An Egypt Affair (2023) Movie Script

- You.
- It's easy to forget just
how fragile our lives can be.
One minute you're riding
high on top of the world
with the love of your life.
Then in one moment of
weakness, you're in free fall
tumbling back to earth.
That's when you discover
who your true friends are.
- Dad, she's aware of that.
That is why we're here.
- Okay. We're gonna
work things through.
- Sure. Hoping so.
She knows she'll get nothing
from our family if she
chooses to divorce you.
- Yep. Talk soon.
All right. Bye. Now
- Off of that one.
So they put this
smoother sonar in top
that they could carve into.
- Guys. Guys, I
just spoke to my dad
and he's been talking
about retirement lately.
Wants me to maybe replace him
about four years or so. No
- Way.
You're thinking of
running for Congress
- Governor for now, but
because of that nice dinner
that we had in Cairo last week.
Yeah. Remember babe, get this.
Our first campaign check
is on its way in the
mail. How amazing is that?
- It's real, honey.
I can't wait. Yeah.
- Well, governor Fontine, I
think Arizona would be lucky
to have you as a
representative. Ah,
- Yeah.
- Don't you agree, babe?
- Yeah. Go get 'em, tiger.
- No, I'm serious. I think
I have a really good
shot at this. Yeah.
- Okay. Should
- We go
and see the rest of
the temple? Yeah,
- Let's do it.
Okay. I can tell you about it.
- Hey,
- I told you about this.
You got a lot of
great shrinking.
- This - Is my wife Alexa.
Nice to meet you here.
Nice to meet you. You
guys. Nice to meet you.
- God, this is
amazing. Everything in
Egypt is incredible.
Are you impressed yet? Well,
- This one's gotten a guidebook
and now she thinks
she's an Egyptologist.
- Not true. But
when we can afford
it, I really do
wanna get my masters.
- I think that's a great
idea. You should do that.
- Oh wait, Amber, come here.
You've gotta see
this. Okay. Lemme
- See where, oh, sorry.
- Oh - My God. You booked
us a trip up the Nile
to, did you hear that babe?
- Five Knights of Bliss N
- Oh my God.
Thank you both so much.
That's so generous.
- We wanted to surprise you.
We're both really happy.
- Yeah. And business
has been going well,
so we wanted to celebrate.
Yeah. Your dad's business,
- But yeah.
- Well, I'm CEO.
But yeah, dad still makes
most of the decisions,
but that's why I'm working
my ass off to prove to him
that I'm worth much more
and I can contribute to
people and the need. Honey.
- Yeah. Honey, we already
have one Rudy Dull
politician in the family.
We don't need another one.
- The time is right for us.
Now we discussed that well
- For you.
- No, no. Look, our charities
are a brilliant success
and our green
initiatives can compete
with any other
state in the nation.
- What? You're boring
everybody to death
with your political speeches.
- No. Come on. You
must be happy for him.
- Okay, everyone,
let's do something fun.
This is Wow. Yeah.
That's a wild Yes.
That's a piece I like. It
smells like a Yeah, baby.
What is that one?
This one's big. Whoa.
Can you put some mint
in my tea, babe? Hello?
Dude, I need that kind
of tea. This teas suck.
Yeah, but look, I got dead.
Dead Grandma ashes
in my, your gun.
Oh, no, Dylan, come
on. No, I've got it.
You've been saying that since
we arrived in Egypt? Yeah.
'cause like I said, your
money's no good here.
That is for the meal, sir.
Her and here's a
little extra for you.
Thank you. Thank you so
much. Hey, real quick.
Amber told me that she
got fired this summer.
Sorry to hear that man.
You should have told me.
I'll make a couple calls when
we get back to the states.
We're fine, Don.
Okay. Hey, hey, hey.
I just wanna let you know
that I've got your back.
Anything you need. Thanks.
everyone, this is
Captain Amaros.
Hello. He'll be leading us
with his vessel up the Nile,
- The longest, most
enchanting river in the world.
And it's filled with
treasures, mysteries.
Some of them still are
waiting to be discovered.
That's the magic of the Nile.
- Hmm. And this is my
lovely wife, Alexa.
She actually booked this
cruise, so she'll be in charge
of this portion of the trip.
And these are our
friends, Jake and Amber.
- Hello. I'll be
your host aboard of
traditional the Habian.
So whenever you're
ready, please.
- Okay, we'll grab our bags.
We'll see you out there.
- Well, friends, our journey
begins five magical days
and nights on the
legendary Nile River from
lobster to a one. Wow.
- This is a dream come true.
Honey, how many stops are
we making along the way?
- Er. Oh yes. We'll
be making many stops.
We'll visit temples and tombs.
Carbon rough thousands
of years ago.
So many ruins to explore,
and I promise you'll eat
and drink like forest.
- Oh, that sounds good
to me. It's so romantic.
