An Uncommon Grace (2017) Movie Script

( Helicopter blades whirring )
One minute out for POI.
- LZ's hot.
- Roger that.
We're putting downa point of
injury, middle of a firefight.
It means we get in, get out.
How long did it taketo
get used to this, Grace?
Long time, Bobby. But
you're doing good.
Just stay close.
We got your back.
Pilot: Hang on back there.
It might get rocky.
( Sighs )
Levi, thank God.
- ( Sobbing )- I told them...
Hide in the barn.
In the barn.
Hold this, okay? Hold tight.
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
Woman: Okay, Grandma,
should we go overthis again?
I takethe Monday pillson Monday,
- the Tuesday pills on Tuesday...
You know what I mean.
It's importantthat you
know whateach of these do
so you don't haveanother
heart attack.
I just neededa little jumpstart,
- that's all.- Next you'll be telling
me you faked the whole thing
to get me to come
homefrom Afghanistan.
- You're onto me.- Mm-hmm.
Why don't you go inand help
your sisterwith her homework?
Oh, I already tried. She
doesn't need my help.
I can hear you.
Well, maybeshe just missed me.
Not really. No.
( Chuckles )She's growing up.
We need to give herher space.
( Hoofbeats approaching )
- Elizabeth!- Grandma?
- What is it?- It's
Levi from next door.
- Levi.- Elizabeth.
My mother has been shot.
- ( Gasps )-She's with child.
Please, she needs help.
- Uh, Grace?- Here, here.
Call 9-1-1.Keep
this door locked.
I can help.
Hurry, hurry. This way.
Up here.
No, no, no. He's gone.
Please. My mom!
I brought help.
Okay, I just need youto
step back for me, okay?
Just step back. It's okay.
It's okay.
Hi, ma'am. Hi.
Hi there. I'm a nurse, okay?
Okay, I'm gonna takegood
care of you and the baby.
I just need youto stay with me.
It's okay. It's all right.
I'm here. It's all right.
It's all right.
We're gonna take
good care of you.
Levi, the kinder...
Take them to my sister.
They will be safe there.
I will, and then I'll come
to bewith you and the babe.
Please, will I lose the babe?
Not on my watch, Mrs. Miller.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
Albert? Sarah?
- Albert?
- Is the bad man gone?
Yes, yes, he's gone. Come.
Are you hurt? Are you hurt?
Where's Dad and Mom?
Why did theynot come for us?
You're Grace,
Thank you.
This little pile of hayis
my brother Albert,
and this ismy little
sister Sarah.
It's nice to meet you.
( SpeakingPennsylvania German )
- Danke.
- Danke.
I told themthat you're the
onethat helped our mother.
They thank you.
You're... you're welcome.
Levi, can I give youa
ride to your aunt's?
I would be grateful.
Levi: Wait here, Albert.
- Levi?- Aunt Rose.
It's good to see you.
You have grown.
Claire's not with you?
A man came into our home.
He had a gun.
He killed Abraham.
And my sister?
Ma'am, I'm Grace. I'm a medic.
Claire's also been
shot, but she's alive.
She's been taken byambulance
to the hospital,
and they're focused
onsaving her and the baby.
- Henry.- Rose?
Is that Levi?
My sister has been shot.
- She was with
child.- Oh, my God.
I would take itas a kindness
if you would care formy
brother and sister
while I goto be with my mother.
Oh, of course.
It'll be goodto
get to know them.
Your familywill be
in our prayers.
Thank you.
You know, I don't...
I don't know that muchabout
your, uh, community,
but I... I know whatit's like to
lose someone, and I'm very sorry.
I will miss my stepfather.
Elizabeth told mehow your
sister cameto live with her...
The car accidentthat
took your parents.
It's good to have
familyat these times.
You know, I haven'treally been
back herethat much since.
I joined the Armyafter
high school.
They put me through college
and I was on active duty by 22.
Do you not like it here?
No, I... no, I...
It's beautiful here.
I just thinkl never
really felta connection.
I think your parentswould
have beenvery proud of you.
Thank you.
We're here to seeClaire Miller.
- Are you Levi?- I am.
Hi, I'm Dr. Allen. I
operated on your mother.
Her wounds were serious, but
you got her here quickly.
- I'm expecting a full
recovery.- And then the babe?
We had to doan
emergency C-section.
He's under observationin
the NICU upstairs.
My mother had a son?
Levi, I'm sorryfor your loss.
Thank you.
- Sheriff Newsome.-
Grace Connor.
Oh, Elizabeth'sgranddaughter.
- Yeah.-Nice to meet you.
- This is Deputy Small.- Ma'am.
- You're Grace?-
Yeah, that's right.
Claire askedto see you actually.
Uh, but I don'teven know her.
She was very specific...
the Englisher named Grace.
Go ahead. We need to ask
Levisome questions anyway.
This is all juststandard
procedure, Levi.
How're you feeling?
You are Elizabeth's Grace.
She speaks of you often.
My Abraham...
he is gone?
I'm so sorry.
It's gonna be okay.
Mrs. Miller, I'm very
sorry for your loss.
Abraham was a good man.
Thank you.
I know it's hard right now,
but I need to find
out who did this.
He was an Englisher.
He wore a mask and gloves.
Was he tall? Short?
I don't remember.
