Anegan (2015) Movie Script

Gods present here Gold very near
Rain of childs chatter dear
Rocky mountains austere Buddhist rosary red bead here
Mind has wings unfurled Bonding all over the world
Mind has wings out-stretched Kinship in worlds vast extent
Roads may differ Feet may alter
Moon as constant companion however"
Riverbanks may stray Seashores may sway
Loves arrival is here to stay
Dreams, stop dissolving Blessing, dont go missing
Dreams, dont defrost Godsend, dont get lost
Godsend, dont get lost
- Hiiiiii - Maaa!
Hey Muna Give us a hand
Give us a hand
Push it now
Give me some betel nut
- You'll get it from me - Youre always playful
- Hey bamboo - Get lost!
Hey Munaruna! Measure this and tell me
Boss, either call me by my full name Murugappa
Or call me just Muruga
If you say Munaruna sounds like some Indian 'anna'
We are working for mercantile class, right?
Naturally we get influenced by their language!
mercantile class, right?
Youll always be Munaruna
Im Sunapena Hes Kenapana!
Measure for me now Instead of making small talk
Tell me a properly Not an approximate figure
You'll believe only this tape Not my word, huh?
Is it right?
Perfect, I say
Why do you need a tape and an engineer for this?!
Rowdy fellow!
Oldie, move Let me take over
Dumbass dodo! Bad breath bimbo!!
Why are you messing with me?
Jobless or what? To flirt like this
Well be sharing a bed Why cant I share a cucumber? your bed?
Catch hold of your bad-breathed betrothed
That scrawny scarecrow, huh?
As if Im a guardian deity tall and strong?
Youve got your abs in place, real cool
Take your hands off me Why are you bugging me like this?
Dhobi loves his wife But she loves his donkey!
Who is the donkey?
You only!
Attend to your work
Hey! Muruga What are you doing?
Youll fall Careful
(Burmese voices in uproar)
Watch out
Dont be scared
You are safe now
Your hands and legs are shaking like jelly
are shaking like jelly
I feel like Im seeing Lord Muruga face to face
If you hadnt been there imagine my daughters plight!
Are you a Tamilian?
My mother is a Tamilian My father is Burmese
Classic love story!
Keep quiet
--2000 kyat
That's your worth
You just hailed me as God Now you think I can be bought?
Sonny, dont get me wrong
- Not like that? - For my satisfaction
You shouldnt put a price on life
Did you buy your daughter in a market?
Money cant buy everything, you know
Forgive me Whats your name?
- Shut up - You were too good!
You think yourself to be the bravest of braves
Youre jumping around like Lord Anjaneya
Do you know the price of teak?
A whole days work is ruined because of you
is ruined because of you
Both of you clear out from here
Lets go
- Hey Muna - What?
Look whos here
Girl, charming and fair with hibiscus in her hair
She has blossomed with love, come
Cherished princess Rangoon Highness
Waiting for you Night and day, dear beau
Night and day, dear beau
This is a first time pleasure Down the spine joyful quiver
Will you tell me in detail clearly?
My gray cells cuddled up snug Butterflies in my stomach
Will you give me a medicine as remedy?
Goodness gracious me!
Maiden, lovely and fair with hibiscus in her hair
Only for you she has bloomed new
Treasured princess Rangoon Highness
Waiting for you --24x7, dear beau
Youre a jewel in the crown Im rock salt in rain wind-blown
My fingers to caress you how am I the suitable beau?
I am 24 carat gold brick Youre a metal box, best pick
To protect and preserve me No one else but you solely
Though love is on a spree mind just wont agree
Shadow wont get wet ever even if it falls into the river
Dizzy desire inside wont cast you aside
Lass, eye-catching and fair with hibiscus in her hair
Has she blossomed for me wholesome?
Revered princess Rangoon Highness
Is she waiting for me night and day wistfully?
Slow down
Every second encircles me like a clocks 2nd hand, pointedly
Chase me, dearest in right earnest
Take this water lily waiting willingly
Ive lifted sacks of tamarind Now Ill carry a floral godsend
My chic chick, with a twist Ill chain you on my hip as amulet
My mind seesaws, hesitating to be just your hip-string
Id rather be a thread sacred for you and me to be duly wed
With your eyes you enticed me this love is forever truly
Lass, pretty and fair with hibiscus in her hair
She has bloomed for you well groomed
Desired princess Rangoon Highness
Waiting for you come, beloved beau
This is a 1st time pleasure Down the spine sensual quiver
Will you explain to me crystal clear precisely?
Down the spine sensual quiver
crystal clear precisely?
My gray cells cuddled up snug Butterflies in my stomach
Will you tell me, darling a cure for this feeling?
Butterflies in my stomach
a cure for this feeling?
'This is All India Radio'
'The news read by Saroj Narayanaswamy'
'The Military laid seige today on the democratic country of Burma'
'The Prime minister was arrested on the orders of the Military General'
'Military rule was established in Burma'
'When the Military intruded and arrested the first President at his residence...'
'...his son who tried to prevent this was shot dead'
'If the Tamilians intended to revolt...'
'...the Military General has warned them of severe repercussions'
'He ordered the immediate dismissal of Indians from official Govt posts'
'Assets of the Tamilians were nationalised'
'Draining Tamilians of their economical status...'
'...Kyat of denominations
'Also Tamil cinema and Indian dailies were banned from circulation'
'Shops owned by Tamilians were set ablaze'
'Deprived of basic amenities...'
'...Tamilians resorted to violence'
'To curb their revolt...'
'...brute force was unleashed on them'
'To transport Tamilians to their motherland...'
'...Indian Govt has dispatched a fleet of special ships to Rangoon'
'They were forced to leave behind their assets, kith and kin in Burma'
'Tamilians were reduced to this pathetic plight of being refugees'
Light this candle and pray
Samudra, Im leaving
To my country
It felt so good all these days spending time with you
Knowing Im leaving you behind and wont be able to see you...
...hurts badly, Samudra
It is the fate of this wretched love
Im going
Dont leave me behind Ill also come with you
I cant be here without you
Take me with you to your country, Munaruna
Samudra, theyll kill him if you come along with us
If I leave her behind Ill myself die
Dress her up as a Tamilian
Go...get inside
Take off your jewelry
Come fast
- Munaruna! - Our mason-boss
Someone might see us Keep your head bent
Come...come Stand in a line
I didnt do this deliberately, sir
Bloody thief!
Trying to smuggle gold out of our country
If I go back without even this I have to hang myself to death
Just go, or else youll rot in our jail
You white swine! You wont prosper
May your clan rot in hell
Thank God we reached
Our child is missing
- Hey Munaruna - Bro...?
My little girl is missing She must be there somewhere
- Please look for her - Ill do that, bro
Security, close the gate
She must be there Look for her please
Hold her
Yov! Let me in too
I came along with them
Im begging you Open the gate
Open the gate, dammit
Go...go Dont stop
Come, Samudra
Come, Samudra
Im going back to Murugan
Im going
Remove your wedding chain
Put it around her neck, Mallika
Dont hesitate Do it, Mallika
No more room in this ship Send everyone away
She is his wife, sir
Use force if they dont obey
Im begging you Youre like God to me
Let go of my feet, you bloody mongrel!
Bloody idiot! Why are you hitting him?
Sir, Im begging you
Palani, don't beg like that
If he doesnt come with us this girl will die, sir
Poor thing!
His wife, sir
They just got married, sir
Please dont split them
Please have mercy on us
Hey soldier!
