And They May Still Be Alive Today (2020) Movie Script

"What are you doing here?"
he affectionately asked her.
"I'm a poor and lonely girl."
"Do you want to come with me?"
the king asked her.
"With all my heart!"
You just hate being alone
I hate being alone more than I love you.
But I'm here now.
I was well, I am.
For you anyone would do.
Anyone can stop you from being alone.
Me or anyone else,
it's all the same to you.
It's not the same.
You'd be just as happy with anyone.
I think you can live
with virtually anyone.
-And be happy
-And be happy, yes.
If we broke up, you wouldn't stand
loneliness even for a month.
I'm afraid you're right.
Are you angry with me?
It's horrible, but that's how it is.
I can't stand loneliness.
I'm weak. I can't
Oh, well
Don't be angry.
How would you like it to be?
For you to suffer in solitude,
to think of me all the time,
and decide that you'll wait for my return.
I can't do that
I can't.
I'd stay alone for a while,
out of respect for you.
Then I'd find someone. I can't be alone!
I'd get terribly depressed,
I'd die younger
You mean you'd find someone
to keep you company?
You could put it like that
Have I just been someone who's there?
Have I just been a companion to you?
-Why not get a dog?
A dog's dumber than you and can't speak.
Maybe there's someone better for you.
Someone also looking for just a companion.
I don't know a wiser, calmer girl.
But it takes so long
to get to know someone
What they like, what they don't like,
what calms them down,
makes them jealous, doubt and
It's such a pain in the ass
So, you're too lazy to look!
You'd stay with me out of pure laziness.
Maybe there's someone better,
but you're too lazy to look!
Maybe I'm lazy,
but how long should one search?
There can always be someone better.
It's absurd.
You certainly don't love me!
Maybe you're lazy,
or afraid to be alone, no idea.
It's fine, you love enough for both of us.
You moron!
Have you seen my wallet?
The princess was cursed
to desire dance above all
so whoever danced with her
would drop dead from exhaustion.
Therefore, the princess sat lonesome
and sad at the window,
watching the waves of the sea.
Her father said whoever
would relieve her from the spell
could make the princess his bride.
Young men
from all the corners of the world
came to the castle by land and by sea.
First came a handsome youngster,
resolute to dance or die for her.
Hearing that, the king
asked the musicians to play their tune.
The girl began to dance.
They danced, they danced for an hour, two
until the youngster staggered
and fell lifeless to the ground.
And graceful, tormented Caliope wept
upon the curse
that had been cast upon her.
But the night brought a dream.
And I walked, I kept walking
through unknown and deserted lands.
I went through the estate of the Gorgon
and I saw settlements ruined by her malice
that made her spew fire and brimstone.
And I walked through plains of sand.
So hard was the road that
I took two steps ahead and one behind.
But I kept on going further on
Walking and never looking back.
Where is your master?
You weren't waiting for me?
Try to remember.
You're the son of a king.
-I am the son of a king
Yes, and you were waiting for me.
I know, it took me a while,
but you must remember something.
I am the one for you,
you are the one for me.
Don't you remember anything?
We were destined for each other
since childhood.
What do you remember as a child?
That's not possible.
It's a curse!
Roll over three times!
Roll over three times!
Come on.
And again.
And again.
Do you remember?
We have to kiss.
We kiss and you'll remember it all.
I'm sure.
Trust me.
Can you remember something?
I remember
-You remember now?
I remember
Do you remember or not?
I remember the lake,
the willow tree, us strolling
We were kids, through the woods
and I saw a
It's strange.
You should remember all at once.
The memories, the love,
everything at once.
It comes step by step.
You don't remember a thing, do you?
Did you hurt your head?
Tell me.
I don't think so.
Does it really matter if you remember?
Yeah, maybe it doesn't.
But you believe that we're destined
for each other, right?
-You do believe me, do you?
-I do.
Since you suffered for me
and I suffered for you,
be mine!
-Who would
Do you know who that is?
Stop smoking
-Go home
Go home.
you're so beautiful!
You have such beautiful eyes.
The nose
The lips
Thank you!
Wake up!
Look at this picture.
What picture?
This one, can you see it?
Clara, it's 2 a.m., let's sleep.
-When was this picture taken?
-I don't know.
It's in the park,
was it last summer or two months ago?
-Look at the date.
-They all have the same date.
Try to remember.
I don't know.
So, it wasn't last summer?
Maybe it was, I don't know.
And now look at this one.
When do you think it was taken?
More recently?
No idea.
-I look older, don't I?
-Oh God, you don't look older.
That's why
You look fatter in the old one.
Don't you lie!
I look better in that older one.
-Clara, you don't look better.
-But I do. Look.
