Aneethi (2023) Movie Script

'My tongue is a wick, formed on
my unsettling longing for you'
'Your name is the unending
flame that burns in it'
'Your name is the unending
flame in my heart'
'Molded in that new fire
and forged for disposal'
'You are the colour of
the brightest red.'
'Your name is the unending
flame in my heart'
'Your undying name! It is the
blood that fills my veins'
'Your undying name!'
'Where are you?'
I am Thirumeni. I work as
a food delivery boy in Meal Monkey.
I logged in very early morning and
I'm still delivering, non-stop, till now.
I don't know where to go once I log out.
In this big city, I have
nobody to call mine.
Like the branch of a drumstick tree
that falls on its own during storm...
I work till my body gives up.
The lift is out of order, sir.
What can I do about it?
I can't jump from up and collect the order.
Do you think I'm Superman?
You promised door delivery.
Come up and deliver.
Okay, sir.
Sir, change...
I don't have the change.
You coming to the 13th floor
without carrying any change?
Don't you have any sense? Well, your
company is aptly named - 'Monkey'
Useless fellows.
At least do you have
card swiping machine?
- No, sir.
- Google pay? PayTM? Any online services?
No, sir.
- Idiots.
- Sir, give me. I'll get the change.
What if you run away with the money?
No change, no online payment,
no credit card payment...
Why the heck are you
even a delivery boy?
'Digital India!' slogan is all over the TV.
Are you even living here in India?
Order cancel. Now leave.
Get lost!
I said, get lost!
What are you waiting for?
What are you gawking at?
I said, get lost! Get lost!
Oh no, it's Monday!
Good morning, bro.
Reached late last night?
This 'Monkey' company is squeezing
all our energy out!
- Dude, come on!
- You fool!
Who do you think you are?
This is the third TV! What
justification do you have this time?
Again your hands slipped?
He is doing it on purpose!
I'll kill you!
- Leave it, Bhaskar.
- Get lost!
- Ask him to vacate this room! At once!
- I'll tell him Bhaskar.
- I'll talk to him, Bhaskar.
- What you'll talk?
Bhaskar, please don't. Don't
stoop down from your level.
Please, listen to me.
Pay up for the TV...
- and take your phone back.
- I'll pay.
How? You're doing the same
food delivery job like him!
I'll manage somehow and pay you.
- If he repeats it, I'll knock him down...
- Please, Bhaskar. Don't.
He won't repeat it.
I'll ensure that.
His job relies on that phone.
Poor guy, return it.
- Don't you also act like him.
- Get lost!
- Doesn't even apologize.
- I apologize.
Here you go.
Dude, why do you do that? How
many times do I tell you?
Fine, go to work. Take care.
Bhaskar was lucky earlier today.
Pothi stopped me and that helped
me from turning into a beast.
Where is mayonnaise?
Sorry, sir.
I want mayonnaise!
Sir, I'll have to travel
12 kilometers from here.
I want mayonnaise.
Sorry, sir.
I want mayonnaise or else I won't pay!
Go and bring me mayonnaise.
- Please forgive this time
- Are you even listening!
- I'll get it next time for sure...
- Do I look like a fool?
I want mayonnaise!
Why are you staring at me like that?
I want mayonnaise!
Like a cockroach that
fell on its back...
and struggles to get back
on its feet...
Just like that...
I am also struggling.
At the back of my head...
I constantly feel a banging pain
at the back of my head...
It's been...
six months since I had a sound sleep.
I'm getting nightmares...
I am scared.
I feel something...
but I am unable to explain.
Please help me, doctor.
This is typical chronic depression.
Any other symptoms?
I feel like murdering every
person I come across.
Again and again...Repeatedly...
I have this killing instinct acting up.
Hope you didn't murder anyone.
Order cancel.
Get lost!
Go and bring me fresh
chicken and mayonnaise! Go!
No, doctor.
I'm not a murderer.
I cannot kill anybody.
Where do you work?
At Meal Monkey.
You work day and night to
achieve the target, correct?
Earlier finding a job was depressing
now the job itself is depressing.
Very funny! So, where did you
work before joining Meal Monkey?
In a call center, doctor.
Why did you quit that?
15,000 employees were
laid off overnight.
One single email...
and we were all in the streets.
That's private sector for you.
And now? Privatization is happening
all over India.
Looks like they might soon tag 'India'
itself as 'Pvt. Ltd.'
Mr. Thiru what you have
is a mental condition.
In medical terms it's called
Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD)
Some people keep washing their hands.
Some keep getting suicidal thoughts.
In your case it's killing instinct.
This is also a type of
chemical imbalance.
I'll prescribe medication. Have them.
Do not fail to take it.
Hold on.
What is he doing here?
Oh no!
Crazy guy!
- Talk smooth and ask him to vacate.
- You are a better smooth talker.
- One slap...
- Slap and he'll kill you!
- I said I'll slap you.
- Still he'll kill you.
- Because he's my close friend.
- Stop it!
- I'll break your teeth!
- I dare you!
I saw you outside
the Psychiatric centre.
Isn't that what you guys are discussing?
- Well, no...
- Yes.
Since long time...
I feel like murdering
everybody I come across.
I feared I might go out of
control and murder someone.
That's why, I consulted a doctor there.
You feel like murdering anybody
you come across? Even me?
I've murdered you a 100 times.
What do you mean? What
did I ever do to you?
Even I've felt like killing you.
Dirty guy!
You must look decent like me, to not
to feel like that. What say, Thiru?
I've murdered you a 1000 times!
You! Stop laughing!
Quiet! I'll finish you off!
Thiru, will medicines
cure this condition...
or should you get admitted in
some asylum for treatment?
Doctor said the medication will cure me.
One person in every 1000
has this condition.
Thiru, you can sleep inside.
We'll sleep comfortably outside.
I was thinking of saying that.
Won't you give a heads up?
Fine, let's go. Come
before his mood changes.
Sleep safe, Thiru.
As simple as that, Bhaskar.
I'll handle it. Come on.
What's going on? He'll sleep
inside and I must sleep out?
- Who's paying the rent? Throw him out!
- Wait, what happened now?
- Throw him out!
- Poor guy, has a condition.
- Ask him to vacate, now!
- Wait.
Bhaskar wants you out.
What do you say?
I'm scared that I might
commit suicide, if I'm alone.
Pothi, you are my only friend.
Why do you have suicidal thoughts?
I, your friend, am here. You sleep.
Poor guy.
Don't trouble him. Come.
Come on! Murder is not so beautiful
but sparing a life is! Come on!
I want to meet the manager.
Sir, my account has been deactivated.
Why so many complaints?
Look how bad your ratings are!
1.75 /5! Obviously your account
will get deactivated.
Your account is deactivated?
"In a world without a drop of mercy
In a city where good virtues are asleep"
"Everyone will have their own justice
Is this injustice?"
Buddy, your problem is solved.
This is the last and final warning
for you.
If your ratings go low and account gets
deactivated then don't come back here.
I won't let you in this campus!
"In a jungle ruled by a mad elephant
A fly will fight to co-exist with it"
"It's hopeless battle will never cease
This is injustice"
"Whose justice will prevail?"
"Whose justice will succumb?"
