An American in Texas (2017) Movie Script

[President Bush] In the early
morning hours of August 2nd,
following negotiations
and promises
by Iraq's dictator,
Saddam Hussein,
not to use force,
a powerful Iraqi Army
invaded its trusting
and much-weaker neighbor,
Within three days,
120,000 Iraqi troops
with 850 tanks,
had poured into Kuwait
and moved south
to threaten Saudi Arabia.
It was then that I decided to
act to check that aggression.
At this moment, our brave
service men and women
stand watch in that distant
desert and on distant seas.
Side-by-side with the forces
of more than 20 other nations.
They are some of the
finest men and women
of the United States
of America,
and they're doing
one terrific job.
["Devil's in the Details"
by Walker Sickert]
Don't you know he's tamed
Don't you know he's
been tamed by you
Flowers die in his wake
But you make him quake
Flowers die in his wake
But you make him quake
She dominates deities
She get 'em down
on their knees
She dominate deities
She'll get 'em
down on their knees
Don't you know his name?
Don't you know he's tamed?
Don't you know his name?
Don't you know
he's been tamed by you?
The devil's in the details
The devil's in our sails
The devil's in the details
The devil's in our sails
[hard rock music]
My brain
So what...?
So what if...?
So what if I did?
So what if I did believe?
So what if I did
believe all the lies?
- It's not fair it's not true I don't...
- Care
So what if I did
believe all the lies?
I'll never be what
you want me to be
[muffled radio speech]
A new world order.
A nation of thieves.
Freer from
the threat of terror.
Stronger in
the pursuit of justice.
Jesus, who writes this stuff?
New world order?
What the fuck does
that even mean?
Holy shit, look at all
that red, white and blue.
[man on TV] Drinks to the
last and greatest betrayal
of the last and greatest
of human frailty.
Dude, two of those
will seriously fuck you up,
so, you should
probably take five.
Fuck you.
I gotta be
at the hospital at 6:30.
Hey, who cares?
After the demo's done,
you won't even need your
fuckin' scholarship.
- [man 1] Okay, guys.
- [man 2] We outta here.
Catch ya later.
You guys sold the last one?
All right, so we got...
- $3,500 here.
- Who's getting paid?
We'll need 1,500
to afford an apartment
and we still need a van.
[woman on PA indistinct]
[truck engine roaring]
All right, let's do this.
[truck lift whirring]
Gentlemen, lease be mindful
of your shoes on the floor.
[man] Are there
boxes in the closets?
Yes, thank you.
They're mostly wardrobe boxes,
but we are still working at it.
- Gotcha.
- 'Scuse me, ma'am.
- Do you need this?
- No.
All right, cool,
we're gonna use it
to get the rest of
the big animals out the way.
- [girl] Mom?
- I'm in here, Kara.
Are there any boxes in here?
Yeah. Honey, yes, there's
one right over here but, um...
- Chad.
- Chad will take your things down for you, sweetheart.
[Kara indistinct]
It's a lovely beast, isn't it?
Shot it from 200 yards
on a safari in Zimbabwe.
Not so beautiful
with its head sawed off.
I didn't realize giraffes
were dangerous, sir.
That's a great album.
- Yeah, I love it.
- What else do you listen to?
Ever heard of
Surgeon General's Warning? SGW?
I think I've heard
the name before.
No, you haven't, but you will.
Isn't that a band?
So you get to go
to Victoria High?
Yeah, I'm a senior.
Must be kinda rough
moving your senior year, huh?
Doesn't matter.
My stepdad works at the plant.
Is that where
your bed always sits?
Well, how do you
get in your closet?
I don't.
We move a lot, so,
I always try to arrange my room
in the exact same way.
Doesn't always
work out perfect
because of the doors
and windows but...
Well, maybe I should just come back
when you get all this boxed up.
I'll make you a deal.
If I can guess
which card you pick,
you have to pack
up all my stuff.
Pick one.
Nine of hearts.
Yeah, how'd you do that?
Get to packin' up my room.
- That's not magic.
- Sure it is.
I made you believe in
something that wasn't real.
It's an illusion, Chad.
Do you know what that is?
[rock music playing]
Hey, so, maybe I'll see
you around, Victoria.
Yeah, sure.
Here's that tape that
I was tellin' you about.
Some of our older stuff,
but we're recordin'
an album soon.
- Oh, cool.
- Check it out.
I'll see ya.
[train horn blaring]
[soft music playing]
- Why is this $2.99?
- Well, you see...
- But isn't this a dollar store?
- Yes, ma'am.
Most of the things in the
store are $1.00, but that...
[woman] It is misleading
to call this a dollar store
when clearly there are things
here that cost more than $1.00!
[man exhales]
Zac, not today, please.
Alfie, old boy.
Fancy seeing you here.
[chuckles] That's adorable,
I'll take it!
Just don't do anything.
A true sign of the times.
A camera you use
until you throw it away.
Now, let's find out
which is the freshest.
- [sniffs]
- Dammit man, please?
This one certainly
smells the freshest.
[Alfie] No.
Look here now, you ring me up,
I'll let you keep the change.
