Angadi Theru (2010) Movie Script

I tell you on my mom.
I won't take the phone.
Looks like mGR's voice.
Let missed calls come.
I won't take up the phone!
Damn you!
I am coming to our house.
Are you calling me for that,
over phone?
-You are listening to Fm 99.
-Dear! What is the time?
-I have no watch with me.
Nasty ones! wouldn't allow
to stand in the bus stand.
Stop beating me.
Sir! Are you keeping fine?
How do we look like?
Tell us before you go.
-Tell us before you go.
-Tell us before you go.
-You damn black tell me before you go.
-You black..
They are creating a scene!
Alms please.
Brother! Alms please.
Tell us how do we look!
I will give you money.
Superb, dear!
How does he look like?
Girl doesn't suit the boy.
Did you hear that?
-why did you say so?
-I told you the truth.
You told the truth!
-You see my power now. -You are
the real power house. -Don't stamp me.
-Don't stamp me..!
Is this how you behave in a public place?
Sorry brother.
-The bus has come.
-Come fast..!
-Give me way.
-Don't pull my shirt..
-Give me way..!
Go man!
-Don't push me!
-Take off your hands.
-No..! -Leave it!
-Come by walk.
-Leave me!
Before your story telling eyes..
..I wonder what to speak, dear!
Desire seethes.
I feel feverish!
Before your story telling eyes..
I wonder what to speak, dear!
Love boils me.
I feel feverish!
-oops, we forgot to buy the house!
Mosquito net.
Without my knowledge..
My legs float somewhere
It's neither dark nor bright
Yet the sky is colourful
Before your story telling eyes..
I wonder what to speak, dear!
Desire seethes.
I feel feverish!
I feel your fragrance
when I enter the temple
Every moment with you is sweet
Home is not just made of bricks and sand
It is made of love only
Lying on the floor and looking
at the sky is really superb!
Your lap is the place
where I feel comfortable.
Before your story telling eyes..
I wonder what to speak, dear!
Desire seethes.
I feel feverish!
My world starts in you and ends there.
My days rise to watch
your face and enjoy.
We shall be children in the night's lap.
We shall get into the depth of darkness.
Your agony will inflame as fire!
In the rain the whole fire
will change as flowers!
Before your story telling eyes..
I wonder what to speak, dear!
Desire seethes.
I feel feverish!
Without my knowledge..
My legs float somewhere
It's neither dark nor bright
Yet the sky is colourful!
Filthy guy..!
Damn it..!
Look, how is he driving.
He could be drunk.
Oh gosh..!
Don't cry..!
Sleep with your mom, ok..?
Don't cry..!
Keep it, ok?
Go away..!
Go away!
who are you..?
Answer me..
who are you?
we are doing business in T-Nagar..
There is no safety over there.
That's why we came here to sleep.
who is she..?
Have you brought her with you?
No, we are going to get married.
So, didn't you get married yet, right?
Ok, sleep!
These are doing the concrete work.
Apply cement or sand
in your leg and sleep.
Else the police will
wake you up and torture.
what are you doing..?
Take off your hand.
Take off your hand, man.
Oh gosh..!
Oh gosh..!
I couldn't bear the scene
Last night there was a cruel
accident in Chennai Ashok Nagar..
More than 22 people
were died on the spot.
More than 30 people are in critical stage
and admitted in government hospital..
..-for treatment.
-what's your name..?
-what, Kani..?
-where are you from..?
-Look, what happened to him.
where are you from?
welcome, grandma.
How are you..?
I am fine!
-Dear..! -What, dad?
-when is your brother's exam result?
He told the result will be
announced tomorrow.
Do you know
where he has gone..?
He has gone somewhere
in the morning itself.
He does not stay in home
even in the holidays.
-Take it, dad!
-See you, dear!
-See you dear!
-ok, dad.
See you dad!
They have started the game.
-This is for tonsure head.
-Tell my name..
-This is for you.
-This one..?
-This is for him.
-This is..?
-That is for him. -Ok, go..!
Come on start the bowling.
Come on!
Throw it.
You filthy mouth.
Catch the ball.
Oh god!
wait I will catch the ball.
-oh god!
-Don't miss the ball.
If you miss the catch
I will kill you.
Oh god..!
God, I am getting fainted..
Oh gosh..!
He missed the catch and
acting that he is fainting.. Hit him.
Hit him..!
-You always miss the catch.
-Leave me!
-Stop man! If you come to ground,
I'll cut off your legs. -Go man!
Go man!
Is it a stadium..?
They act big for a filthy ground.
Short guys those who are playing
in hot sun without shirt..
They sent me out
as I didn't catch the ball.
Come on..!
You sinners.
You killed the hen
which I offered to the God.
You will be ruined.
You will get mad.
Don't yell! If we take this
to hospital, we will save this.
we have killed even the cow because of our
batting. Why do you worry for this?
Shut your mouth and come.
Grandma, we will take care.
Do the batting like this daily, ok?
won't you send your son
to the college..?
Yes, somehow I have to send him
to the college for higher education.
My father was a shepherd.
I came to this work
because I am uneducated.
I have to get engineering course
for my son with others help..
..I will die peacefully.
It's the time for the train to come.
Start the vehicle.
-The vehicle got stuck.
-Start the vehicle.
Buddy, the result has announced.
You got first rank in our school.
Dad, I have passed.
I got first mark in the whole school.
Dad, I've passed.
I got first mark in the whole school.
Hey, stop!
Don't run
Stop I say.
Don't run!
Stop man.
Stop I say.
You fool, stop man!
Don't make me to run like this.
Stop man!
why are you chasing me like this?
why don't you behave like a man?
why have you born in
inauspicious time?
You didn't choose the correct time.
It was your mistake.
I will slap you.
My friends are staying in this street.
we will discuss in our home.
If you are to be respected,
you should get through 12th standard.
Even you have failed
in 3rd class!
I am your son.
How can I get pass mark? Go..!
You damn it!
If I catch you,
I would not spare you. Go man!
I'm Marimuthu!
Can you able to catch me..?
-He chased me..
-You fool..!
You made me to run around the place..
and made me tense.
I have spent money and
made you to study..
But you didn't study well and
are roaming.
-Save me!
-Are you roaming..?
I am not going to leave you today.
what have you studied..?
what mark is this..?
Don't beat me..
Stop man!
You used to point out our neighbour, right?
Now I got high marks than her.
She got 420 as total marks.
Mine is 430.
You fool..
She is in 10th class and
you are in 12th class.
why do you bother about that?
why don't you feel happy
that I got more marks than her?
won't you advise him?
You and your dad always
behaving like this.
You have failed in the exams.
Then why are you calling your mom..?
Leave me! Are you laughing?
-Don't beat me!
-will you laugh again?
why are you beating him?
If he had written the exam well
you wouldn't beat me like this.
-what do you mean? -I have copied
and wrote the exam and got failed.
I have not failed deliberately.
That's why I told not to
roam with the other guys.
Do as you wish.
why are you torturing me to study..?
who has find all this exams..?
Damn him.
Move away.
will death happen
in your house only?
I don't know what will you do.
Repay my money, next month.
wanted candidates.
wanted candidates for sales man job.
wanted candidates for
Senthil murugan stores..
..which is a department store
in Chennai Ranganathan street.
The interview will be conducted
in Central cafe upstairs..
..near to Nellai junction.
-Buddy, will they give us 10,000 rupees
as salary per month? -What..?
Did I tell it very low..?
15,000 rupees..?
Shut your mouth and come.
Select our caste boys..
Select the boys those who have sisters,
and who lost their father..
Then only they'll do
the work properly.
Get up man!
Don't sit..
They may scold us..
-what is your father..?
-my father has been killed.
My father has committed
suicide because of the debts.
My father has died in an accident, sir.
Did you hear? He lied that I have gone
for asceticism and got this job.
why do you bother for that?
If you go there without
listening my words..
..I wouldn't give even a
single paisa from my wealth.
Don't you feel shy to tell those
waste things as your wealth..?
-You will ruin off, go..!
-I will go..!
-Listen to me..
-muthu, bye!
Look at this.
Don't lock your doors,
you black girls..
Are you closing the door
after seeing me..?
I am going to Madras
where Sneha is living.
The girls there look pretty as in F TV!
Grandpa! Grandma...bye.
what Marimuttu..?
Are you going to Singapore?
Senthil murugan Stores It's a 10 floor
building which is a big store in madras
I got a job in that store.
You are acting big for
a sales man's job, right?
Many people have died in this place.
won't you die..?
Damn it! You will die
when you reach there.
-ok mom, see you.
-ok, dear.
-See you, grandma.
-Go carefully, dear.
See you!
-See you dear.
-ok, brother.
Brother, shall we allow them
into the bus?
They all are our village girls.
we have expected many things..
But the store is looking beautiful.
No use..
Hey, take the vehicle..
Sir is coming..
Greetings, sir!
Come on..!
Come this side.
-The shop is air
conditioned! -Hey..
-Greetings sir!
-They are our natives..
where are they from..?
They are from Thiruchendur,
Vadangoodi, and Nazareth.
Tell me about them!
They are very good guys.
They will do their work sincerely.
It is not that I don't get
any sales man here..
If I give money,
thousands will come for work.
You are suffering in your villages.
I just wanted to help them..
That's why I brought you all,
and offered this job.
