Ana, My Love (2017) Movie Script

- ...and in Beyond Good and Evil.
- That was the context.
They used Nietzsche, too.
His fanatical sister,
what's her name...
She forged them.
Elisabeth Frster.
She fell in love with Hitler.
Nietzsche says that
anti-Semitism is abject
and he wants nothing to do with it.
His sister removed that
from the book.
But imagine not reading Nietzsche at all.
Like Oprea and
all those half-wits.
No wonder you get things wrong.
Nietzsche's Superman
isn't the Nazis' Aryan.
Blond, tall, smart, muscly.
Like my mum likes them!
He's the man who has mastered
his instincts and fears.
He says morality is the consequence
of a fear that enslaves individuals.
- Because they deny themselves.
- Exactly.
Slave morality means charity,
kindness, humility.
Which strong individuals
don't recognize as values.
So the masses
see those individuals as dangerous.
He's got nothing to do with Hitler.
He was just an impotent masochist.
...which can't be said
about the master next door!
Those noises!
- Hers?
- Who else!
That's nothing!
She must be faking it.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
Sorry Toma.
- Hi.
- Razvan?
He doesn't live here anymore.
Another glass?
Are you ok?
- What happened?
- I'm feeling a bit sick.
I need air.
- I'm getting dizzy.
- Lie down.
Has this happened before?
- I forgot my pills.
- What pills?
- Some pills I take.
- Should I go buy some?
What can I do?
Stay with me a bit.
Better now?
I'll do anything to feel better
I'm the one who lives within you
I am the child within you.
I'm peeing myself!
- Easy!
- Come on. I wanna pee!
I wanna pee!
Let's go there.
Let's go out.
- We're missing it!
- Turn away.
You're insane!
How's my Willy?
You like it!
- I do. But now I can't pee.
- See?
We're missing them!
Come on.
So you're a bit older than her.
- You studied economics?
- I dropped out.
I applied because of my parents.
But what's a literature major for?
We can teach.
Toma wants to write.
Or become a journalist.
You think there's money
in journalism?
Listen, here in Botosani...
Igor, it's different in Bucharest.
- More?
- No, thanks.
- You didn't like it?
- It was great, but I'm full.
What about the second course?
Just serve him,
no need to ask.
- So you're alone in your dorm room?
- What's this, an interrogation?
He's old enough,
he can handle it.
- So you see a lot of each other?
- Every day. At university.
- Where are you from?
- Pitesti.
- What do your parents do?
- They're teachers.
Biology and chemistry.
So how do you manage for money?
We rent out an apartment in Bucharest.
It's in my name.
He's got a scholarship, too.
Is the apartment big?
Yes, it's pretty big.
Three rooms.
The kitchen's about the size
of this room.
- How could your parents afford it?
- Tutoring for med school.
Any siblings?
- May I?
- Go ahead!
- You?
- No.
Eat a bit.
- Very good.
- I know.
I left Igor's spare pyjamas
on your bed.
I'm fine like this.
It's very hot.
Get out!
- What do you think?
- Get out. Are you nuts?
He'll come after you! Get out.
What are you thinking about now?
It's silly.
It's got nothing to do with it.
I remembered the joke:
"Clothes don't make the man".
Is that a joke?
Did I say that?
The proverb, whatever.
Do you think clothes
make the man or not?
Of course not.
So why do you think you associated
wearing Igor's pyjamas with the proverb?
Clothes don't make the man.
Just now...
I remembered a dream I had.
I forgot it already.
That's ok.
It'll come back.
I'm useless!
I can't figure anything out anymore.
Now this free association thing
seems very complicated.
It seems simple in theory.
Your recollections always contain
the beginning of a sexual act
which you haven't verbalized.
- How so?
- Not all the way through.
Verbalize a sexual act "all the way"?
You've never allowed yourself
to re-live things emotionally.
For instance, when you
first met Ana, in the dorm.
- You stopped...
- Is that why I thought of Botosani?
Because I couldn't sleep
with her there?
Yes, that too.
I'm dizzy. Enough!
I'm panicking a bit.
What are you afraid of?
I don't know.
You like being afraid.
Is this better?
Like this?
Good tummy...
Better now?
The wall grew closer
Up to the little ribs
Up to the little tits
Up to the little lips
Down to the little bush
Down to the little pussy...
You like it?
I'm dizzy.
You like it!
I was sleeping.
You like it!
Yes, I like it!
Should I kiss your little ass?
Yes, your little ass.
Was your father really a defector?
That's what she said.
I'm sure Igor knows.
In a small town people talk.
That's their business.
Were you never curious?
They just told you when
you were 17, and that was it?
Does it matter now?
You want to know everything!
Did your mother know?
