An Elephant's Journey (2017) Movie Script

[gasps, exhales]
We're leaving for the airport
in 20 minutes, Phoenix.
I'll be ready.
Hi, Phoenix. I know
it's a big day for you.
I just wanted to tell you
that we're so excited
to have you here.
Everything is ready,
and we can't wait to see you.
Oh, and Uncle Jack says he can't
wait to take you on safari.
So safe flight. Lots of love
and see you soon. Bye.
Well, not gonna put itself in.
[percussive music plays]
[music ends]
[indistinct announcements on PA]
Phoenix! Phoenix!
Over here!
Hey! How was your flight?
Oh, you must be exhausted.
It was good. And yeah, I'm
ready to crash right now.
Well, this is your uncle Jack.
Hey, you, come here.
[chuckles softly] It is so
great to finally meet you.
Welcome to Africa.
I'm glad to be here.
Well, you have been
through so much
and we're going to make
a great life for you here.
Everything's going
to be fine, okay?
Come on. Let me grab your bag, buddy.
The jeep's right over there.
Hey, what do you think? A lot
different from America, isn't it?
It's cool, though.
Oh, it gets
pretty hot out here.
That's an expression
the kids use.
[chuckles] I know. I'm hip.
Our lodge isn't far
from here now, Phoenix.
So, you're a veterinarian,
Uncle Jack?
Yes, that's right.
I do a lot of work with
conservation officers here,
mainly trying to help
the big cats.
That's so cool.
I love animals.
Well, you have come
to the right place, sweetheart.
Come on.
Phoenix, this is Themba,
our reserve manager.
Most people around here
call him Big Boss.
It's nice to meet you, sir.
We are so glad to have you here.
Welcome to Africa.
Let me show you around, Phoenix.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This boy needs rest. I'm going
to get him fed and into bed.
Oh, okay, then. I'll see
you tomorrow, Phoenix.
And, by the way,
that's a very nice name.
This way.
Well, here we are.
Home sweet home.
Come on in.
[Phoenix] Wow!
- This place is amazing.
- [chuckles]
Your Uncle Jack grew up here.
This was his parents' house.
It's a Zulu spear.
You wouldn't want to find yourself
at the end of one of these
when a Zulu warrior
is holding it.
Jack, Zulus are the nicest
people you can meet anywhere.
Is Themba Zulu?
He is indeed.
Come on, let me
show you your room.
We've got it
all ready for you.
Follow me.
Here you go.
This is so...
Cool, right? [chuckles]
Yeah. Well, I'm so
glad you like it.
Right. You get settled in and we'll
call you when dinner's ready, okay?
Yeah. Okay. Here's your bag, sir.
See you later.
[Sarah] Phoenix!
Dinner's ready.
Coming, Aunt Sarah.
Thank you.
Well, I hope you're hungry.
- Your Aunt Sarah is an amazing chef.
- You bet I am.
[Aunt Sarah chuckles]
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Mmm.
Aunt Sarah.
Are there, like, other kids
here and stuff, maybe my age?
Yeah, there are a few kids at some
of the other farms and reserves.
I'm sure you're going
to get to meet them soon.
The Fosters have
a very cute daughter,
about your age.
[Phoenix chuckles]
And what about school?
Will I go to school?
Oh, yes. But lucky for you, school
doesn't start for another five weeks.
So you have lots of time
just to relax and explore.
Do the kids speak English?
[snickers] Yes.
All the kids speak English.
And lots of
other languages, too.
Tomorrow, Phoenix, a group of us
are going on a little safari,
a kind of inspection tour. Are
you interested in coming along?
Jack, he only just got here.
He'll be fine. We'll only
be gone for a few hours.
Oh, I'd love to go.
Are we going to see
lots of animals?
Animals, I can guarantee.
Please, can I go, Aunt Sarah?
Mmm. Okay,
if you feel up to it.
But, you have to get
a good night's sleep tonight.
Oh, I will, I will.
Mmm. May I have some salad, please?
Hey. I just came to give you a kiss and
a cuddle good night, if that's okay.
Or is that not cool?
No, it's cool.
Aunt Sarah?
I miss my mum
and dad so much.
Phoenix, I know.
I can't imagine how hard
it's been for you.
I miss
my little sister, too.
She was always there
for me.
You and I are
going to be okay.
We're going to get through
this and be a family.
All right?
Come on,
you get some sleep.
