And Then I Go (2017) Movie Script

This is the house I grew up in.
That's our sailboat
we never use.
My dad calls it
the Spirit Breaker.
That's Flake's house.
He's my best friend.
That's where I broke my
wrist when I was eight.
And the pole Flake and
I carved our names into.
This is our school.
That's my locker I
can never get open.
I lay in bed at night terrorized
by thoughts of this place
to where I can't sleep.
And if I ever do get to sleep,
I just have nightmares about it.
Everyone's in a group or
wants to be in a group.
It's a joke.
This place, and everyone in it,
is a big shit pile
floating downstream.
And all the way at the bottom,
below the kids with
missing jaws and shit,
there's me and Flake.
Ours is a group of two.
We know it's
only the first day of school,
but we want to encourage everyone
to meet in the quad today
where you can sign up
for chess club, art club,
thespian club, yearbook
club, drama club,
video journalism club...
Edwin, where's your book?
In my locker.
Well, what good is
it doing you in there?
Sometimes I wonder.
Did you hear me?
What's it doing in your locker?
Well, do you want to
explain to the principal
why it's there?
He can't get his locker open.
Is that true?
Is that really true?
Oh, fuck me.
So, Ms. Meier says you're
not to come back into her class
until you're ready to start
acting like a human being.
Do you know when that'll be?
You want to tell me
what happened today?
I couldn't get my locker open.
You couldn't get
your locker open?
Why does everyone
repeat what I say?
Okay, and I
suppose you found it appropriate
to use foul language
in her class
'cause you couldn't
get your locker open?
Is that right?
You suppose right.
All right, just tell your
parents I'm gonna be in touch.
Do you hear me?
I may keep it a surprise.
Oh, my god.
Kids like you used to
get their butts kicked
when I was a kid.
They still do.
All right.
Can we see less of
each other, please?
My mom checks the summer
reading thing that we had to do
and she looks over and she says,
"Oh, this isn't good enough".
So, she's making me
redo the entire thing
before we have to
hand it in tomorrow.
It's so fucking stupid.
She's always on
my case about it.
She just won't shut up for
the rest of the period.
And then, in the hallway
after class she's like...
Come on.
What the fuck?
What's up now, bitch?
Get off me.
Get off him.
Oh, fuck!
Think you're funny now?
Where you going?
Where you going?
What are you gonna do?
Look at you.
Get off of me.
Get off.
You're such a bitch.
Fuck you.
Fuck me?
- Okay.
- Fuck you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Knock it off!
Hey, knock it off!
I'm gonna kill you.
What are you gonna do?
I said knock it off right now!
Hey, hey, knock it off.
Knock it off. Get off him.
Get off him!
What is wrong with you?
Hey, hey kid.
You all right?
I want everybody off
the field right now.
Flake, you okay?
Fuck you.
I'll talk to you in a minute.
Was Roddy involved?
No, not this time.
Just the last time then, right?
He gets blamed for
a lot of stuff he doesn't do.
I know.
He's such a misunderstood
figure, isn't he?
How about a new friend, pal?
You ever think about that?
Maybe a friend that you
haven't seen every single day
since you were five.
You know, you're
grounded for a week.
You get detention,
you get grounded.
Those are the rules.
Hey, you hear me?
No more ice cream for me.
Ooh, you want to make it two?
I don't care.
Edwin, come on.
What'd you teach today?
Was it fun?
Yeah, I had fun.
I like Macro.
I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
Maybe a new school?
I'm not going
to a private school.
You got that right.
Yeah well somewhere new
wouldn't be the
worst thing for you.
Is that good, Gus?
Hey, take a napkin, please.
I think Gus is gonna
turn out to be normal.
Edwin, please don't say that.
He is.
You're not abnormal.
Well, let's not rush
to judgment on that.
What, I can't kid
around with him?
It's not funny.
You're fine.
Your mother's right.
You're not abnormal.
I'm not?
Speaking of.
No, you're not.
What, are you possessed?
Oh, Gus.
Please, just.
I got something on my butt.
Well, that came
out of left field.
What would that be?
- Want to see?
- No.
Oh, my God.
Maybe later.