That Igor was giving you baths?
You were 13, 14.
And she did nothing?
Did you at least talk to her
about it?
I'm talking to you about it.
You still love me?
I'll think about it.
You little whore, you!
What business is this of yours?
You can start talking
when you tell us who my father is.
Keep your voice down!
You want me to start talking?
We're off!
I can't stand it anymore!
- What happened?
- I told you we shouldn't have come!
If you leave now,
there's no coming back!
Fucking bitch!
You want to get a cab?
Ana, do you hear me?
Want to get a cab?
Can you hear me?
What is it?
Talk to me.
I'm scared.
What of?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean?
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I'm with you.
I don't know.
What should I do?
Darling, if you don't talk to me
I can't help you.
Leave me alone.
I'll get better on my own.
- Come on.
- Leave me.
Just over a year.
Since her father died.
And before?
Half a Lexotanil and a Tavor.
1mg Tavor, 3mg Lexotanil.
Since when?
Since I was 17.
Seven-eight years.
Her father gave them to her
for insomnia and anxiety.
You know, these benzodiazepines
create addiction.
Dizziness can be a side effect.
Especially after all these years.
You said you haven't
gone out in months. Why?
She has these... panic attacks.
Ana, look at me.
On the way here,
what were you afraid of?
Can you explain?
I wasn't afraid
of anything in particular.
I can't explain.
At 17, when you got anxiety attacks,
had something happened?
Don't you want to talk about Igor?
- She found out he wasn't her dad.
- Let her talk.
- Did he abuse you?
- God, no.
Did he beat you?
But you slept in the same bed
until recently.
- Toma!
- What?
At 13 he was giving her baths
and petting her belly.
Sleeping with family
doesn't mean she was abused.
The shock of finding out
he wasn't her real dad
might explain some things.
How about your biological father?
I don't know him.
He left the country
before she was born.
I don't know
why you dragged me here.
You can manage on your own.
You talk, then.
Any suicidal thoughts?
Your grandfather did!
I'll give you 37mg Trevilor-Retard.
Next generation. Not addictive.
And a blind.
A placebo?
Something to rid you of your addiction.
You still have
your Tavor and Lexotanil?
- OK, I won't write them down.
- She'll still take them?
For 4 or 5 days, until the pharmacy
prepares her blind.
Then take the blind
for a hundred days.
Trevilor. Daily after breakfast
for the first week,
Double the dose
in the second week.
Just stick to it.
No messing around.
See you in the summer
when you finish the blind.
Good-bye, Ana.
- If anything comes up, call.
- OK.
...what's wrong with her?
It's hard to tell at her age.
We'll see how it goes.
Still. As the Italians say...
OK, doctor. Thank you.
Good health.
Good health.
I finally get to meet you.
I've been begging Toma for three months.
- I've only known her for three months.
- Exactly.
Enjoy your meal.
Go ahead, there's plenty.
Use your hands.
Maybe you should see
a good neurologist.
- Why don't you talk to Dobritoiu?
- Enough already!
She told you
it's not a neurological thing.
Thanks for dinner.
It was great.
Don't get worked up.
Do what you want.
No one's forcing you.
See what they're like?
If I call him
and you don't go,
you'll really embarrass us!
Did I ask you to call him?
- Are you nuts?
- Toma!
Me, nuts?
- The bathroom?
- To the left. I'll show you.
You know what happened to the guy
who tried to fart louder than his dad?
He shat his pants.
Since you met her,
you've lost your senses.
You're putty in her hands.
- How do you know?
- I know everything.
Everything! What the fuck?
- Enough already!
- What do you know?
- I know she's a bastard!
- Who told you?
And she's not right in the head!
Who told you?
Hang around pigs and
you'll smell of shit!
- Who told you?
- Razvan.
And you listen to that fucking retard?
He didn't mean it like that.
He saw her
at university, shaking.
I thought it might be MS.
Want your kids to be retards?
Why nail yourself to the cross,
like Jesus?
If she pops out a baby,
you're finished.
Fuck you, you commie informer.
I ruined my life
for you and this whore here!
I pity you, idiot.
- You dickspit!
- Enough!
You won't get
another penny out of me.
You're dead to me.
And if you keep giving him money,
you're in trouble.
I'm not going to pay
for his Moldovan bitch!
You kick that slag
out of my house now!
That fucking bitch!
Enough already!
God will punish you!
My love.
I have to go.
I'll sort things out.
Don't forget to light a candle, please.
- I love you lots.
- Me too.
You don't have to take
her problems to heart.
She'll get over it.
She's got her mother.
She's not all alone.
You're not making
anything better with this shit.
I know you care about her.
You always had a big heart.
You've not known her long,
and look what it's come to.
