Amp House Massacre (2024) Movie Script

-[solemn music playing]
-[keyboard clacking]
[mouse clicks]
[keyboard clacking]
[mouse clicks]
-Yo, first video of 2020.
This is the year of no fear.
Thank you for partying at 6020.
What's up, guys?
We are leaving Utah.
I just had an amazing
couple days.
No, no, no, no, no.
[mouse clicks]
My name is Mario Stillwell.
But you already know that.
-Oh, dude!
[Mario] Two years ago,
I did the unthinkable
and became the biggest
YouTube influencer in the world.
I'm gonna be always posting
all my new music
on feature on first.
I didn't stop there.
I decided I would create
the largest social media label,
Amp Team.
I set out to find,
create and sign
the internet's biggest
digital media stars:
Hunter, Jaden,
Russell, Nico,
and my partner in crime,
We are more than friends.
-[Jaden] You win.
-[Niko] Yeah?
You get to keep my car.
-[Hunter giggles]
-No, no, no!
-Oh, new car!
-Hey, guys. Welcome back
to my channel.
I hate you!
[Mario] We are family now.
They don't know it,
but they're about to get
the biggest surprise
of their lives.
Come with me as we go
to the next level.
Are you ready? Ready?
All right, camera. Camera.
Yo, what's up, guys?
-It's Mario with the Amp Team.
Everybody's here.
We're gonna show 'em the house.
They're gonna flip.
Let's go.
How are you guys today? Yo.
-You're late
to your own party, bro.
-[overlapping chatter]
-All right, all right.
I gotta keep you
waiting a little bit.
Come on. Come on.
-[Jaden] What is this?
This looks like
the one on Fresh Prince.
-No, no, no.
This house looks like
it kicks that house's ass
and then takes a piss
in its mouth.
Why are we here, for real?
-Well, call me Fresh Prince
because this is mine.
-[Russell] What?
-What are you talking about?
-I call it Amp House.
-[Russell] Oh.
[overlapping chatter]
-It's, uh...
-Wait, what?
-[Mario] --everybody here.
-Our house?
-[shrieks] Shut up.
Are you serious?
-[Mario] We can do
whatever we want now.
Ball pit in the living room?
Do it.
Stripper pole in your own room?
Do it.
Whatever you want,
we're doing it.
[all cheering]
-We're gonna make
some serious cash.
-I get
the upstairs bedroom first.
[happy chattering]
-Go, go, go!
-Let's do it.
-All right.
-Rent here?
-I don't pay rent.
[lively chattering]
-You okay?
-You know, this has got
like a two out of ten chance
of working, right?
-Yeah, well, I honestly thought
it was like one out of ten,
so I'll take the chances.
Come on, bro.
It's gonna be fine.
Get in.
-I'm in. I'm in.
-You're in the closet,
by the way.
-Yeah, yeah. Hell no, bro!
I got the master.
Couldn't have done it
without you, J.
-I know.
-By the way, the master's
actually mine, so...
-No, absolutely not. No!
-["King of the Town"
performed by Dillan Ponders]
B-BVB in this motherfucker
Lot of people
Only hold you down
Just to keep you down
On the ground
Lotta [indistinct]
Callin' out
[indistinct chatter]
-[Janelle laughing]
-And I got
Some money to make
I don't know
How to look back
Make it do fast
I don't know how to explain
-Guys, the collection completely
sold out in three minutes.
-Beyond the stars
'Cause snakes
Are out of my lung
Feel for the ground
King of the town
I'm burning it down
I was a fly on the wall
But now I'm
Whipping the bill
That's over the ground
[song continues]
King of the town
Think it's time
To burn it down
[song continues]
-[siren wailing]
-Woop, woop, bitches.
Hey, yo. What's good?
Happy birthday to me, everyone.
Never gotten to weed before.
Bon appetit. Mm.
-King of the town
Think it's time
To burn it down
-Here we go...
Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
-It's Eddie Roberts here,
editor with Amp House.
Today I'm going to
show you guys
some of my favorite
tips and tricks.
A simple effect
can go a long way.
See what I mean?
-Yeah, I been a hardbody
OG with narcotics
Ounce in the jar
Bodied that
-Mario, you know
I'm on the first flight
out to LA to
go to the Amp-aversary.
I can't miss this
for nothing, baby.
I'll let you, boy.
[timer beeping]
-["I Am The High"
performed by Lady Lather]
I am design
I am the child
I am a foe
I am a friend
I am the beast
I am the high
[song continues]
-[Hunter moans]
-Amp House [indistinct].
-Oh, yeah.
-I am the high
-I don't even remember...
No fans in the house, please.
-Sorry, sorry. Love you.
-I am the high
I am the one
-We did it.
-We're live in 30.
-Marty! Couldn't
[indistinct] sooner?
-Where's Mario?
-I need someone like--
-Are we ready?
[unsettling music playing]
[door hinges squeak]
[light switch clicks]
-Crazy what people
like to watch, huh?
-I am so sorry.
I shouldn't have come in here.
-Do you have any more?
I thought you had enough.
-Let's find out.
["No One Can Tell Me What to Do"
performed by Punch ft. S.O.S.]
-Are we ready yet?
-Drop it. Yes.
-Yeah, we are.
-Guys, we're ready here.
-No one can fucking
Tell me what to do
[excited chatter]
-Three, two...
-One year anniversary
of Amp House.
[all cheering]
-Marty, come here.
Come here.
-No one can fucking
Tell me what to do
What to do
No one can fucking
Tell me what to do
Touch down
What now
What now
[slow music playing]
-All right, Amp Fam.
Thank you again
for an amazing Amp-aversary.
We had such an amazing time here
but it is about to get
a little too wild for camera,
so I'm gonna head back there.
But as per usual, updating
you on everything by liking,
-[water splashes]
[tense music playing]
[man] Guys, guys!
-Wait, I don't know.
Turn it off!
-[camera beeps]
[emotional music playing]
-A lot of my followers
are probably wondering why I
haven't posted in a while and...
I've taken some time
to deal with this loss.
-Gonna miss you, bro.
Your videos were so dope.
-RIP, Mario. It's like it was
just yesterday
I was editing
your first prank video.
Best times of my life.
Gonna miss you, man.
-Mario, man.