"When the shield of money is raised
The sword of hunger will strike"
Take it.
"It paves way to a poetic confrontation
Madam, I'm calling from Meal Monkey.
I'm waiting outside your house.
Why so late? Cancel the order.
- Sorry madam. I got a bit late.
- You call this 'a bit' late?
Well, I met with a minor
accident on my way.
- Really?
- Yes, madam.
Is that why your bike's headlight
is broken and hanging?
Now, what to do?
Will you cancel the order?
What will happen if I cancel the order?
If you cancel the order they
will deduct from my commission.
Okay. No problem. I don't want you
to suffer because of me. I pity you.
I'll come and collect it.
Don't show any pity, madam.
Cancel the order.
Excuse me! I ain't showing you
any pity on you. I am hungry.
- I've a doubt.
- Tell me, madam.
You told me you met with an accident.
Hope you didn't spill the
food and brought me that.
Not at all, madam. I promise.
Only the vehicle and I fell down.
Okay wait. I'm coming.
Give it.
Hello, give it!
Here you go.
Uh-oh! It's raining. Wait till
the rain stops and then go.
No, that's okay.
The bike's not starting? You
should've listened to me.
It is said that you must not get drenched
in the first rain of the season.
I love getting drenched in the rain.
Looks like you caught something.
Here you go.
They started with one hub in ECR and
has 600 branches now. How?
It's all because of us!
It's all because of us delivering
from door to door to like a dog!
Now the educated guys are taking
this job up because unemployment...
and we are paid less and being laid off.
Senior, please do something about it.
What do you expect?
First, do you have a union? Without it,
no use screaming out here.
No one will pay heed. Start a
union and you'll lose the job.
That's the strength of private sector!
So we must shut all our
holes and keep mum.
What matters the most?
Union or beating hunger?
If the union helps in beating
hunger, then union it is!
- Hello?
- Crazy fellow.
- Hello?
- Calling from Meal Monkey.
Again you?
- Yes.
- How come you got my order again?
I'll always be waiting outside
Hotel Pandian at this hour.
Purely accident.
Well, guess you meet
with regular accidents.
Okay. Okay.
So, how did you reach home the other
day? Your bike wasn't starting.
I pushed it all the way till home.
It started exactly when I reached home.
How about today?
Will you push all the way today?
Pothi, I'm getting late for office.
Help me to go inside.
Why do you wanna go in?
Go! Now!
Uh-oh! He's out of control!
Calling from Meal Monkey, madam.
- I'm waiting outside.
- Wait.
- I'll open the gate. Come inside.
- Okay, madam.
Why so late?
- How long do I wait?
- Sorry, madam.
Wait, I'll check the
food and only then pay.
I heard that delivery boys eat from
the parcel before delivering.
I saw it in TV news.
Fine, everything looks good.
Rs. 299? Wait, I'll be back.
Here, 300 rupees.
- Change...
- Give.
I don't have change, madam.
Keep the change.
- What are you looking at?
- Can I get some water?
Water is so costly. We can't serve it
to everyone visiting our home.
Papa, give him some water.
- So you are Papa?
- My name is Papamma.
Fondly called as Papa.
However my husband lovingly
addresses me as 'Baby!'
- Thanks, sister.
- Welcome.
What is he looking at?
Something fishy about
this Mr. Poppy eyes!
- Hello.
- Yes?
Madam, calling from Meal Monkey.
Again you?
But the delivery boy's name
is mentioned as Pothiraj.
Your name is Thirumeni, right?
Is this some kinda double action?
Well, Pothiraj is my friend.
He had an urgent work and so he left.
Like I'm gonna believe that.
Wait, I'll come.
Such a huge parcel for
a single Shawarma?
Wait, let me go back
in and open the gate.
"The flower fell
And the whole pond felt the tremors"
"The moonlight spread
all over the snow"
"The flying bird came and
sat on a toddler's finger"
"The moon reflected like a bright lamp,
in the darkness of the well "
"I can see you shine at a distance,
but who are you?"
"I can feel a glow deep inside,
is that you?"
Excuse me!
Give me the parcel before leaving.
Excuse me.
"The breeze penetrated the dense snow"
"The time froze in the adorned flower"
"This is all the boon I need.
This is enough"
"Soon our time will come.
It will"
"Neither above sky nor below earth,
I just bloomed within"
"The flower fell
And the whole pond felt the tremors"
"The moonlight spread
all over the snow"
"The flying bird came and
sat on a toddler's finger"
"The state of being Superpower,
my heart felt that today"
"I can see you shine at a distance,
but who are you?"
"I can feel a glow deep inside,
is that you?"
Fool! Don't you have sense?
I am here and
where are you gawking at?
Madam, it's okay.
We will clean it.
Okay. Sorry.
Look, I lost 180 rupees
because of your carelessness.
I'll deduct it from your salary.
Follow me now!
180 rupees!
Come, dear.
He is up there. He dragged us again
to the police station!
They caught us just to
fill up the records.
My fate, that I've to
live with such a son!
Trouble maker!
Are you boozing because you're
sad that your son was arrested?
- Well, no...
- Shut up, dad!
Someone else in your office stole
money and you went to prison!
Does that mean you must
drink and ruin your life?
Dad, you're the reason
my education got ruined.
Well, my life is ruined and so
I try to get these two educated.
But she failed 10th grade and is
roaming around with some guy.
- Subbu, dare you talk about me.
- Shut up!
And his highness? He was caught by the
police for smoking pot in college.
I send money home by washing
utensils to cleaning bathroom there.
I got my next month salary in advance
and paid it in police station. Happy?
Subbu! Subbu, look
granny's phone is ringing.
Hello. Why did you pick up the
call, Subbu? Put mom on the call.
She is in the bathroom.
How is she doing?
Yes, she is fine.
By the way, I hear that
you're taking leave often.
- Now what's with that?
- No, just one day holiday per month.
Mom told me clearly that you
took two days off last month.
- Do I look like a fool to you?
- No.
My mom fell sick.
That's why I had to go.
Then who will take care of my mom?
Do I pay you 15,000
a month for this?
Take an off again and
I'll come there and slap you!
Do you understand?
Call and communicate well
ahead before taking a leave.
- Okay.
- Who is on the call?
Your son Aji.
She at least takes all the scolding
and still goes and visits her mom.
Do you and Anitha take some
time off and come visit me?
Every year you guys give
me on or the other reason.
Don't talk senseless, that too in front
of her. Then she'll stop fearing us.
Tell me how long has it been
since you've been to India?
Works too hectic here, mom. It's
really difficult for me to get out.
Leave all that. How are you? Are
you taking your medicines on time?
Of course I am. If I don't take
them, my head starts to feel dizzy.
- But I don't have peace of mind.
- Why?
I'm unable to live alone here.
Even though I've two children, yet I
feel so bad that I've nobody near me.
How about I come there...
and stay alternate months at
your place and Anitha's place.
I want to spend some happy and
quality time with my grand children.
Very bad idea, mom.
The chill climate won't suit you.
You won't like the lifestyle.
You'll get irritated and start whining.
And apart from all that...
it is very difficult to maintain
old age people over here.
Don't mistake me saying this.
Death is a costly issue here.
Mom, I'm getting an important call.