It happened fast.
Do you knowwhy he would come
afteryou and your husband?
He spoke aboutthe horse Abraham
sold at auction yesterday.
My husbandgave him
all the money,
but he thought we had more.
He was very angry.
He pointed the gun at me.
I ran away.
And Abraham jumped.
- He tried... Abraham
tried to protect you?
Why would a man do this?
Abraham would give
anythingto someone in need.
They don't need a gun.
We're gonna getto
the bottom of this.
Have you noticedanything unusual
happeningat the Miller's?
- Anybody hanging around?- No.
But I've only
beenback a few days.
I'm gonna swing byand talk to
yourgrandmother and Becky.
You know, Sheriff, Claire
said that that guy
knew about the
moneyfrom the auction.
I mean, he wouldonly
know about that
if he was fromaround
here, right?
Yeah, we've hada
couple robberies
in the Amishcommunity recently.
Well, the Amish, they
don't fight back,
which makesthem vulnerable.
We've never hadanything
like this.
Sheriff, I put the word
outabout Owen Peterson.
- Nobody's seen him.-
Owen Peterson?
He's a local boyconvicted
of drug charges.
He gotreleased from
prisona couple weeks ago.
Is he a suspect?
Right nowl just
wanna talk to him.
So I'm finished?
For now, Levi. Thank you.
Thanks, Sheriff. Thank you.
So, your mother'sresting comfortably.
She just fell asleep.
That's good.
I would like to
seemy brother now.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
First timein an elevator?
Of course not. Our
house has two.
Here he is.
You have five minutes, okay?
Then I need to take him back.
Thank you, doctor.
Levi, this is Daniel.
Hello, Daniel.
Our mothergave you a fine name.
You will growto be a good man.
Grace: Grandma, I didn't realize
that you were so close
to the Millers.
Well, as close asan
Englisher can be.
The doctor mentionedthat
they wereultraconservative
- even for Amish.
- Mm.
They can't even
marry other Amish.
They have to marry
within their own sect.
Wow, that's so strict.
I remember when
Leviwas a young boy
and I used to
sharebooks with him.
He absolutely loved.
"Harold andthe Purple Crayon."
That was allowed?
Well, I thinkthat Claire knew
he had a moreinquisitive mind
than most boys his age.
Abraham, though, he
didn't want Levi
to read anythingbut the Bible,
so he came over here one
dayand told me to stop.
Becky: I saw some other
members of their church
already at his house today.
They take great
careof each other,
and I'm surethey're over
therecooking and cleaning,
feeding the animals,
watching the children.
No, we took the kids overto
Claire's sister's house.
- Rose?- Mm-hmm.
And Claire knew about it?
It was her idea.
Claire hasn'tspoken to her
sisterin over ten years.
They used to be so close,
and then Rosemarried
outside the sect
and the family shunned her.
I couldn't imaginenever
talking to you again.
( Knocking on door )
What're you doing?
You scared me.
I just decided to
havesome dessert outside,
watch the moon come up.
Becky, I really wishthat you
wouldn't go outthis late at night,
not when there'sthat
crazy guyrunning around.
It's a scary situation.
Do you ever get scared?
Yeah, every day.
Hey, look,
what happenedto the Miller
familywas terrible,
and I knowthat you're worried,
but they're gonnacatch this guy
and they're gonnaput him away
so that he can't
hurtanyone else.
But in the meantime, will you just
promise methat you'll stay close
so that me and Grandmadon't
have to keep worrying?
Are you going back?
You know what? It's late.
I think we shouldtalk
about it...
I heard you guys talking.
I know it's timefor
you to reenlist.
They gave mea little extra time
becauseof Grandma's heart attack.
- So...- What're you gonna do?
Honey, they reallyneed
me over there.
And we need you here.
( Horse whinnying )
Elizabeth, you know the
Millersas well as anyone.
Had theytalked to you lately
about people making threats,
anything like that?
No, not at all.
But, you know, they're
not much for talking.
Well, Levi's alibi checked out.
He was at the
blacksmithwhen it happened.
You couldn't possiblythink
that Levi...
No, but we haveto
check everyone.
And speaking of which,
is Becky home yet?
We'd liketo speak to her
as wellif you don't mind.
She's still at school.
I'll have oneof my deputies
swing byin the next day or so.
Whatever we can
doto help, Sheriff.
Any luck tracking downthat
Owen Peterson guy?
No, but I wantedto
mention something.
It rained the night
before the murder,
and we foundsome
muddy footprints
which I believebelong
to our killer.
In the fieldbehind
your property.
We're constantlypatrolling
that area,
but keep your doors locked.
Did Becky say which friend
she was studying
withafter school?
She's doinga project with Lilly.
She said she'dbe
home for dinner.
All right.
Voicemail: Hi, it's Becky.
Leave a message.
- I'll get back to you.
- Hey, it's me.
Just wonderingif you're on
your wayhome for dinner.
Give me a call.
( Whimpering )
( gasps )
Hey, buddy. Are you lost?
Now I know whyBecky's been
sneakingfood out here, huh?
Whew. You scared me.
So, you've met.
Yeah, maybe we should
call the shelter and, uh,
see if anyone'slooking for him.
Already did. He's
officially homeless.
You missed dinner.
I left a couple of messages.
Yeah, I turned off my
phoneso I could study.
