Anand (2004) Movie Script

Did you cIose aII the rear
How many times do I teII you
not to read when you're Iying down
Are you Iistening to oId songs?
-You onIy toId me to Iisten.
Did I ask you to Iisten when you
are studying?-Why are you after me.
You wiII attend every marriage
but do not care for my exams.
Did I ask you? Sit and then read
-AII boring wedding.
Can you stay back for me
at Ieast once for today ..
... for the sake of my
That is ok.
How are the bangIes?
You are merciIess and Iook
just Iike a monkey.
Get this a IittIe bit down.
-No- yeah, that is cooI!, This is for oId women
You aIso got styIe!
-TeII me how I Iook?.
Can you stay back ?
I wiII give you Rs.20
Rs. 20? That's too cheap.No.
-Rs. 30?
No chance. AII my girI friends
are coming today.
GirI friends for you?
First fasten your zip. GirIs may get scared.
Are you mad?
I'II compIain to mom. Mummy...
Come back, I wiII show you.
-You jerk! Mind your business.
Don't open the door without
asking visitor's name.
There is tea in the fIask.
-Won't you stay at home, dad?
They might fight for your absence onIy,
And if I too don't go, that wiII be worse
If we attend marriages, then
your marriage becomes easy
We wiII come fast
CIose the doors. OK?
Wait - What is it?
Mummy, daddy!...
Rupa, Give that cap
-First switch on the records
WiII you give it or not?-No...
Switch it on and then take it
Rupa, give his cap.
We are getting Iate.
PIease come earIy, dad
PIease go sIowIy, sir.
-It's ok.. No probIem
My wife has gone out of station.
Had a IittIe bit extra.
Get into the car. daughter -Is there
anybody to heIp? Who's Rupa?
Oh God!
From boy-friend...-No, her
fiancee...Good Iooking and rich!
He came yesterday onIy-
What's happening?- Having coffee.
ActuaIIy there're 7 days, 1 2 hrs,
1 5 min. 20 sec more for wedding
What have you done Iast night?
I've been dreaming of you aII night
It is IittIe bit extra. There is no
repIy for my 2 caIIs Iast night
I was reaIIy with you onIy,
in my dreams.
It is OK, cut the phone.
Have to go to office?
Rupa! 'ReIiance' share rates have
increased. Dispose them off.
'EAMCET' resuIts are pubIished.
Do you know the number of Ram?
You are absoIuteIy useIess. See
and Iearn from that girI
It is shamefuI that our daughter
is more educated than him as...
...our daughter is a doctor, but
son-in-Iaw is mechanic
AIready two times by now!
I have no beIief now.
Who wiII compIy with me
in this house?
Food, sIeep and your friends.
This is aII your Iife.
No earning at aII and he is Iying
down Iike a beast. Get up!
What? -ResuIts have come,
and you faiIed again, fooI. Get up
Mother, if I couId not pass Inter
how can I get a medicaI seat
You too scoId now and then.
This is injustice
UseIess feIIow! PIaying aII day
and watching cabIeTV at night.
How can you get ranks and
seats, useIess feIIow. Get up
You Iive in whatever way you can.
I won't give you singIe pie.
Grand mother! Beat him.
-Anita! Catch him
Come darIing, Iet us go to
the bathroom
I want a puppy. You promised me
Iast time. -Ok- I've no friends
I'II purchase one for you.
Brush up your teeth first
I do not want oId songs.
I want puppy.
Rupa! Take this naughty girI
and controI her.
ActuaIIy we shouId keep that snoopy feIIow in zoo.
But stiII I have to attend the singing cIass.
How I wish Roopa is dead! Srikanth shouId be
bashed up and thrown in the drinage.
Rupa! Raju has again faIIen in
Iove, do you know?
What has he done?
See Rupa! Ms Radha is not
taIking to me.
Rupa! Father is angry with me.
You know how crazy my mother is
My parents are Iooking for
matches for me ...
If my career is bright, I may teII
my parents about his Iove
I am in soup, due to his Iove
now -This is too much, Radha
Rupa! PIease advise him not to
taIk to me
Are you enjoying sound sIeep,
or unsound as in movies
Yes, I have no sIeep because
of my wedding arrangements
Then why do you attend office
when wedding is next week.?
Today is the Iast day. There is
one account to finaIise today
Hi, what happened?
He is yeIIing at me again.
Did you give your wedding card
to our Manager?
Yes, and aIso my resignation Ietter too..
-What did he say?
There was no expression on
him, but he said OK.
These have to be stitched.
A Iot of dresses.
More than enough for a marriage
What to do? Have to change
everything....No pants...or T-shirts
This cut shouId not go deep.
ShouId be at some higher IeveI
That is most important.
Don't forget it.
Hi... Rupa -PIease teII her.
I want within 2 days
Mummy wants you to meet her
this evening.
Why, is it urgent?
I have Iots of work.
I am disposing off my ReIiance shares
To meet our wedding expenses
at your IeveI.
That's why, I have not
demanded dowry
Had you asked that, I'd have suggested
you to Iook for some other bride
I know, can't you adjust for my
mother-Granny is coming
PIease come home this evening,
need to introduce you to our reIatives
Is it essentiaI? -Yes
-When can we start?
You can go aIone.
I have to go to shoe store
You can go there tomorrow.
I wiII accompany you
I feeI tensed to go aIone
-You have to get used to it.
ShouId I take you to seIect
You wiII seIect some '60s modeI.
How is this shirt? -So So..
UseIess shirt. You can't Iike this.
PIease remember to come at six
Come with a saree.
You know the ruIes.
I know,sir. No saIwar, no scooty
I shouId saIute and be obedient.
I shouId touch the feet of eIders
as soon as I enter. Is this OK?
Stop here. It is 6 o'cIock
aIready. What if it's Iate?
Why this tension as though
a worId war has started?
Do you come inside? -No
pIease, not into this house
They may degrade you
if I accompany you as a friend
PuII your jacket down. Stomach
shouId not be seen,for them
They are very traditionaI
You have asked me to come
for shopping.
I do not Iike aII these
For my sake...- How do I Iook?
-Like my face
I am angry. I wiII teII you after
we go back.
Have you come, daughter?
This is the aunt of RahuI
She is our famiIy friend from
These are RahuI's paternaI
uncIe and aunt from Benares
This sari is nice. But why did
you bring that girI with pants?
She couId wear some decent
dress atIeast. ShameIess girI!
Another probIem. I've to go to
bathroom urgentIy. Where's it?
I do not know.
PIease try to wait
You have to Iearn to cook
our Marwari food for our RahuI
CouId you manage aII the
arrangements for wedding?
You're aIone. Can you arrange
everything perfectIy?
The arrangements shouId be
made at grand IeveI
I am under pressure.
-PIease wait
Do you want something?
-We have to Ieave urgentIy.
Sit. These peopIe've come
from a Iong distance to see you
--What have you prayed for?
HeIIo, what did you pray?
You woke me in the morning for...
...coming here.- Not one, but
I prayed for many things.
First, my marriage goes off smoothIy
and I shouId be happy
Do you beIieve in it?
-Yes, a Iot
I'm tense, whether I can merge
in their famiIy or not...
...and if everything goes properIy
TerribIe. It is a bore.
Don't go to wedding
If you feeI so,
what couId I feeI?
New peopIe, new house, aII the
restrictions Ievied onIy on me
TeII me one thing.
Do you reaIIy Iove Mr. RahuI?
I do not know anything.
Even I did not think of this much.
I didn't find any deficiency in him
when he proposed.
He is rich and eIigibIe.
If he wants he can find ...
... number of brides
-Don't say that you are after his money
No, I am just mentioning
No doubt, they are compIementing
you by aII means. But I think ...
... you may have to sacrifice
many quaIities after marriage
That shouId not happen. His
mother won't Iet you be yourseIf
I do not know to what extent
Mr. RahuI can support you
I do not know about RahuI, but
her mother is trying ...
... to dominate me aIready.
I feeI a IittIe scared now.
But then,God wiII Iook after
me weII. I have no doubt.
GoodIuck wiII befaII me with this marriage.
Iooks Iike a mad man
despite being rich and brought up in city,
what is her name ...?
... VenkataIakshmi?
-Why shouId we bother?
Ask for a boon.
VenkataIakshmi shouId choose
and prefer me for marriage?
What? -No, I shouId choose
and prefer VenkataIakshmi
How can one marry without
seeing even the bride's feet?
Do you Iike to see her feet
before you make a choice?
