An Unexpected Christmas (2021) Movie Script

There you go, little buddy.
What time's the flight?
It's tomorrow.
- Early.
- Em, I feel like
you've been living out
of that suitcase for, like, a year.
Don't you want to just stop?
Yeah, well, this is me stopping.
I'm stopping in Honolulu
and then I'm going
40 minutes to Kauai
and I'm gonna do
nothing but relax.
Well, at least pack something cute.
You might meet someone.
Babe, unless it's a date
wrapped in bacon
I'm not interested.
It's a relaxation retreat!
Morning, Matt!
Are you at work already?
It's almost nine o'clock.
I'm late again.
I need you to cover for me.
And say what?
I don't know. Just anything.
Anything that's better
than last time.
People do get their arms caught
in vending machines.
- It's a thing.
- It's not a thing!
See you.
Morning. Sorry.
God bless you.
- Thank you.
- Morning.
I don't know...
but he's doing that weird
clicking thing with his tongue.
We need to chat.
Daryl, I'm supposed
to be nursing a sunburn in Hawaii
this time tomorrow. Why me?
Because you're the best
creative director on the floor
and I need a miracle here.
You're my wunderkind.
My Don Draper.
Don Draper is one of
the most tragic fictional characters
in television history.
But he had a thing. You have a thing.
- I need you to do that thing.
- What thing?
That thing where you take a nothing
and turn it into a something.
A shiny, gold-plated something.
Jerry bailed because he knew
his concept was a brick.
- Look at these.
- They're awful. Why does he...
I need you to take that brick
and turn it into a wall.
A fortress.
A gold-plated fortress.
And I know you know what I mean.
- No! La, la, la, la, la!
- I know you know what it is.
You also know that
Jerry's halfway out the door
and when he goes
that big, cushy office of his
will be up for grabs.
I like big. I like cushy.
Plus the international stuff.
- First-class?
- Economy-plus.
Unlimited peanuts.
We've got projects
coming in from Toronto, London.
A big one in the Caymans.
You spend the next five days
in Fulton
spinning this straw into gold
I'll make sure your name
goes to the top of the list.
I'm sorry, did you say Fulton?
Christmas capital of Illinois.
Oh, no. No, Daryl,
anywhere but there.
- I cannot go to Fulton, Illinois.
- Did you hear that?
Is that the sound
of a big, cushy corner office
slamming shut?
Super. Mahalo!
No, no, Mom, the train departure
is at 2.20pm
the train arrives at 4.40pm
which means you want
to be at the station...
You're not writing
any of this down, are you?
Just relax, okay?
You still haven't confirmed
whether or not
Emily is going to be joining us.
Look, Ma...
we're playing that one by ear
so, you know, lots on her plate.
Well, she's never been here
for Christmas before
and not for nothing
but I think this new series
I'm working on would look super cute.
Yeah, Ma, that's great.
I've gotta go. I really do.
Okay, but before you go
you're not gonna believe what I found
the other day at String and Things.
Do you remember
those little clay paint pots
I brought back from my trip
to Bloomington
for Joanie's retirement party?
And I kept saying how much I had
wished I had bought more of them?
Well, just the other day, I popped
into the store to pick up some...
- Yeah.
- Well, what about Hawaii?
Wait, wait, wait.
Hawaii is on hold.
Instead, I'm gonna spend
the next five days in balmy Fulton.
- Isn't that where...
- Jamie's from? Exactly.
Where you can't swing a candy cane
without hitting
a member of his family.
- Fun.
- Not to mention
this project needs more work
than the Colosseum. Look at this.
- Jerry.
- Jerry.
So, sayonara to sun, sand,
and anything resembling relaxation.
- I'm sorry, Gina.
- Good day, everyone.
I know that we are all eager
to scurry off for the holidays
but I'll keep this one short.
You good?
I'm good. I'm good.
Thank you. I'm sorry.
Poll numbers are down. Again.
Apparently, I am too corporate.
Too policy-focused.
Not relatable enough.
Gina, where are we with
the Christmas Day address?
Right on track.
I'm still locking down a location
but Martin's been working
on the speech.
Right. And it reads like
a thesis paper on tax reform.
Come on, people, this is supposed
to get me re-elected.
Don't we have anyone who's clever?
Jamie can write it.
This guy is on the writing team?
I'm on the...
I'm on the Gina team.
I hired him last month.
He's been writing copy
for your mail-outs.
That one you talked about
with the new state smoking bylaws?
No if, ands or butts...
about it.
I need heartwarming.
My re-election depends on it.
So, please, don't let me down.
Yes, Ma'am.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you, Governor.
No if, ands or butts...
Hey, Gina
what just happened?
That sounds like a pretty important
campaign speech. No?
Why do you think I hired you?
Pity. I answered
too quickly, didn't I?
I'm serious. You're here
because you can write.
Friend or not, I wouldn't
have hired you if you couldn't.
I don't think The Schmidt campaign
would agree with that.
Steve Schmidt couldn't get elected
if the only person voting
was his mother.
It had nothing to do
with your writing.
Why did you get into politics?
To effect change.
To inspire. To make a difference.
And I think you just got your shot.
Gina, if I blow this
I'm not gonna be able to get a job
writing parking tickets.
So don't. You'll have lots of time
to think about it on the train.
Look who the cat dragged in.
Thank goodness, Becca
I thought for sure
Mom got the time wrong.
She did. She wrote down seven,
but this is the last train today
so, obviously...
Emily! You came!
Jamie was being so dodgy
I thought for sure maybe
you guys had broken up or something
and he just hadn't told anyone.
This is amazing!
I'm gonna take this. Here.
All right.
Dad's double-parked. Let's go.
No, I'm... I'm not...
Em, what are you doing here?
Hey, just now, your sister said
she thought we broke up
and you didn't tell anyone
which feels like we broke up
and you didn't tell anyone.
Yeah, I noticed that, too.
It's weird.
Are you kidding me with this?
Guess who's here!
Oh, there they are!
Merry Christmas!
Hi, Pop.
We weren't sure you were both coming.
Here, let me grab those.
- Oh, no... no.
- Oh, that's no problem.
Hey, we've got to hurry, though.
They weren't joking about
these tickets around here.
Your mom is gonna be thrilled.
I'm gonna explain everything,
I promise. Just give me... Okay.
You kept the decorations
pretty tasteful this year, Pop.
I'm not done yet.
I was waiting for you.
I got a few more surprises
up my sleeve.
Okay, good.
Okay, whatever this is.
We're home!
And you're not gonna believe
who's here!
- Auntie Emily!
- My man.
Oh, my gosh, Scotty.
How are you?
Oh, my... You got so big.
Come here, come here. You remember?
Boop, boop.
- So close!
- All right, all right
I'm also here.
Can he have a candy cane?
- Just one this time.
- Of course.
- Oh, wow.
- Extra small.
- There you go, buddy.
- Thank you!
You can have a little bit.
Like two licks, okay?
Two licks? Come on, Mom.
- There! Oh, my god.
- Mom, is that paint? All right.
Oh, I'm so ha...
- Hi, Diane. Yes. I'm here. But...
- I knew
something was up with you two.
Oh, my goodness. I could feel it.
- Yeah.
- You wanted this to be a surprise!
- Big surprise.
- Well
it is possibly
the best gift I have ever had.
Come on, get settled.
- We're about to do the tree.
- No. Oh, I...
- Mom, no, you don't have to do that.
- Luggage delivery!
No... no, Dad. Dad, you don't...
I'm not staying!
- What?
- What?
I'm not...
staying for the tree decorating.