- Yes. There is
something really,
really special about
cruising the now.
It'll make you feel like,
like you're falling in love
for the very first time.
- I'm sure we can all
do with some of that.
- Well, please follow
me, my friends.
Please join me in the upper
deck for some refreshments.
- Captain.
- Yes.
- I thought it was
just the four of us.
I chartered this vessel
for a private tour.
- I'm sorry. I
said it's unlikely
that anyone would put
the remaining cabins,
but life is unpredictable.
- It is gonna be okay,
babe. It'll be fine.
- Hello everyone,
this is Mr. Darius
- And this is the love
of my life. Sophia.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Have I met you before
- Maybe in another life?
- Oh, and this is my wife Alexa.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- And these are
friends, Jake and Amber. Nice
- To meet you.
Welcome on board.
We're very excited
to have this tour with you guys.
- There you go, my friend.
- Thank you.
This is life, huh? Ah,
- Of course.
- Yeah. I don't think I've
ever been anywhere this lovely.
- Oh, I'm peaceful.
- Hmm. Captain, do you
have a wife, children?
- No, I don't.
- Hmm hmm.
Seems like I could get
lonely here sometimes.
- Are you afraid of loneliness?
Besides my new
love could be just
around the next
bend of the river.
The only love in my
life right now is my
beautiful haja and this river.
- This is the guy with the
good life money, connections.
- What is money and
connections good
for if you don't have true
love and true friendship? Huh?
- Jake and I were actually
in high school together,
old friends, and we met both
of our wives in
college too. Yeah.
- So he und that.
- Hmm.
And Jake was the cool kid back
in the day. Still athletes.
I wasn't a part of that crowd.
I guess I was a bit of a loner.
- The poor little rich kid with
the celebrity father forced
to hang out with the peasants.
- No, no. I was a bit
shy back in the day,
and all the kids thought
I was acting superior.
But you know, I was picked on
more than I care to mention.
But this guy, Jake, took a
little bit of pity on me.
Saved me from at least
more than one ass kicking
back in the day friends
- Ever since. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Then I joined the army.
- Yeah. Five years. This guy
came back a tougher man too.
- And while I was over
there serving my country,
this guy stayed here and
got richer and richer.
- Oh, come on. You
know, that's not true,
- Isn't it?
- Come on. No. Look, my money
is held up in trust accounts,
family holdings,
that sort of thing.
- Ah. Nothing wrong
with having money. Mm.
If you put it to good news. Mm.
What about you,
Jake? What do you do?
- We both work for
his father. Nah.
One way or another. Yeah.
- And we work hard too. Alexa
runs the children's charity,
helps out with the accounting,
and you know,
I thought she
wouldn't even look my
way back in high
school, to be honest.
That's very true. My
geeky boy. Oh, she
- One,
- Huh?
- Looks like you have
some experience, huh?
It's beautiful up
there. Yeah, it
- Is.
Wow. Looks like you can see
from miles from up here, huh?
- On a clear day like today.
Yes. On never introduction.
- Hey, why don't you
come give it a try.
- What? What me? Yeah.
- Come on, Dili. You got this.
- Go climb up there.
- Why not, Dylan?
- I'm
- Never gonna make it.
- I don't know. Guys,
why don't you go right on head.
I'll watch you from down here,
- Man. I was just up
- There.
I must remind you insurance
won't cover any accident, sir.
- Well, in that case,
I think I'll pass.
- Come on, Dylan.
There'll be such a coward.
- Yeah, I'll do it.
I'll do it for you.
- Love.
- I had a boy, boy. Come on.
- Yeah, just,
- Just be sure to call
the best private Egypt hospital.
If this doesn't going well.
- Great.
- Oh, where'd Alexa go? She's
missing my triumphant moment
- Girl stuff, I guess. I
- Don't know.
What do you think? Awesome. Huh?
- Yeah,
- Under Boxy Falls in Nile.
- Hey, monkey boy. Careful.
- Come on down, Dylan.
- Whoa,
- Boy. Yeah,
- There's some amazing
ancient ruins nearby.
- It's so hot here. Yeah.
I think it should be much cooler
inside the temples though.
You think? So?
- Let's
- Go to things, man.
Thank you for arranging
this for us, captain.
- Oh, you're welcome.
- What do you think
about our new friends?
- Well,
- They seem like everyone else,
although the woman,
she's unusual.
- I agree. Beautiful. Different.
- Oh, Mr. Dylan, may, I wanted
to mention to you something
about an amazing
opportunity here in Nile
- Opportunity. What
kind of opportunity?
- Well, I've been planning a
search for something treasure.
Much, much bigger than cannabis.
Or even I've been studying,
analyzing this search for years.
I, I can show you the
charts on, on the maps. Oh.
- Oh. I am really not
sure guy for that.
- I've been waiting for
the right investors.
Somebody's smart like you.
Look, this is an opportunity.