You are spoiIt after you had
been to America.
You are the reaI cuIprit.
You are misIeading my mother ...
... with your meaningIess
Come, Iet us go.
How is he caIIing you
as Rupa?
Raju, where is my father?
-Here onIy. -See there
Dad... Dad...
Rupa ... Rupa
Dad, Iet us go.
She is not Rupa. If you do Iike
this I'II not take you to marriage
I wiII go back to America. Raju!
Take Dad to our pIace-Ok
I wiII come
PIease sit, Dad
your work is not over-If we further deIay,
mom may kiII us.
Everything is a joke to you. She
is in tension now.
You have not come to see
VenkataIakshmi, but ...
...brought dad to show
the marriage of Rupa
PIease don't reveaI this to
mother. She may kiII me
How couId mother Iike her? She
is driving her to tempIes.
Hi, VenkataIakshmi-Just Lakhsmi
-Hi Lakshmi, I am Anand
Are these PuIIareddy Sweets?
-Yes -They are nice
You teII me - You start
-This is very embarassing
I do not know anything about
you. Even you do not know me
MBA is aImost over. That too
with the consent of my mother
She is forcing me to see
the girIs.
Sorry, I did'nt mean that way.
I am actuaIIy tired.
Did you see many girIs?
Not many. A few onIy, that too
when mother forced me.
And what about you?
-I am doing fashion-designing
Hobbies...I Iike cricket..
and movies! You know Chiranjeevi?
... His daughter, Ms. Pratima
is my cIassmate.
Nagarjuna, now and then, visits
our house. -Is it? -Just kidding
How many girIs, have
you seen before?
Anand, wiII you put batteries in
this car?- So Cute- What's your name?
Sameer-Take this!-Whose kid
is this? -Our driver's son
He has been brought up
with us since chiIdhood
First teII me, whether you Iike
VenkataIakshmi or not.
You put me under suspense. I Iike
her. If you say OK ...
...I'II finish the marriage. What
do you say? AII seems ok.
Raju, you teII me.
Am I hurrying?
Chiranjeevi wiII come to your
marriage. -What is that?
He says that Chiranjeevi's
daughter is her cIassmate
What is that, Anand? There
shouId be some reason
What is Iacking in her? TeII me,
I have to answer them
My good mother, go for sIeep.
I wiII teII you tomorrow.
Go away. I thought of fixing the
marriage, if you Iike her
I wiII go to Vizag, atIeast I can attend to
work there.
Is it due to Anand?-Anyway
she'II come in 3 months
You take everything as a joke.
I have an important meeting.
Raju. Show the marriage to these
peopIe, send him to States ...
... and Iater come to our native
town accompanying your father
You're Iike a girI. I've to search
for a new bride for you now
Be carefuI, Anand-Are you
Iistening- Yes, you go. We'II see
I'II Ieave - Bye...
-Raju, take care of dad
Music in heart
What happened to the lips?
Dreams came up in the
stream of eyes
They glistered in colours
with that disturbance
Music in heart
What happened to lips?
Dreams came up in the
stream of eyes
They glistered in colours
with disturbance
Your affection is like a fable in sleep
Time only provides
a soothing touch to dreams
The Great Epic Ramayana
flourished on earth
But the fate may change for
love stories on earth
Don't forget the story of heart
which is ...
... a jasmine endeavouring
in summer
Don't forget the story of heart
which is ...
... a jasmine endeavouring
in summer
Music in heart
What happened to lips?
Dreams looked up
in the stream of eyes
They glistered in colours
with disturbance
The bride is feeling shy
though she is blossoming
Messages are ushering
from her quiet heart
Even the messages
are noiseless
I am getting bored
What shaII we do?
When wiII you prosper?
You never foIIowed me.
You wiII not wear a suit. Some
status is required at Ieast
I wiII come just now.
-Father, where're you off to?
On whose behaIf have you come?
-Bride's behaIf
If so, pIease take this and
serve this in that room
Rupa, where are you?
You sit. I wiII check up
Whom do you want?
-Rupa ... there ... -Wait, dad
Sorry, he is my father.
He intends to meet the bride.
But who are you?
-I am ...
Who is that?
Where is he?-Busy in the haII
Iooking at girIs.
Rupa! PIease take this.
PIease take these too.
Who are you?
Who is this?
you need this twice today
Iest eviI eye is cast on you
PIease wear this sari,not in your
South Indian styIe. PIease heIp her.
Rupa wants to wear her
mother's saree
No, no. This is our famiIy
tradition. She's to wear this
Aunt! If I wear this, I feeI that
my mother is with me
I aIready said ''no''. Wear this
sari and come quickIy.
You wait ! I wiII taIk to RahuI and come.
This is too much
If you go again, you wiII be
Finished off your serving. Face
must have vaIue,not attire- Come
Why do you create fuss for
a smaII thing?
This is not a smaII thing.
It is her mother's saree.
Since her chiIdhood it is her
desire to wear it on her wedding
It is a precious thing for her
and for her sentiment
I know it, Anita. Do not get
excited unnecessariIy.
It is better to foIIow eIders in
these affairs. TeII her to Iisten... mother. It's not a big deaI.
I'II see everything after wedding
Not a big deaI?
Then I wiII keep Iike this onIy, big deaI !
You are just Iike Goddess
Grand mother! You teII her at
She advises us to change this
saree.- What happened to this?
Rupa, didn't you change your
saree yet? Go and change
Madam! This is her mother's
saree. Let it be. It is good.
Being an eIder woman, why are
you saying this?
Rupa, it is deIayed aIready,
go and change your saree
I can't do it, mother. This saree
onIy is good for me.
I Iike my mother's saree.
PIease Iisten to me
Rupa, wiII you change your
saree or not?
Rupa, go and change your saree.
Do not make this a big issue
Anita, take her inside. I wiII
go and taIk with them and come.
When she is so stubborn. She is
eIder, Iet us Iisten to her
A bride shouId remain
as a bride onIy
It is a sin, if a bride taIks back
to her mother-in-Iaw.
We do not know your traditions,
madam. PIease bear with us
I am her mother-in-Iaw. Isn't it
her duty to respect my word?
She might taIk back after
wedding-She's young. Leave her.
Why shouId I Ieave this matter?
She shouId change sari and come...
... touch my feet and apoIogize.
Then onIy I wiII come
Grandmother, pIease bring her.
I took pity on her as she has no parents.
There is no dowry, no money
and no caste.
But she is very arrogant and
not at aII obedient
She has defied me in the
presence of aII. I'II see her
Mother! What is this injustice?
Since she has nobody, you have
taken pity on her.
You can change her after
marriage as you wish.
I can't shut my mouth. I wiII
not repeat the mistake I did first
What have you toId me?
You said, she is obedient ...
...and she wiII Iisten to us
as she is an orphan.
Can't we get a girI Iike this
in our community?
I consented to you due to my bad
fate. How dare she insuIts me?
Aunt! I did not expect that you
wiII be upset. I am reaIIy sorry
ReaIise and understand first.
My command is aIways an order.
There is no amendment. You have
to foIIow without questioning.
Don't feeI proud that you
are the onIy one for my son
My singIe caII can bring hundreds
of brides with miIIions of rupees stand in queue. After aII,
you are without parents, dowry,
and caste. I have onIy favoured
you due to pity. Understand this.
Since you have no parents ...
it is not a Iicense to do anything
I'II show you after wedding what
a mother-in-Iaw is? Go now.
CaIm down, Rupa-I am afraid of
this marriage now
Rupa, count ten before doing anything
-I have aIready counted hundred.
Yes, I have controIIed myseIf
whiIe she was taIking to me.
I require a cIarification.
-Don't Rupa, pIease...
RahuI, teII me one thing. -Rupa
pIease go and get ready
RahuI, I need to know ..
-Let her ask.You can ask anything
You toId me that you have
convinced your mother. Isn't it?
Did you teII her that I have no
parents and wiII aIways obIige you?
Rupa, it is not Iike that.
-You be quiet
Yes, It is for that onIy. Yes,
I agreed for that reason onIy
That means you do not truIy Iike me.
You have no beIief in me
You made her to show
mercy on me
RahuI, are you marrying me
due to pity or compassion?
There are beautifuI and very
rich brides in our community
You are nothing as compared to
them.This is the truth-Mother!
RahuI! I am scared to Iive with
you. I fear to enter your house
We are not demons. Stop this
drama right here.
The marriage is not yet over,
she is aIready trying to create ...
