An Angel for May (2002) Movie Script

[One Long Violin Sound]
[Singing Voice Weaves Around Violin Sound]
[Airplane Propeller]
[Music Continues]
[Airplane Passes Overhead]
[Main Music Theme Starts]
[Music Continues to Play]
[Sounds of Artillery Fire]
[Music Builds]
[Gun Fire]
[Music Continues Building]
[Music Continuing to Play]
[Sounds of Action Silent in Background]
[Music Continues Playing]
[Music Begins to Die Away]
[Music Just a Single Note Behind Action]
[Indistinct Voices]
[Metal Clank]
[Child Cries]
[Music Playing]
[Creaking Wood and Broken Glass]
Is anyone there?
[Metal and Wood Scraping]
[Music Playing]
[Rat Sounds]
[Music Playing]
[Heavy Sigh]
Help me.
Is anyone there?!
If anyone's there, make a noise.
Tap on something, anything.
[Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap]
[Wooden Bang]
[Tapping Continues]
[Traffic Sounds]
[Music Playing]
[Brakes Squealing]
You better get in son.
I used to be a window cleaner and I guarantee you...
everytime, they leave the bathroom window open
And what you oughtta do, climb up
the drain pipe, and crawl through.
You'll get through easy enough.
So then you're in. Right?
Nick what you can. Right?
I usually stay the night. [Sniff]
It depends.
What about your mum and dad?
Could be dead for all I know.
I don't care.
[Phone Continues to Ring]
Piss off, alright.
Piss off.
People actually locked her up.
So anyway,
if you can't get through the window, you...
[Phone Continues Ringing]
Look at me when I'm talkin' to you.
Do you know how stupid that was?
MOM: You're not going to spoil things Tom.
We're going to Longleat as planned.
BOB: Maybe it's better if we postpone it.
MOM: We're not postponing anything.
- We're going to see the lions.
- I don't want to see the lions.
- But you always wanted to go to Longleat.
- With dad.
Not with him.
MOM: Right.
I've just about had enough of this. Say sorry.
- Say sorry to Bob!
- BOB: He doesn't have to say sorry.
- He was rude. He has to say sorry.
- Jesus, Barbara.
- TOM: Stop the car!
- What is it?
I saw a dog.
I think it's hurt.
I didn't see anything.
[Birds Chirping]
It was here.
I hope this isn't another one of your games.
Why would I lie about seeing a dog?
[Birds Chirping]
[Music Plays]
A dog collar.
Put that thing down!
It's filthy.
Let's go home.
I know I saw a dog.
Well, he must have run off.
[Music Playing]
[Car Door Slams]
[Car Door Slams]
[Car Door Slams]
[Engine Starts]
[Soccer Game Sounds]
[Kids Calling Out to Each Other as They Play]
KID: Jack!
COACH: Okay, cross it!
KID: Come on!
COACH: Shoot!
KIDS: Yeah!! [whistle blows]
What are you doing?!
Giving you the ball.
You're supposed to be our keeper.
D'you lose at bars or what?
[Whistle Blowing]
Come on, lads, you're on the same side.
We don't want him on our team anymore sir.
Well done!
KIDS: There he is.
- How many goals did you let in today?
- OTHER KIDS: I lost count.
The only reason he's on the team is because
Old Irish is having it off with his mum.
OTHER KIDS: Oh yeah!
As your mum what she has to do to get you playing center forward.
KIDS: Yeah!! [Laughing]
Oh Tom! Can I have a word?
[Music Rises]
[Car Passes]
[Music Continues to Build]
[Birds Chirping]
[Bike Skids to a Stop]
[Music Softens]
[Dog Barking]
[Music Playing]
[Birds Chirping]
[Dog Barking]
[Music Continues to Play]
[Dog Barking]
[Music Playing]
[Wind Blowing]
[Wind Rising]
[Music Continues to Play]
There you are.
Hey old boy.
I mean... girl.
Come on girl. Let's get out of the wind.
[Fire Crackling]
Where are you girl?
Tess, come on!
[Music Builds]
[Wind Blowing]
[Crow Caws]
[Crow Caws]
[Thunder in Distance]
[Bike Sounds]
[Birds Chirping]
[Bike Sounds]
[Bike stops]
Hi Evelyn.
Ohhh, you mucky little pup.
You better clean yourself up before your mother sees you.
[Door Slams]
MOM: Tom?
I fell over.
It doesn't matter.
I've um...
I've got something to tell you.
- I'll go get cleaned up.
- No, you can do that later.
This is important.
Uh, we were going to tell you...
...yesterday, after we'd come back from Longleat.
Bob and I.
[Fridge Door Opens]
You know that we like each other, a lot.
we've decided that it might be a good idea if we got married.
- What about dad?
- [Fridge Door Closes]
I've filed for divorce...
...and uh... soon as that comes through,
Bob and I'll get married.
- What if he doesn't want to get divorced?
- Forget about him, Tom.
- He's forgotten about us.
- Because you're always shouting at him.
You made him go away.
- We were always shouting at each other.
