And The Oscar Goes To... (2019) Movie Script

(Dialogues from movie)
Blooms of dream that lurks in my eyes
That ephemeral rainbow
Thou filleth my being as hues and tunes
This is my essence, this here my expression
and this sure is my path
Riding on wings of Art
Rising on ripples of heart
My mind a screen of white
images flashing clear and bright
Gleam of my soul, perish not.
Blooms of my dream, wither not
ln childhood the world is all bright
Youth, down skies distant, took the flight
herel go down this path
Hand in hand with times of yore
that set fire to my senses
Myriad images, woven in time and space.
Miracle of life by a touch of grace
Every moment, alive and potent. Yearns to
write these in hearts that bleed with feel
Gleam of my soul, perish not.
Blooms of my dream, wither not
Gleam of my soul, perish not.
Blooms of my dream, wither not
Gleam of my soul, perish not.
Blooms of my dream, wither not
This movie's producer stays near by
So they asked to stick more posters here
That famous director, used to have tea here
That day you gave a different name!
He too used to visit
But he stays far away!
So what?
Won't he travel?
Film people wander a lot
leaving everything behind
You are right
All these small eateries thrive
because ofthese people
trying to make it in the movies
All the eateries get crowded
by these youngsters
Some will make it
Some go back home
Some find other work here
I know you are bluffing
But one day you can honestly say
lssak Ebrahem used to frequent your shop
(Drama poster on the van)
When did you come?
Last night
Saw light in your room
Didn't disturb thinking you were writing
Where are you going?
To Pala
A producer has liked my script
Today, l have to narrate it to his
wife and son
lfthey also like it
He will pay me an advance in the evening
How about yours?
Finished writing
We'll meet in the evening
See you in the evening
All the best
What's up?
The show is far away
Where is Joey?
We reached at 3am
He was drunk
Someone is trying to wake him up
It is already late
If we wait for his hangoverto be over
the show will be cancelled
Afilm by lssak Ebrahem
We haven't banned anyone
If a Director does not get chances
Why blame the union?
Producer's forum also has complained
against the same director
Though there is no ban
It is rumoured that you have
asked nobody to cooperate?
What dol say to this?
These are your assumptions
Are women safe in the film industry?
Why talk only about film industry?
Are women safe in any industry?
The one who has eaten criticise"1'the food
the one who hasn't, tries to get some food
What about our matter?
According to our deal,
l was supposed to give you 5 episodes
Here is the script for 6
You have a choice
You turned a good boy?
Please settle my payment immediately
l have spoken to the boss
(Greetings )
Chitra said you won't be there
for our new project
l have decided to direct a movie
Thank you sir
Do you have a producer?
lam funding it myself
Very good
I didn't knowyou were this rich
In your locality there
is a lot of Gulf money
Not because I'm rich
I've been looking in vain forfunding
So I am taking the risk
All the best
Sir, his accounts are pending
l have told Satheeshan
Let's eat
You both go ahead
It's already late
Then let's go
You have
You will blame me later
that! abandened you
Some movies drain our confidence
You are right
Someone was wiping tears
Those who are good hearted
may cry seeing pain
You won't understand
I've advised as much as I can
Making a movie is not an impulsive decision
l have been dreaming ofthis for years
Money does not remain in one hand
it rotates
Don't discourage
lfl fall, give me a helping hand
You will get only a hand
don't expect anything in it
When are you returning?
ln 2days
See you
Good night
Producer dropped my project
because his son and wife didn't laugh
Am I a buffoon to make them laugh?
It is difficult to impress a producer
What you are doing is right
At least your script won't be gang raped
You heard the applause
after the screening today?
We clapped for a movie maker
from some other continent
What more does a Director want?
( A man selling pirated
DVDs of latest movies )
( Call for morning prayer)
Keep them up
If it rains this will get ruined
I will keep them under the seat
How did you come?
Got off at the junction and walked
Last night the kids killed
a poisonous snake on the path
Have yourtea
I want to sleep
Mix some cold water
It won't feel this good
Make some tea for him
Why didn't you attend
Nazima's wedding?
l was busy
She is like your sister
Have you attended any family function?
Who all attended?
I'm not your only child
All are elsewhere
How about me?
No point in blaming you
Your dad did not even recognise
his own nephews and nieces
You don't care for the relationships
How do | recogonise?