Listen to me, sweetie.
So it's OK for him to
make a scene when she visits?
And you called him stupid.
We're your parents,
whatever happens.
We want what's best for you.
You're not blameless.
You get fixated on a girl
and see nothing else.
Like with Diana.
You financed her, too.
I was right in the end.
How would you know about Diana?
Just drop it.
Do whatever you please.
You know I'm behind you.
Just don't isolate yourself like that.
Look around, talk to people.
Don't tie yourself up in a knot.
Like you did with Hans?
- There you go again.
- It's true, though.
Give me a break.
You're just like your father.
So at least
we know he's my father.
Very clever.
After you left,
he locked himself up in your room.
He wouldn't let me in.
But you know me.
I got in eventually.
He put cardboard crosses
on the walls: my son is dead.
Dear God!
He prays for you at night.
Don't tell him you know.
You and your idiot husband.
Shut up, child.
Dealing with him isn't easy,
you know.
But he's family,
for better or worse.
You're the only one
he cares about.
I told you ages ago:
get a divorce.
Call him. Do it for me.
- Please call him, poor guy.
- Yeah, yeah.
He doesn't know I'm here.
I have to go to uni.
So, can you help me out?
You might want to go to a psychiatrist,
psychologist, whatever.
Or a priest,
since you don't talk to me.
Your mother loves you.
And lay off the cigarettes.
Smoking like a turk.
I smoke on occasion, but you...
- When will you be home again?
- I'll be in touch.
I kept trying dad,
but his phone's off.
OK, speak later.
Yeah, I'll try again.
Give me a break, mum.
I got it. Bye.
Excuse me. Candles?
Follow me.
- For 1 leu?
- Yes.
- How many?
- One.
How do you go about confessing?
Talk to father Adrian
when he's done.
I see. Thanks.
God bless.
God bless.
And rid us of all uncleanliness
and deliver us from evil.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Let's see.
Now for the hard part.
How long since your last confession?
Since I was little.
- Is your family religious?
- Yes.
My grandfather took me to church.
But he committed suicide and...
- You were little.
- Yes.
He hanged himself.
They only told me a year later.
God does not abandon us.
He patiently awaits our return.
He sends us trials.
You came like Doubting Thomas.
He was not an unbeliever, just doubtful.
So you came to see
our Saviour's wounds for yourself.
- I'm glad you're taking this step.
- Yes.
Let's start with the worst sins.
But first, what cigarettes
do you smoke?
- Parliament.
- Parlament.
How many a day?
Almost a pack.
I've been stressed lately.
- How much is a pack of Parlament?
- 5.50.
Let's round it up to 6.
180, let's say 200 per month.
2400 per year,
about 800 Euros.
How long have you been smoking?
- 10 years?
- Just about.
Do the math.
You've cost yourself a new car.
Not to mention your lungs,
your health.
But let's talk about the big bad wolf.
Since I started
at the literature faculty...
a year ago, I met a girl.
So what's the trouble?
It came to this...
My parents don't accept her.
My dad, really.
He's got his issues.
We fought. Physically.
- Are you from Bucharest?
- Pitesti.
- And the girl?
- Botosani.
- She's...
- Jealous?
- Depressive. Unstable.
- Caused by what?
She doesn't talk about it.
- Her step-father died.
- God rest his soul.
- She's taking meds.
- That's not good at all.
She needs to expunge
the bad stuff. To talk.
- Has she ever been to confession?
- I don't know.
What did you think of her family?
No siblings.
She had that step-father.
Her mother married him at 17,
pregnant by someone else.
- Her father was...
- aggressive.
Until 14 she shared a bed with him.
You see, sometimes girls
have parents
who are dominant or possessive,
because they in tum
experienced the same...
On the other hand,
something may have happened.
God forbid, the father drank
and maybe assaulted her.
That's what I'm afraid of.
She needs to forgive him,
and move on. It wasn't her fault.
It's important that she confess.
If she doesn't confront
the big bad wolf, she won't find peace.
Peace comes from God,
not from me.
If you weren't in trouble,
you might never have come to confession.
So, this girl is like a stranger to you.
She doesn't tell me everything,
but it's not like that.
My legs have gone numb.
Sit down.
That's also part of the penance,
you know.
I saw cases of childhood assault,
rape and so on.
These girls want a boyfriend or a family,
so they sweep it under the rug.
It's important to know
her history.
In a couple,
you need to say from the outset:
I went through this and that.
Otherwise you get married and
find a mess under the rug.
Your past matters too,
if you want a family with her.
If she takes meds and
ruins her health,
you'll be living with a physical
and emotional wreck.
- Have you met her real father?
- No.
He left the country
before she was born.
