Angel Baby (2023) Movie Script

Sh-- shut it.
[loud bang in distance]
Fuck you bitch! Come here.
Stop, Dad!
Dad! [sobs]
Let me go! No!
Dad, stop, please,
it was my idea.
Shut up!
-GIRL: No!
-DAD: Get over here!
-GIRL: Dad!
-BOY: Dad, stop!
Oh, get up here.
Stop, let me go!
Get a lesson, bitch.
Let me go!
-You'll fucking get it.
-Stop, Dad, no!
Sick and tired of this,
you hear me?
-No, let me go!
You wanna fucking get it, too?
You stupid shit!
I'll fucking kill you!
It's okay now.
He can't hurt us anymore.
[door closes]
[engine starts]
[door closes]
Val, wake up.
Come on, Val,
you gotta eat something.
Can you shut the windows?
It's hurting my ears.
They're not open.
I'm not hungry.
[knock on the door]
I brought you guys some soup.
Of course.
How is she?
Not good.
She hasn't wanted to eat.
That's expected.
Losing your twin babies
is one of the worst things
you could ever experience.
She has become sensitive
to city noise,
it's driving her crazy.
Maybe consider moving
away from the city.
I mean, that'd be nice,
but we can't afford that.
The best way for both of you
to pass this
is to move to a new environment.
One that's not gonna
remind you of your loss.
Let me go check on her.
Yeah, yeah.
[door opens]
Hey, sweetie.
Came to see how you're doing?
Let me take a look
and see how it's healing.
It's looking good.
But you need to get up
every couple of hours,
so you don't get
any blood clots,
and I need you to promise me
you'll eat something
Don't forget to take
the Oxycodone for the pain
and the meds I gave you.
Anyway, I--
I wish I could stay longer,
I have to get back to work.
And it's no one's fault,
it's not your fault.
Love you.
Love you, too. [kisses]
Alright, hang in there.
-JUSTIN: Thanks for stopping by.
Of course, she promised me
she'd eat,
so try giving her
some of the soup I brought.
And I would get rid of the crib,
so she's not reminded all day.
And seriously, Justin,
really consider moving
to quieter place,
away from the noise.
Think about it.
The mountains, the fresh air,
be good for her.
Come on.
[door opens]
Thanks, Chloe.
[door closes]
[birds chirping in distance]
[door opens and closes in back]
-Hi, honey.
-JUSTIN: How are ya?
-Good how was work?
-[smooch] Good?
Looks like you got
your appetite back.
Slowly. [chuckles]
That's good.
I have a little surprise
for you.
-VAL: Yeah?
-What is it?
Our new home.
No, I'm serious,
this is our new home.
We cannot afford that.
I've been saving up
and it was an absolute steal.
It's this cute
little mountain town
about a 100 miles
away from here.
No traffic, no city noise.
That's so nice, hon.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You really like it?
Oh, we're gonna love it.
[birds chirping in distance]
We're here.
I'll get the bags later.
-Oh, wait.
What are you doing?
I wanna make this
special for you.
You got the keys?
Yes, thank you.
Now, I didn't have time
to clean it all.
That's okay.
Wow, it's so beautiful!
You like it.
I love it.
So different.
Well, welcome home.
I'll start unloading the car
and you have a look around.
-VAL: Okay.
-JUSTIN:I'll be back.
I'm so sorry,
they didn't make it.
So, what do you think?
No honking.
No sirens, just silence.
You okay?
I just got dizzy.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Why don't we get inside
and you can rest a little?
I got you.
[Val sighing, groaning]
Well, look who's awake.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Wow! Thank you.
That's so sweet of you.
You were out.
I was?
16 hours.
I didn't even feel like I slept.
You needed some rest.
I can't stop thinking
about them.
I really hope it gets better.
It will.
I'm gonna go in town,
see if I can scrounge up
some work, okay.
Be back a little later.
I hope you have a nice day.
You, too.
-Love you.
[smooch] Love you.
[water running]
[loud bang in distance]
[water draining in back]
[lamp creaks]
[typing on keyboard]
[electricity fluctuating]
[typing on phone]
[floor creaking]
[Val screaming]
What's up?
Oh, babe,
I'm so glad you're here.
I just saw a freakin' rat
come outta there.
-JUSTIN: Rat? [laughs]
-That's why you're screaming?
And it's not funny,
it's scared the heck out of me.
Oh, baby.
That's where it was?
-Oh God.