I can't stay
because I have a meeting.
I have... I was saddled
with a last-minute project before
we left
and I just need to go
to a meeting in town.
On a Saturday?
With who, the Pentagon?
Well, Tom's been baking all day long.
Can you stay and have a quick nibble?
- Mom, maybe she doesn't want
- Yes.
- To have all this sugar.
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
Sure, maybe I can stay
for just a few minutes.
I'm gonna go see
if Grandma's awake
'cause she is gonna be
tickled to see you. Right?
I guess we're doing this now.
Come on in.
That's a big tree, Dad.
Yeah. Isn't she a beauty?
Just got her today.
I'm think you need
a little more ceiling.
Aren't we supposed
to let the branches settle
before we decorate? For balance?
Nah. I figure we just load 'er up
and let gravity take the wheel.
Okay, who's ready for cookies?
I'll take one. I'll take one.
- I'll get one in a minute, hon'.
- Thank you.
Jamie, can I talk to you
in the kitchen for a second, please?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
We can do that. Excuse us.
Oh, wow. Sugar.
That's like three cavities at least.
Cool-cool-cool. Any chance
you want to explain to me
why your family has no idea that...
Forgot the plates.
that we're not together anymore?
if I had to guess, and I'm just...
- I'm spitballing here... Okay. Yeah.
- Yeah, just, you know, that's good.
I think it's because
I haven't told them.
- Yeah, I did the math on that.
- Yeah?
When were you planning to tell them?
Hot chocolate.
Yes. Now, would you be a dear,
Emily, and bring that carafe along?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
On your mark, get set
- go.
- Go!
That a boy.
Okay, do you want to put that
over there? Take it over there.
Hey, honey, tell them about
your art work and whatnot.
I'm painting a whole series of cats.
My little Michelle-Angelo.
And she also made Scotty's costume
for the play. Is that right, kiddo?
I'm a Christmas tree!
Mom's directing!
That's nice. Wow, look at that.
Yeah, until they figure out
I have no idea what I'm doing.
Oh, yes, you do,
and it's going to be spectacular.
Em, I want to hear more about this...
this job that you're working on.
Oh, yeah.
Well, it's kind of exciting.
It's the Fulton City
Planning Commission
they want to attract new residents
so they're starting with a whole
multi-seasonal marketing campaign
starting with Christmas,
and we launch Christmas Day.
Sounds like a big job.
It is! Yeah. It's a promo reel
featuring the city
it's print ads, social
and I'm in charge of creative.
The really cool news is
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
is our spokesperson.
What? No way!
You're kidding me!
What, you didn't know?
Well, I told him on the train.
Remember, I told you on the train
because my camera crew
is coming with her tomorrow?
- Yeah. I remember that.
- Yeah.
I thought she said
Jackie Joyner-Percy
and I was like, "What?
"The lady from
the Fluff 'n' Fold on Clark?
That doesn't make any sense."
Three-time Olympic gold medalist.
- That makes a whole lot more sense.
- Yeah.
Time's up, kiddo.
- How's my time?
- How'd he do?
A minute 18.
That's good, right? That's good.
Well, anyway, hopefully,
it's not all work-work-work for you
because it can get pretty magical
around here at Christmas-time. Yeah.
- Right? Yes.
- Certainly does.
And, well, you know, it might
inspire some talk of the future...
- Oh, gosh.
- Mom.
What? No. Well, gee
no time like the present
to talk about the future
especially if these guys
are planning to have babies.
Oh, my gosh!
- Okay, nobody panic!
- Gosh.
- That carpet's seen worse.
- I'm sorry.
I've got to go to my meeting.
I have to go, sorry.
Thank you so much.
- Okay, Jamie!
- Yeah, yeah.
I'll tell them.
Yeah, you will, because
I'm not spending the next five nights
on some janky pullout
in your parents' basement
because you don't have the guts
to tell them you dumped me!
Could you be talked into four?
Too soon. That's too soon. I'm sorry.
Two and a half months, Jamie.
That's a really long time
to be lying to your family.
- I don't even know what that is.
- Look, I wanted to tell them, okay?
Granddad had passed.
I knew they would be upset.
I just wanted Christmas to be...
easy on everyone.
Had I known
you'd be at the train station...
Yeah. I get it.
Please just tell them tonight, okay?
All right.
Thank you for the lift.
It's the least I could do.
Well, technically, the least I could
do would be absolutely nothing
but, clearly, I haven't done that.
So it's the least I should do.
- Good luck with the campaign.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- And good luck with...
all of it.
Merry Christmas.
You too.
We're not apart, we're just not...
Look, guys...
we just have very different...
taste in movies.
It turns out that she...
is in the witness protection program
and needed to relocate.
Look, the truth is,
her career was taking off...
while mine was in a tailspin
and I was afraid...
that I wouldn't be enough.
How far did you get?
Not as far as you would think.
The reservation was
originally booked under Jerry's name
and, of course, only the person
who books the reservation
can change the reservation
but nobody's at the office
this weekend so I can't call them
and then my phone died
which is why I called you
on a landline
so I can't even look
for another place tonight, so
that's what's going on,
and here we are.
Okay, so janky pullout on the couch?
Downstairs in the basement?
Yeah. Just for the night. Please.
Oh, hey, Em
do you still want me to come clean
about the whole you and me thing?
And be standing on the tracks when
that train comes rolling through?
No chance.
You've lasted this long,
what's one more night?
I'm good with that.
Welcome to the 23rd annual
Dunsmore family...
secret Santa name draw!
Love it.
Okay, everyone's here
except for Grandma.
- Grandma!
- She's awake.
Look at you.
Doesn't she look beautiful?
Yeah, I'm 85
and feeling twice that.
- Look at you, girl!
- Hi, Estelle.
- Great to see you.
- We're still doing that.
How long has it been? Since...
- George's funeral. That's okay.
- Yes.
We're not gonna stand here and
feel sorry for each other, are we?
And for ourselves,
we're gonna have a draw.
You're absolutely right.
- Grandma.
- Oh, guest of honor.
- Good point.
- Oh, no, no.
I'm not... I'll sit this one out.
- Wrong answer.
- No one sits out.
- Come on.
- Get in there.
- Get that paw in there.
- Get in there.
- Come on. Come on.
- Get in there.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Hide it, hide it, hide it. Yeah.
- This is top-secret.
- Here you go.
- Scotty...
- Now we're having fun here.
Thank you for
surrendering your room to me.
Yeah. I'll be fine in the playroom.
It's like a toy store
threw up down there
so your loss, really.
Wow, I forgot
what a party pad this place is.
Yeah. No, I was very cool.
I also placed fourth
in a croquet championship
so there's also that.
I stand corrected.
so there are
extra blankets in the drawers
and some copies of The New Yorker
under the mattress
if you need help falling asleep.
Be up early tomorrow.
I don't want to field questions
from your family without you.
Of course.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
No. No.
Forget it.
Not now.
That's great.
Hey, there she is!
Aren't those flannel sheets
- Wow, they really are.
- Yeah.
Thank you so much.
So, how's Jamie? Is he up yet?
I haven't seen him, but
breakfast is ready if you're hungry.
We still do it buffet-style
on Sundays
so get in there
before the troops arrive.
- Thanks. I'm just gonna go check...
- What a cute outfit!
Hey, are you hungry?
I can make you a plate.
- No, I'm not really...
- No trouble at all.
I'm gonna give you
a little bit of everything.
- There you go.
- You're such a good cook.
- I just wanna see if Jamie's awake.
- Jamie's still sleeping?
Sounds like somebody's running
a chainsaw down there.
