Angel Falls Christmas (2021) Movie Script

[lively holiday music]
[gasping, laughing]
Thank you. Wow.
Thank you.
- Oh!
- This town loves Christmas.
So many people donated.
- They sure did.
But sometimes, even people
with the best intentions
can forget what the season's
all about.
A little reminder
can do wonders.
Everything okay, Pam?
Well, the truck still isn't
here to pick up the toys yet,
and I'm worried.
Maybe I'll call and complain.
All these beautiful toys are going
to make the children so happy.
You know, worrying doesn't take
away tomorrow's troubles,
it just takes away today's
peace. Don't you think, Pam?
I think that truck
will show up any second.
- I hope you're right.
[indistinct chattering]
[indistinct PA announcement]
Congratulations, Dr. Morgan!
I'm gonna miss our dance parties
in the hallway!
I'm gonna miss
our dance parties too!
Thank you for coming!
Ah, can't believe
you're leaving me, Ally.
Don't worry, I'm only gonna be
two floors away.
Yeah, but who's gonna take my 3 am
coffee and donut break with me now?
You know, believe it or not,
I am actually going
to miss working nights.
Well, don't tell
Dr. Chan that.
He's been asking everyone to
cover for him on Christmas Eve.
Kevin got assigned my shifts?
But he has daughters.
Ah-ah-ah, that is
no longer your problem,
Ms. Hospital Administrator.
Plus, you actually
have plans this year.
Talk about a Christmas miracle.
Hello. Ah, there's
the woman of the hour.
- Dr. Winchester!
- Dr. W!
- It's so good to see you!
- It's been too long!
I'm gonna grab some eggnog,
do you guys want some?
- Thank you, that'd be lovely.
- That'd be great, thanks.
I'm so glad you came.
- Of course!
It seems like it was just yesterday
that you were my star intern
putting all those other students
to shame, and now look at you.
Well, I learned from the best.
Oh, your dad would be
so proud of you.
I don't know.
Hospital Administrator's a long way off
from Chief Medical Officer.
- Well, he didn't get there overnight.
When's your last shift
in the ER?
Technically it's today.
My boyfriend is going to be very happy
that I got my nights free.
These hours can take a
toll on relationships.
My wife was thrilled
when I left the ER,
and she's even more thrilled
now that I'm retiring.
Wait, you are?
Congratulations, that's amazing.
Thank you. I finally found
a buyer for my practice.
So, I'm leaving tomorrow
to meet up with Mrs. Winchester
and the kids for a sunny
Christmas in Palm Springs.
- Oh!
- Cheers!
- Cheers! Thank you.
- Thank you, Dawn.
Now, I know it is your party,
but don't you have to get going
pretty soon?
Uh, right. Yeah,
I just wanted to make sure
that Mrs. Solace's
labs came back alright.
Dr. Spencer is taking care
of Mrs. Solace.
She's in good hands.
Doc, did you forget to teach
her what change of shift is for?
She's got a point, Ally.
And speaking of getting going,
I should go pack for my trip.
It's nice to see you both.
- Nice to see you.
Thank you so much for coming.
- You take good care.
- Enjoy Palm Springs!
- Okay, now I'm really late.
Hi! Ugh, I'm so sorry
I'm late.
You are actually
right on time.
I thought you said six.
And you knew I'd be
half an hour late.
But, it's only 6:24,
so technically, you're early.
- Oh!
That scared me.
- Madame.
- Thank you.
To you, Ally.
I could not be more proud.
I love you so much.
- I love you too.
So, I made us reservations
at Scopa, and I thought maybe
we could go ice-skating after?
- Ice-skating?
- Too Christmassy?
What? No, I don't have
a problem with Christmas.
Uh-huh. Says the girl whose favorite
Christmas character is Scrooge.
Because I think
he's misunderstood.
Perhaps, but for the record,
you have turned down
every Christmas-related activity
I have ever invited you to.
- No, I have not!
- Uh, yes you have.
- No!
I let you put your decorations
up in my house!
Yeah, and it was like
pulling teeth.
- Yeah, it was.
- But you know what?
- Hmm?
None of that matters,
because we finally get to spend
our first Christmas together.
First of many, I hope.
- The thing is, is I'm...
- Starving, yeah.
Don't worry, I ordered
appetizers ahead of time.
No, it's not...
A cheese plate?
No Gouda, sub brie,
extra bread,
just like you like it.
- Ooh...
