Anchorage (2023) Movie Script

[car door squeaking]
What do I say about
my brother John?
[tense music]
Can you just give me a
fucking minute here man?
- Please? Thank you.
- Hey, yo, John.
- I had another one of those
crazy dreams last night, bro.
- It was fucking crazy.
- You and me were at
some bar, you know
- getting fucked
up, taking shots
- just having a fucking ball!
- And then, you started
some shit with some guys,
- and it got real bad, John.
- I mean, it got
fucking real bad. Whoa!
I mean, fucking bartender
hops over the bar,
grabs a bar stool
and fucking wacks
someone with it.
- And then, you crack
some dude's skull open
- with a fucking bottle,
- you and me were
coated in blood
and it looked like some
crazy type of war shit,
- You know that type of shit
- where you forget
where you're at?
- And then, when it all
finally dies down and stops,
it wasn't the cops
that showed up.
We turn around and
it's Ma sitting there.
She'd been watching
us the whole time.
Shut the fuck up, man.
And she looked like,
like she looked like she did
when she was sick. Ya know?
Barely holding on.
Fucking scarf on her head.
Yeah and she was just
watching us, man.
looking at us.
- Take your vitamins yet?
[disturbed music]
- No, I'm not hungry.
- Come on, buddy,
a little Vitamin C
- to start your day off right.
- Let's get rich.
- Think about this, bud.
- We've been surrounded
by free money
- our whole fucking lives.
- Buddy, they prescribed
it to you as a little kid.
- You were a fucking child
- and you were eating this shit.
- Free fucking money,
- it's sitting around.
- All we gotta do
now is scoop it up,
- and cash it in.
[car door squeaks]
- [Voice On The Radio] I wanna
share with you some stuff
that my mind has been
marinating on lately.
I've been reading
and collecting verses
and I just think there's
a conversation here.
Do you know that in a
race, all the runners run,
but only one gets the prize?
That means we all
start out equal,
in the same place.
Why do some of us
strive and thrive?
And why do some
of us fall behind?
Do not just shadowbox,
I love that.
Shadowbox, dodging,
left, right, avoiding.
Head-on we go.
We go into it head-on
with confidence.
That's how we win this race.
That's how we get the prize.
There is so many fucking
people on this planet.
Hey, you got a little um ...
A little warning?
A little warning.
Johnny Officer, Johnny Law.
Mine eyes have
seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord
He is driving down the
highway in a '57 Ford
With one foot
on the throttle
And another on a bottle
Of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Teacher struck
me with the ruler
So I shot her in her seater
with a 45 repeater
And she ain't
comin' back no more
Get the boil goin', huh?
Get that boil goin'!
Put a little hair on
your chest, already.
And one for the chef.
Here we fucking go.
Oh, a little bump in the road.
Here we go.
You know what that means.
A little bump in the road.
- Ready?
- All right.
Hold on to your butts.
Wait for it. Wait for it.
All right, now,
put it in reverse.
- I wanna do one.
- Hell no, man.
- Come on, I wanna do one.
- Hell no.
That's not fucking
fair, come on.
We're going north.
All right, then turn
around and go for it.
Nah, man.
Whatever, I'm doing two then.
Are you sure you wanna go again?
Let's fucking go.
'Cause, you know, last time
you barely made it
halfway through.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. Let's go.
All right, one more
thing before I start.
- Yeah?
You gotta keep tempo with me.
- Yeah.
I'm not slowing this down
to teach it to you.
Okay, all right, all right,
all right, all right.
I hear you, let's go.
- All right?
- Let's go.
Flee fly
Flee fly
Flee fly flo
Flee fly flo
Amma lamma kuma lamma
amma lamma vista
Amma lamma kuma lamma
amma lamma vista
Oh no no no, not the vista
Oh no no no, not the vista
Eenie meanie este meanie
ooh wachawanameanie
Eenie meanie este meanie
ooh wachawanameanie
Ahcha meanie
oohwachawanameanie wa
Ahcha meanie
oohwachawanameanie wa
- Oh shit!
- Ciao motherfucker!
- Ciao! That's how the.
- Hell yeah, dude!
- Italians say goodbye, baby.
- That shit's what
I'm talking about. Ciao, baby!
- Goodbye, baby!
Ciao, bella!
- Damn, you finally got it, man.