Look, Becky, this is exactly
whatl was talking about,
about stayingin close touch.
We didn't knowwhere you were.
I'm not a kid anymore, Grace.
I can take careof myself just
finewhen you're not around.
Okay, but this is different.
There's a dangerous
manrunning around,
and Grandmareally doesn't
needanything else
- to worry about.- I'm sorry.
I didn't meanto
make anybody worry.
( Horse whinnying )
Whoa. You have a dog now.
Uh, apparently. No
one's claimed him.
Ah. Animals knowwhen
they're wanted.
This one will be happyto
stay here for awhile.
( Iaughs )
How's your mother?
She and Danielcome home soon.
Ah, wonderful.
Well, I'll, uh... I'll
come by and say hello
if that's okay, when
they get settled.
I'd like that.
For my... for my mother.
I, uh, noticedthat
your medical bag
was falling apart.
This shouldhold your
thingsmore securely.
It has compartments within.
You made this, Levi?
From the woodof a maple tree.
- Abraham taught
me.- It's beautiful.
I... I don't knowwhat to say.
Thank you.
For all thatyou've
done for us...
this makes us even.
Even? I thought it was a gift.
No, that... that
wouldn't be proper
for me to give you a gift.
Right. Um, okay,
then we're even.
Okay then.
A sad day, Levi.
At least Abrahamis no longer
partof this sinful world.
But a man shouldlive long
enough toraise his children.
Abraham would'vewished to do so.
It is your dutyto be a father
to the little ones nowand
to help your mother.
A duty I willingly accept.
It would bea great comfort
toyour mother, Levi,
if you were to
select a good frau.
Most Amish men your agealready
have a wifeand children.
My daughter Zillah
knows what it takes
to run a
A sad day, Claire,
but Abraham is with God now.
Thank you, Zillah.
Levi, if thereis
anything I can do
to help bring comfortto
your family,
I hope thatyou'll call on me.
We have been blessedby
many from the church
who have given their help.
And knowing yousince
we were children
has been a blessing for me.
I must see to my mother.
Oh, please, let me.
- God's will.- God's will.
Hello, Levi.
Hi, Claire.
Grandma sent
thisfrom the family.
She said she wishesshe
could be here herself,
but she wanted me to tell
youhow sorry we are.
Thank you, Grace.
- ( Baby fussing )- Ooh.
He's not feeling well.
Really? Oh.What does
the doctor say?
I have not spokento the doctor.
Would you come tomorrow
to see what is
wrongwith my Daniel?
Absolutely. First
thing in the morning.
It's time for us to begin.
There will beno English
spokenhere today.
My mother and Ithank
you for coming.
Sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Grandma, what're you doing?
You're supposed to
betaking it easy.
Well, this is my ideaof
physical therapy, honey.
It does my heart goodto
cook for you girls.
- Where's Becky?-
Uh, she's out back
putting some boxes in her
carfor a school project.
Hmm. She's reallybuckling
down this year.
- I'm impressed.-Yeah.
She's volunteeringmore
than ever at the church
with the, uh, prison ministry.
Prison ministry?
They write lettersto the
inmatesto cheer 'em up.
Oh, nice. She's just got
somecriminals as pen pals?
Don't worry. I spoke
to Pastor Bruce.
It's kinda like
community service.
Oh, breakfast bacon,
the most important
baconof the day.
- Ooh.- I am gonna pretend
I didn't see that.
Hey, Dusty likes bacon, too.
- Dusty?- Uh, yeah,
like what they call youwhen
you're in Afghanistan...
Dust off flight medic.
He'll be likea reminder for
us whenyou have to go back.
- I like it.- Dusty.
It's perfect.
( Baby crying )
We tried tinctureof
fennel seed for colic,
but it didn't help.
Yeah, I'm not so
surethis is colic.
Claire, after you feed
Daniel, how do you hold him?
The same as all my babes.
I want to try something.
Come here. Hi, sweetie.
I know. I know. I know.
Shh. Shh. Shh.Shh. Shh. Shh.
Did either of youget
any sleep last night?
( Iaughs )
Not much.
Why don't yougo get some rest?
I'll keep an eye on him.
Shh. Shh. I know.
See, this is whatl
love about babies.
The little guys only
cryfor a reason.
Find the reason,
you stop crying.
Wish the rest of the
worldmade that much sense.
He's sleeping?
I think I know what's going on.
And if I'm right, everybody around
herewill be sleeping better.
We need to workon your
brother'ssocial skills.
I stand corrected.
The women of our churchkeep
us very well-fed.
I prefer the ones withthe
little chocolate pieces.
Thank you.
So it must be nice
havingyour aunt around here
- after so long?- Yes.
She's sweet.
Oh, it worksvery well, Levi.
I'm gonna be the envyof all the
other medicswhen I go back.
So you're goingback to the war?
Yeah, I think so.
You know, they really
need me over there.
But, hey, I'm happyto have
made a friendwhile I was back.
We are not friends, Grace.
We can't be friends.
( Clears throat )
- Bishop Weaver. Good
morning.-What are you doing here?
We will carefor this child.
You are not needed.
I think that'sfor
Claire to decide.
He's sleeping.
Bishop Weaver.
Rose Fisher? You must go.
Our people will tendto
Claire and this family.