- You could have stopped.
You could have gone to... to one of those marriage people.
- It wouldn't have worked.
- How do you know?!
Trust me. I know.
Tom, please don't drink like that.
Put the carton down.
[Milk Splatters on the Floor]
Aren't you going to clean it up?
Forget about that.
I'll do it.
I said, forget about it.
I know this is hard for you.
But it'll get better.
I promise.
Better for you!
- Better for you and Bob!
- No.
Better for all of us.
I hate you.
- You don't mean that.
- Yes I do.
[Breathing Heavily]
[Video Game Music]
[Drops Game Controller]
[Dog Barking Faintly Behind Video Game Music]
[Music Starts Playing]
[Dog Continues Barking]
[Music Builds]
[Bike Sounds]
[Thunder Rumbles]
[Bike Skids to a Stop]
[Dog Barks]
[Clap of Thunder]
[Dog Barking]
[Music Playing]
[Dog Barks]
Hi ya, girl.
It's nothing to be frightened of.
It's only a thunderstorm.
What are you doing?!
[Wind Blows]
[Wind Blows and Whoosh...]
[Thunder Rumbling in Distance]
[Music Building]
[Sounds Like Water Rippling]
[Woosh... and Wind Howls]
[Water Splash]
[Wind Sucked Up]
[Music Builds]
[Chickens Clucking]
[Dog Barks]
[Chickens Cluck]
Who are you?
Where'd you come from?
Where did they lock you up?
Was the food horrible? It's always horrible in those places.
That's Tess, my dog.
She likes me.
Maybe she likes you, too.
Where are you going?
SAM: Who the bloody hell are you?
What's the doing?
[Rooster Crows]
Doing a bit of thieving?
Bloody hell. [Cry]
What are you doing?
What is that?
You must be mad [Heavy Breathing]
Let's have a look.
- Come on, let's have a look at your hand.
- Get off!
[Music Plays]
MAY: Hey!
Hey, don't go.
[Music Continues to Play]
[Sound of Airplanes Flying Overhead]
[Train Rumbling in Distance]
[Music Playing]
[Drums Beating]
[Music Continues]
[Music Builds]
[Army Trucks Passing]
[Beep, Beep...]
SOLDIER: Hey kid.
[Music Building]
MAN: Hey lad.
You're not from around here, are you?
[Footsteps Running on Pavement]
[Heavy Breathing]
[Music Dies Out]
[Birds Chirping]
Ah, no.
Where's my house?
[Footsteps Running]
Who the bloody hell are you?
He could be a spy.
We caught a spy.
[Music Starts]
MAN: Hey, you kids. What are you doing?
[Drums Beating]
[Airplane Flying Overhead]
LEAD BOY: Well...
What do we have here?
It's a spy.
And what do we do with spies, number two?
We hang them, sir.
Get the rope, number two.
[Heavy Breathing and Grunting]
- I'm not a spy!
- Listen to how he speaks.
Don't you think we should have a trial before we hang him?
This is war, number two.
We don't have time.
Search him for weapons.
Get off.
Get off!
The prisoner...
...will remain...
What is it?
Some kind of... secret German weapon, I suppose.
Give it here. I need that.
Too bad.
A grenade!
[Music Plays]
Ah, let's get him.
[Music Builds]
[Drums Beating]
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
SOLDIER: Are you behaving kids?
[Heavy Breathing]
[Music Dies Out]
[Footsteps Run Past]
KID: Not so fast!
[Music Playing]
RADIO ANNOUNCER: Is your work vital for the war effort?
If not...
[Radio Announcer Continues in the Background]
RADIO ANNOUNCER: They will tell you how to serve your country.
[Music Playing]
Come here!
[Music Building]
Somebody stop him.
Come back.
Come back!
- POLICE OFFICER: What have we got here, then?
- Nasty little thing.
- Pinching bloody clothes off me washing lines.
- You got a lotta muck thrown up on the war.
you do.
Where's your gas mask?
- I'm talking to you. Where's your gas mask?
- Don't have one.
You're a funny looking piece of work.
What road you staying at?
What'd you mean?
Are you backwards, boy?
Where are you staying?
- The farm.
- What farm?
Don't know.
You don't know where you're staying?
[Glass Breaking]
[Glass Smashing]
Come here!
[Glass Breaking]
I'll have you.
[Dog Barking]
[Music Building]
It's alright. Come on!
Through here.
[Music Plays]
[Footsteps Running]
[Heavy Breathing]
[Music Dies Away]
[Footsteps Pass By]
It's alright.
He's gone now.
[Labored Breathing]
What's wrong?
[Breathing in Puffer]
[Breathing in Puffer]
Can't you breathe?
Do it nice and slow.
That's how I had to breathe...
...after the bombs.
[Labored Breathing]
[Breathing Starts to Quiet]
[Traffic Sounds]
[Breathing Becoming Rhythmic]
Is it broken?
What does it do?
It helps me breathe.
[Labored Breathing]
It smells funny.
I know.
What's your name?
- I'm May. Let's go, Tom.
