An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) Movie Script

He told me the other day
There is an elephant in manzhouli
It sits there all day long
Perhaps some people keep stabbing
it with forks
Or maybe it just enjoys sitting there
I don't know
People gather there,
watching it sitting still
They feed the elephant food
but it takes no notice
He told me that before
what did he say?
You are stepping on my pants
What did he say?
Same thing
Give me some water
What's the smell?
Who opened the freaking window?
I'm closing it now
it's too late! Now the apartment is stinky!
A lousy day starts again!
It's the kitchen window
The smell comes
in throught the kitchen window
no one cleans the garbage down there
it's much better than your bedroom!
The dumpster smells better
than your nasty room!
Where's my gift card?
No idea
you used it the other day. Where is it now?
Check the cupboard
it's not there
well, I don't know
he stole it
I didn't
you gave a 20% off to customers
at the supermarket
you then spent the kickback
at Internet cafes!
I did not
what else can you do?
You little piece of crap
no one wants the same lecture every morning
am I wrong?
Go to your grandma's. You're gross
I'd have gone there already
if there's heat in her place
we don't have heat either!
You are stinking this place out!
Get out
carry the bag
You're not allowed to burn it here
then where?
I don't care. Not in this neighborhood!
But these are from the neighborhood
you deaf?
You can't burn it here!
Burn it right here!
Who do you think you are?
Burn it right here!
Come down here you piece of crap!
I'm your daddy
get down here!
Get lost
Till tonight
no way
I'm leaving for work
Sometimes when you smoke
your skin peels off
and blood will remain on the cigarette
you see?
You didn't give me the water I asked
I have to leave
suit yourself
You used the gift card for cigarettes
I didn't
what did you buy then?
It's not even yours.
You picked it up on the street
School district housing
is triple the price of normal housing
of course it's not necessary
but our daughter will
go to a less qualified school
she might be bullied
I can't watch my kid going to
the terrible high school where I'm working
so school district housing is the
only option for a better education
your feet
but our money can only afford
a small school district apartment
keep it tight
we can't all move in
there's not enough space
that's why we want to
send you to a nursing home
you always think
we want to abandon you that way
your instep
why do I have to stretch in the morning?
Frequent training makes you a good dancer
they say I'm good enough
you can do better
what for?
Straighten up your back
the school forbids us
to tutor students outside
my own student told on me once
private schools don't
have these restrictions
but it offers no welfare guarantee either
it's not an iron bowl in the long run
hold on
it's possible to transfer
to a branch school
but takes a lot of effort
our school acquired a private school
and founded this so-called branch school
the pay is good
but it sounds less decent
I'm still thinking about it
Good, go on
I can't keep my dog at nursing homes
I can't go there
ok, I understand
let grandpa help me with the stretching.
He's good at it
dad, please be more considerate
she doesn't even have a place
to do her homework
she can't always write
on your sewing machine
this is my apartment
Dad, please stop
we didn't mean it that way
this is not the first
time you brought it up
we are not forcing you
I saw your mother
what happened?
He slashed my bicycle tires
why did you bring it here?
My dad will beat me up if he knows it
What's your plan?
I don't know
let's see what he's up to
buy him a new phone?
Why should 1? I didn't take it
the whole mess will be over
I'm not afraid of him
I'm equipped
good for you
I took my dad's gun
from his curio collection
he thought I didn't know
I found it a couple of years ago
What are you going to do with it?
Wanna try?
You got anything?
What's that? Fried churrio?
My dad used to interrogate people with this
it leaves no marks
Your bike
Who's that?
It's me
I forgot my shoes
they are in the cabinet
Somebody else is home?
Why are you back?
I'm picking up my stuff
are you leaving?
Or are you staying home?
Those are your shoes?
The water is leaking in the toilet!
The toilet is leaking!
The toilet is leaking again.
It's all flooded
you did it?
It's the third time
call someone to fix it
or use a basin, ok?
Your cake is there
You stepped on it?
I bought it for you and you crushed it?
No, I didn't
I walked two freaking miles
there was no 24-hour bakery store around
I told you I didn't step on it!
Where's my contract?
Find it and read for me
you hear me?
He wanted to beat up yu shuai
but ended up kneeling down by the river,
singing a lullaby
how did you know?