- I'm learning, I'm learning.
- Now you can
teach it to people.
That's how it goes.
Ma taught it to me.
I taught it to you.
You remember that nursery rhyme?
Yo, how'd it go again?
[speaking German]
Which means there's this
one little peat mouse.
And he wanted to buy something.
So he went to city hall,
but he got lost.
So instead, he sat
in the green grass
and completely pissed his pants.
Yo, John, I got some
advice for you, man.
- What do you got?
- With a haircut like that,
you shouldn't be
speaking German.
- Motherfucker!
- That's what I'm saying
about that! Leather jacket.
Shit man.
Jesus Christ on a
fucking crutch man.
This shit is even more beautiful
than I ever fucking imagined.
Shangri-La, Shambala, Xanadu.
Your very own private
Hearst Mansion.
And kids, the best part
is, it comes with a pool.
Ya know when California
goes through the ocean,
this will all be
beach side estate.
Someone bring me a martini.
I'm gonna do a dive.
Yo John,
I'm not sure the
car is gonna make it
all the way, man.
What do you mean?
You feel it over the
bumps and shit like that?
The suspension is dropping.
It feels rusty. You know?
So we'll take it to a
shop once we get up there.
Yeah, but I'm just saying
like, I don't know.
We've been on the road
for a week already.
Got another 3,000 miles to go.
We gotta drive all
the way up the coast
with the salt in the
air and all that shit?
And the gas too.
We spent $500 on gas
just to get this far.
Let me ask you some Jacob,
how much of your
fucking grill cost?
Why the fuck you gotta
keep bringing that up, man?
I can spend my money however
the fuck I want to. Damn.
Bro, I'm just saying,
what the fuck are you
worried about gas for?
But what I'M just
saying is like,
We're in the middle of
the fucking desert, right?
We've driven all this way.
We're in California.
What's the biggest
place in California?
I don't know Jacob,
the fucking ocean.
No bro.
What about it?
LA bro. Hollywood.
It's like the land
of the movie stars.
I mean, there's
real money there.
People are flying in from
all over the country,
all over the world,
similar like they do in Florida.
But, instead it's real money.
Not just Miami trash.
We're talking about
rich movie stars
with drug problems kinda money.
Okay, okay.
What is your fucking point?
I'm just saying like
we could sell these pills
literally fucking anywhere, man.
People are gobbling this shit up
in every state in the country
and we're trying to drive across
two fucking borders
to get to Anchorage,
bumble-fuck Alaska for what?
Set up a fucking trap
house in an igloo?
Bro, let's just run
those Los Angeles numbers
real quick here, okay?
Tell me, what does
one pill cost us?
Nothing, we jacked 'em.
Absolutely correct. Literally
cost us fucking nothing.
Now that one pill
in Los Angeles,
you know what it's
gonna be worth?
15 fucking bucks.
And you know why?
'Cause there's
clinics all the way
from Beverly Hills
down to Skid Row.
We could sell 'em for 25.
I know kids who sold 'em for 25.
All right, let's say 25 then.
So you can do for 25, okay?
Anchorage, Alaska? 10
times the fucking amount.
Okay? 250 dollars a pop.
You keep saying 250 John.
Who the fuck is
buying a pill for 250?
That's what fucking Ugly said.
He went up there with a
couple few bottles came back.
Oh, so Ugly says that
you can sell them for 250
and you believe that shit,
but you won't listen to me?
I don't know, bro.
How about a buck 50?
Buck 50 is too high, man.
Okay then say 100
dollars a pop Jacob.
Bro, you gotta realize
something here, okay.
What we're talking
about is Alaska,
fucking fishermen.
These goddamn bastards
go out on a fucking boat
for three to five
months at a time,
and when these crazy assholes
come back with their five G's,
guess what they wanna do?
Get fucked up.
All right. So stop me when
I'm wrong, Mr. Hollywood.
We got 30 pills to a bag.
We got three bags
per teddy bear.
That would be 90
pills per teddy bear.
Now, we got 40 fucking
teddy bears in the trunk.
90 times 40, if you do the math,
which I have, is 3,600 pills.
Okay, now your trunk in
Los Angeles at $25 a pop
is worth 90 grand.
You know what 90 grand is gonna
get you bro in Los Angeles?
- What John?
-It's gonna get you a year worth
of fucking bus rides brother.
