Andhadhun (2018) Movie Script

It's a long story.
You aren't hurt, are you?
-Hey, Bandu. -I'll get you a rickshaw.
It will cost you ten rupees.
If you do that again, I'll tie that string to your undies.
-Now, get me an auto. -Auto!
I've got you two new pupils.
-I cannot take it up. -Why?
That kid at Viman Nagar drives me nuts.
And Mrs. Gokhale keeps groping me.
-Aabha Gokhale? -Yes.
She runs her fingers over me more than she runs them over the piano.
The competition is due in two months. I need time to concentrate and practice.
There's a musical piece I can't seem to crack.
With Aabha Gokhale's help you can get to London.
Keep her happy.
I need inspiration, not perspiration.
span style="style.default1"When you're blind,/span span style="style.default1"days and nights feel the same./span
span style="style.default1"And if you listen closely,/span span style="style.default1"there's music in every sound./span
span style="style.default1"Everyone is aware of the problems/span span style="style.default1"that come with blindness./span
span style="style.default1"I'll tell you what the advantage is./span span style="style.default1"It's focus!/span
span style="style.default1"For artists, focus is everything./span
span style="style.default1"Artists like me are constantly/span span style="style.default1"searching for inspiration./span
span style="style.default1"Day in and day out./span
span style="style.default1"Art gives a lot of meaning/span span style="style.default1"to an artist's life./span
span style="style.default1"But he has to pay a price for that./span
span style="style.default1"You're the rain that quenches my thirst/span
span style="style.default1"I've waited for you forever/span
span style="style.default1"You bring peace to me/span
span style="style.default1"My sweet love/span
A comment from Denmark.
Hamlet was from Denmark.
span style="style.default1"Yes, darling/span
Daani is on the line.
I hear you're going to go scuba diving.
span style="style.default1"Yes. Classes start next week./span
span style="style.default1"Is Dad exercising?/span
He jogs for one whole hour every day.
Why does she keep calling me "Aunty?" She can call me "Simi" at least.
She's just a kid. Give her some time.
We've been married for three years, Pramod.
How much time does she need, after all?
If I put the crab in boiling water it will surely die.
But I don't want it to experience shock.
So, for two hours before cooking...
I put it in the deep freezer.
And when it is fast asleep...
I take it out.
That's when I lay it gently into boiling water.
They say that crab meat is an aphrodisiac.
Don't ask me to spell it.
But I can show you what it means.
You've made my day.
You should have your own show. Shall I have a word with the TV producers?
The Sizzling Hot Simi Show!
A bunch of lies!
How dare you come into my room and talk to me like that?
What do you think of me?
Simi, hold on. Want some water?
Don't come near me!
I know why you're here.
You want to poison me.
It's not that easy to get rid of me.
What is it? Why aren't you recording?
I was auditioning
for the show Nurse Radha, Part Two.
Listen to the story idea.
In the very first scene Nurse Radha escapes from the mental asylum.
The show can be produced on a low budget.
Talk to your friends who work in the film industry.
You're unbelievable!
Are you blind? Can't you see my yellow scooter?
I'm talking to you. Hello!
Don't roll the window up. How dare you put on your glasses!
You idiot.
I'll click your photo and show it to the police.
Such a moron!
Are you hurt?
You okay?
Do you need a lift? Can I help you in any way?
Stay right there.
Here's your coffee and sandwich.
Madam, I've had my breakfast. I'm good.
I'm not. I'm still in shock after that accident.
Why were you crossing the road alone? You should get a guide dog.
I can't look after a dog. I have a cat and she's a handful.
Have your coffee.
What if you were hurt?
End of a great artist's career before it could even start.
-Artist? What do you do? -I play the piano.
Do you play well?
-Hey, Baadshah. -Yes, Sir?
You leave the storeroom door open every night.
Sorry, I forgot.
Where have you brought me, Sophie?
Wow. Are you free in the evenings?
What's the problem with your eyes?
I got hit by a cricket ball when I was 14.
A cricket ball hit my head when I was 14.
The optic nerve was damaged.
The tips at Franco's won't even cover your rickshaw fare home.
Here we are.
Prabhat road, lane four.
-What's this place? -It belongs to an NGO for the handicapped.
I'm here for three months. Guess how much rent I pay.
500 rupees a month.
I sense trees everywhere.
I wake up to a symphony of bird songs.
-The stairs are here. -Yes.
Right now I have tons to do.
I'll finish it today.
-It didn't seem unfinished. -But, it is.
Some things are better unfinished.
Don't think too much. You'll spoil it.
I'll be down in two minutes.
Yes, there are a lot of birds here.
Are you completely blind?
No. I can sense darkness and light.
Shall I tell you the time?
I think it's about...
5:30 p.m.
span style="style.default1"I've seen a beautiful face just now/span
span style="style.default1"I'm not quite sure how to read it though/span
span style="style.default1"I feel as if it's like an ocean/span span style="style.default1"And my heart has drowned in it/span
span style="style.default1"I was struck down/span span style="style.default1"From that moment to this/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"O heart of mine, tell me/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"O heart of mine, tell me/span
He's going to be a big star!
You are gifted!
Not everyone is gifted.
