And There Were 4 (2017) Movie Script

- Tell me something Scholar?
What is it about doing drugs?
- It's the rappers man.
- Rappers?
- But in the drug addicts' defense,
the other day I heard like four songs
on the radio about how good
sex is when you're high.
So I started to wonder,
what would sex be like if I was high
and I have these powers.
That would be hard to
defuse such programming
for a mere mortal such as yourself.
- Mere mortal such as myself?
Mere mortal such as myself?
Mere mortal such as myself?
Mere mortal such as myself?
Mere mortal such as myself?
Mere mortal such as ...stop doing that.
- Yo, I almost had you man.
You getting stronger.
Before, I used to be able to hold you
for as long as I wanted.
Now I only got you for
a couple of seconds.
- Well, I been working hard to shield
myself from such attacks.
Sooner or later you won't be
able to do it at all, trust me.
Anyway, why do you need me tonight?
Can't you just mind zap these dudes
and make 'em go to jail?
- Yeah I could do that.
I figured Stallion, he's down there
and you want pay back for Gabriel.
- Stallion.
- I am not afraid to die.
- Really.
- Yeah, and plus I could use the exercise.
Time to put shoes to dudes.
- What about the guns?
- You worry 'bout Stallion,
I worry about the guns.
If anyone decides they want to use 'em,
they gonna have a mind blowing experience.
Trust me.
- Stallion!
- Fuck!
Listen, these motherfuckers
raided the warehouse.
But that bird in your air,
and use my cellphone to find me.
- Get up!
- No matter what you do, you
can't bring that bitch back.
- What the
fuck did you do, fuck!
- It doesn't matter.
It's done.
- Damn, he killed him?
Yo, I thought Thrill had a code son.
Son, you got to tell me
what happens next bro.
- Ray, you watching the bootleg
of the whole series just
wait and see what happens.
- Dawg look around man.
I get clients all day and it just started.
You think I got time to sit
here and watch a whole series?
Come on yo, tell me what's up man.
Come on man, tell me what's good.
- I can't tell you.
- Hey, are we next?
- Yeah.
- Yo, I am in the wrong business.
- Listen here, and take
it from me my brother.
No you're not.
I only know her because of you.
She not in here dressed
for me looking like that.
- Yeah, all right.
Look man I gotta go.
You know my girl crazy.
I don't even have time to
breathe, let along cheat.
All right Ray.
- All right bro.
- Good looking out man.
- Thank you.
- All right, next time.
- Oh let me run, Joel is coming in now.
- Fresh and ready for tonight babe.
- I'm happy you're ready.
- What's up?
- Jessie asked if you
could bring the full series
over so we can watch all the episodes?
- Oh come on Kathy, you're killing me.
Are you serious?
You are serious.
Look the studio has a strict policy
on this, you know that right?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'ma dead man if
someone tweets the ending.
- Baby come on.
- No I can't do it.
- Please.
- No, I'm not gonna do that.
What are you?
- What the hell is this?
- Look I--
- Who's hair is this?
- I mean I don't know.
Just calm down for a second.
- I asked you a question Joel.
Who's hair is this?
- Can I speak?
Look I don't have a clue
where that hair came from.
- I thought you were
going to the barbershop.
- I did go to the barbershop.
- And now you're fucking around again?
- Come on, I'm not fucking around Kathy.
Babe, are you listening to me?
- I thought we were
passed this bullshit Joel.
- Kathy we are passed the bullshit.
- So you still out here fucking
around and not only fucking
around, you being sloppy with it too?
- I'm not fucking around.
Baby please, I promise
you, I did not cheat on you
God, you keep bringing up
this stuff from the past
and this shit happened
like five years ago.
- Joel get outta my face.
- Like how long you expect
me to deal with that?
- Get out of my face okay,
I don't want to see you.
- Get out your face,
well what about tonight?
- Fuck tonight, I don't
want you around me.
- It took me three
weeks to get those--
- Shh, Kathy Peterson speaking.
- Kathy, it's Ryan.
How are you doing?
- I am doing well Ryan.
What can I do for you
on this fine Saturday.
- Hey listen, I know it's
Saturday, but I'm gonna
have to ask you to come in
and handle the Joshua file.
- No problem Ryan, but, I do
have plans for this evening.
Are you sure it can't
wait until Monday morning?
- Unfortunately, it cannot wait Kathy.
I have a meeting with Michael first
thing Monday morning
to go over the figures.
- Okay tomorrow, what about tomorrow?
It's Sunday, I can come in and work then.
- Kathy, I was under the impression
you really wanted this
promotion and you'd be willing
to do whatever it takes
in order to get it.
Now is one of those times.
- You are right, I will be right in.
- Thanks.
- Are you okay, what happened?
- Don't worry about what happened.
I just need you gone right now okay.
And do not speak just leave.
- Why I gotta leave if
you about to go to work?
- Joel!
Go, now!
- Okay, you win, I'ma go.
If that's what you really want.
- Yo!
- What's up man?
- What up snitches?
Hey guess who'll be at the fight tonight?
- I know not you.
