An Irish Angel (2024) Movie Script

[soft piano music]
[soft orchestral music]
[soft piano music]
- No, I'm not dead.
Or at least I hope I'm not.
This is a dream. My dream.
Well, a variation on dreams
I've been having for a while.
My mother doesn't seem that
but to me, this is the best
to actually revealing the
trouble I'm in.
Okay, already.
- Get up. You'll be late for
- Can I, can I get dressed
Door, please?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
[gentle music]
- [Margaret] Aine! You better be
- I am dressed!
[gentle music continues]
[Aine retches]
See you later.
- Have a good day, love.
[door closes]
- She's getting worse.
- Mark Ogle died.
I didn't even know he was sick
- How old was he?
- Only 56.
- Wait until I get my hands on
She's left with nothing in her
I'll get you a mass card.
Do you think she's chasing after
a boy?
- The apple didn't fall
far from that tree.
- [Morning Girl] Welcome
to Northern Ireland
and your chance to win lots of
- That's right.
Our prime competition with a
total whopping 1,200 pounds.
- And lots of other prizes and
How would you like to win a
two week all expenses paid trip
to a Caribbean island.
The sun, sea and good times.
- Wow.
- Don't let me disturb you.
- As we hit the doorsteps.
- You're not.
- [Morning Girl] Just
call the number below
and we could be knocking on your
- [Morning Girl 2] That's right.
Just call us now, just answer a
- What you doing?
- I need my script?
- Hang on.
- What you doing? That's mine.
- [Morning Girl] Call the
number below and we...
- What are you doing?
- I wrote a little bet on it.
- Prick.
- Hey, put it on for me.
- Oh aye.
- You passing that way anyway.
Come on.
- How about you get off your
lazy arse
and put your own bet on?
- [Morning Girl] And remember,
always get the bill payers
permission before calling.
- Where's the Chubb lock key?
- Why would I know?
- [Morning Girl] Or write
to us, the Mornings Girls,
with your name, postcode,
and contact details.
I think we're ready.
Let's do it. Let's give away
some cash.
You could be answering the door
to us.
I think someone's home.
- I'll be needing those later.
- [Morning Girls] Welcome
to the Morning Girls.
- Don't ask.
What? Ham today?
- Aye.
- Lovely.
- Actually.
- It's not like you at all.
- Why would I want it to look
like me?
- They'll find out you've
been catfishing them.
- Everyone lies on their resume.
- Resumes now? Get you.
- Well, a proper actor
needs a proper agent,
and so I get myself a proper
I mean, make no mistake,
that lead role is mine.
- I told you not to get your
hopes up.
- I'm the obvious choice.
I'm sure I'm the only
fella left in drama club.
- Miss Baker's very progressive.
She might cast a girl in the
- What? In drag?
That's an English thing.
They love all that.
- Why does it have to be
a boy/girl relationship?
- Oh aye, a gay play in a
Catholic school.
I mean, next thing you'll be
telling me
there was another immaculate
- Good try.
- Sure I know who it is anyway.
- Guessing is not the same as
- Giggles.
- Honestly? You can't be
remotely serious?
Peter Giggles McGarrigle.
- He sent you that
Valentine's card last year.
- Sending me a Valentine's card
and putting his penis inside me
are two very different things.
Strike that one off your list.
- Oh, the truth's gonna
come out sooner or later.
I mean, you won't be able
to hide that belly for long.
- Oh, keep wishing.
- You know, I should be
I mean, we've been friends our
whole lives
and I'm upset that you haven't
discussed this with me.
- Oh, sure. You're easily upset.
[school bell ringing]
[gentle music]
- Hey?
- Hey.
- You going to rehearsals later?
It feels like ages since
we had a proper catch up.
- Aye, sorry, I just been busy.
- [Gormley] Corinna Parkhouse!
- Yes, Miss. Gormley?
- Do we wear makeup in school?
- I have rehearsal later this
- Yes. Well, now you have
English class.
Second citation this month.
Sit, Miss. Parkhouse!
And no more makeup in school.
[chair scrapes]
- I've got P.E first.
- Again?
- Yep.
[school bell ringing]
- Stole 'em off my brother.
- Can I have one?
- Hey, that's bad for the baby.
I'm sure I read that somewhere.
- You reading? It's a day of
- You know, I'm not sure
that your dreams actually mean
- Seven suicide dreams in the
past month since I found out.
Right. Drowning, jumping
off the Foyle Bridge,
electrocuted, hit by a car,
and how many mam is showing up
in them?
- Well, at least you can
check hanging off the list.
I mean, why don't you
just hit up the internet
for some adoption cash or
- Oh, 'cause handing over a baby
to some random internet
family is good idea?
- You know the profiles come
with background histories too.
- Oh, well I'm surprised
you let up on porn sites
long enough to look that up.
Look, if we went to England,
no one would find out.
- Well, forget about England.
We'll just go down to Derry
or somewhere like that.
- What? With your fake ID?
- I'm just saying. Your
mother might surprise you.
- I won't need to dream about
suicide after she finds out
'cause she'd kill me.
- You know, actually with my
fake ID,
I could just say I'm like
your guardian or something.
- Oh, catfishing acting
agents is one thing,
but who'd believe you're my
- And so ends world travel.
- Yeah, right. I still
have my map and my plans.
So, you know, maybe one day.
- Hey, what are you two doing
Now, I can report you for this.
- Hey, but Strap, you need to be
to write to actually file a
- Aye, get outta here,
you damn kids. Go on.
I hate my job.
- Okay, group, gather around
We have some announcements.
Now, as you know, our
colleague and dear friend, Ian,
who may not have learned his
in illegal bungee jumping,
is unable to actually
take the lead role now.
So I'm forced to recast.
But don't worry,
I have reached out to the
drama club at St. Peter's
in hopes that we can
audition the students.
- What?
I mean,
what about my audition, Miss?
Did you see her then?
She's like, "Oh no, you
can't have the lead."
- You're already playing the
role of Furbo the friend.
- And I'm like, "Hey,
you! That role is mine."
But yeah, but that's like what?
- Nine...
- Nine, nine lines at most.
- Lines don't make the part,
- Well, yeah, I, I, I know
that Miss, I, I mean Ellie,
but you know, you said
you were open to recasting
when Ian had his cast.
- Furbo's a great part. Okay,
moving on.
I'd like to start at the
top of scene 12, please.
Secrets and lies.
- Hey, look, there'll be other
- Now feast your eyes on
my long preserved virginity
and my quaint honor
that will turn to dust,
grind my ashes burn by lust...
