Anek (2022) Movie Script

-She is not listening.
-Aido! Hi!
-How are you doing? Hi!
Buddy! Where are you looking? I am here!
Hey, you with the drink!
-Let's go.
-Where are you taking me?
-I'll take you anywhere you want to go.
-Hey, you with the drink!
If you want more protection money,
I'll go bust, Choudhary.
So close your club, pimp!
Did I ask you to open it?
-Don't abuse me.
-I already did. So what?
I won't give you a penny!
-Do whatever the hell you want.
You are running a brothel
in the name of a nightclub.
I'm shutting it down.
What do you think
you're doing, you lowlife?
Hey, you!
I'll teach you a lesson.
Kanchan! Come here.
-Yes, sir.
-Running a whorehouse
in the name of a nightclub, aren't you?
I'll teach you a lesson!
Arrest those Chinese lasses!
Hurry! Take them away.
Vrinda! Sunita! Come here.
Harnam, sound the siren.
-Where are you going?
-What's the matter?
-Ma'am, what did I do?
-Move along.
Are you a prostitute?
Are you Nepalese?
Don't gawk at me!
Lower your damn gaze. Do it!
Have you come from Bangkok
to give a massage?
Give me a massage as well!
Or am I too prickly?
Step back. Box!
Today is selection day
and Aido was partying in a pub last night!
Thank your lucky stars
that the cops called me.
Or else she'd be in the papers
for all the wrong reasons.
Box again.
Come on!
It's a joke, John.
A joke.
Tell me something.
It's cool for your family
to drink together
with some dog tikka, right?
-Aido doesn't drink, coach.
-I see!
It was her cousin's birthday.
She went there for an hour
with my permission.
-I see.
-Avtar sir.
No one can match Aido's technique
in all of Asia.
Okay, but not this time.
Besides, the Manipur champion
is still dominating her category.
If Aido joins the team,
will it be an Indian or Chinese team?
Boxers, head up!
Joke. Joke.
Gopa is going.
She just won the Commonwealth bout.
Aido is a good kid,
but she needs another year.
We'll see next year.
Yes? Alright?
Aido can knock out Gopa in three rounds.
I challenge you.
You dare challenge me!
-No changing.
You think Aido can beat Gopa?
A direct flight to Delhi from your town
has turned your head!
You are talking rubbish!
She'll beat Gopa!
Come on, continue.
He says Gopa will go.
She's from Haryana and you're from China.
Will you beat Gopa?
Tell me! Will you beat her?
Then I'll see who stops you
from boxing for India!
I'll beat her!
I'll knock out Gopa.
Ask her if she'll fight me.
Let her choose the date and time.
I'll come back to Delhi to fight her.
We have a direct flight now!
India! India!
India! India!
It feels great to hear the cheers.
India! India!
I work to keep India safe.
I've led many secret missions
in the past 10 years.
Sometimes, as a forest officer
and at times as a taxi driver.
Even a drug dealer at times.
I have defeated the forces
working against India every time.
I was sent to Northeast India
three years ago.
By Northeast, I mean east of West Bengal.
My mission was to help
the Indian government
sign a peace accord with Tiger Sanga.
Tiger Sanga had been
rebelling against India for 60 years.
He wanted a Northeastern region
to separate from India
and become an independent nation.
Tiger Sanga had his own army.
His army bases were operating
in three states of the Northeast.
The Indian forces couldn't defeat
Tiger Sanga's army in 60 years.
Despite the Central Government's
presence in the Northeast
we were forced to negotiate peace
with separatist leaders like Tiger Sanga.
Sorry, sir.
I could not kill him.
Delhi is like a landlord.
It sees only the boundaries of its lands.
It cannot see our homeland.
So, we must look after our homes.
You know, we live here.
People live here.
Tiger Sanga, thank you so much
for this exclusive interview.
To be in this beautiful state of yours
Since 1947, there have
been many governments,
but none have signed a peace accord.
How come this armed conflict never ends?
Nothing has changed.
One change has happened.
The endless negotiations
have taught me Hindi.
Meanwhile, we got the internet
and WhatsApp.
Yet people still know
nothing about our struggle.
But seriously, Tiger Sanga,
what are the stumbling blocks?
Where does it hit a snag?
It's you.
I mean Indian people.
And all your governments.
Diversity is not acceptable to you.
And this, you say, sir,
when India is celebrated as
the most diverse democracy in the world.
You call us "Chinkis".
You call Kashmiris "Pakistanis".
"Khalistani", "Naxalites", etcetera.
Local identity? You people don't like it.
In your definition, all Indians
must be of the same color.
That's not a diverse democracy.
But we have a democratic process.
Elections happen, governments run.
The people have no control
over the government,
Delhi does.
Despite that, Delhi has been
unable to control your group.
Delhi was forced to sign
your ceasefire agreement
because your militant groups
turned to excessive violence,
-so much--
Did we send our troops to India?
At the time of your Independence,
and Mr. Patel
sent 200,000 soldiers here. 200,000!
Acting upon
the Armed Forces Special Power Act.
We did not want India here.
But this is India.
People here are Indians.
Aren't you an Indian?
I am not an Indian.
Just as I'm not an American.
But this is a part of the Indian Union
with a Special Status.
Special Status?
Did you even respect it?
So many states have Special Status
under the Indian Constitution.
Why? Many states are similar.
Same language, same clothes, same food.
Whereas many states are unique.
Isn't that what
India's diverse democracy is all about?
And they don't want peace.
And you, Tiger Sanga?
I was talking to Minister Sahib.
You're meeting him next week in Delhi.
He's very hopeful
about the peace process.
I am also hopeful.
Tiger Sanga's was not
the only rebel group.
There were 30 or 40 active
secessionist groups in the Northeast.
They all wanted independence.
Each had different reasons and methods.
Some groups were friends, others enemies.
A few were friends of the State,
others not.
Tiger Sanga was the most powerful,
and controlled toll taxes, drugs,
arms, etcetera.
We did manage to control
all the smaller groups.
But one group suddenly became very active.
That was surprising.
Give me a cup of tea.
Doko, I have a gun, but it stays with me.
I don't deal in arms without being armed.
Fair, no?
I've never done a deal like this before.
Charas in exchange for guns!
Good stuff, man.
It smells like Tiger Sanga's.
It belongs to him. We merely stole it.
Your man said
we could deliver it to Delhi.
Forty kg. We can't pay.
Who are the arms for?