[glass shattering]
[President Bush]
These valiant Americans
were ready at a moment's notice
to leave their spouses
and their children.
To serve on the frontline
halfway around the world.
And they remind us,
"Who keeps America strong?"
They do.
Oh, man, it's in
Country Club Village.
Do they know we're coming?
Have we been invited?
[man] Oh, yeah, sure,
Heather and I go way back.
We were best friends
in kindergarten.
I used to give her my crayons.
Come on.
[music plays from house]
- What's up?
- What's up, man?
Can I help you with anything?
Yeah, we're here
for the party.
Oh, dude, dude...
Party's over now.
- Okay, yeah.
- Yeah, sorry about that.
Dude, d'you know what'd
be really rad though,
is if you could
close the gate on your way out?
- Yeah, yeah, for sure, man.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Great shirt.
- Dude, thanks.
Yeah, yeah, thanks.
[man] Fuck it, my uncle's...
Cousins, two cousins...
My father,
my grand-fuckin'-father
and all against their will.
Oh, these guys fuckin' now, man.
You guys know.
If they bring back the draft,
man, we got a fuckin' van, man.
Ready to go, man.
We're ready for it, man.
We're not going
to a fuckin' war, man.
- It's the next Vietnam.
- Yeah.
Wasn't that guy gonna
be a big football star at SMU?
Yeah, but they got the death penalty
for cheatin' so that ain't happenin'.
Yeah, man, but he's makin'
the smart move, man.
He joined the Air Force.
Fuck being drafted.
- Huh?
- Cool.
So, he joined the Air Force
instead of bein' drafted?
What's the difference?
That's some fuckin' profound
shit you just said, man.
You're right, man.
There's no room in the van, bro.
Too bad the party's over.
Yeah, or the fuckin'
dick up front
forgot to tell
these guys to leave.
It's pretty swell.
These girls are kinda weird
but they're hot.
[soft rock music plays]
Oh, oh, oh...
[snapping sound]
[shutter clicking]
Go, go, go, go!
- Oh, hell no.
- Shit. Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.
What the fuck? Leo?!
Ah! Hey, Heather,
I've come for me crayons.
What do you think?
Oh, shit.
I thought I told you
guys the party was over.
Evidently you were wrong.
Excuse me?
Hey, faggot, the fuck you
wearin' women's clothes for?
I thought I looked pretty good.
More man than you'll ever be.
- Whoa.
- Whoa, dick touch!
Fixed to get your ass beat, man.
You wanna get knocked out?
No, man. You're right,
you're right, you're right.
- Look at this.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
- Oh, shit, man.
[energetic rock music plays]
[car engine roaring]
[yells indistinct]
[train horn blaring]
[hard rock music plays]
Um... I found this on the truck,
it got left behind.
I think it's Kara's.
Yeah, just thought
I'd bring it by.
Thank you, she's inside.
Go ahead.
Couldn't stay away, huh?
Guess not.
You scratched up
all our furniture.
- Mom is so pissed.
- [scoffs]
Actually, I'll have you know,
I never scratched a...
You left this on the truck.
It's um... It's yours.
My journals are in here.
Too bad you didn't think
to read these.
Who says I didn't read 'em?
Did you get your
phone hooked up yet?
It's 323-2313.
- 323...
- 323-2313.
- What brings you out?
- Uh...
- He found this in the truck.
- Yeah, it was left under a furniture pad.
It was... It's hers.
It's fine. Kara.
Cool. Well...
- Well, how's it goin'?
- Thanks.
Welcome to the...-
["Hate the Police" by Mudhoney]
Mommy, mommy, mommy
Better look at your son
You might have loved me
Yo, guys, check it out.
The fucking Kentucky Derby
house made it in the papers.
Did they get my picture
in the winner's circle?! Bingo!
Yo guys, it says here,
"Authorities still baffled
by Thanksgiving vandalism that
has victimized a local family."
Guys, new band name.
Local Family Victimizers.
"Anyone with information
is encouraged to contact
the Victoria Police Department
- [chuckles]
- Guys, I think we should probably turn ourselves in.
You can't find justice
it'll find you
Yeah, it'll find you
Yeah, it'll find you
[oldies music plays]
[Chad] It's good, right.
It's the best thing here.
This place is cool.
It's all right.
I only have Vicodin.
- Okay, okay.
- [Kara chuckling]
I guess I asked for that.
Yeah, you did.
Mmm, greasy.
- [Chad mumbling]
- [Kara chuckling]
[muffled radio chatter]
I'm thinkin' we might...
we might need to double-down
on that shake.
- Double-down?
- Yeah, double-down.
Is that like a Victoria thing?
- [scoffs] No.
- I gotta get with it.
Hey, Chad,
I like to double-down.
I'm in a band
and I pretty much hate
everything except California.
[chuckles] Okay, all right,
you asked for it.
Hey, I'm Kara.
And, oh, my God, I just live
such an exciting life.
I've been everywhere
in the world
and I love chocolate shakes.
They're just my favorite
thing in the world.
- I do not sound like that.
- God!
Lemme have this.
[punk rock music plays]
[lyrics indistinct]
Billy, how hard is it
to count four?