It's your
big adventure tomorrow.
It's going to be such fun.
Good night.
I packed him a lunch. I can't
rely on you to feed him.
Oh, he'll be fine.
Good morning.
Did you sleep well?
Like a log.
Good. We'll be leaving
in two minutes.
Bye, sweetheart.
Love you. Bye.
Love you too.
I've got special
welcome gift for you.
This is for me?
It's so cool looking.
In Zulu we call him Indlovu,
the unstoppable one.
And I think you are
the "unstoppable one."
That's pretty cool.
[Themba chuckles]
Okay, let's move on out.
Your first little safari.
[camera clicks]
Look at that.
Show me.
[indistinct talking]
[Jack] Look over there.
Some lions are over there.
That's the other one.
Hey, these are good.
This is awesome.
[Jack] Good.
Take some more. Look at that.
He's looking straight at you.
They're big, eh?
in foreign language]
[continues in foreign language]
Good quality.
Nice size.
Where did you find this bull?
About five miles away,
that way.
He was alone, I assume?
Yeah, he was just
running around by himself.
We'll never meet our quota
if we don't find the herd!
My buyers are getting
Yeah, but Von Stein, I think these elephants
are, like, in the bush or the marsh.
I don't want your excuses,
I want that herd!
We need to increase
our aerial surveillance.
Okay, Von Stein.
No one gets paid
if we don't make our quota.
Now go find those elephants!
Von Stein...
the rangers, they've increased
activity in that area.
It will be difficult,
Von Stein!
I said no more excuses!
[door slams]
It sure is beautiful out here.
Africa is magical.
Yes, indeed.
In spite of her troubles,
Mother Africa is good to us.
Oh, don't worry about
that stuff, Themba.
What does he mean,
Uncle Jack?
Never mind, Phoenix.
We're going to be heading out soon.
Can I ride in
the rear jeep this time?
That seat at the front?
That'd be cool.
Sure. Just hang on tight.
Okay, everyone.
Moving on. Come on.
Oh, hello.
Where're you going?
Oh, there you are.
Come here.
I won't hurt you.
Come here.
Come here, little guy.
[sighs] Okay.
Well, I better get back now.
Did I come from this way?
Uncle Jack?
Oh, what am I gonna do?
[grunts] Uncle Jack!
Are you there?
Anyone, help!
Is anyone out there?
Somebody, help!
How was it?
It was great.
- How did Phoenix like it?
- Oh, he loved it.
Great. Where is he?
He's back there
in the observer's chair.
No, he isn't.
Is Phoenix back
there with you?
Oh, no, Jack!
You don't have Phoenix?
No, boss.
What... What have you done?
But I sent him
to ride back with you.
Nobody told me.
I thought he was with you.
Where is he?
We're going back
there right now.
Stay calm, Sarah.
I know the exact spot we stopped at.
We'll find him.
I'm coming with you! All
right, we're moving out.
Somebody, help!
[breathing heavily]
Is anyone there?
Is anyone there?
It's Uncle Jack.
He's not here, Jack.
Where is he?
He must be close by.
This is the exact spot.
Everyone, spread out!
Search the bush!
[speaks in other language]
Themba, get Colonel Ibori
on the radio.
We need his men
and a helicopter.
Yes, boss.
He just arrived.
He cannot survive alone!
We will find him!
[speaks in other language]
Nothing. Not a trace.
What do you think
could have happened?
He was going to ride back
in a different jeep.
He must have wandered off
into the bush
and we drove off without him.
Okay. Well, my men
are expert trackers.
They'll stay out all night
and the helicopter will continue
the search with thermal imaging.
We have to find him.
We'll find him, Sarah.
He only arrived yesterday,
he's out there all alone.
[Jack] I'm sorry, Sarah.
We will find him,
I promise you.
I cannot bury another
member of my family.
Sure glad I have this.
[low growl]
Who's there?
I have a rock!
I have more, you know.
[breathing heavily]
I'm not getting
any sleep tonight.
There is a lot of helicopter
activity in the area tonight.
Any idea why?
We've been monitoring
the radio chatter.
Apparently a boy
has gone missing.
A boy? Interesting.
Yes. An American boy.
An American boy?
Even more interesting.
But American boys
don't concern me right now.
Finding that herd does.
I don't know, Boss.
Maybe we should lay low
for a little while
until the authorities
find this boy
and clear out of the area.
I said, lost American boys
don't concern me.
