An Inn at Osaka (1954) Movie Script

Produced by
SHINO Katsuzou OKAMOTO Ryousuke
Original novel
YASUMI Toshio GOSHO Heinosuke
Directed by GOSHO Heinosuke
Photography by OHARA Joji
Lighting YAGUCHI Akira
Sound DOGEN Yuji
Art Direction MATSUYAMA Takashi
Music AKUTAGAWA Yasushi
Editing NAGATA Nobu
Ayte. de direccin MIWA Akira
Jefe de produccin KASHIMA Seiya
SANO Shuji OTOWA Nobuko
MITO Mitsuko
OGAWA Toranosuke TATARA Jun
Thanks a lot.
Good night.
Mr. Mita, have you found
your inn?
Not yet.
You ask too much,
that's why you don't find it, isn't it?
He is in no position
to ask for much.
He has been transferred from
Tokyo headquarters to Osaka.
They got rid of him.
- Impossible, Mr Mita!
- Yes, he's right.
Mita is too good a man.
It's a problem if you don't have
a place to sleep.
The inns where I have stayed
so far...
...have been raising
the monthly rent.
I had to pay
when I wasn't there, too.
I can't afford this
with my salary.
Nowadays, many inns
are used as brothels.
Isn't there any
good and cheap place?
He is someone important and
hasn't had any lodging for a long time.
Innkeepers have done nothing lately
but make things difficult.
Hey, captain!
There is a cheap and
very comfortable one.
Its name is "Suigetsu",
in Tosabori.
It's a special inn.
It's been open for many years.
It is cheap, it is stylish...
...and the inkeeper is kind.
The maids are also kind and attractive.
It's paradise.
Is there any discount
if you stay the whole month?
Of course.
Come and you'll see
that I am not lying.
"Suigetsu", Tosabori.
Captain, one... one...
Thank you.
Captain, "Suigetsu", Tosabori!
What is that guy saying?
"Suigetsu" in Tosabori?
I wonder if it's true.
Shouldn't you have woken up the
guest in number five at 7 am?
Oh, I didn't remember.
It's the one who came last night.
We must wake him up.
Thanks for everything.
You are welcome.
We hope you will return.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
Have you already woken up?
- And you have folded your futon. Excuse me.
- It doesn't matter.
How correct and organized
you are.
I am a normal worker.
I can't get up late.
What a good place.
- What good luck.
- You can see the castle from there, can't you?
A telegram!
A telegram?
For Mr Noro, room 1.
Are you worried about anything?
No, I'm not.
My mother in Tokyo
is in a delicate state of health.
Yo must be worried.
Gee, it's very early.
Sorry for last night.
So you belong to this place.
I help with some stuff.
- Are you from Tokyo?
- Yes, I am.
Are you from Kanda?
Do you eat sushi?
I like Tokyo people very much.
There isn't a razor, is there?
Shoe shine, soap...
This is very good for shaving.
Buy me one...
Don't you need a piece of cloth?
It's genuine.
My clothes are very old.
I don't mean that.
This cloth is at a very good price.
When I start thinking,
I get sad.
I earn little.
Buy this, buy this.
Look, it suits everything.
- It's a good purchase.
- You, listen.
What are you doing?
- What is this?
- It's mine.
- Are you selling?
- Things of mine.
- I leave you some warm water.
- Thanks.
Ask me everything you need.
"It's essential for business that the customer
likes the inn", my husband always said.
We're different, we dont care so much
about money as all others.
Don't interfere.
Excuse me.
- Do your work!
- Yes.
She's so bossy.
Gentleman, think it over.
It's a piece of fabric
from the shop around the corner.
He is sick and they need the money.
- He has sold it cheap to me.
- Ossan, how's business?
Don't interfere!
Do your work!
Room 6 is calling!
Somebody go there!
How many books!
Yesterday we tried to guess...
...if you are a school teacher.
- Where do you work?
- Fuji Insurance Company.
That's right.
What an original watch!
A keepsake from my grandfather,
who died.
From when he travelled to France.
What's the matter with it?
It is an alarm clock.
How frightening, this
French watch!
Do you want me to send your mail?
Don't worry. I will go myself.
You must miss your wife.
She hasn't come with you
from Tokyo.
This letter is for my mother.
That's right.
Although I don't look like it,
I had a quarrel with
the director in Tokyo.
My mother worried a lot.
Besides, she is ill.
Should something happen to her,
I would be responsible.
I have been worrying her
since I was a child.
How well you speak
the Osaka dialect.
If I had a wife, she
wouldn't have a very good time.
Are you single?
Who was the old man
in the bathroom?
Ah, Ossan...
He is the innkeeper's brother.
Her brother?
Even if he is the older one,
it is her who pays him.
Even though he doesn't look like it,
he is a womanizer.
He knows how to advertise things.
What do you mean?
He is useful to this inn.
How absurd.
This guy...
Excuse me.
Stop fooling around.
Oyone has known men
since she was fourteen.
She is a very modern girl.
- Are you from Osaka?
- No, not at all.
I am from Ichigo.
- A village lost in the mountains.
- Thanks.
Being from Ichigo and all, you speak
the Osaka dialect very well.
