An Unexpected Love (2018) Movie Script

"Some years ago...
"Some years ago...
never mind how long precisely,
having little or no money
in my purse,
and nothing particular
to interest me on shore,
I thought I would sail about a time
and see the watery part
of the world.
It is a way! have
of driving off the spleen,
and regulating the circulation.
Whenever I find myself
growing grim about the mouth;
whenever it is a damp,
drizzly November in my soul;
then, I account it high time
to get to sea,
as soon as I can.
There is nothing surprising in this.
If they but knew it,
almost all men in their degree,
sometime or other,
cherish very nearly the same feeling
towards the ocean with me. "
Now I see it clearly.
The beginning of Moby Dick
explains almost exactly
what happened to us.
It all started three years ago,
when Luciano left to study in Spain.
Sorry, honey. I'm sorry.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I was prepared for this day, but...
- It's not like I'm going to war.
- I know.
- Have a safe journey.
- Okay.
- Take care.
- I'll call you tomorrow with Skype.
- Okay?
- Take it easy.
Thank you.
- Bye, my darling.
- Bye, mom.
Do you have your medicine?
What medicine?
- For his nausea.
- You're exaggerating!
We did it.
- We did it well.
- Yes, very well.
- Do you want to celebrate?
- Okay.
Let's do it.
I see that you started
being wistful.
The plane didn't fly over Uruguay yet
and you're already looking at photos?
- Are you going to bed?
- Why do you ask?
You have your pajama on.
I wanted to be
more comfortable.
- Is that wrong?
- No.
But I thought you'd want to be
sexier in our first night alone.
I'm not sexy like this?
Look at this picture.
Luchi was just born.
- Look at your face.
- That's not me.
That guy isn't me.
That guy doesn't have Grey hair,
he has all his teeth.
He's not me.
- Look at this one!
- Which one?
- Don't even mention it.
You were so chili head.
- What?
- Chili head.
You acted like a Mexican.
"I like spicy food, I want more,
I love spicy food."
And we spent the rest
of the trip eating cornflakes,
I remember it perfectly.
Because I like to taste
local food wherever l go.
Unlike you, that you read
Latin-American literature,
Rulfo and Fuentes,
but you end up
eating at McDonald's.
Of course, because the people
go to McDonalds.
The illuminated little bourgeois,
like you, go for the ethnic food.
Besides, that Mo Taco
was the most native thing
I tasted in my life.
Here we were in Cordoba.
I could still bend my knees back then.
Look at those sneakers,
they don't make them anymore,
-they're from last century.
- Well...
- What is it?
- Nothing. I'll look at them tomorrow,
I'll be sad, with nobody
bothering me.
I was trying to make you laugh,
- Do it another day, please. Here.
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you, honey.
What? What are you doing?
- What is it?
- You're so sexy.
I told you I was sexy.
Be nice to me.
Sorry, honey, I'm running late.
I have a class in half an hour.
I don't know what happened to me.
You always so unpunctual!
You're always running late
everywhere you go.
Maybe you should buy a watch.
Why would I want one?
I have my cell phone.
- Check your cell phone, then.
- It's my fault, I know.
- Do you want some coffee?
- Yes, but here, here.
There? So you want
a "people's national" flask.
That doesn't matter,
it keeps it hot all day.
- Okay.
- That's fine.
- Drive carefully.
- Yes, don't worry.
Bye, sorry. Sorry.
Give me a kiss. Bye.
- Straighten your shirt.
- Yeah, yeah.
Today we're going to talk
about boredom, weariness.
Is that an adequate universe
for a Latin-American writer?
No, indeed not.
The only thing that we can take
from Europe
ifs the Nietzsche model.
We have to question everything.
Discuss, be passionate...
Not understand.
Be lost.
Maybe that's the key,
to not understand.
But don't go with boredom, please.
Our pressure here
it's hunger, misery,
anxiety for the future to come.
What would be the only
identity signal
of the Latin-American writer?
Waiting for a Spanish
publisher's call?
Hear me on this one, guys,
don't beat around the bush.
I know that doesn't sound
very academic,
but it's here and now.
If you want to write,
don't beat around the bush.
This applies to life too.
This is my room, mom.
I have a little desk
but it's fine.
Very nice.
Yes. She's Lao Phen.
I'm two blocks away
from Carabajai Square.
That's nice.
How about you? How's dad?
We're fine, darling.
We're okay.
Daddy should be here in any moment.
Who is she? I didn't listen.
She's Lao, my roommate.
Do you share your room with her'?
Yeah, it's all right.
Why? What's wrong.
No... Look, here is your dad.
Wait a second.
Come here, look at this.
I'm with Luchi.
Hi, son. How are you?
Fine, and you?
Ah is great, Tm so happy.
Did you start school?
Yes, many days ago.
Nice. Who is there?
- She's his roommate.
- That's Lao, my roommate.
- Lao, come meet my parents.
- You're kidding. A roommate?
Yes. Hi!
- Hello!
- Hi, it's a pleasure!
She's from Vietnam.
I think you're not going to study.
So funny, dad.
I'm telling the truth.
Don't be a creep, dad.
I need to get some sleep,
1 have class tomorrow.
- Okay, good night.
- We miss you!
- I love you!
- Bye, take care. Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I've never seen something like that.
He went to study in Spain
and he got a Vietnamese roommate
with the boobs of an Italian girl.
- Luchi was right.
- Why?
- You're such a creep.
- I'm not! I just worry about him
-and his physical integrity.
- Where was that girl from?
What are we having for dinner?
Empanadas, I don't feel like cooking.
I ordered some caprese
and some Tucumanas.
Caprese? Why caprese?
Italians don't know a thing
about empanadas.
- You love caprese.
- No, that's you, not me.
Besides, Tucuman meat?
I told you that I like Saltefia.
- They're all the same, come on.
- They're not the same!
You think Jujuy, Salta and Tucumn
are all the same.
I'm going to explain you
the difference one more time.
But you have to pay attention.
- I'm listening.
- Okay.
The Saltefia ones come with potato,
Tucumanas don't.
The Saltefia ones
come with ground beef,
Tucumanas uses flank steak.
Among other differences,
one comes with sweet pepper
and the other one don't.
- Do you want me to continue?
- No, it's fine.
One day I'll order Salteflas, Tucumanas
and a the variants,
and you'll have to guess them.
If you do it fight, you win.
What's in it for me?
You can do whatever you want
with me.
- Okay, let's do it right now.
- No, not now.
Yes, right now, I'm tired
of this never-ending argument.
- Let's do it now.
- Okay.
- Don't cheat, no peeping.
- Okay, go on.
Let's start.
What are you doing?
Are you an empanada sommelier?
- The smell tells me...
- Take a bite.
- Tucumana.
- Very well.
Why is it Tucumana?
Because the flank steak
was cut with a knife, and also...
it has a light stock
that the Saltefia ones don't have.
Let's try another one.
You were lucky.
- Lucky?
- Come on.
Tucumana, also. I can smell it.
- Can I take this off?
- No. Wait.
- I'm hungry.
- Wait.
- The last one.
- Give me some water.
Otherwise, the flavors...
That's water?
No sodium.
Yes! Very well!
You're a genius.
- You win.
- I know.
You can ask me anything.
Wait a second.
Eat the Tucumanas.
Can I take this off now?
This made me hungry.
- How's your day?
- It's so boring.
We have to start with a group
of middle-aged women, housewives.
What for'?
Because the surveys tell us
that if you stay in your house
at that stage
and you don't produce,
you get depressive.
I don't take jokes.
- I didn't say anything.
- I know.
You didn't, but I know you,
I know what you're thinking.
What am I thinking?
That in sometime, I'll be
leading one of those groups.