Who are you working for?
we're not the police.
I found that out before meeting you!
-It's for Johnson.
-Oh, shut up!
Johnson doesn't buy arms.
What do you really know about him?
He's been running schools
and rehabs for years.
He doesn't buy weapons.
"Where there is
"only a choice
between cowardice and violence,
I would advise violence."
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
That's why I asked who you were.
The police are on their way.
Tell me the truth.
Who are the weapons for?
Doko, the police are here.
You're standing here
and the police are outside.
If it wasn't the truth,
I would've said so.
It's a deal. You'll get your goods.
Come with me. I'll get you out.
You're my guest.
I never enter a place I can't get out of.
You need help.
Go! I'll take care of them.
-Move it. Hurry.
-Come on, hurry!
Move, move, move
Let's head for the jeep. Hurry!
Be alert, go right.
Truth is a rabbit
Come on!
Truth is a rabbit
Hey, Raviza.
-How are you?
Sampat! Emma! Come here.
It wasn't new for me,
landing up in a different part of India
under a new cover.
Finding India's enemies
and finishing them off
was my job.
Obviously, Doko is lying.
Maybe he's been lied to.
No. We're missing something here.
-Emma, ask around about Doko.
Doko says the arms are for Johnson.
Find out.
From the outside, it seemed like
all of Northeast was against India.
Whereas this girl wanted
to box for the Indian team.
I wish Aido had never walked into my caf.
Had we never met
Where's Joshua?
it'd have been better for everyone.
-Hey, come on. Hi, welcome! What's up?
-Emma, I'm really hungry.
Give me five minutes.
Okay. Thank you.
-Hi, Sampat.
-Hello, Aido.
Emma! Give me another beer.
I fought with Dad again.
What happened?
So, why did you fight with him?
Same thing.
"India isn't your country.
Don't play the challenge match."
Same old story.
It's like talking to a parrot.
Come on!
-I'll just grab a beer for myself.
Thank you, Emma.
Where did you get that T-shirt?
-Niko's birthday is around the corner.
I'll get him one like that.
I'll get it for you. How old is Niko?
-Oh, okay.
If I lose, I'll come back here.
Give me a job in your caf.
Emma will teach me how to cook.
Emma, one more beer.
She's a nice kid.
I have news from Myanmar.
The truck leaves on Sunday.
And as for Johnson
we'll find out who he is.
The girl has nothing to do with it.
Emotional fool. Bihari!
-That's racist.
It's branding, not racist.
It'll kill Aido. I guarantee you.
Are you related to her?
She'll be useful. I guarantee you.
So, where did the cake go?
I don't know.
Dad, your sugar was 452 yesterday.
I'll ban sugar in the house.
What will I do if you die?
Have you thought about that?
-I won't die.
-100 percent you will.
You don't exercise.
You don't take your medicines.
And you want to eat cake!
-I only had a slice.
-Where did the rest go?
I'll have it after lunch.
-Hey, Wangnao!
-Tushi, all good?
-Hi! Yes, thank you.
-Okay, okay
-Good morning, Wangnao sir.
-Hello, okay.
-Everyone is waiting.
-Good morning, Wangnao sir!
-Good morning.
Only a handful of these kids
might get into college.
The State doesn't have places for all.
A few will get government jobs.
Tax concessions as well.
They'll be Delhi's servants
and dance to their tune.
Delhi likes that.
What about the other kids?
Half of our kids drop out
after tenth grade.
School dropouts don't build nations.
If we want to be independent,
we'll have to build our own economy.
We must support small businesses.
Five thousand, ten thousand,
one lakh rupees
whatever we can manage,
we'll finance them privately.
Our hills are full of natural resources.
They are our resources.
We people must come together
and create something extraordinary.
I was in the eighth grade
when I first heard your name.
A Hindi newspaper printed
this amazing photograph of you.
You were wearing that same cap.
The headline read
"Hero or villain?"
Your revolution was
at an early stage then.
Every revolution has a term, Tiger Sanga.
Sahib is really keen
to erect your statue in your state,
outside the airport.
100 or 200 feet tall.
Something like this.
We're very worried about your state.
Your people should bow to you
in gratitude.
Only then will people remember you.
People tend to forget history.
Only statues remain.
What about your predecessor?
He didn't even get to die
in his own country.
Your people listen to you.
Explain the meaning
of development to them.
Waving flags means nothing.
We have a constitution.
So why make a new one?
Let's forge a new relationship.
Our unique relationship
with India was already decided.
It was not a love marriage.
Mr. Tiger, relationships can change.
Will you make this change alone?
If so
it will not be fair or peaceful.
aren't you from Kashmir, Mr. Abrar?
You had Article 370.
We have Article 371.
Did you like the change
in that relationship?
Tiger Sanga, let's stand
for the elections
Forget the revolution and form
your own government with full control.
You'll decide the budget
and how it's allocated.
We won't interfere.
If you say yes, I'll form a committee
to discuss the finer points.
Mr. Abrar will be there.
You can be on the committee.
I will have to talk to my people.
What people, Tiger Sanga?
He has ordered a truck full of arms.
You'll talk to him!
While the state is rocked by violence,
can we sign a peace accord?
If tomorrow Johnson wants
to talk to the government,
will Mr Diwakar be able to refuse?
We're a democracy. We'll have to talk.
Forty villages have posters
on every wall supporting him
against the peace accord.
You'll have to stop him, Tiger Sanga.
Tiger Sanga!
We've worked it out
with all the other groups.
Now, Johnson?
To think you're unaware of his existence!
This is bad news, Tiger Sanga.
Abrar will manage the Johnson situation.
But first, we must resolve matters
between us.
You celebrate your own
Independence Day, right?
It's two weeks away.
We're planning a rally on the same day.
A grand rally.
Join us on the stage.
All the other groups
will stand behind you.
That's our responsibility.
This time we'll wave the Indian flag.
Dad says we're not Indian.
India lied to us
and took control of our state.
Our state got nothing
out of our relationship with India.
He says India broke her promise.
Many people in the State feel cheated.
And we're fighting India,
India is fighting against us.
But I want to talk to India.
Right now, no one cares what I think.
What I want for my state, for my people.
That's why I want to play for India.
One day, I will get a gold medal
for India.
Then everyone will listen to me.
I'll talk to India then, one-on-one.
Hi. I'm sweaty.
You look pretty.
-No, seriously.
Hurry up, Aido. Hurry up.
Yes. Exactly. Watevadafa!