Now that same fucking
trunk in Anchorage, Alaska?
360 thousand dollars, bro.
That's over a third of
a million dollars bro.
And that's if they go
for a hundred a pop.
But Jake, if you still
believe in the fucking dream
like I still believe
in the fucking dream,
and you know we can
push 'em for 250,
like I know we could
push 'em for 250?
Then that little trunk of
yours out there brother,
900 thousand dollars.
My brother, you're a
millionaire already.
I'm looking at a
millionaire right now
and he won't even accept it.
Well, accept Jake.
Accept it bro.
Because it all becomes very
fucking real the second we get
to Anchorage, Alaska.
- Right?
- A million dollars bro.
How're you gonna turn
down a million dollars
'cause you wanna go
see the fucking ocean?
Guess what?
They got the ocean up
in Alaska too, bro.
- That's where all these
fucking fishermen go
to catch the little
fucking fish.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You know what I'm saying?
Movie star what, movie star
- You wanna go visit
the walk of fame?
All right, I get it.
- I've been to Los Angeles bro.
Here's an insider tip.
All it is, is a Steely Dan song.
You got seagulls, you got
gridlock and that's about it.
John, all right, I get it man.
- You know what I'm
saying, let's do it bro.
Let's keep going to Anchorage.
- No Jake.
Let's get fucking rich buddy.
It's our fucking turn.
Seriously, man.
I mean it's like,
you know some people are already
making some serious money
off of this shit. So
why not you and me?
A million bucks bro.
A million bucks man?
Yo, I'm tired of
being poor, man.
I feel like I
fucking smell poor.
Jake, you gotta stop
thinking poor buddy.
You gotta stop thinking poor.
That's the first move.
A million bucks?
A million fucking bucks.
Yo, I'm not gonna
have eight gold teeth.
I'm gonna have 48 gold teeth.
My brother, I'm gonna
buy you extra teeth
so you look like
Jaws, like a shark.
- I'm gonna have six sets.
Now that's a flex man.
- Don't flex too hard. Don't
flex too hard.
- Fucking rose gold,
platinum, diamond studded.
Every kind of K
you can think of.
- Now we're talking.
See that's what's good.
This is what's good.
- Yo, I'm gonna have a watch
for every fucking
day of the week, man.
- No, fuck that. You're gonna
have a watch
- for every day of the month.
Fuck that, I'm
gonna have a watch
for every hour of
the fucking day.
You're gonna have a watch
for every day of the year
so you got an extra watch
on leap years, buddy!
Yo, you know what I'm
not gonna buy though?
- What's that?
- Fucking 20 new suits
- and matching red bottom
shoes. Fuck am I wearing suits
Bro, you know what I
am gonna buy though?
- What?
- I'm gonna buy fucking nothing.
- All right.
- Why, you buy a house
and now you gotta white
picket fence and a truck
and some kids and
a dog and 2.5 kids,
and there's more kids.
I'm not doing that shit!
Where you getting
kids from John?
- Bro, I ain't doing it Jacob.
- Who the fuck is
giving you kids John?
Bro, I'm sitting
on a mountain top
and I'm throwing paper
airplane $1 bills
into the fucking ocean, bro.
- Hell yeah.
- Huh?!
- What?
- Tell 'em!
Yo. Yo. I got Oxies
and -- and Roxies.
And Xanies and Norcos.
I got a trunk full of pills
that we licked from
the East Coast.
I'm driving 'cross the country,
burning rubber like
some burnt toast!
He's from Sistrunk. I'm from
- What?
- We came to get drunk.
Y'all know you can't
even fuck with me bitch.
- What?
- You know why?
I'm about to fucking be rich.
- And if you're talking shit
I got my bat to bust
you some stitches
because you just little bitches
and next thing you know,
y'all be swimming
with the fishes!
Two brothers getting
fucked up rolling fatties.
Never let my brother
drive because he crashed my
That's why I got
this busted out whip.
- Haddy!
- Fuck yo Daddy!
[angelic music]
- Yeah, that's right.
That's right. - That's right.
- Fuck you man.
[liquor splahes]
[smashes glass bottle]
[inaudible exclaims]
[music swells]
[distorted music]
I don't feel..
You all right buddy?
Walk it off, come on, get up.
Walk it off a little bit.
Walk around a little bit Jake.