Oh, the poor guy.
He's probably exhausted.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, I bet he is.
Yeah. Poor guy.
I just worry that he's hungry,
so I should
- probably bring him some food.
- Aunty Emily!
- Oh, there's tons of food.
- Want to see
the superhero I invented?
Yes, I do, I do.
Something is burning.
Emily, can you crack
that window for me?
- And the door.
- And the door, too.
- Okay, okay.
- Hey
did you want coffee? I can make
some more coffee, if you want.
- I'll take some coffee.
- His name is Christmas Man!
Oh, Christmas Man is super cool.
- Breakfast is served!
- I need to see if Jamie is...
- Oh, no.
- Looks like gravity took the wheel.
So you've been pretty busy
with work these days, huh?
You're still traveling a fair bit?
Yeah, I am. In fact, I just...
I'm up for a big promotion
and if I get it
boy, if I think I'm busy now,
I'd better buckle up.
Well, it's a wonder
you have any time for yourself.
That diving trip you went on
sounded like a hoot.
- Oh, yeah!
- Diving trip? Not me.
What? Wait. No, you went on
that trip with your girlfriends.
- Bahamas.
- Yeah, that's why you didn't...
go to Becca's birthday.
- Oh, that driving trip!
- Okay. Okay.
Right, that was so fun
- yeah.
- Why did you go on a diving trip
if you don't even dive?
Well, my friends were diving
but I dove...
into the margaritas...
by the pool.
- Good one!
- What was the name of that resort?
I'm gonna go wake up
our little sleepy head
see if he can jog my memory.
Yeah, let him know
we're gonna be doing the yard soon.
- Yeah.
- Get him up here.
- Hi!
- What was that for?
Guess what, it's almost twelve.
- What? No...
- It's almost twelve.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
Look at that. Look what I found!
- Oh...
- Oh!
- What have you been doing?
- What have I been doing?
Gosh, it's just been like
a fam-jam bonanza! It's been so fun.
I was drawing with Scotty.
I've been dancing, Jamie.
I've been dancing
a dirty, deceitful, little jig.
And then your parents just brought up
my recent scuba-diving trip
which, try as I might
I just couldn't remember
a single thing about it.
Isn't that fun?
- It does sound pretty fun.
- Yeah, so fun!
What else have you been
telling them about us, Jamie?
- Um...
- Um, um...
I don't want to know!
All I want you to do
is get up, get dressed,
go upstairs and do the yard
and then take me to my hotel
because my camera crew
arrives in two hours, okay?
There he is.
Hey, how'd you sleep
'cause you're looking a little achy.
Oh, good, yeah. I think that mattress
is stuffed with broken car parts.
- What's all this?
- We're going big this year, pal.
Got to keep up with the Joneses.
Do the Joneses know that
you're keeping up with them?
Oh, they will.
Why can't we put this on the roof?
Oh, no, buddy.
Not since the incident. Come on.
- Yeah, the incident?
- What's the incident?
Oh, you gotta tell her
about the incident.
- No, no, Dad. Come on, come on.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, you gotta tell her.
- Tell it, tell it.
Do you want to hear
this Grandpa story?
Yeah, sure. Sure. Yeah.
It's Christmas morning
a few years back
when up on the roof,
there arose such a clatter
but a miniature sleigh
and eight tiny reindeer...
- Plummeting off of the roof.
- Plummeting past the roof. Yeah
- past the window, onto the ground.
- Past the window, onto the ground.
- Oh, gosh.
- And Becca just starts laughing.
- It's a reflex!
- I know.
- And then we all start laughing.
- Oh, my gosh.
We can't help the man...
he's stuck up there.
Oh, my God, he... he's like screaming
like a banshee, "Get me down!"
And he has no clue...
Here comes the firetruck...
He was so embarrassed. He didn't
talk to any of us for a week.
Was he okay?
He was fine.
He just wanted to brighten
Rudolph's nose with some paint
and he slipped.
Yeah, he was a legend.
That guy really loved Christmas.
Well, how about this
in honor of Granddad?
Come on, gather around.
Shall we do a countdown?
- Yeah.
- For sure. let's do it.
All right.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Three, two, one.
That's my phone. Sorry.
Oh, hi!
Hi, Jackie! We finally meet.
Emily, hi.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
What? No.
Unfortunately, I'm not
going to be able to make it.
There's a massive snow storm.
- Can you...
- And the airport is closed.
Is there... There's no other...
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too. I...
But I really appreciate
your willingness to do this, and...
thank you so much for trying.
- Let's connect soon.
- Okay.
Best of luck.
We'll talk soon, I'm sure. Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye, Emily.
Apparently, my...
my team and Ms. Joyner Kersee
won't be joining me today
because everything
on the Eastern Seaboard
in the air, is canceled
because of weather
and neither will I be able to film
the lighting of the Christmas tree
of that, which was
specifically requested by my client.
So, you know,
if anybody wants to find me
I'm gonna be hitchhiking
across Mexico
living out the rest
of my sad, jobless life.
That's it. I'm just gonna
have to tell them it's over.
Come on, no.
Just do it yourself.
Come on, like you used to,
in the old days.
You've got a camera.
- You film, my sister can shoot.
- Shoot what?
I don't have a spokesperson,
I don't have a campaign.
Hold on. Wait... wait.
Here. Come. Come back, come back.
Sit down, sit down.
Hear me out. Hear me out.
Have a seat.
What if I got the...
the Governor for your campaign?
The Governor of Illinois?
Yup. Yeah.
How are you gonna get
the Governor of Illinois?
"Hey, Gov, it's Jame-o.
You got anything cooking
Christmas Day?"
Okay, maybe not quite like that,
but, yeah, I work with her now.
Oh, really?
What are you, speech writing?
As a matter of fact, I am doing
the televised Christmas Day...
- address.
- Congratulations.
I'm really happy for you.
Thank you.
Okay, so...
what do you say?
What's the catch?
What's the catch...
come on, there's no catch.
Okay, small catch.
You stay here with us for a week...
and we just, you know,
play along with the current...
appearances of things...
just so that my family can enjoy
Christmas drama-free. Please.
Do you understand
what a terrible idea that is?
- Yes.
- And you still want to do it?
You really think
you can get the Governor?
Oh, yeah, in a heartbeat.
She loves me.
All right.
You've got a deal...
dear. All right.
Let's go see my sister
about dusting off her camera.
These are fully necessary?
- Tradition.
- For Grandpa.
- Okay.
- You guys ready?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Squeeze in.
- Ready...
and "peppermints"!
Power up in five!
- Five!
- Four!
All right, well, we got that.
What's next?
I'm thinking funnel cakes.
Funnel cakes!
Love the funnel cake.
All right, I think we can
take these vests off now.
Go ahead. Take your shots.
Karaoke starts now.
Hey, everyone!
- We have our first volunteers!
- Oh, that's us.
All right, Dunsmores,
let's do this! Come on!
- We've gotta go, we've gotta go.
- Thank you!
Come on. You guys.
No, I'm just here to record.
I'm here to watch her record.
You know what,
can you take pictures?
- Yeah.
- Let's do this.
Nice try, buzzkill.
- Your arm is like a bear trap.
- Hey, Dunsmores
- get up here!
- Come on, guys.
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
- What I'm going to say
- Hey!
Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now, you dear, old man
Whisper what you'll bring to me
Tell me if you can
When the clock is striking 12
When I'm fast asleep
Down the chimney broad and black
With your pack you'll creep
All the stockings you will find
Hanging in a row
Mine will be the shortest one
You'll be sure to know
Did you get
all the shots that you need?
