Anbe Sivam (2003) Movie Script

Salutations to you, oh semblance of Basil.
Salutations to you, oh dazzling beauty.
Salutations to you, oh Goddess
Durga Bhagwati
Salutations to you, all encompassing beauty.
Thank you.
Greetings sir.
Yes, Im on my way.
Im at the Bhubaneswar airport.
It's raining heavily.
Ill be there in Chennai
by this evening.
Its an important function in my life.
How can I miss it?
Where's madam?
Not necessary....
When she comes back, tell her that
I'll be there by this evening.
And tell her not to get tensed.
Excuse me, I can't hear you properly
because of the announcements.
My boarding card, please.
The flight is delayed
by few hours.-What?
Due to a technical snag flight l.C.7 477
to Chennai is delayed by few hours.
Hey, I don't know when the flight will
take off.
I'll let you know when
I get the information.
Okay. When'll the Ad-film
be telecast?
After news.
I'm right in front of the T.V.
Ill call you after watching it.
In Mumbai 3 passengers were detained
before they boarded flight to Delhi.
They were carrying fire arms and
powerful pipe bombs.
...Inside a Transistor Radio.
They've since been detained by the
local police for further enquiry.
These 3 men are suspected to have been
instrumental in the public library blast.
...which shook the Mumbai city last week.
For more details regarding flight
information contact enquiry counters.
We regret for the inconvenience.
Your attention please.
Passengers of Indian Airlines Flight
Bhubaneswar to Chennai.
...Are requested to kindly
contact the enquiry counter.
...For further information.
We regret that inconvenience...
Indian Airlines Flight from
Bhubaneswar to Chennai.
The Presidents of Nigeria and Cameroon
pledged on Friday.
...To pursue peaceful settlement
of the territorial dispute.
...Over an oil rich Peninsula.
Thank God.
I'm terribly Aras.
I'm sorry.
Im Aras, Im terribly sorry.
You can't blame me because nowadays
terrorism is a big problem....
...4 goals to nil to lift
the Al Mohammed Hockey Cup.
Now, for the weather report.
Since the terrorist attacks are
frequently shown on T.V.
Im suspicious and cautious.
Besides, you look like a...
Do I look like a terrorist? -Yes.
They can't be faulted.
What you did was for a good cause?
Shall I tell you something?
You're wrong.
Terrorist don't look like me.
They look handsome like you.
Why are you glued to the T.V.?
This confusion arose because of
watching the news on T.V.
l wasn't watching the news.
l was waiting for the advertisements.
Advertisements are shown all day.
You can watch them any time.
Im waiting for the ad.
filmed by me.
Oh! That's what you do!
Till now, how many
of them have you....-Excuse me...
Is this your ad.?
....Full of numbers.
Its time.
Don't worry. Its power failure.
It'll be restored soon.
Till then, would you like to eat this
cucumber alias pipe bomb?
Ive eaten from this side.
Eat from the other side.
No thanks. I don't like its taste.
Try with this chilly powder,
you'll love it.
Itll taste good.
Is this your ad?
Its good..
l must praise your work.
But you...
My eyes.
What happened?
Chilly powder in my eyes.
Come. Wash your eyes
in the bathroom.
Don't worry. Ill handle it myself.
Leave me.
Sir, are you alright?
Yeah! Im fine.
Im very sorry sir.
Dab them with your saliva.
Itll do good, sir.
What is this?
Its yours. Did I ask you
for any suggestions?
Looking for soap? -Yes.
Its over here. Look, it's here.
Sir, Ill manage. Ill manage.
Ill manage, sir. -Bring your hand here.
-Ill manage. Leave me alone.
Just press this button...
Ill manage.
Shall I wait outside?
-Yeah, please.-Right.
Your attention please.
Accommodation has been arranged
for all passengers.
Passengers are requested to
collect their accommodation....
It seems, we've to stay
here tonight.
They're specifying the hotels.
...We regret the inconvenience caused.
It seems 5 Star Hotels are
fully booked.
Its not my day.
...Its just not my day.
My full name is Anbarasu.
Is Anbarasu your full name?
-Don't intrude.
Yeah! Sushmu Hotel.
I was a resident there.
...I need one more room.
Extension. I need one more room.
Any room will do.
Full?...No...No...listen to me.
Did they say that there is no
accommodation in 5 star hotels? -Yes.
What should I do now?
-Go and stand in the queue.
lf I stand in this queue...l won't get a
place even to sit on the sidewalk.
You can't push everyone away
and go to the front.
This is a democratic country.
Queue, right to vote
are mandatory.
Mr.Sivam, your room is booked.
Oh! Thank you!
We'll get it only if we're
first in the queue.
Don't stand on prestige. Will you stay
in a 2 or 3 star hotel?
There's no choice. Okay.
Sir, he's my best friend.
Sir, he's an Ad Film maker.
TV Advertisement. He's a film maker
...A great film maker.
l see.-We'll manage.
You take down his name also.
No...No...My name is just
A. Aras, please.
Already written sir.
Is it a 5-Star hotel?
No, 2-Star only.
Sir, signature.
Sign it.
Just not my day.
This is the Ad he has filmed.
No, this advertisement...
He only directed. -I see.
Your signature, please
Im left handed...Its alright!
Im a left hander.
Its okay, no problem.
Thank you.-Welcome.
Sir, have it.
What? -''Yatra Nivas'' is this side.
Why are you going straight?
That way is safe. This side is flooded,
we'll be stuck. Better to go this side.
This side is flooded
with rain water.
Road is blocked on this side.
Dim witted dumb. Im going to pay you.
Go this way.
Go this side.
-Look, road is blocked this side.
Ask any one. -See, the way is not clear.
A car has got stuck.
Hey, go this side.
-Mad fellow!
Hey man, go this side.
Mad man.
Hey, what the hell happened, man?
l was going on repeating this
side is flooded with water.
Hello...Excuse me...Excuse me...
Here, thank you very much.
Don't open the door.
Don't open the door.
Hey, Get lost.-Water will come inside!
...Water will get inside.
Ill be ruined, Oh my God!
-Holy shit!
Oh God!.
Hey, who asked you to come?
Don't you've any brains?
Who asked you to come?
How do I know?
Get lost.
Go to hell.
Oh damn!
Sir, may I help you?
-Ive a reservation for tonight.
My flight got cancelled and they gave me
a room in this hotel.
What's this sir? So wet.
That's...-Was the receipt.
Its wet because, it's wet outside.
Its raining, Im also wet.
You're Mr.Anbarasu?
No, Im Mr.A.Aras.
Okay, Mr. Anbarasu, your
Room Number is 213.
Yes sir.
My key.
Your close friend is waiting there.
My...Who? -Mr.Sivam, sir.
Yes, come in.
Keep the coffee on the table.
What coffee?
l thought, I had heard this
voice somewhere.
Mr.Aras, welcome.
Now, you're calling me by my name.
Then, why did you say ''Anbarasu'' in
the reception?
Why? Full name.
l don't like ANBU.(love)
Sir, you shouldn't hate love.
''Those who don't love are selfish''...
Those who love''....
Wow! You speak Oriya Language also?
Sir, it's very bad...
Its Tamil! Mr.Thiruvalluvar, white beard,
man near Sanskrit college, Mylapore.
Don't bore me.
Ive had really bad day.
Im very angry that...
Shall I say one thing?
I know, what you are going to say...
You're going to ask me one thing.
I know, what you're going to ask me...
I should ask you why youre after me
I havent asked even that
So, what else will I ask?
You'll say.....
Like a Kangaroo's baby ...
l kept this safely in my front pocket
and brought it without getting wet.
You might've suffered a lot
without this, haven't you?
No thanks.
You can make a call here itself.
Is it a personal call?
Is it a "love call'?
No such thing.....
I too don't have one KAAL(leg)
and one KAI(hand).
Hi handsome.
After taking bath, Im looking
a bit handsome.
Sorry...l kept them outside...
Oh! I placed my leg on them just now.
Thank you.
You returned my phone, I returned
your bags. We're even.
What's this? Bad smell is coming.
Oh! You're...! Go and take bath.
I want to make a call.
Sir, make a call later.
Otherwise, you won't get hot water. Go...
Hello, Mr.A.Aras has gone
for his bath.
Give me that.
Sir, what's all this?
l only said Aras, not 'Anbarasu'.
-I know.
l didn't mean that.
l didn't enter the bathroom.
l can't attend the call.
Sir, this is from "public call office'.
I know that, that's my office, man.
You too...
Why didn't you call me
from your house?
Did they make a call?
Missed calls? Okay.
Ask them to phone me again.
Sir, you received missed calls.
....Why didn't you...
Sir, there were 4 missed calls.
You get angry when I handle
your cell in your presence.
How can I take your calls
in your absence?
4 missed calls.
Sir, who is Sarasu?
She is my....
How do you know?
l read ''Sarasu'' on those missed calls.
Sir, who's she?
Do you want to know everything?
What I know is little, what
I don't know is vast...
Ill take bath and come.
You're taking that like a soap...
Take this towel...
One more thing is that
the hot water shower...
Hey, thank you very much
Ill manage.
What I mean is...
When I opened it...
Sir, why've you hanged it
like this?
Why have you hanged it
like a "party flag'?
l thought I could at least
wash that and wear.
Sir, you put it aside
and take bath.
How? -With your hand.
Its washed. You put it aside
and take bath.
Then, that shower head
is a bit...
Oh God! I know, Ive taken shower
bath several times.
l didn't mean that.
That shower head is...
Ill manage, leave me alone.
-Sir, what was the noise?
Sir, nothing. I kicked the
bloody bucket, man.
Why did you shout after
kicking the bucket?
Oh God! Sir, Ive kicked
the bucket.
Do you've to cross examine
me for everything?
Yeah, just a minute.
-May I come in, sir?
Come in.
What? Man...
Sorry sir, coffee.
You poured it on my head, man.
l was opening the door, isn't it?
Before that, why did you
say "Come in'?
When he asked, "May I come in?',
We're supposed to say
'Come in', shouldn't we?
Sir, shower head fell on your head.
And you lied that you
kicked the bucket.
Sir, why didn't you inform me
that shower head is not secure?
Sir, I wanted to tell you...
You cut me short and said that you've
taken shower bath several times.
Then, we were talking
about my underwear.
After that also, I tried
to warn you...
You didn't listen to me...
And got hurt.
You can give 1000's of excuses.
You're an expert at that.
Sir, you've got a big lump.
Sir, it's alright, if there's bleeding,
it'll be a problem. -Why?
Because, my blood group
is 'AB Negative'. Its a rare group.
l know sir, Im 'O Positive'.
You too have 'O'...
You said 'AB Negative'.
Im AB Negative. You're 'O'...
What I mean is....
Bloody confusion.
Phone call.
Hello, Hi honey, Aras here.
Yes, here there's a cyclone
and heavy floods.
Train, plane...everything
is cancelled.
What could I do? Cell was not with me.
No...Its not cyclone.
Its a pillow.
Its a fellow.
Its a fellow with a pillow.
That cyclone is better than this....
Ill come outside and talk...
Just a minute....
Very nice gentleman.
He's my friend whom I met here.
He's very irritating and
a pain in my neck...
