An Amish Murder (2013) Movie Script

Mona, I'm on upper county.
Stutz's cows are in the road again.
Yeah, I'm gonna set flares.
...and go get 'em.
Should I log that?
No, I'll log it.
Stutz house...
It's logged.
Come on now, cow, get out of the road.
Hey, Mona.
Uh, Mona, I got a shoe here.
A shoe?
Yeah, like, a girl's shoe.
Should I bring it in?
A shoe?
Hang on a second.
Is someone there?
Uh, Mona? Mona.
I can hear you.
I got a...
I got a... I got a
woman on the ground here.
Has there been a wreck?
No, no, no, she's, uh...
Oh... Ugh.
Uh, she's, uh...
She's dead.
Hey, Mona.
Are you sure?
Who's at the scene?
Oh, no. Is he alone?
Is he all right?
No, no. I'll be right there.
I got to say...
...didn't expect to be
dealing with a homicide. first week here.
This happen often? No.
First homicide here
since I was a teenager.
Thought you were from Cleveland.
Cleveland pd. I grew up here.
Is your family still here?
Yeah, they're around.
You see them?
Oh, I see them all the time.
They don't see me much.
You all right, T.J...?
Thanks, chief.
Where's skid?
Uh, went to get the
owner there, Mr. Stutz.
All right, let's set some perimeters.
And anything within 100
yards that didn't grow here...
I want it marked and bagged.
- You mean by me?
- Yeah, T.J...
I'll help you in a minute.
- Oh, hey, chief.
I think it's safe to say
we have a homicide here.
She's amish.
Are you sure about that?
No nail Polish, visible piercings... makeup, no hair dye...
...and that dress is amish.
Hey, chief!
Where is she? Is she English?
We don't know yet.
Did you see or hear anything
out of the ordinary last night?
Uh, it would be better.
...if you could ask me the questions.
Please, I cannot speak to her.
Mr. Stutz, you don't have
to speak to Kate burkholder...
...but you do have to speak
to the chief of police...
...and that happens to be me.
You can do that here...
...or you can do it at the station.
It's your choice.
I did not see anything.
Any strange vehicles on the road?
Did you hear anything?
I was asleep. I go to bed at 9:00.
May I go?
- Yes.
But we may need to speak to you again.
If you leave town...
...tell bishop troyers how to reach you.
I'm not going anywhere.
Please, take her off my land. Chief.
We're gonna have a problem
plastering for marks.
...until this snow melts.
Hey! Chief!
I think you ought to see this.
There it is.
It's him.
That's impossible.
I don't know about impossible...
...but it's so damned unlikely.
You okay?
Yeah, fine.
What is that?
- We had a serial killer
around here years ago.
He killed five young
women back in the '90s.
And then he just stopped.
- We thought maybe he
died or just left or...
We called him slaughterhouse.
And that was his signature:
Roman numerals, just like that.
All of them amish?
This would be the first.
- If it was him, there would be a...
Was that... Postmortem?
- So see, she was hung upside down...
...then bled to death.
And see that?
That's the blood track
residue right there.
Skid, go to bishop troyers.
...and ask him if he knows
of an amish girl 18 to 21
who's gone missing.
You got it, chief.
- Chief burkholder, is it
true they found a body...
...not now, I'm afraid.
Hey, who called?
The paper's called 11 times.
Uh, channel 8 news...
- Already?
- Well, they monitor
the police radio, right?
So T.J... Mentions the
word "slaughterhouse"
...on the air when calling in the apb.
I know!
That got some attention.
Uh, the mayor called.
- Wonderful.
- Yeah, it gets better.
He's on his way over.
- Right.
- Well, you know how it is.
Half the town's heard already.
Other half will know by noon.
Thank you.
- That farmer, chief, why
didn't he speak to you?
I'm under the ban.
In English?
- I left the amish
community when I was 18.
You were amish?
I was.
For real?
For real.
Thought that was sort
of a lifetime deal.
Well, usually it is.
They don't talk to you?
- Well, they try not
to be rude about it...
...but those are the rules.
When I'm working...
...eventually they'll answer a question.
Mayor alert.
Your, um, family too?
What about them?
They don't speak to you?
- Nichols, I need you to focus.
...on what we're dealing with here.
Hey, uh, you got a minute?
Yeah, come in.
Mr. Mayor.
Sure I can't make you.
...a nice herbal tea, Mr. Mayor?
Oh, I'll call you if
we need anything, Mona.
- Hi. I won't keep you.
- Okay.
I just... what's your read on this?
Do we need to bring in the state bureau?
- Mm.
Not at this point.
Why? What's your concern?
- Just concerned this is
going to be very demanding.
...on a small department with
a brand-new chief of police.
I've been here six months.
- Kate, if this is the
slaughterhouse killer again...
...they'll send us a profiler.
- I don't think that we can
assume it's slaughterhouse.
I mean, this is an amish
girl. The other girls were...
...yeah, Kate...
Kate, it's my call.
