And Then We Danced (2019) Movie Script

From the top.
Stop. Stop!
You should be like a nail.
From the top.
Come on. Focus now.
Three. Four. Go.
You're too soft.
You need to be more like a monument.
And your eyes are too playful.
Your gaze should be here.
Is that understood?
They need to convey purity.
Virginal innocence.
What? Is this funny to all of you?
There's no sexuality in Georgian dance.
This isn't the Lambada.
Who are you?
I'm Irakli,
the replacement dancer.
Replacement for who?
Go stand over there.
Again, from the top!
Get over here.
What you got there?
This? It's an earring.
do you know where you are?
The Georgian National Ensemble.
So take the damn earring off!
Just go stand over there.
Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Ok. Let's see what you got.
Get going, the Adjarian duet.
Get ready. Four.
Hey. Could you be a little more careful?
Mr. Shalva-
I need to ask you- Could
I get half my salary-
in advance?
It's really an emergency.
I can't.
Go do your job.
Take those Khinkalis
out to the customers.
Where are the beers?
I'll bring them now.
What the fuck's his problem?
They wanna get drunk.
The fuck with them.
How many?
They're three.
I'll take it out.
What's this?
Take it.
Take it I am telling you.
You gave me enough.
Thank you.
I'm leaving.
Be a good boy.
I need potatoes.
That's enough.
Everything good at home?
See you.
Damn circus in there again tonight.
Alright Aurora.
Lay off it.
Lay off it?
The whole damn neighbourhood knows
every detail of that woman's life.
I'm home!
What happened?
Be careful so she doesn't wake.
I told you not to bring any leftovers!
What have you told that woman about
us? does she think we're poor?!
What does it matter if
she thinks we're poor?
It's a shame to throw
it away, that's all.
What is this? These
potatos you bring home?
Those were the best ones, sorry.
The dead have arisen.
Mom, can you put on some coffee?
At this hour?
I don't want you up all
night, sleeping all day.
Take out the bread instead.
Where's your brother?
You tell me.
You put on such a scene, the
whole neighbourhood heard you.
It's not paid.
He wouldn't give me an advance.
Some pocket change I got in tips.
Why don't you ask your Lasha to help us?
His own father is sick, I can't ask him.
Of course not-
- but when he needs you to Come
clean h is apartment you're there.
- but when he needs you to Come
clean his apartment you're there.
Are you his cleaning lady?
Yes mom, I'm like his cleaning lady.
You know what?
He should marry you.
Marry you.
Then you can go live with him-
and we both can finally rest.
Dear lord, what days we've lived.
Get up. Let's go.
Your brother just got home.
Yes Aurora, I'm aware,
thank you for the newsflash.
He woke me!
Gotta take a dump.
Then get out, do it after me.
Knock it off!
Stop banging, you'll wake your mother!
Listen, I'm not feeling well.
Got the runs.
I'll come when the training starts.
Stop fooling around.
Go with your brother now.
Fine grandma.
Lend me 10 lari.
I don't have anything.
Let go!
What the fuck is this?
I'm gonna buy Mary a milkshake today.
Give it back to me.
I'll buy everyone milkshakes tomorrow.
Go fuck yourself.
Look at those tits.
do you know how much these-
main ensemble guys get paid?
Plus they get to travel
the wole damn world.
From the top.
What's your name?
Merab Lominadze.
You're loseb's boy?
How's he doing?
Fine, I guess.
Where does he work?
At Elliava.
I see...
And what's your name?
Mariam Kipiani.
How long have you two
been dancing together?
We got paired when we were ten.
What is Georgian dance?
Georgian dance is not
about acheiving perfection.
It's the spirit of our nation.
The main ensemble is
looking for a dancer.
Quiet down!
A male!
They'll let us know how many of
you they want to see audition.
Let's go again.
Excuse me.
When will the auditions be held?
Soon enough.
Take positions!
Three, four!
He's so strange, this new boy.
Just asking Aliko questions like that.
I think so too.
You know why the main ensemble
need a replacement right?
It's Zaza they kicked out.