- Oh you know wrong.
I'll be there at 7:00 p.m.
- Really, how the hell did you do that?
- I got one of my subs to come in
by telling her she was getting a promotion
that she was never gonna
get in the first place.
- And that worked?
She fell for that?
- Yeah of course it worked, what do
you think I'm doing over here.
You know what when she gets here,
I'll give her some of my own work,
you know what I mean?
- Nice, all right.
What about the other thing though?
Did you get that?
- Yeah I got it.
I have it with me here in the office.
- Ooh, you have it at the office with you.
When did you get it?
- I got it this morning,
I didn't have a chance
to bring it home with me,
which is why I have it here.
Don't make a big deal about it, all right?
And listen, rest assured
what happened with
that black fuck last month...
will never happen again.
Anyway let me go, I'll see you lames
at the fight all right, don't be late.
- Hey Ryan, this is Detective
Clayton, how are you?
- Detective, I'm well.
I'll be doing a hell of
lot better if I finally
had some info on the man who attacked me.
But other than that how are you doing?
- I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.
I'm actually calling
you about your assault.
Unfortunately, we have to
close this investigation.
We only have the description
of the individual you gave us
and we haven't been able to locate anyone.
Plus, the bartender said you were drunk
and taunting the man because
he was talking to a woman
that turned you down earlier that evening.
Is that true?
- It was late, I had a couple of drinks.
Certainly, no enough to be drunk.
And I have no absolutely no recollection
of any woman turning me down.
But what I do recall is being
viciously attacked by a black man.
- I understand, look if I hear anything
from here on out, I'll let
you know okay, thank you.
- Thank you Detective, you've
been an absolute great help.
- My home.
- Amen.
- My home.
- Amen.
- This is Terry.
- Hey frat what's good?
- Hey nothing much, how are you?
- All is well with me, but you know
that issue you wanted me to look into?
- Yep.
- Well it's been taken care of.
Tell your client he has
nothing to worry about.
- So we're good?
- We okay, how we good...
is you get Joel to come
over here in a three weeks
to this party and act like we boys
so I can finally smash his chick.
- Man you know you bigger than this right?
- Come on Terry, you don't
think I know this is lame?
I know it's lame, but not
lamer than your client
going down for beating up
that drunk ass white boy.
Look, I'm kidding, but I ain't kidding.
You got three weeks to this
party, more then enough
time to get this guy on board, all right.
I gotta go, I'll talk to you.
- I'm 163rd and Webster,
what you know about that?
- I know
everything about that.
- You don't know nothing 'bout that life.
- You already know.
- You know about collecting those bottles?
- Uh-huh.
- Blue, green, and yellow.
- Do you see him?
- I do.
- All right cool.
Do you see the mark though?
- No I can't, he has on all black.
- Well go in there and get him.
- Not yet, I want to
see how this plays out.
- Never mind,
I'll make you do it myself.
- Sorry bro, those days are long gone.
I've mastered keeping you out of my mind.
Look have some patience.
I want to see what we're dealing with.
- You sure?
- One of the things
about smoking weed is that
you have questions that
keep you up late at night.
Like for instance this one question I had
like three weeks ago, kept me up forever.
And it was can a Crip donate blood?
Like I honestly, I almost
went insane over that.
But yeah, like I said,
it's great doing comedy.
I just get to say whatever I
want and still get paid for it.
Anyway my name is Kyle,
thanks for having me.
- All right everybody, one
more time for Kyle Thompson!
All right, I'm your host Khalia Solano
and I've got one more comedian for you,
Marlon John Baptiste.
- How's everybody doing?
All right I love being on stage
and this the only time
you guys look up at me,
when I have a conversation with y'all.
I got a wife and four daughters.
It's hard living with five females
right, 'cause every now and
then you have feminine moments.
Like I give you a perfect example.
I be in the house watching Glee,
like that's my shit right
there, you know what I'm saying.
My wife come home and start talking to me,
you know what I'm saying.
This can't wait 'til
after the performances,
that's my shit right there.
I had the biggest feminine
moment over the summer though,
regarding the heatwave
you know what I mean.
I'm doing laundry and it's six of us.
I'm small, homeboy see me, he's like,
"Yo, you look like you need some help."
I'm like, "I appreciate that."
Feminine moment kicked in.
I started flirting with him by mistake.
Listen I didn't mean to
do it, don't judge me
you know what I'm saying,
it was just in the moment
you know what I mean.
Like it just happened,
you know what I'm saying.
So he's carrying the
shit upstairs, I'm like,
"Yo, you look like you need a snow cone,
"my kids got a snow
cone machine upstairs."
I went upstairs made him a snow cone.
- Hey what can we get for you?
- White wine please.
- Got you.
- Thanks.
- But it
worked out, it worked out.
- That's interesting.
- What is?
- That suit and tie combination.
- So you're gonna roll in
here giving fashion advice
before you even give me your name?
That's, that's a hard
sell fake Joan Rivers.
- Ooh, look at you...
you're funny.
My name is Zoey.
So you meeting anyone?