All the kids look alike
What about your house construction?
lt's progressing
If you keep on fighting with the workers
howwill it finish?
This is not Dubai
Are you the one who pledged this gold?
Yes. My photo is in the records
Fouzia Valiyapurackal
Is this you?
0n God It's me
Sign here
When did you come?
Reached today morning
The television episodes are not that
effective these days
Getting old, right?
But you are not that old
Not me, but you
The capacity to enjoy reduces with age
l have brought all the documents
you needed
Howmuch do you need?
2,000,000 rupees
You won't get so much forthat land
You don't knowthe market value there
Aren't there procedures?
Even with your high interest I came here
because you will give more money
Don't be sarcastic
This is not to getyoursistermarried
It is to make a movie!
Many would have taken loan
to get their sisters married
But I'm the first one to take loan
for a movie?
At least respect that
What about my role?
That is ready
Talk to the secretary
I will do that
Then it is done
Though your interest is exorbitant,
I knew you will get things done
I may be the elder brother
but he is the decision maker
I need only water
God saved me
If you drink and I don't,
what will you think of me?
I will also have water
He usually calls back immediately
seeing a missed call
Must be busy
Last time when he was here Bashir
wanted to buy this land for Rs 250,000
I promised him priority when! sell
Nowl need money
We can arrange money
Let him call
I saved every penny I
earned to buy that land
He's calling
You remember lssak?
Talkto him
You wanted to buy that land
I'm in need ofmoney now
Just what you quoted earlier
Yes, yes
0k, will call
He asked to fix it for 230,000
He asked to give an advance
You have no time for family now
Do you have to go today?
l have booked the train tickets
Why do you want to go so soon?
You have a family waiting?
Many your age have 2 or 3 kids by now
You are so obsessed with movies
ln Lakshmi Hospital, kids are born hearing
the sounds from the movie theater next door
Get me warm water
l pledged the land I received as my share
It will be good if you are careful
How much?
150 Rupees
For such a short distance?
Fuels prices have gone up
120 is enough
That is not enough sir
I came in a rickshaw, not a flight
Why did you come in a rickshauf?
You are not only the Director
11-but the Producertoo
You should have come in a taxi
I usually travel in rickshaws
ln film industry, you need to show off
You have much to learn
He is free now
Where is your hometown?
Anakampoyil, it is a village
in the valleys
l knowthat place well
l have done theatre there
Do you want to narrate the story here
or should we go to my room?
It's alright here
What would you like to drink?
Anything would do
John, one tea
It is inspired by atrue character
There is one Moidu in my hometown
He makes a living by selling snacks
doorto door
Arshad is his son
He goes to Saudi Arabia for ajob
4-5 years he did well
Maayin? Who is that?
That is Moidu's character's
name in the Cinema
Moidu struggles to arrange
the huge blood money they demand
Finally he gets his son back home
That is the climax
It's good
I'll do it
Thank you Sir
Thank you Sir
Forthis day
l have been waiting so long
My dream of cinema is getting fulfilled
Today we start the shoot
My gratitude to all who stood by me
I couldn't contact any of his friends
Ourfriend Hameed's son is also there
Our son and his room-mate had
an argument
It was an accident
The one who died is a Sudani
Our son was arrested
Hameed's son doesn't know anything more
Wasn't it an accident?
Wasn't it an accident?
Why would the police detain him for that?
Why would the police detain him for that?
Pray to God
What else can we do?
Lights off
Sound ok
Take was ok?
It is slippery on the steps
Was worried I would slip
Pack up
( Crew chatting )
l have done maximum coverage
We will give a good report
Had your dinner?
I'm having food on the set
for the first time
Really good
Vehicle to take them to Ernakulam?
lt's ready
Who is the driver?
Do visit us often
That second take was better
Then we'll keep that also ok
Can we get into our house nouf?
Give us 10 minutes to get it cleared
Our son has his exams tomorrow
You had dinner?
You have dinner,
by that time they will clear the house
It's such a sob story
Who will spend money to watch a tearjerker?
Who will watch?
His money..
He's making a movie
Be sure to collect your wages daily
Projects like these may stop anytime
Why did you call?
You got up so early?
Haven't slept at all!
We just started the shoot
We have many more days to go.
You will fall sick
The shoot on that hill will not happen
You said we got the permission
That place belongs to a Haji
He won't give it for shooting
Can't we do that scene elsewhere?