And, actually, her being amish.
...makes this particularly sensitive.
I think we could benefit from...
...auggie, I have led seven
homicide investigations.
And you know what?
All seven guys are now
sitting in youngstown.
Do you not want a profiler?
It won't come out of your budget.
You already called bci.
Yeah, yeah...
- Yeah.
And they're sending over a profiler.
It's still your case.
Oh, come on, don't look
at me like that, Kate.
He's supposed to be very good.
Course he is.
Jay, you haven't answered the question.
What's your point?
- Why me, and why now?
- Why'd I give you an assignment?
You're still on active duty.
That four-month bender you've been on.
...doesn't entitle you...
- whoa, whoa, now. Hold on, now.
I think a four-month
bender entitles me to, uh...
- John, work the case,
or I'm suspending you.
It's up to you.
Any questions?
Eh, just one.
Why are you always such a jerk?
Right here, chief.
Do a nationwide check:
All deaths by exsanguination.
- Plus anything with Roman numerals.
I figure we're looking for
murders six through ten.
- Exactly. And, Mona?
That's me.
- Send T.J... Down to the
county clerk's office.
- Sure. What do you need?
I want a list.
...of all abandoned
properties in the county.
- Well, that girl wasn't
killed in the field.
It had to be somewhere remote.
And we'll search them
all as crime scenes.
Okay, boss.
Oh, do you want your messages?
Anything important?
Mayor wants a progress report.
Course he does.
- Hey, you know a storm's coming in.
Hi, Sarah.
I need to see Jacob.
Your sister is here.
That cabinet, did you make it?
It's beautiful.
Why you've come here?
There's been a murder.
You're here as a policeman?
All right, then.
An amish girl.
You know this for sure?
We'll know soon enough...
...but, um...
Jacob, she was bled to death.
I need to talk to you about Daniel Lapp.
What is it you want to know?
- I need to know that he's dead.
- And you come to me for this?
- If he is alive, he is killing again.
And if not, someone is copying him.
Jacob, I need to know
what happened that night.
You know what happened.
Dad took him in the buggy.
And you went with him?
The old grain mill.
Was he dead?
Must have been.
All that blood.
Did dad bury him?
Couldn't see.
I was outside. Dad took him inside.
- Wait. So you don't know if he's dead?
- Kate, I swore to dad I
would never speak of this...
...and you did too.
- Come with me to the old mill.
I need to be sure, Jacob.
You mean dig him up?
Are you listening to yourself?
You want to know about Daniel Lapp...
...go talk to Lucas Holtz.
He managed the Lapp farm for years.
Give you a reason. apologize for leaving without a word.
The man you were gonna marry.
- That's it? That's
all you have to say?
It was a dark and ugly thing.
We all felt pain from that time.
I know that.
You smiled at Daniel Lapp.
...for months when he
worked for mom and dad.
I saw you.
I know what I did.
And I know what he did to me.
- How can you be sure
that Lapp is this man...
...this... This slaughterhouse?
I'm not.
But after he was gone,
the killing stopped.
I've made my peace with this.
If I go to hell for what
I did all those years ago... be it.
I obeyed my father.
- Jacob, I have kept
my silence for 17 years.
I kept my word to mom and dad too.
If we go to hell... won't be for what we did.
It'll be for not stopping an
evil man from killing again.
This is a bad idea.
The mill's been shut down for years.
We have to do this, Jacob.
- Our job on this earth
is to forgive, Katie.
Forgive even murder...
...even worse.
What is it?
- That rise. You see it?
What are you doing?
I'm gonna dig.
It's a dog.
I'm done with this.
- Jacob.
No, I'm finished.
I shouldn't have come here.
I shouldn't even be speaking with you.
Hey, boys.
You hungry?
Hello, Lucas.
Thought that was you.
I saw you a few weeks ago.
...on birch road.
- Oh.
I saw you too.
I, um...
Wasn't sure you'd recognize me.
Your face...
Is the same.
So why are you here?
What do you want?
- I need to ask you about Daniel Lapp.
After 17 years of silence...
Daniel Lapp.
What do you want to know?
- Has anyone heard from
him since he disappeared?
I know you're angry with me.
I think you should leave.
If it's any comfort...
I lived with what I did every day.
Oh, that's interesting.
I lived with it too.
I still do.
- I don't expect you to understand...
...but I, um, lost a lot too.
I know what you lost:
Your family, your future...
Our future.
- You have every right to hate me.
I don't hate anyone.
It's not our way.
Or have you forgotten that too?
I haven't forgotten anything.
I'm investigating a murder.
- The girl they found yesterday?
- Yeah.
- What does Daniel Lapp
have to do with that?
I don't know.
Has anyone heard from him?
If I tell you, you'll leave?
If that's what you want.
I think it would be best.
I don't have any room for
you in my life anymore.
I'm married.
I know.
I have children.
- I know. I saw them.
They're beautiful.
No one's heard from him...
...not in all these years.
Left without a word.