This is fuckin'
weird timing on that riff.
Oh, man, the riff's
just like this, man.
No, no, no,
I know what the change is,
it's just we need
to practice more.
Paul, that bassline is wicked.
Yeah, all right, thanks.
Can we just start it again
- and get it tight this time?
- My dad said when he gets the new plant manager job,
he's gonna help
pay for our demo.
[drum hit]
...yeah, man.
[man] Dude, you didn't tell 'em?
I guess you didn't realize, man,
we're in the
presence of royalty.
Allow me to introduce
you to the new
plant manager's daughter.
Why would they give
Korchinsky's job
to a new operations manager?
That's ridiculous,
why would they do that?
That's why they
brought him here, dude.
January 5th comes around,
he becomes
the new plant manager.
It's like the third time Frontier
has had him take over a plant.
It's not anything against
your dad, Paul, I'm sure.
No, it's fine.
Let's just take it from the top.
[drumsticks tapping]
[punk rock music plays]
[President Bush] Saddam Hussein
was given one last chance
to do what he should've done
more than six months ago,
withdraw unconditionally
from Kuwait.
To the contrary,
what we have seen
is a redoubling of
Saddam Hussein's efforts
to destroy completely
Kuwait and its people.
I have, therefore, directed
General Norman Schwarzkopf,
in conjunction
with coalition forces,
to use all forces available,
including ground forces,
to eject the Iraqi Army
from Kuwait.
[man on radio]
...identified only as Nayera.
Mr. Chairman, and members of the
committee, my name's Nayera,
- and I was kidnapped in Kuwait.
- [man mumbles indistinct]
[Nayera continues indistinct]
[dialogue indistinct]
[woman clears throat]
[man sighs]
Uh, Paul,
we feel that
it would be a good thing
if you started kickin' in
in $50 a week.
Help pay for your groceries
and the rest of your bills here.
Dad, I already pay $100 a month
to stay in the basement.
Well, maybe it's time
you start thinking about
getting a new job instead of
workin' at the record shop.
You have to prioritize
things in your life
and start thinkin'
about a career.
[Paul] Jesus, I have a job.
C'mon, kids,
let's get ready for school.
Son, I know how much
your band means to you,
but a career's what
you need to focus on.
Frontier's Plastics Division
is provided our family
with a very comfortable living.
The rumor has it
that the plant manager position
might be comin' my way.
If I get this position...
- maybe I...
- Dad.
I wanna make things.
Something besides plastic bags.
The world will always
need plastic bags, Paul.
People need plastic bags.
I don't.
[hard rock music plays]
You're late.
No shit, Colonel.
[train horn blaring]
Ugh, Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Chipmunk Punk
never lets me down.
Those silly little voices.
Here, put Lauren Bacall
over there.
I'll handle Zorba the Greek.
Do you guys have a manager
when you get out to Los Angeles?
Because, you know,
you're gonna need one.
- You don't have a manager?
- No, we don't.
I'll probably just find one
when we get to LA.
[sighs] There's various aspects
of the music industry
that you're probably not
aware of like power lunches,
- What's pay-to-play?
- Pay-for-play is sort of a thing where it's like,
I do somethin' for you,
you do somethin' for me.
But what do you mean
I have to pay to play?
It's sort of like,
one hand washes the other.
Not to mention
handling backstage.
The groupies,
talkative groupies,
which you don't
really want backstage
so you need the manager
to push the talkative groupies
- out of there...
- Wrangling.
So that you get
the sexual groupies.
- Sexual groupies.
- You'll have male and female groupies.
- Oh.
- Yes.
Is this from
personal experience?
Yes. Greek groupies,
groupies from Osaka.
- Groupies from...
- Osaka groupies?
This needs to be
handled by a manager.
The thing about it is,
you know, I would do it,
but I don't need that kinda
stress in my life, Paul.
- I don't need it!
- I know.
- No, really, look at me.
- No, you don't.
- I'm a wreck.
- Yeah, you're just holdin' on.
I can feel it.
We need a fuckin' van.
You don't need a van, Paul.
I need a van, Rodney,
for the gear and stuff.
Vanny-van van.
No, no, no, no.
You don't need a van, Paul.
What you need is a limo.
I need the van for gear. I gotta
stuff all the gear in there.
Fuck your gear!
You don't need...
A limo is class,
a van is trash.
Where am I gonna get
a fuckin' limo?
As I said...
I would like to
introduce to you,
ladies and not-so-much
[Rodney laughing]
You can put
all your gear up here.
Your SVT cabinets, your Marshall
half stacks, your drums.
I don't have to tell you
what this area is for, do I?
Do you know?
It's probably gonna be
a rough ride for you guys.
You're gonna have to crash
on people's floors and...
eat 99 cent tacos every day,
but you could do that.
We used to be
just like you guys.
Just playin' local gigs,
fuckin' honkytonks
and beer gardens and...
crappy little keg parties.
Nobody fuckin' gave a shit.
It was fucking depressing.
We wanted to get outta here,
too, you know, but...
- You know...
- 1991's gonna be our year, man.
This is gonna be the year
we all break-out.