-I'll drop you home.
Fight! I will fight
Didn't I say so?
I must run up along that path
Come on, Aido! You can do it! Pull!
You can do it! Come on, Aido!
I will run with the flames
One. Two. Three
And four-- Come! Come
The force of the Ganges runs in my veins
With eyes moist
And breath alive
Tall as a mountain
All doors will open to me
In villages, markets and roars
In lanes, squares and the city walls
Are you that mad at Gopa?
It's not about Gopa.
Thanks for the ride.
-I'll see you tomorrow.
Hi, Dad.
Get out!
-Where's Doko?
Go! Leave right now!
I want it!
-I want it!
-That's okay.
One minute.
One minute, Laksha. Listen to me.
I want it!
Everyone out!
Get out of here!
-Laksha. One minute.
-Hey-- No.
One minute, Laksha. One minute.
One minute, Laksha!
Listen to me.
Wait a minute. Listen.
Laksha! Laksha!
Pass the cloth please, Joshua.
If he doesn't get drugs,
he'll commit suicide.
He used to work in Tiger Sanga's army.
We have rebels
from every group in our rehab.
Johnson has been helping drug addicts
from all the groups.
We treat them here free of cost.
Four rehab centers. Free.
This is our fight.
Our kids must be educated
and know their rights.
Tiger Sanga is selling the state.
We won't let it happen.
The arms truck will get here
tomorrow, Doko.
The rally is on the 14th.
All the other groups
will stand on the stage,
and pose for photographs.
But have they set aside their differences?
All resolved?
It's an eyewash.
If we can't stop the rally
without violence by the 12th
then there will be violence.
We need the truck by the 12th.
Tracker one.
Tracker two.
Tracker three.
-Congrats, Aman.
Tiger Sanga is ready to negotiate.
We have a problem, sir.
-It's Johnson who is buying the arms.
-That's good news.
That's why Tiger is negotiating
with us. Good job.
Sir, I created Johnson. Remember?
To be the revolutionary opposition
to Tiger Sanga.
A pressure point
to bring Tiger Sanga to the table.
We funded it.
The man in the posters is Rongmo, sir.
Some old retired militant
of Tiger Sanga's group.
I know that.
Someone is using Johnson's name
to buy arms
to oppose the peace accord
through violence.
So, don't give them the arms. Simple.
Sir, it is important
we supply the guns to them.
If they buy them from elsewhere,
we won't know any details.
Sir, I'm tracking every box.
Listen, Aman.
Negotiating is easier if Johnson exists.
But I want Johnson in my control.
That's it.
It'll take time, sir.
But I will find this Johnson.
The arms will lead me to him.
We don't have time, Aman.
Track him down. Find him.
I've assured Tiger Sanga
that I'll handle Johnson.
We'll look like such clowns if we fail!
Don't worry, sir.
We won't look like clowns.
Wangnao will lead us to Johnson.
Doko to Wangnao
and Wangnao to Johnson.
Breaking news coming in,
in the attack on security forces
on the outskirts of Srinagar.
We are getting you more details of that.
Sources are now telling our channel
that three CRPF personnel
have sustained bullet injuries
and have been shifted
to a nearby hospital for treatment.
Two of whom are believed
to be in critical condition.
HERE FIRSTerrorists targeted the CRPF convoy
on the outskirts of Srinagar
where a patrolling party of the CRPF
came under attack.
Search and cordon operations
are underway now.
Ishan will give us the latest.
With us, who are on this yet, Ishan?
Doko lived in Aido's house
until two years ago.
He is Wangnao's man.
He's still in touch with Wangnao.
-We must search his house.
-You mean Aido's house?
I told you she'd come in useful.
And I had told you
to keep her out of this, sir.
So, how else can we
get into Wangnao's house?
They got blood on their hands
They got blood on their hands
Of family and friends
Of family and friends
What? Didn't you see me?
Sorry, I was on the phone.
Someone at the rehab center
said you had been there.
Yeah. I donate money to them.
Good man.
You deserve a big hug.
Dad was asking about you.
-I'll come see him soon.
-Okay. Come, I have to go.
-Let's have coffee.
-No. I don't have time, Joshua.
-Come on, we can have a coffee.
Emma! Cappuccino.
FOREST DEPARTMENAll the kids in Emma's village
were working for Johnson.
Her son Niko was likely to join
the others soon.
They were his friends.
O, life!
A farmer's life
How blessed I am to be a farmer
The land I'm blessed of
-Is everyone well?
-All good.
-How is everyone, Niko?
-All well.
-Niko, how's your mom?
-She wasn't well but she's okay now.
-Weren't you unwell?
-I was. Just like Niko's mom.
O, Jesus!
Hello, Horen.
O, life!
A farmer's life
How blessed I am to be a farmer
Listening to Niko's song reminds me
of my days in the paddy fields.
The gentle breeze blows down
From the trees to refresh me
O, Jesus!
Farming is my birthright
With dignity I plow the land
O, Jesus!
O, life!
A farmer's life
How blessed I am to be a farmer
Come, friends.
A farmer's life
-Fall in line!
-Boys, line up.
One day, we'll win.
Your favorite toffees.
The match is in two days.
You'll come, right?
You're the best.
If you come, we'll win.
-Niko, thank you.
Emma only worked for me in case
Niko joined a rebel group,
then I'd protect him from harm.
It was bad tidings for Johnson's men.
Tiger Sanga had no other choice.
If he couldn't control Johnson,
he'd have to concede
to Abrar sir's conditions.
-I am with
And if I couldn't control Johnson,
Abrar sir would lose.
-I am with
Johnson's people
would be defeated either way.
By Tiger Sanga, the police,
the army and me.
-I am with
I am with Johnson!
I am with Johnson!
-I am with Johnson!
-I am with Johnson!
We just want rain!
Pray for rain! We are ruined!
Everything is burnt.
Everything is finished!
Our paddy fields are on fire.
Niko, our crops are on fire.
I'm with Johnson.
I am with Johnson!
I am with Johnson!
-Where's Horen?
-I don't know.
I'm with Johnson.
Where is Horen? Talk!
What the hell is this?
-He's one of Horen's guys. Take him.
-Move it!
They ran off with children
from ten villages.
The children!
-I need to see Herlong.
Emma, wait here.
Who is Niko?
Is this Niko?
This boy?
Is this him?
Is this Niko?
What about him?
One day, Horen will take you away
like he took Lima!