I was on the other side
Keep rolling
Do you have it on you?
I didn't take it
but you stole it
no, I did nothing
everyone else's stuff was right over there
why were you there? You
don't play basketball
you thought you could fool me?
I didn't steal it. I have my own phone
What did you see?
Stay the hell out of it
He's useless
why not call you grandpa.
He practices tai-chi right?
P... piss off
I'll come back during the break
meet me at the stairs
don't let me come to you
let's go
I will pay for the broken desk
you were right.
I shouldn't have messed with him
I should've bought him a new one
Here's the money for the desk
Our school is going to be demolished
This is the worst school in town
they are building up a new neighborhood
our school is merging with another one
this stupid building will be gone
what about us?
You go wherever you're supposed to go
And you?
I'll have a new office in the new school.
Larger, more comfortable
you guys will go to
the worst high school in the city
when you graduate,
most of you will become street food vendors
keep the money
have some fun at the Internet cafe
why are you so positive about your future?
Tell that mopping boy to come in
Vice Dean asked for you
the world is a wasteland
A quote from this book. I'm moved
you are... moved?
Did you pay for the desk?
For history class?
Why don't you go inside?
Wanna stand for a while
Do you want to meet me
later this afternoon?
Monkey park
I can't. I have other things
What things?
You don't have anything to do?
Why always go there?
I've got my own business as well
like what?
Feeding monkeys?
You shouldn't have messed with yu shuai
he has a brother. Everyone knows that
his brother can kill you
That'd be perfect
what do you want?
I've seen worse.
They didn't force you out of your home yet
I know the place
it's a retirement home
tolerable food, TV sets
but you have to smoke secretly
my old badminton fellow is there
why ask? You're bored at home?
I thought your granddaughter
is close to you
have you seen a big white dog?
It's white, huge, like this big,
and long hair
I saw it
running north
north where?
Towards that bridge
are you able to see the kid?
They won't allow me
my hands tremor sometimes
then you are useless to them
I bet you have to leave anyways
they won't even pay for your
residential fees if they're not happy
The police came
You know what
it wasn't because of me
he bought this apartment
because you made him do it
he had a lousy pay
What else can he do with that pay?
So he jumped off the building
I don't care what you think
It was his own decision. I'm not guilty
he was paying for your vanity
you're the one who should've jumped off
I can't believe I'm
talking to you about this
Did anyone ask about it?
They'd better not ask
or I'll tell them
it was you that pushed him off
Why do you look so sad?
Because he's dead?
Because I'm heartless?
Or all the problems coming up?
They called his mom
she has booked a flight
she will come to you
you were his only friend
You gave him the money?
He didn't take it
he said our school is closing
how come?
He said we're going
to be street food vendors
no. He lied to you
I know
but I think it makes sense
what were you doing with huang ling?
She said yu shuai's brother could kill us
You have the balls to come with him?
Tell me your thoughts
he didn't steal it
you were not there
but I know he's not a thief
but my phone is missing
maybe someone else took it
Maybe your dad took it
what did he take from my family
that got him fired?
Did he bribe you?
So you stand up for him?
Be careful.
The school might kick you out as well
so you can stay home with daddy
fine. I'll buy you a new phone
buy your ass!
What about my old files?
Let him buy one. Give him an out
shut up. They asked for it
we did nothing
How do you want to end this?
You two sing a lullaby on your kness
buy me a new phone later
no way
You think you're the boss?
Then stay out of his business
you are nothing
What are you?
You stupid jackass
your mother sells clothes in the
mining area. Everybody knows that
Did I tell you to leave?
You wanna fight with that damn stick?
You wanna get yourself killed?
who's this?
It's me
you changed your number?
No. I'll be gone for a while.
You know, some stuff
What're you doing today?
I have a busy schedule
fine. Just grab a bite
what's that?
I have a call
I can't
I have a business dinner
Send me the address. I can wait
You're annoying
you're right. Life is annoying
What now?
Someone beat up yu shuai at school
so? You want me to fight back?
Why are you so shameless?
Have you no shame?!
Don't go over there! Oj! Come!
Go away
go away
Have you seen a big white dog?
Like this
hey, I'm talking to you
did you hear me?
Watch your ass!
You shitty punk!