[punk rock music plays]
[lyrics indistinct]
[crowd cheering]
Y'all heard about
the new world order?
[crowd yelling]
Yeah, I say, fuck that shit!
Who's gonna pay
to tell us it's 1990?
I wanna see you
in the fucking pit!
Let's go!
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
...hate you
I fuckin' hate you
Can't find a way to
I fuckin' hate you
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
...hate you
I fuckin' hate you
...hate you
I fuckin' hate you
[lyrics indistinct]
[lyrics indistinct]
...doesn't hate you
I fuckin' hate you
[lyrics indistinct]
And what we will do
...hate you
We'll beat our way through
[lyrics indistinct]
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
...hate you
I fuckin' hate you
I'll find a way to
I fuckin' hate you
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
I hate you, I hate you
I fuckin' hate you
...hate you
I'll find a way to
I fuckin' hate you
[lyrics indistinct]
...hate you
I just wanna hate you
...hate you
Do I wanna hate you?
Still a way to
Dealin' with this hate
in the name of God
...hate you
[crowd cheering]
It's SGW!
Fuck the new world order!
[train screeching and rattling]
[alarm clock beeping]
Shit, I'm late.
Your coveralls
are in the dryer, honey.
Thanks, Mom.
Oh, I ran into Zac's dad
at the market the other day
and he said he hadn't heard
anything about you all leaving.
He said Zac was gettin' ready
to start at the plant soon.
- [Chad scoffs]
- [laughing]
[Chad] Well, that'll be a hell of
a commute from LA to the plant.
Oh, don't forget...
Don't forget, tonight's
the big party at the plant.
Zac's comin' with us.
Mr. Korchinsky's steppin' down,
so you better show up.
Yeah, thanks, Mom.
[train horn blaring]
[rock music on radio]
don't give a rat's ass
Heads up
Think fast
If you wanna see the...
forget about the past
[car horn honking]
I hear they're handin'
jobs out.
Slingin' change to pushin' pipe.
There's somethin'
in there for you.
Goddammit, son,
I'm talkin' to you.
Are you fuckin' deaf?
Oh, Craig, sorry.
You kept sayin', son.
I figure I'm not
related to that asshole,
- so, why would I answer?
- [chuckles] Uh-oh.
- You know what?
- Huh?
You're right,
I ain't your daddy.
I'm your goddamn landlord.
And you owe me
$245 in back-rent,
and if I don't get it real soon,
I'm gonna foreclose on your ass.
[dog barking]
Oops, looks like
your power just got cut.
I want my $245, Billy Boy.
If I don't get it quick,
I'm gonna have that piece of
shit towed the hell outta here.
[dogs barking]
[engine starts]
[punk rock music plays]
[man] You know, all I'm sayin'
is in the Bible it says,
"I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me."
And I'm not judgin' you,
but you need to be
a better example
to these young men
that's workin'.
You drinkin' right now,
aren't you?
Well, there's 39.
Forty, dude.
- Where?
- Over there on the ice machine.
[woman on radio] I am very, very deeply
concerned for all the people over there.
We have to be strong together because it's
our strength and our support of one another
that is gonna
get us through this.
Praise Jesus, that's true.
You know they keep sardines
in a holding tank for 48 hours
after they catch 'em
so there's no fish shit...
gets stuck in the can
once they put 'em in?
Bet a few of 'em hold
their shit longer than that.
- Oh, that's the worst.
- Wow the fuckin' worst!
Who comes up with this shit?
I mean, MC Hammer probably
doesn't support the war, right?
- [man] Larry Korchinsky?
- Yes, sir.
No, no.
I'm Sergeant Hutchinson,
United States Army.
No, no!
[President Bush] Initial reports
from General Schwarzkopf
are that our operations are
proceeding according to plan.
Our objectives are clear.
Saddam Hussein's forces
will leave Kuwait.
The legitimate government
of Kuwait
will be restored
to its rightful place
and Kuwait will
once again be free.
[soft music plays]
The Gulf Coast is only
30 minutes from here.
Deep sea fishing.
[dialogue muffled]
[man] Well, one thing
will always be... [mumbles]
[man 2] Football.
I'd like you to meet
Earl Doonan.
- Mr. Doonan, how are you?
- Very nice to meet you, sir.
- You, too,
- Thank you.
Mr. Yohagi was brought here
by VEDC to expand Frontier's...
...plastics division become
Texas' largest refinery.
- Pardon.
- [man] ...the table and is making it possible
to turn Texas crude
into American gas.
I like it, thank you, sir.
I just overheard they're phasing out
the plastics all over the plant.
We're making a leap
in refining, Albert.
It's a bold move for the plant.
I think we should
all embrace it.
Don't worry, they'll find
a place for you.
Frontier Plastics will roll up
and reopen in Japan.
Frontier, Texas... turn Texas
crude into American gasoline.
Praise Jesus
and bring on the crude.
How's your Japanese, Albert?
So, ladies and gentlemen,
a moment of silence, please,
for our brave troops
in the Middle East.
Let's go.
[muffled whispering]
[water splashing]
Ah, princess plastic.
Your dad's king
around here now, huh?