I'll just call you back.
So, that's all?
I shouldn't have followed you.
Do you regret following me?
Well, that...
After seeing you like that...
really made me feel very bad.
I should have told you
before that I'm a maid here.
I knew that already.
How do you know?
The voice that asked me to
wait until the rain stops...
and the hand that gave me the towel...
can never be of a master or a boss.
"Let's love without limits"
"Let's love without limits"
"When the nature is asleep at night,
our eyes open and shine like the stars"
"Like two squirrels,
we dance to the tune of love"
"Your voice is like a feather
that flies up and brushes the sky"
"As the rain clouds break and pour down,
I can hear the poem of love in it"
"Like a mixed fragrance of sun and rain,
you're descending in to my heart"
"I can hear you behind the magical door,
talking about dreams and love"
"Let's love without limits"
"Let's love without limits"
He's my only friend here.
Pothi. My roommate.
- This is Subbu.
- Greetings.
"I am so into you that
I don't even feel hunger"
"I've lost my sleep but
I'm always dreaming about you"
"When I close my eyes,
all I see is you"
"Even when I'm asleep, my eyes are
searching for you in my dreams"
"To gently run hands on my hair,
To rest head on my shoulder..."
"To sit close and spend time with me,
I now have you"
"To gently run hands on my hair,
To rest head on my shoulder..."
"To sit close and spend time with me,
I now have you"
I am much better, doctor.
How did that happen?
Dude, I've never seen you
smile like that before!
- Happy birthday, Subbu.
- Thanks.
Actually I must give you a gift.
You have already given me a huge gift.
What happened, Thiru?
What happened, Thiru?
You didn't like it?
'An unfulfilled desire of'
'mankind for centuries.'
'But to me, it is a culmination'
'of my dying desires.'
'Which has spread inside me'
'like a vast crimson sea.'
'It is the poison which has'
'infested me, like a creeping evil.'
'How will I call it an elixir?'
Why, Thiru?
You didn't like it?
I've a mental condition. I feel like
murdering everyone I come across.
I'm getting treated by a Psychiatrist.
You feel like murdering
anyone you come across?
Do you feel like murdering me, Thiru?
Subbu, can I tell you the truth?
All these medicines and treatment...
didn't cure me.
It was only after
spending time with you...
it got cured.
They why do you keep drifting apart?
If you find out that I've
such a mental condition...
I was worried you'd hate me.
If I had the same condition,
would you hate me?
Madam, I'm going home.
I'll be back tomorrow morning.
Why is the bag so swollen?
What are you stealing?
It's all dirty clothes for laundry!
I took everything out! Enough?
I am not stealing anything!
Fine, put them back in the bag.
See you, madam.
Come on, madam. I've been
working here for four years!
You still don't trust me, right?
Here, check me thoroughly!
How dare you act like that?
Is this how you behave with an elder?
You've become very arrogant!
I'll finish you off! You don't
have to come back. You're fired!
- Sorry, I acted in haste.
- Get out!
I admit, I shouldn't have done that.
Please forgive me.
I said out!
Please, madam. My family will
struggle if I lose this job.
I shall even fall at your feet.
Please show some mercy, madam.
My family is totally
dependent on my salary.
Sorry madam.
Make me a cup of coffee
and then get lost.
Okay, madam.
I feel like murdering that old lady!
Did you see her frisking me?
That oldie treats you
worse than a slave!
I'm used to it.
At least it's only this oldie here.
In other places, it's men.
That boy's parents have given
their consent for the marriage.
It's a good alliance.
Shall we fix it?
Even we can't find a
better alliance for Usha.
The boy also seems to be a good guy.
Their family has said they
will visit us here next week.
What's your opinion?
I feel like running far away
from my family.
But the very next minute...
I'd feel that...
I wont be happy after leaving
them stranded either.
My life...
had become nothing but trash, Thiru.
When an angel is born
in a poor family...
she will struggle a lot in life.
I remember reading this somewhere.
I'm here for you, Subbu.
Thiru, what happened?
What happened?
How dare you bring a guy inside
my house and fool around?
Stop staring! Get out!
- I told you to get out!
- Subbu, come.
Pain with this job! Let's leave.
You rascal! Get out or
else I'll call the police!
Subbu, are you coming or not?
Working for a corpse or this old lady;
both are the same.
Come, let's go.
Whom did you just compare to a corpse?
Get out!
Get out!
- You thief! Rascal! Ask him to leave!
- Thiru, I plead you. Please leave.
- Please leave.
- Out! Get out!
- Out!
- Please leave.
Tell me, Subbu.
Sir, I'll take it from here.
Please wait outside. You too.
Sir, grandma...
She must have passed
away two hours ago.
Take care of the formalities.
I've arranged the ambulance.
They said it'll cost Rs.5000.
I only have 1500 rupees with me.
- What do we do now?
- Do you have any money with you?
With me?
Wait, let me check grandma's bag.
Her ATM card.
It's written behind.
Careful with the card, Thiru.
Since it's grandma's.
I called many times but her
son's phone is switched off.
It'd surely take 2-3 days before they
arrive here after getting the news.
Does this grandma have
any other relatives?
She does but she has locked
her phone with password.
Until then, we can't keep
her dead body at home...
and I'll have to stay alone with it.
Any private mortuary service here?
We don't run one but here's one.
Call that number on the card.
Sir, we have embalming
service and...
also very good funeral
service also available.
We offer good packages.
Let us know.
- Okay, thanks.
- Thank you.
Dude, your sister is coming.
Bye Thiru.
The customer will yell
if the order is late.
- Customer might cancel the order!
- Why are you yelling?
Of course, this is my profession!
Talks nonsense!
What if the customer cancels the order?
They'll cut my commission which will
result in me losing out on incentive.
If I lose out on incentives few times,
then my livelihood will go for a toss.
See you, bro.
Guys, it's Pothi!
We don't have insurance there.
Take him to Glory hospital.
- Emergency. Please Bhaskar.
- Oh no. Poor fellow.
I don't have money with me.
Don't you know the rules
and regulations?
You should've gone straight
to Glory hospital!
Private hospital will charge a bomb.
Poor people like us can only
rely on Government Hospital.
He must be operated at once, Subbu.
An advance of Rs. 50,000 must be paid!
Please bring that grandma's card.
I'll return as soon I get the medi claim.
No way, Thiru. If her children
find out, then I'm done for!
- It'll become a huge issue.
- It's an emergency, Subbu. Please!
Try to understand, Thiru.
I'll return the money
before they arrive. Please!
No, Thiru. I can't.
- Don't mistake me.
- Subbu, please.
I've no idea who else to ask help for.
Please help me. I'll definitely return
it as soon I get the medi claim.
No, Thiru. Please.
Please, bring the card Subbu!
If they find out, they
will finish me off!
I'm asking this for saving a life!
Why are you guarding that dead
lady's money with your life?
Can't you understand?
I cannot, Thiru.
Then lick their feet forever!
There's 20,000 in this card.
It's okay, brother.
Don't hesitate.
Just come.
Here, there's 20,000 in this card.
- Take it and start the surgery.
- Minimum 50,000.
We won't run away! You better take this
and start the surgery or mind you!
Fine, bill it.