No, forget about it.
- Do you watch TV?
- Yes, yes.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, series.
- Series?
- That's right.
- I only use the computer.
- Look at that.
What kind of series
do you watch?
"Merli." "House of cards."
I'm watching "La casa de papel",
-they say it's awesome.
- Yes, I watched it all.
- The final part...
- Don't say anything.
Listen, the best series
it's "Game of Thrones".
- Forget it, that dwarf!
- I fell in love with him.
He's beautiful.
I will stop watching series
the day I become a grandmother.
I want to be a grandmother.
I want to be a grandmother.
What happened?
You couldn't sleep?
No, I couldn't.
Something happened?
No. I don't know.
You miss him.
What are we going to do?
What do you mean?
About us.
I don't understand.
What do you want to do?
I'm here...
looking at these things.
The paintings, the table,
the couch, this cup...
I don't know.
Why do we have so many things?
I'm a little sleepy.
Could you be more precise?
Why do you know so much
about empanadas?
I don't know, since I was a kid...
Look, we knew
this wasn't going to be easy.
We dedicated more than 2O years
of our lives to our son.
We raised him with love, dedication,
sacrifice and happiness...
so he could do exactly
what he's doing fight now.
Including the Vietnamese girl.
He moved out
less than a month ago.
Relax, we have
all our lives ahead of us.
That's what scares me.
What's in store for us?
You and me.
I mean, what will be the next
important event in our lives?
Becoming grandparents?
Hopefully, that will happen
in ten years.
And I hope it becomes true.
But meanwhile, what shall I do?
The same thing you've been doing
all these years.
You have a job. You like it.
You have friends, good ones.
You're looking for problems
where there aren't any.
I think that you're being affected
by that "empty nest" thing.
I never believed in it,
but now it's clear.
You're the one talking
about the empty nest syndrome?
The professor of existential crisis.
Don't be afraid.
It's not you. I love you.
I don't want you to comfort me,
I don't want to find peace.
I dont want to run from this.
Let's go to bed.
I have all these symptoms,
when I'm in the car...
- Do you want one?
- What's the filler'?
Meat, coriander
and a soft chili.
- I pass.
- I want one.
Thank you.
I had my gallbladder removed
three months ago.
I didn't know.
What can you eat?
Anything, but it has
to be boiled. It sucks.
And no alcohol.
For how long?
At least six more months,
until my system settles.
- Besides, my colon is destroyed.
- That's too bad!
After 50, spice
is not recommended.
What do you advise after 50?
- A good insurance.
- Right.
That's right!
It's going to last nearly a year.
That's an eternity.
It's hard. I used to see it
all the time in my practice,
but I didn't understand it
until it happened to me.
That's right.
You suddenly lose all your worries,
you run out of problems.
- Like not having a project.
- Yeah.
Do you remember how I was
when Manu left?
I looked completely uncared for!
- I gained at least 26 pounds.
- No...
I was eating all the time.
I looked like a block.
Do you remember
when I went to the Temazcales?
You have tell me about that.
Do you know what saved my life?
The romance I had. Do you remember?
That ended, right?
Yes! I lost two, four, six pounds.
After I lost 15 pounds,
I never saw him again.
Hi, Gonza.
- How are you?
- Hi, Marcos.
I didn't know
you had a granddaughter!
What are you talking about?
She's my daughter, Leia.
Didn't you know?
Are you kidding? With Miriam?
No, no! I got divorced
four years ago.
- No, no.
- I had no idea.
- She's my wife, Natacha.
- Hi!
- Gonza, Marcos.
- Hi.
- Thank you very much.
- So nice.
- I have to change her diapers.
She's beautiful.
- See you later.
- Yes, yes.
- I can't believe it.
- I'm so happy, Marcos.
Okay, congratulations.
I would've sworn you would
never get divorced.
Ten years ago you told me:
"We're waiting to be alone
to start traveling, be happy..."
One says so many things.
Luckily, life takes its course...
- And Miriam is great too.
- That's great.
Hi! Can you hear me?
Thank you, my friends
for being here. I'm excited.
You were my friends my whole life.
Thank you, Marquitos, Aldo, Gonza,
Anita, Carlos Maria...
Fefu. Fefu! Mauro...
I'm really happy.
Ernesto, who left us last year.
Where did he go?
- He died, you idiot.
- Didn't you hear?
Luisito, Marta...
I don't know
if I'm forgetting someone.
Did I mention everyone? Okay.
Mann, my dear son.
Lastly, my wife Lili.
My beloved Lili.
You go, girl!
Twenty five years
and the fire is still going.
I wasn't born in that time.
We have unbridled passion.
And we decreed, a long time ago,
a permanent state of happiness!
With cuddles, caresses,
love, games...
- Wild sex!
- Stop it! That's enough!
- The tigerjump...
- Take his mic!
Take his mic and his drink!
He's drunk. Stop it.
Thank you so much for being here.
Now we'll share the cake.
Wait a second,
I have a surprise.
- What is it?
- Let's dim the lights.
What is it?
What are you doing?
I'm smoking.
I see that. When did you
take it up again?
Since now.
Two days ago I bought a pack
and I remembered how I liked
to smoke after sex.
Don't be silly, you put so much
effort in quitting.
I had a reason.
There's always a reason.
For me, pregnancy
is the best reason.
Okay, take care then.
Last night I felt something special.
We should get a pregnancy test.
So you're into black humor.
This body
doesn't have any more eggs
to fertilize.
I'll smoke only
two cigarettes per day.
- Don't worry.
- Sure. That's what you say now.
What time is it in Spain?
Close to ten past four.
I'm going to call Luchi.
Look. He's online!
Shall we go to the movies today?
Okay, but later.
I'm going for a walk with Edi.
He's not answering.
Maybe he's not at home.
But he's online.
Maybe he's taking a nap
with Miss Saigon.
I'm going to have lunch
with my mother
and we can meet later.
- Okay.
- At eight o'clock.
Okay, eight o'clock.
But not your eight o'clock.
Just eight o'clock.
Okay, your eight o'clock.
No, just eight o'clock.
Fine. Eight o'clock, then.
That man won my heart.
- Don't be offended.
- I'm not offended.
I love to see you happy.
But some details
make me a little nervous.
See what I'm doing?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Do you know how it feels
to fall in love...?
Wait! Let me help you!
It's heavy.
Falling in love at 82 years old?
Is the same as in your twenties,
but better.
There's no rush.
He has an amazing skin.
- And he's such a good kisser!
- Stop it, mom Again?
How's my grandson?
Very well.
He's settled, studying hard.
He's very well.
And you?
Here I am. Fine, I think.
- Do you miss him?
- Yes.
Yes. I really miss him, but...
I don't know if that's
the problem with me.
Do you know what, darling?
This strange moment you're living
will eventually end.
Look at me.
When you moved out
of the house,
and your dad passed away
I thought there was nothing
left for me.
And look what I've just told you.
I fell in love again.
You're so lucky, mom.
I'm glad for you.
I hope it's like you say.
- Do you mind if I smoke?
- Not if you give me one.
Do you smoke now?
No, but I feel like it.
Okay, let's smoke.
How are you doing without Luchito?
Fine, fine.
- He's very well.
- Great.
Ana is a little strange.
I think he misses him. She's sad.
She's the mother, it makes sense.
- And you'?
- Yes, I'm fine. Lilt's fine.
Why are you separating?
"I'm fine." "Lilt's fine."
I feel good, she's fine.
Didn't you ask me that?
I asked about you two.
We're fine.
If we're still together
after 25 years,
-it's because we're fine.
- It's time for depression.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling you we're fine. We still
love each other after 25 years.
Isn't that enough?
Or you want us to be in trouble?