Sir, your voice resembles the actor Pramod Sinha's.
Do you know him?
I saw one of his movies on TV when I was a kid.
The name of the movie is Annadaata.
-The songs are terrific too. -Amazing.
Come and give me a hug!
You've earned 4000 rupees as tips today.
I'm hoping to earn 2,00,000 rupees so that I can go to London.
-You are early. -I need to practice.
span style="style.default1"I don't fall for someone that easily/span
span style="style.default1"But this time, my heart outdid me/span
span style="style.default1"What has come over me?/span
span style="style.default1"Sometimes the heart races away/span span style="style.default1"Sometimes its beating quickens/span
span style="style.default1"My eyes experience an awakening/span span style="style.default1"When something like this happens/span
span style="style.default1"What had to happen, has happened/span
span style="style.default1"When two hearts meet,/span span style="style.default1"They fit like hand in glove/span
What are you looking at?
span style="style.default1"No burning lamp, no shining light/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"O heart of mine, tell me/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"You can't really blame my innocent eyes/span
span style="style.default1"O heart of mine, tell me/span
span style="style.default1"My darling/span
span style="style.default1"What's your name?/span
span style="style.default1"I see you with eyes closed/span
span style="style.default1"Your lover is waving out to you/span
span style="style.default1"What's your name?/span
span style="style.default1"I see you with eyes closed/span
span style="style.default1"My heart is pacing away, unbridled/span
span style="style.default1"My heart is pacing away, unbridled/span
span style="style.default1"Since Monday night, maybe/span
span style="style.default1"In my heart of hearts,/span span style="style.default1"It's you that I find/span
span style="style.default1"In my heart of hearts,/span span style="style.default1"It's you that I find/span
span style="style.default1"In my heart of hearts,/span span style="style.default1"It's you that I find/span
-Can you play my songs as well? -Sure. I'll just play them.
No, not here.
Come to my house tomorrow for a private concert.
I'll be there along with my wife.
She loves the actor Rajesh Khanna. Play his numbers. She'll be happy.
Here's my address.
And an advance. You'll get more later.
One o'clock.
One o'clock?
Simi, watch this scene. It's great fun.
Pammi, I've seen it ten times.
Now this bimbo will get murdered.
How many times have you seen it? A thousand?
I'm going to Bengaluru tomorrow.
Have I upset you?
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. You're going away?
Shetty had called.
There's something urgent. I'll be back by evening.
-The switch board is on your right. -Thank you.
-Shall I close the door? -Yes.
Can you open this for me?
Do you have a bottle opener?
Cheers to the Pune rain.
Now it's your turn to say something awesome.
Cheers to Kishore Kumar.
-You win. -What's this?
An eye mask? Is it yours?
Whenever I can't fall asleep I use the mask to force my eyes shut.
-What are you doing? -Nothing.
Why are you dropping things?
-I'm looking for my wine glass. -It must be where you left it.
I thought I'd left it there.
Careful. You'll break the glass.
Broken glass is a sign of good luck.
I've found your glass.
Where is it?
You wore the eye mask.
Let's have breakfast at the Law College canteen.
-There's no Oscar for your performance. -I'm not lying.
Can you see me to the door?
-Pramod Sinha asked me to be here. -My husband is not at home.
Mrs. Sinha.
-Here for the private concert. -Private concert?
But he's gone to Bengaluru. He'll be back by tomorrow.
At one o'clock. Sorry, I'm early.
It was today, for sure. He paid me an advance.
It was a surprise.
I shouldn't have told you. You can call him and check.
Is that him?
Come inside.
I'll call Pramod.
Did you ask a musician to come home?
My God. You should've told me.
I'm not even properly dressed.
Okay. Come home soon.
He'll be here in ten minutes.
Are you completely...
When I was 14, a cricket ball damaged the optic nerve of my eyes.
In spite of that, you play music.
My hearing is absolutely fine.
He's still very romantic.
Ma'am, may I use your bathroom?
Looks like Pramod is here.
span style="style.default1"You've made my day./span
span style="style.default1"You should have your own show./span span style="style.default1"Shall I have a word with the TV producers?/span
Pammi, let's go inside.
Pammi, this is too much.
I'm really angry now.
You just got here. How can you go?
Mad at me?
Pammi, you could've taken the day off.
You'd better come home soon.
He's waiting for you.
He had to sign off a deal with a builder.
He says it's his lucky day.
Can I get you some fruit juice?
Pramod will be home late. You'd better go.
Do I owe you anything?
It's okay, ma'am. Sir will pay me.
Lottery tickets for sale. Try your luck.
Lottery tickets for sale. Try your luck, Sir.
Go on, buy one.
Sir, do me a favour.
Place your hand on any ticket. They say, God favors the blind.
He touched the ticket.
You'll hit the jackpot now.
Out with a 100 rupees.
-Want me to get you some tea, Sir? -No. Get me an auto.
Hey, get your auto out.
Give him a ride.
-Hurry up. -Coming.
Thank you, Sir.
-Where to? -The police station.
Where to?
Come this way.
Sir, he wants to file a complaint.
What complaint?
I want to report a murder.
Who was murdered?
Some water, please.
Please relax. The boss is here.