- Where?
- France.
I tried to get her to look for him.
She needs to know
where shes coming from.
She might not realise,
but it could make her unstable.
She's comparing life back home
with life now.
These things sadden her.
I don't know how to help her.
Choosing a wife is harder
than any doctoral thesis.
If you find a good wife,
you're blessed.
Dear, dear.
Onirism has its roots in surrealism.
Yet it redefines
the function of dreams.
Surrealism promoted automatic writing.
Andr Breton defined surrealism
as psychic automatism in its pure state,
by which one proposes to express
verbally or in writing,
the actual functioning of thought.
Just a bit longer.
I told you I'm fine.
We'll talk later. the absence of any control
exercised by reason,
exempt from any aesthetic
or moral concern.
End of quote.
For the oniric writer, dreams
act like legislative norms.
Dimov and Tepeneag,
during communism,
could not afford the luxury
of irrationality.
Their dreams are fully conscious.
They do away with automatic writing
and stipulate the reproduction of texts
- dreams, that is - while perfectly lucid.
What's up, bro?
Do you have it?
Here you are.
I'll be outside.
I won't be a second.
Interested in an Easter trip?
No, we're going to the seaside.
- Want some good weed?
- I've no money.
I can't talk now, mum.
I'm at uni.
We'll talk tonight. Bye.
Didn't we stick to the calendar?
- We did.
- So?
It's just two weeks.
It's happened before.
Before you said three weeks.
Now it's two?
I'll get a test and we'll see.
I don't get it.
What do you want?
How the hell should I know!
I'm taking the pills,
I got my master's thesis to write...
Yeah, the master's thesis is the problem.
Abortion's easy.
Hey, Bogdan.
I got a problem. A big one.
You in touch with Simona?
No, the gynecologist.
Do you still have her number?
Text it to me, please.
That's what I want to see.
Just send it, please.
You'll feel a bit of a pressure.
No hematoma.
I don't know anymore, Simona.
You try to convince her.
She might listen to you.
I was just saying,
we should know within two weeks.
If there's any bleeding, cramps,
fever within the next 24 hours, call me.
Don't exert yourself.
No cooking, cleaning, nothing.
- But everythings OK now?
- Now, yes.
With the amnio, we cant know the
damage the test may have done.
That's why I was against it.
There wasn't cause for concern.
Heredity is not an argument.
Just because you were born premature,
doesn't mean you'll have a preemie.
There was no medical reason for it.
In the double test you had 1 in 460.
No reason for concern.
What I'm saying is, the reason
you're doing these dangerous tests is...
- Subjective.
- Subjective.
And they're expensive, too.
You're afraid
you might give birth prematurely,
but you take a test
that might make you give birth prematurely.
You see the paradox?
Fine, if it reassures you.
But when you get the results,
I doubt you'll calm down.
You see what I'm saying?
OK. Now about the birth.
It's week 24.
We've got about 15 left.
Still caesarean?
Isn't it better,
so we can control the date?
That's tricky too.
We can settle on December 15,
but he might come on the 10th. See?
Also, elective caesarean
risks a premature birth.
There's emergency caesarean,
if there's a problem.
Lactation, physical and emotional recovery
are harder with a caesarean.
Especially with your condition.
You mean postnatal depression.
I want you properly covered.
So things don't get out of hand.
Prevention is better than cure.
Psychoanalytic therapy might be
a worthwhile preventative measure.
It's not easy after the birth.
- I'll think about it.
- Do. Take your time.
Psychoanalysis only works
if you want it.
Anyhow, it'd be good to try.
I was right about
keeping the baby, no?
And it's certainly better
than all these tests.
If it comes to that, where...
I can recommend
one of the best analysts.
Miruna Stanescu.
We've been working together
for a while.
She's busy, but she'll take you
if you mention my name.
Shes on holiday,
but she'll be back in September, I think.
Mrs Ana, we're ready for you.
You should call her soon.
I don't know why I brought her up.
Why did you break up with Diana?
She cheated on me.
I couldn't tolerate that.
She knew, I told her if it happens...
She did it consciously, so to speak.
Yet you continued to help her.
Financially, at least.
Yes. I thought it was only fair.
But only for a while.
Did Ana know?
She'd have taken it
the wrong way.
She didn't keep in touch with her exes.
I hope.
She didn't need anyone except you.
Was that important to you?
That you were the only one?
Yes. Isn't that normal?
I'm trying to figure out
your feelings toward Ana.
You said you don't know
if you loved her,
but you felt safe with her.
No risk of cheating,
like with Diana.
I think it's important you understand
what kept you with Ana.
I told you.
Shes like that.
Dependent. Or was...
And you?
Now I'm back to Simona again.
