An Easy Girl (2019) Movie Script

You are so tired.
Nama! Nama!
Where is he?
-Come here. Love you. See you later.
Something to tell you.
Go ahead.
It's a surprise.
She's coming.
What are you all doing?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
No, you didn't have to.
Happy birthday, dear Nama
Happy birthday to you
Come on.
For Nama!
Come on!
-Thank you.
-Happy birthday.
-Happy birthday, gorgeous.
Saving the best for last.
-There, a small gift.
-What is it?
So cool.
Yes, this is serious.
Is it for me?
-Of course.
-It's for the neighbors.
-It's for you.
I am going to cry.
Such a drama queen.
Come with me.
Let's go to the beach.
Okay, my bitch, anytime!
I don't think so.
Yes, look at me.
-With your shoes half on?
Are you jealous of me?
You are lame. You don't know it by heart.
Yes, I do. Come on, don't worry.
Your line is: "You are so crazy, girl,
you are like your mother."
You are so crazy, girl,
you are like your mother.
You know what?
You are going to rot here
like your douche parents.
Fuck, you are so good.
You gave me goosebumps.
-You think?
You were perfectly in the scene. So hot.
-You are hot.
-You are.
It was the first day of the holidays.
I had just turned 16.
You've changed so much!
My darling baby cousin.
Since Sofia moved to Paris,
we didn't see each other much.
Can you help me with this?
What language is it?
This is Latin for "seize the day."
She had just lost her mother that summer.
Happy birthday to you
She had changed too.
What will you do
if money's not important?
I don't know. Do you know already?
Yes, actor.
Really? That's great, and you?
-The same.
-Our audition is on the 13th.
That's great. What is it about?
It's an open stage.
I play the part ofLela.
Who is Lela?
-Lela Bekhti.
-Do you know her?
Just a little.
-He took a selfie with her.
He thinks they are buddies.
You are jealous.
Don't get carried away, baby.
-Your bag is gorgeous.
-Is it real?
It must cost, like...
3,000 or 4,000.
3,000 or 4,000 euros?
Of course, I had a boyfriend that year.
His name was Enzo.
We had split right before summer,
I wasn't thinking about it.
My relationship with Dodo was enough.
-Good morning, girls!
Nama, still sleeping?
No, I'm awake.
She's reading something to me.
"Readers' correspondence:
I have never been in love
and that doesn't bother me."
Have a good day!
Have a good day!
-Wake up, Nama.
-I am up.
She's behind the door. Keep on reading.
"My mother assures me that
one day, I will meet my Prince Charming.
I don't believe it.
love stories always seem shady to me.
I'd rather go out and party."
Happy birthday to you.
Are you serious?
Do you like it?
Did you buy it?
Of course, how else?
I am shocked.
Even the fabric is beautiful.
We will be like twins this way.
-Same bag.
-I am so happy.
Thank you, darling Sofia.
You are welcome.
"...and smooth hair.
You untangle from top to bottom,
on the roots." Okay.
"You just need to bring humidity
and covering."
You want to hear their tips for hair?
Why not?
"For curly hair.
Between the sweat at the roots
and the crumpling of the pillow,
-the curly hair..."
-Love you.
"To avoid the straw effect,
the golden rule is to hydrate.
Hydrated hair is smooth,
strong, and resistant.
You need nourishing shampoos
and regular care.
Don't hesitate to let it sit
for a few hours or even the whole night.
Use your hair straightener sparingly.
Even if you use a good device,
heat will create dry split ends."
I use it five times a day.
"Limit yourself to straightening your hair
once a week
below 215 degrees.
To have smooth hair
without too much volume,
untangle your hair from the tips."
Look who's coming.
Come this way.
"When you start untangling
from your roots..."
I am counting on you.
" risk breaking your curls
and you will triple the volume."
Do you see that?
Its reproductive organs.
You sting like a real sea urchin.
I don't sting. On the contrary, look.
Can you feel it?
Soft, right?
There too, but...
right here...
is the softest.
It's soft because I waxed my lips.
Forget it, my cousin is crazy.
Did anybody ask you?
If you talk to my cousin, you talk to me.
What do you say?
You drop it?
-There, a product for hair.
Take your bag.
I'll get the towel.
Don't leave, girls! Come here!
Come here, I want to see you!