I've been here for a minute watching you,
but I had to ask before I made my move.
- That's funny because I
don't remember you coming in.
I've been looking.
But no, to answer your question,
just sitting here having a drink.
My name's Tyler.
- Well Tyler, see I was in the cut,
but it makes sense you'd be here
all alone with that outfit.
- You got jokes.
Thank you for brightening my Monday.
- You're welcome.
But if this is cool for you on a Monday,
imagine what we can do on a Friday.
- I may have to take you up on that.
- Who offered you a Friday?
Sometimes a Monday's all you get.
And sometimes you have to make
the most of your opportunity.
When and if it comes.
- You okay?
- Yes love, I am.
Can you hand me my shirt?
- You, you're not gonna stay?
- No baby, I can't.
- Damn, just when I thought I had a home.
- What the fuck?
- Yo! My man...
was giving you the business.
Hold on, let me get a picture of this.
Wait, wait, wait.
- You think you so funny.
Where is she?
- Where is who?
- Don't play games with me.
- I don't know
what you're talking about.
- You do know what I'm talking about.
Her father is a congressman.
She's been missing for weeks.
- Like I said, I don't know that girl.
- Chill man.
Relax yo.
It's a easier way to do this.
Father forgive 'cause he's a good man.
He just doesn't know
the error of his ways.
- Are you serious? This piece of shit?
A good man, you're praying over him.
- I wasn't praying for him,
I was praying for you.
You have to learn to be patient yo.
A black man's reaction to everything
doesn't always have to aggression.
- This coming from a
dude that just beat up
15 guys at a drug bust.
- Yo, why you
bring up old shit man?
- I'm bringing up old shit.
- Anyway, she's here.
He has here hidden there.
Don't be rude, introduce
yourself to Mr. Thrill.
- Hello
Mr. Thrill, my name is Shift.
That's because I can shift into anyone.
- Are you doing this?
- That's dope
right, you like that?
Now give him Nigerian.
- Hello,
how are you my friend.
- You think you clever?
- All right, all right, stop.
Go back to normal.
- Why'd you kidnap the girl?
- Well I move around a lot, and when I do
I need someone to talk to.
But, I take great care of them usually.
But, they have to be
beautiful because I use their
appearance to seduce
individuals I find attractive.
- Is that it, the mark?
- Is that what?
What this?
- Yeah.
- I've just always had this.
- Lead us to the girl.
- You wolf!
- Yo, yo, come
on yo, what the fuck
is wrong with you man, relax.
Relax yo, he's in the zone man,
he doesn't know what's going on.
Let him go!
- Why did you keep me here!
Why, answer me!
Why, why did you keep me here, why!
- Yo what's good Jerry, how's LA?
- Yo man, LA is great.
I'm telling you, you got to get out here.
Hey listen, I know it's
Saturday and everything,
but the studio just called and asked
if you could come in and take
a couple of pick up shots.
- No problem, I did have plans
today, but they've changed.
So I'll be right in.
Also, I want to talk to you
about some other roles Jerry.
I don't want to be type cast
as this character anymore.
I can do so much more.
- Joel I know, trust me I'm on it.
Can we deal with that after
you take the pick up shots?
We'll have a little more
leverage than we do now
if we just wait a little bit longer.
- Of course, all right, talk to you later.
- Cut!
That's enough for today.
Joel, can I see you over here please.
You're costing us money today.
- I know I'm sorry.
- If you didn't have it, you
should have just said that.
- You're right.
- I need this shot bro.
You see this, this doesn't allow us
to send out mediocre footage.
- You're right, you're right.
Just dealing with some issues.
- You see that,
personal issues stop there.
- Right.
- Water?
- Thank you.
Do you mind getting my cell phone?
- No.
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
- Yo.
- Fuck, I got issues.
- In other news, lobsters,
they get boiled and turn red.
Fuck happened now?
- Yo, why you always got to try to be
the smartest dude in the room Terry, huh?
That shit is annoying.
- Okay, Joel, how can I help my friend?
What's the issue?
Hang on, I'm gonna put you on speaker.
All right bro talk to me.
- I went to the barbershop
right to get a cut and when I
came home, you know
Kathy goes in for a hug.
And when she pulls away she finds
a blond strand of hair on my sweater.
- Damn man, how you get busted like that?
- I never did anything.
Every since I got caught with Sasha,
I been on the up and up, so.
- Come on man really?
Joel, it's me really?
- Motherfucker yes, really.
Look the only person I lie to you
in your family is your
mother when I tell her
she's the only lady in my life all right?
- That's actually pretty good,
nice timing, I like that.
All right, so funny guy, you gone tell me
why you called or am I gonna
have to hang up in your face?
- Damn a brother can't call his boy?
Damn I just called to check on you.
You know maybe to see what
you got going on tonight.
- I should have known, you're
using me, mm-hmm.
- Yes I'm using you.
What you think I called you so you
can dazzle me with conversation?
You're lucky I'm the only person
on this planet that doesn't think
you're an asshole and
still fucks with you.
- All right funny man,
so you also are a lucky
mofo because you know what, I got
tickets to the fight tonight.