That's the normal
you're aspiring to.
What are they watching?
Are there any other kids
at school who don't watch TV?
You mean, besides me?
Oh, besides you and Roddy.
Not that I can think of.
Well, don't kids talk
about shows and stuff
that are on all the time?
All the time.
What about, um, social media?
Social media?
Okay, you know what I mean.
Facebook, Instagram, whatever.
You and Roddy don't
do any of that stuff.
Don't the other kids?
Yeah, of course.
So don't you feel left out?
All the time.
Welcome to Target World.
Who is this?
Emperor Samatar.
Oh, god.
It's you again.
What do you got
for me this time?
Oh, God.
So, that's it?
All right, pal.
No talking.
What did I just say?
What is it, Mr. Sfikas?
He's swearing at me.
Can you tell him to stop?
Leave him
alone, Mr. Hanratty.
He keeps putting his
hand down his pants
and doing something
with himself.
It's gross.
The whole desk moves.
Just both of you be quiet.
My ball.
Come on.
You're such an asshole.
You're such a fuckwad.
Oh, okay.
Nice comeback, man.
You're so bad at this.
Fuck you, man.
It's your serve.
Game point.
I am victorious.
Sorry to see that game end.
Thank you, Mrs. Pengue.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you.
Goodbye, folks.
Good to be here.
Help me.
So, guess who I got a call from
a little bit ago?
Uh, the Pope.
Mrs. Pengue.
Yeah, she was
surprisingly upset.
Said she found the most
interesting thing on her table.
What'd she find?
Hey, Gus.
Knock it off.
You don't know
anything about this?
Hey, pal. Can
you get me a beer?
Aw, listen to him sigh.
I know, he lives to serve us.
You don't have to do that.
Come on.
What's your
mother talking about?
I don't know.
Well, why don't
you tell your father
what Mrs. Pengue found
on her picnic table.
I don't know what anyone
found on their picnic table.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah, you don't?
I don't want basghetti.
I want pizza.
A severed head?
A dying weasel?
I don't know.
What'd she find?
All right.
Well, it was a pile of human
Okay, that's great.
He was going like this.
No, encourage him.
How did she know it was human?
So, you think I did it?
You or Roddy.
Because I didn't do anything.
I don't need you all
worked up right now.
I'm just asking you a question.
I want pizza.
Well, we're not having pizza.
Have a bite, please.
Come on.
You take a dump
on Pengue's table?
Did Roddy, or Flake, whatever
he's going by these days?
Who did?
I don't know.
All right, come on.
I didn't even go in her yard.
I don't know who did it, okay?
How did it get there?
I don't...
One of you guys did it.
I don't know
what you want me to say.
Don't lie.
I'm not lying.
Hey, relax, all right?
We're just talking about this.
Just tell us.
I didn't do anything.
What is the matter?
What do you want from me?
Hey, hey, hey, relax.
Edwin, come back!
What's the matter with him?
I don't know.
You better be there tomorrow.
Okay, we'll call you.
Come on, seriously.
Have you even kissed a girl?
Yeah, do you
even know what a clit is?
I think he does.
You think he does?
Do you know how
many holes a girl has?
You do?
So, how many?
Fuck off.
He doesn't know.
I think he does.
I think he's got 'em himself.
Where are they?
He said three.
Where are they?
One in the front
and one in the back.
He doesn't know shit.
Yeah, he knows
where his mom's holes are.
Can you believe this shit?
Dropped one bomb on Hiroshima.
That bomb has more power
than 20,000 tons of TNT.
So, I had this idea.
I lifted some stuff
from Pengue's garage
when I took that
shit on her table.
Nice move, by the way.
The table.
What, did you get in trouble?
Of course I got in trouble.
What'd you think?
That's awesome.
So, I got this
bug powder, right?
I don't know what it's called.
Roten something.
It's supposed to be
like super toxic.
Oh, great.
So now I'm gonna
get shit for that.
You're not gonna get shit
for shit, Mr. Fearless.
I took a pound from
like a 20 pound bag.
Roddy, get down here!
What do you want?
I want you to get down here.
It was
to spare the Japanese people
from utter destruction
that the ultimatum of July the
26th was issued at Potsdam.