Forget it!
Come on, come here!
Forget it. Don't you see they're whores?
Who are you talking to?
You are a whore.
Who are you talking to?
Go home to your mama, fuck off!
You are crazy to call me a whore.
Go grab your urchins and relax.
Go on, you tired wench.
Get the fuck out of here.
They call us whores and you don't react?
So what? Is it a big deal?
He insults me and she doesn't react.
Dirty whores.
What did your previous relationship
bring to you?
What was his name?
-Right. So?
I don't know. Love?
Yes, love...
I am not interested in love.
-Everybody is.
-Not me.
What I love is sensations. Adventure!
Feelings don't matter to me.
Do you want my advice?
Don't expect anything,
you have to initiate everything.
You understand?
You understand?
Let's go.
On my island
How good we feel
On my island
We never do anything
We laze around as the sun caresses us
We enjoy this laziness
Without thinking of tomorrow
On my island
How fine is the weather
Oh, so quiet
Next to my sweet
Under the tall palm trees
Swinging smoothly
We are dreaming of us
-You are not coming?
What bothers you exactly?
To be dining here in front of...
In front of them, these...
It's a bit weird.
It's a bit violent, almost zoological.
People look at us
because it's part of their pleasure.
The pleasure of holidays.
What about ours?
Maybe ours too.
I don't know, no.
The real principle of luxury
is to have known the opposite.
It goes together.
You need to be poor to get really rich.
And vice versa. To bear poverty,
you need to know that wealth exists.
That something else exists.
Where is their pleasure then?
I just explained it to you, dumb fuck.
Whiskey's good, isn't it?
Beautiful, right?
Yes, but why did you buy it then?
Beauty is a source of satisfaction,
free of any interest.
Something is beautiful
when you don't want to own it,
just admire it.
But I am not a consumer.
I am a lover. That's the difference.
Well, Socrates.
Let's go out.
No, please, I'm exhausted.
Yes, it's summer.
I want to have fun. Come on.
I will dance the mambo
At the Royal Casino
Under the rococo beams
The rain
Will make me forget
You will make me dream
Just like in those summer songs
It's love on the beach
And my eyes in yours
Kisses and seashells
Between you and the blue water
Thank you.
-Did you enjoy the night?
-Do you have a smoke?
-Is it your boat?
That'sthe one.
Are you a singer?
-You know how to sing.
Why are you making fun of me?
That's ridiculous.
She sings very well, right?
Stop it.
Yes, I was joking.
Of course.
I spilled it on my hands.
On me too.
Does she like old guys?
I don't know. So what?
I am just asking.
Why are you so sensitive about her?
That's not true.
Yes, a little.
Do you know your lines?
Yes, are you going to pressure me
my whole life?
Why do you always yell?
I just asked because it's getting close.
I don't want to fail in front of everyone.
You are such a pain in my ass, boy!
-It's just crazy.
-"Girl," not "boy."
What are you doing now?
What do you mean? I am coming with you.
What else?
By the way, what is the name
of the country on the flag?
Isle of Man.
Is it a country?
Yes, of course.
-British Isles.
No, I am drinking whiskey.
Because here, we are abroad.
This isn't France?
Not at all.
-You need a passport,
-a visa.
-I already have one.
-It's beautiful.
Aren't we free in this country?
-We can do whatever we want.
Whatever we want.
Whatever you want.
Then I'm coming.
-Do you live here?
-We do.
I live in Paris.
I love Paris.
What do you do in Paris exactly?
What kind of question is that?
We are on holiday.
Let's not talk about work.
We want to have fun.
-Don't get cold.
Let's warm up inside.
Do you work together?
-No, that's not true.
Yes, actually...
he kind of works for me.
No, I'm kind of... his slave, in a way.
I am your slave, you mean.
-A slave to his eyes.
-He knows the value of things.
-You don't?
I know how to buy.
-What's wrong, Dodo?
Why are you pissed?
-I am not.
-What's wrong?
-Nothing's wrong.
Come with us, bro. I have a yacht too.
Come on. I lost the keys, okay?
Nothing's wrong.
-Tell me.
-I am not pissed.
You won't tell me.
-I'm good.
-Those are your friends?
No. Acquaintances.
Can you tell them to go elsewhere, please?
Can you do it, please?