You do look better,
but it's because of the light.
Look how bad the light is in the new one.
Don't I look younger in the old one?
No, you don't look younger.
Don't lie!
I lost that thing
That freshness.
-You look the same.
-My expression changed.
-Exactly the same!
-My expression changed.
You were better rested.
Why lie?
We both see the pictures, why keep lying?
Do you think it helps?
I think you overreact.
Let's take some pictures.
-Take some pictures of me.
-Clara, please.
-Come on!
-No, let's get some sleep.
-Yes, let's sleep.
Just get some sleep,
you'll look better in the morning
-It is.
Let me see.
It's too bright!
It's the light that makes me look good
I look so much like a woman.
I look so harsh in this one.
-My expression changed.
-What expression?
Horrible! Girly, fresh
-Let's stop.
-Just a few more.
-I don't feel like it.
-We'll find that expression.
-Can't be!
-You'll see, stand still.
Don't move.
-Do you know who I am?
-I'm Quasimodo, the hunchback!
And I'll eat you!
Eat you!
You, hunchback!
Anna wants to go out. Do you want to?
Are you a gargoyle?
She has to leave, say something.
You don't want to?
Are we going?
We're going.
Vlad, really!
Why do you do this?
I'm bored.
I will unite with you,
but first we have to make a vow,
because this is the tradition at my court.
Tell me, milady, and I'll vow.
You can hide where you may please
for three days in a row.
Shall I find thee,
off shall come your head,
mounted on a spike.
Shall I not find thee,
I'll be your bride
with all the noble honors.
I do hope, my graceful lady,
that you'll not let me perish.
We shall bestow another gift
onto the spike, but not my head.
Now let us vow.
One, two, three,
take the boy who pleases thee.
If he writhes and shouts out loud,
it is you who now goes out.
Let's go!
Describe me!
Describe you, how come?
Let's see the ancient ovens
Describe me and then we go.
-Is this a test?
-Yes, it's a game.
How's my hair?
Pinned In a tail of a "ponytail."
In a tail of a "ponytail"
You're a disaster.
You just mumble words.
You just saw me, come on!
I looked at you Not at this thing!
-What did you look at?
-I looked at you as a whole.
-You looked at me "as a whole"?
-I did.
-OK, describe my footwear.
-You wear some
-Black-greyish slippers.
-White flats.
-You're barefoot.
Well done!
-Which dress?
-The light blue one.
Yes Any belt?
I don't know that.
But the king's son got lost,
he trespassed the forbidden,
deserted land of the beldame.
The curse again found shelter
inside his mind,
so he became unable to see the princess
as she stood there, in front of him.
But all these things happened
a long time ago,
and who can say for sure if
they happened one way
or another.
And there is no one else left
to tell them.
Maintain visual contact
for as long as you can.
Feel the intimacy and closeness
that spring up this way.
Attraction and then affection will appear
without the need of words.
Maintain visual contact
for as long as you can.
Feel the intimacy and closeness
that spring up this way.
Attraction and then affection will appear
without the need of words.
There's that fear since forever
And it's so sad not to know
where it comes
from and what to do with it.
But the basic needs are the same:
we all need to be loved.
Shit, we all work on something,
you can't judge anyone.
And it's all OK
and it's great that we're here.
Damn, don't know
how to say this, I'm ashamed of myself.
But really, if you realize
what this thing means
It's enough just to be
it's so overwhelming.
At times it overwhelms me
and I have no idea how to deal with it.
And then it's just very clear
that this is what it's about.
And I was thinking:
when it gets overwhelming,
it's all so rich and so wonderful
and it's hard to calm it down.
It drives me crazy, it's too much.
I don't know how to manage it.
But, on the other hand,
there's this body, this brain
And just to watch this living,
breathing body,
it's mind-blowing,
it makes me terribly happy.
Cause it's not that easy to be here.
But in fact it's all good.
It all comes from inside me,
and this is comforting.
It saves me.
Because I know I'm safe anyway.
And yeah, it's hard,
staying safe and all that
and it's always imperfect and beautiful
It touches me and makes me fucking happy.
If you fall asleep, I'll get upset.
C'mon, tell me a story.
-Don't know, whatever you like.
I don't know what to tell you.
OK, then read to me.
-I don't know.
"But before that, three billion years ago,
primitive bacteria
invented photosynthesis,
that allowed them to use sunlight
and CO2 to feed.
Like the present-day plants,
those bacteria released oxygen
in the atmosphere and the ocean,
through photosynthesis.
Oxygen made possible
the evolution of eukaryotes.
Life, at this primitive stage,
stagnated for another billion years,
-until 57 thousand"
-57 billion and 7000 quadrillion years
Stop reading, I find it horrible.
