Andron - The Black Labyrinth (2015) Movie Script

10 must enter the challenge.
The goal is the conquest of freedom.
Welcome to the season premiere
of the redemption games.
A sophisticated machine designed to select
the strongest, the most cunning, the best.
Even you can win wealth,
fame, and freedom.
The bets are now open.
We're ready to begin.
May the best win.
Get off! Stop it! Stop it!
What am I doing here? Who are you?
It's playtime.
Did you see that?
- What the fuck is going on?
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Who the hell are you?
- Who the hell are you?
You're the first people
we've seen in days.
Hey, relax. No one's gonna hurt you.
- Have you seen her?
- Have I seen who?
That woman dressed in white.
I'll go take a look.
Jesus, girl, take a pill.
Found these.
Does it work?
Just thinking.
Can you give me some more light?
This place...
is fucking huge.
Shit. Doesn't work.
What exactly is your problem?
I don't trust you.
Can't remember anything.
Join the club.
How long have you been here?
We ran into each other a day ago,
maybe two.
How 'bout you?
A while.
See that?
What's the last thing you remember?
Hey, you okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
- You sure?
- I'm good.
Not even your name?
Look at this.
- We have to get out of here.
- Did you find her?
This place is alive.
We don't know anything about them.
Don't know anything about ourselves.
- They're just lockers.
- No shit, Sherlock.
There is a passageway.
- What time do you think it is?
- It's night.
And how would you know that?
- I can feel it.
- What are you, a psychic?
I wish. At least I would know my name.
Do you hear that?
I don't hear anything.
There is nothing to hear.
I'm telling you... it's night.
Unless we're underground.
You okay?
Is she dead?
No, she's still breathing.
Who the fuck is that?
He can't see us.
- We've got to get her out of there.
- We? Look at him.
- You really want to go in there?
- We can't just leave her like that.
- I think he moved.
- He did not move. Let's go.
Shh, shh.
- You okay? Breathe.
- Yeah.
Go lay... lay on your side.
Lay on your side.
No, no. This way.
- Perfect.
- Just hold it.
Hold it!
Son of a bitch, could have killed me.
You'll be fine.
She looks okay.
Where am I?
What happened to you?
I don't remember, just a black corridor.
- What about him?
- Who?
I don't know him.
- I think he's gone.
- Maybe we should take a look.
Maybe we shouldn't.
Is this me?
I don't even remember what I look like.
You look okay to me.
I can see you.
Why don't we have any memories?
I don't... even remember my parents.
It's called selective amnesia.
What's that?
It's followed by trauma.
We remember how to walk, talk,
all of the essentials,
yet we have no recollection
of the details of our lives.
- Hey. Who wants lunch?
- Oh.
Hey, hang on.
What's the expiration date on it?
We should go.
Well, hang on. What about him?
He stays.
I'll watch him.
I'll go with you.
Me, too.
This place, it reminds me of something.
Did you have a nice nap, shithead?
Hey! Hey.
Maybe he knows something.
Hey, asshole, do you know something?
Do you know something?
I'm talking to you. Where are we?
We are in hell.
We are in hell.
What is that?
I've seen this.
- Help! Help!
- Are you okay?
All right, just stay there. We'll see
if we can get to you through another way.
Come on.
Contender eliminated.
10 little Indians standin' in a line.
One toddled home,
and then there were nine.
Do you trust the others?
I don't know.
It's almost like I know them from before.
I'd be careful if I were you.
So don't you trust me either?
We lost her.
It was a dead end. She was there
one second, then gone the next.
Who the hell are you?
Where's the girl?
I... I lost her.
Which girl?
There was a girl with us.
We were being chased.
You were being chased? Chased by who?
- Hey. Hey!
- Try it.
What did you do with our friend?
- I don't know anything about your friend.
- I don't believe you.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Look, everybody just... just calm down.
- Who put you in charge?
- Do you have shit for brains?
- No, just wanted a private conversation.
- Cut it out because we need to find her.
Easy. Just drop the club.
Yeah, just drop the club.
Then we can all figure out
what the fuck's going on.
- We saw the blood.
- I was hunting.
Why were you following us?
I've been down here on my own
for at least a month now.
You're the first people I've seen.
I know you.
Shit. We have to move fast.
Hey, hey, hey, relax. Stop.
Now we're going to get serious.
- What happened?
- Hey!
Do you mind?
It'll cut me in half. Please.
Come on.
Come on.
Contender eliminated.
Well done. But remember,
only one can survive.
