Amparo (2021) Movie Script

Medelln, Colombia, 1990's
Who do you live with?
With my mom and my sister.
And your dad?
You don't have a dad?
He doesn't live with us.
I'm going to read a series of questions
and you're going to reply with:
always, frequently, sometimes or never.
Have you ever wanted to kill?
Answer with always, frequently,
sometimes or never.
Do you feel strange
presences around you?
Do you hear voices even
though there's no one around?
- No.
- Never?
- Never.
- Are you interested in guns?
Are you possessed
by demoniac forces?
Do you feel your life is a failure?
Do you feel lonely?
Do you get upset
when people insult you?
- No.
- Never?
Do you cry easily?
Have you ever thought
about leaving home?
Do you love your mother?
I'm buying a new car.
I saw one today.
It's expensive
but I think I can make it.
How much?
Let's go on a trip.
Next week, after I get it.
God willing.
Where to?
I don't know. To the sea.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I can't look after
your girl anymore.
- Elas didn't pick her up?
- No.
She's been fighting with Andrs
and he's smaller.
They goof around
and end up fighting.
- Did she hit him?
- Yes, she twisted his arm.
She almost broke it.
I can't control her.
I'm so sorry.
Are you going crazy?
- He hit me first.
- Apologize to him.
- Why? He hit me first.
- What did he do to you?
He hit me with a stick
when I grabbed his football.
- Karen, don't lie.
- Don't call her a liar.
- Your boy hit her too.
- He is younger than her.
- She was defending herself.
- This is his house.
And that means he can
do whatever he wants?
- I'm looking after your girl.
- She's not going to sit back.
She's very mean.
You should watch your little brat.
- Don't call her that.
- Your kids do whatever they want.
- This isn't their home.
- Stupid!
- How did you call me?
- Karen!
- I don't have anything.
- Stand still.
- Where did he hit you?
- Here.
There's nothing there.
- Where's your brother?
- I don't know.
- He didn't pick you up?
- No.
Don't you have any homework?
Where is Elas?
I don't know,
I haven't seen him.
Have you seen Elas?
I haven't seen him.
I saw him with Anderson.
- Where?
- Near the bus terminal.
A young man, at that age.
What the fuck is he doing hanging
out in the streets all day?
He doesn't study.
He doesn't work.
And how about that?
He forgot about Karen!
That boy will end up
in big fucking trouble.
I'd rather keep quiet
because you don't like it
when I tell you things.
Because you always end up
comparing me to Carlos.
Amparo, your brother's son
is about to start university.
He's such a good boy.
I have a little bit of ground meat,
you can cook them some meatballs.
You must accept your responsibility.
You failed with his education.
And if you continue like that,
Karen will end up the same.
Mom! That's enough, I'm very tired.
See? I can't tell you anything.
Because you get upset.
I'll just keep quiet.
I have some eggs left,
you can take them if you want.
Karen! Come say goodbye.
But take them separately so you don't
break them, since you're so clumsy.
Take this and carry the eggs separately.
Don't put them in the bag.
Are you happy?
Of course.
Can I sleep with you?
You're too old.
Elas sleeps with you.
Because he's always afraid.
You're not afraid, are you?
- Hi, is Anderson home?
- No.
- Wasn't he with Elas?
- Anderson was caught by the army.
The army?
Yes, they put him in a truck
and took him.
- What did he do?
- I don't know.
My mom left for the battalion
to look for him.
- They took Elas too?
- I don't know.
- Which battalion?
- The one near the stadium.
But they were together?
I can ask my mom about
Elas when she calls.
What do you mean that's
not your problem? Let me in!
I can't let anyone through.
Get back in line.
I'm not getting back in line!
Ma'am, come through.
Is your son in there?
Did you see Elias?
He was with Anderson.
I don't know.
A boy from the neighborhood
told me they were together.
I didn't see him.
Where is Anderson?
In there, they're taking him.
- Did you go inside?
- Yes.
You need to get in
and they'll tell you.
Look! Ask that soldier.
He'll help you. You have to insist.
Talk to him.
Name of the boy.
Elas Andrs Garca Bedoya.
Garca Bedoya.
Elas Andrs Garca Bedoya.