That herd is worth
millions in ivory,
and I want it found
right away.
Is that clear?
Yes, Boss.
We've set many traps
in the bush.
We'll check on it
again tomorrow.
[water drips]
Colonel. Good morning.
Good morning, Sarah.
Have you seen, Jack?
He went ahead
with some of the men.
You're riding
with us today.
But first you need
to grab some breakfast.
No, I can't.
We've got to get going.
Uh, did the searchers
find anything?
I'm afraid nothing yet.
What are we going to do?
We're going to search in a grid
pattern, by air and by land.
Okay. Let's get going.
All right.
[rumbling continues]
I can help you.
I can help you.
You'll be free soon, okay?
Don't worry.
You'll be free soon.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
Maybe you're friendly?
Uh, I'm Phoenix.
Do you have a name?
[growling softly]
If only I spoke elephant,
I'd know your name.
What about Indlovu?
It means unstoppable one,
you know?
Yeah. I think you like that.
Hey, want to see
something cool, boy?
Check that out, Indlovu.
I think you like that. I think
this means we're friends now.
I'm lost, you know.
Have you seen any people?
You know, people, like me?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Uh, maybe you could
lead me to them.
Let's get up over that ridge
and have a look.
Yes, boss.
[sighs] Where is he?
It's okay, boss.
We'll find him.
This is all my fault.
Someone is messing with us.
Hey. People.
Indlovu, people!
[rumbles softly]
Indlovu, people!
Anybody here?
Run, Indlovu! Come on!
Come on, we don't have much time.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
I want you to find
whoever cut those ropes.
Come on!
[rumbling faintly]
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on, we have to run!
We have to run! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Run!
Come on! Run! Faster, boy!
They almost caught me.
those are very bad men.
They're killing elephants.
I need to rest for a bit.
Oh, man, that's so good.
Want one, boy?
Here you go.
It's an orange.
Have you seen one?
You like oranges?
There you go, boy.
You do like that, huh?
[chuckling] Careful, boy.
Silly boy.
Back up.
I didn't know
elephants eat them.
All right, let's see
what else we got.
Hey, a canteen!
Now this will come in handy.
Check these out, Indlovu.
So cool.
What else...
Fire at last. [chuckles]
No, nothing so far.
We are running out
of time fast.
I mean, he just wandered off
into the bush
without so much
as a water bottle.
We have a 100 men looking and the
helicopters searching non-stop.
But he could be
anywhere by now.
I'm so sorry about this. I don't
know what I was thinking.
Well, let's just
get him back.
Let's set up camp
for the night.
[speaks in foreign language]
[faint growl]
Oh, it's so good.
Here. Got one for you
right here, bud.
No, you can't have
all of them.
Come on, boy.
Come on, let it go.
Come on, give it.
I can already tell I'm going to
sleep so much better tonight
with the fire
and you guarding me, Indlovu.
Do you have a family, Indlovu?
So much I don't
know about you.
Maybe we've both
lost our families.
I'll help you
find them, Indlovu.
I'll help you find them.
Boss, we have a possible
aerial sighting of the herd.
Here are the coordinates.
A possible sighting?
Either the pilot saw the
elephants, or he didn't.
Give me the coordinates.
That would place the herd
right about there.
At first light, we head back to
base camp, resupply and head out.
Yes, boss.
Time's running out for those elephants.
We're going to find them.
Oh, there you are, boy.
I was so worried
you ran away from me.
Please always stay
right beside me, okay?
Today we need to find
our families, Indlovu.
Come, boy.
Have a listen.
I was afraid of this.
Keep at it.
Jack! Sarah?
[Sarah] Yes, Colonel?
I have just been
listening to the radio.
I believe we may have intercepted some
radio chatter from elephant poachers.
They're in the area?
We're quite certain they are.
They may even be
Blake Von Stein's men.
Well, who's Blake Von Stein?
He's a notorious
elephant poacher.
Phoenix is lost out there.
These are dangerous men.
Let's not overreact, Sarah.
These men want ivory,
not children.
She's right, though. They are
heavily armed dangerous men.
I know. I know.
We'll have to exercise
great caution.
I wouldn't be surprised if
they've already been alerted
to our presence here.
They have a network of spies,
planes, helicopters, everything.
[scoffs] This just goes
from bad to worse.
Not only is Phoenix
lost out there,
but we're now up against a private army
who are better equipped than we are!
