An Interview with God (2018) Movie Script

When I hear people say, "I lost faith,"
I picture them giving up, no longer able to keep looking.
It wasn't like that for me.
I even thought, selfishly, witnessing a war would bring me closer to God.
But the more I prayed, the more empty my prayers seemed.
They were whispers into a void.
I was looking for a sign. Any sign.
But it was quiet.
Yeah, I'm still here.
I'm listening.
How can I help?
Have you talked to
anyone at the VA?
They have people who...
I understand.
Thank you for saying that,
but I'm not...
Matt, I'm not,
uh, qualified.
Is there anyone at work?
I mean, the NSA must be full
of other vets. Right?
No, I get it.
Appearances matter.
Anything. Yeah.
Hey. Sorry.
Give me a minute. I'm sorry. Hold on.
Let me ask around.
I'll find someone good. I will.
I'll call you
as soon as I...
But I'll be in the office
right after that.
I'll get you a name. Okay?
I promise.
Hey. Hey. Matt.
Hey, hey, come on, man.
Come on.
I was there.
I get it.
We're gonna get you some help.
Okay? I'll call you tomorrow.
Maybe read Psalms
if you get a minute.
There's some stuff in there
that always helps me.
Love you too, buddy.
I'm sorry.
You're the one
who wanted to talk.
he was crying.
Sorry. You know, I...
I like Matt.
Is... Is he okay?
I don't know. Uh...
It was bad over there.
It's always bad.
It was bad for you too.Yeah.
But I was just there to write, not fight.
Big difference.
Look, I really
have to get to work.
- I got this, uh, interview.
- Interview, yeah. No, I heard.
Hey, I want this... us
to work.
Tell me what to do.
How many times do you want me to apologize?
Stop apologizing. Just tell me the number.
I'll do it.
Things happen.
How many times do I have to live through it?
Things happen, but I'm here.
Now. I'm back.
It's only been worse since you've been back,
Paul. I can't live like this.
I can change. I can be better.
I want to be better.
Can't we fix this? Fix?
When trust in a marriage has been broken,
how do you fix that?
You want to throw all this
away because of one mistake?
It was my fault.
I get in my head sometimes.
Can we at least talk
to someone? Anyone?
Hey, hey.
Can we... Can we talk tonight?
Please? Can we...
I'm not sure I'll be here.
I need to think.
You're gonna be late for your interview,
and I really have to get to work.
Good morning.
Like clockwork,
you two.
I'll call you later.
Good morning.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to...
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, only five minutes.
Still leaves us 25
minutes as agreed.
Uh, right. Thirty minutes
today, tomorrow, and Friday.
Mm-hmm. Everyone's, uh...
That's right.
Everyone's busy.
Are you okay?
Oh. Yeah. Sorry.
I'm great.
Sorry. Uh... Paul Asher.
With The Herald.
Uh, I know
who you are.
I know all your work.
I'm a fan.Thanks.
Uh, sorry.
Do you mind?
A few ground rules.
I'm recording this
conversation for accuracy.
Also three sessions...
today, tomorrow, and Friday.
When we're done I'll show you what I wrote,
but I retain editorial control.
Do you agree? Agreed.
And I expect
great things.
Okay, but don't
get your hopes up.
I cover religion
for a secular paper,
and the stuff I write usually ends
up in the Lifestyles section.
You're just being modest. Horoscopes
get better placement.
Well, the reporting you did from
Afghanistan was very impressive.
You followed that? Every word.
Christians in combat?
That must have been
a tough assignment.
Tough on you.
Tough on your family.
Tougher for others.
I was just there to write.
But I met
some amazing people.
Well, I'd love to hear more about
your personal experiences over there.
Maybe some other time.
So, unless we're here
to play chess,
let's talk about you.
Do you play? Me? No.
Never? When I was a kid.
Anyway... But not anymore?
My father used to
bring me here.
I used to play a little back then.
Shall we?
Okay. Today is June 1. Please
say your name and spell it.
I'm God. G-O-D.
Okay. Great.
Uh, let's start.
Thanks for agreeing
to do this interview.
Well, youagreed.
But you're welcome.Oh.
Can I get
a shot of you? Sure.
no problem you showing up in a photo?
Well, I'm a deity,
not a vampire.
I've gotta say,
you look human enough to me.
And you know,
you look godlike to me.
I get that. Genesis.
In his image.
That's pretty funny. Thank you.
So, uh, why did you agree
to do this interview?
I talk to my children
all the time.
I see.
So I'm one of your children. Of course.
Okay, well, there's a name for people
you usually talk to like this.
I think I meant
"prophets." Oh, sure. Yes.
That's what they're called afterI
speak to them, but before that...
Many of them weren't too happy to see me
when I showed up. At least not at first.
A burning bush, a pillar of fire.
Pretty dramatic stuff.
I'll bet people
freaked out. Oh, they did, they did.
But, uh,
I got their attention.
No burning bush today?
Would you like that?
Is that what you
really want?
Um... uh, what exactly would you
like to see burst into flames?
Something in this park
Uh, how about
that pillar?
Or maybe the tree,
No, of course not.
it's not necessary.
You're here. I'm here.
We're already talking.
Getting back to my question,
is that why you're here? Am I a prophet?
Are you a prophet?
We're talking. Okay?
Th-That's a start.
Circle back to that.
Okay, so you're God. The
The one who created everything.
Heaven and earth in six days.
Uh, yep.
But, uh, then I rested.
So, nice work. Thank you.
I try.
But i-is this really
what you wanted to know,
just some biographical
information about my work?
I'm sure you could read all
about it in a book somewhere.
Well, sure, but you know, my readers
expect some fact-checking in my work.
Facts. Yes.Mm-hmm.
always the facts.
Okay. Fine.
please continue.