Here, have this bill.
Be strong. Don't worry, he'll be fine.
Thanks a lot, brother.
I had saved that money for
paying my rickshaw due.
When it comes to money
or life, money is trash!
Don't worry. He will
survive and be fine soon.
Sir, where is patient Pothiraj admitted?
Please check.
Please save my son somehow.
Don't worry. Aren't we here?
We will take care of things.
Don't worry.
How is he?
He didn't die.
Dear, please tell me
my son will be fine.
Please don't cry.
Thiru, wait. Thiru...
Thiru...Sorry, Thiru...
Please forgive me.
Sorry, Thiru.
- Sorry.
- You were right, Subbu.
I shouldn't have asked you.
Thiru, there is a serious issue.
What happened?
My brother ran away with
that grandma's debit card.
He swiped Rs. 2 lakhs using it.
I have no idea on what to do, Thiru.
If her son and daughter finds out
then they will finish me off.
Subbu, did you block the card.
When are her children coming here?
I called them many times
but unable to reach them.
I don't know what to do, Thiru.
There was a maid named Selvi
who worked there before Paapa.
She stole a small anklet. They thrashed
and handed her over to the police.
I'm worried that this will
become a huge problem.
Please save me, Thiru.
I have nobody...
Subbu, don't worry.
I'm here.
People are watching.
That grandma's son
is calling from the US.
Fine, talk to him.
You had called me, Subbu?
Any emergency?
- Did my mom fall sick?
- No, nothing like that.
Then why did you call me?
Your mom wanted to talk to you.
I thought she said she was
done talking to me.
Fine, give the phone to her.
She just took her medicine
and went to sleep.
Fine, I'll call tomorrow.
Take care of my mom.
Why did you lie, Subbu?
Why did you do this, Subbu?
I trusted you so much!
Why did you lie, Subbu?
Why did you lie?
If I had told the truth, they'd file
complaint against me for stealing money.
Haven't I told you about them?
That grandma, her son and daughter...
are of them are demons.
They won't give a chance to explain.
They'd first put me in
prison before anything.
They are capable of it.
The rich mentality!
Servants are nothing but
thief in their dictionary.
That made me panic and hence I lied.
Now, what do we do?
We don't have a choice but
before this issue blows up...
we must arrange the money, deposit in
grandma's account and tell the truth.
Can we arrange so much
money immediately?
We have to.
Can you help me with a lakh?
You can even charge interest.
I'll return on time.
Please help me sister.
Just this one time.
But I don't have so much money
right now.
Hello Thiru, they are
repeatedly calling me.
I cannot keep declining
their calls hereafter.
We'll manage.
I'm repeatedly calling! Mom
isn't even picking my calls!
I called you too yesterday.
Why didn't you attend the call?
My phone display broke.
I had given it in a shop to fix it.
Just got it back.
- And you called before I could call you.
- Fine, put mom on the call.
Your mom?
She is at home.
I came to the shop in Adyar.
- I'm in the shop.
- Okay, call me at once you reach home.
I must talk to my mom.
It's an emergency.
- Understood?
- Okay, madam.
She wants to talk to her mom at once.
Some emergency it seems.
I don't know what to do, Thiru.
- I've come up with an idea.
- What idea?
- You be ready. I'm on my way.
- Okay.
Brother, 'Mimicry Queen' Managalapriya
has arrived. Pay the cab fare.
Madam, step out with
your right foot first.
How much?
- 450.
- What a tiring travel!
Over sweating!
Why so late? Did you buy
the groceries or not?
I bought them, madam.
Hope you bought it from the Super market
and not from street vendors.
No, madam.
Also buy a strip of Telma H and
Zolfresh from the pharmacy.
Okay, madam.
They will call in few minutes.
Hope you can mimic this voice.
Do you know whom you're talking to?
A winner of Kalaimamani award!
I've set the stage on fire by mimicking
20 voices, at the age of two.
- Call them! I said, call them!
- Well...
We're waiting for their call.
We're waiting for their call?
Then let's chill. Kalyan...
Coming, madam.
They laid the bricks but
forgot to paint them.
I'm trying to reach you since
morning but not reachable.
We need more money here at the hospital.
Pothi's mom has decided to take
him to Madurai GH today itself.
What else can be done?
She asked me to inform you.
- Madam, foreign perfume. Flick it?
- One slap!
- Thiru, they are calling.
- Go, ask her to talk.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, dear?
- They're calling.
- Coming!
You! Come on!
- Give me.
- Talk.
Hello. Greetings, it's me
Kalaimamani Mangalapriya speak...
Fool! Stop blabbing!
You talk.
- Talk.
- Sorry.
- Yes, madam?
- My foot!
Who spoke earlier?
Nobody, madam. I think
it was cross talk.
Put my mom on the call.
- Okay.
- Give it.
- Tell me, dear.
- No! She doesn't use 'dear'
How else do people at you home talk?
Speak normally.
- Crazy family.
- Please.
Tell me.
Why aren't you picking up the
phone, mom? Still angry with me?
What do you mean by that, mom?
It means, I am upset!
Oh no, really?
- Are you taking your medicines on time?
- What?
She won't inquire all that.
Just talk!
I mean you'll ask me that next.
Isn't it?
Next you'd ask me to take care
of health, sleep properly...
and if I'm taking medicines on time.
That's why I said it first.
Keep talking.
Again? Fine, I get it,
you're still angry.
We've sent a surprise gift for you.
Go, open the gate and see.
You'll be stunned.
I'm already stunned enough.
Fine, mom. Ask Subbu to go to the gate.
Fine, I'll ask her to do that.
- How was it Kalyanam?
- You nailed it!
Heard that? They've sent
me some gift from abroad.
Already you guys are paying
me peanuts, isn't it Kalyanam?
So that gift from abroad is for me.
It'll be huge I suppose.
Now run and collect that gift, darling.
Get up and go. Don't be lazy bone!
You also go. Aren't you sitting idle?
He looks kinda strict.
Will he raise hands?
It's takes days for him to
get up and go! Look at him!
What could be the surprise?
Nothing. Don't worry. Come on.
Subbu, open the gate!
- Who is it?
- Thiru...
Why are you scared?
Open the gate!
Hey kids! Let's get down.
Go and surprise your grand mom.
Yeah, come on!
What's with you, Subbu?
Why are you shivering and
just staring at me?
- Who'll get the luggage? Come on.
- Unload them.
It's all over!
- Stella, you first go inside.
- Aji, take care. I'm going in.
Subbu, take the luggage.
Subbu, hi! Don't worry, I'll take care.
Happy birthday grandma!
- Happy birthday grandma!
- Mummy, we're home!
We cancelled the Europe tour and...
in order to celebrate your birthday...
we all have arrived here.
Where are you my Angry bird mom!
- Who are you? New cook?
- Hello.
No! No! I'm not a cook.
I'm a famous artist.
Nice to meeting you.
Subbu dear, hope you're fine.
You've put on weight compared to
last time but you look awesome.
Take the luggage.
Where are you?
- Keep this upstairs.
- Where are you?
Subbu, where's mummy?
- It's empty house. Who are they calling?
- She's nowhere to be seen.
Where's mummy?
- She went out, madam.
- Went out?