The gynecologist
with the psychoanalysis?
I wanted to ask.
Don't you write these things down?
What about her?
You brought her up.
Now I don't remember!
I felt you trusted her.
I wondered if there was anything else.
No. Something sexual, you mean?
You did kind of suggest it.
Now I'm psychoanalyzing you.
She was better the first week
after stopping. Now she cant even...
I didn't get that.
Can you repeat it?
It takes time.
The meds are working.
The patients attitude
matters too.
We'll go ahead with the blind.
I gave her two doses of 37
every morning, right?
Yes, 37.5 mg.
Have her take one
in the evening, too.
For a week.
Then double the dose.
Until she hits 150mg.
I understand. OK.
In two weeks.
Thank you. Bye.
He says it's normal.
It could take up to six months
for it to take effect.
I don't get this bullshit.
If it takes effect later,
why is it harming me now?
The positive effects will come, too.
Fuck the positive effects.
He said it could be psychosomatic.
I'm sick of experiments!
So, what's the plan?
I'll take my old meds again
and gradually lower the dose.
You've started with these,
now see it through!
But why double the dose?
Where's the sense?
It depends on you, too.
How about you take them for a week?
See what it's like.
How about I say "fuck it all"?
Take the pills or I'm out.
You can fuck up your life
on your own. Got it?
Honey, take the key out.
Ana! What happened?
Ana? Wake up!
How many did you take?
Can you hear me?
When did you take them?
Should I call an ambulance?
Your phone was off.
My phone...
I went to get your course notes,
pay the bills, get food...
You left me alone.
How did I leave you alone, dearest?
On, God.
There. On your back.
Careful. OK.
OK! There you are.
Careful. And down.
Excuse me?
What happened?
Make sure no one comes in.
And call an ambulance, please.
Fulger Ionut!
They thought it was attempted suicide.
What were they looking at?
Admiring my tonsils.
Let me see.
Give over!
Open your mouth.
Tongue out!
What's that?
A congenital malformation.
Does it hurt?
What did they say?
That it might be a tumor.
They called the oncologist.
- You should do some tests.
- It's congenital, got it?
A cab for the Municipal Hospital, please.
Front entrance.
Yeah. We're out.
I'm downtown.
I'm fine.
Has something happened?
OK, bye.
My mother had
a nightmare about me.
How's the little bad wolf?
He just fell asleep.
How about the big bad wolf?
Miruna said it's not OK
you paying for my therapy.
Well, you pay for it then!
Just kidding. It's our money.
Well. I should earn my own.
Something part-time.
I could work from home.
What else did you talk about?
I told her how I ran away from home
when Igor beat up my mom,
and they came to my aunt's place
and dragged me home.
And I associated it with that dream
where I locked the door
and Igor broke it down.
When I wet myself.
So it was like a rape.
Like I said.
Better just talk to me.
We can save that money.
You're silly.
I felt guilty for not intervening.
So in the dream I became the victim...
I identified with my mum,
and wanted to take her place.
What are you thinking about?
Something silly.
About the rape...
The door was the hymen,
the room was the vagina.
The point is
how I'm processing it emotionally.
I'm going in, I'm cold.
How about I talk to Bogdan?
You can take over
his column in Beau Monde.
He wants to quit anyway.
You'd help him out.
We'll see.
Oh yeah? What fucking sins
has the poor child committed?
The confessor is essential for the child's
harmonious spiritual growth, Bogdan.
Cut the bullshit.
What's harmonious about refusing
the natural urge to fuck?
At least sometimes.
That's why people end up with issues.
They can't live as they please.
The priest won't even
let you jerk off.
They tell kids it makes them blind.
So you'd like our son
to masturbate all day?
Not all day.
But at his age he should be
exploring his own body.
- How old is Mario?
- Eight and a half.
He's old enough.
I think it's OK to forbid
a grown man from masturbating.
Well, if the wife won't do
her unorthodox conjugal duty?
- Yes, love.
- Who, me?
Seriously, about masturbation.
Maybe it's a compromise
in a marriage, you know?
Depends who you're thinking about.
You're right!
So you never think about another man
when you're fucking this guy?
You never think about another chick
when you fuck her?
Not all men
are pussy hounds like you.
Look at you, all innocent!
Let's be honest.
Jerking off saves marriages.
You want to fuck a sexy bitch,
but you love your wife.
So you jerk off thinking of some
chick's tight pussy.
What's so bad about that?
It's a daydream. A phantasm.
Projecting an archetype, the anima...
Look how she's laughing!
Talk philosophical and
she gets all wet.
Show me a couple that's made it
to old age without infidelity.
You can't. You'd go crazy.
Miss Ana! You're so naive!