He asks questions and gives
suggestions for everything.
Thinking hes helping me
hes pestering me. Hello...
No...Will you call from the land line?
Just a minute...Ill give
you the numbers.
This place? Its a God forsaken hotel.
Hello, open the door.
Open the door, please.
l can't tell you.
He's a real joker.
He's not the joker of 'Rummy'.
He's a real joker. Real joker.
Mother, you too have started
talking like him...
Oh God! Sir...Sir...
Thank God, you swim and come out....
No, I can't swim.
Sir, won't you speak in Tamil
even while you're dying?
l can't swim....
Say like that.
You hold this and come out.
''A talented person can
use even a pillow''.
Is that all necessary now?
Sorry sir.
I feel very sorry...-Why?
Because I didn't die?
Sir, don't talk like that.
Think in this way...
You were sorry that you didn't get a
room in a 5 Star Hotel. lf you had,
The room could've been on
the 5th or 6th floor...
lf you had fallen down from there...
-Sir, won't you ever think positively?
Its not that....Sorry.....
Sir, don't plug it.
Because, micro processor
might be wet.
Even at the petrol bunk, they warn
not to switch on the cell.
Because, it can cause fire
Sir, you claim to know everything.
Don't I know anything?
Its not that...
Let me do my work, man.
Go ahead...go ahead.
You give your opinion and
suggestion for everything.
l mean there's a limit to everything.
Am I a child to be advised
all the time...
Sir, don't I know about electronics?
l have used and charged
cell phones many times!
Don't talk....
Don't laugh....
It happens man.
Hello...Hello...Please tell me.
Reception? I want to make an
urgent call to Chennai, please.
Sorry sir, no STD
-No STD! Trunk call? -No.
Messaging? -No sir.
E-Mail? -No sir
Telegram? -No.
Then, how?
Pura?(Pigeon) What Pura?
Pardon me.
Pigeon...? What do you mean?
Very funny...Thank you.
We'll become old by the
time we reach Chennai.
Sir, only now, Im happy. -Why?
You've a sense of humour.
But, I don't know, whether I can
smile or not? Can I smile?
Only couples come to this hotel?
They've kept only one bed.
Now, we've share this and....
Sir, I didn't mean that...
You tell me where do you
want to sleep and I...
No...Ill sleep on the floor.
Because, I have a bad back.
In the spinal chord, there's a slip disk.
Disc-Slip...Accident -You know.
l should sleep only on hard surface.
Are you sure, you want to...
Are you okay?
Are you sure, you're okay?
Okay...okay...-Okay, then.
Good night Mr.Sivam.
What? -Cyclones, rains...winds...
These are common in Orissa.
People face them every year.
Every year, they say
it'll hit Chennai.
But, it hits only Orissa and Andhra...
Its a great pity!
Sir, you can see a huge wave here.
Sir, you can see 'Tsunami' here.
Sir, do you know the meaning of 'Tsunami'?
l know the meaning of "Tsunami'.
-Tell me, what's it?
That is....That big wave.
Very good.
No...Its a big mountain.
You've studied abroad, haven't you?
Sir, tell me the height
of "Liberty Statue'?
300 feet.-Very good.
Why do you say "very good' for everything.
Is it an examination?
No, sir it's just an appreciation
of your knowledge.
You said the height of
Liberty Statue is 300 ft.
Here, it seems the waves will
be 250 ft. high.
In Orissa? -Yes, sir.
They said.
Ive only heard. But, we can find a wave
about 50 ft. high in Danushkodi.
Sir, don't you think
it's an "over exaggeration'?
No, it's not.
Such a wave swept away my father.
What do you mean?
l mean, it swept away my father.
My father was very
interested in photography.
He asked me to click his
snap with the swell of the wave.
He said ''Itll look nice''.
We got a good print of the wave.
But father was gone.
What do you mean by that?
We didn't even get his body.
It means he died, isn't it?
Im sorry, Mr.Sivam.
Excuse me, Id like a first class ticket
to Chennai please, by Coromandel Express.
All trains cancelled.
Excuse me, Im a Tax-payer.
You're answerable to me.
Tell me one good reason why I can't
take a train to Chennai?
What's this?...What's this?
Is it a railway station
or a harbour? -What?
Nothing man...
Time! -Its a bad time.
-Time! Time!
Hey stop!...Thief... Police...
Emergency...Ambulance! Stop! Stop!
Stop... Wait... stop...
You.. you.. you... Thief.
Oh God! I don't know how to swim.
Stop him, he's running with my purse.
Thief! Dacoit! Stop him!
Hey stop!.. Give me my purse.
Don't try to beat me...
Whatever it is, we'll adjust.
Stop.. Stop man!
Catch.. catch.. stop.. stop!
Don't know whether he
knows English or not.
Is it very important?
He has taken away my purse.
Isn't this your purse?
He has taken the cash and
ran away...Is it enough?
Is there no policeman or
a police station here?
Railway station itself is submerged.
-Yes, how can a police station exist?!
l think, it's in that corner.
-Sir, please...
Don't touch my bag.
He's from this town.
He'll bring the bag safely.
How do you know that
he's not a thief?
Sir, Im not a thief.
Im an old friend of comrade.
He's my friend, Misro.
This is Aras. -Im sorry...
Without knowing that you're a Tamilian,
l mistook you for a thief.
Its alright, I feel sorry that you
lost your money in our town.
Im very sorry.
-No problem.
Credit card is left. Thank God!.
That bag...
That bag...
Wait...Let it be there itself.
We'll go and take it.
You go...We'll bring this bag...
This bag? -We'll bring this bag....
-Don't laugh man.
It didn't happen like that.
Ive never seen thieves...
Are we friendly with thieves
and running their association?
lf you had asked in the hotel, they
would've told you that there's no train.
At least you could've asked me...
Was I so soundly asleep that
you couldn't wake me up?
I would've not got this bag,
if he wasn't there.
Its nothing. Why are you making
it into a big issue?
Sir, it's a big thing.
Guess how much money
Ive in this bag?
Sir, I don't know, but I know
how much money I had.
Rs.4000. He has stolen it.
At least he left the credit cards.
Thank god!.
I have Rs.32 lakhs in this bag.
Its true, sir.You tell him.
In Orissa, 100 Tamilians
died when the dam broke.
He argued in the court with the
help of our Union.
Only now, he got the compensation.
Now, he's going to hand over
the check.
Its very rare to see such a person.
-Tell me the details.
I didn't argue, the lawyer won the case.
Im just a messenger to
hand over the check.
But, if Mr. Misro was not there
it would've taken one more year.
Without knowing the Oriya language...
Oh God! Look where the car is!
It would've been thrown up there
by the floods. Let's go.
That bloody man was responsible
for this...Sister .
Do you know him?
-No, let's go...
Do you've any sisters?
Then, don't worry. Keep going.
Don't use bad words.
Why are you abusing him?
What're you saying?
He doesn't have any sisters.
He's assuming wrongly that you do.
Technically wrong.
-Yeah, very funny?
Technical aspects? Don't laugh!
It's insulting.
Yes, your city is very bad.
We don't know what they're
bad mouthing.
From here, if we go to Andhra and
go straight to Tamil Nadu.
We can at least understand
their bad mouthing.
Its very funny.Very funny.
Ive Rs.15 and you've Rs.5.
How can we go with this amount?
Till Orissa border...
-We can go by bus.
Sir, how can we go with this
meagre amount?
We'll get a seat for this money also.
Come on.
Sir, the man next to me is
chewing tobacco.
Ask him to either chew tobacco or
play the flute. -Why?
Im getting wet in the shower of his
tobacco mixed spittle...
Its very unhygienic.
You should be one of the crowd
in a public place.
You'll want make adjustments
by remote control.
This is world not a T.V. set.
-I know the world.
l know people.
Don't try to teach me everything.
Ive traveled a lot.
Im very friendly also.
Hi! Aras here!
Are you okay? See...
Will you eat this?
-Oh thank you.
Ask him not to eat.
-Don't eat it.
Ive eaten in North Indian road
side eateries. No problem.
Ive got a very good immune system.
And my health is also very good.
Do you have one more?
Don't eat one more, if you eat
you'll go crazy.
Mata...? -Yes, mata (forehead).
"Mata' means "Mother'.
Is he scolding me?
He'll feel dizzy. -He means that,
you'll faint and fall down.
Lie! You don't know Oriya, do you?
I don't know Oriya, but I
know about that drug...
Drug? You mean a narcotic or something?
Its a ball made out of cannabis paste.
What'll happen if I eat this?
After eating it, you'll walk
on all fours.
Yela Machi Machi
Singers: Kamal Haasan & Udit Narayan.
Music: Vidhyasagar Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Buddy, you've gone crazy
and lost your sense.
What happened to me, I feel butterflies
fluttering in my mind.
Your kick has gone up
like American Dollars.
Our brains have come down like
Indian rupees.
When we get a kick...
"Knowledge gets increased'.
After the kick comes down, knowledge
gained will decrease.
We should've some kick in life.
Or else, we won't have strength.
Mother's milk as well as liquor,
both give us kick.
You're not clever enough to
differentiate between them.
Mother's milk gives the kick
only for few months.
But, the kick of liquor will
remain for our entire life.
Kick may change...
Will your mind change?
Can a dog's tail ever be straightened?
My chicken are gone...
My hen...hen...
Ive a credit card.
-No, I want money.
What do you want?
Life is a treasure trove,
the strongest will take it.
Is it wrong to be selfish?
Don't usurp his livelihood.
lf a worker sleeps with an empty stomach,
this country will ruin.
You're an excellent debater.
You seem to be a lawyer's relative?
You're mesmerizing me
with your words.
You're selling ice-cubes
in the Himalayas.
Sit down... sit down...
Hey, sit down...Sit down
Look there.
Stop the bus! Stay put there.
Be careful....Slowly.
Oh God! He got hurt
in the stomach.
Do you've stomach-ache?
-No, Im feeling hungry.
What's this? You've ordered
so many items.
Have you got any hidden money?
Ive got all the credit cards.
In India, we can eat
anything, anywhere.
Its not accepted just in your bus.
After eating, what our friend
gave me in the bus...
Do you accept Credit cards here?
What's that?
He's unaware of credit cards. Wants to
know if its a sweet of some kind.
Shall we inform him?
No. Poor guy just became sober
and is happily eating. Let him eat.
Nothing.You do one thing
..just keep eating.
Ill go finish some work.
I don't know why, laughter and
hunger keep alternating.
Your bill..
What's this?
Pay in cash.
It seems, he won't accept credit card?
Money...He wants cash payment.
You should've told me earlier!
Excuse me, no cash, only card.
I won't accept all that.
No money, you're not leaving this place.
What did he say?
He said he won't allow you to go
without getting the cash.
Whom are you shouting at?
Why wont you let me leave?
I don't want all that.
I need my money in cash.
No! Why didn't you display a board
saying Credit card not accepted?
Without paying the bill,
I wont allow you to go out.
What're you talking about? What cash? Ill bash you up.
Cash... cash...
Give cash... cash..
Thank you, Mr. Sivam.
How much do I owe you?
You don't owe me anything.
Here, take this.
What's this?
How did you get money?