Your son was detained today because
he wasn't carrying a military ID.
He was brought here where his military
situation was found to be unresolved.
All examinations were conducted
and he was deemed fit.
What does that mean?
He's fit to serve.
He's been assigned to Caquet.
- Caquet? Where is that?
- South of the country.
Why there?
Because he is a regular soldier.
Your son has no education,
he didn't finish high school.
When are you taking him?
That contingent is expected
to leave by dawn.
No, he can't.
He's not in good condition.
Your son is fit.
He can't.
He works and helps at home.
He must take his little
sister to school.
The boy is leaving.
No, bring me my boy.
Ma'am, that's not up to you.
I'm his mother.
Is your son over 18?
He's just a kid.
He won't take it.
Find a lawyer
or go to the Ombudsman's Office.
Why are you taking him like this?
Who raised him, you or me?
Ma'am, leave, please.
I won't leave until you bring me my boy.
Do you think you can do
whatever you want?
He is my son.
He is a citizen of this country.
- Fuck this country!
- Ramrez! Get this woman out.
I won't leave until
you bring me my son.
Let go of me.
Don't touch me.
Let go of me!
Ramrez! Leave.
Is he an only child?
Does he have a disability?
He's very small.
Are you a victim of the conflict?
What do you mean?
Do you have any certificate that proves
you are victim of the conflict?
No. He works
and takes care of his sister.
That's not enough, ma'am.
Under the law,
your son is fit and must go.
There's a cafeteria
outside the battalion.
A man is there.
His name is Adolfo.
Talk to him.
There's nothing else
I can do for you.
Don't let your son go.
We'll talk later.
- Your son was caught during a raid?
- Yes.
And he was deemed fit?
- Where was he assigned to?
- Caquet.
- He didn't go to school?
- He hasn't finished.
I'll be honest with you.
All those kids captured during raids.
Punks who don't do anything.
They are deemed
to be "regular soldiers".
They're put in the front line.
And Caquet is a very dangerous zone.
Can you help me?
The problem is there's no time.
He will be leaving in a few hours.
I can try to help
change the results.
But that won't be cheap.
How much?
Three million.
That's how things work here.
I must pay some people
to change the exams
and make the boy unfit.
Could you let me see him?
That's impossible.
How can you help me
if you can't even let me see him?
Elas Andrs Garca.
Why are you always in trouble?
I didn't do anything bad.
I was hanging out
and a truck arrived
and they forced me inside.
That's what you get
for doing nothing.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I don't want to go there.
Help me.
How am I going to help you?
Mom! Do you want me to go?
Do what you can. I'm very afraid.
I love you so much.
I'm scared.
I don't want to go, Mom.
Please, I don't want to leave!
I'm scared.
- Get him out. I'll pay you.
- Do you have the money?
I'll give it to you tomorrow.
The boy is leaving soon.
Tomorrow is too late.
I'll bring the money tomorrow.
How can I be sure
you'll be back with the money?
I'll bring it.
You bring it and I give you the boy.
Get my boy out!
No, no! What's this?
Show some respect.
Get out of my car.
You don't have the money
and you yell at me?
Fuck off! Get out of my car!
Come when you have the money!
Get out!
- Sir, excuse me.
- Get out!
Do I have to kick you out?
Get out!
Fucking bitch!
I told you before.
But you don't listen.
I told you that boy
would end up in trouble.
- Talk to Carlos.
- No.
I'm not talking to him.
-Why not?
- Again?
I'll pay him.
Do you think he'll help Elas?
A boy who doesn't do anything.
- Explain the situation...
- That you need money to pay a stranger
to get your boy out, right?
That's illegal.
- What if someone steals the money?
- And if something happens to Elas?
Nothing will happen to him.
He's big now.
If he prays to God
nothing will happen.
You'll pray and I'll pray for him.
Tell him.
You tell him.
You're his mother,
he won't help if you don't tell him.
Didn't you notice?
He just fixed my ceiling
and the humidity on this wall.
I'm ashamed to tell him.
Because I can't give you anything.
I'm not asking you to.
I know but every time Carlos comes
you treat him as if you didn't have
any other children.
You're so ungrateful.
He helps us.
He calls me asking how I'm doing
and what I need.
