Amy George (2011) Movie Script

First on to the top gets to feel my tits.
These are some of my images.
I was recently, this summer
And I took a whole bunch of images.
Yeah, Chris.
Do you have to travel for this assignment?
No, no, no.
You can really take these anywhere.
I just happened to be in India at the time
and I liked what I saw.
But you can find something interesting anywhere.
You just have to look around.
It's called the Fearless project.
And what I want you to do
is take a self-portrait without it being
a literal photo of yourselves.
Okay, okay.
It can be a photograph of something you'd like to be,
something you like, something you like to like,
your favourite thing, whatever.
So long as it reflects you.
An artist will often take from his own life.
Surroundings, incorporate them into his work.
What I want you to do
is incorporate yourself into your image
however you see fit.
That's what a true artist would do.
So you've got two weeks.
Yeah so, I think I'm gonna swap it or
just drop it completely.
I don't think you can do that anymore, Marianne.
Proger is such a dick
like, a real penishead. Everyone says so.
Steph told me he's got the skeleton of his girlfriend
who committed suicide in his closet at home.
I heard that's not even true.
You're looking at it.
I think it's like mono or something.
Don't kiss her. It's a hickey.
Marianne, you slut.
It's not a hickey.
Yeah. It's probably like a pimple that slid off your face.
That's disgusting.
I didn't even notice it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Oh my god.
You know, the neighbours are breeding pigeons to eat.
Carlo and his wife, they
they have a garage full of pigeons
to eat.
- Hi sweetie.
- Hi.
How was school?
Oh, I have a project for school.
I meant to tell you.
What's it about?
We have to buy a camera.
You have that one.
Yeah but, it has to be real film.
Arthur said Mr. Fontana gives extra marks for analog.
Can we get one this weekend?
What's that?
You know, not digital.
You took that black and white course.
I hated photography.
We have that thing for the Morris's on Saturday.
What thing?
Also, Yetta's coming tomorrow.
You're gonna have to pick up your room,
darling, so she can vacuum.
My room's fine.
Can you just do it, please? Don't make me argue.
What thing for the Morris's?
Tara's parents' anniversary.
- Is Tara gonna be there?
- Yeah.
Of course, love. It's her parents' 40th anniversary.
Could we maybe get a camera this weekend?
- B12.
- I don't feel like it.
- Babe?
- Yeah?
You ever wonder if Jesse could be gay?
I don't know. I just wonder sometimes.
He doesn't have a girlfriend.
I didn't have a girlfriend at his age.
I'm still totally wondering about you.
Have you looked under his mattress?
Have you?
Do you wear boxers or briefs?
Whites. You?
Doesn't matter for girls.
I heard guys should wear boxers.
That they're like way better for your sperm.
It's kinda weird if you think about it.
It's important if you want to have kids one day.
I don't even know if I wanna have kids one day.
It's probably good to keep your options open.
Hey look. Look, look.
I'm watching.
I'm getting a new camera.
I got my mom to buy me one.
You're going to take pictures or something?
Yeah, I think it'd be cool.
You should hide it somewhere
and set it on auto.
To catch people doing things.
That's weird.
- Hey Jesse.
- Hey.
- What's that?
- A book.
What are you gonna do for the project?
I'm not sure yet.
Me either.
I'm waiting for my mom.
I think we're gonna buy an analog camera.
Yo, check it out.
It's for a rug and tug
on your street disguised as a massage parlor.
Maybe you could use that.
You ever see like totally happy men walking around your street?
Yeah, I guess.
Cool. You know what?
You should get an analog camera that's so small
you can like fit it on the end of a pen
so you can see under girls' skirts and stuff like that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You could bring it to the rug and tug.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Still alive.
- Good for you.
- Good news.
I'm seventy years old, still alive.
Well done. Well done.
I'm looking for a camera, actually. For my son.
- He's got a school project.
- What kind?
What kind, darling?
Um, an analog camera.
- An analog camera.
- An analog camera.
- Analog.
- Real film.