You've been seeing someone else
for seven years!
- Are you judging me?
- I'm not judging you.
I mean, if you've had another woman
for seven years,
that's a clear signal
that something is not working
in your marriage.
I think you're falling in love
with the other woman.
With Anabella?
No, that's only sex.
Just sex.
And ifs obvious
that marriages malfunction.
What works after 25 years?
If you buy a car,
five or six years later
it starts to fail.
The front wheel drive,
the electrical part,
but you don't throw it away,
because it still takes you places.
Things deteriorate
when you use them.
They wear out, they change.
But you don't throw it away
because it doesn't work.
Besides, what are you suggesting?
That I should leave everything
and move in with Anabella?
I didn't say that.
We are old, Marquitos.
I'm not for big changes.
So we only change
when we're young, Edi?
Come on, we're not machines.
We have impulse, desire, guilt.
I'm your friend, I want to help you
reach the truth.
The truth?
I'm fed up with that truth.
You have a problem
with truth, really.
What kind of truth
are you talking about?
- Did the car example bother you?
- No, no.
Look at Gonzalo,
with his gallbladder.
It didn't work, he took it out
and that's it. His wife
didn't throw him away.
Are you listening to yourself?
What does Gonzalds gallbladder
has to do with this?
I'm talking about something else!
- What are you laughing about?
- Nothing, I'm a little dizzy.
I don't know if we're talking
about me or you.
Cut the crap!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Please, turn off the light.
What are you doing in the dark?
I don't know, the night fell
before I could realize.
Please, turn it off.
Thank you.
Did you clean up the place?
Yes, a little. But I'm resting now.
I'll continue later.
So we're not going to the cinema.
It's a bit late for that,
don't you think?
Yes, sorry.
My mother confined me.
She's so in love, so passionate.
My God! I don't want to talk
about that.
How about you?
I went for a walk with Eddy.
Then I came home.
While I waited for you,
I tidied up, started thinking.
No, no. It's not recommended
to think on a Sunday afternoon.
It's very dangerous.
Should I sit down?
- Give me a sip.
- Here.
That orchid is beautiful.
- It is, isn't it?
- Yes.
It's beautiful.
How do you feel about me?
I feel nothing.
- Whoa!
- Can you be serious?
No, I can't be serious
about that question.
Especially coming from you.
Why? It's a simple question,
answer it in simple terms.
The first thing that comes
to your mind.
- How delightful!
- Yes.
You're the man that I chose
to share my life with.
You're the father of my child.
You make me laugh.
You're an empanada expert.
What else?
You're sweet, protective...
Well, not too sweet. Bittersweet.
But that's better.
This way you don't cloy me.
I didn't ask what you think of me.
I asked you how you feel?
I feel loved. Very loved.
I feel protected, respected,
desired, sometimes.
Is that ok?
Can we order some pizzas?
Yes, it's fine.
How do you feel about me?
- You liked the game.
- Be honest.
I love you.
I adore you, actually.
I have complete confidence in you.
I admire you because
you have a superior mind.
You're a great companion.
And I also desire you, many times.
- But?
- But nothing.
I think we're entering the prologue
of what you really wanted to tell me.
See? You're so much smarter than me.
I've always said so.
I also want to highlight
your humbleness. That's important.
No, it's nothing.
I was thinking about
what you said the other day,
when you started enumerating
the furniture, the chairs...
You mentioned the cups...
and I could add a lot of things.
Look at all the things we have.
Masks, books, ornaments.
The harpoon.
But I was thinking
about something you said.
The most important event of our lives
will be to become grandparents.
And, actually...
I don't know.
I thought about the plan
to reach that point.
That's what worries...
and disturbs me.
I forgot about that.
I was thinking about what you said,
that thing about
the empty nest, but...
- I think it's not like that.
- Maybe it is.
- It's not like that.
- It's not like that.
What frightens me
is staying still,
settled in comfort.
Without room for a surprise.
Lately, I've been feeling
that I have a fake laugh.
What do I laugh about?
I'm scared too.
I'm afraid of...
getting hair extensions,
becoming a boring woman
that always talks
about the same things.
slowly withering.
Of envying my mother.
Why would you?
Because she's 80,
and she's happy and in love.
And you're not?
Are you?
I think not.
That's some news.
Are you in love?
I'm in a phase beyond infatuation.
How is that?
Did you meet someone?
No, Ana, no.
Don't make a scene.
I didn't meet anyone.
You're not in love.
That's the truth.
But we could be together
another 30 years
and probably be very happy.
- No.
- What?
I'm not in love.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
I don't know.
That's how we broke up.
By mutual agreement.
Ana stayed at home
and I moved
to a friend's apartment.
Yes, we broke up.
It was weird because
we cared for each other,
we had fun.
But one day,
just like that, he left.
And we entered
the wonderful world
of the newly separated.
I believe in almighty Facebook.
I can't believe I'm here with you.
My account is recent.
I opened it two weeks ago.
I know. I had a reminder
to look for you every month.
You're exaggerating.
We haven't seen each other
in how long?
Since last century?
- December of '79.
- Very well.
Since prom.
I wanted to kiss you, remember'?
I remember it perfectly.
That night you tried
to kiss all the girls.
I was tremendous, so crazy.
But now I'm a new man,
I'm changed.
I'm serene now.
Is that a personal
or a hormonal decision?
You're still the same.
"Here comes Fallaci,"
we used to say.
You're sharp, nice.
I love it.
I believe in destiny.
I always knew that we were
going to end up together.
But first we have to start
somewhere, right?
So what?
This is the moment
when you kiss me.
You're so wonderful!
You're like Mafalda.
Come on! Kiss me, you idiot!
I'm kicking your ass!
Do you think so?
Rain doesn't favor you.
Look at this magic.
How's Anita?
Shocked, I don't know.
- It's hard.
- Yes.
Are you seeing someone?
No, no.
It's too soon.
What are you going to do?
Nothing, I don't know.
It was just three months ago.
Lets pause this.
This freedom thing is weird.
You think that when you're finally free,
the world will be yours.
But then you don't know what to do,
where to start
or with whom.
Sometimes, you don't even know
why you did what you did.
Last night I cried.
But I was not sad,
it was something else.
It was a weird...
and profound feeling
that passed through me.
I thought: "What if I die here, alone,
without anyone noticing?"
And after a few days
a neighbor complains
about the smell...
Anabella is waiting for me.
I have to go, sorry.
No, no.
If Lili calls,
tell her I was here until 2 a.m.
No, wait. Until four,
because I told her
-that you were devastated.
- Ok.
We'll continue later.
I'm kicking your ass.
Shut up.
Why don't you try Tinder?
No way. I'd rather kill myself.
It's a whole new world.
Do it, you won't regret it.
Yes! How are you? Barbara?
- How are you?
- Fine, very fine.
- Nice.
- Are we going to stay here?
As you wish.
Okay, this is the best place
of this bar.
Be my guest.
What are you drinking?
Champagne, but it has to be ice cold,
-or else don't bother.
- Perfect.
So? Did you meet many girls
in Tinder?
No, not so much.
You're lying.
You're a new one.
- Almost.
- Yes.
Don't tell me anything.
It's been less than three months
since you broke up.
Exactly three months,
I can't believe you.
See? I can tell.
You have to relax. Let it flow.
Maybe nothing happens,
or we could end up
banging in some hotel, right'?
Marcelo! Marcelo!
Life taught me something:
nothing is written, nothing.
- That's true.
- Right?
- It's incredible.
- Thank you.
- It's warm, see?
- We can ask for another.
In this country you have to lower
your expectations
if you want to be happy,
but I'm demanding,
I have a strong temper.
- I'm very demanding.
- I like demanding people.
What do you do for a living?
