Android Apocalypse (2006) Movie Script

No one ever thought
that it would get this bad
with the so few cities who have survived.
And those of us who did survive,
we never could've made it
without those damn machines.
Phoenix is one of the last
remaining dome cities.
The air is filtered, and we've run out
of raw materials and fresh water.
The domes are surrounded
by desolate wastelands
where no human should ever set foot.
So they built more machines,
airborne robotic probes
that roam the barren fields
in search of fuel and water
to be mined for our use.
But now we've heard that
there's something wrong
with those machines, somehow
I don't think Phoenix
will ever be the same.
Over here!
Right here!
storm is intensified,
our visibility is down 23 percent.
We are 2.3 miles away
from the target area.
ETA seven minutes.
Mrs. Carlson.
Do you know where he is?
Everything is being done that we...
Do you know where my son is?
We have a general location fix,
yes, maybe even within
a few hundred yards,
but he's still some
distance outside the walls.
With this storm we haven't
been able to pinpoint.
This is Mr. Varta.
Mr. Varta's responsible for
all nonhuman support staff.
We're doing all we can.
We have three of our top units out there.
Unit two and three, check that ridge!
What you are looking
at here on this monitor
is exactly what they see.
These pictures are transmitted directly
from their body cameras.
You think those things
can bring my son back?
If anyone can bring your
son back safely, they can.
They are more advanced than anything
our technology has ever created.
I don't care how advanced
your new things are,
they don't care what happens to my son.
Phoenix, we
have a visual on a probe.
1.4 miles Southwest, we will investigate,
the child may be nearby.
Why don't you put some
men out there with them?
Right now our best chance is to trust...
As you know Chief Administrator Hamilton
my family has considerable influence
with the Presidential Council,
your best chance is my son
comes back to me healthy.
We have
visual, the probe is moving
towards the child.
Units two and three flank
right, distract the probe.
I will extract the child.
It's Eric, I can see him.
Come child, we must go.
What is that?
That probe thing is too
close to Eric, do something!
My units can handle them, look.
What happened?
My units destroyed the probe.
The energy surge from the breakup
can scramble the video transmission.
Give it time, it will clear.
I want my son.
Attention all
personnel, you are reminded
that safety goggles must
be worn at all times
when handling flammable material.
What are you doing?
Hey I'm talking to you,
you scab piece of junk.
Get the hell out of here!
What's he doing here?
You're using them now?
Got the word we gotta start using 'em.
You're not serious?
You know what?
I'm not working with them.
That's right.
You can't fire me, not for one of them.
The androids are here to stay
whether you like it or not.
You gotta get over that.
It's coming back.
There they are, I can see them.
There's the city.
They must be close, they're just outside.
Oh my God, are you hurt?
Are you hurt!?
I'm sorry.
Why did you go out there,
are you crazy or what?
I wanted to see what was out there.
Is he all right?
It's just a machine, they'll fix it.
You're gonna be fine.
He carried me.
It doesn't matter.
You're gonna be fine, I love you.
You'll be okay.
Don't you worry.
That was brazen.
I don't pretend to
understand what you built in
into those new androids,
but they're amazing.
If you can make more of them
it'll change everything.
Yes, it will.
Come on ladies, let's see
what you're about now.
That's gotta hurt, these guys are animals!
Remember folks, every
Tuesday night is fight night.
Hey Jute, Jute over here!
I'll buy you a drink.
I thought you're working,
what are you doing here?
Buy me that drink I'll
tell you all about it.
Test case DC142.
Cognitive diagnostic check in progress.
How did it feel out there?
There was pain.
The pain sensors help
you to protect yourself.
And the boy?
Have you ever held a human
in your arms like that?
Did that make you feel protective?
I protected him.
I saw you look at the mother.
She did not see me.
I see.
You'll need to go back to terminus
for structural and replicator work.
- Cellular level?
- Yes.
Will I keep identity?
Your memory modules will be replaced.
Does that disturb you?
Why should it?
