Anarkali (2015) Movie Script

-What happened?
One of my clients has
a criminal network in Mattancherry.
Goondas will not work out.
Right! As Vasanth Comrade has
intervened, such things won't work.
-Vasanthetta had called up.
-Come inside and talk.
Vasanthetta called me sometime back.
He said that he's proceeding
towards the traced route and cut the line...
Good Lord! We're finished! Pappettan!
Convening a meeting at home after
your daughter eloped with somebody?
Come inside, we can talk.
Long ago, when l'd told that
she'd the tendency to elope,
his wife rebuked me for
talking ill of her daughter!
l'll give you a whack!
Take off your hand!
-Call the Police!-Sit down here.
Did you come here to tarnish our name?
ls what l'm saying tarnishing?!
Please talk softly
lt wouldn't matter if he was a
good and handsome guy!
He neither has education nor money!
So dark is his colour and
so ugly is his face!
Oh God! May You protect
our girl from any physical abuse!
You've framed and kept his photo!!
Only if she doesn't elope,
it's a wonder!
Seeing this rascal only,
she's learning it - Bloody love!!
Don't gape...Pick up the call.
Tell me, Vasantha!
Thank you, thank you, Vasantha!
He found her!
On seeing Vasanthan, he fled away.
Why don't we take her to a doctor?
As she nearly spent 5 - 8 hrs
with that boy!
Will you just shut up?
Don't ask her anything.
Let her rest for a while.
Go....You also go.
Let's take her to a psychologist!
Counselling will be good!
Yes, definitely!
Her mind must be totally disturbed!
Counselling will be a better solution.
l'm not mad.
Who told you falling in love is madness?
lt's just a counselling, dear!
Then, you carry on, doctor!
l'm ready.
We shall talk about love then!
Have you fallen in love, doctor?
l had such feelings towards a few,
but nothing worked out.
So you bought the ticket
but not watched the show, right?
As l've no experience, l ask you.
What's the actual feel of it?
Leaving your parents who raised you
with love and care for about 20 years,
for the sake of an intense love
that too with a stranger...
l don't understand why is that...
The average lifespan of a human
is around 60 years, right?
So, this same stranger whom you said has to
live with us, till our death, for about 35 yrs.
-So, in that aspect l took a decision,
why they needlessly get tensed? - Right!
And if l could actually describe its feel..
then you would've discovered a
drug for that long back!
Have you read Romeo and Juliet?
Khalil Gibran's ''Broken Wings''?
Salman ikka's Pranayam?
-You have not read, is it? - No.
She reads lots of books, right?
Yes, her main hobbies are books and movies!
One of the books she'd read or a
cinema she'd watched...
...a passionate love story..
That story orthe characters in that story
must have obsessed deeply in her mind.
Well said! Tell them, Doctor.
l keep warning them from the beginning.
lt's exactly a story! A fantastic story!
But it's not from any cinema or novel!
-But a true biography! - Pappettan....
Let me explain.
She has got an uncle! A Vagabond!
Her younger brother had a
reputed job in the Navy.
Loved a North lndian girl!
His brother-in-law was just 25 yrs old then!
That girl walked out on him!
But this fellow... since last many years,
keeps wandering with pangs of sorrow!
A national voyage!
His story is really an Epic Mahabharatham!
He's the real Valmiki (saint)!
Wow! A real love story
which is so inspiring...!
Where is he now?
After traversing through all the soil in lndia,
he's landing into Lakshadweep now.
Team DrC
''Love braves broken sails''
''Tossed, turned by winds of change''
''Biding its time''
''Life stays a frozen frame''
''Frayed pale with sands of time''
''Feeling forlorn''
''And l see the greying gloom
in starless skies''
''And l hear the woeful notes
in pining larks''
''And l see the wilting
blooms of lavender''
''Over and over, the sea
greets the shore''
''Over and over,
the hues wait for dawn''
''Ever forever, am home in your arms''
''Ever forever, l give you my soul''
''Faith, hope turn the tide''
''Stars collude and pave your path''
''Leading to mine''
''Destiny stays by me''
''Thousand suns adorn my sky''
''Splendour divine''
''Now that you are here,
the dew glistens again''
''Now that you are here,
the breeze whispers again''
''Now that you are here,
raindrops can dance again''
''Over and over, the sea greets the shore''
''Over and over, the hues wait for dawn''
''Ever forever, am home in your arms''
''Ever forever, l give you my soul''
''Winged hearts soarthe sky''
''Sun shine light my life''
''Over and over''
Team DrC
Excuse me! Have you learnt music?
No! Did you feel so?
No...that's why l asked.
Get down carefully.....
Come on, jump, sir!
What a trouble!
Won't this ship anchor atjetty?
Leaving us stranded in the middle of the
sea after taking huge money?
You climb down...l will hold you.
How deep is the sea, here?
750 mts!
How much!
That means kilometer
Climb down, sir.
Good Lord, hold him!
Don't push me..Okay?
Sit there...
Come on, move fast.
Untie the rope
Doctor, Muthukoya said you will be
returning only next week.
He was right! As the marriage got over,
l left immediately.
-Whose marriage, Doctor?-My dad's!
Hello! Only those who have got
Lakshadweep administration's permit
are allowed to enter,
others have to go back to the ship!
Hey, come here. it there.
Just a minute, please.
Sorry...Thank you. lt's my purse.
Too hot, isn't it?
Hey...hold him....Catch him l say.
Search his bag!
-Search his bag.- Oh, my bag!
Trying to fool police!
Search completely.
What happened, Jamal?
He is a Navy man!
Oh God! That was my old lD card!
-Sir, seeing my lD...
- Don't utter a word
Search his bag.
ls he actor Suresh Gopi!
lsn't this a part of lndia?
Police nabbing a navy man!
-Sir, there are many CDs in this!
-What are they?
These are a few episodes
of the reality show l participated!
Reality show?! Fantastic!
-Search completely!
- ls it Kavaratti or Kaalapani?
Aren't you Shantanu, sir?
Leave him..
He has come here on
deputation for sports!
-New diving instructor!
- Diving lnstructor?
Yes, sir.
-Sorry -lt's okay.
This is a Ship's permit!
Ship permit?!
-l'm Sports secretary Attukoya!
- Hello!
Who authorized a Ship Welfare Officer
to issue a permit?
Search his bag!
Hey, don't leave him....
Catch him.
Catch him..l say catch him.
No matter if your uniform gets wet!
Catch him..
Which idiot jumped?
Move aside.
Team DrC
Pull him.
Give your hand.
Anyway, thank you, sir!
This was a security exercise!
l mean mock drill!
Oh! As you were holding Navy's lD card,
l doubted you.
That was my old lD card!
lt's almost 11 yrs after being
discharged from the Navy!
-Welcome to Kavaratti!
- Thank you.
Let's move, sir!
-My shoes..-Thank you.
lt happens twice a year!
This security exercise is called as Gemini!
24 hours of programme!
Terrorists role is given to
Navy people or Coast guards!
They have to plant the dummy bombs in the
already decided spots within the stipulated
and the Police will
prevent them from planting it.
One whom you had caught
now was a Navy man!
Have you arrived early?
- Yes, how was yourjourney?
-Good! Thank you.
Please hold this, sir.
Hello instructor!
You are a multifaceted personality!
Likely to get a Bharat award.
What an acting - shivering with fright!!
Whatever skill one may possess,
we ought to fear the sea.
But Doctor doesn't have
any fear of the Sea!!
She crossed 90 channel easily through a tiny
fishing boat and reached an island!
She's the Medical Superintendent here!
Dr. Sherin!
Come on, sir!
l need to change my wet dress!
Don't worry, we're going to the cottage!
ls it close by?
Here all places are very close by, sir!
The entire area would only take 30 mins in bike!
That's the size of this Kavaratti island!
Team DrC
Fasten the banner on top!
Where were you?
ls the work not yet complete? some more work.