Why me? Do it yourself.
I ask you and you say, "Why me?"
-Can't you go?
-Are you serious?
Guys, please.
-Okay, I'll go.
-No, let him do it.
What? Who do you think you are?
Stop it, you are not invited.
What do you take me for?
-Stop it.
Other than shaking your ass,
who the fuck do you think you are?
I see, you are jealous
no one looks at yours.
Come on, follow me.
Everything okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
Come with me.
Nama, come on.
How old are you?
I think people have one age
their whole life.
Meaning... yes, it's true.
We grow up and we grow old, but...
I know men who stayed 30 their whole life.
Others stopped at 15.
And others have been waiting
to turn 50 for a long time.
I like your theory.
What about me?
How old am I?
I don't know.
I need to get to know you.
-You will be disappointed.
Why? Women always ask why.
-Follow me.
-There is another floor?
Yeah, of course!
-Are you coming?
Have a good day.
Wait for me.
Seven euros and eighty cents, please.
Thank you.
Get the check, I can't.
Me neither.
You're serious? You came out with nothing?
Every time I go out,
I never bring anything with me.
-You expect them to pay for everything.
This is normal to you.
Here we are, two hobos who can't pay.
Calm down, it's nothing!
-Where are you going?
-Wait for me.
Thank you.
Hello, madam. Hello, sir.
Hi, Nama.
-How are you?
-Good, thanks.
-Let's get organized.
Come on, guys.
Did you see your mom?
Hey, gorgeous.
Weren't you supposed to intern here?
Yes, that's right.
Did my mother tell you that?
I am super busy, I have an audition.
But I like it.
-Come back when you're ready.
Send the continental...
-I need to pay.
Seven eighty, please.
-There you go.
Have a nice day.
-I took care of it.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, why?
You didn't have to.
Are you mad about last night?
Nothing happened last night.
Okay. Let's go.
Hello, ladies.
What do you like?
-I thought you didn't have any money.
-It's a present.
From whom?
The prices are expensive.
Yes, he's so nice, right?
-I love it.
Yes, so beautiful.
-Excuse me?
-Can I have the price of these watches?
-Of course.
-Ludivine, the price catalog, please.
-Of course.
Each costs 1,500 euros.
Okay, is it the most expensive?
No, this one costs 3,500 euros.
Take this one then.
I like it less, it's tiny.
Who cares? Take the most expensive.
If you don't like it,
you can come back and take those two.
What's the point of having two?
Who cares? You could give one to your mom.
She would be happy.
-Excuse me.
-Yes, please?
We've decided.
I am taking this bracelet.
Okay, excellent choice.
Ludivine, please.
Yes, madam.
Do I give it to you? Do I keep it?
Put those on Mr. Montero's tab.
Excuse me, sorry.
Good morning, girls.
-Hello, gentlemen.
-How are you?
-Very well, thank you.
How would you like to die?
I don't know.
Do you remember
the passengers in the Paris-Rio crash?
They died suddenly, one night.
Apparently, nobody noticed anything.
Everybody said it was great.
You don't realize you'll die.
I disagree.
They lost the ability...
to think,
to be afraid,
and to say goodbye.
To forgive.
To ask for forgiveness.
Do you think about your mom?
Let's go out.
No, not tonight.
But you go out.
Do you want to be left alone?
-Hey, you good?
-Yes, and you?
-Do you want a bite?
-I am not hungry.
Are you pissed about last time?
-What for?
-The thing with Sofia.
No, it's forgotten.
I went a little too far.
-Come on.
-Where are we going? Nice?
I want one.
-A tattoo.
Are you serious? How are you going to pay?
With your present.
Are you kidding?
Is it a present or not?
You are not going
to spend my money like that.
Yes, I like it.
No, but the plan was...
to go to Paris together, not this crap.
Was it for you or for me?
For you.
There you go.
Dodo, give me your hand, please.
I should let you suffer in silence.
Are you happy?
Do you like it?
Wake up!
What are you doing?
We are going to miss the show.
We never miss it.
-What a mess!
-Where is Sofia?
She went shopping.
Do you want a coffee, baby?
Don't call me that.
Where did this watch come from?
Nowhere. It's ugly anyway.
You spend your money on this?
Did you call the hotel
about your internship?
I told you that I wasn't sure about that.
