was Julia.
Holy shit!
He's been dating her
for four years in his hometown.
They're engaged, they're getting married soon.
So that's why you never met his parents.
Son of a bitch.
And his friends knew?
Yes, everyone knew about everything.
It's easy. I was the little whore
he screwed when he was in Sao Paulo.
I meant nothing.
He just wasn't man enough to tell me.
Quite the opposite. He made me believe
I was the one, that we were getting married.
Did he say you were getting married?
Diego, let me tell you something
about the heterossexual world.
Whoever dates a 30-year-old woman knows
they'll have to get married sooner or later.
- Yikes.
- But he is getting married.
Not to you, but...
It's good that this happened now.
Can you imagine finding out
three years from now?
You figured it out. Now you know, it was good.
Yes, it was good.
It was great.
Yeah, almost pefrect.
Guys, I'm off to bed.
If you run out of booze there
we always have some here, ok?
- Do you want to sleep here?
- No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Alright, that's fine, mom. Okay.
No, that's ok. I'll be there, ok?
I'll talk to you later. Alright. Bye
Mica, I don't think I can make it.
I figured.
We can watch a movie
tomorrow, can't we?
- It's OK.
- You're going to a concert?
My mom already bought
the tickets, you know?
When she does that we all have to go.
Like The Brady Bunch, no choice.
Who is everybody?
Mica, it's my brother,
his girlfriend, my dad, my mom...
It'll be a pain in the ass.
You wouldn't like to come, I'm sure.
Here, have a tomato.
Care for some banana
cake and coffee?
Her brother's girlfriend, as if
I wasn't her girlfriend.
You know what I think, right?
I told you a thousand times.
I know...
But this is all really new to her.
She just needs some time.
How long have you
been together? Over a year!
I don't know. I don't
want to pressure her.
If I were you I'd pressure her. Either
you become a couple or it's done.
Well, do whatever you want. I would
never let anyone treat me like that.
Well, Julia, I don't think you can say
much about relationships right now.
I was deceived, Micaela.
It wasn't my fault!
- Asshole.
- I'm sorry.
How is your new job?
It's actually really good.
Can you move your plate a little?
Really. It feels right.
I think I'm on the right path now.
Manu? Look.
I think this one is amazing.
I don't know if you agree
It looks like it'll fit great and
the color is amazing, this blue...
the texture... Do you like it?
Julia, this fabric is 100% polyester.
It isn't a good fit, it crumples.
It is really good for lining.
But we can't use it in our collection.
Can you please check if the silk
and the pleated fabric will arrive today?
What is this pefrume you're
wearing today? Strong, isn't it?
It's the same as every
other day, darling.
One drop of N5 and nothing else
I'm sorry. I feel a little sick today.
- Hmm...
- Hmm What?
Di, wake up. You forgot
your keys in the lock again.
- What are you doing? Are you crazy?
- Where is Mica?
I don't know, I don't think she slept home.
Why are you waking me up
at 11:40 in the morning?
What's wrong, Julia? Tell me!
I'm pregnant.
Holy fuck.
Four thirty. Four thirty, Julia?
That's fine. Great.
Thanks. Bye.
- It's scheduled.
- Thanks.
I'll go with you.
Julia, are you sure you're not
going to tell Marcelo?
What do you want her to say to that asshole?
"Hey, I'm about to abort a project that has
50% of your DNA. Big kiss, thanks a lot"
- What a great idea, girl.
- Thanks, dude. But I'm talking to Julia.
He changed his cell phone, Di.
Probably so I would stop calling.
You've been calling him?
Okay, fine. Look.
I'll take you there, tomorrow, with my car.
And you'll need at least
two days off of work.
- At least.
- Okay.
Let's go.
We're all set. Can we go?
I didn't know you were such
a good cook. This is delicious.
Just don't do it everyday,
otherwise I'll get really fat.
I'm glad you guys
liked it. Thanks, Manu.
Julia, are you alright?
Did everything go well?
Yes, everything is great. Thanks.
Apendicitis is really scary.
I've had it too. It catches you off guard.
I knew how to drive.
I know that I already knew.
But he insisted on the window,
that was shut, but should've been open.
- And I told him no.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
So I crashed.
He died.
I've hooked up with this actor before.
One of the hottest men I've been with.
Or, I couldn't see
And he died.
I just think it's ridiculous.