What about the work you'd gone for?
Everything ok!
Please come and get acquainted
with these people.
They are Pushpa's children!
- Pushpa is the name of a club here.
He's Shantanu sir! New Diving instructor!
Sir, did you jump from the ship
and swam across?
Actually, it was a blunder l made .
This Navy..
As soon as he arrived, he laid his head
before Gemini and dived into the sea,
And caught hold of a Navy man!
-He's Hussain!
- Sravu(Shark) Hussain!
Sravu is your dad!
He is working as a Fisheries officer!
He is Mohsin - a Panchayat member!
Moideen, Zakhariah, Akbar...
These guys do fishing and Politics!
Please come!
Hejoined on a Deputation for sports.
-How good is his voice?
- Not bad!! Bill up for 1000 Rs!
He's a Programme Director in All lndia Radio.
He raises the invoices in our names
on behalf of the announcers on contract basis.
At last, he himself imitates the
voice and usurps the money.
As if l bought 4 ships
with that usurped money!
Hi, l am Rajeev!
Shantanu! People call me Chandu!
Wow! Good voice!
l'll give you work frequently!
l will happily accept it.
Settle him in a room and come back.
Everybody is
Chettuva Shahjahan's fans here, right?
Yesudas is out ,
Chettuva Shahjahan is leading now.
What's your programme today?
l shall also come with you..okay.
Language here is nice to hear!
Language is Malayalam only
But when the inhabitants of the island
this is the slang!
A mix of Tamil, Malayalam and a
little bit of Arabic -called as Jeseri!
People living on shores find it hard
to live here in this island
lf an emergency comes,
they'll be in trouble!
Ship's arrival and departure depends
on the Almighty's schedule!
Why were you interested in coming here?
Believe this also as Almighty's schedule!
What do you say?
''Laksha''dweep (1 lakh lslands)
was falsely named by someone long ago!
Totally there are only 10-30 islands!
And only 10 islands have been inhabited!
But the distance from one island to another
is a ship's travel!
-When Cheraman Perumal converted his
- Who?
-You've not heard of Cheraman Perumal?
Erstwhile King of Kerala!
Oh, that Perumal...
Yeah, it's the 1000 yr old story!!
When Perumal converted to lslam
and had gone to Mecca,
Some loyal people in Malabar went
in search of him to bring him back!
After being stranded in the Sea, they
ultimately got landed up in some island here.
This is one of the stories how the
people began inhabit here.
May be due to Perumal's
religion conversion,
-All the inhabitants here are lslamics!
-l see!
What is this girl distributing?
ls it Cinema notice!
For Cinema, we've to travel 300 kms...
Upto Kochi!
Here all of us watch cinemas on T.V
This is Sir's cottage.
How is the location?
What about yourfamily?
-We're living separately!
- Why? What happened, sir?.
Nothing happened!
Only after marriage,
we can live together, right?
Oh you meant that!
Well, where is she living now? Hometown? some place!
-Have you distributed the notice?
My little sister, Duva!
Shantanu sir! New Diving lnstructor!
Wait, l shall also come along.
No...l need to go for tuition,
and give the injection.
Wait for 5 mins,
l'll get him settled and be back.
She was studying for MBBS in
Kozhikode Medical College.
After three years,
she discontinued her studies.
Oh no! Why?
Was forced to discontinue because of illness.
Please come, sir!
House looks very unsafe!
Will my things be safe here?
Oh sir! Many things that are
Outside, are not here!
Like robbery, Dog, alcohol,
Snake and Suicide!
That's great!
And l've already told you about Cinema!
l'm leaving the bike here...
lt belongs to Sport Council!
Don't l need a helmet?
5 feet wide roads and
maximum speed of 15 kmph!
-No one wears a helmet here, Sir!
-Then ok!
Team DrC
Good morning, doctor!
-Going for sightseeing?!
-Just like that!
Why the jail is left in this condition?
People winded it up.
Do the people here create so much trouble?!
Only if anyone creates problem
they can be put inside, right?
No crimes at all.
Which is the way to Naval base?
Going for a drink, aren't you?
When it's military, one can drink
a good stuff with trust!
l see! ln that case,
you'll vacate from here soon!
The whole of Lakshadweep is a dry land.
You won't even get a drop!
Oh my Gosh! What an adversity!
Whenever l'm back from the hometown,
l carry 2-3 bottles along with me.
Nobody searches my bag.
You're really great, doctor!
For today's quota, l'll give.
But don't make it a habit.
So...the day l start to drink
l will surely visit your quarters.
l'm fit since my birth!
So l neverfelt like drinking till now.
Doctor, way to the Naval base?
Ask someone and go!
What do you want?
-ls Zakhariah there?
-Gone to his hometown!
Will return only after a month.
When did he leave?
Yesterday! lt was some
emergency call from home!
Team DrC
My dearfolks and friends, greetings!
Mansoor Jilani and Wahida ties
wedlock on 2015 August 14
Thus, l warmly welcome
inhabitants here and outside.
Hello!! Have you finished seeing the island?
Almost! lt's just a few days since l arrived!
When you feel bored, come to the station
and learn recording.
You need to announce, right?
Okay! Anyhow, give me a call.
lt's from hospital.
No further evacuation orders.
My brother had come..
There's no ship for next 4 days.
lf any evacuation order is passed,
l could board him in a Helicopterto Kochi.
ls there any chopper service
when there's no ship?
There is no such service from here.
As there is limited facility
in the hospital here,
ln case if any emergency arises, they
would be referred to the hospital in Kochi.
Unless and until Medical Superintendent
certifies the graveness of illness,
they will not be sent to
Kochi by a helicopter.
ln such a situation, others can pay
and occupy the vacant seats.
Medical Superintendent will not
certify that easily.
After reaching Kochi, if it's found
that illness is not grave,
Superintendent will lose his job
And the patient will be slammed with
a penalty of lakhs of rupees!
Nitrogen Narcosis or Rapture of the
deep or the Martini effect!
-You might've heard any one of
these 3 names. -No Sir!
-Didn't you? - No.
Okay, then!
Have any one of you drunk alcohol?
Couple of drinks without
anyone's notice at least
Sir, are you searching
someone for a company?
You kids are not enough for my company.
Tell me, has anyone of you?
He had drunk before.
Oh, sir! Only once!
lf it's known,
l'll be thrown out of the house!
No one will know!
Okay, then you tell me, what
do you feel after getting drunk?
Like going on a boat,
when there's a storm!
We will feel weightless
and lose our balance at times!
And become more courageous!
Heard this, guys?
This feel that you get after drinking alcohol,
can be felt by a diver even
without drinking alcohol!
while diving in the open sea
at more than 30m depth!
This state is called Nitrogen Narcosis!
-Has anyone of you crossed 30m?
- No, sir.
Okay, then we will be crossing 30m today.
-Ready? - Ready, sir.
Replace these four cylinders.
Carbon-monoxide is mixed in it!
Will it be a risk?
lt's poisonous gas!
lf inhaled, one may be alive
for a maximum of 4 hours only!
-Who did this?
- Nobody has done it.
Lubricating oil in the
compressor has leaked out.
When Hydrocarbon gets mixed,
Carbon monoxide is formed!
Good morning, sir!
l'm sorry, l flouted your mission that day.
No, that's okay!
l am Deeraj Nayyar,
l'm on shore patrol duty today.
-How do you speak Malayalam?
-l had my training in Kochi.
You hold a record in Deep sea diving, right?
l didn't dive for a record!
Oh, was that a rescue mission then?
l did it for my photo and name to be
published in the newspapers!
One of my close friends is
missing for a long time. No contact!
After seeing my photo in the paper,
l hoped they would contact me.
Right? l'll see you around, then.
Okay, guys! Hold for
3 mins at 10m depth!
l shall join you then!
Team DrC
-Hi Muthumani-Hi Chandu uncle,
Have you met Zakariah?