And I don't?
Do me a fucking favor,
don't blame him for your mistakes,
for not knowing
how to educate your son.
What mistakes?
What do you mean what mistakes?
You're shameless.
What mistakes?
You've divorced twice.
You have two children
from different fathers.
You don't have a single penny.
You're alone.
That's the example
you give your children?
They're fine, I know very well
how to raise my children.
So what are you doing here?
You'll have to open your legs
to that stranger
so he gets your boy out.
Because there's no money here.
Was he there?
- He is leaving?
- Yes.
- Where?
- Caquet.
- Caquet?
- Do you know Andrea?
- Who's Andrea?
- She lives down there.
Her husband knows a man,
a fixer.
He's going to hold Anderson
and Vicky's son until tomorrow.
- How much?
- 1 million, we have to pay tomorrow.
What are you going to do?
Hi, honey, is your mom home?
- She's Amparo. You know her?
- No.
He's not home.
He's working and will be back tomorrow.
If you want, you can go
to the station and talk to him.
Or come back tomorrow
when he's home.
- Where is it?
- Alamos station.
- Can he see her?
- Yes.
You may have to wait
if he's busy.
- I can call and tell him you're coming.
- Can you come with me?
I can't, my husband is home.
Go, he will help you.
Ask for Sergeant Vicente Garca.
I'm meeting the man tomorrow
at the battalion.
Talk to him
and we can go together tomorrow.
Someone's looking for you.
Have a seat.
Stop gossiping.
- Go work!
- He was sleeping in the toilet.
Such an idiot.
Did you hear?
Where do you know my wife from?
From the neighborhood.
I've never seen you around.
I live a block away.
What's your son's name?
I don't know him.
He's friends with Anderson,
Nora's son.
How old is he?
He just turned 18.
Why don't you want him
to go to the army?
He won't hold up there.
Where was he assigned to?
- Where to, my Sergeant?
- To Caquet.
Oh, ma'am.
You know this is illegal.
I can arrest you for this.
Arrest her, my Sergeant.
Arrest her!
- Roberto!
- Garca!
- Here's another friend of my wife.
- Tell me, quickly.
Her son is leaving for Caquet tonight.
Full name of the boy?
Elas Andrs Garca Bedoya.
Tell me slowly: Garca...
Elas Andrs Garca Bedoya.
ID number?
Give me a moment, I'll talk
to the person in charge of that area.
If he withholds him for a day,
I could modify the exam.
But I don't think
it will be cheap.
How much?
What's your take?
No, it's ok. I don't have a take.
It's two million pesos.
- But you charged Nora one million.
- Who's Nora?
The other kid's mother, Anderson.
Each situation is different.
That other kid was assigned
to a less dangerous zone.
Taking the kids out from Caquet
is difficult.
And even more so on such a short notice.
It must be done in a subtle way.
Could you make it cheaper?
No, ma'am. That's the price.
It's your call.
Do you have the money?
She'll bring you the money.
Give me 10 minutes,
I'll confirm if he can be held.
- Thanks a lot, Roberto.
- My pleasure.
Give me 10 minutes.
He'll be held until tomorrow.
Go with the money.
The sooner, the better.
Ask for Roberto at the battalion,
he's always there.
If you have any issues,
call him.
My pleasure.
What about his father?
He doesn't have a father.
You're not married?
Don't worry,
this is quite common.
Everyone does it.
Roberto is very reliable.
He's worked for the army his whole life.
Don't worry.
Thanks a lot.
My pleasure.
How are you?
Is Nora home?
- It's very late.
- It's just to tell her something.
How did it go?
- Can we meet there at 4pm?
- Too late.
I must return before my husband arrives.
He doesn't know?
At 2pm?
Ok. See you there.
We have to go.
- It's too early.
- I can't take you later.
- I can go by myself.
- No.
- Where is Elas?
- He'll come later.
Wait for me after school.
I'll come get you.
I'm sorry, but what time do you open?
In one hour.
Could you look after her until then?
Wait for me here,
don't go anywhere. OK?
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I need your help.
Come with me.
You'll pay to get him out?
And you want me to lend you the money?
I don't know.
He's too old, too spoiled.
Let them take him.