-Come all of you. Go.
-See you!
One minute..what?
There are 25 guys.
-Give more.
-It's enough. Keep it.
Brother wait.
-Go. -Buddy, why do
they take the photos?
will they frame it and
hang on the wall?
It is for identification for the police.
Go man!
This is our shop's uniform.
Come and select the dress of your size.
-The uniform's cost is 250 rupees.
Pay now itself
those who have the money.
If you don't have the money we would
deduct that from your first month salary.
You gave this uniform to work
in your shop. Should we pay for that too?
I will..! Is this a government shop
to offer free?
Government offered free and spoiled you.
Look..! Shut your mouth
and do your work.
Else, go out now itself.
I am telling to you all.
Got it..?
Those 8 guys can go to
readymade section in 2nd floor.
This two rows go to the vessel shop.
Go to 5th floor.
You 4 guys go to godown.
Don't stare!Go..!
You pigs..!
Come here.
Go there and do the work.
Come here.
You both do the price tag.
-ok, brother!
You both come here.
Jayachandran is very important..
-Come..! -Leave me, sir.
-You have cheated me..!
-Leave me..!
-You told that you asked the Salwar here.
-Yes, sir..! -Come!
-It's paining sir..!
-Shut your mouth and come.
-Sir, leave my plait.
-Shut up..!
-oh gosh..!
-Did she ask you Salwar in 44 siZe..?
Say yes..!
why do you stare?
Tell me.
No, sir!
Please wait, sir.
Didn't I ask you
the 44 size cotton salwar..?
You told, the voile, synthetic,
and velvet salwars are available..
..but there is no cotton salwar.
No sir!
Today only we have joined here.
Yes, you have joined today.
You asked my name and place..
You dirty mouth.
Didn't I tell you..?
Dirty mouth..?
Think well.
why do you threaten them?
Tell me if she came or not?
No, she didn't come.
You damn it!
Did you lie to me?
-oh god..! -I didn't beat you..
why are you acting then?
I asked you to bring the dresses
from the godown..
But you used to sit on the steps
and lied me..
Go and bring the rose
cotton salwar of 44 siZe.
Ok, sir!
wait! I will complaint to sir.
He will treat you in the right way.
Brother, give me the rose
color cotton salwar in 44 siZe.
-Rose color salwar..?
All the girls and boys
are behaving like this.
-Sir, here..!
-Give me!
Go and give it to the customer.
why are you staring them?
Brother, who is he?
He is 3rd floor supervisor.
He is our boss's relation too.
If you misbehave,
he will beat you to death.
Be careful with him
-Take it!
-Buddy your photo.
-This is your ID card.
-Take it!
You should keep it safely.
-ok, sir!
-You have to use this for everything.
Show your card.
Put your finger into it.
Your name has registered.
Now the time is 1 :30..
You have to finish your lunch and
put the entry before 2'o clock.
-ok, sir! -If you come even at 2:01 ,
I'll deduct 1 rupee from your salary.
If you come late,
I'll deduct 1 rupee for every 1 minute..
Did you understand?
-Got it, sir.
-make the entry and go.
-make the entry..
-Sir..! Where I have to go for lunch..?
Our mess is in the Ramanadhan street.
It is in the 3rd street from here.
-Socks for 10 rupees..
-Key chains for..
-Is there any job..?
Don't push me.
what is this..?
why they are hurrying like this..?
Buddy, what happened?
we have to endure all this.
Else, we have to starve..
Come let's go and mingle
in that crowd. Come..!
Move away.
Come buddy!
-They will..
-Sir..! -What?
-where is the plate? -They will give
the plate after they finish eating.
Go and ask them those who are eating.
Go that side.
-Brother give me plate.
-Don't push me.
-Plate..! -I will hit you..
-move away..!
Brother, give me the plate.
Are you a new comer?
Yes, I have joined today only.
-where are you from?
-Ittamozhi, brother!
I am from Issaiyali.
-Is it..?
-wait I will give you.
-Buddy I got the plate.
-me too..
why are you beating him?
-He is pulling my plate.
-Shut your mouth and come.
I got the plate.
Don't stamp me.
Move away.
Be brave and get the victory.
Oh god..!
Is this rasam(curry)?
-Is it sambar?
-No, tamarind sauce.
Thanks brother.
Buddy come!
-Please give me the plate..
-I eating, go man.
-I am eating..!
-Finally, we finished eating.
Not us..!
-Drumstick is..
You..! Come here.
I say come here.
Sofi, these guys only.
why are you staring like this?
I gave the signal and
asked him to tell yes..
But they didn't mind me..
and talking themselves..
where are you from?
I will hit you.
Have you taken me lightly?
why did you accuse me?
I will slap you both.
Do you know where I am from?
I don't know, madam.
where are you from?
-Thiruchandoor, buddy..!
Are you teasing me?
Don't play your tricks on me.
I just leave you because
you are new comers.
Not only me..
If anybody ask you from
our floor if we came or not..
You should tell that
we came and ask you..
will you tell?
This is a different kind of place..
So, be careful.
Shall I take leave?
Come let's go.
Buddy, she looks very arrogant.
-She scared me up.
-She is nothing. Don't take her serious.
-Is she a useless girl?
-Come let's go!
Hey, move away.
-Buddy come.
-Go carefully.
I came 5 minutes late.
..and I lost 5 rupees
on the first day.
Bring down that parcel.
Come front.
Damn it..!
Brothers, come here.
Don't feel scared
Do you have money?
where are you from?
Ittamozhi brother.
Do you have any property
in your village..?
If you have,
you won't come here to work.
Just look at my legs.
Varicose disease.
Doctor said that I will get this disease
if I stand and work for long hours.
I worked in your shop
for the past 8 years.
I should stand and do the work
till morning 8 to night 12'0 clock.
I got this disease because the bad
blood has stopped in the blood vessel.
Now I could not able to even stand.
They would bring us in our young age.
They take our energy
and discard us.
Buddy I am scared.
No need to work here.
Come let's go to our native.
I would stay here even if I die.
You could go.
Won't the sky come into our hands?
Grass and flowers
exist in this world
Is there no space
for you to live?
Born as poor in this earth..
Isn't it a mistake of God?
It is an injustice to
face poverty in youth!
Is there no way to control hunger?
Tears are deeper than ocean!
Won't this change ever?
This mechanical world sells anything
Humanity is yet to be seen
Humans manage without
eyes, ears or limbs
But not without food for living
Man has many expectations
What he requires is a helping hand
Expect a future without poverty
Grass and flowers
exists in this world
Is there no space
for you to live?
-Come here.
They need two guys in third floor.
You go there.
-Third floor in a/c?
-Yes, go.
-Buddy, come let's go.
Buddy, this is gents section!
we want ladies section.
Oh God! See Sneha!
Goddess showered blessings on us!
Buddy, superb!
we have come to the heaven.
Buddy! Goddess didn't
shower the blessings!
She has betrayed you.
-what are you saying?
-Look there.
That arrogant guy is standing there.
Look here, Karungali Kannayiram.
Oh God! Come let's go.
Sneha's photo
is very nice, isn't it?
-You are coming from
the godown isn't it? -Yes.
Come, we will go to supervisor.
we are caught.
we asked two guys from godown isn't it?
Two guys have come here.
Greetings sir!
why are you laughing?
Nothing sir!
If you don't work,
I will dismiss you.
-Go from here.
-ok sir.
Hey, bring them.
Open this bundle.
Hey, why did you come here?
I am asking you.
why are you here?
we were working in godown.
They promoted us to here.
Did you hear? Promotion!
I will tell about Karungali. Listen.
Then it is up to you.
Sir trust him more than his wife.
He'll account even for the
pay toilet he uses when he goes out
He'll keep things where they belong.
Look there, he doesn't waste
a bit of paper.
Behave properly.
If you don't do work properly
he will punish you.
If you yawn
he will beat you.
Karungali is a forest tiger.
He is a wolf.
And he is a eagle.
Buddy, no.
Come, we'll go back to godown.
You don't get scared.
They are threatening us.
Buddy, which section we will go?
Come, let's us go to chudidhar section.
Come, let's us go to Nightie section.
-Then we will go to bra section.
You will get beat from me.
Ok, come. Let's go to sari section.
-Hey come.
-Hey fool!
why are you dancing there like a monkey?
No sir! where should we stand?
Two guys have resigned the job, isn't it?
Yes sir!
Take these guys for the work.
Hey, go there.
If you come here
I will kill you.
we will be here and do the work well.
I said to stand there.
why do you talk rubbish?
Oh God!
why do you come back?
-No sir. Here..
Kani and Sofia,
they have come from the godown.
Teach them how to do the business.
Ok sir.
Damn it.
Doing business is not easy.
You should know the material's name..
..the price
and its variety.
First you should know
how to spread the sari.
If you don't know
he will tell no and go out.
Don't pose too much.
we too have also sold eatable items.
You don't have to teach me.
See, how I am doing the business.
-You can't do it.
-You don't do anything.
-Hey, go
-Hey go.
Se mi ya. Semiya.
Your name is Semiya?
My name is Marimuthu.
That's why I am asking.
My name is Sofiya.
I like this.
I like new designs.
I like quality and price.
I like this.
Greetings, come.
Do you have Thiruvonam silk?
Yes, we have. Come in.