We'll talk about it outside
Come on....
Thank you, Mr. Sivam.
I won't forget this.
My shoe...Sir, my shoes are missing.
Sir, my shoe...
My shoes are missing.
They've stolen my shoes...
What type of a hotel is this?
Im going to call the police.
That's what, I mean...
My shoes are missing.
Sir, don't shout...
Don't shout...-What is it?
You've eaten, haven't you?
It was your shoes that you ate.
This is the balance.
Thank you. -Okay.
Wow! Excellent.
Im walking with bare foot like an idiot..
Are you a great army officer that
you're polishing your shoes?
Not polishing. Im washing them.
Sir, wait...Wait....
Italian designer shoe.
They were worth Rs.10,000.
Hereafter, we both have to
walk without shoes.
Listen man, don't you ever
touch my things again, okay?
Dont be so dramatic.
Did your break your leg into 2
just by my touch?
Sir, wait!
One of my legs became shorter
in an accident I was in.
Its not just your shoes
Mine are designer shoes too!
Yours is Italian. But, mine too was
designed in a hospital.
Thank you Mr. Misro.
Im really sorry, Mr. Sivam.
I lost my cool. Thanks.
Thank you Mr. Misro.
Im really sorry, Mr. Sivam.
Okay, stop holding them like that,
like Bharat (from Ramayan)!
Sorry, Mr. Misro.
Why are you apologizing to me?
-He's right.
Sir, Im in a confused state.
Will any fool go to Bhubaneswar to see
location on the eve of his marriage?
Who's that fool?
And who's getting married?
Sir, Im the fool...Im the one
who's going to get married.
Wow! Really?
Why all this? Let's see whether it
goes through...Don't worry.
Comrade will take you safely
to your place.
Go straight and turn left and catch the
Coromandel express, you'll reach Chennai.
Straight to Chennai in 1 7 hours.
Where are you going? -My place is
nearby. Ill take leave.
Bye! bye Comrade!
-Okay, bye!
Where are you going?
-Im not going anywhere.
Don't forget your shoes...
Can I forget them? Ill first wear
socks and then put them on..
You wear your shoes and Ill wear mine.
...Then, we'll go together.
We'll go...but if you
wear my shoes...
Do you mean that we should
wear one each?
Wow! You're smiling!
Sorry sir.
I didn't appreciate your
joke because I was in tension...
Not only that. after
taking that cannabis.
I feel like crying when
I hear jokes.
Okay, you put on your shoes.
Ive another pair. Ill wear that.
Then, we'll go together.
Sir, Is there any train
to Chennai from here?
Coromandel Express may arrive.
Will it stop here?
It has to!
How long will it stop? sir! How long will the
Coromandel train stop here? please stop joking.
Please tell me.
How long will the Coromandel train
stop here?
Ive understood.
Oh come on man!
From 1:58 to 2:02
2 to 2 to 2:02.
Oh 2 to 2 to ....
He can't get it.
Explain to him.
Is that so?
-I got it.
Listen! Are you sure
the train will come?
Okay! Are you sure it'll come?
Who can give surety?
Sir, Ive a question.
-Go ahead...
Do you've a telephone?
I too want to ask him one thing.
Excuse me... please..
Is there a phone I can use?
Wait, he asked first.
Yes sir, there's a telephone.
Okay, can I make a phone call?
-Please.. please, let me go first.
Sir, Ive to make this really important
personal phone call.
You two decide between you two.
One phone, one call...
But why? -Because Im the
station master, that's why.
What's your name?
What's your name?
Jesus Christ!
Mr. Christ,
You go and make a call...go...
You go and make a phone call.
-Thank you.
Ive the key.
Where is he going?
You seem to be happy.
Are you married?
Mr. Christ, wait.
Thank you and sorry.
What for?
Station master said only one
phone call can be made.
And Ive made it.
You can try another.
Im not in a hurry. Its just to inform
them that Im on my way.
But your case is different.
Its about love.
How did you know?
-I can read your eyes.
Are you so experienced?
Why not? Shouldn't Ive had the
experience of falling in love?
But you? Falling in love?
Why not?
Of course!
I mean, every dog has it's day.
...and they say love is
Sorry.. That came out bad.
Im sorry, I didn't mean that.
When did you first meet?
You mean the dog?
Where did you first meet
your girl?
In the middle of the street
with my music band.
Let me guess.
In a temple festival?
In a marriage procession?
What were you doing?
I was spreading a message.
Oh, so you were a postman?
Messenger service?
You could say that too.
Even Jesus Christ was a messenger.
Can't you ever say something
in a straight-forward way?
Yep, I do. -What?
Right! So...
What might that great
message be?
Nattukkoru Seithi Solli
Singers: Kamal Haasan, Chandran & Malathi.
Music: Vidhyasagar Lyrics: Vairamuthu
A modern Jester has come
to spread a message.
Im here to narrate a story beautifully
laced with songs and dances.
Im here to narrate our
pains and struggle.
Listen to the story of 910.
Listen to the travails
of the workers.
All men and women, brothers and
sisters, listen to this.
Let's unmask the truth.
Itll lead us into trouble.
We die and live everyday.
Our heads roll down everyday.
Gentlemen, in the beginning
of this story.
Our hero is a worker.
A Rs.910 salaried man.
When his co-workers were agitating for
salary hike near factory gate.
Dodging them, he slips out silently.
Where is he going?
Will the job come good if you
question while going for it?
He is going to ogle at girls.
He is going in search of
his lover.
Adding glitter to her golden looks,
she's charming him.
Your eyes are filling up the
void in my life.
The town bus is going empty,
let's go happily to a movie in that.
Your take home salary
is just Rs.910.
How will you bear the
burden of a family?
It seems to be a street play.
A play in the middle of the street!
Getting wisdom from his love
...Our story's hero...
Also jumps into the
arena of struggle.
There is a Law for minimum wages.
There is a plan not to reduce
even a penny from it.
Though there're umpteen
number of laws.
Some still manage to pay
meager salaries.
They'll eat the poor alive.
Who's that noble man cheating workers
and paying low salaries?
Look, he's over there.
Let's praise the mercy of God
and hail him.
Long live the man in whites.
Long live upcoming lndustrialist.
Long live Multi Business Tycoon.
Long live Business Magnet.
What do you mean by business magnet?
Business magnet.
Rap on his head.
Long live our leader.
We'll sing paeans hailing
your long life.
Ours is a blessing heart.
We'll always sing your praise.
Wow! He's very good.
Madam, they're criticizing
your father.
White dress, white beard.
Stopped short of mentioning his name.
Go and find out, what's it?
It seems, they want a hike.
It seems, they want a
hike in their salaries.
I can only give Rs.910.
Its impossible to raise
even a penny.
How are you going to
manage them, boss?
Ive planned a venture.
Our problems will be resolved
in the near future.
Its a good news...At this juncture...
-Ask them, will they give way or not?
Joint ventures with
Multi National Companies. Joint venture!
They'll send raw materials
from their country.
We'll import.
We're refining here.
We're packing it here.
We're planning and marketing.
We'll get thrashed
if we fail to market it.
What're we going to import?
Hello Commissioner uncle...
-That's okay...That's okay.
What's the margin of profit?
Only this!?
MNC people will give you crumbs.
40% to us.
60% to him.
Then, what about the plight of
local tea producers?
Let them to go the hell!
Who's bothered?
For us, our foreign investors
are more important.
The profit we get in the
process is more important.
In a game of chess, as proprietors
make their move.
Will worker remain a mute spectator?
Or keep watching the fun silently?
Even if shore wants to rest,
waves will never allow it.
Even if trees want to take rest,
wind will not allow it.
Even if you run away and hide,
life will not leave you alone.
With a remote control
from somewhere.
He's playing havoc with
this country.
Where's the remote control?
To remote control us, there're people
in America, England, France and Germany.
We're not alone, we're a group.
Ill take them to task.
Driver, let's go.
Our need now is a good decision.
Not just for this play.
For everyone.
Efforts from our side only
will not bring that.
Me, you, he, that man, this man.
Look there, the person who's blaring
horn and disturbing our play.
We all must join together.
...And decide unitedly.
We'll sing a new song. That'll accompany
us on a long journey.
Our song is not a lone voice, but a
vociferous war cry of the downtrodden lot.
A song that'll usher in a new era.
Our difficulties are same. Come and join
the voice of protest courageously.
Raise like a wave in protest.
Teach them weakness is not our character.
Make a move, don't restrict
to yourself.
Its good.
An arrogant heroine,
revolutionary hero.
Nice story.
Its new! -Its not a story.
Its my life.
Yes, it's your life.
As you think, Bala is not
an arrogant girl.
Excuse me!
Its okay, you didn't mean it.
Even I came to the same conclusion
when I first saw her.
Only when I met her, the second time.
Do you know where I met her the
second time? Myself and Mehr.
Be careful, boy.
You be careful lady.
If Im a boy because Im wearing
a pair of trousers,
You're a lady because
you're wearing a skirt.
Why're you fighting with the
passersby on the road?
That's why, I told you
that Ill drive.
Why don't you just admit that with
your big "handle-bar" mustache... feel embarrassed to be
driven by a woman?
Hey, did I say that?
-Come on, admit it.
Why're you beating around the bush?
You drive.
Nothing like that.
Hey! Are you blind?
Oh God! He has stopped the car
and is coming back.
Definitely, it must be an M.L.A's car.
We're going to get beaten up.
Im very sorry, sir.
Madan sir, you painted a cartoon on me.
Autograph, please. -Im terribly sorry.
You said that already.
He is Mr. Madan. She is Meher.
She's in our troupe.
She's also an architect.
Oh!...That gentleman?
Hey, what man..
What's your plan for dinner?
-At home.
Look, we're talking amongst ourselves.
Go on, then!
Too much water everywhere!
Tamil Nadu wouldn't quite be
what it is without all these people!
Okay. Let's go!
Where? -To dine.
My dress is soiled.
-Then, Ill also stand here.
Driver, splash some on me too.
-No sir.
Then what? Come with me.
But where?
But, the food will be delicious.
Greetings sir.
Are the dogs chained?
-Yes, they are.
Shut up, Tommy!
Hello Bala, how are you?
This is my aunt.
Yes.. yes! Come.
Let me introduce you to my friends.
Hello. -Thank you!
This is Felix. -Hello, Mr. Madan.
This is Manohar.
Uncle, check whether the dinner
is ready or not? -Okay!
Why're they here?
-You wait.
He's inside.
You don't want them, do you?
Why're you here?
Whom do you want to meet?
Cartoonist Madan invited us here.
There is no one like that.
Get out! Get out!
Sir, he invited us.
They're my guests.
Oh, your guests? Welcome, come in.
Come on, Nalla.
Nalla, you were following me.
Why were you late?
You came luxuriously in a car.
We came by a two wheeler.
As it is, there are too many
dogs in this house.
Ask everyone to come
for dinner.
Excuse me!
Come, let's have dinner,
baby's waiting for us.
Hello Mr. Madan.
-Hello Mr. Ranjit.
One minute!
Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen!
I would like you to meet my father
Mr. Kandasamy Padayachi.
You've come to the lion's den and
how dare to twist your whiskers?