- Ugh.
Oh, my family, my family,
a marriage to a poor peasant
boy will not be acceptable
as I am betrothed to a wealthy
in the next village so
that I'm not destitute.
- Since there's no help,
come let us kiss and part...
- Ugh.
One second. My bad.
My heart cannot be free now
that I have set upon your eyes,
your glorious heart set aside
for a love that I cannot bear.
Let us shake hands forever.
Forget that our vows
will break our hearts.
And when we meet in the gaze of
be it seen in neither of our
That one jot of former love
Give me your last gasp
of love's latest breath
when my pulse failing
passion speechless lies
when faith is kneeling
under the thread of death,
innocence is no longer
founded within our hearts.
Now if thou once,
when all have given him
over from death to life,
thou mightiest him yet recover.
- Well, I think we found our
Okay, well let's skip to
scene 41. Nice one, Leo.
- You were very good.
- Good? I was born to be a star.
- A school production
of an unknown ballet?
It's not the west end of London.
- Well, everyone has to
start somewhere, you know,
and she actually gets pregnant
in the play
and has to hide it from her
- Yeah, so?
- Well, I'm just saying, you
it's not that different from
Except, you know, without
the husband, of course.
It's about love, not
the lack of moral fiber.
- Oh yeah, thanks for that.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yep. All good.
- I was just thinking,
if you wanted to come around
to my house this evening,
my mum's out.
We could do something.
Paint nails, whatever.
- Yeah, I'd love to. But
you know, my nan's like...
- Oh, of course, it's okay,
sorry. Just been a while.
Maybe another time?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.
- Don't be so smug.
You may think you have
that idiot teacher fooled,
but you even think of kissing me
and I'll feed you your scrotum.
- It's in the script, I...
- Yeah, well it's out of it now.
And you touch me in a familiar
way like you just did again,
and trust me, Ian won't be
the only boy in this school
with his leg in plaster.
Got it?
- Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool,
Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool,
She's missing out.
I am one of the greatest
kissers of all time.
- Yeah, I'm sure she'll get over
- What happened between you two?
- Nothing.
- That's five nothing's
since the start of term.
It's clearly something.
[school bell ringing]
- Oh, oh, oh.
Yeah, that'll do.
- Apparently there's some sort
of noise.
- That's what I'm telling
you, there's no mice.
There's no mice in this kitchen.
- I'm just telling you what
the kitchen staff said.
- [Strap] Mice, I'll show ya
- Go on then.
- Hey, you little shit! It's
that kid from your form year.
I'll get him.
[footsteps tapping]
- Bloody car.
You seen the Strap?
- No. What's up with your car?
- I'm probably not charging it
Just another wonderful
purchase. Courtesy of my ex.
- Both strangers in a foreign
- You know, my mother told me
never to date a man from Essex.
So I took off with a man from
and look where that got me.
Hey, how's your grandmother?
- Yeah, she's, she's hanging in
My mother says the devil
looks after his own. So.
- Surely she's not that bad.
- Oh, God no. She's lovely,
Still a sparkle in her eye.
- Ah, the King of Cool.
Well, that's what the children
call him.
He's an attractive boy.
- What? Matt? No, no, I'm
not interested in him.
- Well, he is got a nice car
Aine, it's okay, I am
not gonna tell anyone.
- He's with Corinna, Miss.
- Right, gotta go! Catch me up!
- Jeez. See ya.
- Yeah. Come chat anytime, Aine.
Strap, the car won't start.
- Did you see the little shit?
Who me? No, just, just the usual
rushing home from school.
- Ah.
- So, green car boy, you
gonna help me or what?
- I don't know.
You probably didn't plug
in the charging cable
like I showed you.
- Yeah, well I've never had
this problem with a petrol car.
- Alright.
- Well, don't lecture me, just
fix it.
- Look, I'm just saying
that everyone wants to
help the environment.
Well we actually have to
do something about it.
[sinister music]
- Aine, are you out of bed?
- I'm coming!
- Your tea's getting cold.
That girl's gonna be the death
than me.
- Sons are no better, Margaret.
It's all part of growing up.
- This better not be
the start of something.
- There's nothing you can do
about it.
Look, I don't want to be a
- Mother, no, don't be doing
You're not going into a hospice.
This is your home and
that's the end of it.
- Is nan going into hospice?
- Look, it would be better
- For who? For me?
Your last wish is to die
in this house. Remember?
- We'll look after you.
- Did that idiot Leo, rob
a school canteen yesterday?
- No. I, I don't know. Why?
- I warned you about that
- Alright, grumpy. Don't take
your big meeting out on me.
- [Margaret] It affects you too.
- She's right. Go easy.
It might not be what you think
it is.
- Oh, the voice of experience.
When did you last have a job?
It's almost Christmas.
- Yes, you're absolutely right.
Christmas is a time for
which should be spent
in the bosom of yours.
You're staring back at me
like I was trying to burn you.
But reservations have almost
halved since last year.
- You said that revenue went up.
- And revenue said like that
doesn't cure all of our woes.
Cashflow simply doesn't cover
the costs
of the current workforce.
Not without cuts.
- Hold on.
When you and your daughter
took over last year,
our hours were cut and
we went along with it.
When Geraldine McDade retired,
and she wasn't replaced,
we went along with it.
The cleaning of this hotel,
the sidebar, the front bar,
was all done without complaint.
And all we got were
scratch cards as a bonus.
- If I recall, Edie from
accounts won 50 pound.
- Aye, she's on twice our wages
and she doesn't have to clean
the toilets of drunk men
who can't pee straight.
Anyway, God forbid we getting in
the way
of Jerome Jackson's plans
to expand the sidebar.
We know that's what this is
- If my daughter and I,
who incidentally is the
brains of the outfit,
didn't take over this hotel,
you would've been made
redundant last year.
- So you run the hotel under the
so you can build the new bar.
And what does the organ
grinder have to say? Huh?
- What my daughter has
forgot about hotel management
isn't worth knowing.
Do not underestimate your
You'll be fine.
- No redundancies before
- Don't force us to make
promises that we can't keep.
- What difference does it make?
- There'll be a requirement
for a smaller workforce
once the new bar is open.
- How long will that take?
- Three months.
- Three months?
Clean it yourself. I'm out.
- Listen ladies, you've been
paid to the end of the week.
If you don't complete your
there'll be no guarantee of
future monies
and possible legal action.
- Good luck suing me.
- You're so lucky.
- I'm not so lucky.
I mean, they know it was me.
No more cheap food.
- Cheap food? It was free food.