Uh... how old are you?
Time is different for me
than it is for you.
I mean, I exist
outside of time.
After all,
I created time.
Where do you come from?
Paul, I think this interview
would be more productive
if we don't waste time on questions to
which you already know the answers.
Okay. Moving on.
Paul, I'm not
being difficult.
I just... I just think
you of all people
should know why my answers
might be confusing.
I mean, if the, uh...
if the nature of God were obvious...
Well, look at the world
around you
and you will see
that it is not.
So we struggle here on earth to know you, but I
assume you know all the questions and answers.
Mm-hmm. Of course.
Does that make you
feel uncomfortable?
But then you know the answer
to that question too, right? Yes.
But a divine perspective
is not required.
Try to see this from my point of view.
This is not an easy process.
No, I get it.
Knowing all the questions
and all the answers
must make human conversation
kind of difficult.
Well, no one likes
a know-it-all.
All right, you said,
"you of all people" a few moments ago.
You said, "You of all people should know why
my answers might be a little confusing."
What do you mean by that?
Why me of all people?
Well, you have a degree
in religious studies
and a degree in journalism
from Loyola University,
where you graduated
the top of your class.
You started working at The
Herald in their online division
right out of college,
where you write about matters
of faith and theology.
So you memorized
my online bio.Mm-hmm.
And I also know
about your marriage.
Excuse me?
I know
about your marriage.
You had me going
for a second.
Yes, I did,
didn't I?
You're waiting for me
to ask. Ask what?
For proof.Ah.
Proof that you are
who you say you are.
Yeah, proof.
Well, tell me, Paul,
when you pray,
do you ask for proof that God is listening?
No. Of course not.
Then this is
your lucky day. How so?
I'm here, answering
your questions.
I hope
I'm being cooperative.
You are.
So, what do I tell the people
who say you don't exist?
You tell them
that I understand,
but the world they see
is just that.
Sometimes that's
just the way it looks.
That's a good answer.
Good. I'm glad.
You're a very good
interviewer, Paul.Thanks.
Yeah, you've established trust,
established rapport.
Yeah, you're not at all
and you want the truth
above all else.
The truth would be cool.
that's my specialty.
Uh, the lightning round and in no order.
Lightning round.
That's cute.
What is the meaning
of life?
To live, to struggle,
to serve God,
and to ask questions like,
"What is the meaning of life?"
Are the Torah and the New
Testament the word of God?
Of course. But as understood by
man and as translated by man.
There's some
wiggle room there.
Well, everyone has their own journey,
but there is only one path.
Was there ever a time
when God didn't exist?
- Well, I could give you the answer I gave Moses.
- Okay.
I am that I am.
I should have known that.Yes.
And it's as true today
as it was back then.
Is there a heaven? Oh, yes.
But try not to think of it
as just a place.
So Satan is also real?
Yes, but frankly,
Satan is overrated.
That's a funny way to put it. How so?
Well, he only has power to the
extent that you give it to him.
What happens to us
after we die?
You are reunited
with the everlasting.
So my soul is immortal?
Well, it wouldn't be
much of a soul if it wasn't.
Can an atheist
be a moral person? Sure. Sure.
And you can build a home
on no foundation.
But you just better hope
that the earth never shakes.
Is God love?
He doesn't boast,
but yes, absolutely.
What's 2,427 times 648?
For real?
I'm sorry.
Sorry. Sorry.
No, that's all right.
God forgives.
But this is
interesting. What's that?
There's a lot of
good questions here,
but you haven't asked me the one question
I get asked almost more than any other.
No? What's that? Well, take a guess.
Why do bad things happen
to good people?
That's the one. No, that's not on my list.
And frankly, I don't like
that question very much. No?
Why not?
Because it's not really a question, is it?
It's a complaint.
What it really means is,
why do bad things happen to me?
And the person asking is
assuming they're a good person,
which seems arrogant to me.
But, Paul,
bad things do happen
to some very good people.
It is
a big question.
Yes. I know.
I'll answer it
if you'd like.
No. Let's move on.
Does free will exist?
And how do we reconcile it with God's will?
What does that mean?
It's an adverb
meaning "at last."
You know what I meant.
No, finally you are asking me
some questions you care about.
I care about
all the questions. Well, maybe.
But you care about some of
the answers more than others.
Look, this is not about me.
Does free will exist?
Did I force you
to come to this meeting?
Would I know it
if you did?
That reminds me
of an old joke.
A student goes to his rabbi
and says,
"Rabbi, why do you
and the other rabbis
always answer my questions
with another question?"
And the rabbi replies,
"So how should we answer?"
Okay. You didn't laugh
at God's joke.
So what does that say
about free will?
Of course
there's free will, Paul,
and everybody knows
this is true.
The entire foundation of human law
depends on the existence of free will.
Try going before a judge
when you've been charged
with a crime.
Blame your actions
on God's will.
See how that
works out for you.Hmm.
Now, does this mean that every
human act is a matter of free will?
Of course not.
No more than you can use free will
to grow back an amputated leg.
So, stuff happens and God says,
"Hey, man, don't look at me."
No. No.
You have to understand
that my will and human free will
are not contradictory
because they are not two
versions of the same thing,
but they do fit
perfectly together.
I designed it that way.
Yeah, but if I can't tell where
one begins and the other ends...
Do you see my problem?
Yeah, I think I see.
Do you? Yeah.
Is the problem that
you don't trust God's plan,
or that
you don't trust yourself?
Oh, great.
So, if God's got a plan, I'm covered. Right?
I should've just stayed in bed,
because for all I know it's part of his plan.
That's not what I'm
saying and you know it.
All right. Look here.
Chess. Right?
Pieces interact.
There's rules.Mm-hmm.
There's give and take.