As the saying goes:
"When in Rome, do as the Romans."
"How's business?"
- Please.
- Thanks.
Can you bring me to the office
the card with this month's sales?
"Ancient History."
It's not a socialist book,
is it?
No, it's not.
Mita, you are an educated guy.
Here in Osaka,
don't back the salesmen,
nor have it in for me.
If I had it in for you, this time
I'd be fired instead of relegated.
You were the manager in Tokyo,
but here you are one employee
among others.
- Yes? Mr. Mita, it's for you.
- Who is it? - It's a girl.
Oh, it's you, Uwabami.
Tonight isn't convenient for me.
Tell Towara, too.
Is it from your boyfriend?
He says he has quarrelled with
the owner and they have fired him.
- He's lost his job.
- What else does he say?
He tells me to lend him money.
What a pain!
He doesn't know
how much I earn.
I don't suffer because of men.
You have a son.
Mr Mita is an odd guy.
He is always serious.
- Right. His eyes are cold.
- Would he fall for me if I flirted with him?
There are no men
who don't like girls.
You are right.
Mr Mita...
A couple is here.
- Do they want to sleep?
- Yes, they do.
What do they look like?
They dress well.
True. Nowadays people
wear luxurious clothes.
- She wears a good watch.
- I wonder if she brings him from the street.
- Who?
The boy.
No, don't accept them.
That's the inn's policy.
We can't stoop so low.
All right.
Oyone, room two is calling!
Orika, stop agonizing about it.
Why don't you ask
the inkeeper for it?
She will refuse it to me.
Who knows. She also went through
a bad patch. She'll understand.
Do you want any noodles?
I don't feel like them.
How stingy.
Orika, Mr Mita is a real bore.
He's a certified cheque.
I wonder if he likes girls.
It's here!
Good night!
- Excuse me!
- A customer!
Where is Mita?
Where is Mita?
Welcome, Mr Mita's room
is upstairs, number five.
All right.
So I'll go upstairs.
She is a geisha.
She wears a good kimono.
I wonder how much it costs.
Excuse me.
You have a visitor.
Good night.
- What are you doing here so late?
- Why haven't you answered me?
That's not kind,
is it, Tawara?
It's a good room.
You have found a good place.
Can you afford it with your salary?
Sit down.
Now and then I have to buy you a good sake,
so you stop worrying about your mother.
What a quite place.
His mother...
...told me: "My son moves to Osaka.
And that's why...
...I beg you to look after him.
Keep watch so that he
isn't forced to hang himself."
She begged me crying.
You have a good mother.
You are her only son,
that's why she is so worried.
- Don't you think so, miss?
- Yes, I do.
I've got neighbours.
I don't mind.
This isn't a place
for geishas.
I hardly ever see you
in a place with geishas...
- Right?
- I am no executive.
I don't like executives.
Nevertheless, I met you...
thanks to this executive here,
Mr Tawara.
- That's right. - But I don't feel
obliged to him for that favour.
Let's drink!
- Miss... - Yes.
- Bring us some sake.
- Not very hot.
- All right.
Miss, bring some glasses, too.
What's the matter, Tawara?
How awful.
I don't understand you.
What is this?
- A blanket.
- Did you buy it?
Anything wrong?
Just as...
I thought.
I'd like to tell you that
you have made a good purchase, but... is identical to another with which
they cheated a customer of mine.
The same pattern
and the same brand.
Is it an imitation? They told me
that it was from England.
I am so sorry.
But no tears fall from my eyes
because of this.
You have been cheated.
This is a disgrace for Osaka.
They cheat people who come from so far,
from Tokyo. They've swindled you.
It doesn't happen only
in Osaka or in Tokyo.
Nowadays everybody lives
cheated by somebody.
My head starts aching. I don't understand
such complicated things.
But I am no swindler.
Who knows?
Are you serious?
The other day you said
something to Tawara.
That geishas are vain,
even if the aren't much worth.
What? Confess.
But you are a good man.
Excuse me.
Come in.
Sorry that it has taken me
a bit long.
Can you cover him with my coat?
Come on, Mita, let's drink.
Forget about Tawara.
I'm going to drink.
And then you go home.
- I have to think about some things.
- No way! Drink once and for all!
This person drinks too much.
Her name is Uwabami.
Miss Uwabami.
Nothing surprises him.
A geisha drinks too much
because she has a reason.
That's right.
There have only been
unpleasant jobs lately.
Besides, if we are drunk
it's impossible to seduce customers.
This is why I drink so much.
You see? It's hopeless.
I see.
Geishas suffer, too.
I am human, too.
Why are you so astonished?
You are also human.
Yes, absolutely.
Executives are like us, too.
Yes, they are.
Drink once and for all like
a real man!
You have done well.
Come on, go home
as we have promised.
No, no, I don't want to.
Shut up and start thinking!
I am leaving!
Are you?
What about your companion?
I am drunk.
- Let her.
- Tawara.
That's right. Let me...
More sake, Miss.
What a racket
in Mr. Mita's room.
Where comes that geisha from?
From Kitashinchi.
How modern geishas
are nowadays.
More than in our time.