No, dear! He's gone to his hometown.
l'm intensely searching the friends request
and also searching the name.
But there is no Nadira!
What does your lover say?
He's very much happy!
l got a call. Let me go then.
-To where?
- To the bottom of the sea, bye!
Team DrC
Hey, Zakhariah!
Hey, it's me, dude!
Hey, rascal!
lt's me, Shantanu! Stop the bike.
Dude, lt's me, Shantanu!
Hey, stop!
The one behind is our instructor!
And the one in front is
Zakhariah sir of the light house!
Something wrong!
Ever since he came,
he has been asking for the lighthouse.
Hold this.
What do you want?
-Where's Zakhariah?
-He's not here.
-Where did he go?
-l don't know.
-When will he return?
-l don't know.
-What's your name?
-l don't know.
My name is Kunjikoya!
Move aside!
You can't climb up there today.
-Why?-Today is Friday!
l called you several times!
When you knew it was me,
you cut the phone.
Since then, you never attended
my call even once.
-ls that why you came here?
- Yes
lf l'd known that you would come here,
then surely l would've attended your call!
So you were hiding from
my sight for these many days!
No! l thought you would go back
after loitering here for two days.
Going back will not be immediate!
l've joined here on sports deputation
as Diving lnstructor!
Oh Jesus!
l need to gather some more
information from here. You must help me.
What's it?
One Nazeeb lmam - Sub Lieutenant
in the Naval base,
From his name and age,
l doubt he's Nadira's brother!!
lf so?
lt's the last chance of finding
more information about her.
lf l go there directly,
he may identify me.
And that will be the end of everything!
l can't take any chance in this!
-So, please...-Shut up, you bloody!
Jump from here and die! Rascal!!
You're almost 40 years
Shameless fellow!
Still hanging around aimlessly
for his bloody old love!!
For supporting you in this matter in the past,
my life turned upside down!
That's called FATE, dude!
lt's not FATE but SNOBBlSHNESS
- Merely Snobbishness!
Bloody friend.....and hell with his love!!
Now, l'm not 25 years old.
But l'm still 25!
l will give you a whack..
When Captain Zakhariah was
coming home on holidays,
Eagerly waiting for a bottle from his son
's quota....was the Retired officer Varunni ...
...My dad!!
But l went home with my luggage
having lost my job - all because of you!
Since l lost the job, the girl,
who was supposed to marry me,
and her parents whizzed away
after saluting me.
Who's the loser, then? Me only!
Later, l got a job in this lighthouse,
and when my hairturned grey
and l almost got fixed to another girl,
But the day before the betrothal,
she eloped with someone else.
-As usual what happened to me?
- You lost again!
ls marriage the biggest thing in life?
For me, it's YES!
l shall perform your third marriage, then!
And l'll get as many bottles
as your dad needs!
But you got to help me with this, please.
No, Zakhariah, sir! Leave him!
Rascal!! lt's 10 yrs
since my dad expired.
Leave me...Leave me l say.
Leave him, Koya!
Let him hit me!
Come on, you hit me
Team DrC
l have been hearing such jibes
since so many years!
lf anyone in the family loved
or eloped with someone,
they will heap the blame upon me finally
saying they are learning from me.
lt was only a PRANK at the age of 25!
But l didn't expect this will
haunt me throughout my life.
l've gone crazy after losing my composure!
Let's get some news about it
and then put the shutter..
..for everything!
-ls he suffering from some illness?
- Yes!
The same illness which your
sister was afflicted with!
''ls it medicine or poison, my friend...''
''ls it happiness or deluge, my friend...''
''No one has brought yet the
news of my love, friend...''
''Love is a story of destitute souls...''
''lt's a fire that burns the youth...''
''Whatever the world may say...
l'm sure that...''
''Love is mirage...
it's not real...''
'' is love?''
''Mania or solace?What is love?''
Team DrC
''Days and nights of love...
ask my heart the tales of love...''
''Days and nights of love...
ask my heart the tales of love...''
''Everyone is beautiful when in love...''
''There's nothing in
this world without love...''
''When a heart burns a heart,
when heart is in love, God is merciful...''
''One who sacrifices life for love...
one who stakes life wins love...''
Look at the youngman's face,
how his face is glowing with love!
Team DrC
Like a weak Devdas!
Devdas...Heer Ranjha...Laila Majnu...
Love is not weak.
Those who died for love
attained eternity!
What is greaterthan love?
Salim continued living as Jehangir.
But still the world remember
Salim Anarkali together.
Love and death is the best couple.
'' is love''
''Mania or solace?What is love?''
''Live for love...die for love...''
''Some didn't know to make love...''
''This world belongs to them...
this heaven belongs to them...''
''That which takes them to God,
it's a path of devotion...''
''One who is devout with true love...''
''There's nothing without love...''
''When a heart burns a heart,
when heart is in love, God is merciful...''
''One who sacrifices life for love...
one who stakes life wins love...''
''When a heart burns a heart,
when heart is in love, God is merciful...''
''One who sacrifices life for love...
one who stakes life wins love...''
Gosh! Tiger!
Thank you...Thank you very much.
Hey dude...go to the stage!
Alone? You also come.
Go to the stage, dude!
Somebody come along with me.
Go, you rascal!
Sorry..l'm sorry.
l was just you know.
Team DrC
''l saw you...''
''You saw me...''
''..Like this...''
-Get me the programme
for the evening - Yes, sir.
''l saw you''
''You saw me..''
''..Like this''
''l saw you...''
''You saw me...''
''Like this...''
''We both together, my love...
for seven lives...''
'' we've been meeting for eons...''
Where's this programme in this list?
Cut the sound and the light now.
''We both together, my love...
for seven lives...''
'' we've been meeting for eons...''
Oh God! Power gone!
No...somebody has deliberately switched it off
Switched it off? Hold this!
Which bloody switched it off?
Who the hell switched off while singing?
Who the hell switched it off?.
l'll give you a smack and disfigure you.
Zakhariah...Jaffar sir!
What the hell are you doing?
Okay, congratulations...Keep it up.
l need to go urgently, come soon.
Stop it and come quickly, you fool!
Sub Lieutenant Shantanu! Kochi!
13 disciplinary violations in the academy.
-And 3 at the base. - Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Zakhariah! Son of Varuni!
Chief Navy Officer.
Was disciplined, obedient, and
well behaved workmanship ln the academy.
And no disciplinary violations
at the base so far!
Sub Lieutenant Shantanu!
You sing well and you dance well.
But this is not the place for it.
This is the place of discipline.
And you seem more inclined
towards civilian life.
lndian Navy is meant
to be a place for MEN OF ARMS
So, if l say you're wrong recruit,
l'm sure you will agree.
Sir, l disagree.
Aren't all the arms we
need for hugging each other?
Shut up, you disrespectful rascal!
Get out!
And you, Lieutenant Zakhariah!
You will get your 1st red mark
on your record.
Thanks to your friend.
Now get out.
Sir, please..
l said, get out.
Are you happy, rascal?
What is my fault for you
creating ruckus on the stage?
Did l say that l want to
sing on the stage?
l only told you to sing,
not to woo his daughter!
Manly people will naturally woo!
No point in envying!
Excuse me
That's for me!
-You, get lost Rascal!
lt's for him!
Good morning!
lt's a common courtesy.
when one wishes you Good morning,
you have to wish them back!
That's...when we talk...
in front of everyone
-Will trigger problems!- Why?
There's a talk,
we are in love with each other.
Oh my God! Really?
Not sure whether your dad knows about it!
But there is no such thing between us!
Sorry..l thought..
Jeez! l needlessly..
Doesn't matter...leave it..
Shucks!! You broke his heart!
Team DrC
Even l simply said there is nothing.
l also simply said there is
nothing between us.
-Really? - Hmm..Really.
lf Jaffar sir learns about it...
Why should one be afraid when in love?
Someone may see us! l'll talk later.
