An Early Frost (1985) Movie Script

An Early Frost
Well, that's coming.
That's coming.
Do you suppose that you could practice...
just a teensy bit more
before your next lesson?
i guess so.
is that a deal?
Ready with that Giraldi order yet?
i told the guys to hold up on it.
What for?
Well, he still owes us for the last time.
No, no, Joe's an old friend,
a good customer.
You see that he gets that lumber.
Okay, it's your money.
You and Susan coming to dinner tonight?
Yeah, Katherine said about T:00.
Gonna bring the kid?
He'd kick and scream if we didn't.
So did grandmother.
(woman #1) Come on, Mom,
(woman #2) Well, it doesn't.
For our 30th anniversary,
your father took me to Europe.
We sailed on the Queen Elizabeth.
Nick, you could take
some time off, couldn't you?
i got to make a living, Bea.
Mom, aren't you supposed
to be watching your cholesterol?
With you doing it for me,
i don't have to.
Sue, join the party.
You want vodka?
What are all the secrets
going on over here?
You see that?
Hey, you guys.
Something's going on over there.
i want to be Let in on this.
What's going on?
Mom, there's nothing going...
Are those new earrings?
Didn't i show you these?
Dad gave those to me.
(Susan) They're great.
(Bob) Honey, would you look at that?
Honey, he's only a baby.
There's the door.
Aren't you gonna answer it?
(Susan) Why don't you get it, Mom?
Why don't i?
Yeah, why don't you?
All right.
i'd like to point out,
this is my anniversary.
You're supposed to be carrying
me around on a satin pillow.
Bunch of stiffs.
Oh, Michael.
Oh, sweetheart.
i'm glad to see you.
Happy anniversary, Mom.
Thank you, darling.
i was sitting in the office with a client,
and Wesker gives me a call,
tells me he wants to have lunch right away.
Now, i know i'm in trouble.
(Nick) Yeah, why's that?
(Michael) Well, Wesker likes.
Fire you?
Kate, will you sit down?
We'll serve ourselves.
Go ahead and eat.
i'm fine.
And so?
So we're sitting there
at his favorite French restaurant,
and the whole time,
he's telling me...
how expensive it is to send
his kids to camp...
and how his wife wants to move...
to a bigger house,
and i'm thinking.
Why did he invite me to lunch?
When is the ax gonna fall?
No thanks, Grandma.
You look awfully thin to me.
Everybody looks thin to you, Bea.
You could lose a couple of pounds.
So anyway, there we are,
and the check arrives,
and he hands it to me.
He expects you to pay?
(Bea) That's a lot of nerve.
How do you like that?
Well, there's a hitch to this.
He says to me,
'Pierson, now that you're a partner,
you can pick up the tab,
can't you?'.
A partner?
He made you a partner?
Can you believe this guy?
Oh, Michael,
why didn't you tell us?
i was waiting until i got home.
Oh, i bet you knew it,
didn't you?
Yeah, that's part of the surprise.
Mike, with all that money you're making,
you're gonna need a good tax shelter.
With all the work i have to do,
believe me,
i won't have much time to spend it.
(Katherine) Yeah, well, uh...
let's not have it just all work, you know.
i hope you're leaving a little bit of time...
for some relaxation.
What your mother wants to know is,
are you shacking up?
(Michael) i have something to tell you.
(Nick) Sure.
i'm not a monk.
(Katherine) What i was trying to say is...
that if there's ever anyone
that you would like to bring home,
i just want you to know
she's always welcome.
Yeah, she can sleep in my room.
(Katherine) Hey, you're gonna get it...
Been a long time since i heard you play.
You call that playing?
Sounds pretty good to me.
Why don't you come here?
Come in here and show me.
it just isn't G natural.
You're a wonder.
Well, Carnegie Hall material,
i guess.
Listen, Mom, i know
i wasn't here for very long.
We didn't get much of a chance to talk,
but maybe next time.
Next time.
You should let us take you.
You know i hate saying good-bye
in airports, Mom.
Okay, but you'll call the minute
you get in, won't you?
Let him go.
The meter's running.
Yeah, here: don't forget your cake.
Okay, so long, Dad.
Win that case, partner.
i love you.
(Michael) yes.
Are you gonna stay in bed all day or what?
What time is it?
it's 8: OO.
Why didn't you wake me up?
Well, i've been trying to
for the last half hour.
i'm gonna be late.
i'm exhausted.
Well, you better start saving
your strength for falling asleep...
on all those beaches in Maui.
Hey, are you okay?
i tell you what,
why don't you stay home today?
i can't.
Meetings back-to-back.
i called that travel agent.
He has got us the most incredible hotel...
overlooking the beach.
(Michael) Listen, about the trip.
i think it's gonna have to wait.
Come on, you said this time was definite.
i know, but we're too close to trial.
i can't leave right now.
Michael, i have made arrangements...
to close the store.
Well, what can i do?
They just made me a partner.
Okay, here we go again.
Breakfast is served.
We're almost out of shaving cream.
Well, okay.
So how'd it go with your folks?
it was great.
i really surprised my mom.
That's not what i meant.
Well, what did you mean?
You didn't tell them,
did you?
Yeah, i told them.
They were thrilled.
Come on.
i was there less than 24 hours.
So how long does it take?
Look, i don't have the same relationship...
with my parents that you
have with yours, okay?
i don't talk about sex with them.
They don't talk about sex with me.
Who is talking about sex?
i'm talking about us.