-Who is Lima?
-My nephew.
He joined Johnson's group with Horen.
I won't let you stay
in the village anymore.
I will send you to Delhi.
I will not go to India.
If you get in trouble again,
I won't come and save you.
She's your mother.
Naturally she'd be upset.
Let's go inside.
She's right.
You should stay here with your mother.
Okay, don't go to Delhi.
Go to Assam then.
Work and earn money there.
Build a house and buy a car.
I have friends there.
The village is my home.
Why must I go anywhere else?
What's there for you?
We have a farm. I like it there.
I have friends.
I like hanging out with them.
I like singing songs.
Mom likes to sing as well.
Have you heard her sing?
She doesn't sing anymore.
Tell her to come to the village
and stay with me.
I want to live with her there.
She's scared.
You might get lured away
and be handed a gun.
My friends don't like using guns.
They prefer going to school, and farming.
But who gets the guns? They do.
Do you want to till the land?
You don't want to farm.
And I don't want to buy a car.
Is that so wrong?
Guns are fired from a shoulder.
And that shoulder is burdened
with a story.
It wasn't my job
to listen to those stories.
I only wanted to deal with the gun.
That was my mistake.
Who is to say?
O, Mamma
O, Mamma
O, Mamma
O, Mamma
My feet all tired
My wings all fired
O, Mamma
I'm all alone
I wanna come home
O, Mamma
From afar, Niko, Lima, Horen and Doko
seemed like chips of the same block.
And if they got to grow up,
they'd turn into a Tiger Sanga.
To turn into a Tiger Sanga,
you first had to stay alive.
That was tough.
Once you were a Tiger Sanga,
it was just as tough to stay alive.
For Tiger Sanga to stay alive,
others had to be killed.
Either by his own army
or by government allies.
There was a reason
why the Indian government wanted
to sign a peace accord with Tiger Sanga.
Chief, he was our man once.
We used to call him the Serpent.
Thirty years back.
Genius. He left us later.
He said, "Tiger Sanga was wrong."
Just disappeared.
Five years back,
posters of him started to surface.
With a changed name.
Schools and rehabs. But no politics.
We ignored him. Mistake.
Tiger Sanga, your people
hang on to your every word.
No Rongmo and no Johnson can fight us.
whether he fights,
wins or even loses
is no longer important. Right, Neil?
It's important that
Johnson exists for Abrar.
We're the only ones at the table
with the Center.
They don't like it.
They'll empower Johnson.
Chief, find him.
Destroy the whole group.
-Do your best or your worst.
-Yes, sir.
You will die. We'll shoot
each and every one of you
if you dare to disobey Tiger Sanga.
Or if we hear
you're collaborating with Johnson,
you'll be dead.
Didn't you see us
shoot that young boy?
We'll destroy your homes.
Where are you taking him?
Let my husband go!
Where are you taking him?
Let him go! Take him over my dead body.
I'll slit your throat right now.
Let my husband go!
It's okay.
They took Rosa yesterday.
They kept her all night.
She came back alone this morning.
Was it the police, Rosa?
Rosa, did they say why they arrested you?
They were looking for me.
But I had to run, so
Did they hit you, child?
Come on. Come on. Come on
Aido, come on.
One, one one, two.
Four. Come on. One one, two, three, four.
And one, two, three, four.
Come on. One. One. One, two
Four. One, two, three, four!
I am sorry. I'm sorry.
Sorry, Aido.
John, you can prepare me for this fight,
but poor Rosa wasn't prepared.
The poor kid couldn't even speak
about what she had to endure.
Anjaiyaah sir, no more morning walks?
I have to send
a quarterly report to Delhi.
The government is worried
about global warming.
Too much tension.
This doesn't look like global warming,
more like local warming.
Off the record, sir.
-It was Tiger Sanga's men.
-I see.
-This is Johnson's village.
But why suddenly?
Johnson's group is opposing
the peace accord, sir.
Peace is a subjective hypothesis, Thomas.
-Hypo-- Sir?
-I'll explain.
One man's peace could be
another man's chaos.
-Chaos, sir?
Do you know Yashodhara?
No, sir.
-Rahul Gandhi?
-Gautam Buddha's son.
-Yashodhara was Buddha's wife.
-See? People don't even know them.
-Everyone knows Buddha
-and His idea of peace.
But what about Yashodhara's peace?
And Rahula's peace?
When Buddha renounced the world,
didn't their lives become chaos?
-Chaos, sir. Yes.
So, peace is a subjective hypothesis.
-This village will not be rebuilt.
-Jai Hind, sir.
Sir, please sign.
How blessed I am to be a farmer
O, Jesus
Niko said you liked singing.
When I was pregnant with Niko,
his father sang this song to him.
Farmers sing it as well.
Even the farmers who have turned
into rebels sing it.
The amount of money
the State spends on bullets
could be used to help make things right!
How much does a bullet cost?
Who buys them?
Talk to your government.
If they do something,
Johnson will leave Niko alone.
Or else, they'll take him away.
Niko doesn't want anything.
Don't worry, Emma.
I will not let Johnson harm Niko.
Horen! We know you and your men
are hiding in this village!
Horen, if you don't want trouble,
surrender now!
I repeat. If you don't want trouble,
surrender now!
Leave our village alone!
Horen! Come out. Surrender!
I will kill everyone in this village
including the children!
Horen, come out now!
We know you and your men
are hiding here!
If you don't surrender now,
Don't do it!
I'll order my men to hunt all of you down!
Horen! Can you hear me?
We know you and your men are hiding here.
Come out! Or the blood of women
and children will flow here!
-Darn it!
-Open fire!
Shoot him!
Give cover to Niko!
Cover him!
He is firing at us from behind the church.
Look! Behind the church.
You hit my boss. Where can you escape now?
Horen, another jeep!
Retreat. Run!
Let's run fast!
Where is Horen? Where is he?
Run! Niko! Run.
Move the left speaker to the side.
A little further to the left.
-Who will take the north route?
They'll exit from the east.
Yes, the right one.
If you block the east,
what about the highway?
The side one.
-But the Chief Minister
-The parking space?
Shall we barricade the place
and put up flags?
-Good idea.
-Let's go.
That's better.
Yes, the speakers at the back here
Touch them together. The left one, yes.
A bit more
At the rally ground,
while the security personnel
and the local party leaders
were discussing the details
of the peace rally,
the bomb exploded.
Many asked were we really ready
for a peace accord?
