Amrit (1986) Movie Script

'Happiness and sorrows
are results of your deeds.'
'Your shadows will
always follow you.'
Today, I want to give you the
most valuable gift of your life.
I've found grandpa and grandma.
Rahul, is it true?!
Have you found out where they are?
Where are they?
- At Pune.
Can we meet them?
- Why not?
Will grandma recognise
me after so many years?
Come on, my child, have your milk.
Or else how will you grow up?
Why do you still feed me
milk even though I've grown up?
I'll give you milk until
I send you off as a bride.
I don't want to be a
bride and leave you.
My dear child,
do you love me very much?
Yes. More than papa and mummy.
Then please drink the milk.
Drink it.
Virendra? Son, have your tea.
I'm sorry, darling.
- Virendra, it's not just about today.
Everyday, I have to drink
stale tea made by your mother.
Can't she work a bit harder?
Mom, what is this?
How often have I told you
Rekha doesn't like stale tea?
Can't you serve us
hot tea everyday?
Pick up the broken cup,
or will I have to do it?
Sister Rekha, how many
times did I tell you?
I can't drink milk
without the cream?
But I had put the
cream in the milk.
Then have I eaten the cream?
Where does the cream disappear?
- Ask her?
Brother-in-law, good morning.
Sister, good morning.
Brother-in-law, would you
care for a hot glass of milk?
'As I chew the betel leaf,
my mind feels satisfied.'
'My family..'
Mom, take more milk today.
'As I chew the betel leaf,
my mind feels satisfied.'
'My family members
are going out of town.'
Aunt, give me your blessings.
Ramcharan, how are you?
- By your blessings, I'm very fine.
Son, I want more milk.
Can I get it?
Why not? I can do anything for you.
You have done a lot of
favours to my family.
It's such a coincidence.
Sharafat Ali, the lawyer,
should get this extra milk.
His wife has stopped
taking the milk from today.
What else can she do?
The lawyer doesn't get
any clients these days.
So.. What's the matter?
Today, you look very sad.
It's nothing. It's just my face.
Aunt, you're..
- Mom?
Are you gossiping with the milkman?
This woman has a lot of patience.
'As I chew the betel leaf,
my mind feels satisfied.'
'My family members
are going out of town.'
Grandma, let's go. I'm ready.
Let's go, my child.
Come on.
Bye, mummy.
- Bye, my child.
Listen! Bring extra fruits
and vegetables from the market.
My friends are coming home
for dinner.
Grandma, look,
the old man and the boy are racing.
You win.
- And Grandpa, you lose.
Yes, son. I've become a quite old.
Otherwise I would beat
your dad in the race.
Bye, Grandpa!
Just bye will not do.
Have you forgotten?
- Sorry!
Which candy will you have today?
Buy me a mango candy today.
Lallu, give me a mango candy.
Grandpa, take this.
I'm indebted to you, my son.
But I'll repay your debt.
Grandpa, please come
in time to take me back.
Bye, Grandma.
- Bye, my child.
Lallu, you make good ice-cream.
I don't make it.
It's made in the factory.
Whatever. But it's good.
If it was up to me, I'd eat all the
ice-cream in the factory.
If it was up to me..
- I'm leaving.
I have to spend my time
until the school gets dismissed.
So, I'm off to Sharafat Ali's house.
The old man talks too much.
Why do I care about Sharafat Ali?
Who is this Sharafat Ali?
'My darling, why do you lie? '
My dear wife, where is my coat?
It is near the gas stove.
Why didn't you burn it instead?
I had tried that too.
But the fire too is
afraid of your black coat.
This coat belongs to Sharafat Ali.
Not some ordinary person.
I'm getting late.
Please, give me breakfast.
What breakfast should I give you?
We don't have any flour,
lentils, rice, butter or milk.
Now, the neighbours have
also stopped lending us.
This ancestral house
is also under mortgage.
Do one thing,
put me up for mortgage.
Then you can make
arrangements for your food.
I don't want any breakfast.
I'll have it at Chajjuram's inn.
All right?
But why are you going to
the court so early today?
Haseena, you don't know.. much I'm respected
in the courts of Mumbai.
Oh, great lawyer,
the whole city knows that.
Magistrate Badruddin has kept
my case first in court today.
- Yes.
A law suit!
- Yes.
Your case!
And that too in the court?
Sharafat Ali, may I come in?
Greetings, Brother Amrit.
You're already in.
Now, please take a seat.
Greetings, Brother.
- Greetings to you, Banu.
Sharafat, were you going somewhere?
- Yes, I was..
If you were going about
some work then don't wait.
I'll sit here comfortably
and gossip a lot with Banu.
Brother Amrit, since you've come,
to hell with the work.
The work can be done later.
- What?
Your case is first in
Badruddin's court, isn't it?
- Yes.
Have you got a case?
Congratulations! Go on quickly!
Forget the case.
I'll get another one.
But friends like
you are hard to find.
Haseena, make
arrangements for snacks anyhow.
I'm in the mood to defeat
Amrit in the game of chess.
Banu, I don't need any snacks.
Just bring me a cup of tea.
Tea? Brother, will you
take tea without milk?
Without milk?
My dear wife, it's an insult
to pour milk in tea.
Right, Amrit?
Brother Sharafat!
- Ramcharan, welcome.
Uncle, give me your blessings.
Have a long life.
Ramcharan, how are you?
With your blessings,
everything is fine.
Have you distributed your water?
Brother Sharafat, why
are you making fun of me?
I saw uncle coming here and
I thought he'll have some tea.
He's very fond of tea, isn't he?
And sister-in-law has
not taken milk today.
So, I thought I should
give the leftover milk to her.
Sister-in-law, take this.
- But..
I don't need any money.
Take it.
Thank you.
My dear wife,
make tea only of milk.
Without milk, it feels quite dry.
Doesn't it, Brother Amrit?
You play first.
- Here I go.
Here is my reply.
Where were you grandpa?
I've been waiting since long.
What can I tell you?
I was engaged in a game of
chess with Sharafat Ali. Let's go.
Why has Rahul not come yet?
Your dad must've
gone somewhere to chat.
He is the master of chatting.
Son, don't tell your dad
I had come late to pick you up.
All right, Grandpa.
My son has come. Good boy!
Rahul, why are you late?
Mummy, the school
was dismissed late.
Poonam, I'm hungry.
Please serve food quickly.
Let's have lunch.
