Angel Blade (2002) Movie Script

Ah! No! No!
Mama is going to be mad...
Please let me go home...
No! Please let me go! No! Stop!
The Call of the Goddess
Bad dreams... again...
No! No... get away... Get away!
I'm scared. No... Help me...
Help me... Mama... Mama!
Why... I seem to be getting a lot of
strange dreams lately...
Good morning... Mama...
Everything is going smoothly.
Mistress Lady is quite satisfied
with the quality of the women here.
We're honored that you think so,
Mistress Nailkaizer.
We are prepared to give you
any of our students here,
in order to help move
the Mother Project further along.
You mean like
all these women you've screwed?
Oh no... we haven't done anything...
Just call it a little independent
test case we're doing...
You're hopeless.
All right, I suppose. We look forward
to the project's execution...
is what I'd like to say, but Dean...
Are you referring to the rumor that
your arch enemy is a student here?
Yes. The one who would dare
go against Dark Mother. Angel Blade!
She started the Chameleon Scissor,
and time and again destroys
our group's monsters, the GeoBloods!
Judging from her movement radius,
this is definitely the center of it.
That is why an executive like myself
had to come and pose as a professor.
As it pertains to that,
we thought we would start for you...
We know that expedience
is important,
so using Angel Blade's physical data,
we picked up a few choice candidates.
Hm? Who is this one?
Yes. This is our college's
Student Body President.
She's a senior, Group A,
Student 18, Seiryu Tenmyoin.
She's the top of her class, and
dominates all of the sports she plays.
She's the cream of the crop here,
and is a high ranking A class.
As I suspected of you, Mistress.
You have a good eye.
Hm... I see...
And speak of the devil...
You're so amazing, Miss Seiryu!
I wouldn't mind doing it with her
at least once...
Miss Seiryu...
Did you hear that the monster rapist
was seen last night again?
I heard, I heard...
Is it true that this time it was
a woman from Velnar College?
But the question is where is
the one who saved her... Miss Blade?
Rumor has it she's a beautiful woman
who looks like an angel!
Ah, I really wish I could meet
Miss Blade at least once!
Well... basically we thought
the rumored Angel Blade...
was really you, Miss Seiryu.
Angel Blade? Who, me?
l-I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking...
I don't mind. It's an honor
to be thought of our famous hero.
B-But... everyone in school
is saying that it might be true.
I was kind of hoping
it was true, too!
Me too!
I see... Well I always hope that
I can be a person who helps strangers.
Perhaps as long as
you have that thought in your heart,
any woman can become like Angel Blade.
Myself... or even you.
Miss Seiryu!
You're wonderful! I have chills!
I wish...
I could talk to her like them too...
Moena, what are you doing getting
your nipples hard over Miss Seiryu?
Take that, and that!
T-They are not hard! Quit it!
Oh my, well aren't they sensitive?
Hasumi, you jerk!
That Hasumi...
She really squeezed them hard.
They say that if you rub them,
they get bigger...
But I don't want bigger breasts
so guys can just ogle me!
But... if I did have breasts, I wonder
if I can be like Miss Seiryu...
Nah. I don't want that.
That's not me!
So listen to this, Kyoka!
Since I got into college, they've only
grown two centimeters! Only two!
Should I just give up?
Are the boing and the bam unattainable?
- Did I stop growing, doomed to an A cup?
- Okay, don't go panicking like that.
- Will mountains die?
- Okay, don't go panicking like that.
- Will they die tomorrow?
- I can only understand your point...
- I have to give up being a dominatrix,
- I can only understand your point...
- and settle for being a Race Queen,
- Anyway, relax. In my college days,
- and go hiking in the mountains with...
- Anyway, relax. In my college days,
- my boyfriend for fun, and then
- I was your size, Hasumi.
- accidentally fall into a big hole and...
- I was your size, Hasumi.
Are you serious!
Oh, Moena! Take this over
to table three, please?
Oh sure, Aunt Kyoka!
Hey cheer up, Moena!
The hope of one day not being...
the college's most flat chested duo
is right before our very eyes!
Oh for... Whatever!
Hasumi, you dork!
My my...
Jesus, they're huge...
- Sorry for the delay!
- I'm really thankful for you, Hasumi.