So, who was murdered?
-Rani, Sir. -Rani? Who is Rani?
My cat.
The neighbourhood kid was after her. He must be the culprit.
You think we're crazy to look for a cat's killer?
Shut it.
-Did you witness the murder? -I'm blind, Sir.
I'll find your cat.
Back again?
-Where do you live? -Prabhat road.
Your phone is switched off. I've been waiting since so long!
I've been trying to reach you.
Couldn't you tell me you were busy, Manu?
I love you, Sweetheart.
I had a meeting.
Always the same story.
An urgent case has come up. Sorry.
Let's talk tonight.
See you.
What's so urgent?
-He's looking for a cat. -A cat?
What color is your cat?
How do you know?
I was told.
You cook for yourself?
Forget about me, Sir. Look for Rani, please.
Rani might get run over.
-Water. -Chilled?
Today's newspaper? What for?
To collect cat poo, Sir.
You're here?
Please look for Rani. I'm lost without her.
Sir, Bandu's school bus.
Slap him hard to make him confess.
Last week he tied a firecracker to Rani's tail. She ran amok.
She hid indoors for two days.
That's no good.
What was that?
Where were you?
Come, baby. Eat something.
You haven't eaten for two days.
Good girl.
I'll call him.
The piano player is quite gifted.
That's right.
Ma'am, we've ordered the red velvet cake.
-The one for diabetic patients? -Yes. Don't worry.
-Seen Akash? -He just left in an auto.
span style="style.default1"I'll never return to see you again/span
span style="style.default1"Never ever/span
span style="style.default1"Breaking news from Pune./span span style="style.default1"It is regarding the 1970s film star./span
Pramod Sinha was shot dead last night.
His car was found near the Indrayani river in Pune.
His dead body was inside the car.
Spy of Shanghai, Nurse Radha, The Boy Next Door.
After having worked in many such super-hit films,
Pramod Sinha had retired from acting in films.
He joined the real estate business, thereafter.
span style="style.default1"According to his wife, Simi Sinha,/span
span style="style.default1"he left home with a/span span style="style.default1"deep-purple colored suitcase/span
span style="style.default1"containing one crore rupees of cash/span span style="style.default1"to close a property deal./span
span style="style.default1"But he never returned./span
span style="style.default1"The police is investigating the case./span span style="style.default1"Until now there has been no clue./span
span style="style.default1"Despite the government's new rules,/span
span style="style.default1"large cash transactions/span span style="style.default1"are still the order of the day./span
I swear, I know nothing.
-Where did you find the watch? -In the men's toilet, Sir.
I swear. I'm innocent.
I know nothing, Sir. I swear!
Are you sure this is Mr. Sinha's watch?
I gave it to Dad on his last birthday.
Any progress?
He'll reveal details soon enough.
Sir, he's the piano player.
Who are you?
I'm Daani.
Dad had told me about you.
He even sent me a photo.
You were there when he was home for the last time.
Was he well?
He was.
He was very happy.
Read the statement out loud to Akash. He'll sign it.
Pramod Sinha had asked me to come over to his house on the 27th of June 2017
for a private concert to mark his wedding anniversary.
I was there sharp at one.
Mr. Pramod came home ten minutes later.
We spoke briefly but he had to rush away to meet a builder.
That's a lie!
They killed him and stuffed his body in a bag.
They even snapped his finger to remove a ring.
-Look at my eyes. I can see! -Catch him.
Daani, they're having an affair. Don't trust them.
-He's talking utter rubbish! -Really? Better stop lying!
I waited for a while but he did not come back.
At 2 p.m. Mrs. Sinha asked me to leave.
span style="style.default1"May the days pass/span
span style="style.default1"May the seconds tick by/span
span style="style.default1"May the days pass/span
span style="style.default1"May the seconds tick by/span
span style="style.default1"Lost in fond memories/span
span style="style.default1"Lost in their words/span
span style="style.default1"Reminiscing the times spent with them/span
span style="style.default1"Since the day we met/span
span style="style.default1"My dreams have been painted/span span style="style.default1"With vibrant colours/span
span style="style.default1"May the days pass/span
Pramod always used to say.
Bury the past, think of the future.
But today when I look ahead, I see no future.
He left me all alone on our wedding anniversary.
He had asked Akash to come over as part of my anniversary surprise.
He came home late that day.
He spoke to us briefly before he left.
Just as he was leaving, here's what he said.
I'll be right back."
-Simi's speech was all a lie. -Lie?
Pramod was not late.
I saw everything.
A man showed up first.
Then, Pramod reached home.
The man was inside the house when the piano player got there.
-Who are you? -Mrs. D'Sa.
I'm the principal of St. Annes and Mr. Pramod's neighbour.
Pramod and my husband were close friends.
They must be enjoying a drink together in heaven.
Go on.
When I returned home from the post office, a man was with me in the elevator.
He entered Pramod's house.
When Pramod reached home with his gifts, that man was in there too.
Pramod was on time.
The blind piano player was the last man to arrive.
You've got it all wrong.
The blind man had arrived before Mr. Sinha.
No. I'm telling you, there was already a third man in the house.
-A third man? -Yes.
He resembled a body builder.
If I see him again, I'll surely recognize him.