It happens more than we'd wish.
Do we know the age?
- Can you give us a statement, please?
Do we have any suspects?
Morning, chief.
Oh, and, um...
...there's someone in your office.
Can I help you?
- Well, I don't know. Can you?
You are?
- Tomasetti, bci.
You rang.
- You ordinarily make yourself at home. other people's offices?
Thank you.
- Mm.
Well, I don't ordinarily
do a damn thing...
...but if you want to
review your case with me...
I can offer you the benefits
of my dazzling insights.
Why don't you have a seat...
- How about you call
me chief burkholder?
- Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, chief.
Hey, Kate.
Sheriff, hey.
- Bci?
- Yeah.
Nate detrick.
- Yeah, tomasetti. We've met.
- Oh, yeah? Where?
- Last summer at your swearing in.
- Oh, right.
- Yeah, great speech.
War stories.
- Yeah, he was a state
trooper in Alaska.
Hey, tell me.
That thing you said, is it true?
You actually killed a bear?
- Well...
I mean, it was in the line of duty.
It was either him or me, so...
Didn't want to get shot... shouldn't have come
down to the station.
- Oh, yeah, yeah. Right, right.
That's the line I remember...
...station... with you.
That's funny.
- Um, Kate, um...
Did the mayor call?
This morning?
Yeah, three times.
Is that why you're here?
- No, no.
I mean, I was... I was
gonna drop by anyway.
- He wants your office to
take over the investigation?
No, no, no.
I-I set him straight on that.
Um, I just wanted to let you know
...that if you need the county
to do anything for you... some legwork, just,
you know, let me know.
I'm there for you.
- Okay, Nate.
I appreciate that.
You got it.
Is there a file ready?
Of course there are.
You can get Mona to
make some copies for you.
- Auggie.
- Morning, sheriff.
- Um...
- You got a minute?
- Um, auggie, this is
John tomasetti, bci.
- Ah!
- The mayor.
- Glad you're here.
- Thanks.
So, Kate, uh...
...the town council would like.
...all public statements.
...on this situation we're having. be cleared through them.
Seriously? Why?
- Well, they feel that
it's taken a long time. develop the tourism here...
- Tourism? That's their concern?
They're not more concerned
about catching the...
- Kate, all public statements
will be cleared through them.
...until further notice.
Now, if you have an issue with this...
I certainly do have an issue.
- Kate, your attitude,
it's not helping.
Okay? It's not helping here.
Now, you were hired.
...because of your special sensitivity. the dual nature of our community.
We value our amish citizens.
...and not just because of
the revenue they bring us.
But we did not think for a moment...
- what, that I would have
anything important to do?
- Oh, Kate, that is nonsense.
- Really, auggie?
- Yes, you are being...
- whoa, whoa, auggie.
Auggie, let's go grab a
cup of coffee, my friend.
I'm buying.
I'm sure Kate understands the situation.
...a little better than we do.
Come on.
Come on.
- Very good to meet you.
- Yeah.
No, that was great.
There's no smoking in here.
Bad night?
These are the cold cases.
They all like this?
Yeah, just like that.
You feel like helping, put that out.
- Yup, she put up a hell of a fight.
From the ligature marks
on her wrists and ankles...
...she may even have
broken free a few times.
- How long you think he
might have had with her?
- Some of these cuts
are partially healed... I'd say...
A week at least, probably more.
I wish these people.
would be a little less reluctant
to report somebody missing.
Yeah, well, these people. to take care of their own problems.
- Look. I'm sorry. Kate,
I didn't mean it that way.
- No, it's okay. You're right.
The police didn't know.
I'd been gone for almost six months.
- Huh.
- Police are English.
- Hey, you get through the files?
Yeah, I'll give you.
...a general profile of
the guy by tomorrow.
But a couple of things
pop for me right off.
All right.
There's no DNA anywhere... fluids, hair, or
skin flakes, nothing.
Yeah, nothing here either.
Right, so he's either.
...the luckiest serial
killer on record, or...
- He scrubbed down the body postmortem.
- The question is,
why'd he start up again?
You know, there's five
dead girls in the '90s.
He stops. Now he's back.
What's got him going?
Any thoughts, Kate?
He's a copycat.
- No, no, the Roman numeral thing...
I mean, that was never made public.
- Yeah, that could have been leaked.
Dozens of people read that case file.
- That file was sitting
in an unlocked cabinet.
...for 17 years.
You can't tell me...
- Chief?
- Hey.
Did skid get to the bishop?
Yeah, um...
Ezra and Bonnie ausberger.
I know who they are.
They got a teenage daughter.
who's been missing a
little over two weeks.
Hello, ezra, Bonnie.
- When was the last time
they saw their daughter?
- When was the last time
you saw your daughter?
Two weeks ago, Sunday.
She said she was going to
her work after services.
She worked on the sabbath?
- She worked on the sabbath?
She takes care of the babies. their mothers can
go to afternoon service.
- And she didn't show up that day?
And she didn't show...