Stop reading.
What do you find so horrible?
I don't want to end up as eukaryotes.
Come on, Clara,
you'll not end up as eukaryotes.
OK, something else then, but not me.
It's a long time 'till then.
-Anyway, things just transform.
-I don't want to be transformed!
Turn into what?
I want to remain as I am,
with nose, mouth, hair, hands!
I want us to stay the same, Vlad!
Clara, come on
I'm strong, if you really want to know.
Leave me be!
The charm wasn't easily undone.
So, from grief,
I started talking gibberish.
-I fooled you!
You fooled me.
Who are you?
Why did you come here?
If you really want to know,
I'm not playing anymore!
Grey, grey fall
I didn't expect you, after all
Not before I could gather some grains.
I looked at you,
I didn't recognize you.
And you came in a swirl,
Thought I was a girl
You said it twice,
I ate risotto with rice.
I made a welter,
As if I was in a shelter.
I defrosted the bread,
I found you in bed.
I caught the hen
And went over the hill then.
With pencil as a grain,
I sent a plane.
Plane, when you fly,
Take me in the sky
Bring me to the slop
To drink a water drop,
Take me to the river,
Teach me not to shiver,
Stay with me, I am weak,
You make me strong.
Strong, as a rock, fast as an arrow.
May you live
Happily ever after, 'till you die!
What's that, a fairy tale?
-Your fairy tale?
-No, it's a little poem.
My dear teacher Silvia taught me.
Her hair is curly and her French is good.
She watches over us
so we only do good things.
-Shall we go to our nest?
-Really, no.
Really so!
-Come here into our nest!
-I don't want to!
-To the nest!
-Here? I don't want to!
If you really want to know
When I was little, I fell
and daddy picked me up
If you really want to know,
I don't want to say a thing
My young and little daddy
If you really want to know,
my daddy looked better than you!
My daddy can beat up your daddy!
Open wide!
Really, Clara!
I thought you were a ladybird.
-Let's take a nap!
-No I'm not a ladybird!
Yes, you are.
And I'm not little.
Why do you pretend so much?
You think you fool me?
You're a bad boy.
You can't even fool around,
and you mock me.
-I'm not mocking you.
-But you do
You're a clever princess.
But now we have to go to sleep.
-Stop this, will you?
Stop this.
Bianca smelled her dolls after they peed.
-Clara, stop it!
-It was as if
she didn't know what to do,
so what did she do?
Let's go to sleep.
Come on, hug me.
Hug me and love me!
Love me beautifully! That's it!
You don't love me the right way.
-Of course I do!
-You don't!
You didn't even brush your teeth
and clip your nails!
I'll hit you with a ruler. Right here.
I'll send you to the shame corner.
To the corner, you rascal!
No toys allowed!
No fun during punishment!
Speak normally! Speak the fuck normally!
Don't do this again
I overreacted a bit, but I was annoyed.
OK, talk to the others
and let's meet Saturday.
I'll talk to Vlad as well.
I hope Liana will come.
She was so wasted last time.
No, this time we just chill.
If we feel like
Let's talk to the others as well.
Okay, we'll see.
Yes, me too kisses. Bye!
Thanks for being so kind and patient.
Sorry if I go crazy sometimes, but
I panic and I don't know what to do
Thank you for being so kind and tender.
Why are you staring?
Am I gentle?
You are.
Am I kind and patient?
-Am I gentle?
-Yes, you are.
-Still gentle?
-Yes, you are!
Speak up, you nut, still gentle?
Speak up, psycho, still gentle?
-And now? Still gentle?
Yes, you're fucking kind and gentle
and you'll always be!
Alone in his hiding,
he thought of the feather
he had from the raven.
A beautiful hawk
came to him as if by magic.
The king's son explained
the whole predicament.
Can you help me?
Sure, I can, my lord.
Follow me and have no fear!
Let us try.
Touching him with the wing,
he made him a hawk
and let him fly with the flock
far up into the whirling wind.
Seeing him on the roof of heaven,
she shook a finger at him and said:
Tickle, tickle, you little rascal!
Get down, what are you, a bird's chick?
You can't get rid of me,
not even in God's heaven!
You should have gone to bed,
why wait for me.
What's wrong, Vlad?
-Who else was there?
-Fuck, who else could have been there?
I don't understand why you're upset?
Don't you wanna come to bed?
I do, right away.
-Listen, Clara
-What is it, Vlad, what's wrong?
-Why don't you talk to me?
-Talk what?
-Why don't you tell me?
-Tell you what?
-It's clear that there's something.
-Why is it so clear?
-I see the way you act.
-You're annoying, that's why.
-You're like this since you came in.
-Because I knew what was next.