Just happen to had one
that had your name on it,
'til you brought my mom into this.
- You see, I knew there was
a reason why I called you.
Your brother gonna be there?
- Yeah he'll be there, why
is that gonna be a problem?
Don't tell me you guys still have
that issue man, please come on.
- No, not at all.
Look I know he got a brand
new uppity negro job clerking
and shit, so I didn't get a chance to
congratulate him, so I'll do that tonight.
Look I know you trying
to defend your brother,
I'm just asking a question.
- Look, you just have your ass
here by 6:30 tonight all right.
- 6:30, all right cool.
- How much?
- $3.
Are you a cop?
- Not a cop.
- Why do you need that?
- Well we all go to protect ourselves.
What you don't got something back there?
Know your rights old man, keep the change.
- How's it going?
- I'm all right, how you doing?
- Yeah, yeah, good to see
you man, how's business?
- It's good.
- You sure it's him?
- Yeah.
- You expect me to talk
to you with that on?
- What the hell man?
- Is it him?
- You think I want it to be him?
Everything I read, all the research,
shows that this is the mark.
- You know I don't
believe in this shit man.
- Come on, I'm not gonna
argue with you about
the prophecy again.
Either you gonna trust me
and we do this together,
or I can do this shit by myself.
Look we tried everything
and nothing worked,
and they still out
there taking us out man.
- I know, but who is it?
You're stay in this Morpheous
and Neo shit and keep
talking about if we unite
the twins they'll protect us.
But what happens if we unite them
and they decide to turn on us, huh?
- It's only one way we find out right?
- You have the other twin, right?
- You know I do.
- I can't read your mind
but if you don't tell me,
I'm gonna beat it out of you.
- Yo stop acting like
you my big brother man.
And stop sleeping on me
like I'm some easy vic B.
Yo I gotta keep this to myself
just in case something goes left.
They're other mind readers out
there more powerful than me.
And I got to make sure everything is cool
until they come together.
- So at what point are one of you morons
gonna tell me what the fuck is going on
or just take me to Solomon.
- Solomon, Solomon is too good for you.
No prison on earth needs
a man like you in it.
And trust me, if my
little brother didn't find
that birthmark, you
wouldn't be here today.
There's a lot of rich
men that wants your head
separated from your body boy.
- I'm telling you man, keep it up.
I swear I'm a fuck--
- You gonna fuck me,
what did you just say?
I know you just didn't
say you gonna fuck me.
There you go with the jokes again.
I don't get down like that Scholar.
- If you let me finish
what I was about to say,
I said I was about to fuck you up man.
- I'd like to see you try.
- Do you mind finishing
your Abbot and Costello
routine so I can know
my history? Thank you.
Please continue.
- The first known twins are born
to Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.
She was one of his slaves.
Now the prophecy states that these twins
are supposed to lead the oppressed
to overthrow all governments.
History tells us about
their son, Eston Hemings.
But what it didn't tell us
about was the other twin,
Nathaniel Turner, also
known as Nat Turner.
Jefferson knew he couldn't
keep both of the kids
so he let the mother decide
which one she wanted to keep.
She chose Eston, and they sent Nat
to a plantation in Virginia.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- What?
- Everyone knows Turner was born in 1800
and Eston was born in 1808, so there's no
possible way they could be twins.
- Why, because that's what
you been told or sold?
Check this, they didn't keep a record
of slave birthdays back then.
So if they did, it was
for insurance purposes.
So the recorded date doesn't mean
it's the actual date, you dig?
- Okay, I'm listening.
- Eston, he had the same powers as Nat,
but Nat's was activated sooner
because of the stress of his condition.
He started his rebellion because
his force was making him want to fight,
drawing him closer to his brother.
But once the rebellion was
over, the owner snitched.
He told some people that Eston and Nat
were brothers, they knew that Jefferson
fathered the boys, so they went
to Jefferson's plantation
and castrated Eston.
They didn't kill him out
of respect for Jefferson.
After that night they started an alliance,
making sure that no twins from
that bloodline ever united.
- Forever.
- So Eston couldn't have babies.
What people don't know is, Nat had twins
before he was killed in 1831
at the age of 23 and not 30.
The mother feared that they'd be hunted.
So she separated them.
Those twins were Harriet
Tubman and Frederick Douglas.
Everybody thinks that Tubman and Douglas
were all about freeing the
slaves but it just wasn't that.
The same force was drawing
'em closer together.
So they could unite.
- I keep telling that man that's bullshit,
because Douglas was half
black and half white.
- So you're saying that because he
taught himself how to read and write?
And a black man back then couldn't
possibly be genius because, what?
Because he was black?
So you justify his intelligence
by saying he's mixed
with white and that's the
only way he could be smart.
- When does this urge begin?
- No one really knows.
It's usually around the time the twins
start to realize their full power.
What people don't know is,
Frederick Douglas was killed
and replaced with an imposter.
That's why he married a white woman.
- Okay, you didn't tell me this.
Douglas was killed, an
imposter replaced him, what?
- Yo check this Thrill,
there was no television
and internet back then.