Yeah, I did.
You know, your sister is really good.
She should be doing this
Yeah, I think that was
the idea, you know...
But best-laid plans...
Yup, I know.
It's too early to tell, but I think
Gran's got a real bright future
as a rockstar.
Hey, don't shortchange
yourself there, Elvis.
No, get out of here.
I wasn't even singing.
Yeah, but you... you had presence.
No. Really?
No. You looked like you wanted
the stage to swallow you alive.
- All right, all right.
- Of course not.
You had the same look
on your face you did
the night we met at Susie's...
- Broadway karaoke thing.
- Broadway karaoke night.
Oh, no. What was I doing there?
I didn't know a single person.
I talked to no one.
You talked to me.
Yeah. I asked where the exit was.
Please. I remember the dress
I was wearing that night.
Yeah, I remember that, too.
You were so sweet,
giving me your sweater
getting me a cab.
Getting my number.
It was a cashmere sweater.
I had to make sure I got it back.
Well, you better make it good.
Yes, or it's seven years bad luck.
Come on.
That's a good one.
Uncle Jamie, come watch me
play Candy Cane Toss!
All right, so
you're gonna go right here.
- Where? Sorry.
- Over there.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
We're solid, right?
This Governor thing is happening?
Oh, yeah. Yeah. 100%.
- Thank you!
- Yeah.
Good luck!
Come on, Gina.
I need you to come through here.
The Governor is on a tear today.
How's the speech? Where are we at?
Good, good. Yeah.
I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day.
She's on me.
This needs to make an impact.
Did you pitch my idea?
About doing the speech here?
She could shake some hands,
kiss some babies
slide down the hill
on a homemade toboggan.
It doesn't get more relatable
than that, Gina.
I mentioned it,
but she has a family.
Traveling on Christmas morning?
It's a tough sell.
I hear ya.
But just stay on her, you know?
Definitely just stay on her.
'Cause it's a good idea.
And I think you should
just stay on her.
What do you mean Jackie's not coming?
Her flight was canceled due to
the weather, so there's nothing...
But that's our whole campaign.
- Yes.
- "If you can't beat her, Joyn'er."
I know, I realize that, so...
So what are we paying you for here?
Well, I'm...
I think we're going
to push the whole thing, okay?
- Thank you for your time.
- No, what if I told you
that I could get you a big, splashy,
televised Christmas Day speech
right on your front lawn?
From who?
The Governor of Illinois.
I'd say you have our attention.
What are you hiding?
- What?
- You're hiding something.
What is it?
Is it something with Emily?
No, we're just stressed.
You know, big dreams, big pressure.
Tell me about it.
Oh, come on.
This is great.
You've been talking about directing
one of these things for years.
It's not exactly how I imagined
using my film degree.
It's not exactly
how I imagined anything.
How's your love life these days?
Anybody special catching your eye?
Well, let's see, I'm a single mom
who works part-time at an art gallery
and lives with my parents, so...
I'd have better luck finding romance
at the bottom of a cereal box.
Okay, come on, it can't be that bad.
- Well, there was one.
- Really?
- Smart.
- Okay.
- Ambitious.
- Yeah?
- And?
- We fell in love
then we got married
and I realized I wanted to adopt
she decided she didn't
and moved to L.A..
Permission to get real
with you for a second?
- I'd prefer if you didn't.
- Okay, here we go.
you have so much to offer
and you are gonna
find that person again.
Maybe you need to change
things up a little bit.
Why don't you come to Chicago?
Scotty would thrive there.
Yeah, I know, I know. It's just...
it's big.
- Starting all over again.
- Yeah.
As much as I complain
about Mom and Dad
having them around, it's like it...
just fills in the missing pieces.
Yeah, I get that. I get that.
I knew it. I look ridiculous!
- No, buddy, come on.
- No... no.
- You look...
- You look perfect.
Is it the best costume?
- No.
- No.
But does it matter?
- No.
- No.
Because you know and I know
- and Uncle Jamie knows that
- I know.
No matter what anybody says...
you are extraordinary.
- Yeah.
- And...
- Powerful.
- Powerful. Yes!
- And...
- Unique?
Unique. That's the word.
That's the word.
Come here.
You're at his parents' place.
Are you nuts? Are you guys...
I mean, it's complicated. Also, hi.
So you're not back together,
but you kind of are.
Em, you were shattered.
I know. Believe me, I...
remember, but, you know, it's...
I kind of don't have a choice.
He got me the Governor.
- Whoa. Legit?
- Yeah.
He's working with her now,
and, honestly, even with the Governor
I still have to rework
this entire concept
and I'm just...
right now, I'm really not seeing it.
Aunty Em, charades is starting!
Okay. All right, I gotta go.
We're gonna do Christmas charades.
I really hope
you know what you're doing.
Jumping. Excited. Excited!
Reindeer? Reindeer jumping?
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma got run over by a reindeer!
How'd you get that from that?
He pointed at you, right?
Come on now.
Who's watching these rules?
Oh, god. Are you okay?
- My turn now.
- Go!
First word? Sorry.
- Tear. Sad.
- Sad.
- Really sad. Sad monkey.
- Sad girl.
Oh, wow, she's singing.
Sad... Oh, it's a sad song
you're talking about.
Too many drinks?
You drink too much?
Second word.
Second word, second word.
She looks like she's waving.
- She's a car wash.
- One might say
she had too many drinks.
Say "too many drinks"
one more time, please!
Come on!
It's sad face plus hula!
It looked like you were
coming home from the bar.
Blue Hawaii!
I'm supposed to be there
in, like, three days. You know this!
Did you... What did you just say?
You just said you're going to Hawaii.
On Christmas Day?
No, I'm not, 'cause I'm...
I'm staying...
I'm here, so I'm not...
It was a gift from me.
What? You weren't gonna go?
No. No, no.
- I don't like... I don't like...
- Fun
or anything resembling it?
- Becca!
- Yeah, that.
Yeah, we thought... we thought why...
- Why would we?
- Would we go away...
on the beach?
I mean, why would anybody
do that on Christmas?
- Silly. Silly.
- That's so silly!
- When you could be...
- Here.
Yeah. Family. Yeah.
- We're glad you stayed.
- Yeah.
- I mean, I would've gone to Hawaii.
- I need a refill. Anybody else?
And then I think
we should do another round.
- Can you win something?
- Yeah.
Winner takes the crown.
Winner takes the crown.
Oh, I hope you have a pencil
'cause I'm gonna give you
my hat size.
It was really sad.
- You weren't saying anything.
- Them's fighting words. Let's go.
Boy, there's something weird
going on.
You've got some explaining to do.
Turn on Becca She-Shed.
Love what you've done with the place.
Spill it. Everything. Now.
I ended things in October
and, for reasons
I would rather not discuss
decided not to tell anybody.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
So why is she still here?
For work, believe it or not.
Meeting at the train station
was just a fluke
and then Dad suddenly hauling
her luggage to the car
and, well, here we are now.
So she got "Dunsmored"?
The most.
Oh, no!
I'm sorry. That's funny.
Good. I'm glad you're enjoying this.
When her team canceled,
we made a deal.
I would get the Governor
for her campaign
and she would...
- you know...
- Pretend like you're still together?
Ow! Why?
What is wrong with you?
I know. You know and I know.
Okay, I just...
I am well aware
of how much you guys love her.
And Granddad had happened
and Christmas,
everybody's favorite holiday
is right around the corner, and...
I didn't want you guys
to be hurting like I was hurting.
For the last two years
every word out of your mouth
has been "Emily this," "Emily that."