Please, I want to sleep.
-So you don't want to tell me.
-Tell you what?
That not only the girls were there,
Mihai was there too
and we fucked in the loo,
is this what you want to hear?
You're such an idiot.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
Why are you such an idiot?
I don't know why you're such an idiot.
You idiot.
So, it was just Vera and
I think you're crazy.
I swear, you've become nuts.
Why now, why so abruptly, no idea.
But I can't stand this any longer.
Today my fingers
at my other hand became numb.
Not just the little and the ring finger
The others too.
Maybe you're low on calcium and magnesium.
You're tired. We've walked a lot.
Fuck, I have no idea
what I ate last night
It's not important, I also forget things.
That's why you were sniffing the jars?
If it's the brain,
it also affects your sense of smell.
Come on, Vlad.
Wouldn't you rather fuck?
Just joking!
Vlad, stop. There's nothing wrong
with your brain!
-What are you doing?
There can be difficulties in speech,
"in understanding and pronouncing words."
"The Moldavia River gathers the waters
of Humor,
Valea Alba,
Bistrita merges with Cracaul,
receives Tazlaul Sarat
and Celalalt Tazlau,
Oituzul, Casinul,
Valea Seaca and Valea Rea.
Barladul receives Barladet,
Vilna, Rebricea, Vaslui,
Vasluiet, Racova, Crasna,
Lohan, Docolina, Obalna,
Horiata, Smilatutova, Berhoci,
Zeletin, Corad.
Ceremusul is formed from Ceremusul Alb,
Ceremusul Negru and Putila."
"Jijia receives Subana,
Sidna, Miletin, Bahlui, Bahluiet, Sirca."
"Prutul receives the waters of Colacin"
The prince was still under the spell
and his mind was still troubled.
"Corovia, Caminca,
Caldarusa, Jijia, Garla Mare"
-What are you doing here?
-Damn it, Clara.
Some "fairy dust"
The fairies gave it to you.
Let's swim!
I don't feel like it.
Let's cool down a bit!
I'll come later.
Come on!
OK, I'll go.
Hook on!
Why do you act like this?
Why, the fuck, do you act like this?
I don't know what's wrong,
but I can't go on
It's all so intense
and I don't know
how to behave, what to do
I don't think I'm helping you.
I don't understand.
I can't find the patience
Even when you call I'm afraid
something's wrong.
If people say something,
I think about how you might feel!
Maybe it's because of me,
this mood of yours, this fear you feel.
I can't feel the way you want me to feel!
It's not as perfect, as you'd want it.
But I'm here!
We are here!
Two losers by each other,
doing what they can.
Maybe that's it,
just that.
For you it's not enough. I don't know why
It's not such a small thing!
It's not that bad!
I don't know
Maybe I'm unable.
It's bad
This obsession with happiness
makes me very unhappy.
And depressed.
-Clara, come on
-Leave me alone.
Let's be unhappy together.
Maybe it's not that bad.
I don't know if I love you
or what this really means.
Whenever you tell me
how happy we are, I'm afraid.
And I don't know
what this "great love" is all about!
I'm so happy with you!
We are so happy!
We are, aren't we?
We're so lucky to have found each other!
We're such a match!
-Don't you think we're a great match?
We really are.
We like the same things.
We're touched by the same things. We like
the same colors, the same numbers.
-I like seven.
-I like four.
What matters is that we both love
homemade chocolate with nuts.
-And the Calibri font.
-Yes. I never use any other.
And the same filter on our pics.
Same constellations.
The same type of wood.
The same construction materials.
The same book size.
Same temperature.
The same way of staring at a baobab tree.
We like the same time of the day.
-Between 05:37 a.m.
-And 07:42 a.m.
And the same filter on our pics.
-We can both hold our breath for
-267 minutes and 30 seconds.
God, we have so much in common!
Do you realize how lucky we are
that we found each other?
What are the chances to find
such a good match?
-Exactly, my love!
And we found each other.
And it's fantastic!
And now that we're so happy,
what do we do?
The king's son sat and thought
and he remembered the bumble bee.
In a wink, the bumble bee was by him.
He told him what he wished for
and the bumble bee said:
Let's do it!
The girl took the spyglass
and looked for him
the long of the day, but nothing at all!
She found herself at wit's end,
feeling he was close by,
but not to be seen.
The bumble bee had turned the prince
into a lice egg and put him in her hair.
She looked through the spyglass
over sea, earth and skies,
but he was nowhere to be seen.
In the evening,
tired of looking, she said:
Reveal yourself!
I sense thee close but cannot see you.
You have vanquished me. I shall be yours.
Let's stop. I don't want this anymore.
We've played enough.
I'm tired.