He was the Luigi to my Mario.
Like if I was Mario,
[clears throat]
he would have been my Luigi.
But he's... he's Mario...
I'm the Luigi.
-I miss you, man.
And, um, you know,
I know this isn't how
we planned on it happening but,
um, you passing the torch
something I don't take lightly.
So, I'm going to do my best
for you and for, uh...
for the Amp House.
-That was my best friend,
you know?
We started this house
basically together
and it's so hard watching
everyone in the house
just miss him.
Like, I miss him.
We miss him so much,
and it just isn't going to
be the same without him.
["Yours" performed by Maye]
[keyboard clacking]
[mouse clicks]
-Hey, guys, Amanda G here.
Guess what day it is?
It's Monday, which means
Mindful Mondays.
[mouse clicks]
Today I want to be super honest
and talk to you all
about something
I've been struggling with
for a very long time.
Thanks for joining me
on the hike...
beautiful cherry...
my grandma took me in
to live with her...
Grandma's making her famous
I still get very depressed,
and I get very anxious.
Wish you guys
were all here with me.
-Can I take control?
-Bad days and good days.
And, uh, you're able to talk to
a counselor, um, and you're...
Today, we'll be surprising
my grandma
with a little joyride.
Go ahead. Take it off.
[mouse clicks]
You recognize the car?
-Let's go
To another coast
Take me somewhere
We can be alone
-It isn't...
-It is.
I found who
Abue sold it to years ago,
and now it's yours!
-Amanda! [screams]
[video freezes, beeps]
[disturbing music playing]
[camera beeps]
-Hold on. You can see
the chain, right?
All right.
-[Marty] Ready?
-[Marty] Three, two...
-That passion.
Things that...
-[camera beeps]
-That pa...
-[camera beeps]
-The one-year ann--
-[camera beeps]
-Here we go. Everyone's quiet.
[camera beeps]
-That passion.
Qualities that Mario lived by.
On the anniversary
of Mario's passing,
we're honoring him
by opening the doors
to Amp House,
to the next major influencer.
Someone who exudes
those same qualities.
And that person, Amanda,
is you.
-Cut. Cut. Man, I thought
I told you to...
I didn't see them.
well, see them next time.
-Hey, uh, Hunter, buddy.
Um, I don't remember you
making prank videos.
Is this new?
-[sarcastic laugh]
What's going on?
-This asshole is trying to
pick the new member without us.
-Who is it?
-Amanda G.
-[Jaden scoffs]
-[Niko] No way.
Wow, you gotta be joking.
-Amanda G.
-Janelle needs to hear this.
-Hey, buddy.
You just can't make these
huge decisions without us.
-Oh, I can't?
-She looks sweet.
What's wrong with her?
-But you know,
she's like, always depressed.
And that's-- it's sad.
-Man, she's just like...
-Have you even seen
any of her videos?
Because she's blown up
in the past three months.
-People eat
that vulnerable shit up.
[blows raspberry]
-Are you guys not concerned
about the insane amount of
followers we're losing
everything with Mario?
-I'm not losing followers.
I went up 100K last month.
[Niko] Yeah... [laughs]
we should collab.
-[imitates explosion]
-Use Daddy's money
to buy those?
-No, I bought them with
your mom's money actually.
[Tiffany chuckles]
-I mean, mine are real,
but whatever.
-Ey. [laughs]
Well, no one gives a shit about
your individual engagement
if we're a month out
from the group sinking.
-And you think
bringing in Amanda G
is going to change that?
-We need to rebrand.
We need somebody
with a clean image.
-Won't be clean here long.
-Has she got her own brands?
Because I am not
sharing my Nocco.
-The Targ?
Ooo-la-la. She got money.
-All right, all in favor?
-[Niko] What?
-[Jaden] Come on.
Follow the money,
not a shitty influencer.
Let's go get that 'fetti
with Amanda G.
Amanda G.
Well, on that note,
it's settled.
-Everybody, get out.
We're filmin'.
They don't
want to see your faces.
[door closes]
-Just give me a second.
[exhales sharply]
[Marty] Three... two.
[camera beeps]
-So, the Amp House
just messaged me.
Not a big deal.
I mean... We're cool.
I have no idea
what this could be about.
Okay. My hands are
literally shaking.
Are you ready
to see this with me?
-That passion. Earnestness.
Qualities that Mario lived by.
-[shrieking] Oh, my God!
[shrieking continues]
[humming happily]
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Lita, I just got recruited
to live in the Amp House.
-What house?
-The Amp House!
It's where they all live
together on top of the hills,
and they create
incredible content,
and now they invited me
to be a part of it.
-Oh shit!
-Nana, watch your language.
[laughing, shrieking]
-Oh, baby! Oh, yeah!
[breathes deeply]
-What's wrong?
-Uh, nothing.
-I'm okay. I'm okay.
-You would be a fool to
pass up on this opportunity,
and if this is what your heart
is telling you to do, do it.
And you know that I'm always
going to be here for you
just as long as
you keep bringing Grandma
those fancy cars.
-God is good.
-I am so proud of you.
I'm so happy for my baby.
[funky music playing]
-Hello, it's your girl Ash again
with "Real Conspiracies
of the Social Kind."
This week,
the murder, yes,
I said murder,
of Amp House leader
Mario Stillwell.
No one,
and I mean no one,
believes this was an accident.
-Really, man.
With this shit again?
-Where do you think
I get my inspiration from?
[car door opens]
-Hey, look how cute.
She has a selfie stick.
[Tiffany] Wow.
-Who ordered the old-ass limo?
-Thank you.
[car door closes]
-Well, we had to make a good
first impression, you know?
-Look at this place!
[Jaden] A good first impression?
What is this, a Sweet Sixteen?
[luggage thuds]
[birds chirping]
-[doorbell rings]
-Check this out.
[alarm goes off]
-No, no, no, no!
Stop, stop, stop!
-[Hunter] Really, guys?
-[Jaden] What?
It's a nice little welcome gift.
-Welcome to Amp House,
Amanda G.
-Front door, unlock.
-Oh, don't be a dick, man.
-[Janelle] Tiffany, shut up.
-[door closes]
-So, my new roomies!
[Niko] That was good.
-[Jaden] Thank you.