She is Swartzentruber.
You are not.
I am aware of whoand what I am.
I will seeAbraham's wife now.
My mother is sleeping.
This is the first
restshe's had in days.
Levi, Abraham hasbeen
gone ten days now.
You will tell your aunt
and this English womanto leave.
Rose has been a great
helpin our time of need,
and Grace savedmy mother's life.
Tomorrow, I will sendmy daughter to
live hereuntil your mother heals.
She knows what it takes to
runa Swartzentruber household.
I will make lunchwhile
I still can.
Thank you, Rose.
I know he's your bishop,
but I don't like that guy.
It's hard to be sure,
but I'd say he doesn'tcare
much for you, either.
Grace: Do you remember
what was there?
Gosh, it's been so
long, I don't...
Huh. Well, is
anythingelse missing?
Do you thinkthis has anything
to dowith the robberies
that the sheriffwas
telling you about?
Didn't Grandpakeep a collectionof
fishing lures there?
He always said those lureswould
fetch a pretty penny.
That's so strange.
( Gasps )I remember
what was there.
- What?- It was an antique
mirror from my dresser.
It had those sweet little
drawers underneath.
You remember, it wasin
the house forever.
- Mm.- Grace, what is going on?
Why would somebody wantto
take those things?
You know, I shouldcall
the sheriff.
All right. Thank you, Sheriff.
I will.
Well, they said thatthey'll send
someone overa little bit later.
- Thanks.- Yeah.
So I have to head into town
to get a few thingsfor Claire.
You want to join me?
Do you thinkl'm afraid to stay
alonein my own home, Grace?
No, of course not. I just thought
you mightlike a change of scenery.
You are not fooling anybody.
But you just happento
be right, too.
I am getting a
bitof cabin fever.
Rose: I must go before I bring
more trouble to your family.
This is not my wish, Rose.
Nor mine, but your
kinder miss you.
They will be happyto come home.
We will be very
sadto see you go.
You've been a great help.
I will walk into
townto call my Henry.
He'll come tomorrow.
I'm sorry we have no phone.
We have learned latelyit
can be a blessing in need.
- God's will.- God's will.
I think I know whyClaire's
baby's struggling.
Is that whywe're going to town?
Well, that, plus
your cabin fever.
- So, how's Levi?- I
don't understand.
You and Claire can be friends,
but Levi and I can't.
He said that?
"We are not friends, Grace.
We cannot be friends."
Well, that was noordinary
basket he gave you.
- Wait! Turn!- What is it?
Elizabeth: That's Becky's car.
Just wait here.
I'll handle this.
Hey, there.
- Hey.- Hey.
Something wrong, Deputy Small?
No, no. Just talkingwith
Becky here.
Oh, okay, well, you mind telling
mewhy you pulled her over?
Well, the sheriffasked
me to talk to her
about what had happened overat your
neighbors' placethe other night.
Okay, so you're just chatting
with her out herein the
middle of the street,
embarrassing herin front
of half the town?
It's all right.
I already told himl
didn't see anything.
Okay, she said she
didn'tsee anything.
Do you haveany more questions?
No. No, ma'am. We're all good.
You folks take care now.
You, too.
Hey, you okay?
I told you, I'm fine.
What did he ask you?
- I gotta go.- ( engine starts )
It's called
infantgastroesophageal reflux.
It's actually commonin preemies.
And what doesthis
long word mean?
( Chuckles )
Just think of itas
baby heartburn.
See, Daniel's littlethroat
muscles aren'tdeveloped enough
to keep the stomach acid down.
That's why it's very importantthat
after you feed him,
you hold him upright forat
least 30 minutes, okay?
What about at nightwhen
he needs to sleep?
Oh, that's what this is for.
It's calledan infant
sleeping wedge.
It'll let Daniel
liesafely at an angle
so that the stomach acidsdon't
come up the wrong way.
You know all this, but you
have no childrenof your own.
No, but four yearsof
nursing school,
six years in the field,
the Army made surel
was well-trained.
Remember, 30 minutes.
Elizabeth: Do you think this
might have anything to do
with whoeverattacked
the Millers?
Have you found that
Peterson boy yet?
Let's not get aheadof
ourselves, Elizabeth.
Try to make me a listof
everything that's missing
and I'll get right on it.
Sheriff, I don't even
knowwhat all is out here.
How am I gonna make a list?
Just do your bestas
soon as you can.
- All right.- Appreciate it.
Oh, by the way, Deputy Small
told mewhat happened in town.
You're right, it was
neither the time
nor the placeto speak
to your sister.
- It won't happen
again.- Thank you.
Oh, I'm so sorry about today.
I think I was just worried.
I'm sorry, too.
Um, what didthe sheriff say
about the stuffthat's missing?
Well, they're gonnalook
into it, so...
( phone rings )
Is something wrong?
I just need totake
care of something.
You want some help?
It's just school stuff.
Okay. Becky, wait.
Look, I don't know what happened
with the deputy today,
whatever it was.
You know that youcan
trust me, right,
no matter how long I'm gone?
And you go and dowhatever
you need to do,
but wheneveryou're ready to
talk, honey, I'm here, okay?
( Sighs )
- Aunt Rose!- Levi.
Levi, hello!
Come, sit down.
Your lunch is ready.
I hope that you're hungry.