- [Music Starts]
[Low Rumble]
What's that?
Air raid.
Air raid?
- They never bomb Coledale.
- [Bombs and Sirens in The Distance]
They bomb Sheffield sometimes,
but never Coledale.
Come on.
[Air Raid Sirens Continue...]
[Low-Flying Airplanes Overhead]
Never bomb Coaldale!
[Airplanes Flying Low Overhead]
[Airplanes Flying Close]
Get back here!
[Airplane Passes Loudly Overhead]
[Loud Explosion]
[Falling Rock]
[Airplanes Flying Away]
[Airplane Flying Closely Overhead]
[Airplanes Flying Into the Distance]
They've gone.
I don't like bombs.
I don't like bombs!
- But May, it's alright now.
- [Sniff]
It's all over.
- The bombs have all gone.
- [Sobbing Continues...]
[Air Raid Sirens in the Distance]
- I've got something for you.
- [Sniffle]
It's chewing gum.
I know that!
What do you do with it?
Well... put it in your mouth...
...and you chew it.
[Music Begins...]
[Wrapper Rustling]
Chewing gum!
Where have you been?
Tom got lost.
I had to find him.
What, in the middle of a bloody air raid?
- We didn't know there was going to be an air raid.
- Well, you're in one piece. That's the main thing.
[Sheep Sounds]
- So we're back, are we?
- He has no where else to go.
Can he stay, please?
- We're friends.
- Are we now?
You hungry?
Come on.
[Birds Chirping]
So the name's Tom?
I'm talking to thee lad.
Is thee name Tom?
- Oh yeah. Tom.
- Alright, well.
I'm Sam Wheeler.
- What was thee doing on my farm this morning?
- I...
I don't know.
- Was thou stealing chickens?
- No!
I don't know how I got here.
- I shouldn't be here.
- Tom is right there.
What the hell, he might as well eat something. May!!
[Puts Plate Down]
Come on lad.
Sit thee down.
The girl...
She's got a name.
Aye, what about her?
Is she...
I mean,
- she seems a little...
- A little what?
Did they ship thee here when... when they started bombing?
That's right.
What about the mum and dad?
Are they gone?
Have you lost them, lad?
I've lost them.
Ohhh, I'm sorry, lad.
This bloody war.
Get some of that down you.
The ham...
What about it? It's my ham, is that.
tastes of pig.
What'd you expect it to taste of?
You don't want to sleep inside the house.
You can stay with me,
in the kennel.
Much nicer.
The kennel?
It's bigger than it looks inside,
and warmer.
Tess sleeps there too.
But, Tess is a dog.
You go on. I want to have a word with the lad.
His name's Tom.
[Wind Blowing]
Thou can make thyself useful,
or thou can make things a lot worse
than they are. Do you understand?
It's just that she doesn't...
...she doesn't talk to strangers.
- But she's taken a real shine to you.
- I didn't ask her to follow me.
No, I'm not saying you did.
It's just that...
...having a friend around might be the best thing for her,
as long as you don't get her into more trouble.
Now, can I rely on you?
Now then, have you ever slept in a kennel?
Uhn uhn.
Ah, well there's a first time for everything.
[Music Starts]
[Dog Whimpers]
MOM: Tom?
[Rooster Crows]
MOM: Tom?
What time is it?
MAY: Tom!
[Rooster Crows]
[Birds Chirping]
- Milking.
- [Barnyard Animal Sounds]
[Cow Moos]
[Metal Clanging]
[Milk Pouring Into Bucket]
[Cow Moos]
That's Dandelion.
She always gets in first.
That's Early Purple.
I named them all after flowers.
And that's Turnip,
'cause she's always escaping to the turnip field.
Have you ever milked a cow before?
Of course I haven't.
It's easy. I'll show you how.
What's wrong?
I'm not milking any cows.
- Why not? It's fun!
- No milkin', no breakfast.
That's the rule.
Go on, drink.
You'll need something to tide thee over, till Susan gets here.
He's cold, May.
Take him up to house. Find him something to wear.
Go on, go on. You'll be alright.
[Music Starts]
[Metal Clanging]
[Metal Clanging]
[Birds Chirping]
[Sheep Sounds]
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- [Door Opens]
[Footsteps on Wooden Stairs]
[Door Closes]
Why are you so nervous?
I'm not nervous.
[Footsteps on Wooden Stairs]
Choose your clothes. Go on.
These are girls' clothes.
[Clothes Landing on the Floor]
- What are you doing?
- Looking for boys' clothes.
Right. You've got them. Let's go.
What about these?
It don't matter. Come on.
I've gotta get washed too.
In kitchen.
- I'll wait for you outside.
- Okay.
[Door Closes]
[Music Continues]
[Fire Crackling]
[Music Dies Away]
[Milk Squirting Into Pail]
That's better.
Sit down here, and I'll show you how to do it.
...and pull.
...and pull.
[Cow Moos]
Not so hard. You'll put her in a bad mood.
Here, like this.
Don't worry about the milking.
After a few weeks, you'll be as good as me.