As a child, I used to see
Moidu on that hilltop
That mystical vision haunts me
But we can't shoot without permission
Today let us do the scene of
temple committee helping Moidu
Give instructions to the Art Director
Need to set the house
You are so sunburned
Been out in the sun the whole time
Were you farming?
Where is father?
He slept
lt's late night here
| asked my husband for permission to
visit your shooting sets
As if he will allow...
Yesterday we bought some
gold plated jewellery for the movie
Bought for you too
Looks like real gold
You say you are hard pressed for money
We have enough real gold
For 2 days, only for 2 days
I want to pledge the gold
By God,
I'll give you whatever! owe
I swear on my son who is suffering
in prison abroad
Please help me
In a Jewellery shop there will be gold
In a grocery shop you will see vegetables
It is not vegetable but grocery
You have been making mistakes
so many times
Can't you learn it by heart?
| get confused counting money and
delivering the dialogue
( teaching the dialogue )
Can I get my payment now?
Be patient till this scene is over
( teaching the dialogue )
Shall we go for a take?
In a Jewellery shop there will be gold
In a grocery shop you will see grocery
Similarly this money is for business
How can we give it away?
We need collateral
Take ok
Get it quickly
You could have said it earlier
l was confused
Fill up the diesel
The caterer will get the balance
only after 2 days
Is your son's exams over?
He has two more exams
We will be there only after that
I need to tell you something
I heard the story of your movie
It has goodness in it
I heard you are in need of money
This is 25,000 Rupees
I had received 50,000 Rupees
as rent formy house
I had only asked for 25,000
Your staff increased it to 50,000
25,000 was a kickback to them
Please accept this
I don't want rent forthis movie
Let's not disturb them at this hour.
We'll wait
It's me. lssak
Why are you here so early?
Has he woken up?
l'll wake him up
What an odd hour!
I saw a few missed calls from you
l have travelled 8 hours up and down
after shooting
Please understand my plight
I sold that land at that price only
because I'm in dire need of money
lfl don't have the money today
The shooting will stop.
Laterl may not be able to resume it
I don't want to trouble you
My brother and the Arab sponsor
are touring in some other country
l'll deposit money today before 12 noon
I assure you
He has come to act as child Afsal
Take them to location
Which grade are you in?
I need 10 minutes to get ready
You go to location
There's a problem
Light crew will not work without settling
previous dues
Delay is normal
but stopping work is not right
Money will be in our account
before noon
l have given all the assurances
But they have refused to leave
their rooms
It would be shameful
if Aravindan knows of it
Can we plan a scene
with camera crew only?
Can we plan a scene with camera crew only?
That won't happen
That won't happen
They are all together
If he is not paid,
the catererwill also stop his services
Chitra is here
Let her not know
Haven't seen you for long
I'm not like you, I am an employee
The shoot report was telecasted
I didn't see it
Heard it was good
My mothertoo watched it
I thought you would have
gone to location
I checked up with Manu
He told me you are here
This money I had saved up for
my own wedding
You have to repay every penny
If you aren't able to repay,
Don't propose marriage as a compensation
Ka beer
Take this
Ask everyone to start
You wait here. I'll freshen up
We'll go together
My new movie starts day after
I'd like to go to Chennai tonight
I've told to book an evening
flight foryou
Is the beard and hairalright?
They trim the hair and beard
in the jail abroad
0k sir
He's acting as Afsal
Why do Muslims grow beard
but shorten hair and moustache
In Islam, beard is considered to be manly
Kerala Muslims follow many Yemenite
tradition. They established lslam here
One minute
The main actress hasn't come yet
Ask herto come immediately
She won't come
without her full settlement
Try to make her understand the situation
I tried
She is adamant
From where will I arrange the money?
There is only one way
You talk to her
Good morning!
Come in
Things have not gone as planned.
Give me some more time to pay you
My collection dues are much more than
what I have received so far in my career
Once the shoot is over,
I have to go after producers for my payment
Don't know about others
I'm not expecting profit from this movie,
| only want to reduce the loss
l have not pleaded like
this before in my life
Whatever happens to this movie
you will get your payment
I can only give you my word now
Please come and finish the shoot
My son
Oh God!
Manu ok?
Pack up
Today we finished shooting...
Fulfilment of a childhood aspiration...