Grandpa, why don't you
too have lunch with us?
You have it, son.
Your mom must've
kept my food in my room.
Son, have some vegetables.
- Will you have some chicken?
Delicious! It was wonderful.
You too have some!
- Daughter-in-law?
Dad, what is it?
I need a glass of water.
There is no water in the tap.
Anything else?
Sorry, darling.
Have this?
- Yes, sure.
Madan, my son?
Dad, what is it now?
I wanted to ask you since long.
I'm getting a job
at Rahul's school.
Can I do it?
What kind of a job will
you do at Rahul's school?
As a peon.
So, you want to work as a
peon in your grandson's school?
How will it affect Rahul?
Do you want to disgrace
me in this neighbourhood?
Everybody will disgrace
me for making you a peon.
No, my son. It's not like that.
I thought I'd get some
money for my expenses.
Aren't we providing you enough?
What do you lack over here?
You get everything.
If you want to work, then
there's lot of work in the house.
There's no need to work.
Savitri, I've become
lonely among family members.
Very lonely.
You, get down. I want to play.
- No, I won't!
Why will you not get down?
- Grandpa!
- Grandma!
- Let me go.
What are you doing?
- Let her go. - What are you doing?
Sunita! Come on.
- She's younger than you.
And she's a girl. Let her play.
Sunita, you've
played enough. Get down.
No. I'll not get down.
- Sunita!
Let the girl play.
My grandson is very understanding.
Aren't you, Rahul?
No, I want to swing!
What are you doing?
If you swing such a small
kid for so long, he'll faint.
He'll faint?
- Yes.
Let's go.
Come on.
Now, you can swing.
Swing as much as you want.
Don't quarrel again.
- Let's go.
Let them play.
I'm Amrit.
- And you are?
I'm Kamala.
Ms. Kamala,
do you live around here?
I live in Kamala
Nivas(house) on 10th road.
So, you're the house owner.
But looking at you,
nobody can say that.
You live in simplicity.
Yes, that's the sign
of being a rich person.
The more rich you are,
the more simple you look.
Just like you. Come on,
let's sit down.
Who all are there in your family?
I have a son, my daughter-in-law
and my granddaughter.
I also have a son,
a daughter-in-law and my grandson.
All right.
Do you live nearby?
- Yes, on the 14th road.
The number 23
bungalow belongs to my son.
Are you doing some kind of business?
Business? I used to do it.
I had a very big business.
Railway trains would
stop and start on my signals.
- I was the points-man.
Signal changer.
- Yes.
The railway signals were
in my hands.
Unless I would give the go signal,
the trains couldn't move.
What else can I say?
After retiring, my life
has changed drastically.
Your sorrow is real and
my sorrow is just a tale?
Your blood is real and
my blood is plain water?
Wonderful, Uncle Kamru! Amazing!
Which film's dialogue is this?
'Khoon-e-Naahak', meaning,
'The daughter of a Jew.'
When I had said that dialogue..
..the heroine of our film,
Hirabai, had fainted.
Really? - And our director,
Dhirubhai, fell off his chair.
The camera stopped working
and the film was discontinued.
Uncle, the vegetable
has already been weighed.
Forgive me.
But sometimes, my acting
makes me do pointless things.
Uncle, sometimes is not bad.
- Goodbye
Yes, I'll come tomorrow.
Ms. Kamala!
Greetings. - Do you also
buy vegetables from here?
Let me carry your bags.
- No, let them be.
Give them to me.
It's a man's job to carry the load.
Ms. Kamala?
- Yes.
Do you buy the whole
month's groceries in one day?
No. Guests are to come home today.
- Okay.
Give it to me.
Let's go.
To save Rs.21, you didn't eat..
..the veneration
offering of the holy man.
He had asked for only Rs.21,
not your life.
If you had eaten the
ashes in the offering..
..I would have had a child.
How can he give us a child?
I mean, how can he give us a child?
Go ask the priest on the hill.
His medicine is useless.
Oh, no! Don't you have any
respect for these devotees of God?
Devotees of God?
I have respect for the devotees
of God. Greetings, Brother Amrit!
Greetings to you, Brother Sharafat.
Greetings, Brother.
- Greetings! Banu, have a long life.
Banu, this is Ms. Kamala.
Her granddaughter
studies in Rahul's school.
- Greetings to you.
Please come to our house someday.
I'll come.
- Sister, please do come.
Brother Sharafat, tell me something.
Where had you been to
so early in the morning?
I had taken her to meet
the priest on the hill.
I'm now taking her to the
shrine of Badshah, the recluse.
These days, this has
become my profession.
Brother, make him understand.
He is always making
fun of my devotion.
You atheist, you should
also go and worship the Lord.
Some good may come of it.
Brother Amrit.
'I got a chance to commit a sin,
but it was short-lived.'
'Such is the kindness of the Lord.'
Thank you.
- Shall we go?
Let's go.
Brother, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Daughter-in-law, what is it?
Here. Roast these breads
in the oven.
'As I chew the betel leaf,
my mind feels satisfied.'
'My family members are.. '
Greetings, Brother Chajju.
- Greetings to you.
You baldy!
- Yes, boss.
Give this glass of yogurt to him.
Boss, is this
yogurt sweet or salty?
Are you going to
drink it? It's insipid.
Go give it!
- All right.
I'll leave now.
- Yes.
Including today's milk,
it makes 415 litres.
You keep the account.
Have I ever kept account of this?
All right, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Uncle, give me your blessings.
Ramcharan, how are you?
- I'm fine. I'm leaving.
Greetings, Uncle Amrit.
You have come after many days.
Many days? I'd come the
other day. Have you forgotten?
Uncle, can I say
something from my heart?
If I don't meet you for a day
it seems many days have passed.
Chajju, it's not you,
but your love speaking.
Uncle, how many have
you brought today?
How many should I reduce?
- Two?
Ghasita, make ten breads
from these eight dough balls.
And then roast them in the oven.
Uncle, go have some sweets.
- Yes.
Give some sweets to uncle.
Uncle, welcome. What do you
want to eat? Sesame sweet balls?
Girdhari, your sweet
balls are not good enough.
I could crush them
with my teeth very easily.
- Today..
Sugar candy.
- Sugar candy?
- Right away, Uncle.
Here you go.
Uncle has received bitterness
from his family members.
He is so desperate
for some sweetness.
What else can he do?
His son is such an idiot.
