Anaganaga O Dheerudu (2011) Movie Script

A long, long time ago,
lost in the mists of time,
there was a teardrop-shaped land
called Anga.
Here, a long forgotten tale
was eager to be told again.
lt all started one night,
when a demonic spirit returned
with the power to turn moonlight
into a blazing heat.
She had the power to annihilate
the entire universe. Her name,
She used her mystical Black Eye
to turn men into beasts,
spreading tyranny and destruction.
Slaughter everyone!
Burn everything!
Terrorizing and destroying
village after village,
lrendri filled the land
with the tears of its enslaved people.
Those who were strong
were drafted into her army
and marked with her Black Eye.
Under its mystical spell,
they swore allegiance
to lrendri's quest.
The weak were not so fortunate.
Sacrifice them to Sarpini.
Sarpini, these sacrifices
should quench your thirst.
You will fulfill my oath.
The Black Eye shall prevail.
Some corrupt priests
took advantage of the situation
to satisfy their own selfish needs.
They convinced the simple villagers
to perform meaningless rituals.
Our teardrop shrines are powerful and
will ward off the effect of the Black Eye.
This religious fervor spread
across Anga like a disease.
A dilapidated shrine
in the village of Agartha
was rebuilt in the shape of a teardrop.
Hail the five elements!
l welcome everyone to
the divine shrine of the five elements.
Tie a strand of your hair
to this amulet and place it here.
So what if you are bald?
You have a healthy moustache.
To complete the ritual,
offer your prayers.
The villagers foolishly
practiced these rituals,
unaware that the very evil
they were praying to be freed from
was gaining strength
deep below the temple
and emerging into their world.
The vicious attack of the serpents
left all the children
in Agartha unconscious.
lf this was any ordinary illness,
l would have cured it easily
long ago.
But this is a dangerous curse.
ls there no way out of this?
Swami, l know of a monastery
in the Pushpagiri mountains.
ln the monastery, a little girl
called Moksha has divine powers.
lf Moksha came here,
she could heal our children.
What is the point of having a leader
if everyone comes up
with their own solutions?
l swear on my son.
l was the midwife
when Moksha was born.
Believe me.
The journey to the monastery
is long and extremely difficult.
Who will escort Moksha back?
Ask Chitra's husband to go.
Then we'll know
if there's any truth to her words,
as well as my greatness.
l will make the journey
to save our children. l will go.
-Let him go.
No matter how far a swing swings,
it always comes back
to the same place.
-Please return safely.
-l will.
l'll be waiting for you.
Moksha, what brings you into
the inner realm, dear?
l found this wounded butterfly.
l can't seem to heal it,
no matter what l do.
l have tried many times,
but it's of no use.
Failure lies not in one's abilities,
but in one's mind.
You have the ability
to tap into the universal energy.
By doing that,
you will awaken the energy within you.
Try again.
-Hey! lt's flying, it's flying!
-Yes, my child.
The butterfly is living proof
of the special powers in your touch.
Do l really have special powers?
You were born with divine qualities.
What does that mean?
Peer into the enchanted waters.
You will see for yourself.
Some years ago,
you were born in Agartha.
Your mother passed away
right after your birth.
A divine voice foretold
the birth of a divine baby girl.
As she is born to bring peace
and salvation to the land of Anga,
Moksha shall be her name.
l'll take her to our monastery
where she'll be safe.
Do you now realize
how special you are?
What must l do now, Swami?
Just follow your heart.
My blessings will always be with you
in the form of these butterflies.
They will give you the wings
to carry you to your destiny.
Swami, a terrible evil has befallen us
and wreaked havoc on our village.
Moksha, the children in our village
aren't waking up from their slumber.
Even the doctors are helpless.
We don't know what to do.
Please come to our village.
l won't leave the monastery.
You have to go, child.
Your presence there will help
the children of Agartha.
Won't you help them?
Okay. But can l go
after the ceremony?
Thank you, Swami.
l promise to bring her back safely.
Letting Moksha out into the world
is like exposing a divine flame
to the elements.
And this one needs
a strong pair of hands to keep her safe.
We have the right man for the job.
The Swami has sent for you.
He wanted me to give you a gift.
A gift? What is it?
Stretch out your hands.
He behaves like the youngest kid
in the monastery.
Moksha, wait!
ls he blind?
Yes, he is.
Then how will he protect Moksha?
Son, the blind see what we cannot.
Yodha. Yodha?
Caught you!
Let me go!
Make a fool of me, will you?
The Swami shall hear of this.
-Let me go.
She is becoming more
mischievous every day.
You're the one
who is becoming troublesome.
You have been impatient to leave
the monastery for quite a while now.
-You can leave tomorrow.
-ls that really true?
-Yes, my son.
Forgive me for saying this,
but just last night, l was wondering
when l be would free of this place.