I'm an orthodontist.
The best in my field,
I make a lot of money.
How are your teeth?
Fine, I think.
Let me see.
Come on, show me. Show me!
No, open your mouth, wide.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Open it! I can't see.
I'm not going to hurt you!
- Stop it, please.
- Wait, I'm watching.
- Stop it, are you crazy?
- Very well!
You're very well,
considering your age,
I see so many disasters...
What's your occupation?
- What?
-what do you do?
I'm a podiatrist.
A pedicurist?
- Is it profitable?
- Yes, it's going well.
I have a chain
of clinics for the feet.
I'm a little grossed out by feet.
I think you're a little aggressive,
I'm sincere.
But I can be very tender
if I want, you know?
I get kind of nervous
if I like the person in front of me.
- Do you like me?
- A little, yes.
I like you a little too.
Are you good in bed?
Well, nobody complained.
And you?
If you can handle me, I'm the best.
The more you give me,
the more I give in return.
Do you like playing games?
- What?
- Little games.
- What kind of games?
- Toys, slave-master stuff.
No, I'm a little more conventional.
I was conventional
until I got divorced.
I tried everything.
Do you like to be humiliated?
No, no...
Don't be afraid, it's just a game.
I'm not very experienced in this,
you can tell, but...
I was thinking that
we're getting to know each other
and it's working.
If you want, we could finish
these drinks,
I saw a hotel next to this bar.
Don't be so anxious.
Play some more with me,
seduce me.
- Say something to my ear.
- Like what?
Something dirty.
Something dirty?
Let's see.
You're such a faggot!
- Did you like it?
- You're such a pervert.
- I loved it, look how I am.
- How?
- Look at my skin.
- Yes?
I'm all wet.
Let's go to that crappy hotel
so you can have me.
Son of a bitch!
Pay the bill,
I'm going to take a piss.
Bring me the check, please.
Who is Marcelo?
Some lady passed out
in the bathroom!
It's your woman, sir,
she said she wanted Marcelo!
- What?
- Call an ambulance!
Good afternoon. How are you?
Did you know this place?
A friend recommended it.
Did she tell you how we work?
Yes. Kind of.
I tell you, then.
In this lab we make
niche perfumes.
We have 103 fragrances
organized in families of scent.
We don't work with male
or female gender.
Here we have the citrusy,
aromatic greens,
herbal and floral.
Do you want to try some?
Try some, that one.
Someone dreams?
Simply take the cylinder
close to your nose.
- What?
- The cylinder.
Osmanthus, patchouli, cassis.
Very nice.
Are you looking
for something in particular?
No, I'm not looking anything,
I'm just tasting.
- Is it for you?
- Yes.
Would you like a suggestion?
Whale of the pampas.
Imagine a whale resting
over the grass of the pampas.
It's the combination of 13 musks,
Grey amber and hay.
How delightful.
Frangipan, ylang-ylang and vanilla.
Tales from the jungle.
The belief that everything
is possible is restored.
Bergamot, lemon balm...
How delightful.
Thank you.
Thank you
Thank you.
Very well!
Very well.
Can I help you with that?
- I could carry the amplifier.
- Okay.
What else?
This, you have to take this.
Do you want me to carry
your guitar?
No, I don't lend my guitar
to anyone.
- No one?
- Not even my boyfriend.
- Besides I'm stronger than you.
- Sure?
You'll start saying
that your knees hurt...
I could carry you, the guitar,
the amplifier, all of that.
- I bet you can't.
- Do you want to make a bet?
- Okay.
-what if I win?
You can ask me anything
you want.
- Anything?
- Anything.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Okay, come on.
You have to carry me to my house.
No, that's another story.
- So you quit.
- No, I didn't quit.
That's another story.
Come on, mount me.
Here we go.
I don't think this is allowed.
- No?
- No.
I think it is.
It's much heavier than I thought!
You're a sissy.
-I am?
- Yes!
- It looks like you're going to lose.
- You're a sissy.
- You're going to lose.
- I am not!
- Do you want to bet?
- Okay.
- Something else?
- I already bet you something.
You already lost!
Over here.
That's Beatrix.
Beatrix, this is Ana.
Hi, Beatrix.
They live 140 years.
She's going to outlive all of us.
Make yourself comfortable.
Do you want something to drink?
Do you want to try absinthe?
Okay, I never tried it.
I'll make you one.
It's a distilled drink
made from Wormwood.
It was the impressionists'
favorite drink.
Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec.
It's a drink associated with art
and inspiration.
There's a question
that I like very much.
It's a poetic question.
What's the difference
between a glass of absinthe
and the sunset?
I don't know. I give up.
It's strong.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, yes.
Can I go to the bathroom?
Of course.
It's over there.
What are you doing
in an apartment
with a 140 year old iguana
and a guy you don't know,
drinking absinthe?
Are you crazy, Ana?
Wake up!
What if you wake up tomorrow
and you're missing your kidney
or your cornea?
What are you doing?
He's a murderer, a psychopath,
Tell him: "Anselmo,
I'm not comfortable here.
If you want to be with me,
treat me like a lady,
call me, take me to dinner,
let's go dancing,
let's go to Cirque Du Soleil.
But not like this!
I'm going home,
thank you for everything. Bye."
Come on, come on!
What are you doing?
I was doing some exercise.
Are you feeling good?
Yes, I'm good, but what
are you doing like that?
What do you mean?
You're naked.
I love being naked.
Does it bother you?
Ana, please.
- Really, I...
- Smell me, Ana.
- I'm telling you...
- Smell me.
Just smell me.
Anselmo, that's not
how this works.
Is there something
that you don't like about me?
I like everything about you.
- Everything.
Well, not really.
There's something I don't like.
What don't you like?
- The mattress.
- The mattress?
What's wrong with the mattress?
I can't do it with the mattress
on the floor.
My back is killing me.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going home.
Stay, please.
I'll end up with a stiff neck.
Okay, I'll come with you.
No, it's pointless,
you're naked,
I'll come tomorrow.
It's nothing.
Tell me, why don't you want me
to go to your place?
Who said that?
Besides I don't have a home,
I had a home.
This is a temporary place.
It's ugly, you won't like it.
I don't mind, I want to go with you.
- Tell me.
Are you still married?
- Come on...
- Or you live with your mommy?
- No.
- What's your secret?
It's not a place that comforts me,
it doesn't represent me.
What are you talking about?
I'm not asking to see
your diary or your memories.
I'm asking to sleep together
one night.
We've been together three months
and never slept together.
We've been together
just three months,
don't jeopardize
such a loving bond,
I beg you, please.
Sleeping together is overrated.
I snore, did you know that?
I know that you snore.
But it's nice to sleep together.
I want to sleep with you, anyways.
Just one night.
Just one night.
It's not so easy,
because we don't share things,
we don't go to the theater,
we don't listen to music,
he doesn't understand my jokes.
We don't do the groceries together,
we don't cook either.
What do you do?
We have sex,
that's what we do all the time.
Are you kidding?
Are you going to leave him
because you only have sex?
We only break up to have sex.
If you don't want sex,
you stay with your partner.
Are you checking yourself?
You're talking nonsense.
It's not nonsense! I see it
all the time in my practice.
Do you want to know hard facts?
Do you know why
99 per cent of couples break up?
Because they lack desire
and they don't have sex.
They never do it
because of excess.
That wasn't a problem
with Marcos either.
What do you miss?
Going to the supermarket, cooking?
You can do all that stuff with me.
That's it, I'm going to leave him.
I'm bored.
I cooked your favorite dish,
look at that.
It's my favorite dish.
I know, I know.
Let's see how it tastes.
- What is it?
- No...
Wait a second.
- This is dirty.
-what are you saying?