You're so square, Mica.
I think Luan would be upset if he knew you
hooked up with someone from his company.
- What difference does it make?
- There are so many men out there.
Really, what difference
does it make, Micaela?
C'mon, Luan is an amazing guy.
I just don't get it.
What don't you get, Maria Eduarda?
What do you mean by that?
Nothing, I don't mean anything.
Take it as you want.
If the shoe fits...
Stop it.
- Thanks for coming.
- Hi, honey.
Of course we'd be here!
Beautiful existentialist script.
Amazing. Congratulations!
- It was amazing.
- Thank you so much.
You nailed it, babe.
Today wasn't a good day,
everything was off.
No it wasn't, it was great!
Did you like it?
- I changed that scene you mentioned.
- I realized it.
It was great. Do you think
I could be a play writer?
You could be a lot of things.
Plays are the worst because
you can'tjust leave
The play is beautiful, Mica.
But I get it.
It's a really specific subject.
I get why you didn't like it, it's fine.
It's not that I didn't like it.
I don't know, I thought it was boring.
Boring? The play wasn't boring.
If you thought this play was boring,
mine was unbearable, right?
Super, extra, ultra boring.
- No.
- Yeah... Right.
People comment on my photos
asking me for recipes, it's weird.
Holy shit, you have six thousand followers.
I think it's because I'm
working for Emannuelle.
But your most liked pictures
are the ones with recipes.
Some people are asking for the
gluten free version of the recipes.
How boring.
Gluten free, flour free, sugar free...
Drink water, then, you annoying pricks.
Can I hit play?
I can only watch two episodes today...
- Aw, why?
- "Looking" marathon is sacred, girl.
I'm having dinner with my parents.
I'm not an intern, I'm
an assistant designer.
I've told you that
so many times...
And even if I was an intern,
what's wrong with that?
I'm still learning my profession.
There's no problem, darling. Not at all.
I just think you're too qualified.
You went to school, you
have a Marketing degree.
You could be working at a big agency
with a good salary
Instead of being a... a sowing intern.
I would need talent to be in a big agency,
and I'm not talented.
So why did you major in that area?
Because I was 17, and a mom that
kept pressuring me to pick a career.
Oh, so now it's my fault?
No, mom, it's not.
I learned a lot in school,
it was important to get a degree.
- Every experience is important.
- Specially when you pay nothing for it.
Honey, what your mom
is trying to say...
is that you have to focus on something.
You've taken many courses,
you've worked in many places...
Where did you really put an effort?
In what?
You're 30 years old, honey.
You could be married, with a
good salary, you could have a baby!
It's true.
Why do you think Marcelo
is marrying someone else?
- Wow. - You lack focus, Julia.
You're always jumping from
one place to the next!
Really, mom, really?
He's marrying someone else
because he's an asshole.
My life is great. I love my life,
I love my job. Everything is just fine.
She thinks I'm an intern.
She doesn't get that
I work for a great
designer and many girls
would love to be there.
I just have to focus a bit more
on my career, that's all.
Focus on this bottle. This party
will be filled with great catches.
Even more so for a pretty,
sexy lady like yourself.
Thank you.
Do you know the DJ
that's playing afterwards?
No, I don't. I've been dating for the past
two years, I don't know anybody.
Or thought I was
in a serious relationship...
Well, then that's something
that'll cheer you up.
Is his music good?
Honey, this guy is all good.
You look at him and think life is great,
and that God is a great guy
- You're ridiculous.
- Look at him.
Get it, girl.
I think you should move in with me.
We've talked about this.
Yeah, four months ago.
And we promised we'd talk again.
What's wrong, Diego?
You already live here.
You have a toothbrush, the keys,
an underwear drawer, everything!
You wanna know what I think?
I think you want me to come here so you
can know when I leave, when I come back
how I come back...
and I don't like that.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I think that if you move in here,
at least you'll try to be more discreet.
Look, Diego, I'm not a jealous guy.
But I don't like to be exposed, either.
You know how many people I know
that were at the party yesterday?
You know how I am.
I never said I'd be different.
But I thought that while being in a
relationship you'd try to change, at least.
Clearly you thought wrong.
You could say anything, and this is
what you're choosing to say. Really?
You can take it or leave it, Luan.
I'll leave it, then.
- Wait.
- Let go of me. Let go!
Luan wants to break up with me.