Shall we?
I'm thinking maybe the gnocchi.
Josh, I have something
to tell you.
I'm working Christmas Eve.
I thought you had the whole week
off before you start the new job.
Dr. Chan needed someone
to cover for him
so he could spend time
with his kids.
I already told my family
you'd be coming.
I know, and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but I...
will make it up to you.
I promise.
I realize that Christmas
is tough for you,
and I want to be
sensitive to that.
And I appreciate that so much,
but I'm fine.
It's just...
I'm not sure I'm ready to trade
in the ER for a desk job.
Wait, you're not taking
the promotion?
Oh no, no. I mean, part of
my ten-year-plan is just...
I thought maybe...
I could pick up a couple extra shifts
in the ER a few times a week.
We barely have enough time
to spend together,
and you only have one job.
- We will make it work.
You know that my career
has always been...
Your first priority.
You just...
You don't get it.
- What don't I get?
Being passionate about my job?
Listen, I didn't say that.
I didn't mean to.
I am passionate about
my career, okay? But...
I'm also passionate about us.
I know. I know you are,
and so am I.
I mean, I brought you flowers,
didn't I?
[Ally chuckling]
[phone vibrating]
Uh, it's my replacement
in the ER,
and I will call him back.
Thank you.
[soft piano music]
It could be an emergency.
Just please let it go
to voicemail.
You're not even on-call.
[phone vibrating]
I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I will be right back.
[soft piano music continues]
[indistinct chattering]
I'm sorry, I have to go back in.
Don't worry,
I'll get the check.
My patient was supposed
to be discharged,
but Dr. Spencer's having trouble
reading the labs.
- I love you so much, Ally.
- I love you too.
I don't know how we're going
to make this work.
What are you... What?
We talked about things
finally changing.
About finally being able
to have a stable relationship.
I thought you wanted that too.
- I do!
I do, I'm just trying
to juggle everything.
That's the problem,
there isn't room for all of it.
I hoped that one day,
our priorities would align.
I don't...
I'm not sure they will.
I'm not sure they will...
I wish you could see that there's
more to life than just work.
[gentle chiming music]
And I wish you could see that
there's more to work than just work.
[gentle chiming music]
Merry Christmas, Ally.
Your patients are lucky
to have you.
[soft music]
Looked like you were in a hurry,
so I wrapped this up for you.
One cheese plate, no Gouda,
sub brie with extra bread.
Seems like a perfect night
for ice-skating.
Do you have any plans?
Uh, just work.
Thanks again.
- Oh, you're welcome.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Yoo-hoo! Ally!
- Good morning, Mrs. Blake.
- Happy Holidays.
Although, doesn't look very
happy over here, does it?
Once again, you're the only neighbor
who hasn't decorated their yard.
They can fine you for that,
you know?
I'm pretty sure
that's not a thing.
Since you could clearly use
some holiday cheer,
I brought you over some homemade
Christmas cookies.
- Thanks.
No tree? Oh my goodness.
How can you celebrate Christmas
without a tree?
This is my first week off
in years,
and I have a lot more
important things to do
than to get a tree that I'm going to
have to just throw out in a week,
along with all these silly
decorations that Josh put up.
Alrighty, dear.
I'll leave you to it.
- Wait, sorry.
Josh and I broke up.
Oh no.
He was such a wonderful boy.
Always helping me in with
my groceries. Poor thing.
It must be extra depressing
with the lack of a tree.
Don't worry, I have some extra tinsel
I can bring over when you get one.
- Oh, you don't have--
- I'll bring it by!
Now, dry those eyes and go eat
those Christmas cookies.
[distant dog barking]
[bright Christmas music]
[rhythmic Christmas music]
[gentle music]
- Hi, Dr. Morgan, you're back!
- Hey, Stacy!
How was your celebratory
dinner last night?
You two are the cutest couple.
I would do anything to have
a relationship--
Girl! Unless you're here
to drop off
an early Christmas present
for me, you need to go home!
I had some free time
on my hands,
so I figured I would come
and see if anyone needed a hand.
Mm-hmm. You do realize
we had a "Leaving the ER" party
for you yesterday, right?
- Yeah.
- Isn't Josh off work?
Okay, come here a second.
Josh and I broke up.
- What?!
Oh my gosh, Ally,
I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
I don't know. Yeah, no...
I-I just need to be here.
I need to work.
Okay, listen. Are you sure that it's
a breakup and not just a fight?