The ivory trade
is worth millions, Sarah,
they always have
the advantage.
But my men are dedicated and well-trained.
They'll find the boy.
Good boy.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.
Oh, no.
Look what they've done.
[Indlovu rumbles]
[Phoenix sobs]
We have to stop this.
We have to stop this!
Come on. Come on.
It's not safe out here.
Come on.
[wild boars squeal and grunt]
I don't know
what to do, Indlovu.
I just don't know
what to do.
You know what, boy?
I bet I could ride you.
You're super smart.
I'll bet you could
follow what I say.
Look, boy.
[faint rumbling]
No, not yet.
First try and follow
what I say.
Okay, now back up...
back. Good boy.
That's good.
Now come forward.
Good. Good boy.
Now, down.
Come down.
Good boy. Good boy.
All right.
Okay. Here we go, boy.
It's okay. Here I come.
It's all right.
We did it.
All right, get up.
Come on. Up, boy. Good.
Good. Good boy.
Good boy.
There you go, boy.
Good boy.
See I knew you were
super smart.
Come on. Good boy.
Good boy! Let's go.
Think you can
swim across that, boy?
I'll bet you can.
You can do anything.
Okay, let's go.
Forward, boy, forward.
I knew you could do it, boy.
Nothing can stop you.
Whoo! [laughs]
Good job.
Yeah, boy. Good job.
- Nothing can stop us!
- [trumpets]
Good boy.
Welcome, boss.
Are we any closer
to finding that herd?
The men are all
out looking, boss.
There's search and rescue
people in the area.
Yeah, I know. We've been
monitoring their chatter.
But they don't concern me right
now, only finding that herd does.
Boss, what about
the cow and calf?
I made a deal for them with a broker who
will sell them to a zoo in Germany.
They'll leave in three days.
We'll need the usual
forged export documents.
But in the meantime, find me that herd.
Yes, boss.
I should never have let him
out of my sight.
I'm really sorry, Sarah.
I know I've been angry
these past few days,
but I realize
it was an accident
and I don't want you
to blame yourself any longer.
Let's just get him back, okay?
Let's head on back.
Come on. Yeah.
Jack. Sarah.
I have given this matter
a lot of thought.
It may be too dangerous
for you to continue with us.
What are you talking about?
I've lived here for ten years.
I know the African bush
and its dangers.
Things have changed.
If we encounter Von Stein's men,
there will be gun fire.
They're heavily armed and they won't
be taken down without a fight.
You're not a ranger.
I simply can't put you
in that kind of risk.
Well, I'm not going back.
That's my boy out there!
Neither am I, Colonel.
Okay, fine.
Let's leave this
matter for now,
but if I feel the situation
is too dangerous,
I will order you back.
I'm sorry.
Good. Good boy.
Watch out! Watch out, boy!
[chuckles] All right.
I think we're
almost there, boy.
Wherever there is.
Indlovu, people.
We gotta be a lot more
careful this time.
It could be those bad men.
Okay, stop here, boy.
Stop here.
Come, boy.
Very slow, very slow.
[rumbles faintly]
It's them, boy.
Bad men that kill elephants.
Indlovu, they have
two elephants down there,
a big one and a baby.
Is that...
is that your mate?
Is that your baby?
What are we
going to do, Indlovu?
They've captured
your mate and baby.
What are we going to do?
We have to free them.
No, Indlovu, stop!
They have guns, boy, guns.
If they see you,
they'll shoot you, okay? Back.
Don't you know what a gun is?
Good boy.
We'll save them, Indlovu.
Me and you, we'll save them.
First, we need a plan.
All right?
A real plan.
Come on, boy.
Come on. Good boy.
Good boy. Come on.
Come, Indlovu.
Indlovu, maybe we should
just keep going.
Try to find some people
to help us, like the police.
I know, boy. I know.
I said we'd do it together.
Here, boy.
At least I don't have
to peel yours.
Go on.
They have guns, Indlovu.
I need to think of something.
Night, Indlovu.
What's the plan
for tomorrow, Colonel?
At first light, we'll search
the Southern Ridge.
The other areas have been swept
by ground crew and aerial units.
I really feel we're
running out of time.
There's not a trace
of him anywhere.
He's out there.
We'll find him.
And those poachers,
they're giving me nightmares.
As Colonel Ibori
was saying earlier,
they're not interested
in children.
I'm going to the tent...
to not sleep.
Look at this, Indlovu.