-Body builder? A third man? -Yes.
Ask Simi.
She's over there. Ask her. Make it sound casual.
Go on.
That was Dad's favourite song.
Will you teach me how to play it?
A third man?
Last week? You mean, the pizza delivery boy?
He delivered the pizza before Pramod got home.
Actually, Mrs. D'Sa is trying to help. She's a huge fan of Pramod.
We're receiving too many crank calls, Sir.
The last caller was unbelievable.
He blamed Sir.
He said that Sir murdered Mr. Sinha and threw the body off the bridge.
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
You okay?
People are just jealous of him. Manu has many enemies.
I read in the papers that you arrested a chap called Surya.
He's not telling us where he hid the money.
But Sir will make sure he confesses.
Sorry, but may I say something?
Don't cross Simi off the list of suspects.
After all, why did she marry an old man?
A love marriage with such a huge age gap between the couple?
Sure, he was rich.
But she definitely has a lover.
Yes! Mrs. D'Sa was implying that.
-Mrs. D'Sa? -Pramod Sinha's neighbour.
She insists that a third man was present.
-She says she can identify him. -Get a sketch done.
Sinha's murder is a high profile case.
Solve it and you will all get promoted.
-Let's call her to the police station. -Best idea.
She's a senior citizen. We better go to her place.
I'm going to the washroom.
You haven't eaten the eggs.
He eats sixteen eggs a day as his protein intake.
Any reason to this odd behaviour?
You left the restaurant abruptly that day.
Daani wants me to notate her dad's song. Can we talk later?
That night was not out of sympathy. Nor was it casual.
Was it for you? If so, tell me.
This invisible tension doesn't suit me.
It causes pimples.
To Magarpatta.
Can you buy me some pain balm from the medical store, please?
Do you have any medicine for headache?
Yes, of course.
-How about the water supply? -It's constant.
-The amenities? -All good.
She fell from the 7th floor. We found her glasses there.
She must have lost her balance. The balcony floor was wet.
She was 81.
-Isn't she the one we wanted to question? -Yes, Sir.
I've known Mrs. D'Sa since childhood.
Make way. Move aside.
What are you doing here? We'll be late for the prayer meet.
Sophie, I have something urgent to tell you.
Come home soon.
Can I come in?
Who is it? Mrs. Sinha?
Daani was looking for you at the temple. Where were you?
There was a prayer meet for Pramod.
Didn't she tell you?
Here, have the offerings.
Please sit.
I wanted to thank you personally.
You've really helped Daani. She's still in a state of shock.
What can I get you? Coffee?
Black's good.
The coffee's great.
Daani can practice here.
There's a piano here. It'll be more convenient.
Drink up. The coffee will get cold.
Ma'am, let me get some biscuits.
That's it. I just knew it!
Stop pretending.
Take off those glasses.
I don't want to get involved in all this.
You should've sent me away that day.
I thought you were blind!
And Mrs. D'Sa was watching us.
She's dead now. Poor thing!
Why are you pretending to be blind?
As a musician, I believe that I play better when I don't see.
I had this crazy idea.
How many people know about this experiment?
I swear to God, nobody knows about this.
Trust me.
I won't cause you trouble.
I've already signed the statement.
I'm leaving Pune for London.
-I'll be gone soon. -Sit down.
Sit down, I say.
Have you told Daani anything?
Daani's father Pramod
and I...
were happy together.
Pammi wanted to surprise me.
But who ended up surprised?
Everyone believes I'm blind. So, I saw nothing.
I saw nothing at all.
It's quite dirty here.
What happened?
What did you put in that offering?
What did you feed me?
What was in it?
Hi, Ma'am.
Watch this video. It will cost you 50 rupees.
Get lost.
It's breaking news. You can pay me later.
Please watch the video.
My money?
It's not what you think.
After Pramod died, I was very lonely.
I came to rely on Akash.
-I'm sure you know that Akash is very... -Sensitive?
He is emotional.
Did he tell you that he turned blind when a ball hit him at the age of 14?
He is not blind.
-He's not blind? -No way.
-I just found out. -How?
Ask that kid downstairs.
Ask him! Why ask me?
I better go.
Give him a message from me.
Franco's has sold the piano.
Ma'am, my money?
-What is it? -What have you done to me?
I can't see a thing. Nothing at all.
But you've been blind for years.
I read an article about you in the papers.
How could anyone do such a thing? It's wrong, it's evil!
What did you put in my eyes? Make them alright.
Take me to a doctor at once!
Or else, I'll tell everyone.
Sure, tell them.
Tell the Press. Give the police another statement.
Tell them that Simi Sinha murdered Pramod Sinha and she blinded me.
We'll see who believes you.
I suggest you focus on your music. You're an artist, after all.
What's on your phone?
A video. Want to see it?
-Where is it? -Look, it's here.
It's gone!
My money!
I know you are not blind.
Who else are you sleeping with besides Simi Sinha?
-Sophie, let me explain. span style="style.default1"-Don't you dare call me again./span
span style="style.default1"-If you do, I'll report you to the police./span -Sophie!
Now write a song about that.
You blinded him? What do you mean? How?
On the internet you can find a hundred ways to do that.