...rifts between mother
and son
-Keep up our famiIy respect
TeII me, RahuI.
-I am there for you.I Iove you Rupa
Who requires your Iove? You
Ioved me and at the same time .. preferred me to survive
Iike a obedient dog in your house
I'm sorry -Why do you taIk Iike
that, Rupa?
Sorry, extremeIy sorry. If I do
not wake up now, I may be ...
... doing injustice to my own
Iife. I don't need this wedding.
I have compromised on many
issues in my Iife.
But I can't pIedge my
seIf-respect and independence
I can't survive as a dumb and
deaf creature
Let her go. There are hundreds
of brides craving out there.
Don't you feeI ashamed to beg
her Iike an orphan?
Rupa, pIease consider. If the
marriage is stopped ...
...your Iife wiII be ruined.
Don't be siIIy.
Do you spoiI your marriage
for a saree.
This is neither a siIIy thing,
nor the question of a saree.
Even now you are saying that I
can't Iive without you ...
...but you couId not say that,
you wiII miss me
You are posing as though
a saviour of my Iife ...
Instead of surrendering my Iife
and ruining it...
... I prefer to ruin my Iife
with my own hands
I'II feeI much better. It's ok.
You need not regret for me
What happened, Anita?
Rupa, whereto?
Anita, I Iost my controI
If I couId controI, my wedding
wouId have been over
I am arrogant. I have made a
mistake. My mom woudn't have aIIowed this
Neither you have done any
mistake and did everything rightIy
Let me teII you that God has
heIped you a Iot
RahuI is not fit for you.
It is God's decision.
If you forget aII this, I teII you,
you'II be happy in some days
Now stop crying. PIease take
rest. ShaII I sIeep here?
Mother! Why didn't you take me
with you?
How many days shouId I be
in pain Iike this?
Hundreds of girIs are seen on
road. You can Iike them aIso
Can you stay here for that
reason? Think IogicaIIy.
What is your IeveI and prestige?
Come, Iet us go.
What do you know about her?
Just now, she had spoiIed her
She might be in Iove with
somebody, or ...
...with many peopIe. What is the
guarantee? Think IogicaIIy
Who is she? What is her
famiIy? ...
She has no famiIy. You might
have forgotten, but I didn't.
Who is responsibIe for that?
My father...
He caused an accident in a fuIIy
drunken state to her famiIy
Why do you taIk irreIevantIy?
you scare me sometimes. We shouId
think with our heart at times.
Why do you taIk of the
character of an innocent girI?
Where can you stay? How can
you answer our mother?
How can you adjust here?
-I wiII try. There is no Ioss
Of course, I wiII stay there.
Let us check
What about mother?
What about your MBA studies?
Manage our mother somehow.
I can appear for MBA exams.
after 6 months
MBA is not more important
than a Iife partner
Mother may get anxious.
-Don't teII mother
Now and then I wiII caII as
though I am in America
PIease heIp me at this point.
If not, I may have to marry
a junk girI
If she comes to know of you
it may Iead to many compIexities
You see, she is very
First I shouId Iike her. After
that, she shouId Iike me
And onIy then the question of
My name is Anand. I have seen
that ''To Let'' board.
One room is enough for me. I
won't do any mischief
I know. I know your mother aIso.
I onIy posted the wedding card
You can go
If you are upto any mischief,I'II catch
your neck and kick you out.
HeIIo! -What? -I stay there.
ToiIet.... -You can go
What is your name?
-I am Anand
Why did you come to my room?
-I am in the outhouse
My name is Samata
-Thanks Samata
Anand! Can you heIp me?-What
heIp? -Come inside, I'II teII you
Give that paste to me.
-You've brushed aIready
Not for brushing.
I Iike paste very much.
Are you afraid of dogs?
-No, why?
Srikanth has got one dirty dog.
It aIways growIs at me
So, I shouId fight with it.
Yes, didn't I give you
bath room or not?
From now onwards, we are
This is my friend, Anand.
He wiII beat this dog a Iot
Hi, I am Anand, staying there on
rent. -Grandma toId me
Thanks for aIIowing me
to use the bathroom.
For Jogging? -Yes
-Can I come with you.
No. Mind your own business.
Is Rupa inside, Sir?
-Ask inside
Payment for tents?
For yesterday's tents
and aIso for rickshaw...
Is this sufficient?-BiII is for
Rs. 2,000 onIy madm.
You have paid excess ...
-No probIem, keep it with you
Did you meet Rupa?
Not untiI now, pIease
We are friends, Let me share
your work with you
Mind your own business, man
Rupa, open the door.
-Come, Anita
What is this, Rupa Iike a
Everybody is ceIebrating your
decision. He was not fit for you
I had got used to him a Iot.
Everything has changed in a
singIe day-Don't weep now
How can I go to office now?
I have distributed my wedding
cards, threw parties to everybody
I have aIso submitted by
Everybody is staring at me as a
mad woman and arrogant
Let them think what they want.
It is their fate
There are hundreds of jobs to
choose. Come, Iet us go out.
Our friends are waiting for us.
Everybody is thinking that I have
spoiIed my wedding for a sari.
Rupa! PIease forget.
PIease quit the subject.
Whoever can understand us
onIy can remain our friends.
We shouId worry onIy
about them.
We need not bother for the
peopIe who don't vaIue us.
PIease Come ...
-You can go. I have no mood
Just for a change, pIease come.
-I've no mood, you can go
PIease caII Rupa.
-Go away, man -Anita
Rupa, I am sorry pIease.
I was Ieft with no choice.
Rupa, pIease understand me.
I couId not do anything.
My mother ...
Leave your mother aside.
Your Iove itseIf is fauIty.
She is happy without you
-Anita, aIIow me to taIk to Rupa
Who is he? -What is it to you?
Anyway, I'II teII you.
He is Rupa's new boy friend
Come, Iet us go to movie
Rupa just got independence on September 1 5.
We are ceIebrating!
Rupa, I couId not support you,
but do you know my position?
I had mother and you on either side.
What can I decide then?
RahuI, I know your Iimitations.
If I've to change myseIf...
... according to your mother's
whims throughout my Iife...
...I may hate myseIf and
you too may aIso Iose your Iove for me
This wiII not be good for both of us.
Hence I put up a break ...
... without dragging you into the
mess, so that you may ...
... not be affected further.
PIease do not force me, RahuI.
You are upset now.
I wiII meet you again
Anita, I got severe headache,
I am going home
Anita. You can stay here. I'II go
with her. Samata is caIIing.
Aren't you interested
to see movies?
Rupa! -Rupa, I heard about the
incident. Sorry.
I heard that everything
happened due to a sari.
WiII you pIease sit there?
-No, pIease
There is a seat in the rear.
-If so, you can sit there
You sat by the side of a girI,
how can you Ieave it?
Rupa! You couId have toId them
to shut their mouth
You can say ''shut up'' to whoever
if you don't Iike their taIk.
Shut up!
What is it?
Anita...-Don't create as an
internationaI probIem. Come in
It is difficuIt to controI it.-This
is the Iast time, I aIIow you
Make your own arrangements
from tomorrow onwards
Whereto boss?
-To Super market -Come...
Are you new to this town?
I met you day before.
Did you forget me?
Was that you who stepped into
my auto with Anita?
What is this? Is this a new
styIe of open type auto?
No, this is my styIe
AIi StyIe
I saw you with those coIIege
boys. Did you quit your studies?
It may be better you have a
basic degree
Get down first from auto
-What happened, boss?
Everybody gives advice. You are
great, we're aII waste
I just said... - What is
this casuaI remark, boss?
Mother shouts in house, and on
road, peopIe Iike you? Get down
Is there anybody to heIp?
-I am here
Did you atIeast catch a gIimpse of Rupa's feet
-What?-I am just asking.
You are taking a Iot of troubIe.
I just wanted to check up one
criteria at Ieast.-I'II kiII you
You must have made some friends here.
-I have one friend
Hi! uncIe.
She's my friend
Is that smaII girI
your friend?
Anand, is Anita there?
CaII her to the ground.Boys are fighting ... the ground, they are beating up AIi and Ram.
- I wiII just come.
Is it a serious fight, - I don't know
Anand! ShaII I caII Gautam?-Yes
Are you Ms Anita?-Yes, why?
Everybody is Iooking for you
They said that some fighting is
going on in the ground.
Keep aII those inside
Keep them, man
Did you beat me? Come to our
side, I wiII show you
They made a bet
and are fighting over it.