Wow! I wonder why
that happened, Diego...
I want to know everything
about last night. Sit down, relax, Diego.
I still have a hangover.
And I have to research
something for Emannuelle.
So drink up. It's better to work drunk
than with a hangover.
Well, I know you guys rocked it last night.
Diego hooked up with a model, very good.
- And you?
- Julia left misteriously with...
Pablo Parra!
OMG! Everybody wants to hook up
with him. Heteros, queers...
everybody but me.
He's dreamy. I would
become a woman for him.
It was really nice.
"Nice"? Are you insane?
Spill the details.
Di, it's beautiful.
- Beautiful?
- Hard and straight up, you know?
Pink, baby pink.
- What about the size?
- What are you talking about?
Good big. Not "too much" big.
Fuck me, he's pefrect.
- Are you really talking about this?
- C'mon, Mica, get over it.
No, really. I think it's petty and ungraceful
to talk about other people like that.
Oh so now you're the etiquette expert?
I don't talk about the women
I've been with, their vaginas.
Pink or not, if they have
bigger labia or not,
if their clit sticks out or not.
O-M-G who wants to know
about that stuff, Micaela?
Lots of people do, Diego.
Well, nobody in this room does.
I'm ok.
I'm not going to argue with you.
Good. Who would compare cocks
and pussies anyway, Micaela?
Look at the cities great monuments:
The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building,
World Trade Center,
That building in London
that looks exactly like a fat dick.
Everybody is comparing to see
who has a bigger dick, honey.
Yes. Phallic monuments built by
a patriarchal society, makes sense.
Exactly. And you never wondered...
Why doesn't New York get a bunch of
buldozers and digs a gigantic pussy?
The deepest hole. There, I won,
I have a bigger pussy than you.
God, Diego, you have a mental problem.
You know why, Micaela?
Because me, Julia, everybody knows that
cocks are beautiful. Pussies are not.
You're a misogynistic fag.
And you're a mis... man lesbian.
I don't know. What do you call
someone that doesn't like men?
Is afraid of men?
I can't even find a word for it.
Dyke. Big dyke.
- I don't know why I'm still your friend.
- Dyke-aela. - You're a mysoginistic fag.
You're sexist. - Hashtag dyke.
- You're a sexist fag.
- Don't pick up the phone, Mica.
- Don't pick it up.
- It could be for me.
You don't even know
the number to this phone.
- I want to know who it is.
- Do not pick up the fucking phone!
So, it stays up?
Yeah, it stays up.
But sometimes it goes off
to the side, not like that.
Or like that.
- So it's rare to go straight up?
- Yeah, kind of.
- Are my teeth blue?
- No, are mine?
And you two hit it off
from the start, right?
When we said "hello".
This guy is really hot.
Even I have to admit it.
He's amazing, Mica.
We were amazing, you know?
Everything was pefrect.
Really amazing.
And these things are
always mutual, right?
- Yeah.
- I think... No, I'm sure he feels the same.
Yeah. What?
We weren't into each
other, we fell in love.
I'm completely in love with him.
- He has a girlfriend.
- Really?
Yes, they are kind of famous
in the clubbing scene.
- C'mon, dude... - She's crazy.
She's always acting up at the club.
I thought you knew...
- Did he text you already?
- Not yet.
Who is this?
Who is this?
Wow! No...
He's not here, Mrs. Marta.
He's not here, I swear.
Yes, I can.
So, Julia...
The research is OK,
there's lots of information,
there are a lot of
sociological facts. But...
Linguistic evidence
of the gipsy immigration?
I'm missing more images
We need aesthetic references
for the collection.
Yes. Did you see I put a few
images here? For example...
OK. It's great, it's beautiful.
I could take away part of
our color scheme from here.
But it goes way beyond that.
I'm thinking pictures,
the amazing clothes they wore,
that were dusty, so we could think of
a way to treat the fabric with that dust,
anyway, the hair,
the crackle effect in the paintings,
This is all very rich for us
to base a collection on.
I understand.
I'm sorry, Manu. I'll redo it.
No, don't be sorry. I'll ask
Rodrigo to help you, alright?
I'll do the entire research for you
if you bake me an entire lemon pie
I mean that.
You don't have to do the
whole thing, I'll do it.
If you need my help, then, let me know.
Mica, my first leading role!
Lt'll be awesome, the
director is amazing.