Their leaders promptly
rejected that ultimatum.
What did your father want?
He wanted to put his dick in me.
I'm all alone here.
I feel like I'm living alone.
So, what's your idea?
Think the bug powder will
really get people sick?
We'll see.
Well, how do we get the
powder into the vents?
Oh my god, dude.
Shut up.
Just trust me, it'll work.
Dude, that's fucked.
The pan's not gonna
fit through there.
Why don't we pour
some in the baggie
and leave the
baggie open inside?
Where are your parents?
Movies, dinner, Canada.
I don't know.
Do you want to check
out my dad's guns?
What kind's he got?
More than one.
This one's a carbine.
It's from WW Two.
WW Two?
Shut up.
That's a Kalashnikov.
And this one's called
a nine millimeter.
So, um,
are these new?
New hobby.
He went to a gun show last week.
Does he have bullets?
He hides them in
a different place.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
What are you thinking?
I think you're thinking
what I'm thinking.
You wanna be like those
kids at that school?
In Colorado?
No, they were fuck ups.
I don't want to be like anybody.
What were those kids' names?
What are you the evening news?
Do you wanna do this or
or not?
I get to choose which one I use?
Well, yeah.
We'll go in with all three.
The nine millimeter
'll be a backup.
We gotta, we gotta
plan it, you know.
We gotta plan it better
than the other thing.
Yeah, that's for sure.
I'm not just
talking here you know.
I'm not just playing.
I didn't say you were.
Are you just playing?
I think you are just playing.
Well, wait and see.
Come on, one more.
Universe point.
Have you guys been working
on your photosynthesis project?
Right, I heard about that.
Roddy's mother told me about it.
I'm really looking
forward to seeing that.
What have you learned so far
about photosynthesis?
Some strange shit.
Oh sweetheart,
please don't swear in
front of your brother.
He can swear.
No, and neither
can you until you have kids
of your own, which God help us.
You don't make the rules, okay?
Yeah I do.
Alright, Gus.
So we got a nice call from
the vice principal today.
What'd he want?
He wants us all to meet.
So we're all gonna meet?
I thought we talked about this?
Gus, what?
My gosh.
Yes, hon?
You're driving me nuts.
Don't look at me.
You don't want
us to look at you?
You're okay?
I'm getting very
mixed messages from you, Gus.
Very weird.
I want my Nerf ball.
No, hon,
- no balls at the table, okay?
- Now what's a matter?
Do I just have a
sign on my face today?
You got a glass head.
Remember we use
to say that to you
when you were little.
Little glass head.
What am I thinking right now?
You're thinking, um,
I wish they'd leave me alone.
He's thinking, why do
I have to eat with them?
It's okay, hon.
Looks great though.
What are you working on?
That's really great, Edwin.
It's my brother.
Oh that's your brother.
It's really good.
It's a great use of color.
Yeah, keep working on that.
How's it going over here, huh?
Hey, Edwin.
So listen, we have to do
this world of color thing
with three people in art class.
Ms. Arnold says
you're really good.
You are.
You're a really good artist.
What are you doing?
You want time to think about it?
yeah, okay.
Don't forget, we
want you for our trio.
Tawanda wants to touch your art.
So there are eight doors
in and out of the school.
Thought there were more.
I'm sorry, it's like,
it's not like you
never made a mistake.
You're a mistake.
Your mother's a mistake.
God, I wish I could
do this by myself.
Why don't you?
Okay, so we have to
seal up all the doors?
Yeah, but that's
the problem, dude.
We have to get from there
to there to there to there
and we have to do
it relatively fast.
Why don't we do something
to these doors ahead of time
and we can come in
through these two?
We could do it in the
gym during an assembly.
That's a good idea.
This is a good idea, Edwin.
What about these?
How long does it take to pull
some bungee cords off of a door?
How 'bout scotch tape?
I was just asking.
Why don't we put
this in the door
and slide it through the bars?
I thought of that.
You could just slide it
right back out again.
Suppose your brakes didn't work?
My point entirely.
Your parents ever try to get
you interested in sports?
We tried to get Roddy
excited about music.