I got two questions. You want digital cameras,
or you want the old fashioned,
manual, auto-focus, automatic,
- Old fashioned.
- He don't know.
- He does.
- Yes? Okay.
What features you want?
I want a telescopic um.... lens and...
And? Come on.
You can not use the lens if you don't have camera.
Upside-down, I teach you kid.
A camera made support the lens.
So money is in the lenses.
Body support the lenses.
This is classic photography.
Body never shoot without the lens.
Take is in the lens.
Body support the lens. Remember my lesson.
You like it, sweetie?
Are you sure? You have to be sure. It's expensive.
I think you should think about it for a few minutes, maybe.
What's that?
You'll see the world with a different set of eyes now.
How do you know?
I took a black and white course when you were little.
We talked about it,
and if you...
get an A we'll pay for the whole thing.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
If you do well and use the camera.
- Shit!
- What?
Shit, I forgot the money for Yetta again.
- One way. One way!
- What?
- Shit, shit, shit.
- Mom.
It's horrible about that earthquake.
Yeah. What?
Four thousand people died.
How can you not hear about it?
Everybody's talking about it.
You should say something about it at school.
Keys. Keys.
Oh, hi. You're still here.
Where will I put Mr. Tim's scuba gear
he's left in the living room?
Don't worry about it. I'll get it.
Aren't you coming in?
I'm gonna walk.
I think I'm gonna go for a walk.
Don't you have homework or something?
I think it's really good light.
Playground's empty.
There's a slide and another slide...
and even another slide and a sandbox...
and a wood thing...
and a really really bad swimming pool...
and cars... three cars
and monkey bars
and more monkey bars
and then those hoop things that are a ripoff of monkey bars...
and then another slide
and swings
and buckets and shovels
and maple leaves, right there.
Over there
in the car there's a steering wheel
and the steering wheel's round.
And people in the car
and Xs and Os
and more Xs and Os
and a bubble
a toy horsey
and another one
a motorcycle and a car
and a truck and a car
and another truck
and another truck
and another truck
and then another car
that has red lights
and a bucket
and blue lines
and a rabbit
and grass.
You know where that money I got from my dad is?
Hey, there's film in there.
You could have an Adams on that roll right there.
Can I have a sip?
Do you think Jesse's likable to other people?
What people?
People other than his parents.
We like him.
Maybe that's enough.
But what if he never becomes likable?
He's a thirteen year-old boy.
Nobody likes thirteen year-old boys.
What's so important about being well liked?
Can you come with me to the nurse's office to check out this thing?
Can you come now? I'm really scared.
I'll be right back.
How's Jesse doing?
Oh, she's great.
Doing this photography project at school,
seems really interested and engaged and...
- Who's she?
- What?
You said "she" when Randy asked about Jesse.
- No.
- You did.
- I didn't.
- You did.
I meant "he".
Did you just call Jesse a girl?
Cause that's fucking hilarious.
I mean, I told you not to give him a unisex name, but..
What happened to your hand?
It's bleeding.
- Fender bender.
- What?
My mom says you're going through a phase.
I've just been thinking about this earthquake thing way too much.
I think nine thousand people died.
It's absurd. Isn't it?
Yeah, I heard.
I know it's just cracks in the earth. I'm just being stupid.
I quit my job. Did she tell you about that?
Cause of the earthquake?
I sneeze farted in front of a girl the other day.
Did she notice?
Yeah, I think so, but I'm not really sure.
Oh, that's a heck of a combo.
I'm sure you're okay. I'm sure she didn't hear it.
I might go back to knitting.
Did you know?
No, I didn't know that.
It was tolerable, I guess, but
I don't know, you can never really be that personal.
I don't think I ever really made a scarf
- that I can say was entirely me.
- Could you make me some gloves?
I don't think you need them. It's almost summer.
Well, but for winter.
Yeah, I don't...
I don't think I'm gonna do the whole knitting thing.
It's cool.
That was really bad, right?
Ah, it's fine.
- Sorry.