He doesn't give any
pocket money to him.
He has to steal to
have some sweets.
Balwant, do you call this stealing?
Even Lord Krishna
would steal butter.
Brother, you're right.
All right, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Greetings to you.
Lawyer, how come you're here?
I've come here to fulfil my
duty towards our friendship.
The municipality has sent one more
notice against your inn. - What?
The municipality is
thinking of demolishing your inn.
Lawyer, do something about this.
I've already worked out a strategy.
Chajjuram, I have figured it out.
As soon as I received the notice..
..I went to meet the
municipal commissioner, Mr. Khare.
As soon as Khare saw me,
he stood up.
And he said, "Why did you
take the trouble to come here?"
You should've called me.
I told him, Khare, it is unfair
to harass Chajjuram and his inn.
And Khare said he was helpless.
Chajjuram's inn is illegal
and it should be demolished.
Lawyer, I'll be doomed.
Please save me!
I told him, Khare, Chajjuram's
inn is like Sharafat's inn.
And there is still some
decency left in this world.
If you try to do anything
to Chajjuram and his inn..
..then I'll sue the municipality.
Khare got afraid and he took back
the notice to demolish your inn.
You have made me happy!
Thank you very much.
I'm safe just because of you.
You're safe and you'll flourish.
Shall I order some yogurt for you?
- I've already had it.
Do you want cigarettes?
- I just threw away one.
Then how else can I serve you, sir?
Yes, that reminds me.
Do me a favour.
- Order me, sir.
Come to my house with good,
tasty food for 15-20 people.
We'll celebrate Eid
(festival) together.
- Yes.
Has Eid come again?
Just last week, there were
Eid celebrations at your house.
Do you celebrate Eid every week?
Chajjuram, those were
not Eid celebrations.
That was your sister-in-law's
birthday celebrations.
Which I think of and
celebrate as Eid.
Right, Amrit?
- What? Absolutely.
Chajjuram, on Banu's birthday..
..we had to search for the
goat's meat in your rice plate.
This time serve us chicken rice.
After all, it's Eid. Right,
It is Eid!
Brother Amrit, let's go.
- Come on.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
They always succeed to
make a fool out of me.
They celebrate Eid.
And I have to do the fasting.
"Very few people may know this."
"Only I know who has injured me."
"Somebody was hurt by love."
"Somebody was hurt by hatred."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
"Somebody was hurt by love."
"Somebody was hurt by hatred."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
"In the sky and on the ground."
"Somewhere or the other."
"I faced a tough problem."
"And time was also an enemy."
"Friends, my fate
and my sufferings."
"Friends, my fate
and my sufferings.."
"Have hurt everybody and
removed the suspicion."
"Have hurt everybody and
removed the suspicion."
"Have hurt everybody and
removed the suspicion."
"The rich were hurt by wealth."
"The poor were hurt by poverty."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
"Friends, everything has
two different meanings."
"We have one tongue and two lips."
"When I was a bachelor,
I had a single problem."
"I got married and now
I have two problems."
"I married you and have
started to look older."
"I married you and have
started to look older."
"I get a heartache
everyday but not a lawsuit."
"My face started to look sad."
"The pockets got empty."
"God save us from the arguments."
"God save us from the lawyers."
"God save us from the lawyers."
"God save us from the arguments."
"Your legal practice has hurt me."
"You were hurt by the courts."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
"The sorrow has troubled me."
"The sorrow has troubled me."
"I have not broken the promise."
"I still haven't betrayed decency."
"I've not stopped being tender."
"I've not betrayed good behaviour."
"The world notwithstanding,
in every test."
"The world notwithstanding,
in every test."
"Nazakat Ali was
hurt by tenderness."
"Sadakat Ali was
hurt by good behaviour."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
"Forget the legal practice,
become a singer."
"Brother, you'll earn
a lot of money."
"You have sung
a wonderful Urdu poem."
"You have sung
a wonderful Urdu poem."
"I offer you Chajjuram's inn."
"I offer you Chajjuram's inn."
"Somebody was hurt by a prank."
"Somebody was hurt
by the questioning."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
"Somebody was hurt by love."
"Somebody was hurt by hatred."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency ."
"Sharafat Ali was
injured by decency."
"Sharafat Ali was.."
Virendra, are you only going to
offer us liquor or food as well?
I'm feeling very hungry.
Right away, my friend.
Mom, serve the food.
Rekha, don't you have a housemaid?
No, we can't afford a housemaid.
What are you saying?
Veena, my husband
gets Rs.5000 as salary.
We spend Rs.500 on his mom.
So, either we keep his
mother or a housemaid.
Friends, dinner is served.
Please come.
Come on, friends. Let's start.
Everybody join the table.
Please, have this.
You, too, please. Here.
Please, help yourself.
Khanna, why are you being formal?
- Have something.
I'm having it.
- Take this.
Have the bread!
Wonderful, Aunt! You have prepared
such wonderful dinner.
Have you prepared
anything for dessert?
But the dessert is served
after the meal, isn't it?
Are you teaching me table manners?
Have you ever been to a party?
You illiterate!
Mom, you should mind your
language in front of guests.
Tell her to go away.
Otherwise, I won't have dinner.
Eat it. You won't put on weight.
Brother, have you eaten?
- Yes.
Have some more please.
- Sure.
Want some more?
Thank you! It's delicious!
- Aren't you having anything?
I have already eaten.
- Have you had it?
Brother, you're not having anything!
You should definitely have
some dessert after the meal.
Sister-in-law, I have taken
this sweet for the third time.
Really? - And I have never
had such delicious food before.
Srikant, it was wonderful!
The proverb is true.
Only the lucky ones
get such wonderful wives.
You're really lucky!
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, Kamala has brought
a lot of happiness in my life.
You know I would live
in a small room before.
And I was working as an
ordinary clerk in your office.
After getting married to Kamala,
my business has flourished.
And I was able to
build this Kamala Nivas.
Uncle, have this.
- Yes.
You're really
the Goddess of Wealth.
You'll rule wherever you live.
13, 14, 15, 16, 17..
..18, 19 and 20.
Enough! That's enough!
No, Dad. Play some more.
Enough, son. Your dad is tired.
Do your homework. Good boy.
Okay, Dad.
Your list is growing. How many
people are you going to invite?
Not many. Around 45.
Forty five? My goodness!
Arora, Malhotra, Shivadasani..
Who are they?
I don't even know them.