A variety and beautiful sari!
Fancy sari, Sir, sari. Sister sari!
Hey! Why do you yell?
Mind your business.
Sir, sari! Sister sari!
Variety and best quality..
Sir, come..
why do you sell by yelling?
-mom, this colour is very nice. Isn't it?
-It's all publicity.
See this, this is shiffon cotton.
Sister, synthetic cotton.
Paper cotton.
Banaras cotton.
Bengal cotton.
Vayil sari.
No, it's not looking good.
-Sister, see this.
-Show it something.
Hey, come here.
See this.
She is not fair.
It will be nice for your colour.
Total bill is Rs.12,000.
Pay the money in counter and get it.
-Thanks brother
-ok sir.
My first business is Rs.12,000
I have done it.
For doing the business for Rs.12,000..
..will he build your
statue? Go.
Jealousy girl.
See this.
-Don't chew the finger.
See Well.
I want the sari
the doll wears.
Do you have rice cake pan?
Buy this madam
Come Muthuveerappan.
-Take it.
-Bye sir. -Good.
-Put the bill for this.
-Sir! -what?
I want to go to bathroom.
Crowd is coming.
Do you want to go to bathroom now?
-Please sir! -You have to come
within in 5 minutes.
Else I will deduct Re.1 for
1 minute in your salary. Go.
Not this.
Sky is in your home.
Magic is in your home.
I don't want this green color.
Take that rose color.
That is 90
what colors you have?
Take all that.
I will give you.
Sir, give me any job.
-Go man -I will do any work.
I didn't eat anything for past 3 days.
You are asking for work here.
Take this. what?
He said he's hungry.
but he didn't get anything from me.
How arrogant is he?
Drawing powder box is Rs.20
-Sister, give me a pot.
-For what?
Give me Re.1 and go.
This is 5th auction
which I conduct the chit.
Total amount Rs.2500
Commission is Rs.250
Totally Rs.2250
Those who want it
ask me.
Sofi, Rs.2199.
Buddy! Kani auction chit fund.
She has conducted
the company in sir's shop.
Look her, she is like a arrogant girl.
Hello, he is telling that you
are arrogant girl. Come man.
Take it from sir's shop.
we have this type of sari in our godown.
wait a minute.
I will ask him to bring it.
what is the rate of that color sari?
Show this sari to the godown
and bring all the saris in this variety.
Ok sir.
Things have come in the lift.
we have to take that. Come.
See this sari. This sari's end is very nice
This is nice, isn't it?
Take it sir.
-Do you have only this?
-Yes sir.
Oh God!
we have only this two colours.
Give me one week time
I will arrange it from Surat.
will I get 5 sari in mango yellow piece?
Do you want five?
-Hey Lingu!
-Come here
-I am coming.
Take this and bring five colors
in this type of sari.
-ok sir.
See this. Sari border is nice.
Good color.
That combination is very nice than this.
Take it sir.
I have plenty in this pattern.
It is not good.
Five saris which you asked.
See this, jimiki work
has done in this sari.
Hey, don't run like a fool.
You sit on the stairs..
and tell no to them.
This color will suit you.
See this.
-Come here.
I am coming.
Take and see this.
Go and bring four extra large
in olive green chudidhar
No sir. I have just come back.
I can't able to breath.
Hey, are you speaking against me?
I will slap you. Go.
where is the new boy? Brother?
..didn't see him for long!
Yes, sir have sent him to the godown.
where could he go?
He would be in the steps.
Is it? I will come.
You joined the work only now.
Do you want rest by sitting in the steps?
I am drinking the water.
How dare you touch my hand?
-Come to the sir.
-Don't tell to him
Brother, I did by mistake.
Brother, please I was only drinking water.
He didn't go to the godown
and he was sitting on the steps.
when I asked him
he is coming to hit me.
No sir. I didn't hit you.
I was just drinking the water.
No sir, don't beat me.
-I did by mistake
-How dare you raise your hand?
I was just drinking the water.
Oh God!
You die man.
-Are you started now?
-I feel pain.
-Are you taking rest?
-oh God!
-Sir, no.
-Close the screen!
Sir, Give your card.
Resign your job and go.
Please sir, give my card.
what did he say when you joined the job?
He told me to work properly.
we gave A/C, food, shelter..
won't you do the work?
Perumal, make a call to the manager.
Ok sir.
If we dismiss him,
others will obey my words.
Sir, please sir.
Leave my leg.
Perumal, make a call.
we have to dismiss him.
Sir please. My sister is
studying in my village.
I am only doing the job
I don't have dad.
Please sir, don't dismiss me.
If I don't send the money every month,
they will starve.
Please sir, forgive me.
I did by mistake.
please sir, forgive me.
Sir, don't dismiss me.
Get up.
If you do like this anymore,
you will die.
If you go for lunch
I will beat you.
Ok sir.
You have to mop this entire floor.
Ok sir.
Buddy, he won't prosper.
Buddy, no.
-Buddy, no. listen to me.
-Leave me.
Don't beat him.
No, don't beat him.
How dare you hit me?
I won't leave without killing you.
Leave him.
Catch him.
Henceforth, will you tell
him about anyone?
Buddy, leave him.
He is a wastrel.
why do you hit him?
Leave me. I won't leave
without killing you.
-Don't run.
-oh God!
Oh God!
Don't kill him.
Don't fight with him.
He may die. Leave him.
Catch him.
-I won't leave you.
-Lift him.
How dare you hit me?
I won't leave without killing.
I won't leave without killing you.
-Go man.
-Leave me.
-Lingu, go inside.
what mistake that I did?
I have run 5 or 6 times
from godown to floor.
I was just drinking water
because of suffocation.
He told that to him.
I got 1 108 mark in +2 examination.
I am the first in my school.
I might have studied Engineering now.
My father didn't give any work.
If my father was alive
I wouldn't do this work.
I don't have any work in my village.
That's why we have put agreement
and work here.
Buddy, I wanted to tell you
yesterday one thing.
Kani only told him that
you were sitting in the steps.
-what are you saying?
Senthil murugan stores, Ranganathan st,
T.Nagar Chennai -17.
See, how she is laughing.
Today I will see to her.
I like it.
Kani, take this...
the month auction chit fund money.
-Rs.10 is less
-I will give you next month.
Damn it.
-Has everybody come?
-All have come.
Kani, join me in your chit fund.
No, only ladies.
-what happened to him?
why didn't he come? -He isn't feeling well
No Kani, I want to send Rs.3,000
to my home. That's why I asked.
I said I can't.
No Kani. It's urgent.
That's why I asked.
-I said I can't.
-Please Kani.
-Karungali is watching you.
-oh God!
Kani, I am asking you.
Please join me with you.
I said don't speak.
what are you talking?
No sir, he was asking about shiffon sari.
I said to him.
-No sir, she is running
a chit fund company. -Shut up.
Kani auction chit fund.
I asked her to join in that....
but she said no.
No sir, he is lying.
No sir, see this.
-No sir!
-Come out.
I said to come out.
-No sir!
-Come out.
I said to come out.
Come out.
How many times I have told you?
Come out.
when I say it...
won't you listen?
How many times I have told you
don't conduct the chit fund?
won't you listen?
will you conduct the chit fund? Come.
Today I will beat you. Henceforth
you won't conduct the chit fund.
-Come, come inside.
-Leave me.
Brother, collect 340 rupees from
that tonsure guy who applied sandal
who is it?
Here are more people like that.
The one who applied sandal
to his head very low.
God! Venkateshwara!
Sister, come.
Venkateshwara! Venkatramana!
why are you staring at me?
You are telling him
that I am sitting in the steps.
Tit for tat.
You are girl.
Didn't he dismiss you for that?
-How did you escape?
-See this.
It is not good.
Show something.
I asked how you escaped from him?
-Do you want to know?
He pressed my breast.
I kept quiet.
Is it enough?
why Kani?
Then should I die pouring kerosene?
I came to work here due to poverty.
See this.
This is cotton.
Do you want to see some other cotton?
Show me costly than this.
See this.
This is shiffon cotton.
Sorry Kani. Please Kani.
-I didn't think like that.
-So many colors in this.
This sari is also nice.
Please Kani
Sorry Kani.
I did by mistake.
I didn't think like that.
-If you want beat me with slipper
-Go man.
Do you have maroon colour in this design?
High price for maroon color.
Do you want to see that?
Show it to me.
let me see that.
This is too is important..
Jayachandran is very important..
Only 10 rupees..
T-shirt for 10 rupees.
T-shirt for 10 rupees..?
It have the designs too..
-Shall I open and see this..?
-T-shirt for 10 rupees.
-..weighs heavy.
-Yes, buddy.
Greetings, sir!
Lift the weightless bundle first.
I think my bones will break off.
Buddy sir is standing there.
So, don't blabber and come.
-It is very heavy..
-Lift it..
Buddy, wait.
Don't leave it.
Tell me that engineer name
that who is in Ramavaram.
Arunachalam sir.
Ok sir, evening I will meet him.
Buddy, I couldn't able to lift this.
Then, leave it.
Shall I leave it?
If I leave
it will fall down.
-Let it fall.
-Let it fall..?
why are you telling this?
I will do as you said.
Ok sir!
It is a heavy one..
we will do it, sir.
Ok, definitely I will do it.
Let him crush.
Come and lift this.