- I'm just not interested
in a venture like that.
And also, I really have a lot
going on in my mind right now.
I'm sorry. Yeah. Perhaps
in another location
- In the future.
- Yes. Perhaps. Who
knows? Sure. I understand.
- She's a really good dancer.
I was named after
a Persian king.
There is the first with a
truly powerful brutal man.
- Really? - Don't worry.
I'm nothing like him.
- Wow. That was amazing.
- Thank you.
- Do you dance professionally?
- No. City. I'm half Spanish.
Passion runs through our blood.
I learned how to dance
when I was a little girl.
I can teach you if you want.
- Teach me.
- I have many talents.
- I'm almost afraid to ask.
- Oh, don't be afraid.
I don't bite. I
unless you want me to.
I am joking. Oh,
I got you there.
- Stop. Stop. Come on. Stop.
Come on. I'm tired.
- I'm second honeymoon.
- You think? I haven't
noticed you drooling over her.
Why do you hurt me?
- Jesus Christ. How many
times do we have to talk?
She was just a friend.
And I, I can't even
look at another female
without getting punished for it.
Is that what you're
saying? You're ridiculous.
You can't sleep either.
- Another night with
my Egyptologist.
- Looks like our
little cruise is gonna
turn into a pre-divorce trip.
- You know what? I gotta
sleep off this jet lag.
- I have a feeling
it won't be missed.
- Can I have a whiskey please?
- Thank you.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
They insomnia. That's all.
- There's something
about you, Safi.
I just can't put
my finger on it.
- I
- Maybe you shouldn't.
- Why not?
- Must you think - I don't
know. What, what should I think?
- A beautiful woman
crying in the middle
of the night on the now.
She must be miserable.
- Is she?
- No.
- You know, I heard you and
your husband earlier tonight.
- Yeah. He likes it. Rough.
He's very passionate.
- Huh? And you enjoy that.
- Is there any other way?
- There you are.
- I was worried about you.
- Yeah,
I was just about to come to bed.
Goodnight Dylan.
- Amber. I trust you.
Had a peaceful night.
- This is beautiful. - I
never get tired of this place.
- You know, when I was a little
girl, I dreamt of coming here.
- You know, early
Egyptians believe that
each song race give people
a chance for a better life.
A gift from the God, huh?
- Rah. Who nurtures the crops.
- Exactly. They also
worshiped the beaver gut sobe.
And in return the floods
n fertilizing the soil.
Hey, you better get ready soon.
Today we're visiting
the great ethno temple
home of the gut horse.
- Gardening of the
kings and of the people.
- That's right.
- Amber,
whenever you feel
afraid, think of hos.
He will keep you safe. I
better get back to my crew.
Gary's not joining us.
- No. He has some work to do.
- Okay. Please,
everybody follow me.
Yala. Oh, don't let Dylan
beat me. Yala. Okay,
- Come on, babe.
We're all leaving.
- No way. I'm not
getting on this thing.
- This is dangerous.
- Hey, French,
we're being fu in half an hour.
Please follow.
- Oh, you seem to have
yours under control.
Mine's got a mind of its own.
- Well, you've discovered
another hidden talent of mine.
- What? Riding camels.
- Taming a wild animal.
- Hm. And what about Darius?
- It is uncontrollable. That's
why I focus on my horses.
- You ride horses too.
- Stallions. My country
is famous for them.
Controlling a big meal with
your thighs is very powerful.
- What else do you love?
- Children.
I love how pure and
innocent they are.
- I did not expect that answer.
- Why not? You
don't like children?
- No. I I love kids.
- There's other things
that interest me. Like
- What?
- Traveling. Going on.
Adventures. Meeting new people.
- Hmm.
- Meeting you.
Come on, Mr. fte.
Control your beast.
Our adventures waiting.
- Hello? Hey, we're
approaching fu
- This way.
Oh my. Okay.
- Where are we going?
- Queen Oppa trust chamber.
In her time, anyone
trespassing would be executed.
Legend has it.
She'd bring her lovers here
even though they knew the risk.
- What would you do for now?
Ah, you missed the
trip to Ed for today.
- I've seen it before.
- It's my first
time. Fascinating place.
- We're a couple of
lucky men, aren't we?
- Oh, oh yeah. I guess so.
- So many blessings
in our lives.
But for some men, no matter
what they have, it's not enough.
- Oh, no. Darius,
look, your wife.
Yes, she is very beautiful.
But I, I'm married.
- I know the effect
she has on men.
Every man will die for her.
- Well, maybe, you know, you
should try living for her
because she seems sad. Oh,
- Does she?
And so you think she
need to be rescued
and you are the hero is that
you're excused for lasting
after another man's woman.
- Don't accuse me of
something that I didn't do.
And you know, for the rest
of the time, I want you
to stay away from
me and my wife.
Hey, bro. Hey, what, what
was that about? Nothing.