- But I can't stay here that long.
- Why not?
[Gate Opens]
I've got to get home.
- But this is your home now.
- [Gate Closes]
- No, it isn't.
- You said you didn't have a home.
Well I do.
Only it's...'s a long way away.
- As far as Manchester?
- Further.
But, it's like... it's nearer.
How could something be further...
- ...and nearer?
- I don't know.
- But it is.
- Shh!
[Music Starts]
[Car Engine]
[Car Engine Gets Louder]
Hi Allison.
Let me look at you.
Come and see the ducks.
[Music Continues Playing]
[High Heel Footsteps on Gravel]
[Door Closes]
[Patting Sounds]
[Frustrated Tears]
You all right lad?
I just...
- I just wanna go home.
- [Sheep Sounds]
I miss my mum.
I know thy does.
Last time I saw her...
...I told her...
I mean, I said horrible things to her.
Aye, I know how that feels.
I wishes I could go back, and undo
all the bad things that've happened.
It's not possible.
Come on. A spot of breakfast will cheer thee up,
and then thee can meet Susan and Allison.
[Door Opens]
Ah Tom, this is uh... this is Miss Higgins, Susan.
She helps us with cooking and cleaning.
Ah Susan, this is Tom.
And he's like a...
he's like an angel for May.
How do you do, Tom?
He's just a boy.
- Flesh and blood, Sam, like you and me.
- [Footsteps]
Will you come inside today, May?
Just for me?
[Wind Blows]
[Footsteps Running Away]
It doesn't matter.
Hello Allison, this is... this is Tom. Tom, this is Allison.
- Very nice to meet you, Tom.
- Others say she's lucky.
She's got her mother's looks.
- Tom's a... Tom's a friend of May's, aren't you Tom?
- Uh... yeah.
As if that poor little thing knows how to be friends with anyone.
- Where's he come from? What's he doing here?
- I don't know.
Go on, sit down.
I'm going outside.
You mind your manners, and speak when you're spoken to.
Old bag.
- Another of your waifs and strays, eh Sam?
- He's good for May. That's all I know.
May, come and have breakfast with us.
Your friend doesn't like eating alone.
We say grace in this house, young man.
Don't we, Sam?
[Music Starts]
I'd never thought I'd see the day.
Alright, I'll say grace, if thy's ready Susan.
Well, it's been a grand day so far.
Cows have performed well.
The weather's looking right for this time of year.
But best of all...
...we've got May in kitchen with us to eat...
...for the first time.
And then, there's Tom.
What a grand idea to send the lad... as a friend for May.
I just hope there's not mucking him about too much in the doing of it.
As for the rest...
...foxes Flying around in airplanes, dropping bombs...
...hundreds of thousands of people dying...
Ah, I just hope thou knows what's thou's doing, that's all.
Well, I expect he likes a bit of straight talking from time to time.
See you outside.
- I just hope she can keep this up till tomorrow, that's all.
- Why?
What happens tomorrow?
Some doctors are going to meet May.
Decide what's going to be done about her.
What do you mean?
Done about her?
[Knock at the Door]
Sam Wheeler?
What the bloody hell are you doing here, Clegg?
There's the little thief.
Might have guessed I'd find him here.
What's he talking about?
- I didn't do anything.
- [Door Opens]
There's the other one.
It's supposed to be a farm, not an asylum.
That child attacked me.
As soon as she's locked up, the better.
She's been locked up.
- What good has it done her?
- Yeah well...
- ...maybe it will do her more good this time.
- Where are you going?
- I'm taking her with me.
- Bloody not! You get him outside.
Get off my farm, Clegg!
- Don't be an idiot, will you?
- Get off my farm!
You always were a fool.
I don't know what Dorothy saw in you.
If you mention her name...
...ever again...
...I'll kill thee.
That's enough!
Both of you!
[Wind Blows]
[Barnyard Animal Sounds]
Well, I showed him, didn't I?
Do you really think so?
He'll tell them what happened.
And if you'd have any chance of keeping
her here, you've probably just lost it.
[Music Starts]
[Water Running]
[Birds Chirping]
I've made things worse.
Tom, believe me, I've seen her a lot worse than this.
Where does she come from?
They called it a home.
But it was more like a prison.
She said something about...
How she had to breathe after the bombs.
The bombs fell on the terrace and knocked it flat.
They had a list of all the people that lived there, and dug them out.
Mostly, dead, of course.
And they roped off the area, and left it at that.
Days went by and...
...then the story started up.
About a child crying at night.
There's a lot at those rambling sites.
And May was under there.
By the time they dug her up, she'd been there a week.
Her whole family died in that raid.
So they locked her up.
It was some months before I was able to go and see how she were doing.
And then you brought her here.
Dad said she didn't move for days after I left her here... or speak.
He said it was Tess who brought her out of herself.
First thing she could bring herself to love...
...until you.
I'm not even meant to be here.
Dad says maybe.
Do you really think they'll...
...that they'll...
...take her away again.
That depends...
...on how she is.
[Birds Chirping]
Push me!