- Just take a few steps,
you'll feel better, buddy.
- Jake, come on!
Help me out. Help me
out. Stand up a little.
Stand up with me buddy.
There you go.
No, you're good. You're good.
All right, lets just
walk a little bit.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
All right, Let me
try this again.
Get up, all right there you go.
Put your left arm
around me now, okay.
Here we go.
All right, now listen to me.
Your left foot is George
and your right
foot is Washington.
George. Washington.
George. Washington.
You're doing it.
George. Washington.
George. Washington.
George! All right!
All right, okay.
That's all right, man.
We got you buddy.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine, man.
Just come back to me.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's okay.
You're fine man, you're fine.
Just stay here, stay with me.
[deep breath]
[humming Ants Go Marching]]
[inaudible whisper]
[nervous music]
[exhales deeply]
Hey John?
[tense music]
[shouting in distance]
[inaudible fighting]
No no no no.
-Ok alright, ok, haha..
[tense music intensifies]
[inaudible conversation]
[muffled verbal fighting
[music swells]
- Jake, come on! Come on!
- Get off me!
- Come on motherfucker!
- Get the fuck off me!
Let's go!
Get the fuck off me!
That's right! What son?!
Sistrunk motherfucker!
[door shuts]
- Let's fucking roll.
[engine revving]
[car screeching]
- What the fuck did
you do that for huh?!
What the fuck were
you thinking, man?
How did that get started, John?
- I had that shit under
control and by the way,
I don't need you coming
in fighting all my fucking
battles all the time
neither, thank you very much.
I'm walking down the
road, looking for my car,
I see you getting jumped
by two fucking assholes.
Here's a solution Jake.
Don't be walking down
the fucking road.
You're breathing
down my neck, bro.
You are breathing down
my fucking neck man.
Who started the fight John?
You! You came in with
your little baseball bat,
like a fucking berserker
and you're busting in
heads left and right.
Fuck am I supposed
to do about that?
Yo, when have I ever
let you take my car?
What the fuck does that have
to do with anything man?
Listen, I was gonna dump
a couple of Roxies
to these assholes,
I was gonna get
you some champagne,
I was trying to do something
nice for you fucker.
- Oh yeah, and how
did that turn out?
You bashed two fucking
fuckers heads in Jake.
You were about to
get your ass whooped
on the side of the road.
- Yeah, says you.
The fuck John.
I thought we were
trying to lay low, bro.
- Oh fuck you motherfucker.
- You know you liked it.
Fuck off.
- Oh no, no, no, no, no Jakey.
We don't get to skip that part
'cause see there's
this little smile
on the corner of your lip,
when you come in and you bash in
Mr. Rotten Pumpkin Head, bam!
And then this fucker's
teeth go flying
like the 4th of July
fireworks, come on buddy.
Come on.
You can't tell me that
you didn't like it
just a little bit.
That's not the point man.
The point is I gotta
keep sticking my neck out
every time you decide
to start a fight.
- Why are we even
talking about this still.
- Okay, it's done.
- We had a fun time.
Put it behind us.
Had a fun fucking time?
Fucking, I don't
know what you want.
What the fuck do you want
me to say, all right?
I try do something nice for you,
I fucked up, I'm sorry.
Then you come in on a rampage
and now that's supposed
to be my fault?
Sorry buddy, not doing it.
Yo, shut your mouth John.
- Whatever you say bro.
Shut your fucking mouth John!
You didn't think this
one through did you?
Neither did you!
You left me John.
- What the fuck ever man.
Bottom line, you fucking
left me in that house
all by myself.
- Oh fuck dude.
- And you took my fucking car.
No, the bottom line Jacob,
is I was fucking
fine without you.
- Oh you were fine?
- Then I should have just
let you stay there then.
- You would've been
fine getting jumped
- by those two
fucking assholes huh!
I was working it out with them.
I was talking to 'em.
I almost had their
fucking money in my hand.
What the fuck are you trying
to flip a couple Roxies for
on the side of the road?
We got a million fucking
dollars in the trunk!
- Not till we get to Anchorage.
So quit fucking around, man.
Just shut the fuck
up and sit there,
I'm trying to fucking drive.
- All right. All
right. All right.
- Just let me smoke a cigarette
and figure this shit out.
Something is seriously
fucking wrong with you.
Damn, that was fun
though, come on!