Her mother died when she was an infant,
and then her father went missing...
She was so withdrawn
and had no friends,
and when a distant relative
like me had to take her,
I didn't know how she'd adjust,
but since she met you she slowly...
came out of her shell, and now she can
help me down at the college caf!
The problem is that this college is
so enclosed, she's become a wallflower!
I'm worried. She's at the age where
she should meet, at least, some boys.
Yeah, this college has entertainment,
restaurants, Quick Marts,
and even lingerie shops! Everything
can be found right here on campus!
But she should get off campus more,
and get a boyfriend or two...
Or five, or maybe even ten!
Okay, then it's settled!
Get some coffee beans
and tea leaves in town for me?
You can take Moena.
And of course... keep the change.
Ooh! We'll do it! We'll go!
Right now! Mach speed!
Kyoka, you really are the best!
How a woman with those giant tits
doesn't have a man is a mystery!
- I'm so sorry, I'm very sorry!
- Seven plates in one week...
- Seven plates in one week...
Well we'll see you later, Kyoka!
Huh? Who? Where?
We're off to hunt some guys!
Have a good time.
Ah jeez, it's been nothing but legwork
for the last couple of weeks...
over these monster rape cases...
No witnesses have seen
Angel Blade save the victims...
What the hell
are we supposed to do?
For Christ's sake...
Dad is insane to try and get
the testimony of some mythic hero...
named Angel Blade
that we can't even find!
Emily, he's not Dad, he's Chief.
But Ayame,
what do these monsters want?
There's no point in attacking humans.
They can't bear their offspring.
Not necessarily.
It's the test results
from the sperm sample...
According to the biological data
we got from the monster's sperm,
the DNA patterns are
very close to that of human beings.
No way!
So they can actually
mate with humans?
On a genetic level anyway...
The monsters are taking
human form to attack the women,
so you might think of them
as an evolved version of man.
But for some reason,
none of the victims are pregnant...
What does that mean?
Well as to that... No one would know
better than their savior, Angel Blade.
Oh man... so we're back to
Angel Blade being our only lead.
It's been several eras since
this planet was destroyed by pollution.
There are only 99 Guardian Cities
where people can even survive.
Our Aquatokyopolis is one of them.
The only way to travel to the others
is by designated flight paths.
Beneath the cloud is
a world that we know nothing about.
There's no predicting what kind of
creature can be born down there...
Even creatures like those
monsters terrorizing us here.
What a beautiful breeze.
But Kyoka went through
all that trouble for us too!
Moena, we're done shopping, so let's go
somewhere with some hot guys!
I said no.
I don't even want a boyfriend.
What? Boo! Boo!
Hey you,
that was really dangerous!
Are you all right? Are you hurt?
Oh crap! The cops!
- Ah! Hey wait a minute!
- I'm very sorry!
She's sorry?
Sorry won't cut it! Get back here!
I let her get away.
I should have put her in...
- a head lock and a noogie...
- Are you all right?
She doesn't seem to be injured...
We're sorry for the trouble.
Not at all...
Well, we'll be going now.
Have a good night.
Umm... Kyoka?
Don't do that, Hasumi.
You were trying to apologize for
not taking care of her, right?
You are just so cute!
It's okay. She was just tired from
going out into town, I'm sure...
She'll be fine soon...
So don't worry, okay?
Oh my my my...
A beautiful garden of maidens, huh?
But it sure is strange.
What is?
That college is the largest around,
and it's an all women's school, but...
there hasn't been a single person
from there raped by a monster.
So that's what's going on...
I'm supposed to start work next week,
but I wanted to get used to the place.
The Dean told me that Miss Tenmyoin
would be best for leading me around,
but perhaps now isn't a good time?
No, this is my job as
Student Body President, so...
Professor Houjou, where did
you work before this?
Somewhere far away...
By far...
do you mean another city?
Something like that...
Oh by the way, I heard that the campus
has an unusual church. Is it true?
Yes, it's on the northern edge.
Supposedly, it was erected
in the ruins from the last century.
Will you take me there? I'd like
to pray on my first day here.
Of course.
It's like Emily said... This college's
students are the only ones unharmed.
The monsters, and the college...
There could be a strange connection.
Thank you Miss Tenmyoin.