You got me one of those
pianos for like one year olds.
Do you want a real piano?
We'll get you a real
piano if you want one.
If you'll play it.
I don't want one!
Roddy's grandmother
was a wonderful musician.
Was she?
She coulda been a professional.
All she did was
complain about her health
and she lived to be like 102.
What'd he say?
What do you care?
How did I end up with
a kid with no ambition?
Don't worry about
the no ambition part.
You got some?
I'm working on it.
You don't look like
you're working on it.
I'm, I'm working
on it right now.
What are you doing?
Dude, your dad's gonna be pissed
with all this
paint on the floor!
You can fuck up
your skin like this
if you do it long enough.
Does that sound
about right, Edwin?
Yeah, sounds about right.
Well, here's what
we've been noticing.
Edwin acts like he's
under constant pressure.
He's either very
quiet or acting out
in various anti-social ways.
He's very bright,
and has a very good
head on his shoulders.
Mrs. Arnold says he's been
working very diligently
with others on his art
project in her class.
I've seen his work
and it's very.
What art project?
It's just this art thing.
It's for a competition
or something.
Okay, so the reason why
we wanted to talk with you guys
is we have noticed a shift,
obviously in
behavior, this year.
And I guess we were
curious if you've noticed
anything in particular that
happened over the summer.
Was there any kind
of traumatic event?
I mean, no.
Not that I know of.
Okay, well what
about you, Edwin,
have you noticed anything?
No, not really.
You can't think of one thing?
Well, I got older.
So where do we go from here?
Right, okay well
one place to start
is we offer a program
for extra work
with socialization.
You mean for like
special ed kids?
No, no.
It's a workshop to help those
who are having difficulties
and it's designed to
build teamwork, and trust,
and they do really fun stuff.
They do skits, they
do hypotheticals.
How do you feel about that?
Is that something that is
worth a try for you guys?
I'm fine with that.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
What about the patient?
How does that sound?
Fine with me.
Fine with you.
Okay, everything's
fine with you.
Well we will
try to keep an eye out
- on things on our end.
- Yeah, yeah, great.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you.
Hey, fuck off!
This is ours.
What do you own
the railroad now?
Those are ours too.
What, are you gonna
hit us with that?
You're trying to fuckin'
scare me with a rock?
Dude, give me the sketchpads.
Put the rock down.
Give me the fucking sketchpads!
Put the rock down.
Those drawings suck by the way.
Find another place
to blow each other.
Take your little gay
drawings with you.
What the fuck is this?
They've got whole drawers
full of this crap.
You still pissed?
You still pissed?
Here put this in your mouth.
You think we're
really gonna do this?
I don't know.
Let's talk about it later.
Man we are such pussies.
- Dude any of these work.
- Hermie.
You got money?
I'm buying something for myself.
You buy somethin' for me,
you can hang around with us.
Take off.
You heard him, come on.
Oh man.
Come on.
I know what I want.
So you know that kid Budzinski?
No, why? You kick his ass?
No. He kicked mine.
You look okay to me.
What'd he use a pillow?
Your dad's here.
Nice ride homie.
Who's this?
Friend of ours.
He got a name?
- Hermie.
- Herman.
Seriously, what's his real name?
- Herman.
- Hermie.
Nice guy.
So you're hanging out
in parking lots now?
Library's closed.
Oh that's funny.
Get in the car I'll
give you a ride home.
I just ate.
Get in.
Can we get a ride too?
Say bye to the homies.
You don't have
any other friends?
Who else am I supposed
to be hanging out with?
I don't know,
somebody at your school.
It's a big school you go to.
You can't...
You still getting in fights?
- Fights?
- Yeah fights.
What are these fights anyway?
How are they starting?
I hate that, I hate the
thought of you fighting.
Well then don't think about it.
They're certainly not fights.
Well what are they then?
When are we gonna
stop this sport, huh?
What a week? A month? A year?
- We have to wait a year?
- A week.
A week?
Okay I hope so.
That would be
great for everyone.
You tell your mom
where you were?
Yeah, I left a note.
Well you got some mouth
on you, you know that?
If you're not
gonna help yourself
if you're not gonna
make an effort at least.