You can't tell me you
didn't get your blood going.
That was a little buh
buh buh buh buh buh.
Get me bubbling, baby.
Fuck, are you
hungry? I'm hungry.
- No, John. I'm not hungry.
All right, liquid
lunch it is then.
- Cut that shit out, man.
It's out. Here, I got you.
[distorted music]
- [Voice On The Radio]
And so it is written,
no sooner are seeds planted,
no sooner are they sown,
than the whirlwind sweeps
them away like chaff.
The store houses are in ruins.
The granaries have
been torn down,
for the grains have dried up.
Both high and low
will die in this land.
They will not be
buried nor mourned.
No one will cut themselves
or shave their
head for the dead.
The dead bodies of men will lie
like refuse on the open field,
like cut grain behind the Reaper
with no one to gather them.
Wherever the corpses are,
there the vultures will gather.
For we are considered as
sheep to be slaughtered.
And it is for your sake
we face death all day long.
- What was it?
- That's a home run.
- Strike one, foul ball.
Nothing but a whiff baby.
Let's see if he's got
anything in him folks.
Oh, another foul
ball. Strike two.
Come on batter.
Hit it like you love it batter.
Hit it like you love it.
Oh, and he sends one
out to center field,
he's going around first,
he's coming up to second,
and the kid's gonna
stay at second!
Folks, can we give him
a round of applause?
That's not easy
work for a rookie.
- Now the moment we've
all been waiting for.
- The real swinging fucking dick
comes up to plate.
And the crowd goes goddamn wild
like it's the fucking
Colosseum baby.
Next up to bat, John Schmidt.
This boy tall and lanky.
- Not a single ounce of
muscle on his whole body.
- Hasn't hit a ball since
the day he was born.
- Pitcher winds up for a pitch,
spits his wad of dip
into the pitcher's mound.
- The pitch comes in.
- Oh strike! John
thinks he connects,
but he didn't.
And the crowd is
laughing and booing.
- The wind took it!
- All right. Pitcher's
ready for another one.
His leg is so high in the
air he might fall over.
- He throws a hot pitch in,
- it's a curve ball
and John misses.
Oh, that is strike two.
I didn't know you can count
that high motherfucker.
- Third pitch, ninth
inning, man on second base.
Two outs and a tied game.
- John's got a look in his eyes
- like he's ready to hit
this one out of the park.
- The pitcher
throws his pitch in.
Oh, and he connects!
He makes it!
- John rounds first base,
he's coming around second!
- Jacob is coming in
to the home plate!
- John is taking his glory run
- around the bases,
[crowd cheering]
- and he's coming
into the home team.
- John's coming in!
And, they've done it!
They've won the game!
Let's go to the post-game
interview folks.
John, how did you do it?
Well, I'm so glad you asked, but
really I just, uh, I
went to the practices.
I really wanna thank
everyone out there in the crowd.
I wanna thank the whole
administration behind us.
- Yeah.
- Ya know, you go to practice.
You do what you gotta do.
Hey Jacob, what about you?
Yo I couldn't have done it
without my brother, John!
- That's right.
- Hell yeah.
- Hey, how about a little
post-game celebration here?
- You wanna get high?
- Nah man. I'm already high.
Here come on. Here
comes Mr. Choo Choo.
- Choo Choo!
- Man, come on, dude.
You don't wanna cause a crash.
Those lives are on your
fucking head, buddy.
- All right.
- Choo Choo!
Into the station.
Chugga chugga chugga chugga.
They leave that
taste in your mouth.
First of all,
I just wanna thank you
all for coming today,
I know nobody wants
to be at a church
on a weekday.
What do I say about
my brother, John?
He was fucking beautiful.
A lot of you in here
have had some run-ins with John.
I see you back there Big Chris.
I don't think he
meant anything by it.
He was just, um --
he was just so full of energy.
So full of life.
He had to lash out,
punch a wall,
dive into the ocean at night.
I'm used to people leaving.
People dying.
It's been happening
my whole life.
Yeah, and that's it.
- Nice job.
- Very nice. Very sweet of you.
- What've you got?
- I saw you crying back there.
Yeah, that's what you thought.
You wanna see some crying?
Watch this motherfucker.
I'm gonna keep this real short
and fucking sweet here.
Jacob was my brother.
My little brother.
My only brother.