The only source of
media was the newspaper.
And everybody believed what
they put in the paper back then.
Especially if they had a
picture attached to it.
Well shit, they believe everything
they put on the internet now.
So imagine all you had
was some paper called
the Daly Lantern or some shit like that.
A matter of fact, FDR got
reelected for a third term
without anybody knowing
that he was in a wheelchair.
So finding some stock
photo of some mediocre
negro and passing it off,
that's child's play man.
- You think you so smart don't you?
- You gonna let me finish?
- You may.
- Gracias.
Anyway, Tubman, she had a boy and a girl.
Madam C.J. Walker, and W.E.B. Du Bois.
Because she was aware of the nature
of white southerners back
then, she separated them.
She sent Du Bois to Massachusetts
and Walker to Louisiana.
When they got older they were
being drawn to one another.
But then there was an
accident the night that
they were supposed to
meet at an NAACP meeting.
That's when shit gets...
That night while Walker was experimenting
with some chemicals,
there was an explosion.
Chemicals blew up in her face
and mixed up with her blood.
And after that she became the first twin
with enhanced mutant powers.
Because she felt like the whole situation
was a setup, she cut off
her meeting with Du Bois
and immediately became pregnant
in 1917 at the age of 49.
And her twins are John F.
Kennedy and Lena Horne.
Once she saw that Kennedy
came out looking white,
she sent him to
Massachusetts where Du Bois
scouted out the Kennedy family
and he was raised there in Boston.
Lena was sent to France
with the Horne family
and she was raised there.
- Holy shit.
My great-great-grandmother was Lena Horne.
- Word.
Kennedy, he was
assassinated once his powers
were activated due to the
stress of his presidency.
And around that time, Lena
start to realize her powers
and she was being drawn to him, but
there haven't been any twins since.
Not until you of course.
So why are you really here?
- I'm not sure man, I just came.
I was watching TV and this force,
almost like a child's
voice, just told me to come.
I been here only a couple of months,
though I had a home actually.
- That's because your twin
is realizing his powers.
We got to get out of here man.
- Where is he?
- Yo.
- Yo.
- What's good?
- What do you mean what's good?
Do you even talk like
that anymore Warbucks?
- Please, every now and again I like
to use the lingo of the peasants.
- This guy.
- So I don't forget where I came from.
- So uh shit's fucked up now
like that with you and Kathy?
- I think so man.
- Damn man, she was with
you shooting in the gym too.
- Uh-huh.
- But what she's asking
you to do is fucked up?
- Fucked up, why do you say that?
- 'Cause what's the point to being famous,
if you only get to smash one vagina
for the rest of your life?
Think about fam, I mean
women know you in Pakistan.
- Why you doing that?
- Doing what?
- Doing that, putting
a battery in my back.
Gassing me to not think about this shit.
- Isn't that why you're here, to forget?
Yeah, exactly King.
- King, what's that about?
- King because you are one.
Look I got way too many connections
to keep calling black men 'niggas'.
So I been two weeks to call
every black man I see 'King'.
But let me keep my thought here.
How she gonna expect
you, a man who's known
in places in the world where
they have no wi-fi connection,
to be committed to her and only her?
Again what's the point to being famous?
You might as well be a regular dude.
- Word, you right.
You're right, I'm a freaking
superhero on a hit TV show.
And I have to follow
regular dude treatment.
She is selfish, plus I
didn't even do it this time.
I might as well be a regular dude.
Where's your brother,
I don't want to be late to this game?
- Hold on, I gotta get this.
Hello, this is Terry.
Yes, yes, that would be
an eminent domain case.
Right, good old Manifest Destiny
comes back to haunt us right?
The square footage of the
property is 30 feet by 52.
Yeah, so I'm just gonna let
you guide me on this one, okay.
I mean I'm here for whatever, whenever.
Don't be afraid to pick up that phone.
All right, take care.
Y'all good?
- I mean I'm good, you good?
- I'm good, you good?
- Congrats on the new job.
- Whatever man.
- Y'all need to cut this out and let's go.
- Yo Justin, why are you walking so close
behind me like you George Zimmerman?
- What, you scared?
- Yo today is not the day man, I swear.
All right, I just had some
stuff go down with Kathy,
I'm not in the mood.
Plus no one is scared of you.
Yo look man, you got your job,
and I need my face to act, so it's not
like we gone start fighting
out here like it's UFC.
Talk your shit out,
all right, talk it out.
What the fuck is wrong with you man?
- What's wrong with me?
- Wait, wait, wait a minute man.
Yo you still mad at me about Sasha?
- Yeah I'm still mad.
- Oh my god, you serious?
- You stole her from me.
- I, I stole her.
- And then you want to act,
- I stole her?
- like nothing ain't never happened.
- I stole her from you?
- Baby bro, baby bro, baby
bro, you can't steal a woman.
It doesn't work like that man,
she chose Joel, come on man.
Listen, listen, she's
not Solomon Northcutt,
this is not 12 Years A Slave.
- Man come on.
- Yo forget you bro.
- Forget me, hmm?