What? Why?
There was like a scandal when
they performed in Yerevan.
What scandal?
Apparently some of the guys-
beat him up real bad.
He could barely walk after.
What happened?
They caught him having sex.
With a guy.
And an Armenian!
Who told you?
My cousin. Why? You don't believe me?
his family sent him
off to a monastery now.
Like way up in the mountains. You
can barely get there with a car.
Why'd they send him to a monastery?
What do you mean why?
to make him normal again of course.
Is the smell gone?
You guys remember crazy Marina right?
She's still alive! Thought she was
dead. Hadn't seen her for two months.
I was on my way, she fell and-
helped her get up.
She sees my muscles, and she's like:
"You must jerk off so much!?"
You know why she walks like this?
Cause Rati's grandpa used to
bang her three times a day!
I knew you were going to say that.
You're Irakli right?
Have you been to roena's brothel?
Listen, she's got some
new Ukranian girls.
Let's go and check them out?
No man, I can't. I got a girl in Batumi.
Really? She any good?
What did you say?
Say it again man!?
Say it again!
Hey, come on man, he has a girlfriend.
Alright man, alright.
Sorry man, I was just fooling around.
Did I hurt your feelings?
Peace man, no offence.
Fuck off!
You never learn!
Where you going?
Their electricity got turned off.
I told your brother to
go talk to your father.
Just to see if he could help us.
But you would've thought I asked him
to go kill somebody, the way he reacted.
I can't bare being without light.
How's Mary these days?
I don't know. She's good, I guess.
You know? I could maybe talk to Irina...
See if she can give me
more days in the boutique.
If you stop fighting with
everybody, maybe she will.
don't start, mother.
This reminds me of Shevarnadze's time.
Bring me your other dance
shoes and I'll repain them too.
emotional, fiery with temperament-
but most importantly his dance had-
a story behind it.
His dance was spiritual.
He was not just dancing-
every move he made had a narrative.
Miss Mzia?
Can you open the door for me?
You're doing it wrong.
You keep landing wrong on this leg.
You'll hurt yourself.
You need to straighten this.
How long have you been dancing?
Since I could walk.
Since I was 13.
Nothing. gotta take a shit. See you.
Take a break.
Take a break.
From now on you're
doing the Adjarian duet.
now, take your place.
Three, four...
They're from London.
My aunt brought them.
Keep them.
Tell her thanks.
They're much better than ours-
they taste really different.
My dad told me that we get-
the bad cigarettes that
the Europeans won't smoke.
Can't wait to get back to London.
Do you think Aliko will change his mind?
We've been rehearsing that
routine for a year now.
I don't know.
He's Adjarian, the dance fits him.
You think he's better than me?
No, I just meant he's different.
Nothing more.
Yeah, right.
Don't forget these.
You can keep your fancy cigarettes.
What's the matter with him?
They're from London!
Do you want a milkshake?
If you only knew how amazing
the milkshakes are in London.
You'd go crazy. My
favorite is salted caramel.
It's the best.
It's salty, but just enough.
But it's still sweet.
It's really delicious.
There's this small cafe-
Do you know where loseb has his spot?
Just go straight down and to the right.
You could learn
something from this girl-
instead of listening
to your grandmother.
It's really tough, both dancing-
and studying at the same time.
But I really think it's important.
I told you ten times to ome
register with me this semester.
Listen son-
I never wanted this life
for you or your brother.
There's no future in Georgian dance.
Do you want to end up like me?
I guess not...
Being a dancer is a dog's life.
You destroy your body.
And for what?
So you get to perform
at La Scala one time?
You performed at La Scala?
But his grandmother did.
For real?
She never told me.
And me and his mother
performed in Albert Hall once.
You don't know anything now, do you?
Every one knows, but he knows nothing.
Just lovely.
I only knew about The Metropolitan-
quit squabbling.
Fine, alright.
Want a sip?
What is this?!
The main ensemble has
lost a male dancer.
And what? they're looking
for a replacement.
And what?
I'm gonna apply.
Boy! It's not for you. Why
can't you understand that?