I'm inviting them so that
you get to know them better.
Their wives are
friends from my kitty party.
I'm spending Rs.3000
on your birthday.
Okay, darling.
Spend Rs.3000 and make me bankrupt.
But be happy.
Grandpa, my dad gives me
nice presents on my birthday.
It's dad's birthday tomorrow.
What will you give him?
I'll give him the
world's most expensive gift.
Expensive gift? What is it?
It is my blessing.
congratulations on your birthday.
Lord Shiva will give
you a long life.
May you serve your parents
and make them proud in life!
Here is the veneration offering.
what've you prepared today?
Sweets, sweet bread
and rice pudding.
Wonderful, my darling!
- What are you doing?
Do one thing. Take Madan home.
I'll reach home before you do.
Savitri, what happened to you?
- Mother!
What happened to you?
Son.. Look after my Madan.
Don't go away from him.
I bind you with my oath.
Dad, hurry up!
I'm getting late for school.
- Yes, my son.
Burnt your hand, haven't you?
Amrit, why are you
wasting your life?
You can't live such a
tough life all alone.
Take my advice. Get married.
Madan will also get
his mother back.
Aunt, there can only be one mother.
Savitri has gone away and
so I have taken her place.
I have to fulfil the promise
given to her all my life.
Now, I have only one ambition
in life.
To give Madan good
education and make him a rich man.
Vegetable rice, roasted chicken..
..two vegetable dishes and salad.
What's there for snacks?
Thanks. For snacks,
we have cheese fries!
- And chicken.
- Madan!
What is it, Dad?
It's your birthday tomorrow.
And you know very well I present
veneration offerings.. Lord Shiva every year. So that
he blesses you with a long life.
And on the same day..
..I offer food to the Brahmins to
commemorate your mother's death.
Do it this year as well.
But I.. I don't have any money.
If you give me Rs.50..
- Dad!
Money does not grow on trees.
Don't worry about my
birthday and my long life.
And as far as
commemoration is concerned
I don't have any money
to spend on dead people.
'Money does not grow on trees.'
'Don't worry about my
birthday and my long life.'
'And as far as
commemoration is concerned..'
'I don't have any money
to spend on dead people.'
'I don't have any money
to spend on dead people.'
Lord Shiva will be
kind to your son.
He'll give your son a long life,
happiness and peace.
My blessings are with you!
Amritlal, Lord will bring
peace to your dead wife's soul.
Where is the bottle
of Johnnie Walker?!
Darling, did you also
drink the scotch last night?
Are you conferring upon me the
title of a drunkard on my birthday?
Then where is the bottle of scotch?
Did you keep it in here?
- Of course.
I had bought it
for some special guests.
But what could happen to it?
I hope your dad hasn't taken it.
Dad? No.
But I suspect him.
Daughter-in-law, you are right.
Dad, you?
Yes, my son. I have taken
the bottle of liquor.
Didn't I tell you? Your
father has stolen the bottle!
There is a limit to disloyalty.
Today, he has stolen
a bottle of whisky.
Tomorrow, he'll steal your wallet.
And then your watch.
Thieves have no respect in them.
I had to do this for
religion and respect.
My son,
congratulations on your birthday.
Look, I've brought you lord
Shiva's veneration offering.
You're giving me veneration
offering worth two penny..
..after stealing my
whisky worth Rs.200? - Madan?
What have you done?
You're refusing
Lord's nectar for poison!
You've refused lord
Shiva's offerings for whisky?
You're very unlucky!
Please pay your respect,
otherwise you'll be doomed.
You have done a wrong
thing by stealing in my house.
Theft? Yes.
I've stolen so that
you may have a long life.
I stole for you happiness.
I stole so that your
mother's soul may rest in peace.
If you consider this as theft..
..then I'll steal
again and again in my life.
You can steal or conduct a robbery.
But you can't do such
a thing in my house.
Your house?
You have become a rich man,
haven't you?
You're too arrogant
about your house!
All right,
I'll leave you right now.
I'll leave your
house and never return.
I'll never come back!
Hear it! I'll never come back!
He has insulted God!
Such arrogance!
Even the king of the
demon was not so arrogant.
Savitri, let's go.
We'll not live here anymore.
'Take care of Madan.'
'Don't ever separate from him.'
You're under my oath.'
Madan, my son.
I can't leave you.
No matter how much I try,
I can't stay away from you.
I'm helpless.
I'm helpless.
A school master asked
his students a question.
Students, if a train
is 100 yards long and.. has a speed of
30 miles per hour.
Then what will be my age?
The students were in deep thought.
But one student quickly said.
Teacher, you're 40 years old.
The teacher was surprised.
He said to the student..
"I had deliberately
asked a wrong question."
"But how did you know
I'm exactly 40 years old?"
So, the student said
to the teacher..
"My elder brother is 20 years
old and he is only half-mad."
Ms. Kamala,
is it husband's day today?
On husband's day,
I would be the king for a day.
At dawn, Savitri would
touch my feet.
And I would know it
was husband's day.
That's it. I was king
for that day.
She could not quarrel with me
because it was husband's day.
And I would start my rule.
I would order her to
make buns and potato curry..
..and she would make it.
I would order her to
make rice soup and sweets.
And she would make it.
I knew quite well she'd return
the favour the next day.
She would be the queen
and I would be her slave.
That's it. I would make my
dreams come true on husband's day.
"I don't have anything
more to say to you."
"I don't have anything
more to say to you."
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"There won't be any
light without the lamp."
"There won't be any
light without the lamp."
"There won't be any
pearl without the oyster."
"There won't be any
pearl without the oyster."
"Will there be
moonlight without the moon?"
"Will there be
moonlight without the moon?"
"The day is because of the night."
"And the night is
because of the day."
"The day is because
of the night."
"And the night is
because of the day."
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"I don't have anything
more to say to you."
"I don't have anything
more to say to you."
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Lord Rama is
incomplete without queen Sita."
"Lord Rama is
incomplete without queen Sita."
"Lord Krishna is
incomplete without Radha."
"Lord Krishna is
incomplete without Radha."
"A person is
incomplete all by himself."
"A person is
incomplete all by himself."
"Tell me, isn't it true?"
"Tell me, isn't it true?"
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"I see you in everything."
"I see you in everything."
"All the while, I wish
to see you and you only."
"All the while, I wish
to see you and you only."
"I want you to always
remain in my sight."
"I want you to always
remain in my sight."