- Ow.
Sorry. Sorry.
Just so consumed with guilt over this whole earthquake thing.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Just a minute.
- Thanks.
Liv, telephone.
Hi. Liv, speaking.
Hey, is Prokosh missing?
- Did you put up posters?
- Yeah.
Oh, I think I saw one. Didn't really look like him.
How's your assignment going?
We have nothing to eat.
You remember the money that babu left us on my birthday.
we're not accusing you.
But, it's gone missing.
We were wondering if you might know what happened to it.
I don't know.
You're sure?
It was in the little jewelry box on my dresser.
I don't know.
It was probably Yetta.
- What?
- Jesse!
Why would you say that?
Is it because she's Filipino?
I wish I was Filipino.
You'll hand in your Fearless projects
in a neat pile in the corner of my desk.
Please make sure they're matted and protected properly
with your name in the bottom righthand corner.
I wish I was a black person.
Maybe I should be gay.
I was gay...
You're such an idiot.
I wish I was like an Arab.
I wish I wasn't a virgin.
I wish we were poor and we didn't have any money.
It'd be so much better.
Not virgins and homeless.
You could write or something.
I wouldn't do writing.
But if we were gay, homeless, we'd be famous.
I'd still hate writing.
My Aunt Nessa was famous for brainstorming.
I wish I was a woman.
I'm not even Jewish.
How about your assignment?
Your photo project. Can I see it?
I handed it in already.
Did you get an A?
- What's up?
- Nothing.
Come on.
I can't be a true artist.
I can't be a true artist.
True art comes from...
suffering and
outrage of mortal justice.
Yeah well, fuck that, man.
Just get out of the house.
Away from your mother.
# I'll take your coat #
# and gently set it down #
# I'll move aside #
# I'll pull you gently #
# I'll say goodnight, I'll say goodnight #
Who is this?
- Hello?
- I want my virginity back.
- What do you think you saw?
- Nothing.
- I didn't do anything.
- Bullshit.
You weren't doing anything.
That's what you think, you dumbass perv.
I heard this man on the radio
who started an orphanage there for girls.
And he hasn't even heard from the women.
- He just runs the place.
- Did you ever spank me?
- I was speaking, I was speaking.
- What?
Sorry, I just don't remember.
Um, no. Of course not.
Why would we? No.
Why not?
We don't believe in corporal punishment.
But I thought that was illegal
and they only did it in some places in the States.
No, no, that's capital punishment.
That's a whole other thing.
We don't believe in that either.
Where's your camera?
I didn't wanna schlep it around.
You should've brought it.
We should hike across to the cemetery.
Remember the cemetery?
I just have to pee-pee.
You don't climb trees like you used to when you were little.
You used to do that a lot.
Mom, what happened?
- Come on, let's go.
- Sab?
I'll tell you. Just, come on.
So uh, what happened?
Did... did the man rape you?
What? No. No, no, no.
It was um... he was, um...
a gay man, and...
sometimes, um...
it's hard uh, for them to um...
so they secretly meet.
And um, anyway, he was um... waiting
for someone, so he...
surprised, startled me.
That's all.
Fuck! I forgot my stick.
What happened?
- We had to fire her.
- Why?
Because of the missing money.
There was nobody else it could have been.
Now your dad's watch is missing too.
Fuck. I feel like the worst person in the world.
Dinner's in ten, sweetie. Get yourself a drink.
I'm not eating tonight.
What? Why?
I just don't need it.
I wish you wouldn't play piano.
You don't like it.
I used to play for you all the time.
You'd stand on the pedals.
Well, I think my tastes in music have changed.
I bet you that's the pimp.
This is totally insane.
Yo man, I don't think that was a rug and tug.
What? Of course it was.
The two women, the pimp.
What else could it have been?
Maybe it was like a regular massage place.
Doesn't matter.
We saw half a lesbian tit.
- Do you even like sex?
- What?
- Are you fucking gay?
- No.
Only gay people don't care about lesbians.
