Anfea: The Answer (2011) Movie Script

Remember Natsumi Yukihira?
Ex-Metropolitan Police cop,
Criminal Investigations Bureau.
Murder Investigations Unit 4.
Top cop in the field...
divorced, single mother...
... drinks heavily, lives like a slob.
The only active cop to shoot and kill...
... a criminal in cold blood.
She's aloof, unsociable and...
... unconventional.
In short, a pain in the ass...
... to her colleagues on the force.
Until she got caught in a terrorist plot...
... orchestrated by rogue police.
Yukihira single-handedly...
... foiled the plot.
But the public never learned...
... the truth.
Rumors flew that scores of...
... shady police secrets...
had been stolen or lost.
Over one stick of data...
the wheels of fate began...
... to grind again.
Tricked ya.
I thought you were sleeping.
You were snoring.
I was not.
You were.
Just admit it.
I wasn't sleeping.
I was waiting.
You were?
All this time.
Monbetsu Police Precinct
Hey, stranger.
Any excitement?
Some guy was swindled...
... over the phone.
A car with a busted windshield.
That's about it.
Boring stuff for the department's...
... top crime buster.
We get one murder a year here,
if we're lucky.
Morning, Sir!
Morning Mr. Ichijo.
Morning, Chief.
Over there.
Visible nails in 369 places.
Cause of death?
A nail to the posterior fossa.
Fatal damage to the brain stem.
Like the others, his blood was...
... drained without a stain.
Early as usual, Mikami?
Good morning.
Our nail shooter?
Third time.
Mr. Yamaji!
You're being called.
Yukihira's ex-husband.
The nail gun killer?
Why're you chasing murder cases?
No corrupt politicians?
I'm freelance now. I cover anything.
Who is he?
Don't know.
Any suspects?
You'd best ask the section chief.
I'm not good with Chief Kokubo.
Who is?
How's Yukihira doing?
We're not in touch.
We've identified the third...
... nail gun victim.
Nobuhiko Takeda, 38.
Takeda? Our prime suspect?
Not again.
Chief Kokubo! May I?
What, Mikami?
Things have grown a bit confusing,
so allow me a recap.
Our first victim was Toshiki Shinjo,
a construction firm accountant.
On his body were items...
belonging to a subordinate,
Keisuke Tajima.
Mr. Tajima had gone missing so...
... we put out an APB on him.
But a week later...
Tajima became the second...
... nail gun victim.
What we found at the site where...
... the body was dumped...
were Nobuhiko Takeda's prints.
In summary, the first murder's...
prime suspect, Tajima,
was found dead...
followed by the prime suspect...
... in his murder, Mr. Takeda.
In-fighting. What's their relation?
In my opinion, this series of murders...
Mr. Mikami!
What is it?
We found a match to prints found...
... on Takeda's corpse.
Well, um...
You sure?
Kazuo Sato, freelance journalist.
Yukihira's ex-husband.
Yukihira's... where's he now?
He was at the site.
Find him. Hit all his haunts and...
... report back to us.
Do not leak this to the media.
He's close to an active cop.
In Tokyo, a man's body was...
... found in an open lot...
by a passer-by who immediately...
... called 911.
The body belonged to a banker,
Nobuhiko Takeda, 38.
Nobuhiko Takeda
Your ex, right?
I don't believe it.
But those were the test results!
Since when do those matter to you?
What do you mean?
They always have.
Since when do you stand up...
... for your ex?
I'm not. I just know that he...
... wouldn't kill anyone.
Yukihira, you're sounding like...
... a novice.
That's like saying,
"Not my child, nuh-uh. "
Fine, forget Sato.
Tell me about the victim.
Takeda? Why?
Indulge me.
Don't start investigating from there.
This doesn't involve you, alright?
Had Takeda ever been to Hokkaido?
Hold on.
He transferred from the Hokkaido...
... Central Bank.
I knew it.
Knew what?
Got it. Thanks.
Been listening?
Stay out of it.
I can't.
But Sato's innocent. He's not so...
... weak as to be a murderer.
Not weak?
Only weak people kill.
Like you, Yukihira?
What is that? Sarcasm?
Then what?
Your answer.
What we talked about.
Sorry. I just can't think about...
... that right now.
I figured.
I'm feeling a little hurt.
I did visit the crime site, but they...
... didn't let me in.