- Why didn't you inform
the police before now?
- Our daughter had become unruly.
We thought she had run away.
- It's not a matter for the police.
That's an amish matter.
We went to the bishop.
I understand.
We want to take.
...our daughter now.
We want to bring her home.
- I'm afraid we can't
let you take her yet.
- All right, what the hell was that?
Just what it looked like.
- Well, it looks like
they're not speaking to you.
- Because I left.
- Yeah, I'm sorry. I should
have put that together.
You're amish.
- Yes.
Well, what happened?
You want my life story?
- I'd settle for how
you ended up back here.
There was a job.
That's all I get?
- I grew up here, left at 18...
waitressed in Cleveland for a year...
...hated it...
went to school, took
the police exam, passed...
...made detective at 28.
I applied for the job here last year.
when chief mackie retired.
Are we good now?
Oh, man. I'm so glad.
Yeah, why is that?
No, it's just I thought. were one of those horrible...
You know, boring...
But you're a stiff because you're amish.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Uh, bishop gave me
something to pass on to you.
He said someone slipped it
under his door this morning.
What's it say?
What's it say, Kate?
It says, uh...
"Katie burkholder knows
who the killer is. "
Someone's idea of a joke.
- I wasn't aware the amish
were into that kind of humor.
You got things to do, right?
Oh, sure.
Do you have a problem?
Yeah, something's going on...
...and you're not letting me in on it.
It's okay, 'cause whatever it is...'s not gonna stay a secret forong.
You're back.
- I'm sorry. I... Need your help.
- Someone wrote a letter
to the bishop about me.
I need to know who.
What are you asking me to do?
Go to him?
The bishop?
You know he won't talk to me.
Does this have something
to do with Daniel Lapp?
- I'm sorry. I can't tell you that.
It's important?
I would tell you if I could.
- It's not like you
to hold your tongue.
It's not.
I can't promise the bishop
will tell me anything.
But I want to know something first.
All right.
I want to know what happened.
Why did you leave?
Chief, what's your 20?
On patrol.
We got a hit from drc.
How fast can you get here?
We're at 721 Ridge road.
- On my way. Ten minutes.
I didn't want to.
Then why?
It wasn't my choice.
Then whose?
Lucas, I can't tell you.
I can't.
- An ex
-con named Wayne starkie, a rapist.
He worked the slaughterhouse in prison...
...has a thing for knives.
Go around to the back.
Key your walkie when
you get to the back door.
Mr. Starkie?
Yeah. Who is it?
Painters mill pd.
Open the door.
- No way.
- Open up.
Go away.
Mr. Starkie!
Hey, what are you doing?
- Tomasetti?
- Whoa!
Get down on the ground.
I said stay down.
- Son of a bitch!
- Stay down.
Get off of me.
- Stay down.
- Get off me.
- What? You see the blood?
There's a joint on the table.
- Oh, it's tobacco, man.
- Yeah? It looks like a joint to me.
Come on. Stand up.
- Ugh!
- Stand up. Stand up. I said...
Oh! Oh.
- Sit down.
Nichols. Nichols!
Get in here.
Hold him.
Where you been the last week?
- Here.
Can anyone back that up?
- What do I need an
alibi for? For what?
Back it up!
Okay, look.
I went hunting with my brother.
Take him in.
- What for? I just told you.
- Possession of a
firearm. You're on parole.
What'd you do, forget?
- I didn't do nothing! Come on!
- Secure the weapon.
- Come on!
- Okay, first of all, just to be clear...
...that never happens again.
- What, you wanted to
wait for him to let us in?
- You broke half a dozen laws in there...
...not to mention he's not
our guy, and you know it.
Do I?
- Dirty dishes, dirty fingernails...
...smokes, drinks, trips on his shoelaces.
What is wrong with you?
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
I just need a drink.
That's how it is right now
every time the adrenaline hits.
- Yeah, something like that.
You need a doctor?
No, just a drink.
- Why are you still on active duty?
'Cause I'm brilliant at this stuff.
Can't you tell?
I-I know I shouldn't be here.
So retire.
- Yeah, well, I, uh...
I don't do too well at home.
They took pity on me at the office.
They said I could hang there
until the new captain showed up.
But, uh, slaughterhouse showed up first... here I am.
What happened to you?
- You heard of me. I'm tomasetti.
Tomasetti, Cincinnati.
It was in all the papers.
All right, I wanted to
make a name for myself.
when I made detective... when I got my shield, I
took down Joey campanella.
Does that ring a bell?
- Yeah, okay. I remember that.
- Yeah. Godfather to half of Ohio.
He said he would get even with me...
...and I knew that he would try... I wore kevlar every day.
But he faked me out.
He didn't go after me.
He went after your family.
Yeah, my wife.
...and, um...
My kid.
They never made an arrest for that.
Get me another.
- Coming right up.
I'm sorry.
- I made sure I was first in the door.
...for about five years after that.
You know, there was
every high-speed chase...
...shootout, hostage situation.