- This is the tip she has given me.
- Keep it, keep it.
Let's see, let's see...
One thousand yens.
How generous.
- How many jugs of sake have they
ordered? Get them another. - All right.
Give it to me.
- Not so much.
- Ok.
How bad this sake tastes.
- How is your son?
- He is fine.
He is already in secondary school.
Excuse me.
Before dying I would like to do
something big. Do you have any idea?
Find yourself a pretty girl.
You are right.
- You won't be able.
- Come off it!
Listen, Otsugi...
Why do you think Mr Mita
doesn't sleep with that geisha?
That's the good thing
about Mr Mita.
He is a serious man.
He is old-fashioned.
He is not my type.
Mr Noro!
Mr Noro!
Where are you going?
I'm going to meet a big boss
who has arrived in Osaka.
When you see him, tell him
that we'd like to win the lottery!
Wasn't the lottery
to be abolished?
Really? I'm against that. I want to
win two million yens.
I can't be always a maid.
Is that guy Orika's boyfriend?
He's handsome despite being a cook.
It seems that sale has been
in decline all these last months.
This year isn't different from others.
I'd like you to make an bigger effort,
it's a chance.
Tokumei Kumiai has lost his reputation.
It's an opportunity for us.
Business agents are
working well.
I doubt it.
- Has the boss said anything?
- Nothing unusual.
The boss doesn't like people
from Tokyo.
- Why?
- You'll see.
By the way, your grandfather
was a big boss of this firm.
Don't come to me with that now.
I don't like people
to talk about my grandfather.
Now everything fits.
That's why they didn't fire you,
although you slapped your boss.
If it would have been me...
It's good to have
a grandfather like this.
"Don't use imitations."
What a good-quality blanket.
It must be very expensive.
You are a very lucky man.
- The geisha likes you very much.
- Do you mean Uwabami?
- She is a friend.
- A friend?
But she likes you very much,
that's why she comes here.
Why do you women always
take it this way?
I'm sorry.
But you haven't got so many
worries like us.
That's not true.
Why do you say that?
Orika, they are calling you.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
- I have washed your clothes.
- Thanks.
Anything wrong with Orika?
She has a boyfriend.
He just got fired and
is in financial trouble.
I also want to save five
thousand yens for my son.
But I don't have enough...
Mr Mita.
The bath is free.
You can take a bath now,
while it's clean.
- Will Ossan be there?
- Yes, he will.
So I was cheated, too.
What an imitation!
That girl.
I am going to complain.
It is not necessary.
I will go.
- It's my business.
- No, no, I will go, too.
Anyway, I will show you
where she lives.
I didn't think it was taken.
If you will excuse me...
That guy gets on
with our maid.
What an absurd fellow.
How painful to feel cheated.
It's about confidence
in human beings.
Ah... Human beings...
What was it about?
Ah... Confidence...
It's here.
- Wait a second.
- All right.
Can I help you?
What have you sold me?
What is this?
This is an imitation.
The man who has bought it
is there, outside.
Come here.
This is the girl.
Then I have been cheated too,
the guy who worked
with me in that store.
I did you a favour and
found you a customer.
Pay him his money back.
Why don't you give it to him?
Right, Mr Mita?
Can you wait a little?
I'll pay it back for sure.
How is it going?
You come very soon.
Must Mr Executive
come early?
I have an important meeting.
As usual, I fight alone.
What a headache.
Are the others so stubborn?
They are important shareholders.
If I insist on not declaring dividends,
they will get rid of my position.
How is Keikiu doing?
Our union is very weak.
Nowadays it is very usual to hear
an executive complaining like this.
I am an executive without power.
Thanks to your grandfather...
Don't tell the truth.
Don't rush, Tawara.
I know, and you are
a bad example.
I am fine.
Thanks to this transfer
I've learned what it means to live.
We'll discuss this in a meeting
with former college classmates.
That next meeting will be
organized by you and me.
We will do it with
great pomp.
- What's the matter with you?
- I see her every morning.
What? Are you in love?
Own up. I didn't know that
you also had aspirations.
- From now on we'll clean the tub in turns.
- No way.
Why must we do Ossan's task?
Landlady's orders.
If she only raised our salary.
- Is anyone there for the phone?
- Coming!
Ah, you're Uwabami.
Yes, I am Kobayakawa.
I'm sorry about what
happened the other day.
Really? Isn't Mita there?
He isn't...
No, nothing in particular,
only to know how he was.
Ok, ok, thanks.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Are you going out?
- No, I'm going home.
I like having my drinks here.
- Here's your change.
- Keep it. - Thanks.
You are always so reliable.
Although you have a funny side...
Good heavens, how good you smell!
Has anything interesting happened to you?
I have sold my watch.
That's why I have invited myself.
But the watch was a keepsake
from your grandfather, wasn't it?
That's right. I've bought
a new and cheap one.
Because I sold it expensive.
I will invite you, too.
This is why I sold the watch.
I've had enough of old things.
I expect new things.
- You need money, don't you?
- Pardon?
I want to spend all...
...the money of the watch.
It doesn't matter.
Don't worry, Mr Mita.
- Really?
- Yes.