I thought you were ready to
get down on one knee for that girl.
Things change. People change.
I decided it...
wasn't a good fit. Long term.
Why? Because she's amazing?
Smart, funny,
crushing it career-wise?
I'm not.
We were going
two different directions
two very different directions
and I didn't want to be the one...
to hold her back.
And now you're not
holding her at all.
Look, can you please
just keep this to yourself?
She leaves Christmas Day.
I'll break the news when she's gone.
I love you.
And I support you.
But you're wrong here.
So if you don't marry her,
I'm gonna have to marry her myself
because, one way or another, we're
keeping that girl in this family.
Good morning.
How's your speech coming?
Good. Powerful.
Where are you going?
I'm just going to go out in town
and see if I can find
some inspiration of my own.
Oh, that's nice.
- Can I make a suggestion?
- Sure.
If you go somewhere,
go hit State Street
the winter gardens.
But don't enter off...
Main. Go through the park.
Actually, no, Briar.
You know what,
maybe I should go with you.
I could use a break.
This is going so well.
Are you procrastinating?
Am I your excuse?
No, no. This is going really well.
All right, come on.
So the campaign... sorry...
the campaign is about Fulton
but it can't just be, like...
- Here, can you hold this?
- Yeah, yeah.
It can't just be
a bunch of boring stock photos
or even a celebrity spokesperson.
It really needs to be a hook.
- A hook?
- A story within a story.
- Within the story. Yeah.
- You know what I mean?
You know what I'll never forget?
You remember the campaign you
came up with for that tea company.
How it was about not the tea...
But the time spent enjoying it.
- Yes.
- Yes. It was brilliant.
- Thank you.
- It was really good.
Although, if you recall
you're actually the one
who came up with that verbage.
I just sort of unearthed the concept.
I think you give me too much credit.
- Okay.
- You ready?
Yeah. Where to?
- Where you wanna be?
- Turn around. Turn around.
I give you State Street.
Once a paltry pitstop
on one of the busiest trade routes
in the Midwest
now a thriving shopping
and entertainment district.
This is where our tour begins.
- How am I doing? Thank you.
- Great. I'm riveted.
Yeah, continue.
We shall walk.
We shall eat.
We shall endeavor to unearth
the story within the story
that is Fulton, Illinois.
Oh! Wait! I left my camera
in the coffee shop!
Thank you, my friend.
You break a sweat yet?
These hotdogs
are like lunch for a week.
I know. Here, wash this down.
Thank you.
If you finish it, you'll win a car.
You know, my school
used to be right over there.
Right there.
You see it?
Right there on the corner.
- That's so cool.
- Yeah.
How was that?
Your Mom working in the front office
and your Dad driving the bus.
Oh, yeah, it was so cool.
Dad thought it was
open mic night every day.
Singing and wearing
funny T-shirts, joking around.
Yeah, it was the best
- but...
- But?
I got teased for it so much.
- Oh...
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yes.
- That stinks.
- Yeah, it's not fun.
Kids can be mean.
Do you think that's why
you're maybe so particular?
Like, if everything's perfect,
there's nothing to poke fun at.
I don't know.
I've never thought about that.
I mean, I'm not judging you.
You know my story.
Bouncing around
from military base to base.
It's hard to let people in
if you know you're gonna leave.
It sounds lonely.
For both of us.
And here we are. Full circle.
Locals call this area
"Little Chicago".
In fact, Melody's,
once a famous mob hangout
is where the man himself, Al Capone
used to throw
his legendary Christmas parties.
- Really? Wow.
- That's right.
Politicians, movie stars.
It was a who's who.
He would dress up as Santa
and hand out cash, jewelry.
Make everybody sing Christmas carols.
- Really?
- No. No. I made that part up.
Why do I always fall
for your ridiculous stories?
Because you secretly love them.
don't just stand there.
Buy me a drink.
Yes, Ma'am.
Hey, I wanted to ask you something.
Did you notice something
a little bit off about Jamie lately?
Like, especially
when he's around Emily.
Could be anything.
Remember the week I proposed?
It was like my body
was taken over by an alien.
- Yeah.
- Earth to Tom!
Wait a sec.
I read somewhere that
Christmas Day is
the most popular day
of the year to propose
and when I mentioned it
to Jamie the other night
he got really uncomfortable.
- You don't think that he's...
- Yeah, he did, he did, he did.
Planning to propose?
Oh, yeah.
By Christmas!
- Walker, for two.
- Front right.
- Okay, thank you.
- You bet.
- Sorry, go ahead.
- Please, please, after you.
Thank you very much.
- Haven't done this in a while.
- Oh, thank you.
- No, we haven't.
- No, we haven't.
So, work good?
Yeah. Work's great.
Yeah. I've been having fun. And...
the guy that I told you about, Jerry
the guy who does
all the international stuff?
- Yes.
- He's on his way out.
Oh, no way!
So I'm next in line.
You get to pick up
the international stuff.
That's what you've always wanted.
- Yeah.
- That's exciting.
And you, with the Governor.
I mean, how did that happen?
Oh, Gina.
Yeah, she brought me onboard
about a month ago.
And you're doing
the Christmas day address, and...
- Yeah.
- Wow. Cool.
I mean, you have been...
- No. No.
- You can say it, you can say it.
I was going to say
you've been working really hard.
You've been working hard
to get to this point
- and...
- Thank you.
And it's really great. So what the...
what's the gist of the speech?
You know, it's just the usual.
It's like Christmas.
Political stuff.
Okay, it was a few weeks
after we met
and you were writing copy
at City Hall
and I was in the old buildings
in the West Loop.
- Yeah, yeah.
- And there was that place.
What was that place called?
We would meet there.
- It had the pink...
- Pink umbrellas.
- Patio umbrellas! I love that place!
- Yes... yes.
We would sit there for hours
and just talk about...
everything, and life,
and dreams, and...
What happened to that?
Well, you jumped up
to creative director
and started taking
the out of town jobs, and...
it's hard
to stay up all night talking
when we're 1,500 miles apart.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Do you want me to take one
for the lovely couple?
Oh, no. We're not together. Thanks.
- My apologies.
- Just pretending to be.
She's kidding. We're a couple.
I'm not kidding.
We're a couple of frauds.
I mean, we used to be together until
this guy decided to pull a ripcord.
Really wish I hadn't stepped
out of a meeting to take that call!
You know what I mean?
Then I find out that his family
doesn't know that we're not together
and so now I am staying
with them until Christmas
in exchange
for the Governor of Illinois!
Well, we've all been there.
- Right?
- Thank you so much.
I'm glad we did that.
- No. No.
- And, yes, they're smiling at me.
It's like they're mocking me
and I can't look at her
the same since then.
Oh, God. I'm sorry.
Yeah, it is. Don't you
apologize for that.
It's never a successful day
unless I get one snort laugh.
Great, well, then success.
Yes. Yes.
Seriously, though, today was...
Yeah. Yeah, it was.
And informative.
Yeah, educational even.
I love these homemade ornaments.
Each one tells a little story.
Very unique.
Granddad used to have us
make them every year.
From whatever we could find.
The collection just kept
growing and growing.
It's like a little map
of your childhood.
It's really sweet.
I never had anything like that.
Oh, no.
Who's this little Don Juan?
He looks like some kind
of young model, I think.
No! I know that's you.
I would know that face anywhere
bowl cut or not.
Look at those eyes. The same eyes.
Yeah, still close together.
No. Curious.
Even then, you had
a whole world going on
that nobody else had access to.
I guess I haven't changed much.
Well, don't. It's part of your charm.