I forgot my homework
Where's my money?
I put it under the mattress
I don't know
it was there this morning
that's not your money
it's my money
no, it's not.
Have you earned a single penny?
That's the lucky money from grandma
Where are you going?
Where do they live?
That's enough. Go back inside
go back inside
Now tell me about it
It was scary
they didn't even wipe off the blood
They shared the picture in a group chat
what should we do?
Why're you crying?
I don't know what to do
it's none of your business
Time for class
go back to your seats
You know what happened?
Not the fighting part
you two are close?
Just fine
why did wei bu beat up yu shuai?
Yu shuai believed
that li Kai had stolen his phone
wei bu tried to help him out
can't be that simple
that's all
you're asking as if you care
because it would get me involved
the boss would ask me about it
in the end it's always my business
students' problems are my problems
if you stay out of it, nothing will change
I know
but I'll get into trouble
things work like that
if anything happens,
everyone gets into trouble
but we keep running into troubles
We have to close down
the school early today
last night my mom...
Mr. li
I want wei bu's address and phone number
I'm cooking
where's your mom?
Grandma passed away
oh, I didn't know
now you know
what do you mean?
you only visit her when you need money
it's your nephew
go and check on your mom
you're not going anywhere
call his father
don't leave
Who's that?
It's me
Who are you looking for?
You have a big white dog?
Where is it?
It bit my dog
he saw pipi?
He said pipi bit his dog
but where is pipi?
It killed my dog
I'm asking about pipi
is this your dog?
Turn off the gas first
ask him about pipi!
Do you have any proof
that my dog killed yours?
Pipi doesn't bite other dogs
shut up
there was a huge white dog running
in the streets
but it doesn't have to be my dog
I have a witness
An old lady.
She once saw your wife walking that dog
I have to find it first
and confirm what you said
I went to the vet's
my dog is dead
How much do you want?
I'm not going to pay the vet's bills
I'm coming to tell you
that your dog killed mine
what do you want?
How much money do you want?
How much is it worth?
Your dog must have bitten mine, right?
Did I ask you for any money?
You wanna blackmail me, isn't it?
What are you up to?
I crashed into a car
a few days ago and got out
that driver didn't get
a single penny from me
you think you can rip me off now?
My cue is here
my cue is here
This one?
No, the aomi one
can't tell
this one?
It's carved with words
Can I exchange it for some cash?
You can ask the owner.
This one is worth 800 yuan
I only want 500
I'll get it back as soon as I have money
I can't do that. The owner is not here
400 yuan will also do
come on. I don't have a say
I saw a boy at the counter -shut up
Hello, auntie
you should've told me to pick you up
at the airport
you should've told me to pick you up
at the airport
I'll meet you at the police station
I'm coming
There was a boy coming for his cue
he might be the one you're looking for
Where's the kid?
Let's go to the monkey park
An ambulance was at the school today?
what happened?
No idea
no idea?
A student called
wei bu hit yu weipeng's son
the kid is in the hospital now
that wei bu got himself into huge trouble
what are you so happy about?
I'm not
don't use my foundation
I didn't
makeup is for grown-ups, not for you kids
I did not
I know you have
Don't get yourself pregnant
I'm giving you a warning
I have a colleague
who didn't warn her kid in advance
then they were in big trouble
you make me sick
stop pretending
does shaming me make you happy?
Stop right here
I saw it
How did it die?
A dog bit it
somebody else's dog?
what happened?
Why ask?
I need some money
you want money from me?
It's borrowing. I will return it
why not ask your parents?
I got into some trouble.
I can't call them now
but I don't have any money
I sleep on the balcony.
I can't offer you anything
I know. I just want to borrow some
take a look at this cue
it cost me over 1,000
you can ask around in any pool room
you can keep it as a guaranty
what do I need this for?
This is the best thing I have
I'll buy it back
I told you I don't have money.
I don't have my pensions
you have the wrong person
I do understand
try someone else
take a look at this
just leave
where's my dog? Did you kill it?
His dog did it?
Let's go to the police!
Or I'll come down to get you!
What are you up to?
What are you up to?
I can scratch your car all over
and not give you a damn penny for it
come if you dare
come on
I won't stop you!
Do it!
Come on. Do it!
Do it!