And here you are sending me off.
He's not asking you to leave.
He's asking you to escort me.
-To Agartha.
lt's your responsibility
to take Moksha to Agartha safely.
Sounds like another mission!
l can't do it, Swami.
l can't do it anymore!
Long ago you healed me
when l was wounded.
l've been your slave ever since!
Mission after mission after mission!
That's all l've been doing.
l've wasted half my life here
serving you.
l am young.
Hot blood runs through my veins.
There are many pleasures
awaiting me in the outside world.
Red wine. White wine.
Country wine. Fresh grape wine...
l'm going to get drunk every day
and spend the rest of my life in bliss.
Don't think twice.
Bless me with your left hand.
And with the right,
usher me out, Swami.
Wonderful performance, my son.
Save it for the festival.
l need blood.
How long do l have to
thirst for blood?
Give me your hand!
My energy has diminished
and l feel weak.
Though l've caged you,
you've been good to me, little bird.
Dear Sarpini, the source
of all power. Emerge. Emerge.
My dear Sarpini.
At your service, Queen lrendri.
Sarpini, when the Eye does not receive
its usual drop of blood,
my body weakens.
l want to infuse the Black Eye
with a lot more blood.
lt doesn't matter
how much blood you take, my queen.
What matters is that
it be from your bloodline.
There's only one person alive
who is of my bloodline.
She is safely locked in my prison.
But what if something happens to her?
Every problem has a solution.
You are a spirit without a physical body.
This form of yours is a creation
of your powerful magic.
But the body has no life.
lf you want life infused into this body...
What should l do? Quick, tell me!
A baby with divine qualities
was born to the human race.
Her name is Moksha.
Only Moksha can give you
what you seek.
Sarpini, explain.
You need to mix Moksha's blood
with yours
during the next lunar eclipse
and feed it to the Black Eye.
Only then will you
become immortal.
Then triumph l will.
Who is this Moksha?
Where does she live?
Like a baby safe in a mother's womb,
Moksha has been cared for
by a monk for the last nine years.
ln the blink of an eye,
my men will snatch her from that womb
and feed her to the great serpent.
Then, my queen,
Anga and immortality will both be yours.
Come listen to a strange tale
A story with laughter, romance
courage, sadness and music
Like a scrumptious feast
A very unique tale
Once upon a time
there was a swordsman
He is the hero of our tale
His name is Yodha
l'm as handsome as the moon
and many stars pursue me
Though many pursue me
My heart longs only for my true love
l'm as handsome as the moon
and many stars pursue me
Though many pursue me
My heart longs only for my true love
Her lips are bright like corals
Her words are sweet like sugarcane
She struts like a peacock
in all its glory
She has a million colors in her eyes
The movements of her waist
are like cannons firing
Her tresses are like cascading waves
l long for my man
My music is only for him
My life is but a journey to meet him
l'm as handsome as the moon
l'm as handsome as the moon
and many stars pursue me
Though many pursue me
My heart longs only for my true love
Beyond the seven seas
there's a secret castle
lnside which my love was held prisoner
The castle was guarded
by many beasts
To combat them l had tricks of my own
Did you defeat and chase them away?
Or were you no match for them?
Even the most savage of beasts
has a fondness for music
l played a melody to tame the beasts
and made them dance to my tune
Overwhelmed with joy
they all surrendered
Suddenly a giant snake attacked me!
Just watch how l will tame
its arrogance
l'll play with it, tease it
and defeat it with ease
She was a prisoner of her own heart
Bravely, l freed her
from those shackles
And turned her into my love
Like golden grass beneath her feet
l've spread myself like a ray of light
l followed her like a shadow
His embrace is like a warm blanket
This life is his gift
This beauty is for him alone
l'm as handsome as the moon
l'm as handsome as the moon
and many stars pursue me
Though many pursue me
My heart longs only for my true love
Demons were all around me
Words and music
have no effect on them
To defeat them
l use the biggest trick up my sleeve
This amazing sword
This amazing sword
You're supposed to go down.
lt's almost over. Fall, fall!
Look, they're all laughing. Get down...
Swami! Swami!
Our monks are all tied up!
Which one of you is Moksha?
Tell us or you'll all die.
Which one of you is Moksha?
Give us Moksha, or everyone dies.
Forget about killing anyone.
You should worry about
your own life first.
Holding a sword does not make one
a warrior, you blind fool!
Wearing a scary mask
does not make one a demon, you idiot!
Anyway, this is no ordinary sword.
Demon or not,
you will fall prey to its blade.
What is that mark on them?
My God! They are lrendri's men.
They have the mark
of the Black Eye on them.
Who is lrendri?
Where have you been?
lrendri is an evil sorceress.
What does lrendri want from Moksha?
Yodha, what's wrong?
lt feels like Priya's diamond eye...