I know this room's got two doors.
Where are the others?
I don't know. The room was empty.
I don't understand what's going on.
Hey, wait.
Did you say that you know
that girl in the mask? How?
I don't know, okay?
I mean, I think so.
- Try to remember. It's important.
- He's trying to remember.
Don't touch me.
Hey, I'm sorry I touched you.
I was just trying to help.
- I'm really not a bad person.
- How am I supposed to know that?
Well, I just told you. I wasn't
the one that was tied to the wall.
- I don't even remember why they tied me up.
- You attacked us.
- Me?
- Yeah.
I don't remember.
Try a little harder.
Contenders off course.
Activate containment measures.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
But there's a passageway back here.
Come on!
Now things get interesting.
- What are you eating?
- Tastes like chicken.
Yeah, lots of chickens in here.
- I'm okay. Thank you.
- Careful! Just don't...
Don't touch it.
Where did that thing even come from?
I can't move my hand.
It's just attached itself to my arm.
But it's like I knew where to find it.
Who were all those guys?
I don't know...
but they knew we were coming.
They were waiting for us.
What the hell?
Hold it a second.
Stop it. I'm a mess.
- What are you doing?
- Wait. Let me see.
- You have one, too.
- What?
- Looks just like your tattoo.
- I don't have a tattoo.
The one on your neck.
What the fuck you talking 'bout?
Yeah, it's just like hers.
No, they're different.
You have one, too.
Let's give them something else
to think about.
Enable memories.
What are you looking for?
Cameras, microphones.
Whatever's telling them where we are.
What we're doing.
Did you find anything?
I remember.
I was a soldier.
The siege of Malta...
in 1565.
- Maybe in your dreams.
- No.
Was real.
Open your mind.
My last memory is June 25...
I was happy.
That's impossible, because it's 2016.
- It's June of 2016.
- No, it's not.
You're brainwashed.
Both of you.
What the hell is that?
We have a neural anomaly.
Find out what it is.
Yes, Adam.
Come closer.
I see you.
You may go.
I will need you again in an hour.
It is an honor to serve you,
Chancellor Gordon.
I want to have a word with her.
I still haven't figured out
what you did to my system...
or how you pulled it off.
Anita, I don't like traitors.
You're the traitor, Adam!
You betrayed the Network!
Ah, betrayal is such a subjective term.
Anyway, I'm glad you have
your memory back.
Tell me how you inverted the process.
You know what, Adam? Go fuck yourself!
Tell me why the others are unstable.
You know I don't like secrets,
and you know how this will end.
Don't make me hurt you
more than necessary.
I'm sorry, Adam. 78 seconds to link up.
We'll finish this later.
No. No. No. No!
No! No!
These are the same symbols.
We saw them before, remember?
Yeah, on that wall.
So why is this on our neck?
There's 10 of them.
There's 10 of us.
There were 10 of us.
One each.
The contenders are engaged,
puzzle established.
Various elements are being linked up.
Now let's see if they can figure out
how to put them all together.
As you know, we're missing a contender,
but not to worry.
She'll be back.
Now is the time for commemoration.
Unfortunately we've already
had our first fall,
killed by a coward who deserves
the same fate, but...
that's not up to me.
Andron decides.
So... honor to her.
Honor to her.
- Honor to her!
- Honor to her!
- Honor to her!
- Honor to her!
- Honor to her!
- Honor to her.
Honor to her.
- Honor to her.
- Honor to her!
Does this make any sense to you?
Doesn't match yours.
It doesn't match yours either.
But even if we do link it
to one of us, then what?
- Freeze! You're under arrest!
- I was a cop.
Now I remember. Before this, I was a cop.
I knew there was a reason
I didn't like you.
- What kind of cop?
- Network Police.
- The Network?
- The Network, the Nine Corporations.
After the Big Catastrophe, the Nine
Corporations took over the planet...
25 years ago.
We don't know what caused it,
but it killed over 9 billion people.
A handful of people now own everything.
Everyone else is starving.
You have no idea the things I had to do.
Slavery is legal in my world.
They're all slaves,
at least 2 billion of them.
So what year do you think it is now?
Bullshit, all of it.
So then why are we all here?
I don't know. I was working a case.
This is yours.
Contender's DNA identified.
Realize the truth.
What's wrong?
We should go.
Finally. I thought I was going
to have to hand-deliver it.
Betting's on the up.
Don't worry about that.
I'm not worried about it.
I want to get rid of it.
Let's liven things up a little.