...will you take us any place?
Do you have a day off?
As if we didn't.
- Take us.
- Will the innkeeper let you?
As it's with you,
I think she will.
Besides, there isn't much to do.
I am going to ask her before
you change your mind.
Otsugi, Mr Mita is going
to take us some place.
Yes, it's true.
I'm going to speak with the landlady.
Tell Mr Mita how grateful you are.
Mr Mita, thank you very much.
The landlady will let us go.
She trusts you a lot.
Orika, where do you want
him to take us?
Any place will do for me.
Mr Mita, why don't we go up
to the castle?
- Osaka's Castle?
- Good idea.
I would like to feel free
going up to a high place.
- Don't you think so, Otsugi?
- Yes, you are right.
Feeling free...
Mr Mita, that's Osaka's station
over there.
You can see it perfectly well.
You can see the inn, too.
Otsugi, come, come.
Hold this.
Come on, look.
- It's there.
- That's right.
From here we can see
the whole city of Osaka.
This tower of the castle offers
a wonderful view on Osaka.
- Here, Mr Mita.
- Thanks.
Mr Mita...
That's where I said goodbye
to my husband when he went to war.
Did you see him off
with the Japanese flag?
Yes, I waved it much.
I wish he was still alive.
Sometimes I think...
...all men should die in war.
What do you say? Do you think
the same about your husband?
I haven't got a husband.
Have you told anything to Mr Mita?
It's written all over
your face.
Don't mock me, Mr Mita.
What a curious man Mr. Mita is,
inviting those two dull women.
He is the kind of man who
always keeps an eye on his salary.
He has bad taste in comparison
with executives like me.
- That's right.
- Well, of course.
Buy one.
Is this also 150 yens?
What is this?
What a cheap microscope.
I'm going to buy it
and send it to my son.
- I'll buy it for you.
- No, thanks. I want to buy it myself.
My son likes science.
150, right?
Yes, thanks.
Otsugi, it's Ossan!
What's the matter with Ossan?
He's done something serious
and his sister has fired him.
But I admire him.
He's had courage.
Mr Mita...
The landlady says...
...that you are a curious man...
...inviting those two dull women.
I am sorry not to have
taken you along.
What will you buy me?
What do you want?
Three lottery tickets.
It's very cheap. If I win,
it'll be 6 million yens.
If I win, I'll buy you something.
Mr Noro, room
number one,
seems to know Uwabami
very well.
Once, at ochaya, they competed
against each other drinking sake.
Mr Noro is everywhere well known.
He is the business manager
of the Osaka branch.
Daiwa Kagaku.
How much do you get a month?
Good night!
Excuse me.
It's very cold.
If they call asking about me,
I will say I'm not here.
Are you studying?
How odd that you are sober.
What's the matter
with you tonight?
Loads of unpleasant jobs: vain
bankers, haughty people...
I don't like them
being Kobayakawa Shizu.
Kobayakawa Shizu?
It's my real name.
I am not Uwabami when I come here,
but Kobayakawa Shizu.
Let's drink.
They say that you are in love with an
unknown girl. You only see her in the street.
But the only one who didn't know
was Uwabami.
- Well, well...
- Shut up.
It doesn't matter.
Come on, let's drink tonight.
Mita, drink now.
There is a person staying in this inn
who knows you well.
- Stop joking.
- It's true.
- His name is Mr Noro, room No. 1.
- Mr. Noro?
It doesn't sound familiar to me.
- I don't know him.
- He says that you competed against each
other drinking at ochaya.
- With me?
- Yes.
Come off it!
I will have a look at him.
- Stop fooling around.
- So his name is Noro, isn't it?
Is Uwabami first class?
Nowadays geishas aren't
first class.
They haven't got much flair,
they only know how to lick feet.
How much would she earn
for each lick?
Mr Noro?
Are you there?
Hi, welcome.
I don't know you.
When was that?
We met in Yoshitora.
I've never been to Yoshitora.
...maybe it was in Chiyomoto.
You are lying.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Do you invite me?
With a glass!
Bring more sake.
Bring it to us.
All right.
Does your name mean womanizer...
...or clumsy?
How funny!
I like your state of mind.
Do you know which is
my state of mind right now?
If you know it, you are
blessed with clairvoyance.
Listen, Mita is probably
missing you.
What have you said?
Why don't you go
to bed soon?
Do you think Mita and I
have an affair?
How stupid.
You don't know anything.
In my humble opinion, Mita is
not like that. Neither am I!
Come on, drink this sake.
I can't drink.
Why don't you accept my sake?
I don't intend to drink!
Why don't you give it to Mita?
What are you doing!
Somebody come!
What's happened?
What a torture!
What's all that noise?
He has mocked me and I've
spilt the sake all over him.
Look how she's spoilt
the kimono.
She speaks with such impudence
for a geisha.
Am I bothering you?
I see...
Then I'll leave.
Are you all right?
Are you already going?
Where are you going?
Your house is on the opposite side.
Leave me alone.
We know which is our fate.
To be a toy for the others.
To grow old.
To be abandoned and to die.
Our life is like this.
A worthless life.
Sometimes I think...