Come on, let's go check
the circuit breaker.
I'm coming with you.
[Justin chuckles]
[door opens and creaks]
Wait here, there might be rats.
What is it?
[chair creaking]
Found it.
[Justin sighs]
What was it?
Just a fallen circuit.
You're so good at this.
Well, it's my job.
[stuff drops in back]
Must be a rat.
Don't worry,
I'll buy some traps.
[door closes]
[water running]
So how'd it go in town?
They need me at the inn
for a couple of days,
do some repairs.
Left my card at every shop
along Main Street.
That's great
Did you have a good day?
I guess.
You guess?
A rat ruined your day.
I'm trying to enjoy the house,
I'm just not enjoying
being alone so much.
Hey, you're never alone.
I'm with you
even when I'm not here.
[foot falling]
Val, wake up.
You okay?
Yeah, just a bad dream.
Hey, I got work at the inn,
I'm running late.
Okay, don't forget
to take your meds.
Alright. Bye.
Hey, Rose.
ROSE: [on phone]
Hey, Val, what's up?
Hi, did you send me a book
titled Angel Baby?
ROSE: [on phone]
No, never heard of it.
Oh, that's weird.
I guess I'll ask Justin.
ROSE: [on phone]
Okay, thanks.
ROSE: [on phone]
Okay, bye.
[phone rings]
CHLOE: [on voicemail]
Leave a message.
Hi Chloe, it's Val.
I wanted to ask about the meds
you prescribed me.
I've been getting dizzy
and it's just getting worse.
Please call me back, bye.
It's reading time angel baby.
[keys jingling]
[door opens and closes]
[foot falling]
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I thought you heard me
coming in.
I'm sorry.
I got a surprise for you.
You do?
The inn offered me a job.
That's great.
I told 'em
I have my own business.
That's awesome except
for the lying.
[Justin chuckles]
It's not lying, it's like uh,
expansion of the truth.
I've got another surprise
for you.
You do?
I-- I found
a Mexican restaurant,
bought us enchiladas.
Wow, I can't believe
you found that around here.
I know, I figured you'd be
a little too tired
to make dinner.
I'm always tired.
I know, it'll get better.
You hungry?
I'm starving.
Let's eat.
[fire crackling]
I can't believe I doubted
starting my own business.
I told you you could do it.
I know.
Did you leave an old book here?
No, never seen it.
Where'd it come from?
No idea.
That's strange.
I wonder who lived here
before us.
Family, I think.
Why would they want to sell
this place?
Um, probably couldn't pay
the mortgage.
I don't know for sure.
Hey, hon,
I got an early morning.
-I'm gonna go up to bed, okay?
Alright, I'll catch up.
[floor creaks]
Justin, there's someone
out there.
Call the Sheriff.
Outside, someone ran over there.
-Where? Are you sure?
-Yes, I'm sure.
He went that way.
Alright, calm down.
I'm gonna go check this out.
Careful, honey.
Lock the door behind me.
[door closes]
[door opens]
Babe, where were you?
I was worried about you.
I wanted to look all around,
I didn't see anything.
It's probably just a bear.
It's not a bear.
Yeah, well, who knows?
I'll get some uh,
security cameras tomorrow,
Before the storm, let's
go to bed.
-Freezing, come on.
[thundering in back]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Chloe.
CHLOE: [on phone]
How are you?
I'm good.
How are you, hon?
CHLOE: [on phone]
I'm great, just working away.
That's good.
CHLOE: [on phone]
Yeah, so you been getting dizzy?
Yeah, that's why
I had called you.
CHLOE: [on phone]
Don't worry,
that should go away soon.
But listen, I wanna come visit
and stay for a couple of days.
-So, you're coming?
-CHLOE: [on phone] Yeah.
That's great.
I'd love to see you, hon.
CHLOE: [on phone]
Yes, me too.
Look, I gotta get back to work,
but I can't wait to see you.
Me too.
I can't wait to see you, bye.
CHLOE: [on phone]
Oh shit!
[toaster beeping]
[taking deep breaths]
What's going on?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I-- I don't--
I don't think you are.
Yeah, yeah, see that's bad.
Let me give--
where are you going?
Can I give you a ride?
[door opens]
Now, easy now.
[door closes]
So wait, where we are going
right now?
Um, Elks Road.
You sure we shouldn't go
to a doctor or soemthing?
Oh, I'm fine.
-Just a cramp.
Alright, you sure?
You change your mind,
doctor's right down the road.