The ruIes have been changed
again, Anita
They are aIways Iike that..unfair
..and these peopIe wiII never Iearn.
Did you beat our man?
Brother! He onIy beat me.
-How dare you hit our man?
What guy! Aren't you keen
to survive on earth?
No brother!
I didn't say anything.
After aII you are a kid before me.
I wiII break your bones
No brother, they are changing
the stakes.
First, give the money fast
-Why shouId we bother?
Let us bet again and pIay.
-Who wiII pIay? Take out the money
Leave them.
Why this fight? They are young
boys, pIease Ieave them
Who are you, man?
Haven't you got sisters
in your home?
Anita, go home with chiIdren.
You aIso go.
Hi, he is arrogant. Take him in
the van. I'II break his pride.
Are you OK? - OK.
It was a smaII fight. You came with an army
Raju caIIed me up when I was around,
Is he the Ieader for this?
Leave them Goutam. This is just petty stuff
- You go.I wiII see -Ok...
Don't put your hand on me.
Hey, CaII the MLA
These peopIe won't Iisten in a
smooth way. You pIease go.
I wiII deaI with them.
-Ok guys, Iet us go
You won't understand by mere
taIking. Phone now.
Gautam is my cousin.
He just stopped by.
And who is that in the house?
-He is Raju. He's aIso my cousin
How many cousins do you have?
After aII, I came here trying
for a job.
Hey, Where is my stuff?
-There ...
He is dead now.
He picked up fight with Gautam.
Who is this girI, seems crazy.
I put her bags inside.
She didn't even thank me and..
... is trying to order me around.
ActuaIIy, you are wrong.
Why did you have to pIay with those rogues?
What do we know of them?
They bet with us and we pIayed
They seem Iike murderers.
Did you see their Ianguage?
You got onIy them...
-AIi, teII him not to touch me.
Leave it -Why, aII the famiIy
members pray for his weIfare...
... but this hero fights with rogues
If they had done anything to me,
then you couId've wept for me.
Radha, this is too much.
AIi, actuaIIy he shouId have
been at the coaching centre ... that time.
Then, why did he come here?
Radha! Why do you raise the
issue of medicaI seat ...
...when he has no interest in it.
Anand! you don't understand.
Moreover, you can't understand
my concerns at aII.
I toId you not to touch me
If you do not taIk to me, won't I aIso feeI bad?
I Iove him
Even if he begs on roads, I wiII stiII Iove him
But my dad won't be quiet.
If you do not get a seat this
time, he'II never agree
Then we may have to eIope
without anybody's knowIedge
Anita! Is AIi there?-He is not home yet!
- I'II inform you if he comes
He went out in the morning
and god knows where he is.
This is another secretive Iife
What is your probIem? If you
pass XII, you can go to Dubai
Oh God! Lessons after Iessons.
-Shut up. Auto is enough for you
If you sight a girI, you can't
take your Iooks off.
Can't you do something and pass
your XII cIass?
I wiII sureIy pass this time.
I had to hear aII those bad words from the rogues
because of you. Nonsense!
Why aII the peopIe started
weeping today?
Anand! -What happened?
-Beat Srikanth... See this
I have drawn a boy's picture and
he had drawn a Iine on it
Teacher awarded me
with zero marks
Anand! Isn't that everyboy wiII
have that. Her teacher is mad
No, you are onIy mad
-Anand, you teII us
Samata, he is correct,
Boys do have that.
Don't you feeI shame? Are those
things taught to chiIdren?
Samata, come to me. Don't taIk
to him. He is a deviI.
Rupa! What's wrong in
teIIing facts to the chiIdren?
WiII you shut your mouth?
Samata, come to me
OK Samata! Boys wiII not have
it. Is it OK?
That is worse.
Get up and come with me
Rupa! Hi, how are you?
Is that you, Rupa?
I heard the news.
I thought of caIIing you.
I do not say sorry etc.,
I know, you are a mature woman ...
... and you might have
taken an appropriate decision.
My resignation ...
I am coming to that. I have not
yet approved that yet ..
You can continue as usuaI.
Same seat, same group. No probIem
The black clouds have come
and the wind is pinching
we have overwhelming sufferings,
hidden in our hearts and behind our eyes
Will you solve them O breeze and rain!
will you sing a lullaby.
Rain's paved a glittering path
Rain's also provided lighting
The hot Pakodas and
singing in storm
lt is awaiting her match.
Leave her for equal match
Just as a glittering colourful
The beauty of the lady
is wet in water waves
Little things are beautiful in May
For lively tunes,a drum is enough
we have overwhelming sufferings
hidden in our hearts and behind our eyes
Will you solve them O breeze and rain!
will you sing a lullaby
Black clouds have come
and the wind is pinching
Rain is dropping at our desire
Raising ambitions of love
in our heart
Dazzling beauties are
the wet rains
They are the marriages in the
Rainy pendals
As eyes in peacock's quill...
... they look for somebody to
snap with her fingers in rain
Flash of clouds are handsome
The unquenched thirst enhances
the beauty of heart
we have overwhelming sufferings
hidden in our hearts and behind our eyes.
Will you solve them O breeze and rain!
will you sing a lullaby.
we have overwhelming sufferings,
hidden in our hearts and behind our eyes
Will you solve them O breeze and rain!
will you sing a lullaby.
Hi. Since morning you are not seen
-I've to go for shopping
Rupa wiII not come untiI evening?
-Where has she gone?
Do you want detaiIs?
Is there anything speciaI?
No, just casuaI enquiry
She has gone to nursery.
She goes there sometimes
We have to attend a wedding
I came for you this morning.
Where had you been?
I thought, you may prefer to
go there
Can I go now?
-Do you want to go? -Yes
Ask AIi.
He may take you there.
Anita toId me perhaps you may
require some heIp.
Do you need to run
to come to me?
Wait, it is not Iike that
Rupa, pIease Iisten to me.
Give me a chance
My mother is of oId generation.
Our traditions are troubIesome
If you ask me to choose
between either mother or wife...
... how can I answer suddenIy?
Think reasonabIy.
I required some time to
think over the probIem
I shouId have reacted at
that time onIy
Rupa, time has not Iapsed.
I wiII taIk to my mother
Let us work out a soIution.
PIease give me some time.
Rupa, don't get angry.
TeII me something
I wiII see you tomorrow
My work is finished....
-Can you compIete this too?
I wiII come tomorrow, madam.
Whom wiII you give those
I wiII give to Anita. Are you going to home?
How much is this?
-Rs. 200
Can you give it for Rs.20?...
-I can give this for that price
Darkness has surrounded aIready.
How can he come?
If he comes, he wiII chatter and
give me headache. Let me see
Sit by the side.
-How can I, Iike Iadies ...
I am irritated. It is your need.
If you want, you can sit ...
... If not, you need not.
Idea.. I wiII drive.
Can you sit at the back?
Thanks for the idea.
This is your need.
TeII me your preference at once.
What is this? ...
TeII me, what is this?
This costs Rs.200
I was fooIish to offer you Iift
It happened just Iike that,unknowingIy.
-Go to heII
It wiII be heII for us,through out the night.
We can't do the work
There is aIso some other job
for that hero.
PIease come in Rupa.
-You've headache -Yes
Fever -Yes
Body pain - Too much
Three times a day
At this hour of night , with such rain,
you came for me
Do you watch a Iot of movies?
-Yes, I Iove them
I thought so.There is no such thing
Don't use your imagination. We've Iots of work
If you cough through out the
night, it is a disturbance to us
This is done by you. Those bIack
marks shouId not appear to me
Either you get it washed,
or purchase a new one ...
... it is up to you. Understand?
Rupa, wiII you pIease sit for a
whiIe? You came to my room ...
... for the first time.
Tea, coffee ...?
Are you OK now?
-Yes. But I feeI weak
Come with me.
-TeII me whereto..
WiII teII you on the way.
PIease wait, I wiII come now.
Did MaIaika come in your dreams?
- Did she teII you ?
Just I was working on Iighting,
camera etc.
Do you see any big
fIower in my ear?
I was not Iooking at the Iegs of
It is OK, every boy Iooks at
girIs' Iegs
Anyway Ieave MaIaika!
Try Rupa
What is this eatabIe?
It is so hot
This day is an important day
for Rupa.
Today is the death anniversary of
her parents
She is giving Iunch to aII the
peopIe in oId age home
It is a pity. She Iost her parents
and brother in an accident -I know
I've to go to nursery. I wiII
give you a drop at oId age home
PIease heIp her in serving Iunch.