Bye, sweetie.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Who was that?
Hi sweetie.
Um, that was Mrs. George.
I think, you know her daughter Amy, right?
My dad walked in on a robber in our house
and now he's getting stitches in his shoulder.
Mum was fine, though.
You thought you were like, totally fucked, right?
I don't know. Not really.
What about you? There was a burglar in your house.
How about you thinking your life's fucked?
I told my parents, and they know about you.
I mean, they knew about you already.
I didn't actually have to tell them.
My mom saw you leaving our backyard.
You know that's illegal, right?
It's like trespassing.
You can go to jail for that, you know?
Not really.
I saved your ass. You totally owe me.
You could've killed yourself.
Did you um, have a head thing, like um...
like a concussion or something?
Imagine if you blanked out and couldn't see anymore.
Like you went blind because of me.
Do you have any beer?
Have you had alcohol before?
You're lying, right?
What'd you see through my window the other day?
What do you mean?
I mean, what was I doing?
I don't know.
Nothing really.
Don't you remember?
It was like any old day for me.
I could've been doing like, anything.
I have the picture.
I wanna see it.
I would have to get them developed. It's not developed.
But it's probably gonna be out of focus.
It's probably illegal.
Am I your first?
You're like a peeping tom.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna say anything.
Just make sure I get a copy so you can't blackmail me or anything.
The only reason you caught me was because the flash went off on accident.
If it hadn't done that you wouldn't have even known I was there.
Well, it did.
Would you have taken off your clothes?
What do you mean?
if I had waited longer...
Do you get undressed in your room?
Where else would I do that?
- Were you scared?
- What?
When the burglar was in your house.
I wasn't home. I was at dance.
That's why my thighs hurt so bad.
He didn't take anything.
Well, I mean, he did
but he was caught, so we have it all back now.
It's just the thought of it
he could've had me.
There's a lesbian rug and tug on Logan.
Ugh, it's too sweet.
There's a rug and tug. Do you not know what that is?
Yeah. What's it called?
A rug and tug.
It's called 'rub' and tug.
Rub, you know like, jerking guys off?
I don't think it can be for lesbians then.
I'm gonna try and hypnotize you, okay?
I'm not sure if it'll work.
I'm not sure if you're susceptible or not.
But, if it does work, I won't do anything. Okay?
I'm not sure if you're susceptible or not.
But, if it does work, I won't do anything. Okay?
- Like what?
- Like nothing.
I just want to see if it works.
You owe me.
I want you to gently relax your eyes.
Completely and gently
relax your eyes.
I'm gonna count backwards from ten,
and when I get to the number one
you'll be asleep.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, four,
three, two, one.
Now you're asleep.
- No, I'm not.
- Shit.
Sorry. Maybe I'm just not susceptible.
Probably. It was stupid.
Can you do it to me?
I don't know what to do.
- Just do what I said.
- Alright.
Close your eyes.
Gently relax your eyes.
I'm gonna count back from ten,
and when I get to the number one, you'll be asleep. Okay?
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Are you awake?
Are you awake?
Hey, what happened?
I don't think it worked.
- Mom.
- Shh...
I smell alcohol.
Just had a sip.
Amy's mom called.
Ian's okay.
He had to get seventeen stitches.
Did you have a fun night with Amy?
Mom, I'm sleeping.
Goodnight, sweetie.
Is he in bed?
He just had a sip.
What's that?
I don't know.
My dad saved the article.
He said not to be too hopeful
given this recent development.
Body found in Riverdale Park, mauled.
That's messed up. Aren't coyotes supposed to
stay in the mountains?
That's messed.
Are you okay?
Mhmm, why?
You have blue marker on your arm.
What was that?
We have mice.
We're not meant to be eating up here.
Jess, I know this is gonna be really hard for a while.
But she's not gonna be coming around anymore.
Because she's an alcoholic.
She's not well.
She's not good to be around.
But I like Tara.
I know, sweetheart.
But she's not welcome in this house anymore.
She took babu's money.