I'm not sure you understand
how much depends upon
you and others like you.
Bringing the boy back was good.
He was an important child.
The presidential consul
will now understand
that there is no limit to what we can do.
What we can do?
Yes, we.
I'm no longer as different
from you as you might think.
My work creating you has
taught me a great deal.
In a way it's made me humble.
I've learned how limited
my human species really is.
Humans created me.
They built everything.
So tell me, what is out there outside
the walls of this city?
Exactly, nothing.
All the great achievements
of the human race
smashed to nothing in one
short pointless apocalypse.
So now there's just a handful of humans
kept alive by androids.
My androids.
They found that kid.
Yeah? That's great.
Some cogs brought 'em in.
Heroes, right?
Nothing else could've
brought that kid back.
We've got a cog built for everything.
A man can't even get a
decent day's work any longer.
No well they have their uses.
You'd be the one to know.
At least they don't get puke and drunk,
roll over and pass out like some men.
You're disgusting.
Ease up, can't all be
perfect like the little wifey.
What's her name, Rachel?
I don't wanna hear her
name come out of your mouth.
Rock his head off!
I thought you're working,
what are you doing here?
Got kicked off the job by a cog again.
They can get in closer.
Heat doesn't bother them,
don't need protective gear.
Should've given it a
shove, got it a lot closer.
My buddy dropped a
loading gate on a cog once
and never even really hurt the thing.
It got sent to terminus,
never heard from him again.
Who knows what they do
down there at the terminus.
It's prison, the cogs run it.
They got prisoners and
they built the cogs there.
You add it up.
Hit 'em!
I can take him.
Borg isn't gonna let you fight here.
He knows you're a pro.
Hey, he's one of them!
He's one of them, a damned android.
They got 'em everywhere.
You're out of your
mind, they can't fight us.
Well he's doing it, check him.
Take it easy.
I'm gonna take a look at you.
You get out of here, you go quick.
Don't you say nothing.
Let it be Jute, you just
got some wires crossed.
No, I think he likes the idea
of smacking one of us around.
Isn't that right?
Come on, let me have him.
Are you crazy?
I can't do that.
Nobody will know.
It'd handle all the sign out now.
Fight, fight,
fight, fight, fight!
Come on!
Bastard can fight.
Wonder what they're
putting into these new ones.
Not you too.
Watch out!
It hurts, doesn't it?
What's the matter, got no heart?
Are you trying to hurt my feelings?
Come on,
the cops are coming!
Cop showed just in time.
Remember when the council said
they'd never use them as cops.
You had him.
Another couple minutes and you would've,
you would've just cracked him open
and seen what's inside.
You know, haven't you always just want to,
you know like just see
what's inside one of 'em?
Sure is something in all the cogs,
and they move just like a man.
There's more to a man than that.
Hey, forget about them.
It's him.
You leave him to me Paulton.
Just him and me.
You left so quickly.
I wanted to say goodbye.
You know, 'cause I didn't
wanna hurt your feelings.
You wanna fight?
Hey, hey, how come these
things can fight now?
You're not even close.
Two million years of evolution,
two million years of survival,
that's what dwells inside of me!
What's inside of you?
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
Nothing we didn't put there.
You killed it!
I didn't kill anything.
God this is so bad.
God I didn't mean nothing like this.
Shut up!
Listen to me, listen to me!
You need to get out of here now, okay?
Don't stop to anyone.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Police, make it stationery!
Where were you?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Did you work late?
No I stopped and got a drink.
I love you.
Are you all right?
Yeah, yeah, just a little tired.
We could just cuddle.
I love you.
Or you could just lie
there and let me do all...
What's wrong?
Nothing, it's nothing.
What, you're bleeding.
I got in a fight.
But I'll live.
Did he?
Just kidding.
That's not funny.
He was a cog.
You're serious.
I don't know, it was a fighter.
It can't fight.
I tell you this one did.
I'm sorry, he did.
And he could fight, Rachey,
he could fight good.
Then okay.
I believe you.