"I don't want my eyes
to see anything else."
"I don't want my eyes
to see anything else."
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Love is like the bank of a river."
"Love is like the bank of a river."
"We are the waves
and love the lifeline."
"We are the waves
and love the lifeline."
"Let the whole world
flow the other way."
"Let the whole world
flow the other way."
"Don't flow separately from me."
"Don't flow separately from me."
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"I don't have anything
more to say to you."
"I don't have anything
more to say to you."
"My life partner,
oh, my life partner."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
"Oh, my life partner,
always be with me."
Without a life partner,
life is so incomplete.
Isn't it, Ms. Kamala?
Baba, my child.
I'm going to bring back
Sunita from school - No!
First, go to the kitchen
and serve some food for us.
And then you can leave.
Buck up!
Thank you.
Baba, can I leave now?
Roasted appetiser!
Bring some of it and then leave.
I'm getting late. Sunita
may be waiting for me.
How disgusting?
What kind of a woman is she?
Brother, please drive faster.
She has been hurt. Carefully now.
Please come.
Let's go.
My child, why are you crying?
- Grandma hasn't come.
Why cry if she hasn't come?
Come on, I'll take you home.
Come on.
Aren't you ashamed..
..of coming home with the support of
four people for such a minor injury?
Just to have some rest?
I'm going to pick up Sunita.
If anything happens to her
then I'll not let you live.
- Sunita, my dear!
Grandma, what happened?
Nothing, my dear.
While coming to pick
you up from school..
..I met with an accident.
- Your grandma is making excuses.
She thinks this house is an inn.
She has got used to
eating everything for free.
Listen carefully, if you want
to eat then you'll have to work.
This not an abode for widows.
If Sunita had not
come home safely then..
..I'd have broken your other leg..
..and made you to beg.
'As I chew the betel leaf,
my mind feels satisfied.'
Uncle, give me your blessings.
Were you here to meet aunt Kamala?
Ramcharan, is Ms. Kamala
the owner of this house?
Uncle, she used to be.
Times have changed.
There was a time when aunt
Kamala was respected here.
I have seen it with my own eyes.
I was a small boy..
..when I would come to Kamala
Nivas with my dad to deliver milk.
Aunt would smile a lot then.
At times my dad
would say to her madam..
"Don't smile so much..
..someone's evil eyes will be
cast upon your happiness."
You know what she would say?
She would say, "Shivprasad,
why should I not laugh?"
"Laughter is God's gift to us."
And now, I long to see
a smile on her face.
Really some evil eyes have
influenced her happiness.
Uncle, prosperity has gone,
only memories have remained.
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"After seeing peoples' sorrows."
"I have forgotten my sorrow."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"After seeing peoples' sorrows."
"I have forgotten my sorrow."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"Only one in a million
may be happy."
"Someone cries in someone's grief."
"Someone cries in someone's grief."
"Someone cries in someone's grief."
"Someone cries in someone's grief."
"Such condition is in every home."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
Listen, where are you?
My dear wife, I'm in the bathroom.
You're always in the bathroom,
aren't you?
Get out quickly!
Why? Has a client come to meet me?
Is the client crazy.. ignore all the
other lawyers in the city..
..and come to you
to commit suicide?
- Haseena..
I'll always rue the fact that.. never
appreciated my legal expertise.
I swear by the Lord,
I'll worship you.
Just give me a child.
What? Today, again are you
going to insist for a child?
Haseena, I have explained
to you so many times that.. is our fate not
to have a child.
I have the means
to change our fate.
Look at this. This amulet.
After a lot of requesting..
..the priest at Saki Naka
has given it to me.
Tie it on your right arm..
..and by the grace of God,
we'll have a child within a year.
That's what the priest said.
This house will be in darkness.
I'm saying so.
Listen, don't disrespect the priest.
We'll be doomed!
Whatever he says, happens.
Let me tie it to you.
- Haseena..
..I don't believe such
priests and holy men.
I even have my doubts on the
existence of God. - Oh, God! No.
Because He has not yet
helped a talented lawyer like me.
So, you'll not tie this amulet?
- Absolutely not!
It's disgusting! All right.
I'll not cook any food
until you tie this amulet.
My dear wife, we don't
eat food that often.
Banu, why you're behaving so
decently with Sharafat Ali?
Greetings. - My salutations to you,
brother Amrit.
Brother Amrit, the problem
is that she wants me to..
..tie an amulet which will
give us a child around my arm.
And I'm trying to
explain to her that..
..amulets don't give us children.
Brother, he has become an atheist.
He does not believe
in Lord's kindness.
Banu, the day Sharafat Ali..
..wins a case in the
court of law or of life..
..he'll automatically start to
believe in the kindness of Lord.
Brother Amrit, on that note
let's play a game of chess.
No, Sharafat,
I'm not in the mood today.
What's the matter?
Did something happen in your house?
I'm used to the taunts
of my family members.
But today, after seeing
another helpless..
..and destitute being harassed..
..I feel like revolting.
Sister, did you call me?
Brother Baba, please pay the
electricity and telephone bills.
And buy all the materials
you need at home yourself.
I don't trust mom.
- You do trust me, don't you?
Sister, you're leaving me
here alone..
..and going on a holiday
for a month.
Let this money be
with me. I can use some.
Right, Brother-in-law?
'We are made for each other,
do you understand? '
Thank you.
Come on, darling.
We're getting so late.
I'm ready.
My child, take care of
yourself over there. Okay?
Grandma, you too take
care of yourself. All right?
- Sunita!
Why are you always
in grandma's arms?
Come on, get down.
Mom, we'll take your leave.
Please take care of the house.
All right.
- Let's go.
Hurry up! I was dreaming of
the Taj Mahal all night long.
After 24 hours, you'll be standing
in front of the Taj Mahal.
Why have Viren and
Ramu not got the taxi yet?
Viren, what happened?
- Mummy!
Such a big wound!
- Madam, in spite of warning him..
..he opened the taxi door
and was hanging on to it.
His leg has been wounded.
Ramu, do one thing.
Go get a doctor quickly.
- Okay, madam.
Stop crying.
Kamala, it's just a minor wound.
Ramu will take care of him.
Stop crying.
- The taxi is waiting outside.
Don't you want to catch the train?
My son is wounded and you
want to catch a train. - Mummy!
Do one thing. You can go alone.
You have office work over there.
I can't leave Viru
in such a condition.