Hold it.
- Just hold it.
Gray hair.
Your time's running out.
Your glands are swollen.
How are you feeling otherwise?
A little tired.
Sometimes i get these night sweats.
What about fevers?
All right, hop up on the scale, Mike.
i'm gonna read your fortune.
All righty.
You've lost more weight.
Yeah, you know,
i've never really been sick.
i'd like to do some blood work, Mike.
What for?
It's just a bug, isn't it?
Maybe, but there are a lot of bugs out there.
(Peter) Be right with you.
Take your time.
(Peter) What are you doing here?
i just happened to be
passing by the window here,
and i seen this
extremely attractive jukebox.
Does it work?
Oh, absolutely.
i always wanted one of those.
Well, it's a very special item.
i don't know if you
could afford it, though, sir.
Well, just exactly how much is it?
Well, it's 40. OOO dollars,
which is a bargain,
considering the amount of work
that i put into it.
Will you take a check?
Cash only from strangers.
What is it?
it's an envelope.
Open it, find out.
Um, are we really going?
End of the month.
Well, what about your case?
it can wait a week.
i am a partner.
Why don't you go home?
i was hoping you'd say that.
How about you?
i want to check these sites first.
Okay, well,
justice isn't blind.
She's just bug-eyed from no sleep.
Oh, Michael,
COme On.
(man) Michael?
i'm Dr. Redding.
Dr. Reisberg asked me to see you.
i hear you had an emergency.
i couldn't breathe.
Well, lean up.
Let's have a listen.
Take a deep breath.
Blow it out.
Your lungs still have some congestion,
but they're better than they were.
The antibiotics should be taking effect.
Your fever'll come down soon.
What's wrong with him?
The tests we did last night
show that you have pneumonia.
i thought it was the flu or something.
Are you two lovers?
(Redding) There are a lot of gay men.
How long have you been together?
Two years.
i'm Peter Hill.
Peter, i'm glad you're here.
You should be a part of this.
Michael, the type of infection you have.
Pneumocystis carinii,
doesn't usually attack someone...
who's otherwise healthy.
So we ran some very specific blood tests...
to see if your immune system
was functioning normally,
and the results indicate a disorder.
i'm sure you've heard...
of acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Are you telling me i have AIDS?
(Redding) We only make this diagnosis...
of an opportunistic infection,
like this type of pneumonia.
i couldn't have AIDS.
It's not possible.
i know this is difficult for you,
but i want you to try and listen.
We know a lot more than we did
a year, even six months ago.
We've isolated a virus
that we believe causes AIDS.
There are experimental drugs.
Treatment is improving.
i'm going to leave you on the JV for a week,
and then if you're doing as well
as you are now,
which i'm hoping you will be,
i'll send you home on oral medication.
Now try and get some rest.
i'll come back and see you in a while.
i thought...
i don't know what l thought.
i'm gonna go talk to that doctor.
Don't leave me.
[telephone ringing]...
i'm not here right now,
but if you'll leave a message
and the time you called,
i'll get back to you as soon as i can.
Are you all right?
We've been leaving messages all week,
and you haven't answered any of them.
Mrs. Pierson?
i don't know why.
i just think you're being stubborn.
No, no, no.
You're not going to Chicago.
But why?
Because he doesn't need a mother
sitting by his bedside.
if it was something serious,
he'd let us know.
Since when is having
pneumonia not serious?
Well, i had it a couple years ago,
got over it in,
what, two weeks.
Sure, you did,
but that's because...
you had somebody taking care of you.
You know, you had somebody
making your meals...
and going down to the drugstore
to get your medicine.
He's just there all by himself.
He's alone.
i thought you said
somebody answered the phone.
A friend.
Oh, Nick, he needs more than that.
Kate, you got to stop babying him.
He's a grown man.
i mean...
if he needed us,
he'd let us know.
He knows where we are, hmm?
(woman) i don't want to go in there.
Dr. Warren, 561 West, please.
Lunch is served.
You deliver.
When we have to.
i was about to send out.
i'm sorry.
Apparently, there's someone on the staff...
who hasn't heard my lecture.
What lecture?
That you can't get AIDS...
just by being around someone who has it,
that it's only transmissible...
through intimate sexual contact or blood.
Then how did l get it?
i haven't had any blood transfusions lately,
haven't been with anyone except Peter.
Has he?
Of course not.
We have a relationship.
i'm only asking because we've discovered...
that it's possible for someone
to be a carrier of the disease...
without actually showing
the symptoms himself.
You mean you can pass it on
without actually getting it?
What about before
the two of you were together?
What, do you want a complete
rundown of my sexual history?
As complete as you're willing to give me.
i had a few affairs and one-night stands...
if that's what you're getting at.
Michael, i'm not judging you.
it's important that we know
because the number of contacts you had...
would increase the chances
of your being exposed...
to someone who was contagious...
it was years ago,
before anyone knew anything about AIDS.
The problem is, Michael,
that we don't know...
how long the incubation period
for the disease is.
It might be five years.
It could be...longer.
We're just not sure.
You're not sure of very much, are you?
Only that the number of new cases...
is doubling every 9 to 12 months.
Well, i'm sure of one thing.
i'm gonna get over this.
i am gonna be fine.
i'm sending you home.
Your X-rays have cleared up.
You're sending me home?
Well, i'm going home.
i want you to take at least a month off.
A month off?
- A month.