Yov! He's calling you
Open the gate
Send only him
Come...come in
Thank you very much, sir
Close the gate Lock it
Dont let anyone in
Stop the ship
Follow me
Search every nook and corner of the ship
You go that side
Quick...hurry up
Please dont hold on to my ship anymore
Im not smuggling any assets from Burma
Im only taking Tamil patriots with me
Before sunset I have to cross Pazundaung creek
Soldiers, get out of this ship
Lets look for them in the next ship
Mallika, what are you doing?
Bloody mongrel!
Spare us, please
Let go of her
Dont do anything to her, sir
Arrest him
Let go of me, please
Are you even human?
Go, get them
Let go of her
Ill shoot you
Shoot them
Muna...Munaruna...get up
Open your eyes
This isnt Burma
You aren't Samudra You are Madhu
Usually in regression therapy, only childhood memories are tapped
But you are imagining a previous birth
Of course your story was very interesting
That wasnt fiction, doctor
It was fact
Madhu, even your dream-
Sorry, even your story
I meant it's very creative
Even in this birth I'm meeting people whom I knew in Burma
They even snatched your chain from your mat!
But only Munaruna I havent met as yet
Romance aside, Madhu, dont skip your medicine
Ma, Im late for work Get my breakfast ready
Shower and come soon
Let me go, madam
"Cherished princess Rangoon Highness"
You make a mess of everything
Are you calling me?
Come closer
Might bang!
Youre that breed, huh?
What the hell is happening here?
I dont know, madam
She called me close to her and blabbered some name aloud
Why do you make my nerves somersault?
my nerves somersault?
What happened to you?
Another dream, huh?
- God help me! - Nothing, ma
Get dressed and come down to eat
- Later...later - Get lost!
Sit down and eat leisurely
Im late for work, mom
Hello, Radhakrishna
I need money urgently Sign here, dear
Only last week you cashed a check for a millon
What did you spend that on?
I gave your mother the accounts last week
He had to give some bonus to our mill workers, Madhu
Okay, fine
Whats this amount for?
To pay customs duty, dear
Sis, enough
Your husband willed all his wealth to a trust
In case anything untoward happens to his daughter
Shes suspicious Just like her dad
I came only because you asked me to supervise
I dont want to be humiliated further
Let me go
Radha, Madhu isnt normal
She suddenly wakes up from a nightmare
Im myself so scared
She yells at us only because she can take that liberty
You use these sentimental dialogs to zip my lips
They pile her with work and then to de-stress her...
...they send her to a psychiatrist also
That wont work
You should give her the medicine our Guruji gav-
Shes taking it
Why drive a car when you are fit to drive only an auto?
Why are you glaring? Which department?
New recruit, huh?
Hey! Wait
Where are you off to?
He has broken the ear of our shrews Cooper
You broke the mirror of that Mini Cooper
Shell pickle you alive
A real shrew works in our creative department
All I have to do is replace the mirror
Even if you offer to replace her car...
...she wont keep quiet
Childs play
--1000 bucks bet Lets see
Lets catch the lift
If the lift was door-less they'll hang on to it like a bus
Hi Madhu
Hi Jagan
Bet with me, huh?
That shrew is behind you
Is she here?
Sir broke the side mirror of your dinky car
- Dinky car! - Shut up
Not me Sirs golden words!
Peter, Ashwin needs a medical insurance policy
Catch you later, dude
your side view mirror
Ill replace it
Do you recognize me?
Yes, shre-
Jagan told me
I hit it by mistake
Why apologize?
Who else will hit on me?!
Do I seem familiar to you?
Im new to this office
I joined only 10 days ago
Why are you looking at that switch and talking, Munaruna?
Moron of a man, huh?
Why are you avoiding eye contact with me?
Oh! Beautiful girls are always problematic
Can't sleep a wink But dream a lot
But dream a lot
Must find silly forwards and keep texting
Be a glib liar and a poet laureate
Spend on gifts
Life will become topsy-turvy
Thats why I dont look twice at beautiful girls
But I can keep looking at you nonstop
Im in a soup only if the girl is beautiful!!
I knew youd come back
It said so here
When I opened my car roof I left my mobile behind
As if we need any reason to meet again?
Im not a roadside Romeo if that's what you think
Cross my heart
You, me, my car and your phone...
...cant tamper with our destiny
with our destiny
Kali...are you alright?
Who is Kali?
Ashwin, what happened?
You left me alone and walked away!
She looks at me weirdly And talks strangely
And talks strangely
She changes my name from floor to floor
Some girls change even their guys!
Good morning, my dear lamp post
Hey Ashok! Why do you look like youve seen a ghost?
What happened?
Your 2nd girlfriend dumped you, huh?
Well take the lift on the next block, sir
A minor accident, sir
Come on, tell me What happened?
Cable snapped in the lift, sir
How can the cable in a brand new lift snap?
Whats happening, here?
Are you alright?
Kiran, my friend
He was so brave He saved her
Have we met before?
No, sir Im Ashwin
I joined just 10 days ago in System Admin
in System Admin
How old are you?
--25, sir
Your face looks young Thats why I asked
Why are you hovering around?
Only the lift isn't working
Not your legs You can take the stairs
Okay, dude Catch you later
Ashok, must be very careful
They are all youngsters Poor things, young breed
We need to take care, man
Hi Mallika!
Hi Madhu
Was that a trial for some adventure game?
Madhu, stop it Is this an adventure?
Meera, shall we rehearse in Ooty for my hot video game?
Looking good, but you are too fat and old for it!
What are you doing here?
Just been half an hour since your accident in the lift
Do you know what I feel every time I see you?
I wish I was --20 years younger
Compared to these boys here... are more capable
Coming to the point...
...why have we assembled here?
Gang of Ganges game we released last week...
...has record breaking downloads within 7 days
downloads within 7 days
--40 million! Soooper doooper hit
We rock, dude
But friends let me tell you
Games have jumped beyond the playground to TV and PC...
...into our palms with these mobile phones
--100 adventures on our fingertips
So we-
Anyway the world market is waiting for our next release
We are on a killing deadline here
Within 3 months...
...we must release a new game
Thats impossible
Don't underestimate yourselves
So to beat it well all work 24x7
Kiran, assign me in any shift of your choice
But dont club me with this Genie
Dont bang me
Given a chance you'll get married to me!
So just to get you all going as usual in our farmhouse...
...let us have what-a-wow
Wild hog party!
Enough of your 9 to 5 battle, guys Dried up plants need water to survive
Shall I mix you a Bloody Mary? Or bathe in Long Island ice tea?
Shall we live in a land of plenty flowing with milk and honey?
Youll sing, dance, play, never tired Not a bit bored or disinterested
If you dont seize this day tomorrow will bring zilch, nix, nay
Yolo...yolo...yolo...yolo You Only Live Once!
Yolo...yolo...yolo...yolo You Only Live Once, bro
Shall we mix some spice to a pure and simple vanilla life?
Shall we churn ambrosia sweet from the sea of love as treat?
Date, pear or hourglass figure right Bottoms up with eyes shut tight
No love or emotion in play Only pleasure matters today
Touch and caress, ignite desire like flint stones spark a fire
If a sea of troubles you are in theres no taboo word as sin
Yolo...yolo...yolo...yolo You Only Live Once!
Yolo...yolo...yolo...yolo You Only Live Once, bro
'Indian parotta minced with barbeque mixed'
'Set your ginger beer away Get sloshed with this cold beer, baby'
'Princess! Come forward a little bit Sway your hips, hit on me in a dizzy fit'
'Kiss me on my cheek Make my knees go weak'
'Will you come once more Bird so proud, encore?'
Why be on guard, innocent or shy? When you hug, shyness says bye-bye
Gone with the wind forever if you date, ditch or whatever
Why be on alert, innocent or shy? When you hug, shyness says bye-bye
Shut up and kick ass now Time is right for!