Your brother on the other hand-
if he cared enough...
So I'll practice every day.
You'll need to practice
24/7, you know that right?
So then I'll practice 24/7!
What do you want from me!?
I can make some calls if you want?
I could talk to Aliko?
It's not like Aliko will
care what you have to say.
I just don't want you
wasting your time, that's all.
You need money?
Give this to your mother.
This is all I have right now.
Your brother got the electricity back.
God bless him.
I fixed it, I know a
guy who works there.
He helped me out.
What did you do?
Don't worry brother.
My baby boy.
Where'd that woman put the nuts?
They're over here.
Aliko said that if you miss
another rehearsal, you're out.
I don't care.
What about the salary?
What salary? Are you kidding me?
I'm going out!
Alright dear.
Eat up.
sorry about the dance thing.
Not my fault.
Yeah, whatever.
Listen, I'll come with
you to the studio now.
But help me get my brother up.
Or he won't ome at all today.
Wake up boy!
Get up!
Hey, ool posters!
Get up man!
Look, it's the same as your tatoo!
I gotta puke!
Aliko will kill you if
you don't come today!
Go before me and I'll come after.
Who is this boy your brother brings
home like this in the morning?
Mind your own business!
Hello, I'm lrakli!
Very nice to meet you!
What a sympathetic young man!
What a sweet lady!
Are you kidding me?!
Looks good...
I'm so hungover!
Fuck. I lost my earring.
It's probably in the changing
room? In your bag maybe?
Does Ninutza have a boyfriend?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
I think she's into me.
Not like that.
I really like her.
I'd like to take her out some place.
You don't stand a chance.
She only likes real expensive places.
Then I'm fucked.
All the money I make I send back home.
My dad's ill.
He used to work construction
before and his lungs quit on him.
My dad also worked construction before.
Are you and Mary a couple or what?
Something like that.
How'd you get that scar?
I was dropped as a baby.
I've had it all my life and my
parents refuse to tell me why.
So I think they dropped me.
And now they're too ashamed to tell me.
But I like it.
Me too.
I just meant that it suits you.
Get in line, all of you.
Where's David?
He's sick.
Is he dying?
I don't know.
Let him know-
- if he misses another class
he doesn't have to come back.
Can I dance now?
Mzia tells me..
You and the new boy have been
rehearsing in the mornings.
He's very gifted. Don't you think?
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
I guess.
You're smart.
Trying to learn from
someone better than you.
Good then.
I want you two to do the Kint
duet. Irakli, come stand here.
Sir, what about me?
That's my only duet in the whole show.
Go ask David.
Alright, but why am I being punished-
Did I say you can talk?
Then step back.
I'm stepping back.
Let's go!
Your hand, this hand-
needs to-
Quiet down.
Beso has selected the dancers-
he wants to see audition.
After consulting with me of course.
Be quiet.
And Merab.
We still have one hour
of rehearsals left.
From the top.
Hurry up.
What happened?
How'd it go Merab?!
This is how he looked.
What about you?
Check out the tourists.
They can't even dance.
What are they looking at?
Let's show them.
Come on...
Get up!
Ok! Let's do go!
Thank you.
This bread is to die for.
Get up, let's go.
Stand up.
Where are we going?
To the park.
What do you want with the park?
Where did you get that?
Ninutza gave it to me.
And what? Sopo is doing it too.
Does Sopo have a guy?
What does it matter?
Why not?
Come on, listen.
The first time should be special.
Not just anywhere, in some park.
Fine. Whatever you say.
Come on, eat.
I'm fine.
Poor you.
Sopo, should we take you home?
Yes, yes.
We're going tomorrow right?
Yes for sure.
Come here.
Which way?
Toward Sevastopol street.
Oh, we're going the same way then.
This used to be an
Armenian cemetary before.
Oh shit.
I forgot something!
Hurry up!
Wake up grandma.
Sweet boy.
Who is this handsome boy?
His name is Merab grandma.
Your name's Merab?
He's my friend.
You're a good boy.
He dances too?
He's a great dancer.
Look at you?