...why did I become a geisha?
A marginalized profession.
Although I make an effort
in the art of entertaining,
no one treats me like
a human being.
It's not true.
And you are not different.
If I wasn't, I wouldn't be
here with you,
out in this cold night.
- Are you all right?
- I'm sorry.
I am drunk.
I have a younger brother.
He's married and he's got
two kids.
He was fired by the rail
company one year ago.
Now he is unemployed.
I send him money every month.
Although I don't want to,
I can't stop being a geisha.
What will happen if I quit?
Answer me.
You don't like me.
Of course I like you.
But we live in separate worlds.
Separate worlds?
I see...
I thought we lived
in the same world.
You are like...
...a star.
A star?
I don't know why,
but it's what comes to my mind.
Let's shake hands.
I haven't got any money
to lend you!
I don't have to look after
your husband.
He is in a difficult position.
He lost his job.
It's me who's in trouble,
with more and more debts.
I am in an extreme situation.
Nowadays it's very hard to
keep one's level.
Can't you see I always use patches?
- Miss!
- What?
I'd have been better off if I hadn't
hired one who's got a pimp.
He's no pimp,
he is my husband!
A man who doesn't work
and asks his wife for it... called a pimp.
Don't talk nonsense.
What are you doing?
This tatami isn't cheap.
I don't know what madam has told you,
but she is our landlady.
I know.
But we work hard.
We live thanks to our landlady.
We'd better shut up and work.
I also have to stifle my desire
to see my son,
hoping to be lucky some day.
Can you lend me anything?
I must buy my son
a pair of new shoes.
Hold on with this.
Have you found no job yet?
What's the matter with you?
I have brought your money.
However, it's only half the money.
I'll bring you the rest later on.
Come in.
How is your father?
His chest is in a bad state.
Has he seen a doctor?
My father is obsessed with a sect.
He'd get angry
if I came home with a doctor.
A sect.
They say it's a very good god.
But a doctor should visit him.
Excuse me.
Miss Omitsu.
Can you patch the clothes
of a customer?
But my father is sick...
Anyway, go and see
what it's about.
If you can't do it,
you can entrust someone with it.
It's Mr. Noro, room number one.
Excuse me.
Here. It's for your father.
- Room number one, right?
- Yes.
She looks very subdued to me.
I hope she won't work too hard
and fall ill.
-Do you want me to get the futon ready?
I want to read a while.
- Anything you need, call me.
- All right.
Even if she needs money, I wonder
why Omitsu has ever done such a thing.
Mr. Noro is a swine. He looked satisfied
saying: 'I've found a bargain.'
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
A special delivery letter for you.
Mr. Mita.
The innkeeper is scolding Omitsu.
- Is she still here?
- Yes, she is.
I don't understand
these young girls nowadays.
You are shameless.
This is an inn of some class,
not a brothel.
I've spent years keeping up
a spotless reputation.
What would you do if I am given
notice to quit?
I feel like an idiot.
You have humiliated me.
Tell me if you have some excuse.
I feel responsible, too.
You feel responsible?
That man is guilty, too.
I think it's unfair
only to accuse her.
In any case, you'd better go home.
Come on.
Come on.
I didn't think you
were in such trouble.
I'll give you this money back.
I don't want this money.
This money isn't dirty.
It's from the social assistance.
Social assistance?
Last night it's been the first time
I've ever done something like this.
Then, I can't take it yet.
Why do you insist on
being a good man?
I only want to trust
human beings.
- No.
- Take it.
Only money.
Where did humanity go?
Is Omitsu here?
Your father... asleep.
He is dead.
When I returned
this morning.
I'll leave this here.
What are you going to do?
To live.
Ah, it's you, Tawara.
Yes, I'm fine.
A place for the meeting
of former students?
What about you?
Ah, you can't come...
Mr. Imoto studied at the same university,
but in a different class.
I only have to pick up the letter
of introduction, right?
Excuse me...
My name is Mita.
- Wait a second.
- All right.
When that hotel started,
I also was one of its founders.
I have written them to give
you a discount.
They will be pleased if you
use their place for your meeting.
Take this.
Ah, Mr. Mita...
This is my daughter.
How do you do.
Pleased to meet you.
She insisted on working.
Kimiko, send this mail.
- It isn't urgent.
- Yes.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
By the way...
- Tawara is also worried about
the firm, right? - Yes, he is.
- He is an idealist, too.
- Good.
I respect the passion he employs...
...fighting with those
stubborn executives.
I couldn't do it.
- Gee!
- Welcome.
What are you doing here?
A meeting of former students.
We were at the same university.
So you were not
in the same class as Tawara.
That's right.
- Thanks very much for everything.
- You are welcome.
I'm leaving.
Give my regards to Tawara.
By the way, Mr. Imoto...
To tell the truth...
This inn is not only yours.
Don't do things that
disturb the other guests.
This is called
business hindrance.
Business hindrance?
You do exaggerate!
I'm not exaggerating, this
harms the reputation of the inn.
Then I ask you:
To whom do you owe
to keep still in business?
I knew you'd say that.
Do you mean that loan
they gave me because of your contact?
- That's right.
- I'm never late paying the interest.