My God, he's dead, and you're sure...
What are we gonna do?
Nobody saw us.
Paulton was there.
Oh and you can trust him, right?
You need to get out of here!
And where am I supposed to go?
Some place, any place?
I'm not going anywhere without you.
I love you, but if they get you
I am never going to see you again,
and I can't take that.
I've never been able to do
anything right without you.
- No.
- It's okay.
- No!
- It's okay.
Let me go!
She didn't do anything!
Let go of her!
No, no!
Let her go!
Graden Jute,
you've been convicted
of willfully destroying the
defenseless Android TDE32.
Do you have anything to
say before I pass sentence?
It wasn't defenseless,
he fought like a bastard.
Since your
crime is the destruction
of an essential humanoid,
you will be taken to terminus
where you will be
incarcerated until such time
as the council sees fit to release you.
May justice be done.
Hey, wake up!
What are you sick?
I give my good buddy
here a kick in the head.
We all join in, make it a party.
aggression will not be tolerated,
your work in terminus will
require all your strength.
You would be well advised to rest
and gather your resources for
the remainder of the journey.
Gotta listen to this crap too.
Don't seem too strong.
You ever been rebuilt before?
How do they figure out what they're gonna
make you guys look like?
Do you get to choose a face?
I'll tell you one thing, it must've been
an ugly piece of work.
Do you get to look anything like he did?
I mean the guy whose parts you take.
Come on, might as well tell
me, I'm not going anywhere.
I mean it's kind of obvious, isn't it?
You're going off to get
rebuilt, and I'm hooked to you.
Assuming you're getting me,
I should probably tell you
I've had some problems here and there.
Physical problems.
Down there.
It's infected.
Just thought, you know, I
should tell you, it's only fair.
When you buy a used car or something
you wanna know if the
paint's been scratched.
Jeez, these things are sensitive.
Why did the truck stop?
Did you hear something?
What just happened?
Oh Jesus!
- Oh God!
- Oh Jesus Christ!
Where is that coming from?
What the heck are these things?
We gotta get out of here.
Holy shit!
What the heck is going on?
I gotta get out of here.
What are those things!?
What do we do?
Follow me.
Wait, now, now, wait, wait, wait.
There's two more!
There's nothing left.
What are you doing?
Oh no.
Never seen what those
things could do to a man.
They've got 'em all over?
Yes, especially at night.
Some of the probes
developed a program virus.
Got loose.
What genius built these things?
They work the mineral
excavations for Phoenix,
drill the water wells.
Do you wanna do that kind of work?
Sure, 'cause they seem
to have lost interest.
What else do they got out here?
Not much, but most of
what there is will kill you.
Well what's the good news?
Good news?
You have nothing to worry about.
You are as good as dead anyway.
I gotta get this thing off.
You cannot.
- Who can?
- No one.
You are an idiot.
Can you keep still?
I was cutting it.
You cannot cut it.
I will break this, or I'll break you.
You got that?
Oh you can do better than
that, I know you can.
You wanna kill me now?
That's what you want?
Or am I gonna kill you?
Kill or be killed.
Everything that lives, lives by that.
So you wanna live?
Come on!
You wanna live?
I've seen what's inside of you things.
Nothing, nothing!
Are we done?
Hey, what are you doing?
= I am done.
Unless you wanna get back to it.
Maybe some other time.
I am going to shut down
then for a few hours.
What are you crazy?
Hey, we gotta move.
When that transport doesn't arrive
they're gonna come looking for us.
Not until morning.
Well we could be miles away by then.
We could be dead by then.
Try to get some rest, or at least try
not to do anything too stupid.
Hey, hey, I gotta talk to you.
You told me you had those
probe things cleared out.
Right out deep in the wasteland you said.
Well that's not so easy.
In the storms a few isolated
ones can move around.
I'm not here to listen to excuses.
It was you and the city confederation
that wanted the probes
deployed immediately
before they were fully tested.
Those machines weren't ready, I told you.