As the breeze flows my eyes close
I simply surrender leaning on your shoulder
As I sweat in this cold Our fingers interlace to hold
As our lips meet to fuse lets fly in the sky enthused
Yolo...yolo...yolo...yolo You only live once, bro
You only live once in a lifetime
You only live once in a lifetime
Munaruna, my system crashed
Not booting, Murux
Ill be there in 2 minutes
Is this your new idea of finding an excuse to flirt?
Graphics card has been removed
Hey bandicoot, did you eat up your fritter-bait?
No, this is a female rat
She ate her sandwich dipping it in sauce
And plugged it out with the same saucy hand!
Might nip you in the wrong place!
Female rats are dangerous
My game is auto crashing
I can't work
Check my system too, please
My shift is over Im leaving
Muna, wait
I have a gift for you
Why now?
When you gave me a jujube...
...did I refuse it?
Oh my gawd! Whole department is crazy
Last night in my dream you were wearing a similar hat
Is this some cowboy film?
Wear it just once and show me
Guests are waiting down
- What are you doing here? - Nothing, uncle
Middle class
If you dont behave yourself your parents will be minus a son!
Want me to be the son-in-law of this house, Mr Radhakrishnan?
What is this whitener uncle saying?
He shoves his hand always into his pocket
Maybe he has --1 finger less or more
Don't be silly!
That's a quickie for sure!
Keep still for 2 minutes
Isnt it lovely?
Hence the labor of love, huh?
Shes piling gifts on me like a madcap and torturing me
Cross your heart and tell me
You arent the least bit interested in her?
If I dont see her even for 1 day...
...I feel Im missing her
Falling in love, huh?
You can assume that
Now and then love will raise its head at me
Shell tell such a Mahabharath I'll get deflated!
She should see this today
And her mania for piling gifts on me should vanish
Your 'Miss Santa Claus' is here
Wonder whats her gift for the day
What does this mean?
You like me You gave me a belt
I like Tommy I gifted it to him
What are you looking for, Madhu?
Stone is your gift for today?!
Get lost, you madcap!
Jagan, look at him He's insulting my gifts
Your gifts should be more personal
Your gifts should always bond with him like second skin
What do you mean?
If I had fallen, Id have been dead
Suddenly, giant wheel titled drastically to one side
Old chair Mother-in-laws
Thats when Munaruna came sliding on a rod
Like Tarzan he jumped and gave me his hand
Munaruna hugged me tight
You cant believe it, right?
But I swear, aunty
The bond Ashwin and I share...
...goes beyond this birth
Hello Munaruna!
Who asked you to come here?
Aunty, shouldnt I see the house Ill be living in?
Come up with an answer for this, my dear bro
Shantha, give me a hot cup of coffee
Hello, dear Hope your dad is fine
- Do you know her? - Of course I do
Your brothers daughter-in-law
Your daughter-in-law it seems!
Oh sorry! I forgot
I forgot
I forgot to give you this
I dont want any gifts Clear off from here
Aunty, is this fair?
In Burma, when we were in love every time he came to see me...
...he'd bring wood apple, jamun, jujube, cranberry-
Twisted tamarind?
Elephants memory!
If I give him a gift in return, hes so mean
Youre bent on packing me off
Aunty. see you
Uncle, tata
Good Lord! Look at this
Don't I know how her mind works?
That too rainbow colors!
How did she guess your size so accurately?
She sees it everyday
How can she go wrong?
She'll even put it on me
Where does all this 'smarty-pantiness' happen?
Shucks! I thought she got me a cap
Shes a real whacko Ill take the mickey out of her
Whats more to take?! You had your fun!
Out you go
Be your age Dont act over smart
Gawd! Why do all these girls around me hound me like this?
around me hound me like this?
Let go of me
Meera, what happened?
What's wrong?
They are pulling my clothes off me
They are chasing me
- Save me - Show me
They chase me in a group
Through the ventilator in the air-conditioner
Whats going on here?
She saw something and was terrified
Terrified of what?
I dont-
You go
Go, Ill take care
Madhu, 3D assets of the concept art are ready
Shall we take a look?
How long has she been working here?
About a year now
Did she have any problem?
Madhu, dont stay here Listen to me
Inquiry is pending
Please wait
Not only this birth
I wont let you unite with him in any birth
Meera, what are you saying? Meera is alive
See for yourself
Check her pulse
She is dead
She died half an hour ago
Dont take it lightly Check her once more
Madhu, please Pull yourself together
She spoke to me
Meera threatened me, Ashwin
Please stop it
I pushed you with deadlines and didnt give you enough rest
Madhu, are you regularly consulting Dr Radhika or not?
I thought Ill finish this project and then go
Nothing is more important than your health
Ashwin, your responsibility to take Madhu to Dr Radhika
And ensure she's de-stressed
she's de-stressed
Lets go
You're wrong to think she is blabbering
Her memories of a previous birth are real
Light a camphor and bring
- Guruji? - Yes, Radhakrishna?
When she gets those memories she becomes very tensed
There is a medicine to make amends
It will destroy evil and give her peace of mind too
Along with the herbal mix I gave you earlier...
...take this also daily without fail
Im in love with a chap
But a dead girl threatened me
What is the solution for this, Guruji?
This has special powers
If its around your wrist no evil power can touch us
The seer told me My family swears by him
Am I a bucket to be pulled out of a well?
Believing some goddamn god man!
Im leaving I have some urgent-
Dont run
Do you know your name some 100 years ago?
Veerapandiya Kattabomman the Polygar chieftain?
No, Ilamaran
You were a prince I was a princess
You fought a terrible war
And galloping on a single horse...
...we were on our honeymoon
our honeymoon
I have urgent work, my dear angel
Lets meet for dinner tonight
What do you think of yourself?
Uncle, hes my friend
Wont you get it if I warn you once?
Why are you flirting with my niece?
Are you mad? Im pleading with her
Im asking her to leave me alone
I know your petty mentality
Are you trying to hook her to grab all her wealth?
I dont fancy falling for a girl whose affluence I cant match
And toe the line as a docile son-in-law!
If you are loaded lock her up at home
Why make her work for whats peanuts to you?
Go to Bombay or Dubai
Get hold of an Ambani or some business tycoon
Ask her to lure his son and get them happily married
Instead, youre picking on m-
If you ask me to break up and find someone else...
...Ill chop you to pieces
Please understand However many births...
...Im for you and youre for me Thats how it will always be
Do you know what love is?
You wont realize its value when you are together
Youll understand only when you are separated
It is this wretched loves fate
Will this thread bind us together?
No need this birth or any previous birth
I love you
Sea of rose petals My precious princess
My favored cherry Come aside with me
Loves ally Apple of my eye
My other half, solely Come close to me
Daughter of a flower, branch of cheer Body bedecked in gold all over
Even if as a flower Im wind-blown why is your heart speared with thorn?
Come near me Drops of ocean tiny
Girl, come close to me Small spark of a volcano fiery
Come close to me Tiny drops of sea merrily
Love, come close to me Spark of a volcano fierily
To break light rays is impossible with a sword however incredible
So is our love, undefeatable!