Maybe you two just need
a little bit of space.
He said he doesn't think our
priorities are ever going to align.
I'm pretty sure
that's a breakup.
Well, you know,
I'm off in five minutes.
Why don't you come with me
to the Christmas tree lighting?
Yeah, that's gonna be
a big no.
Listen, it'll take
your mind off things,
plus I have your gift in my car,
and it may or may not be
new orthopedic shoes.
[joyful Christmas music]
[indistinct chattering]
This is the perfect place
to start the healing process.
Too soon? Sorry, I'm just trying
to lighten the mood.
No, I'm good. It's just,
I got a lot of stuff on my mind.
Of course. Do you want
to talk about it?
I'm good, I'm good. Promise.
[indistinct chattering]
You know, I really don't
understand tree-lightings.
We just stand around waiting
for someone to flip a switch.
Well, the tree-lighting
is only one part.
Come on, look around!
Yummy treats, Christmas carols,
kids making crafts.
Every year, my parents and I would sit
at the craft table and make an ornament.
That sounds so special.
Yeah, it was actually one of my
last memories I have with them.
If only I'd kept
those ornaments.
I'm so sorry, Ally,
I didn't realize.
You know what? Let's just
go back to my place
and make some brownie sundaes.
- No, I'm fine.
They were happy memories, and...
besides, I am actually
having a lot of fun.
Ally Morgan having fun
at a Christmas event?
Who would've thought?
This guy!
Not Josh, that's for sure.
Well, see?
You're proving him wrong.
Yeah. Good point.
I have to prove him wrong.
No, that's not
what I was saying.
Yes! He thinks
I'm this workaholic
with no Christmas spirit,
when in actuality,
I am a workaholic with tons
of Christmas spirit.
Okay, I feel like you missed
the point there a little bit.
Uh, would you like
a paper and a pencil?
What's the paper for?
It's to write
your Christmas checklist.
All the activities
that you're going to do
in the next week to get
in the Christmas spirit!
Perfect, I will take one.
You know, maybe I don't have to
make an actual list, you know?
I could just wing it.
- Just wing it?
You've never "just winged"
anything in your entire life.
Don't think I forgot about
that improv class you took
where you prepared all of your
scenes ahead of time!
Yeah, and it worked...
kind of.
- Did it?
- Fine!
Are you...
copying off a child?
I don't know what to write.
Just think about all those
happy memories with your family,
and all the activities Josh
always wanted to do with you.
Alright, everyone!
It's time for the lighting
of the tree!
If this doesn't prove to Josh
that I have Christmas spirit,
I don't know what will.
In ten, nine...
[all]:...eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one!
- Yes! Haha!
[wind howling]
Where is it?
[man]: Is this yours?
I think you lost this.
- Uh, yes.
This is my Christmas checklist.
I'm really, really
into Christmas.
Deck the halls, am I right?
Well then, I'm glad
I found it.
By the way, I'm Gabe.
- I'm Ally. This is Dawn.
It's nice to meet you,
Ally. Dawn.
Gabe! I found your size
in the back.
Just return it back to me
when you're done.
Do you two ladies also need
to rent a pair?
Skating is always more fun
in a group.
Weren't you my server
the other night?
I was! You decided to go
ice-skating after all.
Oh, well, I think we're
actually gonna head,
'cause it's not the best
weather for ice-skating.
Oh, please.
[enchanted chiming]
The snow...
Well, doesn't
the new-and-improved Ally
want to go skating with our...
charming friend?
It would check an item
off your list.
You know what? Sure.
Let's do it.
Great, well, follow me,
I'll get you ladies set up.
[bright Christmas music]
Oh! Okay,
I think I've had enough.
I am going to go get some hot
chocolate before I do some damage.
- I'll come with you.
- No, no! Stay. Have fun.
[The First Noel playing]
Ooh! I love this song.
My dad used to listen
to the Elvis version.
It's one of my favorites too.
I'd say it's in my Top 20
Christmas songs.
Top 20?
Well, between all the different
renditions of all the classics,
there are over one million
Christmas songs.
Top 20 is very high on the list.
- Big Christmas music fan, huh?
- Aren't you?
Didn't you just say you were
really, really into Christmas?
To be honest, this whole loving
Christmas thing is pretty recent.
Tonight, to be exact.
Well, I'm glad you're finally
in the Christmas spirit.
That usually doesn't happen 'til the end
of the movie, when all hope is lost.