And --
If you knew him,
you knew how fucking
powerful he was.
And I'm not just talking
about the fights and shit,
I mean, he was fucking great.
And he was gonna
do great things.
And if you knew
him, you knew that.
And if you didn't,
I fucking feel sorry for you.
I feel fucking
sorry for you pal,
'cause it's your fucking loss.
Yeah, that's it.
- Yo, you --
- I almost fucking had you.
- You almost got me.
- Bro, I almost fucking had you.
- All right, I got one.
[clears throat]
[train going by]
[car motor rattling]
- Damn.
Look at this shit.
Hey Bill, I'm coming by tomorrow
to mow your lawn.
All right man, I forgot.
- I forgot yesterday,
I'll come tomorrow!
Shit man, he's always on me.
Hey, get off that!
And get that out of your mouth.
That's caca.
Don't make me tell your mother.
- We know your mother.
We know your father
too motherfucker.
- We know where you live.
Fucking kids man.
I'm telling you,
no future for 'em.
Ya know, they got great
schools around here, John.
Great schools.
Go Timberwolves!
- Nice work out
there Wednesday boys!
- Nice work!
- Party at my place.
Hey, party at my place.
- Yo, remember when
they used to tell us,
- you know, not to smoke
out of aluminum cans.
Who said that?
Those kids.
Man, what the fuck was that?
Fuck man, I'm trying
to forget stuff.
Yeah, I think that's
all bullshit anyways.
I think -- what were
you just talking about?
Wait a second,
were we supposed to
turn off somewhere?
This isn't a good
idea. We'll find it.
It's up here man. I swear.
Fucking North is North, right?
Dig this shit bro.
Six piece, dark meat
fried chicken. Okay.
You get two sides
of your choice.
I'm gonna do corn bread
and macaroni cheese,
but you can do whatever
you want. That's just me.
You got a free
liter of soda too.
And, a chocolate
chip cookie, $7.99.
- Damn.
- Right?
What you got.
Ooh, one of those grocery store
rotisserie chickens,
lemon pepper.
- Boy.
- Get there fresh after
they make it at noon.
Bag of salt and
vinegar potato chips.
- Yes, sir.
- Bottle of brown liquor.
- Mmmm! Yeah. Oh
wait, wait, wait.
- What about for
the dessert though?
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.
For dessert?
What're those yellow
things filled with cream?
Not lady fingers?
- Nah nah nah. Scratch
that. Scratch that.
I'm thinking ice
cream sandwiches.
Classic bro.
- $2.99 a box for 12.
Mmm! That's fucking good.
- Okay.
- What you got.
- Dig this little hustle.
- Okay-
- This is a good
little hustle-
- I love a hustle.
- It's a good little
once-over I'm telling you.
You go to a fancy ass
fucking restaurant.
- Okay.
- Fancy ass
fucking restaurant-
- Okay.
- You gotta make a reservation.
- Okay-
- You know what I'm saying?
You gotta rent a fucking
tuxedo just to get in
- the motherfucker.
- Shit.
You show up nice and early,
you sit at your table,
and when the waiter
comes over and says,
"What would you like to drink?"
You say,
"Banana split."
You know what I mean?
Banana split please.
Dude, can you do that to go?
- And we're gonna split --
we're actually gonna
split the split.
Yeah, we're gonna
split the split.
And one for the gums.
Just put it in the mouth.
You got it.
Yo. Yo. You got a little bit --
[nervous violin music]
You got a little bit
of that shit on you.
Now we're cooking with gas baby.
I feel like I can see
through my eyelids right now.
This shit is good.
I don't think, this
might be a little methy.
[no dialogue]
Start the car Jake!
Start the fucking car!
Start the car! Let's go!
Come on, come on.
-Come on, come on.
[no dialogue]
[nervous music]
[no dialogue]
[nervous music continues]
[no dialogue]
[nervous music continues]
Buddy, come on.
Do you believe this
fucking shit bro?
Sittin' out here
smokin' a doink man?
Feels like Christmas
fucking morning.
Merry Christmas.
[car door shuts]
- What the fuck man.
- This is like the
goddamn Taj Mahal.
We can each have a
our own fucking wing.
Or you can take the downstairs
and I'll take the
fucking upstairs.
You know what I mean?
Oh my God, bro.
You wanna grab the beers for us?
- Nah, I'm good.