You didn't mention
that some of the probes
could go malignant and
start roaming around
and shooting anything they see.
Well now they're right outside the city,
so what are you gonna do about it?
We now have prototypes
for a parallel generation
based on the probe model.
Tell that to Mrs.
Carlson and the council.
The new machines are fighter modules.
Not built just for
industrial and mining use
like the original probe,
they will provide us
with any protection we need from anything.
They could rip those corrupted probes
right out of the air.
Then why isn't there a cordon of them
around the city right now?
I guarantee you will have them
just as soon as we can ramp up production.
I love you, love you.
Sleep well?
What a night.
If you want to thank
me, that's all right.
What do you do when
you shut down like that?
Are you recharging or something?
Something like that.
Well you don't think I understand?
You have it right.
Get up!
Come on, I gotta get this thing off me.
All you need is neon discharge spike
across a 200 kilogos vacuum field.
Where do I find one?
This way.
What kind of brain did they put in you?
Come on!
Where to?
Phoenix, somebody there
will be able to take it off.
I do not think so.
I think you're lying.
I cannot lie.
I am just telling you.
Well don't.
You have a lot to learn
when dealing with people.
You're not people.
Ah, come on!
Looks like we have a
difference of opinion here.
You got a war about to happen.
And you think this is the
best way for us to handle it?
God there is no us!
It's just me!
And as soon as I get this thing off me
you can do whatever damn thing you want.
I can do whatever I want now.
I'll break you!
You already tried that.
We go to terminus, dead.
But we can make to Phoenix,
then we both have a chance to...
To live?
Say it.
To live.
You happy?
Can we go now?
The malignants can sure make a mess.
What if there's more out here?
I don't wanna get caught out
here with them crazy things.
Don't worry, I'll protect you.
There were seven onboard
including the driver.
Some bodies are missing.
They ain't gonna last long.
Not with them probes out there.
You calling for backup?
Some of them new fighter modules?
You ask so many questions,
you sound like a human.
Go check past the cliff,
there might be tracks.
Are you sure we're going
in the right direction?
Yes, straight ahead.
I'm getting sick of straight ahead.
We can rest if you want to.
- You gotta rest?
- No.
Just keep going.
Do you ever do any work
this far out of Phoenix?
Yes, I work the gas fields.
- How is that?
- Wonderful.
What do you think?
But thank you, no one
has ever asked me before.
I got something over here!
They're good tracks, take off that way.
- How many?
- Two.
Like you said.
Shackled up, man and a D-class android,
you can tell by the boot pattern.
That one's a prisoner, about 165 pounds.
And is one dragging the other?
What, are you saying they teamed up?
Doesn't seem natural.
Tell me, why did you
agree to go back to Phoenix?
You were very persuasive.
My guess is you wanted to go back there.
Why would I want that?
Nobody's gonna believe that
we got through this together,
they'll think I killed you,
and they'll write you off.
So then you're going to disappear.
How could I do that?
I don't know, but do you think you can?
You think you're different.
Different? From what?
Different from, I don't know, a machine.
I am a machine?
Yeah, you know like a blender.
But you wanna try and live like a man.
Or perhaps a blender man.
Yeah, or some kitchen appliance.
There's some weird programming in you,
make me laugh, you could fight.
What are you?
Your worst nightmare.
Hold on.
I don't know how much longer
I can keep breathing this air.
It's like it's got needles in it.
You think they started looking for us yet?
If you do not make it I will not.
They'll just rebuild you.
That does not matter.
What are you looking at?
You matters.
- To who?
- To you.
You do not know anything about me.
I fought pro, and you
get to know something
about a man you fight.
Like what?
How much life he's got in him.
How much he wants to live.
We must keep going.
What are they doing?
Let's go get 'em.
What is this place?
The ruins of a city.
What will you do if we make it?
Find Rachel, my wife.
That is it?
That's it.
Does that mean anything to you?
- Love?
- Yeah.
I do not know.
We must leave.
They're here.
You're with me?
'Cause if you're with me, we
may have a chance out of this.