Just gimme a minute.
- Dylan.
Are you okay?
- You know, your
husband's a jackass. He's
- Not my husband.
- Really? If he's
not your husband,
then what is he he to you?
- Look,
- It's complicated.
I can't really
talk about it now.
- Yeah.
- So this is typical of
this region of Egypt.
The dunes together with
the river. Mr. Dylan. Yeah.
Will you excuse me, please?
- Hey, sweet. Where did
you go to in such a hurry.
Guilty conscience. I
saw her follow you down.
Oh, Alexa, would you just drop
it about that already? Okay.
Come on. Got come dance with me.
Hmm? Dance.
- I know you want this too.
- Kiss me.
- I just told you. Wow. Ouch.
- What the hell do you want?
- Is everything
okay in here? Did
- He hurt you?
- You really need to
mind your own business.
- Well, the noise you're
making, you made it my business.
- Really? Okay,
how about you? Wait
- There.
- Just as I thought
pathetic, Sophia,
as we are your league.
Go back to your wife.
She'll have you again.
- Hey, what's up?
She's still not
putting out, man.
What's wrong with you Dili?
- Nothing. Why don't, why
don't you get another drink?
- Okay. - One more round,
my friend. Yes, sir.
- Is everything
okay with you guys?
- Sure,
- Sure. Why not?
Mortgaged up to our eyeballs
and Little Miss Knowit all
could not care less about money.
- Is that bad? Look,
Jake, if you know,
if you ever needed a little help
or like a loan or
something, we could, huh?
- What? - Would never
be able to pay you back?
- You think I come
hunting you down for it?
You're my friend. You
needed a little cash.
- Hey, hey, I don't want
your charity, Dylan.
You know, maybe one day
he'll have a job I can do.
Who knows bedtime.
- He is an evil man.
- What's that,
- Darius?
I heard him through the
cabin walls last night,
- Bro, that's not your problem.
- Last night he was
going off on her.
I tried to help, but
he's out of his mind.
He just kept yelling at her
and he kept looking at me like
some kind of killer
or something.
- He's like, special forces.
He's killed people in
hand-to-hand combat.
That's who he is.
- How do you know that?
- I can read the type.
- Well, he, he put his hand
to my throat last night.
Can we decide like a ragdoll?
- What? Why didn't you tell me?
Are you kidding me? I'm
gonna have a word with him.
- No. Look, that
is not a good idea.
- We speak the same
language. We're both vets.
- What - Do you mean?
I'm going into politics.
I'm pretty sure I
can talk to anybody.
- Talk to anybody.
You're kidding, right?
God, sometimes you're
so arrogant, Dylan.
Wealthy folks like
you feel so entitled.
- Entitled. - Yeah. You are
looking down on the rest of us.
- What? - It comes with
having money. You're a snob.
You just can't help it.
- Wait. Hey, where
are you going?
- I'm gonna take
a leap. Wait. Hey,
- Hey, hey.
I'm not a sno.
- You've got a chauffeur
brother. You just like your dad.
- Oh, that's real
cold considering I
just paid for this. A
- Diversification.
You see, there it
is again there.
- What is
- Rubbing my face again?
And your gold plated
crap. You love that?
I'm a security grunt at your
parents' company, don't you?
- Jesus. You really
believe that?
- You know how it makes me feel
when I'm working at the front?
You walk right in the building
by me without saying a thing.
Ah, it makes you feel bigger,
doesn't it? You know what?
Forget I said anything.
But you've changed, man.
- Jake, you're imagining this.
- Am I?
- Look, I had no idea that any
of this was going
on inside your head.
And I'll do whatever I can to
make it right. Are we cool?
- Yeah, buddy. Always.
- Why are you ignoring me?
I need to see her
poor girl's better off
without you anyway.
- Oh, and you think she's
better off with you.
You don't love her?
- God,
- Why are you doing this?
- You're
- Destroying her life.
- Not another word about that.
- You don't love
her. You never did.
- Don't push me,
Sophia. We never said
- Don't push me.
I didn't do this to you.
- Don't say your
another word. Okay?
- Don't - Confuse me with
him. Not another word.
You understand? Now put on
a smile for our friends.
- Hey,
- What's up?
- It's Jake.
- What about him?
I think he's having an
affair with someone else.
- What are you doing?
Why are we stopping?
- Your conversation doesn't
concern me. I leave you.
You too. It's your discussion.
- Let me know when he's sober.
- This is so embarrassing.
Yeah, it's all
- Your fault.
Are you? Am I what? Having
- An affair with my husband.
- Amber, I'm gonna forget
you even asked me that. Yeah.
- Well maybe you
think I'm naive,
but I see how he is around you.
- Come on, let's clear
this up. Shall we?
- Can please do.
- Your husband was
a jock when I met
him in college.
Girls used to throw themselves
at him. I was stupid.