I'll have some confiture later.
But you can put one fig here.
Givi. Givi.
Merab. Merab.
Why haven't you introduced us before?
We didn't know each
other before, grandma.
If I keep saying your
name I won't forget it.
Where were you boys all night?
Out drinking.
We got wasted and then we came home.
It's not good for your health, child.
It was just this one time.
Come on, we're not kids anymore.
Dear, who is this boy?
I don't recognize him.
Merab, granny, Merab!
You into football?
Yeah, I'm really into it.
That's Messi, I like him a lot.
Yeah, I know that's Messi.
But I don't know
anyone else in football.
You have to fix these, don't you know?
I use it when I dance at weddings.
Wait!? What? You dance at weddings?
I do.
So what? What's wrong with that?
It pays good.
Try it.
No, I'm good.
Come on, try it on.
No, I'm ok.
I beg you. Just try it.
Oh look at little Aliko!
You know when Aliko gets mad-
like this, back and forth.
And then he always starts screaming.
He's super neurotic.
"Do the Adjaruli"
He's actually very entertaining.
This is perfect for Georgian dance.
Do you want it?
Yeah, why not.
It's ancestral, you know.
Also, you know only one of us
will be selected to the ensemble.
So you don't need to bother.
What "Hm"?
They'll choose me for sure.
If you say so the spot is all yours.
Why not though?
Well why not...
I guess...
You're up against me so...
Seriously though, if you have time-
let's rehearse.
Yeah, for sure. In the morning.
Of course in the morning. When else?
For sure.
Let's do it.
Man, last night was amazing, right?
I danced so much, like a crazy person.
I had a great time.
It's just that I'm
super tired and all...
And I can't wait to lay down and crash.
Yeah, I'm really tired too...
Ok, I'll go then.
Ok. See you tomorrow at Mary's place.
He takes after his grandfather...
No, he takes after his mother.
Leave the boy be-
let him eat.
He needs his energy now-
for the audition.
I'm off!
Careful so you don't stain your shirt.
Oh grandma, you're truly so beautiful.
And you've truly lost it -
from all your practicing.
I need those for the eggplants.
Thank you for being
such an amazing grandma.
And thank you to you too!
For being the best grandchild!
Even though you're acting crazy.
I can't believe it!
This is the one they always
play in the Matrushka bus!
Come on! Sing a long!
My darling...
Ma angel...
The most beautiful...
My daughter.
I would like to toast for Mary.
Together with all of you.
Cheers Mary!
This one is for you Mary!
And to youth!
Cheers to you Mary!
Thank you!
What's the latest on the Russians?
- What's happening? They're moving
the border bit by bit every night.
That's what's happening.
Mary's family is pretty well off, huh?
They used to be...
...pretty loaded.
They still like to show off though.
Keep this to yourself though.
- Of course.
I'll sleep on the matress on the floor.
You'll freeze to death!
Get over here.
You guys don't need anything?!
Are you guys that sleepy?
Your hands are cold.
Yeah, I'm a little cold...
Look at them.
Let's go get some sleep too.
We're going.
Sweet dreams.
Don't freeze.
- Ok.
See you tomorrow Merab!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Nothing, just tired.
Mary is that you?
Get in here.
Did I give you permission
to take the car-
and see that idiot father of yours?
Did I?
Calm down! I'll be right up!
My God! Did I tell you about Zaza?
No, no-
did I tell you the latest?
He escaped from the
monastery, did you know?
the priest who was supposed to fix him-
began taking advantage of him instead.
Like, he had sex with him.
Then Zaza managed to escape from there.
But he couldn't return home of course.
So now he stands by the circus.
The circus?
Selling himself.
Hey granny!
What's the matter with
you? Have you lost it?
Quit fooling around!
I have to prepare breakfast.
What do you want?
I'm not hungry granny!
Dear god, what's the matter with you?
Have you gone mad?
Dear lord...
Dear lord.
Come here!
Lay off me!
Get out of here!
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
Out I said!
In this ensemble-
there is no place for criminals!
Is that understood?!
Get ready! Now!