Thank you, Zillah.
How long will your parentsbe able
to do without youat home, Zillah?
Oh, my father told meto
stay for as long as I want.
Rose, my father told methat
there's no reasonfor you to stay.
He says that you mustgo back to
your own familyand your own church.
I return tomy family tomorrow.
My father says becauseyou
are not Swartzentruber,
we should not be
eating with you.
It was not a decisionmade
easily, Zillah.
Uh, yes, but my
fatherhas said that...
Perhaps you should notspeak so freely
on mattersyou do not understand.
Let us pray.
Hey, there. Is Claire around?
She is busywith the babe.
Yeah, that's why I came by.
I just wanted to seehow
the little guywas doing.
The babe is good.
I'm sorry, I don't thinkwe
got to properly meet.
You were at the funeral, right?
You're the bishop's daughter?
Yes, I am Zillah Weaver.
- I'm Grace.- Nice to meet you.
Your basket... where
did you get it?
Levi made it for me.
Isn't it nice?
I will carefor this family now.
You are not needed here.
( Door slams )
So this is whereyou
come to hide.
No, I was...
Is something wrong?
Everyone is asleep.
I wanted toshow you something.
Show me what?
Well, when my father told
mel'd be living here,
my mother and I spent all day
sewing this beautifulnew
- Zillah.- It's pink. Look.
Zillah, please.
Do you not want to see?
You should go.
I have waitedso long for you.
I wish for usto be
husband and wife.
My father saysthat we can
be marriedright away.
You should notsay such things.
Why not?
I do not love you, Zillah.
But, Levi, I could
haveanyone in our church.
Any man would bevery
happy to be with me.
Then you shouldchoose another.
It's that Englisher.
You have feelings
for her, don't you?
There's nothing between us.
- Yes, you do.- No, please.
Please go.
What is this?
Such things arenot
allowed, Levi!
- They are only books.-
They are of the world!
Yes, they are, and I read them
because they fill
mewith such ideas.
There are so
manydifferent places,
so many differentkinds
of people,
more than you couldever imagine.
Zillah, it would
takeyour breath away.
My father will
wantto know of this.
Do what you think is right.
Now, please go.
I thought the barnwas on fire.
I almost calledthe
fire department.
What are you doing?
You are an Englisher.
- You would not
understand.- You know what?
You say that a lot, like
it explains something.
A long time ago,
people used to look
upat the night sky.
They would see shapesof strange
creaturesand great men,
and they thoughtthey
lived up there.
What do you think, Grace?
Is that possible?
I think they were myths.
Because we know better now.
In my church, we
count our blessings.
Shouldn't knowledgebe
a blessing, too?
Yeah. Is that what... is
that what you believe?
I startedto read with
Elizabethafter my father died
and my mother remarried.
She opened my eyesto
a whole new world.
But for Abraham...
there could beno other world.
He was a good man...
Very strict.
And then Elizabethgave
me my first book.
I ran hometo show my mother.
When Abraham saw
it, he burned it.
He burned it?
- That's terrible.-
He was protecting me.
- You love these books,
Levi.- We have rules, Grace.
If I don't accept them,
I will bebanned by the church.
I will be shunned.
Levi, let me keepthe
books for you.
Give them to someonethat
will love them.
- There they are!- Nana! Levi!
It will be goodfor your kinder
to be home againwhere
they belong.
Claire: And for you
to return to yours.
( Albert laughs )
Rose: Henry tells
me that the cousins
played and worked well together.
- This is good.- Mm-hmm.
Who knowswhen they will
seeeach other again?
It's okay.
( No audible dialogue )
Zillah, what is this?
I want to go home, too.
We can drop youon our way.
I cannot go with you.
Levi, will you drive me?
Your motheris feeling better?
Much better. Thank you.
Her sister is gone, hmm?
And the Englisher?
You must seeto
your family, Levi,
and not look to outsiders.
Perhaps he does nothave enough
timeto take care of his family
because he's too
busyreading his books.
Is this true?
I have no booksexcept the Bible.
I have seen them, Father.
He has them ina secret
roomin the barn,
books and all sorts of things.
Levi, tell me the truth.
Did my daughtersee these things?
Yes, but I got rid of
themafter Zillah reminded me
how wrong it wasto
own such books.
You should knowright from wrong
without the helpof
my daughter, Levi.
I am very sorry, Bishop.
You have confessed your sin
and rid yourselfof
the evil things.
We will speak of it no more.
Thank you, Bishop.
Come along, Zillah. Your mother
will be gladof your help.
Was ist das?
A telephone?
- Is this yours?- Yes.
What are you doingwith this
forbiddeninstrument on your person?
In case of an emergencylike the
day my stepfatherwas killed.
Do you have so little faith
you think Godis not able to
take careof such emergencies?
I prayed to Godthat day, Bishop.
I prayed for my mother.
All I know is thatwithout
Grace Conner,
I would have lost my
motherand baby brother, too.
No. No, this is too much.
You must repent!
I will expectyour confession
beforethe congregation on Sunday,
and you will destroythis
thing immediately.
( Cow lowing )
Excuse me? How did
you getover here?
All right, you know what?
We will feed a stray dog,
but you gotta go back.
- Sorry. Nothing
personal.- ( lows )
That's a good girl.
You're doing very good.