- You thought you
did have sex with
- Him.
Amber. It was a
college dorm fling
that lasted less than a month.
I was one of several girls.
- Well, he still carries
a candle for you,
- For goodness sake.
Even if he does, it's
not my problem, is it?
- No.
- Okay.
- It's mine.
- Ah,
- You all done in there babe?
- Cabin's all yours. Maybe we'll
dance the night away again.
- I guess I can look
forward to my wife
hitting the bed in a
drunken heap again.
- Spoil sport.
How about you?
Jakey? Wanna join us?
- Very tempting, but I better
go get ready for dinner. Ugh.
- What?
- No.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I locked myself up.
- I guess I found something
you're not so good at.
- I guess you did.
- Where's Darius?
- You want to tell him
I can go up like this?
- No, I can help you out.
- Oh,
I gotta stop.
- Why? What's
- Wrong? Oh,
- Why don't you just leave him?
- Terrace is not the
man. You think he's
- And I'm not the
man who thinks I am.
Oh, no.
- You dunno him.
- I know he is a terrible man.
That's what I know.
Look, who's talking.
I'm a terrible husband.
- What am
- I doing? Look, pleases Sophia,
I made a mistake here and I
need to go talk to my wife.
I, I'm sorry,
- Dylan.
I need to
- Stop.
- God dammit. It's
not good enough.
What's wrong with you? Huh?
- I don't feel well. - Well,
don't make it my problem.
You have a job to do.
- I think I ate something wrong.
- I wonder what Layla's
eating nowadays.
Now get ready.
- There is this, - This baby
is messing up our lives.
Do you understand?
Ah, I think it's gonna start.
What do you expect me to do?
Play daddy to a child
that is not mine. Oh,
- I need to go to the hospital.
- What do you want me to do,
- Darius? Please, please.
- Ah,
- Hey, look, I know
I haven't been the,
the easiest to be with, and
I've been a bit busy lately,
- Dylan.
I've talked to you while
I'm not ready for sex
and I I don't wanna
talk about it right now.
- No, no. I, I understand.
Look, I know that we've both
been under a lot of pressure.
You with the children's charity.
Me with my business,
and preparing my run.
- Are you making excuses? No.
- No. Not at all.
I'm, look, Jake just
shared some things
with me today.
Shocked me. He said
that I had changed.
I mean, is he right? Have
I really turned into this
arrogant, uncaring person?
- You certainly can be.
- Well, he got me thinking.
I've neglected you and
I'm so sorry for that,
- Dylan.
It's gonna take more than an
apology to fix our marriage.
- If you don't really want me
to go into politics,
then I won't.
- And be miserable for the rest
of your life. And your dad.
He would be furious.
It's a stupid idea.
- I'd be willing to do
that for you, for us today.
I realize how much you mean
to me, and I'm so sorry, Lex,
- I'm sorry too.
- And to my wonderful wife,
I have learned on this trip that
I wanna be a better
husband to you.
And thank you for always being
by my side. I love you, babe.
- Here, here.
- Hello, French
- Captain.
Thank you. The
dinner was amazing.
- I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I will suggest you spend
a peaceful night tonight.
Tomorrow we arrive in Aswan.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight. Goodnight. Good.
- Well, I think that's all cute.
- And Dylan, why don't you
and I go get another drink?
- Oh, no, I think I'll
turn in with him. No,
- Man.
Come on. After today in the
Jeep, I owe you a few rounds.
- Okay, boys, we can
take a hint. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Okay,
- Come on.
I insist. Okay. I won't
take no for an answer. Okay,
- Let's see if this happens.
- You mean it,
bro. You're willing
to get up political
ambitions for her.
- Yeah. You know, I don't
want to be the type of man
that makes his own
wife slap miserable.
- Oh, hey, stay out of this.
It's not your business.
I need to talk to the trust
man, kid. So take a hike.
- No, no. He stays. So say
whatever it is. You gotta say
- What?
- Yeah, hit play. Don't worry.
It's backed up. Go on.
Here's a soft core
video I made earlier.
You're the star, so
I'm sure you enjoy it.
You want to be famous.
You wanna save the world.
Well, governor, at least with
this, you will entertain them.
You think a woman like that
will throw herself at you?
- How the hell did you get
- That?
I my ways a merry man
screwing another woman.
How conservative of you.
- You want money? Is that it?
- This will go live on Fox News.
As soon as I hit
one letter button,
- You, you set me up, huh?
And Sophia, does
she know about that?
- She promised to get
me a lovely performance.
- How much do you want? -
Well, I'll destroy the evidence
and disappear for $3 million.
- $3 million. I can't pay that.
- Well, in that case,
I will show this video
to your pretty wife
and see what she says.
- Hey, Doris. Hey
Doris. Stop. Hold on.
There's gotta be
some other way. What?
What else do you want?
- 3,000,024 hours.