Did you have your audition?
Let me live a little.
You are always suffocating me.
This is your life.
Your choices. You only live once.
Do you think Sofia is free?
She isn't?
Being free requires some work sometimes.
It's harder than working in an office.
Don't you see how tired she gets?
You too, by the way.
I hope you are enjoying your holidays.
Yes, holidays are nice.
Stop it.
We didn't want to say it,
but we were waitingfor a sign
from the yacht guys.
Sofia had one rule.
Never call back.
Two days later,
we received the text we were expecting.
I was sure they would call.
You place the tape here.
And you stretch it this way.
To have a full cat's eye effect.
You can't wear it with pulled back hair.
You need some strands in front.
Here, you have different holes
to choose the intensity you prefer.
You can choose a bit stretched,
medium, or overstretched.
Sophia Loren used to do that.
I want to exchange the watch.
Did you choose something else?
Thank you.
What? Are you cooking?
We are having dinner out.
You have to eat
before going to dinner with boys.
That's not the purpose.
Then what is?
To get to know each other, to talk.
The most important is
to pay attention to people around you.
If you are busy eating...
If you eat like a hobo, you can't.
Cook a sauce at least.
I don't know how.
-I do. Do you want some?
-You know how to make sauce?
I will prepare that for you.
You are a chef.
What about becoming a chef?
-It is just a sauce.
-That you prepare well.
There are very few chefs.
Female chefs, I mean.
-I like that.
-You like it?
Where are you going, girls?
Are you serious?
Come on, stop it!
So you give me 16...
Yes. You get out of here.
You leave here and walk 300 meters.
We can't share...
Thierry, you need help.
But you will have the part below.
Are you an actress? You're very beautiful.
-Thank you.
-When I was hosting...
We were having fun, because he was bored.
Andy, are you staying here?
-It's not a story.
-I know.
It's okay...
We came with...
So then...
I thought...
Yes, we're gonna do that.
This piece of music has your name.
Really? I didn't know.
-Good to know.
What's happening?
You are not talking much here.
-I don't have anything to say.
-I am glad someone admits it.
That's not possible.
Yes, I swear.
I don't know how to make small talk.
-Oh, really?
-I am not good at that.
It doesn't mean
you don't have anything to say.
It means you don't want to say anything.
You want to go to the pool?
No, I don't feel like swimming.
Seraphin, you'll sleep with the nanny.
Come on, let's go and have a swim.
Of course.
Let's go!
Come on!
Andres, come on!
You are too careful.
Well, I don't know.
Come on!
Come with me, you are gorgeous.
Whoever loves her, follow her!
Come on!
It's a seawater pool.
Come with us!
I'll make you forget your sorrow.
-Would you rather go home on your own?
Them? No.
-You're sure?
-What do we do?
-Nothing, we are not invited.
I'll be right back.
What about my cousin?
I can't let her go home alone.
I will sleep on the boat tonight.
Are you going to walk back home?
Well, yes. No problem.
Are you sure? I can walk with you.
-Don't worry, that's okay.
They are inviting us
on a boat trip tomorrow.
Can you bring my dress,
my swimsuit, and my hat?
-In the morning.
I will bring everything.
-The black one?
-You don't mind?
-No problem.
-See you tomorrow.
-Come on.
-Wait for me!
You have to have a good hand position.
Is it the most complicated thing
in the game?
-Only two, right?
Three in the middle.
-Without showing them?
Let's show them.
We'll place our bets from there.
From there...
You need to arrange them into something.
This is important.
What are your cards?
Can I show you?
The purpose is to have the most cards?
-Three cards.
Come on over here.
Shoes off, please.
Do you like it?
-Beautiful, right?
I've never been on a boat ride.
I saw my building earlier,
it looked so small.
It's your first time?
But you live in Cannes.
There's a first time for everything.
It's nice, right?
It's a beautiful day here
in the north of Tuscany,
with a temperature of 84 degrees
in Florence, 91 in Pisa,
with a peak of 95 degrees in Livorno...
-Hi, Riccardo, how are you?
-Good, guys!
Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning. Excuse me.
Yes, this...
If I were you...
-Wait. Hold my shoes.
Be careful.
-Please have a seat.
-We are in a bit of a hurry.
Philippe brought us to a friend.
Her name was Calypso.