Anyway, the crew is having a party
to celebrate, they are all amazing,
so let's, I don't know, have lunch,
or watch that movie you wanted to see
- Yes!
- Maybe go to the park, let's celebrate!
- Right now? Oh, I can't, babe.
- Oh, really? Alright, then.
That's alright. Well, I just wanted to
come here and share the news.
Well, I'll talk to
you later, then.
I'm going to a vintage shop
to see if I find something
Bye. I love you.
I'm here.
I can see that.
I wanted to see you.
See the crew, the place...
Really cool.
Sure, Micaela. Have fun,
have a drink.
They'll play the series preview
on that big screen.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- How are you? I'm glad you came.
Sarah, Enzo.
- Hi. You guys make a beautiful couple.
- We don't date anymore.
Is this gipsy?
How do you know this is gipsy?
C'mon, Julia, I don't know.
That's not the point.
It doesn't have to be gipsy,
it's a reference research.
Of the gipsy world.
Yes, but it can have just a
touch of gipsyness, get it?
A gipsy pefrume
With a fashion sense, of course.
Ro, let's go.
Shit, Mica, you fucked it all up.
It was a work party, you shouldn't have
come without letting me know first.
What was your ex-boyfriend doing there?
He knows the writer, and he is friends
with friends, so he decided to go.
- You invited him?
- He decided to go, Mica.
You didn't invite me
but you invited him?
Exactly, I didn't invite
you and you went.
And you shouldn't have done it.
That's not how things are.
There is a time for everything.
The world doesn't revolve around you.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe
I was upset that you didn't invite me?
And the fact that you're upset
is an excuse to do whatever you want.
Hi, Maria Eduarda.
Hi, Diego.
Wow, you guys. The air is so thick in here.
You treated me as if I was your... pal.
I didn't know what to do. How to act.
Right. You were in your world, with your
friends, your real life, and I ruined it.
You treated me as if I was nobody.
Micaela, quit it. Stop pressuring me.
Can't you see that the more you push,
the more defensive I get?
We've been dating for a year, Eduarda.
A year, and I still don't
know your friends.
And you won't know them.
Not like this, pushing things
to happen in your time.
There is also my time, you know?
- Yes, and I respect that.
- No, you don't.
It was disrespectful to come to the party
without asking, without telling me first.
I'm still processing everything,
processing our story.
- Still processing our story? Wow.
- Yes.
Diego forgot his keys in the door, again.
Hi, Duda.
Hi, I was about to leave.
- No, you're staying here.
- I've had enough, Micaela.
We'll talk some other time.
- Bye, Julia.
- Bye.
I don't want to know what you think.
What's that?
Diego said he felt lousy and needed to eat,
so I'm making an apple pie.
I'm never drinking again.
Your mother called.
So you did pick up the fucking phone.
- It has something to do with your father.
- You picked up the fucking phone!
You never told me about your parents.
Get out, Micaela.
- I just want to tell you something.
- I don't give a fuck about them.
Can anyone tell me what's going on?
He's not doing well.
- So what?
- How bad is it?
She didn't say.
She said you should call her.
It could be serious, Di.
She wanted you to forgive him
because he doesn't have much time left.
Fuck him.
Well, I did my part.
Hi, where's the apple pie?
Wait a second.
Mica just said your father's
dying and this is how you react?
Sorry, I won't keep quiet.
My parents also get on my nerves but...
They get on your nerves, Julia, how cute.
They get on your nerves.
They bought you an apartment.
So what?
They spent the last ten
years paying even for Hat
Designing School for their
undecisive daughter.
They seem really annoying, Julia.
I'm just saying we don't
have a pefrect relationship.
Because you're a spoiled brat.
Oh, so now you're going to exclude
everyone from your life.
I'm not excluding anyone.
Shut your mouth, Julia.
My father kicked
me out when I was 16.
Told me to live the trashy life
I chose for myself away from him.
Only because I was making out
with a guy at school,
And the bitchy teacher saw it
and told everyone else.
When I met Mica, I was cleaning toilets
and living in her girlfriends' maid room.
Because of that son of a bitch,
I never finished high school.
My dad couldn't care less if I would
make it in the city without any money.
And now I couldn't care less about him.
If he's alive, if he died...
it makes no difference.
And if you try to tell me something,
I'll never speak to you again.