Stop. I didn't hurt your dog
A truck will kill you both!
I have to go
I don't need it
take it
you can sell it for some cash
I can't carry it with me
Do you know manzhouli?
I'm going there
There's an elephant sitting there
Why does it matter to you?
It doesn't
I want to go and see for myself
I'll go with you
don't bother
I didn't tell them you were here
you're clean
You don't have to worry
how's that?
I heard about this two hours ago
I could've picked you up at the airport
I want a cigarette
Have a new one
It's so tall
Aren't you cold?
Was it because li Kai stole the phone?
He didn't steal it
How do you know?
I just know it
What's your plan?
I'm going to buy a ticket
to where?
Go back. It's not that serious
you don't get it
what do you want me to do?
You want to join me?
Give me a break
my mom just asked me about you
I don't know where she got the news
what will you do in manzhouli?
There will be something
look around. Everyone's alive
it's dangerous for me to come here
I'll be done if they know it
no one will know
why did you hit him?
I didn't know it until today
that my dad was fired
because he took bribes
I hit him when I heard it
it's just natural
I didn't feel anything
I don't care whether li Kai stole
the phone or not
I'm his friend
I did what I have to do
I've no idea why it ended up like this
I didn't beat him. He
fell down the staircase
then why did you escape?
Are you going to manzhouli with me?
I can do part-time
I've worked every summer vacation.
All kinds of work
you can come back if you want
Let's see what you're capable of
you can play shuttlecock
yes, I can do that
so you can perform shuttlecock-kicking
in manzhouli
people will give you money for that
you can settle there then
Are you making fun of me?
No, just stating the fact
that is sarcasm
you were right though
I can only play shuttlecocks
You've won prizes for that
meaning you're really good
not at all
everyone can waste their time
on any meaningless shit
it even makes you look like a freaking pro
so why shuttlecock?
Because other things
make me feel even worse
You're leaving?
what happened?
I just can't go with you. It's not good
You don't have to run away
just leave
You play pool?
Entry level
That asshole
Cut the bullshit!
Smash it!
This is the cue
he showed it off in the pool room
who knows
where he's stolen the money for this
is this yours?
wanna play with me?
Not today
when are you free?
Dad, what's going on?
Get out!
You deaf?
Is that you, grandpa?
There's a name on it
let's save some time
where did you get this?
What are you going to do when you find him?
He beat up a piece of trash
and that piece of trash is my brother
what do you think I should do?
A piece of trash brother?
That's right
a piece of trash
I'm going to the train station
keep an eye on him. Don't let him go
Watch this
let him take a look
hey old man, watch this
Grandpa are you there?
Cut the crap!
Don't mess with us
piss off
Where's the puppy?
Come back home grandpa!
Come here
he wants a copy for himself
You two, come to the train station
I have something else to do
That's the Dean from my brother's school
what's your brother's name?
Yu shuai. You know him?
Heard of him
that's your girlfriend inside?
No. I don't have other things to do
you have to be careful
about what?
Don't be good-for-nothing
when you're at my age
What's the difference if you're of any use?
You should go inside and punch that Dean
he is the vice Dean
you'd go inside if he were the Dean?
There's no difference. I wouldn't dare
You should let her know that you came by,
and you saw it
why's that?
Or you will be just like
this freaking trash can
What's going on?
Group chat. They have nothing better to do
The school didn't call the police. Why?
The fight?
Better settle it privately
yu's family has a car dealership
settling it privately is the best way out,
for wei bu or for the school
his brother is looking for wei bu
that's fine
wei bu hit him
he has to pay for that
nothing serious
What do people make
of things happening to them?
What do you mean?
I don't think wei bu knew what he was doing
he surely didn't
when I was at school,
there was a guy in class
one day,
I saw him with a stray cat at the riverside
he found some stones
and he slowly smashed the cat to death
and then?
He was often bullied back then
his grades sucked as well
teachers said that he had no future
but these had nothing to do
with him killing the cat
he was just happy doing it
And you were watching as he did it?
I wanted to stop him.
That was the right thing to do
but if I did
I would have something to do with it
so I just watched
I have to admit
that I enjoyed watching the whole thing
why are you telling me this?
I want you to know
daily routines have always been
the same across different ages
you don't have to be confused
people will get it over time
Can I get myself?