He's not my son.
He's frightened.
I don't have money.
What about the money for the car?
I can't touch that money.
She won't find out.
I'll pay you next week.
Love, come!
Don't feel bad.
It's not a big deal.
Will you help me
or not?
Let me see what I can do.
Let's meet later.
No, I can't later.
In two hours?
At the bar.
At 10am?
Good morning, don Alberto.
Hi, Amparo.
I must solve some issues with my son.
Can I go?
- When?
- Now.
- Didn't you just start?
- I found out yesterday.
Can't you do it another day?
No. I'll work overtime.
That must be approved by Don Hermes.
Go, keep on working.
l'll talk to him later.
I'll talk to him.
Take these sheets to Humberto
and I'll call you.
For you a stronger red is better,
because of your skin tone.
How much are these?
There's a special offer.
Three for 10,000 pesos.
Avon lipstick is more expensive
but it's really nice.
Amparito, a light red
would look great on you.
Check out this magazine.
- I have no money.
- There's a special offer.
See this one,
it would look great on you.
These are from Avon's new collection.
This is very trendy right now.
Looks very nice.
Which one do you like?
- All of them.
- I've got them here.
I don't have money.
In fact, I need a loan.
If you want, you can pay me next month.
I don't know.
It's discounted.
A unique offer.
These are Avon's new collection. Very
popular with young girls these days.
- Don't you have a lighter one?
- This one looks better on you.
- How much?
- 3 for 10. You can pay me next month.
- What do you have for men?
- Everything.
- For my children.
- How old are they?
The girl's 8 and the boy's 18.
Everything; deodorants, perfumes...
- On credit?
- But you pay me.
See these perfumes, original
and affordable. My son loves this one.
What do your children like?
Why don't you buy him this one?
I also have perfumes for girls.
- I don't know.
- I'll give you a special price.
Wait here!
Have a seat.
What do you have to do?
Run some errands for my son.
What kind of errands?
From the army.
Why do you have that look?
What's going on?
I must go.
Are you sick?
No, just tired.
Do you have a fever?
What's aching you?
I'm fine.
Are you stressed?
No, sir.
Your husband can't
run the errands?
I don't have a husband.
When you can't come to work,
call beforehand
so we can avoid these problems.
Ok, sir.
- Go.
- Thank you.
Are you leaving?
You Ok?
You got any money I can borrow?
No, Amparo.
I don't.
Piedad left the lipsticks
and the perfumes for you.
How much longer will you wait for him?
- Wait for who?
- Vctor.
- Who said I'm waiting for him?
- I know you're waiting for him.
You love him?
We're just friends.
Tell me, what do you feel for him?
Do you know he's married?
You're such a beautiful woman.
You should look for someone
who loves you.
Someone who can give you
what you need.
Have you looked at yourself?
You're so cute.
So beautiful.
What are you doing here?
Are you Ok?
What's wrong?
Why haven't you come
by the laundromat?
I've been busy,
here and at home.
- How's everyone there?
- Fine.
- Is Piedad still working there?
- Yes.
It's been a while since I stopped by.
I have to go say hello.
- How's everything here?
- Fine.
It's different from the laundromat
but I like it.
And how are the kids?
Karen and Elas?
Elas was caught.
What happened?
What did he do?
Nothing. The army took him.
A man is helping me.
He's a fixer.
You got any money I can borrow?
How much do you need?
Two million.
Amparo, that's a lot of money.
I'd have to talk to Vctor.
We have some money
to buy a new car.
- How's he doing?
- Fine.
Working hard.
He's doing very well at work.
Wait a second.
Call me in a while.
I'll talk to him,
see what we can do.
But let's meet
these days and catch up.
200,000 for everything.
That's worth more.
- This is not gold.
- Yes, it's gold.
No, go ask in a jewelry shop.
You won't get more than 100,000.
- Give me 300,000.
- No, 200,000 for everything.
- 250.
- I can't go above 200.
How much for these?
They're originals.
40,000 for both.
- Leave me alone.
- Why did you do that?
What did you tell Juliet?
Did you tell her?
- You son of a bitch.
- Are you playing the victim?
I've always been clear with you.
Didn't force you into anything.
- I need the money.
- What money?