- Just give us a minute.
Come here, Dylan.
- Okay, one minute.
- I can't get that sort of cash.
Not like that. That's an
insane amount of money. Jake.
- Your future depends on
this. Your dad's future.
Why don't you talk to him?
See if he can arrange things.
Use your family
business. Connect.
- I can't ask him
for $3 million.
And besides, I can't get that
sort of cash. Not at a bank.
Not here.
- What about this? Your
family has mines in Africa.
Hey, Darius. How about diamonds?
- Yes,
- I like diamonds.
- Make sure you don't
screw some fake glass
- Diamonds.
- No. Look, I, I need some
time to think about this. Hey,
- You're not going anywhere.
We can figure it out.
You'll get your diamonds.
You bet I will.
You don't actually think
we're gonna pay off
that asshole, do you?
- What other choice do I have?
- Come on, Jesus,
Dylan, you have options.
- What other options?
- Seriously?
Your father never told you.
- My father. What are
you talking about?
- When I first came on
your dad's security team,
you know, sometimes he, he
needs muscle to take care
of people who aren't
falling in line.
Your father had a similar issue
and I had to make it disappear.
- Are you telling me
that my dad had an affair
- And her pimp was
blackmailing him?
He told me to bury it. And
I can do the same for you.
- Jake Darius is
a dangerous man.
It's not a good idea.
- Are you kidding me? I can
take that fool. No problem.
I just don't show off about
- It.
- What are you
thinking about doing?
You're gonna make him
disappear. Look, you do that.
We're no better than he is.
- We don't have to kill him.
- No, no. Listen, I don't know.
- Dylan, come on. If you
don't deal with this now,
if you pay him off, he's gonna
come back later wanting more.
- I know I was the same thing.
No, I I I want just take
half of what he's asking.
Just pay it to you and you just,
if I were to do that, could
you do it without killing me?
- I could do it
Smart. Find a way.
This would be for you,
for our friendship.
It's not about the money.
- Do you, do you want diamonds
or do you I can give you cash
when we get back in the states.
- You gotta get the diamonds.
- Hmm. - Can't let him
suspect anything. Okay.
- I can call my dad now.
He's got a diamond merchant
in, in Cairo.
He can get the gems and ass
wine by tomorrow. Dammit.
That is not a call
I want to make.
- Hey,
- Dylan. It's your old man.
If anybody could understand
this problem, he will.
Why don't I take
care of the other
issue at the same time for you?
- What other issue?
- Sophia,
- You almost grew up tonight.
- I did everything
you asked me to do.
- Looks like you
really like him.
So you do know how to love.
- I was just doing my job right?
When will I see her?
- No, until you're done.
- What else is there to do?
- You stopped and almost
messed up my plan,
- But I didn't, I can't
do this any longer.
- No. Give up now. You can kiss
goodbye on seeing her again.
- Yes, please,
- Please.
- You promised.
Please, please
- Give her back to me,
- Please.
Life is full. Broken
promises. My beautiful Sophia.
Never trust in that. If
you're not that by now,
- I have a problem.
- What's going on,
son? Are you okay?
- There's a video
of me and a woman.
It's a sex tape, dad.
And it's not with Alexa.
- Jesus Christ. Dylan,
what were you thinking?
Your fundraising
campaign's barely underway.
- I know. I can't
believe you. Boy. I know.
- How do we fix
this? Talk to me.
- It's the same problem
you had dad, the one
that Jake fixed for you.
- He told you about that?
- Yep. Just now
- How much?
- The guy wants $3
million overnight.
- I can't get that much cash
- To you.
No, but you can get
that to me in diamonds.
I'm an as one now if you can
get them to me by tomorrow,
that's what he's asking for.
- Oh, hold on. Who
are these people?
You, you know, this is not
going to be the end of this.
- I know, I know. Dad, look,
I don't know all the
details right now.
I know it's a setup. But
look, I need the diamonds.
I'm going to pay
Jake to fix this,
but I'm gonna do my
best to make sure
that this, I don't
have to pay these
- People. Okay?
- But I just need the
diamonds to pull this
- Off.
Can you do that? I'll
see what I can do.
- Thanks dad.
- Alright.
- So goodbye. Okay.
Talk tomorrow.
No, so he,
- Oh,
Get it. Get no, get it.
- I told you I take
care of your problem.
No. What the hell,
Dylan? I'm sorry, babe.
I think I just had
a nightmare to What?
Did I just wake you up or
something? What do you think?
I don't know. You was
screaming her name. Who?
You made me sick. What
are you talking about?
I don't remember my nightmare.
Well, let me
refresh your memory.
You've been screaming all
night. That lovely spani.
You'd been lusting after
since she came on board.
Where are you going? I'm
going to sleep on deck.
You know I can't
stand you anymore.
Alexa, you're not
going outside. Alexa.
Hey, what's so urgent?