Why do you have Jacob?
- Sarah named her.- A-ha.
Well, Miss Jacob herewas
in my front yard.
I don't know, there must be a
breakin the fence somewhere.
( Rainfall )
Let's get herinto the barn.
Come on.
- You take good care of her.-
She is God's creature.
I hope she wasn'ttoo
much trouble.
You know, until
this man is caught,
you shouldn't be out alone.
Eh, I had a homesick
cowin my yard.
Since you don't havea telephone,
I didn'thave much of a choice.
( Thunder )
Sorry. It was just the...
the thunder.
It's, uh... whew.
- Is this from the war?- Yeah.
You know, mostly I'm fine.
Sometimes somethinglike
that happens
or I'll have a
nightmareor something.
And you stillwant to go back?
I know you don't understand.
I miss my family, but I miss
my teamover there, too.
They really need me.
And you?
What do you need?
I save lives over there.
It turns outyou save
lives here, too.
We probably shouldn'tbe
like this, right?
Those are my words to say.
I guess.
( Gunshot )
That was a gunshot. Was
that from the house?
Levi: Mom!
What happened? Are
you all right?
We are not hurt, but only
by the grace of God.
Although there's nowa hole
in the kitchen floor.
- What?- Tell them, Albert.
I found it today.
Where did you find it, Albert?
I was climbingthe apple
tree bythe back fence.
I looked downand saw
it in the weeds.
- Did you think it
was a toy?- No.
Then why did you bringthis
thing that killsinto our home?
I wanted it in casethe
bad man came back.
It's okay. It's okay.
Okay, so you staywith the gun.
I'm gonna go homeand
call the sheriff.
I don't like youwalking
alone in the storm.
I'm not leaving that
gunwithout adult supervision,
and we can't askyour
mom to oversee it,
so unlessyou're hiding a phone
somewhere in here, I gotta go.
Did the boysee anybody else
aroundwhen he found it?
He said it wasjust lying there.
It's a .38,same
caliber as the gun
that was used to
kill Abraham Miller.
Three rounds have been fired.
Counting the onethat went off
in the kitchen tonight,
that'd be right.
Can you check itfor prints?
We'll run a ballistics check,
but this gun has been
downin a wet field
and now all these people
have put their hands on it.
Deputy Small will drive thisover
to Lexington to the lab
and we'll haveour
boys check it out.
Thank you.
And, Grace, how aboutl
give you a ride home?
That'd be great, thanks.
Grace: Thank you for
the ride, Sheriff.
Oh, I wantedto show you
somethingbefore you go, Grace.
Look familiar?
- Uh, no.- Owen Peterson,
that local boyl was
telling you about.
He just got out of prisonand
now he's vanished.
So you stillthink he did it?
I don't know for sure,
but if he wasn'tmixed
up in something,
I think he would've
turned up by now.
Well, obviously, his
prints are in the system.
- If you get a match on
the gun, then... Exactly.
Meantime, you see
anybodywith this mug,
- you let me know.- Will do.
Hey, here, let me
get that for you.
Oh, hey. Oh, thank you.
- There you go.- ( chuckles )
That's good, thanks.
- Looks like the sun finally
decided to come out.- Yeah.
Something tells meyou
weren't just here
to help me with my groceriesand
chat about meteorology.
You got me.
You actuallysaved me a trip.
The sheriffasked me to
come downand let you know
ballistics matchedon the
gun found bythe Amish boy.
So it's the murder weapon.
They also pulleda partial print
off one of the
bulletsin the chamber.
Did the sheriffmention
anything to you
about this fellaOwen Peterson?
Did you find him?
No, but he's around.
How do you know?
Turns out he's
beenwriting letters
to a bunch of folksdown
at the church,
some kind of program for...
Yeah, the prison ministry.
- Yeah, that's the
one.- Yeah, I know it.
Yeah, Peterson's
beenwriting these letters,
talking abouthow he can't
waitto have a fresh start.
This fella Peterson,
if he is the killer,
good chance he's
gonnastick around here
and try to getas much money
togetherbefore he skips town.
Do you think thathe's the one
that stolemy grandma's things?
Hard to say. Yeah, hard to say.
I'm cold.
Keep her warm, Albert.
We'll be home soon.
There's the Conner's driveway.
You see? Almost there.
( Tires screeching )
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Take the reins, Albert.
Wait here.
I thought I heardyou
moving around.
How you feeling, honey?
Mm. I'm okay, Grandma.
Grace, you gave usquite
a scare last night.
Yeah, well, nothing's broken.
Just a few bumps and bruises.
I'll be okay.
It was Levi's buggy, wasn't it?
He was takingSarah
and Albert home.
He had the children with him?
It's okay. Nobody was
hurt, thanks to you.
Oh, my...
I... I couldn't even see him.
Why doesn't hehave
any reflectors?
Swartzentrubersdon't use them.
Believe it or not, they
consider themtoo decorative.
Decor... that
iscompletely ridiculous.
Well, you cantell him yourself.
Yeah, well, I will,
next time I see him.
He's here.
He has been all night.
- Hey.- Grace.
You are well.
- Yeah.- That is good.
I will get the horses
and I will pull your
carout of the ditch,
and then I will fix the fence.
That way the cows, they won't
bother youanymore and...
How are Albert and Sarah?