Be careful.
Aren't you remembering yet?
Where'd she go?
She was right behind us.
We're not safe out in the open like this.
- You okay?
- I'll tell you later.
- Let's get out of here!
- Go, go, go, go!
That's my girl.
- Get those pictures back now.
- I can't. They're off the grid.
Then get them back on the grid!
- Wha...
- What happened to you?
I'm fine.
God damn it.
- You have disappointed us, Adam.
- Chancellor, I can explain.
We'll be back in a minute.
I just have to reset.
You know how vital
the neural connections are to us.
I do. Have I ever failed you before?
Something is seriously wrong
with this game.
Betting's on the rise,
which is why we cannot tolerate
blackouts of any kind.
I understand the gravity of the situation.
It's important you remedy things
before the situation can get out of hand.
If you fail,
there will be dire consequences.
Excellency, this is not
my first redemption game,
and I still have a few cards up my sleeve.
Connection restored.
Adora, I think it's time
to bring in the Commander.
Very well.
What have you done?
What did I do to you?
Oh. I...
Who did you bet on?
You're not like them! You don't understand!
You'll never be like them!
Don't you understand?
No. No, the Network is corrupt.
Join us. Save yourself.
Save all of... No!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
He got the fucking message!
How did you find me?
- We got lucky.
- And we heard you through the ducts.
You're off-grid. That's why
they haven't been able to locate you.
The grid?
Yeah. First, let me handle the conditioning.
Then I'll explain everything.
That's my tunnel.
The conditioning occurs
by walking through that tunnel.
All the memories you had before then
are erased and new memories inserted.
Wait. Slow down. The conditioning?
Yeah, it adapts the players' brains
to the logic of the game,
but I managed to program
a post-induced mnemonic return.
In English, please.
Sorry. Sorry.
You'll get your memories back.
- Thank God.
- Don't be so sure.
- So what is this?
- All this is Andron...
the Quest for the Contenders.
- This is all a fucking game?
- Worse.
Escape, and you live. Don't, and you die.
Hold on. Where are the others?
Two are dead. We all got separated.
- Who died?
- Guy with the glasses,
the woman, cop.
Wait, you knew her?
So what she said is true...
about the Network
and the Nine Corporations.
Yeah, yes.
- And the slavery?
- Yes.
- We were all slaves.
- Yeah.
I have always treated you well, haven't I?
Yes, Chancellor Gordon.
I've always given you
everything you've ever needed.
Yes, you have.
Then explain why you did it.
Who did you bet on?
I have something to take care of.
Then we'll talk.
- So why are we here?
- You volunteered...
to win the freedom for yourselves
and for those you love.
The winner can choose
another three people of their choice.
But the memories we all have,
they're all from different times.
That's because every season,
Andron changes era and setting,
but the virus I uploaded
corrupts the game's database.
You work here?
I was head of the medical division
until I met the cop.
She was investigating Adam.
Adam runs the Quest.
What was he being investigated for?
He was manipulating the results.
- On who lives or dies?
- Yes.
Fuck this. I'm outta here.
No. No, don't! You have nanocameras
attached to your retina.
The Network transmits the images
to viewers all over the world.
- What do you mean, "all over the world"?
- Yes, the... the public, the slaves,
they view this whole experience
through your eyes.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
You do know that Chancellor Gordon
has always lied to you, don't you?
And that all your memories
are just a long series of fairy tales...
and that he is responsible
for your parents dying in the pits?
But you can change things if you wish.
You no longer have to suffer under him.
You know what I'm offering, don't you?
I would say freedom.
And thank you for providing me
with the Chancellor's files.
Look, let's retrace your steps
and stay off the grid.
May I?
Come on. Let's go.
You okay? You okay?
Hey. Hey. Hey, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
Hey. Hey, it's over. It's over.
Breathe. Breathe.
You all know him... last year's winner.
Our champion has an announcement to make.
It's about Andron.
I have decided to take part
in the next redemption game.
This has never happened before,
a freeman deciding
of his own free will to play again.
But why? You've been released.
You're rich. You're famous.
I want to do it for those I lost...
to honor their memory,
and for those I can save
in the coming quest.
May the Gods be with me
and all those who bet on me.
It's over. It's over.
- I'm not a slave.
- So why don't you remember your name?
Of course I remember my name.
My name is...
It's, um...
You don't remember,
'cause you don't have a name.
In this world, you're just a number.
- What do you mean, a number?
- A number.
Look, you'll get your memory
back soon. Then you'll remember.