I didn't know Italy was so close to home.
How wonderful.
Andres Montero.
-It's so nice to arrive by the beach.
-It's gorgeous.
I picked you up because it's a maze.
Marco and I would often sleep here.
A real jungle.
Philippe was connecting his rich friends.
I love the botanical garden.
That was his job.
We started buying...
more and more art.
The house is gorgeous.
Those are the works we collect with Marco.
Andres comes from a family of sailors.
I am cooking lunch!
-They're here.
-He's fascinated by antiques.
He just bought a fabulous sextant
from the 17th century.
-I thought I mentioned it.
-Is it on the boat?
Yes, but Philippe can pick it up.
-Why not?
-No, you just got here.
Have a drink first.
-You don't mind?
-No. I'd love to.
-I can take care of it.
-No, stay here.
-Thanks, Philippe.
-No worries.
Wait for me, I'm coming.
-Where is your boat docked?
Very beautiful.
-What? The house or the woman?
-Your friend.
Of course.
-And very dangerous too.
-Why "dangerous"?
I would like to be dangerous too.
What do you want to do?
-In life.
I don't know.
You wanted to be an actress, no?
No. Dodo wants to be an actress.
What about studying?
-Did you study, sir?
-No "sir," or you'll end up in the water.
I am not kidding.
I can't talk to you informally.
Do you want the truth?
I did the wrong studies.
What do you mean?
Your position looks fine.
You don't need anything.
Freedom means waking up in the morning
whenever you want without a boss.
-That's not the case?
Keeping to yourself
won't make you dangerous.
You need to speak to learn.
It's easy to hide and say nothing.
I'm proof.
Here you go.
-What time is it?
-Two-thirty p.m.
What the fuck is she doing?
I can't believe it.
She's pissing me off.
-It's your turn.
-It's my turn?
I'm sorry, my friend--
No time, we are in a hurry.
Fuck, what am I gonna do?
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
That's my job, you see?
Do you need something else? Coffee, maybe?
-A coffee.
How long have you known each other?
About seven, eight days, right?
-It's recent, no?
That's crazy.
A boat's foghorn always reminds me
of Marguerite Duras.
Marguerite Duras?
What is your favorite book of hers?
I love them all.
I am sure there is one above the others.
It depends, it changes all the time.
It depends on the day, on how I feel.
Right now, which one would it be?
It's a sensitive question
because it will say so much about me.
It's embarrassing.
Yes, but, well...
-It's just us.
-That's enough.
No, but I am serious.
Before, my favorite was War: A Memoir.
today, I would say... The Lover.
The Lover...
It is wonderful.
The Lover is wonderful.
-Can I ask you an honest question?
-Of course.
-Let me know if it's intrusive.
-Not at all.
-How old are you?
I thought so.
-That's crazy.
-What is?
I don't know. This much plastic surgery.
At your age, I don't understand
because you are so pretty.
-Thank you.
For what?
You said I was pretty.
That's nice.
But you are so beautiful too.
Thank you.
Maybe because I leave my face alone.
Fighting it is pathetic.
It's like refusing death.
And I feel like it ages you,
don't you think?
Pathetic? No.
It's rather touching.
-Your house is really gorgeous.
-That's nice, thanks.
I dream of having the same
when I'm your age.
It's hot, isn't it?
-Can we go for a swim?
-Of course, enjoy it.
-Don't you want to swim too?
-No, thanks.
And what do we do?
Do we go for a swim, a walk?
-A walk, yes.
You have to come too
-in September or October.
-I would love to.
I heard something surprising about you.
I want to hear it.
I heard you were... an anarchist.
I am still an anarchist.
An anarchist, of course.
You are one
of the wealthiest collectors in Brazil,
you speculate on artists, ratings.
You are on the stock market.
And you are an anarchist.
-You need to explain this to me.
-I understand.
-Very well, then explain this to us.
-want freedom, right?
-It's a bit more complicated.
Let her elaborate.
What makes us free in our society?
Anarchists don't value money.
-Money has no value.
It's easier to disregard money
when you have it than when you don't.
There you go. That's right.
She understood everything
without any explanation.
She did.
Yeah, I've seen it...
To think I've been translating all day.
...and this...
I look like a fool.
You enjoyed it so that makes me happy.
-Let's go.