The government has vowed
to spread peace in the state.
So, peace will prevail.
The rally will take place
on the same site.
The state will know peace.
Following the blast,
Abrar Bhatt headed to the Northeast
with the Security Council team.
"If there is paradise on Earth,
then it is here"
It looks so beautiful from up here.
-Sorry, sir?
-All set?
-Yes, sir.
-Get the draft ready, I'll check it later.
-Yes, sir.
-Did we get the email?
-I'm on it, sir. The internet is down.
I don't want a car. I asked for a taxi.
-It's over there, sir.
-I see, it's there.
What's your name, brother?
Okay. You'll drive me around today.
Let's go.
Let's go!
-How are you, Sampat?
Fine, sir.
How's your leg now?
Much better since the surgery, sir.
-Inside, sir.
Put it on speaker.
-Good evening, sir.
-Good evening!
The beard looks good. It suits you.
Anjana has sent holy offerings.
She had been to the Vaishno Devi Shrine.
The bomb that went off at the rally site,
that was sad. Very sad.
Who was behind it, sir?
You tell me.
I don't believe it was Johnson.
Whoever it was, it worked for us.
Tiger thinks it's Johnson.
Good. It'll help me
in negotiating with him.
I'm sure.
But now that I'm here, I need silence.
Peace, you see?
Tiger must believe we can control Johnson.
He will bloody sign it.
who is this new Johnson?
-I have a lead. Wangnao.
He's been working for Johnson
for some years.
That boxer girl's father?
You don't trust me, sir?
I'm not in the business of trust, Aman.
I'm not in the business of trust.
I'm aware of everything you do.
But I must also be aware
of what you feel and think.
The bomb went off at the rally site.
Go, get them. Arrest them. Kill them.
We cannot accept this violence.
But you accepted Tiger Sanga's violence
because he's signing the peace agreement.
Whether or not he believes in peace.
But I'm sure,
Johnson represents
the voice of the people.
They are the people's voice.
I see!
Of course. The people's voice!
What exactly is that?
Did I mention anything about
the people's voice in your brief?
No one has ever discussed
about the people's voice with me.
I've seen the voices of people silenced.
I've silenced some myself.
We've done it together.
The people's voice!
Their voices are heard
every five years, Aman.
Not every day.
If we were to hear it,
we'd hear it everywhere, or nowhere.
Look around you.
Just see what's happening.
This is the people's voice.
Listen to it!
No, sir.
There's a difference.
We vote every five years
but the people's voice is not heard.
People believe Tiger Sanga's voice
is their voice.
On the other hand, Johnson chooses
to be the voice of the people.
That's the difference.
Our strategy involves
powerful groups, sir,
but not people.
People make a state, sir.
So, it belongs to them.
There's firing from both sides, sir.
We know who's doing the firing.
But we don't know who the bullets hit.
Is peace not meant for them, sir?
The rest of us?
We already
have peace.
Me, you, Tiger Sanga.
So I firmly believe, sir
we must talk to this group as well.
To Aido's father?
Either everyone's voices will be heard
or no one's.
I don't know why I felt Abrar sir
was taking this issue personally.
Actually, we were both
taking it personally for the first time.
Who is to say?
I was in conflict.
Did protecting India
mean protecting all Indians?
I say we delete 13A
and add it next to 14C.
No one will even notice.
-I'll propose it to sir.
-No, don't say a word.
-Thank you, Andona.
-Welcome, sir.
Sir, a Mr. Anjaiyaah
from the Forest Department is here.
-He's been waiting for hours.
-He's here!
-He's an old friend. Send him in.
-Okay, sir.
Come in.
-Yes, sir.
-How are you, sir?
-Good. Sit.
Thank you, sir.
-Here's your coffee.
-Thank you, sir.
-Coffee is good?
-Sir! Thank you, sir. As good as ever.
Thank you, sir.
Why is Aman soft on Wangnao?
Sir, I'm not sure if he's soft on Wangnao.
Yes, Aido could theoretically be a reason.
But Aman?
Not Aman, sir.
Maybe 0,0001 percent chance, sir.
I cannot take
even a 0,00001 percent chance, Anjaiyaah.
Let him carry on.
Get Sehdev to tap Aman's phones.
Listen to all his calls in real time.
I'll handle Johnson from now on.
Okay, sir.
And this is Joy Singh.
Tiger Sanga, do you remember Wangnao?
Wangnao? He was Rongmo's secretary.
Bright man. Then he left us.
He wanted to become a teacher.
That's right, Tiger Sanga.
He runs Johnson's schools now.
-Who are they, Dad?
-I can't tell you.
-Where are you going?
-I can't tell you.
When will you come home?
When will you come home, Dad?
I don't know.
Will you come back?
I don't know.
My fight is next week.
My fight is now.
Will you fight along with me?
That's not my fight.
I can't cheer you on.
And you can't cheer me on.
This is the tragedy of our lives.
We must change this.
Wangnao! Hurry up! Let's go.
I must go.
I must go too, Dad.
That is your fight. This is my fight.
Wangnao, let's go.
Search the bloody house!
Where is he?
One day, two days, three days,
four days we are sitting here.
We're not going anywhere.
You have to tell me where Wangnao is!
I don't know.
Score a goal.
Come on!
-Sir! One!
Sir, one.
When news of violence
is commonplace in the state,
it's a welcome sight to see
there isn't just violence here,
peace is a real possibility.
Today, Abrar sir has proved
that this part of India
can also enjoy peace.
And I must say,
Abrar sir is really good at football.
Same drama. Same circus.
Peace process!
You're live on TV, sir.
It's a tough job, Anjaiyaah. Now, listen.
That girl Aido.
Sir, she's been detained at home.
Let her go.
Let her represent India.
Brand ambassador, you see.
Brand ambassador of happiness
from the state.
Just hope she wins the challenge match.
The media will celebrate Aido.
Meanwhile, I have spread some joy here.
Yes, sir.
Tough job.
Sir, you look good on TV.
Abrar sir's machinery is turning.
He thinks I'm in love with Aido.
Aren't you?
We're here on a job.
Are you convincing me or yourself?
Does it matter?
They want Wangnao. I'll get him.
Nothing else matters.
I'll do what I think is right. Alone.
No need to risk your career over this.
Report directly to Abrar sir.
I'm a Bihari, sir.
I fight and love with passion.
It's not racist, sir. Just branding.
Let's go then.
We'll fight some, and love some.