A big thanks to all
Amere thanks won't express
the gratitude | feel...
Support given by Aravindan and
Sivakumar is unforgettable
Ebrahem's Son lssak is making a movie
Seems it is your story
Did you knoiAf?
I too heard so
We knowyou
Your luck has turned
Be quiet now
Once the movie is ready for release,
Just file a case
They will give you the money you ask for
Did you not read the earlier news?
Someone filed a case and
became a millionaire
You came alone to Chennai?
Bringing someone will add to the expenses
ls Prasad in his room?
He is inside
Found a distributor?
l have contacted a few
They don't think such movies will work
Censor members feel that
Aravindan will get an award
Prasad, good morning
Good morning sir
How are you?
Prasad, this is lssak
Please sit
He has made a wonderful movie
l have a lot of hope on it
Today is the last day
for National Award application
So we need the material
Why not!
What is the name ofthe movie?
Sky ofthe Fireflies
Accounts of Sky of Fireflies?
Ah, let me see
Total 900,000 rupees
You have paid only 100,000
l have brought 200,000
Prasad, you need to support him
Don't mind me saying this
Such movies don't get a theatre release
They take material from here for award
we never hear from them again
Technology is ever changing
Last year's camera is outdated this year
We too have to survive
0k. I stand guarantee forthe payment
How much we should pay now?
Pay 600,000 rupees
I will release material on his word
I will arrange the amount
Ask them to keep the material ready
Let's go
Here's the money you asked for
( Filling the application
for National Award )
Moidu is here to see you
Why is he coming often?
Just dropped by
How are you?
Everything ok?
I need some money urgently
Just 2,000 Rupees
Why did he come?
Where are you?
I'm home
When are you returning?
Will come by the noon train
Come by my house
You come
I heard something
The National Award for the best actress
goes to Seethal for the Hindi movie Saal
This is her debut movie
Happy news for Malayalees
Best Actor: Aravindan
He bagged this award for his brilliant performance
in the "Sky of the Fireflies" (Malayalam)
ls cinema director's media or actor's?
There have been films
with flies, rats and cats in the main lead
But there have been no
films directed by them
Aravindan's award eased the situation
TV. channels bought it for a good price
Aravindan helped to get a distributor too
It did well in theaters too
after that a lot of
felicitations, admirations'
l repaid all the loans
Moidu used to take money regularly
In short, cleared all debts
And have some cash in the bank
When Aravindan got the award
We friends celebrated
When they showed you on TV, we gave
a standing ovation
l was the one who showed off most
in front of everyone
I want to meet Aravindan
Heard that he is arrogant
Not at all
I want to take a selfie with you both
And upload it on Facebook
They recognised you. You are famous
You are imagining. They might not
have seen a movie in their life
There are a lot of people
who don't even recognise actors
I watched your movie
It was very good
Thank you
l was moved
What is your name?
Where are you from?
There are many from ldukki
in Ajman
Where did you study?
I did MBAin Bangalore
Why are you working here
after an MBA?
Cinema was my aim too
Cinema was my aim too
Here! can meet film people like you
Herel can meet film people like you
The official Oskar entry from India
has been announced
The debut director lssak Ebrahem's "Sky ofthe
Fireflies" will represent India at the Oskars
Aravindan had won the NationalAward
for the Best Actor for this movie
Let me call Aravindan
Your movie's budget was only 5,000,000
The promotions would need more than that
How will you manage?
Even big budgeted movies could not
Will you be able to create an impact there?
I don't know
But I will go with my movie
So Now that you have seen all the
nominated films
It's time to find out
Who will take home the Oskar
Please welcome the respected,
the beloved, the adorable
Steve Lopez
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
When you pulled offthe red carpet
and asked to do a favor.
And herel am standing in front of
several million people world wide,
the lesson is
always listen to your wife when she
tells you wearthe good tuxedo
0k, now to the business at hand
And the Oskar goes to
Number of people coming for morning prayer
has reduced
If you are with your cell phone till
early morning this would be the result
Are you coming from Cochin?
Heard he's going to America
with his movie
As though America will be ruined
if he doesn't go
How many other good jobs are
there in this world?
Did he have to choose this sinful job?
Heard his movie is good
There is no good or bad cinema
Film making itself is sinful
Don't quote tradition
l have studied thoroughly.