What does lrendri
have to do with Priya?
Why are lrendri's men here?
lrendri is searching for Moksha.
Protecting Moksha
is your immediate duty.
l take my leave, Swami.
May you be victorious.
-Look after her, Yodha.
-l take my leave, Swami.
l've never seen
Yodha look so disturbed.
Yodha, who is Priya?
The pain in your heart will subside
if you confide in others.
Only then can we become friends.
All right.
l'll tell you, my little princess.
With no one to confide in,
l've kept my past buried within me.
l loved to travel.
Drinking wine, feasting and enjoying
the company of beautiful women.
That's how l spent my days.
l traveled far and wide
in search of beauty.
Welcome, everyone, welcome!
Welcome, everybody, welcome!
Come and have a look, people.
Your future lies in these balloons.
Pull on their strings and find out
what the future holds for you.
Come and have a look.
Find out what the future holds for you.
Even my wife can't predict my thoughts.
Here, take this.
Let's see what this balloon holds.
My future is hidden here?
l told you these are magical balloons!
You conceal what you have
and reveal what you lack.
You buy combs
though you don't have hair.
And you keep buying more!
Hello, beautiful!
Pull on the string.
Wow! Rose petals!
You are as beautiful as a rose!
Beauty leads to attraction.
Attraction leads to infatuation.
lnfatuation leads to love.
And love leads to...
Hey, dimples,
uninhibited love can kill you.
They call me Honey. And you?
-Come on, tell me, sweetheart.
My Lord!
What sharp features!
See this sword?
Have you seen a beautiful girl
with a satchel of gooseberries?
l don't care for beautiful women.
They make me nauseous.
Sweetheart, sweetheart!
Hey, sweetheart!
There is only one girl
who carries gooseberries around here.
And l know her name.
-You do?
-But l won't tell you.
Tell me, l beg you.
Her name is Priya.
-She's a fortune teller.
-Where l can find her?
-Have lunch with me first.
They say that food is
the way to a man's heart.
So, will you come with me or not?
Fine. l'll come.
Now, tell me where she lives.
Hers is the last tent.
So beautiful!
Let go.
Hey, dimples,
how dare you take
such liberties with me?
What can l do?
You're so beautiful.
Why are you here?
How silly!
Why do you have a store?
You're here to sell stuff.
And l'm here to buy.
Sorry, we're closed for the day.
We're especially closed
for insolent fellows like you.
Now, leave.
Don't be rude.
lt's not polite to turn a customer away.
Nor is it polite for a customer
to overstay his welcome.
-Gooseberry girl!
-What is it now?.
l'll come to the point.
l'm tired from traveling
and need a little fun.
l want to have some fun this evening.
l'll accept anything that you can offer.
l get it. However,
that which you seek is elsewhere.
You will find it
at the other end of the street.
So, what do you have to offer?
Your fortune.
You mean fortune telling?
l don't believe in it.
Why not?
lf you know what tomorrow holds,
today becomes trivial.
The wise always think of the future.
Fools, though, are content
with living for the day.
Which are you, dimples?
You got me there, gooseberry girl.
All right, l'll pick a card.
Will l get the girl l seek or not?
Got you.
Your cards reveal that you will be mine.
But these cards predict
that l belong to this man.
A blind man?
So, for your prediction to come true,
are you going to pluck
some innocent guy's eyes out?
Who's this?
l see that you're practicing
to tie the blindfold.
Don't touch it.
This blindfold is my first gift
to my true love.
Does this mean
that l'm not good enough for you?
Yes, which means
that it's time for you to say goodbye.
Can you please get lost?
Fine. l know when l'm not wanted.
Such a waste of time.
But until you find your blind lover,
why don't you spend a little time
in my company, gooseberry girl?
What do you say?
But according to our traditions,
we celebrate a new friendship
with this sweet drink.
Anything for you.
A girl is like a lamp, my son
lf you don't take care
you'll be burnt, my son
My sweetheart must be close by.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
What's this?
Only the head? Where's the rest?
Oh, no! You've lost your voice, too?
This must be the work
of the gooseberry girl.
You spurn the ones that pursue you
and pursue the ones that spurn you.
Men are all the same,
that's their downfall!
Sweetheart, don't you worry.
l'll give you a hand.
Wow, he's a real looker!
Why are you giving him a hard time?
We've seen a lot of people
lose their money or valuables.
He's the first
to have lost his voice.
What you thought was a sweet drink
was a magic potion.
l can't understand you.
Speak up, please.
What's the point in shouting
when you've lost your voice?
How long will it be before
he gets his voice back?
lt may take a day or a week.
A month or a year.
For some, it's a lifetime!
The only one who can help you
get your voice back is me.
He says he'll do
whatever you want him to.
On your knees.
Salute me.
Open your mouth.
You witch!
What's happened to my voice now?.