Thank you.
April fool!
-Foolishly she..-Poor girl!
Let me whizz away.
Wait! Where are you going?
Come with me
Hello! What are you doing?
We were justjoking.
Come on, l like you
l mean..l love you.
Stop crying..
Really l love you..
l love you too.
You know...everybody is watching us.
l'll talk to you later. Bye.
Hey! April Fool!
You fool!! This is excellent!
Team DrC
''ln this cold narrow path, you came slowly''
''And gave me a kiss, doe-eyed one''
''When the night flows
caressing the swaying bosom''
''Of this blue river in which we swam''
''Did you touch me like
the moon breeze, Sahiba''
''ln this cold narrow path, you came slowly
and gave me a kiss, doe-eyed one''
''Far away when the autumn
is offering the evening music''
''ln the form of raindrops,''
''Nearby when the birds
are taking the unseen presents you give,''
''The smile of the lightning''
''Will touch the heart drenched with rain''
''ls it that you have dissolved
within me this much?''
''Now we'll share the honey
of the jasmines''
''Which bloom in clusters''
''ln this cold, narrow path,
you came slowly''
''And gave me a kiss, doe-eyed one''
''When the night flows
caressing the swaying bosom''
''Of this blue river in which we swam''
Team DrC
''When my glances shoot
arrows at the flowering season,''
''lt blooms into jasmines full of honey''
''Your breath is betel-fragrant''
''When we stand close together
under the canopy of the night,''
''Today is sacred with
clouds black as koels''
''The star which we gave company
will fall down in the grapevine grove''
''ln the bits of scattered light
we'll write lots of dreams''
''ln this cold narrow path,
you came slowly''
''And gave me a kiss, doe-eyed one''
''When the night flows
caressing the swaying bosom''
''Of this blue river in which we swam''
''Did you give me lavishly''
''The saffron of your dreams, Ranchana''
Team DrC
Don't go there.
You bloody bastard!
Take off your hand from my daughter.
Get away from here.
This bastard molested my daughter.
Beat that rascal!
What are you resorting to?
What the hell did he do?
Leave him.
Stop it.
Stop it!
She said to stop it!
lf you wish to beat him, then,
Take your detention order.
Give it to me
ls kissing such a big offence?
He's trying to threaten us!
Not a threat!! He has initiated
for Court martial proceedings...Look..
My name also appears in this list!
What did l do?
Did l interlock your lips?
At least you enjoyed the pleasure.
What did l gain? l got into a fix now.
You may read the charge.
Charge against the 1st accused.
You, Shantanu P - Sub lieutenant
have forcibly kissed and
molested Ms.Nadira lmam
..D/o Jaffar lmam, only 15 yrs
old on the 15th of April at 2 p.m.
ls shejust 15 yrs?
How do you plead,
guilty or not guilty?
Sir....that girl....
l didn't know that girl was
just 15 yrs old.
Let him speak in English or Hindi.
Not in regional language.
l didn't know she was
just 15 yrs old, sir.
That means he is pleading guilty.
Mr.Prosecutor, please sit down.
Mr.Shantanu, your answer
should either be a YES or a NO
No, sir!
Okay, let's proceed with the next charge.
Charge against the 2nd accused.
Zakhariah K V - Lieutenant signal officer
has abetted and hereby
supported the 1st accused
in committing molestation of
Ms.Nadira lmam D/o Jaffar lmam,
15 yrs on the 15th of April at 2.p.m.
How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?
Not guilty, sir.
This case is posted for trial
on the17th of August.
Sorry l'm helpless!
No defence can be taken here.
She is just 15 yrs old.
lf she is below 16 yrs and
even if it's with herfull consent.
That's an offence.
She doesn't appear like a 15 yr old girl.
Who knows she will be fed
with junk foods to misdirect us.
Well, What have l done to
frame abetting charges against me?
Did l ask you to kiss her?.
The allegation against you is
guarding outside the shower room,
preventing others from entering
That girl's dad , the RearAdmiral Jaffar lmam
is the eyewitness.
lsn't that enough?
Maximum, what will happen?
lf proven guilty, under moral turpitude,
dismissal is sure.
lf the girl's answer is YES to the
question whether she was kissed,
Oh my heavens!
Ms.Nadira, Yes or No!
Yes or No?
Oh Jesus!
That may be recorded, sir.
l've no more questions.
The guilty against the accused
is proved beyond doubt!
What do you mean?
He's not guilty, sir.
We're in love.
l love him.
l really love him.
See, Nadira, it's absolutely irrelevant
whether you love him or not!
The issue in question is..
Mr.Prosecutor, stop counselling her.
The Court will be in recession for one hour.
Team DrC
lf the judgement is pronounced,
you will be terminated from the service.
Sir, but what is my offence?
Many heartless people have queued up
to give witness against you!
There is only one option left.
Take voluntary discharge and leave!
lf so, you can seek a job
in the coast guard or Sports department.
lf it is a termination,
Then, criminal proceedings,
Jail...You know all that
Only God can help you
l'm ready, sir.
Team DrC
We don't need any valid reason
to fall in love!
But to feel a deep love,
there should be some valid reason.
What really happened for you
to pine for her?
There is really nothing
in what l'd said so far!
But that happened ...only later.
Yes, come in.
lt's your childish prank that
has spoiled this man's career and life.
No, uncle...You're wrong.
l'm serious about this.
l'm serious about him.
Serious? You are only 15!
You're not matured enough
to take a serious decision about this.
That's what the law says.
Her age is such that,
she cannot even realize herself!
Serious it seems!!
lf we ask her about this after 5 yrs,
She herself will start laughing.
Do you think so?
Five years!
Okay! After 5 yrs, l'll show you
l'll convince you....
...all of you..
An obstinate challenge of a 15 yr old girl
l only thought that much.
But unexpected hopes were
lying somewhere else.
Did she respond to you after five years?
She erupted like... a bomb blast!
Muthaapi is serious.
He is being evacuated
through the helicopter!
Poorfellow! He has been
bedridden for long.
Pray to God!
You continue
What is it?
Bro! Duva is also going along with him.
Duva! What a deceit!
Move...Let's rush..
We must not let her go.
She will go definitely this time
What's the problem, Koya?
All such problems are
triggered by people like you!!
-What's it? -You take the bike!
Duva, Koya's sister is
exactly yourfemale version!
She fell in love with a guy
in Medical College.
Knowing about that, Koya
didn't send her back afterthe vacation.
2 years have passed.
She boarded the ship couple
of times after evading from Koya's sight.
Some rascals like him, will inform Koya,
and he will bring her back.
Why? lsn't that guy a Muslim?
That's not the issue here.
lf she goes, Attakoya will be left alone.
lf it's a guy from this island....
That is Koya's tension.
How can she forsake her love?
Oh! Sailing in the same boat?!
Shall l go fast and stop Koya from going?
l'll kick you to pulp, damn it!
Do you want to intervene and
get me beaten up by people?
lf she is destined then she will go
-Poor thing !-Who?
You only.
Please move.
See you then.
May the Lord protect him!
Why the hell is it not flying!
You did a good thing, doctor!
Uniting lovers....whether in a story or real life.
Everybody likes it!
Ask him to fly soon before that fellow arrives.
Hello, why the delay? Can't you fly?
A Navy staff is also going to Kochi!!
He'll be coming now.
See, this is an air ambulance.
l'm the Medical Superintendent.
And l certified the evacuation.
Patient can't wait for any Navy people
Don't worry, ma'am.
lt's only a matter of 5 mins.
-We'll make it up in plan..
- How dare you say..
Who the hell is coming now?
Doctor, l can feel the spark of a love
affair behind you in this!
Yes of course! Who doesn't have?
Don't worry, l will come.
Move aside....
Bro...there, she's!.
-Dear Duva!-Oh Jesus
Please come back, dear!
Come back l say! lt'll not work out!
Please come back.
l will not be alive if you go.