Im just thinking about Mr. Padayachi
dancing to our local folk beat.
And that's my father,
Kandasamy Padayachi.
Greetings. Greetings to everyone.
Who's she?
She's with me.
Sorry, Im...
-Her name is Mehrunnisa
All religions are equal in my house.
What do you say? -Yes.
Hail Lord Siva's mercy.
Father, he's Mr. Madan.
Since morning, Bala was anxiously
awaiting your arrival.
Boss, the one who's wearing green
shirt is Mr. Madan.
Don't I know that?
Hello Madan sir. Im busy with
my business all the time.
I can't remember faces.
You've grown beard all of a sudden.
That's why I couldn't. -Oh God!
Since when you started sporting beard?
-I was always with a beard.
It looks good.
Look, don't be in a hurry
to catch the train.
The train won't start until
you board the train. I will take care of that!
Relax and enjoy your feast.
Okay Mr. Madan, see you.
-Won't you join us in the feast?
Hail Lord Siva!
-Boss is on a fast today.
No water too.
You carry on.
Dear, take care of him.
Nobody introduced me.
He's my father-in-law. -Greetings.
-Retired Magistrate.
Did you eat? -No.
Here's the dish you prepared.
Bring the other dishes.
Come on, bring them.
Oh my God!
What have you done Grandpa?
-Someone please come and clean it fast.
It's okay, just move over.-Sorry!
Forgive me.
Its alright, Grandpa.
Its alright.
Im so sorry!
Don't worry. Accidents happen...
I was talking to him.
Its alright. Why do you get upset
for such trivial things?
Nalla, come here.
Look, she has put a painting
on the dining table.
No, Madan sir.
She doesn't agree. The painting
is only visible to us.
Even we can see that.
Oh sorry.
What do you see? This's a fish and
that's a horse.
What do you see?
-I see many things, sir.
I think, Nalla is getting
into the mood.
Come on, Nalla.
What can we do with the goat?
-We can only make soup out of it.
Please accept this cup.
Wow, that's great piece
of improvisation.
Can I take a photograph of that?
-Why not?
Okay, you want more height?
You need more height.
Come on, show your skills
on the computer.
Thank you!
Wow! Beautiful! -Lights off.
Its nice.
Where is the bathroom?
-This side.
What do you want me to do?
Rs. 910 is a good salary.
That's why Im telling you to increase
the salary by Rs. 100.
They'll keep quiet for the
next 2 years.
If we keep on revising their pay...
In the future, our grandchildren
won't remain rich.
They'll become workers.
l mean to say that if we don't increase
their salaries, they'll strike work.
What can they do? We'll announce the
lock out ahead of them.
But, that's our arrow of
supernatural strength.
We've to keep it a secret.
Will Govt. let us announce lock out?
They'll support only workers.
No Mudaliar, they'll pretend as
if they're supporting them.
Who's offering them foreign exchange?
Its us, isn't it?
Do workers give them?
Can you guarantee us that Govt.
will not create any problem?
Why not?
We can go in for a one time settlement
with the politicians.
But, we can't manage them
with monthly doles.
Government will declare
this strike as illegal.
l stand guarantee for that.
Till Im gone, workers' salary will
remain Rs. 910 only.
Ill not raise even a penny.
Even you people shouldn't raise it.
What's the noise there?
Nothing. Your daughter is hosting
a party for artists downstairs.
Somebody amongst them would've
raised the noise.
What's the noise?
Since all doors are alike.
So, Im stepping in and out of every room,
searching bathroom.
You could've asked me, couldn't you?
Go straight.
No please, Ive found it.
Thank you!
Nice books.
Have you read all the books?
Did you think, is it just
for decoration?
l may look stupid, but Im not.
No, I didn't mean like that.
Im terribly sorry.
I want to tell you something
but I don't know how to begin.
Can't you help me?
How can I help you without
knowing what it is?
Im going to say ''sorry''.
But I've never had to say it before.
Oh! What for?
-For everything.
For what happened that day on
the street and what happened today here.
If I don't say sorry at least once,
I can't remain in peace.
But you've apologized many times now.
You must do me a favor.
Tell me. -Not just one, but two.
First, you have to step into my studio.
What's this like legendary Ahalya?
Where's your studio?
Here...Please come.
This is my studio.
Ive stepped in.
Favor number two.
You must paint a portrait for me.
Not on the computer but
on canvas.
Anything which recently attracted
or touched you.
Even a sketch will do.
Im not a girl who doesn't
respect artists.
It's true that I am rich girl.
But please don't think I am proud.
Im not like my father.
Im more like my mother.
Comrade, sorry.
I must go back home only
after dropping you.
Its raining...and the roads
are uneven, as you know.
As it is, I have a two-wheeler.
Ill come now.
-Ill wait downstairs.
Yeah... yeah...
Good night.
What about the wish?
Good night.
Nothing wrong in this.
We can send a weakling to spoil
the plan of mighty.
For the welfare of many workers...
What's wrong in this, Comrade?
My opinion says it's wrong.
We're now discussing about how to
manage the lock out problem.
So, we'll think about a way out.
Instead of doing that, it isn't our duty
to play tricks like a jackal.
Let's live like lions, Comrade.
What's wrong in dealing with it
wisely, Comrade?
Im not a politician to do
anything in the guise of being smart.
Hello, oh God, wrong number!
Hang up the phone.
Its wrong number, Comrade.
-Even, Im saying that.
Bala is an honest girl. Ill not let
you people use her as a means.
Oh! Is that so? Reached that far?
-Why do you also talk like that?
There's no limit for Anbu(affection).
No...this seems like another 2
syllable word(love).
We need to talk about funds
for the street play festival.
Let's discuss that.
An idea! Shall we ask any soft drink
company to sponsor us?
Very nice! Then, why do
you hold red flags?
You could hold the white flags.
Why keep talking about expenses?
They're not going to ask for
a 5 star hotel comforts?
Why would they?
If Nalla says so, they'll have a few
idlis and and sleep on the Verandah.
Okay, Verandah is ready.
We can't even afford those idlis.
Look, there may be about 200 people.
If we arrange basic amenities... much will it cost?
-Will it cost Rs. 18,000?
I asked whether it will cost Rs. 18,000?
When did you come, slipping in quietly
like a cat....
Beg your pardon.
No, no, Im sorry.
When did you come?
When you certified that Bala
is an honest girl.
Mr.Poun said it isn't Anbu(affection) but
it denotes a different meaning(Love).
I walked in at that time itself...
Okay, forget it.
That's our personal matter.
Is Rs. 18,000 enough for you?
-What for?
For your street play festival.
Look, you asked for a
cola sponsor.
Bala sponsor is here.
No, its Nalla sponsored. -How?
This is your money.
The dining table painting which you
painted in my house that day.
I sold it on the Internet.
Indian Food company bought that for
Rs. 20,000 to use it in their promos.
Really? -I know, you'll raise
such questions?
That's why, Ive brought all this.
What's this?
Sold for 20,000...
You said that, you'll pay us Rs. 18,000.
But, there's a shortfall of Rs. 2000.
Oh! This is a business deal.
Don't I need a commission of 10% ?
Business man's daughter, right?
Did I lie?
Okay, forget it man...
Only Rs. 2000 shortfall.
But, we're getting Rs. 18,000. We'll add
color to our drama function.
Rs.18,000 is just an advance.
You can earn more than this.
lsn't it a great thing to grab money
from here itself for worker's welfare?
Whatever your father has grabbed
from the workers.... shinning bright here.
Logically, I shouldn't have come here.
Have you started to harp
on the same string?
Good morning, madam.
Just nod yes to everything my
father says.
What's the point in enacting street
dramas if all I had to say was "yes."
I could've remained as his slave
accepting Rs.910 salary.
Oh! Is talking truth a taboo here?
Don't talk till we get the money.
We're getting money
for a good cause.
Artists shouldn't be sold,
but art can be sold, okay?
Visitors to my office should look at
your portrait and be charmed by it.
Who should get charmed?
Comedy... don't add such comical streak
to the portrait.
Ill ensure it. Which style
would you prefer?
Its up to baby to decide.
What do I know about art?
I know only about heart.
Since it's very pure,
I keep my workers here.
Use your own inspiration and
paint it well.
But one thing.
The viewers shouldn't easily understand
the subject of your painting.
They should understand only
when explained.
That's modern art, am I right?
Sometimes I do crack jokes.
Don't take it seriously.
Have they come?
They're waiting for about
10 minutes for you.
Oh Lord Siva!
Why don't we paint Siva here?
Itll look beautiful, won't it?
Do you mean Lord Siva?
Won't it look like a temple then?
When we say our profession is God.
Then, office is a temple, right? Let it be.
lf you tell me, when am l
to start working....
l don't want it to be done during
office working hours.
Boss, one thing. Tomorrow's Saturday,
followed by Sunday.
Then, Festival Holidays...
Holidays for 5-6 days.
You can start tomorrow then.
Don't switch on the AC during holidays
as he's working here.
5 plants will be running wastefully.
You'll get cool sea breeze
if you open the doors.
Even paint will get dried up
quickly, right?
Itll be correct if
we start now. -Yes.
Okay, Bye. Hail Lord Siva!
Poovaasam Purappadum Penne
Singers: Viay Prakash & Sadhana Sargam.
Music: Vidhyasagar Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Oh maiden! You spread the fragrance
of flower when I draw a flower.
Oh Love! Even my fingers feel the
warmth of fire when I draw it.
lf non-living things
can come alive.
What'll happen to me?
You're the portrait
that's killing me.
When dots join, it'll
become a painting.
When hearts meet,
it's an epic poem.
Lives are also a
part of the portrait.
Even quarrel is also
a part of love.
Azure is needed to paint the sky.
Which color is needed
to paint our love?
With my blood and with the
brush like finger.
Let's paint our love, come...
Where do you find love
in a girl's body?
Its in the eyes of the
person looking.
Where do you find love in
a girl's body?
Its in the part,
never touched by a man.
You're an expert artist.
You're an expert in flattering girls.
Like the rain drops which touches
the ground deceiving the clouds.
You fall on me, come..
Very clever.
Look, he mingled communism
in the corporate office.
Okay, why did you choose to do that?
lf they insist on both Siva
and the ball bearing.
Then, we've to add dolly.
Look, 910 looks very beautiful
in the falls.
Its seen clearly, right?
Won't we know?
Sickle above the head.
Karl Marx on the side.
100 marks can be given for that.
That painter painted as
my daughter had told.
l never interfered,
she's very clever.
Be quiet, father. -Very humble!
Then, that is...
Boss, he is a fraud.
-What do you mean?
Please come with me...
Leave me...
Look there, what's falling
down from the falls?
Its flowing like 910.
Salary which we pay the workers.
He's ridiculing us.
Look there, can you see Karl Marx?
Look at the top of Siva's head.
Sickle and the hammer.
Okay, leave it.
Look at Lord Siva.
Can you recognize who that is?
-Its him.
l couldn't understand it myself,
how could you?
When I looked at that
painting intently.
No boss, I overheard when he was
talking to his friends.
It was wrong to let in that
arrogant man.
Yes, our workers came to know about
lock out from him only.
He was responsible for
the strike notice.