Dude, I'll grab 'em in a second.
Just let me set up
my fucking dojo,
let me get settled in.
I feel like..
we should take a couple
of few fucking days here.
Get comfy. This is lovely, man.
You sure about this bro?
- What do you mean Jake?
I'm just saying man,
we've been driving
and driving and driving
and we're barely
even halfway there.
Ya know? I just don't feel,
fuck man, I don't
feel good about this.
Then what do you feel Jacob?
'Cause you don't feel this
and you don't feel that.
So what the fuck do
you actually feel?
I just don't feel --
Man I don't feel like --
I don't feel the
same as when we left.
I don't feel good
about this bro.
- I don't feel safe.
[laughs loundly]
- All right motherfucker.
All right. Then just tell
me what you want. Okay.
'Cause I'm done playing
these little baby
fucking guessing games with you.
Just tell me what you
actually want Jakey.
This isn't a fucking
vacation. All right.
We got a long way to go
and we need to get
where we're going
without drawing anymore
attention to us.
Oh, are you finished?
No, I'm not.
I need to know that you're not
gonna be taking my car,
you're not gonna
be starting shit
in every fucking state
we drive through.
Robbing fucking
gas stations, man?
What if they got
our license plate?
We got a million fucking
dollars in the trunk!
- I feel--
I heard
how you feel Jacob.
Now, here's how I feel.
I feel like we take a night off.
I feel like we start again
in the fucking morning.
I feel the blood
right behind us bud!
And I feel like we're running
out of fucking options here!
Yeah, and whose
fault is that huh?
I feel tired.
How about that?
Man, I am so tired of
being stuck in the car
with you man, listening
to you gabbin' away.
- Well guess what Jakey?
- It's your lucky
fucking day then.
- We're inside.
- We're out of the
elements. We're safe.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
I'm done doing this
shit with you, okay.
Everybody finish your
last fucking beer.
Everybody go the fuck to sleep,
and tomorrow's Anchorage.
Let's leave tonight.
That's great idea, Jacob.
Let's leave tonight.
All right everybody,
first thing tomorrow,
- we're leaving tonight.
Everyone hear that?
Bro, I'm just saying
let's drive through
the night, man.
Let's just get the
fuck out of this zone.
That would make me feel better.
If we can just get
up the coast a bit.
Why don't you get in
the fucking car! Then!
And drive your ass up
the coast motherfucker.
Who's driving, you're driving?
Yeah, I'm driving.
- Okay. Then load up the shit
- 'cause I don't
get one flying fuck
- where the fuck we're at.
- I could eat here.
I can sleep there.
I can shit on this whole
fucking world motherfucker!
- I'm just saying
those guys know
what our car looks like, man.
They know what you look like
and they know some
blue hair dude came in
and whacked them
with a fucking bat.
- You know what Jacob?
I feel like we should
drive through the night.
I feel like that's a
great fucking idea.
- Okay.
I feel fucking great about it.
- Great.
How the fuck do you feel?
Fucking great.
- Fucking asshole.
God. Fuck.
[inhales and exhales loudly]
[rattles the door]
[nervous music]
[nervous music swells]
[car revving]
[engine stops]
[heavy exhales]
[John snoozing]
[exhales deep breath]
[taps on John]
[subtle squeak outside]
[exhales quietly]
[knock on the window]
[rolls down window]
Evening sir.
- License, registration,
- proof of insurance.
Yeah. I'm just gonna
reach for my wallet.
Hey John?
- Yeah. 10-4.
Here you go officer.
- I'm a Deputy Sheriff, son.
- Not a police officer.
Oh, uh, sorry about
that, Deputy Sheriff sir.
- I suppose you boys
- are wondering why
I pulled you over.
Maybe I was driving
a little fast.
- Maybe you were.
- Maybe.
Sorry about that, um --
Me and my brother,
we were just driving, and um,
and the radio came on
and some scriptures
and I guess I just got
a little distracted
and lost track of
my speed. You know?
- Mhmm.
What do they say?
The Lord has a -- um,
he's mysteriously --
The Lord is a mysterious
-- uh working,
always working mysteriously.
- The Lord works
in mysterious ways?
That's what I was trying to say.
The Lord works in
mysterious ways.
- Mhmm.
- You boys just hang
here for a minute.
Hey, do you go to
church around here?
- Yeah.