Kamala, after a lot of days,
we've a chance to..
..go on a business-cum-pleasure
Please don't cancel it.
Mummy! - What is the use
of spending such holidays..
..when I'd be worrying
about my son..
.and wandering in all the places?
Please. Okay.
Mothers and their
unconditional love.
This is too much.
The doctor will come soon.
Don't cry.
Keep quiet.
- Mummy!
- Ms. Kamala.
Why did you open the
door in such a condition?
Aren't your family members at home?
They have gone out.
The vacations have started.
They go out every year.
Please, come inside. Come in.
You have very high fever.
Please, sit down.
I'll call the doctor.
No, Mr. Amrit, I'm fine.
Doctor, why this blood?
We have to take her
x-ray right away.
My suspicion was right.
There is a patch of tuberculosis
on Ms. Kamala's right lung.
Don't be afraid.
You'll be completely cured.
It is God's grace..
..that we found out about
her illness at the right time.
We'll start your treatment
right away.
One minute.
- Yes. Please come.
Doctor, you know my condition.
And I know Ms. Kamala's condition.
I'll pay your fees.
I'll pay it anyhow.
But I need some time.
You're giving a new life to a
destitute and helpless woman.
It's a very good thing.
I've received my fees.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you very much.
Come I'll prescribe
some medicine. Let's go.
Ms. Kamala?
Where has Ms. Kamala gone?
Ms. Kamala!
Ms. Kamala!
Ms. Kamala!
Ms. Kamala!
Why did you come away from there?
What is the matter?
Mr. Amrit, don't try to help me.
Nobody has supported
this unfortunate woman.
My husband left me to
face all the difficulties.
My son has killed me
with disrespect.
And now this soul
wants to leave this body.
It's good. I'm tired of
dragging this dead body around.
Let me die.
Mr. Amrit, let me be.
My blind fate will not recognise
your kindness and sympathy.
It is in our hands
to change our fate.
I have full confidence that
you'll be completely cured.
I have full confidence.
Come on.
"Happiness is short lived."
"The fun fair also
lasts for a few days."
"What can I say about myself?"
"Everyone is alone here."
"What can I say about myself?"
"Everyone is alone here."
"Who is your companion?"
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"After seeing peoples' sorrows."
"I have forgotten my sorrow."
"The love of your family
members and of strangers."
"Keeps on changing."
"The mannerisms of
this manner-less society."
"Keeps on changing."
"The mannerisms of
this manner-less society."
"Keeps on changing."
"This society is like the climate."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"After seeing peoples' sorrows."
"I have forgotten my sorrow."
Mr. Amrit?
Wonderful! This is called magic!
What else?
Until yesterday you were sick.
And today you have
prepared this juice for me.
Isn't this magic?
Mr. Amrit, I had lost
desire to live.
All this is because
of your good deeds.
Don't walk around too much until
your new x-ray reports are out.
Because the doctor has not
yet confirmed that..'re perfectly cured.
Brother Ramcharan?
I'm a bit afraid.
Give me a glass of hot milk.
What is it?
- Ramcharan!
Ramcharan! What happened?
Why haven't you
delivered milk since five days?
Brother Chajju,
I haven't delivered any milk..
..since the last seven days.
What are you saying? What happened?
The law has been troubling me.
- How?
I had been mixing a little water
in the milk from Pandurang's tap.
Now,byremoving thetap
..Pandurang has put me
into trouble.
The constable
who lives down the lane.
It was just a simple matter.
You should've called
on brother Sharafat.
I didn't have to call him.
He himself came up to me.
And then?
Then what,
the case went to the court.
Your Honour, the charge under which
my client Mr. Ramcharan Yadav.. standing in the
palisade is baseless.
Because it is not a
crime to mix water in milk.
Moreover, by using the water
from constable Pandurang's tap..
..he has not polluted the
milk but has diluted it.
Order. Order.
Your Honour, decent people
dilute alcohol with soda.
And mothers dilute the milk
so that infants can digest it.
And when these kids grow up..
..mix water in milk and
drink cold yogurt. Why?
Why is it necessary to
mix water in the milk?
Your Honour, it is because..
..Indians unfortunately have
never got the pure thing to eat..
..and habitually we cannot
digest anything which is pure.
I challenge that if we get to drink
pure milk or clarified butter..
..we will fall sick.
Our kids will be born weak.
And if our children are weak..
..then our country's
existence will be in danger.
That's why, Mr. Ramcharan.. mixing water in
milk is serving the people..
..and the country and
not committing a crime.
Your Honour, I request you
to acquit him.. this case.
That's all, My lord.
There are loopholes
in the arguments..
..made by the defence lawyer,
Mr. Sharafat Ali.
The court can see clearly the
crime committed by the accused.
The accused has
tried to feed tap-water.. the next generation
through milk.
He has done a great crime by
putting their lives in danger.
And that is intolerable
to the court.
There is no shortage of
capable doctors in our nation.
The responsibility of the
people's health rests with..
..the doctors and
not with the milkmen.
The accused, Ramcharan, has
done the crime of interfering..
..with the job of the doctors.
That's why this court, by taking
into account his innocent face..
..and also because he has
been caught for the first time..
..for his crime,
declares only Rs.500 fine..
..and bars him for six
months from extracting milk from..
..a cow, buffalo or
goat and selling it.
Ramcharan! Come to your senses.
Uncle, brother
Ramcharan has been wronged.
Uncle! I'm doomed.
Ramcharan, I know everything.
Have patience.
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
- Milk!
Uncle! No!
Have the milk.
Drink some of it.
- No!
Ramcharan, keep quiet.
Come on, drink the milk.
My darling! Have you returned?
Grandma, I've brought
honey for you..
..and peanut sweets for Rahul.
- Shall we go to the park today?
Yes, my darling.
- Don't just stand there.
Bring the luggage.
Viren, how are you?
- Mom, I'm fine.
Excuse me!
It's so hot in Mumbai.
- Well!
Sister, how was the trip?
Why is the fan not working?
Fan! Sister, the
electricity has been cut off.
Electricity has been cut! Why?
Didn't you pay the bill?
I couldn't pay the bills
because I was in trouble.
Why? What happened? - After you
left the old woman to fall sick.
I was looking after
her all day and night.
All the money was
spent on the medicine.
Moreover, I had to take
Rs.200 loan from Dhiru brothers.
I knew as soon as I
go out of this house..