I thought, that you would
know everything.
Thinking that he's going to
be your future son-in-law.
Son-in-law? What do you mean?
Don't you know about this?
Okay then, forget it.
How can I forget it?
What're you saying?
Not me but the entire
office is agog.
Love between them crossed the limits
during the painting.
You had even asked to switch
off the A.C. plant.
It got pretty hot.
Boss, look there....
You can see it yourself...
Did you see?
We had asked him to paint on the wall
but he has flattered your daughter.
Boss, we shouldn't leave
it so easily.
We've to nip it at the bud.
Or else, we'll lose honor
in front of workers.
Sir, he has come....
even Madam is with him.
Good night. -What?
Good night. -Good night.
Boss, Karuna is in the line.
Hello, Madam has left.
-Okay. Settle the matter silently.
Please wait for a while,
we'll come back now.
No need, we'll go to the
office on our own.
AC car! They even offered soft drinks.
That's why, we're in a hurry.
Are we not in a hurry?
We can only act on the road.
Scoundrels, you've brought disgrace
to the entire manhood.
You people can't control
your desires...
What's this, Comrade?
Thank God, we came by heaven.
Or else, we would've got delayed.
Oh God! What're you searching?
Nalla has the keys with him.
-Okay, you move on, Ill get the keys.
Couldn't you get the keys earlier?
I thought I had them with me.
Hey idiots, you could've done
this in the Union office?
Even, if we do it in the Union office.
It'll come only now.
You're right, Comrade
Comrade, people are coming after
you carrying sickles.
It was this moustached man.
Hey, who're you people?
Go and have tea in the Tea shop.
lf you utter a word, Ill kill you.
Tomorrow his corpse will be
floating in the garbage.
Come and pick it up.
Go man.
Listen! They want only me.
-Go man.
Ill take care of it. Leave!
Waste him!
You're educated, aren't you?
You pierced them with
umbrella needle.
You've fought with those college
students unnecessarily...
College students?
They're professional rowdies.
They're branding you people
like that.
They've filed a complaint saying 10 of
you joined together and attacked them.
With the music. Are you performing
any musical program?
Sir, we...- Be quiet.
Look, l've to hear your statement
also before filing the FlR.
It's my fate. l'm patient...
Don't irritate me.
Say, whether you did it or not?
We'll take care of the rest.
There are eye witnesses to prove it.
lf we say're not
going to register it.
Because, higher authorities would've
given you clear instructions.
You carry on with your work.
Union people are like this.
l'm doing my duty, that's all.
Ask your Union Lawyer to get
you out on bail.
Court will be on leave
tomorrow and next day.
You're going to be locked up
inside unnecessarily.
Okay, we'll be in the lock up,
but do lock us all in one cell.
Don't separate me just
because l'm a woman.
Madam, he's the one who is accused...
others can leave.
How can we leave him behind
and go away?
Listen...go away....
Shall l inform the Union office...
- No need.
Sir, l can't afford to go out
on a bail.
l don't know have rich friends
who can get me out on bail.
So, you carry on with your duty.
Think again, court will be
on leave for 2 days.
lsn't there anybody to get
you out on bail.- l'm here.
Madam, who are you?
l'm Bala. This is my Lawyer.
l've come to move bail application
on behalf of Nalla.
Listen Bala, no need of all these things.
How's he related to you?
- We're lovers.
My father's name is
Kandasamy Padayachi.
Our Kandasamy Padayachi!- Yes sir.
Madam, please be seated.
Sir, please step aside.
Why?- Please, come sir.
Madam, you read this fully
and then sign it.
Couldn't you tell me this earlier?
You've trapped a rich girl.
We've to settle in our life using
opportunities like this.
How?- ''How''?
Take me for example.
Even, l'm like you.
You would've heard about
PK of Madurai, haven't you?
Don't you know P.K.?
l reached this position with
his influence only.
Or else, l would've remained a bachelor
constable all my life.
l was afraid thinking that
you were a true communist.
You're my man. Shake hand.
Enjoy. All the best.
Hey Constable, make it fast.
Where're you coming from?
Have you bailed out
that street dancer?
Yes. Logically, l should've
bailed you out.
But you had turned the tables.
What's this? - Where are you going...
- Please be patient.
She was brought up independently...
She's of modern generation.
What generation?
Am l dead?
My generation is still in vogue.
Only my rule should prevail here.
l'm going to perform her
marriage within 3 months.
l'll select a wealthy groom for her.
She should marry him.
Hello. l'm Poun, speaking.
It's me...lot of problems
have cropped up here.
They've locked me up in a room.
Why? What's the matter?
l'll tell you later, l want to
meet Nalla immediately.
Come to the Union office.
Even Comrade will be there.
Both of you can meet there.
No, if l come there, father might
come to know about that.
Or else come our theater to watch
Anaconda film for relaxation.
My father is an operator there.
l'll ask Comrade also to come there.
Both of you can talk to each other.
- Okay.
Where are you going?
Come soon.
Dear, where are you going?
- She'll come back! now!
'Nalla Pambu!' (Cobra in Tamil)
It's not Cobra, but Python.
Come, call me if there's any noise
from the projector.
You don't touch it...
lt'll burn!
Comrade, would you like to
have something?
Coffee or Tea?
Only few minutes are left. What?
What's this?
That day you...- Stop it...
Are you returning the bail amount
which l paid?
Are you trying to settle
the accounts?
That's not my money but
your own money.
You painted a painting in
my father's office, didn't you?
That payment...
l don't want any payment for that.
l did that for affection! You...
Are you calling me formally?
Has love became affection? Damn.
What? What's happening?
What is this?
Please, allow me to talk.
- l know what you're going to say.
No, what l'm...
l'm rich and you're poor.
You've a doubt if you can keep
me happy all my life.
No doubt...But, l'm damn sure!
- Lie!
It's a lie.
Shall l tell you the true reason?
Because, you're selfish.
Bala, l don't know how to make you
understand...- No need...
l understand.
Love is fun!
But, when it comes to the marriage.
It's a problem.
You'll lose your freedom, won't you?
We'll lose our freedom!
Your father's influence...We can't
fight him all our life.
Marry a rich boy of your
father's choice...
l'll marry another person!
l'll marry another person.
It's enough if you attend my marriage
sitting in the front row.
And bless me!
But that'll only be yielding
and not my marriage.
A corpse will get married
and beget a child.
Can l name my child after you?
What's this Bala?...
- Go to hell.
l'm going to hell.
- Wait.
Comrade, what's the noise here?
What happened? Why's she crying?
Comrade, what did you do to make her cry?
No, l'm not crying!
Your leader is struggling
for a girl's life.
He'll write it and give!
You enact that on the streets.
l can't get you....tell in a simpler
way for us to understand.
Didn't you get her?
He doesn't want to fall in love with
a rich girl under these circumstances.
That's right.- What's right?
When he loved her, was she poor?
Didn't he know that then?
What can Comrade do for that?
He needn't do anything.
Let us all decide.
What decision!- A Good decision?
Good decision?
- For this love story!
Don't say that they're in love.
Both of them....
Did you see?
Why do you fight when you both
love each other so deeply?
Can't you go somewhere
and get married?
Yes. That's it!
Venkatesh, when did you come?
- l'll present myself at the right moment.
Should we stop breathing
fearing Padayachi?
We all must plan something
and get them married.
Correct, what l am trying to say is...
- Wait...l'll say...
We'll take them to Kerala discretely
and get them married there.
There are many of our kind
to support us!
We'll send them to Karnataka
on a honeymoon.
Even we can join their
marriage, right?
2 witnesses are enough!
Good idea...But suggest if there's
any other better idea.
There is another idea.
l'll tell it later.
It's wrong for many of us to
be in the cabin. Please go...
Oh! What a fall?
Painting...Street drama...ldeology...
After talking all this...
You were walking bravely
with a moustache.
The moment you saw a girl, you're
running away. Aren't you ashamed?
Even Karl Marx fell in love...
What's there to feel ashamed of?
What happened to you?
Don't you really know anything
or just pretending so?
Take your hands off.
l asked you, ain't l?- What?
You're pretending, aren't you?
Really, l didn't get you.
Do you want me to say it
in chaste Tamil?
Why are you people
behaving like this?
Who?- Who?
Got muddied, beaten up by the police.
Got bitten by a dog.
Will you understand only when told
with a rich man's arrogance?
l didn't know all this...- What?
By wearing a salwar, l didn't
know how to fondle you.
Are you talking about Bala?
- Then who else?.
Shall l keep a mirror?
- No...ln hotel...
What did you see in her?
She's very pretty, isn't she?
Mirror itself has passed the judgment!
Then, what?
Why are you talking like that
even you're...
You're pretty, you know?
Pretty? l'm like a man! Why?
lf you wear a pant and shirt...- Why?
Why did l wear pant and shirt?
For you only.
Only for you l wore this attire.
Rode a bike...
l never liked coffee and tea.
Just because you're taking it,
even l started.
All my efforts have gone to the dogs.
Forget it.
Hey wait!
What wait? You're going away
by packing your baggage.
Then, why to wait?
From your words, l feel you love...
Wow! Columbus...
You've discovered it!
You never told me about this!
Do l've to tell you this?
l was after you since 4 years.
Everyone knows it.
Only you didn't notice it, did you?
l couldn't...according to me
we both are Comrades, that's all.
That's why, you were boring me with
all this.- Don't talk like that.
l really like you...
Don't repeat ''that you like me''.
Understand one thing. Like and love,
both are different.
Like and love, both are different.
- Yeah!
Yes, l was ignorant.
But for that...committing suicide...
Why do you talk like an idiot?
l was about to say that
l won't commit suicide.
l'm a courageous girl!
l'm sorry...
- Go man!
- It's alright.
l betrayed!- Whom did you betray?
Do you mean the one who's
in our troupe?
What's it?- He is begging me for the
past 3 yrs. to marry him.
But, it was me.....
For that, don't think that
l won't be happy!
l'll marry before you marry her.
Oh!...What am l talking?
Come...- No, l'll do it
by myself.
Shouldn't l do even this?
Hereafter, Bala is everything
for you.
Where are you going?- l should lie on
somebody's shoulder and cry.
l'll go to Venkatesh!
Then, one more thing.- What's it?
Venkatesh shouldn't come to know
all that l had told you now.
Because, it'll hurt him
all his life.
Go man...
When did you come?
So sad!
What happened to you?
Should we get only headache
and stomach-ache?
Shouldn't we fall in love, Comrade?
Love? Whom are you loving?
My love is going away climbing
down the stairs.
Whom, Mehr, Are you joking?
- Is this a joke?
l'm sorry.
Between you and her...
- Only 4 yrs difference!
Apart from that you're 3/4th ft.
shorter than her.
Love is blind, Comrade.
Poet Kannadasan said that our anatomies
should also match to fall in love.
Hey...l'm sorry.
Where are you going?- lf l cry on their
marriage, her life will ruin.
l'll come and cry in
your marriage.
At least, you'll understand me.
What? Can l come or not?
l don't know whether
to cry or laugh?
Why do you get confused for this?
You laugh...l'll cry.
lf we keep on talking like this.
We'll miss the bus.
Oh God!
What are you saying?