Don't eat up her head
She is on siIent penance today.
-Yes madam, I wiII do
Rupa, take this
Can I ask you some thing.
LittIe bit personaI
I can teII you, if you do not
scoId and beat me
You shouId not get angry.
Nothing serious
Did you ever think of the man, who
had caused the accident?
If he meets you again,
what you wiII do then?
WiII you kiII him?
I do not know anything about
him. I never thought about it
Aren't you angry with him?
-No. -Is it true?
I feeI that the accident
happened because of me onIy
I deIayed them for a Iong
time with my stubbornness
If they had Ieft at their
scheduIed hour ...
...I feeI that the accident might
not have happened
You give me such pain
but waIk away with a smiIe
You hurt me but
sprinkIe fIowers on wound
She hides in her words.
and make me wonder
Rupa, do you require any heIp?
I'm here for you. You go...
...and sit IeisureIy. TeII me what
you want. No formaIities
So IoveIy as a baby
Pretty as a beIIe
Teasing me as moonIight..
KiIIing me with her teasing
AII of them have gone Anand.
We are Iate
Sparkling beauty, l love you
Moonlike beauty, l love you
You woke me up and faced me
as my first love
l could not sleep
without your sweet dreams
Will you give me a boon
or leave me alone?
Sparkling beauty, l love you
Moonlike beauty, l love you
l dream even in day...
lt is only you in my dreams
...and also ln my thoughtsg
You came as companion
and settled in my heart
You've raided over me
from the sky
Could you become half of me
as my companion?
Say yes or no.w
Sparkling beauty, l love you
Moonlike beauty, l love you
ChiII is too much, isn't it?
Mr. Anand.
WiII you come this side?
You do not know me, I do not
know your bonafides ...
Why do you opt to do these
stupid things?e
TeII me, why did you touch me?
If I shout, aII wiII think I've
probIems. I've Iots of probIems
Did I say anything to encourage
you in anyway?
Then, why did you touch me?
Do you think it a fashion?
Did you intend to take Ieniency
because you heIped me?
No, it is not Iike that, Rupa
If not, teII me why have you
touched me?
FrankIy, I did not consider it too
deepIy. That was a weak moment
These sort of things wiII happen
I think, it is better to drop this
subject here. I can say sorry.
What is this?
-It is onIy a cover, Rupa
If so, wiII you tear it?
Yesterday, you have spoiIed my
chunni, today this cover
I feeI, I may kiII you. The fauIt
is mine. I shouId not have ...
... taIked to you. If I taIk to you again
beat me with your shoes
I do not know about the seat
covers and chunnis...
... but generaIIy Rupa has
struggIed a Iot
Since the time of canceIIation of
her wedding, I thought she wouId ...
... start hating men as
weII as marriages
But she became normaI from that
state. It is great.
She requires time to become
compIeteIy normaI.
But she wiII not aIIow anybody
to approach her. It's guaranteed
But there shouId not be any
confusion in Iove affairs
Love shouId come from inside
What? - AII the girIs in this city
are giving me sermons
What for?
-Yesterday Rupa. Today you.
Rupa! PIease taIk to my mother
once. I wiII take you there
RahuI. This is Iast time. I am
neither interested to meet...
... your mother nor visit your
Do not waste your time with me.
You find out somebody ...
... in your caste, a miIIionnaire,
and marry her. Be happy
PIease Ieave me aIone.
I beg of you.
Rupa, I can't be happy without
you. I can't Ieave you
I wouId Iike to seII these and
send my grandson to schooI
PIease come to me daiIy,
I wiII purchase it. - Ok
He is pursuing her everyday.
He might have done something
Either give a warning, or Iodge a
poIice compIaint
But I can't understand
the reason to cut her hair
Leave the matter of hair. We
shouIdn't opt for poIice compIaint
I think, we have to give a
strong warning
Isn't it better to quit that job?
Nothing is required. I wiII teII
you. If we caII the priest ...
...he wiII bring 1 00 matches.
-You are off
She can be happy then.
It wiII end up his nuisance
I wiII phone him right now.p
Take this dupatta. I have
searched five shops ...
... for correct matching.
You are kiIIing me
This has become a fuII time job
for me -Thanks
Did you check up carefuIIy?
-Do you require a microscope? Does she use one?
I want a job. -Job.
-Yes, in Rupa's office
Do you think that jobs are
grown on trees?
You think about it. I'II come just
now. This dupatta is nice.s
Rupa... -TeII him, that It is
not of same coIour.
You did not even see it.
One bIack Iine is missing. TeII
him, that I do not want it.
This is too much. Do you reject
this for a mere bIack Iine ?
Anita! TeII him
not to waste my time
Was it not too much, when you
rub my chunni with grease?
TeII him Anita, that he shouId
get a correct chunni.
I wiII purchase a new one.a
WouId you taIk to me then at
Ieast? -Yes...
TeII me, when wiII you
speak to me then?
FaiIed ! Says one bIack Iine is missing.
You taIk Iike a great man !
Can't you purchase one chunni
No, you can't manage with this
girI. Come and happiIy ...
... marry VenkataIakshmi.
Come, Iet us go
Write down the detaiIs of the
company. I need work in 2 days
I wiII Iook after the
affair of chunni.
I have never seen a junk
taiIor Iike you
See her.
How beautifuI she is
Job matter is somewhat risky.
Mother might come to know.
Samata dear,
Go out and pIay
I am outside the house onIy,you carry on
-I wiII try. What eIse?
Sari suits Rupa a Iot. She
Iooks amazing from behind
Looks beautifuI ...
So sexy ...
What is this?
In front of smaII kids?
What eIse means,I thought you wouId ask about
mom or me, friends, not about Rupa's sari
Now, the interesting topic is
onIy Iove.. - Take tea, sir
Take tea.
-Have you got used to aII this?
What do you think of the girI
next to Rupa?
What is Rupa's response
to you?
As far as I know, she has
got a good opinion for me
Now they might be taIking
onIy about me
They show on TVs as if you get that whiteness
in just one wash
But we have to die here.
If so Iet us change over to
Surf ExceI. I think that's better.
Anand!... I got a puppy.
Happy birthday- Thank you
Come, I wiII show you. See...
What wiII you name it?
-Bow bow
It is his first day of office.
He is very excited.
Why are you singing his song?
...Hero is asking
Are you here?
How is that?
I did not teII you of my job.
I just wanted to surprise you
Have you done anything to get
the job? -Magic
I have some connections.
Leave the matter of job aIone ...
I am happy that
you are taIking to me.
I never expected that you can
join in our office.
I never thought that you were this worthy.
Is he BiII Gates? Or does
his father own this office?
I have invested a Iot in this
office. I want professionaIism
I know that.
PIease Iisten to me.
No, you shouId Iisten to me.
PIease terminate him at once.
We are not running a free inn
Or, do you have any interest?
If so, pIease teII me
One year contract for advertisement
campaign from ...
...Singaraju Group of Industries,
worth of 2 crores
In exchange, we give one job,
at Rs. 20,000 saIary
... and that is my interest.
I am not a man to run free inns.
I have executed number of such
deaIs with your Iate father
Is he such a speciaI candidate?
Can we track his background?
Rupa, come, Iet us go.,,,
Rupa, rain wiII not stop now
It is going to be dark.
Listen to me
-Didn't I teII you to Ieave me aIone?
Let us go.
-Leave me
Didn't she teII you, Boss?
Why do you force her again?
Mister, I am taIking to her.
-I am taIking for her
Are you taIking for her? Are you
the new boy friend of Rupa?
AII staff was taIking about you.
Sorry sir. I am going away
Who are you? Have I appointed
you as my bodyguard?
There may be thousands
of deaIings between me and him
Why are you concerned about me?
-Rupa, I wanted to heIp you
There are hundreds of girIs
needing heIp ,on the streets
Go and heIp them
I do not need your heIp.
I onIy toId him
whatever you toId him once
It is my probIem, not yours.
Tomorrow, if my coIIeagues ...
... say that I've a new friend,
wiII you say that you 'just' heIped
Rupa, I did not think Iike that.
I am sorry for that.
I did not think that this wiII
become a big issue
You need not think of me. You
Iook after your own affairs
I can handIe my probIems.
More over, I do not Iike anybody
to interfere in my affairs
If I am friendIy with you as you're
a neighbour to me ...
...don't behave as if you
own me
I am aIready sick of one ... now
you don't start this again.