How can apparently
intelligent people like you
refuse to give up
this hypocritical naivety?
Us intellectuals, we're idealistic.
That's why you don't leave the house?
Or because you enjoy suffering.
Fuck you. What do you mean?
I'm crazy?
Can you hear yourself?
Leave me alone, Toma.
See what I put up with?
That's life!
If you're so fucking smart,
what's the solution?
Enlighten us.
There's no solution for
a sad motherfucker like you.
But the Scandinavians
have invented a system.
They have time-limited contracts.
Not like Romanians,
suffering together for eternity.
- How do you put up with him?
- I don't know.
So why not have
an open relationship, then?
We're Latins! Romanians would
never let anyone else screw their wives.
"Romanians" means you, right?
So you'd like to have affairs,
but not me?
Don't you screw the Almighty?
Isn't He your refuge?
I need to piss, so to speak.
You're a prick, so to speak.
- Women!
- You're pathetic.
Joking aside, he's going crazy.
Last week he went to my confessor
and said a load of crap.
He went to confession?
Yeah, right.
He went to poke fun.
Toma went a couple of years ago.
Yeah, it was quite something.
The priest stank of alcohol!
You can't go to just anyone.
A priest from Cluj
came to uni a year ago.
He was cool. Open-minded.
He was OK.
A bit of a show-off.
- Filimon?
- You know him?
Sure. Why not go to him?
How? Commute to Cluj?
I'll send you
to Father Eftimie, in Targoviste.
He's strict.
But it's better than being
absolved wholesale.
She's indoctrinating you, too?
I'd like to go.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Look! Ana's come back to life!
I told you it's all in your head.
You love crying over nothing.
Do you believe in anything
besides your theories?
Other than logic and physics?
Like what?
Your anxieties and phobias?
What did I say?
- You forgot them.
- I know. Thanks!
- God bless.
- God bless. We'll be in touch.
- Can we go?
- Give me a minute.
I'm tired.
What did you think?
He said you were born premature.
What do you mean?
That you were born at 7 months.
- He said that?
- Yeah.
- He said I was born at 7 months?
- Yeah!
I didn't say a thing.
You were born at 7 months?
How does he know?
How would I know?
I didn't know myself!
How long did he give you?
Seven years of penance.
What about the wedding?
The civil ceremony is the problem.
He'd do the religious part anytime.
It'll be another month or so
before we have the paperwork.
So? How long?
Fourteen years.
I had this boyfriend.
And he was married.
I didn't find out until later.
So it's a greater sin.
Who was he?
You don't know him.
Who cares?
Why don't you tell me
about these things?
Like you told me everything
about Diana?
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Toma Calin.
- Iulian Cristescu.
Come on in.
I thought I'd lie on the couch!
We're just testing the ground for now.
To see if we feel comfortable.
That's what these
preliminary meetings are for.
I'm a bit nervous.
Your email didn't say if you're
familiar with psychoanalysis.
My wife... My ex-wife
went for about six years.
I read all kinds of things.
So you're divorced.
You didn't mention that.
Or did you divorce
in the meantime?
About five months ago.
Five and a half.
So I know a bit about it.
At first she told me things,
I found out this and that.
That was for the first year.
She said talking about it isn't allowed.
Sure, that's the ideal situation.
I guess you're not allowed
to talk about it either?
It's confidential?
Especially for me.
If we work together,
you're the focus.
The others matter less.
Hypothetically, if someone
confesses to a murder,
then what?
It depends.
Whether it was manslaughter,
or premeditated,
whether you're a danger to society...
It's not happened so far.
Don't worry,
I haven't killed anyone.
I just thought of an extreme case.
You said you're a writer.
Anything published?
Not yet.
Mostly journalism.
Sorry. The toilet?
Sure, I'll show you.
Down the stairs, to the left.
Lift the handle a bit,
the door gets stuck.
I'll manage, thanks.
- What month are you in?
- The 9th.
Do you feel any pain,
contractions, anything?
- No.
- We're here since morning.
14/7, it's perfect.
Stay here and rest.
You want to go home?
So you can rest before tonight?
I need to pee.
- Excuse me?
- Just a second.
We need a toilet.
I thought maybe
you could go with her.
- The queues are long.
- Sure. Come on!
How is she?
We were just leaving.
But how is she?
- Tired. We'll talk later.
- Want dad to give you a ride?
Call me when you get there.
I'll be here, by the stands.
- Any better?
- A little.
- Thanks.
- Let's join the queue.
Aren't we leaving?
- What time is it?
- 15:20.
Right. We'll get to the relics
in an hour.
What about Miruna?
We won't make it by 19:00.
If I can't make it,
I'll pay for the session next time.
Big deal.
Go on, I'll be right along.