Yamaji and Mikami know that.
Criminals return to the scene...
... of the crime.
You suspect me?
What cop says, "Not my child, nuh-uh"?
Natsumi, I'm next in line to be killed.
These are "announced" murders.
Each time, the lead suspect is found...
... dead. And I'm next.
Are you serious?
What would I gain from joking?
Why would someone be after you?
Maybe I pissed him off.
"The Unexpected Murderer"
"Twisted attention seeker"
Feigned murder lust
By Kazuo Sato
What, over this?
Here, before I forget.
I did all you asked.
Did you take a peek?
That's a security dongle.
There are no files in it.
A key.
It'll only unlock the data of a...
... specific PC.
Specific like whose?
I don't know.
I might've investigated more for you,
but not right now.
If I find the owner of the lock...
... to this key...
I'll find the shadow leader.
I want to find him, too.
That big evil force that lurks...
... behind the police.
This would've been the definitive...
... scoop for me as a journalist.
My last hurrah.
What now?
Go overseas.
Lie low for a while.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
Mio's safe with her aunt in L.A.
I'm a journalist. I've got lots of contacts.
Which port? I'll give you protection.
That's okay.
It'll make it harder to leave.
What's that?
A gift.
It's not you.
Good guy?
Find happiness this time.
I'll find him.
The true perpetrator.
I'm counting on you.
I'll call you.
See ya.
1 message
I wanted to come see you.
You're not home.
Everything okay?
If I can do anything to help,
call me.
Calling Ichijo
This is voicemail.
These are "announced" murders.
The lead suspect is found dead.
What's up?
What's going on?
Would you accompany us?
For murder!
Murder? Who?
Kazuo Sato.
Come again?
We found his body.
Let me go!
Let go!
Unhand me!
Natsumi Yukihira, you're under arrest.
Let go!
Get your hands off me!
Ariake precinct?
We have a suspect in the...
... nail murder.
Former Tokyo investigator...
Natsumi Yukihira, now with...
... Monbetsu precinct.
She's being questioned about possible...
... links to the Tokyo murders.
Yukihira's been arrested as the...
... nail murder suspect!
Yukihira the nail killer?
You don't believe that, do you?
Well, let's find out.
Kazuo Sato was found dead.
Yukihira's prints were on the...
... nail gun left there.
What's her defense?
Don't know yet.
An active cop arrested..
... as a serial killer suspect...
would be the worst scandal...
... in police history.
Do not let this get out.
If it does, heads will roll.
Chief Kokubo!
Send me to Hokkaido!
Not my decision.
But you can make it so.
Sorry, Mikami.
I'm powerless.
Yukihira takes "domestic squabble"...
... to a new level.
Your fingerprints are all over the...
... murder weapon!
What say you to that, huh!?
Mr. Ono.
Give me a minute with her.
We weren't told of your coming.
We would've picked you up...
... at the airport.
Tell me about Yukihira.
She's being held for questioning.
Christ, what happened?
Did you kill Kazuo Sato?
You serious?
Then why the prints?
Where'd you go yesterday?
You met him?
I didn't know he was here.
Why was your cell off?
Battery died.
I called last night.
And I rang you back.
Check your calls.
I called from outside your house.
You were gone.
You met him.
I didn't kill him.
You've no alibi.
Are you tied to the Tokyo murders?
Do you mean that?
I'm afraid you're wasting your time.
As colleagues, your priorities are...
... the same.
Protecting the organization.
Who's he?
Tokyo D.A. Murakami...
... assigned to this case.
Why's a Tokyo prosecutor here?
To prevent any collusion.
Calm down, Ichijo.
I'll handle the questioning from here.
Leave us.
Look, junior. I don't know you from squat.
It's you who should leave.
It's okay, Ichijo.
This is crap, Chief!
Don't make us look bad.
We work for justice, not you.
Come again?
Mr. Ichijo!
Don't tell him anything, Yukihira!
Take it easy!
Why'd you kill Kazuo Sato with...
... a nail gun?
don't want to mess with me.
Our chief has no choice.
You're new here so you...
... wouldn't understand.
That kid will get nowhere...
... with Yukihira.
Don't move.
Yukihira's taken Murakami hostage!
Stupid D.A.'s office!
Let's go.
You drive. Hurry!
Follow them!
Stop. There's one more.
She's shot the tires!