-[Amanda] Hi. Sorry.
I think I broke the house
or something. I'm sorry.
-Oh, no, please. It's--
it's got a mind of its own.
-[Amanda] Okay.
-Welcome to the Amp House.
-[Tiffany] Hi.
-[Eddie] Hello.
[Amanda] Hi.
How's it going?
-[Eddie] Good.
-Oh, I'm so sorry.
My manager's calling.
Let's talk soon. Yeah?
-[Niko] Oh, yeah.
Actually, me and J are
gonna go film some content.
-[Jaden] Yeah.
-[Niko] But,
uh, I actually
want to talk to you later
about what type of pizza
you want to eat.
-Okay. What?
[door opens]
-[Janelle] He thinks
he can judge someone by
what they put on their pizza.
[Niko] He doesn't think it.
[Jaden] I know it.
It's a real thing.
-Janelle, I am such a huge fan.
I think you're so creative
and I love all
your fashion hacks.
And, Russell, I love--
all your videos are
just totally blow my mind.
-And, Lonnie, your voice,
Niko's skating videos.
-Marty, I mean, I--
I can't believe I'm here.
I'm so excited.
-Oh, pleasure.
Uh, I'd love to stay and chat,
but I have some business
to attend to.
I'll see ya.
[Hunter] Sure you do.
I'm sorry. Uh...
-It's okay.
-Hey, uh, let me give you
a tour of the house.
-Yeah. Cool. Thank you.
-All right?
Uh, oh. I got this.
-Oh, thank you.
-Oh, she's dead meat.
-Um... So I have to ask you.
Why me?
-Well, it wasn't just you.
We had thousands of submissions,
but you just happened
to tick every box.
All this
might seem overwhelming,
but if you have any questions
or anything like that,
just hit me or Janelle up.
We're kind of like
the seniors of the house.
-Okay, cool. 'Cause
I might just be
overdosing on this house.
It's crazy.
-Oh, my God. I am so sorry.
I don't know
why I said that.
-[Hunter] Oh, no, no, no.
It's all good. It happens.
Uh, do you guys
film all the time, or...?
-Yep. It's our new rule.
-Oh, no, rules.
What are those?
-Don't worry,
it's not that bad.
Um... see, rule number one.
Always be cognizant
of brand placement.
-Rule number two,
create content every day.
Three, if you break anything,
you buy it.
Whether it's
the five-dollar lamp
or the 100K Ferrari,
it's on you.
-Okay, those seem
pretty standard.
[short chuckle]
-[Hunter] Yeah, nothing crazy.
We have all our different
individual AdSense accounts.
But if you do choose to collab,
you got to pay Amp Collective.
-All right.
-And five...
[Jaden] What do you mean
you lost it?
What are you talking about?
-Uh, just-- sorry.
-[Jaden] Eddie.
Give me one second.
-[Amanda] Yeah, yeah. It's okay.
-Where are you going?
-Yo. What's going on?
-Go find it!
-Whoa, hey! Manners.
[Jaden] Eddie!
I'm talking to you, man.
-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What's going on?
-He lost the footage
from Milan Fashion Week.
Well, just calm down.
-Yeah. Well, I don't know
what to post tonight, Hunter.
-Well, you still have to post.
So just--
-Yeah, I know I still
have to post, Hunter!
You talk to him about it.
-Okay, settle down.
Go take a walk. All right?
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
-[Jaden] Hi, Amanda.
I'm so sorry.
-[Jaden] Welcome.
-[door slams]
-[awkward chuckle]
-I'm sorry you had to see that.
-No, don't worry. Don't worry.
-It's not normally like that,
but, uh, um,
let's just keep it moving.
What was I saying?
-Uh, rule number five.
-[Amanda] Yeah.
-Rule number five.
Uh, the cameras,
they don't stop recording.
-Like ever.
O-kay. I figured.
And where are
the cameras exactly?
-They're in all
the living areas
except the bathroom and bedroom.
That's not this kind of house.
-Gotcha. Okay.
Well, mine doesn't stop
recording either so...
-That's good.
Um, anyways, let's--
-Whoo-hoo! [laughs]
Oh, my God. [laughs]
-Show you
the rest of the house.
-Yeah. Let me grab my stuff.
This is the south wing.
Just recommend
avoiding this area
so that you don't
end up like Hunter.
-[Amanda] Noted.
-[Janelle] Yeah.
Niko and Jaden have the west.
Lovebirds are in the east,
which means that we are
in the north.
-Does that mean we're the good
witches of the north then?
Hey, Janelle?
Don't tell anyone, but...
you're my favorite.
Um, your pieces are so original
and you're so creative.
I'm just such a fan
of your work. Truly.
-Wow. Uh, thank you.
that's very sweet, Amanda.
[Amanda] I mean it.
-And I'm--
I'm really sorry about earlier.
You know, the boys can be
a little overboard
with the whole
smart house thing.
-Ah. No.
-[Amanda] It's fine.
-Sometimes it's nice
just to feel like locked down
and the windows are basically
president grade, so...
-Yeah. [chuckles]
Well, I feel pretty safe
already. [chuckles]
You wanna see your room?
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-And here we are.
This is your room.
-Um... not to be
a super creep or anything,
but, uh...
wasn't this Mario's room?
[Janelle] Yeah, it was.
We just kind of kept it
as a memento to him but,
let's say everyone's ready
to move on.
[phone buzzes, beeps]
[Janelle laughs]
-Oh, my God,
my phone's blowing up.
-Yeah, looks like Hunter
posted you on the page.
It's official.
[phone buzzes, beeps]
-Hey, my suggestion,
though, would be,
put that on airplane mode,
get some rest.
-It's gonna be a long night.
-Thank you... so much.
[door closes]
-Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Best. Day.
Oh, my God. [shrieks]
[insidious music playing]
-All right,
you filthy animals, gear up.
All fresh.
-All right, guys.
We're rolling.
[Tiffany clears throat]
-Go ahead.
-What's up, everybody?
Amp House here.
Today, we are eating Sal's,
the best pizza in town.
[all cheering]
[tapping pizza box]
-Whoo! Sal's pizza!
-Is it gluten-free, though?
-Amanda! Y'all know
what time it is.
Amanda, Amanda.
What pizza are you choosing?