Good. Now he's really blind.
But the blind can talk. He can talk to the Press.
If there's an inquiry, I'll get the boot. We'll get caught.
You should've killed him.
I'm not a serial killer to kill them off, one by one.
Keep playing the perfect husband. Hide behind your wife.
Why didn't you take my call?
My wife's aunt was in the ICU.
You know how it is. You were married too.
I was. And to a far better man than you.
Why did you bring your gun that day?
If you hadn't, none of this would've happened.
He might have forgiven me.
You think you're Dirty Harry, while I do the dirty work!
Open the door.
Who is it?
Don't touch me!
I'm Dr. Swami. You're in my clinic.
You were lying on the street.
-Who brought me here? -Me. Murli, the auto driver.
We found your passport and 6,000 rupees cash.
-We've kept it aside safely. -Yes.
-Are you a doctor? -Yes.
Sir, my eyes have been damaged.
Please check my eyes.
He is blind.
-I can't see a thing. Check my eyes. -Relax.
They've been damaged recently.
The cornea is damaged.
-An eye specialist can help you. -Take me to him.
-Take me to him. -Take you where?
Relax. You are already in a hospital.
-Dr. Ambike will examine you. -When does he come?
At 7 in the evening.
Let me give you a tetanus shot.
Stretch your hand out. Clench your wrist. Thumb inside.
Murli, when you picked me up, was anyone else there?
No. Why?
Someone wants to kill me.
Is there a problem?
I dropped you at the police station the other day.
Please eat.
I've met you before.
You had helped me sell a lottery ticket.
-Near the tea stall on MG road? -Yes, Sir.
You bring good luck.
The ticket buyer won 10,000 rupees that day.
-What's the number? -Number?
-Don't you want to call someone? -No.
Don't you have a family?
A friend, girlfriend, boyfriend? You must have someone.
-Someone to help you. -There's no one!
Let me know when the doctor is here.
Here's what you need to do. Take this pill.
Take it after you've eaten.
And get some sleep.
-Fetch my things from the car. -Okay.
1,50,000. Done.
50,000 advance.
2,00,000 or I'll call it off.
Oh, come on.
That blind fellow is of no use to you.
The price is fair.
Okay. Let's settle on two.
50,000 advance. But, for both his kidneys.
Both kidneys? He'll die.
So what?
We can leave his body on the railway tracks.
A few trains will run over him, he'll be completely mutilated.
I'm going to see the patient now.
Are you okay with this?
Were you okay with me begging in the train?
Come on, now.
We are getting 2,00,000 because he is in good health.
Be quick. Why are you so concerned?
Leave the poor man one kidney. He'll live. Don't be a grave sinner.
Doctor, is the eye specialist here?
He'll be here soon. Meanwhile, we'll scan your body.
Turn to your left.
Sit down. Put the light on.
Sir, why is there no one in your hospital?
Am I the only patient here? The hospital is quite deserted.
This place is history now.
There's a new hospital near the highway. Everyone goes there.
Take your t-shirt off.
And your watch.
Loosen your trousers.
Lie down.
Lie down on your stomach. Good.
Loosen your trousers.
That's it.
Well done.
You are disturbing me. Yes, I cut the cable connection.
No TV until our son's exams are over. No more drama series for you either.
Help him prepare for his exams.
I've told you not to disturb me during an operation.
I'll call you after the operation.
What operation? What for?
-Relax. Just lie down. -Where is Dr. Ambike?
-What operation? -Just lie down. Relax!
Take only one kidney out. That should suffice.
One kidney is enough, Sir.
Hold him down!
-Come here, fast. -He's kicking like a horse.
-1,00,000 is enough. -Get off me!
-1,00,000 is enough. -I'll give you one crore!
I swear by the Lord Shiva tattoo on your hand!
I swear by the Lord Shiva tattoo on your hand.
Lord Shiva.
I'll give you one crore.
The Lord Shiva tattoo on your hand...
The tattoo...
One crore...
Lord Shiva.
One crore?
One crore!
Doctor, how does he know I have a Lord Shiva tattoo?
span style="style.default1"Hail, Lord Shiva/span
span style="style.default1"You are the mightiest of them all/span
span style="style.default1"Hail, Lord Shiva/span span style="style.default1"You are the mightiest of them all/span
Hello, Mr. Akash.
Get up.
-Sir. -Relax.
Everything is all right, Sir.
No! Sir!
-No harm has come to you. -Relax. Everything is fine.
Everything is alright, Sir.
You're very lucky.
The doctor was planning to remove both your kidneys.
We were about to get 2,00,000 rupees as payment.
Then you started blabbering about one crore rupees.
How do you know I have a Lord Shiva tattoo on my forearm?
You wear sarees, right? You have black hair.
You look like the athlete PT Usha.
Murli, you are younger than her.
She is taller than you.
You've got hair like Malinga, the fast bowler.
-You are a fan of Aishwarya Rai. -Yes.
There's a poster on your rickshaw.
Yes, indeed.
Oh my God. He has a third eye.
Murli, he's a reincarnation of Lord Shiva.
Hold on.
Are you pretending to be blind?
-Ma'am. -Yes, Sir?
I'm the biggest jackpot you'll ever win.