But no two pieces can occupy the
same space at the same time.
That's a lot like
you and me.
People make choices,
and those choices
have consequences.
And if knowing my will were
part of every human decision,
how would anything
ever happen, hmm?
You'd be paralyzed
every morning,
trying to decide whether to brush your
teeth vertically or horizontally.
So, trying to know God's will
is, what, a waste of time? No. Not at all.
Paul, I'm only telling you
what you already know.
You have to make
your own choices,
and you have to live
by those choices,
no matter how
you arrived at them.
Tell me, when you
traveled to Afghanistan,
which aspects of my will
did you consider?
Or did you just think it's all my will,
so, hey, anything goes?
Um, I think it was slightly
more complicated than that.
You traveled 7,000 miles
into a war zone, Paul.
War changes people.
You had to have known a trip like
that would have consequences for you,
and for your family.
Or did you think
that you'd be different?
I guess I was hoping God
would look out for me.
I prayed for my own safety.
I prayed God would watch over the
soldiers I'd met and bring them home.
I prayed my wife would be
okay while I was gone.
I prayed I didn't do anything stupid.
I prayed a lot.
Were your prayers
I don't know.
Some, yes. Mostly, no.
Would you like to
talk about that?
Are you
the complaint department?
I heard I was needed,
so I came.
So, I think I'm here
to do an interview,
but really what this is
is an intervention.
Yes, but not in the way
you think it is.
How do you know
what I think?
Let's save that
for tomorrow.
This is
a weird interview.Yeah.
Okay, let's just call it a conversation.
Would that be better?
Sorry. That's not
why they pay me.
Oh. And that's why you're here.
For money.
Why are we here?
I heard I was needed,
so I came.
A simple "thank you"
would suffice.
Why do I deserve
your special attention?
Don't you?
So you're here
to save me.
Do you need saving?
Doesn't everyone?
But we're gonna do something
a little different this time.
Oh? I'm gonna help you.
You're gonna help me? Mm-hmm.
I don't understand. I know.
I know.
But, uh, you will.
And so...
We're out of time.
All right.
Uh, see you tomorrow?
Same time and place?
to be determined.
What's all this about?
Uh, let's talk tomorrow.
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- Yeah.
- Um... Paul Asher.
Hey, it's me.
Oh, uh, hi.
So, what happened
this morning?
Did she leave?
I don't know.
Um... I don't know.
You sound a little, um... I'm sorry. I had...
I just got into work.
I had a weird, strange morning.
Can I see you later?
You there?
Oh. Oh.
Hey, uh,
can I call you later?
Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay.
Promise? Yeah. Will do.
Paul... Okay. Thanks.
Talk to you soon.
Okay. Bye. Bye.
Hey. Gary.
Yeah, hey.
What are you
doing here?
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry, uh...
And yet,
here you are.
You know, paid leave
means we still pay you,
HR explained that.
And how much time have you
taken off since you got back?
I think the answer you're looking for is
So, you know
there is no shame
in taking some time.
Yeah. Thanks.
Uh, but I needed to...
Did you get my text?
You trying to
change the subject? Yeah.
It work?
Yeah, I got it.
Everything okay? Yeah, all good.
Just a crazy morning.
I'm working on something.
That's not what I meant.
Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm good.
What about Sarah? Family?
What's she up to?
She's good.
Yeah? Yeah.
I'll tell her you asked.
Hey, Gary,
excuse me. Tell her I say hi.
Can you just
sign right here?
And here.Mm-hmm.
Send it out. Thank you.
So, what do you need?
What do you mean?
Yeah... Oh.
Your text
this morning.
I have this friend
and he needs some help.
Mmm. A friend.
Wow. No, it's not me.
It's a guy I met overseas.
He's having trouble
since he got back.
- I think so.
Okay. Yeah.
- Is he gonna be okay?
- I hope so.
I think sometimes it's just
hard to see God's plan
in the middle of a war,
you know.
So, what can I do to help?
He needs to talk to someone right away,
someone professional.
I told him I'd ask around.
He's a good guy.
A war hero.
Do you know anyone?
He can't go
to the VA?
Well... I mean, that's
what it's there for.
He's got a classified job now, so it could
be a problem if people think he's...
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. Yeah.
I know somebody over at the
Interfaith Center who's pretty good.
She's really good.
I went to her myself when Ann left me.
- When was this?
- Last year.
I didn't know.
I'm so sorry.
Ah, well, I didn't advertise,
and you were...
gone for most of it,
You never said anything.
You were fine.
You... You seemed fine.
Yeah, see,
that's the thing.
Sometimes there aren't signs
when someone's in trouble.
So it's really good that your friend,
this, um...
is reaching out
to you like this.
- So I'll ask and get you a name.
- Okay. Thanks.
You know I got your back.
Right? You know that? Yeah. I do.
What are you
working on?
Oh. Uh, you're not
gonna believe this.
Um... I'm doing
an interview.
With who?
With God.
Yeah. Yeah.
I love it.
That's a great idea.
You like it? Because I was
starting to have second thoughts.
No, no, no, no, no.
For your blog?
Or maybe this could be
something bigger.
I don't know.
What do you mean, something bigger?
Print edition, column four.
Human interest, every Thursday.
Yes. Yes.
The front page.
Y-Y... You're kidding.
About time God
made the front page.
You disagree?
No, of course not.Okay.
But what will
the office think?
You don't think it'll cause
some resentment around here?
No, not really.
I think they already
resent you.Okay.
Thank you. How many words?
No idea.
Okay, okay, uh... This is gonna be good.
This is great.
Okay, for now,
we'll keep this
between us, yeah?
Yeah. No problem. Let me work on it.
Interview with God.
That's very cool.
Very cool.
Hi. This is Sarah.