-[indistinct whisper]
-I usually go
for the avocado and pineapple.
-Oh, my God, guys, guys.
Listen, we have a Valley girl.
[Jaden] Proper Valley girl.
A Valley girl.
-[Eddie] Oh, yeah.
-Not the Valley.
-SFV, born and raised.
-All right, all right, Niko.
Hit me up
with her air sign.
-No way. Yeah.
-Let's go!
Come on, brother.
[chatter and laughter]
Give me that one.
-This one?
-Do you want pepperoni?
Are you cool with that?
-Uh, yeah.
-Hey, I wanted to
ask you guys if you had
any advice for me, for the new,
for the new girl.
[short chuckle]
I just said tips.
I don't know,
anything you can...
that can help me.
-[Janelle sighs]
[Amanda] Nothing?
-This shit ain't no
different than stripping.
-[Hunter] What the fuck?
-No, I'm-- I'm fully serious.
Y'all up here laughing.
-I'm listening now.
-[Lonnie] Yeah.
Listen, listen, listen.
-Let him talk.
Let him talk.
-Look. Everyone loves you.
The money comes quick and fast
but you gotta have
an exit plan,
or you'll end up
being old as shit,
showing your ass
for a couple of bucks.
-[Jaden] Oooh.
-[Amanda] Okay.
-[Lonnie] Yeah, I know.
-So, what's your
exit plan then?
-Well, my album drops in May.
-You said that last May.
-He's got an OnlyFans page.
what about everybody else?
-These gentlemen right here,
upstanding citizens,
are going to be the real
househusbands of Instagram.
[Marty] Hey, guys, did you see
the Mario post today?
Maybe we should say something.
-Yeah. That'd be smart.
-Yeah, can you
repost something for us, please?
I'm eating.
-[Marty] Anything for you.
-[Jaden] I love you.
-[Hunter] Thanks, bro.
-[Niko] Oh, shit. No filming.
-[Lonnie] That makes it easier.
-[Jaden] What?
-Wait, where's Russell?
-Probably watching porn.
-[Jaden] Oh, yeah.
Right on your bed.
-That's what
he's normally doing.
-[Amanda] No.
-It's fine.
-There he is.
-[Tiffany] Really cute.
[Niko] Hey, Russie.
You doin', motherfucker.
-Oh, oh, oh.
-And just when I thought
you guys couldn't get
any more mature.
Good job. Well done.
[Janelle laughs]
[Russell blows smoke]
[unsettling music playing]
-[Russell coughing]
-Not funny, Russell.
-Okay, that is
crossing the line.
-Wait, is he okay?
-What the fuck's he doing?
[water splashes]
[Amanda] Wait, is he okay?
Oh, my God!
Should we go--?
-[speaks in Spanish]
-[speaking in Spanish]
-[speaks in Spanish]
-He's fine. He's fine.
He just does fucking pranks
all the time.
He pretended to jump
off the roof earlier.
-On Mario's day, though?
He's an idiot.
[Hunter] When he gets out of the
pool, I'm gonna kick his ass.
[knocking on glass door]
I hope you drown, man.
[knocking on glass door]
[Mario] Jaden? Look, man.
If I see
one more frickin' video
of you and your stupid car,
I'm gonna drive myself
off a frickin' cliff, bro.
-Are you dropping us?
-Step up your game.
Think of something new.
[Jaden] Hey, yo, yo.
Don't touch me.
-[Marty sighs]
[Mario] Niko!
Your content from last week
is absolute fucking crap.
You think this is
fucking funny?
Make money,
not fucking do tricks.
actually gonna watch.
-[breathes deeply]
[keyboard clacks]
[CCTV beeping]
[overlapping chatter]
-Look at that.
-Why do I already know
he's upset by this filter?
-Hey, I'm gonna go
check on him.
-No, no. You'll be
wasting your time.
He can drown for all I care.
-[Amanda] What?
-Edit that out.
[door opens]
-[Amanda] Russell?
-Will you please stop?
-[Amanda] Russell?
-Can you just...?
-You look great.
[Amanda] Guys! Guys!
Guys! Call 911.
Oh my God. He's not moving!
Call 911.
Go check on her ass.
-He's gettin' better
at his pranks.
[Amanda] Oh, my God.
I can't reach him.
[Hunter] What the--?
[Amanda] I don't think
he's breathing.
-[Lonnie] Hey.
-[Amanda] Oh, my God.
-Zoom in on this
for the brand deal.
-Move your hair.
-Is it okay?
[Jaden] Who's going to
clean this up?
[Niko] We should make
Russell clean this up.
[Jaden] Marty.
-No, Marty
already made a post.
[Jaden] Come on, bro.
[Hunter] Get him. Get him.
Watch out. Watch out.
[Amanda] Oh, my God.
[dramatic music]
[phone buzzes]
[Jaden] Oh, yeah.
-Oh, my God, you guys.
Did you get this DM?
Check your phone.
Check your phone.
[Jaden] I get a lot of DMs.
-I know, Jaden.
[Tiffany] Is this for real?
[Amanda] Can someone
please explain to me
what the hell is going on?
[phone buzzes, beeping]
-"Hello Amp Fam.
It's your biggest fan!
I've been following you guys
for a long time,
and I got to say...
you guys are
an interesting bunch."
-Russell's brains
are getting good.
This shit is crazy.
-Shut up.
cheating, lying,
all for likes."
"So tonight, darkness
will be brought to light.
"The rules: No blocking me,
no calling the cops,
"and never stop recording.
Got it?"
"Penalty for breaking the rules:
-What are you doing?
-Call Mom.
-[lights blow out]
-[all scream]
-[Jaden] Whoa, my God!
-[Tiffany] Oh, my God!
[panicked shouts]
[panicked shouting continues]
[Niko] The house,
switched to lock mode.
-So, Mario,
you think my video is a...
lame fake, huh? [laughs]
Hey, what's up? Hey.
[Niko] Look at this.
Are you hearing this?
-Hey, play something better.
-[Mario] Oh, yeah.
-[Russell] I don't know.
-This is my song.
This is my song.
[happy chattering on TV]
-Russell drugged Mario?
-Let's go!
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
[camera beeps]
-[laughs] So Mario,
you think my...