This is a gun.
Watch me, Indlovu.
This is a gun.
[mimics gunshot]
A gun is bad, boy. Bad.
It kills, Indlovu.
It kills. The gun is bad.
Well done. Good boy.
Here, take it.
Good boy.
Down, Indlovu.
Good boy.
All right.
Come on, boy, up!
Let's go, boy.
[clears throat]
Where's that herd?
I want that herd.
All the men are
out looking now.
And what about the export documents
for the cow and the calf?
They're ready. I'm going
to go pick them up now.
We'll be ready
to move them out.
You better be.
[indistinct chatter]
Gun, Indlovu! Gun!
Get them, boy. Get them!
[yelling in other language]
Get them, boy. Get them!
[yelling continues]
Get them!
Get them, boy.
Get them! Get them!
Come on, Indlovu.
Get them!
[Phoenix laughs]
[yelling in other language]
Get them!
[yells in other language]
Yeah, you better run!
Stop here, boy. Whoa.
Yeah, take that, Indlovu.
All right, throw it!
Yeah, take that, Indlovu.
Good boy. Nice.
Down, Indlovu.
Good boy.
I'll bet there's some stuff
in here we can use.
Won't be needing these
anymore, will they, boy?
I think we gave those guys
a good scare, huh?
Won't be needing these either,
will they?
Okay, let's get going, boy.
They're gonna be back soon
and they'll be mad for sure.
[grunts softly]
Sir, have you seen
Colonel Ibori?
No, I haven't. He must be
scouting just ahead.
Do you have any news?
One of the aerial units
may have spotted some poachers.
I have the coordinates.
Well, give it to me.
I'll make sure he gets it.
Thank you, sir.
My pleasure.
I think we've spotted
a way through.
We'll move out
in five minutes.
Great. I'll make sure Sarah's ready.
[indistinct chatter]
[men panting]
What happened to you two?
Yeah, we were attacked
by a giant bull, boss.
Why didn't you shoot it?
It came at us by surprise, boss.
It just came out of the bush.
You're supposed to be
professional hunters.
You look quite useless to me.
Yeah, there's
something else, boss.
There was a boy.
A boy?
What boy?
There was a boy riding the bull, telling
him what to do, telling him to chase us.
You mean to tell me there was a boy
in the bush on top of an elephant
and the boy was telling
the elephant to chase you?
Yes, boss.
Yes, boss.
You've been in
the sun too long.
It's true, boss.
I also saw it.
Great. Now I have
two guys with sunstroke.
[Bafana laughs] Get out of my sight!
Move it!
What do you think?
I don't know but I'm
going to find out.
Hey, be careful. [scoffs]
Don't get chased by the boy
and his elephant.
[men laughing and chattering]
[softly] Stop. Stop.
[indistinct chatter continues]
They've got guns, boy.
All right. Man, sorry. I know
you took one for the team, man.
[men laughing]
I got the guns, boy.
Okay, boy, let's go.
[all gasp]
[yelling indistinctly]
Guns! Grab the guns!
They're gone!
Good boy! Get the tent.
Grab the tent.
Good boy!
Throw it!
Good boy! Good boy!
[Bafana sighs]
[clears throat]
Uh, well, boss,
these men were also attacked
by the boy riding the elephant.
What are you telling me?
Have you all gone mad?
It's true, boss. It's true.
Why didn't you shoot it?
He came in very fast. We
couldn't even find our guns.
You couldn't find your guns!
The boy, he must
have stolen them.
So, he walked right into your
camp and stole your guns.
The boy stole guns
from professional hunters!
Boss, what do you
want us to do?
I want every man
in this camp out there.
I want you to find
that boy, now!
[yells in other language]
Move out!
We have to be careful, boy.
There could be more of them
out here anywhere.
Turn right.
Good boy.
Stay here, boy. Let me
check out what's up there.
I'll be right back.
[low rumbling]
Let me go! Let me go!
You are coming with me.
Let me go!
You are coming with me.
Run away, Indlovu! Back!
Let's go.
Talk to you later.
Well, well, well,
who do we have here?
You can't keep me here,
this is kidnapping!
Let me go!
I see you visited
us before, eh, boy?
Where's that big elephant
of yours?
You'll never find him!
He's way too smart for you.
We'll see about that.
[Bafana] Boss.
What do you want
to do with the boy?
Oh, I think our fortunes
have finally changed.
This boy will bring us
a huge ransom.