Leave a message at the beepy thing,
and have a great day.
Hey, Sarah, it's me.
Um... I wanna
finish our talk.
I think
we can fix this.
Please call me back.
Okay. Bye.
Is God love?
He doesn't boast, but yes, absolutely.
What's 2,427 times 648?
Six hundred...
For real?
I know who you are.
I know all your work. I'm a fan.
Christians in combat? That must have been a tough assignment.
Tough on you. Tough on your family.
You traveled 7,000 miles into a war zone, Paul.
War changes people. You're gonna help me?
I don't understand.
Getting back to my question, is that why you're here?
Am I a prophet? But, Paul...
bad things do happen to some very good people.
I just think you of all people should know why my answers might be...
Is the problem that you don't trust God's plan?
Or is the problem that you don't trust yourself?
I'm God. G-O-D.
That reminds me of an old joke.
Seriously. What's all this about?
What exactly would you like to see burst into flames? Am I a prophet?
This is not about me. Really? People make choices.
Why are we here? Those choices have consequences.
So, you're here to save me?
If knowing my will were part of every human decision,
how would anything get done?
When you traveled to Afghanistan... Which aspects...
You of all people should know... And I also know about your marriage.
So, if God's got a plan, I'm covered, right? I also know about your marriage.
Can we talk later tonight, please? I'm not sure.
When trust in a marriage has been broken, how do you fix it?
How many times do you want me to apologize? Stop apologizing.
I don't care about the dishes!
You never know.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Shut up!
Sarah staying home
today? Yeah.
Under the weather?
Uh, yeah, I think so.
That's what I use.
I'll tell her.
You work here?
Why do you ask?
My mom worked here.
Long ago.
Should we even
be in here?
Join me.
Oh, you don't look
so good today, Paul.
Is everything okay? I'm fine.
What happened
to your hand?
We should get started.
Uh, we can skip today and finish tomorrow,
if that would be better.
No, that's okay.
I'm here. You're here.
Let's just, uh, pick it up
where we left off and...
make it a good interview.
Actually, you didn't look
so good yesterday either.
I'm, uh...
I'm a little worried.
About yesterday,
we got off track.
I was trying to be professional,
but we got off track. I apologize for that.
No apologies necessary.
You were incredibly professional,
and I said so.
Thank you,
but somehow I became part of the interview,
and that's not
supposed to happen.
So let's get back
to you and, uh...
make it
a good interview.
Shall we?
Okay, recording.
June 2. Paul Asher
interviewing God.
So, I think we covered most
of the basics yesterday.
Uh, where did we leave off? You were asking me
why I was here.
Right. Sorry. Uh, so why are you here?
Why an interview?
I'd like to talk to you
about salvation, Paul.
Okay. Good topic.
This is progress.
What do you mean by that? What do you think
I mean by that?
I'm not trying
to be difficult,
but we should establish what you
think it is before we can discuss it.
Right? Salvation means different
things to different people.
Yes, it does.
It's very personal.
It is the most personal,
and in the end...
and I mean,
literally in the end,
there's nothing more personal
than salvation.
It's just you and your soul.
Can't get more intimate
than that. Hard to argue.
So when I ask you,
what do you think it is,
it's only to help me answer
your questions properly.
That's why we're here. Right?
You ask. I answer.
Salvation means different things
to different people.Mm-hmm.
But I'm a Christian,
so let me answer it from that perspective.
Salvation is returning to a state
of perfection with the Almighty
and absolution from sin
That's a very good definition.
Yes, you got right to
the heart of the matter. Thank you.
But you sidestepped several
thousand years of disagreement
over how
you actually get there.
I'm with Jesus,
so I'm covered, thanks.Oh.
Are you sure
about that? What does that mean?
I'm... I'm just asking.
As I said,
I'd like this interview to be about you.
I answered your question, so...
Salvation. Okay.
So, for the sake of...
for the sake of discussion,
let's pretend that I am a
manufacturer and you are a consumer,
and you tell me,
how would you rate the product.
as the product?
You've gotta be
kidding me. No, I'm not kidding.
Just pretend
that it's market research.
You've done this many times before,
I'm sure.
It's just another
online survey.
How do you rate
the product?
Let's find out.
On the one hand,
it's the greatest product ever.
Redemption from sin?
Reunification with God for eternity
after a lifetime on earth? Wow!
Who wouldn't want that product? If that
doesn't sell itself, nothing ever will.
Well, I'm glad you approve.
On the other hand... On the other hand,
On the other hand,
it's the only product I can think of
where proper use involves
returning it to the maker.
And there's really only
one way that can happen.
Everybody wants to
get to heaven...
But no one wants to die.
That slight complication is mitigated
by the fact that everyone will die.
So it's really just about the when...
the product... not the what.
Oh, I knew
you'd be good at this.
Yeah. I should've been
a marketing major.
So, moving on... But, uh, what else?
There's one aspect
that you left out,
the one that I mentioned
in the first place... the how.
Or we can call it instructions,
just to stay with our metaphor.
Okay, but really, after this,
we have to move on.
Okay, well,
uh, the instructions.
The instructions are widely available,
so that's good.
Um, the Bible's a best seller
year after year, but...
I think the instructions
are a little confusing.
Well, no one ever said knowing
my will would be easy. Right.
But knowing God's will isn't
really the problem, is it?
The scriptures
are full of rules. Yes, they are.
I can think of ten
just off the top of my head.
Right, but that's the Old Testament,
the Torah.
The New Testament
is different.
God gave us his son.
That was a game-changer. Indeed it was.
Jesus was super-clear.
John 14:6.
"I am the way.
No one comes to the Father but through me."
Seems very clear to me.
But that
can't be right. No?
everyone's a sinner.Yes.
If we're saved through faith and faith alone,
why would anyone follow all the other rules?