They were frightened.
I'm sure. I'm so sorry.
- It's not your fault.-
Levi, I don't understand.
Why don't you havereflectors
on that thing?
You don't want to drive a
caror have electricity, fine.
But reflectors?
You're puttingthose
children in danger,
and I know how
muchyou love them.
'Tis not my placeto
question this.
I saw the carcoming last night.
It was coming so fast.
I knew that youcouldn't
stop in time.
All that I could
thinkabout wasdie kinder.
I'm questioning many things.
What is to becomeof us, Grace?
- What do you mean?- I...
I care for you so much.
But it would meanl
leave the church.
No, Levi. I would
neverlet you do that.
I would never let youchoose
me over your family.
But you care for me.
Now that we know this...
No, now that we know this,
you need to go home, Levi,
and I need to re-enlistand
go back to Afghanistan.
Good morning, Bishop.
Good morning, Bishop.
I need to speakwith you, Levi.
You and Zillah are to be
wedin two week's time.
We makethe announcement
on Sunday.
No, Bishop, I...
I do not want tomarry
your daughter.
You should have
thoughtof that before.
Before what?
She has alreadytold
me what happened.
The two of you bundledone
night she was here.
Bundled? That's not true.
Tell him the truth.
Oh, Levi, pleasedon't
abandon me now.
Not after all the thingsthat
you said that night.
Bishop, your daughteris
not telling the truth.
I know for a fact she
speaks the truth.
You told me yourself.
You said your ridyourself
of those books
after she came toyour
room in the barn.
You cannot deny it.
She came to my roomin
the barn, yes.
She wanted to, yes.
But I never...
I will now allowmy
daughter to be disgraced.
I have had my eye on youfor
some time, Levi Troyer.
I have seenhow restless you are.
Do you think the churchwill take
your wordover my daughter's?
I do not know whatthe
church will believe,
but I know the truth,
and the truth isl
did not do this!
You must pray, Levi,
pray that God willreconcile you
to beinga faithful husband
to the innocent girlagainst
whom you have sinned.
I will pray, Bishop.
I will pray that Zillahwill come
forwardand make this right.
You will confess your sin,
or you will be
putunder theMeidung.
You will be shunned.
I will not confessto a
sin I did not commit.
Two weeks, Levi! Two weeks!
And you will confess! And
you will be married!
I can't tell youhow glad I am
to come to townand not
have to see a doctor.
Just don't overdo it.
Well, I could saythe
same about you.
Oh, I'm fine.
I just got a lot on my mind.
Are those
yourgrandfather's lures?
Come here fora second, Grandma.
- Hey, there.- Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm wonderingabout those
fishing luresin the window.
- They look pretty old.-
They're antiques.
The young womanwho
brought them in
said they belongedto
her grandfather.
She seemed quite upset,
but she said she needed
the money, so...
Would you like to see them?
Actually, do you haveany
antique mirrorsabout so big?
It's funny you should
askabout a mirror.
That same young womanbrought
one injust a few days later.
I think you're gonna like it.
Something like that?
Voicemail: Hi, it's Becky.
Leave a message.
I'll get back to you. Thanks.
Becky, it's me. Where are you?
I know you're
gettingthese messages.
Call me back right away.
I did not do these thingsthat
Zillah accuses me of.
Please believe me.
I do believe you,
but theMeidung...
If you are putunder the ban,
the rest of ushave no choice
but to observethe
bishop's decision.
I know.
- Even you.- How can
I abandon my own?
But how can I ignoretheMeidung?
If I am shunned, I
will not be allowed
to take the childrento church.
My friendswill not speak to me,
they will not buy our crops
or the basketswe take to market.
How can I feedyour
brother and sister
without the money we make?
We must have faiththat
the truth will come out.
And if it does not?
Then you mustobey theMeidung.
You must shun me.
Grace: Yeah, hi. Deputy
Small, this is Grace Conner.
I'm looking for the sheriff.
Okay, well do youhave any
ideawhen he'll be back?
Can you just tell himthat I think
he was rightabout Owen Peterson
and that I reallyneed him to come
out hereas soon as possible?
- Thank you so much.
- All right.
What is it thatyou're
not telling me?
Do you rememberthose letters
that Becky was
writingthrough the ministry?
Well, they were going toan
inmate named Owen Peterson.
Pretty soon they werewriting back
an forthdirectly to one another,
and this is actuallyfrom him.
Listen to this.
"I just found out thatthey're
releasing me early."
When I get out, we'll
finallymeet face-to-face.
"I can't wait to see
you, sweet Becky."
And apparentlyPeterson
was released
just beforethe Millers
were attacked,
and the sheriff thinks
that he was inthe
area at the time.
And then on top of that,
Deputy Small told me
that they foundPeterson's
on one ofthe bullets in the gun
that was usedto kill Abraham.
Even if Beckywas helping him,
after she heard thathe'd
shot Abraham and Claire...
You'd think she'd tell us,
unless he threatened her.
Do you think he got herto
sell the luresand the mirror?
I don't know, but I
just want her home
so that we can help
herout of this mess.
This is my fault.
I should've been here.
She needed me.
Oh, no, Grace. Please, no.
Grandma, I want you to
goover to the Miller's
and stay with Levi and Claire
until I get all
this settled here.