She just spoke to me, then
how and when did she go?
See what a neat job I did?
It was me, who spoke to you.
I sounded exactly like your mom, right?
What? You mimicked my mom's voice?
What is she saying, Aji?
Of course. I was paid 5000 rupees
and brought here for that.
Subbu, what's happening here?
I'm asking you! What rubbish is
happening here? What is she blabbering?
Why did you mimic my mom's voice?
Well, you mom is not well and
admitted in the hospital.
Subbu, what's going on?
What is she blabbing?
Mom's not well?
She is admitted? What the heck, Subbu?
Well sir, that lady's eldest
daughter is a heart patient...
I am that lady's eldest daughter!
You? But you look like
a military officer!
Don't shout, after all
you're a heart patient.
- Touch me and I'll slipper you!
- Slipper me?
Subbu! What is happening?
- She's blabbering like a fool!
- Whom did you just call a fool?
Obviously you!
You guys sort your problems later. Pay
me the promised 5000! What say Kalyan?
Also madam, do arrange a cab for us to
go, like you did while bringing us here.
Oh really?
- She slapped me!
- Madam! Madam!
How dare you raise hand on
a winner of Kalaimamani?
- The whole media will revolt! Mind you!
- Shut up and go!
Subbu, what nonsense is happening?
What's all this drama?
Where's mom, Subbu?
You heard me!
Where's mom, Subbu?
Subbu, where's mom?
She passed away.
- What is she saying?
- I don't understand.
What? That grandma is dead?
So I substituted in for a dead body?
Come, let's go inside.
Kalyan, come on!
What happened to my mom?
What happened, Subbu?
Why did you admit her in the hospital?
Answer me! Can't you hear me asking?
Where's my mom?
What did you do to her?
What did you do to my mom? You move!
What did you do to my mom? Tell me!
What did you do?
- Uncle, leave me! Move!
- Aji, control yourself.
- What the heck did you do to my mom?
- Calm down Aji!
Three days ago, your mom fell
unconscious. We took her to hospital.
Doctor said she passed away.
- Nonsense!
- Stop it with your stories!
Who are you? You thief!
- Who is he?
- Madam, don't judge me.
I'm her fiance.
- Is it?
- What's going on here?
Did you both plan and murder my mother?
Come here!
Come here! How dare
you murder my mother?
- What is happening here?
- Anitha, stop it.
I'm telling you to stop this!
What is it?
What did you do? Where's
my mom, you idiot?
- Give me my mom!
- Rascal!
- You move!
- Can you shut up! Move aside!
Can you give me back my mom?
Listen Aji...
You'll get from me
Listen to me Anitha.
Let's not deal with this.
Things will go awry.
- Call the police.
- Okay, I'm calling.
- Hello, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
- He's the one who called you.
- Actually it's her birthday today.
I don't what happened, sir.
I doubt him.
Fishy looks!
I'm pretty sure he's involved in it.
That lady is my son-in-law's mom.
- Over, we were all together...
- Sir, be careful! Glass.
- What's this? Who broke it?
- Champagne bottle.
Please come, sir.
Come, dear.
Oh no!
It's definitely not a natural death.
Please do the autopsy.
It's our regular procedure.
Dear, do we really have to do it?
Uncle, we must find out
the cause of death!
Dear Aji. It's your mom.
Please, let's not go for autopsy.
No, uncle.
True, it's my mom but there's
money involved in this.
There are high chances for
this to be a 100% murder.
Madam, Sesame seed must dry to give oil.
But why must rat's waste dry along with it?
And you call yourself rat's waste?
You're cow dung!
Aren't you a part of their gang?
I am a Kalaimamani award winner
and you call me a gangsta?
Are you gonna sit or
should I thrash you?
- We'll sit. We'll sit.
- Then go and sit.
Listen! They're murderers.
- Can I sit there, sir?
- Sit.
Thank you, sir. Come on now!
Unnecessarily you got dragged
in to this because of me.
I'm very sorry.
If I had swiped
grandma's card for Pothi...
then still this would've
been the situation.
- That idiot...
- Dad!
He stole the money...
and you're paying the price for it.
Why don't you tell them the truth?
Dad, please. You leave.
Don't I know that I can tell the truth?
If I tell the truth, our whole
family will be in prison!
Usha's wedding will be stopped.
I plead you. Please go home.
- You must come whenever summoned.
- Okay, sir.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
- You too.
- Okay, sir.
Hello Anitha, can you be patient?
- What are you saying?
- I'll call you back.
This fellow!
We're on our way home.
- I'll call you back, Anitha.
- What's the use?
- Answer me first.
- Listen to me Anitha...
- Why should I?
- I'll come home and explain.
What the heck, Nirmal? Don't irritate
me. Tell me what happened there?
The report revealed that
aunty died of poisoning.
- Dear! Wait! Anitha, what happened?
- Don't touch me!
Madam, what are you doing?
Catch her!
- Catch her!
- Snatch her gun!
- Catch her. Snatch that gun!
- Let go of me!
Snatch her gun! Do you
think this is your home?
Catch her! Take her away!
Take her away!
Sorry, sir.
Her mom's autopsy revealed
that she died of poisoning.
Hence she got a bit emotional.
Does that allow her to barge
inside the station and shoot?
Who'd be answerable if
someone had got shot?
She murdered my mom. How
can I be quiet about it?
- Come on, dear.
- So what?
You'd be in prison under Arm section
act for 3 - 7 years. Non-bailable!
- I'll arrest you. Wanna see that?
- Do it?
Arrest me but before that
let me finish her off!
Anitha, please keep quiet.
I'll handle this.
Anyway he is going to arrest me.
Let me kill her before that.
Please, dear. You wait outside.
Go. Let me talk to him.
Sorry. Please forgive her for my sake.
There's a problem in her mom's will
and that's why she reacted like that.
Sir, name what you
want and we'll oblige.
- What will you do?
- Anything you ask for.
Nothing happened at the station
and nobody saw anything.
Okay, sir?
Okay, sir!
You think you can poison
that grandma and get away?
Are you wooing girls
while delivering food?
Speak up! Speak up or else...
Pray well.
I didn't murder her, sir.
Speak up!
- You'll die!
- Talk! Now!
I said, open up!
Constable, I am hungry.
Shut up!
- Where did you buy it?
- The shop that sells Ginger tea.
- Less sugar?
- I did mention that while buying.
Have tea.
So, you didn't murder that grandma.
No, sir.
Do you know what lies between denying and
confessing to have committed a crime?
Three stages of police treatment.
You've just crossed stage one.
Most of the criminals will confess
to their crimes in stage two.
Very rare that somebody
will reach the third stage.
Sir, I swear that we didn't murder her.
You say "we" and include her.
But she told us: "I" didn't murder her.
She didn't speak for you.
Well, sir...
Subbu is innocent.
That grandma tortured her a lot.
She bears it all quietly.
Grandma tortured her? How?
Sir, every time Subbu
goes to her home...
that grandma frisk her in and
out before letting her go.
So the grandma already
doubted that she is a thief.
So that grandma had
tortured her like a slave.
So she poisoned the grandma
to get back at her, right?
No, sir.
You are being unfair.
- Sathish.
- Sir?