Life just won't get better
it's all about agony
that agony has begun since you were born
you think
that a new place will change your fate?
It's bullshit
new place, new sufferings
you understand?
No one truly knows about existence
Where should I go if school is closed?
Find another one
You're not divorced
I saw you pick up your kid
We're seperated
Easy. I was kidding
what are you worried about?
I'm quite at ease at the moment
It's been there for a while
Where's the puppy, grandpa?
It's dead, right?
Is the puppy dead?
It's an old dog
I can take her to school
dad, don't be too sad
it's no easy thing keeping a pet
even harder if it gets sick
the vets are really expensive
what have you got yourself into?
It's ok. I can handle it
it's not that bad
you can go to the nursing home now
I just called them
an army commander lives there
you two will get along well
No rush
just think about it
let's have dinner
I ate already
It's a nice cue. Where did you get it?
Come down here you old piece of crap!
Get your butt down here!
Shall we call the police?
Thank you both
thank you for taking care of this
What's wrong?
why're you looking at me?
Then where should I look?
Who knows. I don't like
people staring at me
come on
I'll grab a bite
You just left a restaurant
I didn't eat much
what are you doing here?
Hanging out with you
you just came?
I feel relaxed with you
It's not going to work out between us
we're not the same kind of people
it'll get us nowhere no matter
how many times you try
Then who is your kind?
Not you at least
we don't understand each other
awesome, that sounds really complicated
here it is, again
your attitude is so annoying
you make me feel uncomfortable
I slept with my friend's wife this morning
he found out and jumped off the building
I have to stay away for a while
Why are you doing this?
Because you refused to see me
I won't change my mind
I'm telling you because it's all your fault
it's because of you that he's dead
What's the matter with you?
Get out
Get the hell out!
Don't move!
Don't freaking move!
A professor boards a fishing boat
he asks the fisherman
if he understands poetry
the fisherman says no
the professor says
"your life is reduced to half"
then he asks
if the fisherman understands music
he says no again
the professor says
"then the other half of your life is gone"
the fisherman asks
if the professor knows how to swim
the professor says he can't
"then your whole life is gone"
and the professor is thrown into the water
Have you checked our group chat?
Hurry up
the message that just came in
it was already in other
group chats yesterday
What happened?
Who filmed this?
I don't know
I'm ruined
That guy at the restaurant with the note...
Was stalking us?
These clips began to spread yesterday
why are people so freaking nosy?
Why are people so evil?
Why they're so young but so evil
somebody will come get you
when you're minding your own business
Why are you cursing?
Just go
you ruined me.
I can't transfer to the new school now
Take your things
Why did you go back?
How the hell should I know
don't talk to me like that
fine. I don't care about anyone, ok?
I don't know if my brother is dead or not
either I'm going to find that little brat
or I'm going to see my brother
at the hospital
then why are you here?
Didn't I tell you?
I have to go away for a while
I'm leaving tonight
You'd better go now
Where were we?
You said your friend died because of me
tell me about it
about what?
He killed himself because of me
I don't see any connections
you rejected me
so I went to his place
and slept with his wife
then he jumped off the building
so I can't say no to you?
You believe you're somebody,
don't you?
You started all this mess
you're playing innocent or what?
My life is like a dumpster
garbage keeps piling up
they come one after another.
You can never clean it up
everybody is the same
you think you're the only one
that can't take it?
You're always very blunt
when it comes to me
because you won't let me go
it wasn't like this from the beginning
that's right
but it didn't last long
Yes, you told me that
that's right
no one ever feels comfortable
it's only you
Do you feel comfortable?
Why do you ask?
You are faking it
the way you are
you make that up
actually you're no different
than any other women
you're so dark
all the same
who gives you the right to say that?
I'm watching you, everyday
see how you present yourself
skiing, scuba diving...
All those middle-class stuff
look around
what's the point of faking
a middle-class life?
You don't have to sound bitter
because I don't want to sleep with you
Yeah, probably
I'm going to manzhouli
to check out something.
Wanna come with me?
Not interested
you don't wanna know
what I want to see there?
I'm going to tell you anyway
the funniest thing I've ever heard
there's this elephant in a zoo
it just sits there all day long
what's fun about that?