Chenniappan called from Madras.
It seems your daughter didn't
reach there by the morning flight.
You gave her a send off at
the Coimbatore airport.
Yes, l went up to the security check.
l didn't go after that.
Where did she vanish?
l came to know that the Union man
and your daughter...
...Are planning to get married secretly in Kerala.
- Where is he now?
l got the information that he went by
the morning bus to Kerala.
Even your daughter would be
with him.
Give me change, please.
Don't run in the
middle of the road.
Don't worry....nothing...
Go quickly.
l'm here.
Give me your hand.
Comrade! - Wait.
Hold this.
l'm not able to reach it, Comrade.
Still not able to reach it.
l'm just 5 feet 3 inches, Am l...
Pull me out, Comrade.
This bloody dog was responsible
for the bus accident.
Beat it...kill it.
Search all over the place.
Look there.
That bloody dog caused the bus
to overturn..
Beat it.
Buddy, it has run away.
A body is lying there.
Oh No, he's still alive.
It's impossible to save him.
- Can we leave him here?
Come...this side....
- Hold properly.
Check if my daughter is there.
Come quickly...
Thank God, she's not my daughter.
Move quickly...Put him into the
ambulance quickly.
May l know the survivors' list?
A man named Nallavar.
And a girl.
Girl's name?
Girl's name is Parvathi.
Thank God, she's not your daughter.
When she has eloped to marry,
won't she change her name?
Take out the vehicle.
Boss, this girl is not your daughter.
Hail Lord Siva for his mercy.
But, he's here, Boss.
Excuse me. He's serious.
This is not a visiting hour.
He's a close relative.
Nalla, do you know these gentlemen?
Will he survive?
- Just 20./. chance.
Don't tell the patient.
We're going in for a surgery.
Talk to him positively
and affectionately.
Not much, just 10 minutes only.
Please give him some hope.
My boss owns a hospital
in Coimbatore.
Only 10 minutes.
Don't worry.
l'll not kill you with a pillow.
l'm not that sort.
Thousands of families are living
on my mercy.
You tried to spoil my
family's reputation.
Hail Lord Siva for his mercy.
Did you see?
Do you know how many years
l have been praying?
Never missed a day.
Even when l'm visiting
foreign countries,
l take an idol with me to pray.
Is it any cinema story?
Marry a rich girl and live in a hut.
Hey Sunny, do you know
what's the truth?
Every day l pray for 2 hours.
That's the truth.
l could've reduced you to ashes..
But, l didn't do it. Why?
l know Lord Siva will punish
you for your sins.
Boon!....It's a boon to me.
You're a poor Communist party worker.
Do you want a millionaire's daughter?
Boss, pull out the oxygen tube.
Let him die.
l'll not do such things.
He'll take care of it.
Arrangements are being made
only for that.
Did they tell you, that you've only 10./.
chance to survive.
Boss, 20./.!
Why does he need that additional 10./.?
Let him give up that also.
Hey, give up that 10./. also.
Can l marry my daughter to this 10./.
living dead man?
Tell me, sunny.
lmpossible, isn't it?
This is not my wish.
God's order.
Heard it?
What's all this?
l told you only 10 mins.
Sister, he's chanting prayers for his
early recovery.
Oh my God!
You gentlemen leave right now.
Anbe Sivam...
Singers: Kamal Haasan & Karthik.
Music: Vidhyasagar Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Who's God?
You and me are Gods.
Life is a penance.
Love is God.
For theists, God is love.
For atheists, Love is God.
Let's all say together in
one voice...Love is God.
Come on....Come on...
That's it. Come on.
Can you read it?
Don't forget to take your medicines
and your exercises.
Nalla, l forgot something.
God bless you my son.
Please be seated.
Why have you come here?
To meet Bala.
She has settled in a foreign country.
She's married.
4 months ago.
Just now, l've got the good news
that she's pregnant.
Don't spoil her life now,
by expressing your love.
They say, we can tell 1000 lies
to conduct a marriage.
l could've told my
daughter 5000 lies.
But, l got her married with
just one lie.
l told her, you're dead.
She believed my word.
Cried for some days.
Then seeing me in distress, she agreed
to this marriage.
lmagine yourself in my position
as a father and think.
You'll understand everything.
l've told just one lie.
Don't make me a killer.
Hey! Don't think that
l'm threatening you.
l can give you as much money as you ask.
l've never desired anyone's downfall.
Everyone should live happily.
Don't think l'm going away because of
your threats or money power?
You said something about love.
l'm going away only for that love.
Take it as a boon from me,
which your God denied you.
l'll remain a dead man for
your daughter.
Hey, Bloody fool,
drive carefully.
Live like a King.
Sister! - Come here.
Pour this.
Why're you watching that valley?
When we took you out from there.
We never imagined that you'll
survive and come back to us.
It's all the expertise of the Doctors.
Doctors? You survived because of the
good deeds of your parents.
It's my parent's good deeds that
saved my shop from the bus.
Sir, people who survive near death
are said to be equal to God.
Now, you're God. Yes.
You too! - Me too?
Anyone who shows human compassion
is God according to me.
It's good to hear...
Come here, lazy bones.
How many times have l told you
to keep this inside?
Allow it to get crushed under
the bus wheels?
Never let down an opportunity
to eat.
l'll make a special chicken
delicacy for you.
You must eat and then only
leave this place.
Won't you invite me also?
- Get lost man.
He has come alive from near death.
So, l'm preparing a special dish for him.
You're fit for nothing.
Why do you need all this?
l remembered when you said
about dressing a chicken.
Sacrifice that 'Satan' for him.
Everything will be fine.
What harm did it do to you?
It overturned a bus, didn't it?
That Satan.
Who's that Satan?
He's telling about that dog
sleeping there.
No way! lt'll not respond
to anyone's call.
lt'll come only for food.
Look, how clever it is.
Sister, look there.
The dog has come to him and falling at his
feet asking for forgiveness.
Hey, do you know dog's
language also?
What's the dog's name?
- Name is Satan.
It was named like that by all here.
We can't change it now.
Whose dog is it?
No one in particular.
Public property.
lt'll eat from whoever offers food and
rest in any shady place.
Me too!
Can l take it with me?
Hey, Look at this Satan's luck.
Don't worry. You'll recover and
be fine very soon.- Okay.
She too got hurt when she was young.
But, now she's fine.
Bye...- Bye...
l'll take leave now.
lf you come this side anytime,
do visit us.
- Don't forget us.
Coromandel may be arrived.
Get ready.
Here take this biscuit and mineral water.
- Thank you.
Didn't he say train is arriving?
It seems they'll not accept,
Credit card here also?
But, you've bought tickets haven't you?
- Only second class.
It seems there's no first class
in the entire train.
Okay....Come...- Go.
lsn't it enough to reach your destination
in some class in this rain?
You're incorrigible sir.
This country never offers comforts even
if you're ready to pay for them.
That's lndia for you.
Till people like you, who think they can
get anything anywhere for money.
That'll be lndia for you.
Yeah! You'll immediately say
Soviet Union is best in the world.
No, we can't say like that now.
- Say like that.
Whether you accept or not, Soviet Union
is no more a United Nation.
It has broken up into small countries.
Now, no Soviet Union means Communism, isn't it?
Then, why're you going on
talking about it?
Mr. Romeo.
For instance, if Taj Mahal
crumbles down...
Will you all stop loving?
Okay. Very clever....very clever.
But Mr. Red, Love is a feeling.
Communism too is a feeling.
Many had feIt that way earlier too.
But, Karl Marx wrote about it and turned
it into a doctrine.- Oh rubbish!
l mustn't be talking about it to you.
Especially, you shouldn't talk.
Because...train has arrived.
- Oh! Train has arrived.
Why shouldn't l talk? - Can you bear the
truth?- Then go ahead, hit me.
Because, you're a selfish coolie.
- Excuse me.
You're a hawker selling products of
Multinational companies on the TV.
Mr. Sivam, that's my business, okay.
ln the name of business, if you
sell off of everything.
He's already claiming rights over
Turmeric, Basmati Rice.
lf you bend backwards to
salute him for money.
Won't l doubt whether it's
spinal cord or rubber cord?
Listen, don't get personal. Okay.
With your dirty face and handicaps.
You're very proud.
lsn't this personal? - That's...
Yeah....Yeah...You started it.
Okay, l did. Shouldn't l finish it?
l'll tell you one thing. Will you hear it
without getting angry?- Go ahead.
Pharaohs had buiIt Pyramids,
hadn't they?
You are all like those slaves
who carried stones then?
Bones thrown by Multi
National companies....
Are you saying we are dogs
to pick them up?
How dare you?
What's this? You hit me while
l was still talking...
l was about to say you're slaves waiting
for the bones thrown by the MNC's.
It's the same thing, Mr. Sivam.
What's that red thing flowing
out of your nose?
One minute. l'll get you some tissue.
No problem, leave it.
l like RED color.
Red is the color, l like most.
You're a mad man. You're bonker.
- You too.
This is what l don't want.
Avoid this provocation.
Will you prick on one's weak
spot continuously?
So, your nose is bleeding.
l'm sorry, okay.
Okay. Board the train.
Don't feel guilty.
- l'm not guilty.
l'm angry.- On me?
Sorry, okay. No, l'm angry on myself.
l'm angry for getting angry.
Don't get angry often.
It's a disease.
Watch out, your eyes have
turned into Communist color.
l'll take care of them.
Leave it.
There's a way to stay cool.
Do you know that?
You mustn't insuIt me again.- No, it's a
good one, will you follow it?- What?
Do you believe in God?
lf you do, think of God in your mind.
Then? - Closing your eyes,
Count from 5 to 1 . Count down.
lf l count down like that.
Okay. You do it...train will go away.
Try it once.
Where're you? You piece of shit.
Come out....You...
Open the door.
This is red, the color you like most.
Is it enough?
lsn't this anger?
How coolly and in a matured way
l showed my anger?
You punched my nose and
l punched your nose.
Accounts closed. Okay. We both had
bleeding noses. That's all.
Okay, open the door.
Where's the mineral water bottle?
- Won't you wash with this water?
To drink.
l bought a bottle for you.
Did you leave it behind?
Go and get it. Otherwise
train will move.
Please sir, it's paining.
lf you don't mind.
Come on, Mr. Sivam, hurry up.- Coming.
Hurry up...Hurry up...
Open the door.
Open the door.
l'm doing that only.
- l'm handicapped.
It's stuck. Oh! Door is jammed.
Open it quickly.
Okay! Try to open it without
getting tensed and angry.
Oh! Shouldn't l get angry?
What should l do to
control my anger?
Thinking about my favorite God
in my mind.
Closing my eyes.
Should l count down from 5 to 1?
But, train is moving forward.
Bye Mr. Sivam.
- It's alright.
l'm sorry...- it's alright.
Are you going to Chennai?
Listen, l'm sorry.
l don't lend my books.
l don't lend my books to others.
Oh! - Didn't get it?
l'll explain it in Tamil.
lf you give your book and
your girl friend...
They'll open the cover and ruin it.
That's the meaning.
l told that in God's own language.
You've forgotten God as well as
Sanskrit language.
You know Sanskrit.