Get plenty of rest,
a proper diet,
all the commonsense things.
in the meantime,
if you have any questions...
You're damn right i have a question.
How do i live my life?
How do i tell my friends,
the people i work with,
that i have the gay plague?
How do i do that?
it's not just a gay disease, Michael.
It never was.
The virus doesn't know or care
what your sexual preference is.
Gay men have been
the first to get it in this country,
but there have been others:
intravenous drug users,
and it hasn't stopped there.
What about Peter?
i mean, when i get home,
Touching is fine, hugging.
But i'd be careful about being
more intimate than that.
i wonder how many other people
will want to shake my hand...
when they find out what i've got.
Do yourself a favor,
Don't ask too many questions
you can't answer.
[woman on jukebox].
You like it?
When did you-
- Yesterday.
i had a hell of a time getting it up here too.
Almost had to break that door down.
Oh, here.
Glad you're back.
Left your mail on your desk.
it's mostly bills.
You hungry?
You want a sandwich or something?
No, i'm just...
check my messages.
What are you doing?
i figured it'd be best if i stayed in here.
But Dr. Redding said...
i don't care what the doctor said.
i don't think we should take any chances.
if you don't want to be here...
i will understand.
Did i say that?
Of course i want to be here.
What's the matter with you?
Nothing, i just don't want your pity, okay?
it's not pity.
i tell you i'm not hungry.
You bring me a sandwich.
i'm not an invalid...yet.
Michael, i am trying to deal
with this the best way i can.
if you want to sleep up here,
that's fine.
if you want to put up a sign
that says 'keep out,'
you can do that too.
Don't forget, i am just as scared as you are.
i just want you to know,
as long was we've been together,
i never saw anyone else.
Don't you think i know that?
(Michael) Hello?
(Katherine) Michael, i've been.
Are you okay?
(Michael) Hi, Mom.
(Katherine) Why didn't you call?
(Michael) i just got home.
(Katherine) Well, get right in bed.
And listen, Michael,
as soon as you feel well enough,
i want you to come back here
where i can take care of you.
i'll see how ii feel in a couple of days, okay?
Don't worry.
i'm not alone.
i have a neighbor helping me.
You know what it is getting
a new court date.
i don't have to tell you
what the delay'll cost.
i realize that,
but we'll make it back in the settlement.
if it weren't so close to the trial,
i might consider it,
but as it is,
i think it's better to have Longfeld take over.
Oh, wait a minute, Norman.
This is my case.
i'm the one who brought it to the firm.
i've been on it for three years.
i know, Mike,
but you're asking a hell of a lot.
i'm asking for a few more weeks.
What if you're not up to it by then?
Listen, i will be up to it,
and i will win it.
Come on, Norman.
Give me a break.
Oh, hey.
- Hi.
So how'd it go?
Well, it wasn't easy,
but he agreed to postpone it.
Well, that's great.
Looks good.
Did you use any garlic?
Are we out of garlic?
i just thought i'd use this instead.
i thought Mark and Ben were coming.
Yeah, they just called,
said they couldn't make it.
Kind of late to cancel,
isn't it, at the last minute?
Yeah, Mark has to prepare
a lecture for class tomorrow,
so it's just you and me.
Peter, did you tell Mark?
(Peter) What?
You told Mark,
didn't you?
He knew you were sick.
He asked what was wrong.
So you told him,
and now he's afraid to
come here because...
he might get AIDS from eating pasta?
All right, all right,
i am sorry, all right?
i shouldn't have told him.
i had a rough day,
and i'm a grouch.
Let's just forget it, okay?
i'd probably have done the same thing...
if i was in your shoes.
i don't think you would've.
Michael, there's something
that i didn't tell you.
i didn't want to hurt you.
It wasn't important.
It had nothing to do with us.
But i don't know if you
remember last year...
when you were working
on that class-action suit,
and there were times
when i wouldn't see you...
for days or even weeks.
And... there were a couple of times...
How often?
Just a couple times.
Where'd you go?
in bars...
once to the baths.
Did you do anything?
How could you?
How could you have done that?
You know as well as l do
what's going on out there.
Sorry, Michael.
You're sorry,
and i have AIDS.
All this time i thought we were safe...
because we had each other,
because we were together...
we'd be protected.
i could've gotten this because of you.
We don't know that.
Then how else?
How else?
i want you to pack your stuff and get out.
Get serious, Michael, we...
i am serious.
You think i'm joking?
This is my place as much as yours.
Not anymore.
i don't want you here.
Maybe that is the problem.
Maybe you never did.
Every time i hear
that phone ring in your study,
you know,
your private line,
the one that i can't pick up...
because someone might find out
that we live together,
how do you think that makes me feel?
Every time that you
go out with your lawyer.
That is business.
it is more than business.
We have lived together for two years.
You know my friends,
my family, my feelings.
i have shared my life with you.
You haven't shared one ounce
of yours with me.
Because i have a private line,
you go out to the bars and the baths.
is that it?
Don't make excuses, Peter.
it's not an excuse.
You can't even tell your own parents.
They have got nothing to do with this.
(Peter) They have everything...
Don't bring them into it.
When are you gonna tell them?
When are they gonna
have the great honor...
of finding out who you are?
After you're dead?
Get out of here.
Our deal.
We ought to give you a handicap, Bea.
We ought to give you
some lessons in bridge, Nick.
When did he get here?
Last night.
How's he look?
(Katherine) Well, thin as a rail,
(woman #1 ) You should introduce him...