- I mean...
- No, no. No.
Leave it there. That was very nice.
Where are you going?
Come on.
I can't believe I didn't think
to show you this earlier.
This is one of my favorite things.
Come here.
- Beautiful.
- Yes.
What's the thing about
being at 11.13 in the evening?
Oh, when has that ever
bothered you? Come here.
You made that comment
about how each ornament
tells a little story
and I realized
that the real heartbeat
of this town, of any town, really
it's not hotdog stands or jazz clubs
it's the people.
- And their stories.
- Exactly.
- Hold this.
- Why am I holding this?
- What are you...
- There you go.
Come here. Give me your hand.
Oh, what is this?
Oh, they all have writing on them.
Yes, they do.
Since forever,
it's been a Fulton tradition
that every couple
that gets married here
writes their initials on a stone
and drops it in the fountain.
That's a little bit romantic.
- Yes.
- And I've always been fascinated
by the idea that
each stone tells the story
of two entirely separate worlds
forged together as one.
And with each stone placed,
a story is born anew.
And the promise
of chapters yet to be written.
Chapters, stories, chapters...
I like this.
Fulton, your stories begin.
Fulton, your story starts here.
- That's so good. That's it!
- You like that?
- That's such a good hook!
- Okay, good.
- Yay! That's it!
- We did it!
Fulton, your story starts here.
Yes. Now put the stone back
since it's somebody else's story.
- Oh, yes, here.
- There you go.
Be free. Be happy, Fulton.
Fulton! Fulton!
Your story starts here!
That's right.
Don't let anybody sleep tonight.
Come here. Let's get down.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Oh, this is fun.
You happy we figured that out?
Thank you. For all of this.
For everything.
And the Governor.
I know that was not an easy ask.
You really came through.
Hey, Gina.
Hate to bug you again,
but I really need you
to push to have
that speech happen here.
It's incredibly important to me
and the truth is,
I'm in a bit of a bind.
Okay. Call me back.
Shopping for anybody in particular?
- You?
- Yes.
- Me? Who?
- No.
Well, either you've sorely misjudged
Scotty's sock size
or you pulled your dad's name.
Socks? Really?
Have you ever had
a good pair of socks?
And they're practical.
Yeah, but so is
home owners' insurance.
Nobody wants to get it for Christmas.
- Right.
- Look! Look at these!
Get your dad something he can use
like these.
Look. We've got pot holders
we've got an apron...
Look at that cute, little apron.
That'll just encourage him.
So he's not Martha Stewart.
Your dad knows that he's not
a good cook, but he loves it anyway
and there's something
to be said for that.
There's also something
to be said for warm feet.
Don't you have
your own shopping to do?
Yeah. I'm not buying socks.
Go on. I gotta take this.
Excuse me.
Gina, hey, any word?
The word is you owe me big.
She's in. She wants hands to shake
babies to kiss, the whole thing.
Gina, I cannot...
You can thank me by grabbing me from
the train station this afternoon.
Looks like I'm spending
Christmas in Fulton.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you win a cruise?
- Better.
- What?
Where's the fire?
My musical director
just busted an ankle
and he's in the show,
so I have to recast the part.
No time!
That's strange.
What size are you?
No. Not in a million years
am I wearing that...
on that.
Yeah, you are,
because if you don't, I'll tell.
Tell what?
What are you, eight?
You're gonna tell on me?
Does she know? Do you know?
Oh, I do know.
And I know we'd like to think
I'm above resorting
to something like this
but desperate times, my friends.
You do the play or I spill the beans.
- We don't negotiate with terrorists.
- Hi, Mom.
Jamie has something
he'd like to tell you.
Is everything all right?
- the thing is...
- Yeah?
I'm in the play.
Oh, honey, that's so exciting!
It's so exciting!
I don't know why you're smiling.
You're gonna be running
the confetti cannon.
Welcome to showbiz, kids.
It's dog eat dog out here.
I'm probably not qualified for that.
If I'm doing it, you're doing it.
Both of you have witnessed
me dance, okay? It's not natural.
It's like someone swinging
around a bag of random body parts.
I really have to work.
I'm not hearing it.
Maybe this hasn't occurred to you
but there will be fallout
from this little farce of yours
and who's gonna left
picking up the pieces, huh?
- Okay.
- Look, all I'm asking
is five minutes
of your respective time
at the end of my play.
And you're doing it. End of story.
All right, this has been fun.
I got to go pick up Gina
from the train station.
She's coming in to prep.
Can I borrow your car?
You don't drive stick.
Can I borrow your car
with you inside of it driving?
Thank you kindly.
I can't believe
you never learned to drive stick.
- Oh. Working, are you?
- Hi.
Just kidding. I'm kidding.
You do whatever you want to do.
Oh. I'm gonna finish that one.
- You want a cookie?
- Oh, thanks.
I had one. They're so good.
- They're so good.
- Yeah.
Tom's a genius.
All right, what does she look like?
I don't know. She's got brown hair.
Two eyes. A face.
She kinda looks like...
Like that. Gina! Thank you so much!
- Anything for you.
- Yes.
This is my sister.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Gina.
- Becca.
I've heard so much about you.
Jamie invited me out for dinner
tonight. Will you be joining?
Yep! Come on.
I'm, kind of, self-taught.
I took the odd class
- and... Yeah. Yeah. I just...
- Yeah?
What are those... What do they do,
the wine-and-painting nights
- with your girlfriends?
- Yeah.
- Have you been to those?
- Well, yeah, that...
You don't really get
much accomplished.
I guess that's true.
Yeah. It's fun, but...
No, that looks...
That looks really good
- Thank you.
- What you're doing.
I'm having fun. So does yours!
That looks really nice.
- I like that.
- This is...
- part of my cat series, obviously...
- Yeah?
But, this guy, he wanders
through the yard occasionally, and
I never get a really good look at him
so I'm calling him Houdini
because he's an escape artist.
- That's really cute.
- Yeah.
I do like a... You know,
I always wanted a cat, too.
- Really?
- Yeah, but... and I'm not allergic
but I grew up moving around
so much, that...
I guess it just wasn't
very practical to have a pet
and now I'm always on the go, so...
Yeah, too many houses
and never really a home.
You know we think the world of you.
You'll always have
a home here with us.
- All right, so, Jamie,
- Start off my line.
- Oh, yeah.
- Tell us about
your part in the play.
Jamie's filling in for Mr. Price!
- I heard!
- Yeah.
- You're in a play?
- Barely. Barely.
If by barely, you mean
closing out the entire show.
- Welcome to Mama Meroni's!
- Thank you!
- Could we get some water?
- Yeah, okay.
Do you have a cold?
- Into the elbow.
- It's all that travel.
Recycled air on the airplane, mostly.
- It's terrible.
- Yeah.
You know, you look really familiar.
I know what it is. You guys
came into Melody's the other night.
I was your server. You told me
that crazy story about...
Maintenance, who's in charge here?
This table has quite the wobble.
Em, a little help?
Great idea.
Nothing suspicious about this.
We need to escape.
We need to escape now.
How, Batman?
You guys good?
Almost got it!
- It's just a...
- There you go.
Oh, they've got the coaster.
Problem solved.
Those little feet.
Those little, sabotaging feet.
All right, I'll give you folks
a little time with the menus, yeah?
- Okay, yeah. Sounds good.
- Okay, thanks.
- You guys good?
- What are we doing?
I think I've got a plan.
Follow my lead.
I don't know.
- What to eat?
- Everything here is great.
Becs, have you had a chance
to look at the menu yet?
There you go.
You know what I'm getting.