Sea of rose petals My precious princess
My favored cherry Come aside with me
Loves ally Apple of my eye
My other half, solely Come close to me
Coral beaked koel dear Eyes, sharp golden spear
My red tailed parakeet Come out to tweet
My eye is witness to your cascading tresses
Peacock in my heart resting step out, Im requesting
Even if besieged by infantry sky doesnt bend to comply
Blood thirsty army if intent on revenge burning passion within isnt quenched
Lets both leave this earth And stay in the moons hearth
Lets lead a life of harmony Soul to soul sole rhapsody
Though continents part Galaxies glide apart
Our hearts will connect in every single aspect
Coral beaked koel dear Eyes, sharp golden spear
My red tailed parakeet Come out to tweet
My eye is witness to your cascading tresses
Peacock in my heart resting Come out, without protesting
Nectar sweet golden honey Come beside me, honey
Doe, a deer, dearie You belong to me
Teenage girl, fresh as morning spring Lend me your lips, Ill offer anything
Liar, lie through your teeth glibly One battle will do for you to forget me
Though bow and arrow unite they dont co-exist all the time
We are tuned as word and meaning We wont break up, no weaning
Come near me Drops of ocean tiny
Girl, come close to me Small spark of a volcano fiery
Come near me Drops of ocean tiny
Love, come close to me Spark of a volcano fierily
Though continents part Galaxies glide apart
Our hearts will connect perfect in every aspect
Nectar sweet golden honey Come with me, honey
Doe, a deer, dearie You belong to me
Nectar sweet golden honey Come beside me, honey
Doe, a deer, dearie You belong to me
- Wait...Madhu! - Maaraa?
- Ilamaaraaaa! - What happened?
They backstabbed us
They were with us and betrayed us
Are you okay?
Youre okay?
Youngsters today are under terrific stress, especially IT field
And your company tops my list for stress
Feelings buried deep in the subconscious level...
...will come out like this for some as illusions
Im trying regression therapy on Madhu
In her case the boundary line between illusion and reality is very thin
Reality seems like a dream and vice versa to her
Then what about previous birth and all that?
All that is crap Her fertile imagination!
But only whats true is...
...shes madly in love with you
I know, doctor
She should attend sessions regularly
Take the medicine I prescribe without fail
Let's go
Ashwin, when you were the prince Ilamaran... used to swirl a sword much heavier than you
I was zapped
Even if youre scrawny... you know how strong and sturdy a prince you were this traffic wont you see where youre going?
I love him
I left the car key in the clinic
You be here Ill bring it
Hey! Mad or what?
Sit on my lap and drive
Why are you driving in this break neck speed?
When I sat with you in your horse and galloped... fast you rode while I was screaming in fright
My head is spinning
Madhu, slow down
Slow down
Kiss me
Kiss me and Ill slow down
Watch the road
You wont kiss me?
Watch me then
Stop the car first
Stop the car
Madhu, stop before you hit someone
Shell be fine
Water in her lungs has been cleared
Okay, doctor
You wont end up without killing her?
Sir, he was the one who saved her
You should thank him
Doctor, Ill take her to Apollo hospital
Sir, you can take her home
Shell be conscious soon
Sister, give him an anti tetanus injection
Come with me, sir
I dont know why Kali killed him
You think Kali is the culprit, sir?
The knife has only Kalis fingerprints
Thats why Im fairly certain
I don't know what to say
Poor jailor Joseph!
Nowadays even girls cant be trusted
Can you believe this, knowing Kali is a murderer...
...Kalyani has run away with him to Bombay
Sir, you are wrong Kali didnt kill the jailor
How do you know?
I can show you where they are
It is all a conspiracy, sir
He was framed
Kali did not kill
Kali didnt kill
Madhu dear
Whats wrong?
What's affecting you?
Inspector Gopinath was right here
Where is he?
Madhu, lets go home
If you take rest you will be fine
You tell me I heard him talking
Where is he?
He even has a scar on his cheek
Im the Inspector for this area
I got the information just now and Im here
I spoke to him a few minutes ago
I even saw the dead man in a stretcher
Sir, the accident car belonged to me
Im her friend Ill explain in detail
Okay, come with me
Is that girl a drug addict?
No, doctor
We come from a respectable family
But the report wont lie Patient is a regular druggie
She is yet to be married Please change this report
Sir, if I tamper with it the police will skin me alive
It's in your hands
Im not asking you to do it for free
Im most willing to grease your palm
Thanks, sonny
Think you can get away mixing drugs in my nieces cool drink?
Yov! Think youre very clever!
You bring some damn seer and brew some concoction
Then try to make her loony and loot all her wealth, huh?
How dare you talk to me like that!
Sir...sir Let go of him
Are you pinning the blame on us?
Madhu, you get in
Last night I just couldnt sleep
I came to work only to see you
I want to be with you always
Look here, Ashok
Hey, boss!
Only yesterday you dived with your car into the deep
And youre back to work
Ashwin, drop her at home
--1 strawberry --1 coffee
Do you know in how many births weve tried to unite?
Dont start this again
Its true we knew each other in Burma
Its also true you were born... Ilamaran and me as Shenbagavalli!
But my uncle and Meera are trying to keep us apart in all our births
We shouldnt let them win, Ashwin
Not just this lifetime
In all our future births too we must prove well be together
Enough, Madhu
Come with me
Mohammed, play Meeras footage which we checked the other day
Rewind that and zoom it
Look closely
When the sheet flies you are the one crying
Her lips dont move at all
Did you see that?
How will a corpse talk to you, Madhu?
You were the one talking
I didnt imagine it
Something went wrong when this was recorded
I swear Meera spoke to me
Get this into your head
The books you read, films you watched...
...what you heard someone speak
...are tumbling out as fertile imagination
Now youve suddenly come up with Kali and Kalyani
And some Inspector Gopinath with a scar on his face
No one like that exists
Just illusions Images in your mind
You are foolis-
No, Ashwin Believe me
Madhu, please understand You are just mentally sick
Madam, someone has come to see you
Madam, the one reading a newspaper over there
Im Commissioner Gopinath
The head constable who came to the hospital yesterday called me
It seems you asked for me identifying me with this scar
Almost 25 years ago...
...when I was an Inspector I handled that case
Kali and Kalyani killed a jailor and escaped to Bombay
And we closed that file
Im astonished
Youre both carbon copies of Kali and Kalyani
Your assumption is wrong, sir
Kali and Kalyani didnt kill anyone
They didnt escape to Mumbai either
Ill show you where they are
This is the place
There must be a banyan tree here
Is there any banyan tree here?
There isnt any banyan tree here, sir
Okay, you go
Sir, there was a huge banyan tree
It fell in the storm that hit us when MGR died
The root of that tree can be found near the tea shop even now, sir
Thats the tree stump
Okay, you can go
How can they be here?
Clear the crowd first
Hey! Look here
Sir, come here
Dont use spades and crowbars
Carefully remove the mud
Okay, sir
Enough...enough All of you come out
Irudayaraj, come to Vyasarpadi railway station
Send the forensic people to the spot immediately
Inform the Press too
Do you recognize them?
This is you That is me
Is it a film by Vittalacharya with special effects?
Looks like youll now say theyll both dance?!
You opened a case that was closed for 25 years
Madhumita, you are unbelievable
I never even imagined
You have the key to this mystery
We have lots to discuss I will come back to you
You can go now
Ill stay, sir
Thats alright
Well finish all formalities and Ill talk to you
Velu, drop them in their office
Please go
Madhu, how do you know all this?
Why didnt you tell me?
Whatever I tell you... make fun that Im spinning a yarn
At least now will you believe me?
- See you, sir - Okay, Ashwin
Wait, I'll come down
Whom are you waving at?
What's this letter in your hand?
Aren't you the newspaper boy? Just do your job and keep going
I'm calling my girl friend
Smart-Alec chopstick!
Oh, girl friend, huh?!
Come with me
I'm terrified of dogs
That dog is even more terrified of you
Don't lie
This dog is okay but there's a worse dog inside
Her brother
I'm that dog!
Hey! What are you doing?
Who's that?