- Go to my home and get lunch.
- Okay, sir.
I feel pity for you.
You tell me that Thiru
didn't murder her.
But based on what he told me...
I have doubts.
I hear that one day that grandma
hit you and hurt your stomach real bad.
Also every time you go home, she used to
check you thoroughly before leaving?
Like, she even strips you?
Wondering how do I know all this?
Thiru told me.
Did Thiru and you meet
up on the day of murder?
Yes, sir.
When did he leave that
house on that day?
I don't remember the time, sir.
Love makes you lose track of time,
isn't it?
Fine, forget it.
You close your room windows and
door before going to bed, right?
Yes, sir.
Then how did you hear
the Wind chimes sound?
Sir, I don't get you.
You don't get it?
How did you find out
that the grandma died?
Madam? What happened?
How could you hear the Wind chimes
sounds from the closed AC room?
The balcony door was open, sir.
Who opened that door?
Did you?
No, sir.
Or did someone break in by opening
the door through an open window...
and poisoned the grandma?
Who murdered her?
That's is what is very confusing, sir.
Think harder. Take your time.
I feel like murdering
everyone I come across.
I feel like murdering that grandma!
That oldie treats you
worse than a slave!
Working for a corpse or this old lady;
both are the same.
Did Thiru and you meet
up on the day of murder?
When did he leave that
house on that day?
does it hurt a lot?
Why do you care what
they do to me, Thiru?
Why does it bother you if that
grandma hits me or strips me?
You ruined it all, didn't you?
I trusted you!
Didn't you tell me
the medication will cure you?
Then why did you do it, Thiru?
You ruined our lives, Thiru!
Subbu, I don't understand.
You don't? Why did
you murder grandma?
Why did you murder her?
Why did you? Why?
Why did you murder her?
Hold on. I'll call you back.
Why did you murder grandma?
That room, sir.
- Where do you live?
- Here.
Why did you murder that grandma?
- Aren't you Thiru's roommate?
- Yes, sir.
I'm asking you!
A small inquiry.
That girl clearly said that
you murdered the grandma.
- He committed a murder!
- Oh no!
So, you better confess.
- What's Thiru's profession?
- Food delivery boy.
- Since when do you know Thiru?
- Since...three years.
Open your mouth and talk!
Obsessive Compulsion Disorder.
Is he a lunatic?
Yes. He was getting treated
in a mental hospital.
Confess! You murdered
that grandma, isn't it?
Where is he from? Tell
me about his parents.
I don't know those details, sir.
Speak! I'm going to beat you
to death until you confess!
Talk! Open your mouth and speak!
Yes, sir. Inspector is enquiring him
Lift and hang him here!
- Coming from Thenkasi?
- Yes.
See you.
- School's over?
- Yes, Mr. Chinusaamy's son!
Whoa! A kite!
Dear, you have two.
Give one for my son.
Rooster will attack you at
night for having two kites!
Look, a white elephant
is flying in the sky!
She won't give?
Why are you crying? What happened?
- Bye, Thirumeni.
- Okay, bye.
It's okay. I'll carry it.
My precious!
Sorry, my precious. I am a little late.
Don't be upset.
Here's the colourful kite you asked for.
I cycled so fast that it ruined the
kite. I'll buy you new one, tomorrow.
Get lost!
Don't be furious, dear. My boss gave
me some work again. Hence, I'm late.
I'll rough you up! Leave!
Dear, listen. My precious!
Please don't get upset.
Listen to dad.
I asked him flying kite
and he got stick kite!
Dear, listen to me. Stop.
Aren't you my precious.
Listen to me.
Listen, I'll buy you anything you want.
I'll buy you candies,
also groundnut candies...
I'll buy sugar candies, milk
ice cream, cone ice cream...
Listen, I'll buy you famous Border
Shop Parottas with shredded chicken.
- Will you buy me chocolate?
- Sure!
How can I refuse to my son.
- Okay, dad,
- How many you want?
My classmate Vishwa had this
chocolate during the break time.
He didn't even give me a small piece.
Smell it. It smells great.
- Yes, fragrance of milk!
- Will you buy me this chocolate, dad?
Whoa! It's 50 rupees!
My salary is 500. I get 300 after
paying my boss the loan interest.
- How can I afford this?
- Forget it!
- Okay, give me the cover, only then...
- No need!
- I need this cover to buy it.
- You don't have to buy me!
- How will I know without the cover?
- Leave it! Give it!
- I said, I'll buy it for you.
- Give it!
- It flew! Somebody catch it!
- You have to catch it!
- Oh yeah!
- Run! Go!
It's flying away! My chocolate
wrapper is flying!
Stop flying you wrapper!
Yay! I got it!
- See? Daddy, caught it!
- Will you buy me this, please?
I don't have that much money now, dear.
Fine, I'll buy you this
chocolate on your birthday.
I swear on our Thirumala
temple Murugan.
"I was never worried if you were born
during auspicious or inauspicious hour"
"My dear, all I know is
you are my precious"
"Here I come to serve you
with all my love"
"I will carry you in my shoulders
and take you all around"
"If you become the tree swing
I will become the tree for you"
"Even if I fall like a leaf,
I'll become the manure that'll nurture you"
"I was never worried if you were born
during auspicious or inauspicious hour"
"My dear, all I know is
you are my precious"
"Oh my dear, you are a flower"
"A flower that makes my heart happy"
"You're the sweetest elixir
that makes everybody drool"
"You are the sweet fire,
that lights up the lamp"
"There's no container
that can hold your love"
"My dream is you must reach heights"
"There is no waning moon
in the children's world"
"Your are the epitome of humanity"
"Your words will even nurture
the dry forest"
"Even the breeze comes
searching for your fragrance"
"I was never worried if you were born
during auspicious or inauspicious hour"
"My dear, all I know is
you are my precious"
Tell them we are good friends.
Only then we can escape from
paying the broker commission.
Right, I see.
He's a family man, true but
that's not our problem.
Fine, I'll hang up.
Sir, today's my son's birthday.
- So what?
- Give me two of these chocolate.
Do you know how expensive is that?
As if he is district collector's son!
He wants only this?
Poor mother-less boy. He wished for
it. Deduct from my salary.
- I'm taking it. Okay?
- Salary?
The interest for the loan you took for
child birth and your wife's death...
is still pending.
For generations we have been working
for you. Can't you give a chocolate?
Look, I don't understand. You
are a nothing after all!
Won't your son be happy
with cheap candies?
Sir, why are you arguing
so much for a chocolate?
- Sir!
- You idiot!
You beggars desire for costly chocolate?
Don't say that, sir. My son
is a prince not a beggar!
Isn't my son allowed
to eat this chocolate?
Answer me. I won't move an
inch unless you answer me.
Of course, your son is a prince!
No chocolate for him! Mind your work!
No way. He has been yearning for a
month now, to have this chocolate.
Won't it break his
heart if I say no?
Our argument can wait. I'm
taking the chocolate now.
Deduct it from my salary.
- Hands off the box! Hands off!
- Please sir, listen to me!
I swore on Thirumala Murugan and
promised my son this chocolate.
Won't it be a sin if I don't live up
to it. Ganesha, where's the cycle key?
You idiot! How dare
you raise hands on me?