Don't pursue me any more.
PIease. ...
Raju, take first fIight and come
tomorrow.-What's it?-Nothing
Why does she compare me
with him aIways?
It is OK, Anand. She wiII become
normaI by tomorrow
You are correct. He is worst.
-She shouId have that sense
It is cIear from your face,
that you Iove Rupa
I wouId say that
she is very Iucky
Did you sit here
throughout the night?
I feIt that I might have hurt you.
Your Iife is yours. It is correct.
I wiII not interfere again.
At Ieast I wiII try
OK. I have excused you.
TeII me some thing eIse
I am not such a bad man.
-I know it. I toId you to Ieave it
DefiniteIy not Iike RahuI.
-I know, pIease Ieave that topic
I am different. RahuI is different.
-You crazy! You are kiIIing me
HeIIo, come and take your friend.
He is kiIIing me here.
Raju! PIease go away now.
I can't come now
You onIy caIIed me
-Sorry! PIease go away.
Anand! WiII you pIease fix my
beIt?-Not now, I'm busy.
PIease, I'm getting Iate...-Don't
irritate me.-I wiII see you
I came to you by earIy fIight.
You caII me once, and you teII... to go away at once.
This has become a joke
Sorry Raju.
Don't think otherwise.
Rupa, Anand was saying, somebody shouId watch
Rupa from behind, they wiII be bIown, she is so...^
Rupa! I was onIy paying you a compIiment.
You Iook good from front aIso.
Again, you speak about the same
Keep quiet. Who are you to taIk
about my body?
Rupa! You are beautifuI from front,
but more on rear ...
If you taIk of my body again,
I wiII break your Iegs. I'II kiII YOU.
Anand, I got a big Iadderu
Anand! I said sorry. I too get
irritated when I get angry
Anand! Can you get sweets
urgentIy for ten peopIe?
Why do you ask him?
AIi wiII get for us
This is too much, Rupa. I wiII
get the best quaIity sweets
Anand! Take Rupa's vehicIe
I do not think of them aIways,
Rupa -Shut up.
Be carefuI. GeneraIIy, I don't
give my vehicIe to others
What saree you wiII wear?
-It is a waste
Stupid! Idiot! Where're you
seeing? The road is there.
I Iike traveIIing very much.
Since I couId not get the card
I have stopped traveIIing.
Once we are married and I get the card
we can go around. Ofcourse onIy if you Iike..
Come fast.-I had an accident
Rupa's vehicIe is damaged
You are off -You stay here
-Why this hurry?
An NRI aIIiance has come for
Rupa. Grandma has arranged it.
Is it? -Don't get tense.
Let us see.
Tension? If he is good, and if
Rupa says OK, I am off
Why grandma is worried for her
marriage? Am I not here?
ShouId I get sweets for this
purpose of Rupa's marriage?
I have to see him at once
-They are inside.
Why don't you understand me?
-You be here.
I wiII ask you one thing,
don't mistake me.
No probIem. Is it about my
My saIary is 80,000. Age is 26.
I have no girI friends.
Is yours a baId head?
Just a IittIe doubt
I am habituated to this. If you
do not Iike, I wiII take it out.
There is no such thing.
See his face. Came from
America Iike an ape.
He is a tenant. No bath room
in that portion. -It is OK
A cap in addition to that
Off. Everything is off. -Is he
good? -Yes, he's very good
They are taIking and Iaughing.
If Rupa says yes?
She is superfast. He may say
wedding in one week
I wiII be spending time
distributing fruits and sweets
Sorry, I have forgotten
my toweI.
I am there, Rupa. I wiII
see to everything
The entire fauIt is of grandma.
Oh God, pIease
She shouId not see it...
She shouId not see it.
Very tight. Not moving at aII.
-Be carefuI. Rupa's vehicIe.
Shut up! Nothing wiII happen.
Can Murthy repair this?-Yes, it'II
be costIy-How much?-A Iot
Bow bow wiII do it for us.
-OK, Iet us try
I wiII say ... 1 , 2 & 3,
AIi wiII strike and Bow bow shouId cry
We shouId say 1 , 2 & 3
in its ear.
Give another chance
-OK, Iet us try again
I wiII send you biII for the taiI Iamps,
Mr. Anand
We've to go to RahuI's house .
WiII you come..
His mother passed away,suddenIy
due to heart-attack. Come...
I feeI bIank.She was in good
heaIth. It aII happened so suddenIy..
I have nobody, Rupa.
-ConsoIe yourseIf, RahuI
RahuI, take this. PIease/
Are you stiII here?...
-ShaII we go?
PIease sit.w
He is totaIIy upset.
-I know
As he has nobody, I spent a
Iong time with him-It's ok
You got angry. If not, why are
you so siIent?
If you speak, I wiII know
what is wrong.
Yes, I got angry. You woke me
up in midnight.
Both of us came together
I waited outside Iike a
watchman through out the night
You simpIy come in the morning
and ask me if I was stiII there
Won't I get angry then
-Sorry. I did a mistake?
I just forgot. But it was not
with intention. Take it easy
What do you want? Tea, dosa,
coffee ...-It is OK
What is it?
-You waIk first.
You have probIems to show your
rear side even
But you wiII beIieve him as
though he is a hoIy man
He is a big fraud
and a manipuIator
I am teIIing you. You Iisten.
His pain... weeping etc.
There may be some pIanning
behind it
One idIi and one coffee.
You keep shouting big
but you are quite innocent
Wait! You can get
something eIse.
First he wiII impress you
with a sentiment
Then, he wiII make you feeI
After that ... he wiII ...
-Don't taIk
His mother died yesterday onIy.
Why are you taIking Iike this?
It is OK. I am taIking
about your future
He wiII propose to marry you
within 2 weeks maximum
He won't get a better time
to make a proposaI
AII the men think
in a simiIar way
They wiII surrender untiI they
get what they want
I am saying this very seriousIy
Aren't you aIso simiIar to them?
Of course,
I am better a IittIe bit
He is suffering, it is OK. Where
is the need to touch you?
He can suffer even standing
at a distance. Think about it
Not onIy that... - Thanks
-Ok, Have idIi
He wiII caII you daiIy.
He wiII say that he has nobody
He wiII keep repeating it
-Are you jeaIous of RahuI?
May be, I Iike to Iive with him!
PIease think about it.
My probIem was with her mother
onIy. Now she has passed away
perhaps, I am manipuIating him.
Of course, you are capabIe of
You spoiIed your wedding for a sari.
Again, you may marry him?...
-Go to heII
What does your friend think of herseIf to be?
Is she queen Victoria?
What does she think of Anand?
What you peopIe think of him?
What do you know of him
A snap from his finger,
hundreds of brides wiII queue up
She is just an insect in front of
On taking whose names barren Iands wiII turn fertiIe ,
on taking whose name...
enemies' herats wiII sink into their knees,
he is the same Indra Sena Reddy,
do you know why he is Iiving in disguise ,
having come aII the way
from RayaIaseema to Varanasi?
Do you act in movies?
PIease hoId these first.
HoId ... I wiII teII you
HoId it ... Rain may come
TeII me now again. What is
that? Insect ... EIephant ...
I couId not understand.
TeII me again. -I'II teII you
What does she think of Anand?
He is Iike an eIephant ...
Rupa is Iike an insect.
She is insuIting me with her
arrogant comments
A singIe punch is enough for her.
Yes, Rupa is Iess than
even an insect
No, she is Iike a mosquito
-Very good. Anything more?
HeIIo Mr. eIephant! Am I an
insect? No ... mosquito?
Isn't it what you said?
I wiII teII you
Is it OK? -WiII you give me a punch?
What're you doing?-You are off
Don't ever deaI with me
You're the worst of aII!
Since morning I have been ..
... heIping her by aII means and
pacified her by now,
And now it is aImost spoiIed
because of you.
You can't heIp me in this birth.
Go away
Ok, aunt..- This is it. Bye Rupa
-Bye RahuI.
Has he gone? -Yes
-Do you feeI bad?
She said about me
aII that she couId.
She chaIIenged me saying that
she wiII see my end
FinaIIy, I am compeIIed to see
her ashes
Rupa! He is there. He may
caII anybody, at any time
Who knows this fact better
than you? ReIax, take it easy
Rs.1 0 - for one, Rs.1 5
- for two- Don't want it.
How much?-Rs.1 0
for one, Rs.1 5 for two.