There is nothing like that anywhere
You have just surfed it
You have to go deep
You forbade us from learning English
Later you start an English medium school
Then you made watching TV a taboo
And you started a TV channel
I swear on God,
You will make a movie too
Don't talk nonsense
Don't be naughty
He's not bothering you, no?
Many of our people are in Qatar
They all have different organizations
l have put it in the last committee meeting
When we have such a celebrity
in our township
Should we not felicitate him?
They are looking for a date
They can honor him anyway
We have to give an initial push
Would Oskar bring you money?
I don't think so
Will we get the Oskar?
It's difficult...
Then why spend so much money?
Moidu is here to see you
He is the first to know about your arrival
l'll handle him
When someone succeeds
many take advantage
I'll make sure he never returns
No need brother in law
I heard that you had arrived
by the morning bus
No, don't want it now
11'! will ask when! need
You made a movie about me
and got into deep trouble
The whole village helped me
but you are alone
How are we going to the Oskars?
Don't give up
thinking you can't afford
lfl had donethat
Arshad would not be alive now
You are intelligent and experienced
l have a suggestion
Go and meet Resul Pookkutty
He might be able to guide you
Believe that it will happen
Putyour heart and soul into it
Then, making it happen
is God's responsibility
All the best
Sawyour movie. It was good
The movie is good enough to get nominated
| just wanted to make a good movie
That's how it should be
The movie should be marketed well
What is the procedure?
Foreign film category has a separatejury
We should make sure that they see it
We should get a good PR agent
My previous characters
might have influenced him to cast me
Or! have the character's body language
Where is mine?
Seriously, you ask me nouf?
The bar is right there
But a good movie, won't be ignored
It will find an audience
Just because I love some film
You might love it too
That doesn't mean it will get the
recognition it deserves
What the characters do
might be brilliant
but if it isn't well made
There is a Moroccan movie
they had shown in Cannes
It is their official entry
and brilliantly made
With good marketing, It will get nominated
Sorry, I have to interrupt
Girl, we love you
I love you too
I'm trying to make a name for myself
I'm just a little out of my debt
Get to the point
0k, lndiajust announced their
official selection
It is an independent film
by director/producer
And if! get my way
I'm going to be lobbying into the Academy
You go girl!
How many more are yet to
watch the movie?
I made this for ordinary viewers
Elsewhere when a movie gets an award
It attracts more audience
But here we consider them
slow and reject it
This is Maria calling from Los Angeles
l was hoping to speak with lssak, please
He is giving an interview
Can I ask him to call you later?
0h ok, sure
I'm sorry. Who's this?
Very cool. 0k, thank you
0k bye
Moidu raises my curiosity
How is the promotion?
We have to market it well
Come to location if you are free
Were you here?
Chitra informed me you are here
Was waiting for the shoot to be over
You had a call
These are my colleagues
They want a photograph with you
Is that alright?
Of course
Thank you
What about your movie?
Script is ready
Would like Aravindan to do the lead
It will help If lssak Sir recommends
lssak Sir!
I'll tell him
Have we drifted apart so much?
Hi, first off, my company and I would like
to congratulate you on your achievement
Thank you
You are welcome
I'm going to send a link
to our company profile
because we really want you
to get to know us
And we really want
to market your movie here
I'm also sending you
some marketing schedules,
and a list of ways we think would be
successful in getting yourfilm out there
I'm also sending you
a copy of our agreement
just read it, sign it
and send it back
And for you to knowthere's a 25%
fee up-front. It is 10,000 dollar
0k? Great!
We are already late on marketing
We really want to go ahead
with the events
Just foryou to know
The more we spend,
The more we can market
If you have any questions
do let me know
Will talk to you soon
Good night sir
You may make better movies in future
but this chance, don't waste it
Hi I'm Moidu
Where are you?
I'm in Madras for US visa
Bought a new phone
To know your whereabouts
One ofArshad's friends from Saudi
is now in Los Angeles
He might be of help
Save my number
I saw your film
l have a gift foryou. Shall I give?
You did a greatjob
Let's sit down
What will you have?
A dosa and omelet
What about you?
I had
What is new with you?
You rememberthe lawyer story?
l rewrote it, made it more modern
For so many years now
I wanted to become an independent director
My friend in the Gulf will fund partially
Rest, I will take a loan
It will materialise
l'll create waves
I'll pay
l have money
I'm teaching theater in a school
I earn now
How much?