Give me the money
or I'll tell Juliet.
Are you out of your mind?
Cut that shit out
or we won't see each other again.
- Do you care if she finds out?
- You'll tell her nothing.
Are you doing all this
for that stupid son of yours?
- Don't call him that.
- It's true.
Let's just leave things as they are.
You won't tell her anything.
A school trip. We need to pay 4,000
and my mom doesn't have the money.
To the beach.
- Next week
- On Friday.
No, I mean Friday.
- How much does it cost?
- Ask him how much he can give you.
How much can you give me?
- 100 thousand.
- Tell him you need more.
Yeah, everyone's coming.
I need more money.
- How much is more?
- How much can he give you?
- He wants to talk to you.
- No.
Can you give her some more?
I need to pay for her food
and she needs a new swimsuit.
How much can you give her?
Could it be today? It must be today
to have things ready in advance.
Tomorrow's difficult.
No, I can't.
We can come over.
Rodrigo, do me this one favor.
Ok, thanks.
If your dad asks when's the trip,
you say Friday.
And you don't have a swimsuit,
you lost it at the pool.
- When's the trip?
- Friday.
How many days?
- Karen!
- Four.
And what happened to your swimsuit?
Pay attention!
What happened to the swimsuit?
I lost it.
- You lost it at the pool. Ok?
- Ok.
Don't tell anything else to your dad.
You're smart.
I don't want to walk anymore.
Hi, love.
And your mom?
What are you doing here?
- You have to come in.
- We're running late.
- My mom knows you were coming.
At least come say hello.
Hi, Amparo.
- How are you?
- Fine, you?
- Hello, my darling. How are you?
- Fine.
Did you say hi to your sisters?
Let me take this so you can
play with them.
Amparo, have a seat.
Girls, play with your sister.
Show her what you're doing.
- Amparo, lunch will be ready soon.
- Thanks but I don't think we have time.
Teresa is cooking beans.
My darling! You're so big
and cute!
- Hello.
- How are you, Doa Teresa?
- Very well, thank God. How about you?
- Fine.
- You haven't been here in a while.
- I've been working.
How nice. Are you happy?
Amparo, something to drink?
Coffee, juice?
No, thanks.
You look very pretty.
How are you all doing over here?
Very well, we're doing fine.
Thank God.
Look how big the girls are.
Marianita's starting school this year.
Luz is in third grade already.
Nice girls, well-behaved.
Rodrigo signed them up
for painting lessons. They love to draw.
- What about you, how are you doing?
- We're fine.
- How's Karen doing at school?
- Fine.
- And your boy?
- He's fine.
- Studying?
- Working.
- Working already? Where's he working?
- At a store.
- How nice. Is he happy there?
- Yes.
Oh, no... thanks.
We're about to leave.
Amparo, eat. They're very good.
- You're still living in Itag?
- Yes.
- Alone with the kids?
- Yes, just the three of us.
How nice.
- And how are they doing?
- Very well, they're very level-headed.
They have this house,
which they're already paying off.
Mara is building another floor above
to make it more roomy.
You want to see it?
No, thanks. I can see it from here.
It's very nice.
They want to build
each of the girls a room
because as they grow
they look for more independence.
It's going to be very nice.
My, that's so beautiful.
Look, Amparo.
Go show your mother,
it's beautiful.
Tere! How long before
the roast is ready?
- But don't get up.
- Thanks, love. I'll be right there.
- Go ask your dad for the money.
- We're leaving?
- Yes.
- Can I stay?
- No.
- I want to stay a little longer.
- No.
- Why not?
Because this is not your house
and it's getting late.
Go now.
You want to leave her here?
I can't pick her up later.
- I can take her back later.
- No, thanks.
I don't have much.
I can give you 300,000.
Is that good?
When's the school trip?
Friday until Monday.
- And is it safe?
- Yes.
Be nice, listen to your teachers.
Don't go into the sea by yourself.
- Is there a number I can call her at?
- I'll ask and let you know.
It's a lie!
- Karen!
- What's a lie?
- I'm so sorry!
- What do you mean?
What's wrong with you, little brat?
What did I tell you?
Not to say anything to your father!
Didn't I tell you?
How many times did we go over it?