Why do you talk like this, brother?
Come back.
Come back, dear.
Come, let's go
Saeed, you go and assist!
Doctor, do l have to take any medicines?
Yes! This medicine is for you.
Give way.
Doctor is really smart.
-She is not like what you see!
-Much more than this??
-Who's that? - Navy man! Deeraj!
l'm getting close to him
to find the whereabouts about Nazeeb!
That guy was gathering details
about you from Attakoya!
- Hmm
Team DrC
What's the name of that
Navy man in the passenger list?
Team DrC
That was my last and final chance
to find some information about her!
That hope is also shattered!
The very person from whose sight
l wanted to hide...
There l jumped straight onto him
on the very 1st day!
He came to know the facts and...
fled from here!
How can you be so sure
that he's Nadira's brother?.
Don't moan needlessly!
Then, why did he lie to me
that his name was Deeraj?
...and why did he collect
my details from Attakoya?
That must be of..
That boy went on 10 days leave
He didn't quit the job and go!
But one thing is confirmed.
His dad's name is Jaffar lmam.
So, you can relax for 10 days until his return!
Forthe time being...
didn't you say that she put a bomb after 5 yrs?
Tell us about that incident.
He again started!
Five years must've passed!
lt was when l was working
in Alapuzha sports division,
did that bomb explode!
Who is that? Joseph?
Who are you?
Leave me.
Lock him up!
Ahmed Kutty! DYSP of Police!
Sir, You are a Policeman?
Sorry! You didn't appear so! Leave me..
No need of a gun! l'm not a troublesome guy.
Where is Nadira?
Nadira lmam!
Answer me.
Dad, l'm no more 15 year old girl.
You can't punish Shanthanu for this,
that l love him,
or that he loves me!
l'm going away with Shantanu.
Don't even try to bring me back.
Nadira, where are you?
ls Shantanu there or not?
First tell me, where you are?
Give the phone to Shantanu.
Team DrC
Did they hurt you?
lt was very difficult to find you,
but, not for my dad!
So, l had to choose this route!
lt's okay
l'm sure he would've made you
listen to a CD.
Even after 5 years,
without changing a word,
whatever l wish to say, is recorded on that CD.
But the condition of your heart is also like
l'll wait for you.
Should l or not?
You should!
Stop it, Nadira!
Dad, l haven't gone missing
l went to visit Ajmer Sheriff
and am back home now.
l'm so sorry.
He showed us only the
search warrant of Lucknow SP!
Team DrC
''The sky reclines, the shore swings,''
''The time hums, the star listens.''
''Like waves, she spun in me,
a net of dream''
''At this time when eyes close''
''And the darkness flows''
''Will the mirage of dark cloud
disappear or change?''
''The sky reclines, the shore swings,''
''The time hums, the star listens.''
Are you here to take Nadira away?
ln the last 6 years,
not even once l have come to your house, Sir!
She troubled even you forthis
and after taking so much pain, she found me!
So, isn't it my responsibility to come here?!
After all, are we all not men of honour, sir?
Oh! So that's your answer!
You can't go with him without my permission
You can go,
...but after my death!.
Your word ''l WlLL WAlT''
is what made me come here!
l told you, right? ...
if you want to go, then go after my death!
lf you really want to go urgently now,
then, l'm ready to die before my time.
No, dad! l'll not go without your permission!
Even after your death!
lt's my promise to you!
l will wait for your permission.
But, till then, you shouldn't
question my wait!
The number of days Nadira will wait for you,
hatred for you will increase equivalently
Some day your idea will change, sir.
The day you understand who l am!
Team DrC
l'm sorry.
l can't do anything more than this for now.
lt's a question of Royal blood!
Will take time, right?
l can understand.
One fine day father will accept.
But l don't know when that day will come!...
l don't have any right
to force you to wait till then.
But yes...l'll surely wait.
Me too!
This is not called WAlTlNG
You are aiming for an impossible thing!
Her dad is mad.
and his daughter is even more mad than him!
Trying to put your life amidst that as fixed
You are totally mad!
You're a moron! What else can l call you!
Suppose during sleep, that Hamam....
lmam, right?
Yes, lmam! Suppose he
dies of heart attack during sleep
Then your condition will be like...
What's that flower called...
Exactly! Anthurium! That will be your condition.
or assume that old man
agrees on the verge of his death,
What's the point? Even
she will turn grey like you.
Do people love only for that reason?
No, to kneel down and worship.
According to my knowledge,
there is only one meaning for UNlTlNG
l'm not sure whether it has
other meaning in Hindi.
-Assume there's! - Yes.
Didn't she put any other bomb?
To put bombs, is she a native of Kannur?
l didn't mean that.
Didn't she try to contact you afterthat?
She was contacting me
over the phone for three years.
l'd also been to Lucknow
couple of times to meet her.
She was studying in the
Sufi center overthere.
Team DrC
Quite often, she sends CDs to me.
Few Sufi songs in her own voice,
and some love quotes in Sufism
which makes me crazy!
''When a heart burns a heart,
when heart is in love, God is merciful...''
''One who sacrifices life for love...
one who stakes life wins love...''
But in the CD that came at last,
lt was not her voice.
l'm Jaffer lmam here.
lf you hadn't interfered in
Nadira's life from distance,
yourfake love would fly away
like dust in a gust of wind.
That's why you seek reasons
to keep herthinking about you.
That Nadira keeps remembering you.
Hereafter you'll never
listen Nadira's voice.
You'll die...waiting for her.
What does it mean?
lt's 2 years on.....there is no contact.
Her mobile phone is switched off.
l enquired all possible ways.
And only came to know
they have shifted from Lucknow.
At such a dead end situation,
l did an adventurous thing!
Team DrC
l broke the record in the Deep sea free diving!
Risking my life and limb!
lf this becomes a news,
l thought she might contact me.
lt became news but nothing happened.
As he said that you'll not hear
her voice any longer,
Would that ruthless fellow
have harmed her?
That Nazeeb was my last and
final chance of finding her.
Would she have got married?
Forthat, she has to die!
-Or if she had died...-Shut up, you!
That's why l say l'll shutter
after knowing the facts!
What all these
-Nothing... l just thought... - Leave it..
lt's just a matter of 10 days
Let that boy return!
l'll somehow make him disclose the truth.
Greetings!! We've a sad news.
Muthukoya, 73 yrs old,
died at Medical Trust, Kochi!
His funeral will be held tomorrow
10 am at Mattanchery Juma Masjid
Won't his body be brought back here?
That's the fate of the
inhabitants of this island
lf someone dies outside the island,
burial also will be done there itself.
There is no way to bring back the body,
and the relatives can never see the body.
See you, then.
Are you coming with me or going to quarters
l'll drop you.
Team DrC
''Sahiba, what cloud-message
are you waiting for today''
''Sahiba, what love song
are you singing today''
''Did the ocean in me drain silently?''
''Did the day when moonlight
rained sandal, swell up?''
''Sahiba, what cloud-message
are you waiting for today''
''Did this flowering season
borrow dream-flowers?''
''Did that rainy season
give the voice of sea breeze?''
''ln the smiling lips of
the petalled rainbow''
''ls there an evening
song's silence?''
Sahiba, sahiba, sahiba''
''Sahiba, what cloud-message
are you waiting for today''
''Sahiba, what love song
are you singing today''
Team DrC
''When the tender desire of my
speech casket asks for a boon,''
''The cool shyness in your
eyes caresses me''
''ln the clear words of
the kind, painful song''
''ls there a sculpture
of poetic love?''
''My life's sorrow,
Sahiba, sahiba, sahiba''
''Sahiba, what cloud-message
are you waiting for today''
''Sahiba, what love song
are you singing today''
''Did the ocean in me drain silently?''
''Did the day when moonlight
rained sandal, swell up?''
Dear lnhabitants of lsland and music lovers !