- l don't know.
l shouldn't lie with a
name of Uttaman(Good man in Tamil)
l know many things. Take it as,
l don't like advertisement.
Advertisement reminds me.
Do you know Ogilvy?
Father of the World of Advertisement.
- He's a great man...
He had proved that Man is
what he's wearing. l like this man.
Are you an Ad film maker?
- Of course.
l'm also an Ad film maker.
Of course, l don't know much
about that.
Then, Mahatma Gandhi is also my Guru.
lf you ask me, how's that?
You can take the same connotation.
Half Naked.
He had proved dress isn't important,
but the man is.
What happened?
Am l talking too much today?
No, l like it, Mr. Uttaman.
It's such a great pleasure to meet you.
- Why?
l got stuck with a man from Bhubaneswar
to lchchapuram.
Is it?
l almost cracked while trying to take
him off my back.
You're what your company is.- Yeah!
Would you like some biscuits?
- No....No...
l'm sorry. l can't take this.
- Why?
l mean...l've heard about 'Biscuit Gangs'
looting passengers.
l don't want to take any risk.
- What?
Of course, l'm not blaming you..
- Did you buy them yourself?
That's....- So, you didn't
buy them yourself.- No.
What's this?
- l've saved your life.
You want a diversion now,
that's all, isn't it?
Whisky! It's not risky.
Hold this.
Have a shot, man.
Excuse me....Sir....sir.
Sir....Bag...- What?
My bag, suitcase, laptop
everything is missing.
Oh God! l don't know Telugu.
No problem, you can speak in Tamil.
All your baggage is missing.
- Yes, sir.
He has taken away baggage of
2 others along with yours.
Oh God! Who's that man, sir?
The man who was sitting here and
talking to you last night.
Who? Mr. Uttaman. - Yes.
How can you be so sure?
He's the lone man missing,
so surely he'll be the thief.
No chance. No, sir. He's a very
decent man. No chance.
He was very fluent in
English and Sanskrit.
He was wearing suit and tie.
He would've stolen it from
people like you.
No, l don't believe this sir.
Will a man wearing suit and tie
be a gentleman by default?
Will a man wearing Home Spun cotton,
be a freedom fighter?
What's this, train has also
come to a halt?- Yes.
When will we reach Madras
if we travel like this?
lt'll take 2 days.
The train which went before this has met
with an accident near Bapatla.
Many people are fighting
for their lives.
Till the route is cleared this train
will be here for 2 days.
l came to tell you.
lf you want to reach urgently,
travel by bus.
AB Negative blood is required
to save a life.
Your attention please.
AB Negative blood is required
to save a life.
We need AB negative blood
to save a life.
lf there's anyone with
AB Negative blood group,
Reach Medical camp immediately.
Hello, AB negative, my friend Mr.Aras,
AB negative donor. - Thank God!
Then, go immediately to Medical Camp
and donate blood.
You're AB negative?- No, l'm O positive,
already donated, sir.
Good. He's the first AB negative donor.
Did you see, you're the
first AB Negative donor.
l've a sick feeling about blood.
l feel like l'll throw up.
Only if you drink, isn't it?
- Oh, l hate blood.
lf you hate blood,
why don't you donate it?
No...please listen to me.
Why're you ordering me?
Is it Russia to get ordered?
Why do you always drag Russia
for everything?
Why don't you leave me alone,
when l say l don't like it?
l don't like it. - Why?
- l'll help in some other way.
Why? - They'll inject my hand.
Just a prick.
A thief is running away.
Don't leave him.
Catch him....catch him.
Some thief, leave it.
He's not some thief.
He's Uttaman.
Uttaman? Your friend?
- Thief Uttaman.
Bloody rogue! Where's he?
Mr. Pantulu.
Hi! - How're you?
Get up...-
They're local people,
if l get caught...
Hold him...
Oh, Why're you beating him?
You don't know about me?
Don't think l'm a saint.
l'm a killer...
l'm a natural born killer.
Why're you laughing at me?
Did you see that?
Are you an educated man?
You're behaving so violently!
Bloody thief! Are you really
an educated man?
l'm an illiterate. Leave it aside.
You're calling me a thief.
l searched your entire baggage and
didn't find a penny in it.
How can a thief survive like this?
Don't embarrass me without
knowing my predicament.
l had money. You know it, don't you?
Tell him, l lost all my money.
What are you laughing at? Shut up.
You go on laughing, sir.
Who's he to stop you?
That's his problem.
- My problem?
lf l hit you, all your teeth
will roll out. - Wait.
Where's my bag?
Don't shout.
Mr.Pantulu, give his bag to him and
collect Rs.10 from him.
My bag.
Give him Rs.10. l don't know
whether you have it or not.
All of you pay him Rs.10 each
and take your bags.
Who's that?
Who's that?
Take the glass.
Take it.
Oh! You? A Tamilian?
So, you betrayed me.
Why don't you take me
to a Police station?
Take me to the police station.
Sir, why're you getting angry?
- What do you want?
You've a long life.
l'm sorry, Mr. Sivam.
l left you behind in the station.
Till now, no one has hit me on
my nose like that.
Sorry. - l'm the only child.
My parents had 2 sons
but l'm their only son.
How's that?
My elder brother died young.
While playing cricket when
he was young.
Cricket ball hit his eye...
in the hospital...
Ever since then, on seeing blood...
Oh! Shit!
You're alright?
- No, l'm not alright.
Since then, l've great aversion for
hospitaIs and ambulances.
That's alright.
How did you reach this place?
lf l tell, you'll say you feel
like vomiting and giddy.
l came in an ambulance
carrying blood.
l've many doctors and nurses as friends.
Look, you've friends all
over the world.
l'm confused as to whom
l should believe?
The man l met...
Now, man has become a cannibal.
l'm also hungry.
l threw away the biscuits you bought
for me, on that cheat's advise.
But, one thing Mr. Sivam.
Appearances are deceptive.
This is what l had told
you at Airport.
There's no need for a terrorist
to appear ugly.
He can look handsome....
- Like me.
Likewise, there is no need for a good man
to look handsome.
He might look...
With an ugly face,
something like you.
How's that you're able to laugh for
everything?- l feel like that.
But, l don't feel like that.
You'll also be able to.
Try it once.
l feel nervous and scared
for everything.
l had a feeling that
l know everything.
But, l am ignorant.
l'm useless, sir.
Why do you say like that?
Don't be like that. Be positive.
You're an AB Negative.
But be positive.
Now, you lost your baggage.
Hi Nalla, what a surprise!
Nice to see you.
My Goodness. God bless you.
You're okay?
You're looking handsome.
He's handsome.
- Come....come.
She's Sr. Venessa.
She had only saved my life and made
my face handsome like this.
Shut up.
This is Aras, my friend. AB negative.
- AB negative?
Thank God.
We need your blood to save a life.
Is he Tamil? - Yes.
A boy's life must be saved.
l understand English.
But, l've a problem, you see.
Do you've jaundice?
- No....No.
Tetanus. - No.
Nervous? - Yes.
Such a big man like you
to be nervous.
Come on...- No. You can't compel me.
l don't want to go.
For your betterment only.
l'm not compelling you to come with me.
- Yeah!
But, l want you to see
what you can do. - No.
She says you'll change your
mind if you meet that boy.
Sister, this is emotional black mailing.
You listen to me.
ln 20 minutes this boy
is going to die.
lf we get blood, we can
save his life.
It's up to you now.
Take my blood.
Wait. Are they going
to crucify you?
What should l do now?
Sleep on this bed.
You can wear shoes.
Mr. Sivam, a human body has about
5.5 liters of blood.
Now, they'll take only a small
quantity of blood, won't they?
Don't worry, my son.
We'll not kill one man
to save another man.
Promise. - Yeah! l trust you.
No problem at all.
What's that, it's too sharp?
Okay. They have to prick, isn't it?
l've to go to a function in Chennai
urgently to meet my fiancee.
Don't worry.
You'll function very well.
Can't they go without the siren?
An Ambulance will always
have a siren.
We'll get a clear road only if the
siren is switched on.
It has been going on since ages.
We can't change it now.
What happened?
Tell me, what's your name?
Look, uncle is asking you.
l didn't ask.
Tell him.
Paun again.
Nothing, l had an old friend...
....have a friend. Watch.
l got it.
Watch? Did you lose it
in the accident?
Some thief might have stolen it.
- Shall l give my watch?
You've come back alive.
That's great news.
Forget about the watch.
We'll buy a new one at Chennai.
l want to talk.
Excuse me.
What else do you want?
Rubber ball.
It seems he wants a rubber ball.
Oh God! Driver be careful.
- Sorry madam.
Sister, he had been driving
all day and night.
Driver, stop at some good place,
we'll have tea and proceed.
Sir, where's Mr. A.Aras?
He has gone to the shop
to buy a ball.
Order 2 strong teas for us.
l'll go and...
lmportant paper.
- Your bag is torn.
Thanks.- Okay.
l'm in the outskirts. l'll come.
Yeah! okay...bye.
A small request.
l was about to spoil
all my efforts.
l threw off the cheque for
Rs.32 lakhs in the slush.
My bag is torn.
It's damaged like me.
Keep it safely in your bag. l'll take
it back in Chennai. - Okay, no problem.
Give that ball also.
Take it.
Thank you.
Where's the money for it?
l too don't have any money.
Now, you're in my territory.
Would you like to call your
family on phone?
Don't worry.
l owe you one call.
Only newly married man needs to call
his wife to bolster her confidence.
l'm married for a long time.
You've children?
Yeah! - Yeah!
How many?
1 son.
What's his name?
Sangu, Sankaran...- Sangu? Why don't
you buy something for Sangu?
No....No...l want to buy him something.
Some chocolates.
No... Buy a similar ball,
that's enough.
Are you sure? - Yeah!
- Another ball please.
He likes to play with a ball.
Put this ball into the bag.
This is for you.
That's for you.
What happened?
Please go away.
Please be careful.
- Nalla...
He's pressing...pressing hard.
Hey, slowly.
l asked, would you like
to have tea?
What's all this?
l'm not able to understand.
What's all this design?
Derailing a train.
Getting a boy wounded in it.
Taking him to the brink of death.
Then, suddenly helping him to
get a rare blood group.
Saving his life.
What's all this tyranny to
kill him on the way?
What sort of a God are you?
ln fact, in such situations only belief
in the existence of God gets shaken.
l'm sorry.
Unlike you,
l believe in God.
Who said, l don't believe in God.
Oh! Have you suddenly become a theist?
l'm a theist since a long time.
Who's that God?
Look, l don't understand your jokes, man
- Because, it's not a joke.
The heart that sheds tears
for a stranger.
That is God.
Thank you.
Why're you so merciful on me suddenly?
Because, l'm also a God.
l know it. There must be some hook.
Okay. Who said you're a God?
A woman petty shop keeper
on a mountain said so.
l started believing it from that day.
Didn't get it, isn't it?
You mustn't understand.
That's God.
A. Aras, you're a good man.
So are you? - l know.
You're a last word freak.
Who's God?
You and me are Gods.
Life is a penance.
Love is God.
lf heart is just a piece of flesh.
Fire will consume it.
lf it's a tool of Love,
it'll win over death.