- He's not my dad.
- Dude, come on, cut it out.
What's that?
It's just some... acid.
- You ever done it?
- I took X once in Dallas,
but I just stayed in
the bathroom giggling
and staring at the light.
You're not gonna see
any light on this shit.
You're gonna think
you are the light.
- How do I do it?
- Here.
Stick out your tongue
and swallow it
once the paper turns all mushy.
A man who needs no
introduction in these parts.
One of the finest
members of our community.
A man who has given years
of loyal service,
first to our country in
World War II, then Frontier.
Old place won't be
the same without him.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Larry Korchinsky.
[crowd applauding]
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you for
mentioning my service
to my country during the war.
And for my...
for my family at...
For my family at Frontier.
When I came back to
this country in 1946,
I was a hero.
I'd fought a very real enemy...
and I'd won.
I lived.
[muffled speech] not just freedom.
[muffled speech]
Democracy is not a Sunday suit
that you put on
to wear in the parade.
It is something
that men of decency live for
and die for.
[distorted speech]
We are fightin' the war for oil.
For control!
[man] You're the American,
the instrument of control.
If control's
control is absolute,
why does control
need to control?
Control controlled by us
needs control.
[man 2] Yes.
[man 1] And what does death
need time for?
[man 2] Death needs time for
what it kills to grow in.
[rock music plays]
Take 'em out.
Wait, they've got sand in 'em,
we'll crash.
No, they don't. That's just
something they tell you
to stop me from mowing 'em over.
- Watch!
- Go, go, go, go, go.
[Kara screaming]
Let's take
a little bit of paper
Under your tongue
I'm gonna run my fingers
Through your mind
I'm gonna put our creature
[Chad] Yo, what the fuck
are you doin' man?
We're a block away
from the police station.
I think we're invisible.
None of this is real.
Now rise
[lyrics indistinct]
I can't trust
that you're my son
[lyrics indistinct]
[lyrics indistinct]
I'm gonna run my fingers
Through your mind
Gonna put...
[firecrackers crackling]
[all whooping]
- [Paul] Look at that.
- [Kara] I don't see it.
- [Paul] Fucking vortex, man.
- [Zac] Where?
- It's fuckin' right there.
- [Kara] Where?
In the middle, in the fire.
- I don't see it.
- It's there, look.
Look through the fire, man.
It's in there.
[Chad] Fuck.
You guys wanna get outta here?
Naw, man.
I'm still trippin'.
You know what?
Fuck goin' home.
- Billy.
- Yeah?
Fuck yeah, Preakness, baby.
- What's Preakness?
- It's a horse race.
Race through the house, you
have to chop through the walls.
The first one to chop clean
through to the outside wins.
You gotta go straight through.
If you hit a piece of furniture,
you gotta chop through it.
Arm yourself.
[glass shattering]
[Kara] That really happened...
That really happened.
[voice echoes]
I saw that tonight.
I saw that tonight.
[all] Yeah!
[all panting]
- You almost had Paul.
- That's two in a row for me.
I'm goin' for
the triple crown, baby!
- I'm gonna be unstoppable at Belmont.
- Yeah, man.
[no audible dialogue]
Where have you been?
I asked you a question.
Where have you been?
You were with that white trash
kid again, weren't you?
Hey, I do not like
checking your bed
and not finding you in it.
Kara, hey, stop!
Kara, stop!
- Open the fuckin' door!
- Leave me alone!
[pants] Kara...
open the door.
[man on radio]
Palomino One come in, over.
Palomino One copy, over.
[man on radio] Over to you.
Now we got two accident victims.
One 33-year-old female,
One 40-year-old female...
[monitor beeping]
Ma'am, ma'am, calm down.
Calm down ma'am,
we're here to help you.
Ma'am, it's okay.
It's okay, ma'am.
- What do we got here?
- We have a 32-year-old female
- involved in a high-speed chase.
- Somebody hold down her legs.
We need somebody
to hold down her legs.
She's unrestrained.
Got her, Paige?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Eighty over 30, 140 pulse.
Ma'am calm down,
we're here to help you.
You're in the hospital.
Somebody's gonna have to get...
We're gonna need her...
[woman groaning]
Zac, take that sheet.
We need to tie her arm to
the rail. We have to intubate.
I got nothin', y'all.
I can't see anything.
She is full of blood.
I don't have an airway.
Gimme another vital sign,
blood pressure.
- 60 over 19.
- Oh, shit.
- Relax.
- Let's shock her.
Chargin' at 200. Clear.
[woman indistinct]
No pulse.
[machine beeping]
I'm gonna call it.
Does she have family here?
There's a little girl that's in
the other room with the doctor.
We're still tryin'
to locate the father.
Jesus Christ. Sorry, folks.
Zac, you can let go, honey.
She's gone.
[Zac] "There once was
a bushy squirrel.
And in the beginning
he was really splendid.
He was fat and bunchy
as a squirrel should be.
His coat was spotted
brown and white.
He had real thread whiskers..."
I want my mommy.
[rock music plays]
So, let's think, you're pretty much
straight-up bassline, you know.
Do you think you can do it?
I don't think I can, man.