It's very dirty.
It's the truth.
Okay, have mine.
You only rinsed it.
There's a piece of tomato there.
- Use mine.
- Yours is probably worse.
- I'm serious.
- Come on...
- I'm going to wash it.
- No, no, I'll do it.
- Are you sure?
- I'll do it. Give it to me.
There, you see?
There's nothing there.
Do you have dish soap?
- Did you buy some?
- It should be here.
Let me see.
You may be thinking:
"Why did I ever leave her?"
You can't even find
the dish soap.
- Shut up.
- Okay.
- Here it is!
- You found it?
Check the expiration date.
Expiration date? Like medicine?
- It's a joke, you idiot.
- So funny.
That was very fast.
Let's see now.
- Okay?
- Yes, it's fine.
- Do you want to make a toast?
- Yes, sure.
What should we toast to?
My grandson.
- To Luciano.
- Good idea.
Stop complaining and tell me
what you think.
What did you get separated for?
What for or why?
What did I say?
One usually asks why not what for.
That's a good question, though.
I don't know. Stuff.
Maybe it's my age, or...
or certain dissatisfaction.
To try something new.
To live an experience...
That never happened to you?
What's that?
- Is it worth it?
- I don't know.
It's too soon, dad.
I don't know, it's like...
It's the need to...
to regain some vertigo, or fear.
- Something like that.
- Fear of what?
Fear of being alone, for example.
But are you alone?
I'm not alone, I'm...
Seeing someone.
You make me think.
You break up. Why?
Because you want to feel
vertigo, fear...
You want to be alone. Right?
But the first thing you do
is search for company.
To stop feeling fear
and being alone.
So I ask myself,
and you should too,
why did you do it?
- Pascal.
- What's up with Pascal?
Pascal wrote
that the sadness of men
comes from the inability
to be alone in a room.
Imagine if he came here.
He'd die.
I just realized I made
a shepherd's pie for Pascal.
Since when do you read Pascal?
Since I'm alone I read Pascal.
Did I tell you the story
of the broom?
- Did I?
- I don't remember.
Five years ago,
I was in my backyard,
staring at nothing.
I was sad.
Your mother had already died.
I was sitting in the backyard.
Suddenly, I felt a tingle,
like ants running on my feet.
Like when your limbs feel numb
after being...
That tingle started to go up.
It went up to the knee,
it stayed there.
And it kept going up,
up to here, up to my waistline.
I said: "The Grim Reaper.
I'm going to die.
I'm going to die."
And I felt...
How to explain it...
Panic, fear, so much fear.
I got up.
I was feeling desperate.
Then I saw the broom.
So I started sweeping the floor.
Frantically, like this.
Like this, I swept and swept.
Sweep, sweep, sweep.
Sweep, sweep...
And I began to calm down.
I started to feel better.
Five minutes earlier
I thought I was going to die
and now I'm sweeping leaves.
Another leaf.
Another leaf.
I made a nice pile.
And I felt I was giving...
some meaning to my life.
That happened to me.
- I didn't tell you.
This is the best shepherd's pie
I've had in my whole life.
What would be our first conclusions?
The empirical ones, those that arise
from simple observation.
Then we move on to statistics.
Rebelliousness, instability
and volatility.
They change their ideas
and beliefs rapidly.
Regardless of the ones
who surround them.
That's why I've been saying
all these years
that market studies are pointless.
Does anyone have anything to say
before we check the statistics?
You? Did you want to say something?
Yes, I thought you wanted
to ask something.
Not really.
How long have you been separated?
Seven years. I'm an expert by now.
And you?
A year and a half, almost.
- Are you doing fine?
- Yes, I'm good.
I was good before, too.
But now I'm fine,
in another kind of way.
Why did you break up
if you were fine?
- You ask so many questions.
- I'm a survey taker.
Why did you do it?
I don't know.
- Great answer.
- I don't know, actually.
Me neither.
Tell me something...
did you ever fall in love again?
No, no. Cohabitation is not for me.
I'm a herbivore lion,
like General Pern used to say.
Are you herbivore?
Yes, I'm boring.
I like routine. I like that everything
is the same day, every day.
That's the only thing
that moves me:
staying still.
That's the only thing
that moves me.
There you go,
you can sleep here.
You have two pillows
and a blanket.
- Thanks.
- I'll leave tomorrow.
- Really?
- Yes, Anabella hired an Airbnb.
How modern.
- Cheers.
- Now tell me, what happened?
Once you're caught in offside,
you're out for the rest
of the championship.
You've been in offside
for nine years.
Yes, but it was perfect.
Two worlds that didn't touch
each other.
On the one side, something sexual.
Passion, not a single promise,
no feelings.
On the other side, the structure,
the family, certainty.
- What are you laughing at?
- Nothing, sorry.
And what happened?
It all went to hell.
How did she find out?
Don't you know what that is?
I know what it is.
But do you have an lnstagram?
No, not me. Anabella does.
Apparently she uploaded
a photo with me, together.
That photo traveled,
here and there.
Traveled from one city
to another, contacts,
triangulation, bounce, flies,
there it goes!
And Lili received it.
Can you believe it?
What does Lili want lnstagram for?
What does she want it for?
But she has one,
and I didn't know it.
They were the two
most distant people in the world.
They have nothing in common,
nothing at all.
But she saw that photo.
And here we are.
I can't believe it.
What kind of photo was it?
Were you naked? What were you doing?
I'm embarrassed.
Come on, it's me!
We weren't doing anything,
that's the worst part.
In Caril.
You're so screwed.
There's nothing more pornographic
than happiness.
It would be better to be found
in bed with five lady-boys.
What are you going to do now?
I don't know.
- Maybe you could talk to her.
- You.
- Me? Are you crazy?
She'll believe you,
you always tell the truth.
- Are you crazy? I can't do it.
- Come on, you can do it.
It's not that I don't want to, Edi!
But I've been talking to you
about this for nine years.
You always said it was physical.
No feelings, no commitments, no risk.
But you look so happy here,
like a kid.
First you have to know
what you want. You!
No, no. I can't live
without Lili. No.
Do something, because
I can't live without Lili.
She's my partner.
We've been together
all our lives.
I screwed up.
I screwed up.
What are you doing here?
You brought your bodyguard!
Are you afraid of me, you coward?
- I came to get my stuff.
-what stuff?
Some clothes, underwear, pajamas.
What are you talking about?
I left with only the clothes on my back.
I've been using the same socks
for a week.
You have five minutes
to collect your garbage
and get out of here!
You can't come whenever you like.
You have to tell me
before you do it.
We have company.
- Hi, Anita.
- No "Hi Anita" for you, asshole!
Go get your stuff.
The clock's ticking, go!
What do you think
about your dumb-ass friend?
I don't know what to say, Lili.
He's destroyed. A mess...
Maybe you could think of...
You knew, didn't you?
- No, no.
- No? Don't lie to me, Marcos.
Cut the crap! We're grownups.
- What can l...?
- Did you see the photo?
- No, I don't want to see it.
- Look at it.
- No, no.
- Look at it!
- I'd prefer...
- Look at it!
Since when does this guy
do acrobatics with girls?
He's been saying to me
that he can't get on top
because his calves cramp!
And he has the nerve
to be wearing the shorts
we bought together in Florianopolis!
So disrespectful!
- Calm down.
- I was such an idiot!
- I was an idiot, right?
- Calm down.
Why is he taking so long?
He does it on purpose.
You come here to upset me
while I'm relaxing with my friend,
drinking tea.
How dare you come here
for your stuff.
This is not your home anymore!
You need to understand that!
- What a mess.
- Tremendous.
Leave that!
You're not taking that!
How are you?
Fine. And you?
I'm good.