I'll start slicing the apples.
Yes, you can let him up.
Luan, open the door. I miss you.
I don't want to fight anymore.
You have to change.
Or try, at least.
Or at least say that I'll try, right?
I'll try, babe, I'll try to change.
You're a pain in the ass.
There are too many colors here.
I need to choose six to dye the fabrics.
Okay. Fine. I'll redo it.
I thought you wanted many colors.
Don't worry, I'll do it in a second.
Julia, come here. Sit down. Let's talk.
I've been meaning to do this.
I think you're uneasy, uncomfortable
it's just not working out.
And the time we've spent...
we've lost, to explain
things, and redo things...
it's just not working out, Julia.
But, Manu, I like it here.
I like fashion, I like your work
and I want to stay here.
That's great. I like your pies too,
but I don't know how to make them.
Think about that.
Stay. Have dinner with me.
We're always hiding.
I don't know who we're hiding from.
Or why.
Hiding? Mica, I'm not
hiding from anyone.
I think it's corny to think
"I'm gay, I have to come out"
I don't have to do anything.
I know who I am, who you are.
You know who I am and how I feel about you.
I am a hell of a girlfriend. I know it.
But I can't do this anymore.
Not this way.
How are you?
- I quit my job.
- Really?
It wasn't working out, I don't know.
She's changing things
and I don't really fit in.
I decided to leave.
- What?
- You quit or you got fired?
A little bit of both.
What what?
Ever since Diego said I was spoiled,
I can't stop thinking about it.
What does that have to do with this?
Well, you never disagreed.
Do you think I'm spoiled?
- Micaela?
- What, dude?
I do. I think you're a little spoiled.
Miss Know-lt-All, like you're always right.
But that's the way you are
and that's OK, you're my friend.
What do you mean I'm always right?
C'mon, Julia, really?
Yeah, really. Say it.
- Micaela, now you have to say it.
- What if I don't want to?
Let it go.
Say it. Please. Pretty please.
I think I need to hear it.
Dude, I think... You don't open up,
you're really private.
You always have an "I'm great" attitude.
Like right now, saying you quit
yourjob, when in fact you were fired.
I'm always screwed, Diego
is always screwed...
But you're always fine.
But it seems like you've also
been screwed for a while now.
You don't talk about the shit
that goes on in your life.
We tell you things but
it seems like your life
is always amazing, that
everything is fine.
And it was probably your parents' fault
that spoiled you when you were little.
Saying that you were amazing,
and that you'd get everything you wanted
And let's all rise together,
united, in a balloon.
- Like a song from the 80s, all that.
- Alright. That's enough. OK?
You wanted me to say it!
Maybe I do think I'm amazing.
Your break up with Marcelo was probably
the worst in the entire decade.
And I want to help you out.
You're probably really hurt.
But you won't admit it!
So I can't help you.
I'm going through the
worst period of my life.
Why don't you say something, Julia?
Because I can't.
I can't, alright?
I'm 30 years old, it wasn't
supposed to be like this.
Everything's wrong, just terrible
and I can't talk about it.
That's OK. You'll do it sometime.
Re, can I please have a Bloody Mary?
It's so hot today! Give me a sip, please.
Hi, Duda.
- What are we celebrating?
- My decision making skills.
So you decided to try a dick out.
Yeah, a really big dick.
Yeah, right.
Duda invited me to a party,
at her house,
and we're going to come out
as girlfriends! As girlfriends!
Will it be a party like in
the island of Lesbos, with
everyone dressed in white
singing "I Follow Rivers"?
Yeah, exactly like that.
So she invited me to a party at her place,
and will introduce me to her friends,
and say "Hi, guys, this
is my girlfriend, Mica"
Hi. Hey. How are you?
Yeah, right.
That's cool, Mica.
I also have good news for you.
Pablo broke up with his
crazy girlfriend, she
trashed his car and I
thought it was funny.
Oh, really? Crazy!
Are you OK?
I'm pregnant, Mica.
- Again?
- No. Still.
- Fuck. - Julia!
- I didn't have the abortion.
I couldn't do it.
You've been pregnant this whole time?
Why didn't you say something?
Because I'm like that, Di.
I don't know how to ask for help.
Not even when I need it.
And, boy, did I need it.
And I'll need it. Lots of it.
Well, we're here, aren't we?
You're going to be a single mom.