Yeah, well, maybe I just
lost it all a little sooner.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
That was very dramatic.
It's just, my boyfriend and I,
we recently broke up.
Hence the whole
new-and-improved Ally thing.
Hmm. I'm sorry.
But I am glad--
- No, no, no.
I'm not telling you this because
I want you to date me.
I was trying to say I'm glad that you
were inspired to improve yourself.
You see, I believe we could all use a
little inspiration like that sometimes.
Right, uh, yeah. Well...
[clearing throat]
It's getting late.
And the wind looks
like it's picking up, so...
[indistinct chattering]
Thank you for helping me cross
another thing off my list.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Bye, now!
[gentle Christmas music]
- Morning, Ally!
- Morning, Bill!
Could I get a...
- Ally.
- Ah!
- What a nice surprise.
Do you come here often?
- I do.
Although, I've never
seen you here before.
Gabe only started
a few weeks ago,
but it's like
he's been here forever.
The customers love that smile.
And I haven't been here
for a few weeks, right.
Uh, well, I'm sorry
for making that weird.
Well, you weren't making it
weird at all. What can I get you?
Can I recommend my most
favorite drink?
A delicious peppermint
hot cocoa,
extra marshmallows.
You know, I'm not the biggest
hot chocolate fan,
so I will just take a latte.
Who doesn't like
hot chocolate?
- Me.
- Okay, Ebenezer.
One latte coming up.
- Thank you.
So, how's the list
coming along?
You know, it's actually
a little too ambitious
to do it all before Christmas,
so my new idea and new plan
was to go to the hospital
and pick up a couple
more shifts,
but there's none of those
available either.
You don't seem like
the kind of person
who gives up on things
that easily.
Well, I'm not.
I've actually never given up
on anything in my life.
So, what happened
to the new-and-improved
Christmas-loving Ally?
You know, this celebrating
the holiday thing,
I haven't done in many years,
so, I don't even really know
where to start.
Hmm. May I?
The list.
- Oh, yeah.
Ambitious, here.
Christmas party,
build a gingerbread house,
buy a Christmas tree
and decorate it.
Bake Christmas cookies,
go caroling,
decorate a Yule log." Hmm...
- Too ambitious, right?
- Actually...
I have some friends throwing
a Christmas party tonight.
And we're decorating
gingerbread houses.
What do you say, hmm?
- I appreciate the invite,
uh, it's just...
Like I said before,
I'm really not looking to date.
- Neither am I.
Oh, you sure you don't want
peppermint in this?
It just seems so boring.
- Ugh, no, I'm good. Thanks.
I know what'll spice it up.
Excuse me.
[bright music]
Wow, that's actually
really impressive.
Gabe... could you go grab us some
more almond milk from the back?
Of course.
God, I love that guy.
You should go to the party
with him.
He invited me too,
but I have to work.
- He did?
- Mm-hmm.
You know, if your friends
wouldn't mind having me there,
I would love to come
to the party with you.
That's great!
You are gonna love them.
It starts at 4:30 p.m. sharp.
Wow, 4:30? That's kind of
on the early side.
But I'm excited!
- Alright. Christmas cookie?
[bright Christmas music]
[indistinct chattering]
These are your friends?
Not who you were expecting?
It's even better
than I imagined.
So, Ally, how long have
you and Gabe known each other?
Uh, we just met yesterday.
Whoa! You are moving fast.
Now, Elanor,
Ally and I are just friends.
Oh yeah, that's what
Paul and I used to tell people.
Isn't that right, Paul?
- Huh?
We used to tell people
that we were only friends.
Ah, yes!
That's right, mamacita.
He is so romantic.
So, Ally, what do you do
for work?
- I am a doctor.
- A doctor!
Wow, did you hear that, Paul?
- What? You have to speak up.
- I'm almost yelling!
Is your hearing aid on?
I don't know what I would do
without this woman, huh?
56 years, and she's just as
gorgeous as the day I met her.
[jazzy music playing]
- Oh!
- Hey.
What do you kids say,
you wanna dance?
- Uh... sure!
- I'd love to.
- Paul can teach you the rhumba!
- Yeah!
It's much more
than just a vacuum.
[jazzy music continues]
There we go.
Sorry for the mess.
We're currently understaffed,
and my boss is spending
the holidays in Barbados, so...
please bear with me.
I don't usually do
the interviews.
- Oh, you're doing great.
- Thanks.