Send Doko's arms truck to Dolapur jungle.
I'll call Doko.
We gotta go.
You have 15 minutes.
And you have to win.
Okay? Come here.
Hurry. You must pack now.
-Make it fast, come on. Go.
He said even if I win,
my fight will not end.
It's just the beginning.
It's gonna be a long fight.
He's right.
-What is "watevadafa"?
-What language is that?
-It's English, Josh.
Oh! Whatever the f
Okay, get ready now. We gotta rush. Go!
Sehdev. 3311091258. Track it. It's urgent.
Million Dollar Baby!
You're like Manny Pacquiao.
Make India proud, okay?
Come on, chop-chop!
You have a flight to catch.
You know what?
You'll beat the shit out of
Who are you really?
Who are you?
Who are you?
So many lies?
I didn't know my own father.
And now, I don't know you.
No. You don't.
You will.
Not today. Not tomorrow.
Maybe someday.
I hope so.
-Aido, let me explain, please.
-Don't touch me, Joshua.
I am not Joshua.
Joshua is a lie.
My name is not Joshua.
I thought I was using you.
But I wasn't really.
That is true.
I didn't want to be embarrassed
in front of you.
That is true.
I never wanted to feel bad for you.
That is true.
I wanted to avoid this situation
and say nothing.
That is true.
But it's not in my hands anymore, Aido.
How is this different, Josh?
You deceived me like you're deceiving
the people of this state.
I expected love from you
and they expect peace.
What a waste!
I have a flight to catch.
I must catch my fight.
I hope
I hope I never miss you.
Hurry! There's no time.
They're almost here.
There's too much gunpowder.
Cover it up. The jeep is coming.
Horen, the jeep's coming!
-Run! Hurry.
They're here. Hide.
Niko, come here!
I want to see them up close.
Niko, get down. Niko!
Horen's gang is on the left.
Lima! Help me, Lima!
They're attacking from the right.
Take your positions.
Niko, get down!
I said get down, Niko!
-Niko! Get down, Niko.
-Lima, save me!
-I said get down, Niko!
-Lima! Lima, save me.
-Get down! Get down!
Get down, Niko!
-Get down!
Lima! Lima!
Lima! Lima!
-I am with
-I am with
-I am with
-I am with
Sir is leaving.
Get Tiger Sanga to sign this.
Okay, sir.
Tiger Sanga
they've killed five of our men.
They've destroyed the jeep.
Tiger Sanga,
he'll keep attacking you.
Sir, you'll lose the right
to negotiate peace with us.
It's because you cannot maintain peace.
We've accepted all your demands,
barring two points.
Flag and Constitution.
The other groups will stand
on the stage with us behind you.
That's our responsibility.
Tiger Sanga, we have news
about Johnson's whereabouts.
The police are on their way there.
Just give us the green light.
That's all.
Sir, I have a flight to catch.
I am going to Srinagar.
My mother has suddenly taken ill.
think it over.
Abrar sir had only one aim in mind.
The peace accord.
He was now after a Johnson
whom we invented.
While I was looking for the man
using Johnson's name.
Even when the peace accord is signed,
he'd become the next Tiger Sanga.
And we'd have to negotiate
a new peace accord with him.
I want to talk to Wangnao.
I know where you are.
I'm right outside.
I'm coming in.
Shoot me if you want.
The police won't be long.
Hey, let him through.
Hey, wait. I'll help you.
Give me the gun!
The gun.
It wasn't fair to Aido.
I told her the truth about me.
Did you?
I told her about the lies.
And the truth?
The truth is if you don't take up arms,
the government must talk to you.
I'm an undercover police agent.
If you take up arms,
more children will be orphaned.
Aido as well.
That shouldn't happen.
I can talk to the government
on your behalf.
Violence is not a solution.
-Did India surrender to the British?
You're an Indian, Wangnao.
You were British till 1947.
People here don't
consider themselves Indians.
Because you brainwash them
in your schools.
When a 7-year-old boy walks to school,
every 20 meters a soldier in uniform
looks at him as if he were a terrorist.
Who wears that uniform?
People from Orissa, Jharkhand
or Tamil Nadu.
How can that 7-year-old child
feel he's an Indian, Joshua?
Why are those uniforms here?
Militancy, arms, drugs.
You know, you Indians take
so much pride in the nation.
Sing songs, beat your chests!
Make patriotic films!
If I covered the names
of the Indian states on a map
how many states could an Indian identify?
This is the Northeast.
A minister said on TV
that Tripura is the capital of Mizoram.
These Seven Sister States of India
have only one connection to India.
In West Bengal. Here.
Chicken's Neck. How wide is it? 22 km.
When the Seven Sisters need
to send goods to their Big Brother,
they must cross this stretch.
But when army convoys come this way,
everything stops.
We grow vegetables and fruits.
Our trucks get stuck
in Chicken's Neck for days.
A year's hard work
perishes on some highway.
In conflict zones,
the poor suffer
and the rich thrive.
You people have understood that
and so have we.
Trade flourishes here.
Trade in ganja, arms and politics.
Beautiful headlines talk about
our violence.
People like news about bullets and guns.
They watch news on TV
in between cold drink ads.
Everyone earns money.
The ones who suffer are those who are shot
or the ones who shoot.
It's easier to maintain war
than to maintain peace.
That's why everyone wants war.
So does Tiger Sanga, and so do you.
Who is Johnson?
You gave us the name "Johnson"
and the funds to get
this movement started.
You were working for your bosses,
and we, for our people.
There is no Johnson.
We are all Johnsons.
Today, I am Johnson.
When I die, someone else
will become Johnson.
What is Johnson?
The name of our fight.
-I am with
-I am with
-I am with
-I am with
-I am with
Wangnao, the police!
"I am not in the business of trust."
Sir was right.
And I couldn't be trusted at all.
Because now I heeded my heart.
"The heart should only beat,
not think."
Abrar sir's favorite line.
No doubt someone was watching me.
And someone was watching them.
Is someone watching Abrar sir as well?
Fuck knows.
-Why are you here?
-Don't don't shoot him!
I was only talking!
Stay out of it.
We were just following orders!
Get inside the car right now.
Hey, that's my car!
-Don't move. I'll shoot.
-Easy, easy.
Myself Anjaiyaah Bellamkonda. IPS.
Nine years your senior.
Did Wangnao say anything about Johnson?
No, nothing. But he said
something very interesting.
If we covered the state names
on an Indian map,
the average Indian couldn't name them.