- Dylan's freaking out.
- You're kidding. What happened?
- Had a nightmare. Woke
up screaming her name.
- Really?
- Yeah,
but I thought I heard
him saying your name.
He doesn't suspect
anything, right?
- No,
- It's not possible.
Where's Dylan? I haven't
seen him this morning.
- I don't know. He was in
the shower when I left him.
We had a fight last night.
- Are you okay?
- Not really.
Look, sweetie, I know that
you're having a good time,
but we're really struggling.
I'm sure you've
noticed it's just
getting worse by the day.
I think I'm gonna leave
the sightseeing for today.
- I
- I heard that sweetheart.
And believe me, I won't be
bucking you the
rest of this trip.
I propose a truce,
all hostilities must seize
for the remaining
duration of our trip.
- Good morning. I hope
you enjoy our traditional
Egyptian breakfast this
morning. It's great.
- Great,
- Great. Mr. DiUS.
Mr. Sophia, sorry we
missed you last night.
Hope you're welcome.
- I'm fine. I was
just not very hungry.
- She's doing great, captain.
Thank you for your concern.
- Are you going to join
us on Aipla this morning?
- Yeah, I'm happy to.
- We're happy to.
- Perfect. We ducked
in 10 minutes.
- Excuse
- Me.
We'll meet back at
the AKA at 3:00 PM Oh.
And please remember,
your flights
are tomorrow in the morning.
You must not be late.
We are in a tight schedule,
so please be prompt.
- Great. I'm sure we will be.
- I bet you eighties. Go enjoy
some shopping while your men
head down to the
jewelry district.
- Good idea. Honey. Gifts
and apologies are always
best when they sparkle.
- Will we be safe?
Oh, this is a swan.
People here are very, very kind.
I, I will assist you
where you're shopping. Oh,
- Fantastic.
Yeah. I've left plenty
of room in my suitcase
for souvenirs. Course
- Not going anywhere.
- What do you - Mean you
stay right here with me?
- I'm going with them.
- Do what do you do?
We don't need it from our
business. Let her go. Right.
- Our business,
- Where are we going?
- I need a briefcase.
- Whatcha are talking about a
briefcase for 30 diamonds.
You think I'm stupid?
- Listen, you wanna sell
them back for a full value.
You're gonna need certificates
of quality, proof of origin,
a sales valuation with multiple
diamonds each valued
at a hundred grand.
You're gonna need a bundle
of paperwork that thick.
- Oh wow. Really? - Hey, his
family trades and diamonds.
You know their shit. Trust him.
- Okay, let's go. I got him.
I, I don't feel so high.
I think I'm gonna
head back to the boat.
- Sorry to hear that.
Let me escort you to the dock
and and see you safely aboard.
- Oh no, no. Don't
worry about me.
I just have to lay down for
a little bit. Are you sure?
Yeah. Okay. Thank you.
- I'm upgrade. One of you may
come. I'm expecting this day.
Normal. What?
- What's going on? Don't worry.
It's like that in
most of these places.
- Oh, I'm peaceful.
- Jay, I'm sorry, but I
- Don't know any of you
- Personally.
This is company
policy. I'm sorry.
- What?
- I don't think so.
- I'm go do, why
would I run now?
- Jake, check your messages.
I'll text you when I'm done.
- I supply all the shops in
Aswan. Thanks to your company.
- Yes. Thank you Mr. Osman.
I know we had an unusual request
today, so I appreciate it.
- Anything for
Fontain Enterprises.
I was delighted to help
those two gentlemen with you.
Is that problem Mr.
Fountain? Because I can help.
Once you are satisfied, you
can live by our back door.
- What the hell is going on
there? It's gonna take a while.
Come on. Dozens of diamonds.
It's got a lot of paperwork,
- Lord.
- Come on Jake.
- Let in now. Gentlemen. Mr.
Left the premises please.
We cannot live Now.
- What? You knew it.
Oh, you knew it. Fucking
- Knew it.
I was sure it's gone.
- I came because I
need to answer Sophia.
You know I still can't believe
that you're in on this.
- It's hard to explain.
- I just
can't understand why
you're still with him.
- I have no choice.
- Sophia, you have to leave.
- He has something
that belongs to me.
- Well, forget it.
You need to run now.
- I can't leave
until it's returned.
- Well, tell me what it is and
maybe I can help you get it.
- I don't think anyone can.
We have to go. If he
finds us here together.
Everything is for out there.
- No, Sophia. I need answers
now. Why did you help him
- Six years ago?
Darius did something for me.
He forced himself onto me.
- How did you get out
- There? He's
- Darius rescued him.
- I was scared. They didn't
know what to do, where to go.
So he stayed by his side.
I felt safe until I
found out I was pregnant.
- You have a child.
- Layla.
He changed overnight.
Became possessive. Jealous.
I wasn't allowed to
leave the house anymore.