Don't forget the favour I did
you when you were going under.
At that moment you told me your
husband would be as grateful as you.
Unless I'm mistaken,
you wept out of gratitude.
And now you keep silent.
- I also want to add something.
- What is it?
One thousand yens...
-...have disappeared from my room.
- Are you saying that... servants
have stolen them from you?
- So it seems.
- Nonsense.
Very well.
I will search them all.
Otsugi, Orika,
come here at once!
The landlady is calling you!
Mr Noro,
can you see your money?
No, I can't.
- Oyone, search Otsugi's box.
- Ok.
What is this?
- It's a microscope.
- I know.
Mr Noro, can you see it?
No, I can't.
Otsugi, search now
Orika's box.
Orika, I'm sorry, but
the landlady is ordering it to me.
Hurry up!
That one, that one, that's
my 1000 yen-note!
- A maid can also have one or two
1000 yen-notes. - But this one is mine!
Is your name written on it
or something?
It isn't written,
it's a matter of instinct!
Let's call the police!
I'm sorry...
What now, Orika?
Forgive me, forgive me...
Orika, Orika!
Mr Noro... I'm so sorry.
I'm speechless...
You don't know me
when I am at the company.
I am a creep.
I am an average executive.
That's why you always do
what you want in my inn.
- I also want a place where
I can take a break. - No.
You can't.
After all this,
I don't wish you to stay
in my inn.
Are you being serious?
I see.
Then I will withdraw all
the money I provided you.
- But Mr Noro...
- Yes, I will.
I'm no longer bound.
it's not worthwhile to invest in an inn
where no one knows how to negotiate.
Girls, we are going to change.
From now on the name
will be Hotel Suigetsu.
In what sense will it change?
I've made up my mind.
I can't allow Mr Noro
to wreck my business...
...only because of
one thousand yens.
My husband would do the same
if he was here.
Mr Noro has pressured
the manager, hasn't he?
That's right. Now we'll accept all kind
of customers. Prostitutes, young couples...
We are going to set up
- However they're called.
- "Bedrooms". - That's it.
How do you know it?
- Here.
- Thanks.
Couldn't you persuade
Mr Noro?
- The truth is I didnt like
that guy. - What are you saying?
I thought you were in love.
So there will be many girls
like Omitsu coming here.
We have no alternative.
And Ossan can advertise
in the streets.
But you fired him...
To employ another person
costs money.
It's true.
From now on...
...the service will be
different, too.
I actually wanted to recommend
you that a long time ago.
- How impudent you are. Here.
- Thanks.
Don't worry, Otsugi.
I'll teach you.
Don't worry.
If you put on make-up,
you are still acceptable.
You have still future.
All right.
Madam, I'll work hard.
With a lot of courage.
- I can count on you, eh?
- All right!
What's going to happen with
a guest like Mr Mita?
To be honest, he's not so convenient,
occupying a room for too long a time.
I must think of something.
Mr Mita!
Don't be surprised.
Here. A love letter.
Who might she be?
I don't know her.
You are pretending.
Oyodo-ku Nagarabashi 2-5.
Miss Nobu Miyanaga.
Well, it doesn't matter.
I'll take this cigarette, ok?
Your face is so serious.
- Are you worried about this letter?
- No, not at all.
Mr Noro has left.
Why have you sent me
this letter?
I'm sorry, but...
Don't excuse yourself.
I know you have no place to go.
I also know that you can't stay
many days at your friend's.
And I know you can't trust your husband.
I understand your wish to die.
I don't understand why you confess this
to me, who has nothing to do with you.
I can't leave you alone.
I'm sorry...
I wasn't actually coming.
Without thinking it over too much,
I sent you the letter.
I have bothered you.
I... I am wicked.
It's not a matter of wickedness.
It's a matter of responsibility.
You must be responsible.
Forgive me.
Mr Mita...
I am considering
to divorce from him.
Are you serious?
A while ago he was drunk.
And we had a fight over money.
He hasn't got a job, has he?
It's very hard for me, too.
First we must live.
Then... can fix her up
in your home or,
if a chance comes up,
you can introduce her to someone.
But her husband,
the cook,
won't he come to my place
with a knife to take her back?
It's impossible.
If this girl stays like that,
she will never be happy.
Do you think so?
How kind you are.
The thing is...
It's the good nature
of Tokyo's historic district.
Leave it to me.
- Why don't you bring her?
- Thanks.
She has accepted you.
I don't know if I will be
very helpful.
Waiter, bring us sake.
Right away.
Sit down, Orika.
This way.
What's happened?
Young girls nowadays
have a dry heart.
My girl has gone away with
a more modern boy.
I fell into her trap.
I can't compete
with young men.
Mr Mita, I am sorry for the noise
we are making.
The carpenters have arrived.
They say they are going to
refurbish the house.
Ossan! Ossan! Ossan! Ossan!
I can't hear nothing.
I'm deaf.
I thought you were calling me.
Don't say that.
There's been a racket
the whole morning through.
As if it was New Year.
I don't understand anything.
What are you doing here without
working? Go and help around.
I want a bed here and
a mirror here. What do you think?
What do you think
about this sign?