You seem to have given him
the wrong berry by mistake.
l gave it to him on purpose.
He's a threat to all women.
So, l turned him into a woman.
Wait and watch! l will make you mine.
l told you before,
my lover is going to be a blind man.
Not a man with a woman's voice.
Give me my voice back, l'll show you.
Hey... How dare you!
l won't let you get off this easily.
Wait and see.
Never mind her. l'm ready to accept
whatever you have to offer.
Have an apple, then.
Evacuate this camp right now!
The Volcano's ordered it.
Lemons and melons!
ln my territory, even a flower
doesn't bloom without my permission.
lf it does bloom, it won't bear fruit.
lf it does,
it belongs to me, the Volcano!
l can swallow you scoundrels whole.
Worthless gypsies!
Clear out at once,
or pay a fine of 1 00 gold coins.
Lemons and melons!
Sir, we are trying to make a living.
Please be kind to us.
We will leave in a week.
Why should we go, Uncle?
This land doesn't belong to him!
Lemons and melons!
What a beauty!
A woman should not offer advice,
she should indulge in pleasantries.
You are indeed a beauty.
lf you agree to kiss me,
there will be no fine.
Lemons and melons!
Cherry or gooseberry.
-Lemons and melons!
-Cherry or gooseberry.
Why bother with the berries,
when l can bite those luscious lips?
First bite into this.
lt'll heighten your desire
and you'll get what you want.
Lemons and melons!
l fulfilled your wish.
Now, you fulfill mine...
Now, you fulfill mine.
What happened to my voice?
What happened?
You! What was in that gooseberry?
What happened to my voice?
l gave you a woman's voice.
Maybe now you'll learn
to respect women.
What are you fools looking at?
Grab her.
Leave her to me.
l have a score to settle with her.
Who are you?
One who lost his voice before you.
Did you bite into the berry, too?
lt's not an ordinary berry.
The worst is yet to come.
First you get a woman's voice.
That's happened already.
Next comes female behavior.
Your beard shall grow no more.
Will it fall off?
No chest hair, either.
l'll lose that, too?
But how did you recover?
l begged the forest hermits
to change me back.
So, l need to settle
my score with her first.
-Leave it to me.
-No. lt should be me.
No. Me first.
-No. Me.
-A duel, then.
The winner gets
the gooseberry girl.
Then she will definitely be mine.
l'll kill you both.
l am not some chicken
for you to fight over.
Don't bother with her.
Come. Duel with me.
lf you are man enough, that is.
You don't need a mountain like me
to crush a mouse like you.
Kill this fool, boys.
l don't even need a sword
to take care of these fools.
Lemons and melons!
Seen any stars yet?
l am the Volcano.
l can swallow you whole.
l let your men off easy.
l have something special
in mind for you.
What's that?
l'll fight you with my eyes closed.
Eyes closed?
To show that l am willing
to spend the rest of my life in darkness.
Are you really going to fight
the Volcano blindfolded?
Not just with my eyes closed,
but also without stepping off this table.
Wait. Wait, no, no.
You can have the gooseberry girl.
But tell me how to get my voice back.
You called me brother. l like you.
The hermits in the forest
are your only hope.
Your feminine qualities
are getting stronger.
Hurry before you lose
your manly attributes, sister!
l mean brother!
Will l be able to stick them back on?
lt'll never be the same. Hurry!
l'll take care of you
when l get back from the forest.
Lemons and melons!
Gooseberry girl!
Hey, gooseberry girl!
You stole my blindfold.
Aren't you ashamed?
All is fair in love and war!
lt's not theft,
just an attempt to win you over.
You think wearing a blindfold
will make me yours?
You can't alter destiny.
Destiny or not, only time will tell.
For the determined,
time will provide a way.
He who will kiss me softly
like the breeze
He who will burn me with his passion
He who will love me till the end of time
Where can l find him?
He who will caress my hand like waves
He who will fetch me
the moon and the stars
He who will empty himself
and pour out his heart
What does he look like?
Look into my eyes and you'll know
Search your heart and you'll know
lt's me
Yes, it's me
Come, let's surrender to this love
Your love has made me your captive
Your love has made me forget
all boundaries
Your love has filled
my heart with songs
What kind of magic is this?
This crazy sweet illness has tamed me
l was an outlaw
but l have laid down my arms
To sing a lullaby of love
Why does my heart beat so fast?
He who will kiss me softly
like the breeze
He who will burn me with his passion
He who will love me till the end of time
Where can l find him?
Your smile reminds me of falling stars
lt holds my feelings hostage
l become helpless
When l look into your blue eyes
l lose all my senses
l become helpless
Your smile planted the seeds
of this crazy love
Your touch gave wings
to this crazy love
Your lips sang the songs
of this crazy love
Come, let's surrender to this love
This crazy sweet illness has tamed me
l was an outlaw
but l have laid down my arms
To sing a lullaby of love
Why does my heart beat so fast?