[phones buzz, beeping]
-[gasps] Oh, God!
-[Tiffany] Check your phone.
-[Janelle] Eddie's dead?
-[Tiffany] God! Oh, my God.
-[Lonnie] The hell with this!
[Tiffany] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[tense music plays]
[door knob rattles]
[Lonnie] Jaden,
unlock this goddamn door.
[Jaden] The system's
not responding.
[Lonnie] What?
-[Hunter] You just had to
install this stupid
Gen-Z smartphone bullshit.
Open the door now.
-[Jaden] Unlock front door.
-[Tiffany] Jaden?
-Tiffany, shut up.
Just calm down.
[Lonnie] Yo,
check the doors upstairs.
-Don't panic.
[Tiffany] Oh.
[Janelle] Oh, shit.
-Yo, is there anything
up there?
-No, nothing.
-Okay, guys.
Listen, we just need to
all calm down. Please.
-The windows are locked, too.
[Amanda] Guys.
-What?! What?!
What's going on?
[Niko] Jaden!
-[Janelle] Oh, my God.
-[Tiffany] What is it?
Russell's body is gone.
[Niko] Jaden!
[Niko] Here!
[Hunter] Niko!
[Janelle] What? What?!
What is it?
[Hunter] What happened?
-There's a message.
-Okay, okay.
"You've each had a hand
in Mario's death.
"You each have secrets
you're hiding from others.
"So today, on the anniversary
of Mario's passing,
we're gonna be honest
with each other."
[Hunter] Turn that shit off.
-I-- I don't think I should.
[siren going off]
[overlapping chatter]
-What's happening?
[Niko] My camera's not working.
[Janelle] Nothing's working.
-This is it for Russell.
I want him out by tonight.
-What are you talking about?
We saw him in the pool.
-What, and then he
magically disappeared?
This is definitely him.
[phones buzz, beep]
-All right. Hey.
No, no one-- no one play
by his game, all right?
-What if it's not him?
[scoreboard beeps]
-[Tiffany] Come on. Now!
-[Amanda] Wait. No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
[speaks in Spanish]
-I don't have any...
-[Niko] Hey.
-It's okay.
I'll catch up to you.
-I'll be fine.
-[speaks in Spanish]
-I'll find something else, okay?
-[speaks in Spanish]
-Okay, go.
-[Marty] Not a chance.
[Jaden] Marty,
get out of here.
-[timer beeping]
-[Amanda panting]
[camera shutter clicks]
[counter beeping]
[door opens]
[door thuds]
[closet door sliding]
[tense music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[groans, choking]
-Here goes nothing.
[camera shutter clicks]
[counter beeping]
[ring thuds]
[camera shutter clicks]
[counter beeping]
Oh, sh...
[Hunter] What the hell?
[Lonnie] This definitely
wasn't Russell.
[Janelle] Jaden! Ja--
Oh, God!
[Lonnie] Stay out there.
Don't come in. Don't come in.
Don't come in.
-[Tiffany] Check his pulse.
-[Janelle] What do you mean?
[Hunter] Don't touch him.
Don't touch him.
Don't touch him.
Just stay outside. Don't!
-Oh, my God.
It's everyone's shit.
-That's Mario's ring!
-[Tiffany] How do you even know?
-Because I bought it.
-Those are my chains.
-Who gives a shit?
-Niko, don't. Don't.
-Come on.
-No, no, no. Hey, J!
Hey, J! Here you go.
Come on.
Someone call 911!
-Our phones aren't working.
[Lonnie] leave him.
Just leave him.
-We can't just leave him.
What are you talking about?
This doesn't make any sense.
He won!
[Amanda crying]
-[phones buzz, beep]
-[Tiffany] What?
[CCTV beeping]
-[Lonnie] Shit.
-[Tiffany] Oh, God. Oh, my God.
[Niko] All right,
everyone get out now.
-[Lonnie] Wait, what?
-[Niko] Out!
-Come on. Let's go.
-[Niko] Get off me.
-[Hunter] Come on!
[Amanda] Do you still think
it's Russell?
We're getting picked off
one by one.
Someone's here.
-I have an idea.
Come on, come on.
I have an idea.
[Hunter] Yo,
where are you going?
[Lonnie] I don't know why
I didn't think of it sooner.
See? O-our phones, the--
they can't contact the world
because of some blocker
or something, right?
-[Tiffany] Oh, my gosh.
The security system.
Yes, Lonnie, that's genius.
-And there we go.
-[alarm goes off]
-[all groaning]
[Tiffany] Oh, God.
[alarm blaring]
[Operator] Hello, welcome to
AAF Security. We are here for
all your home security needs.
Operator, call 911.
[Operator] Our systems
have kept people safe
all around the world since 1987.
-Just call 911!
[Operator] Thank you.
Log in on your account.
The account belonging to
Amp Collective LLC
has been deactivated.
-[all groan]
-To reinstate your account,
please call
our toll-free number
during normal business hours.
If you are in immediate
need of assistance,
please dial 911.
-The posts...
the videos, and now
the security's canceled?
-Yeah, kind of feels
like an inside job.
-Wait, you mean,
as in one of us?
We've all been here
together the whole time.
Eddie's dead.
-[Marty] Huh?
-You have access
to all the footage.
[Marty] Are you crazy?
I've been here
the whole time too.
-Yeah, well, well, well.
How is this guy
getting all this shit?
All right? I sure as hell
didn't give him.
-All right, bro. Losing it.
[Amanda] Hey, what's wrong now?
[Janelle] Thermostat's broken.
It's really hot in here.
-Yeah, it's been getting hot.
All right. I'll be back.
[fridge door opens]
[distant chatter]
[Lonnie] Well,
at least I was trying.
-All right.
Well, my ears are ringing now.
-Are you even trying
to fix the thermostat,
because it's like 80 degrees--
-What were you doing?!
What were you doing?!
-[Niko] Shut up!
-Grab some water.
-Thank you.
-Hey, Marty. Here.
-What do you think they want?
-To humiliate us?
-Dying is a lot more
than humiliating.
-Oh, well.
It seems like whoever's doing
this just wants the truth.
So, if you guys
want to come out and say
whatever you need to say,
you know,
that'll be really helpful.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
-No, no, no. G-guys,
don't watch that.