I know you're
havin' a hard time.
A lot of kids have a hard time.
I had a hard time
when I was your age.
Yeah, sure you did.
Oh you don't believe me?
I just said I did.
Okay, so you're the only kid
who's ever gotten beaten up?
I didn't even bring this up.
Light's green
Hey. It's okay
to be gay you know?
My sister in high school,
she's in the Lesbian Alliance.
What are you talking about?
I told you.
What did you tell her?
I told her not to bring it up.
Look, it was hard
for my sister too.
She said she wishes somebody
had talked to her about it.
You're sitting here
and calling us gay?
Look, it's not a judgment thing.
Oh okay, okay.
And if I called you
a fuckin' skank,
would you say that that's
not a judgment thing?
I hurt your feelings?
I hurt her feelings.
She calls me fucking queer
and I hurt her feelings.
Just forget it okay?
What? No we're not
going to just forget it.
Fuck you too. Hey, giz
bag, listen to something.
Don't touch me.
Tell her she's gotta talk to me.
I'm not getting in
the middle of this.
If somebody said
bad shit about you,
- we'd tell you who it was.
- Yeah.
I was just trying to help.
Who told you that?
Matthew Sfikas.
Who the fuck is Matthew Sfikas?
Shit, he's that ninth
grader from detention.
Well what's his damage?
I told the monitor he
was playing with himself.
He's just getting even.
He said he saw you guys.
That's the only
reason I believed it.
What did he say he saw us doing?
Look, just forget it.
Who is he?
Point him out,
come on. Who is he?
Point him out. Point him out.
Dude he's not here right now.
You know what? Nice
dining with you all.
Why get 100 years
of detention for this kid
when we can just save
him for our thing?
I'll kick his ass now
and we can shoot him later.
How are you gonna
kick anyone's ass
with your hand all fucked up?
I'll use a shovel.
I'll use a rake.
You can't use a shovel.
What the fuck do you care?
I'll use a chainsaw if I want.
Oh okay. Let's find him then.
Why don't you bring your rake?
Why don't you put bug
powder in his milk
since that worked so
fuckin' great last...
What the fuck?
Get the fuck off me asshole.
Get the fuck down.
- I'm sick of your shit.
- Asshole.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Roddy. Roddy what
is going on up there?
Roddy, what's goin' on?
Woah, woah, woah.
Alright, woah, hold on.
Roddy, Roddy, Roddy,
no. You stop it.
Fuck you.
- Roddy.
- Fucking maggot.
You piece of shit.
Get the fuck out of my house.
- Get out of my house.
- Stop it. Stop it.
Fuck you.
Get out.
I bet she is.
Oh here he comes.
Hey we hear you and
Roddy thought you were
in Thunder Dome.
I don't know what that means.
Roddy's mother called us.
Are you alright?
Want me to clean you up?
Oh honey, okay, okay.
Fucking asshole.
Oh, you're dressed already.
Couldn't sleep.
Okay well come downstairs,
I'll make you some breakfast.
You have 45
minutes to complete the test.
It'll start when I say go.
- Really good work you guys.
- Thank you.
I can't wait for this
to go in the contest.
Gotta think of a name guys.
Think of a title, yeah.
What are you doin' down there?
I'm resting.
Is it comfortable?
Yeah, more or less.
Model rocketry.
You wanna see?
Mr. Edwin. Hey can I
talk to you a second?
I know, I hate to bother
your fine dining experience.
Get over here for a second.
This is good.
Hey so I wanted to check in
and see how you're feelin'
about this
socialization workshop.
Oh come on, man.
It's not gonna be that bad.
You gotta just give it a shot.
The bonus is it's during school
so you get to miss
some class anyways.
Alright here's the deal Edwin.
The feeling is you can't
go on like this, man.
You can't.
The fights, the headaches.
Somethin' pretty
extreme needs to happen.
Okay here eat your lunch.
You gotta help me
with this kid Budzinski.
Who is this kid?
You ever wash this shirt?
My mom does.
You ever wash those pants?
So are you gonna help me?
Help you what?
With Budzinski.
I just need help with a plan.
A plan?
Just hide behind a bush
and hit him with a stick.