- I'll finish you off today.
- Sir, why are you beating me?
You don't know why I'm beating you?
You broke my head!
You idiot! Die!
How dare you raise hands on me?
Call the police! This thief...
Kneel down! Kneel!
I confronted you for stealing money
and you're trying to kill me?
- I stole money? I asked for chocolate.
- You thief!
- Why did you hit our boss?
- I didn't. I just asked for chocolate.
So then why is my head bleeding if you
didn't hit me? Look at this blood!
I'll finish you off! You idiot!
Your dad was a loyal servant and
that's why I gave you this job.
And you want to kill me? You mongrel!
What happened?
I confronted him for stealing
money and he broke my head!
Forgive me, sir.
Arrest him, sir.
Somebody please help me.
Sir, my son is coming.
He'll break down if he sees me in
this condition. Please let me go.
You! Kneel down! I said, kneel down!
Forgive me, sir.
Please let me go, sir.
It was for him, you tried
to kill me, right?
No, sir. When did I try to kill you?
Let him see his father's plight!
Let him!
- Dad!
- Dear...
- Yes, dear?
- What happened, dad?
- Why is your shirt torn?
- My precious, nothing to worry.
- Nothing to worry, dear. It's nothing.
- Dad, I'm scared!
Lodge a complaint and
I'll put him in prison.
Dear, it's just a game like we play.
You go home. I'll come home soon.
You reach home safe, okay?
- I'll bring you two chocolates. Okay?
- No need, dad.
- Don't cry. I promise I'll get it.
- Now,move! Walk!
Dad! Dad!
- Dad! Wait!
- You go home safe. Okay?
- I'll come home. You go.
- Dad! Please don't go!
Dad! My father!
Dad, I want only you.
I need only you. I don't
need that chocolate.
Your desire for chocolate has
landed your father in prison!
Wonder what's the big
deal with that chocolate?
I don't want that chocolate, grandma.
My dad matters to me the most!
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
- Dear...
- Take him inside.
Don't you leave the station. You must
sign the register tomorrow morning.
I was planning to get some help and
come to station. Thanks, you're back.
Slowly, step inside, dear
Are you alright, dad?
Dad, I don't want that chocolate.
Oops, I forgot to give my precious
the chocolate.
Here you go.
Uh-oh, there's blood stains in it?
We'll buy new ones.
Forget the chocolate. I want you!
Only you matter to me, dad!
Did the police torture you?
Do you think they can lay hands on me?
You saw right? They dropped
me of at our doorstep.
That was all just for fun. Now smile.
Come on, smile my precious.
I will do anything for my precious.
Who else do I have this world
other than you, my dear.
I can't breathe...
"O my son, they've beaten you to death"
"What sin did we commit
to deserve this?"
Forgive me, sir.
"The burns from the fire..."
"will eventually fade away but
the wound caused by words are forever"
Tell me. Yes, it arrived.
Okay. I'll hang up now.
Get lost! I said, get lost from here!
You idiot!
Yes, it arrived. Tell me.
Our treatment made him
confess to the murder.
Sir, this is great news.
- It's my duty.
- Thank you so much.
Was the watchman here
during the incident?
No, sir.
Such a huge bungalow but no watchmen
and not even a single CCTV camera!
Yes, sir.
We raise so much awareness yet
the people have no sense at all.
True, sir.
A murder has taken place. How
are you going to prove it?
Of course it's an headache.
Hence, this procedure.
You seemed to have tortured him
so bad that he can hardly walk.
After watching the video, the
judge will ask you that.
You better have a good reply.
He's faking it, sir.
You! Walk properly!
Tell us, how did you commit the murder?
Did you strangle her neck or
by giving her over dosage of pills?
I gave her over dosage of pills, sir.
Did you buy the pills?
The pills were here, sir.
How did you know you'd
find sleeping pills here?
Did that girl tell you?
You heard me! Did she tell you?
Subbu told me, sir.
So she told you to mix the pills in
the milk and give it to grandma?
Subbu has nothing to do with this.
Was grandma sleeping over there?
Yes, sir.
You go and lie down where
the grandma was sleeping.
- Lingam, get the milk.
- Okay, sir.
Come on, it was you who
gave her the milk, right?
- Sathish.
- Sir!
- Get the pills.
- Okay, sir.
Collect the pills and demonstrate
how you mixed it in the milk.
Now! Walk fast!
Pick it up!
Okay, rest is already in
the inquiry report, sir.
You can't stop recording.
This is purely a planed murder by both
these for the sake of money and wealth.
No doubt, sir.
She is the daughter
of the deceased lady.
And he is the son.
Both of them are settled in the US.
We came down for her birthday.
She could've lived a little longer
but unfortunately she's gone.
- Sethu sir.
- Tell me, sir.
- Did you write down everything?
- Yes.
Show it to me.
Get signature from everybody associated.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
- Shall we leave?
- Sir...
I found this letter under the cot.
My lens cap fell down and
rolled under the cot.
While taking it out,
I found this letter.
'To the respected police.'
'I, Mangaikarasi,
write this letter to you.'
'When this letter reaches you...'
'I won't be alive.'
'I'm ending my life by
consuming sleeping pills.'
'My son tells me 'Death'
is a costly issue'
'My daughter wants to sell this house
and send me into an old age home.'
'My heart is vexed.'
'No mother should face a situation where
she must ask for love and affection.'
'I still didn't get that even
after I asked for it.'
'Even during my final days'
'I'm so unlucky that even I can't even
spend time with my grand children.'
'I'm living in a palace with so many
riches yet no one to show love on me.'
'It's literally grave!'
'I'm happily leaving
this dark world of yours.'
'I am going back to my loving husband.'
'Yours, Mangaikarasi.'
What's going on?
You tortured him, made him confess
and he is also playing along!
This is a serious crime!
- The karma of this sin won't spare you.
- Sir, hold on.
We are not sure yet, if it's
that grandma's handwriting.
What are you gonna do about it?
We'll know only after sending
it to Handwriting Analysis lab.
Do it and again put the blame on him!
Sir, I'm just telling you
that it's the procedure.
- Whatever! Here, record this.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, sir.
- Here, hold this.
Just get done with it!
- They just misuse the power they get!
- It's all messed up!
Don't worry. Be calm.
This is the worst case in my experience.
Send this to forensic
lab for investigation.
Okay, sir.
Forgive me, Thiru!
Aji, something is fishy.
I yelled at you without
knowing the truth.
I doubted you Thiru.
Please forgive me, Thiru.
I don't understand what
is going on, anymore.
Get up.
Come. I said, come on.
Move. Walk.
Let's leave. Come on, dear.
Remember what we agreed upon?
Later don't change your mind, Subbiah.
I agree to this because I
have no other choice, sir.
Take good care of my daughter, sir.
I'll take good care of your daughter.
Have no doubts about that.
There's 4 lakhs rupees in here.
Don't waste it on booze.
Make you second daughter's
wedding a grand one.
Here you go.
Thanks a lot, sir. See you.
See you, ma'am.
See you, sir.
Okay Anitha, I'm also leaving.
I'll manage. I'll take care of it.
Don't mess it up this time.
See you, sir.
See you, madam.
Come. Are the papers ready?