King of Music - Shahjahan's music fest will
be conducted at Panchayat stage tonight at 7
Rajeev, are you expecting anyone?
His sister's son!
- l need to collect a parcel. - Get it!
Would the music fest begins on time?
Why? Do l've to delay it?
She's the devil who tried to send away Duva!
When Shahjahan sir arrives, l will go with him.
-l shall settle him up and come back - Okay.
Take him away from the junction and hit him
lf people come to know...
Whatever may be, it's the case of LOVE!!
Hitting whom?
You only said you will hit Nazeeb
to disclose the truth.
Better go and look out for Shahjahan!
This is the problem with the
people living outside!
Only knows to brag but do nothing!
Don't prompt me to say..
lt's Shahjahan, sir!
Sir, We're waiting in the Jetty.
What happened?
Why needlessly shoot up your BP?
Can't l shoot up my BP?
-Let me go to Jetty - Yes, you move.
What for?
We just want to know whether
he's back or not!
Do you have any objection
if he knows it first?
You go.
Team DrC
He is not in this boat! l checked.
Hello...No...Next boat has come.
Let me check.
Here comes Shahjahan sir!!
Give way....Give way, please.
Hold this! Greetings!
Hello Koya!
-S.l Jamal-Greetings!
Stand aside.
People are so excited
lt's the same wherever l go!
l understood! From his scorn l made out,
that he's an outsider!
He's not in this boat also.
Shucks! Only one more boat is left.
Won't he come..
lf there's something that he's scared
to tell me, then he won't come!
So that is also confirmed!
What happened? Did he come?
What happened?
Nothing happened, Koya. He didn't come.
He didn't go to come back!
Shucks! l needlessly disturbed all of you..
Forget it, dude! See you, then.
Have you cooled down?
Were you weeping in the Sea?
Shut up!
l'll give you a whack..
You unnecessary waste your time for a mere
lt's zero now.
Not only in anything
No man should be 100 %% honest!
That's why the world exists like this!
Got it!!
My life wouldn't have been
given that importance.
Forget it! lt's over!
What's the use of waiting?
What's the use of going?
Anyhow l'm not Ramanan to commit suicide!
l want to live somehow for the sake of life
Don't waste time
There's a good idea for passing our time!
-Did you get it? - Yes
Alcohol is the best medicine
for the disturbed mind
Today is the right day to begin.
Why don't you take a couple of drinks?
You must. Come.
You're already drenched!
When you're drenched, and take drinks,
Team DrC
Aaoruthi Avaloruthi song, please
Will you be able to sing this song?
-You sing well, don't you? will not look nice!
Dear Music-lovers of this island, the moment
for which you were eagerly waiting has come..
The song... Aa Oruthi Avaloruthi
- will be sung ... Chettuva Shahjahan Sahib now.
My dear music lovers!
Just like you all, this is my most
favourite song Aaoruthi Avaloruthi..
My first song!
Actually, l didn't write the
lyrics of this song,
but it came flowing into me!
Same is the case with its tune!
l've a new singer on the stage to sing
along with me.
But quite a familiar face for you people.
l warmly welcome Duva Mian Koya
to this musical stage.
You have to sing along with the Orchestra.
Doctor's prank l suppose!!
Does she sing?
Let's see how she sings
Team DrC
''That girl, with the smell of milk''
''That girl, with the smell of milk''
''When that girl left me,
all the leaves which fell were faded ones''
''By weeping, all my dreams
were dark as black clouds''
''This girl, with a smile like flowing milk''
''This girl, with a smile like flowing milk''
''When she came to know about that
all those which bloomed were moons''
''ln all the ferry she searched,
there were colourful lotuses''
''This night is not a night
This breeze's hum is not a hum''
''This wave is not one which lashed now''
''She's not there in any of these''
''That girl, with the smell of milk''
''This girl, with a smile like flowing milk''
''Underthe Cinchona tree,
One day when shyness left us''
''With lips humming the tune of a koel''
''You scratched this way and that way''
''Do you remember?''
''Try to remember''
''Do you see?''
''l stood seeing''
''When the youthful age passes,
will this be over?''
''That girl, with the smell of milk''
''That girl, with the smell of milk''
Team DrC
''Naughty rains came on the day
you gave me that letter and left''
''ln the high seas all night long
l cried my heart out and sang''
''Shattered, l sang''
''Are you listening''
''You are listening''
''Are you waiting, l am waiting''
''Won't you hug me tightly
ln the rushing cold wind''
''That girl with the smell of milk''
''That girl with the smell of milk''
Thank you!
-You really rocked! - Really?
-Your song was splendid!
- Thank you.
What's your problem?
l've many problems! What did you intend?
Don't prompt me to intend more.
Please go, brother.
-Don't insult her!
-You be quiet, Jamal
l'll decide what l have to do!
You just mind your business, doctor!
Don't act smart!
l know you are not behind
all those cheers and fuss!
l'm not a fool.
Leave it Koya, Don't mess up things
Certainly! lt was the support of
people who are aware of her likings!!
ls it you who's deciding about her
likes and dislikes?
Let's move, sister! Come..
Leave it, Koya! Why creating a
ruckus for a silly thing?
First, learn about LOVE and AFFECTlON!
lf he doesn't know,
somebody teach him please.
Just a minute...Only for a minute, please.
Then go and mess up!
Actually, who are you?
Doctor or a Teacher, to preach about LOVE?
Going on and on about affection
and love for a long time!
What bullshit is that!
By the by, who the hell are you
to lecture about this?
Were you a master in 16008 LOVES?
Hey, mind your words!
Don't dare point your finger and talk!
Mind you!
What's the problem here?
Nothing, we're learning about LOVE!
You go and compose your next song.
The LOVE you mean is trampling over
someone's life for an act in a left out moment!
lt's only 2 years since she has been in love!
l know those being in the
waiting room for 10-14 yrs,
and at last become insane realising that
their life has gone up in smoke.
By then life almost gets vaporized!
-Water vapour...-Yes Water vapour!
Let me ask you something!
Do you think your life will go waste
if you don't succeed in your love?
ls there a huge scarcity
for men and women here?
-ls it? - That's enough!
lf you again harp on this topic...
Zakhariah, she doesn't know my nature.
-Shoe....My shoe!
-What shoo on this issue? Come!
-Did l talk less?
-Not at all!
Only you and Duva are the right ones
to talk about love!
Yeah! So you recognized me!!
l heard your speech as well.
So, only that much, is it? Okay!
Team DrC
We told him about
your yesterday's depression.
lt's not about a Nawabian hangover
for giving value to one's words!!
But Cunning! Cent percent Cunning!!
With Love Nadira!
What's this?
Nadira when you said you will wait,
l did not have a worry with that,
l knew with time your love will
evaporate in thin air,
and he knows this as well!
That's the reason why he has
started sending Dvds.
That is what you think father!
Even if we meet or not,
whether we hear each
other's voice or not....
our love will always live forever.
l don't trust that! Do you believe in it?
Beyond the limit!
Do it and show
What else do you need?
Just one more thing.
l'm Jaffar lmam speaking!
Give this to him on my behalf.
l've not asked you this so far!
Dad, l never asked you
why are you so much against us,
just because he's a Hindu?
You're wrong.
On my Naval base, my junior officer,
do such a thing with my
15 year old daughter?
l will never forgive that.
When you got married,
even mom wasjust 15 years old.
Did you wait to kiss hertill
she became 18 years?
Stop this nonsense!
That was in old times!
Pack your suitcase!
We are leaving tomorrow.
Why did you call a taxi?
l would have dropped you at the airport.
-No...l..- l called the Taxi
You don't need to worry!
l'm not going to Kerala,
l am going to Ajmer!
l have got a teacher's job in
Sufi center!
What do you mean?
if your decision changes, you
can come and meet me.
The same applies to you as well!
When l saw you and learnt about you,
l immediately rushed to see my dad.