-Is it?
-Could you name them, sir?
I think so.
I think so too.
Where are you from, sir?
I mean lately it's Telangana.
Why South, sir?
Because I'm from South India.
But Telangana is north
of Tamil Nadu. Right, sir?
So, Telangana is north.
I mean the people of Tamil Nadu
should call you a North Indian.
Logically yes, maybe.
So, logically, Tamil Nadu is South India.
Yes. Maybe.
But again, most of Tamil Nadu
is north of Kerala.
-So, Tamil Nadu is also North India.
-Come on!
Tamil Nadu is South India.
Okay. So, Tamil Nadu and Kerala
are both South India.
And Andhra is North India.
No. Andhra and Telangana,
both are South India.
-But, sir
Telangana is north of the further South.
Otherwise, Telangana too
is South India. Simple.
Get it?
Where do you think I'm from, sir?
North India.
UP or Bihar?
What makes you think that?
Because you're fluent in Hindi unlike me.
Oh! So, one's fluency in Hindi decides
who is from the North or the South!
But Kashmir is in the north.
They're not very fluent in Hindi.
So, how can they be called North Indians?
-They should be called South
So, it's not about Hindi either?
-On what basis is it decided, sir?
How does one define an Indian, sir?
Not North Indian, South Indian,
East Indian or West Indian.
Who qualifies as an Indian?
Shit! Shit! Shit! Son of a bitch, Sehdev!
Sehdev used to track everyone's phone
at our behest.
How could I know
he'd choose friendship over duty?
Abrar sir knew where I delivered
the arms to Johnson.
All guns are the same.
Bullets as well.
The trigger decides
whose death is permissible.
What do we want to achieve, sir?
Peace? Or a peace accord?
A peace accord.
By stifling all other voices?
Peace is a dirty business, officer.
People often confuse peace with control.
When everything is under control,
it feels like peace exists.
When everything is peaceful,
does it go out of control?
If you notice
peace is never actually achieved.
Violence is achieved
for the sake of peace.
Sorry, I mean for control.
I think humans don't like peace.
You're right.
We didn't even spare Gandhi.
And now, the control
is in the hands of Abrar sir.
I suspect there'll be
hell of a lot of violence now.
Then peace will follow.
There'll be no rally now.
Don't get excited. Stay focused.
Keep your eyes open.
-Cover. Take cover! Take cover!
-Take cover!
Kito! Come here!
-Shut up!
Let's go that side.
Go! Go! Fast! Go, go!
Not that way! Run to your right!
Help! Save me!
Niko, save me.
-Go any way, but run!
-Give me your hand!
Come here.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
I want to go home!
I want to go
-I want to go home.
-I want to go home.
I don't want to fight.
-I just want to go home.
-Stop it. You can't now.
-I want to go home!
-We can't back down now. Get it?
-I want to go home!
I want to go--
You son of a gun!
Hiding behind the bushes
and killing my men.
If you're man enough,
come out and face me.
If you don't have the guts to face me,
how can you kill me?
You rat!
Come with me.
Come on, get up. Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Writing's on the wall
O, mamma
This wall has got to fall
O, mamma
See, mamma
See the other side
See, mamma
It's shining bright
See, mamma
I'm bathing in the sun
O, mamma
Kids are having fun
O, mamma
The mighty pen is bleeding dry
Mamma, see the monster crying
O, mamma
And the good Lord strengthen them
and comfort them in their sad moments.
And this is also a moment for us to pray
for peace and happiness in our locality.
Because we know, because of violence
there's suffering all through our lives.
and for the consolation of their family,
we can also pray for
Because our Lord reminds us
Niko died!
He died!
You promised me
no harm would come to him.
You told me you people
were working for peace!
Tell me. Is this the peace you wanted?
Speak up!
This is all your people's doing!
Jackals howl
Cats wail
Desolation all around, O Lord!
Jackals howl
Cats wail
Desolation all around, O Lord!
The serpent lies in wait
Restless is every being
O, Lord!
The mongoose prowls the graveyards
The ghats echo Karbala
You called?
It's too late, sir.
I'm listening.
Fifteen people were killed, sir.
Six children. 15-year-olds.
How many soldiers did those children kill?
Shall I send you the count?
Who taught them to shoot, sir?
Did we?
They didn't have a choice, sir.
Their elders were fighting
in a revolution that we were crushing.
No one knew when they picked up arms.
Aman, Tiger Sanga has agreed
to all our conditions.
The peace accord will be signed
if Wangnao's men back off.
That's what I was doing, sir,
when I was tracked down and attacked.
Wangnao was almost ready to talk.
He doesn't need to talk,
he needs to shut up.
That's it. Our work is over.
Peace is Tiger Sangha's responsibility.
Sir, Tiger--
Tiger Sanga controls
all illegal trades in the state.
Opium. Drugs. Illicit liquor. Toll taxes.
You expect peace from him?
I'm doing my job, Aman.
Find Wangnao.
I'm shutting down the internet
and mobile services in the state.
The village where Wangnao is
can get a network signal
from three countries.
India, China and Myanmar.
And would you silence the voices of those
you want to bring peace to?
Tell me his location, Aman.
He's in Myanmar with Doko, sir.
I have an asset in Myanmar.
I can pinpoint his location.
We'll have to cross the Myanmar border
illegally to get him.
I'll do that, sir.
You're not going alone.
Major Veer will accompany you.
This is a covert operation, sir.
Exactly, Aman!
Veer is an expert at surgical strikes.
You'll work with him on this.
That's it.
Major Veer's unit knows
the business of surgical strikes well.
Two of my men will go with them.
But after this, I don't want to hear
the names Johnson or Wang whatever it is.
We'll sign the peace accord
and make a film on the surgical strike.
The mission is to cross the border
and conduct a surgical strike
on the enemy base
without the Myanmar forces knowing it.
Major Veer will lead the strike.
Aman knows the enemy's location.
Every inch of this land has been drenched
in the blood of our brave soldiers.
If we cannot protect this land,
then the blood coursing through our veins
is a bloody waste!
But if people who are born on our soil
and who owe their lives to this land
turn traitors,
then we shoot first
and ask questions later!
-Loud and clear?
-Yes, sir!
-Is it loud and clear?
-Yes, sir!
-Soldiers ready?
-Soldiers ready?
-Victory to
-Victory to
-Welcome to the Northeast, officer.
-Looks different.
It's the same.
Go ahead.