Oh, yeah.
What to eat, what to eat...
What is going on?
He knows. The server knows!
It's my fault. I did that.
You've got to get rid of him, Becs.
You've got to get rid of him now.
How? This isn't The Godfather.
I don't know. Pull him aside,
order for the table
pay with your credit card and tell
him we don't want to be disturbed.
I'm sorry? My credit card?
I didn't think you'd catch that.
- Thanks for dinner!
- Yeah.
Has anyone tried the gnocchi?
So do you normally ditch
your family at restaurants, or?
It's probably 50-50.
Well, I appreciate the lift.
I hope Emily and Jamie
don't mind walking.
Whatever. I'm sure
one of them has a scarf.
They can share.
"Who's in charge of maintenance?"
I panicked! I had nothing, all right?
And what did we learn about
divulging sensitive information
to wait staff in small towns?
- A lesson.
- Good. Good.
- What's that thought?
- What thought?
- I can see it, it's right here,
- No, I don't have any...
this giant thought
sitting right here.
What is it?
I just thought
I was crazy to agree to this
but I'm actually enjoying myself.
Good. Good.
Yeah. It feels like
when we started dating, you know?
- Em?
- Yeah?
I am so sorry...
for the way things ended.
I handled that badly.
I apologize.
Thank you. I really appreciate that.
- It was a surprise.
- I know.
Sometimes, I wonder, you know...
Wonder what?
Come here, look at this.
It's a shooting star. Make a wish.
Before... Come on.
Before it goes away. Bad luck.
I don't want that.
What do I wish for?
Whatever you want.
Close your eyes.
I'll tell you mine
if you tell me yours.
I think I'll wait
and see if it comes true.
Let's go.
Oh, yes, sir.
Hey. Where's Em?
Her camera team's finally arrived.
She's bringing them up to speed.
Where are you off to?
I have a meeting.
On Christmas Eve? No, you don't.
It's a coffee meeting.
A coffee meeting. With who?
Yeah. You cracked the case, Columbo.
How do I look?
You look fantastic.
Have fun.
I kinda want that, too.
Yeah, doesn't look so bad, does it?
- See ya.
- Yeah.
He loved them.
Your granddad loved books.
Some days
he'd spend whole...
the whole day
in here, lost in the pages.
I miss him.
You know, it's hard,
not having him here.
Oh, he's around.
I mean, he's with us.
He just can't complain
about my cooking anymore.
What's that look?
Tell me.
I got a speech to write, Gran.
It's a big one.
It's maybe the biggest of my career.
And I got nothing.
Not a single sentence.
This seems to be my thing.
When it comes time...
to find the words
that really matter, I...
I don't know what happens. I freeze.
It's remarkable
how much of him I see in you
your Granddad.
Everything always had to be just so.
Just right.
But do you know
what he discovered? Very late?
That the pursuit of perfection
is a road paved with disappointment.
The really important things in life,
like love, and family, and community
I mean, they are very messy.
Life is messy.
It can never be perfect.
So you have to just enjoy
the beauty in the mess, Jamie.
Success or not,
you do not have to prove yourself.
We love you just the way you are.
And so does she.
I just hope
Governor Hayward feels that way.
I am not talking about the Governor.
Yeah. I know.
The tagline is
"Fulton, your story starts here."
Oh, catchy.
Yeah. A friend helped me
come up with that.
Daryl, hi.
I'm here with Rissa and Danny.
They just landed.
- Hi.
- Hey, Daryl.
Perfect. Real quick.
Forget Hawaii.
How do the Cayman Islands sound?
That project I was telling you about
is going ahead January 1st.
You're in!
I don't know what to say.
I think you do.
Finish your meeting.
We'll chat details later.
So do you want to go?
Yeah, I want to go...
of course, I want to go, but...
Jamie and I have been
kind of reconnecting, and...
Don't wait around for him.
I know, I know.
I'm not... I'm not.
I just...
I miss him, you know?
it's been really nice to reconnect.
Is that something you want?
I don't even know
what's going on in his head, okay?
The guy's a vault,
so it's probably nothing.
Okay. Hey, Em...
be careful.
Okay, I gotta run.
- All right.
- Oh, nice!
Did you get that?
- It's perfect.
- I did, yeah.
- Oh, wow.
- Thanks, kiddo.
- Get over here.
- All right.
You win, you win.
- I'm glad you like it.
- That was very thoughtful.
I wanted to bring out
your eyes, you know?
Yeah? I was half expecting socks.
- Better than socks, honey.
- Grandma's next!
- Oh, yes! Grandma! Sorry!
- Yes, that's me!
- Excuse me.
- Yes, Ma'am, yes, Ma'am.
This is it here. Right here.
Merry Christmas!
Oh, sorry!
So that is for the tree.
In case there's not
a new one this year.
It's beautiful, dear. Thank you.
Oh, yes.
It's of all of us
when we were doing karaoke.
That's you in there.
That was a big night!
Okay, well,
that just leaves one more.
Okay, and, well...
- here you go.
- Thank you.
And it's not going to shed.
Yeah, and you won't sneeze either.
That's so sweet.
- Thank you so much!
- You're so welcome.
- It's so cute!
- Thank you.
My very own cat.
- So thoughtful.
- You can name it.
I always wondered when I was a kid
what it would be like
to have a big family at Christmas
with all the noise,
and the chaos, and the joy
and, you know,
you're really lucky, kiddo.
You guys answered my question
with flying colors
and it's just been more than...
I could have imagined, thank you.
You're so welcome, Emily.
We love you so much, hon',
and you deserve it all.
You sure do.
What cursed luck upon this Eve!
Oh, wicked storm!
I cannot leave!
Snap out of it.
It's community theater,
not the Gettysburg address.
Yeah, yeah. I just...
You're still madly in love
and you feel like a huge dummy
for breaking it off. I get it.
- All right.
- And you should tell her...
right after the show. Right now
I need your head in the game.
Do you understand?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah? Good?
- Jamie? Make me proud.
- In the game.
- Good. Break a leg.
- Okay.
- As night falls,
- All right.
- Go, go.
- Speeds...
toward morning light...
this stranded sleigh...
Okay, hey.
I'm gonna circle out front, okay?
Hey, congrats again on the job.
- Right.
- If you need a photog
three months in the Caymans
doesn't sound bad to me.
Caymans, I know.
- Okay, bye.
- See you later.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
- Looking good!
- Yeah.
Hey, I know we haven't talked about
what's gonna happen after the speech
but I was kind of thinking...
I mean, I was kind of hoping...
It's okay. It's all good.
Are you okay getting a cab
to the train station?
I think I might
some time alone with my family
to break the news, all right?
Places. It's showtime!
I shall cast aside
mine mortal fright
and undertake...
Hey, okay, listen. You got this.
Just go out there
and have fun, okay?
Radiate that energy. Go.
Who will guide my sleigh tonight?
That's Jamie.
I've come on a mission
from the stars up above
to save Christmas for all
with the power of...
- Love.
- Love!
Fly. Fly!
And Christmas was saved!
- Right.
- We should probably clap, yeah.
Hey, good show, guys.
- Hi.
- Hi. So what was that?
I'm sorry about the confetti.
Are you? Or is that
you getting back at me?
Yeah, I ruined your sister's play
to get back at you.
Are you insane?
I don't know, Em.
Am I?
Wow, I'm such an idiot.
For falling back into this with you
and then thinking
that you felt the same way.
Hold on, hold on.
Falling back into this, how?
- you're leaving.
- What?
Did I not just hear
your photographer talk to you
about going to the Cayman Islands
for three months?