May, about tomorrow...
Allison didn't mean what she said.
They'll let you stay here.
It's just...'ve got to be on your best behavior.
Like you are with me.
I'm not going.
Ahh, May!
You have to.
Think how lonely Wheeler will be up here without you.
I'll only go tomorrow...
...if you stay here.
I won't go then.
I'll only go...
...and I'll only be good...
...if you stay here.
[Swing Stops]
I'll stay here.
[Music Starts]
I think we're going to be just fine.
[Knife and Fork Clatter]
I've got a favor to ask.
What's that?
[Rain Falling]
[Footsteps Sloshing Through Mud]
[Footsteps Sloshing Through Mud]
[Door Opens]
[Music Continues Playing]
[Rooster Crows]
[Rooster Crows]
SAM: You sure you won't mind?
ALLISON: Of course I won't.
SAM: What about your mother?
ALLISON: Ma's gone, dad.
I feel guilty.
- There's nothing to feel guilty about.
- I keep telling meself that, but...
Ma would've wanted you to be happy, dad. You know that.
It's obvious you and Susan care a lot about each other.
And you can take care of May. Be like a proper family.
You've only got the one life.
Make the most of it, eh?
Tom would you like some breakfast?
Yes please.
[Footsteps on the Stairs]
[Door Opens]
She's ready.
[Music Starts]
What do you think?
May, you look beautiful.
Give us a spin.
[Engine Starting]
[Engine Roars to Life]
Best stay here, lad.
SUSAN: Sam's right, love.
Clegg's looking for any excuse to make trouble.
[Music Starts]
Well, you might as well make yourself
useful. Bring some logs in.
[Logs Falling to Floor]
[Music Softens]
[Dog Snorts]
Come on, Tom. There's lot's to do.
Go and see if them chicken's have laid any eggs, eh?
[Music Continues]
[Typewriter Sounds in the Background Marking Time Passing]
[Sound of a Car Approaching]
[Music Builds]
[Car Getting Closer]
Where is she?
What have they done to her?
[Music Playing]
She couldn't wait to get out into the fields.
I can stay, I can stay, I can stay, I can stay,
I can stay, I can stay, I can stay, I can stay...
I'm thinking of getting some more chickens.
[Whispering] What's he saying?
I can't hear.
I think he's asking her.
SAM: Come on, let's go.
[Whispering] They're coming back.
[Chairs Clattering]
Susan and I have got an announcement to make.
[Waltz Music Playing on Gramaphone Inside House]
What's that bump on your arm?
It's not nice to stare.
They didn't set it right...
...when it broke.
That's what Mr. Wheeler says.
Does it hurt?
Not anymore.
Does it look...
You'd never even notice.
May I have this dance?
Thank you Tom.
[Theme Music Starts and Waltz Music Fades Away]
[Bedding Rustling]
Come on!
I want to go home now.
I want... go...
What are you doing?
I'm trying to get back home.
You know, when you told me that...
...if I was good,
and acted normal in front of those people,
...that you'd stay?
I was lying.
I thought you were.
You're not very good at lying.
Your ears go red.
- Are they red now?
- No.
- No, they're not.
- So you know I'm telling you the truth.
Where I come from...
all this, the war and everything...
it's already happened.
It's history.
I'm not even going to be born for another 50 years.
- I don't belong here.
- How?...
How are you going to get back...
- where you belong?
- Where I come from...
...I hid inside the fireplace.
There was a storm.
And it's like... I fell through.
Just normal... dirty old bricks.
I know.
But sometimes something weird happens to them.
The bricks start to move.
It's like a door opening.
I don't know that.
But when it happens...
...I'll go.
I'll have to go.
What if it never happens again?
Then you can stay here.
- Mr. Wheeler and Susan can adopt you too!
- [Music Starts]
[Thunder Rumbles]
[Wind Blowing]
[Thunder Rumbles]
[Clap of Thunder]
Tess, get off.
[Tess Growls]
It's time.
Goodbye, May.
You'll be okay, now.
[Thunder in Distance]
[Door Opens]
So they's leaving then?
[Wind Blowing]
Funny way to travel.
She'll need that dog.
I'll make sure she comes back.
I'd be obliged.
Goodbye Mr. Wheeler.
Alright, goodbye lad.
Thank you.
But I didn't really do anything.
You did everything.
...don't forget us.
[Music Starts]
I won't.
[Door Closes]
Come on, Tess.
Let's go.
[Sound of Jet Flying Overhead]
[Wind Blowing]
Goodbye May.
[Music Starts]
[Wind Blowing]
[Car Passing]
[Police Siren]
- POLICE OFFICER: Are you Thomas Collins?
- Yeah.
[Music Dies, Phone Ringing]
POLICE OFFICER: Where were you, Tom?
Nowhere. Just around here.
POLICE OFFICER: Did someone take you away?
POLICE OFFICER: Did they make you go with them?
- POLICE OFFICER: Did anyone hurt you?
- No!
POLICE OFFICER: You can tell us the truth.