Call headquarters for support now!
Put out that fire!
What's the story?
Phew, I nearly peed my pants.
You're intense.
So tell me.
If you stay here, they'll
convict you for sure.
You're well aware of how the police do that.
Create a bum rap.
Escape with me as hostage.
I've got a car.
Of course.
I might be safer in custody.
How so?
What Sato said.
The nail killings are...
... "announced" murders.
The lead suspects become...
... the next victims.
I'm next.
They got to Sato.
Which means they're real close.
Could even be...
What? Give me a break.
You think I could kill a person?
No way.
What now?
Or take the rap.
This is more than a psychotic killer.
Were you investigating something?
Don't lie to me.
Money laundering by...
... the Hokkaido police.
Actually, I'm with a special...
... unit investigating it.
That's why you came here, right?
I think these murders are related.
How so?
The police are plotting something.
That's what I'm here to find out.
For justice...
and for the victims.
But I'm going to need your help.
Take me to where Sato was killed.
What, go back?
After making a clean getaway?
Don't be an idiot.
You an idiot or what?
Don't worry.
Nobody here will expect me...
... to return to the scene.
It's the only way we'll get any clues.
Turn around.
I need to see what the victim saw.
last sight before he died.
Which is which?
The head.
That way.
Ms. Yukihira.
Body position?
Like this?
They haven't been through.
Where'd they go?
What's all this?
I prepared it for you.
The D.A. office as a whole?
Or on your own initiative.
My own.
We're all like a motley crew of rivals.
Go ahead.
He IS an idiot.
How'd he talk me into this?
Sorry, but could you turn that down?
We're looking for somebody.
Can I see your driver's license?
A crime?
Can we check the back?
Thanks for your cooperation.
We found the getaway car!
In a shed out on a ranch.
Tire tracks reveal they switched vehicles.
Send someone to identify the treads!
Current location 527-1 Otoshibe,
Esashi town.
She's on the run.
Maybe Tokyo by now.
Send patrols out to places...
... they might go.
What's that woman doing?
Why do you do that?
It helps me hear them.
The dead.
Let's go.
Put your gun in the glove compartment.
What's wrong?
Being followed?
I doubt it.
That's a family.
This is?
One of my vacant buildings.
It'll be safe for a couple of days.
You must be pretty rich.
I am.
The fridge is stocked.
Clothes, too.
I need case data.
It's not on me.
Bring it.
I only have up to the first 3 victims.
I know.
I can't return to the office.
I'll bring what's at home.
There's a shower.
You should freshen up.
Who knows what's ahead?
I will.
I'll lock the door.
Call my cell if you need me.
Welcome back.
Ms. Yukihira, the lights.
This is all your fault!
Look who's talking.
How do you mean?
Your conceit, naivet...
... and rash behavior...
made things worse for Yukihira...
... and nearly got her killed.
This is real life, not a justice...
... fighter comic book.
Screw you. I'm serious!
Is that what you call "serious"?
Forget it. Get to a hospital.
I'll take over Yukihira.
Take her away, you mean.
I've gotta find out who that was.
I want to know, too.
Get that wound tended to first.
This is nothing.
Don't you get it?
You're in the way.
You didn't even notice I...
... was tailing you.
Leave Yukihira to me.
What, trust the police?
Ms. Yukihira!
I appreciate all you've done for me.
But I've got to trust Ichijo.
A new hideout.
The murder victims' files.
Mr. Ichijo...
please protect her.
What now?
Is there any cop you can trust?
All the victims except Sato...
... had white skin.
Their blood was drained.
Just drained their blood.
Why do that?
Easier to carry.
They were found on their backs,
except Sato. So when the nails?
Mixed for the Tokyo victims.
Some were alive when it happened.
What about Sato?
The perp was either in a hurry,
or there are two of them.
One's the Tokyo serial killer.
The other...
Are you Yukihira, right?
If you believe the Monbetsu police.
Her prints are on more than...
... just the nail gun.
But I didn't do it.
Here's your mixed tripe.
If you're innocent...
then someone planted the prints,
or replaced the report results.
If we find that out...
That's me.
I could do it.
An examiner like me changes...
... everything into data these days.
Switching data is easy.
Just kidding.
Any odd internal movements?
No... not that I know of.
Sato's ties to the other victims?
He wrote about them. That's all.
What happened to Murakami?