We did it better.
So much better.
Luchi told me you talked
last night.
- Yes, he's doing well.
- Yes, he's fine.
But he's changed.
You're changed too.
I see you more...
You look dazzling, very pretty.
Thank you.
Why are you so vital?
I wanted to tell you something,
before you hear it
from someone else.
I'm moving in with Eloy.
Who's that?
Eloy, his name is Eloy.
Sorry, that was silly.
How old is he?
- He's younger than you.
- That's easy to accomplish.
He's my age.
Do you know where
you will live?
Shut the fuck up!
In his house.
I want to sell our apartment.
You're giving me so many news.
Okay. Can we talk about this
some other time?
- Okay.
- It would be better, right?
- How are you?
- Fine.
How's the Spice Girl?
- Who told you?
- Luchi
He sent me the links
to the videos you sent him.
That's over. Long ago.
What a shame.
- I fell sorry for you!
- Are you alone?
There you have your damn ball!
Can you...?
- Let's go.
- Shall we?
- Bye, Anita.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I don't ever want to see you again!
Did you hear me?
I can't believe this.
I don't understand why
nobody made a film
about this book.
- What are you saying?
- Nothing, forget about it.
How long will it take you?
I'm tired.
We could take a shower
and go out to dinner.
Come on, don't be lazy.
Give me one more mate,
I'll put a couple more
-and we can go wherever you want.
- Ok.
You won't regret this, right?
- Regret it, you say?
- Yes.
I don't want to hear
that we work together,
that our colleagues,
your ex or my exes...
Your exes?
- You know them all.
- Here.
I always kept on the same line.
Intellectual, bourgeois,
But with a talent for irony.
- Didn't you date Musaluppi?
- Yes, two years.
There's nothing ironic
about Musaluppi.
- Musaluppi is very funny.
- He's very sarcastic.
- You're kidding.
Okay, I'll go on with this.
I'm one hole away
from governing this place.
If I install my library,
I won't move it
for at least five years.
Shall I proceed?
All the way.
That's my man.
Considering the quality
and the location of the apartment,
it can be sold rather easily
for the price you're asking for.
Whenever you're ready,
we put it on the market.
Great. We can do it right now.
What do you think?
Let's think about it.
What is there to think about?
Think about it
and give me a call.
- Here is my card.
- Thank you.
I'll walk you to the door.
Thank you.
- Good bye.
- Bye.
Why didn't you tell me
you don't want to sell?
I didn't say that. I just want
to think a little more about it.
What do you need to think?
What do I need to think?
I can't believe how fast
you want to get hold of this apartment.
That's not true.
It's not easy for me,
but I thought it would be nice
to sell it,
and buy three apartments
with that money.
One for Luciano, one for you
and another one for me.
I'm worried about the coldness
of your plan.
Did you forget how difficult
it was to find this apartment?
We remodeled the whole place.
I made this home.
We made this home.
Both of us.
- Fine.
- Fine.
It's like signing a death certificate
for the last 25 years of my life.
Marcos, please...
Why do you think that way?
We've been separated
for three years.
You have a new life.
Me too.
Memories are beautiful,
but they are just that, memories.
This place meant something
when we were in it,
but now...
What do you want to do
with this?
A family museum?
That's your idea?
You won't believe what a sunset
in Canelones looks like!
Have you been to Canelones?
- I've never had the pleasure.
- We have to go right now.
Take a vacation,
we have to go now.
The sky...
The sky is like honey.
You feel the need to touch it.
I can't believe you've never
been to Canelones.
Speaking of "cannelloni",
I'm hungry.
Do you want to order
some empanadas?
Empanadas '2
It's a typical Argentine food
made with ground or cut beef,
sometimes with potato,
sometimes not,
wrapped up in pastry.
And a touch of irony.
With little irony and sweet pepper,
the Tucumanas are excellent.
I'll pass.
I can't eat them because
my pylorus swells up.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner,
but I have a truncated pylorus.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
How long were you planning
on hiding it?
If I had told you that
on our first date,
we wouldn't be here
right now, right?
Definitely not, this is serious.
It's a problem that only
1.7 % of people have.
- Really?
- Yes.
Do you want to know which famous
people had a truncated pylorus?
- Cleopatra had a truncated pylorus.
- You're kidding!
Sylvester Stallone, Guido Kaczka.
They say Evo Morales too.
But since Evo Morales chews coke,
it isn't much of an issue to him.
Because coke is like "renacuaja."
"Renacuaja" was a beverage
that my grandma made.
You see, in my family
we all have a truncated pylorus.
So, during Christmas,
we would eat everything
and when we went to bed,
grandma showed up
with a big bottle of "renacuaja"
for the entire family.
The next morning, we were
all fine. It was marvelous!
What was in it?
I don't know, she never told us.
She took the secret to her grave.
She was a little...
She was great,
but she lived in the country.
She was illiterate,
like Saramago's grandparents.
If I had this much "renacuaja"
fight now,
I'd eat half dozen empanadas.
No problem.
For sure.
Then we should order
some cannelloni.
Afla Rossini.
We'll toast to your grandma
and you can tell me about sunsets.
How does that sound
for your pylorus?
Cannelloni? Excellent!
Cannelloni are the best for me.
When you say words like
"renacuaja", cannelloni, pylorus...
I feel like kissing you.
- What?
- I think it's Luchi.
Go ahead.
- Hi, darling!
- Hi, mom.
- How are you?
- Where are you?
At Eloy's.
Send my regards.
- He sends his regards.
- Me too.
- How are you?
- Fine. Everything is good.
I wanted to tell you something
1 discussed with dad.
What is it?
- Hello.
- Hi. How are you, Ana?
- Fine?
- Yes.
I'll see you at home.
I'll be there after my class.
- Good bye.
- Bye.
I don't understand
why you didn't say anything.
- He wanted to tell you himself.
- You should've called me anyway.
I was going to call you,
but you called first.
What do we do?
There's not much we can do.
He's a grown up, Ana.
So we let him do
whatever he wants?
We raised him to do just that.
We raised him to be
a hitchhiker around the world?
I didn't raise him for that,
I raised him to study.
I asked him if he wanted
to take a sabbatical year
and he started laughing,
like it was a joke.
I agree.
Who do you agree with,
him or me?
- I hate you.
- Don't be mad.
I talked to him.
He has convincing reasons.
As his father, I could be
as upset as you are.
But I can't say anything
to him as a person.
Besides, I envy his freedom.
I love that.
He doesn't ask for money,
he doesn't ask for anything.
He can't ask for money!
We supported him for 24 years,
he's the one in debt to us.
He's in debt to us.
Amoral debt, if you like.
He's in debt because
it was an agreement we had,
that it's not written,
but it's implicit, right?
Ana, he's your son.
What are you talking about?
This is because of all that literature
you made him read,
about Dharma homeless,
beatniks and all that.
- What's wrong?
- There's something in my shoe.
You loved all that literature.
I don't get it.
Don't you realize this is
some kind of vengeance?
He's doing it to react against us!
He said: "I want to live,
I don't want to study."
Like those were different things!
What upsets you the most?
That he quits his studies
or that he's traveling?
I don't understand your question.
I need to sit down.
Let me repeat the question.
What upsets you the most?
That he's traveling, or that he's not
meeting the plans we had for him?
Both things bother me. Both!
Because we made sacrifices
so he could go to college
to study what he liked.
So he could have tools and be fine.
Not like this, washing dishes
in Afghanistan
-or wherever the hell he is now.
- Ana...
Come on, Ana.
We prepared him to be happy.
He has the tools.
I know it's hard,
but the challenge is to accept...
your son,
who doesn't fulfill your wishes,
but is living his own life.
You're talking nonsense.