The same guy who got you
out of that fight shit?
- You're crazy right now.
- Come on bro, let's
just get in the car okay?
You and you, in the car.
Please, please, let's get in the car.
- Go on.
- No, I'ma let you go.
- I'm bugging.
You stole her.
And I'm riding shotgun.
Justin, look man my bad.
You know I apologize, I really
had no idea you were dating her too.
I've been meaning to talk to
you about this but I'm black.
You know a nigga don't know
how to express himself emotionally.
- Come on fam, I told
you already all right.
We don't talk like that in this car.
We are not niggas in this
car, we are kings okay.
- Okay.
- You are a king, call yourself a king.
- Okay Terry, king, king.
Is that better?
Anyways, I'm sorry man.
- Man we all lose in the game, but...
you got her pregnant,
made her get an abortion,
and when she got it
you went back to Kathy.
And then she tried to come back to me
after all that but I couldn't do it.
I'm not mad I lost her to you,
I'm mad you messed up a good woman.
- Okay, I mean technically I
mean you're right, all right.
I messed up a good woman,
if that's how you feel,
look so be it man, all right.
I'll take that, but what you rather me do?
Stay with her and be miserable?
Like who wins in that
Justin, huh, who wins?
Me and that kid would have been miserable.
- So you happy now right, huh?
- What?
- Look at you, you out with us 'cause
your girl kicked you out.
- Wow.
- Damn king.
Your lips are loose Terry.
- You man what do you expect
from me, that's my baby bro.
If I can't tell him, who can I tell?
- Whatever.
- All men don't cry in the dark.
And yo you, you are mad gay
for letting that slip out.
- Naw, your father's mad gay.
Joel had it coming and I needed
to get this off my chest.
- Oh I had it coming,
Well are you finished yet?
Because I'd much rather
hear about this story
about how this drunk ass white boy
almost fucked you up in the bar.
- Yo, how are you a lawyer?
How are you a lawyer,
your lips is mad loose.
- Right, you want me to
cry in the dark too right.
- Damn, how long it's
gone take her to get home?
- Oh man, man
you wrong for that one.
- Yo baby bro, tell J about that
drunk ass white boy in the club.
- Man.
- You got to hear this.
- Crazy yo, I'm just chilling like I
normally do, minding my own business,
and this dude wanted to ...
- It was at 10:30 in the morning, so I
was not like, I was not awake.
I was like rushing 'cause
I thought I was ...
- Just go up there and just do it man.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah, he was supposed
to come here earlier
so he could like pass out cards and stuff.
- Oh cool, nice, that
would make a really yeah.
- Hey, hey.
- Yes.
- So do you want to come back and have
a couple of drinks with me and my boys?
- Yeah, no.
Like I told you earlier,
I'm fine where I am.
- What, no?
You haven't even given
our table a chance yet.
- Look there are plenty of
women here that I'm sure
someone else will come to
your table, but thank you.
- Eww.
- Okay dude, it's time for you to
listen to this lady and move on.
- Who are you?
- Chloe do you know this dude?
- No, I mean I met him earlier, but I
told him I was here with someone.
- Okay dude, it's time for
you to move the fuck on.
- Me move the fuck on?
- Yeah.
Me move the fuck on.
- Yeah.
- Me move the fuck on, me?
Me move the fuck.
- That's when you called
your brother to come bail you out right?
- Whatever.
- Kings, we're here.
- All right.
Hey Justin man, my bad.
I want to put this behind us you know.
Forgive a brother?
- Yeah we good.
- We good.
- But you got to let me
know what happens next.
- How long do we have to wait?
- Man why are you so insensitive?
We're talking about my brother here,
I've never met this man in my life.
Have a little compassion.
- Compassion, remember how we found
you and what you were doing?
And how, yeah there ain't no telling
how many others there were.
You want me to have compassion for you
and your late ass brother, absolutely not.
- Thrill...
relax please.
- Relax, relax, how the
hell you want me to relax
if you're telling me that's half the team
that's supposed to lead us
against the oppressors, huh?
You fucking kidding me.
- It's enough room in this
fight for everyone man.
He didn't fulfill his purpose
'cause he didn't know.
He still doesn't, none of us do.
I'll be damned if I don't try to put
this thing together to figure it all out.
- So you're my brother?
- No, I am.
- I got a brother
man, I really got a brother.
- I heard about you.
Yeah, all this time you were the one.
How did I not figure this out?
I heard a couple of
times you let some white
people die when you could have saved them.
- And I did, you got a problem with that?
- All lives should matter when
you possess the powers we have.
Scholar, where you get
this clown from man?
We'll never win a war with
men that think like this.
- Who you calling a clown?
- Kings don't fight kings.
Man...this guy.
- It's brother man.
- So tell me, why not save everyone
except just saving the
black and brown people?
- I can't believe you even
need a answer for that.
I used to be like you.
I used to think the more of them we saved,
the more they'll
reconfigure their thoughts
and see us different.
More in the shadows, hiding,
concealing our powers.
I realized that seen the
same footage that we saw.