That's a plan?
He's a seventh
grader, take his candy.
Push him down in the sandbox.
I went after him
with a whiffle bat.
A whiffle bat?
Took it away from me
and beat me with it.
Hey man, it happens.
No it doesn't.
Not to anybody else.
I get my ass kicked all
the time, are you kidding?
Maybe I'll just
get my dad's gun.
See what he does then.
Don't be an idiot.
That'll teach him
not to fuck with me.
Of course he can fuck with you,
you're like two feet tall.
You can't just get a gun.
Just leave me alone.
All I know is someone's
gotta do something.
We got a problem.
Don't hang up fuck head.
I'm still here.
We got a problem.
So I hear.
You already know?
You just fuckin' told me.
So what's the problem?
Our pal Hermie.
He told me he's getting a gun
and going after
that kid he hates.
No, I don't think
he's bullshitting.
I'm thinking he'd screw
it up for the both of us.
That certainly
is the type of shit
that always happens to us.
So what'd you tell him?
I told him he
couldn't just get a gun.
And what'd he say?
Hey can we talk?
Didn't say anything.
I think we gotta talk to him.
Who are you talking to?
I gotta go.
Oh I'll talk to him alright.
You think he would really do it?
I gotta go, okay.
What's wrong?
Is that Roddy?
Is that your mom?
Has she been
listening this whole time?
Jesus Christ, call
me back asshole.
So you and
Roddy worked things out?
Look, I was thinking that
we should go away somewhere
for your dad's birthday.
Like somewhere cool, and...
I don't know, how
does that sound?
Sounds good.
Sounds good?
So where do you wanna go?
The lake.
Yeah, where we used
to spend summer.
The lake?
That's great, yeah. The lake.
Okay. Oh that's gonna be...
Let's take the sailboat.
We haven't taken
it out for so long.
You and your brother used
to just have so much fun.
That's such a good
choice, hon. Okay.
You can leave the door open.
I'm gonna...
It's the kid
in the blue sweatshirt.
Boom, 21, losers.
See ya guys.
So, what do we do now, exactly?
Hey see you guys later.
Oh, don't forget about
that game Wednesday.
We need to win this.
Working on some construction?
What do you want?
So listen, you
know that kid Herman?
About your size?
We're thinking... well, we
watch out for him sometimes.
He's such a doofy little shit.
You got that right.
Yeah, he can really be a
pain in the ass sometimes.
Yeah, you got that right too.
We were hoping
you could cut him some slack
the next few weeks.
Why should I?
'Cause if you don't
we'll kick your ass.
I'll kick your ass, bitch.
Is the whole 7th
grade fucking nuts?
Get outta my yard.
What's the matter?
Get outta
my yard, mother fucker.
We tried to ask
you nicely, dude.
Hi Mom, what's up?
Okay I'm calling
the police if you two
- don't get outta my yard.
- Go!
Call the police. Call
the fucking National Guard.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you
don't talk to me like that.
What are your names?
I'm Ed Gein.
Tell the police Ed Gein was
here and he wants your son.
Get outta my yard.
You inside.
Let's go.
Now he's really
gonna go after Hermie.
We gotta figure out the
doors and move up our plan.
I know.
We should do it
during the next assembly.
I think there's one
in the gym on Friday.
I think there's something
wrong with my tooth.
I could see it in
the news afterwards.
The two, murderous
juvenile delinquents
and their whatever plan.
You wuss out on me,
I'll shoot you myself.
I got it.
A wedge.
What the fuck's with you?
Am I doing this alone here?
A wedge?
Wedges, to seal up the doors.
We use wedges.
We do it from the outside.
One of us brings a
little hammer, bang,
we drive it under the doors.
No one from the
inside can open them.
God, I can't believe I
didn't think of that before.
I can't believe even you
didn't think of them.
So, does this mean
we can do it on Friday?
Roddy, homework.
He's just going.
Do we know how much
kick these guns have?
Don't hold it like a
faggot and you'll be fine.
I'm not gonna hold
it like a faggot.
Then you'll be fine.
Look, you better go, dude.
What about the
thing with Hermie?
I don't know,
we gotta stall him.