The suicide guy told me one week ago
you're not interested?
I'm not going anywhere with you
Why are you standing here?
I can leave
Be my guest. I'm going to the hospital
to check out a dumb-ass, his crazy mother
and an old wretch
you're not leaving with me?
I don't want to leave you alone
cut the crap
You need to do me a favor
the shopping mall near the hospital
did you see him?
Take you hands off me
don't stumble over
at the entrance
we're supposed to meet up here.
But he didn't tell me when
where's he now?
I'll look over there
I can't find him
let's go upstairs
let's go upstairs
Let's check on different spots
Wei bu! Where were you?
Wei bu! Take your hands off me!
Let me go! Wei bu!
You freaking sold me out!
I only told your parents.
They could help you out
they're the only ones you can go to
did I say not to tell anybody?
Did I or didn't 1?
You piece of crap!
Yes, that's right
what's right?
The way you are
I tried to help you out,
but you don't give a damn
no one gives a damn about me
what do you mean?
I am nothing!
What was your plan then?
Send my dad to take me away?
Keep me safe in prison?
Yu Cheng went to your place
and smashed a lot of stuff
they're worried
They can't help
You were wrong the whole time
I stole that cellphone
He shot a lot of videos on his phone
he recorded me taking a piss
You said you hadn't stolen the phone
because I lied to you
I'd rather buy him a new one
than let him keep the video
You worthless punk
I'm probably the last person
to see who you are
there're other videos on his phone
like huang ling with the vice Dean
at a karaoke bar
you shouldn't have beaten him up
he's a coward. A little scare will do
now it's all screwed up
You're saying I screwed this up?
Yes you did
I've told you this
I'm not scared of anything
I can do anything
I'll do fine without you
Where the hell can you go?
You will freaking rot in here
I want to take a look
There's a yu shuai here...
How's he doing?
There's a yu...
Shut up
what have you done?
Don't yell at me
look at him! He's lying there!
Why not call the police?
Arrest that asshole!
I've looked for him all day. I'm not stupid
once you beat him almost deaf!
You and your gang abused him!
Oh crap, not again!
Get out!
Hey kiddo. Throw that shuttlecock over!
Come on!
Hey! You prick!
Screw you
what did you say? Say it again?
I said screw you! You hear that?
Come over here!
You'll be dead! I'll kill you!
Wait right there, you little brat!
Come over and I'll kill you!
Stop. That's enough
let go!
I'll kill you!
Stay right there!
Try me!
Damn you! You piece of trash!
Stay right there if you dare.
Stay right there!
Come back!
It's not worth it
You're a scumbag!
You're the most disgusting thing
I've ever seen!
Damn you!
Go to hell!
Where to?
I have tickets to manzhouli
I can line up here
a couple of tour groups were here earlier.
You won't get a ticket in two hours
you're home
That deputy chief tried
to touch me over dinner
he ain't nothing
he pretended to be drunk
what good could he do for me?
That bald good-for-nothing
I want to tell you something
he was talking big
says he wanted to buy
all the medicine I'm selling
what for?
I can sell it to anybody
I want to tell you something
where did you come back from?
The vice Dean
at the school has been very nice to me
really nice
I feel much more comfortable
with him than at home
Did he sleep with you?
Why what?
You've messed up my life
every morning I have to pick
up your clothes from the floor
if they're stained,
I'm the one that does the laundry
I always smell of delivered food.
It takes time to clean the smell
did he screw you?
I enjoy hanging out at his place
it's clean and tidy.
I don't need to clean it up
can you let me finish?
Go ahead
Somebody leaked a video of us
but we haven't done anything out of line
everybody from school knows it
you're going to be famous
What should I do?
What do you want me to do?
To sleep with that baldy
and sign the sales contract?
You're the most selfish
and disgusting person I know
no, that person is thousands
of miles away
go and find him!
You find this apartment dirty?
Send for a cleaner!
Find a cleaner!
I have my own work to do!
You just do some shitty homework?
No time to find a cleaner?
I'll go and sleep with that baldy. Happy?
Yes! I'm calling him right away!
I'll tell him myself
my daughter is much younger
You make me sick
Same here
you know nothing about life
I don't have time to give you what you like
I'm living this messy life myself
My life's miserable
but it's not because of me
it's always been like this
I'm like this, you're like this
it's always been like this
Where're you going?