I was there.
Trying to get yourself killed?
Something like that.
But it didn't work. I'm still here.
What's left of me.
Okay, look, I won't blame you.
...if you don't believe a word.
...that I have to say about this case...
...but I know one thing:
This is not a copycat.
Based on what?
- Everything: The Roman numerals...
...the cuts to the carotid artery.
They're all scrubbed.
I mean, a copycat would need.
...a set of instructions
with him each time.
So what does the FBI have to say?
- We've got the vcap file,
and there's not much there.
- Yeah, well, my gut says
he's been all over the country.
- Because of the gap in the numbers?
I looked. I looked. Nothing much is up.
Chief, we need you now.
- Excuse me, please. Skid.
What's going on, here?
Uh, parents. Gymnastics meet.
- Starting when?
- Don't know. Ten minutes ago?
Oh, no.
- Kate.
He's escalating.
- Tell me about it.
- Now, hold on.
He did this so he can
watch these people react.
He's here.
I know it doesn't match his M.O...
...but it's dead-on for his profile.
He's here.
Is the mayor on his way?
- Yeah, he's outside.
- Keep him there.
- What do I say to him?
- Just do it.
Skid, lock the doors. No one leaves.
Nichols, anyone within
200 yards of here...
...bring them inside, no exceptions.
And I want all number
plates within a mile of here.
Got it, chief.
- What's going on?
- He's here.
- Who?
- The killer. He's here.
Nobody leaves this place.
I want to set up a perimeter.
Nobody leaves this building.
Stay outside?
Kate! Kate!
- Auggie. Auggie.
- Please let me know.
- Auggie, please.
I need to ask you to back
off for another second.
Just stay here for one
second. We just need...
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. No, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God, Amanda. Honey.
- Auggie. Auggie, please.
We need to... You can't right now.
- Get away from me. Get away.
Get away from me!
Look what he did to my daughter.
- Auggie, no.
- Honey, no.
Oh, God.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, auggie. She's gone.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Come on. Let us do our job.
- No, no! Please, let me..., please!
- There are no more details
provided at this time.
We are waiting for a statement.
- I want to know why we're
being treated like criminals.
Please, just bear with us.
You'll get to go home as soon
as everyone's been processed.
- I realize this isn't what
you people want to do right now.
Just hang in there.
- Your killer isn't here.
You know as well as I
do the killer's amish.
- Every one of them
knows how to butcher.
They slaughter animals
in their backyard.
- Mr. waring, I need you to calm down.
Well, they do.
No, sir, they don't.
FBI's on line two...
...returning your call.
Great. Give me a sec.
- All right, I'll handle the natives.
Look, I'll get you out of
here just as soon as possible.
- Okay, I need everything you've got:
Postmortem, carved numerals...
...any woman killed by exsanguination.
No, anywhere, any state.
Wait. You're just doing it now?
I called you two days ago.
Yes! Now.
Yeah, not sure you'd win.
...a popularity contest right now.
I am aware.
- So why does someone in this town.
...think you know who the killer is?
- Who wrote the letter to the bishop?
This is what you want to talk about?
It's gossip, John.
The amish curse:
No televisions, no radio... they gossip.
They send letters to the bishop.
That's what they do.
That's your answer?
Yeah, that's my answer.
- You know, it might not be smart. underestimate me, Kate.
I don't underestimate anyone.
That national search.
...for the slaughterhouse killer continues.
Police are releasing no information.
Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you.
No, it's all right.
What are you doing here?
I've been to see your brother.
He told me...
About Lapp.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
He what... He what?
What Lapp did to you, Katie.
Why didn't you come to me?
Why didn't you tell me?
I have wanted to, Lucas.
I'm so sorry I didn't.
I would have stood by you.
You went through this all alone.
I would have done
anything for you, Katie.
I know that.
But you know what? I'm all right now.
It's done.
It isn't, Katie.
You have to go see your brother.
The bishop...
...he doesn't know who wrote the letter.
You went to the bishop?
As you asked.
He said whoever did...
...they didn't come by car or buggy.
I figured they must have
come through his back fields.
There were tracks.
I followed them to your brother's farm.
That's not possible.
- You asked me to help you, Katie.
I'll be right back.
You missed me.
What is it?
What happened?
- Did you write the bishop about me?
- You wrote the bishop a letter.
...about me and Daniel Lapp.
What are you talking about?
Don't lie to me, Jacob.
We know it came from you.
Lie to you?
This is my business.
I'm finished.
All this silence, it never ends.
This is how you want to live?
I wrote the bishop.
How else can this end?
I look at you.
I see this thing...
...this terrible thing...
...eating at you each day.
You don't see what it's doing to him.
It tortures him.
- Tortures him? How?
- Because he knows it's torturing you.
How would he know?
He barely looks at me.
What do you expect him to do?
You're under the ban.
You think he has no feelings... love for his sister?
He looks for you every morning.
You don't know that?
Every morning.
Is that true?
I remembered...
when I was speaking with Sarah...