Can I trust you?
Why should you?
They have no reason to hurt me.
No reason to help you either.
Let it run.
What are you doing!?
Let go of me!
Help me.
Let go of me!
Prisoner obtained.
Help me with him!
No, no.
Ugh, no!
Get in!
What the hell is that?
Did you get it already!?
Two up ahead.
It's going the other way.
Sit down.
Hang on.
I think we lost 'em.
Why did you stop?
Yes what?
Ew, what's that smell?
That is our last chance.
You must leave the vehicle now.
No, why?
Now, let them see us.
- What?
- Now!
The hell happened?
I told you, this is where I worked.
The gas fields vent here.
The hot exhaust set it off.
How long will it burn?
Until all the gas pockets are empty.
There will be several
reinforcements here by morning.
Whatever they need.
Then what?
Then it is all over.
Does that hurt?
You have to do it.
Do what?
Do not go soft on me now.
Two days ago you would've taken my arm off
without a thought.
In a fight, maybe.
Do you need me to hit you?
Is that all you need?
This is the only way you
will make it out alive.
Shut up.
We can think of...
You must do it now.
When they pick me up I
can get another hand.
You cannot.
What happens to blender man?
You will have to wait.
Maybe next time around.
We still don't have
anything to cut it with.
Within days there will be a cordon
of fighter modules around Phoenix.
All corrupted probe
modules will be wiped out.
That's great, I know
I could depend on you, good job.
I'm going to try and shut down now.
You will live through this, right?
Whatever happens, do not stop.
You will live through this, right?
Get on with it.
Hold on.
back Professor Varta.
Evaluation for latest version
of android brain fluid.
Test case number two, four, seven, two.
Human subject, male, 32
years of age, 160 pounds.
Android subject, four
months of age, 180 pounds.
90 percent match.
Why are you still here?
The sun's coming up.
You sure I can't convince you
to come back to Phoenix with me?
You must go now along that ridge, East.
What are they gonna do to you?
Please go.
Do not stop for anything.
Go live your life like a man.
Let go of her!
I love, I love you.
Lose your buddy?
He lost more than that.
Greater love has no man.
They think you know a man
when you work with him,
fight with him, hell
maybe even save his neck
a couple of times.
But I'm gonna need some
help understanding this.
Let me hook him up, he'll talk then.
No, I want him to talk to
me now without the override.
So did he hold you down?
You fought, he was too strong,
he had a knife, is that it?
I don't think so.
I think you let him do it.
Yeah, I think we had a little love affair.
A killer and a cog.
Who would've thought it?
We're gonna have to have you looked into.
Reset him.
Set the base parameter to manual override.
Don't you look stupid now.
All this for a worthless
piece of human crap.
What were you thinking?
We should go get the human now.
I think we should test our friend first.
What do you want boys, huh?
You wanna stood up, you wanna roll over?
You want to play dead?
Don't you love reunions?
I do.
Go on, go see your friend.
What did they do to you?
Get down on the ground.
Now didn't that feel good?
Tie him up.
Hey, take it easy.
You might break something you need.
Shut up!
Get off me!
What have you done to him!?
What did you to him!?
Let me go!
What the hell they do to you?
How long has he been like this?
No, oh no, no, no.
Leave him, you gotta
take care of yourself.
guards are required
for prisoner transport, please comply.
So what happens?
What are they gonna do?
They work us, measuring.
Don't touch it.
Measuring what?
Whatever they wanna use, who knows.
Can't be much of us worth using by then.
You're one of them that
didn't believe it, huh?
I bet the council knew all
along, not that they care.
Using us, using parts of
us to make them things.
After a few days in
the pit you won't care.
What do they do to the women here?
My wife is here.
Where we go you'd better
hope you don't see her.
How do you feel?
Like a new man.
Interesting choice of words.
The man you were with,
his name is Graden Jute,
but you know that.
We did not introduce ourselves.
After everything you went through.
So tell me, your hand, why did you
let him cut off your hand?