They can longer play
ignorance to the killings.
They kept killing us.
That's when I realized that
they don't give a fuck.
And if that's the case, why should I?
The only way to convince the convinced,
is through force, not diplomacy.
- You're wrong.
You're wrong, they do see and they change.
It's a hard fight, but it's worth it.
- Well, until all of them
change, I'm saving mine first.
So what's going on Scholar,
what are we gonna do next?
- You gonna put these rings on.
Once they're on, you'll merge as one.
- Why they blue?
- 'Cause they made from dragon
stones from the fire mountains.
- I thought you were Christian?
Doesn't all this mythical mumbo
jumbo shit go against your beliefs?
- I am always struggling
with my faith and my powers.
But it comes a time when I got to
put down the Bible and unleash the swords.
The time is now.
- There it is, here it
is, two monkeys fighting.
This guy got tickets right here.
- We at the fight.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, me and the fellas.
Come on Terry, get in the
shot Terry, come on Terry.
- What's good baby?
- We going to have a good time tonight.
- Hell yeah.
- Yeah.
- Thank your brother Terry
for getting us these tickets.
- Thank your girl for kicking you out.
You woulda had to been going
to some boring ass dinner.
- Justin you still got the jokes man.
- I'm here with my dude, my dude.
- Come on Terry.
- I just have a couple
of questions to ask.
- All right.
- For your adoring fans?
- Oh you're doing an interview?
- Something like that.
Your adoring fans around
the world want to know,
what it's like to play a superhero?
- A superhero?
- Yes.
- Yeah man, I'm playing Thrill.
It's seriously one of the
best roles I ever got man.
I'm not gonna lie bro,
the super powers he got
and strength, I actually wish
I had some of that stuff too.
- Whoo, the fights
about to start y'all.
Let's go!
- Justin with the food.
- Nacho...nacho man.
- I feel like this is gonna be a disaster.
- Oh yeah, we 'bout to
kill that food though.
- Thanks for the tickets Terry.
It's all good, I'm glad I
came, I'm glad I did it.
- I am glad your girl kicked you out.
- Wow!
- We going there now?
We going there right Justin?
I swore we squashed it.
- You don't remember that conversation?
- Hold on, I have to go to the bathroom.
- Oh here he go.
- Hey baby girl you know
what's coming when I get home.
You know when I see my fights.
And I come for it afterwards, you know,
you know what's coming
afterwards all right.
Anyway you see it, the
world famous Barclay Center.
I'm here with the fellas, we
'bout to have a real nice time,
got a good fight coming up.
Waiting for the main event,
now if those boys are up,
make them go to sleep all right.
But right now I had a few too many beers,
got to run in here and
drain the vein, all right.
Need anything on the way
home let me know, okay.
Love you, see you soon.
All it takes is one time baby.
- One time.
- One time!
- One time!
- One time!
- One time Justin!
- Four times, maybe one time, yeah!
- J can you tell us what it felt like
to get your ass beat by
that white boy at the bar?
- I fucked...
Yo I had him by his neck.
I had him yoked up yo, back in the day.
- Really?
- Yoked up, that's
right, like Jesus' time.
- What was that?
Hey Justin, hey Terry we see you.
Hey Terry, what's going on?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'm mad disappointed, I'm
glad to be with you all.
- Round three looked
like what the white boy
did to him at the club.
- Hey thanks for supplying
the tickets, ooh.
Terry you still got the jokes man.
Hey Justin we ain't letting you down.
Justin we ain't letting ...
- This ain't Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
- Yeah it definitely wasn't that tonight.
Definitely didn't happen yeah, yeah.
- Terry, why you parked so far man?
You couldn't pay for parking?
- Golly man a
little exercise is okay.
- He been cheap
since we was little.
- Hey that's all right.
Making all that money.
- I want to make a deposit
in my account, speaking
of money. It's that time.
- Naw, naw, naw, naw, let's go home.
- Why is that man?
- Because man.
- Yeah man, I don't like how this looks.
Let's just, let's just.
- I got a bad feeling.
- I don't want to miss out on this
extra day of interest man, come on.
Let me make my deposit and it's all good.
- Terry, Terry, it's all good.
- Come on man, you been
cheap all your life.
- Cheap, no it's called--
- Three brothers right
here, you know... hoodies.
- Yeah, let's go on.
- You worried about when and
where I make my deposit man.
Let's go in right here.
The ATM is right here, it's all good.
- Don't fucking move.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You were just about
to rob me weren't you?
- Yo man.
- Just chill.
- You was about to fucking rob me.
- Hey it's not like that at all.
- Hey shut the fuck up.
- Yo, yo we just going into the bank man.
We don't want no problems.
- Yeah, yeah, okay, okay.
I've seen that before.
- I'm here to make a
deposit to my account.
- Yeah okay, I've seen that before.
- I'm telling you the truth.
I'm only here to make a deposit, okay.
I'll show you the checks.
I'll take my hoodie off slowly
and show you my checks okay.
I'm showing you my
checks now okay, please.
- Do it slowly.
- See, I'm just here to
make a deposit, that's it.