..she would do something like this.
Rahul, I have brought
peanut sweets for you.
Thank you. Sunita,
when did you return?
- Come on, sit here.
Rahul, where is your grandpa?
He'll come later.
He had some important work to do.
Mr. Amritlal, congratulations!
You have won.
Your selfless service has
defeated Ms. Kamala's illness.
She is completely cured.
Thank you, doctor!
Listen, Mr. Amritlal.
Ms. Kamala now requires a medicine
which cannot be found anywhere.
And that is happiness.
It is necessary to
keep Ms. Kamala happy.
You have cured her illness.
Now, only you can give
this gift of happiness.
Ms. Kamala!
Give me some sweets!
What happened?
- Your times have changed.
- Yes!
You're completely cured!
The doctor has confirmed it.
Now all you have to
do is always be happy.
'God has so many forms.'
"Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday."
"Friday, Saturday and Sunday."
"In these seven days you should.."
" least laugh 700 times."
"Really, Grandpa?"
"Yes! So children."
"Life is a funny story."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"Now listen."
"Now listen to a funny story."
"A deaf, a blind, a
cripple and a beggar.."
"..were travelling
through a jungle."
"As they were walking,
the deaf said.."
"Friends, wait. I can hear
some thieves coming this way."
"And the blind man said
you can only hear them.."
"..but I can even see the thieves."
"The cripple said,
let's run away from here."
"And the beggar said.."
"..hurry up or else
they'll steal everything I have."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"The tom-tom sounds dum-dum."
"Dance, oh, monkey, dance."
"Life is a funny story."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"Now, listen."
"Now, listen to a funny story."
"A husband and wife would
live on the eighth floor."
"The husband left the
house to go to the office."
"As soon as he came
down on the road.."
"..he remembered he had
forgotten his wallet."
"He called out for
his wife and said.."
"My dear wife,
thrown down my wallet."
"The wife said, please say it loudly,
I can't hear anything."
"The husband had
binoculars around his neck."
"He thought of a plan."
"He brought the
binoculars to his eyes."
"He zoomed in on his
wife's face and whispered."
"My dear wife,
thrown down my wallet."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"Life is a funny story."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"Now, listen."
"Now, listen to a funny story."
"A man went to a sweet makers shop."
"He threw a Re.1 coin to
the shopkeeper and said.."
"Friend, make me
fresh and sweet yogurt."
"The shopkeeper said,
right away sir."
"As soon as he drank the yogurt,
the man got furious."
"He said to the shop keeper."
"You're looting the customers
by serving them stale yogurt."
"Give my money back."
"The shop keeper said.."
"Sir, it is my job to
take money and not give it."
"I'm just an employee here."
"The man asked where
the shop owner was."
"The employee said, sir.."
"He has gone to have
yogurt from the other shop."
"Life is a funny story."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
Have this.
You won't drink it?
I'll eat it.
You're very fond of sweet items.
When I didn't know you..
..I would see you eating
ice-cream outside the school.
Ms. Kamala, I'm helpless.
Before marriage,
I would hate anything sweet.
After marrying Savitri,
my life was filled with sweetness.
She made me eat so
many sweet dishes that..
..the sweetness entered my blood.
I became diabetic.
Are you diabetic?
- Yes.
There is a good cartoon film on TV.
Let's go home and watch it together.
Come on, Grandpa!
Schools will reopen tomorrow.
Dad and mom will not
allow us to watch TV.
Will they allow us today?
Yes. Daddy and mummy
are not at home.
They've gone out and
will return at night.
Grandma, let's go.
Come on.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Grandma.
Stop it!
What fuss is this?
this is Ms. Kamala.
You don't even have to tell me.
Her face tells me
she's a maidservant.
When you're not
allowed to come here..
..then how dare you bring this
lowly woman in my drawing room?
I say, who are you?
What is your status in this house?
We have tolerated
that you're unemployed..
..and are living on
your son's expenses.
But now, you have
stooped so low that.. our absence
you have secretly..
..brought a
maidservant into the house?
And you're watching TV with her.
Dad, I'll deal with you later.
You, get out of here!
If you ever come back,
I'll hand you over to the police.
I say, get out!
Sister, what can I say?
Brother Amrit's son, Madan.. harassing him on
being instigated by his wife.
Brother Amrit has raised Madan by
going through a lot of hardships.
He has loved his son so much
that people would compare.. Amrit's
love to a mother's.
Now, look at the son.
He insults his father
like a beggar.
Sister, sometimes brother Amrit
is desperate even for a penny.
How did he pay for my
treatment and my medicine?
He earned money by putting
his life and body in danger.
Brother Amrit has transported
40 kilograms of stuff..
..for 20 hours and
that too on empty stomach.
He has laboured
until he was breathless.
Why did he do all this?
Sister, he is like that.
He can't see anybody unhappy.
It seems the lord has only
written sacrifice in his fate.
Mr. Amrit, why are
you hiding your face?
A person like you
should be worshipped.
I'm sorry for your insult.
"There's a fire in
everybody's hearts."
"There are tears
in everybody's eyes."
"Everybody you meet has a
sorrowful story to tell."
"Everybody you meet has a
sorrowful story to tell."
"The whole world is unhappy."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"There is so much
sorrow in this world."
"If compared,
my sorrow is very minimal."
"After seeing peoples' sorrows."
"I have forgotten my sorrow."
There is a deep wound to his skull.
His condition is very serious.
I can't say anything until
he regains consciousness.
What happened?
Mom, pick up the phone.
- Rahul?
Grandma, grandpa has
met with an accident.
He is very serious.
Mom, where are you going?
Rahul's grandpa has
met with an accident.
Serve us food. Why should
we care if someone is dying?
How is Mr. Amrit's health?
Please let me see him just once.
You can't meet him.
The doctor has warned us not to.
Son, just once.
Just once let me see him.
You're a shameless woman!
Get out of here!
I had heard,
your justice may be late.
But now, I have found out..
..there is no justice in your court.
No justice.
I have accepted every
sorrow you brought to me.
I have spent my whole life..
..facing hardships and sorrow.
But have I ever
complained to you about it?
Have I ever asked anything
from you?
But today, my penance,
my devotion..
..and my faith have been broken.
Today, I cannot keep quiet.
I cannot watch the good
man who saved my life..
..wither away so easily.
I cannot tolerate the
atrocities meted out to him.
And neither will I.
You're called a God
because you give life.