What do you mean?
Can I check Mr. Sinha's call data?
-Take a seat. -Thank you, Ma'am.
-You may leave. -Okay.
How did you get hurt?
A terrorist encounter.
It must hurt a lot.
Not really. Akash escaped. We're tracking him.
We've tapped his girlfriend's phone.
Everything belongs to you now.
The blind can talk, you know.
Find him!
Mrs. Sinha.
I'm going to London tomorrow.
I wanted to meet Daani before I left.
-Alright. Goodbye. -Can I drop you somewhere?
Would you like some Chinese take-away?
span style="style.default1"Akash is in my car. What now?/span
Bring him to Range Hills. I'll kill him right there.
My wife's aunt is in the ICU again. Got to rush.
Tell me.
I told you I was about to leave Pune.
You still chose to blind me.
And that boyfriend of yours!
He was trying to get me.
I've been sleeping at the bus stand for the past two nights.
-Did Manohar attack you? -So, you don't know.
I want my eyesight back.
The doctor said that I could regain my sight with a cornea transplant.
It will cost me a million on the black market.
Give me the money.
I'll get the operation done and leave for London.
Get what I'm saying?
A million. Or you'll be behind bars.
I'll tell everything to the Press.
I don't have that kind of money. Besides, why would I give it to you?
Move. You're holding us up.
What is it?
An auto rickshaw is blocking the way.
Does it have an image of Aishwarya Rai?
You can see again?
I made some rice flakes, Chinese style. Tell me if they're good.
Who gave this to you?
What's the matter?
Not feeling well?
Does it hurt?
Eat. I'll get it.
How does it taste?
span style="style.default1"Private detective Ismail speaking./span
span style="style.default1"-Can I talk to Mrs. Rasika?/span span style="style.default1"-I'm Rasika./span
The actor Pramod Sinha had hired me.
He had a doubt that his wife was having an affair.
span style="style.default1"I tailed her for two weeks./span span style="style.default1"Filmed her, took photos./span
Pramod Sinha has died. So, who pays my fees now?
It's not my problem. How am I concerned?
Your husband is having an affair with his wife.
span style="style.default1"That's why./span
Who is it?
Do you know who my husband is?
-If he finds out-- span style="style.default1"-I know who he is./span
But you don't know that he killed Pramod Sinha for one crore rupees.
span style="style.default1"I'll call you at at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow./span
I want one crore rupees.
Otherwise, I'll approach the media. They pay a hefty sum for such stories.
span style="style.default1"Good night./span
Well done, my man! Time for a selfie.
You'll hurt me!
Come out! You dog!
Come out or I'll kill you!
That's a real gun!
I'll kill you, I swear!
16 eggs a day, to go please her?
To enjoy your time with that cheap actress Simi!
I'm a fool. I'm not smart enough.
She's shrewd. I hate her.
She trapped me.
Are you a kid? Didn't you realize she was trapping you?
Honey, let's not talk about her.
I messed up, big time.
There's only one person I love.
And that's you.
Shut up! I'm dead to you!
Don't say that.
-I'm sorry. -You lowlife! Come out!
Come out!
I'm coming out now. Okay, Russu?
Don't shoot.
That's her again!
No, it's the sub-inspector. Let me take the call.
Don't shoot. I'll put it on speaker.
Yes, Paresh?
span style="style.default1"Sir, we've found Simi Sinha's car/span span style="style.default1"at Suicide Point./span
span style="style.default1"We found her bag and a shoe, near the car./span
span style="style.default1"I think she jumped off/span span style="style.default1"and killed herself, Sir./span
span style="style.default1"We haven't found a suicide note./span
span style="style.default1"We are searching the river./span span style="style.default1"But, it is full of crocodiles./span
span style="style.default1"Simi Sinha, the widow/span span style="style.default1"of actor Pramod Sinha/span
span style="style.default1"has committed suicide./span
span style="style.default1"I'm standing on Pune's Indrayani bridge/span span style="style.default1"where a bag and a shoe/span
span style="style.default1"were found near Mrs. Sinha's car./span
span style="style.default1"Pramod Sinha's body was also/span span style="style.default1"discovered nearby, a few days ago./span
span style="style.default1"The police believes that Mrs. Simi Sinha/span
span style="style.default1"jumped over this bridge/span span style="style.default1"and killed herself./span
span style="style.default1"Simi's step-daughter, Daani, told media/span
span style="style.default1"that she last saw Simi leave home/span span style="style.default1"with her piano teacher Akash./span
span style="style.default1"At this point, Akash's whereabouts/span span style="style.default1"are unknown./span
They've eloped.
span style="style.default1"Simi Sinha wanted to make it big/span span style="style.default1"in the field of acting./span
span style="style.default1"And to achieve this, she married/span span style="style.default1"the much older actor Pramod Sinha./span
span style="style.default1"After Pramod Sinha died,/span
span style="style.default1"Simi's dream of becoming/span span style="style.default1"a successful movie star, failed./span
span style="style.default1"This failure was probably/span span style="style.default1"the reason behind her suicide./span
span style="style.default1"Pramod Sinha's murder mystery/span span style="style.default1"has not been solved yet. And now--/span
Crying over your own death, Mrs. Sinha?