But is faith
all it takes?
You're a murderer. So what?
Liar? No problem.
Hey, everyone makes mistakes.
So what's the problem? The problem is...
The problem is...
The problem is what,
Paul? Sorry.
This keeps happening.
I'm not the story. We agreed.
Check the record.
I never agreed to that.
What do you want? I mean, really.
What is this all about?
It seems like you want something from me.
I have no idea what it is.
Now you see why the burning bush
worked so well. I talk, people listen.
I agreed to meet with you
because it was an intriguing prospect,
an idea for an interview,
and I think I have given you
the benefit of the doubt.
But it's clear to me now you had
some other hidden agenda for this.
This, whatever this is. Really,
give me something. What do you want from me?
My math skills
didn't impress you?
No, that was impressive,
but there are people who can do that stuff.
Okay. Savants, I guess.
Right. Okay.
I'll give you something.
But you may not like it. Ah, finally.
Okay, hit me. All right.
No offense, but I think you have a
misunderstanding about the nature of faith.
I don't think that's true.
I told you I've always had faith.
There it is.
You see?
"I've always had faith."
Paul, do you see
what I mean?
No, not really.
What are you saying?
Okay, we'll get back to that.
Paul, do you...
do you ever think
of what the world is like
from my perspective?
From God's
perspective? Mm-hmm.
Frankly, no.
How would I even do that?
How would that be possible?
Well, fair enough.
But, uh, try to imagine
knowing every human deed,
every thought, aspiration,
uh, depravity.
But also knowing
all the, uh, isolation
and the... the pain
and the emptiness of life.
Now, multiply that times every
human soul that ever existed.
I wouldn't want that job. Why not?
Because it would
be overwhelming.
The world is full
of such terrible things.
I work for a newspaper.
I see it every day.
Horrible things.
Things that come crashing
down on decent people.
People with dignity who only want
to know why it's happening to them.
What would I say to them?
"Trust me"?
"I have a plan"?
No, thanks.
All that misery in the world
would break my heart.
But tell me,
why would you care?
All right,
what do you mean, why?
Why would it
break your heart?
Because I care.
I have compassion
for my fellow human beings.
And where does
that morality come from?
I'm sure the answer you're
looking for is "from God,"
but, really, I have no idea.
Free will perhaps, Paul?
Free will exists.
And it wouldn't be much of a morality
if I forced you to have it, Paul.
Okay. Good to know.
It's all me.
So, when do we get
to the part I won't like?
Paul, if you think
faith is enough...
I mean, it's not,
but if you do,
would you just start
being an immoral person?
How do you know
I'm not an immoral person? Because you just told me.
You said you have compassion,
and I believe you.
So, what could you
possibly do
that would be beyond my
powers to forgive you?
Paul, I just asked you
a very important question.
I, uh... I don't want
to talk about this.
Can we change the subject,
Because it's personal.
But you have
no secrets from me. Yeah, I do.
No, you don't.Yeah, I do.
And my life is not the topic
of this conversation.
But it really is, Paul. I don't know
how many more ways I can say this.
But you need to
start hearing me.Okay.
We've done enough for today.
Thank you. All right, all right.
You can ask me
anything you want.
That's what I've been doing,
but it doesn't really get me anywhere.
I've been more than deferential
to your claim of who you are,
but I keep asking questions,
and you keep giving me these evasive answers.
You've been asking
very good questions,
and I'm trying to answer them
as best I can.
Best for who? For you, of course.
If that's what you think,
then we did get to the part I don't like.
Well, it can get
a lot worse than that. I really don't see how.
Well, how about we talk
about your marriage? No!
No, we really can't, and it's inappropriate
you would bring that into the conversation!
My personal life
is off-limits,
and that goes double
for my marriage.
Oh, and you're sure
about that?
Are you...
Did someone put you up to this?
Is that...?
Paul, you're just
being paranoid.
- I'm just here to help.
- Thanks, but I can manage my own affairs.
Oh, you can? I can manage!
Why are you doing this?
Is this what you do to people?
Is this what you do?
Go around talking crap?
Why am I here?
Oh, I get that question
too many times. I mean, here.
In this theater.
Why am I here?
'Cause I would like to help
you if you will let me.
Thanks. I've got it covered.
Everything's under control.
Oh, okay then. Yeah.
Well, that's... that's very good to hear
because, uh, you are
about out of time.
Oh, I had five more minutes, but I'm happy
to forfeit that time to the next prophet.
No, Paul. I mean, you
are about out of time.
- What are you saying?
- Just that.
Out of time. That's cryptic.
What does that even mean?
- You're saying...
- Yes.
- Are you saying...?
- Yes.
I'm very sorry.
- This is a joke.
- No. No joke, Paul.
I'm sorry.
Sick joke.
Why would you
tell me that?
Because you said so
yourself, Paul.
Dying is just about
the when.
So why can't the when
be now?
This interview is over. Well, we... we still
have tomorrow.
There is no tomorrow!
I'll let you know where,
just in case you change your mind.
I'm pretty sure I won't.
I don't even know why I agreed to this.
You prayed, Paul.
You asked for help.
That's why I'm here,
and I thought an interview would be a place
where a journalist
would be comfortable.
Well, congratulations.
You got that exactly wrong.
I'm not comfortable
at all with this.
Salvation is real,
and it can still
happen for you,
but you need to understand
something very important.
Faith isn't something
that you can just have.
Not in
the conventional sense.
Because faith
isn't the goal.
Faith is the process.
It's a lot like a marriage.
The vows you take aren't the end.
They're just the beginning.
It takes time and dedication...
every day.
Would you like to know
when it will happen?
What are you doing here?
You never called me back.
Uh, yeah.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I had a bad day yesterday, and...
I know.