That's too bad, man.
We're gonna tour.
- Where you guys goin'?
- We're gonna go to, like, Austin...
What's wrong?
What is it?
What's up, what's goin' on?
The guys are, like, right there.
You don't care about that?
Only fuckin' Paul and Jamie.
Yeah, I think you
better take me home.
What the fuck?
Well, talk to me, I mean...
Why are you so mad?
I'm not.
Just because
you didn't get your way?
What's wrong with wantin'
to be with the girl I love?
What? When did you decide
you loved me?
We've been hanging out
a couple of months.
What do you mean you love me?
- Get out!
- What the fuck, Chad?
- Listen to me.
- Yeah, I was listening.
I heard somethin' about you
not wantin' to see me anymore.
Well, that's my interpretation,
so, I'll see you around.
- Look I...
- Yeah, bye!
[engine roaring]
[birds chirping]
[Kara] Mom.
- [Zac on phone] Hello?
- Zac, it's Kara.
I need you to look
somethin' up for me.
It's a pill.
[Zac] Spell it.
Hey, do you know
what medication this is?
it's a chemotherapy medication.
- [Zac] Who's taking this?
- My mom.
I gotta go.
Don't tell Chad I called you.
Oh, honey.
What's going on?
What's wrong with you?
- Yo Zac.
- [Zac] Yo, hey.
We lost a man from
the crew today, Steve Rankin.
I spoke to the foreman
of the crew
we're takin'
his replacement from.
Gotcha signed up
to start in three months.
Dad, what are you
talkin' about?
It's okay.
I put the $3,000 down
so you'd take
the fast-track training
and be ready for the...
Hold up, I'm on scholarship.
And even if I wasn't, the plant
would never be a backup plan.
Backup plan?
This just says
I'm on academic probation.
You know what
I love about you, Zac?
It's that when you love
something, you go after it.
Remember when I got you
that drum set?
- God, you sucked.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
Yeah, you did, but not anymore.
I was always
so impressed with that.
- It's really not that hard.
- Yeah, it is.
It took a lotta hard work
and that's admirable.
Get your grades up...
if it's important to you.
If not...
I'll save you
that spot on the crew.
- Hey, Chad.
- Hey.
Pretty soon you'll have
the whole place to yourself.
Chad, why are you
packin' right now?
You're just makin'
me really sad.
Don't worry, you got,
like, three more weeks
to try to talk me out of it.
What about Kara?
Have you thought about
taking her with you?
Yeah, well,
she's not part of the plan.
Why not?
She's stayin' here.
I love you, son,
and I'm gonna really miss you.
But I want you to know
that I'm proud of you,
and I know you're gonna be
really great out there.
Thanks, Mom.
[crickets chirping]
[woman] Hey, can you
come with me, please?
I wanna show you the next room.
And when you come back tomorrow,
I want you to pack up this room.
There are a lot of little things
that I don't want misplaced,
or lost... or broken.
- Is that Mr. Korchinsky?
- That's Larry.
It was 1942 before he
shipped out for the Pacific.
He was 18 years old.
The only one a war
ever gave me back.
[line trilling]
How 'bout that one?
That was our son, Ray.
We fly out tomorrow
to receive his body.
How old are you, son?
I'm twenty-six, sir.
Question what they tell you
about God and country.
Jesus Christ,
look at those assholes.
Lonestar Moving Company,
bringing people together.
I don't wanna
end up like that.
It's not a stretch to think
of me as one of those guys.
What are you
talking about, man?
We got the band.
You're a great guitarist.
February, escape to LA.
We'll never see
this shithole again.
You really believe that?
[engine rumbling]
[soft rock music plays]
Shot so close
Got shot so close
Got shot so close
[lyrics indistinct]
Got shot so close...
[window taps]
Nobody saw me.
Just go, come on.
[birds chirping]
[music muffled on headphones]
[dog barking]
[muffled shouting]
- I hate you!
- What'd I tell you about that shit mouth, huh?
[woman] Keep your fucking
white trash hands off!
[man] Fuck you, shut up!
[hard metal music]
Billy, stop it. Stop!
He never hits me.
Billy, wait!
[phone ringing]
- Hello.
- [Zac] Good evening, Earl.
I was hoping
I'd catch you at home.
You selling something?
Because I'm not buying anything.
[man on phone]
No, no, no, no, I'm not tryin'
to sell you anything, Earl.
I work at the plant with you.
- Is that so?
- Yup.
And I'm also your neighbor.
And I like to go around the
neighborhood meetin' folks, you know.
Hey, look, I am really busy.
Now, bear with me here, Earl,
'cause I'm comin' to a point.
I'm curious if you could
tell me why the plant manager
thinks it's okay
to fuck his daughter.
Still with me, Earl?
- You're there.
- Who is it?
[Zac] I can hear you breathing.
I'll be right there.
There's an emergency...
I have... [muttering]
I have to go.
[phone beeping]
[ambulance siren blaring]
[man] Your mother's
blood pressure is very low.
With the morphine
it's getting lower.
We're givin' her somethin'
to counteract that...
She's gonna have to stay here
overnight, at least.
Under observation.