POLICE OFFICER: Nothing's going to happen to you.
I am.
- POLICE OFFICER: We're only going to help you, son.
- [Door Opens]
Hi mum.
Oh, Tom.
Oh god, thank god, Tom.
[Reporters Asking Questions]
BOB: Tom, whatever the truth is, it's alright.
You must have done something in the last three days.
Did you run away because... didn't want your mum to marry again. Is that it, Tom?
I'll tell you what really happened.
I met this dog, see?
And it pushed me back in time.
- And I met this girl called May.
- [Gate Opens]
Well, he's got a good imagination. I'll say that for him.
Well, I'll let you know when he starts making any sense.
Thank you.
[Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
I'm going to fix some dinner. What would you like?
- Ham.
- [Music Playing]
[Fridge Door Closes]
[Music Dies Away]
[Birds Chirping]
[Door Closes]
Oh, you're up early, Tom.
Do you remember someone called Sam Wheeler?
I think he had a farm around here.
Sam Wheeler?
Oh... that's a name I haven't heard for donkey's years.
- So he was real?
- Real?
Of course he was.
What's all this for, Tom?
It's uh...
It's for a school project.
What happened to the farm?
Do you remember?
- It was a terrible thing, it was.
- What was?
Well, the place was hit by a bomb.
A bomb?
It was bad luck.
- I mean, it could have landed anywhere.
- Oh my God!
Aw, Tom.
It was a long time ago.
A lot of people got killed during the war.
Do you remember a girl?
A girl who lived up on the farm.
No, I can't say as I do.
There was a woman...
...used to do his cleaning.
What was her name, now? Hang on...
Susan something.
That's right.
Susan Higgins.
She's still alive, you know?
- She lives in that home, down by the Methodist Chur...
- [Music Playing]
How did you know her name?
MOM: Tom?
Breakfast is ready.
Sorry Evelyn.
I've gotta go.
And thanks.
- Where you goin?
- Out!
- No, you're not. Get your bag. I'm taking you straight to school.
- Ah mum!
You missed enough already, and I promised
I'd get you in today. Now, off you go.
[Footsteps Upstairs]
And hurry up.
[Children Playing]
[Car Approaching]
[Car Door Closes]
MOM: Bye.
TEACHER: Tony, this is just not acceptable. What have I told you...
...about what time you've got to be in exactly?
I'm going to wait here, until you go in.
[Traffic Passing]
TEACHER: With very gentle heat...
...the sulfur melts to a yellow liquid.
This means... rings of eight sulfur atoms will have formed.
With stronger heat, the sulfur darkens, and becomes... thick.
The rings break up and form long chains.
The chains of sulfur, then, tangle up.
The chains break, into small pieces.
- Are you with us, Tom?
- [Laughter]
Can I go to the toilet, miss?
Yes, well don't take all day.
- Or three days.
- [Laughter]
[Music Starts]
[Door Opens]
Excuse me?
I'm here to see Miss Higgins.
What have you got to do with our Susan?
I think I met her once.
Miss Higgins has been in this home for twenty years.
- You've never been here before, and she's never been out.
- I want to visit her.
- Evelyn sent me.
- Evelyn? Evelyn who?
She's an old woman who lives next door.
She's too ill to get out.
So, she sent me here to see her.
It's like her...
...last dying wish.
Here she is.
Don't be long. Don't tire her. And no tricks.
Well, do you want to see her or not?!
Miss Higgins?
Who are you?
We met at Wheeler's farm.
Wheeler's farm?
- Sam Wheeler?
- I was there.
I was May's friend. Do you remember?
Flesh and blood.
A real boy!
- I want to know what happened to May.
- It's not possible.
You haven't changed, not a hair, all these years.
I thought you were an angel...
- ...come for me.
- What happened to her?
What happened to May?
[Music Starts]
After the bomb...
...Sam and Allison passed away...
...she was locked up.
I did go to see her.
Ohhh, it was sooo sad.
She was so full of drugs...
...she could barely stand.
Oh, it were a terrible place.
Poor May.
She begged me to take her away from there.
There was nothing I could do.
I couldn't help her.
- Maybe I can.
- Huh?
What's that?
The bomb...
...when did it hit Wheeler's farm?
It's so long ago.
Try to remember.
no, no.
No, I can't. I'm sorry. It's so...
It's okay.
I'd better be going.
Five days.
I were only engaged to Sam for five days.
Five short happy days.
- And he were taken from me.
- If the bomb hit...
...five days after the party...
...after I left...
...that must mean...
...that I've still got two days to get back.
You can't go back lad.
- That past is passed.
- [Music Starts]
Tess, where are you?
BOB: Shouldn't you be in school?
[Car Engine]
It's up to you, you know?
You can stop me and your mother getting
together, but... do me a favor, eh?
Just be sure about what you're doing.
Be sure you know what you want.
I'm not stopping anyone doing anything.
Let me show you something.
[Car Engine]
Don't look so worried.
I'm not going to make you go to church.
[Doors Close]
I've been doing a bit of research.