[phone ringing]
So, uh, the agency
didn't send me much.
What experience do you have?
Oh, I've done a little bit
of everything.
But mostly,
I'd say I'm a teacher.
Wow. That's great, I used
to want to be a teacher.
Oh, there's nothing
like having the privilege
of helping someone reach
their full potential.
Yeah. Couldn't agree more.
Well, this job isn't quite
as rewarding as teaching.
It's a lot of scheduling...
...and filing...
...handling the phones.
[phone ringing]
Do you have any experience
answering calls?
Oh, I've been answering calls
since long before you were born.
Here's the thing, Maureen.
We really need someone
who will thrive
in a fast-paced environment
and not let anything fall
through the cracks.
Oh, well,
I don't miss much, Josh.
For example, at the rate
you're drinking that coffee,
you clearly didn't sleep well
last night,
which is why you just put the
athlete's foot campaign materials
into the floss campaign folder.
[playful music]
Oh, and that phone call
that you're waiting for,
I'd recommend that
you just call them yourself.
You know, behind every fear,
there's a miracle happening.
Now, I know I'm a little bit
older than your other candidates,
but I'm a fast learner,
and I can do a lot here.
Christmas cookie?
[playful holiday music]
When can you start?
You know, that was actually
one of my favorite
Christmas parties
I've ever been to.
Plus, it saved me from eating
way too much cheese
and blubbering through
'90s rom-coms.
Well, I'm glad I could get
your mind off things.
And check two items
off your list.
Wow! We only have
six left to go.
Yeah, I think we make
a good team, don't you?
I guess we do.
What's next on the list?
Tomorrow is Christmas tree
Care to join?
I do love Christmas tree
Nothing like the smell of fresh
pine on a Christmas tree lot
to put you in
the holiday spirit.
Oh, no, I was thinking
of getting one of those
tabletop tree things
from the store.
When was the last time you were
actually at a Christmas tree lot?
A very long time ago.
I see it as my duty as your recently
appointed Christmas list partner
to take you to one.
[bright music]
[indistinct chattering]
You don't like any of these?
What about this one?
Picture perfect!
No, that's not the one.
You know, for someone
who had their heart set
on a tabletop tree
less than 24 hours ago,
you sure have a specific vision!
Now, that is a tree!
That pink thing?
Is that even a real tree?
Yes! It's called
a flocked tree.
It's just like the real ones,
except it's covered
in pink powder.
I didn't take you for a
pink-flocked-tree type of girl.
We had this tradition
in my family, and every year,
someone different
got to choose the tree.
My dad would always choose
the picture-perfect classic one,
and then my mom would choose
the smaller, more sparse one
that she thought
no one was gonna buy.
And you chose this...
pink thing.
My parents hated it.
They'd practically beg me just
to find a normal, green tree.
But then I'd throw a little tantrum,
and they eventually gave in.
Sounds like they were
great parents.
They were.
They were.
So... going
for the normal tree?
- Hurry up, Daddy!
- Oh, slow down, Michaela!
There has to be a way to make it work!
I love her too much.
Right, but again,
which tree were you thinking?
Sorry, sorry, I don't mean
to keep talking about her.
Nah, you can talk
about her all you want.
After everything you've done for me,
I'm happy to listen.
I appreciate it.
Do you know what? Maureen's
right. I need to call her.
- Who's Maureen?
- Oh, she is this--
Alright, alright, look. Josh?
I love Ally, I do,
but I also think you guys
clearly have some things
to work through, okay?
We both said things in the heat of
the moment that we didn't mean.
I don't know,
in my experience,
sometimes, the things we say
in the heat of the moment
tend to have a little bit
of truth to them.
Uncle Josh!
Just don't sweep it
under the rug.
Okay? That's all I'm saying.
Learn from it.
It's Ally!
Can I go say hi?
Oh, she looks
a little busy, honey!
Um, maybe next time.
[Ally laughing]
Maybe he's a friend?
That I've never met before?
[indistinct chattering]
Hey, uh, I think I saw some hot
cider back there, who wants some?
- Me!
- Ooh, hot cider!
[car starting]
[bright music]
One more item checked off!
Well, I should get going.
Unless you want to stay and
bake Christmas cookies with me.
It's the next thing on the list.
Never mind, I'm sure you have
a million things to do
other than bake Christmas
cookies with me.
I'd love to make Christmas
cookies with you.
Great! Although,
I should warn you,
I'm out of almost
every ingredient.