Hey, is everything all right?
Yeah, I think so.
She's not in any pain...
or anything.
[Kara weeping]
I need her.
She can't leave me
like this alone.
I don't wanna get fucked up
with you guys anymore.
I just want her to be okay.
Hey, come with me.
I wanna show you something,
I don't think
I should leave her.
Well, she's asleep.
They have her sedated.
She won't be up for a while.
Come on.
[train horn blaring]
You hangin' in there?
Where are you taking me?
This is a little spot
Paul and I used to hang out
when we were kids.
We actually smoked our first
cigarette down here.
How long have you known Paul?
So is he your best friend?
Best friend?
Come on, we're in a band.
We're brothers.
[paint can spraying]
I'm not gonna have anyone
when you guys leave.
You could leave, too.
You could leave
anytime you want.
What's wrong with you guys?
Always fighting
so hard to get away.
All you want is to belong.
Belong to what?
Something made you
wanna go to college.
Yeah, I got a scholarship.
'Cause my dad wanted me
to work at the plant
as soon as
I got outta high school.
This scholarship saved my ass.
But you like working there.
I do.
Just don't see
anything ahead of me.
Just try to imagine myself
in LA or a hospital.
I see nothing.
Just more uncertainty.
[fireworks exploding]
This is what
I wanted to show you.
Point it that way.
[Kara gasping]
- [firecracker exploding]
- [Kara screaming]
- [Zac whooping]
- [Kara laughing]
[Kara and Zac shouting]
[Kara] Where'd it go?
[laughs and screams]
[Zac shouting]
[Kara laughing]
Why are you so nice to me?
[car brakes squeaking]
Hook it up,
I gotta grab some shit.
[coffee trickling]
Cops are lookin' for you. You
almost killed Craig last night.
Well, it looks like I'm behind the
eight ball on the drink count.
[muffled shouting]
This isn't a family.
He hasn't worked in four years.
He sits on his lazy ass and
collects a check every month.
That check pays my bills!
So all his bullshit for that?
Let's go.
Only take two,
we're recording tomorrow.
[chuckles] Fuck that.
Take five,
there's a war tomorrow.
Fuck it, take it all.
There is no tomorrow.
You took the rest
of the fucking acid!
[Paul] What the fuck
is wrong with you?
- Hey, look out, man!
- [horn honking]
What are ya doing out there?
Don't you know what time it is?
[Paul] Oh, no, ma'am.
Somebody ran across the road.
[car engine stalling]
Can I use your phone
actually to call for help?
[breathing heavily]
[Paul] Somebody ran
across the road, ma'am.
I could call somebody for help
so they can pull us out.
I don't think you're telling
me the truth, young man.
In fact, I think
you've been drinking.
I'm going inside
and calling the police.
You may know my father,
He's been a plant foreman
at Frontier.
[Chad] I can't believe
you ate all that.
You must be melting.
...'til he retired.
- Oh, are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm gonna check
under the hood.
It was just some
maniac out there.
Definitely feelin' it now.
Hey, man, what's up there?
What the fuck are you doing?
No, no, no, man,
not a good idea. Dude, stop.
Hey, not a good idea, man.
[President Bush]
I have complete confidence
in the ability of
the public support system,
swiftly and decisively,
to accomplish their mission.
Tonight this coalition of
countries seeks to do that
which is right and just.
Look at them wave,
oh, so proudly.
[Billy breathing heavily]
Billy, come on,
get the fuck out here, man.
It's fuckin' beautiful.
[President Bush]
God bless...
You see that shit?
Billy, stop fuckin' around, man.
- We gotta go.
- It's so fucking beautiful.
[window shattering]
Come on in, guys.
Pull up a seat.
[muffled speech]
Right, Chad?
- I heard something.
- [Billy] That's what you said.
That's what you said, right?
I'll call the police.
[Billy] It's okay, man.
It's all right,
just when they come for me,
tell them this is all I have.
[Chad] When who comes for you?
Don't anybody move.
Oh, look everyone.
What are you
doing in my house?
It's the plant manager.
What are you
doing in my house?
Evenin', boss.
I've come for my
$24,000 a year job.
- Stop right there.
- Billy, no, stop this.
He's not fuckin' around, man.
- He's not fuckin' around.
- Benefits!
- Let's talk about benefits.
- I mean it.
Retirement, huh?
Company credit card and I'm
gonna need a corner office.
And I'm also gonna need
to fucking kill you!
[Chad] Oh, fuck!
[Kara shrieking]
Help him!
What did you do to him?
[man on TV] But that was
then and this is now.
[police siren whirring]
Come on, son.
We just wanna talk to you.
Lemme tell you what we got.
We got two houses
that have been all tore up
on the inside and the outside.
We got Paul's car
all full of tools.
I want a lawyer.
[chair screeching]
this is the end.
We got your tools.
Now why were you at
the plant manager's house?
And it's your car we found
stuck in the ditch, right?
It's his.
Car's registered
to Paul Villarreal.
And that's your dead friend
down in our morgue, right?
A big hole in his chest.
Well, whoever he was,
he's the one... that prick's been
choppin' up houses around here.