You'll still get my lunch.
- You know most stars start
off poor anyway, don't they?
You know, before they get all
the mansions
and swimming pools and stuff.
- Well, when you make it big,
you'll have to take me
shopping in Beverly Hills.
- Does that include the baby's
- Oh, good try.
- I could care less.
You know, this play's gonna be
I mean, how can we be lovers
if Corinna won't even
let me hold her hand?
- I don't know why you worrying,
sure half of Portrush
will come to watch it.
- It's not half of Portrush I
want there.
You know, I've wasted my time
sending out invites to agents.
- Are there no agents in
Portrush, Derry or Belfast?
- Nah, all London.
- What, Londonderry?
Catfish pictures such a crock.
You need to be yourself.
- Would you cast me as myself?
- Fair point. Find out
soon enough if any show up.
[cheerful music]
- Your mother's not home.
- How was your day?
- Aine, I want to talk to you
when your mother's not here.
- What is it? Do you want a cup
of tea?
- Put that phone down for
two minutes, will you?
- Sorry. What is it?
- Are you all right?
- Me? Yeah, I'm fine.
- How far gone are you?
- Have, have you gone mad?
I've no idea what you're talking
- Aine, how long do you
think it'll take your mother
to work it out?
- She doesn't know, does she?
- Not that she's told me.
- But you're not helping
Your mother was the same when
she was pregnant with you.
- Geez Nan, I've heard this
story a thousand times.
- [Agnes] Aye, times has
but a wee girl in trouble
- I, I have no idea what to do.
If you were well enough, we
could have gone to England.
- Surely you can't be
thinking of getting rid of it?
- I don't know. It would
be easier, wouldn't it?
Could at least travel
around the world still.
Like, that's my dream.
How can I do that with a baby on
my back?
- And where would running away
get you?
Right back where you started.
Did your mother mention that
Your father was only five
minutes in the ground
when she found out she'd fallen
for you.
- Why didn't she, you know?
- Ah, she come around herself.
- And granddad was all right
with that?
- When was your granddad
all right with anything
when he was alive?
No, I had your mother get
Father Reitel on side.
That soon shut him up.
- But Father Reitel is
mad as a pack of cats.
Could he have been more
boring on a Sunday.
- Ah, go easy on him.
Do you know he was posted to
long before he was a parish
but he took time out before he
to talk to your mother and
And that ended any chat of
terminations, I can tell you.
- God, I don't know.
In confession, he calls
me by my first name.
Not really as anonymous
as I could hope for.
Not been going since
I found out, you know?
- God love, we think
the world of you, Aine.
Nobody says it would be easy,
But a wee baby would bring
so much joy to your heart.
- What are you doing here?
- Well, you've eaten all the
- Well, just go get some more
- Well, they've blocked
the hole I was using
and you're supposed to be
bringing money into the house.
- What's with the
domestics? Get rid of him.
- Yous are the worst criminals
I mean, ripping off that
poker game is madness.
You're all gonna get caught and
- What would you know about it?
- Well, I've seen enough heist
to know that your plan is crap.
You'll never pull it off.
- Don't you worry about my
You just keep your mouth shut.
- Get lost, Leo.
- What's the crack, happy?
- Happy days.
- You serious?
He can't drive and cover
the room at the same time.
- Hold on a minute.
Don't make me laugh, you.
You're afraid of your own shadow
- Better than the gang that
couldn't shoot straight.
[upbeat music]
- Check her out.
I'd do a lying week on that.
- Well, I've heard she's
one of them Jujitsu.
She'd take us all in a fair
- Come on, before we're spotted.
- All right, come on, let's go.
I need to get your granny
settled before I go to choir.
What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
- It must be something.
You're normally away the
second your plate's cleared.
- I was thinking...
You know the play I'm doing at
- Look, I'll need to see
how your granny's feeling
before I can say if I'm going.
- Geez, I'm not worried about
you coming.
I've got like three lines.
So I was, I was thinking, you
know, like-
- Right. How much is this gonna
- No, it's-
- I'm trying to save for
- It's nothing like that.
It's just, see, Leo has the main
and needs help with his singing,
- He's not coming to choir,
- Ah, Mammy.
- I know that that wee boys'
have had their problems,
but I'm drawing a line here.
- He just wants to come and take
a look.
See, I'll, I'll go too.
- [Agnes] You should take her.
- I will deal with this, Mommy!
That wee boy is nothing but
I don't know what you're up to.
Right. Be ready. I'm
leaving in 10 minutes.
- I'll text Leo.
[soft music]
The Lord is my Shepherd
- What are we doing here?
- Ssh! We're waiting for Father
- Why does your mother
think I'm joining the choir?
- Well, I had to tell her
Just be quiet, okay?
Look, he's here, he's here.
- You're in good voice. Good
Something lacking tonight.
- I've been made redundant,
- Oh, I heard something about
It seems there's no good
news in this town anymore.
- Christmas is just around the
- Well, as you all know,
from the gospel of St. Luke,
Jesus was born in a humble
That's the real message of
- Yeah. Try telling that to a
The demands they have these
Sorry, Father.
- Well, the perils of modern
So, let's lift the roof off next
and show them we won't be
The Lord is my Shepherd
I knew your father.
Hope that's not you, Leo.
Especially as I hear you have
the lead in the school play.
- Pulcinella
- Hmm.
- Now I saw the ballet
version of that in Rome
in an audience which
included the Holy Father.
- Your father was there?
- No, not my father.
His holiness the Pope.
- Oh.
- Yeah. The Holy Father and I
share an interest in acting.
We did some amateur
dramatics in the seminary.
Of course, I, I once had the
honor of playing Othello.
- Wasn't Othello black?
Moor's were black.
- In Dublin, there was a lack
of black actors available.
So it was Hobson's choice.
Now I'm told you're
here to join the choir?
- Oh, just having a look. Aye.
- Well, whist you're here,
I don't seem to have seen you
with confession of recent.
When was the last time
you took the sacrament of
When was the last time
you took confession?
- Oh, well, probably about a
No, no, not not a year.
That's, that's extreme.
Probably about, I dunno, six
Six, six months or so ago.
- I see.
- Well, the church may
think that a year will do,
but if anyone gets caught
in the wrong places,
like oh, in a school kitchen,
he may have to attend more
I happen to have the time right
Oh, the sacrament awaits.
I can't get on with
those smartphones, Aine,
as if trying to communicate with
isn't hard enough.
Don't forget what we talked
- Oh, I won't. I tuned out
after I blessed myself.
[sinister music]
[sinister music continues]
- Wake up, Aine.