I'm Frank, by the way
I'm Val, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Oh, it's that house.
Which one? This one?
You-- you bought
the Milner house?
Why, is something wrong?
No, I just uh, I didn't know
it was for sale.
Thanks for the ride.
Is there something
I should know about this house?
[door opens and closes]
[stuff drops in back]
Justin, is that you?
Oh my God!
Val, Val, Val baby.
Baby, wake up, wake up.
Val, wake up!
Hey, hey, you okay?
I'm calling an ambulance.
No, I'm okay.
Are you sure?
Oh, baby, what happened?
Help me up.
Come on, come on.
What happened?
I don't know.
I got you.
Alright, alright.
My head.
Oh, you got a cut, hang on,
I'm gonna get something.
Let me see that.
Oh, baby, come here.
-What happened?
-VAL: I don't know.
Let me take you to the hospital.
Chloe can get it tomorrow.
She can look at it.
Are you sure?
When I saw you laying on the
floor, I really freaked out.
I love you so much, Val.
I love you.
I never wanna lose you.
I went on a walk today.
You did?
I thought you were supposed
to be resting.
I know, I just had to get out.
Well, I hope you didn't
over exhaust yourself.
I probably did.
But Frank brought me home.
Frank, the neighbor.
Did he come inside?
No, of course not.
But it was a bit strange.
It's like he knew something
about this house
and he didn't wanna say.
What did he tell you?
Not much.
But he looked shocked
when he found out that
we bought the Milner's place.
Where'd you hear that name?
A neighbor.
Let's-- let's go up to bed,
get some rest.
[stuff drops in back]
Val! Val!
Justin! [screaming]
Val, Val, open the door!
It's alright, it's alright,
what happened?
He was on top of me,
I couldn't move. I just--
It's alright,
it's just a dream.
-It's just a dream.
-No one's here.
Something's wrong
with this house.
I feel someone's presence here.
Don't believe in that stuff.
It's not real.
[takes deep breath]
[typing on keyboard]
Babe, you won't believe
what I found out
about this house.
The previous owner
was killed here.
You're not gonna say anything?
Val, a lot of people die
in their homes.
You knew, huh?
That's exactly why
I didn't tell you,
because I knew you'd overreact!
Well, you should've told me!
[door opens and closes]
[knock on the door]
-Hey there.
-Come on in.
-Home sweet home, huh?
It's good to see you.
Good to see you.
How are you?
-Oh, good, where's Val?
She's upstairs.
-She had an accident yesterday.
Oh, what happened?
She fell and hit her head.
Oh my God, is she okay?
Yeah, I mean I was gonna
take her to hospital,
but she knew
you were coming today, so.
Oh, you could've called me.
I-- I know, I--
I probably should have.
[music on laptop]
And here's the kitchen.
Antique, but that was
to be expected.
So how's it going so far,
being here?
Well, actually it's uh,
it's been weird.
Oh, I like it.
Feels homey.
Yeah, well, tell that to Val.
What do you mean?
I don't know, I guess
it just hasn't been as good
as I thought it'd be.
Well, she's going
through a lot, right?
What do you expect?
It's not just that, it's uh--
What, tell me.
I saw something last night.
Really? What'd you see?
Ooh, what'd you see?
What, a ghost?
[Chloe chuckles]
Come on, Justin.
No, you're still hurting
and grieving.
You know, it's easy
to conjure things
when you're confused
and heartbroken.
It's good to see you.
We missed you.
Sentimental Justin.
Maybe you have seen a ghost.
I can't win with you.
Trust me, it was the right
decision to move here.
[indistinct speech]
The men, I know it's hard,
because you know,
I know it's hard on you, too.
I mean, it happened to her,
but it happened to you,
you know.
So it's-- so you have to worry
about you, too.
[indistinct speech]
Oh my gosh,
when'd you get here?
[gasps] Oh, so good to see you!
So good to see you!
Oh my gosh.
-Oh my go--
-I got in just a little bit ago.
Well, come on in,
it's so cold out.
-I know. Okay, yeah.
I'll let you guys catch up,
I got some work
to do in the back, okay.
Okay, hon.
I'm so glad you made it okay.
[indistinct speech]
Can I get you something
to drink?
-I have some wine, soda, water?
Yeah, wine will be great.
-Okay, I'll be right back.
Make yourself comfy, hon.
Oh, I love this place.
[pouring in back]
And here you go!
Thanks, hon.