Have a safe ride home.
-Watch out!
-I'm so sorry.
Hey, come on and help me.
-I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
-Shut the fuck up!
Nama, get up.
How dare you talk to her like that?
-I need some sparkling water.
-I don't think so.
You're going to apologize to our guest.
-But it was my fault--
-Don't move.
Stay here.
I'm waiting.
I'm sorry.
"I am sorry, miss."
I am sorry, miss.
Can I do this?
Like that?
-Do you like it?
-Do whatever you want.
I am yours.
-Do you like to feel my finger here?
-Should I keep going?
And this, can I?
-Can I do this?
What are you reading?
Oh, no.
You're just a kid, Nama.
-Prove it.
Wake up!
-What's happening?
-Beat it.
-Get out.
-Sofia, what's wrong?
-Beat it.
-Why are you pushing me?
But tell me what's wrong!
-Do you want to search me? That's not us.
-What's wrong?
Do you want to search me?
Where would I hide it?
-Come with me.
-Don't worry.
Andres wants them out.
They stole the sextant.
Grab your stuff, we are leaving.
We have no business being here
with these guys.
Go back to your cabin.
Get out.
-Let go, leave me alone.
-Get out.
Come on. Get lost!
Sofia, come here.
Sofia, come here!
Sofia, come here.
We'll prove to them it's not us.
What will we prove? What will it change?
-Come with me, Sofia.
-Go away.
You are not a thief, neither am I!
-I don't give a shit.
-Come with me.
-Leave me alone.
I want to be alone.
We weren't going to marry them anyway.
You had other options.
They wouldn't have stayed anyway.
-How do you know?
-I just know.
I was wrong.
It doesn't matter.
-Good night, Socrates.
-Don't call me Socrates.
Not ever.
Where is Dodo?
I think he's over there.
Dodo, I need to talk to you.
-Please, I need to talk to you.
No, I am with my friends.
-No, in private.
Beat it, leave me alone.
Beat it!
-Did you get it?
-Did I get what?
Well... your audition.
I'm proud of you.
-You're such a pain.
-I love you too.
You're not mad anymore?
Give me your bag.
-You are stubborn.
My feet hurt so bad.
That's what happens
when you don't know how to walk in heels.
-Can I hop on your back?
-You'll break my back.
Come on.
Fuck, you are heavy!
What happened?
They thought we stole something.
What thing?
-An object, a piece of art.
-One or the other?
I don't know,
an object can be a piece of art.
But I know it's expensive.
-Was it you?
It wasn't Sofia if you are asking.
I don't give a shit about her.
You've changed.
-I swear.
You weren't like this before.
-Admit it.
-So what?
Is it wrong to change? Can't I change?
Why are you getting pissed?
I asked nicely.
Before, we were like...
sisters and now we are like an old couple
without the sex.
There, you want to hook up?
You are crazy.
Your boobs are perfect, dimwit.
-You are a pain.
-I can see that.
-Well then?
-Don't do that.
Come on, have some fun.
Look, you've fucked it all up here!
She had left the same way she had arrived.
Almost unannounced.
Like the end of summer.
We know it's going to happen,
but we only realize the day after.
Are you okay?
I don't know why I'm here.
You didn't want me to think
you were a thief.
I wanted to show you how I feel.
I am not in love with you.
I wanted to say goodbye.
goodbye, then.
-Do you think I am a thief too?
-No. No.
He doesn't think that either. Don't worry.
It doesn't matter.
You have principles,
but this is not about principles.
This is about value.
You have tremendous value.
Do you know that?
The holidays were nice, right?
-Don't you think?
Goodbye, Nama.
Goodbye, Philippe.
I didn't see Sofia again that summer.
She sent me an email
detailing her move to London.
She was happy... over there.
Hustle, guys!
Stay focused!
Come on.
Come on, give your everything,
it's almost ready.
Come on, the broth.
Where is my broth? Is it good?
Come on!
Chopped veggies must be smaller than this.
Melons! On the other side!
The other side, please. It's smaller.
When will the crmes brles be ready?
You can get 170 for the dress.
And 180 for the bag.
That is worth a lot more.
-Not that.
-You never wear it.
-I won't sell it.
It's a souvenir.
Ready, Chef?
Ready, Chef.
Subtitle translation by Caroline Grigoriou