- Please.
- I'm a lawyer okay, my friend here,
my friend is a world famous actor.
Joel please take off your hoodie slowly,.
Please slowly, slowly.
Thank you, my brother here
behind me is a lawyer too.
Okay, Justin please take off your hoodie.
- No.
- No, I got a wife and kids
man, your niece and nephews.
Come on just take your, take
your fucking hoodie off Justin!
To make this man not feel
so threatened right now.
- No.
- Justin take
off your fucking hoodie.
- You.
- Wait, wait.
- What do you mean you?
- You!
- Yeah, it's me.
NO! What the fuck!
- Man what did you, what did you do man?
- I got you man, I got you.
- Oh man, come on
dude, come on man... Joel.
Man what the fuck did you do man?
- Joel, Joel, hold on, hold on.
- Breathe Joel,
come on man, breathe baby.
Joel come on man.
- Yo call the cops!
Joel man!
- Call the cops!
- Somebody help!
Joel please breathe!
- Yo call the fucking cops!
- Joel breathe man.
- Yo Joel hold on.
Yo hold on man.
- Hello, please
my friend got shot here.
Hello please send a
car, please send a car,
we're at Summit and Hamilton.
We're in Brooklyn, we're
at Summit and Hamilton
at the ATM machine, come on.
Somebody help!
- I got you, I got you.
Hold on, hold on.
- Come on, please send a car.
- Yo tell them
to fucking hurry up man.
- Oh man, please,
please, please, please Joel.
- Yo J, yo J.
- Joel, Joel,
aww fam, Joel breathe.
- Tell them to hurry up, tell
them fucking hurry up man.
- What the fuck did you do man?
- You got one chance, and you
better make it make sense.
- Not that I owe you
anything, but I'll tell you.
The original order that killed Nat Turner
and Eston Hemings, were called The Guards.
And we were started by Thomas
Jefferson's wife Martha.
I'm a descendant of that order
and I have pledged my loyalty to take
down any twin of the unholy offspring
of Thomas and Sally Hemings.
The bullet that killed JFK, Madam Walker,
and the others, were made from
the same stone as this knife.
The same stone that were gonna
give you your powers back
is the same stone I'm gonna kill you with.
So, now that you know
are we gonna keep talking or fight.
'Cause there's a lot more killing to do.
- He's stronger than I thought.
- I could use my powers to
take the knife out his hand.
But after that you on your own man.
- All right do it, do it.
- Our work is never done.
- Thank you for joining us
today on the Kaylie Jones Show.
I'm your host Kaylie Jones.
We begin today's show with
heavy hearts as the funeral
for actor Joel Spence took place today.
Spence played the character Thrill on
the hit TV show 'Revolution'.
I had the opportunity to
play a character on the show,
where I was able to get
to know Joel personally.
The world had lost a great actor.
I have lost an amazing
friend, and this industry
has lost a tremendous talent.
With all the questions swirling around,
fans are left to wonder, what is to become
of the hit show in the
wake of this tragedy.
- Yes, I have the action figures.
I must say that playing with black
action figures is pretty damn awesome.
I wish I had them when I was young.
Yeah, I just came back from the funeral.
And, I have to tell you, I don't think
they're going to convict him.
Listen, I'm a black man and if three dudes
came up to me at an ATM with
hoodies on, I'd be scared.
Two lawyers, a world famous
actor, it doesn't matter.
Three black men in hoodies at an ATM.
That's all the jury's going to see.
Anyway, five seasons in the can
and the board wants them all released.
So let's put the contracts together
and make sure Joel's
kids are taken care of
'cause the story has to live on.
Big city of dreams, New York
Big city of dreams
The birthplace of hip hop
and knowledge New York
Killing for that cream
you can learn a lot in
these streets like college
New York. Big city of dreams
Birthplace of hip hop New York
Killing for that cream
You can learn a lot in
these streets like college
We stood on the blocks and
ran corners, street knowledge
We copped A-1 from Papi
Cop that house on the
hill with new wheels
Flip that, stack that, whip that
We bosses. Columbia cartels
Money bags for the legal team
So don't get caught slipping
You can lose your life
In these New York streets
everybody sinning to win
Feel this New York heat, New York
Big city of dreams
Birth of hip hop and
knowledge, New York
Killing for that cream, New York
You can learn a lot in these
streets college. New York
Big city of dreams
Birthplace of hip hop
and knowledge, New York
Killing for that cream
We could learn a lot in
these streets like college
I'm Brooklyn born,
machines and fire arms
On you like ID, out of town movements
They say if you built like that
You can win like that
Swag and class my word my bond
Bed-Stuy fly, downtown don
Respect my team,
family over everything
Watch for the hate, watch the snakes
Even police foul with they fake smiles
New York, big city of dreams
Birthplace for hip hop and knowledge
New York killing for that cream
You could learn a lot in
these streets like college
New York big city of dreams
Birthplace of hip hop and knowledge
New York killing for that cream
You can learn a lot in
these streets like college
Don't ever cross the team New York
You won't wake from your dreams
Don't ever cross the team