So, I went through a few local history books,
and I spoke to the vicar of this place.
He's a nice bloke. You'd like him.
But I've got to hand it to you, Tom.
Everything you said was true.
Right down to the planes dropping those bombs around here.
[Music Starts]
They're the people you were talking about... aren't they?
Well, you certainly went to a lot of trouble over this story.
I mean...
well, you could've just made something up.
I didn't make anything up!
[Heavy Sigh]
Okay, Tom.
I can't make you tell me what happened.
But I just want you to know...
...if it's a little bit hard to talk to
your mother... or to the police...
...anything you want to say to me...
But I didn't make anything up.
[Music Dies Away]
[Music Starts]
[Flashlight Clicks On/Off]
[Music Plays]
[Music Dies Away]
Come on!
[Breathing Heavily]
Mr. Wheeler!
The place is going to get hit by a bomb!
Get out while you still can!
Get out!!
[Music Starts]
[Bike Stops]
- Where did you get to last night?
- Sorry, in a hurry.
- Tom!
- Nowhere!
I heard you coming in.
I couldn't sleep... I went for a walk...
...just around the garden.
Wait a minute.
I em...
I spoke to your dad last night.
That's brilliant mum, but... can't we talk about it some other time.
Well... we've arranged to meet up tomorrow.
Down in London, we can do the sights.
I can't.
Why not?
I can't go... not tomorrow.
Yeah but Tom... Tom!
You've got to tell me what's going on
I've got football.
[Car Engine Roars]
[Car Roars By and Hits Tom]
Are you all right?
I hurt my arm.
You maniac!!
If you ever drive as fast as that
down this road again, I'm going to...
...set fire to your car. Do you understand?
[Car Screeches Off]
What are you grinning at?
Mum, get off me.
[Door Opens]
I've got to go!
[Door Closes]
- Let me take a look at your arm.
- My arm's fine!
Let me see.
[Music Starts]
That's it.
That's how it works.
[Sigh] ...What about it?
- Every time it's happened, there's been lightning.
- Look...
...I don't know what you're talking
about and I don't care!
You got what you want. Now let's just drop it.
What do you mean, I've got what I want?
I spoke to Bob earlier...
...we both agreed that we couldn't go on like this.
That you had to come first.
- ...can we be a normal family again?
- [Thunder]
What if I said you and Bob could get married?
Then can I go to the farm?!
- This isn't a game, Tom!
- I know!
So marry Bob!... he's a nice bloke. Just...
...just let me go to the farm, mum!
I could still save their lives.
Save whose lives?
I promise this will be the last time, mum. Just...
I promise this will be the last time, mum.
- ...they need me.
- Who needs you?
- What are you talking about?
- I can't explain!
[Door Slams]
...please mum. I'm not a kid anymore. Just let me go!
- No!
- [Door Slams]
I'm your mother. And this is stopping... now. Alright!!
[Music Starts]
[Footsteps on Stairs]
[Keys Rattling]
[Door Slams]
[Rattles Window Latch]
[Lightning and Thunder]
MOM: Tom!!
What are you doing?
This... thing that you've got to do... it that important to you?
[Car Engine]
[Car Engine Off]
Promise me this is safe.
I promise.
- And you'll come straight home afterwards.
- Yeah.
Trust me.
[Thunder Rumbling in Distance]
I do.
Thanks mum.
Don't forget this.
What's wrong?
The last time I had an attack...
...someone helped me through it...
...without my inhaler.
Who did?
A friend.
Well... take it just in case.
[Seatbelt Unbuckles, Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
[Music Starts]
TOM: Bye.
[Grass Rustling]
[Thunder Rumbling in the Distance]
[Wind Blowing]
What are you doing here?
[Thunder Rumbling]
You shouldn't be here.
[Thunder Rumbling]
Not out in this weather.
My dog.
This isn't your dog.
Come on girl.
- The storms passing
- [Thunder Cracks]
- No, stay Tess.
- [Music Starts]
- ROSIE: Ohhh, I've missed you so much.
- [Dog Whimpers]
Oh God!
TOM: Stay away!
Stay away from me!
I didn't mean to shout.
It's just...
...I need that dog.
I need Tess.
Do you understand?
Do you recognize me?
Do you remember me at all?
It's Tom.
Your friend.
What did they do to you?
- Poor May
- [Thunder Rumbles]
Come on, girl.
[Music Starts]
Come on, girl. Let's go.
What was the point, in bringing me back for this?
- It's too late.
- [Bark]
- Where is she, girl?
- [Bark]
Where's May?
- Go and find May.
- [Bark]
[Music Starts]
[Big Burst of Thunder and Lightning]
[People Speaking]
[Heavy Breathing]
You came back.
Mr. Wheeler's dead!
I know.
I'm sorry.
...we're both going back to where I live.
That can be your home now.
But this is my home.
Come on!
- I want to say goodbye to Allison.
- We don't have time.
I want to say goodbye to Allison!
[People Speaking]
Come on... this way.
[Door Creaks Open]
[Door Slams]
Allison... what's wrong?