Let me think about it.
Where's Gus?
Being a sleepy head.
So, you wanna hear my plan?
What's your plan?
We go to the lake this weekend.
It's supposed to
be in the 70s so
the water should still be warm
enough for you guys to swim.
Take the sailboat, you
know, just like old times.
Sounds like a good idea.
Well, I say we pick your
father up after his lecture
on Friday and just go
straight from there.
When's his lecture end?
Like 10 or so.
Yeah, this Friday.
I got school.
Well, we'll take you out early.
It's like a get out
of jail free card.
Come on.
I mean unless you're
dying to stay in school.
Are you excited?
I guess.
You're gonna be
late, hon, come on.
Are those lights on your shoes?
What happened to your eye?
Walk into somebody's boner?
So, did we tell you
we talked to Budzinski?
Oh, he told me.
Did he do that?
Son of a bitch.
I'm gonna talk to
that little prick.
Just don't talk to him anymore.
Well, he can't
just keep beating on you.
Don't worry about me.
I'll figure it out myself.
So, listen, we got this plan
but it's gonna take
some time to set up
so it's gonna have
to start next week.
You in?
In what?
In on this thing.
You wanna, you wanna
get back at him or not?
Alright, then.
Hey Edwin.
It's so exciting.
You know if you win
the regional prize,
you get your name in the paper.
Did you ever wonder
what it would be like
to see your name in the paper?
Well, did you
ever think it might happen?
Well, go tell your parents.
It's a really big honor.
You know, I mean
just to get this far.
It's great that it was
a group project too.
I guess.
Okay, well see you later.
Hey, throw the ball.
What the fuck?
What did you say?
It's my ball.
No, what did you say to me?
I said I don't
fucking believe this.
You're just gonna
steal my fucking ball?
Come on.
It's not even mine.
It's my little brother's.
You hear me, you fuck?
Oh, these old guys.
These are about ready
to go out, aren't they?
Leave them.
Hon, I think we
can try to find you
another pair like them.
They're fine.
Why are you crying?
Bit my tongue.
Okay, let me see.
Open your mouth.
Let me look.
Well, I can't tell if you
won't let me look at it.
It's on the bottom.
Okay, I'll be back
in a minute, okay?
Where's my ball?
Where's my ball?
You left it outside I think.
I want it.
Didn't you leave it outside?
I want it.
Well, it's too late now.
We can't get it tonight.
Please, hon, just go
get ready for bed.
I'm under here now.
Are we sleeping under
the bed tonight or...
Just lying here a minute.
Can I ask you a question?
Uh huh.
What's going on?
Well, you know I'm
talking to a bed here, hon,
so there's obviously
something wrong.
What's the matter?
Hurt my face.
What'd you do?
Rubbed it too hard.
Honey, come, Edwin
come on, come out please.
Oh hon.
Come here, come here.
Honey, it's okay.
What is?
Whatever it is, you know.
I know that sometimes you
just can't handle stuff.
It's too hard.
I can handle it.
Please don't go
getting all mad, okay?
I'm trying to talk to you.
What are, what are you mad for?
You're just a little guy.
You should...
Gus, please come up and
just eat some cereal.
Ah, so a nice way
to start the day.
Don't make fun
of him, though, please.
I'm not making fun of
him, I'm just commenting
on our happy home.
He didn't find his ball?
You look outside?
You look outside?
Mmm hmm, he said
he looked all over.
I looked all over.
I know, hon.
It's not the end of the world.
Yes it is.
How are you doing?
I'm good.
You look great.
And the Oscar goes to... Gus.
He's so sad.
I think I know
where his ball is.
Where, you got it?
Flake borrowed it, I think.
Flake, of course.
Yeah, I'll just get it back.
That's good news.
Things are looking
up for you, Gus.
I'll get it, I promise.
Big brother coming through.
Hey, the assembly is tomorrow.
Um, I gotta go to the
dentist after school
so I'll call you after dinner.
My mom thinks I'm
gonna be getting braces
in the next few months.
I don't think that's
gonna work out.
You okay, Edwin?
Yeah, I got sick.
Yeah, that's what I heard.
You okay?