Lift this.
-Keep quite.
what happened, sir?
-oh god..!
-Leave him..!
Listen to me.
Leave him.
I am telling you to leave him.
Leave him.
what do you mean..?
He did this intentionally.
I swear I didn't do this intentionally.
It just slipped from my hands.
why don't you lift carefully?
-You idiot. -It is paining, sir.
-Nothing, come this side.
-Nothing come here.
-oh god!
-Take him to the hospital.
-ok, sir.
Hey, go..!
Go and mind your work.
-oh gosh!
Sir, it's paining..
I couldn't stand this..
I have put the bundle
on him intentionally.
For you only.
The ear of the tusker has been torn.
The donkey's nose has broken away.
The eyes of the owl has gone blind.
The monkeys teeth got broken off.
He is been rolled on the floor.
The pig has destroyed..
We shall be joyful from now on.
You Karingali dog!
You damn demon!
Palkaatu pig!
Orangudi Munni!
He is a toad
He is a garden lizard
He is a dirty person!
He has a cruel brain!
You won't get the fairness
even if you rub with the gold.
-The hair won't grow in your bald head
-Even if you use the shampoo..
If we probe deeper,
he is a fraud!
He has been done with.
He acts as friend.
But is dangerous!
He won't stay in the cage
if grown fat!
what? You are looking very bright.
She is pregnant.
-Is it? Is she pregnant?
-Go. You too. -Long live.
-what Ganesa?
-what sir?
You look small..
but are doing great!
You go sir.
You don't have any work.
God bless you.
The best quality
Cheap amount..
what Kani? They have adjusted
with last year dolls.
Are they buying new dolls
each and every year?
-what Lingu? -What brother?
-what are you doing here?
-Can't you see?
-Give this letter to her.
-For whom?
-To Rani.
Give it to her.
-Here is the letter.
Not for you. It is for her.
For Selva Rani?
Not me. He is giving to her.
This doll is like you, isn't it?
Do your work.
Take this letter.
what? Is he?
Kani, have you loved anyone?
Nothing. Many guys might be around
you because of your beauty.
That's why I asked.
It is clear by seeing your face.
Seems you were roaming
with girls in your village.
-who might have loved you?
Ten guys might have come
around you, isn't it?
If you speak any more
I will beat you.
Just tell me..
How many guys you loved?
You are talking too much.
I will tell to Karungali.
How many girls you have loved?
I loved only one girl.
-which girl?
-An old lady in my village.
You nasty guy.
why are you standing there like buffalo?
why don't you come here?
why are you standing there?
Did you love the old lady?
Ouch! Her grand daughter.
She came to my village
for summer holidays.
Do you know how she look like?
who is she?
She is grand daughter of that old lady.
-She is very beautiful.
-She has tenderly looks!
My grand daughter has come from Madras.
Did you see her?
Yes, I saw her.
Don't roam in this area.
I will cut your.. go from here.
Target that green marble
Hey, take that marble
why Lingu? Don't you play?
You are the next.
Go away.
You go.
Shrewd girl!
She is looking at you.
Go and speak to her.
why did you call me?
Any time are you playing marbles
with that guys wearing trousers?
You are looking like a good guy.
Don't you wear pant and shirt?
Yes, I do wear that. one minute.
Pant is nice for you.
Pants is nice for you.
This dress is nice for you.
You are beautiful.
what is your name?
My name is Jothilingam.
My friends call me Lingu.
what is your name?
My name is Ashwini.
Ashwini? What are you eating?
what? Strawberry is a fruit.
Is this a fruit?
Buddy, did she give you?
I've heard about pear.
what is strawberry?
I feel to eat to see this.
-For me.
-Give it to me.
This fruit is sour.
You gluttons!
You will get stomach upset.
I will kill you.
Buddy, I am telling the truth.
Fruit is sour.
If I caught you,
you will be die.
-Fruit is sour.
-Henceforth, don't meet me.
I couldn't eat that fruit.
But you are showing..
Better you eat dung.
-In which shop you are buying this?
-It is not good.
-Hey Lingu..
-Hey Lingu..
-Ashwani Lingu..
-Ashwani Lingu
-Don't you see back?
-Lingu has come.
Buddy, stop.
what buddy? Why are you going
without caring us?
I will deflate the tire.
How is the relationship going on
between you and Ashwini? Tell me.
Tell me.
we love each other sincerely.
-Introduce us to Ashwini.
-Tell me.
we are also your friends.
Introduce her.
Give me some sacred powder
-Give the comb.
Clear it me
She has come.
-She has come. Am I looking smart?
-Not good.
Give the comb. She is coming.
-Buddy, she is coming.
-She has come.
His name is Ramarajan.
His name is Aathankarai.
Enough, leave her hand.
His name is marimuthu.
He is my close friend.
It is not me.
I went two times.
Give your hand.
why are you laughing?
Tell me and laugh.
Not me. She is only..
why are you laughing?
She is not Ashwini.
But she is stinking girl.
Don't laugh.
She is not Ashwini
But she is stinking girl.
..and she needs rose flower!
Because of caste, and religion
Difference between poor and rich..
Love have failed because of accommodate.
In this world your love was only
a failure because of fart.
I will tell you about my love.
But you don't tell to anyone.
I will tell to everyone.
Then I won't tell you
I won't reveal to others.
Tell me!
Promise me.
I swear, I won't tell others.
when I was studying 10th class
in Thiruchendur school..
..a boy named as Saymadurai
has studied with me.
we have seen that how the
ethane profane is produced.
when there is presence of 2 carbon
the hydrogen also should be 2..
This is what is called Methane.
-10/X-4 Square
=A/X-4 + B/X-4 square.
Now, the next step..
Then we have cut the classes..
.. like Thiruchendur temple,
Valli cave, beach etc..
.. roamed our place
till the annual exam..
-what happened then?
I got failed in the 10th exam..
But he got passed.
He didn't come to me after that.
I went to him
but he ignored me.
One day I was very angry..
I searched him in the school.
why don't you talk with me?
why do you ignore me?
Mom asked me not to talk with you
as you've failed in 10th class.
You damn it!
whom are you talking..?
Did you love with
your mother's permission?
Did you roam me with
your mom's permission?
Damn it!
whom are you..?
-Did you love with your mother's
permission? -Listen to me.
will you do this again..?
Damn it!
Not only me..
You shouldn't love other girls too.
-I will..
Oh god..!
I have to maintain the distance..
Else you will beat me too.
Then..? If anybody tries to cheat me
I wouldn't spare them.
Oh gosh..!
-where are you taking me?
-Come to me!
Sir, give me a 1 feet scale, 1 sketch pen
pocket, 1 rubber and 1 compass.
Buddy, do you want to go to school again?
Are you going to write the exam?
For that..!
Me and Kani..
-Buddy, congratulations!
-Thanks buddy.
Brother, give it to me.
Buddy, come with me.
-where are you calling me..?
-I came with you when you called me.
-Sir, give me a hair piece.
-Take it..!
-Give me a long one with curled hair.
-It is 100 rupees, sir.
I don't bother how much it costs.
Look this one, sir.
To whom are you buying?
Sofi has loved a guy in her native.
-He loved her
because of her long hair. -Ok!
One day he tried to wear the band in
her plait but it has come with his hand..
-Because she used the hair piece..
-Hair piece..! -That's why
I too bought the hair piece to lure her..
-Go man, I feel shy..
-ok pay him..
-100 rupees sir!
wait! Keep it, sir.
Keep everything.
why you came late today?
She's not that pretty
But she's incomparable
She's not that fair
Yet it's not a defect
She's not that pretty
But she's incomparable
She's not that fair
Yet it's not a defect
She's not much educated
Yet I couldn't study her fully
She doesn't dress to my taste
Yet she attracts me
She's not that pretty
But she's incomparable
She's not that fair
Yet it's not a defect
She doesn't have a dog as pet
But she doesn't mind me as a guard
She doesn't hug and sleep with dolls
Why wasn't I born as a doll?
Her hair is not that long.
I am lost at her thoughts
She's not lucky enough
to adorn a gold ring.
My desire to join her
still burning in me.
I have nothing to offer her.. say it is hers.
She's not that pretty
But she's incomparable
She's not that fair
Yet it's not a defect
She hasn't adorn silk saris!
Whatever she wears is the best.
I don't mind her when scolds me.
I like her concern
Her rose is not that fragrant
No life without her
She is not related to me
Yet I can't be without her
I can't be without her
I can't..
She's not that pretty
But she's incomparable
She's not that fair
Yet it's not a defect
She's not much educated
Yet I couldn't study her fully
She doesn't dress to my taste
Yet she attracts me
I want to tell you a matter.
-Tell me!
-Not now! Later.
Come here.
This printer..
Come here I said.
Look, what happened to this.
That 4th floor guy has repaired this.
Look at this.
Take that purchase file.
wait I will take.
-Is this?
-Take it!
It seems like a old godown bill.
There are no letters in the other side.
why are you looking sullen..
How can I talk with you?
That damn black is roaming here.
Coming Friday take the leave.
Let's us go outside.
Till that just look at me,
smile and talk with me.
You dear calf!
who wrote this love letter?
which damn girl has written this letter?
Tell me..!
If I find that myself,
I will kill you.
-Is it you?
-No, sir!
-Is it you?
Is it you? Tell me!