It's cheaper.
I will let you choose. I only
want it to have a lot of colours.
All right. Thanks.
- I'll get it started.
- All right.
How much work
and how much money.
I'd like to ask you a favour.
What is it?
I have received
a letter from my son.
Look at the drawing
he's made.
So what?
It's a perfectly ordinary cow.
He has drawn it very well,
hasn't he?
Madam, I'm leaving!
- Get the best you can!
- All right!
Do you want to go
and see him?
Could you allow it to me
this time?
When he started his 2nd year
I couldn't go, either.
Only a couple of days.
No, you can't.
There will be much to do.
That's why I've thought that
now's the time.
My son will be looking forward
to it as well.
Don't ask for more than
what's necessary.
Don't make such a long face.
If you don't obey me,
do what you want.
But there's much unemployment
out in the streets.
I'd immediately find younger
and fresher people than you.
Why are you crying?
I know you've been holding on
for a long time.
I won't treat you badly.
Is it asking too much
to see one's son?
I've invested all my will
and my life in this refurbishment.
The maids should show
the same will.
This matter about about your son
is nothing new.
Since you have
never had children,
you don't understand the
thoughts of a mother.
Up to now...
...I've worked without complain.
All this is for my son.
Really? For your son?
Isn't it for my inn?
If I can't go and visit
my son,
I... I... will do what?
What the hell do I know?
How can you be so cheeky
to talk like this to your landlady?
They say even a dog doesn't forget
what it owes to its master.
Think it over carefully.
What do you want?
Am I less than a dog?
Why don't you put your son
in someone else's care?
I can't do that.
Don't take it the wrong way.
I just wanted you
to help me personally...
...with this job for
Tokumei Kumiai.
Because I value you very much.
- Please.
- No. I refuse.
I see...
All right. We'll talk about
this another day. Ok?
By the way, the president
of Daiwa Kimiko...
...has arrived to Osaka.
He says that the manager of his
branch office knows you very well.
You must come with us
I can't do that.
What are you saying?
Do you mean to say that this
isn't part of your work?
Take it easy!
They say you are much sought after
in Kitashinchi.
Everybody knows.
You can go now.
Don't forget about tonight.
No, no...!
I wasn't speaking with you.
Mita, you have a visitor.
What's the matter?
Orika is leaving.
As soon as she came home
she started crying.
She said she couldn't
separate from her husband.
Where has she gone?
To a restaurant in Sonezaki,
she said.
I think that girl
will never be happy.
- But she makes me a bit envious.
- How's that?
Although she drags a hard life,
at least she has a love.
What a dirty handkerchief!
Your eyes are swollen.
You must have slept too much.
How rude you are.
What do you think
about this young lady?
Mr Mita...
This sir is very silent.
No, he is a successful guy.
If I was like you...
Good night.
I'm sorry for the delay.
We were waiting for you.
She is...
- ...the famous Uwabami.
- Uwabami.
You have taken a long time, eh?
- Thanks for this afternoon.
- You are welcome.
Pass me this glass.
Hey, don't attend only to Mita.
We are here, too.
This gentleman is the president
of our company.
Really? I am very shy
with strangers.
Do you remember that
you spilled sake on my face?
Don't tell me you've forgotten it.
How stupid of me, to waste a delicious
sake on such an awful face.
Anything wrong, Mita?
You are so serious.
- Drink this sake.
- Uwabami,
tonight Mita is the one
smothering you with attentions.
Oh, really? Is that also included
in his payroll?
If you want to be generous,
here's a lot of geishas for you.
That's right.
If you are a geisha, why don't you
show us your art?
Very well.
Here I go!
Oh, you are here, too.
I have given it up.
- What?
- My executive job.
- Have they fired you?
- That's right.
I struggled honestly
to benefit the company.
So I don't regret.
But poor Mr Imoto...
Mr Imoto?
- Haven't you heard about it?
- No, I haven't.
Have a look at it.
Your boss was the cause.
...broke because your boss,
demanded from Mr. Imoto
that he returned...
...the loan he had given him
at awfully high interest.
Is that true?
Mr Imoto was
a mild-mannered gentleman.
That's why he couldn't
evade duty.
Mr Imoto is said
to have four children.
Oh, you are here, Mr Executive!
I am no longer one.
It would be wrong if the star
of the farewell party weren't around.
Where have you been?
I'm leaving.
What's wrong with you?
You seem very pale to me.
This is not a business party,
is it?
Have you already heard?
As you have come tonight,
you are an accomplice of
Tokumei Kumiai, too.
You can't leave.
Sir... you know this?
- Do you mean Imoto?
- Imoto?
It's been published by the press.
What a foolish act!
- Sir...
- What?
- Mr Noro, sing us something.
- Ok.
How fascinating...
...the way you drink, Mita.
What a taste you have.
I am so sorry.
Thank you for inviting me.
Sir... you know why Mr Imoto
committed suicide?
What do you mean?
They say because of a lover.
Appearances can be deceptive.
Why don't you shut up?
Mita, don't hold yourself back.
It doesn't matter if
he is your boss.
We are in a democratic country.
This is not the right moment.
Do you have a heart?