It's impossible to talk to you.
- Hi.
The boiler went off.
How do I turn it on again?
Sorry, there's a valve down there.
Shit! I'm...
Where? What valve?
There's a black valve
beneath the boiler. Use your hand.
There are a lot of valves here!
Which way should I turn it?
I'm freezing here!
It's the only valve there.
If you get in there you'll see it.
It's beneath the boiler.
What do you think I'm doing?
I can't find it!
! is it?
You're not listening to me,
calm down.
Put your hand beneath the boiler
and you'll find it.
- Use your hand.
- When are you going to fix this?
- Where are you?
- It's beneath the boiler!
No! Where are you?
I'm coming home,
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you going out?
Yes, it's Thursday.
Right, I forgot. What a shame.
I wanted to talk to you.
What is it?
Something wrong?
No. Yes, I don't know.
- I'm not feeling well.
- Do you want me to stay?
No, no. They're waiting for you.
Yes, we're ten in a small field.
If someone is missing,
the game sucks.
- But I can stay if you want.
- No, no.
We'll talk later.
What time are you coming back?
As usual, somewhere
between midnight and 1 a.m.
We're going to have a barbecue.
Today is Ruben's birthday.
Can you tell me what it is about?
I feel bad about Luciano
and I met my ex.
- I'll stay.
- No, no.
- It's fine.
- Go with them, really.
We'll talk tomorrow.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, yes.
- Ok.
- Go score some goals.
I'll try.
Where are my keys?
- What are you doing?
- I'll stay.
- No, no.
- Yes, I'll stay.
Let's talk.
Tell me.
- What?
- You've been acting weird lately.
I feel terrible about what's happening
with Luciano, that's it.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Are you reading my mind?
What do you see?
That maybe you are thinking
we rushed into this.
Into what?
Moving in together.
- Aren't you the one who thinks that?
- No.
Quite the opposite,
I think it took me too long
to move in with you.
I should've met you
ten years earlier.
- I think the same.
- Really?
Then why don't you bring
all your things?
Because I don't know
how long it takes
to break a home apart
and build another one.
You should think about the discomfort
of going back to your place
every two days to get what you need.
I'm in Ho Chi Minh.
It's an incredible city.
Lads parents live here.
There are Marxists, Leninists,
Buddhist and Maoists.
It's so crazy!
They're very good people.
Where are you getting
your money from?
Fm teaching Spanish.
- Really?
- Yes.
That's great. Very well.
When will you return?
Here, with us.
I don't know.
Why do you ask?
I heard grandma
is getting married.
Are you kidding?
No, Fm not kidding.
Mom told me.
No way!
Mom broke up with Eloy.
Did you know that?
No, I didn't know.
I see you're better informed than me.
Hi, how are you?
- Bye!
'Bye, bye!
You speak Vietnamese?
- Just the basics.
- Come on!
I'm writing a lot, dad.
What kind of things?
All son of things. Short stories,
travel chronicles, poems.
I can't stop.
Please, send me some of that.
No, I can't. You'll criticize it
-and I would be embarrassed.
- Come on, send me something.
Anything, whatever you prefer.
- Okay, I 'll send you something later.
Please, please.
How's mom ?
I don't know.
You know better than me.
Why do you ask?
I don't know...
I never understood what happened
between you two.
Why did you get separated?
I don't know.
There's more than one reason.
It's like following an impulse,
even though...
it seems crazy,
trying to find something
about ourselves.
It's similar to your journey.
Are you finding something?
You're so cutting.
That's a good mood to write.
I think I didn't find anything yet.
Okay, dad, I have to go now.
- Sorry
- No problem.
I love you.
Me too, very much.
And I miss you.
Okay, go now. Bye!
- I miss you too.
- Bye, bye.
Bye, bye.
Where did you say
your son was?
In Vietnam.
Vietnam is nice.
I imagine you miss him.
- Very much.
-what is he doing there?
Well, he's doing some kind
of discovery journey.
He has a Vietnamese girlfriend.
- They're noble people.
- Really?
That's right.
I don't know any Vietnamese.
She's a little sad.
Can I ask why?
Tell him.
She's just separated.
Come on.
That right!
Come on, dance with us.
Come on, Ana. Come.
That's it.
This is magical,
let me tell you.
Come in, you have the key!
Yes, but...
I didn't want to find you
in your underwear.
Maybe you were with someone.
What did you do?
What are you doing?
- What do you mean?
- Yes.
Are you feeling okay?
Are you lightheaded?
No, but the surprise hit me.
Okay, great.
Please, help me with this.
I'm not in the mood
to have a melancholic scene.
Okay, I'm fine. Calm down.
These boxes over here
and over there
are filled with all your stuff.
And there is more in the bedroom.
-what happened?
- With what?
Eloy, you were so excited
and happy.
I don't want a shrink session,
not today.
Come to the bedroom,
I want to show you something.
- There is more?
- Yes, come here.
You're not planning an ambush, right?
An ambush? Don't be silly.
There're a lot of bags
with your clothes.
You should donate it.
- Socks, shirts...
- Donate my clothes?
In the bathroom is your grandpa's
magazine rack
that I can't stand anymore,
please take it out.
- You never liked it.
- That's right.
- And this.
The masks are all gone.
Those are the only ones left.
- But that, please.
Moby Dick's harpoon, take it out.
That won't be easy at all.
We'll have to find the way,
because it's...
Excuse me.
You remember you wanted
to sell this, fight?
Yes, but I changed my mind.
I want to start over
and I dont want any memories.
I don't want any of this.
So it wasn't a bad idea
to stop the sale.
- Please admit that.
- It wasn't.
I'll admit it. Whatever
let's you sleep at night.
- Listen. ..
- Stop, calm down.
- I am calmed.
- Do you want me to take this today?
I hope so, at least
everything you can.
Do you want this couch
or should we sell it?
I love this couch!
Why would you sell it?
Then here you have a number
of a charter.
Call him and take it
wherever you want.
- Your house, I suppose.
- I know how it works.
Wait a minute. First I need
to know the volume
of the things I'll have to move.
Then I'll make the call.
- I'll need at least ten guys...
- At least.
Meanwhile, we could start moving
this things to the front.
Near the door. All these bags...
- You have a suitcase over there.
- Okay. Fine.
- Help me, it's heavy.
- Yes, I'll help you.
I don't know what's the rush.
That music box...
That one? That's mine.
Okay, just checking.
- No, no.
- Wait.
- Hand me the hammer.
- Let me try it.
- Give me the hammer.
- No, no.
Just let me try to loosen it.
Stop, Stop-
- Who put this crap here?
- You did.
Let me try it, come down.
What are you going to do
that I didn't?
How many times did I fix something
that you couldn't?
- Okay...
- Hold the ladder.
- Let me see.
- There.
You're going to out yourself,
it's very sharp.
- Damn, I'm dizzy.
- I told you.
Wait, let me see.
- No, no!
- It's really stuck.
- We should tear down the wall.
- Don't be so excessive.
Now I'm stuck with that?
At least it's nice.
It must be worth something.
I told you a thousand times
not to buy it.
What do we do now?
I don't know. I'll call the charter
to pick the stuff.
Meanwhile, we could drink
some wine.
- Okay.
- You liked the idea.
You agreed at once.
What should we toast to, then?
I don't know, to...
your new life, without memories.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
This is so dumb.
What is?
All Of this.
The iguanas...
Have you ever been
to Canelones?
In Uruguay? No.
- Have you?
- Yes.
It has some nice sunsets.
Eloy is from there?
- Who?
- Your boyfriend.
- My ex.
- Okay, your ex.
- The painter.
- He was a painter'?
Yes, but I don't want
to talk about him.
Okay, I didn't say anything.