You got a new job. You're gone.
And who knows what.
Wow. You have no idea what you're...
- Am I wrong?
- You have no right to be angry.
I was planning on
building a life with you
and you broke that off.
I've been trying
to figure out why ever since.
And then you roped me into
this whole thing with your family
and give me every indication
that you still have feelings for me
only to just rip the rug out again
so I'm just...
really tire of feeling like a yo-yo.
Please tell me what you want.
Tell me what you want, Jamie.
That's what I thought. Okay.
I'm gonna get
a hotel room for tonight.
Wait. Em...
What do I tell my family?
Tell them the truth.
That I went along with it
so that they wouldn't feel hurt
and wouldn't feel foolish.
Even though
now I'm the one who's a fool
and I'm the one who's getting hurt.
You were so focused
on keeping up
the appearance of being in love
that it didn't occur to you
I never stopped.
I don't know.
Tell them whatever you want.
I'm done lying to them.
Nice work up there.
Interesting finish.
I hate to rain on the moment,
but I don't have a speech yet, Jamie.
Do I need to be worried here?
G, I...
I think you might. I don't have it.
I'm so very sorry.
Just talk some sense into him.
I just want to say...
I'm sorry.
You guys gave me so much love
and treated me like family
and I'm really sorry
that I lied to you.
We love you so much,
and you are family.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Bye, Auntie Emily.
- Safe travels.
- Merry Christmas.
Turn on Becca She Shed.
Full blackout.
Must be serious.
Did she get her things?
I don't have a glass.
You wanna talk about it?
- No.
- Too bad.
'Cause I know you.
Probably better
than you know yourself.
And I see things you're not even
willing to acknowledge.
This sounds profound.
Please, do share.
I see a guy
who's in love with a girl.
And he's a little broken.
He's a little scared.
So he's too frightened
to do anything about it.
Becs, she is...
She what? She loves you?
You're terrified
to put your faith in that
because it might not be perfect
and you might get your heart broken?
And you know what, you might.
But it's better than
drinking wine alone in a garden shed.
I'm not alone.
You will be...
in about six seconds.
- Don't stay too long.
- Yeah.
It's freezing out here.
Turn off Becca She Shed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's magnificent.
The whole thing.
Thanks, pal.
I know it's a little
over the top, but...
your mom loves it.
I do it for her.
How'd you know she was the one?
That's easy.
Whenever we're apart...
I feel like
there's a piece of me missing.
I've got to go tweak an antler.
Oh, hey.
Merry Christmas
- Jamie.
- Merry Christmas, Mom.
- Yeah.
- Merry Christmas, pal.
- Merry Christmas, Pop. Yeah.
- Hey, coffee's fresh.
Sorry we started without you.
This guy was up early.
Yeah. Too early.
Yes, that's my fault, I'm sorry.
How's everybody doing? Yeah?
Well, hold on, the party's not over.
There's still one more left from me.
This one's for Scotty.
- Oh!
- It's a big one.
- Nice.
- Oh, yeah.
Come on, rip into it.
What are you waiting for?
I was looking at the one before.
How many presents
have you gotten today?
There you go.
- It's an art set.
- Lucky boy.
Pops open right here.
Just lift these up.
Oh, it's an art set.
Just like Grandma.
I'll teach you.
I can give you lessons.
Absolutely. I'll show you
how to mix colors.
There's a brush there.
- Look at that.
- All that good stuff.
What do you think?
Thanks, Uncle Jamie.
Yeah, pal, of course. Of course.
Nice, right?
Who's hungry?
Anybody still hungry? Breakfast?
- No, I'm good with coffee.
- Oh, come on.
Pop, let's take that apron
for a spin. What do you think?
You go ahead, son.
I'm not really feeling all hungry.
Come on.
Pancakes? I'll cook.
And I never cook.
There's a reason for that.
I had a granola bar.
Okay, I know things...
they didn't go as planned.
I know that. I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
But come on, we can still celebrate.
It's Christmas. We love Christmas.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah, you know
it's not your fault, Jamie.
We're just, I think...
I think all of us are feeling
a little off this morning.
That's all.
It's not the same
without Auntie Emily here.
It feels like...
Like a piece of us is missing.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Get your coats.
- You heard him. Get your coats.
- Come on. Let's go.
What's happening?
It's time for
"Operation Go Get Emily".
Go get Emily.
- Now.
- Now.
Whatever. Pop, step on it.
- Okay. There we are.
- Okay, let's do this.
That's mine. Okay, let's go.
Ready? Gran, you okay with that belt?
I can't get it done.
You guys, get out. You guys get out.
All right... all right!
New plan. New plan.
I'll go and you guys stay here.
Okay. That's a good plan.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Just glad she's all right.
I got your email.
Thank you so much for the speech.
- It was perfect.
- Yeah.
Where is everybody?
Where's... where's the Governor?
She canceled.
Her daughter had an asthma attack.
She's fine, but they're at home
in Springfield
so we're going live
from there instead.
- Emily?
- She's gone.
She left for the train station
a while ago.
She was pretty upset.
Yeah. I bet.
No... no.
Okay, no. I've just gotta hustle.
Right? Okay, thanks, Gina.
Oh, wait, Gina.
I'm so sorry for me being me.
- Okay. Yeah.
- Just get going.
What happened to Emily?
The Governor canceled.
We need to get to the train station!
To the train station it is.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Train station.
- Buckle up.
Everybody buckle up again.
Gran, how we doing with that belt?
Oh, hold your horses,
I'm not buckled in yet.
- Okay.
- Oh, Pop, help me here.
Okay. There she is. Okay.
- Okay? Okay.
- Let's go!
- Go!
- Here we go.
Good morning, and Merry Christmas!
Unfortunately, our daughter had
an asthma attack this morning
and, thankfully,
she is much better now.
However, we were unable to be in
the charming, little town of Fulton
where we originally planned
to do this broadcast.
If you haven't been
I suggest you visit.
It is one of my favorite places
in the state.
Sometimes, life throws us curveballs
and we have to adapt
especially when it comes to family.
Gran, is it the shoulder belt?
No, I need a mint.
- What? For who?
- Okay. Just go!
So rarely do we take a moment.
The gifts we already have...
Gina! What are you doing here?
As if I was going to miss this.
So romantic.
Love. Community...
Come on, Scotty!
And family. So, today
tomorrow and every day after that
let us strive for that
because that is how
we keep Illinois moving forward.
Merry Christmas, everyone,
to you and your loved ones.
Did you write that?
Yeah. Yeah.
Jamie, it was...
No. Wait. Em.
I am so tired
of making decisions out of fear.
Fear of failure.
Fear of falling short.
This idea that I have
that things have to be...
perfect in order for me
to be happy, successful, valued.
The only thing I have to show for it
is a heart that aches
for you all the time.
I guess the truth is,
Em, I never stopped loving you.
I just don't think
I believed in myself...
enough to fight for it.
But I'm fighting for it now.
I'm asking.
Asking what exactly?
Will you stay?
I know that you have
the job in the Caymans
- but we can...
- I turned it down.
No, no, no, Em.
That's not what I want.
No, that's what I want.
I turned it down
because I want to stay home.
I want to...
put down roots,
and start to really let people in.
There's this guy I really...
well, you know,
he's a pain in the neck
but we work well together.
He's an amazing speech writer.
I'm so sorry.
I am...
so sorry...
that you had to see me as a unicorn.
If you're looking
for a date to the wedding...
I'd like that.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Jamie.
Oh, my god!
Who's singing it?
Yeah, or she's a singer.
Okay, okay.