Put him in the hut.
Ah, ah, ah!
You won't be needing
this any longer, boy.
Oh, whoa!
He's just a kid, now.
[speaking other language]
[door opens]
Close it.
I'll try that area.
Speak to you later.
[clears throat]
Boss, are you sure
keeping the boy is wise?
That boy's been
a major annoyance.
[sighs] Boss, maybe we should
contact the authorities
so they can take him
back to his parents.
Some of the men are getting
uncomfortable, boss.
Going soft on me, are you?
No, boss, no.
Uncle Jack.
At first light, we'll continue
along the Southern Ridge.
The terrain is
a bit more treacherous,
so we may have
to search on foot.
That's fine. I'm
prepared to do anything.
The aerial searchers
have found nothing,
so, yeah, we may well have
to get under the trees.
We've been adding more men
to the other units daily.
This is frustrating
for all of us, I know.
I can't believe he could
have gone this far.
He may be going in circles.
A team might have missed him.
Anything could have happened.
Or maybe he made it
back home...
and I'm going to get a call
saying he's safe and sound
and we can all wake up
from this nightmare.
I wish for that
more than anything, Sarah.
Well, let's keep those
positive thoughts.
It's what we need
at a time like this.
[Phoenix] Indlovu?
It is you, boy!
Chain, boy.
You see the chain?
Pull on the chain.
[chain jangles and snaps]
Good boy. Good boy.
Well done.
It's amazing
how smart you are.
Okay, boy, we have to go.
Was no one on guard duty?
No, boss.
Only one animal could have
broken that chain.
Yeah, this is not
an ordinary elephant, boss.
We're going to find that boy
and that elephant.
And I can see I'm going
to have to do it myself.
Yes, boss.
Sarah, may I talk
to you for a moment?
Yes, Colonel?
Have you seen Jack
this morning?
No. Actually, he was
gone when I woke up.
I thought maybe he'd gone to
get some water or something.
Oh. He took one of the jeeps
in the night, and disappeared.
What do you mean,
I don't know what's going on.
Maybe he went on ahead.
No. He would have left a
note or told someone.
He wouldn't just go off like that.
Well, the jeep tracks
lead in that direction,
so we'll follow, right away.
What are we going
to do now, Indlovu?
They'll never stop
looking for us now.
I bet they're really mad.
You need to run, okay?
Indlovu, run.
Just get far away.
Get away from here, okay?
You don't deserve any of this.
I know.
You won't leave
your mate and baby.
You're a good dad, Indlovu.
I had...
I had a good dad
like you once, you know?
Today we've got to hide.
Try and think of a new plan.
Find the police,
the army or something.
Come on, boy. Let's go.
Yes, boy. Good boy.
[helicopter engine roars]
Come on!
[alarms blaring]
They almost got us, boy.
They almost got us.
I didn't even know
they had helicopters.
It's like there's an entire
army out looking for us now.
If only you were a chipmunk, it'd
be so much easier to hide you then.
You're so huge,
you have your own zip code.
It's just a joke, boy. I'd never
change a thing about you.
Now we need
to figure out what to do.
You won't leave
your mate and baby,
so we've got to get them
out of there.
And I have to
get back to my aunt...
and uncle.
They must be worried sick about
me, I've been gone so long.
I sure am glad
to have you to protect me.
I think we just need to recruit, like, ten
of your friends and charge in there, huh?
Can't do that, boy.
Guns, remember?
Guns. Well...
I do have an idea...
but it's risky.
And just what do you think
you were doing up there?
I don't want any part
in harming a boy.
I had a perfect shot
at that elephant.
The men are talking, boss.
They want to find the herd
and move on!
But your place in this
operation is in serious doubt.
Now get out of my sight
and go prepare the cow and the
calf for shipment tomorrow.
Sure, boss.
[softly] Come on.
Hurry. Come on.
Where are the men?
Some of them have run away.
They think the elephant
is a ghost, a devil...
that can't be killed.
He can be killed. all right.
He's just another elephant.
I don't know, boss.
I think we should
just get out of here.
First, I'm going
to hunt down that elephant.
What about the boy?
[chuckles] You sure have
a cute baby, Indlovu.
It's okay.
Whoa! Never mind.
[chuckles] [trumpets]
I just got you out of there.
Are you just playing with me?
We can play.
It's okay?
What are you looking for?
I don't smell
very good right now, huh?