(woman #2) i thought she got married.
(woman #1 )
She did, but she's divorced now...
(woman #2) Yeah, but she gets...
(man) Jean, would you...
(Jean) Yes, i will.
Would you excuse me a minute, please?
(woman) One spade.
(man) Pass.
(woman) four spades.
What are you doing out here?
It's so chilly tonight.
i just needed some air.
Yeah, well, i think you
should really still be in bed.
Why don't i make you some hot tea...
and bring it up to you?
Michael, what is it?
Tell me.
i'm sick.
(Nick) Kate?
We're out here, honey.
Mike, why don't you come on in,
say hello to the guests?
Michael's not feeling well.
i think he has a little fever.
Ah, he looks all right to me.
No, it's very easy to get
a relapse with pneumonia.
i really think you should come in, Michael.
it's not just pneumonia, Mom.
i have AIDS.
it's a disease...
i know what it is.
Michael, that's impossible.
Who told you such a thing?
The doctors did.
They did tests.
No, AJDS is that disease that's...
i'm gay, Mom.
(Bea) Nick, are you.
You always walk out
when i've got a good hand.
Oh, honey, just leave that.
i was just gonna do that.
i can help, Mom.
No, come on, you rest yourself.
i got it.
i told George Littlefield not
to smoke cigars in my house.
Mom, i know i didn't exactly
pick the best time.
When would've been the best time?
What is that supposed to mean?
Are you telling me
i shouldn't have come here?
Of course not.
This is still your home.
We're still your parents.
How are you feeling today?
i'm okay.
Mom, i'm gonna be all right.
i just have to take care of myself.
Of course.
Michael, would you have ever told us...
if you didn't get this...
i don't know.
i wanted to tell you for a long time.
Why didn't you?
Why didn't i?
i didn't think you'd approve.
And you don't, do you?
Well, no, but...
i don't mean, you know...
The thing is,
you're my son, Michael.
i wouldn't let anything
in the world separate us.
i feel really awful that you didn't know that.
i knew that, Mom,
but what about Dad?
Well, it was just
such a shock to him, you know?
it just came so unexpectedly.
He...he just couldn't think.
He just couldn't understand.
And he won't understand ever.
Hey, wait a minute.
You were so afraid to be judged by us.
Well, don't you judge him.
You give him another chance.
Come on,
let's have some breakfast.
i'm not hungry.
Well, you're gonna eat.
Oh, what's he need?
That shouldn't be a problem.
[knocking at door].
Come in.
Well, you stop by this afternoon.
i'll take care of it.
Sure, good-bye.
is this a bad time?
Delores, bring that payroll in here.
(Dolores) Sure.
i was hoping we'd have a chance
to talk this morning before you left.
Well, lawyers sleep later than the rest of us.
What about now?
i'm busy now.
Well, i'm sure if you spoke to the boss,
he'd give you a few minutes off.
Here you are.
You just get better-looking
every time i see you.
What do you want from me, Michael?
To listen, that's all.
i heard you.
You're a homosexual,
and you have this...
this disease.
A disease that when people hear about it,
they want to run in the other direction.
And i don't blame them.
i would too,
only i can't,
because it's inside me.
Dad... i'm...
i'm ashamed.
i can't even look anyone
in the face anymore,
because i know what they're thinking.
Same thing as you are.
That i'm queer,
that i deserve to have this...
for what i've done.
You don't know what i'm thinking,
and you sure as hell don't know what i feel.
i know this is difficult for you,
and i know i should have told
you about myself sooner.
i am sorry about that.
i didn't have the guts.
But i am not going to apologize
for what l am,
because it's taken me too long to accept it.
Oh... so you've accepted it?
What about us?
What about your mother and me?
What are we supposed to do?
Are we supposed to embrace your lifestyle,
just like that?
Of course not.
i'm not asking.
You come back here
on your time, on your terms,
and you expect us
to respond the way you want.
Well, things don't work that way.
Well, how do they work?
i want to know.
You can start by telling me
how a son-a son of mine...
could become a stranger.
You go off to school.
Then you go to Chicago.
We see each other once every six months.
We talk on the phone once a week.
i ask you how you are.
You say you're fine.
i don't pry.
You're a grown man.
You have your own life.
That's the way it should be.
i can't expect to be
as close as we once were.
But i never thought the day would come...
when you'd be in front of me,
and i wouldn't know who you are.
Go home, Michael.
It's a place of business.
i have work to do.
You're kidding.
You finally told them that you're gay?
Well, what happened?
What did they say?
Not too much.
When i told them that Bob and i
were having problems,
there was this strain in the air for weeks,
and it wasn't Chopin.
At least i'm off the hook.
i mean, you don't know
how tough it's been.
Every time i see them,
they ask me...
who you're going out with
and when you're getting married.
i never even told Bob.
i swear.
Anyway, Michael,
it's your life,
and Mom and Dad have no right
to tell you how to live it.
i just hope you're being careful.
i see all these horrible stories
in the news about AIDS.
it's really scary.
i have it, Susan.
(child) Hey, Mom.
That's why i came home.
Uncle Mike.
Gregory, no.
Come here.
Let go.
i want to see Uncle Mike.
The dentist called today.
He has to change your appointment
to Friday afternoon.
Will that be all right?
Want some more rice, honey?
No, thanks, Mom.
i've decided i'm going back
to Chicago tomorrow.
No, you're not well enough to go yet.
Nick, tell him.