- [Margaret] Wake up, Aine.
- Mam!
- You all right?
- I'm fine. Sorry. Just
a, just a nightmare.
- Right. Come on, get
up. You're gonna be late.
[clears throat]
Don't start with any lies.
I worked out your password.
- Is there no privacy in this
- Why didn't you come to me?
- How could I?
- I'm your mother.
- So that gives you the right
to go through my private stuff?
- I had to find out what was
going on.
Were you seriously thinking
about killing yourself?
It's a mortal sin, you know?
- You have no idea
what's going on, do you?
I might be having a miscarriage.
- [Margaret] Typically
selfish. Just run away.
- Look, It's not my fault.
- [Agnes] Leave it, Margaret.
- You're in my bad books too.
You should have told me earlier.
- It wasn't my place.
And she's old enough to
make her own decision.
- She's still a child.
- Ha. Not anymore.
[light music]
- You didn't need to come out
and meet me.
- Well, I still wanted
to know from your mother
about this morning.
- That is if I still have a
- She'll come round.
- Aye, maybe next century.
- Baby's fine, unfortunately.
- I was gonna ask.
- Jeepers totally panicked
when I saw Julie Clarke
is still the receptionist there.
It's lucky there's a new doctor.
Didn't have to explain anything
to her.
- How hot is she?
- You've more chance with
- She's adopted. So, you know.
Maybe there's hope for
your baby after all.
- Seriously, Leo,
you didn't say yes to helping
your brother, did you?
- Well, I mean, they needed a
fourth man
and that card game is worth
And hey, I pay privately
for your abortion.
- Ugh. Fuck.
It's not about the money,
I still need mammy or a
guardian to come with me.
- I mean, your mother knows
about it now.
She might be okay with it.
- Okay with it?
She's gonna make my life a
until she finds out who the
father is.
- I mean, I should know first.
I mean, I've known the longest.
- Leo, I really can't say.
- You mean, won't.
I mean, your mother's probably
She probably thinks it's mine.
- First of all, ugh.
But second, you know,
it's, it's not a bad idea
if you just say you're the
- What? I can't do that.
- Come on, if she thinks it's
she'd definitely be up for a
- Thanks for that.
But no, I mean, I mean,
your mother petrifies me
and, and what if you
don't get the abortion,
I, I can't be stuck with a baby
at my age.
- Leo, I-
- Aine, I just, I, I can't.
I'm, I'm sorry. I, I can't do
- Leo.
[school bell ringing]
- So what do you think?
- Whilst I admire your
- You won't make her?
- I can't force her to kiss you,
You know, you're just gonna
have to work with the role
that you've been given on this.
- How bad of a kisser can I be?
I mean....
You know, I am not that bad of a
And the clown is meant to be
So how am I supposed to play
that if he doesn't get any?
- Corinna has spoken to me
about this at great length.
- What? So she got here first?
- You know what, Leo? It's a
great role.
Just roll with it and
smash it out the park.
- Mm.
- I'm watching you.
- Why don't you take a picture
then, it'll last longer.
- This is a recycling
bin. The label is on it.
- Environment. Environment.
One school bin's not
gonna make a difference.
- It's my job to make sure
the waste is separate.
You're the teacher. You should
be making a better example.
- Oh, that's rich.
- Yeah. I saw that one coming.
- You moved out of the flat
and back in with your mom.
- I'm still here.
- Not in spirit.
- You know what?
I was gonna take you out Friday
for a Chinese or something.
- Or something?
- Yeah. No big lectures.
- Oh, well that will make a
Aine, come on in, take a seat.
I'll think about it.
I've been worried.
You've not been at the
last two rehearsals,
and is your grandmother okay?
Strap, can you just leave that
till later?
- Cool. The cleaning schedule
will just take care of itself.
- Okay.
- I just wondering, Miss,
what's England like?
- England? It's, I
don't really understand.
- A friend of mine has
gotten herself into trouble
and needs to go there.
- An abortion?
Aine, we were just talking
about contraception.
I mean, we discussed this.
- When I got to the
family planning clinic,
there were just too many people
I knew.
So I just pretended I got the
wrong place.
Thank you.
- What happened to that
smart and sensible girl
that I was talking to months
You know, the one who
wanted to travel the world,
had her eye on the boy.
- Look where that got me.
- You don't need to explain.
I want you to feel like you
can come to me for support.
I'm never gonna judge you.
- My mum found out I, I can't
really go home or anything.
- Yeah, well, you'll be
I mean, most mum's bark
are worse than their bite.
- You clearly haven't met mine.
- Here's a crazy idea.
Why don't you just go
and talk to your mother?
You know, she might surprise
And if you don't, then, well,
I'll take you to the doctors.
I mean, you have to start there
if you're even thinking
about having a termination.
- [Aine] I wouldn't want anyone
to know.
- Oh, there's some new
private clinics here
in Northern Ireland
following the new laws.
Have you thought about telling
the father?
- I haven't spoken to
him since it happened.
He'll think I was trying to trap
- Yeah, well, what I've
heard about Portrush men,
ropes and chains couldn't tie
'em down.
- [Aine] I chased after him.
I knew he was gonna be there.
- Aine, you cannot blame
I mean, this is just one of
the many wonderful things
that happens when you're growing
and you're discovering all
things that happen in life.
- You got, you got pregnant?
- I had many wild nights at uni.
And some funny experiences
waking up.
Not a hundred percent knowing
whose floor I was lying on.
But no to being pregnant.
I can't...
I can't have children, so.
- Sorry.
Maybe you can take this one off
my hands.
I'll babysit for you.
[easy mood music]
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How long you been here?
- Ages. What about you?
- Too long. They moved
me from the teacups.
Do you wanna go for a drive in
my car?
- The King of Cool's car?
- I hate that nickname.
- The best job at the
funfair, the best car,
the best girlfriend.
- You didn't seem all that keen
when Corinna was all over me.
- That's just part of the
image thing she lusts after.
Are you still seeing her?
- Yeah, I was.
She's away on holiday with her
- Far, far away. All summer
[easy mood music continues]
[seagulls squawking]
- So you finally decided to come
I was about to report a
missing person to the police.
- Margaret, you promised.
- Fine.
- So how's your baby?
- Yep, still there.
- I'm sorry that I looked at
your tablet. I was worried.
Darling, you can't be thinking
about killing yourself.
Please tell me that Leo isn't
the father.
- No.
- Right. That's some good news
at least.
- Have you thought about what
we're talked about, Aine?
- She's too young to be
making those decisions.