I'm going to kill him!
What have you done?!
Nothing. They can't prove shit.
Where'd you get money
for the electricity?!
What do you want?!
I helped some friends out.
Some friends?!
Are you deaf?!
Use your head!
He never wanted us in the
ensemble to begin with.
He hates mom and he hates dad.
Don't you get it?!
Wake up!
He's such a fucking asshole!
Can you get me in at the restaurant?
Come on, man...
Come by this evening...
You're the best.
Text message to Irakli:
Hey, where were you today?
What did they say?
He said you can work
on trial for five days.
Five days? Come on?
I can't do anything!
Take it or leave it.
Text message: You have no
remaining balance on your phone.
Two without pommegranate,
just as you asked for.
Pardon me.
Take my tables for thirty minutes?
I get the tips?
Fine, whatever.
Ok. Go.
I'll be back in thirty.
Speak to me in a normal tone.
You tell him!
What can I tell him?
What are you saying?
What happened?
I saw with my own eyes-
him buying drugs outside.
Bull shit!
Take your brother and get out of here!
Is it true?
Don't touch me!
Don't touch you?!
This job is all we have! How could you?!
Get the fuck out of my face!
I told you!
Mr. Shalva!?
Call the police!
You're dead to me!
You're dead to me!
You're dead to me!
Get out of here!
Lay your hands off me!
You get out too!
Mr Shalva, I really
need this job, please.
- You know this job is really important for me.
- Leave!
Get the fuck out!
Go fuck yourself!
Excuse me!
Excuse me. You don't
happen to have 1 lari?
No brother! What lari?!
Excuse me. Do you have 1 lari? I
really need to re-charge my phone.
It's an emergency.
Let me check.
Here you go.
Thank you so much!
Text message to Irakli:
Hey! Where are you?!
Can I bum a cigarette?
Thank you.
The boy from the bus?
You been crying?
Never mind!
So what's happening?
Nothing special-
just waiting for some friends.
Fuck em, they're always late. Let's go.
Let's go!
Come on!
Listen, this is my best friends bar.
Nia, I always hang out there.
You're gonna have the
best time! I'm always here.
Where the hell is this taxi?! I'm cold!
Is it coming?
Hey! Taxi! Tax!!
Hey! Look at those fucking freaks.
We missed the exit. But it's ok.
I need to get us some
money. I'll get it from Nata!
Get out, get out!
Who's this faggot?
You fucking whore!
Where you heading cunt?
To Bassiani!
So what's up?
Stop pretending. Give me my money now.
What money girl? I
don't have any on me now.
Right, but when I warn you of the
police you sing a different tune.
Bitch! Hand it over!
Lika, sister, get over here one minute.
Spot me 40 lari.
I don't have anything.
Plus you owe me from the shaver
you broke doing your pussy.
You got dick in your mouth
all day and you still broke?
Shut the fuck up and
give me what you got!
Who's this boy?
Hello. This is Merab.
Hello, I'm Likuna.
Pleased to meet you.
Girl, listen, I got-
Give me that!
Excuse me.
Is Irakli home?
No, he's not.
Who's asking?
I'm a friend of Irakli's.
Where is he?
- He's in Batumi.
Something's the matter?
No... nothing's the matter...
Wh-When will he be back?
How should I know?
I'm just their neighbour-
helping out the old lady.
Stop, boy.
Merab, stop. Enough.
Stop. Enough.
Enough boy!
You're too heavy!
Did you drink water?
That's not the only
thing he's been drinking.
Am I talking to you?
Sorry, master.
You know you can't drink
water before practice.
Show me a spin.
That's enough.
Merab, stop it.
It's enough!
It hurts so bad!
Keep it still!
Where does it hurt the most?!
The ankle!
It'll be alright.
Keep it like this. Cold
water is good for it.
Don't move for 2 seconds.
Don't move.
Don't take it out!
Don't do that!
Can you hear me?
Hey man, sorry I haven't called you.
I had no credit on the phone.
I'm in Batumi. My father's very sick.
Will you be here for the auditions?
I don't know...