- You stayed with him?
- I tried to run away,
but he caught us at the border.
He took her away from
me. I
- Haven't seen my
daughter for 10 months.
- Where is she now?
- I don't know.
- He promised me I would
get her back if I would.
- If you would help
him with his plan.
- He's never going to
give her back to me,
I shouldn't have done it.
I shouldn't have tested it.
- I shouldn't have done it.
Not everything was an ex. I
need to tell you something else.
- Tell me what
- I saw Jake and Darius together
in a hotel in Cairo four
days before we reported to aka.
- You'll
- Make a lot of money.
- Wait. So they knew each
other before they came aboard.
- They just told me they
served together in Afghanistan.
I really have to come now.
- No. Hey, hey, hey. There's
something that you're
not telling me.
You know that you can trust
me, right? You know that?
- No man should be trusting.
- You can trust this one.
- That day Kaira, I
saw Alex and Jake.
They were holding
hands like lovers too.
- I'm sorry.
- What are you gonna do now?
- Did he get him babe?
Freaking out here.
- He disappeared. I can't
believe it. His phone's off too.
I'm sure he thinks I'm on his
side. Why would he do this?
- He disappeared. - You think
he'll be back on the boat
for the handover this evening?
- Yeah. Yeah. He's miss his
chance. Big shot politician.
No, he'll be there. Hey, have
you seen Sophia? Hey Alexa,
- What do you think?
- I gotta go
- Dad, listen.
I need your help again
and it can't wait.
I need you to make another
call to Ambassador Clark.
- The ambassador's expecting me.
- Hey, what the hell?
What happened to you?
- I got lost in the markets.
- Darius is still out there.
All crazy looking for
- Man.
There was a little holdup with
the diamonds, but it's solved
- Now.
Let me see 'em here.
- These - Certificates
these's the diamonds.
- Oh, beautiful. All right,
fine. That looks good. Yeah,
- You need to go
talk to Alexa first.
- I'll wait here.
- Jake's looking for you.
- I just spoke to him upstairs.
What are you doing? What
- Does it look like?
- So you're just
gonna leave just like
that without any explanation.
- I saw you, Dylan
in town with her.
You're not even denying it, are
you? You bastard? I knew it.
- Where are you going?
- I'm leaving.
I'm staying at the hotel in
the airport and I'm going home.
Stay outta my way.
- Hey, are
- You okay?
Ask Dylan that Spanish charter
he's falling in love with.
I'm leaving him. Oh, Alexa.
- Christina here. He's here.
Where is you? He, he's down
in the room. Stay here.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
If you think I'm gonna
leave that bastard,
Eliza, part of the plan.
- The diamonds are here. Just
- Leave 'em alone.
- A change of heart for your
little friend. Poor Jake.
Always that we can
stay out of my way.
- Here they are.
- Hand them over.
- Here's your payment, Jake.
So why don't you finish
your part of the bargain.
- What the hell is going on?
Are you turning on me now?
- Boy, somewhere. Come on,
- Miss Sophia.
I know the police hearing swan.
I reported a drowning accident.
You know the Nile never
gives up his dead.
And I make sure his body
will never be found.
Amber was such an
honor meeting you
and I am really sorry
for everything that
happened with you
and your friends on this trip.
But I really hope to
see you again one day.
- Thank you for
everything captain.
- Mr. Dylan. I'm sorry I wasn't
aware of this scam earlier.
- Hmm.
- Thank you Kathy.
Now go find your treasure that
you've been searching
for my friend.
Come on, Jake, where are you?
He's not coming. Alexa.
Amber Dylan.
Is he coming?
No, he's not.
And your lover? He's
not coming either. What?
He's in the hospital.
I don't, I don't know
what you're, what
you're talking about.
Just stop Alexa.
Everything is over.
It's it's, it's really
not what Jake and I we're.
We are not, you were
never a good liar.
Alexa, Jake is all yours
and the police are
coming for you.
The the what? The police.
Amber, what's going on?
You know, this is
an amazing country.
I think I'm gonna stick
around for a while.
Good luck sweetie.
No, wait. Amber.
Oh God.
- Thank you so much
for everything.
- I should be thanking you and
my dad. I didn't do too much.
- You did.
- Justice has served,
- Apparently Layla and
I are US citizens now.
I'm from Arizona.
- Yeah.
- Is she coming?
- Yeah. Yeah. She's gonna
be here anytime soon. Mm.
The police have
picked her up already
and they're bringing her to me.
- Okay. I guess
I'll get outta here.
Leave you two to
get reacquainted.
- Please stay. I would
love for you guys to meet.
- I have something for you.
- What is it?
- It's two airline
tickets open-ended.
Point you in you and Layla
to come visit me
sometime in Arizona.
Whenever you're ready.
- Thank you.
- Hold on.
I want you to have this.
- I love you. I love you, mom.