Before l make any decision
l thought l would let you know.
l'm taking Shantanu to Ajmer.
l'll get them married
Who are you to get them married?
l'm Nadira lmam's brother.
When dad is not alive,
Then, it's the responsibility of a brother
to take care of his sister.
Team DrC
Good thing,
l'm glad that you have more
affection towards your sister!
Now you can leave!
Now, it's enough if l alone decide.
When shall we go to Ajmer?
You will only lose in this, Naseeb.
lnfact Nawabian blood hangover
is not for your dad, Jaffar lmam,
but for your sister!
Her word.....the value she gives for it,
even her love towards me,
is the value of her word in the past!
lmagine, l come along with you
Valuing the word she'd given her dad,
she'll not even bother to see me!
Anyhow, thanks for the kindness
you showed to me.
l will wait.
We will wait.
Whatever it is,
l don't have to shutterfor sure!
That's enough.
ln any case, let me give it a shot!
What happened? What did that boy say?
Seems she is fine there.
Thank heavens!
l had come here to tell you
something else also.
Before that.. Sweet Kiss for you....
Why all this ?
There's a reason!
Your dialogue yesterday was inspiring!
After hearing that,
Duva's mind has changed a bit!
Didn't l tell you
about an Engineer's proposal for her..
She's now agreed.
You sinner! What a mess!
O Koya! l blurted out in depression!
l want to meet Duva now.
Yes, What is up?
Do you know...
No boats will go to sea till tomorrow noon.
Some security problem, it seems!
ln the pretext of inspection,
Navy people took away
two boats that belonged to Sports!
''Manju'' that is scheduled to
leave Kozhikode tonight,
has been ordered to leave
only tomorrow afternoon.
Team DrC
-May l? - Yes.
Good evening, Doctor!
l'm Captain Rajan Jose!
lf there is any medical evacuation
for the next 48 hrs, you should inform us.
What's the problem, sir?
Sorry, l can't disclose to you.
Thank you.
4 cups of tea, please
Let me go and check the ship's schedule.
Are they rushing on getting
any Tsunami information!
Only if the Tsunami arrival is kept a secret,
will the people get killed, right?
There are no ships for four days.
Oh Mother Mary! Do l've
to tolerate him forfour more days?
What are you doing?
lsn't Nadira in Ajmer now?
Her SlM is with her dad, right?
This is not Nadira but Jaffar lmam!
Wait, don't take it now..
For the ruckus created by his son,
lt might be a plan to hook you, l suppose!
Let it be anything, attend the phone
before it gets cut.
Put it on the speaker.
l'm Jaffar lmam speaking.
my daughter has a wrong belief
that l will accept you before l die
that must be some other fathers
who might change their opinion as they die
l am not one of them,
My son also on your side...
for him l am dead long back,
The situation is such that
l can't wait any longer,
Forthe sake of all,
l've to take up a decision .
Now l will give you a chance.
Come to Kochi.
Nadira and me are at Kochi
But only for the next 24 hours.
l will come.
You will not come.
l'll come.
How will you come?
Do you know the distance
between Kochi to Kavaratti?
218 nautical miles!
And for the next 4 days there are
no flights on hire,
and even if you leave immediately by boat,
it will still take you 48 hours.
l am waiting eagerly for you.
Even if l die, l will still come.
Promise me this talk will be
only between you and me,
it should not reach my kids.
Do you agree with that?
l agree!
l will wait for you ...eagerly!
Oh! All this commotion is
solely to block you!
Let's not stand here anymore.
What's the problem?
What did he say?
l'll tell you! Come to the Lighthouse!
Team DrC
-Don't allow anybody to the lighthouse.
-Okay, sir.
What a disaster is this!
Hell with his Challenge!!
Bloody 24 hrs time!
What bullshit is this!
He knows that even if he
blocks all the outlets,
you will do some adventures in the Sea.
At least in that way,
he wants you to be killed!
What adventure can he do in the Sea? Swim?
Talk practically!
He has also hampered the boat service.
Even if boat-travel is possible,
based on his nature...
When you cross from the
territorial sea to the Open sea,
...he is sure to have engaged
goondas to kill you!
Hardly would there be any
evidence left behind!
You will not go tomorrow!
What the hell will happen?
Dad and daughter will
go back the way they came!.
Just because you didn't go there,
she is not going to marry somebody else!
Moreover, she is not aware
of all these happenings.
Whatever it is, rather than drowning and dying,
Waiting will be much better.
Let them run around and
sweat profusely for 24 hrs.
Nothing will happen if l don't go.
Nobody's life will be at risk!
As you said, she will go back
without being aware of the happenings. case l am able to go..
..This waiting will end tomorrow.
That's why l promised to reach
there tomorrow risking my life.
And it's not to prove my manliness
l am accepting his challenge!
lf l happen to die, let me die.
Only for this, l..
l must go
What happened?
A captain from the Navy has come...
to inspect the Lighthouse right away.
You lift him up nicely and show him.
Let him inspect and go.
-lf you let him inside, l'll kill you, mind it.
-Ask him to come tomorrow.
Planning to trap us from every side!
Seems the captain wants to inspect now.
So, you want to go.
Whatever you said, is right! You must go.
Koya! Suggest some way!
Suggest something!
There is a fisheries the Yard.
Work is almost completed!
lf you drive in full throttle,
You can reach there by tomorrow night.
But evading their sight, how
can l take the boat from Yard?
That's the second thing.
First is Hussain!
Come...Come l say!
Don't hang around, Come Koya!
Team DrC
Here comes Shantanu sir!
Come! Come!
Oh! All of you are here!
-ls Hussain there in the Qawwali?
-He'll be there!
Sir...that will not work out..
Let's move.
-What happened?
-Propeller is ...
Won't it be enough if we bring it here?
Will your dad go and bring it from Kochi
He was calling me SlR so far,
and calling me names now?
Both of them are over the
phone for a long time.
Do you think it will work out?
What happened?
l called up Sherin!
l didn't disclose anything!!
l can't reveal your name to her
There are no possibilities for
Evacuation tomorrow.
Or if it is for today,
then someone must get heart attack!!
Most probably it would be me!!
Navy people had gone there also!
Any Evacuation order can be done
only after informing them!
So, that idea is also ruled out.
Will you stop this bloody laughing?
We'll surely win, sir!
My friend's friend Farid, has a yacht!
He is an avid racertoo!
l only told them that it is for a bet
to reach Kochi tomorrow!
He demanded 2.5 lakhs!
And l fixed it for 2 lakhs!
-Any problem?
-What problem? Tell me the rest.
At early morning, 5 am he will
come to the 2nd buoy next to the Reef!
To go there, we have to row the fibre boat
He has promised to reach
Kochi by tomorrow evening 5' 0 clock.
To reach yard at 5 am,
we must leave at least by 2 a.m.
l'll also come with you as there will be
a rapid flow of water during that time.
Surely you will win! lf not you, who else?
lmmediately bring your fibre boat
and fasten it there.
lt's necessary!
lsn't there a bulb glowing
on that corner post?
Hit and break it!
Koya! Those people are there.
They are after us only.
Hold this.
We don't have to wait until
it is 1'O' clock
Any moment those people may come in.
Yes! Come, let's move.
Come quickly.
They don't patrol because of rain
Call me immediately, while boarding the yacht.
Gosh! Was it you?
-What happened?
- Here they go.
What do you feel, dude?
Feel like sleeping!
lt's 4'0 clock!
Wait for one more hour.
Let him call.
Wake me up when he calls.
Hello! Jeez!
What happened?
Navy people seized the Yacht!
They will let it off only tomorrow after
checking the papers and permit.
When we were half the way,
Farid had called so we returned.
Let her.....Ler her go back, dude.
What you said was right.
Even if l don't go, nothing will happen
But...For me, nothing more can happen!
But you..
Koya, why did you inform them now?
Couldn't you tell them in the morning?
lt's almost dawn. All of you go.
l want to lie down. l'm very tired.