My daughter
She's in 7th
She sketches well
She sketches well
Sings well too
Sings well too
I take copies of her photo and keep in
my pocket, wallet, bag - everywhere
When I take a room in a hotel,
| place it where! can always see it
When I feel totally defeated in life,
I can't say when I'll want to end it
When I see her
| feel like staying alive
Lame excuses for not ending our lives...
Issac Abraham
No lssak Ebrahem
Issac Abraham
No no, lssak Ebrahem
I'm a Muslim
How is it?
Really good
Better trim the beard
I gave you 2,000,000 rupees last time
on my personal risk
You are now asking 3,000,000 for
the same property?
I know you can do it
At that time I took the loan for my film
now it's yourfilm too
Don't blackmail me emotionally
How will I convince my boss?
Sorry, I couldn't give you the money
at that time
Yes, yes
l have already transferred the advance
to your agency
Ok great!
For screening theatre, dinner venue and
hotel l'll transfer the amount in 2 days
Don't worry about it
Take your time
Get on the plane
The gold coated jewellery you
bought that day still looks new
You may not get enough money if you pledge
you sell it
We can buy again later
Why did you stop?
Just remembering a scene! could
not capture in my last movie
You will get a chance again
But that movie is over
Don't worry
I came to say bye
I'm leaving day after"1'tomorrow
l have nothing to give you
Pray forme
You will always be there in my
family's prayers
There may be many who are more
talented than you
If God has picked you from among them
He has a special love foryou
Don't waste it
Keep these snacks
Thank you
After finishing these two films in September
I'm taking a family holiday for 15 days
You can start after that
Okay sir
Meanwhile I will rework the script
I will also fix the other artists
Start the work
I also would have come If planned earlier
It would have an experience to watch
the movie with them
Will they understand the movie
Of course
Emotions are same eveywhere
And also visual language is powerful
Bon voyage
Welcome to the Mecca of cinema
Thank you
How was yourflight? Was it all good?
Yes, yes, everything good
Ok. Good
Just so you know, The weather has been
a little bad, with a lot of rain
It's not normal
But we'll be positive
Ok, you ready?
Ok. Let's go
Are you hungry?
I had food from the flight
When I watched your movie
lthought it was made by an older man
It is very mature
And you are handsome too
These are the latest editions of
Variety and Hollywood Reporter
We have ads in both
A lot of movies have already started
their PR work
I'm working on your movie
full time now
Man of fewwords I see
Room key
Take the elevator and go up
Good evening
There is a guest for you in the reception
lssak Ebrahem?
I'm Prince
I had send an FB friend request
You have not accepted it
But I'm following you
Status update showed
you checked in 2 hours back
I thought I'll just say Hi
I'm Arshad's friend
The character in your movie
Moidu's son
Moidu had given your number.
Thought I'll call tomorrow
I couldn't watch your movie on screen
so, downloaded from the net
Really good
lt haunted me for long
l migrated here 13 years
back from Saudi
Shall we go out for dinner?
I had my food and was
about to sleep
Were you sleeping? Sorry...
You are representing our country
Don't hesitate to call for any help
You have my number?
There's screening of my movie tomorrow
evening Please come with yourfamily
Good night
If you can, that will be perfect
We are expecting more,
but they are a little late
That means dinner also will be late
We have blocked the venue till 10After
that, they will charge us by the minute
We have to start now
Good evening
Slept well?
Not bad
It will be better in 2 days
Same will happen when you get back
Wanted to come with family, but
both my wife and daughter are busy
It started
He is Mr. Prince...
Hi, Maria
Nice to see you
Nice to meetyou
Maria, crowd is thin
Ya, the timing of day isn't ideal
But there should be more people coming
You should have told me
I could have asked my friends
Justa minute
Where are you?
Ask our friends to come to Metro theatre
There is a screening ofthe Malayalam
Movie that is competing for the Oskar
We should support him
There is a dinner afterthe show
l've arranged for a few people to attend
Let's go inside
Came out really well
How is it Maria?
Were there any academy members
fortoday's screening?
There were a few
We should get more for the next screening
Three screenings aren't enough
we should have at least five
Tomorrow we will get good news coverage
And a little more effort we can
get a nomination
What do you think of that?
I don't know what to say
It's the first time for me
Ya, well to get this far
on your first movie
It's not a small thing
Who is that girl?