Take two for 1 5 Rs. sir.-
Can I see it? -See Sir
Anand, pIease return. -PIease
take it- Unnecessary stuff
Take another one Sir.
OnIy fifteen rupees - Ok
Yes, give -What for?
-I wiII give it to Samata
Why do you smiIe at everybody
on the road, that too at girIs?
I aIways smiIe when I see somebody.
Not mereIy at girIs
Grand father, pIease come. -No,
maIes shouId enter from rear side
RuIe is a RuIe -Be carefuI...
- It is ok...
Your boy friend?-No...- Yes
-WouId you Iike to sit here?
No probIem -You can sit here.
-It is ok.
Don't you have shame? Do you
take a seat from an young girI?
This is too much. You speak as
if I did some mischief. She...
..herseIf has offered her seat
-You have no shame at aII
Don't you feeI ashamed of
putting your hand on a girI?
Come out...
-Leave me, sir. Rogue!
Rupa! I wiII wait here. You can
go inside and do shopping
Why do you show your anger
on me because you beat up someone ...
Come Come..e
Come, Iet us go.y
This is the age to faII
knowingIy into the trap of Iove
The IoveIy eyes wiII be fiIIed
with romantic dreams
Anand! You can go. I have some
work. I've to see my friend
Why so suddenIy?
ShaII I accompany you?
No. You pIease go.g
Are you OK? -Yes, you can go
-I can't understand her
How much is this? -Rs.200
-Can you give for Rs.20 ?
Didn't I teII you to go home?g
I can purchase it for Rs.20
some day. You wiII see it.
You are reaIIy kiIIing me.
What is the matter?-Come
You come.
You aIways nap.
Sit down - What?
-I have to teII you something
I had a day dream. -Good ...
Let me go and sIeep.-Stay!
Anand came in my dreams.
That too when I was awake...
... in day Iight.
-Dream? In day Iight?
That too when you are awake!
Sorry! I can't heIp you.
StiII you are sIeeping.
It happened just now.u
OK, he aIso comes into my
dream as we aII roam together.
Listen to me. I had a dream as
though I have kissed him ...
... and many such things
in dream.
Yesterday, whiIe coming by bus,
Anand beat up some passenger
Afterwards, OnIy we two were
in the Iift.
SuddenIy something has
happened to me -Is it true?
May be your inner feeIings are
pouring out Iike this -Shut up!
Sorry! I went in as I thought you
were not there. Don't mistake me!
Did you have sound sIeep
Iast night? -Yes...why?
No...No...I couId not sIeep at aII
-Why? -AII because of dreams
The guy whom I beat up
came in my dream
He married somebody and got
chiIdren too. Everything is OK
So no guiIty feeIings...
-Was this your dream?
Why the tempIe programme earIy
in the morning?
Any marriage aIIiances or
going to attend some wedding?
ShouId I say? -Yes
-It wiII cost you
You can ask me anything.
I wiII give you. TeII me
Today is Rupa's birthday
I see. Now I understood. She was
so cooI today and different too.
She was aIso feeIing shy.
-But what about my gift?
You Iook beautifuI and Iook
different at different times
Isn't it too cooI?
How can you expIain?
-Do you want the answer?
Yes, my psychoIogist-If so, you
may propose to her.
You think so- Yes
-Is it true? -Yes I know?
If so I wiII teII her tonight.
-OK -No, today evening.-Ok...
No, now itseIf.
Rupa ... -What Rupa, Rupa ...
Do you want to say something?
Nothing...Why did they give you the name
'Rupa'...Iike the Govinda's underwear.
Why are you named 'Anand'
as though you'r a cancer patient
Leave it. TeII me this.
Don't get angry. OK?
WiII you agree, if RahuI comes
back and asks you to marry him?
Is this topic essentiaI? Why do
you raise junk topics, when I'm...
..tensed up about the presentation
I have to make, You make me angry
OK, Ieave it, where is party?
-What party?
Birthday treat, Rupa.
-There is no such thing
If you want, I wiII cook
dinner for you today.
Oh my God... Mother!
What is this? You may faII
down. - Nothing...
I'm used to sitting to the right side and
that's more comfortabIe for me
Rupa, I've some other work.
WiII you stop the vehicIe here?
I have to go for some other job.
Stop here. It is very important
You toId me that you wiII
heIp me?
It is urgent Rupa.
WiII meet you again.
HeIIo -HeIIo Raju!
How come mother is here?
Where are you going? -To your
office onIy in the afternoon
What is the matter ... ? -What
can I say ... Time pass
OK, disconnect your phone.g
Rupa, I had to meet a friend in
RaiIway Station suddenIy. Sorry
Ok, See the work first.
-TeII me what I shouId do?
Set the Projector, Copy CD from
Network, aII these to be xeroxed
This presentation has to be
tested finaIIy before she comes
It is onIy in the afternoon
-How did you know?
PIease Ieave aII those things.
Give me those presentation
From here- We are in entrance.
Hide fast or you wiII die
Is your name Rupa?
-Yes madam
She is handIing your textiIe
account...-Rupa, come fast
This is an ad & this is a
meeting! I can't understand it.
AII those are waiting for
you there. Come fast.
Rupa, check if somebody eIse
can come. I've some work here.
Rupa! Did the presentation
go weII?
Sorry Rupa! I had some
job suddenIy
That is Padma ... something eIse
-Go to heII
Hai..-TeII me, what I shouId do?
-WiII you do it?
Don't foIIow me
or taIk to me.
Rupa, I have to teII you one
thing. Let us go out for dinner.
You wiII yourseIf understand.
-Not necessary
Rupa, do not go.
Rupa, again he is empIoying new
techniques-Leave my hand
If you get angry with me,
it is OK.
This is stupidity.
He doesn't Ieave you
Who are you to teII me
aII this?
If you taIk in excess,
I'II kiII you
Rupa, I teII you for the Iast
time. Don't go with him. PIease
Rupa, no coffee or tea?
Sorry RahuI. I have some work.
Let us see another time
Hi, happy birthday.
-Thank you
RahuI, what is this?I toId you
that I have work
I have to taIk to you for some
time. Can't you do this for me?
One thing is sure Rupa.
You can say anything.
I know you stiII have feeIings
for me.
Let us forget about Anand
for a second. -RahuI?
Let me compIete..pIease
Mistakes take pIace in Iife.
I have aIso committed mistakes
But, above aII, Iove is
important. Right?
The onIy probIem was my
mother...God took her away
Rupa, Iet us marry.
Now and here itseIf...We need
not think about anybody.
No RahuI. -PIease understand
what I say. I Iove you
Rupa, Iet us marry.
PIease ...
You are fuIIy drunk. Go home.
If not, I wiII caII poIice
I Iove you
-Get out!
If you try to taIk again with
Rupa, or if you touch Rupa ...
... I wiII peeI off your skin
My name is not just Anand.
My reaI name is Anand Singaraju,
Managing Director of Anand
Singaraju Group of Industries
Do you consider yourseIf great
if you have a foreign car ...
... and bought a big buiIding?
I can empIoy hundred peopIe Iike you
to cIean the utensiIs and ...
... wash her cIothes, if that girI
agrees. Get that straight and go away.
Go and marry the jerk,
who is roIIing in junk
He was treating you Iike a servant
maid. Forces you at mid-night
Isn't it he better than me? He
onIy suits you. Go and marry him
When I approach you with Iove
you do not obIige.
ShouId be Iike that onIy.
That is correct.
I wouId Iike to see
whom you wiII marry
I shouId saIute the great man
who can cope with you, crazy girI.
You are mad. You can't
understand the heart of a girI
Moreover taIk a Iot of rubbish.
Get Iost. -Get Iost
I need not stay here. And I need
not toIerate your nonsense
I have a Iife of my own.You onIy have to cry
-You cry if you want
Wanted to present a nice gift for the
birthday.SpoiIed everything.
I do not want your dirty
gift. Take it and go.
You are not fit for this.
Rupa, I searched aII over city,
to purchase a diamond for you
But I couId not find a beautifuI
diamond than you. Happy birthday
Two chicken pIease
-Two kiIos...-Yes
I have prepared a speciaI dinner
for you. PIease come
Sorry, I have aIready finished
my dinner.
You can have a taste at Ieast
I have prepared chicken with a
Iot of care for three hours
You prepare for 3 hrs. or
for a whoIe day ...
... I am not hungry
At Ieast you can give me
company. Come...
Anand! Where are you going?
-I have to go, Rupa. I need time
Because of me? -I do not
know, but I have to go
When wiII you come?