When dad came home
that night, he told mom...
"I put him in the deepest place...
...a place no one will ever find him. "
Maybe that will help.
I don't know.
You know, I remember
now why I chose you.
- I wasn't wrong.
- Shh.
No, I was just...
Katie, for once...
...just... Shush.
You're English now.
Looking for something?
Hey, yeah, um...
I got a tip on an illegal dumping site.
I thought I would check it out.
Right. Yeah.
How about I profile you.
...just for the fun of it?
You ready?
Not particularly.
Yeah? Too bad.
You left the amish
community when you were 18.
Something happened...
...something your family
couldn't deal with...
I mean, something you
couldn't deal with... you bolted.
Am I right so far?
So what's in that hole there?
Or should I say who?
Daniel Lapp.
Who's that?
A man who hurt me.
And who put him there?
My father.
- Right. So he killed him. Why?
No, he, um...
He didn't kill him.
Who did?
I did.
Oh, Kate.
He raped me.
Why'd you come here tonight?
- To make sure that he was dead.
You didn't know?
I thought he was our killer.
That's why.
Oh, God.
Tell me.
- He, um...
He worked on our farm for years.
I killed a man.
In self-defense.
- And now it's all gonna come out.
Do you know what that's
gonna do to my family?
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
I'm on your side, remember?
I mean, somebody's got to be.
Kate, you can trust me.
You'll have to figure that
out on your own, I guess.
That's nice.
Thank you.
You made it?
Yeah, uh...
When I miss my family, I quilt.
- You made the one in the
living room too, right?
Yeah, and a few more upstairs.
- Well, you must miss
your family a lot.
Well, I don't have a whole
lot left from my childhood.
Actually, I don't have anything.
After I left, that was pretty much it.
You know, when my mom died...
I didn't even get to go see her.
I got a call while I was on stakeout:
"She's gone. "
What'd you do?
What to do?
Sat crying half the night.
And then I went and made my bust.
I'm a cop, so...
Did you just kiss me?
Damn. I-I think I did.
- Just, uh...
Just checking.
How'd it go?
Yeah, it was okay.
Yeah, well, I'm, uh...
I'm a little rusty.
It's all right. Me too.
I should go.
Are you sure?
You're not sure. All right.
I-I'll see you tomorrow.
- In painters mill, Ohio,
two bodies have been found...
...the first, a teen from
the amish community.
We go now to sue in painters mill.
I have confirmation now...
...sources close to the
investigation confirm...
Get me a list.
...of all the moving
companies in the state...
...and give me the names of their clients.
who left this area.
within six months of
the killings in '95.
- Okay, and cross -check it
with a list of people.
who've moved back to the area recently?
Hey, Kate.
- Hey, Nate. What's up?
- I'm really sorry I
have to give this to you.
What is it?
- I tried to speak with the mayor...
...but he's just...
Out of his mind with grief.
I have to escort you out.
What happened?
I've, um...
Been fired.
- Well, then somebody's
not thinking right.
- Uh, Mona, you and T.J...
Have some work to do.
I suggest you go and do it.
- I can give you a couple of minutes. gather your things
from your desk, but...
- What do they think I'm gonna do...
...vandalize the place?
So who's going to run the investigation?
Well, for now, I will.
- Well, let me know if there's
anything I can do to help.
- I really appreciate that, Kate.
Hey, look, I'll speak to the council.
within a week or two.
Of course, I can't make any promises.
But I'll try to get you reinstated.
And... And listen. I
hate to ask you this.
But just bring the car back tomorrow...
...if you don't mind.
Right. Yeah.
- Please tell me you
didn't do this to me.
- Oh, Kate. No.
- You told no one anything
that I told you last night?
Come on. I swear.
Auggie Brock has lost
it completely and...
- Hey, I'm gonna stay
here until it's done.
And when the...
...the dust settles...
...they're gonna come to their senses.
No, they won't.
And you know it.
- Well, at least I know
I'm not leaving here.
...until... You're okay.
Come here.
You can come closer.
What are you looking at?
- I'm trying to picture
you as an amish girl.
Is that so difficult?
You're a little, um...
Assertive for an amish girl?
Yeah, that's a good word.
I was gonna say pushy.
Well, I never said I was perfect, so...
You're a hell of a cop.
Thank you.
- That's about as good as
I get with the compliments.
I'm probably gonna screw this up.
Me too.
You awake?
I've been thinking...
About our guy...
And how he would have done it... he would have gotten
those girls to come with him.
Okay, I'm listening.
- Well, he had to be
driving in broad daylight.
- Mm-hmm.
- He sees a girl. He
rolls down his window.
And she's not scared.
- Which you'd expect
after the first murder.
- Exactly, the mayor's daughter.
...should have gone running for the hills.
But she didn't.
- So it's got to be
someone they both knew.
Or trusted.
- Someone they both felt safe with.
- Yeah, or because of their position... a fireman or a minister or a cop.
I mean, let's not forget...