She's got her entire life ahead
of her.
You wanted to go traveling,
didn't you?
Besides another mouth to feed
in this house, I don't know.
- Is that what stopped
you getting rid of me
when you had the chance?
- I only have one cleaning job
It is barely enough to keep
the clothes on your back.
- So come on. What changed
your mind to keep your baby?
- Talk to her.
Remember the joy you
felt when Aine was born?
- When I lost your father,
I didn't know if I would cope on
my own.
It was never you.
I have never regretted you.
- Ellie, my drama teacher,
says there are clinics
here in Northern Ireland
after the law changed.
Or if you're totally ashamed of
we could go to England for a
- Why do you think I'd be
ashamed of you?
Aine, the way things are here,
it probably is better to go to
then we will book an
appointment with the doctor
first thing.
They will tell us what's what.
- It's not totally
impossible to have a baby
and go to college.
Maybe even in my travel
plans when it's older.
- Is this pot of gold your
granny's leaving you bottomless?
- Margaret?
- I'm going out.
- She's so stubborn!
I wonder where she gets that
- Oh, it's a mystery.
- Don't you run out on us.
- Happy days.
[tense music]
- Wait, hang on. No one
said anything about guns.
Aye, what's the crack with guns?
- He can't do it. I know he
- Hey, I'm "Kool and the Gang."
- He'll be fine. Honestly.
He's got his shit together,
- And hey, hey, I know my way
around breaking and entering.
- Tins of beans won't cut it in
this game.
You need nerves of steel.
He knows the crack.
- Happy days.
- Aye, happy days. And if
you're caught, it's your ass.
- That's if I'm caught.
- Padraig vouched for you.
He said you're a great actor.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, I never
said he was a great actor.
I said he was an actor like.
- Well, your performance
better be Oscar worthy,
I kid you not,
or it won't be them you'll need
to worry
about getting a bullet from.
- Like he said, happy days.
[rock music]
- What the hell's he doing?
- Overacting as usual. Leo!
Pack that in.
[rock music continues]
- [Man] Poker night's on the
last Tuesday of every month.
Big money moving hands, all
cash. They're connected.
So they'd be more worried
about getting shot than robbed.
- Don't move! Don't
move! Hands in the air!
- Leo, you're up.
When I give you the nod
that the room's ours,
you start bagging the money.
- What about the girl?
- [Andy] What about
her? She's just a girl.
- Oh, you think.
- I've heard stories
about that girl, lads,
like, enforcer stories.
- She won't mess with guns.
Knives you'd take a
chance with, but not guns.
- Welcome to the game, boys.
- Padraig, keep your gun on 'em.
- Will I give him a hand?
- Happy, you won't even be in
You'll be outside keeping
the car running. Yeah?
- Happy, you keep that car
- [Happy] Happy days.
- What about Jerome?
- Well, you've come this far,
what are you gonna do about me?
- You wanna take me on a date,
- If they move, put a
bullet in the both of 'em.
- Can I have a proper gun?
- [Both] No.
- Guns, guns, guns!
What's up with the Irish?
Put a gun in their hands,
they think they're cowboys.
- You don't think I have the
- No, he knows you don't.
- What about the safe, Andy?
Are you going after that too?
- No, we're not greedy.
The safe takes time that we
don't have.
- What makes you think I'm
not gonna come after yous?
[gun firing]
[rock music]
- Beer, Happy?
- Happy days.
- And you better not mess this
up, Leo.
- Tea. Keep out the cold.
- Thank you.
- It's warmer inside. I'm
only working on my sermon.
- Aye, it's, it's okay.
- Return the cup.
- Good morning all of yous, once
I'm going to talk to you this
morning about missionary work.
Those of you who are old enough
will remember when I first
came to Derry some time ago,
I mentioned then that if
you were knew about...
No, not knew about.
Those of you familiar
with the gospel of Mark,
that they should go out as
missionary disciples and preach,
Apostles will look after you.
I'm getting nowhere with
that sermon. Need a break.
I'm always pleased to see
the regulars on a Sunday.
You don't seem to go for the
extra bits.
Choir. Messy church.
- I, I never understood messy
- I'm not a fan. But it
works for the children.
Getting 'em involved,
especially when it's
not all pomp and ritual.
The point I'm making
is that you've been hanging
around the church recently,
twice in a week.
Is there maybe something I can
help with?
- I'm fine, honestly.
- Modern life is difficult.
I, myself, am guilty of not
seeing the full picture.
You know, the Lord is
often accused of working
in mysterious ways,
but it's only 'cause
we can't see his plan.
Bear with me,
but the blessed mother of Jesus
has been visiting me recently.
Oh no, nothing like that. No,
no, in my dreams, of course.
No, she saves her personal
visits for school girls.
- Because like that
wouldn't be scary at all.
- Only it's funny,
the first time she turned up in
my dreams
was before I went into the
In fact, led me down that very
I was in a bad state.
You have to understand,
I just lost my wife and
child in a car collision.
Very similar to the one
that took your father.
And it's, well, it's
hard to explain in words,
but her visits gave me
comfort and a direction.
So here I am.
The only problem is that
now she's turning up again.
And I couldn't think of the
reason why,
that is until I saw you out
- You're not given to
coincidence, Father?
- Well, there's no harm
in a bit of guidance.
- Guidance then.
- Young people sometimes
to see through the historical
aspects of scripture
and equate the messages with
modern life.
I always recommend you start
with one of the gospels
and then try some Psalms.
An open mind may help you
find the messages you need
to draw strength.
- And if I don't?
- Then clearly I'm a silly
old fool with a penchant
for keeping company with
a 2,000 year old woman.
- You still got my tablet?
Have I any secrets left?
- Just the name of the father.
If your granny has her way,
this family's gonna need to step
Babies are expensive, you know?
You're gonna have to swallow
your pride
just like I'm having to!
[doorbell ringing]
I'm busy. What can I do for you?
- The mountain wouldn't
come to Mohamed. So...
She thinks we're wasting our
Expect, you know, almost
everybody in this town.
- Couldn't get anyone
to clean your toilets?
- Word spreads fast in a small
- Look, only if it's bad then
it's usually more interesting.
- As you can see, she's a people
She likes you.
Memories of my late
wife, all vim and vigor.
Luckily she doesn't take after
- No birth mother on the scene.
- No. When she was in her
rebellious teenage years,
I thought she'd go looking.
But my wife was ill.
Esme was relentless.
- But I do need to go on.
- We're done negotiating then?
I agree.
- That wasn't so hard.
See you first thing then.