Go. Kill it, boys. All the best!
Jai Hind!
They're going to kill Wangnao.
We must arrest him.
Let the law take its course.
Absolutely, sir!
-Victory to
-Why did you accept the challenge?
-Ma'am, why did you challenge her?
India belongs to everyone.
She's from a far-off state.
She deserves a chance.
She is not a weak opponent.
Aido's a good candidate and boxes well.
We'll see when we're in the ring.
-Sir, is it because of John
-Sir, please!
-We'll talk after the match.
-Why did you accept the challenge?
-Please! Sir!
-It is her career's
-Sir, please
Nobody is watching, boys.
But I say 30 seconds.
We cross the river in 30 seconds.
Anyone who gets left behind
is on their own.
Let's go!
Aido, when two equally good boxers fight,
the winner is the one
with the stronger desire to win.
All the best.
Today's the end of Aido's career.
And, John, you'll be responsible.
You should ponder over
why your career didn't take off.
She was a good boxer, you see.
-Gopa! Gopa!
-Gopa! Gopa!
Create a distraction for the villagers
from the west.
Cover us from behind the school.
Okay, boys?
Let's do this.
Come on!
-Go! Go, Aido!
Gopa! Come on.
Move! Move! Hook!
Move! Come on! Go!
Aido, come on!
Come on! Aido, come on!
Aido, move!
Come on! Come on! Move, Aido.
Come on!
Block! Block
-Aido, come on! Move!
-Come on! Block
Come on.
Move, Aido! Move! Block! Block
Seems like not more than 20 people.
Some men must be inside with Wangnao.
When Joker starts distracting
the villagers,
then we'll start as planned.
I repeat.
Then we will start as planned.
-Come on. Come on. Aido, come on!
Dodge! Dodge
Nice one!
-Gopa! Gopa!
-Gopa! Gopa!
Gopa, come on!
Come on, Gopa!
Come on, come on. Go, go.
Gopa! Gopa!
Do you want to box for India?
Does your father own the country?
Stop it!
Wait for the chance. Don't lose it.
Okay? Stay calm.
Fire! Fire!
Hey, guys! Come out, there's a fire!
Everyone, come out! Come out!
A fire! Fire!
Nobody fires before my order.
I repeat.
Nobody fires before my orders.
-Not me.
Tiger's men are attacking us.
Naidu! What the hell is happening?
Where are you?
Sir, some other militia is attacking
from behind the school.
What the hell, officer?
Your intel is hopeless.
They're Tiger Sanga's men.
Aido, come on. Left!
Go! Go!
Aido! Come on, Aido. Come on.
Gopa, you can do it.
We let them kill each other.
Guys, we wait and watch.
I repeat, we wait and watch.
If Wangnao survives,
then we party with him.
-Wangnao needs to be captured.
-I have orders. We have to kill him.
I have reasons. We must arrest him.
Why did I bring a small-time agent
like you with my soldiers?
These regions were won 70 years ago.
You can't even control them.
So, we have to abandon our line
of defense and do your job for you.
This is war, officer.
We're here to win and neutralize Wangnao.
And that is exactly what you'll do.
Do you understand?
The nation salutes you
for your service, Major.
But fortunately, we don't decide,
our Constitution does.
And I work for the Constitution.
I'm going in. You have two choices.
Find Wangnao and kill him
or give me cover.
Wish me luck.
-Victory to
-Mother India!
Fuck! Give him cover, boys.
Officer is out. Come on.
I will play for India, Gopa.
India isn't my personal property.
India belongs to us all.
You're right.
Violence is not the solution.
Subject captured.
I repeat.
Subject captured.
Homeward bound!
The winner of the final bout
in the blue corner, Aido!
Well played.
Go and play for India! You deserve it!
Sorry, sir.
I couldn't kill him.
You hold a very difficult chair, sir.
But from my point of view,
I did what I felt was right.
Here's the file
detailing Wangnao's crimes.
And this is Tiger Sanga's.
I am no judge, sir
but if anyone must be arrested,
then it ought to be both.
And if you wish to negotiate,
then it should be with both.
That's my belief.
Before I go, I'd like to leave you
with a question, sir.
Is it possible
that no one really wants peace?
Maybe that is why we haven't been able
to solve this problem for so long.
So many politicians,
so many revolutionaries
What a waste!
So this is my long leave application, sir.
I want some time off.
Yes, I'm sending you some information.
No quotes.
Our sources have informed us
that the Northeast peace accord
has been put on hold again.
Reliable sources tell us the government
has found incriminating evidence
against Tiger Sanga
making further negotiations
with him impossible.
I got a call from Sahib's office.
The Department is appointing you
Head of the Pay Advisory Commission.
Sahib is too generous.
I guess he's really fond of you.
Taking time off from fieldwork
will be good for you, Mr. Abrar.
So, enjoy sitting behind a desk.
Thank you.
Every pawn in this game of chess
was soaked in blood.
But someone had won the bet.
She was the true winner. We all had lost.
This is India's new boxer, Aido.
She has the golden chance to win
a gold medal in her first tournament
against Germany's outstanding boxer,
Hena Rictor.
I have many names
Many languages
I can be weighed in gold
I have as many hopes as waves
In the sea
I've deleted the word despair
From my dictionary
All my rivers flow into one
Many are the characters
One is the story
I have many faces
I am one among the many
Look at me
I am one among the many!
The oath I've taken
I will fulfill it
India beats in my heart
I'll show the world
I will fight for India
I will fight for my life
This identity and this self-respect
For the mark on my brow
-Listen up!
My life, my India
-Listen up!
I am an Indian!
-Listen up!
My life, my India
-Listen up!
I am an Indian!
-Listen up!
My life, my India
-Listen up!
-Listen up!
My life, my India
-Listen up!
I am an Indian!
-Who will win?
-Who will win?
-My life, my India
-Who will win?
Who will it be?
Listen up!
Did you tell her everything?
You fell in love, right?
For the first time I felt
it got too personal for you, right?
I'm so proud of her.
-Because she won a medal for India?
Of course.
What about those
who don't win medals, sir?
What must they do
for us to celebrate them?
To have our support?
To make sure their basic needs are met.
It's their duty to celebrate us.
But whose duty is it
to celebrate them, sir?
We hear their voices
only once every five years.
We should listen to every voice.
We should feel their every suffering.
We are all Indians. Right, sir?
Or are some Indians
while the others must prove it?
Just like Aido.
I agree with you, but