This is by far the biggest
mistake you've ever made.
And you've made plenty of
mistakes in the last 30 years.
- Fatima!
- What, Otavio?
You don't want to get
in a fight with her.
That's why she's like that.
That's why she's always been like that.
Like what?
Lost. You've always been lost.
You never knew what to do
and you always did everything wrong.
Honey, we have always supported you
and it won't be any different now.
No. It will be different this time.
Julia, you don't have a husband,
you don't have a career...
You don't have anything figured out.
Nothing. And you want a child?
That's just great.
It makes me want to laugh.
Where are you going?
Where are you going, Julia?
I am having this baby.
And I won't be organized or married,
or employed like you are.
But I'll be something you never were.
I'll be a mother.
- Why is she always like that?
- Calm down, honey.
Please, dad, let me leave.
I will, just wait a second.
Listen to me.
Let me tell you a story.
- C'mon, dad...
- Look at me. Listen.
When you were learning
how to ride a bike
I used to take you to
the Campus to practice.
I would sit and wait for
you and sometimes...
You would come back all bruised.
I asked if you were alright
and if you had fallen,
You always said you were great,
that you hadn't fallen.
With blood dripping from your knees
you'd say you hadn't fallen.
I didn't insist on it.
I just drove you home.
It was your mom that cleaned
up all the scratches.
She did all the bandages.
She was the one that made you admit,
that you had, in fact, fallen.
you were never easy,
I found a way to deal with you.
And your mom, found a different way.
I fell down, dad.
I fell down hard, this time.
I'm all bruised up.
It'll be fine.
"Diego, your mom called again"
"Your dad's operation is on
the 17th, here in So Paulo"
Di? Diego?
Come here.
How did it go with your parents?
It was intense.
Pablo texted me.
Yeah, right.
Do you think I should meet him?
- It's a bit weird. You'll drink, fuck...
- No!
I won't do that, I know I'm pregnant.
So go. And tell him.
Oh my God!
Otherwise when your belly grows
he might die thinking it's his baby.
Wow, you're right!
Hi, can I help you?
Yes, I'm a little lost, actually.
Is it a gift?
- No, for myself.
- Alright.
Is it a special occasion?
Yes. Quite special.
Great, come here and
I'll show you what we have.
Do you have something more basic?
I was surprised to get your text.
Surprised in a good way?
So, Pablo, what did you
want to talk about?
You must really hate me.
I don't hate you.
In fact, for some reason,
I even kind of like you.
I like you too.
And I really like the
recipes you post online.
You follow me?
No, but, I check your profile everyday.
That night was really special.
Really good.
And I think you felt that too, because
when something like that happens,
it happens to both.
I think...
You were the best lay of my life.
I think about you everyday,
ever since we met at the party.
You never contacted me.
Not even to find out if I got home safe.
You're the kind of girl I always wanted.
And then I realized I'd have to be born
again if I wanted to say "hi" to you.
I have many issues, Julia.
I have issues and you're pefrect.
Say it
What's wrong?
Dude, I'm pregnant.
No, it's not yours.
When we hooked up I was already pregnant.
When we got wasted and hooked up
I knew I was pregnant.
So that's how pefrect I am.
You don't get it.
What you mean to me.
No, I don't. I don't own a crystal ball.
- I had a girlfriend.
- I know.
And you had a boyfriend too, right?
Kind of...
Yeah... I didn't know what to do.
Do you know what to do now?
I'm going.
I would've liked it
if it was mine.
Me too, I think.
Wow. He's so childish.
Everyone wants this guy at the clubs,
if he said he wants you
that bad, I believe him.
"I'd have to be born again if
I wanted to say hi to you"?
Is that the new "the problem
is not you, it's me"?
What a loser.
I thought he sounded sincere.
I don't know.
How can everything seem so bad?
A few months ago everything was great,
now everything's wrong.
Everything wasn't so great, Julia.
Marcelo was a yuppie and
your parents paid/pay all your bills.
That's great, Diego. Thanks.
My life didn't get worse.
It was always bad,
I just didn't see it, right?
Because, like you said,
I'm a spoiled brat.
Yes. Admitting to it is
the first step to solve a problem.
No. That's enough for you.
God help me.
Julia Lira.
It's me.
- Is this your first ultrasonography, Julia?
- Yes, it is.
- Are you the father?
- Yes.