He's a doctor.
He needs your blood sample.
If your blood sample matches mine, he'll use your cornea for the transplant.
Want to save your eyes?
Tell me where you've kept the cash worth one crore.
What's your name?
Okay, Dr. Swami.
Doctor, please.
Believe him and you'll be in trouble. The police is looking for him.
You want money. I'll give it to you. Just untie me.
Madam, no one believes you.
You're evil. You murdered your husband.
-I didn't kill Pramod. -I saw it!
You helped Manohar stuff Mr. Sinha's body in a suitcase.
You got it all wrong. You had arrived later.
That stupid Pammi had lied to me about going to Bengaluru.
He came home to surprise me.
Pramod picked up Manohar's gun.
I was explaining things when the gun went off by accident!
And Mrs. D'Sa?
Are you a bunch of saints?
Yes, I pushed her off the building. What if she identified Manohar?
span style="style.default1"Yes, I pushed her off the building./span span style="style.default1"What if she identified Manohar?/span
If we don't get paid, your confession ends up
with the Press, the police and Pramod Sinha's daughter Daani.
Manohar was right.
I shouldn't have blinded you. I should've killed you.
Untie me!
Are you mad?
If we untie the blindfold, you will see us.
We'd have to kill you, then.
Stay calm and cooperate.
I'll get you breakfast and take you to the toilet.
Stop. This is the top floor.
Murli, you'll stay here. What about you, Ma'am?
I'll wait downstairs. If anyone asks, I'll say I'm the cleaner.
-Right? -Yes.
-We have to trap him in the elevator. -That's when I'll switch the power off.
The tiger will be trapped in his cage. The monkeys will be on a rampage.
-Let's shake on it. -There goes the building.
I want to hear Manohar scream.
Record him on your mobile.
She drinks gallons of coconut water and just keeps peeing.
Does Dr. Ambike even exist?
There must be a hundred Dr. Ambikes in Pune.
What's so funny?
How many times must I tell you? There is no missing money. Trust me.
We saw you on the news stating that there's missing money involved.
If it's on TV, doesn't mean it's true.
Ma'am. I am a widow.
My daughter is all alone at home. Help me, please.
Once we get one crore rupees,
we'll see.
Help! Someone, help me!
The next train arrives in an hour. Try again.
span style="style.default1"What use is courage, or a heart?/span
span style="style.default1"The kidneys are the dearest part/span
span style="style.default1"What use is courage, or a heart?/span
span style="style.default1"The kidneys are the dearest part/span
span style="style.default1"Enmity comes free/span
span style="style.default1"Friendship charges a fee/span
span style="style.default1"Friendship charges a fee/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, dear/span
span style="style.default1"Why does the heart/span span style="style.default1"Feel more like a black hole?/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, dear/span
span style="style.default1"Why does the heart/span span style="style.default1"Feel more like a black hole?/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, dear/span
span style="style.default1"Why does the heart/span span style="style.default1"Feel more like a black hole?/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, dear/span
span style="style.default1"Why does the heart/span span style="style.default1"Feel more like a black hole?/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, dear/span
span style="style.default1"Why does the heart/span span style="style.default1"Feel more like a black hole?/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, dear/span
span style="style.default1"Why does the heart/span span style="style.default1"Feel more like a black hole?/span
Mrs. Manohar?
Mrs. Ismail here. Is the money ready?
Yes. Where shall I bring it?
span style="style.default1"Not you. Send your husband./span
span style="style.default1"I'll text him the address. Bye./span
Go and clean up the mess you made.
Come on.
As a cop, he's quite smart. Don't take a chance. Do as I told you.
Sit down.
Why are you tying me up?
Easy! It's for your own good.
Murli, why are you doing this?
There's a lot of junk in here. You might hurt yourself.
I'm not crazy to escape. I trusted you!
I don't know what you're up to.
Untie me.
Let's go. Be quick.
How can you do this?
Murli! Ma'am!
The monkeys have tied up their master and scooted.
So you really think they'll return with Manohar's money?
Manohar is going to whip your motley gang.
He'll whip you too.
Cat got your tongue?
Just wondering.
What will Manohar do to you?
Will he hug you? Or shoot you?
You're a liability now.
Why are you quiet?
-Akash, come closer. -Why?
we have to help each other.
I can untie your hands.
And, in return?
In return, you can take the blindfold off my eyes.
I don't want your help.
You fool, what's your plan?
Prefer waiting here for the end?
When Manohar shows up,
I'll find a way to save my skin. But you are definitely doomed.
Where are you?
span style="style.default1"Our meeting was a dream/span
span style="style.default1"You got what you wanted/span
Is that the only song you can think of?
span style="style.default1"I'll never return to see you again/span
span style="style.default1"Never ever/span
-Hey. -Yes.
Even if Manohar arranges the money
I don't think they'll let us go. What do you think?
Murli is more trustworthy than the lady. The doctor is the dangerous one.
I cut the cable connection. Next, I'm selling the TV.
Mummy and I will be staying with grandma.
Give it here. How much did you score in maths?
Get your mother.
-What is it? -The blood sample reports.