I am not.
Is it you?
-Is it you?
-I didn't write that, sir.
I will find it myself.
Come and stand in the line.
-Come and form the line.
I am telling you
but you don't listen to me.
Go and stand in the line.
Go that side.
Are you behaving as you like?
I will find who was that calf.
Take that man!
write down this.
I will find who is that damn girl
by the hand writing.
write down.
I didn't write that, sir.
write down.
I didn't write that.
Then you know who
wrote that letter. Tell me.
I don't know about that.
Are you playing the drama?
-You know that. Tell me!
-I don't know. -Tell me!
I only wrote that letter.
I only wrote that letter.
You damn it!
I thought that it was you
when you looked sullen?
You damn it!
How arrogant are you..?
Am I damn black?
were it your parents who've
brought me up and named me?
Is it him?
whom did you write the letter?
Tell me!
Is it him?
Tell me..!
whom did you write the letter?
Not me, sir.
Are you lying?
I am not the one sir!
It is paining.
what sir told when he
offered job for you in the shop?
Didn't he tell not to
keep relationship with girls?
-Tell me..!
-It's paining.
I swear, it was not me.
why are you afraid like this?
It is better to go back to our native and
beg than being here as a slave.
Go and do that.
Get out of this job.
I didn't know anything.
She wrote that letter to someone else
and is accusing me.
why are you lying?
Didn't you come after me and
compel me to love you?
..and wrote me many letters.
I swear I didn't write
even a single letter.
-why should I write..?
-Don't lie.
Ask her whether
I've looked at her face straight.
Didn't you look at my face?
why are you lying again and again?
You only bought these bangles
for me last week.
who bought you..?
Have I bought that for you?
Then who bought it for me?
was it someone
who offered this, then?
was it someone who offered this?
Tell me..!
was it someone
who offered this?
Are you both playing a drama?
Call the manager,
ask him to settle their accounts..
..and send them out.
Get out from the job.
-Sir, I swear I didn't love her.
-You too go out from the job.
If I don't send money to home,
my parents would suffer.
Then why did you love her?
If I lose this job,
I should stand in the street.
Go and die, man.
You idiot!
You stupid!
Tell him that I didn't love you
I will lose my job,
you damn girl.
whom did you call that?
Am I a damn girl?
I have loved you for the past 2 years.
But you have abused me as damn girl.
Am I one?
Am I..?
I need this.
I have to stand all this.
I am a sinner.
Promise me, didn't you love me?
I swear I didn't love you.
Didn't you love me..?
God knows everything.
Do you know how much
I used to pay for CMDA, corporation.., police etc..?
I am paying the money and
offering bundles of clothes.
It has taken 25 years
to stand here permanently.
They've ruined everything
in a moment.
I wouldn't be able to change this black mark
even I spend crores of money.
Tell me..!
were you blind?
Didn't you see their behavior?
How many of them
are roaming with the boys..?
No, sir! Nobody is there like that.
will you tell after
another girl die, right?
Change all the guys to another section.
Henceforth if anybody try to misbehave
with the girls, punish them.
If anyone even look at the girls,
send them out of the job.
All the boys start
to move to another section.
Go to down stairs
those who are in this section.
Ask them to go to 4th floor
those who are in down stairs. Go!
I will punish you all.
You made me..
-I will finish you. Why are you looking
at her? -I didn't see her.
-Don't beat me, sir!
-Go, man!
If anybody try to lure up the boys..
..I will cut off their throat.
You are praying
to God quite often.
I pray to God to solve my worries.
You've a good wife
and a good job.
why do you worry, then?
You know that very well.
I have begged and roamed in this street..
She too has roamed in this street..
I accepted her as my wife
when the police caught me.
Now she is pregnant.
I too have born like this and worrying..
My child should be healthy
and that is enough for me.
-I will die peacefully.
-Don't worry!
Your child should be healthy.
Don't worry, unnecessarily.
Hello, show me your ticket..
-Hai, sister.
-welcome, Perumaal.
My 1 day salary is gone,
as I went to Selvarani's death.
-Badam(almond) milk..!
-what is it?
-my phone is ringing.
-It is my ring tone.
I am Lingu's mother talking.
Is Lingu there?
Are you fine?
I will give it to Lingu.
-Your mother.
I came to Beedi(smoke) company.
Are you fine, dear?
I am fine, mom.
How is Aadi?
Aadi is at home. Kutty only
has come here to talk with you.
-mom, give it to me.
I will talk to brother. -Come on, talk.
I want to see you brother.
when will you come here?
Please come here once, brother.
I have lot of work here.
-I will come to temple festival next near.
-ok, brother.
I will give the phone to mom.
I got your money order.
I paid the school fees.
Aadi only wants..
I too want to meet,
so come to here once..
They won't come to our home.
But we have to go for
their functions, right?
Ok leave it.
Don't take it so serious.
-what dear?
-Nothing sister.
Nothing, sister.
They are my brothers.
would I leave them?
what dear?
Nothing, sister.
why does she follow us?
-I don't know.
-what happened dear?
-That is..
My brother works in that shop in madras
where you bought this bag.
I want this bag.
will you give it to me?
Please sister.
Buddy, didn't you go to bed yet?
Are you thinking about your family?
I feel I will lose my job.
I met Soundarapandi brother.
Didn't you love me?
I swear that I didn't love you.
I didn't get job anywhere.
I didn't get job anywhere in T.Nagar
because of her.
I used to sleep in the
railway station, bus stop, beach etc..
Today I remember her..
That's why I came here.
Here only..
She used to look at me and
draw the flour design here.
She always laugh at me.
Brother, don't cry.
why I should cry?
I won't cry.
If I cry,
I can't able to get job.
I will get mad.
That mad girl has committed suicide.
If I go with her, how they would
survive, in my native.
She was adamant.
She committed suicide
when I told that I didn't love her.
She thinks herself as an actress.
I am worthless guy.
I scolded her as a tart
who loved me sincerely.
I won't get a natural death.
I would get a cruel death.
Look, she is sitting there.
By mistake, I have
scolded you as a tart
Please, pardon me.
I feel scared that
I too will become like him.
I think that I too
will suffer like him.
why are you talking foolish?
I feel scared,
if I think about my family.
why do you feel scared now?
I gave that scale to Kani.
Everyone cheat girls
for various reasons.
why do you feel scared for that?
Leave it, and mind your work.
Mari brother!
Did you call me?
-Yes, brother!
-oh god, the world looks wonderful!
Tell me, sister.
-where is Lingu, brother?
He just had food and went to shop.
To shop?
He used to go to shop
with you.
But today he went early.
Is it?
Ok, I take leave.
Brother, did you see Lingu?
He went to mess with
Marimuthu to eat.
-Is it?
He told that Lingu didn't come to mess.
Throw the leftover out.
He is drinking curry!
why you lied me?
where is Lingu?
Now only he is going
after eating.
-why do you search him?
-No need to tell you.
where is he?
Do you want to talk about the scale
he gave you?
I want to talk with you.
Buddy, I have talked with Kani.
No need to worry any more.
what do you mean?
It will not workout well..
I told that you gave
that scale without any motive.
..and asked her to
return back that scale.
who has asked you to tell like that?
You were annoyed last night.
who asked you to tell like that?
You blabbered last night.
That's why I told her.
No Kani, I didn't tell anything.
-He came and told you
as his wish. -Hey..
-You only told last night.
-No Kani, I didn't tell anything.
Kani, please listen.
-Nothing sir!
-Nothing sir!
Do you know
what is happening here?
Sir ordered us to dismiss,
if anybody misbehave with anyone.
Do you know that?
Go and mind your work. Go!
Go man!
Don't lose your job.
I will finish you.
Sweep it.
-Buddy, I did this for your good..
-Go away, man!
Go I say.
I want to talk a important
matter with Kani.
will you ask her to come?
-why did you call me?
-Kani, I didn't tell like that.
-Get out! I don't want to see you.
-Believe me! I didn't tell like that.
You only said.
That's why Mari told me.
I didn't tell like that, Kani.
No, Kani!
After all this, I believed
that you are a brave man.
I should slipper me myself.
You too are like that Soundarapandi.
Do you know why Selvarani
has committed suicide?
She didn't worry about
the job and the boss.
Soundarapandi has told
that he didn't love her..
She lost her life when he said that.
It was her body that has fallen down.
I was worried about my family.
That was true.
-You have thought to leave me, right?
Don't talk and get lost.
If you stay here,
I will beat you and kill you.
Go away..!
why do you yell out?
I am asking you..
what is the sound..?
-why are you shouting..?
-Bandicoot sir!
I have hit it.
How will I survive
if you leave me?
How will I survive,
if you steal my heart?
How will I survive,
if you hurt my eyes?
How will I survive,
if you kill me with your word?
I am a bird being closed in a cage.
You are the piece of sky in my eyes.
How will I survive
if you make me to suffer?
How will I survive,
if you kill me with your word?
Even if the Gods are here..
..they are not kind to me.
My neck is tied with a stone
and am thrown in the ocean!
Is this the death of my love?
It is a camouflage everywhere!
Is nothingness erasing the love?
My plight is killing me!
How can you leave me alone?
How will I survive,
if you kill me with your word?
what dear?
Is there any test going on?
when will it get over?
-what test..? -The street dog
used to do like this only.