Your future son-in-law, ma
What's wrong with this house?
Look at the way you have raised your beloved daughter
In that 1/2 hour Im away jogging...
...some random boy signals to my sister
And she happily responds
Given a chance, hed have eloped with her!
hed have eloped with her!
Is this how a 9th grader behaves?
Bro, please call your sister
You want me to call her? I'll slipper you
If I hadnt come now what would've happened?
I'll slipper you
I would've given this to her and quietly gone
He would've given this love letter it seems
Get up
You're signaling to her and that too in English
Look what hes doing, Pushpa
A whacko walked in saying she's your girlfriend that day
We still welcomed her and made her feel at home
When she reeled out the Rangoon princess story...
...didn't we listen patiently?
But here you are insulting my boyfriend!
You're still in school and want a boyfriend plus a love letter?
How else will your cheap mind work?
You're a creature who takes freebie-briefs from your girlfriend
You're talking way too much Ill smash your teeth-
Why are you looking there?
You think this is a love letter?
Yes, it is
This is NCERT application form
Bro, take a look
Application form?
Then why this secrecy-
Thanks to your precious pet
Because he was so scared, he called me from there!
If I'm in love, I'll bring my boyfriend straight to mom
And introduce him as my lover boldly
Pushpoo, I too love you
Get lost, you fatso
It was just a figure of speech, you pumpkin!
Messing up my day
Hold this I want coffee
Only here you push your weight around
You and your jockey party found skeletons you said
But your names are missing in the paper
We didn't even give any interviews
Open your eyes wide and read
It seems the commissioner himself found the tree and dug underneath
Thats the news here
By the way you spun a yarn there was a bullet on the forehead
But in this photo I cant see anything
Yarn, huh?
Take a look
See this bullet wound
Oh gawd! I cant sleep if I see all this
Commissioner sir, this is Ashwin here
Madhumitas frien-
Ashwin...tell me
I want to meet you urgently
Im in the midst of an enquiry now
Ill be back in an hour
Come to my office Well meet up
Im commissioner Gopinath
I want to meet Madhumita
Regarding what, sir?
Sir, she came back only this morning after the night shift
Shes tired and sleeping
She cant be disturbed now
A closed file has been reopened only because of her
I must interrogate her
Her health is our priority
I cant wake her up now
Ill let her know you wanted to see her
Someone by name Ashwin is here to see you
Come in, Ashwin Take a seat
Tell me
Your name is headlines in all the papers
Did you find it all by yourself or-
Did Kali come in your dreams and tell you where to dig?
Listen, Madhumita is from a very affluent family
I didnt want your names dragged out in the open
Thats why I didnt tell them
In the place we dug, theres something like a finger
Theres also a ring with the initial R engraved
But none of the papers this morning shows it
I want to clarify --1 more doubt
The 2 skeletons are Kali and Kalyani
Then whom can this ring belong to?
When did you take this photo?
I clicked it while they were digging
Is it wrong, sir?
Did you share this with anyone else?
No, sir No one
My phone, sir
Shivaraj, in the place we dug yesterday...
...a finger and a ring seem to be missing!
No, sir It is-
What nonsense!
Dont try to cover up
Sir, you were the one who-
You dont seem to understand, Shivaraj
Because of the mud piled up it couldve rolled underneath
Search that area thoroughly again
Area is cordoned off, right?
Yes, sir
Search there at once
- Shivaraj? - Yes, sir
Since its a railway station...
...passengers will be walking up and down
So assign 2 constables in that area for security
Listen, you must definitely find that ring and the finger, okay?
What does this mean? Why are you hiding it?
I can even tell you whose finger it is
You see, Ashwin, if I had given this photo to the press...
...then whoever murdered Kali and Kalyani will be tipped off
We must nab that killer with proof
I need your help
Whats your name now?
- Year? - 1987
Okay, you are Kalyani
Who is Kali?
Kali...hes really weird
He wont bow to anyone
His idea of justice and fair play is so unique
No one can understand his true nature immediately
He himself wont know when hell do what!
My father is coming back this Sunday, thats why, bro
Look over there
Hey you there! Train is heading your way out
Bro, check if hes still alive
Hey useless hooligan!
Look where he chose to die
Who the hell are you?
My dear precious pet!
Youre fine, right?
Dont be scared You escaped
Will I let you die so easily?
Get up
You are busy petting that stray cat
- My darling, sir - Darling?
Poor baby!
She landed in this track unknowingly
If I hadnt seen her, she wouldve died prematurely
But youd also be on the funeral pyre!
Sir, but she also has life, no?
Saving a bloody cat it seems
Dont hit my precious!
Why waste time with that lunatic?
They have hearts of stone!
Hey! Get off the track
You are sooooper, bro
You thought Id lose the bet?! Cough up the dough
I told you not to bet with Kali bro about the cat
Why are you scowling?
Cough it up
--2, 4, 6, 10
Dont...awwww! Dont hit me, ma
Good for nothing lout!
Dont hit me with a broomstick
- Youll never reform - What happened now?
Youll save a silly cat by sacrificing your own life
- You dirty scumbag! - 'My fate to listen'
Dont recite Bharathis poem in this feeble timid way
Sing it with more zeal and zest
Dad, thats the only Ganesha with a huuuge paunch
Get that for me, please
Ill get it for you
- Uma dear - Wow, ice
Why did you bunk yesterday?
You didnt come to clean the car!
There was a death anniversary ceremony in our Judges house
Tomorrow full time Ill be in your place
Hes a Customs officer Take good care of him
I know, Chella Attend to your work
Bro, this is Chella here
Your drawings for writer Sujathas story were simply superb
Thanks a lot, Swaminathan
I must start my prayers before the inauspicious time
Dont mistake me Ill take leave
Is it ready?
This wretched Vajram has come to ruin our business now
Close the shop
Who cares about headache or tablets!
That bloody murderer is here
Kalyani, lets not wait here...come
Greetings, bro
Who are you?
If youre a Customs officer, will you raid wherever you want?
Hey! First take the child away
Why are you taking my daughter?
It's mistaken identity
I dont know anything about this
Bharathi, is an elephant chasing you or what?
A rowdy is killing someone in that market
Vajram is killing someone
Spare him, bro
Hes no patch on you!
To squash an ant, do you need an elephant?
On top of it, --6-7 swines for support?
The equation isnt right!
Did you cross his path with some misdeed?
Do you know who he is? Do you know his power?
Youve done something wrong
I know that for sure
Okay, apologize to him and do 3 sit ups
Do it now, man
Sorry...forgive me
Thats the way!
Bro has forgiven you Leave this place now
Dont look back
First beat him black and blue
Hereafter there wont be any hassles in this market place
Vajrams chapter is closed
Please open the shutter Give me the First aid kit
I was talking to him just now
- What do we do now? - Wound is so deep
All this ointment wont do
Auto! Stop Hospital-
Not a single chap is stopping
You carry on Ill bring a vehicle
Sir, stop the car
Hey! Dont make a fus-
This ointment and bandage wont work for me
If I spit on it and leave it open itll become fine automatically
(clears throat)
Why dont you spit?
You have a tender heart your step
Let him lie down on the seat
Push his feet inside
You also get in
The police will call you as witness
Oh no! If its a court case I cant run around
Gokul Santol powder? Scent is too good
Kalyani, come fast
Let's inform Swaminathans family
Who was that girl who tied the bandage?
Go, man Clear off
Your shop is here, right? Do you know who did this?
Hey old man!
Sir, I also arrived the same time you did
I dont know what happened here, sir
Sir, Ive got cataract So cant see a thing
I myself fumble my way through
Okay, go
Is this Gavaskars last match?