[laughter on TV]
[Janelle] Oh, my God.
[Mario] [on TV]
No, that's too much.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
No, no. Don't pick
a question for me.
You won.
-I'll give you a wager.
You outdrink me,
I'll give you my car.
[Mario laughs]
-Inspiration, right?
I hear that.
[Mario] Well, I quit.
Please stop.
-[indistinct] Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, Mario.
See, I knew you're a pussy.
You know what? I should be
running the Amp House.
Not you.
-[Mario breathing heavily]
-All right, Mario.
You have a good night.
-[coughing on TV]
-I'm sorry.
I thought we were just
having fun, you know?
You guys know
how Mario was, right?
-Oh, stop it!
Go to hell.
All of you, go to hell!
-No! Don't touch me! Okay?
Drugging Mario,
stealing all of his stuff,
and now this?
What's next? Huh?
Did you guys
all want him dead?!
-If I could take it back,
I would.
All right?
I'm sorry, guys.
Okay? I mean...
you guys are like
the only family I got.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
-[Niko] No, I'm serious.
I-- I love you all.
You know, this is what
the killer wants.
He wants us to argue
and bicker and to separate.
Are you okay?
[evil music playing]
[insidious music playing]
[phone drops]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeping]
[disturbing music playing]
-Guys? Guys?!
[disturbing music playing]
[disturbing music playing]
I'll come back.
I'll come back.
[door hinges squeak]
-[keys jingle]
-Yes. Yes.
[car alarm beeps]
I'll come back.
[car engine revs]
Yeah, sorry.
I'll come back for you guys.
[blood sputtering]
-[Amanda pants, groans]
-[Lonnie groans]
Hey. Are you okay?
Oh, thank God.
Hey. Janelle? Marty?
Are you guys okay?
-[Marty] What happened?
-Oh, my God.
[Hunter] Tiffany?
Come on. Come on.
Janelle, are you okay?
[Tiffany] Oh, my God.
What just happened?
-Ugh. There was something
in that water.
-[Tiffany] Oh, my God.
-[Lonnie] Damn it, Niko.
-[Tiffany groans]
-Where is Niko?
[TV beeps]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[car alarm beeps]
-Oh, shit.
-Babe, wait.
-I'm scared.
-Wait, wait, wait.
[Tiffany] Is that...?
-Go, go!
[Tiffany] God!
Oh, my God!
[Amanda] It's okay.
It's okay.
[Hunter gags]
[Tiffany crying]
[phones buzz, beep]
-Come on.
Let's go. Come on, Mario!
-Oh, my God, it's worse
the second time.
When this is gonna stop?
-Yo, whoever you are...
you're trying to make a point?
Okay, we're terrible people.
We get it. Is that it?
Is that all you want?
because that's it, man.
Get it? That's it.
That's what you want?
What's next?
What else do you want?
Show yourself!
I'm not afraid of you.
-I'm half crazy all
For the love of you
-Ah-ha-ha-ha, dude!
Turn it off, man.
Turn it off, Lonnie.
Turn that off! Turn it off!
-It's not working.
Oh, it's not working.
-I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look
Sweet upon the seat
Of a--
-Ugh! God.
What does this mean?
What does this mean? [cries]
-You know, maybe...
maybe the only way
out of this hell game is--
is if we lose it.
You know, think about it.
Everything that's happened
is because
something's been hidden.
And it all comes down to Mario.
-Well, what else
could there possibly be?
I have no secret grudges
against Mario.
-Me neither.
-Me neither.
-Yeah, me neither.
-Hunter, come on.
You think because I don't always
get along with him that...
that I'm the killer?
-I'm not saying
you're the killer,
but maybe,
I don't know, a target.
-You guys did fight
all the time.
[Hunter] Tiffany...
Tiffany, I know
you've dated him
or whatever, but,
I'd appreciate it
if you just
have my back sometimes. Okay?
Because I didn't...
I didn't...
I didn't...
He was my friend, all right?
And-- and-- and-- and I'm--
I'm not perfect,
so shoot me,
but I don't have
anything to hide.
-Look, Mario wasn't perfect
either, all right?
-Excuse me?
-I-- I'm just saying.
Look, what happened
to him was awful.
But he hid deals,
lied to our faces,
was a dick to you, Tiff.
And he overdosed on
who knows what?
I mean...
-Are we still sure
that he overdosed?
What do you mean?
-Do we really think
it was an accident? Still?
-Of course
it was an accident.
I... look, I don't--
I don't know.
It's... I don't know.
Friend or foe?
It's who you know.
Friend or foe?
It's who you know.
Friend or foe.
It's who you know.
-What are you mumbling about?
-Guys, I think...
I think they're confirming
that one of us is the killer.
Look, if that were true,
why would the killer
expose themself?
It doesn't make any sense,
because we've been in
the same room the whole time.
-I mean, have we?
-Yes, we have!
-There's no way any of us...
[phones buzz, beep]
Oh, my God. Here it is.
-Let's get this shit over with.
-Marty, here.
-Nice pics, Hunter.
-Shut up.
-[gasps in surprise]
[soft, suspenseful music
[Hunter] What?
-What is it?
-Grab her, Lonnie.
-What are you do--?
What are you do--?
-What are you doing, Hunter?
What are you doing?
-Got selfies,
just normal shit, you know?
You and your abuelita.
And then what? Videos?
All these videos
on your phone of Niko!
-[Hunter] Of Russell.
Of Jaden.
[Amanda] No. No, no, no.
It wasn't me.
-You didn't think
we'd notice?
-It wasn't me. Wait, wait.
-I convinced everyone
in this house
to let you here.
And you do this! Huh?!
[Tiffany] Can we...? Maybe
we just take a second.
-No, no, no.
Let her explain.
-You think we're stupid?
-I think--
think the killer
wants you to think
that it's me but it's not.
I promise.
Why don't you believe me?
[Tiffany screams]
[Amanda panting]
[kick thrown]
[Hunter screams]
-Hey, hey, hey.
Hunter, hold on.
Relax. Okay?
-I just want to talk.
-Me, too. Let's talk.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
-Hunter! Come on!
-Listen to me.
-[Lonnie] Open up!
-Okay? It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
-How long you've been
doing this? Huh?
-Listen to me.