The female dog used to roam
the streets.
The male dog would chase and catch it.
That is called love.
You too are doing that, right?
Are you playing?
You only are playing.
You're testing his love too much.
I will take care of it!
You go and do your work.
I just informed you.
You have too much of self-respect.
I am behaving with dignity
at least with this guy in this world.
Buddy, I will take leave.
I won't disturb you any more.
I came here for you only.
I didn't listen even
my dad's words.
You aren't talking with me.
why should I be here?
I will take leave.
But one thing.
Everytime I pray God
I pray for your welfare!
That's why I told like that to Kani.
Buddy, beat and kill me
had I told anything wrong.
But don't be without talking me.
I can't endure this.
I will take leave.
Come on, man!
Buddy you go and ask her decision.
I will take care of him.
You go, buddy.
You go!
why you came here?
Come out!
I have to talk with you.
Go out before they see you.
-Come out I say.
-oh gosh! Go..!
-Come out I say!
-Go, man!
Oh gosh..!
what happened to you?
Did you booZe and have come here?
I couldn't endure your
torture even in outside..
-Listen to me! -won't you allow me
to live peacefully even in the room too?
-Listen to me..!
-why did you come here?
-Listen to me..!
-Did you get hurt because of my questions?
-Listen to me..!
I am telling you to listen to me.
I have thought very well.
Come let's go and get married.
Nothing will happen
if you are afraid.
we will lose our job. They won't
give the certificate, right?
Didn't those live in the streets?
Come let's go.
-Listen to me, Lingu!
-Come let's go.
why do you feel scared?
You have thrown the stones on me..
Then, why are you be afraid?
Come let's go!
Oh gosh! Lingu..!
If anybody see this..
-Call.. let them come.
Call them. -Oh gosh!
If they see us,
It will be a big issue.
-Go and call her too.
-oh gosh! Please..
-whoever is it...
-oh gosh!
Oh gosh!
-why did you push me inside?
why did you push me
inside and have locked the door?
You saved me because
I shouldn't get caught.
I too have the same thought.
For that you named me as..
..eunuch, coward and Soundarapandi.
I didn't have any wealth to save you,
if we get caught..
Your dad too didn't have
any wealth to give..
..Rs.1,00,000 as a gift money
to the groom.
what did you say..?
You tried to leave me once, right?
Are you a millionaire's daughter for that?
That's why I have thought
about your wealth.
The people like us
should think for our life long.
I thought not to leave our families.
was it wrong?
I have loved the one who
didn't even understand this.
But now only I realiZe that it was wrong.
You too like that Selvarani the one who
died without understanding Soundarapandi
If I follow you again, beat me
with snapped slipper.
-Did you talk with her?
-Yes, I have.
Superb, buddy.
Buddy, show that.
It looks big.
Sir, take it.
This is a torn note.
Pardon me, sir.
I didn't see that.
I didn't give that intentionally.
where are you from?
we are from IttamoZhi
in Thirunelveli.
My name is Lingu!
He is Marimuthu..
Sir, where are you from?
I am from Thanjavur.
I am doing the business
here for the past 30 years.
won't the people cheat you?
One or two would cheat me.
That is the one among thousands.
Brother, 30 years ago..
I believed the human beings
and opened this shop.
There was no problem till now.
I had failed in 12th only
not in 10th..
There is a bus till..
what we have to renew the ID card.
No one told about this to me.
-Tractor is the mode of transport
-Yes, believe me.
I have to go walking only.
I was looking pretty in my childhood.
Sofi, bags are looking good, isn't it?
It is looking good
but it won't give the life.
-Go, man!
-oh gosh..! Sofi..
Hair piece, Sofi..
I bought this for you with great desire.
That damn Anthony has disgraced me
by pulling my hair.
I didn't use the hair piece
from that day.
Nobody will present this
type of things to the lovers.
Go and think something new.
Let me see afterwards.
Something new..?
New means..
Bring a greeting card, poem..
-Not a poem.. Donkey only will come..
I will write the poems too..
You go!
I wouldn't come to Chennai and
get the beat from my father..
..If I knew to write the poems.
Sofia, oh gosh..!
-Tell me!
-I have searched you only..
Just write and give me a love poem.
-Go man! I won't.
-Please only one poem brother!
-I don't know..
won't you do this to me as a brother?
-Please write and give me.
-I didn't know to write and read.
Don't lie!
Just write and give it to me.
I swear on you.
I don't know to write and read.
Are you uneducated?
I did not know it.
Go away!
Look at his face.
Oh gosh, Sofia..
what buddy?
what is your problem?
I want a love poem urgently.
Nobody is willing to write it.
-Please write me buddy..
-I don't know the poem.
But I know that my lover is Kavitha.
Shall I tell you about her?
-why are you talking about her?
-Have you gone mad? -Go man!
I don't need anyone's help.
I will write the poem for my Sofia.
why are you clapping your hands?
I am trying for the poem to come.
-He is torturing at this time..
-Dear Sofia..!
-In the way of move..
-oh gosh!
what sir? Isn't your
grand daughter well?
-Yes, dear! She has stomach pain.
-ok, sir!
-Hey girl, come here.
-Kani, Mari gave this.
Love letter?
See this!
He have lot of intelligence in him.
Those days I have teased him
as dirty mouth..
First, I have to go and ask the pardon
from Jesus, tomorrow.
See, he wrote very well.
He wrote that like fire.
I was stunned when I read that.
You are like the sky and the earth..
You are like the wind and the light..
You are like the food and my soul..
-Kamalam, come here!
we have read this poem somewhere, right?
Like the sky, earth, wind and the light..
when we are in 9th standard
we studied this as memory poem.
He wrote Sofia here instead of the god.
I wondered about his intelligence.
I was fooled by believing this
as love poem.
I will see him, tomorrow.
You dirty mouth!
I will finish off you.
Let him come!
I will take care him.
Look there.
Your poet looks agonized.
Today, he will write 10th standard
memory poem and give it to you.
Tell me the result.
You are going without caring me.
Go you damn fellow.
why are you behaving like this?
Don't you get the rope
to commit the suicide?
You are the only person who gave
the memory poem instead of a love letter.
Nobody will love you
even if you die.
-Go man..!
I will write my own poem
and give it to you.
Go man!
-Go I said. -I won't need your friendship!
Leave me!
Lingu, get up!
-Get up, man!
She has come to meet you.
-who..? -Kani only.
She was staring.
I don't know what is the problem. Go!
Didn't I tell that my sister
Nagamma is doing.. keeping work in madhavaram?
-Her madam called me and told.
what happened?
..that she is not well.
She asked me to take her immediately.
She is suffering with fits
even in her childhood days.
I don't know what to do.
I feel scared.
Inform you are on leave and
wait in T.Nagar bus stop.
-I too will inform the leave and come.
How old is your sister?
13 years old!
I know why you are looking.
You are asking why she
goes for job at this young age.
I didn't have mother.
My father used to sell palm fruits
in the temple street.
He slipped and fell down
when he climbed tree.
Six months..
we sold our property and
got loans..
..and saved him.
Lot of debts are over.
My sister and me work here
and repaying the loans.
My father is on house arrest
at my aunt's house.
Debtors are not allowing him
to go out from there.
-who is it?
-I am Nagamma's sister.
The dog is being tied.
Come inside.
Madam, what happened to my sister?
-Didn't she inform you?
She has become matured.
Look..! There is lot of
customs in my house.
He is doing the prayers.
I made your sister
sit in the garden.
Take her with you.
Allow her to bath and do
the customs and bring back here.
I don't have any others
to work in her place.
Dear, Nagu..
Get up, Nagu.
-Dear, Nagu..
Did you stay here for the whole night?
She told not to come inside.
Are they human beings?
Kani, let's go!
Here, take this 50 rupees.
No need, madam.
Don't you want?
Then go.
I don't know where I should go
and what to do..
I made a matured girl
to stand in the road.
Sister, don't cry.
Oh my God..!
Don't cry, sister.
I didn't allow her to walk and
do the work when I am in my native.
I don't know how I am going
to conduct the ceremony.
I am like a beggar that
who doesn't have any relations..
Don't cry, sister.
No need to celebrate the function, sister.
Don't cry, Kani.
To the temple..?
She should not go to the temple.
That is condemnable.
Human beings only see the customs.
God won't see that.
-No Lingu..
-wait I will go and ask.
My sister became matured.
I don't know what to do.
Don't worry! There are no
restrictions in this temple.
You go and ask her to come.
Fall down on her feet and
get the blessings.
Be prosperous.
Thanks a lot, madam.
Don't cry, dear.
She told that she didn't sleep
the whole night.
That's why she went
to sleep very soon.
Ok, I will take leave.
what Ganesa..?
I heard that your wife
begot the child.
I couldn't able to
come to the hospital.
How is she, now?
what child..?
why did you come very soon?
-why sir..?
-Show your child.
Look at my child, sir.
what dear..?
what sir..?
-Baby looks like him, isn't it? Look..!
Baby looks like him.
Looking short, the hands and
the legs bent.
Sir, I prayed that my child
should born like him only.
what do you mean, dear?
I have roamed in the streets..
I joined with him and
living with dignity..
If I beget the child
with normal hands and legs..
..People will say that I begot
somebody's child.
But now nobody would say like that.
People will say that he is
Short Ganesan's child only.