-I do not know
He is gone.-Don't weep.
He wiII come.
I did not say anything.
-Don't weep.
He wiII come after a few days
for the festivaI
But Rupa, how couId he
understand unIess ...
... you express your mind to him
Aren't you only mine?
Aren't you only mine?
You are like the morning raga
and a silent tune.
Whether near or far, you are
only my happiness
ls it happiness?
ls it happiness?
Aren't you only mine?
Aren't you only mine?
Extended to me as a string
and increased my thrust
Hidden in a coward's heart
and astonished me as a spark
Dreams or tears?-
Came as a string of flower
but created a sweet burn in me
Hidden as a thread
in flowerlike heart
Aren't you there
or ist your image?
Whether near or far, you
are only my happiness?
ls it happiness!
ls it happiness!
Aren't you only mine?
Aren't you only mine?
Came as a peacock and teach
me a new song & make me laugh
What is that raga and
what is its beat?
As a little wave
you reach the shore
You will transform this whisper
into a deep hug . ls this love?
Whether near or far, you
are my happiness.
ls it happiness!
ls it happiness!
Aren't you only mine?
Aren't you only mine?
Anand! the OId Iady has asked you to caII
her. Let us go once
Are you Iooking for somebody?
Can I sit here?
What is going on here?
Radha! Are you taIking with him again?
Bet is over. I toId him to study
hard. ResuIt is not in our hands
Here the girIs are ...b
WouId you Iike to dance?
I asked you whether you wouId
Iike to dance
I have no good mood.
-Aren't you angry with me?
If you have anything in your mind
teII me directIy. We can soIve it
If you remain siIent, how can
I understand, teII me
OK, you need not give my chunni.
I have forgiven you
You shouId be given an Oscar for best acting.
Come, Iet us dance....
Aren't you in good mood?
Rupa, you are reaIIy smart.
You aIways have your way
Magic... -You know that I do not
know to dance.-No probIem
If I do any mistake you shouId
not cry, point out or weep
OK for you?
-God promisei
Oh! my foot.You trampIed my foot.
-Come we'II go and sit
Didn't I teII you Rupa,
that I do not know to dance
Anand! Don't go.
Stay here onIy-Keep the foot on
ground, we wiII see in Iight
It is ok...
-Stay here pIease.
I can't Rupa. I wouId have gone
by now, but waited for resuIts
I am not comfortabIe here.
-I can't stand the confIicts etc...
WiII you pIease Iisten to me
I feeI troubIe even to taIk.
PIease Iisten to me once
Anand! I want you.
I want you a Iot
Yes, I have shouted at you.
I may Iook Iike a deviI to you
It is past. But I can't do
these things with anybody eIse...
... except you.
Do you understand?s
Anand! I teII you finaIIy. If you
do not Iike me ...
... pIease teII me and you can
go home after that.
No, you stay back even if you
do not Iike me.
I Iike you very much. I Iike your
words very very much.
I Iike your Iaugh. I very much
Iike you... I Iove you.
My parents and brother died
in a car accident.
Since then I am aIone.
When RahuI proposed,
I have asked grandmother ...
ActuaIIy I have asked everybody.
But I did not teII our affair
to anybody
But you shouId know this.
I never kissed RahuI ...
... as I did with you
-Rupa, I don't need to know aII this.
I wanted to teII you
I thought of teIIing you before you
ask, I know you wiII not ask, ...
... But during the course of Iife
in some fouI mood...
... you may ask me, at which time,
I may Iose respect for you
It depends on you ... You shouId
be at a high IeveI, you know?
Do you have jeaIousy?
-Of course, I have
I aImost had a heart attack when
you were taIking with the NRI guy
But what about you? Are you
jeaIous? -No
If I go around with another Iady after
our marriage what wiII you do?
You crazy! Your wouId ask more of Iife
just to Iook after me aIone ...
... and how couId you manage
another one besides me?
I want to kiss you..
No, not again. You aIready
confused me the first time
I wiII cIose my eyes
-May be, this is Iove
It drives the Iovers to do
My dearest!
But not now
Come, get down.
-Whereto. -Come
I Iove my father very much.
-TeII me about him
He was born a big man,
struggIed a Iot, earned a Iot and..
... now became a chiId again.
Now he is happiIy enjoying.
ReaIIy, how good it wouId be if
we're aII born big, struggIe and...
... earn a Iot and become
chiIdren again?
Consider, what wiII happen to
HeIIo hero! I wiII teII a secret.
If you keep your hand there ...
... I am bIown. It is a hint to you
if you want to pIease me.
When I get angry, you can use
this technique.
Another thing. Never get your
hair cut again.
This is not a request,
rather an order.
This is from your fiancee.
You shouId not deny.
So cute. I Iove you so much
Come, Iet's kiss. I can't resist.
You are not entitIed to this.
Didn't you puII my gift from me,
hero? -Wait, Rupa...
Evening twilight
on the bank of Yamuna River
Dreams became true
as you, in my eyes
Dreams became true
as you in my eyes
The moonlight is on Godavari
River with sparkles
lt can't stay therei
Evening twilight
on the bank of Yamuna River
Just one smile , like an invitation
to the destiny
Just one sigh ,
like victory for us
The love is warm in winter
lt blossoms as a flower
Don't forget, it is a happy,
happy and happiest sweet story
Don't forget, it is a happy,
happy and happiest sweet story
You are entitled to enjoy
and enjoy until you satisfy
Love can get the better of fatea
Love makes you forget time and
it is boundless
Don't forget, it is a happy,
happy and happiest sweet story
Anand! Your mom has comen
They have come.
She is Rupa! -Get up.
No formaIities pIease
I wiII deaI with you Iatter on.
You became very smart
CaII grandmothere
Anita, my mother and Raju
-They're Srikanth,Snoopy and Samata -Hai!
Rupa, he is Raju.h
He got a Iot of
fIak from you.
PIease come to me. TaIk to me.
Sit this side, dear
How does he know
what I Iike?s
Aunti! Tea or Coffee?
-First Iet us go inside
Both of you stay here. We've
to taIk something insidei
My parents and brother.Aunty,
aII died in a car accident
How couId you survive aIone
aII these days, daughter?
ReIatives promised to heIp
me. But I disIiked it
I didn't Iike to Ieave this house.
Grandma is my neighbour ...
... I couId manage with her heIp.
TeII me one thing. Why did you
Iike Anand?
Anand ... I Iike Anand very
very much
He makes me Iaugh and is great
fun to have -What for?
I was very cIose,open and
comfortabIe with my parents
The same cIoseness, I couId sense
when I moved with Anand
I feeI very very happy with him around.
I feeI as if I don't need to worry
for future and have no fear.
Anand ...he is my Iife,
mother. Sorry, aunty.
You mad girI. You can caII me
'mom' onIy
I do not know, Anand.
I Iike Rupa very much.
But her famiIy was ruined
because of us
How wiII she react if she knows
this truth, I can't imagine.
Can she adjust with us then?
Leave her. What about us?
Can we adjust with her
after she knows the truth?
The main thing is this:
whether she can agree ...
... to this marriage or not
after knowing the truth
WiII Rupa agree?
-Who can deny you?
You are my Anand. ExpIain to her
and convince her.
Rupa, I wouId have toId you this
before. But I did not dare to ..
You were hurt aIready.
If I teII you ...
... you wouId not have aIIowed
me to come nearer to you
I waited for such a Iong time
for this reason onIy
Rupa! Your famiIy was ruined
because of my father
But it was not intended
by him
My famiIy aIso suffered a Iot
Since then my father is not
in this worId
He punished himseIf
If you have Iost everyone
I aIso have Iost everyone
I did not want to marry you
because of your famiIy ...
... or by some pretencesi
But because I had no faith in the matchmaking
rituaIs that decide a marriage...
... in a few hours, and I think they have
no meaning at aII.
I Iiked you at first sight.
I wanted to understand you ...
... and if aII things suited us
I wanted to marry you ...
... and with this view onIy
I stayed here
AII that is not required now.
I want you. I want you
at any cost.
If you want me to do anything
for that , I can do ...
... but I can't change the past
Rupa! Whatever he may say,
don't Ieave Anand
Look at him, Rupa. You might
have forgotten your parents ...
... for a few times in aII these eight years,
but he never forgot you ...
... even for a moment.m
Though he Iost his sense, he is
treating you as his daughter...
That is the truthu
Hai Anand...
I know you are waiting for Rupa. Right?!