Greetings, sir
- Whats your name? - Kali, sir
How did you get hurt?
My mother asked me to get a clay Ganesha for the festival
I was on my way here when that Vajram-
Sir, the same chap who put that mark on you
I saw him coming with his gang and armed
I got all jittery and started running
As I was running I tripped on an umbrella and fell down
I somersaulted twice or thrice and fell
Tripped on an umbrella?
Yes, sir Over there
You tripped over this?
I swear, sir
You saw the wound, right? did you hurt your head?
Where I tripped there was a-
Was there a wood apple?
On the dot, sir
Youre saying it as if you were in that spot
All of you claim you didnt witness this murder
Did you at least see him somersault?
We did, sir
You are all experts at making a mountain out of a mole hill!
I dont know these couplets, sir
This is an age old proverb!
Send the body for postmortem
Okay, sir
Look how hes sleeping without a care in the world!
What do you want, ma?
Go and fetch water
Hey hoodlum! Hooligan You died all of a sudden
I marked a route, drew a line On the line, road I designed
On the road I created a ruckus To kill a rowdy made a rumpus
Stinko-bag Meenatchi Doesnt wash her face daily
Her teeth stained and dirty eats like a glutton, this Kamatchi
eats like a glutton, this Kamatchi
Game of cards I gamble My ma came to strangle
Roadside eatery serves breakfast Break pots and pans, real blast
Break pots and pans, real blast
My mother feeds me a pancake Gulp and gobble, take a break
Dont raise your voice My finger wont have a choice
Dont lift your damn weapon Ill bruise you purple, man
I was jobless and useless Now I got VIP status
Got my masters in crime killing a gangster mastermind
No opponent for me Im a solo celebrity
What I was now I am not Ive changed a lot
Tiptop, top notch, bigwig Whats your excuse to sing?
I'll donate 1 more bottle if you want
Why is she writing A-B-C on it?
Let her specify the caste!
It might get mixed up
Hooch brewed to the last drop He drank it raw, stinking slob
Pledging household articles Drinking liquor full bottles
Breaking your wifes jaw dont ruin your life, bro!
If rich, go for branded beedi If not, puff a smoked one, buddy
Smoke pot, coke, XTC Snort to get high and dizzy
Get notorious easily Ruining health unnecessarily
Getting married right royally Setting up another stepney
Deserting wife on the sly Leaving kids high and dry
Dont live so shamelessly Youll lose respect in society
Rekha the bimbo, floozy Shell check you out snazzy
Shell turn you into a crack Get rid of her with tact
Dont deride girls or put them down Dont you have sisters of your own?
Without any doubt a dream girl will seek you out
Watch out for that beauty Dont switch your party
Ignored Parvathi Didnt give a damn to Malathy
Dumped Revathy Gave a hard time to Gomathy
Glam dolls love riding piggyback I slipped out like an eel with knack
One look from her intent I became a sick patient
You sent me in a dizzy Made me a nitwit, missy
With your squid eyes roving eye brows furrowing
Fresh flowers and bindi Saree pleated neatly
Laid a trap with eyes inviting, hottie Im the boy who wants to play naughty
Your love to me express quickly
If you dont express here Ill be a corpse, my dear
Rowdy fellow!
Hey scoundrel slippery Kicked the bucket in a hurry
I marked a route, drew a line On the line, road I designed
On the road I created a ruckus To kill a ruffian made a rumpus
Meenatchi the smelly disgrace Ages since she washed her face
Not brushing her teeth daily eats like a glutton, Kamatchi
Caught by such a specimen youll stop breathing, man
Game of cards I gamble My ma came to strangle
Roadside eatery serves breakfast Break pots and pans, real blast
My mother feeds me a pancake Gulp and gobble, take a break
Dont raise your voice My finger wont have a choice
Dont lift your damn weapon Ill bruise you purple, man
I was happy-go-lucky and useless Now Im a big shot, oh yes!
Got my masters in crime killing a gangster mastermind
No opponent for me Im a solo celebrity
What I was Im not Ive now changed a lot
You're bleeding!
If I spit on it and leave it open itll become fine automatically
Doesn't matter...spit
Don't stamp the kolam My girls handiwork
Welcome I come
Sir, can I come in?
- You go in - Good morning, sir
Im also an artist, sir
Except my faces will be lumpy and lopsided
But this!
A woman in front, a bald God man at the back and Buddha right behind
--3D look!
Super, sir
What can I do for you?
Till now Ive never even looked up at any female other than my mother
Who is he?
I just saw her
Dont know why I was mesmerized
I fell in love, so I thought we should get married
Lord Shiva!
Ill treat her as gentle as a flower
Do you think youre fair in saying this?
Im not planning to kidnap your daughter!
Dont we ask God for things we dont have?
Will God give it to us at once generously?
Still, tomorrow I shouldnt feel bad I didnt ask you
Thats why, I thought-
Who are you? Who are we?
Do you mean caste, sir?
We belong to the same clan
You draw and paint, so do I
We are all human beings, right?
Fine, Ill also become like you if you so wish
Want me to sport a tuft?
Ill oblige
Or should I wear huge beads around my neck...?
Tell me what I should do
Ill do that
Lord Shiva!
A tiger will only eat meat
How can a leopard change its spots?
You hit the nail on the head, aunty!
Youre thinking you are vegetarian and I am a non-vegetarian
I swear Im also a vegetarian
I gave up non-veg long-
Hey! Youre here, huh?
Your father has a doubt Im clarifying it
Youll say my blood cant be changed, right?
Ill get hold of 10 robust boys from your caste and go in for...
...blood transfusion Full blood change
Ill become fure!!
Have you come here to make trouble?
Kali, they are in a totally different league altogether
Lets go
Hey! Its not what you think, Chella
I like his daughter
She also has a soft corner for me
Im here to ask for her hand formally
If I am not favoured get out is all I need
But the get out should come from your daughter, Murthy sir
Because we are both above 18
Let her decide
Im reminded of you day in and day out
Whatever I do, you haunt me here
Ill take care of you like a princess
If you like me, you dont even have to express it, my dear
Just lift your head Thats enough
Otherwise just say no with your head bent
Ill say bye and leave
After that even if I walk down your street... can use all the swear words you know and hit me
Look at Tamil poet Bharathi
Isnt he known for his famous song There isnt any caste or creed
Only the turban is missing
We share the same moustache
Think and then lift your head slowly
So Murthy sir, will you fix an auspicious date or shall I?
If my mother gets to know shell flash her 32 teeth...
...and come rolling here!
You didnt believe me when I told you, did you?
Imagine if someone has fallen even for my face-
What, my dear?
Listen to me
You dont have to sport a tuft or convert to vegetarianism
Or have blood transfusion You just be yourself, enough
But you have murdered a man
Shes being really funny now!
When he came to kill that poor officer...
...werent you right there?
Why didnt you prevent me, like Gandhis ahimsa mode?
I tried to prevent They tried to kill me too
If everyones life is precious... life isnt to me, huh?
So I closed his chapter
Who came forward as witness?
Didnt the policemen burst crackers and rejoice?
What I did was only with best of intentions
Let the law say so
Can you accept your crime?
Can you surrender?
Let the Court decide what to do
You come out a clean man
If I do, will you marry me?
Ill wait for you
Shes trying to bury you
Dont get fooled
There are so many holes up there
What will they do when it rains?
Why did you call me, Kali?
Just a small matter, sir I wanted to-
Arent you Murthy? Whats the problem?
No problem, sir I just have to surrender
For what?
Didnt I kill Vajram?
What is this, sir?
I didnt say-
Only after Kali showed up this area is crime-free
I can also go home early and sleep in peace
I didnt-
Sir, he isnt involved
Im surrendering voluntarily
If I do something wrong I should be punished, right?