Listen to me.
-How long? Huh?!
Please listen!
[Tiffany] Don't hurt her!
Don't do this!
-Get off me. [crying]
-Tell me! Huh?!
[killer] Hunter.
[grunts, crunch reverberates]
[eerie music plays]
-What did you do?!
-[Lonnie] Shit, Hunter.
-[Tiffany] Is she dead?!
-[Janelle] Amanda?!
-[Hunter] Out--out the window.
-The killer--
-[Tiffany] What did you do?!
[Janelle] There's nothing
we can do now.
We need to get away from Hunter.
[Hunter] No.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Hold on. I saw the killer
He was wearing Mario's mask.
-Shut up!
Hunter, after everything?
Shut up!
-It's not what it looks like.
You have to believe me.
-[Tiffany] What is it then?
-You have to believe me.
-It's over.
How are we gonna trust you?
-I can prove it, okay?
Just come with me.
-What? Where?
-Eddie's room.
-I'm trying to show
the cameras from outside.
[Tiffany] What is it?
-[Tiffany] That's Mario's mask.
-[Hunter] Uh-huh.
[Tiffany] How d--
how did they get it?
Didn't we get rid of it?
And who is this guy?
I-is it just like
an obsessed fan or something?
-I can't look at
this shit anymore.
[Hunter] Tiffany, will you
just calm down a second?
[Tiffany] No, no, no.
I'm not gonna
calm down, Hunter. No!
I mean, first Mario and then--
and then Russell
and then Jaden and then Niko,
and then Amanda?
Like no. I'm not gonna
fucking calm down.
-[Janelle] And Eddie.
-Clearly one of us is next!
[desperate footfalls]
-[phones buzz, beep]
-[scoffs] Oh, God!
I'm so sick of getting
these messages.
Oh, God!
-Let's play Truth or False.
Five questions.
Everyone takes turns.
Three right answers,
the doors unlock.
No strings attached,
however, three wrong answers
[alarm goes off]
[Hunter] All right, yeah,
we get the point.
Let's just do it.
-Any answer outside truth
or false or
not asking the question
will result in a, we all know.
[alarm goes off]
[Lonnie] So we can
get out of here? Yeah.
All right. All right.
All right.
Let's go. All right.
-Answer the questions,
we're done.
-[Tiffany] Yes.
-[Lonnie] Yes, come on.
-[Janelle] Go.
-Fuck, mine!
-[Hunter] All right. All right.
Just true or false?
Um, all of-- all of Lonnie's
subscribers are real.
Well, I mean, that's false.
-[siren goes off]
-I'm not you, asshole.
-Come on.
-[Hunter] Who's up?
-True or false:
Janelle makes
all of her own clothes.
-[siren goes off]
-[Tiffany] What?
[Lonnie] Oh, my gosh.
[Tiffany] Oh, my God.
[Richard] [on TV]
Hi, Janelle. Uh, first,
I love you and your work.
I mean, you're truly inspiring.
What is this now?
-But I had a question
about one of your designs
It looks kind of like one
I designed a couple years ago.
I heard great minds think alike.
So, I mean, maybe we're just
like on the same level.
So yeah, get back to me, okay?
I'm Richard again.
Just wanted to see
if you got my previous DMs.
This is the third design of mine
I've seen on your site, Janelle.
Answer me or else!
Last chance, or I start
exposing to people.
[TV freezes]
[Hunter] I mean, at this point,
we might as well just
turn ourselves in. Like...
-True or false:
The day Mario died,
Hunter threatened
to leave the house.
[siren beeps]
-You think you're
somebody now, huh?
Well, guess what, bro?!
You had nothing
before me, man. Nothing.
I gave you everything you got.
And now you're
gonna do this to me?!
Come on, bro. Come on, bro.
You got nothing!
-Hey! Hey!
[overlapping chatter]
-...kill you!
[TV freezes]
-Babe, babe.
That's not the full story.
-Were you going to tell me?
-What'd you want me to do?
I was tired and I wanted out.
Okay, the plan was for me--
-To take his girlfriend
after he died?
[Janelle] Lonnie.
-They weren't officially
together, Lonnie.
[Lonnie] [scoffs]
You keep telling yourself that.
-Hey, guys,
I can speak for myself.
-I swear to God, bro,
if you get into my shit
one more time...
Look, I ain't afraid of yo'
Conor McGregor-looking ass.
All right?
-Okay, okay, okay.
Enough! Enough!
We do not have time
for all of this.
We can't get another
wrong answer.
-[phone buzzes, beeps]
And there we have another one.
True or false:
Lonnie's in love with
another Amp House member...
[siren beeps]
[phone buzzes, beeps]
-True or false:
Hunter and Tiffany
are faithful to each other.
All right. True.
-We're good.
I know I've never cheated.
-No, no, no, no!
Stop! Turn this off!
This is an invasion of privacy.
-No, no. Hunter, look,
I can explain, okay?
This is not
what it looks like.
It's-- it's not
what it looks like.
[Janelle] Hunter?
[Tiffany] I sw-- I swear.
[Janelle] Hunter,
don't do this. Please.
Come on.
You son of a bitch!
-No, Hunter.
[overlapping angry chatter]
-What are you doing?
Gonna help? Come on!
[overlapping grunting]
-[Hunter] Fuck!
-[Marty] Stop!
-[Marty] Stop!
-[Janelle] Hunter, stop it!
[insidious music plays]
-Knock it off!
-Go to hell.
-Guys? Guys?
Where's Tiffany?
-True love's kiss,
the only way to keep Cinderella
from turning into a pumpkin.
Time is running out.
What does that mean?
-We have to find her.
-Come on.
-Hunter? Hunter, look.
I know people,
people make mistakes.
We can't even deal
with that right now.
We need to go.
-Go find her.
-Come on. I know
you love her.
We cannot leave her like this.
We need you.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
[door opens]
[Lonnie] Guys?
Guys, I found her.
She's in the bathroom. Hurry up!
Tiffany! Hey!
Tiffany, what is going on?
True kiss.
[dramatic music playing]
-What was that?
[coughs] Fuck. Mm.
[coughing, spluttering]
[stabs knife]
[blood splattering]
-[stabs knife]
-[blood splattering]
[dramatic music playing]
[Janelle] Where is he?
