An Audience of Chairs (2018) Movie Script

Wonder Woman
Come on, Bri.
Children, let's take it out
luggage from luggage.
Mother, there is a bee.
Honey, bees only
bother you if you are a rose.
I'm afraid.
Don't be a coward, Bri.
Mother, telephone.
Yes, I miss you.
Mother, can I talk to dad?
Children, be quiet.
I talked to Dad first.
I'm older.
That is not fair.
You always go first.
That is not true.
Mum is calling.
Are you serious?
One full month?
Wait, Duncan.
I have an American tour audition
one more month.
Mother? Can i talk
with dad now?
Gosh, Maura, you don't mind
take over, right?
I don't mind.
It's so gloomy here
make depression.
I'm here for another month.
Because Duncan has to work.
That sounds like good news.
Your father must be happy.
That's not good news.
I missed my audition.
For God's sake.
My life. My job.
I mean,
who cares, right?
Who cares?
I know.
Men can be so selfish.
But I love him, Paula.
Even when he's so selfish.
Children, stop it!
I won't tell you twice.
That is mine!
Stop fighting.
Daddy gave this to both of us!
Hi, dear.
This place looks very nice.
I heard about Duncan.
It's over. I might
You better jump off the dock.
Come on, Maura.
There are many other auditions.
And you can tune your mother's piano,
So you can play as you wish.
Father, it's no use.
I can't focus here.
Hello, children.
Grandfather stays here for dinner?
Of course.
What is that bag?
Why don't you see it?
You know what fits
this safety jacket, right?
Nice big ship?
How about the paddle seducer?
Because your grandfather can't
buy a ship!
You don't have to do that, Father.
Don't thank me
until you see it.
Father painted our old boat.
Something to pass the time.
And keep you guys away
both of problems.
Thank you, Grandfather!
You're welcome.
Now, children,
what's for dinner menu?
Let's make pancakes.
All right Come on
Bonnie. I am hungry.
Hi, Grandfather. Mother sleeps.
So I made lunch.
You know, sometimes Ginger doesn't
so good when staying.
If he wakes up in the middle of the night
and look for me ...
Contact me at that number. Okay?
Okay. We will be fine.
Have fun.
When Jack grows into a man
He goes to Labrador
He fished in Indian Harbor
Where his father fished before
On the way back
when the fog
He met a whirlwind
Then Jack was swept into the ocean
And swallowed by a whale
Jack is a great sailor
He was born in the ocean
bright blue
Ma'am! Give me a coat.
blanket, anything!
Now! Hurry up!
Be Careful!
Thank God it's over!
I know you are not a citizen here,
But we did not leave
unattended campfire.
We also do not turn on
campfire beside the house!
You and your children
can burn to death.
Thank you, kind-hearted master!
Good night
Paddle, paddle your boat
slowly down the stream
Happily, happily ...
This one is good.
Yes. Your turn
I found one! See!
All stones that we like
stack it here.
Okay, ma'am.
Okay, I'll see at sea.
Children! There is lobster!
There is lobster!
Where are my nipples?
Where are my nipples?
We have to catch him!
Where are my nipples?
Children, I will
come back soon, okay?
Where are you going, Mother?
Sing "Rowing Boats"
ten times.
Mother must be back. Okay?
Paddle, paddle your boat
slowly down the stream
Happily, happily ...
Life is just a dream
Is that better, Mother?
Can you see him?
Bonnie! Brianna!
My darling.
Mother, my arm hurts.
Thank God you're home.
Thank you very much for dropping off
they go home, officer.
Mother is looking for you everywhere.
I don't know what you can do ...
Paula, they are fine.
They all sleep while
hug in my bed.
Kind fishermen deliver
they go home. - For God's sake.
They encounter adventure
which is amazing.
I just get worried.
But no problem.
They are fine.
Have you gone crazy?
Paula, don't be angry.
I'm home for a while.
Then I started training, like ...
Really practice.
For the first time
after all this time.
Time just flew away from me.
Is time just passing by you?
You left three children.
Alone on an island,
surrounded by the ocean.
That's the definition of the island.
Shut up.
They are fine.
They are not good!
Your job ...
Your only duty
Namely to guard
the children are safe.
I don't know what I'm thinking.
You're dangerous to
your own child.
And for my Ginger.
You crossed the line, Maura.
Let's see your mother's condition.
Grandfather, Bonnie's hand is injured.
Come on
We should check your hand.
We will buy food
on the way home.
Hello Maura
I'm Dr. Williams.
I used to take care of your mother.
Was her mother like this when ...
We are not talking about Margaret.
He could not take care of Brianna and Bonnie.
He had looked after the children
for years.
Putting aside his career,
While Duncan is traveling
around the world.