- Ready, sir.
- Okay. Come.
Over here.
You may leave.
Now you.
Sign here.
Dad, one moment please.
Thiru...sorry, Thiru. Please...
Thiru, please. I spoke out in haste.
If you find out that I've
such a mental condition...
I was worried you'd hate me.
If I had the same condition,
would you hate me?
Why did you murder grandma?
Why did you murder her?
Do you feel like murdering me, Thiru?
What happened, Thiru?
- Keep it inside.
- What is this?
That Malayali guy runs
a hotel in America.
He asked me to send
Subbu with him...
and in return he promised to drop
charges on our son for stealing money.
I didn't have any other
choice but to agree.
What happened dear Subbu?
Why are you so sad?
We are travelling to America together.
So, cheer up, dear. Cheer up!
Mind blowing, dear!
"Don't slash! Don't slash!
Don't slash our fee!"
They keep slashing our pay again and
again. We can't even afford fuel now.
In the beginning, they needed
us to attract customers.
Now when freshers are here,
they are brushing us aside.
We deliver on time but not even
a single day we could eat on time.
We work during storm, rains,
hurricane, day and night!
How can they ruin our lives?
The will seems to be perfect, sir.
Token number 156.
You could've given a heads up, right?
Now we have to follow the token system!
Madam, shall I wait outside?
We need just one signature
of yours, Subbu.
Sign it and we can leave.
I've to sign? But why?
Our mother was so angry with us that...
she wrote off the house in your name.
Stupid lady!
How senseless! Doing such a thing
doesn't justify her anger.
She wrote off the wealth to a
servant instead of her children!
Anitha, please calm down.
Play your frickin' game!
Just half an hour.
Will get done with it and leave. Okay?
Aji, call the lawyer!
Subbu darling, would you like some tea?
How about coffee?
You don't want? Fine, I'll go have one.
Aji and Anitha, the registrar
is calling. Document is fine.
- Are the changes done?
- All perfect.
- Awesome.
- Everything is fine.
- Come.
- Nirmal, come.
Sorry uncle, I was in a call.
Now get in!
- Let's get the registration done.
- Just 10 minutes.
- Shall we go?
- Let's go.
- Subbu?
- She was right here.
- Where did Subbu go?
- No idea.
Where did she go?
Oh no!
- Subbu?
- Where did she go?
- You check upstairs.
- Yeah, okay.
That idiot!
I remember locking the door and leaving.
How come it's broken?
Who did it?
Who is it?
Can't you shut the door and take bath?
You lunatic!
Why did you break the lock?
Didn't I keep your belongings outside?
Then why did you...
Eww! Nonsense!
Why did the police come
searching for you?
I heard you murdered an old lady?
Did you break out from the prison?
Don't you drag us in to trouble.
You better leave!
Or else I'll call the police!
He's not even uttering a word!
Crazy fellow!
Bhaskar, I'm vacating the room.
I'm leaving, Bhaskar.
You threw out my luggage.
That's okay.
But why did you throw out
my dad's photo, Bhaskar?
It got drenched in rain.
I touched the photo...
and my dad's face dissolved. It was like
I ruined his face with my own hands.
I neither have my dad...
nor his photo now.
Now who else do I have, Bhaskar?
I'm leaving, Bhaskar.
I'm leaving, Bhaskar.
My bad. I broke it by mistake, Bhaskar.
Sorry, Bhaskar.
Earlier we toiled hard and could save
Rs. 700 per day but now we only save Rs.200.
How can I run a family in
the city with this income?
The issue might blow out of proportion.
Please do something.
If the issue blows out of proportion...
then I'm not the government to fear
that I might lose out on votes.
Private Sector!
The whole world is advancing
to the period of automation.
So, get lost!
Don't you scrape! Don't you scrape!
Don't scrape our hard work!
Any organization that never respected
it's employee has never succeed.
We do the works!
But you get the perks!
Don't you scrape! Don't you scrape!
Don't scrape our hard work!
- Uncle, this is where Thiru lives.
- Here?
We work day and night!
But look at our plight!
Do you know Thirumeni, who works here?
We are worried about our job here. Don't
trouble us further asking such things.
- By any chance, do you know?
- No.
They were patient till
yesterday but then today...
If you don't come to a compromise within
an hour, then they all threaten to quit.
- Ask the police to take action.
- Sir?
- Don't slash! Don't slash!
- Don't slash our salaries!
Police atrocities...Down! Down!
Stop beating us.
Yeah, I'm handling it.
Just cut the call.
Let go of me.
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me! I said, leave me!
Stop! Stop! Go inside.
- Go inside.
- Come here, baby.
Come here!
You filthy dog! How dare you run
away from the registrar's office?
You arrogant idiot!
How dare you?
Stop overacting as if we are forcing
you to write off your wealth to us.
How dare you escape?
I'll finish you off!
Take the kids and go inside.
- Aji...Aji...
- I said get inside!
Go inside.
You cheapskate!
I shall sign and write off
the wealth, as you wish.
But I don't wanna go to America!
- I'll write off your wealth to you.
- Do we look like beggars?
You cheapskate!
I don't want anybody's wealth.
What did you say? You boast that
you'll write off my wealth to me?
I'll finish you off! Just shut up!
This is wrong guys!
She's ready to return the wealth but not
keen on going with us. Just let her go.
I paid her father a lump sum!
You return that money and
then I'll let her go.
Aji, stop it! You guys will pay
for this sin you're committing!
Yeah, we know! Get lost!
Enjoying his support? One kick!
- Kick her to death!
- Kill him Aji!
Your father sold you to me.
I beg you. Please forgive me
and let me go.
Please forgive me.
'Forgive me, sir'
'Let go of me'
Forgive me, sir.
Please forgive me.
Anitha, keep an eye on her.
Aren't you satisfied with the
beatings you got? Want some more?
Why did you come here?
What are you doing?
Thiru! Thiru!
Who murdered your mother?
Rascal! How dare you raise
your hands on a woman?
What can you do to me?
What's your problem?
What is it?
No, don't you...
Stab here.
- Stab me.
- No, don't!
Stab me right here!
I said stab me, idiot!
Whom did you call that?
Why did you do that, Subbu?
You know how much I trusted you!
Why did you lie, Subbu?
Oh no! Oh no!
I am the reason behind
your current predicament.
Forgive me, Thiru.
I know I cannot be forgiven
for the blunder I made.
Kill me! I'm a sinner!
I'm a sinner!
Forgive me.
Don't think twice, Thiru.
Kill me.
Forgive me, Thiru.
Forgive me.
When someone join their hands,
asking for forgiveness...
and if we still don't forgive
then we aren't humans...
but a beasts.
If the shop owner had forgiven
my dad back then,
my life would've been very happy.
I'd never be in such a situation.
Do you know how much
I loved these hands?
I will love them forever, Subbu.
My precious!
Why are you covered in so much stains?
Just a game, dad.
Is this why I named you Thirumeni?
Thirumeni means pure of body and soul.
Haven't I told you?
Don't repeat this, dear. Okay?
Be a good boy at school, okay?
Okay, dad.
Fine. Come, darling.
Come, hop on the cycle. Let's go.
Give me that.
My darling! My precious!
My dear!