He'll do what he wants.
it's his decision.
Michael, what is it?
Are you all right?
i think i'm just gonna go to bed.
Good night, Mom.
Don't do that.
Dad's right, Mom.
You might catch it just by looking at me.
What are you doing?
isn't he suffering enough?
What about us?
What if you get it?
What if i get it?
Oh, that's not possible.
You can't get it just by casual contact...
or by, you know,
being in the same room...
with him or something like that.
Where's that magazine?
it's got everything in it.
i don't want to see it.
i don't want to know about it.
Well, you have to know about it.
There's a very real possibility that...
that he could die from this.
He's gonna need a lot of attention,
a lot of care.
He can get it from his own kind.
We're his own kind.
He's a...
what do they call it now?
He's our son,
for God's sake.
(Katherine) Michael.
(man) Where is he?
(Nick) Upstairs.
He was shaking like he had convulsions,
and then he just went unconscious.
is he on any drugs,
No, just...
just this.
Please, we've got to get to the hospital.
What was he taking this for?
He's-he's had pneumonia.
Are you sure that's all it was?
Well, he has something wrong
with his immune system.
Lady, what's wrong with your son?
He has AIDS.
i'm sorry, ma'am,
but you're gonna have to find another way
to get him to the hospital.
No, please.
Please. Please.
What the hell kind of business
do you guys run?
We got to get to a hospital.
Sorry, but we're not carrying
anyone with AIDS.
Please, you got to go back there.
He's sick; he needs help.
You get back upstairs.
i'll sue you.
i'll shut you down.
That's my son.
Then you take him to the hospital.
Go get the car.
i'll take Michael.
Get the car.
- Yes.
Here, Michael.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierson?
Dr. Gilbert.
i'll be attending Michael.
How is he?
He's had a seizure.
According to the neurologist,
it's probably from toxoplasmosis,
which is an infection of the brain...
that some AIDS patients develop.
Will he be all right?
Fortunately, he's responding to treatment.
Excuse me.
Forgive me, but...
i don't know very much
about what my son has,
just what i've read,
and it said that a large percent
of these patients don't survive.
Well, let's not concern ourselves...
with long-range possibilities.
Let's just concentrate on getting Michael...
through this episode.
i'm sorry.
i have to know what his chances are.
in my experience,
Mrs. Pierson,
i've never known anyone
with AIDS to survive.
No one?
Once the immune system is destroyed,
the body's left helpless,
wide-open for any number
of diseases or infections.
But i thought...
i'm sure that i heard that there's some cure.
(Dr. Gilbert) i wish there were.
We're trying to find one,
but it may take years.
But he told me himself
that he's feeling better.
He said that he's getting well.
None of us expects to die,
especially when we're young.
it's only natural to deny it.
Are you telling me that he's going to die?
There'll be periods
when he feels relatively well,
when he can go about business as usual.
But he'll become progressively weaker...
as he fights off one opportunistic
infection after the next.
Eventually, his condition will deteriorate.
A year, maybe two.
There must be something that you can do.
You're a doctor.
Now, look here,
Mrs. Pierson.
i have got a woman whose got AIDS...
who gave birth to a daughter.
We think she has it too.
i've got a couple with it.
The husband was a hemophiliac;
he died just this morning.
What i'm trying to tell you is,
your son is not the only one.
Now, we are understaffed;
we are underfunded,
and i am trying to save my time
and my energy for my patients.
Now, is there anything else
you need to know?
What do we say to him?
Give him as much support as you can.
Encourage him to live his life.
Lie to him.
Allow him his hope.
it's the only weapon he has left.
Hi, Mom.
Oh, darling.
You made coffee; that's so nice.
is he all right?
i don't know.
i think so.
Well, what did the doctor say?
He said that he would recover.
This time.
i'm going back to see him tomorrow.
We can drive in together.
i, uh, can't go tomorrow.
i have some errands to run,
and i have to drop off the car.
i can't see him.
Why not?
Mom, i'm pregnant.
There's no risk just being
in the same room with him.
Well, i can't take that chance.
why can't you respect
my decision for once?
is it your decision?
What is that supposed to mean?
Didn't Bob have something
to say about this?
Mom, you know i love Michael.
it has nothing to do with that.
i have to think about my family.
i thought we were your family too.
Forgive me.
i'm gonna go up and lie down.
Do whatever the hell you want.
This is Michael.
How you doing?
Me too.
i'm hanging in there.
What are you in for?
Am i right?
How'd you know that?
i've had it.
(man) You've had everything.
What can i say?
i'm a medical marvel.
i love that robe.
Where'd you get it?
Todd, have you started
your chemotherapy yet?
i am a little bit scared.
Don't worry.
You'll get through it all right.
They say your hair falls out.
(Victor) Well, you just have...
when you have less to work with.
i don't know about the rest of you,
but i've been on pins and needles all week.
Now, when we last saw James,
he was just about...
to tell his boss the news.
Well, what happened?
He fired me.
(Victor) No.
Lost my health insurance too.
Somebody told me
he had my office disinfected.
Lemon-scented or pine?
is that supposed to be funny?
(Victor) Laugh, and the world.
Cry, you bore me to tears.
Saw my wife yesterday.
How did that go, Phil?
(Phil) Okay.
You're not gay?
No, i'm not gay.
Are you kidding?
He's not good-looking enough.
Shut up, faggot.
i'm talking.
(Phil) Okay?
(Victor) Okay.