Maybe he is able to do
that was before,
But the current condition
not very good, is that right?
This is not a diagnosis.
But I think Maura is starting to show
signs of bipolar disorder.
Like his mother.
But it takes a team to
make a diagnosis properly.
We will do that when
he was taken to the hospital.
I can stay here and help.
Cancel my delivery
for several weeks.
Paula is here.
Maura will not improve ...
... with a little help
around the house.
He is having a crisis, Ian.
He could not take care of himself
or children.
How about the father?
He is on his way.
That bastard finally came
for her children.
Duncan will bring the kids
to his parents' house in Scotland.
Maura will never forgive you.
He is their father.
Close your eyes.
You need to sleep well
the long one.
Mother, I want to give a farewell kiss.
Children ... Come on.
Your mother needs rest ...
... if he wants to improve.
I do not care.
Mother needs me to take care of her.
Mother, I want to give you
farewell kiss.
We can stay.
Mother, I want to stay.
We love you, Mother.
That's strange, why them
Didn't register the number?
It's okay, you can give it to me.
I am their son-in-law.
And my children there.
This is your father.
Why do you keep away
are they from me?
We just try to do what
the best for children.
The best for you.
This is not the best for me.
My children have disappeared.
And my husband thinks of me
is dead.
Maura, calm down.
Don't think I don't know
what father do.
You think I can't
take care of them.
You know what Duncan did?
He did not register his telephone number.
And his parents' phone number!
I can't even do that
talk to them!
Maura Dr. Williams wants you
to come to the hospital.
So they can think
a way to help you.
I don't want to go
We plan for tomorrow.
I'll drop you off.
Dr. Williams said there was a piano
good there.
you can practice.
I don't want to play the piano.
I'm done with that.
I'm going to ask Paula to come
and a bit of tidying up this place.
I don't want Paula here.
I don't want to play the piano.
I just want my children back!
Stop, okay? Stop.
Will I end up like Mother?
You have to take your medicine.
Maura! I go now.
Dinner in the fridge.
What are you doing here?
We need to talk, Maura.
Where are the children?
They are at my parents' house.
They start school
a few weeks ago.
I registered them
for school here.
Yes I tried to contact
to tell you.
But I think your phone is broken.
And I tried to call you,
But your parents' phone number
not listed.
I just want
tell you if ...
They are happy, Maura.
How can they be happy?
without their mother, Duncan?
You have to get better soon, Maura.
I talked to your father.
We both think you should go to the hospital
to be treated properly.
I'm trying, Duncan.
I took the medicines.
But it messes things up.
You take too long
leave me alone.
Honey, it's fine.
It will be alright.
As if there is a wall
who hit me.
I want my children back.
I want you, Duncan.
I want my life back.
Bonnie broke her hand
on the island.
Duncan, I'm begging you.
I hired someone to look after it
children when I go off duty.
Her name is Sophie.
He is very extraordinary.
I'm their mother.
Duncan, I know I do
very bad thing.
But this will be fine.
I'm going to the hospital.
I will improve.
I will do anything.
It will never come back
as previously.
I have to do what
the best for children.
Duncan! Duncan!
Bring my children
back to me!
Bring them back to me!
Or I go to Scotland!
What's wrong with chaos
He told me this was over.
Honey, why don't you let it
your father took you to the hospital?
Then I'll make you a promise
meet with my lawyer.
He will fix this.
Maura, you have the right to
meet your children.
I like your new appearance.
This is a good improvement.
I received a letter from my doctor
the most handsome in the hospital,
Said developmental ones
very amazing.
I know you can do it.
All my letters are back
without opening.
I did not meet my children
for six months.
I know he tried
divorce me.
And I have to try
over custody,
But I have family support.
It is true.
The best interest for children
always the court's attention.
I'm in my best interest
for my children.
I'm their mother. And he tried
get me out of their lives.
Duncan applies discrimination
towards me because of my illness.
And that is a fact.
Can you help me?
Look, if there is anything else
that needs to be done,
I don't mind.
You can stay here.
It's okay, father.
I want Duncan to see
if I've improved.
I don't need someone
to look after me.
Let me take care of it.
Mother! We go home!
Look, our dolls!
Mother! Mother!
Mother, here we come!
Mother, where are you?
Children, we must leave immediately.
Can we be here a little longer?
I beg of you, father.
Mother will come.
Promise Father will pick us up
if he returns.
Of course, dear.
I will see you soon.
Bonnie? Brianna?
Too late.
What do you mean, late?
It's 13:30, Maura.
Visit time ends
half an hour ago.
What happened?
I went to pick flowers.
And I fell down.
And I managed to disappoint
our daughters once more.
Sorry. I fell.
I guess I'm really hurt.