What have you said?
If you have one,
you have to take over responsibilities
for Mr Imoto's family.
You've overdone it.
He's your boss.
Shut up.
It's none of your business.
Mr Noro...
Mind your own business.
Generally bosses...
...listen to the opinions
of their subordinates...
...and keep the best ones.
That's the way one usually
treats subordinates.
Don't you think so,
You're a pain in the neck.
You talk too much.
Does it bother you?
All right.
I don't care.
Come on, drink this sake.
I don't feel like it.
If want someone to drink,
why don't you give it to Mita?
What a coward.
All right.
Drink it this way.
-How unlucky to be loved by a geisha.
The woman is a temptress.
-Stuff and nonsense.
Mr Mita doesn't contribute so many
benefits to the firm anyway.
Is that why he is transferred
to Tokyo?
Thank you very much.
So you want to go?
To Mr Mita's farewell party.
I'd like to.
The bill of room number
two, please.
Has it been a two-hour rest?
- This girl brought yesterday
a different man.
- Good. This is a business.
It's good for us. We can use the same
room several times a day.
- Collect the tip separately.
- Ok.
Go now if you want to leave.
Tell Mr Mita that he will have to pay
if his luggage is in his room.
You must return before eight pm!
All right!
This way, please.
SEKAIICHI RESTAURAN I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I told my husband that we will work
hard to turn him into a good cook.
Orika, stop it.
Let's forget everything.
Right, Mr Mita?
I want you to be happy.
All right.
Come on, Orika,
bring us our meals.
Tomorrow, Mr Mita will go back
to Tokyo by train.
Let's have a good time.
- You are right.
- Yes.
Listen, Mr Mita...
I am awfully sorry that
you are leaving.
I'm sure it's one of your big bosses'
fault. Who might that be?
I like you.
All right?
Take much care of yourself.
And you too, Otsugi.
All right... Thanks.
Mr Mita...
Although I don't know
your mother,
- give my regards to her.
- Thank you very much.
Here, Ossan.
I am sorry to be so late.
Today you are the customer.
It's true. It's a servant's habit.
Tonight we are customers!
Give me this.
Don't worry.
We were expecting you.
I ran across Uwabami
on my way.
We've come together.
Good night.
Thanks for coming.
Tonight we'll have
a good time.
Uwabami said she wasn't going
to drink tonight.
Mr Mita...
Am I to blame for your transfer?
No, it's not because of that.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry.
That night I got angry
because I felt sorry for you.
I did something awful.
We understand you.
Let's forget it.
What a relief.
I will drink then.
- You don't mind, do you?
- No, I don't mind.
- But don't spill it over anyone tonight.
- How funny.
You can spill it over me
if you want to.
It will be an honour.
Take your glass.
We are all here
except for Omitsu.
Oh, Omitsu...
I went to let her know, but
she told me she had to work overtime.
Who is Omitsu?
She is a girl...
She is a good girl who
works in a scrapyard.
Mr Mita has a big heart.
Tokyo people are like that.
Mita, introduce me to this gentleman.
Are you talking about me?
I am Ossan, from Suigetsu Hotel.
Every day I hand out leaflets
at Osaka station.
Please, don't forget me.
President... Do it.
Get up.
...I have to say goodbye
to you.
The other day...
...Uwabami told me that I was
like a star.
That is,
I didn't know that
I was living on this Earth.
After living in Osaka,
I realize that.
You are all here
to say goodbye to me.
Tawara, the former executive.
...and Ossan.
Listen, Mita, you have forgotten
someone important.
Don't act innocent.
The girl of the postbox.
I haven't forgotten her.
But... do you know?
- She is Mr Imoto's daughter.
- Don't tell me!
I'll tell you something, Tawara.
That girl is like a dummy
for me.
She means nothing more.
Do you want another one?
Ossan, what's the matter with you?
Eat the meat.
Who might that be?
I'm angry.
- I'm going to slap you.
- Silence!
The speech isn't finished yet.
We are all different, but
we eat from the same dish.
This is very endearing for me.
I am glad to be a part of this.
It's the confidence in human beings!
The only bad thing is that...
...we are not happy.
You are right.
That's right!
Let's have the dignity... laugh at our unhappiness.
We must keep that
state of mind to live.
Listen Mita...
...why don't you take this opportunity
to quit the company?
I see... But, Tawara,
I don't intend to go.
I'd quit if I hadn't come to Osaka.
I am going to do it better
at the place where they're sending me.
Even if the firm
gets scared.
...I am a defeatist?
However, Mita, it is so curious...
After quitting my job, I've been
behaving better towards my wife...
- ...and my children.
- Really?
- What's wrong with you, Uwabami?
- Nothing is.
Do you have any matches?
- Yes. Here.
- Thanks.
Come on, let's get inside
and have a good time.
Come on, come on.
The moon has risen.
The moon has risen again.
It looks upon Mike mine.
The chimneys are so tall...
...that I fear that the smoke...
...will bother her.
I am crossing
the first mountain,
the second mountain,
the third mountain.
There is a camellia blooming.
Even if it is...
...full of colour,
if my love is not near me,
it is a petty flower...