Wanna come to the couch
and we can get comfy?
Yeah, sure, yeah.
You look amazing.
Oh, thank you, hon.
I still got a couple pounds
on me, but--
Oh, stop.
So, how are you feeling?
I've actually been feeling
pretty good--
-CHLOE: Yeah.
-Except for the dizziness.
That's why I had called you.
Yeah, I think it might be
the altitude.
You think?
Yeah, I was feeling weird
when I got up here.
I thought it was the meds.
Mm, I don't know, I think
it might be the altitude.
I never thought about that.
See, I needed you, girl.
Oh, you're so sweet.
I needed you.
So what about you, hon?
Are you still dating
that surgeon?
-He turned out to be confused.
Yeah, he told me once in a while
he likes to date men.
-CHLOE: Yeah.
Really sad,
'cause he has a big one.
Well, at least
he had something good.
So how are you adjusting
to the new home?
Well, at first I was excited,
but I recently found out that
the previous owner
was killed here.
Oh, don't worry, hon.
It's actually pretty common
for people to die
in their homes.
Yeah, I know,
but this man was murdered here.
Oh. Maybe he deserved it.
I'm just saying, you never know.
That's true.
Thanks for having me, guys.
We needed a party.
Woah, that looks nice.
Can't believe Justin found
this Mexican restaurant
in this small town.
Oh, that's great.
I love Mexican food,
it's my favorite.
It's my favorite, too,
that's why I married
this Mexican woman.
I hate to rain on the fun,
but I think
you should switch out the wine
for some orange juice.
Another one?
Yes, you need your Vitamin C.
Doctor knows the best.
Yes, I do.
Here, cheers.
There you go.
So Justin,
how is the new business?
-CHLOE: Yeah?
Never thought
I'd own my own business.
Oh, I always believed in you.
Me too.
I always told him
he could do it.
Right, really good.
Chloe told me she's not dating
that guy anymore.
Mm-mm. [chuckling]
Really, what happened now?
You don't wanna know.
[all chuckle]
Girl stuff.
-Honey, you okay?
-JUSTIN: Val, you okay?
Just started to feel
a little heavy.
-CHLOE: Hon.
-Oh, shoot.
You okay?
Hon, if you're feeling tired,
I mean,
why don't you go lie down
for a little bit.
Justin and I can catch up.
You sure?
I don't wanna leave you here,
No, stop, no.
Go rest.
We'll have plenty
of time together.
-VAL: You sure?
Okay, maybe I'll just lay down.
-JUSTIN: Alright.
-Go take care of yourself.
I'll catch up with you
in a little.
Alright, sweety.
I'll keep that for you.
-JUSTIN: Come on.
-You alright?
-VAL: Yeah, I'm fine.
I'll put the pills right here.
[fire crackling]
Would you like more wine?
Uh, of course.
Fill me up.
[Chloe chuckles]
Mm, oh, so good
to be here with you.
Ooh, I love this song.
[Chloe laughing]
Mm, does this make you
wanna dance, Justin?
[Chloe laughs]
Come on!
Dance with me.
[Chloe laughs]
Come on, come on.
I know you want to.
Just want you to relax.
Why are you so tense?
Just worried about things,
She said, she's seen things
in this house.
Well, maybe she's losing it.
You know, some people do lose it
after the loss of a child or--
Yeah, it's not that.
This house--
This house is the best thing
for her, Justin.
Hey, don't let her
make you miserable.
I know you have to take care
of her,
but you also have to take of you
and you always have
to take care of me, too.
I mean, I need you in my life.
Remember the last time
we were together like this?
Who was that?
Must be the ghost.
I don't think
this house was a good idea.
Oh, come on, Justin.
No, I am serious.
Okay, and where
would you have gone?
You're a handyman, Justin.
You can't afford
a house in the city.
It's late. I'm going to bed.
[fire crackling]
[indistinct shouting]
Oh my God. Oh my God.
[indiscernible speech]
Please. Please.
Oh my God. No!
-Oh my God, Justin!
-JUSTIN: Chloe, Chloe,
come on, open up.
Chloe, shit, open this.
[boor bangs]
What happened?
What happened?
Let's get out of here.
No, it's okay.
Justin, I saw him.
I saw him.
Go to sleep, Chloe.
No, please stay with me.
Just tonight,
Okay, thank you.
[wind blowing]
[sends message]
Hey sweetheart, good morning.
-Good morning.
-CHLOE: How'd you sleep?