And, so, what I'm wonderin'...
was it you choppin' up
houses with him
or was it all four of ya?
I'm gonna need to get
some kinda statement from you.
So... the crash woke me up and
I heard a door in the hallway,
and I saw Earl.
Yeah, he was in my room.
I saw him leave.
Why was he in your room?
Wake up, dipshit.
You're bein' released.
Hey, when is
Paul Villarreal getting out?
He's on the docket
for court at 8:00 a.m.
He don't look like
he's gettin' out.
Court, what for?
Destruction of
private property,
home invasion and burglary.
I don't know, no tellin'
what he was high on.
So, I'm drawin' down
on him and his buddies.
My heart's racing at this point.
I know my legal rights.
I'm half-hoping he makes a move
so I can execute those rights.
Crenshaw, Louis,
mind if we get the room?
Thank you, sir.
You did the community
a great service.
Mr. Doonan,
can you have a seat?
So, how would you describe
your relationship
with your step-daughter?
- [electric guitar strumming]
- [phone ringing]
[President Bush indistinct]
While the world waited,
Saddam sought to add
to the chemical
weapons arsenal...
[phone ringing]
...dangerous weapon of mass
destruction, a nuclear weapon.
- And while the world waited...
- [Zac] Hello?
[President Bush]
Saddam Hussein dug in.
[Zac] You watchin' the news?
It looks like a video game.
How many bombs
are they gonna drop?
[President Bush] bein'
done to the fragile economy,
- to the third world.
- Yeah, I don't know.
[President Bush] ...Eastern
Europe to the entire world...
Yes, 'til everybody's dead
and we have all the oil.
[President Bush] Exhausted
every means at our disposal.
I need to see you.
[President Bush] To bring
this crisis to a peaceful end.
Villarreal, legal visit.
How are ya, son?
The prosecution has agreed
to offer deferred adjudication
on all the charges against you.
What does that mean?
Sort of, yeah.
The prosecution has
suggested that you enlist
in the armed forces
of your choice
and serve a four-year tour.
The army?
The prosecution has suggested?
What are you talkin' about?
They can't make me
join the army.
I will make certain
that there are
no future allegations.
Are you fuckin' serious?
Yes, Paul, I'm fucking serious.
I'm as serious as the 2,100 days
you'll serve in the pen
with a group of guys
who won't have the same
ideals as you will.
Sorry, not real sure how
the army's any different.
Well, it's different
because you get a chance
to serve your country instead
of more time behind bars.
It's different because
you're alive and you're free.
It's a lot more
than what Billy got.
Paul, what's the
alternative here?
You go to prison for
six years and then what?
[man] You sign these
and you'll walk.
You're doin'
the right thing, Paul.
You're doin' the right thing.
I'm really proud of you, son.
[soft guitar music]
These are the 28 seeds
that we sow
[man] Before the services, I spoke
to this young man's mother.
She tells me
that she cannot recall
if he ever made the public
decision for Christ.
So I bereaved in my own way,
just as you
who know him so well.
Hey, who hired you anyway?
Pleasant? Craig?
Shit, come on.
He died without your
God to comfort him.
Fuck you all.
[man] Men are weak.
I'm here to ensure
that you grow strong.
I will not be the source
for your strength.
I will be a source
of tribulation and order
so you can provide
your own damn strength.
Do you understand me?!
- [Paul] Report from the war.
- You know what?!
Everybody get on the ground!
Get on the ground, push!
[Paul] What can I say?
We really fucked it up.
[gun blasting]
I'm a machine, Chad.
I'm an agent of control
just like you said.
I ship out to Iraq tomorrow.
They anticipate us to be
deployed 12 to 18 months
or until they no longer
find it profitable.
Who's in here with us?
It's just me and Zac, mom.
You're my baby.
[soft mumbling]
[Paul] Zac wrote me.
He says you guys
still haven't talked.
But he sees you around.
Why are you still there
in Victoria?
Happiness shone down below
[Paul] Go to California, Chad.
Go anywhere.
Some natural disasters
some manmade, you know
[Paul] Just get outta there,
for all of us.
Is it really
the end of the world?
Is it really
the end of the world?
Is it really
the end of the world?
Where I hold so?
[soft rock music]
Hearts so blessed tonight
I won't sleep
an inch tonight
...painting on the
pillows you sleep tonight
[lyrics indistinct]
Every time I stop...
I say, hey
Whatever happened
to all the...
You used to wear
in your hair?
Be on your best behavior
As you sit waitin'
for your saviors
Then whatever happened
to all those A-bombs?
Where've all
your ravens gone?
Where've all
those ravens gone?
Yeah, where have all
those ravens gone?
[lyrics indistinct]
Sure it happens all the time
[lyrics indistinct]
Where've all
those ravens gone?
Where've all
those ravens gone?
- Where
- Where've all the ravens gone?
[lyrics indistinct]
That's where all
the ravens gone
[lyrics indistinct]
Be on
your best behavior...
Wanna see us
[lyrics indistinct]
Happens all the time
[lyrics indistinct]
Where've all
those ravens gone?
Where've all
those ravens gone?
Where've all
those ravens gone?