So, um, what's the class doing?
I gave them an assignment.
Sorry I'm missing it.
Okay, well, I just
wanted to check on you.
Um, excuse me,
you have any other colors?
Sorry, guy, that's all we got.
Was his ball pink?
He says it wasn't.
It was.
He's losing his mind.
He says it was, honey.
It wasn't pink.
You there?
I like the pink.
You don't like the pink?
Are you all right?
You're panting.
You sound like a dog.
I'm scared.
Don't wuss out on me.
Do you hear me?
I'm not wussing out on anyone.
Shit, dude, are you crying?
Are you gonna make it?
Do I have to come over
there and sit with you?
Dude, we got
a lot to do tonight.
How soon can you come over
after everybody's asleep there?
1:00, 1:30?
All right, come to the gate.
You have a fight with Roddy?
Just wanted to see if he
wanted to play volleyball.
Yeah well, I packed a bag
for you for the trip tomorrow.
Let me know if I
missed anything.
Are you worried your dad's
gonna know they're missing?
I locked the cases back up
and I left the pistols, so...
This is really heavy.
Hold it farther
up with that hand.
You want to trade?
Yeah, maybe.
You want a tube?
I brought two down.
I'm fine.
You ever worry we might
shoot all the wrong people?
You want to know
what I think about?
How when something
terrible happens somewhere,
and there's all those
flags and flowers and
candles and pictures
of people who died,
and pages of sayings and poems.
All that shit lined
up for months.
That's what I think about.
Are you kidding me?
They haven't fixed this shit?
What's your combo?
- What's your...
- 4, 17, 23.
What are you doing?
Is Mommy up?
No, Mommy's sleeping.
You go to sleep too, okay?
You like your Nerf ball?
Yeah, this one's pink.
Don't be sad.
That's what everyone says.
Why does everyone say that?
I just get so mad sometimes.
How's your ear?
Mom says it's still
bothering you.
It hurts.
How about now?
Go to sleep.
Goodnight, Gus.
You're a great little
guy, you know that?
Leave the door open.
Hey, wake up.
Let's go.
Hey. Gosh, you are so out.
Hey, I have some errands
to run this morning,
so I won't be by
the school until
quarter to 12 or so.
Be where I said today, okay?
Don't make us come all
around the building
looking for you.
I won't.
Where's Dad?
Oh, he went in
early to practice his thing.
Tell him I said good luck.
Aw, okay.
Do it again, do it again.
You're gonna go to
the bathroom, alright?
And you're gonna wait
there until the bell rings.
Do not go out until
the bell rings.
Go to your locker,
get the duffle,
bring the whole thing
to the doors, alright?
I will take care of the wedge.
Do not go in until you see me
at the double doors, alright?
We are going to go at
the same time, alright?
Do not go before I go,
go when I go. Okay?
Students are to report
to the gym after the
end of the period.
Please be prompt
and ready to hear
about all the exciting...
Hey, Edwin.
What are you doing?
You're gonna be so late, here.
What's your combination?
4, 17, 23.
Whatever, you're gonna be late.
Because today is not the end,
it is the beginning.
Individually, many
of you perform
with the best of your ability...
Turn the safety off.
Oh my God!
Shoot your gun!
Shoot your fucking
gun, shoot it!
Fire it!
Oh my God!
Put the gun down!
Get down.
Get the gun, get the gun!
Flake, no!
- Stop it!
- No, Flake!
Hey, get out, get out!
- Go, move!
- Settle down!
No, fuck! Let me go! Flake!
Flake! Flake!
Don't move!
- Flake!
- Don't move!
- Let me go, fuck!
- Don't move!
No. Flake.
Every weekend in the summer,
we used to take this
old dumpy sailboat
out onto the lake.
It looked like a dog
dish with a mast.
And this one time, we
gave this guy and his kid
in a Sunfish a tow.
I got to be the guy
who threw the rope
when we were close
enough to them.
I remember when we got
home, telling my parents
how great I thought it was.
I remember my mom
agreeing with me.
I remember the kid's face
as we bounced
through some waves.
I remember how happy he was.
And I thought,
good for you, kid.
Like I was his dad.
Good for you.