I'm not sure that I want to.
So how is it you managed
to corrupt the system?
I inserted the virus into my bloodstream
and contaminated it.
Look, your nanocameras go straight
to their neural connection.
The slaves can bet their freedom on you.
What does that mean?
Well, it means if they win the bets,
they're freeman like you,
but if they lose, they die with you.
This way.
I don't want to live in a world like this.
You don't have a choice!
None of us had a choice.
You were with that lunatic
when we found you.
The double conditioning caused
a brain trauma. He knew the risk.
- He wanted to play again.
- Why?
Revenge. His whole family
were wiped out by the Network.
He knew the cop.
It's done.
We're just getting started. Take 'em.
Adam stopped us, and when we woke up,
he wiped our memories
- and entered us back in the game.
- And now?
I still have the files in my NeuroChip.
The people need to know the truth.
Well, then, we need
to get you out of here.
Let's go find the others.
I've been here before.
You okay?
Now what?
I know the way through,
but once we're back on the grid,
- the nanocameras will reactivate, and...
- They'll be all over us.
As soon as we find the others,
we'll make straight for the crypt.
- Crypt?
- It's our only way out of here.
- Which means we'll have won.
- And this Adam will be stopped.
There's more.
When I downloaded the information
about the conspiracy onto my NeuroChip,
I discovered the catastrophe
that killed 9 billion people
was deliberately started by the Network.
I see. We'll start a revolution.
Until a few years ago, many managed
to win, and only some died.
Unfortunately in recent years, our glorious
game has experienced far too many deaths,
good people who fought
not only for their own freedom...
but the freedom of all.
Let's honor the fallen...
and never forget them.
Come. Come quickly.
Where's the guy with the glasses?
He didn't make it.
- You're the doctor.
- Yes. Do you remember me?
Welcome back, my friends,
to the show that never ends.
Let's shuffle this deck.
- I don't know. I...
- More memories will come.
Come on. Let's go.
We gotta protect the girls.
Come on. Come on. Go, go, go! Come on!
Go, go, go!
Oh, come on. You didn't honestly
think it was gonna be that easy.
Where is it?
It's gone!
It's there.
No. No. No.
Contender eliminated.
You piece of shit.
You killed her.
Hold on. This is a hiding place,
but whose is it?
It's mine.
- It's not working!
- You're moving too fast.
Just take a deep breath.
Contender's DNA identified.
That's my number.
Hey, handsome.
What is going on?
Contender, enter the correct sequence
to solve this redemption game.
Access granted. Redemption game solved.
What is happening? Because I'm...
Clearly we're not in Kansas anymore.
Let me explain a few things.
I warned you, Adam!
- You will now pay for your incompetence!
- Excellency, I...
We don't have the resources
to keep more than 2 billion slaves alive!
I know that.
We cannot risk it
becoming public knowledge
that we rig the games in order
to keep the numbers in check!
- But, Excellency, you ordered me to...
- It could trigger a global rebellion!
Now, when the winners are safe,
you will admit to your culpability
and turn yourself in
to the Network Police.
- There won't be any winners.
- Excuse me?
I have a plan.
I... I don't understand. Something's wrong.
It shouldn't be like this.
What shouldn't be like this?
You are ready now.
- She was my sister.
- Who was?
The woman in white.
And you killed her, all of you.
- What are you talking about?
- I remember now.
You remember what?
Adam, he treated us like daughters.
No. That's a lie. Your memories are wrong.
You were conditioned.
You are like us. You used to be like us.
You're like us!
Where's... fucking...
Have the Network Police
arrest Chancellor Gordon.
He rigged the games,
he killed competitors in cold blood,
and he made money in the process.
Hand him over to the Network Police.
Yes, sir.
- Where'd she go? Where'd she go?
- It doesn't make any fucking sense.
The doctor said it wasn't supposed
to happen like this.
What do you mean?
The NeuroChip. This is all an illusion.
We're trapped inside the game still.
- What are you saying?
- Concentrate. Try to remember.
Focus on what is real.
Look at me!
- What if she comes back?
- Concentrate.
Close your eyes, and concentrate.
Now I remember.
Me, too.
The whippings, the chains.
The pain.
I'm here to free my parents from the pits.
Look. Wait.
Let's go.
I'm not leaving you.
How did you know?
'Cause I'm Sherlock.
This is all an illusion.
Well done.
Welcome to the second level.
Now you know the whole truth.
You know who is the master of this game.
Continue to watch, slaves.