My darling..!
Look at my child, sir.
My darling..!
My darling.
what Kani..?
Did you send your sister to Madhavaram?
She enjoyed with the girls
for the past four days.
She was wearing salwar
which you bought her.
I was not willing to send her..
what to do..?
She has to go for the job.
But she asked me about you only.
what did you say..?
I am asking you..
Tell me what you said.
I just smiled.
what, buddy?
what happened?
Is that supervisor dead?
Did Sofia accept your love?
what man? LiZard..?
I mean Sneha..
-Is the marriage of Sneha..?
-I will kill you.
Sneha is coming to our shop
for the Ad shooting.
-Take it..!
-Put the set inside the frame.
-madam, please move.
-Take the clothes which you want..
-Take it..
-Shall we go for take..?
-Take it...!
-Shut up.
Buddy, Sneha..
Hold it.
-How are you dear?
-I am fine.
-How are you..?
-I am fine.
-Do the Ads well like
the previous Ads. -Sure..!
Sir, shall we go for the take?
Sneha's sari is not good.
what? Is not Sneha's
sari looking good?
Fine blend, sir!
-I selected that sari from your shop.
-You don't know about my shop well.
Customers will expect that
the sari should be in bright colour.
Look the set colour.
You are wearing this colour shirt
for your complexion.
She is wearing that colour sari
for her complexion.
Director, do what I say.
I have 40 years experience.
Ok I will do it, sir.
Smile please, sir.
Select a bright colour.
Is it, ok?
Sir, is it ok?
Now, she looks bright.
Then shall we go for take?
Let's see the monitor once.
Take it..
Take the clothes you want..
Take it..
Take the clothes in the offer price.
-what sir..?
-Shall we go for take?
Oh gosh! Dance moments aren't good.
why is she closing everything?
Ask her to spread out her sari
and dance like Saroja Devi.
Take it..
Sir, you are giving
new ideas like a director.
why don't you direct our next ad shoots?
Did you hear what he said?
He is asking me to direct
our next ad film.
-oh gosh! Sir..!
-Don't worry director. You only direct it.
would I spoil others life?
Take it..!
Take the clothes in the offer price..!
Take new designs of..
who is he?
why did you say cut?
You damn it!
-who is that mad..?
Her ornament has fallen down.
Ok give it to her.
Take it, madam.
Take the clothes as your wish,..
Take it in Senthil Murugan shop.
Take it..!
-Take it..!
-She will scold me..
Please only one time..
Tell him..
-what Durai..?
I am the guy who gave the ornament..
-ok, send him.
-She has said.
Madam, I am your fan.
I am working in this shop.
Oh gosh..!
You are smiling..
I will give the whole Tamil Nadu
as a present for this smile.
Oh gosh! She is smiling.
See, how she is smiling.
I brought this album to show you.
Move away and stand.
Don't push!
This is you first film's still.
-Your life story has come in daily, right?
I collected this from that.
Look, how you are smiling
in your childhood days.
This is the still when you gave
the stylish pose in Sharjah ground.
You are looking very beautiful,
Suhasini madam.
-Your real name is Suhasini, right?
-Yes..! -If others call you
as Suba, you would like that.
I know that.
-Brother, shall I take this album?
-Take it!
It is all yours!
-madam, a small request.
-Tell me!
My friends are waiting to get
the autograph from you. Please..
-Call them!
-Come buddy!
Madam, this is my friend Lingu.
This is my friend Kani.
This is Sofi,
we are best friends.
Take it..!
Take the clothes which you like.
-For what?
-I am telling you to come..! -I won't!
-Take the clothes in the offer price.
-I won't!
-Take the new designs of clothes.
Take the colourful
and variety of clothes..
Take the clothes for your wish..
Take it in Senthil Murugan stores.
You have ogled at Sneha..
Sneha is looking beautiful..
That's why.
You could talk with her as well, right...?
why did you call me?
why I have to talk with
other girls when you are here?
-would I ogle at Sneha..
..when a beautiful girl
like you is with me?
Don't lie!
-She is looking more beautiful than me.
-That is what I meant.
You shouldn't tell that.
Ok, I won't tell.
Girls are always..
-why are you wiping..?
-That is..!
-That is..!
Come and take the things you like.
Shirt, pant and the dolls
which you asked..
we have hanger too.
-Hey, Mari!
-Switch on the lights.
-ok, sir!
Take the things what you like.
-Take that pink one.
-ok, sir.
-Take that yellow one.
-ok, sir!
-Take that red one!
-Go and see what they are taking..
Correct that wig and bring here.
-Enough! Let's go, sir.
-mari, switch off the lights.
-ok, sir!
Shooting is going on.
The guys will roam here.
we wouldn't be able to find out,
even they steal the saris.
-Ask the security to stand here.
-ok, sir!
-we are caught..!
-Don't yell..
-we are caught..!
-Please don't shout.
Please don't cry Kani.
Lingu, look there is no sound.
Oh gosh..!
-we got caught.
-Don't shout..
Come let's go to the back door.
-It's all because of you.
-Don't cry!
-Don't stand before my eyes.
-Don't cry!
-I am going to lose my dignity.
-Don't cry, please.
we caught well.
-It's all because of you.
-Please, Kani..
we should have to beg,
if we lose our job.
Please, don't cry Kani.
Get lost!
Get lost..!
Get lost.
Get lost, man!
I feel blissful deep in my heart
when I utter your name.
I am struggling to live with you..
I will become the rain
when you see me..
I will become as tears
in your love..
What will happen to me
if you're not with me..?
I will burn with desire and die..
I feel blissful deep in my heart
when I utter your name.
I am struggling to live with you..
What will happen to me
if you're not with me..?
I will burn with desire and die..
Your beauty has won me
in the battle ground..
You have kidnapped me with
your looks when I see you..
You gave me the meaning
for my womanhood.
You gave me that shyness
which I didn't feel before.
My world is like a lonely forest..
You came in my life as flowers..
Oh girl, you came with the dream
which are following me.
What will happen to me
if you're not with me..?
I will burn with desire and die..
I feel blissful deep in my heart
when I utter your name.
I am struggling to live with you..
I will become as rain
when you see me..
I will become as tears
in your love..
I feel your hair like a flute..
My life will end by talking
near your ears..
I want to be close to your chest
That feeling is enough for me..
My sorrow and my pain will vanish.
I have nothing else except your love.
Oh girl, nothing is valuable
than your love..
What will happen to me
if you're not with me..?
I will burn with desire and die..
I feel blissful deep in my heart
when I utter your name.
I am struggling to live with you..
I will become as rain
when you see me..
I will become as tears
in your love..
What will happen to me
if you're not with me..?
I will burn with desire and die..
Happy birthday, sir.
-Please bless me, sir.
-Hey, Pavun get up!
-It's ok, sir! -Thiruchendur's
offering, sir. -Is it? -Yes, sir!
-Congratulations, sir..!
-Congratulations, Sir!
welcome sir!
wish you a happy birthday.
Live long prosperously!
Man has come in the floor
You go..!
I will go to down stairs and
come to the shop through the godown.
-Hey, wait..!
-what, girl..?
-Kani, wait!
-Did you come to home, last night?
-Yes, I came.
-But I didn't see you
even in the morning. -You mad..!
I only gave you the towel when you
asked me in the bathroom at morning.
Morning I took the towel
and went to bathroom.
That was the day before yesterday.
was it the previous day?
It might be.
I would have forgotten that.
wait, buddy!
Did you come to home last night?
-Did you come to home?
I have followed Sneha's car
when the shooting was over..
..and found her house's address.
-Is it..?
I didn't see you at home
even in the morning too.
How could you remember me
after you have seen Sneha?
Yes, buddy! I have Sneha's face
in my mind when I meet others.
-Yes, you may get..!
-Take it..!
When I tell your name,
in my heart..
-what song are you singing..?
-Go man..!
I feel happy..!
He is celebrating
his birthday in this old age..
It just a ring tone..
-You naughty!
-Look at her ring tone..
I am Nagu speaking.
Is my sister there..?
wait a minute.
Get up..!
Go and mind your work.
what do you mean?
what, Kani..?
Nagu is going to Assam today itself.
For what..?
That madam's daughter is living there.
She got aborted.
All of them are going to see her.
They have decided to leave Nagu there
for house keeping work.
Is it that far?
I feel scared, Sofi..!
I have advised her.
But she didn't listen my words.
She is a small girl.
what will she do..?
I can't understand anything.
Don't worry!
They are celebrating sir's birthday.
You go and bring her here.
we will take care it later.
Start..! what are you thinking? Go..!
Ok..! If anybody ask me,
tell me that I am in godown.
Ok, I will take care.
Brother go fast.
Kind attention of passengers..
Train no 5629..
Thank God! I have seen you.
No need to go for Assam..!
Come with me!
No, sister.
I am going with intention.
Gayathri loves me very much
who is in Assam.
For that, do you want to go that far?
what will happen, if I go there?
Lingu brother too told that day.
Girls should be very bold.
I am too like you sister.
I will manage..
Coming, madam.
-Greeting's madam!
My daughter is in Guwahati..
-She may told you about that.
-Yes, she told that.
But she is a young girl..
How can I send here so far?
She has matured.
She will manage everything.
But, one thing.
Don't expect that I'll increase her salary
because of going out of station.