That's why I called you.
Hey. Hello.
It's nice to see you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Uh, can we...
can we take this...
Nobody knew where you were,
and you didn't answer your cell.
I was in a meeting.
I had it turned off. I'm sorry. Uh...
Do you want to talk
about yesterday?
No, not really.
Don't you think we should?
Okay, what's on your mind?
Why are you talking
to me like that?
Like I'm other people. She just left me yesterday.
Can I get a... some breathing room?
I know. I'm...
I'm just worried about you.
I know. I'm sorry.
I know you are.
It's just...
Do you want me to leave?
Paul, you know this
wasn't your fault, right?
It wasn't anyone's fault.
Of course, it's my fault.
Why does it have to
be someone's fault?
Things happen in the universe,
Paul, in life.
Well, you know, I have a slightly
different perspective on that.
I know, and it's one of the things
I've always loved about you.
You have a strength and a
certainty that I've never had.
But this...
This was my fault.
I never should have gone away.
To Afghanistan?
It was stupid. I never thought it through,
what might happen.
I was stupid.
- Is that what you think?
- Yes, it's what I think.
No, Paul.
Sarah had the affair
before you left.
Oh, God. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I thought you knew. Give me a minute, please.
Give me a minute.
Just give me some space! Please.
Sorry. Oh!
What's happening here?
Call you back.
Whatever it is, why is it
happening in my office?
I-I'm sorry. Hi.
I'm-I'm Grace.
I'm Paul's sister-in-law.
Uh, Sarah's sister.
Hi.A fan of your sister.
Thanks. Uh, I'm sorry.
We totally stole
your office.
Yes, you did.
Would you mind giving us
a couple of minutes?
I'm sorry. Paul?
Is that all right, Gary?
All right.
Hey, I got that name for your friend, okay?
Number's right here.
They'll see him today if he can make it.
- I'll leave it here.
- Thank you.
He doesn't know, huh?
It might help if you start
talking to someone.
If not me, someone else.
I want to talk to Sarah about it,
but she's not returning my calls.
I don't even know where she is. For all I
know, she could be with that other guy.
No, she's... she's not.
She's not.
That's over. How do you know?
'Cause she's staying with me.
Why didn't you tell me?
Paul, please.
Could you please get her
to call me back?
I can't. I'm sorry.
- You've got to be patient.
- Why?
You just have to
give her time. Give her time?
How much time?
A day? A week? A month?
Paul, come on.
I've known you since I was 18.
Sarah marrying you was
the best thing she ever did.
And we will always be family.
That's why I'm here today.
I-I don't know why
this happened, but...
You should really
talk to someone.
Yeah, I will.
- Promise?
- I promise. Yeah.
I appreciate you coming by. Thank you.
- Hug?
- Yeah.
Hey, Matt. It's me.
Yeah, that's why
I'm calling actually.
You know what?
I'm going to text it to you.
They said if you can make it,
they'll see you right away. Today.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Okay. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
Give me a call after.
Um, can I ask for a favor?
A big favor?
I'm doing this interview,
and it's getting kind of weird.
Well, that's the thing.
I-I don't know.
If I send you a head shot,
could you check it out,
run it through the database
or something?
Is that possible?
No, that's perfect.
Tomorrow's fine.
Okay. Bye.
What's going on?
Look, I'm sorry, Gary. What's wrong?
Is there a problem
with the story?
Talk to me.
Sarah just left me.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you say something?
It's been bad
since I got back.
I should have
said something.
I don't know why.
This about Afghanistan?
I thought so, but now I think it might
be a bigger problem, an older problem.
I'm trying
to figure it out. All right.
Well, maybe it's time you take
that break we talked about, huh?
Yeah. I might. Okay, good.
You think you can
fix things with her?
I don't know. Maybe I think
she's better off without me.
Don't say that.
Never think that.
You know, when Ann left me,
I, uh... I went a little crazy.
I had thoughts
I'd never had before.
Crazy, weird thoughts.
And then, you know,
maybe some of it was from,
like, the body blow,
the hurt feelings.
But the worst part of it for me was...
was this crushing disappointment.
Gary, I don't need you
No, listen to me.
Listen to this.
I always had all kind
of bad thoughts
about what my life
was gonna be like,
like... like what could happen.
I mean, poverty, horrible illness.
You name it.
But I never once imagined
that my marriage might fail.
What is that, naive?
Is it?
I mean, really,
why couldn't it happen to me?
Because I have faith?
Does that make me special?
Well, doesn't it? Yes.
That's exactly it.
It does.
And it was faith
that rescued Ann and me.
Sure, we needed help,
and it took time,
but he was there for us
when we needed him.
So, you've just got
to get right.
Yeah, I know. I'm trying.
You still love Sarah?
You know I do.Okay. Okay.
Then find your hope
and fix this.
You can do it.
What if time were a factor?
What? What is it?
What are you talking about?
I'm sorry.
Forget I said that.
It's just...
Gary, this interview.
It's... I don't know.
It's... eating me up.
Is that where you've been
the past couple days? Yeah. It is.
It's really an interview?
Yeah. It is. Yeah.
With God?
You already pitched it to the print edition,
didn't you?
- And they loved it.
- Come on, Gary. Look at me.
My wife just left me.
I'm crying my eyes out in your office.
It's possible I might need to
deal with some stuff right now.
Listen, you sort it out.
You take care of you first.
And remember what I said.
Get right.
Thanks, Gary.Yeah.
Come on, pick up, pick up.
I just nearly picked up.
I wanted to speak to him.
Then why didn't you?
Because I destroyed
my marriage.
Sarah, I'm struggling here, okay?
I have to talk to you.
Could you call me back
right away?
It's important.
Please call me back.
Okay. Bye.
Wait. What the...?