[sinister music]
- Enjoy your ride.
- Do you wanna go faster?
- No. No. I'm pregnant.
- You can't ride if you're
- You can't ride if you're
- Stop! Stop! Please stop! I'm
I'm having my baby.
No, please. It's not time yet.
- Scream if you wanna go faster.
- Stop! Please stop!
I'm having my baby.
No! No, please! Please, it's not
time yet!
- Wake up, Aine.
- [Aine] Please stop.
- Wake up, Aine.
[sinister music continues]
- Aine.
You look worried.
It's only a dream.
- Oh God. Thank God for that.
You look a lot like the
caretaker from my school.
- It's your dream.
Don't mind them.
They're just curious
about how you're dressed.
This is good.
- I'm not hungry.
- Ah.
- I told you it was good.
- My nightmare seemed so real.
- Takes a moment to settle,
to find the right path.
- Oh, and ancient Middle
East is the right path?
Are you meant to be Jesus?
- What does your heart tell you,
Do you believe that Jesus
would visit you personally?
- Am I that special?
- You won't believe me,
but I have it on good authority
that Jesus is especially fond of
- Well, that's very clever
talking in the third person.
Keeps your options open.
- It's clever.
How's that working out for you?
- Not what you'd imagine.
- You're surrounded by love,
yet you feel so alone.
It's when you can't see past
the pain that's pushing you.
It's when you need him the most.
- It's my fault, wasn't it?
King of Cool was a boy
that I wanted, I coveted.
Jesus, I sound like my Nan.
[church bell ringing]
Corinna could have anyone she
She's one of those girls.
I knew he liked me.
I could feel it from how he
looked at me.
- You're a really good kisser.
- Shut up. Am I really?
- You've not done this before.
- Morning. Did you sleep all
- Aye, mostly.
Is this an apology?
- It's more killing you with
Where did you get this?
- Didn't you leave it for me?
Get a bit of God in my life.
- It's your father's
confirmation Bible.
He would've really liked
that you were reading it.
[school bell ringing]
- So like, like where have you
or have you just been avoiding
- Well, rehearsals which
have been complete shit,
I mean, Corinna still won't
even let me come near her.
But you know, I'm, I'm
definitely getting there.
You know, she likes guys with
I mean, I mean, you see the
car that King of Cool drives.
- Oh gee, please not, God, not
that again.
You're gonna get into trouble.
- Well, you know, bad guys have
no one to report crimes to.
The police? No way.
And anyway, you know that
Jerome Jackson runs it
and no one would dare mess with
- Except you. Jesus, just
promise you won't do it.
Okay, I'm, I'm serious now.
Hey, I got you something.
- Hey, you reworded my CV.
Oh good. Yep. Very good. Yeah.
Yep. Lots of big words there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like that.
Like that, like that. Yeah.
Oh, well that would impress
anyone even if I am a catfish.
- I want them to come
and see you at least.
I was thinking of targeting
three agencies per day.
I've actually already done some
- Seems like a lot for a school
of an unheard of ballet.
- They're not coming to see the
they're coming to see you.
Besides, you know, I want
my trip to Beverly Hills.
- So how's your mum?
- She's killing me with
kindness currently.
- She probably regrets
not locking you in a tower
to keep you away from boys.
- She's hoping I'll spill the
fathers name if we're friends.
- Maybe no reason not to, I
spill to your best friend?
- Maybe.
- Shit. Here we go.
- Hey?
- Hey.
- You need to come to
rehearsals this afternoon.
We have a scene that we
haven't practiced yet.
- Yeah, it's okay. I'll be
- Afterwards, you want to-
- I have some coursework. So,
- Oh.
- What's this?
- Ah, you know, invited every
top agent in the area to come
and see us in the play, you
No big deal or anything, you
- Who's the guy in the picture?
- That's me.
- Oh yeah.
- You know, I'm actually
free this afternoon
if you wanna practice any
kissing scenes or anything,
you know?
At least she's not threatening
to kill me anymore.
You know, I'm getting there.
You know, I'm, I'm wearing her
- Yeah, I, I can see that.
- Mm.
- Hm mm.
- That is amazing.
- Hm mm.
- Mummy's stew.
She doesn't make it often,
but I'm telling you, when
she does...[whistles]
- Jesus, Strap,
you are just loving being back
at your mum's, aren't you?
I never stood a chance.
- Hey, you say it like it's a
bad thing.
- Just one giant step back for
- Ah, come here, you could move
in too.
Get your washing and your
cooking done for you.
- Oh, and just wait for
your mum to go to bingo
before we can have sex.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Those walls are paper thin,
there'll be none of that.
- Wow, you're really not
selling this to me, are you?
- Fair enough but you're
still eating me mammy's stew.
- I'm a drama teacher living
in a colonial occupied world
where my kinsmen are viewed
and you are the only man
that has seen me naked
for the past three years.
- Well, I can live with default.
- Such an easy man to please.
- There's no reason for you
not to let me buy you a drink.
- Still a maybe.
Just you being seen out in
public with me,
I think your street cred
might be a bit damaged more than
- I have missed you, Ellie.
Look, I'll pay, you know,
it's the least I can do.
I owe you.
- Okay.
But you come up with some shoddy
about forgetting your
pin or losing your card
or being mugged before you
get there, then you know what?
I'm just gonna punch you in
the face like several times.
- All right.
- Aine, Corinna, perfect timing.
You're first up to rehearse.
And Leo, one fruitless
conversation a day for me,
Okay, let's go.
- Your husband to be is of good
yet you are not of the same
- If you like him so much,
you should marry him.
- Oh, but if it was my choice, I
But he does not love me as he
does you.
- You wear your heart so
easily on your sleeve.
- Is there another way?
- Truly. They have taken
away the man that I love.
- Oh, you have my pity.
But he was simply a humble
street performer and he was
- I envy your pity. Save
it for your marriage.
- The husband I cannot make love
me back.
- Did you tell your mother he
raped you?
- Is, is that in the, the
- Did you tell your mother he
raped you?
- Not rape? No. It just went too
I didn't want him to think
I was some silly girl with a
- He was my King of Cool.
That baby is rightfully mine!
- Sorry, I-
- Your love has now returned.
[tense music]
- Wake up, Aine.
- The baby is coming!
- Am I the father?
- It is a baby with no father.
- Oh, we need hot water and
clean rags to deliver this baby.
- Do I have a friend I can
- I, I'm sorry, I...
- Wake up, Aine.
- Better for my sanity if
you just brought me here
before all that freaky stuff.
- Is that how dreams work?