Which girl?
That girl who answered
when I called you first time
She is a friend of mine
Afriend or a girl friend?
There's a lot of pressure from the company
for your next payment
You should transfertomorrow
Good night
Hello American Man!
How are you?
The first screening is over
How was it?
Where are you?
In the hostel
Did you not go to office?
Took leave
Did you see my message?
I didn't see the message
Was busy till now
What is the matter?
Looks like it is time
to spend the money I had saved
Amarriage proposal
My family liked him
Did you meet?
Saw a photograph
We are meeting at noon
How is he?
Not bad
You tell me, what should I do?
You have to marry someday
Meet him
Ok. Bye
If he hadn't reached this height,
I would have asked him to marry me
Forgot to tell you...
All the best
Solitary sojourn where seasons march
one afterthe other
Single golden star on the crown of night sky
whither darkness recedes and bright morn arise
Close all the doors but yet
there appear rays of sun afresh
Let's now pour as clouds
that rain in a corner unseen, unheard
Any information about him?
I'm working 24 hrs a day
for your movie
Maria, not your movie
It's our movie
He doesn't think that
We need money, when we need it
How are we supposed to do
the next screening nouf?
I cannot handle this much stress
Ok, let's just...
If you want to do another screening,
you come up with the money
When you have it, call me
Don't worry
Whether or not you decide to another
screening, it doesn't matter
But you have to come up with the
10,000 dollars you owe the company
But you have to come up with the 10,000
dollars you owe the company by tomorrow
by tomorrow
They will sue you
You signed a contract
Say something lssak
Maria, you please go ahead and
arrange for the next screening
Don't worry
We'll find a way
l'm short of money
but I have transferred the amount
It will reach tomorrow
She doesn't believe it
Malayali club is very strong here
Shall I talk to them?
We might be able to collect enough
lfl post my situation on Facebook
Movie lovers from around the world
will send me money
I'm sure
We may get even more
I don't want to do that
I can't survive the
pressure of borrowed money
Can you help me?
Can you arrange a place
11'for me to stay till I leave?
It's a farm house of a friend,
just 200 kms away
It's not too far, just 2 hrs drive
The distance is not an issue
Need a free accommodation till I leave
It is the perfect place for creative people
I had asked to get it cleaned
Keep it there
My friend is out of town for 2 weeks
Is it convenient enough?
For the past fewyears I've been living
in a single room in a cheap lodge
This is luxury for me
Little away there is a supermarket
on the left
If you want, you can cook too
It's time to pick up my wife
The past may have withered off from the
tree. But flowers will bloom again
Eyes moist, drunk with the potion of life
in love, for sure
Solitary sojourn where seasons march
one afterthe other
I am Moidu
How are you?
I'm fine
Things are going well
All liked the movie
Did you have the snacks I gave
you that day? Or did they rot?
I ate it
How will it rot?
Wasn't it your love you packed?
Good evening everyone
When I was a kid, my parents
used to scare me with 2 things
One was driving
They made sure that I don't drive
l was not even allowed to travel
sitting on back of a bike
The other one was English
Did you learn English? Do you speak English?
Do you read English? Do you write English?
Even after growing up
I'm still scared of both
I don't drive
So that nobody
gets hit and killed by my car
Butl haven't heard anyone being hit
and killed by English
So I do try speaking English
Thank you so much everyone
for coming and spending
your valuable time here
being a part ofthis screening,
and supporting me
Thanks a lot
You are not a guest, you are the host
I need you to meet someone
Come on
This is lssak
Very nice to meet you
Could we get a picture?
Yes, of course
Ya, sure
Meet Mr. Grant
He's a well known media person
he wishes to interview you
You proceed
You stay out of it
"1'and let me do my job
You do not speak for lssak
He can speak for himself
Or are you going to help me
find work tomorrovf?
Unless you have more money
you don't tell me what to do
This is my job
you stay out of it
I told you not to embarrass me
And what did you do?
You made a scene
How am I going to go back in there nouf?
There was shortage in food
"1'that is why she's angry
We had booked for 200 people
Were there so many?
What did you say?
Are you accusing me of ordering less food
and pocketing the cash?
Why are you so suspicious?
Who are you to be asking me
all these questions?