How about you and the hot chick
from college?
- You're so mean.
- Why?
You're mean.
- Why?
- Because she's a lady now.
I don't know, she dresses
like a chick.
- That's so petty.
- I'm joking.
- Yes.
- Are you okay?
Yes, very well. Stable.
Lucky you.
Like the value of the dollar.
Something like that.
- I'm going to tell you something.
- I'm taking dancing lessons.
- Really? Tango?
- No, no.
-what then?
Latin rhythms.
Che cha aha, bachaka,
Nice! The Common Motherland,
mixed race America.
Son of.
- It's a trend.
- Yes.
More body, less mind.
That's my new motto today.
You should take some lessons too.
- Why?
- Because you're twisted.
- I'm twisted?
- Yes.
- I'm the simplest man on earth.
I'm a great defender
of the wild ways.
- You think you're simple?
- That's the truth.
What are you saying?
Do you remember
when we went to Ecuador
and you lost your credit card
and nearly got a heart attack?
I almost went crazy!
It disappeared inexplicably.
I completely lost it.
Don't remind me of that
or I'll go mad again.
I can't believe it.
However you danced well
the lambada.
That's because lambada
is a more complex rhythm,
more refined.
- That's why you did it so well?
- I didn't mean that.
But you have to be
more connected with your couple.
You always moved your hips
very well.
You too.
You know, there's some people
like you, seniors...
You're so mean.
Who take the lessons.
You're very mean today.
Can I show you?
- Wait a second.
- You need a little push.
--Go on.
You'll have to imagine the music.
Of course, I'll do it.
And turn! Get it?
Many turns.
Okay, come here now.
- Me?
- Yes, yes.
- Don't ask me that.
- Come on.
Please, don't ask me that.
Don't make me go through this.
Come on, come on.
I can't believe
I'm going to do this!
- Come here.
- I can't believe it.
Come on!
The charter! That was close!
Who is it?
Yes, yes. I'll be right down.
God damn it!
How many times did I tell you to put
the cap back on the toothpaste?
I told you to put the cap
back on the toothpaste!
- Who left it open?
- You did!
When did you tell me that?
- I told you a thousand times!
- It's the first time I hear it.
Not only that, you always
leave your panties
hanging from the faucet,
and the tub filled with hairs.
It's disgusting!
I think that was you, you are
the one who is losing the hair.
Yeah, sure.
I'm only asking you
to pay more attention,
because we share the bathroom.
We both use it.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Why do you talk to me
like I'm your 12 year old daughter?
Because I don't want to live
like this,
with a mess in the bathroom.
You can't be serious!
It's been six months
since the boiler broke
and you tell me
how you want to live?
What's happening?
- Why are you attacking me?
- I'm not attacking you.
I'm talking about the general
hygiene of the house.
Let's stop right here
and discuss the real deal.
What's happening?
- Are you feeling invaded?
- No, I'm not.
I simply don't want to live
in this chaos, that's it.
- Chaos?
- Yes, chaos.
Who invited me to move in?
Who said this was my home?
If you have a problem
with my chaotic habits, just tell me.
I survived a lot
of relationships,
I'll do fine without a guy
that is bothered
and unsettled
by a capless toothpaste.
I can call a charter
and your hygienic issue
will be solved in two hours.
I call a spade a spade,
and if this doesn't work,
we can break up and that's it.
It's not hard to break up.
We don't have to split anything.
The worst thing would be
to take down my bookcase.
We're not tied down.
Maybe that is the reason.
- What is?
- That we're not tied.
We don't have...
Anything in common, no memories,
not even a photo
together by the sea.
You are a tender man.
Tender and weird.
Why do you say that?
Because all your theories
point to risk, to the abyss,
to adventure.
But you want something else.
You want order.
Order and memories.
You should rethink your theories.
Yours is misleading advertising,
and it's very effective.
I'm so happy now.
Anabella is great with me.
I'm thinking about having
a child with her.
Don't rush! Calm down!
You are always the same!
You don't let me dream.
All that theories about
being at the edge of the abyss,
to have instinct, what instinct?
That of an old man.
Let's talk about this in 10 years,
when you have to go
to PTA meetings.
- We'll discuss it then.
- I'd love to!
I lost all of that with my kid,
working all the time.
Now I want it all. Is it wrong'?
- No, it's perfect.
- It's wonderful.
I didn't say it was wrong.
How's Lili?
Lili is great.
That's nice.
I think she's dating
her salsa teacher.
- Really?
- Yes.
That kind of places
are great to pick up girls.
- Anita is also going there.
- Yes, she told me.
Those places are dangerous.
- What'?
- What'?
- What's up?
- Nothing, why?
Don't tell me...
Congratulations, really.
I love to see you happy,
looking forward, convinced.
- I also like to see you happy.
Thanks, buddy.
Are you there?
How are you?
Fine, having dinner.
And you?
Same. Having dinner and working.
Are you alone?
And Celia?
She's gone.
Do you let her
go out at night?
No, she's gone.
We broke up.
Sorry to hear that.
When was it?
More than a month ago.
How are you?
Do you want the truth?
Tm fine.
Would you like to meet?
What for? I'm not the right person
to comfort you.
I don't need comfort.
Then why should we meet?
I don't know,
Must came to my mind.
But it's okay if you don't want to.
Let me think about it.
It's weird that you want
to see me now.
Yes, you're right.
Tomorrow afternoon
I'll be in the library.
I'll finish at six,
if you want to go.
Six o'clock or your six o'clock?
No, six o'clock, official time.
Okay If I'm not there
by six, leave.
Okay perfect.
- Hi. What's up?
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- You had to call me here?
- Why?
I'm escaping all of this.
Well, let's escape, then.
Yes, please.
Should we walk
or start running?
Walking, my right knee
is messed up.
- Okay.
- Shall we?
I'm a little nervous, sorry.
You're a little nervous?
That's a relief, because I'm...
I'm about to explode.
- Why?
- Because this is a weird encounter.
I know.
I don't know,
it feels like a first date.
I feel the same.
- Okay, calm me down.
-what should l do?
I don't know.
Tell me that you're dating
a Russian gymnast
or a preschool teacher.
I can't say that,
I can't tell a lie.
And you?
Some wine expert,
maybe an osteopath,
now that you're into the idea
of mind over body?
Precisely, bachata takes up
all my life.
- Bachata? I can't believe it!
- Yes, yes.
- You can laugh, but it's true.
- How not to laugh!
Not you, nor Borges,
nor Freud. Bachata.
That's everything.
Bachata is the question
to all my answers.
What's that? I got it, though.
I said it backwards!
You got it.
Why did you want to see me?
I don't know.
I don't know, actually.
Maybe it was for this,
to laugh for a while.
- How romantic.
- Yes.
- Do I look like a clown?
- I didn't mean that.
I feel that during these past years,
I laughed a lot less than
in any weekend with you.
Why did you come?
Out of respect.
What am I, a national symbol?
Like a flag or an emblem?
- Something like that.
- Right?
Yes. I didn't laugh so much either.
I almost didn't laugh
at all this year.
What did you do?
I can tell you,
but you have to tell me
your story first.
No, better not.
Is there any room left in your life
for something more?
Something like what?
Wait, wait.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
I want to kiss you.
Is that wrong?
Yes, it's awful.
Are you flirting with me?
Go on, flirt.
You're the woman of my life.
The best, the prettiest,
the smartest,
the best bachata dancer
in the whole world.
That's your idea of seduction?
Do it again.
You're the woman of my life, Ana.
I miss you so much.
Are you in love?
Thank god! Me neither!
- Good.
- Right?
- Yes.
- Again.
- Yes.
- Much better.
What do we do now?
- We escape!
- We escape!