I want a divorce.
I married Sophie.
Do you understand?
That is not surprising.
You are not really
there for me again.
That's so unfair.
Is it true?
You leave me alone
with two children,
While you're out
expand your scope.
You know how important it is
the assignment was for my career.
How about my career?
Remember that?
My career died in this house.
That's exactly always
you want.
What do you mean?
You're so jealous of attention.
Concerts and awards.
Come on
It's always your career rather than mine.
Whatever you say, Maura.
That's your letter of divorce.
But if you think I won't fight
for custody of children,
You are wrong.
How much more do you want
make them suffer, Maura?
Out of my house.
From what I see ...
Children are still quite young
to forget.
I love your cats.
Can I pet it?
I have two daughters
your age.
May we play
together with them?
They are not at home now.
Maybe we can go
eat cake.
May we play with
their toys?
Yes, you want to do that?
Okay. Come on
I live in the house over there.
Children! Children!
Come back here
Come back quickly now!
Enter the house!
I live just down the road.
We just want ...
I've heard all about you.
Stay away from my children.
If you see them male,
I make sure you go to prison!
Dear Duncan.
I have decided for the sake of
the kindness of my children ...
to let them be
growing up without me
I no longer have strength
to fight you
You are determined to distance yourself
my children are from me
And I can't live
without them
Maybe one day
they will forgive me
Bad news, everyone.
Looks like there's a problem
by ferry again.
It's cooler than it looks.
Why don't you go back to the bar?
It's warm.
Before the big waves
take you drifting into the sea.
Okay. You are okay.
You are ok
You are okay.
No problem.
By the way, what's your name?
Mrs. Trap?
Maura MacKenzie.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ben Cale.
We might get stuck
here for ...
Gosh, one week or more.
The weather is more reliable than that
ferry service lately.
What happened to your shoulder?
You don't mind, right?
Just curious.
My mother married an American sailor.
One night I cried
and make the man emotional.
So he lifted me ...
... then threw me out
window to the parking lot.
Gosh ...
Sorry. Somehow I laugh.
Of course it's quite funny ...
... when you imagine a child
cheerful little one floating in the air.
So, Mrs. Mac.
What do you think...
... if inaugurated
this introduction with ...
You know, a dance.
Come on, let's be interesting.
Ten-second dance.
10 seconds. 10 seconds.
Please pay attention.
We regret to say ship
Tonight's crossing is canceled.
Marine Atlantic wants to apologize
by offering free coffee
And we will give
the latest news tomorrow morning.
Want to drink coffee, mrs. Mac
No, thank you.
I should lie down.
Full room
I booked a room.
I don't mind sharing, you know,
If you want to lie down, or ...
Room service.
And this is the best bottle you can
obtained for 5 dollars.
For trapper women
the prettiest I've seen.
That doesn't say much.
I don't know about that.
Trap installers are
the sexiest group of people.
This is ridiculous.
Because me at all
don't know who you are.
I am a nobody.
Cheers, Ben.
For men who make rain.
That good or bad?
That's from one of my favorite poems.
Trapped on a ferry never
this fun.
That's the hard thing about
your children.
That will make
anyone crazy.
He's right.
They could have died that day.
I can no longer believe
And now,
same as me,
They will grow big
without their mother.
You will meet them again.
Because of you.
What are you talking about?
My mother jumped from the ferry
in the strait around here.
On the beach last night,
He is with me
And he wants me to come with him.
Oh, my God! What is wrong with me?
Of course I do
What is wrong with me.
You don't want to die like that, Maura.
You will see your children again.
Trust me.
When you say that,
I almost trust you.
And I think ...
Do you want to come with me?
Little to see the world.
I dreamed even
when I'm awake.
Even under the influence of drugs,
All to be messed with
very fast.
I'm not like the installer
other pitfalls.
I never considered you
as an ordinary woman.
Hello, dad! How are you?
I'm very happy to see you, honey.
I also.
Can you not occasionally
contact us?
Tell us you
on the way home?
You know how I feel
about the telephone.
I saw you filling in
prescribe your medicine. That is good.
That's why you feel good.
I feel good
because I have a boyfriend.
Is it true?
His name is Ben.
And he's a truck driver like you, Daddy.
We traveled
far to South Carolina.
Even to Quebec.
Maura Maura, please ...
Please never leave
like that again ...
... without informing us
where are you going
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I am sorry!
I talked to Duncan.
He agreed to let
... talk to you on the phone once in a while.
As long as dad is there.
Maura, why aren't you sitting down?
He will call
at the appropriate time.
Of course it's your grandfather!
Yes. Okay ... Wait, wait a minute.
He is beside grandfather.
Come on
Come on, Maura.
You will feel better
if you take your medicine.