Shall l also sleep with him today?
No...l'll sleep.
-Shall l? - No, leave.
Team DrC
Have you decided not to go?
l must go.
Need to use a bag of tricks like earlier days!
As l intended!
The patient is..
You or me?
Me only.
But, what is your illness?
Not illness! But suicide attempt!
Reason - Love failure!
Will it work?
But that devil Sherin...
You've odds with her now..
l can tackle her.
..but l need your support as well.
We two only, No one else.
Even Rajeev and Koya
should not know about this.
Only then they will be
able to react naturally.
Team DrC
Shantanu ditched us. Rush up.
Oh Rajeev! My God! Shantanu
ditched us. Come quickly.
We need to inform the Police.
Come quickly.
Oh God! Please help......Please help...
lt's like chanting hymns!
Oh my God! Who is here to hear?.
Please help....Help, please.
Oh my bro! Shantanu sir ditched us!
Save him at any cost.
Call the people quickly.
Rush....Call the people.
Shantanu sir inhaled something!
Oh my God! Give some first aid to him.
Go quickly.
My hands and legs are trembling!
Oh God!
Sir! lt's Poison!
l know that, you fool!
Are you kneading Paratha on his chest?
Sir, call the ambulance quickly.
Hey, no range for BSNL here!
l don't get anybody overthe phone...
Oh my God!
What on earth will l do now?
Give him some first aid.
Whom shall l call now?
-Call the Police!
Shantanu sir inhaled poisonous gas!
What will l do now?
Run quickly.
Let me call somebody for help.
Wasn't that you who announced
n the mike that day?
Go and announce quickly
ls he dead, then?
l'll give you a smack! Go and announce.
lnform the Pilot immediately.
-Pilot?-Go and call quickly, Rascal
Don't waste time and risk his life.
Oh my God! Atta has come!
Oh my Atta! Look what Shantanu has done!
ls there any need for him to do this?
Can't he at least tell me once?
What the hell you were doing here, then?
Had he given me any hint,
l would've stayed awake!
He only told me it's a poisonous gas.
Why did he do this knowingly?
No point in pressing!
Give him artificial breathing through mouth!
Oh no! Get aside.
Give me the phone.
Here the Police has arrived
Hello Sherin, Where are you?
Carry him soon!
Yes, it's Carbon-mono-oxide!
l'm not sure of that.
Keep the cylinder in the vehicle.
Ask the doctor not to treat him here...
Send him to Kochi as early as possible.
Zakhariah, get in.
Keep the cylinder inside.
Doctor has to get in.
l will feel suffocated there..
Move quickly.
Somebody call the doctor and
ask her to keep everything ready.
Speed up, you rascal!
Don't take away his life!
He has inhaled Carbon monoxide!
lt's poisonous!
He himself told me that one who inhales,
will not survive more than 4 hrs
Not sure what time
he has taken this in the morning.
So it was deliberate!
Will anyone do it for fun?
Doctor, just a minute.
Planning to take away his life,
keeping him here?
Calm down.. Let me talk to the Doctor.
What's this, Rajeev?
What is his problem?
From the beginning,
l felt some abnormality in him
He doesn't have any
consistency as a whole.
l shall brief you!
But don't keep the last day incident
in your mind and be prejudiced!
Rajeev, you tell me.
lt was a Suicide attempt.
His situation was so bad.
lt is an 11 yr old love affair!
Team DrC
Please move...Move....
Don'tjust stand and lecture,
please try to save him.
What? What happened?
How will l endure this?
Without even a hint...he inhaled..
Let's ask the Doctor...Ask the doctor.
Call the helicopter, please.
Sir..Calm down...sit there.
How am l going to bear this?
So, it was not to die!
But taken a chance!!
lf destined to reach,
he will reach, isn't it?
Ready to take any risk forfriend's love!
But not for your own sister!
l hate seeing this fellow.
Get away.
Pass on the information to the Helipad.
l'm going to orderfor evacuation.
Please move.
lf you are ready to sacrifice life for love,
you will find many girls in your hometown!
What is the need for you to go up to Lucknow?
Oh, sorry! l am not suppose to
talk a word about LOVE!
Please move.
What's happening here?
This is Casualty! Wait outside.
Okay...Wait outside.
Tell me what happened to the patient.
Who are you to ask that?
Jamal, here is the evacuation order.
No, doctor. lt's a fake case.
What nonsense is he talking?
lt's not you who should decide it.
You're not a doctor, are you?
l'm not a doctor, but l've
got a Navy doctor with me.
Let him examine him.
Who the hell are you to order me?
l'm the Medical Superintendent.
lt's not Navy that pays me the salary.
And it's my discretion,
to certify the evacuation.
Evacuation is your...
Let the Navy doctor attend
only Navy people, clear?
Get out.
Doctor, Evacuation you can decide.
But l should decide whether
the helicopter should fly or not!
You don't have to decide about that,
that'll fly by itself.
Moreover Helicopter doesn't
belong to the Navy.
lt's the Air ambulance of
Lakshwadeep Administration.
Jamal, call the collector before
they plan up for something else.
-Pilot?-Go and call quickly, Rascal
Listen, doctor! ls he really serious?
Yes! Cent percent sure.
No, sir! Till now, l've been
obeying your orders as a Junior officer.
Now l refuse to do it.
And also would like to inform you that
lndian Navy is not an
organization to dance,
according to somebody's whims
and fancies, sir.
Hail lndia!
Get the ambulance quickly.
-How does he feel now?
-Quite critical!
What about the evacuation?
Order will be passed right now.
Thank heavens! l'm relieved!
Tomorrow l've a programme.
So, l can also join them in the
helicopter, right?
You bloody bitch! Hell with his programme!
l'll kick you down!
Even if there is a vacant seat,
l'm ready to occupy a donkey but not you.
Don't you understand the situation, sir!
l just asked him whether
l could go with them.
No no this is fraud ,
You cannot do this ,
He is making a fool of everyone!
Let the scoundrel come!
As he comes he will go behind bars,
bloody Madrasi!
What is this new drama, dad?
You bought me here saying that
you will talk to Shantanu
and find a way out.
But l don't see anything of that sort,
l can't talk to a traitor.
Team DrC
Whatever he did is wrong!
He betrayed us
He did not keep his word,
broke a promise!
Promise, trust...?
Stop playing this game!
You are the one who cheated us, dad!
Listen to me very carefully.
Shantanu has to reach here unharmed,
at any cost, before me ...!
lf he doesn't come before me alive..
Move all of you.
Move...Bring him quickly.
Make it fast.
You get in first.
Lift him.
My dear...Come..
-Come dear - Go..
You go..
Come...get inside.
Team DrC
What happened to her dad's 24 hrs!!
He is perfectly alright!
Just acting!
Oh my God!
Because of our ploys,
your love blossomed!
Let's go there and see
if his love will blossom or not!
Look how shocked this fool is!
lt's not fair!
You could've at least told me...
lf l'd told you, then you will
collapse everything by your act.
See! l'm travelling to Kochi in dhothi!
Enough of acting!
They are not going to
land the helicopter here.
You rascal! Have you cheated me?
Thinking it was a game only
l supported you.
ls this a game?
Hurry up, please.
Do you want to risk your life by fooling me?
l can't take any chance in this anymore.
By this...if it ends also, l'll be happy.
Oh my Jesus!
Don't worry, dude!!
Hurry up...
Put him the mask.
Team DrC
He's a fraud! Arrest that man.
lt's all drama!
Will you please shut up? He is dying
Come on..
l just prayed to God that
you won't have to cry.
Team DrC
A saint in a Sufi centre said that as a joke,
about the coincidence hidden
behind our names!
lt seems Anarkali's real name was Nadira,
and Salim refers to Shantanu(PEACE)
Anarkali and Salim!
Anyhow, thanks to God
for rescuing me from death!
LOVE - is also as strong as DEATH!