Karen, come!
You little brat, come here.
Where are you going?
Come here!
Listen to me
when I am talking to you!
- Let go of me!
- Don't hit me, respect me.
What's wrong with you?
Don't treat her like that!
Why are you treating her like that?
It's better if I keep her.
You can't handle her.
You are mistreating her.
You're not taking my girl from me.
Why are you lying to me?
They're drafting Elas into the Army.
I'm paying for him to be exempted.
Is that what the money's for?
Elas is not my son.
He never liked me.
- You didn't like him either.
- I tried.
That's not important anymore.
You have your family, I have mine.
Take it.
Take it.
It's better if Karen stays
while you run your errands.
You can come later
or I'll bring her.
Do you want to stay?
Say good bye to your mom
and come eat some cake.
You want some?
Bye, Amparo.
Is Elas leaving?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Go inside.
Ma'am, what are you looking for?
Do you need a military ID?
It's for your son, right?
I'm sorry, I'm late.
What's wrong?
Anderson is leaving.
Are you going to let him go?
I have to go.
Don Roberto?
How are you? It's Amparo.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I'm here, outside the battalion.
Wait a moment, please.
Tell me.
53rd street.
Number 43.
Is it an office?
Or what is it?
Is it nearby?
Ok, I'm on my way.
Don Roberto?
It's Amparo.
- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.
- How are you?
- Hello.
- I'm sorry for the delay.
- Don't worry. Come in.
I'm really sorry, ma'am,
With the money you have,
I only see two options.
Let him go.
Or try to send him
to a different region.
But he would still be fit for service.
Because to change the results,
you would need all the money.
And you don't have it.
Where would he be sent to?
I don't know.
I'd have to see.
I don't even know if I can do it.
But we could try.
Try to have him sent
to a less dangerous region.
To a place...
not so far.
But I can't guarantee anything yet.
Sir, please,
help me.
Get him out.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
this is not charity.
I must talk to women
like you all the time.
Can you imagine if I helped you all?
war is for the poor.
How else could I pay you?
How old are you?
Are you married?
No, sir.
How else could you pay me?
I must assist another lady.
It's enlistment season.
Come back later...
and we can talk.
Just one thing...
Come before 8pm.
Because, after that, I don't know
if I can keep him any longer.
- Don Roberto?
- Eugenia?
Yes, it's me. Nice to meet you.
Come in.
What happened to you?
Forgive me.
What for?
For everything.
Do you want anything?
Juice or coffee?
No, thanks.
How old is your boy?
He looks like Elas
when he was a child.
He was so small.
That's why
he's always been so fragile.
At first his dad was with us.
But soon after
he left us.
I had to move in with my mom.
She's always made it difficult for me.
She says my life is a failure.
And she's right.
Then I met Karen's dad.
Everything seemed so right.
But he didn't like Elas.
The boy used to climb in my bed.
Because he was afraid.
And Rodrigo would send
him back to his bed.
I heard him crying.
But I didn't do anything.
He doesn't study,
he doesn't have a job.
But he's looking.
He is a good boy.
If something happens to him
I would die.
My children are the only thing
I have in life.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's not my problem.
It's done.
- What's done?
- Your son is not leaving.
- What do I have to do?
- Wait for him.
You can go to the battalion.
Ask for Sergeant Jimnez.
He'll get him out.
Or you can wait here with me,
if you want.
We could do something.
I already paid you.
Oh, sure.
It's just in case you wanted to.
Sergeant Jimenez.
He is my son.
I need to talk to Sergeant Jimenez.
- What for?
- Where is he?
He can't see you right now.
You made a mistake.
You're taking my son and I paid.
You stole from me.
- Woman, don't worry, calm down.
- Bring me my boy.
- Which one is your son?
- Elas Andrs Garca.
Ma'am, that's illegal.
We don't do that kind of things here.
Go back home and wait for him there.
Your son knows how
to get there by himself, right?
Or did you want
to carry him home?
What happened?
She wanted to come back.
She's crying for her brother.
The following boys,
faggots, cowards, mummy's boys.
Step off the truck.
Obando, Camilo.
Gutirrez, Augusto.
Builes, Joseph.
Garca, Elas.
Londoo, William.