The recipe calls for two eggs,
and I only have one.
I'm not sure we can mess up
Christmas cookies.
You clearly haven't tried
my macaroni and cheese.
Alright. Now that we've let
the flaxseed powder soak
to create a good gelatin, we can use
it as a substitute for the second egg.
How I had flaxseeds,
I have no idea.
Now, we mix all
the ingredients together.
Never can use too much sugar,
am I right?
I gotta say, I'm really impressed
with your baking skills.
I'm more of a friend at the house
taste-tester type, if you will.
Well, as someone
who loves to cook,
I very much see the value
in people like you.
Josh would love this.
Sorry. It's just,
Christmas and cookies
are two of his favorite things.
- Did he cook for you often?
- All the time.
He was obsessed with those
cooking competitions,
and he would follow all the
challenges that the contestants had,
and it was my job to taste
everything and give my critiques.
And most of the time, my notes
were that I wanted more,
because everything
was so delicious.
He would be shocked to know that
I was making Christmas cookies.
I'm so sorry, Ally.
I know how much
you must miss him.
I do. Thank you.
[door closing]
Yoo-hoo! Anybody home?
I'll be right back.
I brought tinsel!
- Mrs. Blake!
- I see you got a tree!
I saw all these ornaments,
I thought someone
must've broken in!
Oh, Ally, Ally.
Always overreacting.
Hello. I'm Gabe.
It's very nice
to meet you, Gabe.
And it's nice to meet you too,
Have we met before?
Your name is on your bag.
Of course! Silly me!
I just put the cookies
in the oven.
I'm gonna go clean up.
[exhaling deeply]
That was fast,
but good for you,
getting back on the horse.
Oh, no, no,
he's just my friend.
Oh, just friends?
I doubt that.
Uh, well, we are actually
really busy baking cookies, so--
Oh, of course!
In addition to the tinsel,
I put in some lights. You might
need something to fill up that gap.
Thank you, that's very kind.
Nice to meet you, Gabe!
I'll be back later
for some of those cookies.
Please do! Oh!
And I should mention,
there are walnuts in them.
I'm glad you said something.
I'm allergic to walnuts.
You never can be too careful.
What a gentleman!
You two enjoy those cookies.
Sorry about that. She doesn't
really understand boundaries.
Sorry about what?
I always love meeting
new people,
and she sure seems to be
an interesting one at that.
Not sure that's the word
I would use to describe her,
but... sure!
Interesting works.
She means well.
I find that when people
are overly critical of others,
it's because they're actually
quite unhappy themselves.
I'll bet there's more to her
than she lets on.
Wow, those cookies
smell amazing.
Good, I'm glad you think so.
'Cause we made a lot.
We have a lot of frosting to do.
Actually, we don't.
I have a plan.
[bright Christmas music]
[overlapping chatter]
What are you gonna draw?
You're gonna draw a heart?
Oh, that looks so cool.
Here, wanna use some green?
You guys are so talented!
Yours looks way better
than mine!
These look really good!
And they smell really good too.
Did you make all these, Ally?
Yeah, I mean,
Gabe helped a little bit.
- Okay, you two.
I'm gonna go
and finish my rounds.
- He's just a friend.
- No judgment here.
I promise.
I'm just happy
to see you smiling again.
And I'll come check
on you guys later.
Save me a cookie, okay, guys?
I'm starting to understand
why everyone loves Christmas.
You know, the smell of pine,
baking cookies...
Maybe you're not as devoid of
Christmas cheer as you once thought.
- Just wish I would've
realized that before my breakup.
It's not too late, you know?
You should call him.
- There's no point.
He made it very clear that this
relationship is not working for him.
From everything
you've told me,
Josh seems to be
a really good guy.
Don't give up on him just yet.
I never gave up on him,
I gave up on us.
Well, I thought Ally didn't
give up on anything.
You know, for not being
in a relationship,
you sure have a lot
of relationship advice.
Hmm, I still have a lot
of relationships,
just not romantic ones.
I'm sorry.
Your breakup sounds
like it was really bad.
Who said anything
about a breakup?
Well, I just assumed.
I mean, usually,
after a bad breakup,
people are afraid
to fall in love again.
Hold that thought.
Look, sometimes,
a breakup only happens because
people are afraid to stay in love.
I never doubted my love
for Josh. I still love Josh.
I just can't give him
what he wants.
- Like what?
- Like marriage.