You changed your mind?
I'm feeling better.
The miracle of Targoviste!
- Don't you want to sit down?
- I'm fine!
I thought you had a thing
in Bucharest at 19:00.
Want me to leave, or what?
If you're busy,
I can give you a ride.
Why not postpone your thing?
You can stay in Pitesti.
Dad can drive you back tomorrow.
OK, let's leave.
- What?
- You can kiss some old bones.
Come on.
Don't get hepatitis.
Weren't you supposed
to call the doctor?
Cut it out.
Didn't we agree, no cortisone?
37.4 isn't a high fever.
Of course! Miruna is God's gift!
You want cortisone
to shut him up?
Or because he actually needs it?
Like hell you're leaving the house!
I'll be home soon.
No one's dying.
Fuck the phimosis and the cortisone!
Ana! Hello?
Just say A sheik offered
a million dollars for one night.
So, maestro?
I already told you. It's Murakami.
It's the best choice.
And it's my article.
- So you've decided?
- Yes.
I have a say, right?
It can't just be about sales figures!
The new Coelho is out now.
"The Winner Stands Alone."
So if he's not up for a Nobel,
it's below you?
Pretty much.
If that's what you want,
how are we different
from the tabloids?
I don't agree.
Murakami is no Kawabata, either.
We can talk about it over a beer,
if you want.
When your opinions sell
as much as Coelho,
then we can talk
about it here. Got it?
We're selling a newspaper here.
And I think The Winner
sells better than IQ84.
If we're promoting half-wits,
then give me a headline.
"The winner stands alone."
Cut the bullshit.
Economics, you're next.
"Making dreams..."
Write whatever you please.
"Making dreams of riches real."
If you leave, you're fucked.
Know what?
Take it or leave it.
- Curiela.
- Who?
- Who is Curiela?
- My good friend.
Yes, and I'm saving her from...
Very nice.
I have to go.
- Did you call a cab?
- I'll get one from the street.
Come on, please.
- Don't be upset!
- Just forget it.
We were in the park outside
for 15 minutes. What could happen?
With Tudor? Are you insane?
When were you last out alone,
without me?
Shouldn't you have told me?
What if something happened to him?
We pick you up or
you return alone?
I don't know.
I'll call when I'm done with Miruna.
Mummy will be back soon,
sweetheart. OK?
- Did you take your phone?
- Yes.
Be careful.
- Call us when you get there.
- Bye!
I want mummy!
I want mummy!
Where is she going?
Explain it for me.
I'm waiting.
There you go.
That's not the problem!
What the fuck is the problem, then?
What does Bogdan want
at this hour?
I can't take it anymore.
You're constantly controlling me.
Give me your phone.
Are you sleeping?
Kisses and emoticons? Nice!
Have you calmed down?
You only understand
what you want.
What do I want?
I'm listening.
Did I ever do this to you?
When you were out all day,
did I ever check your phone?
I was working to support you.
- What the fuck am I doing now?
- How the fuck would I know?
You're completely paranoid.
Maybe you should get a job, too!
Something full time.
What about Tudor?
- There are nannies.
- Earn money to pay money?
You'd be doing something.
Don't play stupid.
Or maybe you are stupid.
Now you're a big boss
thanks to me.
If I'd carried on,
I'd be earning more than you.
Also, I stay at home
to take care of Tudor.
Do you want him to end up like you?
Having kids isn't a form of therapy.
When you stayed home for years,
did I complain?
Now you tell me to get a job!
You've got a nerve!
Ever think about
how you fuelled my condition?
That's why you were sick?
So you got sick because of me?
...grant three of your wishes,
whatever they are.
Think: What would make you happy?
Think it over, don't rush to answer.
Then the ogre disappeared
into the dark woods.
The closer he got to home,
the better he felt.
Listen wife, he said.
Make a roaring fire and a hearty dinner.
We will never be poor again.
Let's not be hasty.
We could still lose everything.
Better sleep on it.
Let's leave it until tomorrow
to make these three wishes.
The woodcutter went to sleep
in front of the fire.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Hey, kitten.
- Adriana said hi. What do you say?
- Hello.
- Look who's here.
- Wow, you've grown.
Who's my pretty boy?
My favorite?
Come here, my prince.
My, you've grown!
- Hey!
- Hi.
He'll be dating soon.
- Want a surprise?
- Yes!
- Who's she with?
- No idea.
What are you doing here?
We were nearby.
I called earlier.
My phone was on silent.
- So he shouldn't eat for an hour?
- It's OK now.
Tudor, love!
Did he cry?
No, he was fine.
Did you see Radulescu?
We're going at 19:00.
- Who was that?
- Who do you mean?
That guy before.