Hey, Priya!
Hold on, wait...
Not yet. Our first kiss will have to wait.
What's this?
A family heirloom called the Black Eye.
l hope it doesn't contain any spells
or incantations.
lt might. Many of my ancestors
were known to be witches.
Are you also a witch, then?
Maybe. Who knows?
l know.
You really are a powerful sorceress.
That's how you've transformed
a carefree fellow like me
into a prisoner of your heart.
l hope you've learnt your lesson
and will settle down.
Are you asking me to marry you?
l just want to know what's in your heart.
l've always been pursued by women.
But like passing clouds, they drift away.
None of them ever touched my heart.
You mean l'm one of them, too?
Why, you dimple cheeked rascal!
You follow me around,
beg, plead and pursue me endlessly,
you wear a blindfold for me,
you fight for me and now...
Hey, wait, listen to me...
And now, you say l'm a passing fancy?
Hey, that reminds me.
What about your blind lover?
Rather than wait for a blind man
who may or may not exist...
Rather than wait, what?
l better turn the one l have now
into my blind lover.
Through thick and thin,
through happiness and sorrow,
through poverty and fortune,
till death do us apart,
l will be yours forever.
You have tied a blindfold
and called it our wedding.
l hope you don't slap me
and call it a kiss.
Gooseberry girl, l have returned.
Lemons and melons!
Lemons and melons!
How do you feel now?
Look at her being consumed by the fire.
This is where your love story ends.
Look at her! For the last time.
Gaze at the flaming end
to your love story.
Look at her!
You don't need your eyes.
lf you can fight without eyes,
you can live without them, too.
Lemons and melons!
Let's go.
My son...
The Swami saved my life.
And he let me stay at the monastery.
lronically l fulfilled
Priya's prophecy by becoming blind.
Only, it was too late.
ln death she found her love.
Forgive me, Yodha.
l caused you pain
by stirring up your past.
You haven't hurt me.
You've shared my pain.
Shall l restore your sight with my touch?
l don't wish to see a world without Priya.
ln being blind,
l'll always remain her love.
But how did lrendri come to possess
Priya's family heirloom?
How are lrendri and Priya connected?
l need to solve the mystery.
Druki, let's go.
Yodha, be careful.
Tell that to Druki.
Eclipse, l command you.
Moonlight shall turn into utter darkness
with the power of the Black Eye.
My queen! There is bad news.
The men sent to capture Moksha
have been found dead.
What about Moksha?
She has escaped.
How far can a little girl run?
Send search parties
throughout the kingdom.
Take the crow demons.
Moksha shall quench the thirst
of the Black Eye with her blood.
This way.
Careful, there are steps ahead.
Walk slowly.
Walk properly, Yodha!
Why don't you lead the way
instead of riding on my back?
l'm a little girl and l'm tired.
Druki, isn't that...
Why are you walking backwards?
lrendri's men are looking for us.
Someone needs to watch our backs.
l'm blind, l can't see either way.
A blind man leads the way,
while the man who can see
walks behind us.
And l'm caught in the middle.
Stop your wisecracks,
or l'll leave you here.
Don't forget that you're my bodyguard.
l should have never agreed to this!
lnstead of traveling with her,
l could have traveled alone in peace
and ate and drank to my fill.
The only thing you would have had
is a good scolding from the Swami.
Quiet! Someone's here.
Oh, no! lrendri's men!
Let's go!
Come, hurry.
Crow demons, Queen lrendri
has asked you to help us.
Then it must be something
very important.
We need your help to capture
a little girl called Moksha.
We will capture her
and deliver her to the queen.
We should have stuck to the main road.
lt would also have helped
to have dogs chase you.
At least you would have
lost some weight.
Changing paths every time
you are scared
will never lead you to your destination.
-What's going on?
Yodha! Yodha!
Swami, here's the ash.
lt's now sacred.
Mix it in water,
sprinkle it on the children.
You try a new ritual every day.
Nothing seems to help.
Even l'm a little scared.
Don't worry.
l'll study the stars and the planets.
l will find the solution.
Your father will be back soon.
He will bring Moksha.
l have faith in him.
Yodha! Yodha! Yodha?
Where were you?
Thank God, you're all right!
The crows snatched Moksha...
Not crows. Crow demons.
They hunt people and eat them for fun.
What if they hurt Moksha?
l can hear them. This way.
We will now offer you to Queen lrendri.
Stop scaring that little girl.
l have a better gift for you. Come on.
lsn't she too small a gift?
Let the fun begin!
Come on! Come on!
Druki, what's the use of running
if one can't arrive in time?
Let's go.
For all your bravado,
you couldn't come back with a little girl.
My queen,
even the crow demons failed.