Go on, talk.
i think i caught it from a hooker.
i used to do that kind of thing.
At first, Linda- that's my wife-...
she didn't want me to see my kids.
Yesterday she brought them along.
She said she still loved me
and she would stick by me.
i gave her a hug.
She turned her head away.
How did you feel when she did that?
it hurt.
Not so much what she did...
but knowing that no one
would ever kiss me again.
(James) At least you had.
Been so long since anyone's touched me.
No one's asked me.
i'm available.
Does he always go on like this?
Where's Brian?
i wanted to discuss that with you.
Brian died yesterday.
(Todd) i was just talking to him.
He said he was doing better.
He was.
You know,
i'm getting pretty tired...
of making friends who keep dying.
i know what you mean.
it's almost impossible to put together...
a dinner party these days.
(Todd) i don't know why...
(woman) What, Todd?
Go on.
Just end it.
End what?
The whole thing,
just get it over with now.
i just want it to stop.
it's okay, let it go.
Go on, let it go.
- Excuse me.
(James) Where are you going?
i don't want to be here.
(Victor) Who does?
We'd like you to stay.
i don't belong here.
Let's talk about it.
There's nothing to talk about.
So how'd you like our little group?
Love the strong silent type.
Listen, i wasn't thrilled about it either,
thinking i was one of them.
But, you know,
it is the only fraternity...
i've ever rushed that let me in.
What'd you say your name was again?
i didn't.
Oh, come on,
be nice.
Sing out, Louise.
Michael Pierson.
Oh, that is a very nice name.
Victor DiMato,
literally translated,
'a winner in love'.
Oh, don't mind these.
They're just my war wounds.
A little vanishing cream and...
What is that, rat?
Where i used to work,
we'd have been taken out...
and shot if we served a meal like that.
You a waiter?
What about you?
You gainfully employed,
or do you just get by on your looks?
i'm a lawyer.
- A lawyer.
i was thinking of having
a new will drawn up.
My estate is in a state of total chaos.
i don't do wills.
i'll pay you handsomely,
it's on a contingency basis,
of course.
What contingency?
That i die.
There's no point in having one if i don't.
i love this robe.
You should be in your own room, Victor.
Nurse Lincoln,
i'm the official welcome wagon.
She's been like a mother to me.
Are these homemade?
Look, if you don't mind,
i would rather be alone, okay?
i thought you just might like
to have some company,
seeing as we're both in the same boat.
See you on the shuffleboard court.
Doors-they're the hardest thing.
Would you like a brownie?
i really shouldn't.
i'm watching my weight.
Watching your weight.
How long have you had...
- It.
Almost two years.
i've been in and out
of this hospital so many times,
i ought to belong to
the disease-of-the-month club.
How do you get through it?
i mean, how do you keep going?
i put up my dukes...
and i fight.
Listen to me, listen.
The last time i was in here,
i heard this doctor say...
he didn't think i was gonna make it.
i told him, i says,
'i'm hanging in there till they find a cure,
and when they do,
i'm gonna be the first in line.'
Now, look...
Take it from a champ.
This is no time for a hunger strike.
They're doing beautifully this year.
i only hope an early frost
doesn't come along...
and nip them in the bud.
Did you hear what i said, Mom?
i heard every word.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Didn't want to worry you.
Do you think i'm that fragile?
if i were, i wouldn't have lasted this long.
i'm going to the hospital.
He'll be home in a few days.
Why don't you see him then?
When your father was sick,
they did the same thing:
they tried to keep it from me.
i don't appreciate it from you.
i just know how hard
it's been on us, you know.
i mean, Nick won't even talk to him.
He acts as if Michael did the whole thing...
on purpose just to hurt him.
He's a damn fool.
Michael's never done anything
except to make him proud.
Well, he had dreams for him.
Oh, it isn't up to Michael
to fulfill his dreams...
anymore than it was up to you
to fulfill mine.
Marrying Nick Pierson...
instead of being a pianist.
You could've had an important career.
All your teachers at
the Boston Conservatory said so.
You had your own mind;
you had your own life.
i accepted it.
i had to.
We're gonna lose him, Mom.
When your father died...
i told myself i'd never have to cry again.
i was grateful for that,
because i'd be the next to go.
That's the way it should be.
i've lived my life.
Michael's so young.
His life is just beginning.
- Mom.
Well, you're certainly looking better.
Grandma sent you this from her garden.
Oh, that's nice.
i'll give her a call.
Dad, uh, wanted to come...
Yes, but he's busy.
i understand.
Well, you know how he feels
about hospitals.
Yeah, the same way he feels about me.
He loves you very much,
in spite of what you might think.
A friend of yours called.
- Peter.
He was very upset when
i told him what had happened.
He's your lover, isn't he?
How long have you been together?
A couple of years.
A couple of years?
the two of you...
you both, uh...
stay together at your apartment, right?
We used to.
We're not together anymore.
Because of your illness?
Not just that.
There were other reasons.
i'm sorry.
it's just hard for me to imagine.
That i was with another man?
i haven't been unhappy, Mom.
Hey, handsome,
they're showing...
i'll Cry Tomorrow on channel...
Excuse me.
(Michael) Victor...
this is my mother.
Mom, this is Victor.
i'll catch you after the matinee.
Does that man have...
(Nick) Kate?
Sorry i'm late.
i was at the hospital.
How is he?
Well, he's complaining about the food.
That's always a good sign.
He asked about you.
i know he'd like to see you.