Handcuff me, sir
Don't be insane!
Sir, cuff me It'll look stylish
Visiting my in-laws has made me an out-law!
Lets go
Youll keep your word?
Ill be back soon
Sir...sir, stop
Greetings, sir
Did we arrive at a good time?
Auspicious time, sir
We were flooded with so many offers
He has seen your daughter somewhere it seems
Hes so insistent he will marry only your daughter
- Mom...! - Please take a seat
Murthy sir Let us see the bride
I repeatedly told you like teaching a parrot
Didnt it enter your thick skull?
Why the hell cant you get ready?
You want me to deceive the boy who is sitting in jail trusting me?
Dont do anything drastic
I have to take care of your younger sister
I shouldnt be humiliated by the people known to us
You dont have to worry about all this
Go ahead and marry him
We can get married at the earliest auspicious date
Dont worry about expenditure Ill make all the arrangements
Glad to hear that
Kali, something urgent it seems
Our hopes are all dashed to the ground
Why do you have a face fit for a funeral?
Dont be upset with me
We should choose a bride befitting our face
She packed you off to jail
And set herself up with a wealthy man?
Tomorrow morning is the wedding it seems
Kali...what happened?
Move...move aside
He is escaping Sound the alarm
Dont do this
I made you comfortable here Youll be released in 1 week
Dont ruin it
You wont understand I have to go
Listen to me
Don't show your rowdy side!
You said youll wait for me
You left me in the lurch
If someone comes tip top and moneyed, thats it, huh?
Youve got it all wrong
Im not for this wedding and I dont like the groom
My father threatened to swallow poison and die
He forced me to agree
Ill marry him like a zombie
Is that true?
Oh God! I heard what I shouldnt have
Kalyani, what is wrong with you, huh?
After coming this far and we are to be married tomorrow
- Why were you silent, Kalyani? - My father didnt let me
You could have at least told me
Tell me now
Do you really love this-
Do you love him?
Tell me
Something unforeseen may happen if you are here, lets leave this place
Dont think too much
Please, Ill help you
Kiran, Madhu has come for her session now
Whatever she says cant be made into a game
She is rambling about a Kali, Kalyani and Ravi
Radhi, what state is Madhu in now?
In a hypnotic state
Must wake her up only now
They uploaded 3 new games from our Bangalore unit
CPU overload
When the chase gets too competitive... a dog sticking her tail in between her legs
...the machine went for a toss
Just check it please
Nothing to worry IC got burnt in the overload
Shall I check now?
Deadline is zooming in!
Be with me please till I finish testing
All these are Madhus illusions
She told me about this
Did Madhu design this game?
Kiran's concept
Designing was completed in our Bangalore office
And only this morning he uploaded the trial version
This one?
Meera left this half done
This was also fine tuned by our boss
What twisted crap this is!
Its a very cheap game
Worldwide such games are only popular
From ages 7 to 77 all our addicts
They let out their bottled up frustrations by playing these games
Our company designs such crappy games?
You know how much profit international companies make?
We have also kept this ready as an underground project
All this is courtesy corporate hand out
Didnt Meera jump down several floors just like this rape game?
Why do you reopen closed chapters?
I shouldn't have called you
Theres something fishy about this
Dont disturb me
Meera used to take this?
Your girl also takes
All of us in our department take these capsules
For what?
It gives you such a high, the brain will break its control and enlarge
New ideas will cascade like waterfall
Otherwise how can we come up with all this?
Dr Radhika prescribes them
Bought by our company
Simply super
Madhu...? Madhumita
Kalyani Im Kalyani
Okay, fine You are Kalyani
Ravi saw you and Kali in the wedding hall
Then what happened?
'Ravi called us out pretending to help us'
'Kali was hesitant'
Why are you hesitating?
Ill help you Don't think too much
'So I decided and we both followed him'
Your son-in-law is not an ordinary man
Hes smarter than a smart cookie!
Customs raid in your son-in-laws TV company
The officers poked and probed dissecting us to bits and pieces
Mr Ravi, you got license to import oranges
And youve been busy smuggling picture tubes
Youve cheated the Govt
That officer couldnt be bribed
He shut down and sealed the company
Will your son-in-law spare him?
He paid Vajram to kill the officer
Kali came in between and threw a spanner in the works
Hey Swaminathan How are you feeling now?
This isnt dharma at all
You can see if that dharma saves your head now!
--1 twist of the head, sir
He got his ticket to heaven in that single moment
Your son-in-law will come up tops
'Go before anyone sees you'
Your daughter is his lucky mascot
You will also do well in life
How can you both be so dumb?
Stop...stop the car
Where are you going?
Where is Kali? Tell me the truth
He wouldnt have done anything wrong, sir
Dont do anything to him
Ask him to surrender one can save him
Okay, weve reached your destination
Why has he brought us here?
- Where to? - Follow me
Bombay Mail waits here for a few minutes for the signal
You can board it and live happily ever after
You have such a golden heart Even Im not so good hearted
Can you lend me some money? Ill return it through money order
- Thanks a ton - For what?
You saved us like God
Dont put me on a pedestal
I am an ordinary man
Jealousy, anger, vengeance and all that crap come naturally to me
Like any other human being
But He...the idiot! Hell forgive wrong doers
But Im not God
I shoot to kill
Thats me
Is this why you brought us to this Godforsaken place
Starting trouble for this 'tubelight'
In a wedding hall, with 100s of guests as witnesses, I can only get married
What has he got thats lacking in me?
You are going overboard with your words and crossing limits
How is sir?
If he can get you to elope he must be a smooth operator!
He must have given you immense pleasure?!
Hey...I praised you just now with my words still in my throat
You stink like garbage!
Ill slice your tongue
Thanks to your 'union', in 8 months your junior will be delivered
Should I bear the father tag?
- Hey! - Stop there
Please stop What are you doing?
Let go, you old man
Is this the way to bring up your daughter?
She has loved a scumbag and you tried to palm her off on to me
Let him go
Imagine our plight if you murder him?
Youll be fine Dont worry
Ill take you to the hospital
Dont shoot
If I spit on it and leave it open itll become fine automatically
I spared him only because of you
Your Ahimsa principle!
Youll die only in my hands
Come and save us
I cant open my eyes
Mud in my mouth
I cant breathe
Madhu...calm down
I'm suffocated
You remember even the year 1987
But you werent even born then
Did someone tell you this story?
- Father? - Sundaram...?
You said your dad died when you were 10
I meant Kalyanis father
He draws for magazines
Ask her if Murthy is still alive?
You said Ravi killed Murthy
No, he didnt die
He is alive
'I took an active part in NSS when I was in school'
'We used to do a lot of social work'
'We went to an Old age home'
'We helped the elders there'
'We used to write letters'
'Take them out for a walk in the garden'
'And play with them'
What, grandpa?
Let go of my hand
After he buried you alive... did you escape from that brute?
Im not Kalyani
Murthy, let go of her hand
He was hurt and unconscious near a railway station
They brought him here
He was in coma for many years
After he regained consciousness no one understood what he said
Hell always be sketching on the walls
He hardly talks to anyone
Its a wonder he spoke to you
Dont hit me
Madhu, have you told this to anyone?
'I told the warden'
You shouldnt take any of this seriously at all
That grandpa claims he himself shot Gandhi
Hell keep asking us to hang him
They are here because they ramble like this
Just listen, ignore and move on
I forgot all this
Do you know where Murthy is now?
Kiran, dont butt in Im interrogating her, right?
Do you know where Murthy is?