Your excuses are an unpardonable
insult to the Black Eye.
No, my queen. We almost had her
but a blind swordsman slew
the crow demons.
The Black Eye doesn't like
others being praised.
Your Highness.
May the Black Eye prevail!
My queen.
Our spies report that Moksha
is nearby, in the mountains.
l will find her, kill her and...
l want Moksha alive.
lf not, l will chop you
into a thousand pieces
and feed you to Sarpini.
Yes, my queen.
Follow the kite.
How can l quench my thirst?
Here, have some water.
Mere water cannot quench my thirst.
What l have is thirst of a different kind.
The thirst for
the bittersweet taste of wine.
But what about your monkhood?
Druki, Druki...
The monastery and l
are like oil and water.
We never really mix
though we're together.
My kite!
My kite!
-Moksha, don't run ahead.
My kite!
Hey, wait!
Moksha, where are you?
Caught you, little birdie.
-Oh, no!
-Go ahead and check it out.
Yodha, Moksha's kite.
lrendri's men are emerging
from the caves!
They might have captured Moksha.
Let go of me.
Let me go!
Lemons and melons!
He's on the hill. Get him!
-Why are you cowards running away!
Let me go!
Moksha, are you okay?
Lemons and melons!
Bring in the priests for the ceremony.
Hail lrendri's reign! May it last forever!
l am pleased. Very pleased.
The fact that you serve me...
ls unknown to anyone, my queen!
Now, the end is near!
Let the ceremony begin!
The apocalypse will be brought in
by poisonous fangs
The sound of revenge
hisses and crackles
A flaming tongue full of venom
A hideous form
A monstrous presence
The ultimate serpent
l invite you
l invite you
A hideous form
A monstrous presence
The ultimate serpent
l invite you
A powerful fiend
Scaring even the strongest of men
A snake that swallows up all others
A hideous form
A monstrous presence
The ultimate serpent
l worship you
A hideous form
A monstrous presence
The ultimate serpent
l worship you
l worship you
A hideous form
A monstrous presence
The ultimate serpent
l salute you
A terrifying form
A monstrous presence
The ultimate serpent
l salute you
l salute you
The Black Eye shall prevail!
lrendri will rule!
What a fight.
Moksha, are you tired?
Looks like everyone here
is a teardrop devotee.
Teardrop and Black Eye.
There's something fishy about this.
What's wrong?
What's that smell?
Jasmine leaves, dates, fragrant flowers,
musk all mixed together
to form a unique aroma.
Rich and intoxicating.
White and red wine!
Other exotic wines.
l can't stop myself.
lt will be your fault
if we don't make it in time.
You don't have any money.
What l have is thirst.
l will find some fool to quench it.
Druki, stop him.
Hey! Don't you know
it's a bad omen to sneeze?
Who are you?
Who are you?
My name is Jaffa.
But who are you?
You tell me.
Why? Can't you talk?
l'm blind.
Sir, your honey-mixed red wine.
My honey-mixed red wine.
Red wine!
Why does the mention of red wine
make you weep?
Red wine reminds me
of my friend Veeraiah.
What happened to him?
-Like you, he...
-...started drinking red wine and...
-Died? He's dead?
l tried to tell him.
But he didn't listen to me, Jaffa.
That fool might have not listened,
but this Jaffa will.
-What was your advice?
''before you drink the wine,
let some fool taste it.
''You'll then know if it's poisoned.''
Why bother looking for some fool?
You taste it.
Me! But... But it might be poison...
That's all right. Go ahead.
-Finish it.
ls there any poison in it?
-There's no poison in it.
-There is no wine in it, either.
-Hey, get me a hot toddy.
-Yes, sir.
Oh, no! Hot toddy!
Why are you crying
at the mention of a hot toddy?
Does a hot toddy remind you
of someone else?
A hot toddy reminds me
of my friend Tataji.
Why? What happened?
He drank a hot toddy and...
What happened to him?
He went home.
That's good.
You should be happy, not sad.
Once he got home,
he slept soundly on his cot.
So soundly that his wife
couldn't wake him up the next morning.
lt's not easy to wake up
after drinking all night.
She hit him again and again.
But he never woke up.
Oh, dear! What happened?
They had to carry him on that bed
to the crematorium...
Crematorium? Oh, no! Don't be sad.
Come, relax.
Here, have a taste of the hot toddy.
He would be here today
had he listened to you.
-What else do you have?
Why? Does water also remind you
of someone?
From now on, it will remind me of a fool.
Who's that fool?
The fool who believed my tales,
gave me his drinks
and ended up drinking water!
Oh, no! That's me!
What's this?
Why are you crying?
l'm crying for you.
Why are you crying for me?
Unable to bear the deaths of my friends
Veeraiah and Tataji,
l mixed poison in that wine
to kill myself.
But you drank it.