Will you join me for a prayer?
Yes, I think I will join you.
Ah... Professor Houj...
Now, let's find out
if you are Angel Blade or not.
Hurry and run while you can! Go!
What in... This power...
it's not human...
I see now.
I thought that this woman
was Blade...
But I guess that means
you are the real Angel Blade...
You're wrong! I am one of
the City Number Guardians, and...
That doesn't matter!
The crimes you committed
against Dark Mother...
will be paid in full with your body.
W-What are you...
What are you doing? Hurry and...
Now, why don't you talk, Blade.
This... won't... make me...
I see... So you've received
training in resisting torture...
Then what about this?
What's the matter? Your sensitive
female parts are responding...
Oh my... the big hero
has already gotten all wet here.
Don't tell me you feel it?
Hey, slut, you like getting wet
in front of them?
I bet you just can't wait
to be taken, can you?
N-No... you're wrong... Stop...
l-I'm really... not Angel... Blade!
Oh my, and now you're begging
for mercy? How sad. Well, then...
W-What are you...
You're not! No! Don't!
l-lt's hot!
No! No... No! D-Don't watch!
It's like you're a fountain!
N-Not there! D-Don't!
This is what you get
for going against Mistress Lady...
Feel her fury with your body!
Oh yes, that face is perfect.
How is it?
Are you about to die from pleasure?
I'm getting chills, see?
Come on and sink deeper
into the hell of pleasures!
How pathetic. You're already going
to cry? The best is yet to come!
You're pathetic, you little slut!
No more, please! I'll split apart!
Please forgive me...
No more! I give up...
I give up, so please forgive me!
Please! Please! I'll do anything!
All right, you guys can do
what you want with her...
but remember that Mistress Lady
will be the one to implant her seed,
so none of you better cum inside her!
Y-You're awful. It's too awful.
No... there's no way that'll fit!
l-I'll break apart!
Suck on it.
I can't... I'm... I'm going crazy...
But... it's good... so good...
It feels... so... good. Why?
No, it feels too good!
Too good! No, I'm going to cum...
N-No... l-I... cum... I'm cumming!
What... you still want to fuck her?
Then take that woman there.
You can implant your seed in her.
No... No... No!
D-Don't... Don't come any closer!
Hurry and run away!
You saw, didn't you, bitch!
I'll kill you!
On a beautiful night like this...
Those that soil this moon with
the blood of women will be torn apart!
Ah! T-That's...
Who the hell are you?
The Moonlight Knight... Angel Blade!
The beautiful illusion that springs
forth on the surface of the moon.
A smile that springs forth
new life in desolate places.
The sadness in your heart
is transformed into a warm glow.
Are you the one?
So you're the true Angel Blade!
Then... let's see how good you are!
The sharpest blades are
the dreams you have in your heart.
The shining crucifix shines down
and wipes away all the evil.
It seems you're the real thing...
I've burned your image...
into my mind!
We'll save this battle
until the next time we meet!
Until then, Angel Blade!
So you're... Blade...
Angel Blade!
Tell me, Blade! What are they?
You're the only one who knows...
You'll find out...
W-What's wrong?
W-What is this?
Am I still dreaming?
Oh no!
Why am I dressed like this... Wha?
And these tits... Why are they so big...
And my butt, too! What?
What the heck is going on here?
Huh... who are you? Miss Seiryu!
Why are you naked...
Why... How? How!
N-No way! That's...
This! l-lt can't be!
T-This woman's... from this afternoon...
That's... that's not possible... she...
She's Angel Blade?
Nailkaizer, returning from duty.
Good work, Nail.
My beautiful clone...
We observed through your eyes...
I see, so that's the one
they call Angel Blade?
Yes... what should we do with her,
Mistress Phantom Lady...
I thought she was just
an experiment, but this is good...
Let us have some fun.
How far can she battle against
our children, the GeoBloods?
Right, Nail? Chloe! Elaine!
I see...
Nanometal Skin Strengthening System...
I can't believe the completed piece
actually exists.
It's truly beautiful...
I want it... Angel Blade!
Another storm has passed us by,
and the flower buds begin to open.
If I ever become an angel,
I want to protect the purest of dreams.
But that world still is a mystery,
which makes it more worthwhile.