Ok, may be that's how you run
your business
But that's not howl run mine
I run mine with honesty and integrity
I've been doing this for 6 years
All my clients have been very happy
And I do your one movie
Your one movie
Nowl have to rebuild my entire reputation
Every single bit of goodwill I had, is gone
Please leave before you do more damage
Don't talk like this Maria
If something wrong has happened,
you are equally responsible for that
And who the hell are you to shout at him?
I'm a professional in the
motion picture industry
Who the hell are you?
This is between movie people
This is cinema
You don't get it because
"Tyoujust watch movies
Don't pretend to teach me
Let's go!
This is not how we should to talk her
Such arrogance!
She doesn't knowwho I'm
She says I don't know cinema!
Do you have any objection
ifl drink here?
l'm indebted to you for getting me
this accommodation
Would you need my permission?
But honestly, I don't like it
You want to get drunk and
tell me something
If you consider me a friend you don't need
to be drunk to open up
Tell me
I can't bear it
She said I don't understand
film making
I came into cinema even before
she was born
People called me a mad man
Madness is not only an illness
Passion about anything is madness too
l was mad. Crazy about cinema
l have knocked on many doors
Then one day I had to choose between
life and cinema
I chose life
For my family's sake
Married a nurse and went to Saudi
I had starved, during those
days of struggle to get into movies
You had starved for getting into the movies
l've reached this far in cinema and
have not eaten for past 2 days
I'm going to bed
l have morning shift tomorrow
l'll clean up
My daughter
She's not here
I don't knowwhere she is
We bring up children like Americans
We become happy when they talk like them,
dress like them
But once they grow up
they become like natives
Don't care for their parents
Go to bed
It's late
Shall I serve more?
What are you doing?
Washing clothes
Mom was asking why you are
staying there alone
That's alright
I'm ok here
Only a few days more
Maria just called
She's hesitant to call you directly
It's a bad news
Ourfilm is not in the shortlisted 15
Don't be upset
We did all we could
I'm not upset
I'm grateful that I've reached so far
I'm busy today
See you tomorrow
I thought you forgot us
You haven't called
Nowthe blame is on me
How is your fiancee?
Marriage is called off
It won't happen
Our elders say: Don't get too friendly
with boys after a certain age
We start com paring
I wasn't impressed by him
Where are you?
In the Office
I'll call you once I reach
You want anything from here?
Let's go
One minute
I may never come back
Do we have time?
Can we spend 5 minutes?
Why not?
God is great
At times he'll make you walk
through embers
We curse him
later we realise
that that walk was a prevention
from getting paralysis
I don't understand
You still aspire to be an actor?
Of course
Would you act in my next movie?
It will be an easy role for you
You will be acting as yourself
I don't understand
I want to make a movie based on
my experiences here
Is it?
Moidu, Arshad, Maria, you and others
will be the characters
Good id ea
l've some savings and investments
| always wanted to make a movie
Shall I fund your movie?
( A happy song from an old movie )
There, Maria is waiting
l'll park the vehicle
I know you are mad at me
Please don't take all that to heart
ljust kind of said it in the heat
of the moment
I shouldn't have said all that
It's ok, I can understand
It's hard to leave this city
I came here for my love
of cinema and
They play a lot of games here
You know
I can see how passionate you are
about movies
l knowyou spent a lot more here than
what the movie actually cost
I talked to some international
business leads
I think we will be able to make some
of the money back
Oh, thank you
And you have come this far with
a movie at your age
You are going to do such bigger
and betterthings
You are, you are
All my best
Thank you
Ok? bye
This is for you
And this is for Moidu
Call me
What is the title of our movie?
I've thought of one
What's it?
And the Oskar goes to...
And the Oskar goes to...
Come in
l was waiting for you
Prince sent this for you
She's Ummukulsu
The only movie she has ever watched
in a theatre is yours
He speaks of you daily
Arshad's kids
Shahina and Sharaf
They stayed homejust to meet you
Where is Arshad?
Where do you work?
She is learning tailoring
He works in a tea shop
What happened?
It was not a happy ending
like in your movie
The few months in Saudi jail took it's toll
on his body and soul
Honestly, I wasn't aware
A good ending for my movie,
that's all what I wanted
Forgive me
Don't be upset
Even if it was in the movie, we were
happy to see him come back like that
But then, I tried to show real life
Cinema is cinema and life is life...
totally different entities
What is it Arshad?