[Hunter] Tiff? Tiffany!
[door slams open]
[Janelle] Oh, my God. [sobbing]
[cries] Tiffany! [sobs]
We can't stay here...
Let's go!
Come on.
-Guys, guys. I think I know
who the killer is.
Th-- the body. The body.
We never saw the body
despite some crazy
and I could be wrong.
But what if the killer
really is--
[Marty grunts]
[stabs knife]
What are you waiting...?
-No, no, no, no.
Hunter, come on.
Let's try the back door
or something. Please.
-It doesn't even matter
because we're
the only ones left!
[phone buzzes, beeps]
-This is the final lap.
No more games.
What will you do
for your freedom?
Only one will remain.
-[message pops]
-What does yours say?
[phone buzzes, beeps]
What does yours say?
-To expose your deepest,
darkest secret.
[suspenseful music playing]
No, come on.
-[plate shatters]
-Stay away from me.
-What are you doing?
-Stay away from me,
or I will post this.
-Are you crazy?
Why are you whispering?
Let's figure this out first.
-Why, so you can post it first?
-No, I'm just trying
to make a plan.
-No, I don't wanna
talk to you, Hunter!
I don't wanna
make a plan with you.
I don't trust you.
-I'm not the enemy.
What, do you wanna
ruin each other's images?
Just so he can kill us?
You think that's a better plan?
Let's think first.
-You're right.
You're right.
God, he's manipulated us
at every single turn.
You and Amanda, I...
what do we do?
-Let's just make sure
he's the one who loses.
[power shutdown]
-This way.
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathing heavily]
-Marty was right.
We never saw his body.
-You guys do know I have
security cameras
everywhere, right?
Suit yourselves.
"All be a family,"
y'all said.
"We'll all get rich
and famous," Mario said.
Yet, here I am,
stuck in black.
Even Marty Mister Stockholm
syndrome himself,
I think, is better.
But since none of y'all posted,
guess we're gonna
have to do this old school
and take a vote.
Hey, hey. Stay here.
[suspenseful music playing]
[overlapping grunting]
-Hey, Eddie,
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
-Don't [indistinct].
Drop it!
-[Janelle coughs]
-Hey, hey. Look, look, look.
It's working, huh?
That's what you wanted, right?
The truth is out there.
Just let her go, man.
You happy?
Just... let her go.
Just let her go, man.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
-[gasps in relief] Thank you.
Thank you.
Hah! [gasps]
[body thuds]
-You're telling me.
-Hey, Hunter.
[laughs] You know, honestly,
I think some congratulations
are in order
just because I didn't think
you could honestly
last this long.
-What are you doing?
You'll get what you deserve.
Don't you worry.
Do you guys know
that you guys would be
like completely homeless
if it weren't for me?
Especially you, Hunter,
with what you consider content.
Back in your podunk town,
I wish I could see it now.
You'll get what you deserve
because you all
took advantage of me,
the same way Mario did,
the same way you did with Eddie.
-So I borrowed
some of my inspiration.
So what?
I am the one who came up with
every goddamn original idea
that's ever come out
of this house,
including the one that made it.
And, of course, Mario
just had to swoop in
and take all the credit
and the profit.
My God.
You know, a little arsenic
can go a long way but I just,
I-I couldn't have any of these
assumptions running around.
If you think of my mentions.
But it's fine.
It's fine.
I got to come up
with this elaborate plan,
and all I had to do
was find someone
who hated all of you
as much as I hated Mario.
And after everything
I did for that jerk,
he wanted to kick me out.
You know, I bought him
this costume.
We were supposed to be a team!
[Eddie] Is it time?
I signaled the cops
a couple minutes ago.
Be sure to drop off
the gloves and jacket too.
[Eddie] Yes.
-Hey, you're cutting from when
Hunter attacks me to
getting revenge on Lonnie,
and then kills Amanda.
-Out-- out the window.
-[Janelle] Right?
-Okay, this is taking too long.
What do you want to do?
-I don't know.
-Bye, Hunter.
[continuous stabbing,
blood splattering]
[screaming with rage]
-I just got to delete
a couple clips.
You know, anything that shows
Hunter with the killer.
-Yeah. Yeah, that's smart.
We also need to sell this, so...
-[wet squelch]
-Wait! [groans]
-Camera's set.
[knife clanks]
-Now that's an exit plan.
-[siren wailing]
-[fake crying]
[Eddie] Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Janelle, are you okay?
-Police. Open up.
Open up!
-[muffled chatter]
I'm sorry.
[sobbing] Hunter.
-What-- what happened?
-Sir, turn that camera off!
[unsettling music playing]
-["Make You Famous"
performed by Jayden Grey]
All white horse
But you'll still try to
Knock me down
Golden doors
But you'll still
Want to sneak around
It's yours
It's always been yours
But who am I to say
It's always been yours
We fall apart
Every time they tell you
They don't understand
We fall apart
Every time you speak
Please someone gets your man
[Someone gets your man]
I don't wanna fake it
Wipe that smile
Of your face it's
Fake and you're outdated
I just wanna make you famous
I own your body
Own your mind
Own your soul
Do your hair how I want
Because that is how I roll
Sign this and sign that
See I'm the man in charge
Wish that we'd bow
At your feet
But tell me
Who made you a god
So tell me why
Why'd you go and tell us
That the band would never blow
Why'd you trust a label just
To tell you what you know
Why'd you turn your back on
All the people that you know
We'll never know
Never know
Never know
All white horse
But you'll still try to
Knock me down
Golden doors
But you'll still
Want to sneak around
It's yours
It's always been yours
But who am I to say
It's always been yours
We fall apart
Every time they tell you
They don't understand
We fall apart
Every time you speak
Please someone
Gets your man
I don't wanna fake it
Wipe that smile
Off your face it's
Fake and you're outdated
I just wanna
Make you famous
[I just wanna make you]
I don't wanna fake it
Wipe that smile
Off your face its
Fake and you're outdated
I just wanna make you
We fall apart
Every time they tell you
They don't understand
We fall apart
Every time you speak
Please someone gets your man
I don't wanna fake it
Wipe that smile
Off your face it's
Fake and you're outdated
I just wanna make you
[ending music theme]
[music fades out]