Who is it?
Where's your daughter?
She's not home. You can talk to me
you know what's going on?
I just learned
well, a good mother you are
my daughter is a victim
Your husband is her teacher
yes, Mr. teacher. It's your turn
calm down. We can talk it through
talk? Talk about what?
Like how this 17-year-old little slut
hooked up with my man?
I'm gonna take a look at her
only two rooms in this shithole, right?
Open the door!
You can talk to me
don't stand in my way! Get out,
you dirty brat!
Who do you think you are?
Coming here for shit like this!
Stop making a scene
come out ling. You'll be fine
shut the hell up!
I should bring our son
and let him see who you are
now you know shame?
I'll kick the door in if you don't open it!
Why do you have to embarrass everybody?
I'm the most embarassed one!
I'm the most embarassed one in all of you!
Any rides going there?
One adult ticket
one child
You sold me a fake ticket
we've never met
it's a fake ticket. Gimme my money
Where's the ticket?
well then, how do I tell if
this is a blackmail or not?
You're lying.
I bought your ticket a couple hours ago
there're a million passengers at
the station. You got the wrong guy
I know the place where you
get your tickets. Not here
What do you want?
Give me back my money or I'll call the cops
cops? Well...
I'm not the person taking your money
I'm also the victim
follow me and let's get your money back
Why did you sell fake tickets?
Bring the money with you
Give me your ID
Are you stupid?
You don't need an ID to buy a ticket?
Now give me half the ticket fare
and I'll get you a new ticket
I know it's a fake one.
I want my money back
you little shit.
Never gotten on a train before, huh?
Running away from home is fun, huh?
You know what? I can kill you
stop there
you're wei bu?
That's a fake name
watch him and call yu Cheng now
he's been looking for him
I'm taking you to
where I served as a soldier
Should we tell mom?
Do you want to?
My brother is dead
What are you thinking?
If you're standing on
a tall building's balcony
what would come up to your mind?
I would think
what else I can do
What else I can do
I was there this morning
I was at his apartment
I watched him jump off
Where are you running off to?
What for?
To see an elephant
You don't have any money
I spent it on a fake ticket
you have his ID card?
go and buy him a ticket
Now you've killed someone
somebody will get you anyway.
I don't have to do it
I don't like my brother
but my parents do
because he's like a little pussy
it was an accident.
I didn't intend to hurt him
Accident or not, does it matter?
I don't like him. But he's still my brother
I have to deal with this
If my dad had caught you,
you'd be half dead by now
and then sent to a juvy
that'll be a lot of fun
why do you help me?
I told you I don't like anybody
they all suck
why let me go?
None of you business
you'll get the ticket soon. Just leave
I called the police!
Yu Cheng, let go of him!
Oh, you are that peeing boy!
I repeat, yu Cheng. Let him go!
I'm not scared of you!
Stay out of this
I didn't tell anyone. Just the police
you sent him the location?
What the hell is that?
Go! Yu shuai is dead. I'm not going!
I'll cover you!
Oh, he wants to cover you
What's that in your hand?
You little snitch
Go back to your mom.
You shouldn't be here
come on! Run!
Come on!
He asked for it
I didn't upload the video
what video?
The one with huang ling
and the vice Dean
You didn't have to end up
the same way I did
You don't get it
Get what?
They are afraid of me
most people won't feel
this proud throughout their lives
You made it.
They're all afraid of you
you're a hero
You're all going to hell
all of you!
Come on
do your homework before you use it!
The world is just disgusting
The train is cancelled
The bus can only make a transfer
in Shenyang
then we'll find other ways
Shenyang it is
two tickets would do
I'm going back
you lied to me, grandpa
Where are you going?
My dog is dead.
No more defense against the nursing home
Don't cry
why not?
No reason
You can go wherever you want
yes, you can
however, you'll find nothing different
I learned this
when I've wasted most of my life away
so I have to sugar-coat it
"there must be a difference"""
do you understand?
I do
no, you don't
you're looking for something else
well the best solution is
you're right here
and you look over to the other side
you believe that it must
be better than this
but you can't go
by not going
you learn to live with it here
Let's go and take a look