- No, dad.
- I mean, hers.
I'm her father, I'm the grandfather.
OK. This is a bit cold.
May I sit down?
Excuse me.
Shall we begin?
Your baby is doing great, Julia.
A plus!
- Do you want to listen to the heartbeat?
- Yes!
What are you doing?
I'm trying to figure out how this works.
Where is it, Julia?
I think it's over here.
Let me see from here.
No, I think the grid
should be a bit lower.
The kid's not gonna fall, Julia.
No, it barely moves in the beginning.
What do you think?
What the fuck is that?
What's wrong, Diego?
Where are you going like that, Micaela?
To meet Duda's friends.
It looks great.
I think maybe itjust needs a...
If you put a necklace on her
I'll never stop laughing.
Fuck you.
Mica, Mica. C'mon, Diego.
Go talk to her.
Go talk to her!
Fine, fine. I'm going.
Fuck you, Diego.
- Stop!
- Micaela.
Get out! Get out!
Go away, Diego.
You are the best person I know.
If the stuck-up hipster
crowd doesn't get that,
it's their problem, not yours.
You're amazing.
Put on your best skinny jeans
and low boots and embrace butch.
Masculine lesbian.
Annoying fagot.
Hey, you know your dad's
surgery was today, right?
Don't call me ever again.
Nothing that goes on there
matters to me, get it?
How are you? Wow! Champagne!
How fancy!
I'll put it in the fridge.
- Hey. How are you? I'm Priscila.
- Nice to meet you, Micaela.
So you're the famous Micaela.
- I'm famous?
- Yes, really famous.
- Really?
- Duda talks a lot about you.
A lot.
She's always saying "Micaela did this"
"I have to call Micaela"
What else does she say?
Not much. You know when
someone has a new best friend?
- And they only talk about that person.
- Best friend...
- Do you want a beer?
- No, thanks. I'll go get one.
Are you OK?
You're great, right? Have some water.
Had one too many?
Have some more!
You're freezing.
You're beautiful.
So are you.
Are you insane, Micaela?
What's wrong with you?
- With me?
- Yes.
I don't know what's wrong.
What's wrong with you?
Friend. Huh?
You're ridiculous.
And you, Priscila, you're tripping.
I'm tripping?
How could I know you were together?
No, nobody knew. Did anybody know?
Did anybody know?
- Keep quiet.
- If any of you are psychic,
can see through things,
or read minds.
I won't keep quiet.
Not anymore!
- Micaela
- What? What?
What do you want?
- You're crazy. You're drunk.
- Say what it is you want.
What do you want from me?
I threw a fucking party at my house,
called my friends, introduced you...
- And you kiss someone else?
- You introduced me as a friend.
You never said I was your girlfriend.
- In fact, you didn't say anything.
- It has to be one step at a time.
You want me to do it all at once.
I'm not like that, Micaela.
- We're different.
- Are we?
- You don't get that. I'm different.
- Different how?
I don't have to rub it in people's faces.
- Something that nobody needs to know.
- And what is that?
- That I'm a lesbian?
- Stop that.
- Is that it?
- Stop it, Micaela.
That I'm a lesbian.
Butch. Lezzie.
Lady during the day,
Tommy during the night.
- Micaela...
- Dyke, lesbo.
- Doesn't need a spoon for soup.
- That's enough, Micaela.
- Stop that.
- But that's what I am, Maria Eduarda.
And that's what you are too.
But you have a choice.
And there you are,
thinking whether it's worth it.
And maybe it's not.
Maybe it's not worth it.
It was never easy.
It's not easy.
Never was.
But I've been like this since I was a kid.
I don't have a choice.
This is who I am.
And I will keep being like this.
With you
or without you.
"Fashion designer"
"will bake for money"
We have to find Diego.
He could be at Roosevelt Sq.
Or by the Metropole gallery,
Let's stop by Roosevelt first.
But keep looking.
Call him again.
Itjust rings and rings.
We'll find him.
There, over there. That's him, right?
Where? Yes, it is.
- What's wrong?
- Come here.
Why don't you answer your phone?
- What's up?
- Get in.
What's up, guys?
We have to do something. Together.
Get screwed. That's all we do.
You think so?
I think we're really happy
when we're together.
What's the fuck is this?
We'll go with you.
Come on.
Diego. Diego!
Recovered by (c) dCd / January 2018