A freelancer.
- How are you, sweetie?
- Good.
How was it? Did it hurt?
No? Good.
- So, who is he?
- A freelancer, Toma.
Show mummy what he did.
Swallow first.
So what were you doing
with him in town?
- I don't know what you mean.
- You don't know?
If you eat all this chocolate,
you'll go back to the dentist.
- Why?
- Because you'll get sick.
Because your teeth will fall out.
Why, why...
What, are you following me now?
Want to draw?
Why didn't they get a divorce?
Because of me, obviously.
I've been hearing this all my life.
A fucked-up mentality.
Sounds familiar!
Hans the Fucker,
as my dad called him, was German.
He did the paperwork,
wanted to take us to Germany.
In those days, that was something.
With you too?
And he was married.
Had two girls.
He got a divorce, went to my dad
and asked for my mother's hand.
That's unbelievable!
And your dad?
- Did they fight?
- No.
My dad never forgave her.
Later, he turned his guns on me.
My mum gave me all her attention.
- How old were you?
- Seven.
She swapped Hans for you.
My little Hans.
Is it my fault
that he couldn't divorce her?
They pretend they did it all for me!
What's he got against me, though?
Nothing. I keep telling you.
To him, all women are whores.
My mother isn't.
But she's still a woman.
And no, Miruna doesn't tell me
what to do.
Not at all!
She just encourages you
to suck old men's dicks.
You're insane.
- Send me to a shrink, why don't you.
- Maybe you should go.
You should stop going.
You're clearly cured!
We've better things
to do with our money.
I'll decide what to do
with my money.
Oh! My money is ours,
but your money is yours?
That bitch taught you
that you're financing me.
- That's what I paid for all these years?
- Toma!
What do you do there?
Analyze yourself or me?
What's taking so long?
How much longer
must I stand it?
What do you tell her about me?
So Miruna knows
about the mole on my dick!
Relax, honey.
You're not that important.
Can't you see
you've gone to the other extreme?
What extreme?
Living like a normal person?
Going out? Working?
I need my independence, too.
So you want to break up.
I didn't say that.
Perhaps that's what you want,
and you'd like to blame me.
You're fucking insane.
- Thanks!
- You're welcome.
Come on, Tudor!
Let's go home.
Did you like it?
Give me your hand.
Go to daddy and get changed.
- How was it?
- Cool!
- Cool?
- Cool.
You're the most horrible
person I've met.
No God, no morals,
no soul, nothing.
I invested everything in you.
I isolated myself from everyone.
I can't do it anymore.
I'm tired.
I'm exhausted.
Everything I've tried to do on my own...
I don't want
to depend on anyone again.
You're pulling me back.
You don't want what I do.
You probably think...
it's selfish.
Maybe it is.
But you don't know
the torment I've lived with.
And it's frustrating that
I can never make you understand.
You want me to be like I was before!
Sick, like before.
And I'm never ever going back there.
I wish...
I wish you could
have grown with me.
Grow with you?
I don't love you anymore.
And you don't love me.
I don't think you've ever loved me.
You were just attached to me.
I want a divorce.
You've got someone else, right?
So who was that guy at the cafe?
You still cant tell me?
My dad.
I didn't tell you
so you wouldn't influence me.
He came back last year.
We met a few times.
I didn't want to at first.
But he insisted.
He's a good man.
He's got his own issues.
And Tudor likes him a lot.
Let's see.
What are you doing?
Let's not traumatize the child, please!
Get out of my life!
- Toma, listen to me!
- Enough!
Listen to me, honey!
Ana, get up!
Ana, darling!
Wake up!
Do you remember who called?
Who do you think?
What do you think?
You know better
why you created that dream.
I kept thinking how you'd interpret it.
I guess you'd think that unconsciously...
I wanted to kill Ana
camouflaged in Igor's pyjamas,
or something.
If that's the first interpretation
you can think of...
Isn't it a bit over-the-top?
Next time, then.
We're done?
We're pretty much out of time.
Out of time.
Pretty much.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Until next time.
But isn't it possible...
...aren't there other possibilities?
Sure, there can be many.
Dreams usually distort things.
But it seems pretty clear,
don't you think?
If Ana dies,
there's no possible reconciliation.
If Ana disappears,
Tudor stays with me.
In fact I'm trying to spare Tudor
what I went through with my parents?
It looks like that.
Because if I go back to her,
I'd be doing what my dad
did with my mum.
I'm just wondering
if Ana in the dream is really just Ana.
You're driving me crazy!
So let's say dream-Ana is my mother,
then who is Ana's dream-dad?
Why not?
Ana betrayed you with her father
just like your mother did with Hans.
So we'll talk on Thursday.
See you Thursday.