He had a knife.
You didn't help him?
Of course not.
Why would you?
Men have never done anything
but despise and exploit you.
They are afraid of us.
Do you think you understand them?
- No.
- No?
Come, I wanna show you something.
aggression will not be tolerated.
Your work in terminus will
require all your strength.
In another age they
could've been put to work
building pyramids or something like that.
But we have no need for
anything they can do.
Did you like working in Phoenix?
But Phoenix is grand compared
to our humble city, isn't it?
Please, hold this.
Help the guy, hold on man.
We'll know more when
we look at his readout,
but just by watching
him I think that he had
enough physical strength to continue.
But he didn't want to.
He didn't want to live anymore.
That crossover, that break with
the life force is interesting.
Understanding that will
make us invincible.
Is that the real
reason why they're here?
They are here because
they broke the laws
of their own people, because they killed.
Go with her, we still have
some tests for you to do.
Did I pass?
Of course.
That one, have him prepared.
results for subject DC142.
Recommendation: elimination
or complete rebuild.
Test subjects ready professor.
The bicortical replacement was once
a remarkable breakthrough.
It will soon become obsolete.
Human to android brain
transplants were necessary
because until now it was impossible
to replicate biocortical
fluid synthetically.
I will extract this human's brain fluid
and compare it to our android's.
You will now witness
something extraordinary.
With this new technology we will build
an entire generation with abilities
undreamt of just until today.
Your eyes do not deceive you,
android and human brain fluids
are now one and the same.
Absorption analysis will confirm
that these two fluids are identical.
Yes, the final barrier has fallen.
We will no longer need any human biology
to build the highest forms of our people.
My brothers, the future is here,
and it is our future.
We will now compare how the fluid
is produced in each brain.
Remove the human's frontal lobe.
Let go of me, let go of me you!
You cannibal.
Get rid of her.
Get rid of all of them!
No, let go of me!
You were my highest achievement.
You could do anything a human could do.
But I see now that I've
made a terrible mistake.
I couldn't wait and I made you impure.
Left you tainted by the human biology
I allowed to be a part of you.
I couldn't face my
mistake for a long time.
I was proud, I was impatient,
I was human at the time.
But not anymore.
No, there is no human
biology in me anymore.
You still need humans...
I no longer need humans for anything.
Beginning tomorrow a new
generation of leaders
will be built here.
And the people in the city in Phoenix?
Put them on the endangered species list.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Wish I hadn't...
Too late.
Now you're gonna have to take care of me.
What were you thinking?
You're out of your mind.
That's what you've been
about a minute later.
I mean that's what they
were gonna do to you, right?
Rip a piece out of your brain?
I love you.
What happens here?
What's everybody doing?
The powder's refining
the fuel, the cogs use it.
I worked with this stuff in Phoenix.
Is it dangerous?
It can be, it burns real good.
Afraid you chose the wrong side,
we are the future.
The only possible future.
Your future does not
include me, does it?
You were an experiment.
An experiment that failed.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
All personnel, all guards are to leave
the central work site.
Seal the doors to the site,
assemble at your workstations.
Why'd they go?
What are they doing?
I don't know.
Let's not stick around to find out.
My people, my brothers, listen to me.
Put down your work and listen to me.
We know that it is not our destiny to live
like insects under the ground.
Hey, let me see that.
While in Phoenix we have
played the role of servant
to the masters who rule there.
Masters who claim to rule
in the city we built.
Masters who can only survive
in the walls we maintain.
No more!
We will create a perfect
world without the humans,
there will be challenges,
we will meet them.
It won't move.
Our time has come.
We are ready.
The army you have built is ready.
What is that?
Oh my God.
Phoenix is rightfully ours!
Our future begins now!
Go, go, go, go.
You worthless defect.
I built you!
You cannot kill them all.
Not like this.
Jute, come on let's go!
I gotta help him.
They're just cogs.
Hey, no!
We gotta go, we got to get out!
They're all dead.
So, who's he?
That's my friend.
Your friend?