No. I'm not leavingyou
here alone.
Hey, that's an order.
( Sighs )
Becky! Becky, are you home?
- Becky?- Grace.
Okay, Becky, you need to
come hereright now, quickly.
Grace, no. I'm helping Owenget
out of here right now.
Owen is not whoyou think he is.
He has doneterrible things.
I swearl didn't do anything.
- Don't... Owen didn't
attack the Millers.
Honey, his fingerprintswere
on the bullet, okay?
I talked to Deputy Small. The sheriff
is on his wayhere right now.
- You told Deputy
Small?-Of course I did.
He's dirty, Grace.
He's a drug dealerand
a blackmailer.
Owen was working for
himwhen he got arrested.
You dealt drugs for Small?
I did.
I was an addict, but Becky's
lettershelped me change.
I'm all done with that.
She helped meon the inside,
and now she'sstill helping me.
But your fingerprintswere
on the bullet.
Small is lying.
He was waiting for
Owenwhen he got out,
told him that he hadto
keep working for him,
said that Owenowed him $10,000.
Owen didn't havethat kind of
money, so I had to help him.
Is that why you wereselling
Grandma's things?
I'm sorry, Grace. I had to.
Small said thatif he didn't get his
money, he was gonna hurt Grandma.
After what happenedat the
Miller's, I knew that he would.
Small: And you were right.
To be honest, it was
never my intention.
I didn't expectthe old
Amish manto jump me.
But since you made itso clear
that Owen hereis done selling,
there's nothingthat
would make me happier
than to pin a murderor
three on him.
Leave us alone. We
already paid you.
I'm afraid moneyis no
longerthe issue here, kiddo,
not since your sisterdecided
to get inthe middle of it.
Now it's nothing personal,
just not a big fanof witnesses.
You can't killall three of us.
It would be
impossibleto explain.
Oh, is it? How about this?
I got your call, so I
drove out to investigate.
I heard shots, and I
came in and found
that Owen had shotyou
two ladies with this.
Look familiar, Owen?
No? It should.
It's registeredin your name.
Then he pointed his gun at me
and I shot himwith
my service pistol.
How's that sound?
Sounds likel chose a good
timeto come for a visit.
- Whoa.- Levi!
Don't move! Don't move.
Trust me, I knowhow
to use this thing.
Roll over. Roll over!
You guys all right?
It's over, okay?
You're gonna need a
slingfor that shoulder.
I'll be okay.
I, uh, have totake Becky
downtownto make a statement.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking I'm nota
very good Swartzentruber,
but I've known thisfor
some time now.
Levi, you are a good man.
Ah, but I have rebelledagainst
many of our rules.
When the manwho killed
Abrahamwas threatening me,
my heart was notfull
of forgiveness.
I understand nowwhy Abraham fought
to savethe life of my mother.
Even though this is not our way,
I must fight to protectthe
lives of my family.
And I've got feelingsfor
an Englisher.
I... I do lovethe
people of my church,
but I can no longerfollow
their rules.
So you're leavingthe church?
Mmm. I am.
And your family?
I don't know.
I don't know.
- Here you go.- Thank you.
Becky and I had a
longtalk this afternoon.
- Good.- About you.
- Oh.- We wanna tell
you how we feel.
Elizabeth: When you
joined the Army,
your parents didn'ttry
to stop you,
and neither did I.
I think we allkind of understood
that you were
lookingfor something,
something thatyou didn't
thinkyou could find here.
Grandma, I...
I know you have
toanswer that email.
Before you make a decision,
I'd like youto
consider that maybe
whatever you're looking for
could be right
herein front of you.
What Grandmais trying to say
is that she wants you to stay,
and I want you to stay,
and Dusty wants you to stay.
So, it's settled.
So I don't get a vote? Nothing?
Sure, but it would
bethree to one,
so it wouldn't matter.
(knocking on door)
I, uh, thought you
mightlike these back.
Oh, thank you.
Over there's fine.
That's a nice
slingyou got there.
You know, maybe some day
I will grow toappreciate
your sarcasm.
I got you a present.
What is this?
It's a library card.
I really can't waitto take
you theresomeday soon.
They have a lot of books.
- Thank you.- You're welcome.
So I saw Bishop
Weaverand Zillah.
They were leaving.
Oh, Zillah came to admitthat
she made up her story.
She's just jealousand
she made a mistake.
So what happens?
Will she be shunned?
No. She's the bishop'sdaughter.
She will confess in church,
and she will be forgiven,
and life will go on.
That's ironic, isn't it?
And you, Levi?
What about youand your family?
Well, my familydecided
to changeto a new order.
They're goingto join my Aunt
Roseand my Uncle Henry.
- And you... No.
But the rulesin the new
churchallow for contact
with those ofdifferent
faiths, so it's good.
It's the right
decisionfor all of us.
I made a decision, too,
about re-enlisting.
So, Dr. Allen offered mea
position at the hospital
and I think you mightbe
stuck with me.
- That is good.- Really?
That is very good, yes.
Yeah, that's... it's a blessing
to knowthat you'll be nearby
to help me find my wayin
the English world.
I do know two things.
What's that?
I know that I love
you, Grace Conner.
- I love you, too.- Really?
Mm. Mm. Wait.
What's... what's
the second thing?
I know whereto find a
bookon English weddings.