You shouldnt interrupt a session forcibly like this
Goody-goody All of a sudden
Wrong...I gave all these illegal tablets
I medicated your office staff
All for your sake
You are the man she was talking about?
Okay, dear Take all this off
And show me where he is
I wont tell you
Erase all records and finish her
Check Madhus biodata
FInd out from her school all the Old age Homes she visited
I need the list
Doctor, where's Madhu?
Kiran took her forcibly with him
Where has Kiran taken Madhu?
I dont know
Kiran wont spare me He will kill me
Why should he kill you?
I know all that he did
He was anxious to develop thrilling video games within a tight deadline
I gave all these drugs listening to him
By stimulating the minds of so many youngsters...
...I've ruined their lives
I followed Kiran's orders
Call the Police
Send the cops to 'Let's talk' a psychiatric clinic near Tidel Park
What happened?
My boss Kiran has kidnapped Madhu
And tried to kill the doctor here
Car key
He might have a motive to kill you
But why kidnap Madhu?
Listen to this
Youll get all your answers
Youre Kalyani
Who is Kali?
When I try to touch the horizon I realize its a mere illusion
It even slides into oblivion
Like the horizons distance You seem close this instance
But when I come near you vanish into thin air
Steady heart set on fire Dreams seared on a pyre
Before you melt, my life dear will I see you I wonder?
Like dew drops on leaves tender here and there we meander
When the wind blows, we scatter Honey, with golden honey flavor
Most painful distress is loves suffering Even more heartless than lifes offering
Away from you in darkness I melt into blankness
I bury myself into the endless sky so blue
Hearts core torched Dreams to cinders scorched
Before you melt into oblivion, love, will I meet you again?
Like dew drops on leaves tender here and there we meander
When the wind blows, we scatter Honey, with golden honey flavor
Love wrings, throttling me Tears as rivulets run untiringly
To remember is a pain, forget is in vain Life is an elongated emotional strain
Like a raindrop lost in a dense forest why have you also gone, my dearest
Like the root gravitates to water Girl, Ill reach you wherever
When eyes close tight I see a hundred hues bright
Again when eyes open wide world becomes zero outside
Though away for a little while you lamented big time volatile
For many births do you know how a girls heart echoes in sorrow?
Im sure they are Kirans me
Madam, come out
My leg is stuck inside
Look there, Ashwin
Welcome back to reality!
Just you re-lax...relax
You are heavily sedated!
You arent fully conscious as yet
- You are a killer - No...shh...sshhh!
Why are you so tensed looking at me?
You know you cant do anything to me with this bottle!
Come here...oh my God
You even smell and feel like my Kalyani
Please leave me
How am I to blame for all this?
How many...?
When you first walked into my office for an interview
That was your first mistake!
The same Kalyani I saw --25 years ago...same face
Felt like you came out alive from the same place I buried you!
I was shell shocked
But I was so happy to see you everyday
Then came the shocker!
You also gave that Ashwin first aid...what?
--3 guys to bring this bag of bones!
Oh my God!
Think of the devil and here he comes
Thats when I saw him again
Outside the lift
Oh yes...I know...he isn't Kali
Neither are you Kalyani
But you could have been born elsewhere
Could have gone anywhere
But you didnt!
This fellow also could have been born or lived elsewhere
But even he didnt!
What did you both do?
Came back to me
Back to my domain!
Like pressing all over again the pause button of 1987
You both resumed your love cycle
Every time I saw you a spear pierced my heart
I tried to kill him in a car accident
But his good fortune he escaped that day!
Today your fate is playing a game in my form
You cheated Kalyani and murdered her
Hey! I was cheated
I got cheated Not Kalyani!
I didnt get married after!
So many girls have crossed my life like passing clouds...thats it
The next morning I wont remember their name, face, profile...nothing!
But a wife is different
With aside
Everything can be shared in ones life
I was so happy I got a Kalyani to share it with
But my dream was shattered!
Kali tried to run away with Kalyani
As a man I tried to stop it
And did it
I killed
Then every bloody stranger on the road asked me...
...why the girl I was supposed to marry eloped with a rowdy!
Slap on my face!
I was humiliated
Again and again and again
How many times!
Ashwin, please dont leave me again and go
Classic love stories that stood the test of time
...have always ended in tragedy!
Youre a monster...demon!
No, I am the devil
Please leave me
Oh no! I cant
You are the only 2 people alive who know my secrets inside out
As you know, Im the only one in our company who decides... every game should end!
Now this game is also under my control
This also, Ill only decide how this should end
Wondering how a guy who fainted got up?
Youre cheating the whole world
So I thought I should lightly-
Mr Ravi Kiran...?
I thought she was a fool all these days
But you seem to be a bigger fool than her!
You couldve finished her in the clinic itself
But you didnt and brought her here
Mistake number 1
Your boys couldve shot me
They brought me and dropped me here
What a bunch of idiots! Thats mistake number 2
At least when we united here together, you couldve shot us
But you didnt!
Again and again and again, you were going in circles
...rattling away your dialogs and wasting time
So tiring, man!
Fate is playing in your game
In my form
He became loony because you hit him
Nab him
Hey Madhu...come out
Your boyfriend is about to die
And you are hiding...?
What kind of love is this?
Your Romeos life is dangling in mid-air!
Oh yes...just 1 more twist
And your Romeos chapter is closed
I love it, my dear
What are you looking at?
Im practical
If I kill him and go to jail, what will happen to Madhu?
I want to live with her
Spend my lifetime with her happily
For 25 years he has covered up his murderous past
Just shoot him and close the case, sir
Law will take its course
Now Ill arrest and take him
Sir, hell use his power and come out in a flash
We dont have any kind of strong evidence against him
Shoot him, sir!
First drop that knife, Ashwin
If we spare his life he wont let us live...kill him!
Dont listen to her
Kill him
Drop the knife
Dont spoil your future
Drop the knife
Ashwin, dont...throw it away
Kill him
'Your death is in my hands'
Youll die because of him
Hey, stop blabbering
Will you shut up for a while?
Using my own idea on me?
Remember not the end
I will come back for you
For you to come back and play is this a video game?
Ravi Kiran tried to kill all his witnesses... order to cover-up his murders 25 years ago
When we tried to track his cell phone to arrest him...
...he committed suicide!
In the Old age Home also-
If you spit and dry it in the air, itll automatically heal
Madhu, please sign this check
--150 million?!
Music by Harris Jeyaraj Dance by Nayanthara
Dinner for 3000 in a 5 star hotel
The whole city should sit up for my dear niece's wedding, right?
Okay, why is it your hands are forever in your pocket?
Whats the secret?
Our Guruji has said if you keep rotating a lemon... drives away bad vibes and is good for the family
At least now you shared this blessed secret!
This place has changed so much
Do you remember, Ashwin in 1962, before boarding the ship...
...we ran down this road?
There were many check posts here
Ashwin, are you mad to bring her to Burma for your honeymoon?
How many times do I tell you?
Previous life and rebirth are all bunkum and bull!
I saw you for the 1st time in the lift, in our office
In this birth, before that day Ive never set eyes on you
Then how were you etched in my Burma memories?
This I can explain
Not only in your dreams, darling
But in every young girls dream in the whole of Tamil Nadu...
...Ill make my guest appearance
Ashwin exclusively comes even in Hindi girls dreams too!
With your bamboo stick body dont get too greedy
Oh yeah, youre teak wood!
How many ever births we take, I wont love any other man
And you wont live with any other woman!
Listen, if you keep talking about past births...
...Ill settle down with these egg-headed seers!
Yeah...youll be celibate, huh?
Can you sleep without me?
Thats the only reason...
...Ive been tolerating all the stories you reel out!