A free drink for a thirsty warrior.
Your bangles bring back
fond memories.
A toast to those wonderful memories.
We're done eating.
Why is Yodha taking so long?
Let's wait a while,
then go find him.
Lemons and melons!
She's right here! Get her!
The Black Eye shall prevail!
You have pleased lrendri.
-You may leave now.
-Yes, my queen.
How amusing!
The hopes of the people of Agartha
rest on these tender shoulders?
l don't know why the people of Anga
fear a mere mortal like you.
You don't scare me.
l'm not a mortal. l'm a spirit.
A spirit who is about to transform into
an all-powerful goddess!
lf it's just magic
that makes you powerful,
l can perform miracles, too.
Tomorrow night, during the eclipse,
you will be sacrificed.
And l'll transform into a goddess.
My little bird in a cage.
You may be my captive,
but you have made me
a slave to your blood.
You are the only one in our bloodline
to have had the honor
of serving the Black Eye.
My dear great granddaughter.
This will be the last drop of blood
l need from you before the eclipse.
l'll feed you to the very flames
that freed me.
lt has been a long time long
since l met someone from my family.
Priya, my great, great,
great granddaughter!
Don't be scared.
l'm your great, great,
great grandmother!
Don't you understand?
l am the great sorceress,
the all-powerful lrendri.
lt's not that easy to run away from me.
l started the bloodline
and you are the last
surviving pure blood.
l thought the witch lrendri
was only a myth.
Myths are often truer than facts.
l was imprisoned in this heirloom.
You caused my resurrection
by bathing it in flames.
l've been wronged.
l will bring forth the apocalypse!
You and me together...
l may share your bloodline,
but not your thirst for vengeance.
Whether you like it or not,
you will do as l say.
The Black Eye will force you.
lt will enslave you to its will.
All l need from you is
a drop of your blood from time to time.
That's all.
Who's there?
Don't cry.
My bodyguard will come to save me.
l'll ask him to help you, too.
Yodha, where are you?
Please bring Yodha here.
Tell him to free me from this prison.
A butterfly?
Where have you been?
They've taken Moksha.
They left you behind
because you were too heavy?
Okay, okay.
Where did they take Moksha?
lnto that snake-like cave.
How do we get in?
Druki, Druki.
lt's not how we get in,
but how we get out
that's important.
So, how will we get out?
We'll know that after we get in.
For now, just follow the butterfly.
lt's night now.
The right time to sneak in.
Watch out for the snakes!
l knew you would come.
Forgive me, Moksha.
Many a hope rests on you.
l won't be careless in my duties again.
Lemons and melons!
lt's the blind boy from the gypsy village.
Strange that you are still alive
and doing so well.
You killed my Priya
and destroyed my sight.
Every day l regret not having killed you,
and that feeling ends today!
Lemons and melons!
Hey, you!
Lemons and melons!
Quick, get out of here!
This is to avenge Priya's death!
Priya is alive!
But she's trapped in hell.
You will never find her.
Lemons and melons...
Priya is alive? Where is she?
Where is she? Tell me! Tell me!
Priya! Priya!
Yodha, l heard a woman's voice
in the dungeons.
Could she be Priya?
Speak, Priya. lt's me!
lt's me, Yodha. Your Yodha.
Don't you recognize me?
Don't you recognize me?
What has lrendri done to you, Priya?
Through thick and thin...
Through happiness and sorrow...
Through poverty and fortune...
Till death do us apart...
l will be yours forever.
l will be yours forever.
Hey, dimples.
What took you so long?
My eyes
My eyes
Why do l need them if not to see you?
My hands
My hands
Why do l need them
if not to touch you?
My heart beats to
the tune of these beautiful words
My youth sways to
the rhythm of these beautiful words
Even if you are in a faraway universe
l'll come and find you
Let's get lost and become lovers
Let's get lost and become one soul
My eyes
My eyes
Why do l need them if not to see you?
My hands
My hands
Why do l need them
if not to touch you?
l crossed great rivers
l crossed great mountains
And l come with a heart filled with love
vast as the sky
l've crossed many fields
l've crossed many plains
And l come like a branch
sprouting new love for you
l come like the clouds
filled with lightning
l come and shower you with my love
l'll come and find you
Let's get lost and become lovers
Let's get burnt in the fire of love
My eyes
My eyes
Why do l need them if not to see you?
My hands
My hands
Why do l need them
if not to touch you?
Even if it means changing my fate
And altering my destiny
l will come running to you
Even if l have to use
the last breath in my body
l will come running to you
All l needed was you
All l needed was a miracle
l'll come and find you
Let's get lost and become lovers
Let's become each other's shadows
My eyes
My eyes
Why do l need them if not to see you?
My hands
My hands
Why do l need them
if not to touch you?
My queen!
The unthinkable has happened!
Please come quickly!