He was going to be dismissed.
But he's son of an ex-Attorney-General,
so he's just suspended.
The police are plotting something.
Mother Nature calls.
Me, too.
Peeing together, huh?
Run a covert DNA test for me.
Even from those two.
He played dumb at...
... his internal inquiry.
Murakami's in league with Yukihira.
We can't allow them to smear...
... the department.
We will apprehend Yukihira.
What were you and Mikami talking about?
Nothing special. Old times.
Yukihira... you don't even trust me,
do you.
Not true.
Then talk to me.
You're hiding something from me.
Find happiness this time.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to involve you.
I don't want you to end up like Sato.
I should've gone with him,
even against his wishes.
I don't know what you're after,
but justice won't win here.
They're too powerful.
Quit the force.
Let's quit and go far from here.
I'll make you happy.
When it's over.
When this is all over, then...
take me with you.
Another nail gun victim.
Take me.
You want to get caught?
Ichijo, Hokkaido Police.
Mr. Ichijo.
I just finished.
Over there.
Beats me.
It doesn't fit the pattern.
Could be a trap to lure you.
I'll be there soon.
Just sit tight.
Natsumi Yukihira.
Back seat of a black sedan?
You can't hide.
Who are you?
Did you like the present?
I'll return the pendant.
Osamu Yuuki, 38.
Committed involuntary...
... manslaughter as a minor.
Where does he live now?
Well, I did look that up.
Answer me this first.
You and your ex were sniffing around...
... after the hospital crisis.
We were?
Stop that. We're friends.
Were you lying when you said...
... you trusted me?
No, I wasn't.
The rumor is police secrets were stolen...
... during that crisis.
Police secrets? Like what?
Files about police money...
... laundering and such.
An underground organization...
... we know nothing about.
On a USB drive.
Yeah, like this.
Don't tell me...
you stole it.
And Kazuo Sato was rubbed out...
... as a result.
By whom?
Those above.
If that story's true...
Go on.
The serial killer is working for...
... the department's top brass?
Would be terrible.
But who's to know?
Then I'll see for myself.
If he's really a serial killer...
... hired by the police.
You okay by yourself?
I'll be fine, Mikami.
Who do you think I am?
Be careful.
It's Yukihira.
Understood. I'll look, too.
Where are you going, Mr. Murakami?
You're suspended, right?
None of your business.
Excuse me.
Spoiled D.A. brat.
Just does what he likes.
Listen up. Stop what you're...
... doing and follow this signal.
Arrest Yukihira and protect police honor!
Sato's not here.
This is boring.
Scream if you like.
The place's soundproofed.
Ms. Yukihira.
Hold it!
Ms. Yukihira, wake up.
What happened?
Let's get you to a hospital.
I need to give it to him.
Give what to whom?
USB with police secrets.
Police secrets?
They're heading down Route 20,
Nishifubashi intersection.
Who's in proximity?
Unit 23. I'm on it.
Affirmative. Tail him!
You were right. The incriminating...
... data is for real.
The killer wanted this USB.
With it, you've got the police...
... over a barrel.
We made a deal. I give him...
... this, and he lets me be.
I'll be safe.
You do that and you'll be...
... wanted for sure.
If they know you abetted a killer.
Let me help. I'll lure him out...
... and catch him.
I guarantee your safety.
Ms. Yukihira.
This is reckless!
I will go!
You stay here and rest!
That's probably best.
What's the location?
The location...
The Shiomi Factory.
How embarrassing for you.
Where'd she go?
You're back.
I'm impressed.
Did you bring it?
Come closer.
Relax. I won't do anything.
You promised.
To leave me alone.
To free me.
Yeah, I promised.
I'll leave you alone now.
What choice is there?
You're free, as promised.
Give it back.
Your voice.
The one on the phone.
The one with all the orders.
My thankful master.
It was you.
I killed her as you asked.
Natsumi Yukihira.
I didn't order that.
I was supposed to kill all...
... material witnesses, right?
The USB.
Tell me something first.
Bargaining? What is it?
Who killed Kazuo Sato in my name?
Wasn't her, was it?
I did.
He planned to leave the country.
I couldn't wait for you.
Nice imitation, right?
Who do you think I am? You freak.
So that's it, huh?
What is this?
I partnered with Yuuki here.
Did you kill Kazuo Sato?