Did you understand?
Play that Sneha's shooting cassette
which was shot yesterday.
I was searching you for the past 1 hour.
where have you been?
-I was in the godown.
-Are you lying..?
-Leave me, sir!
-I will..
Madam, today is my boss' birthday.
Please take the sweets.
-Grandma take it! -Madam, today is my
boss' birthday. Please take the sweets.
-where is Kani..?
-She is in godown.
Take the sweets.
Today my sir's birthday.
who are those dancing in this video?
Please take the sweets,
today is my sir's birthday.
what happened Kani..?
He is touching my body..
Those days I didn't mind all this.
But I couldn't endure this..
Is it the matter..?
Are you the next lovers?
Did you roam with him?
why are you staring?
will you touch the girls..?
You dog..!
Henceforth, will you touch the girls..?
Are you beating me..?
I will..
what damn thing is
happening in the 3rd floor..?
I will..
You dog..!
Come on boys..!
Leave me!
I won't leave him..!
Kill him..
-Leave me..!
-Are you beating me..?
whom are you..?
what that damn fellow has done..?
They were hugging and fondling each other.
So, I asked them to come and meet you..
But he started to hit me..
No, sir..!
He only misbehaved with Kani..
He only misbehaved with that girl..
He will do like that only..
Did you behave properly..?
I have seen you enjoying
with her at the shop last night.
You damn it..!
Do you want to have kinship of man?
why did you dance with him..?
why are you beating her?
Send us out from the shop,
if you think that as wrong.
-why are you beating for that?
-Shut your mouth.
Don't beat her.
I won't leave you without
chopping your hand.
Are you running a shop?
You are running it like a jail.
You didn't serve the food
properly even a single day.
Did you allow us to sleep peacefully
even a single day..?
You used to wake us up
by beating, right..?
He is talking too much.
-Beat and kill him.
-Go and kill him by beating.
Go and call the police.
-Don't beat him! Leave him.
-oh God!
-oh my god..! Don't beat him!
He has stolen 50,000 worth silk sari.
I asked him,
but he is refusing..
He used do this often!
It has become habitual..
Give me the way..
Move away..! Go..!
-It's paining..!
-Tell me.
-I didn't steal that.
-Tell me, where have you kept that sari.
Sir, I didn't steal that.
-Did you sell that?
-No, I didn't steal that.
-Tell me..! Don't lie.
-Don't beat me, sir!
He has stolen Rs.50,000 worth
silk sari from Annachi's shop.
He is a thief.
Tell me..! Do you know who the boss is..?
I know about his wrong doings.
He is selling duplicate goods..
He didn't give the sales tax bill..
He is giving only the computer bills.
-He didn't give anything to the workers..
-Shut your mouth..!
-oh god!
-I will kill you..
Shut your mouth.
Don't beat me, sir.
I will kill you..!
They have killed the girl
who was working with us.
I have seen that.
-But they have hidden that truth
and changed that as accident.. -Shut up.
Don't beat me..!
Sir, it is paining.
-Don't beat me, sir!
-Shut your mouth..
-Tell me!
-Sir, he is talking cleverly..
Already we have
lot of pending cases.
Tell me what do you want me to do.
we will threat and leave him.
If he creates any problem, we will tell
that he didn't work in our shop.
what do you say..?
Ok, do whatever you want.
Did they beat you well?
where is Kani?
They didn't allow me
even to take the bag.
I have taken the dresses
and ran off from there.
where is Kani?
Leave it!
we will go back to our place.
Tell me where is Kani.
They have tied her in the godown.
Buddy, stop!
Please listen to me.
Go away, man!
-Listen to me..!
-where are you going?
I want to meet Annachi.
Give me the way
I want to meet sir.
They have dismissed you from the job.
-Damn work..!
-Go out man! -Leave me..!
I won't allow you to meet Annachi.
Shut up and go out man.
Don't beat me..
I will kill you.
I will kill you, man.
Come out, man.
-Leave me..!
-Get out, man.
-I want to meet sir!
-Get out, man.
Leave him.
-Look at him, sir!
-Leave him!
Leave him!
Clear the crowd.
-Go away, madam.
-Clear them.
Go away..!
Go away, madam!
what do you want?
why are you troubling in the peak hours?
I want to meet, Annachi.
Move away!
Save your life and
go back to your place.
Else you may die..
Send Kani with me that who is in godown.
I will vacate this place.
I won't leave her.
Go and mind your work.
If you won't leave her,
I will start yelling..
I will yell out before the shop.
I will tell everyone
about your wrong doings..
I will..
Hey Pavun, leave him.
-Don't afraid about him.
-Take off your hand from his shirt.
-we should kill him..
-It is a shame for us only.
Damn it..! Not for that..!
Hey Pavun..
Send that damn girl from the godown.
Ok, sir!
No one will offer the job
for a thief like you.
Go and beg in the streets.
why I have to do the begging?
Not only your shop,
there is lot of shops in this world.
The ant too is living in the forest
where the elephant lives.
I will live in this street and show you.
Let me see that
how will you run your life.
-Go away, man!
-See how I am going to run my life.
-Get lost, man!
-Come, let's go.
I have seen lot of people like you.
Don't mind him!
Surely, we'll get the job in other shops.
Come on, man!
Don't lose your will power, Lingu.
Take those items and
sell that in the crowd.
You will get 1 rupee
as profit for each thing.
He only can able to run his life..
..the one who has know
how to sell the things.
Remote cover for just 10 rupees
Each 5 rupees and 3 for 10 rupees.
-Remote cover for just 10 rupees.
-madam, please buy this..
who are you..?
what are you doing here?
we are selling things here.
we came here to sleep.
The filthy guys
who are roaming here..
..won't leave even the beggar women too.
You bought this girl here..
You cannot sleep here.
Leave this place.
-what happened Kani?
-Something has hit me.
Nothing! Just a ball.
I feel scared, Lingu.
-Hey, go man!
-Do the batting.
who are you..?
Throw the ball, man.
who are you..?
what are you doing here?
where did you get this girl?
No, brother..
who are you dear?
-what, brother?
A figure has come here.
She looks nice!
-No, brother!
-Hey, move man!
-No, brother!
-No, brother!
-move away, man!
Come, Kani!
Don't you have sense..?
Hey buddy, it's me.
You have come in a car..?
Buddy, I didn't get a job anywhere.
Sneha came into my mind
when I decided to go back to my place.
I went to her house and fell down
on her legs and asked for job.
She too has taken me as a touch up boy.
And asked me to stay in her house.
The driver came here
to fill the petrol..
So, I came here to inform this to you..
Ok, what are you doing..?
Our Kumara swamy sir has given
things for sales.
So there is no problem.
Buddy, this is the address
where I am staying.
Call me if you have any problem.
See you, Kani!
-Buddy, see you!
-ok, buddy!
TV remote cover for just 10 rupees.
Each packet 10 rupees.
Please madam..!
-Socks for 10 rupees.
-Each packet 10 rupees. Please come..
Brother.. Here is your commission..
I wanted to ask you..
where did you stay last night..?
we didn't get a place anywhere to sleep.
So we couldn't sleep the whole night.
There is no place in my hut to stay.
Else I could take you with me yesterday.
what sir..?
Didn't you tell that your guys
are staying near Udayam theatre..
..who are doing the concrete work?
-Yes, sir..!
Brother.. why don't you
stay there today night?
-How do you feel now?
-Buddy, where is Kani?
Buddy tell me what happened to Kani?
Nothing, brother!
How do you feel?
-Buddy, has she died...?
-No, man!
Then, where is she?
Buddy, you shouldn't walk
with this bandage.
Listen to me!
Please hold me.
You would get pain.
Please hold me buddy.
Please listen to me, buddy..
Dear, Kani..
Oh God!
Oh God! Kani!
Buddy, I've brought you fruits.
Please have it.
Kani's father has come here.
Did you meet him?
Yes, I have seen.
He met her daughter.
He has gone back when he
came to know that she has lost her legs.
She won't earn the money at all.
That's why.
-what do you mean?
-Yes, just now only I saw him going!
Sir, please wait!
I am Lingu who is working with Kani.
She has lost her legs.
why are you going off, leaving her?
Don't leave her.
Please don't leave her.
I beg you... don't leave her.
I didn't leave her.
The God has only left her.
I am a sick man brother.
I am a damn sick man.
If I stay with her, they won't
allow her even in the orphanage too.
I should do begging showing her.
The dog will leave its puppies
in the garbage..
..I too have left her like the dog.
I am too like a dog.
Oh God..! my leg..
Oh God..!
who is that guy?
Is he your hubby?
Didn't you get married, yet?
Buddy, you must stay with her for
24 hours to take care of her.
Tell me whether you'll go
for job or take care of her.
I feel it is better to admit
her in the orphanage.
whatever you say..
Nobody will help you in this world
if you have no hands and legs.
we are like an orphan only.
Your mom called me from our place.
You asked me not to inform anything.
There is some problem in your home.
what's your name, dear?
Please sign in this.
You too leave this place
without telling me like my dad.
Are there any other patients
in your hospital?
I have thought well, Kani.
Let us get married immediately.
we have to send the money
to our house.
Yes, Kani! I will send
the money when I go for lunch.
Brother please..
Take anything for Just 10 rupees..
3 for 10 rupees..
Please come madam... come sir.