You receive these
flowers and devotion in return.
But when a person
whom you have created.. life to others..
..all he receives are stones
and bad language.
You have become
immortal by drinking poison.
He too has drunk poison.
And he is getting death?
Listen, if you can.
If anything happens to him..
..then you'll just be
a lifeless idol for me.
And nothing more.
Oh, Lord, I have become a
Muslim from being an atheist.
My Lord, please
spare my friend's life.
My Lord, please
spare my friend's life.
Mr. Amrit?
Mr. Amrit?
Mummy! Daddy!
Rahul, what happened?
Grandpa is not his room.
Not in his room?
Where did he go?
Thank God, he's out of danger.
He'll get better soon.
Give these tablets,
three times a day.
Mr. Amrit, I'll take your leave.
- Thank you, doctor.
Sharafat Ali, that's enough.
My friend, why are you
bringing me to shame?
Brother Amrit, I'm trying
to earn some good merit.
I did not get it in the courts..
..but maybe I'll get some
happiness in the court of life.
Uncle, have this.
Hot milk with turmeric!
Drink it quickly.
Who says I'm alone in this world?
Where were you all night?
Daughter-in-law, Mr. Amrit
had met with an accident.
But by the grace of God,
he is out of danger.
I'll bring a cup of tea for you.
Give us poison instead of tea.
If the old man was sick then..
..was there only you
to look after him?
Where was his family?
By making an excuse
of his illness.. had gone to disgrace
the respect of our family.
Decent people live in this house.
Do you think this is a brothel?
Don't address me as
your daughter-in-law?
I'd rather die than be
called the daughter-in-law..
..of a disrespectful
woman like you.
We know about all the
fun you had in our absence.
You've spoilt the respect of this
family while fulfilling your desire.
Hold your dirty and false tongue!
You've addressed a widow
as a woman of the streets.
I'll kill you!
Let her go!
You shameless! I've given
birth to you and raised you.
I'm your mother.
My purity is being
questioned in front of you.
My character is being assassinated
and you're doing nothing!
Why don't you kill yourself?
- Go away from here!
I'll not let your bad
character influence this house.
Get out of here!
I say get out of here!
Get out!
- What are you doing?
Don't throw me out of here.
This is my husband's house.
A wife goes out of her
husband's house on a pyre.
Don't commit this sin.
I beg of you.
Don't throw me out!
- Please..
Daddy, don't throw
grandma out of this house.
She's no more your grandma!
- Grandma!
Get out of here!
I'll not listen to your pleas!
It's too much!
Get away from here!
Drink this.
Sister, what happened?
Sister, what happened?
Brother, I have become homeless.
My son questioned my sanctity
and threw me out of my house.
Until your brother is still alive,
you cannot be homeless.
You cannot be homeless.
- Grandma!
- My darling!
Grandpa, why did you go
away from me?
I can't live without you.
No, I can't.
Come home!
I'll not go home!
I'll live here with my grandpa.
So that you too may become a
loafer and rowdy like him!
- She's right.
Dad, you should be ashamed.
At this age, you're living
here with your concubine.
Well done, my son! Well done!
You have given me very big reward.
You have branded your
father as a loafer and a rowdy.
You have spoilt my name.
You have questioned
a mother's love.
If I had wanted
I would have kept a woman..
..right after your
mother's death and then..'d have begged sitting
outside an orphanage. - Dad!
You have stooped too low.
You're giving a bad name to
the two unhappy people who..
..want to share their unhappiness.
Even we don't know
what our relationship is.
We are two lonely people..
..waiting for our death.
You have disgraced us.
How are we going to
face the society?
You have spoilt the
future of these kids.
People will point
their fingers at us.
We'll have to leave this city.
- No, my son.
Until now I have
not disgraced you.
I won't do it in the future.
We will leave this city.
We will not live in
this dirty society.
Ms. Kamala, let's go.
- Brother, don't go.
Haseena, you have always yearned
for a child, haven't you?
If children are like
these then I bless you..
Lord shouldn't give
you any children.
Grandma, I'll not let you go.
Sunita, let them go.
Grandpa, go on. Don't return
to this bad place again.
We will live without you.
We'll live without you.
Sunita, tomorrow we'll
be in Pune with them.
We are very lucky.
We'll begin our married life with..
..the blessings of our
grandpa and grandma.
But I wonder what
condition they will be in?
Congratulations on
your wedding, my son.
On this happy occasion..
..don't seize the rights of
your parents to bless you.
The ones who could not take
the blessings of their parents..
..have no right to
bless their children!
Don't punish us further.
Forgive us.
Your crimes are so gruesome
even God will not forgive you.
We have seen our grandparents die..
..little by little
with your taunts.
You have murdered the self-respect
and the souls of your parents.
My daughter, have pity
on your crippled father.
You had thrown
grandma out of your house..
..with these hands, hadn't you?
Have you forgotten?
Enough! My daughter, enough!
Dad, you reap as you sow.
You have treated your
parents worse than animals.
Now, you'll also
yearn for your children.
Your crippled old age
will be very severe on you.
People will learn from your
incomplete and despicable life.
And they'll never
disrespect their elders.
We're going to meet
our grandparents.. apologise for your sins.
We have no relation with you.
Sunita, let's go.
"Life is a funny story."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
"Life is a funny story."
"Life is a funny story."
"This is the way you
should lead your life."
Now, add salt and
turmeric in it. Aarti!
You should not add
spicing at a high flame.
There could be a fire.
Sorry, ma'am.
Very good.
I'll take your spoon, okay.
Thank you.
Ms. Kamala,
let's have a cup of hot tea.
Wash yourself.
I'll bring it right away.
You'll never change.
All these years you have
always given me insipid tea.
We are slaves of our habits.
Uncle Amrit, someone
has come to meet you.
You haven't recognised me!
I'm your grandson, Rahul!
- Yes.
My friend! My darling!
Why are you here?
Grandpa, I've got married.
- Yes.
Have a long life.
Haven't you recognised me, Grandma?
I'm Sunita, your granddaughter!
My darling!
- Grandma!
You've grown up and how.
You've also got married!
My child, take this.
- Grandpa, what's this?
Let it be.
This is not a gift.
This is the interest.
I'm under your debt.
I have eaten a lot of your ice-creams.
You haven't forgotten your
grandpa's weakness, have you?
Ms. Kamala, these kids have
given a name to our relationship.
Congratulations, madam!