- Are we back to me
controlling my own dreams?
- How would you control them?
- Does this enigmatic
approach work with everything?
- Your words,
do they impress you as much
as you think they impress me?
Sometimes it's easier just to be
- What if I don't like me?
- Self-acceptance. You'll learn.
- Ah, you were really
quick with that answer,
like you practiced it.
Returns to my original question.
If you or, or Jesus or whatever
knew everything I'm gonna say,
then what is the point in saying
- Listening.
Like it's the first time
that it's being said,
so that he can see the
world through your eyes.
- Oh well, my world doesn't work
that way.
- No?
So how would you change it?
- You can't. People by
design like to be miserable.
At least they enjoy complaining
about it all the time.
- Life can be difficult.
People they, they struggle to
see that they're truly loved.
- Oh, how can they see that
they're loved?
Everything is horrible in
the world, it is in mine.
I suppose no point in mentioning
'cause you already know, but
my nan has terminal cancer.
She feel this love you talk
- From you, from your mother.
- Oh, it's too easy. I
practically gave you that
Of course I love her.
- How does that work out for
your nan?
- Oh, so, so now you're
how much time I spend with my
Nah, I won't let you make me
feel guilty.
- This is your dream, Aine.
All of this is here for you.
- Well, I turned out just like
my mother.
There's no reward in heaven for
- You know, it might surprise
but your nan prays for you
even before you were born.
She's so proud of how you've
turned out.
If you doubt it, watch her
as you walk into the room.
- Four mornings in a row.
- Hi, I'm wearing you down
I need you to come home
straight from school.
I'm gonna be out late. Your
granny's not feeling very well.
- Well, have you called the
- She's got a cold, but
she's not comfortable.
I'll just, I'll see how
she's feeling later.
- Mom.
- Your granny will outlive both
of us.
Trust me, you'll never
meet a more stubborn woman.
- Worse than me?
- Aye, it's a pretty
close call, let's say.
Right, come on you. You've
got a visitor downstairs.
- Who?
- Come and see.
- Oh, mammy.
- Hi, I hadn't seen your nan in
a while
so I thought I'd pop in
and we could walk to school
- You should go on, I'll be ages
- It's fine. I'm happy to wait.
[blowing raspberry]
- I'm fine.
- You don't look well at all,
I'm gonna call the doctor.
- Margaret, for the love of
would you not allow an
old woman a bit of peace?
There are good days and bad
- Alright. You won't be
saying that when you're dead.
- Well, when it happens,
it'll happen here.
- Do you think Corinna
knows who the father is?
- If she did,
I'd say there'd be murders
going on around here.
- The play's really coming
- Yeah, hopefully.
Leo's not overly pleased
he doesn't get to kiss you.
- He can carry on dreaming.
Look, I'm sorry. I don't know
why we stopped being so close.
I didn't want to be away all
summer. It was my parents.
- I heard about the divorce.
- It's been going on for years.
I was like finally we can move
on. Or maybe my mother can.
- How is she coping?
- How she always does.
- It was far worse over the
She wouldn't accept she needed
the help.
- I knew your mommy liked a
but I didn't realize it was that
- Always good at hiding it.
Of course, who am I to
feel sorry for myself?
Your nan trumps that.
- We're not in competition,
who's family has it worse.
- I slept with Matt before I
went away.
Look, I'm not a tart, I
It was being away all summer,
I wasn't sure if he
liked me enough to wait.
So I wasn't taking any chances.
Totally mis-sold about the whole
Wasn't the romance I was hoping
or the bells and whistles
I'd been told about.
Couldn't compete with you.
- Oh, come on.
Every girl was chasing
the guys in the teacups,
it was the best job to have.
- Didn't stop me being jealous
of you.
- Seriously?
- You can't have missed
the way he looked at you.
Didn't help meeting my
drunk mother afterwards.
He must have known I was a fake.
- You're not a fake, Corinna,
you're just a bit, you know,
full on.
- I've missed you.
- Yeah, me too.
- So lady, how was your summer?
- Aye, was boring.
So boring, you wouldn't believe,
you know, like super boring.
- Let's not be apart so long
next time.
- What are we like?
- The King of Cool.
- Need a lift, girls
- In these shoes? Hell, yeah.
- Yeah. I'll see you at school
- Get in. The way you twos
walk, you'll be late anyway.
- Come on, Aine.
- So how's the play going?
- Yeah, good. Aine is playing
- I didn't know you were an
actor too.
- Aye. Not really.
- [Matt] What's the role about?
- [Corinna] She plays my best
and chasing the man I'm
betrothed too.
- Art imitating life.
- Yeah. You'd be so lucky.
[car engine revving]
- Are you looking at me?
I am the only one here. You
looking at me?
[gun fires]
- Leo, where are you?
Grow up.
You mess this up and
I'll shoot you myself.
- Aine, have you seen Leo?
Everyone's looking for him.
- No, he just text
saying see you at school.
- Ah.
He just missed his second
costume fitting.
Sorry. How are things at home?
- Oh yeah. Mum's pushing
the being nice to me bit,
but my Nan won't let her force
me to have an termination.
So I, I still have no idea
like what I'm gonna do.
- Are you pregnant?
- No.
- Oh God.
- Sorry, I didn't realize.
The office are looking for you.
Something to do with your
nan. You've got to go.
- Go, go.
- Aine, your mam's still in
She won't come out.
- Thank you for being here,
Are you okay?
- She's never gonna forgive me.
- What are you talking about?
- She wanted to die at home,
but I panicked and I let her
I am so sorry, mommy.
- You did nothing wrong.
- She made me promise and I
broke it.
- [Ellie] I hope I'm not
disturbing you.
- No, please come on in.
- I brought Aine as soon as we
- It is nice to finally meet
- Me and your mum have spoken
on the phone a few times.
- What? I don't deserve
to know what's going on?
- That's my school? It's my
- I am your mother.
Aine, don't.
We only have each other now.
[emotional guitar music]
You are the rain that falls on
- So take them both,
Lord, now into your house
where they may live at peace.
Leaves are falling from the
You are...
You are my love
- [Aine] Do I get to see her
- What do you think?
- If you brought her here
then I could talk to her.
- It's not my dream, Aine.
- So how do I make that happen?
- Agnes was a good woman.
This climate wouldn't suit her.
- 'Cause these dreams are much
preferred to the nightmares
I was having about Corinna and
So there's that.
- You worry a lot about Leo.
- He's like the annoying
little brother I never wanted.
[audience clapping]
- Break a leg.
- Oh Poppy, do not tell me
that my broken heart will mend.