How many men take back
a wife that cheated?
He was either working
or at the theological library.
He stopped going to church and his
men's group because he lost faith.
I made it about me.
He was gone.
- You don't know what I did.
- I know you're human.
You know me, right?
You know I don't believe
in all that pray-to-Jesus crap,
but... maybe you should.
You're telling me to pray?
Can't hurt.
It can't reverse
what I did.
There's no going back from what I've done, ever.
All right.
Why is he showing himself rather
than being hidden from me?
What am I to myself?
No one loved me.
Who am I?
Can you hear me?
Why? Because it's personal.
But you have no secrets from me.
Yeah, I do. No, you don't.
Yeah, I do. My life is not the topic of this conversation.
But it really is, Paul.
I don't know how many more ways I can say this, but you need to start hearing me.
We've done enough for today. Thank you. All right.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
I have
some more questions.
Today is our last interview,
and I want to come
to some conclusions.
Good. So do I.
I got it. All right.
Thank you.
Okay, recording.
Friday, June 3.
Last interview.
Your Italian is very good. Loyola Rome,
junior year abroad.
Well, that's time
well spent.
You gave me some pretty
disturbing news yesterday.
Was it news?
You keep saying that you're here because
I prayed, that you're here to help.
That's right. And yet you told me
I'm gonna die.
How does that help me? You're a journalist.
Surely you appreciate
the value of a deadline.
Sorry. I knew it would
get you back here. So it was just manipulation?
No, motivation is the word I'd use,
and here you are.
You were pushing me? Yes, of course.
Like you've been pushing me
from the start?
- Well, maybe you needed a push.
- Is that your job?
Paul, I told you, I play an active
role in the lives of all my children.
So let's stop wasting time on things
you already know, and let's move on.
Shall we?
And you can cross that first
question off your list.
Is God just a clockmaker?
Now you know.
So, this is how it works
when God answers your prayers?
I never said I was here
to answer your prayers.Right.
You said you came because I prayed,
so maybe you can see my confusion.
But apparently it was just
to deliver some bad news, right?
- 'Cause, you know, I feel fine.
- Oh?
Oh, are you here
to bargain with me?
No.Well, good.
Then let's move on.
Let's talk about salvation. That's not on your list
for today, is it?
we discussed it yesterday.
I have more questions. Oh, I think we covered it
pretty well.
It's a big topic. Oh, I know.
A big topic for my readers. Mine too.
So, what's the problem?
Apparently, we didn't
delve deeply enough.
Well, you know, now it feels just
a little more personal to me.
I thought it might.
Really? That's all
you got for me?
What more do you want? Oh, I don't know.
Some answers.
What was the question
Oh, that's just perfect.
See, this is what drives good people nuts.
We try to be good people,
try to please you,
and we need some answers,
and where did you go?
Do you have any idea how that feels...
like you're being judged every single day?
All we want
is some peace of mind,
but it's like you're...
I don't know... some cosmic killjoy.
Good, good.
Well, now we're getting somewhere.
Doesn't really
seem like it.
Paul, you think salvation
is a burden?
Yes. But it's not.
It's a gift.
You and I remember my Sunday school
education a little differently.
All right. Let me try
to clear it up for you. Please do.
You're one
of my children. So you said.
Now, when you're a child,
your parents have rules, right?
Of course.
Now, as you grow up,
what happens?
You mean, with my parents? Yes. What changes for you,
with your parents?
Uh, I don't know. Less rules,
more responsibilities. Is that what you mean?
Yes, and more freedoms too,
right? Sure.
I mean, do you see?
No! What do you...
I'm sorry. Are we...
We're still talking
about salvation or...?
All right. Let me put it
in a biblical context.
In the early days,
men were wicked.
Yes, and that didn't
work out too well for them.
No, salvation wasn't possible
then like it is now.
But I gave you another chance.
A new set of rules.
Moses. That's right.
Now, the law was clear,
but still the path to me
was indirect and difficult.
But all that changed one day
long ago in Bethlehem.
And it was good news.
But it was also the start of a new covenant.
A new way.Yes.
For example, Moses
had ten commandments,
but later Jesus only mentioned
six on two occasions.
I know the controversy.Yes.
Now, when asked how a man can enter heaven,
Jesus said, "You shall not murder.
You shall not steal.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not bear
false witness.
Honor thy father and mother.
Love your neighbor as yourself."
In Matthew and Mark.
Yes, I know.
He left four off the list. The first four. Yes, I know.
Yes, the four that deal with
man's relationship to God.
Now, what does that
tell you?
I'll assume it's not a typo. Now come on.
Think about it.
What's more likely... Jesus just
forgot four of the Ten Commandments,
or Jesus knew the world was changing,
that he was changing it,
and he didn't feel he needed
to remind his followers
that the Sabbath Day is holy,
or that there is only one true God?
And was he right? About what?
God. Well, look around.
Know many polytheists
these days?
And you can cross that question
off your list as well.
Are you
the one true God?
Are we clear?
This is all very interesting,
but I still don't see the me in it.
Okay. How's this
for a headline?
Your life is not an audition
for the afterlife,
and if you can stop
worrying about that,
you just might have time
for other things.
Things like loving one
another and living your life.
However long that is.
Paul, I've given you
a great gift.
A new justification,
a new responsibility.
But it's up to you to receive
my gift before it's too late.
See, right there.
You say you're here to help me,
but that kind of sounds like a threat.
Why can't I do two things
at the same time, hmm?
For thousands of years,
I have been trying to help
you find your way to me.
Now, did I always succeed?
Well, ask Noah.
Was I too vengeful
back then? Maybe.
But there's never a real threat
without a real consequence.
So, you are here
to threaten me.
Is that what
you really think?
Either way, I'm hoping for a
better outcome than in Noah's day.