No, you did.
Pretty cruel murder.
I didn't kill him.
You tried to copy me.
My signature.
You spoiled my work.
You're shameless!
I'd have done a much better imitation.
Nape of the neck last,
body facing up.
Blood drained to lighten the load.
Not to lighten the load.
The corpse is prettier that way.
The skin...
like alabaster.
Then who killed him?
I came here to find out.
I want to know who murdered...
... Kazuo Sato.
And then put the blame on me.
Help me.
Help you?
There's one way to find him.
I'm not lying.
And if you are?
Do what you want with me.
All for the USB, you tortured...
... and killed Sato.
Sure fooled me by joining...
... forces with a serial killer.
You're no better.
Working with a murderer to...
... protect some data?
Hold it.
I'm not done.
Go. I'm letting you off.
But... only once.
Once for both of us.
Why do this?
You probably wouldn't understand...
... if I said it was for country.
You don't know the USB's true meaning.
The chosen few secretly guiding...
... the unlearned masses.
That's how it's always been in Japan.
Sustaining that requires funds.
And a few sacrifices to...
... preserve secrecy.
You cozied up to me for the USB.
Yes, at first.
That's why I transferred to Monbetsu.
But things have changed.
I really do want you to be happy.
I mean that completely.
Yamaji, arrest Ichijo.
9:42 p. m.
Suspect in the murder of Kazuo Sato...
... under arrest.
Who'd have figured?
Catch everything?
So you had it.
It went silent, then suddenly...
... I heard Ichijo's voice.
This is one preposterous scandal.
You let a serial killer go.
Sorry, it was a promise.
A promise?
Don't worry.
Ichijo's pals won't waste any...
... time getting him.
How long were you acting?
When I found the bug.
What happened?
Son of a bitch.
Okay, where's the USB?
Ichijo has it.
Confiscate the USB.
It's important evidence.
Not on him.
Say what?
The USB.
I don't know.
Take him.
Question him thoroughly.
Check the area.
Ms. Yukihira.
Now it's over.
I can chase it all I want.
The evil won't go away.
with more blindly upright...
... people like you...
there may be hope...
... for the world yet.
I leave the rest to you.
Including Ichijo.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't know how far I'll get.
But I'll do what I can.
Arrested Police Chief Ichijo...
... Commits Suicide
Only made to look like a suicide.
You know why Kazuo Sato...
... was killed, right?
He and I were investigating...
... dirty money in Hokkaido.
It seemed tied to that USB.
The other three victims were...
... likely tied to the money, too.
But it's all in the dark.
That's why you went to Hokkaido.
Were you in love with Ichijo?
You've got bad karma.
Tokyo Metropolitan...
... Public Prosecutor's Office
All the data's intact.
Mission accomplished.
Government reflux funding...
... system is secure.
His unidentifiable body will...
... turn up in a few days.
We'll speak again.
I didn't think Yukihira would...
... pass the real thing.
Right, Ichijo?
She was under pressure.
Does she suspect?
No, and she'll be happier that way.
I was right to have you watch her.
What happened?
A command trigger.
It was programmed to respond...
... to a cell phone signal.
The data?
Lost, I'm afraid.
Have you any idea how...
... stupid that was, Yukihira!?
Any idea at all!?
As my watchdog, you should've...
... sniffed this out, Mikami!
I'm sorry.
I should've realized.
You an idiot or what?
I'll find him.
The true perpetrator.
I'm counting on you.
After breaking the code...
... on that USB...
I configured it to send...
... the data to this PC.
If you...
figure out who's pulling the strings...
call his cell phone after...
... the transfer's finished.
And destroy his data.
What do you mean?
I mean you steal the data...
... and destroy the original.
You'll be the only one...
... in the world...
holding the secrets.
Data download completed.
Thank you.
Fairness doesn't exist in this world.
An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
Unfair play for...
UNFAIR the answer
the unfair.
Ryoko Shinohara
Koichi Sato
Takayuki Yamada
Sadawo Abe
Masaya Kato
Nao Omori
Susumu Terajima
Which is which?
Teruyuki Kagawa
All good.
Yukihira's disappeared.
GPS was stolen by Yuuki.
I'm sorry.
Understood. I'll look for her.
Mikami, where's Yukihira?
9:42 p. m. Suspect in the murder of...
... Kazuo Sato under arrest.