- This man, this clown you hold
so dear is merely a vagrant,
a man not worth your tears,
yet you would give up your
- What broken heart would
wish to be sealed thus.
This ridiculous notion of love
is like a great spear in my
from someone as enchanting as
- Your heart is foolish
and my mind cannot be persuaded
by a man
who speaks so much of love
but knows so little of such
- And what is a fool
in love without the bow
that enriches his life and
fills his heart with joy?
- Not even your lips will
dissuade my mind
nor the pounding of my bosom.
- My heart knows not the sound
of silence.
And I will try again and
again until I have your love.
- Another kiss will
not render me helpless.
Your heart does you a
disservice, sir,
for I'm betrothed to another
- And yet you cannot hide
your feelings for another?
Come, let our final kiss be your
- You are presumptuous, sir.
Oh, but wonderful kisses.
How they do make my bosom heave
for more.
- I follow my heart, dear lady.
And the rest falls into place.
Come, one more and I'll
be your undying slave.
- No good shall come from
the coveting of my kisses.
[audience laughing]
[audience clapping]
- That was amazing.
You finally-
- Don't!
Well, that was a surprise.
- No kidding. I'll just
go check she's okay.
- Okay.
- Angels in heaven above
cannot fathom how truly
smitten I am with thee.
[Audience laughing and clapping]
- Funny, I'm looking for Corinna
- No. Actually it was you I came
to see.
- Really? Ah, geez. Look,
this, this is not good time.
- I heard you were pregnant.
Why? Why didn't you tell me?
- How could I?
- So it's true.
- Yeah.
- How far gone?
- Well, like I haven't
been with anyone else.
- No, I wasn't trying to
Are you keeping it?
- I knew it.
- No, Leo, you didn't.
Aren't you needed on stage?
- Yeah, in like five minutes.
I mean, what, does, does Corinna
- Can you just give us a minute?
- Nevermind. We, we can
do this another time.
I just wanted to say
that I'm here for you.
- You slut! You slut! How could
- I mean he is the King of Cool.
- I'll deal with you later.
This isn't over.
Don't you ever speak to me
- Leo, where the hell have you
- School.
- Don't be a smart ass. Let's
- Leo, please, you don't have to
do this.
- She knows.
- Wait. Aine's "Kool and the
- You promised
- Leo, let's go.
- Honestly, I'll be fine and
I'll just text you later.
- What about the curtain call?
No, don't, Leo.
- Aine, where's Leo?
- His, his brother came for him.
- He's gone?
Aine, this is Mr. Fenton.
- Steven, please.
I thought you did very well
tonight, Aine.
- Oh, thanks.
- Steven is an agent.
- Well, I work for a top agent
in London.
I heard about your letter
introducing Leo.
I'll have a look for it
when I'm back in the office,
but I'm only here visiting.
Your play is interesting,
one of the better ones.
And Leo was outstanding.
He definitely has a future.
- Fates have aligned.
- Lucky Leo.
- Right, Happy, you keep this
car here.
I don't care if God himself
shows up,
you keep this car here till we
come out.
- [Happy] Happy days.
- Something's not right here,
Look, let's just go down
to the beach tonight.
There's a barbecue on. Free
- We're doing this. Don't pussy
- Gimme that you.
Come on. I'm ready.
- Let's go.
[tense music]
- [Andy] Don't move! Don't move!
- You're making a mistake, lads.
- Shut up! We're just here for
the money!
- Take my advice! Leave
while you still can.
[tense music continues]
- If you can keep your heads
while everybody's losing theirs.
- Come on, lads. No need for
Don't I know you?
- You don't know anyone.
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
Happy, you little bastard!
- Lads.
Of everything in the world
that you could have taken from
you almost took her.
- Come on, Jerome. You let
him go, he's just a kid.
You just deal with me.
[gun fires]
- Esme!
[somber music]
- He still hasn't read these
- Maybe something happened to
his phone.
Right. That's that appointment
- Jesus, mum.
- It's just a chat with the
I'm not the bad guy here.
- I know I am. You've
made that perfectly clear.
- I didn't say that.
You'll understand when you're
- How much older? A year or two.
How about five years or 10?
- You were under age.
It's against the law.
- [Police Officer] Excuse
me, I'll see you now.
- Do you wanna go for a drive in
my car?
- Why does Jesus allow
bad things to happen?
- This is not your fault.
- I understand, though.
My vanity brought me here.
- You need to forgive yourself,
- And if I don't want to?
- Wake up, Aine.
[emotional music]
- I'm not here to fight.
- Look, whatever this is, I
- [Corinna] They found their
bodies dumped on the roadside.
- They didn't deserve it.
And the agent actually
saw him in the play.
- Matt's been arrested.
- It's my mammy. Sorry.
- Don't be. Matt, the King of
Cool, was nothing of the sort.
- I don't blame him completely.
I did most of the chasing.
- They're saying rape.
- That's a police thing.
It just went further than I
- I can never trust a man again.
He's ruined my life.
- Grow up.
[emotional music]
What are we gonna tell people?
- [Margaret] It's nobody's
It'll be yesterday's news in no
- At least I finally
started traveling somewhere.
- Me and your granny, we tried
to surround you with love.
Broke my heart to see you so
- That's what he said.
- All these adventures you're
look's like I'll be going on
them too.
- This money won't take me that
- Oh, I miss her at Mass.
Especially watching me in the
choir. Proud as punch she was.
She used to tell me,
hearing me sing those old hymns
was like listening to
them for the first time.
- Let her see the world through
your eyes.
- That's right.
Actually, she was a
funny woman, your granny.
- I miss her too.
- Nobody says it would be easy,
But a wee baby would bring
so much joy to your heart.
- Where are you going?
- I, I need the loo.
- Aine, they're behind us.
She won't be long.
I won't be long. I'm
just gonna check on her.
[happy calming music]
[Burn so Bright by Amberlight
Like living in a photograph
The colors fade from
memories last around
All around
Like dancing in the amber
light the morning breaks
But feels like night around
All around
Driving in my car at night
And I feel all right
The window's wide
The road is open
I feel alive
Burn so bright, I
burn so bright for you
Burn so bright, I
burn so bright for you
No one ever told me the
next chapter of my story
If it's good or bad
Can I just keep going?
Will I end up ever knowing
if this dream will last?
You're all the love
I've ever need around me
You are everything my
heart requires around me
No one ever told me the
next chapter of my story
If it's good or bad
Can I just keep going?
Will I end up ever knowing
if this dream will last?
Burn so bright, I
burn so bright for you