Oh, me too. Back then,
it took a flood.
Now it's just you and me in this
room with that digital recorder.
Not what comes to mind when you
think divine intervention, is it?
No, not really.
You know,
my editor was worried that I'm in danger.
I have the same concern.
I think he...
I think he means danger from you.
Am I in danger?
What have we been talking about
for the past three days, Paul?
You're the one... Stop. Please, stop.
Pardon me? Please stop!
- You're upset.
- Yes! It's been three days. Of course I'm upset.
What did you think
my reaction would be?
- But you knew that, didn't you? Didn't you?
- Yes.
- So you admit it.
- I'm amazed you lasted this long.
You thought you had an
interview with the Almighty.
No one in their right mind
would believe that.
But here you are,
day three, back for more?
And please, don't hand me,
"I thought it would be a good story," please.
Yeah, well, I did.Paul.
You are clearly in the midst
of a personal crisis.
So, I come along,
I offer you an interview with God,
and that's all it takes
for you to bite?
Really? Paul, what does that
tell you about yourself?
That's not fair. Fair?
I've been doing you a favor
these past few days, Paul.
I've given you something to think
about other than your own life.
So what, this is
some big, elaborate con?
Oh, would that
really surprise you?
I can't believe this.
You told me you were God.
That's right.
And if you didn't want it to be true,
you and I would not be here right now.
You forgot
to turn off your phone.Yeah.
And now you're leaving.Yes.
Oh, excuse me.Hey.
Hi.Hi. Yes.
What do you need?
- Uh, I was in this room, 22.
- Uh, sorry. In that room?
Yeah, do you know
whose office this is?
I thought
that was storage. No?
What do you know?
Uh, who are you
looking for?
Maybe they have the keys.
Uh, never mind.
Thank you.
Who are you? Have a seat, Paul.
Let's talk about it.
- No. Tell me who you are.
- I really think you should...
- Who are you?
- You know who I am.
- The prince of lies?
- Think back over the past three days, Paul.
- Have I told you one lie?
- Yes.
No. I don't know. Well, which is it?
I don't know!
Everything you said could have been a lie.
But every word was true,
and you know it.
You told me you were God.Yes.
- TheGod.
- That's right.
Bad news. According to my friend, you're dead.
I understand, but sometimes
that's just how it looks.
I promise you, God lives.
I can't believe I agreed to this.
Why did you even contact me?
You contacted me.
What are you talking about? You did.
What? You contacted me. Three days,
three interviews, three locations.
- And how did I do that?
- What? You contacted me!
And how did I
contact you?
Did I call you or send you a letter?
Was it an e-mail? Snapchat?
You-You... You s...
I don't know.
Paul, think about it.
No, this can't be happening.
But it is.
So please, why don't you sit down,
and we can talk about it.
- I'm just here to help you.
- Help?
Yes. That's a laugh.
How have you helped?
By stopping you from making a very
bad decision, by keeping you safe.
Safe? Yes.
You told me I was gonna die.Yes.
- You were gonna tell me when.
- Yes, but you already knew.
What are you talking about?
How could I know? How could I possibly know?
You knew exactly when.
How could I know?
Because it was going to happen
by your own hand, Paul.
No, you don't know that.
There aren't always signs
when someone is in trouble.
But you can't hide
from me.
Why are you doing this to me?
You've just
lost your way.
No, you let this happen to me. How so?
I prayed. I prayed.
I know. I begged you for help.
And you think bad things happen
to you because I don't care?
You didn't listen. Bad things happen
all the time.
Every day.
Every minute of every day.
You know that.
You said it yourself.
And it's very sad.
But the truth is,
most people only seem to notice bad things
when they happen to them.
And maybe that's
the saddest part of all.
You really need to sit.
Why don't you help us?
I hear you.
I hear it all.
Why is there war,
starvation, poverty,
disease, fire, flood,
a child goes missing,
a man loses hope?
Do something! Yes, do something.
You have more power
than you know, Paul.
Food can be grown.
Diseases can be cured. Wars ended.
A troubled veteran
can be helped
and a marriage saved.
So, when you ask me why
all this is happening,
start by looking
to each other.
And that's where I'll be. No, I need a miracle.
Well, miracles happen
every day. And sometimes...
the miracle is you.
Wh-What's happening?
You never know.
My salvation. Give it time.
I told you,
sometimes bad things do happen
to some very good people.
Guess I'm walking.
Hey, Matt.
What happened today?
Wow, great!
No, no. It's fine.
Just a phone number.
It was a miracle.
It was a miracle.
Who am I to say
it wasn't, right?
No, you were due.
Yeah, okay, I'll tell her.
Yeah, I will tell her.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm glad.
I'm very happy for you.
Of course.
All right, brother.
See you soon. Bye.
It's good to see you.
Where's your bike?
No idea.
What happened?
It's just, uh, gone.
- You love that bike.
- It's just a bike.
What happened
to your hand?
Oh, uh... I broke one
of the jadeite cups.
Are you okay? Yeah, it'll heal.
Sorry about the cup.
It was just a cup.
Are you okay?
Listen, I...
I just came to apologize.
I'm sorry.
I'm so ashamed.
I loved you.
I still... love you.
I forgive you.
I should get going.
May I ask you something?
Do you think that you
coming back here today
is a...
was some sort of sign?
Sarah! You're back.
Told ya.
Stuff's great.
Echinacea? Yep.
It's the miracle cure.
Miracles. Hey,
they happen every day.
Can we talk?
Uh... yeah.
I'd like that.
I love you too.
Having faith isn't worth much if you don't really believe.
I kept praying, sure,
but I stopped looking or even listening.
What could you possibly do that would be beyond my powers to forgive?
So, yeah, I see it now.
Definitely a sign.