...he's got a real good
handle on forensics.
One of my guys?
- You know, just a cop in the area... know, or maybe a
doctor who grew up here.
...and is comfortable with
the amish community.
Are you expecting someone?
Hey, chief, you there?
- Hey.
- Sorry to bother you.
I just wanted to, uh...
Can I come in?
- Yeah.
What's up?
- Uh, we made an arrest.
- Who?
- An amish man.
Samuel hershberger.
Samuel hershberger?
That's not right.
We got a pile of evidence.
We got clothing from the
victims found in his barn.
...and blood from the victims on his floor.
You don't buy it.
No, I know Samuel.
We grew up together.
When we were kids, he used
to hand-tame wild birds.
I saw him bottle-feed
a litter of kittens.
I mean, he might be a little simple...
...but there's not a cruel
bone in that man's body.
I'm telling you.
John, if there's evidence,
it's been planted.
- Hold on. Jay?
- Sorry, chief, I thought
you'd want to know.
- Jay, wait.
- Do you want me to go?
- No, you're fine.
- Yeah, who ordered this?
Where is this coming from?
Yeah, I understand, but...
I've just been ordered back to bci.
- When?
- Now.
They want me there at noon.
- Why?
- It seems like the
city council called them...
...ended my assignment...
...suspect in custody.
You know, that's not procedure. No.
Someone is working really hard here.
T.J., who brought Samuel in?
Who arrested him? Who
found the evidence?
- Uh, Nichols. It was Nichols.
Nichols was an army
ranger for 15 years, right?
- It can't be Nichols.
He just moved here.
Right. So he's a copycat.
We just ruled that out.
T.J., go to judge Rogers.
...and see if you can slow
down the arraignment.
- Got it.
- We'll be right behind you.
- Chief.
What's up?
Thought you should know.
Samuel hershberger just hung himself.
Yeah, she should be coming
up here in just a second.
Oh, here she comes. Here she comes.
- Chief burkholder.
- Chief burkholder.
- Chief burkholder.
- Here, please.
What can you tell us
about this hershberger?
Oh, my God, Kate. It
is just chaos in here.
Okay, listen, don't
say a word to anyone...
...but I need you to check
Nichols' army records.
Detective Nichols.
- I'd swear I had him
take off his shoelaces.
I mean, I'd have sworn.
I fell asleep.
- Do you know where he was stationed?
Uh, I think it was Georgia.
Yeah, Georgia.
- Okay, good. Start there.
And double-check where he grew up.
- When... when did this happen?
- 1:00, 1:15.
I couldn't have been out
more than ten minutes.
Of course you can quote me.
Just do me a favor, okay?
I mean, he's a good cop...
...and I don't want to throw
the guy under the bus.
And he's gonna retire in two months.
Shoelaces. Can you believe that?
Who else was here?
Nichols, uh...
- All right, I'm here if you need me.
Right, anytime.
You too.
Wow. Have you heard?
Yeah, it's, um...
Seems like all I have to do is leave.
...and the case gets solved.
Well, we had more than a little luck...
...both good and bad.
I wish to hell you'd have been here.
...through the whole thing, Kate.
What a mess.
So what can I do for you?
Samuel hershberger?
Nate, I don't think he
could have done this.
Why would you say that?
Because I knew him.
And he was so devout. There's no way...
Kate, how devout can a man be.
...that rapes and bleeds 12 young women?
But he didn't do it, not any of it.
That's my point.
Well, why would he hang himself?
He didn't. Someone else must have.
Kate, Kate.
Don't do this to yourself.
You're a better cop than this.
And you got some history here.
Maybe that's why you missed it.
- Nate.
- No, listen.
Listen, it's...
It's hard to accept when
it's one of your own.
I understand that.
I mean, I've got a soft
spot for your people too.
Ever since I was a kid...
...every time I would see one of them...
I couldn't help but
think, "you know what?
That just might be
the way to live life. "
They're good people, Kate.
- That's right. You
grew up in the area.
- I sure did. I was
born and raised here.
- And then you went and
spent all that time in Alaska.
...and, um... And shot a bear.
- You need to think about
this a little bit, okay?
Just clear your head. Let it go.
Go find yourself in Alaska.
...and shoot a bear or two.
- Yeah.
You know what?
I'm gonna write you one hell
of a recommendation letter.
- I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
No problem. Listen.
I wish you the best of luck, okay?
Yeah, I wish you luck too.
I got to go clear my car out, so...
No hurry.
- Mona, forget Georgia.
Bring up Alaska.
What? Why?
- Let me see every
murder by exsanguination. the last 20 years.
- No, we checked that,
Kate, Nichols and me.
There aren't any.
- Just get me an officer
from the Alaska state pd.
...on the phone.
Patch him through to my cell.
- Okay. Okay.
Kate, Kate.
There's something I need to talk to...
- Nichols, give me a sec. One sec.
- Kate, I have Alaska.
- Thanks.
Mona, I hear him fine.