Well, this place needs
a little TLC.
Yeah, it does.
Where's Justin?
Um, uh, he was here
until a moment ago.
There's some fresh coffee
in there if you need it.
Uh, good morning.
You alright?
Sweety, did you take your meds
this morning?
Of course, I did.
Good, I don't want you in pain.
Justin and I are gonna
head into town.
Grab some fresh bread
and some things.
Well, I should come
with you guys.
I haven't seen the town.
No, hon, you need to stay here
and rest, that's how you heal.
-You ready, J?
Well, let's go.
Or the bread's all gone.
Can I get you anything, hon?
You, alright?
Is that Morgan bakery
still open?
No, I don't know.
Hey, I forgot my wallet.
I wanna come with you.
Well, you heard Chloe,
you need to rest.
Well, Chloe doesn't know
what I fucking need.
Jeez, Val,
what's gotten into you?
What's gotten into you?
We'll be back in a bit.
Get some rest.
[door opens, closes]
[wine pouring]
You always have to
take care of me, too.
I mean, I need you in my life.
[indistinct speech]
Exactly like that.
Oh, whoop doo.
Come on,
let's get another drink.
No, we should go home.
Val's probably wondering
why we've been gone so long.
Oh, Justin, we hardly
spend time together.
You're with Val all the time.
I miss you.
Come on.
Here you go.
What can I get you?
I think we're good.
Thank you.
-Come on. One more drink.
-No, no, Chloe, come on.
-No, we've had enough.
We've had enough.
Well, have a good night.
[door opens, closes]
Hey, Maggie.
Did you hear that a couple
moved into the Milner place?
Who'd be that crazy
and wanna live there?
That guy.
That's the husband
and his wife the other day.
Well, they looked like
they are in love.
No, no.
That's-- that's not the wife.
Wife's a beautiful brunette,
prettiest woman I've ever seen.
Well, look at you, Frank.
Looks like you're in love.
She's nice.
That is weird.
I know, right?
25 years, it just sat there.
Oh, I'd never live there.
J-- just...
-[steps falling]
-[wind blowing]
[upbeat music]
[door closes]
-[door opens]
-[Justin shushes]
That was hilarious, seriously.
Oh, shh, shh, shh,
I'll be quiet.
-Yeah, come on.
-That was so much fun.
Yeah, that-- that was.
[Chloe chuckles]
-I gotta go to bed.
I have to go to bed
before my wife gets mad at me.
Grow some balls, Justin.
Whatever, go to bed.
[water flowing]
Hon, you awake?
Yeah. When'd you get here?
A little while ago.
What were you doing?
Just passing out business cards.
This late?
Yeah. We--
we got some food,
had some drinks.
Goodnight, love you.
[kiss, moan]
[water flowing]
You scared me.
Are you okay?
I feel like you and I haven't
spent much time together.
Oh, sweety.
We can spend more time together
when I get back.
I'm just going to
the coffee shop to take care
of some work emails.
I'll see you later.
I'm sorry, mam,
Justin didn't come in today.
Thank you.
[knocking on door]
Who is it?
It's Frank.
I, uh, picked you up
on the side of the road
when you were dying last week.
I, uh, just came by to-- to--
to check on you.
See how you were holding up.
Thank you.
Um, oh, you know, I was--
I was gonna tell you.
I just happened to go by the--
the real estate office
and I was talking about how I
met the--
the new owner
of the Milner place
and I didn't even realise
it was up for sale, right?
And uh-- and they didn't either.
So I just thought I'd, thought
I'd pass that on to you.
Thanks. Thanks for stopping by.
Sure. Oh, also, uh,
I was at the bar and--
and I met your husband.
-My husband?
Yeah, your husband.
He was-- he was there.
Got yourself
a real good man there.
Thanks. Thanks, Frank.
[door creaking]
[pouring wine]
Hey, how about something hot?
-[door closes]
-Hey, John.
Thanks, Maggie.
that'll warm me up.
25 years all clean and sober,
thanks to you.
Did you hear the news?
What now?
A couple bought
the Milner Cabin.
I know.
My heart almost stopped, too,
when I heard.
Frank said he met the wife
and see that couple?
That's the husband.
[indistinct speech]
Burglary in progress,
246 Main Street.
Suspect described white male,
30s, wearing all black.
I got-- I got it. 587 roger.
I wanna talk to him, uh,
I'll-- I gotta go.
-I'll see you later.
-MAGGIE: Alright.
Okay. Thanks.