And my, well, your watch.
How do you know?
She's been taking money from work.
Other people's pay cheques.
That's why they fired her.
Maybe we can help her.
No, sweetie.
Not us.
What about my equations?
We haven't talked about that.
Yetta's coming back.
We're really lucky she forgave us.
Yetta scares me.
I know she does, sweetheart.
Hey, it's Tara. Leave a message. Bye.
Hi. Liv speaking.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- Not much. You?
- You want to go look for Prokosh with me?
- Okay.
- Come with me?
- Umm okay.
Bring your dad's harpoon gun.
Well, I have to do something first though.
Can you wait for me?
- Hello?
- Hi, it's me.
- Hello, can you hear me?
- Hi, it's me!
Can you buzz me in?
You came.
Want a drink?
Um, sure.
Want to wear a hat?
Um, no thanks.
I took the money.
Yeah, they told me.
And I heard you blamed it on Yetta.
Yeah. I guess, but
she's back now.
I bought the watch back.
Could be yours if you want it.
You want it?
Sure, okay.
What's with the artillery?
That's for Liv.
Have you ever raped somebody?
I think I might have.
A few days ago when this girl was over.
Do you know what that means?
- Rape?
- Yeah. To rape someone.
I think so.
Tell me.
I unzipped her pants and...
I saw her underpants and I
touched it, but
I don't really know what else I did.
She didn't want you to?
Well, she was hypnotized, so...
Not really. I don't think she was susceptible.
But she said it sort of worked, so...
Yeah, but I don't... I think it didn't.
Maybe she was pretending.
Yeah, but why?
Like a game.
So she didn't try to stop you or anything?
Why not?
I'm not sure.
Think about it.
The unlawful compelling of a woman
through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
Any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person unwillingly.
It doesn't have to be a woman.
An act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse;
despoliation; violation:
the rape of the countryside.
That help?
I don't think that you have to worry about rape.
So stupid.
It's just a strong word, peach fuzz.
Maybe you should talk to her.
No way. No way, that'd be so awkward.
Well, you're the artist. Right?
Lover, not a fighter?
Only mad men combine the two.
I don't know. I think it's weird.
I don't like being called, "the artist."
And I don't think I am.
I don't know what you are.
There's a lot of them.
You know, maybe you did make love.
Or come close.
It's not a bad thing.
Do you believe that you have to
make love to be an artist?
Sounds kind of Spanish.
But, it could be true.
Why not take a photo? See if you're better.
You know,
the first time I had sex with a woman it was very weird.
Really weird.
Weird for both of us, but I think more for me.
Why are you telling me this?
I don't know.
I have no idea.
Um, I just...
I just think that you need to talk to this girl.
I think for sure that's the right thing to do.
- Prokosh!
- Prokosh!
- Prokosh!
- Prokosh!
- Prokosh!
- Prok!
What are you gonna do now?
I don't know.
Wanna talk on the phone, maybe later?
If there's nothing else to do.
Just as [INAUDIBLE] starts reading,
a bug flies inside of my eye.
I'm like, "No!"
and then it doesn't somehow,
and it ends up going away.
I'm like, "Yes!"
- When are you finished school?
- Um, May 18th.
- Oh.
- And then I have one exam on the 22nd.
Oh. What exam?
Um, just science.
The rest are like, in-class exams or culminating projects.
- Hey.
- Hi.
How's your dad?
His stitches got sort of infected, but he's gonna be alright.
I was wondering if you wanted to do something today?
Yeah... you know, I think I'm just gonna stay inside today.
You have marker on your legs.
Hey, if it's not out of focus or anything
I still want that photo.
What happened?
We couldn't find Prokosh.
There was a time when you were little
when we couldn't find you.
And we knew that all we had to do was look up.
You came down from the trees like a monkey turning into a man.
Creative minds.
Nice atmosphere.
I was impressed with most everyone's ability to look inward.
Over the next few projects, we'll be doing a similar exercise.
We'll be trying to look at more sides of ourselves.