Well, you're going.
That's enough.
No, it may be enough that
i buy the Christmas presents,
and sign both our names to them,
and write the thank-you notes,
but not this time.
When i was there,
this young man came in.
Oh, he was...he was so frail and weak.
He could hardly walk.
it was that Kaposi's sarcoma,
i think they call it.
i'd read about it, but...
i wasn't prepared.
Kate, please, not now.
i want you to hear this.
When this young man
found out that he had AIDS,
his roommates locked him out
of the apartment.
They took his possessions,
threw him out on the street.
Not one of his friends would take him in.
He was out there wandering around sick,
literally sleeping on park benches.
And the worst thing of all,
his parents just washed their hands of him.
They refused to see him.
They wouldn't speak to him.
They have never spoken to him since.
He's in that hospital,
and he's alone.
He's dying all alone,
no one.
i'll tell you, Nick...
that is not going to happen to our son,
not to Michael.
(Victor) To my aunt Wilma...
i leave my collection of fine porcelain.
Getting all this down,
Porcelain to Aunt Wilma.
My recipes.
Better burn 'em.
Why is that?
Lest they fall into the wrong hands.
Spike's collar...
i picked him up one night...
outside the bar of the same name.
i don't know if i want to hear this one.
He hadn't had a decent meal in days,
so i took him home,
made him a veal brule...
stuffed with pimentos and green peppers.
i may never have known
how to keep a man,
but i sure knew how to keep a dog.
You ought to be taking it easy there, Victor.
Can't you see i'm in conference
with my lawyer?
Will you kindly excuse us?
To Nurse Lincoln,
a man's best friend,
i bequeath Spike's collar.
She'll probably look better
in it than he ever did.
it's all just...
just trash.
it's trash nobody wants.
Just forget it.
Come on, you hired me.
i'm firing you.
i can't allow that as your lawyer.
And i feel i ought to give you some advice.
it doesn't matter what you leave...
or who you leave it to.
That's not the purpose of a will.
it's to validate your life,
to say, 'i was here.'
i was here; i'm not going nowhere,
except maybe on a date
with that new orderly.
Oh, i almost forgot.
i have something that i think you might like.
For me?
Thanks, handsome.
Come in.
i thought Mom was coming.
Well, your mother had
some things to do, so...
i volunteered.
You ready?
- Yeah.
How you feeling?
Welcome home, sweetheart.
Hi, Mom.
There's someone here to see you.
What are you doing here?
i just happened to be in the neighborhood.
How long...
About an hour.
Peter offered to stay at a motel,
but i've invited him to stay with us.
Who's Peter?
Uh, Dad, this is Peter.
Peter, this is my dad.
it was nice of your mother to let me come.
Well, you finally met the folks.
You look good.
You don't look so hot.
Well, thanks a lot.
i'm okay.
i haven't slept much lately.
Just take care of yourself.
Please don't get sick.
Michael, if it's true,
if i'm the one that gave this to you.
Oh, Dr. Redding said
it could have been someone...
before we met,
before we were even together.
But we'll never know for sure, will we?
No, but stop blaming yourself.
After what i did,
after what you said?
Stop i just needed an excuse.
i needed a reason.
- Okay.
Then come home.
i can't.
- Why not?
Peter, i can't.
i may be okay this minute,
right now, but what's
gonna happen next week?
Next month?
i can't put you through that.
Look, i'm scared.
i'm scared to death,
but that is no reason
for us not to be together.
Peter, when you told me that i didn't-...
when you yelled at me that i didn't share-...
i was angry.
i was upset.
You were right.
That doesn't mean i didn't love you.
Hey, that travel agent called.
Guess what.
- What?
There was a hurricane in Maui.
Are you serious?
You know, the last time
we were in Chicago,
that was, what, Nick?
About two years ago?
Anyway, Michael lived
in this little tiny room.
i don't know what you'd call it.
it was a studio, Mom.
Come on, Michael,
it was more like a closet.
What's so funny?
Beats me.
Well, you should see where we live now.
We've got a great view
of the lake, a terrace.
That's nice.
Could you please pass
the butter, Mr. Pierson?
Michael tells me
you're interested in old things.
Yes, i like restoring them,
making them like they once were.
Now, i'd say that's something worth doing...
restoring things to what they once were.
Wouldn't you say that?
Depends on what it is, Bea.
Well, anything that
once meant something to you...
and still does.
(Michael) i'll walk you...
(Bea) Oh, stop treating me.
Don't forget your dish, Mom.
Thank you.
And drive slowly,
will you please?
Just let them honk.
Yes, Katherine.
i'll call you in the morning.
Why don't you bring
your friend over to my house?
Maybe he can fix that old radio.
Hasn't worked since Jack Benny
went off the air.
i'll ask him.
No, Gran.
Michael, it's a disease,
not a disgrace.
That's what I told your grandfather...
when people, friends,
wouldn't come to visit him...
because he had cancer.
They thought if they breathed the same air,
they would develop a tumor.
it's how people are.
Come on.
Give your grandma a kiss.
(Susan) So what do you think of Peter?
He's nice.
He's polite.
More importantly,
Michael's very happy he's here.
Then he's doing better.
if you're so interested,
why don't you come over?
Are you planning never to see him again?
Ma, i already told you.
i know what you told me,
but he is your brother.
i keep remembering how close you were.
We still are.
Then i don't see how
you can let him down like this.
Mom, if it was you,
and you were carrying one of us,
what would you do?