Foolish girl!
She thinks she can escape
from her roots so easily.
Send forth your snakes
and bring Priya back to me.
Yodha, l'm very happy
that you've found Priya!
l gave up my sight,
but l would have also given up my life
to hold these hands again.
This is all my fault.
l came into your life
and brought nothing but darkness.
No, Priya.
Don't say that.
Then it's also your responsibility
to brighten it up.
Yodha, when l offered to
restore your eyes, you refused.
You didn't want to
see a world without Priya.
But now she is here.
Sit down.
Close your eyes.
l want Priya to be the first thing l see.
Oh, no! Snakes!
The only way to stop lrendri's menace
is by destroying her completely.
Yodha, without my blood,
lrendri's strength will wane
and she will eventually die.
We just need a safe place
to hide for a few days.
But what will happen to
the children and my son?
We need to go to Agartha
as soon as possible.
Then let's go to Agartha right away.
There's just one night left
before the eclipse
and Priya has disappeared.
Don't worry.
She can never escape from us.
Her scent.
l can smell her.
l see that she is heading to Agartha.
You have had all the snakes
rise and attack the villagers!
This devil should be sent back to hell!
Burn her! Burn her!
You might be able to destroy
my mortal body now,
but you won't be able to stop me
when my vengeful soul returns!
The place where you were burnt alive
in your previous life
is where you shall be
resurrected in this life.
The snakes that were burnt with you
are waiting restlessly
beneath the ground
and inviting you to return.
For you to resurrect, the Black Eye
must feed on Moksha's blood.
Each of these amulets contains
strands of Queen lrendri's hair.
They will turn into an enormous snake
as the lunar eclipse commences.
Begin the ceremony.
The time is near
The eclipse approaches
And death looms close
Mountains, valleys, rivers and forests
are to be crossed
Yet the thirst of the fire-spitting snake
has not been quenched
And the breath of life
has yet to reach the stricken children
And the vicious snake
must be defeated
The superstitions
propagated by the priests
Awaken an ancient serpent power
And the Black Eye thirsts
for Moksha's blood
The tortured soul will take
the shape of a catastrophe
The madness
exceeds all boundaries
Unfettered evil is a sign
of total destruction
Your beliefs are flawed.
Your shrines are powerless.
Your gods have run away.
l will only be satisfied
when you have all suffered like l have.
This devil needs to be vanquished
Hell shall quake with her arrival
The sound of victory
needs to be heard again
This is a test for all righteousness
To banish the lurking evil forever
To this end began
Moksha's journey
Yodha, you are the protector!
Yodha, you are the savior!
There are lights inside the shrine.
Be careful, my queen!
The eclipse is approaching.
l feel weak without Priya's blood.
Once Priya is here,
l promise to provide you with her blood.
The shrine looks empty.
There's nobody here.
Yodha, look over there.
Are these cocoons
part of the village ritual?
l have never seen anything like this.
l think it's another of
the priest's crazy rituals.
The shell is soft, like a snake's egg.
Oh, my God!
What have they done to the children?
She is still breathing.
You take care of the children.
Manju, bring Priya to me.
Moksha, you hide here.
Let me go and look inside the shrine.
Have you gone mad, Manju?
All l need is one drop of blood.
After tonight, she is of no use to us.
Loyalty is not simply a matter
of bloodline, my queen,
but a matter of faith.
The potion that brings me life!
Where is Priya?
Priya does not matter.
And neither will Moksha.
Don't be scared, Moksha.
Stand your ground
and face her with courage.
The prophecy that she is the messiah
will remain but a tale for children.
She will be forgotten forever.
The only power that shall prevail
will be that of the Black Eye.
You seem to have forgotten
history, lrendri.
The human spirit
has always triumphed,
be it over the devil or the divine!
Man's beliefs may sometimes be blind,
but his determination is unbeatable.
And l swear by that determination!
No matter what you do, lrendri,
l will destroy you once and for all
before the eclipse ends.
Take my body and make it yours.
Kill this foolish warrior.
Yodha, this is because of the eclipse.
The lunar eclipse is known to
strengthen demonic powers.
Have no fear.
Go and take care of the children.
-Leave now.
-Moksha, let's go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
With your blood,
lrendri shall become immortal.
This altar shall serve as the right spot
for your sacrifice.
The serpent power is calling out to you.
lt wants you to become its master.
You are my granddaughter,
a true blood witch.
Become my successor.
Evil can do without succession.
l will die a thousand deaths.
But l'll never let
the Black Eye rule this world.
Priya. Priya...
No matter how powerful you are,
the greatest power lies in
making the choice to be righteous.
lf you haven't understood this
in two lifetimes,
you never will, lrendri.
Moksha, fulfill your duty.
My son!
From then on,
the teardrop-shaped land
was filled with joy and happiness
like the sweet laughter of children.