- Just up the other side
of the mountain there.
You know, If my brother
and I were staying
for a little longer,
we'd love to come by
for a sermon sometime.
We'd love to have you.
We're a very friendly
We love meeting new people.
You, uh --
Boys are a long way from home.
Where're you headed anyway?
- Anchorage.
- No kidding.
You know, I never made
it up to Alaska myself.
Yeah, uh,
me neither.
My brother and I are
from Florida originally.
And our grandparents,
when they first got married,
they took a trip from
Pompano all the way up
to Anchorage, Alaska.
And our Ma's been up there
a couple of times too.
So we figured it
was time, you know,
for us to make a trip.
Like a family thing.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna let you
off with a warning,
you gonna keep your
speed down, right?
Yes, sir.
- And you're gonna drive
- up to Alaska safe
and sound right?
Yes sir. We promise
sir. Right John?
- All right then.
- You boys be good now.
- God bless you.
Hey God bless you too, sir.
[exhales quietly]
[opens door loudly]
[gun shots]
[punches the steering wheel]
[another round of gun shots]
[exhales quietly]
You gonna drive or what Jake?
Oh I know what you're gonna say.
He was such a sweet
man, wasn't he?
He was such a nice guy,
and a son of God.
- Brainless, fucking brainless.
- "This is my brother, John."
"We're going to Anchorage.
Here's my license."
Why don't you just open up the
fucking trunk for him Jake?
[suspenseful music]
- Huh? Why don't you do
a little bump with him?
- Give him a Roxie for the road.
- Fucking moron.
- You know what Jake?
Let me tell you something.
If I split this wrist,
from here all the
way down to the elbow
and the blood of the
Everlasting flows,
half of its yours
fucker. You get that?
- 50% of that body back
there is yours fucker.
Do you understand?
[car engine starts]
I'll put you in the box Jake.
I'll put us both in the box.
I'll put us in a box
with our fucking mother!
And I'll send us down the
fucking river, you get me?
I'll send us down the river
for the fucking
crocodiles to eat.
- Do you understand me?
[suspenseful music continues]
- Jesus Christ boy.
What were you
fucking thinking man?
You think you get to decide
when forever comes to an end?
- You think you get to decide
when you're my brother?
No man.
You're my brother forever,
or you're fucking worm shit.
Worm shit.
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music continues]
[music continues]
[exhales loudly]
[door squeaks]
[car beeping]
[breathes heavily]
[car beeping continues]
What the fuck man?
What the fuck are
you doing John?
[John laughing]
Yo, I'm not fucking around man.
What the fuck bro?
The fuck is wrong with you?
Fuck you motherfucker!
Done playing fucking
games with you.
Stupid son of a fucking bitch.
[car beeping continues]
- You fucker.
Fuck you.
- Get off.
Get off me.
That's it motherfucker.
That's it.
That's it for you, fucker!
(John coughs)
(John thuds)
[both coughing]
[loud thuds]
[Jake exhales]
[heavy breathing]
[car beeping continues]
[heavy breathing]
[breathing intensifies]
[inaudible shouts]
[heavy exhale]
[door opens]
[car beeping]
[door shuts]
[heavy breathing]
[humming Ants Go Marching]
[wind blowing]
[liquor splashes]
[tosses ring]
[tosses another ring]
[liquor splashing in bottle]
[door opens]
[car beeps]
[door shuts]
[door shuts]
[heavy breathing]
[key rattles]
[door squeaks]
Hi mom.
I wish you were here for this.
- I need you right now.
- Because I don't
know what to do
- without my brother.
- And I don't know
what to do without you.
- I just,
- I just wanted to
come here and say,
- I miss you, and
- I wish you could
be here today.
- Because John is the
quietest he's ever been.
- Yeah, he's the
quietest he's ever been.
[quiet breathing]
[door squeaks shut]
[engine revving]
[drawn out music]
- Our Father
- Who art in Heaven
- Hallowed be thy name
- Thy Kingdom come
- Thy Will be done
[music swells]
- On Earth as it is in Heaven
- Give us this day
our daily bread
- And forgive us our trespasses
[music overwhelms the dialogue]
- As we forgive those
who trespass against us
- And lead us not
into Temptation
- But deliver us from Evil
- For Thine is the Kingdom,
the Power, and the Glory
- Now and forever
- Amen