Lieutenant, this is Kate burkholder...
...chief of police in painters mill, Ohio.
I'm working a homicide,
murder by exsanguination.
We checked the lists on vcap...
...and there are no entries for Alaska.
- Murder by what's that?
- Exsanguination.
And what is that?
Bled to death.
We don't use that term up here.
What do you use?
Bleeding out.
- Well, then none of our searches.
would have come up with anything.
Well, have you had any cases?
Could be as far back as the '90s.
- Bled-out homicides? We've had a few.
- Well, tell me, have any of them had.
...any sort of carved
figure on the abdomen?
Oh, I can check.
You know what?
I think I remember a case like that.
Vic had kind of an "x" cut into her.
- A young woman?
- Yeah, far as I remember.
- That's not an "x. " It's a 10.
It's a Roman numeral.
What happened to my line?
- Yes, sir. I'm trying
to get her back, sir.
Mona, have you seen Kate?
She was on a call, but...
Yes, sir, I'll get chief burkholder.
...for you right away.
Who is that?
- It's a police lieutenant from Alaska.
- Alaska?
- No, sorry, sir.
Her line is still busy.
- You know what? I'll take that.
Yeah, hi. This is John tomasetti, bci.
What's this in reference to?
What year was that?
Well, was the case ever... wasn't closed?
Where's detrick?
I don't know.
- Has anyone seen detrick or Kate?
What's going on?
- I think you were set up.
- What?
How do you know? By who?
- Had to be detrick.
Kate figured it out.
Now I can't find either one of them.
She was just outside.
Hey, hey, hey!
Can we get a statement?
- Gone. Okay.
Put out an apb on Kate's car.
- Okay.
- And find me where detrick lives.
You got it.
I know you're awake, Kate.
No sense in keeping any
secrets between us now.
Good job, by the way.
I was beginning to wonder if
anybody would figure it out.
Where are we?
So this is where you grew up?
Cozy, isn't it?
Something happen to you here?
Plenty happened here.
And I screamed and screamed,
but nobody ever came.
You think that's why I kill people?
- I don't know why you kill people.
It keeps the heart beating...
I'll tell you that.
It keeps the blood flowing.
Damn it.
Does detrick own anything else?
Apartment, farmland, anything.
Wasn't T.J... Working on a
list of abandoned properties?
Yeah... Mona, abandoned properties.
I need that list now.
- Right here.
Still printing.
- Uh, looks like 35 new ones here.
Oh, man.
What's wrong?
- We got, like, 35 properties here.
She's still printing.
We're gonna have to get as many people.
...look for them as possible.
Hold on.
Where's skid?
- Hey, skid.
- Yeah?
Yeah, he's here.
Didn't you tell me detrick grew up here?
- Yup.
- Where?
Nothing... Nothing
here owned by detrick.
Yeah, he was raised by his grandparents.
- Mother's or father's side?
- Mother's.
- Where... what's their name?
- They're dead now.
That whole property's
been abandoned for years.
One more thing:
Is there a town alarm?
There's the firehall siren...
...just that and the church bells.
- Call them all. Get everyone on it.
- Amish too?
- Of course. Everybody.
- 'Cause they have bells.
- Well, great. Get 'em ringing.
Why the Roman numerals?
Why not?
- You left Ohio in '95. Why was that?
I had a close call.
Figured it was just a matter of time.
...before I got caught.
So why Alaska?
Wanted a little more space to work.
Right, your work.
Girls six through ten, right?
Why'd you come back?
Look who's full of questions.
Stalling for time?
Who knows why I came back?
You know, that's the
mistake you people make...
...trying to put some sort
of shape on all of this...
...trying to make sense out of it...
...trying to find a meaning.
You know...
What about just some
girl in a green dress.
...or a girl in a pair of jeans.
who walks across the
street and comes into view?
It's random...
You just got to roll the dice.
It doesn't have to make sense.
Any last questions, chief?
You don't have to do this, Nate.
You're gonna get caught.
You don't think they'd
figure this out by now?
That's half the fun.
Wait till they see what I leave for 'em.
What the hell is that?
They're coming for you, Nate.
- John!
- Kate.
He's got a gun.
He's going out the back.
- Kate!
- Are you hit?
I think maybe, yeah.
- John, no. No, not now. Come here.
- Come here, John.
Come help me.
Untie me. Okay.
We're not gonna die in here.
- No.
- No.
- Get me the hell out of here, John.
- I was gonna say the same thing.
Somewhere around here.
I'm gonna take a look down here.
You're surrounded, Nate.
It's no use.
Well, what are you doing?
Detrick, freeze.
Shoot him, you're dead.
It's finished now.
Get out of here.
Hey, chief?
- Yeah?
I just got a complaint.
...about a loose cow at stutz's farm again.
Send T.J.?
That's okay. I'll go.
- Okay.
- Mona?
I think we'll cite him this time.
So I'm heading back to Columbus tonight.
And I thought maybe I could have.
...dinner with the chief before I go.
All right.