[steps falls]
[indistinct lyrics]
Rough day?
Yeah, I've had days
like that myself.
Mm, let me guess.
Man issues?
Oh, sweety.
Ain't no one worth
giving away your happiness.
I was married once to
a real son of a bitch.
I was so in love with him
at the beginning.
I'd do everything for him.
Even when I was dead tired.
God, how I loved that man.
And then one day,
he cheated on me.
It really hurt me.
Deep inside.
And then what did I do,
like an idiot.
I gave him a second chance,
'cause I was so in love with
And guess what?
He did it again.
Then when I was trying
to get rid of him,
he kept coming back.
He was crying,
begging me to take him back.
One night
when I was asleep in my bed,
it's the middle of the night,
he breaks into my house
and crawls into my bed.
And I pulled a knife on him,
which I happen to have handy.
And I put it right to his neck.
And I looked him in the eye,
and I said,
"You ever come back here again,
I will cut your throat
wide open."
'Cause you see men like this,
they're empty inside.
There ain't nothing gonna
fill 'em up.
Don't let anyone step on you,
'cause they'll keep doing it
over and over again
until you say no more.
[fire crackling]
[door opens, closes]
Did you have a nice time?
You heard me.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
-Where were you?
-At work.
Don't give me that shit.
You fucking liar.
I'm not lying.
Yes, you are.
I know you're fucking her.
Babe, how could you
even think that?
Don't fucking call me, "babe".
Jesus, Val.
What's gotten into you?
No wonder,
she's been drugging me.
What? Of course, she's not.
-Yes, she is.
-Jesus, Val.
Hey, sweety.
What's-- what's going on?
You both are fucking each other.
You're fucking my husband.
What are you talking about?
You were my friend.
You have no idea, do you?
You have no idea.
Tell her, Justin.
Don't, Chloe.
You're right,
this house has a past.
I've been trying to forget about
it my whole life.
-Stop it, Chloe!
-She needs to know!
Our father was fucked up.
Justin is my brother.
I'm sorry, Val.
And this was the house
we grew up in.
I wanted to tell you.
How can you both fucking lie
to me?
You gotta understand.
He-- our father's a sick man.
He was a fucking monster.
Okay? He molested me.
He abused us for years.
And that's why
I couldn't allow it, Val.
Allow what?
A child born from a Milner.
I couldn't let-- I couldn't let
the evil continue.
I couldn't let it happen again.
So I helped send
your twins to heaven.
You fucking bitch.
-Val. [indiscernible speech]
Let me go, let go!
I'm gonna kill her!
-[Val screams]
Justin! I'm so sorry.
You fucking bitch.
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
[groaning, panting]
[banging door]
[Val panting]
I know you're in there.
You're dead, Val.
-Hey, Val.
[grunting, screaming]
[body thuds]
You don't belong in this family.
[body thuds]
[indistinct announcement
in background]
Oh, hey, Valerie.
How you doing?
The doctor's gonna be
in here soon
and he'll explain
everything to you.
But for now,
get some rest, okay?
May I?
There's someone here to see you.
Um, he's been rather persistent,
but um, I'll be right here
if you need me, okay?
Hey Valerie, do you mind
if I talk to you a minute?
Good. My name's John.
I was the first person
on the scene
after your neighbor Frank
found you.
How you feeling?
We're happy about that.
We were all worried.
You've been out a long time.
Is my husband alright?
I know the doctor's gonna
come here any minute.
He's gonna talk to you
about your husband.
And I know that you,
you have to focus
on getting better.
I just wanted to stop by
and introduce myself,
say hello, okay.
[indistinct announcement
in background]
Hey, but, Valerie,
while I'm here,
can I ask you just one question?
There's this thing
that has me so curious.
Chloe Sanders.
Her body was dragged
from the kitchen
all the way down
to the basement.
Now, could you have any idea
how that could have happened?
[taking deep breaths]
I think that is enough for now,
Okay, okay, it's alright.
Tell you what, Valerie,
I'm gonna come by another time.
Maybe a better time
for you to chat.
Sorry to bother you right now.
Okay, thank you.
I'm sorry, Valerie.
He's just-- he's been clamoring
to see you
and there's nothing
you can really do
until you get some rest.
Because I need you strong
for you and your baby.
Oh, you didn't know.
Valerie, you're pregnant.
You're gonna have a baby,
it's a miracle.
The Lord
is watching out for you.
It's an angel baby.
[birds chirping]