I heard you made it
trouble again.
One year later
Well. We will be there soon.
They need you
They need you
Dad, Dad.
Father! Wake up.
Daddy, wake up.
Daddy, wake up.
Daddy, wake up.
Maura, I'm sorry.
We will all be very
miss him.
You remember how your father likes to hear
The gym suit you ever played?
That's a Gymnopedie.
The work of Eric Satie.
I remember my mother had forgotten
pick me up from school.
I'm still in kindergarten and I have to walk
go home down the highway.
I'm so annoyed.
Your mother is sick, Maura.
You can't blame him for that.
I stop blaming
My mother for a long time.
Gosh, Maura! I'm not deaf.
I thought you were deaf.
Poor Paula.
He has difficulty hearing.
That can't be expected.
You want to see this.
That's Bonnie.
Look, Bonnie entered the newspaper.
Look at him
He won the Canadian Science Award.
"Dr. Bonnie Fraser is
a climate expert ... "
"... and environmental researchers."
"He has recently returned
to Canada from Australia ... "
"... and he was invited to
giving public lectures ... "
"... at Newfoundland Memorial University."
We can attend that.
That's for the public.
No, no. God, look at me.
You look beautiful to me.
No. I will screw it up.
I know it.
Don't overdo it, Maura.
She's just your daughter who doesn't
met you for years.
Maybe we should go
and greet him.
We have reason to believe,
It affects the reduction
rainfall in Africa and Australia.
Maybe 50%.
It is a disaster.
Will you say hello?
I can not.
Can i talk to you
a moment after giving a lecture?
With pleasure.
And welcome to St. John's.
I've been here several times.
I'm actually back
August to get married.
Yes. David's father is a priest
in the Anglican Cathedral here,
So it feels a thing
right to do.
Let's go in.
Are you ok?
It has been too long.
I have to go.
I'm very curious.
What did Bonnie say?
He does not recognize me.
You didn't talk to him?
He is getting married, Paula.
He will get married?
He did not tell me.
For God's sake, Maura.
You don't talk to him
for years.
Why does he want to tell you?
Because I'm her mother?
It is true.
His only mother.
That depends on you for
reconnect with him.
I want to know if you
can help me.
I seem to have forgotten to put down
my invitation ...
... for the Bonnie Fraser wedding.
I want to know if you can give
I detail the wedding ceremony ...
... in your charming cathedral.
Well. thanks.
See you later.
I have an idea.
I can buy children two bouquets
rose for wedding.
And if they bring it,
Then I know it doesn't matter.
That they still love me.
Is that a good plan?
Yes. That's a very good plan.
You're going to come with me, right?
I do not think so.
Look, I'll make things worse.
You have to keep it clean.
You don't want an old man like me
near you.
Riding a horse-drawn carriage.
Do it as you wish.
Do it with
your own two legs.
Hello? Is there anything I can help?
I made a reservation.
Mrs. Reid is cruel.
He just wants you to
more practice.
He said I was stubborn,
just like you.
Do not do it.
That is not to be played.
Is this not tuned?
That's furniture.
I have a ribbon that you want for you
tie it in a wreath.
That will be quite expensive.
No problem.
Well. The wedding is tomorrow.
Did I say that?
What do you want to write
on the card?
You can write,
"From your mother," coma,
"Maura," in a coma.
"With love."
You don't believe me
No, no. It is not like that.
Not that at all.
This is only...
I was at home,
and I began to think.
Then I climbed into my car
and ends here.
Not for a long time.
Go home
I'm serious. Go!
Alright, I'll go home, okay?
I just became a little worried ...
... when I saw you coming out
from a police car. That is all.
But no problem.
If you want me to leave, I'm leaving.
Where does that leave us?
You know, when you get
your family is back,
They see you and them
seeing how beautiful you are ...
Then they looked at me and thought,
"What did he do with the man"?
Do you think I'm ashamed of you?
Only you I have, Maura.
You are right.
Who wants people
annoying like you?
You are my savior.
No, Maura, you are my savior.
Bonnie ...
Turn around.
No, don't turn around.
Turn around.
Wait a minute, okay?
Congratulations, honey.
You look so beautiful.
Thank you for the flowers.
I know that from you when
I see the white rose.
You remember.
Can you keep it safe
until I see you?
Yes. Okay.
I love mom.
I miss you
Alright, you go.
Go. This is your day.
Is that for me?
Hello, ma'am.
This is Gemma.
Gemma. This is your grandmother. Maura
I'm a flower delivery girl.
And I'm 4 years old.
You're a flower delivery girl
the prettiest I've ever seen.
He is very similar to you.
I am very happy Mother
finally meet him.
Brianna. I miss you
Wonder Woman