(Katherine) Hi.
How'd it go today?
Did you see your friend?
How's he feeling?
He's much better now, Mom.
i couldn't sleep.
i hope you don't mind.
i was just looking at
some old pictures of Michael...
when he was a kid.
it's strange, i mean,
when you know someone...
and then you see they have
this whole other life...
you know nothing about.
i know.
You probably haven't seen this one.
it was taken last summer
up at Lake Charlevoix.
i had never been fishing before,
and i was sure...
i was gonna hate it,
but Michael showed me how.
We had a great time.
He told me how
you and he used to go fishing.
He told you that?
Yes, he talks about you a lot.
He never told me about you.
Well, that's always been
a problem between us.
i have wanted to meet you for a long time.
Your parents know about you?
Yes, sir, they do.
They accept it?
- They try to.
Well, i don't.
it's not the way i raised my son.
But it's the way he is.
He can't change that.
Don't you tell me about Michael.
You don't know him.
i think i do,
Mr. Pierson.
You know, i'd throw you
out of here right now.
it's my wife who wants you here.
You think that would change anything?
The way Michael and i
feel about each other?
i don't give a damn
how you feel about each other.
Where did he get it?
Why couldn't it have been you?
Well, i wish it had been me,
because i don't know
how i'm gonna live without him.
Well, he's not gonna die.
Those doctors don't know
what they're talking about.
And they don't know Michael.
You know what this is?
Do you know what this is?
- No.
That's for winning the state track finals.
He didn't think he could do it,
but i knew better.
He was up on a ladder,
helping me put a new roof on the garage.
He fell down and broke his leg.
Bad break.
Doctor said he might not
get full use of it again.
You should have seen Michael's face.
There he was,
ready to go to the June finals,
and he had this big cast on his leg.
He didn't think he'd make it.
But when that cast came off...
i drove him to the Y every night,
and he swam laps for two hours
just to strengthen it.
it was tough at first,
but i kept pushing him,
and the more i pushed him,
the angrier he got.
But i didn't care.
i told him he could curse me
all he wanted to...
as long as he didn't give up.
When he won this,
he said,
'i couldn't have made it without you'.
Tough son of a bitch.
He's not gonna make it
without you this time either.
i'm very glad you came, Peter.
Thank you,
Mrs. Pierson.
i hope we see each other again.
You know, i've always been
a little worried about Michael.
i've been concerned that-
well, he has everything in the world,
but someone to come home to.
i could stay a couple more days.
No, you have to get back.
Are you okay?
i'm fine.
i'm just gonna miss you.
When you get back,
we're gonna give a party,
have some friends over.
People have been asking about you.
Throw some 45s on the jukebox,
have some fun.
What do you say?
That would be nice.
What the hell are you doing?
Get out.
Get out of there.
Breathe, damn it.
- Leave me alone.
What is it?
What's the matter?
Go back in the house.
It's gonna be all right.
- Nick, what's going on?
Nothing, it's between me and my son.
it's gonna be all right.
What kind of a stupid stunt was that?
Answer me.
it's my life,
what's left of it.
Doesn't mean it's yours to take.
it would have been easier.
For who?
For all of us.
What if your mother had found you?
i was hoping it'd be you.
it's what you want,
isn't it, Dad?
To see me dead.
Well, i want it too,
because i know
what's gonna happen to me.
i'll be down to 80 pounds.
You don't know that.
- i'll be attached to tubes.
You don't know that.
- i'll be drugged out of my mind.
You don't know that.
- i do know that, and i've seen it.
You always said,
'Study hard' you'll get good grades.
Present the best argument;
you'll win the case.'
Well, there's no way i can win this one.
So what are you gonna do?
You gonna toss it away without a fight?
i've been fighting ever since i got this,
fighting to stay alive,
fighting to keep my hopes up.
Fight some more.
i can't.
Don't tell me you can't.
i worked hard for you, kid.
Wasn't for me,
you wouldn't have gone to that,
uh, fancy Ivy League school.
You wouldn't be a partner
in that big-shot law firm.
You'd be driving a lumber truck.
You didn't do it for me; you did it for you,
to make you proud.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Because i believed in you...
More than i believed in myself.
Dad, don't say that.
Why do you think it was so hard...
for me to come back here to tell you?
Because i wanted you to be proud,
and now i've let you down.
i'm not the man you wanted me to be.
Well, i don't give a damn
what you think anymore,
because i'm a better man
than you'll ever be,
you son of a bitch.
That's right.
That's right.
Go on, you call me anything you want.
Call me anything you want.
You hit me if you want to,
as long as you don't give up.
i don't want you to die.
i don't want you to die.
You're getting pretty good.
i had a good teacher.
Spoke too soon.
You'd better give me a hand.
Which one?
You ready?
i'll get that.
(Susan) Has he left yet?
Not bad.
Not good.
Mom says you're going back.
i would've been here sooner, uh...
but you know me.
i always leave everything
for the last minute.
Michael, i'm sorry.
Well, it's about time you got here.
Are you sure?
i'm sure.
Mom, Susie's touching me.
Shut up, Michael.
Oh, look at this.
You will call when you get in, won't you?
i will.
is Peter gonna be at the airport?
He better be.
Where's Dad?
He's in there.
Dad, time to go.
You should let us drive you.
You know i hate
saying good-bye at airports.
Good-bye, Mom.
You win that case,
huh, partner?
i will, Dad.
i love you.