Let's all join together and say
in one voice, Love is God.
Excuse me. - Yes.
Is it house No:16? - Correct.
Is Mr. Sivam there?
There's no Sivam here.
l mean Mr. Sivam....thick set glasses...
Disfigured face.
Oh! Our Nalla! - Who?
Nalla's full name is Nallasivam.
- Yes.
What do you want?
Mr. Sivam's check is with me....
Are you Mr.Aras? - Yes.
Oh! He has gone out to
call you.
Thank God! You've come with the check.
Here. Your cheque has come.
Don't worry anymore.
Has our check come?
Have you all given your names?
- Yes.
All affected people will
get money.
He's now responsible for
getting this money.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much sir.
l'm not able to get up.
Please forgive me, sir.
- No problem.
Greetings sir.
The help you've done to us,
l can never forget all my life.
l sincerely bless you and your
family to lead a happy life.
l'll take leave son.
You've given us a new life.
- Oh God, please get up.
My daughter's marriage is due to
your benevolence. - Oh No! Get up.
l didn't do anything.
Mr.Sivam did everything.
Anyway, if you live happily,
that's enough.
Get it signed and
deposit it in the bank.
lmmediately.- Sir, Excuse me.
Mr. Sivam told, he resides
at house no:16.
lf he comes here,
he'll stay here only.
lf he comes?
Then, what about his wife and son?
His wife and son?
He doesn't have anyone.
No....No...He said he has a son.
He has a son. He said his name
is Sankaran...Sangu.
Did he say Sangu is his son?
- Yes.
ln a way, he's right.
He's here.
He's Sangu.
Sangu, got bored with the ball,
have you come here hopping?
Come. l was calling you
only on the phone.
That cheque was in your bag.
l gave the cheque.
Did you go to the Union Office?
Yes, l went there thinking it
was your residence.
Is he your son?
That's not a total lie.
May be l had someone like
him in my heart.
Leave it.
Is she dead?
Still not yet born.
The truth is, l don't have any
near relation.
Everyone has a complex.
l've a complex that l don't
have a wife.
Am l not wearing a platform shoe to
adjust my leg which is short?
My wife is....
lmaginary walking stick.
l shouldn't get dejected in life,
should l?
Okay, get into the car.
Because, l'm getting married today.
l know that, l'll come later
in the evening.
No! Now...
Why're you threatening me now?
Why should l come now?
Because, l'm a God!
l'm ordering you.
Get into the car.
l'm also a God. l'm also saying
l'll come later.
Sangu, get down...down...- No, stay.
Can't you understand the feeling
which the dog had understood?
Dog, written backwards becomes GOD.
Why do you always torture me
by your arguments?
l too don't have anyone.
No sisters, brothers.
l had a brother.
ln my young age itself, l lost him.
He died getting hit by a cricket ball.
l've told...
l already told you all this man.
- Yeah. Sorry.
l've got back my brother again...
Yeah! okay. - Yeah!
You must always be with me.
...All my life.
Why didn't you tell me all
this earlier?
Why didn't l? l was little shy.
Now, l'm not.
Is it love to go on repeating?
You should understand, man.
Now, you're getting into the car.
You're a mad man.
What's this?
What's all this adventure?
You gave us anxious moments
with floods backdrop.
l've come back, haven't l?
It's all over.
He's the man responsible for
my coming here safely.- Thank you.
lf he hadn't been there, everything
would've been delayed.
We would've been in trouble had we not
found a marriage hall.- Thanks brother.
Not younger, elder brother.
Elder brother? Didn't get it?
- Didn't get it?
l'm a God. You understood
this at least?
No, l didn't get this also.
- You won't get this also.
You are all Gods. l'll explain
to you later.
Can l have some coffee, please?
Uncle, what are those marks
on your face?
Child, you mustn't ask that.
No problem. - She can ask.
He has an answer for every question.
l went to a barber's shop for a shave in Gujarat.
An earthquake hit at that time.
What happened after that, uncle?
- Hi Saras, how're you?
l've come back, haven't l?
My phone is not working.
l'm calling from my uncle's cell phone.
Okay, when shall we meet?
Oh my God!
Madam is very angry.
- Won't she be?
Would you do me a small favor?
- What favor?
Give this letter....
- Love letter? - Yes.
l wrote it in Bhubaneswar.
- Come...
Through this, you're cajoling her by
narrating a dramatic story.- Okay.
Not only that, you're changing your
dress also. - This is good, isn't it?
This God didn't like it, okay?
Not only that, you're groom's friend.
So, hurry up.
Bride's people are staying that side.
Okay. You carry on.
Bloody rogue! Why've you come here?
Don't allow anyone in. Keep a vigil.
- Okay, boss.
Is this your daughter's second marriage?
- Hey, don't talk.
Before anyone sees you, go away from
this side. Go away.
It's wrong to misbehave like
this with groom's people.
Do you know the consequences if
Anbarasu comes to know about this?
How do you know the groom?
Calling me disrespectfully.
How do you know the groom, sir?
He's like my younger brother.
Okay, forget it.
Tell me, what do you
expect from me?
It's getting late. Where's the boss?
- He's discussing inside.
He has ordered not to allow
anyone inside.
Go....move away.
l fall at your feet.
- Oh No!
Oh God! Why're you falling at his feet?
- Close the door, man. Go.
Is it enough?
l never asked for this.
Okay. Order me.
l'm ready to do anything.
l want to meet Bala.
- way. You can't meet Bala.
Why not? l can walk up to her.
Am l a 10./. living dead man?
Unnecessarily, don't interfere.
Tell me. - You do one thing.
Sit in a corner and meditate.
Let me see, if your Lord Siva will
dare to stop me.
l feel it's my chance now to
grant you a boon.
You love Bala, don't you?
Forgive me for her sake
and grant me a boon.
How can l grant a boon?
You lied to me that Bala is
married and pregnant.
You lied to Bala that l'm dead.
You had cheated your daughter Bala.
- God promise...
Why do you unnecessarily
drag God into it?
Did you ever wait in a
queue to pray God?
You'll always jump queues.
You'll commit all sins and
donate liberally.
God will forgive all your sins
and save you, won't he?
A God saving you like that
is not at all a God.
He's just a coolie.
Because, he's also taking
money to do a job.
l've understood. - What?
Cash....Hot cash... You want only that, right?
You quote it, l'll settle
it here itself.
l don't want it in one go.
Send it to me every month.
- Why?
That's workers' problem.
What's your need?
Tell me, what do you expect from me?
Let their problems get solved.
That's what l want.
You sign the agreement enhancing their
salaries. l'll go away.
It's time for marriage. Is it possible to
arrange for a meeting now?
lt'll work out. You talk to them
on phone, they'll come.
We are here for that purpose
only, aren't we?
Hi. - Hi.
Thank you.- You look very beautiful
in this dress.
How's this T-Shirt?
Mr. Sivam wears only full sleeves
he doesn't wear half sleeves.
Mr. Sivam? new elder brother.
Elder brother?- l'll tell you about it later.
l just want you to look for.
How's this?
How's this?
Hereafter you're a big hero
among workers.
Long live.
Enter politics!
You'll be very successful.
l don't have such an ambition.
l'm just a tool, that's all.
After hitting a nail, a hammer
should be put to rest.
After cutting the crops,
a sickle also needs to be put to rest.
l'll watch you sign the papers from
a corner and walk out silently.
Let it appear as if you came
down yourself.
Give this letter to Anbarasu.
- Why?
Don't get scared. You can read and
then give it to him.
Boss, Union leaders have arrived.
You read it and then hand it
over to him.
Greetings sir. - Greetings.
Is it ready?
- It's in my hand.
Where's he?
It's in the bag.
- Take it out and keep it ready.
Don't run on to the streets.
You might get hit by a bus. Be careful.
Thank you very much sir.
All workers will hail you wholeheartedly.
No need of all those big words.
Hail mercy of Lord Siva...
Siva orders me, l just follow it.
That's all.
Then, we'll take leave. - Okay.
- Then, we'll take leave.
We can paste this agreement
on the board.
And give it to newspapers, isn't it?
One minute.
How can you leave without partaking
the marriage feast!
Is everything ready?
- Everything is ready.
Have food and go.
We can send in a press note today itself.
- You did a good job.
What's this, boss?
Go and get my rifle.
He made me kneel down
before the workers.
l mustn't leave him alive.
- No boss, don't harm him.
Your daughter's marriage is in progress,
you don't do anything.
Why am l here?
Order me, l'll do it.
Okay, don't do anything here.
Make it a clean effort. - Okay.
His death should look ugly.
Whose letter is this?
Didn't l tell you about my
brother Sivam?
What language is this? l'm not able
to understand a word of it.
It's Tamil.
His right hand is paralyzed.
He wrote with his left hand.
You're able to decipher it?
Why don't you read it for me?
My dear Comrade God, Anbarasu.
Though our principles are
totally different.
For giving me a relationship and
a permanent place to stay...
Give it to me.
Birds and Mendicants don't have a
permanent sanctuary.
l'm also a bird.
A bird that finds permanent
sanctuary uncomfortable.
Even so, the affection you've for me
shouldn't go waste.
Share it fully with your wife.
I doubt I'll ever come again under the
shadow of my brother's love in my life.
But, there're many surprises
stored for the next minute.
Meeting you is also one
such surprise.
I'm embarking on a journey with a hope
on this surprise springing world.
There're many pleasant surprises in store
for your future wife.
You'll be the reason for all that.
You must be.
Your loving brother, N. Sivam.
Where're you going?
Come here. Come here.
Entered the dust bin.
You ass.
Sorry, you dog.
Listen to me. Spit it out.
I'll buy you good food.
Listen to me. Good food.
Is it a cat?
Don't harm the dog.
Sangu, go away.
If I had been like before,
I would've fought with you.
Now, I'm an invalid.
I read your letter.
I committed many sins at
the behest of Kandaswamy.
For that God has punished me.
Do you remember, we had come to
meet you in Hospital?
After that within 6 months my daughter
fell sick and died in a hospital.
My only daughter.
She should've been married by now.
You saw my boss, didn't you?
But, God never punished my boss.
Like a hunter's dog.
God has punished me for the sins
I committed at my boss's behest.
If I commit sins further harming
good people like you...
God will punish me with
a gory death.
I believe in God.
I don't know about you.
I too believe.
-Is it? Which God?
A man who comes to kill another man,
changes his heart and asks forgiveness.
According to me, he's a God.
I've changed my heart.
I'm not any God.
Don't talk like an atheist.
There're many Gods roaming around.
We are not able to identify them.
Believe me.
I'll take leave.
-Don't come.
Don't come and spoil my life.
I'll tell my boss I've killed you.
What do you say?
I won't not spoil your life.
Live happily.
Let's all together say it in one voice.
...Love is God.
I can't believe he did this to me.
But he's right.
Sivam is like a bird.
It was my mistake to think of
caging him up.
Son-in-law, you can talk leisurely.
It's getting late, please come.
Boss! I've finished him.
Hail Lord Siva's mercy.
Who's God?
You and me are Gods.
A man drinking nectar of Love,
lives eternally.
Life's span is as long as
your heart's magnanimity.
Love is God.