You sure are
a cute little guy.
[chuckles] You're so funny.
What are you doing?
No, you can't
eat that, boy.
You can't eat that.
Come on,
give me my clothes.
What do we do now, boy?
I guess you'll leave
with your family.
I'm going to miss you
if you go, boy.
But you should go.
Those poachers will never
stop looking for you.
We made a pretty great team,
didn't we, boy?
We blew up their entire camp.
Maybe you could take me
as far as the next village?
There has to be people
out here somewhere.
Okay, boy, let's go.
What happened here?
It looks like a war!
Something this size
has to be Von Stein's camp.
Yeah, but what happened?
I don't know.
you should see this.
Oh, my.
Wish I could take you home
and keep you.
I know, boy. I know.
He's your baby.
I know, boy.
He's your baby.
Come on. Come on. Turn right.
Hold it right there, boy.
Whoa! Whoa! Stop!
Indlovu, stop!
Get off that elephant.
No, boy, gun. It's a gun.
What are you going to do?
I said, get off that elephant
and move away.
It's okay.
Eh, I see I'm getting my cow
and my calf back as well.
You better not hurt him!
How does it feel, huh?
How do you like being scared?
Don't let him do this, boy!
Get him away from me, boy!
Without your gun
you're nothing!
Don't let him
do this, boy, please!
Okay, stop, boy. Stop.
Back up, boy.
He's a bad man,
but you can't do this.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
[gun cocks]
It's over, Von Stein.
I'm done with you.
Uncle Jack!
Everything is going to be okay, Phoenix.
Stay right there.
Hands behind your head, now.
[Von Stein snickers]
[speaking other language]
[in English] They'll put you away.
You'll be finished.
Let's make a duck,
you and I, right now.
Not this time, it is over.
Way to go, Uncle Jack.
Aunt Sarah!
Aunt Sarah.
[gasps] Phoenix!
Are you okay? Oh!
We've been searching
for you for days.
I thought I'd lost you too.
I'm so sorry, Aunt Sarah.
I got lost and then
so much happened to me.
Well done, Jack.
[speaking other language]
Jack, we're going to need
to have a little chat.
But given
what you've done here,
I can persuade the magistrate
to be very lenient.
Thank you, Colonel.
Let's get everyone home.
The main thing is
we found the boy, hmm?
Ah, this must be the
young man who took down
Africa's most notorious
elephant poacher.
You did what?
Well, it wasn't just me, sir.
Indlovu did most of it.
Well, their camp is ruined.
The poachers have run off
and Von Stein is in custody.
Phoenix, you did all that
and trained a wild elephant?
He's not wild, Aunt Sarah.
He's super smart
and very friendly.
Come on, you've
got to meet him.
This is Indlovu.
Oh! Get back.
Good boy. Good boy.
Good boy. Good boy.
All right, up.
Phoenix, is that safe?
Come on up.
Left, boy.
See, it's totally fine.
See, he's totally fine.
Good boy.
Here's his mate and baby.
[Sarah chuckles]
Come here, girl.
Hey, little one.
Oh! [laughs]
I think she's fine.
She's just playing around.
[both laughing]
It's all right.
You're cute.
Hello, hello. Hello.
I'm glad they
looked after you.
Good job. Come on.
So, what happens now, Phoenix?
Are you going to adopt
an entire family of elephants?
Well, now that they're safe from
poachers, they can roam free again.
Plus, Indlovu is
a very good dad,
so he'll protect them
from anything.
Truly remarkable
what you've done here.
You probably saved the lives
of more than 80 elephants.
Von Stein and his men were less
than 20 miles away from here.
So, another day,
it would have been too late.
I could not be
more proud of this boy.
So there's another herd
of elephants out there?
Oh, yeah.
I wouldn't be surprised if these
elephants are part of that herd.
They'll catch up.
You hear that, boy? Your
herd is not far from here.
Can you find them?
I guess it's time
for you to go then, boy.
Guess I'll...
I'll never see you again.
I'm going to miss you
so much, boy.
Now it's time to go back.
Be with your own kind.
I want you to always
be a good dad, okay?
Take care of that
little baby of yours.
You have such
a nice family, Indlovu.
There's one more important
thing I have to tell you.
I love you, boy.
I love you.
[Themba] There are no orphans
amongst the elephants.
For if a mother should fall,
her sister will raise
the baby as her own.
[orchestral music playing]
[orchestral music ends]