Merab, can you hear me?
Yes, yes...
Can you hear me?!
Thank you for helping me.
I don't hurt anymore.
I'll be fine.
Are you sure about that?
Do you wanna go get milkshakes?
Are you insane?
No. I don't want any.
Have a good one.
This life is not for everyone.
And with regards to
your family history...
You know...
Georgian dance is based on masculinity.
The Kintouri and the Adjarian
routines were softer originally.
But we changed it, 50 years ago.
There is no room for
weakness in Georgian dance.
Do you know when Irakli will be back?
I don't think he'll be back.
He will be back.
Very sorry about your foot.
But we'll manage the rehearsals-
and the auditions without you.
I'll be fine.
I'll put some ice on it tonight.
Keep practicing on my own.
Can I go now?
Are you still going to audition?!
Faggot! I saw you last night!
Wait for it...
Come over here!
Say that again, boy!
I said I saw you!
And what?!
And does your brother
know your a faggot?!
Shut up!
You should tell him!
Get over here!
What's wrong with you?
Listen to me one second!
What places are you going to?
I can't believe you'd be so stupid.
Don't you know what happened to Zaza?!
Why don't you get it?
They could kill you!
I'm not like Zaza!
Leave me the fuck alone!
What the fuck now?
Your idiot brother is getting married.
Great, pretend I'm not here.
He got some girl pregnant.
Who boy?
What was her name?
Her name's Sopo! I already told you.
You fucking idiot!
How are we going to afford a wedding?
I don't know. He claims
her family has money.
The wedding's in two days.
Of course. They want
to save the girls honor.
What choice do they have?
Do you love this girl?
Yes grandma, I love her a lot.
Where will the wedding be held?
We don't want it in a restaurant.
We want a small gathering.
We don't want a big wedding.
We're going to do a small
party at Sopo's house.
Sopo's house?
Are they poor?
You just said they had
money. Make up your mind!
They do! Her father owns-
like a construction company!
I'm gonna get a job there later.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with your foot?
Why are you talking to me?
I heard the girl is Armenian.
Who told you?
Jesus christ mom.
What? It could be true.
Who cares if it is?
When did you get back?
Like now...
Sorry I just dissapeared like that...
What the fuck?
From Adam and Eve's times-
the Lord identified Adam as a man-
and Eve as a woman.
From then on, a man is a
man and a woman is a woman.
But in these times of
"globalisation" as they call it-
My darling boy.
Sorry. I'll call you
back in two minutes.
It was just my mom.
When did you come back?
Like yesterday, sort of.
I ran into your brother on the street-
so he invited me.
What? You don't want me here?
Of course I want you here.
Someone could walk
in. I don't want that.
You only came back for
the auditions right?
I'm not going to audition.
How come?
Because I'm leaving Tbilisi.
That's why.
Remember I had a girl in Batumi?
My father is dying.
And my mother is all alone in Batumi.
It's a real bad situation.
I'm all she has.
So I got engaged.
I'll get going then.
I found your earring.
I meant to give it to you.
I don't need it anymore.
I'm so sorry!
Please forgive me.
I didn't understand.
What happened to you?
I got into a fight.
First Luka came at me
and then the rest of them.
Do you want ice?
Luka said your a faggot.
I had to protect your honor.
So did I take a beating in vain?
You've always been better than me Merab.
I don't care what dad said.
I'll just end up a
drunk fat Georgian man-
working for his father in law.
But I'm fine with that.
You need to get out of Georgia, Merab.
You got no future here.
Do you understand?
Get over here!
I wanna see what those
old farts have to say.
They'll go ape-shit
on you if they see you.
I don't care. I'm done
with this place anyway.
An English cigarette perhaps?
Don't you ever run out?
You know...
I ran out ages ago-
so I put Georgian
cigarettes in the package.
Are you kidding me?
It's like placebo. It works.
I'll go inside.
Meet me here after?
I'll be waiting for you, right here.
I'll go inside now.
What the hell is this?!
I'm not sure.
He's making a mockery of Georgian dance.
Cut his hands off.