Something wrong, Sir?
span style="style.default1"Go inside the building./span
span style="style.default1"Leave the bag in the elevator./span
span style="style.default1"Once I get the money/span
span style="style.default1"you'll get the evidence./span
span style="style.default1"No dirty tricks. Or else, you can/span span style="style.default1"watch your story on TV tonight./span
-Where's the evidence? -I don't have it.
-Who has it? -Sakku.
Where is she?
span style="style.default1"In the basement./span
span style="style.default1"Murli!/span
span style="style.default1"Murli, are you okay?/span
span style="style.default1"Murli, what was that sound?/span
We've got the cash. He's in the elevator.
Help! Let me out!
Let me out!
What's your plan?
There's a bathroom with an open window. The railway station is nearby.
Are you okay?
Come here.
-Take the blindfold off, Akash. -No.
I can guide you to find the way out. We're running out of time.
Take the blindfold off. Don't untie my hands.
Time's running out. I'll guide you.
Why is this shut?
Take the blindfold off, for goodness sake.
Time's running out. I'll guide you.
We are in some sort of a storeroom.
-Are the windows closed? -Yes. No sign of a door or bathroom.
There's a glass partition. Can you break it?
-Where is it? -A little ahead.
Walk a few steps. Found it?
-Where? -Ahead.
Where? Right? Left? Be clear.
Straight ahead.
Now, turn around.
Here? What's this?
The bed frame.
-What are you up to? -Nothing. Turn right.
We are reaching the hospital.
Murli, keep talking. Don't fall asleep.
What's wrong?
-Murli! -Step outside. Please.
Bend down, lower. A little more.
It's a fire extinguisher. Pick it up.
Break the glass partition with it.
Throw it. Not towards me.
I'm right here.
Face the other way.
Walk straight ahead. Veer slightly to your left.
Shall I throw it?
-It's smashed. -Done.
Where are you going now? Careful. There's broken glass everywhere.
-There are clothes on the bed. -Where?
To your left.
Wrap it around your hands.
Mrs. Sinha, will you come with me to the police station?
You drew my blood out, you scum!
Help! Help me!
-The next train is in an hour. -Murli!
Get off me!
Catch her!
Let go!
Let me go!
Stop it! Let me go!
Let me go.
You saved my life.
Where are my specs?
Help me carry her. She's our jackpot.
Is Murli okay, Doctor?
He lost a lot of blood.
No! Murli can't die! He has to live!
Doctor, I have lots of money.
Here, take it.
Please control yourself.
There's something you can do if you wish. You can donate his organs.
Yes, Sakku?
It's a total mess. They've escaped.
I'm leaving town. Lie low for a few months.
Murli is dead.
Where are we going?
To cash in the jackpot.
A private jet is waiting for us at the Mumbai airport.
Look. Sorry, listen to this.
Millions! I'll give you a share.
You'll have your sight back.
I don't get it.
The Sheikh's daughter needs a liver transplant.
She has a rare blood type. B Rh Negative.
-Guess whose blood matches hers? -Mine?
If that were the case, I wouldn't have promised you a share.
It's your Lady Macbeth's blood.
Remember that blood test we made her undergo?
The nurse did a routine check. We've hit the jackpot!
If her cornea matches yours, that would be like an icing on the cake.
Do you want to kill her?
She'll die anyway.
span style="style.default1"A dusky skinned girl,/span span style="style.default1"Hazy and slightly crazy/span
span style="style.default1"She trembles like a wavering leaf/span span style="style.default1"When angry/span
span style="style.default1"When she happens to hear my name/span
span style="style.default1"She tries hard to disguise her feelings/span
span style="style.default1"Tell me if you happen to bump into her/span
span style="style.default1"Tell me if you happen to bump into her/span
span style="style.default1"She wrinkles her eyes/span span style="style.default1"In the bright sunlight/span
span style="style.default1"Takes deep drags of life/span span style="style.default1"As she walks along/span
span style="style.default1"Tell me if you happen to bump into her/span
span style="style.default1"Tell me if you happen to bump into her/span
You are fooling people here as well.
It's a long story.
And then?
She'll die anyway.
Doctor, she confessed in your presence.
The cops will arrest her soon enough. So, let her go.
Let go of millions? How can you feel sorry for her?
She murdered two people and blinded you.
Any court of law would give her the death penalty.
It's not just about the money.
The Sheikh's daughter will get a new life.
And you'll get your eyesight back.
There are the kidneys too.
Her death will give new life to many people. Just imagine!
Hold this.
This is wrong.
There's a bus stop up ahead. I'll drop you there.
Only you! Because you saved my life.
If we killed her and took her eyes, I'd never be able to play the piano again.
I said all that stuff just to scare her.
Why do we need to take her liver and kidneys?
I won't let you do that.
Can you pull over?
Let us go, please.
Trust me, Doctor. I won't tell anyone about you.
Get down.
A little later, I got into a bus that took me to Mumbai.
Why didn't you come back to me?
I didn't have the guts. I wanted to get away from it all.
A friend helped me to get to London.
Tomorrow, I'm having a concert at Main Square.
Will you come?
I'm flying back tomorrow.
She ruined so many lives.
You should've listened to Dr. Swami and taken Simi's eyes.