- Tom, she's dying!
- [Wheezing]
- Tom, help her!
- [Coughing]
- Allison, take this.
- [Wheezing]
Take this, it'll help you.
Take this. It's okay. It's good for you.
Please, Allison.
- Take a good deep breath, and hold it in.
- [Music Starts]
- That's it. That's right.
- [Cough]
- What are you doing?
- [Coughing]
Get out!!
Both of you!
[Music Continues]
[Thunder and Lightening]
Let's go!
What's wrong?
- I can't go.
- But this is why I came back.
[Thunder and Lightening]
Please May. You don't know what your
life's going to be like... but I do!
I have to look after Allison.
- Allison isn't going to need you anymore.
- But I'm all she has, now.
- Allison's going to die, May.
- No.
- No, no no!!!
- She's going to die.
And if you don't come with me...'re going to be locked up and left alone for years and years.
- Your whole life's going to be horrible!
- Stop it. Stop it!
Come with me... to my world...
- ...and it can all be different!
- I don't belong in your world.
[Loud Clap of Thunder]
[Lightening Strikes]
- Tom!!
- [Wind Blowing]
[Distant Sound of Voices]
MOM: Hello darling...
...would you like a sip of water?
How did I get here?
I came looking for you and found you there unconscious.
Some of the old wall must have fallen on you.
I tried to explain...
...but I couldn't.
- I was too late.
- MOM: Shh... you tried.
You tried your best.
[Music Starts]
[Pen Falls to Desk]
[Wind Blowing]
[Music Continues]
- MAN: Yeah, they bloody trashed it.
- POLICE OFFICER: Alright, yeah.
MAN: Sure.
[Door Shuts]
TOM: Excuse me?
I'm looking for the old woman.
Her name's Rosie?
TOM: Hey! I saw you with her.
Rosie. Do you know where she went?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please sir!
Leave me alone!... or else...
Excuse me?
Do you know where Rosie is?
Rosie, the old bag lady. She was
in here a couple of weeks ago.
- Sorry, never heard of her.
- [Sigh]
- There is... someone who might help.
- [Bike Riding on Road]
[Music Starts]
[Bike Skids to a Stop]
[Church Bell]
[Gate Opens]
[Gate Closes]
[Church Bell Continues]
[Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
Excuse me?
A policeman said you do soup kitchens and
things for the homeless and the poor.
We try to do what we can.
Do you know someone called Rosie?
No, the name doesn't sound familiar.
She might have called herself May.
That's what she used to be called.
No, I'm sorry.
Can I ask you why you're trying to find her?
Things have happened to her that weren't her fault.
Bad things.
And she needs my help.
You think I'm stupid, don't you?
Just like everyone else.
- What's your name?
- Tom.
Well Tom...
I think it's very good that someone as young as you
should take an interest in an elderly person.
She wasn't always as old as she is now.
Keep looking for her, Tom.
Keep looking for her.
[Music Starts]
[Door Squeaks Open]
[Door Closes]
[Clippers Clipping]
I'm sorry.
I tried.
Allison didn't die until 1992.
That's not right.
[Birds Chirping]
I think you must be mistaking me for someone else, young man.
I always think there are fewer sadder sights
than a grave with no flowers, don't you?
What's your name?
- Tom.
- Tom.
Would you be a dear, and lay these flowers down for me?
I'm getting a bit stiff.
Bending down's alright, but... straightening up's a bit hard work.
I try to come back here when I can on an anniversary.
Bring flowers and...
- ...have a chat with the people that are buried here.
- You used to live here?
When I was a little girl.
But after the war, we moved away to Wales.
You remind me of a little boy I used to know.
- A boy who lived around here?
- Yes.
But that was a long time ago.
A lifetime ago.
[Birds Chirping]
Look at the time.
I must be going. My husband will be waiting for me in the car.
It's been very nice talking to you, Tom.
[Birds Chirping]
I live in the States now, so it isn't easy coming back here.
May, it's me.
You notice the changes in the village when you do come back.
Used to be so small and simple.
It's Tom, May. Tom.
I recognized you straight away.
I told myself that maybe...
- were his grandchild or something.
- No, it's me.
This isn't possible.
I know.
Oh I...
...I was...
...such a confused little thing back then.
I often wondered if you weren't really just
a normal boy from the village, who I...
...who I daydreamed about.
- You didn't daydream me.
- I'm glad.
And you've never been called Rosie?
Who is this Rosie?
That doesn't matter anymore.
- Do you remember Tess?
- Of course I do.
Oh, I loved that dog so much.
Fifty years later and I still dream about her.
My God, I was as young as you, once.
It's hard to believe where all the years have got to.
I must look so very old to you now.
You look great.
No really. You do.
Believe me.
Thank you.
MAY'S HUSBAND: Sorry to hurry you up, honey.
I'll be right with you, Jim.
Tom's been helping me lay down the flowers.
Tom, this is my husband, Jim.
Nice to meet you Tom.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Take care of yourself.
You too.
Goodbye May.
[Music Playing]
BOB: Come on, Tom.