That's not something you want?
No, of course it is.
But why rush?
You know, marriage just makes
everything seem so serious.
You said you'd been together
three years? Seems serious to me.
Yeah, but it gets
really serious
when you're married
and living together,
and then next thing you know,
you're having
your first argument
about who unloaded
the dishwasher last,
and then whose sibling
is going to be
the first godparent
to your firstborn.
That's oddly specific.
I've had some time
to think this through.
Fair enough.
But don't you think
that part of the reason
that your relationship
didn't work out
is because you were afraid
of what might happen if it did?
Why would I be afraid?
Sometimes when we lose people
we love, it can be scary.
No. No, I just think our lives
are not matched up.
It's that
heartbreakingly simple.
Nothing is ever that simple.
How did you do this?
How are we talking
about my love life again?
- Call him.
- Fine.
Now, what's next on your list?
Next thing on the list,
I actually found a group online
that's going tomorrow night.
And out of all the things
on this list,
please don't make me go alone.
I've been told
I have an angelic voice.
[indistinct PA announcement]
- Hi, Josh! Happy Holidays!
- Happy Holidays, Stacy!
Let me guess, an early Christmas
present for Dr. Morgan?
Uh... Actually--
- I'll make sure she gets it.
- Hey, Dawn. Good to see you.
It's good to see you too, Josh.
Stacy, can you put that behind the desk,
I'll grab it at the end
of my shift, okay?
- Of course, Dr. Jackson.
- Do you have a second to chat?
- We gotta make it fast,
I got 15 minutes and a Cubano
sandwich with my name on it.
Literally, the people here
are ruthless.
I really appreciate you
getting that box to Ally.
I was gonna drop it off
at her place,
but I wouldn't want
to interrupt her with anyone.
Interrupt her with anyone?
I saw her
at the Christmas tree lot.
She was buying a Christmas tree.
She never gets a tree.
So, you didn't want
to interrupt her with a tree?
She wasn't alone
when I saw her,
she was with some...
extremely good-looking guy.
That smile...
Oh, yeah, you mean Gabe.
Wow, so she's
moved on already?
Where did she even find
this guy, a cologne ad?
Okay, I can't get
in the middle of this,
you know that, because Ally
is my best friend.
I know, I'm sorry.
I just...
But... between us,
as far as I know, there's nothing
romantic going on between them.
But if there were,
you already made that decision
when you walked out
of that restaurant!
What decision, Dawn?
I was just looking
for a little balance!
Balance and Ally
don't go together.
You and I know that
better than anyone.
I also know it's not healthy for
her to never take any time off.
Everybody needs a break.
- I agree.
- Exactly.
And I want to be
in a relationship
where both people are fighting
to make it work, not just me!
Maybe I'm foolish
to think she'd change.
Well, hey, she did buy
a Christmas tree, didn't she?
[man over PA]: Dr. Jackson
to the nursing...
Ugh, already?
I gotta go.
The new nurse, Zeke,
doesn't know how to put vitals
in the computer yet.
- Thank you, thank you,
for talking to me.
I know how much you love Ally,
and I'm really glad she has you.
I love you both.
Take care of yourself.
Let's go. Come on.
[bright music]
Okay... Whoa!
[phone ringing]
Okay, okay...
Ha! Looking good, Ally!
Need any help here?
Oh, I'm good. I'm good.
[indistinct chattering]
[phone ringing]
I thought you could use
a little pick-me-up.
Oh, wow. Thanks, Maureen.
Mmm, it smells incredible.
Mm... Oh, that's delicious.
What is in that?
Just lots of love.
And sugar, there's lots
of sugar in there.
Is there anything else?
No, thanks.
Actually, can I ask you
a question?
Oh, of course.
Do you think people
can really change?
I think that's one of the best
things about humanity.
Every moment is a gift,
a second chance to be the best
version of yourself.
I don't think people can change.
I know they can.
[soft music]
[indistinct chattering]
[woman]: It was nice to see you!
Have a good one.
Merry Christmas!
[clearing throat]
Excuse me.
I knew you couldn't resist
a hot chocolate.
With peppermint, please,
and extra marshmallows.
Is everything okay?
- Oh, yeah.
Just checking up on you
and just seeing
how everything's going.
Fantastic, actually.
Yesterday, Ally and I were
making cookies.
I was making cookies.
Ally was sitting there
pretending to help me.
I guess you had to be there.
Well, I'm glad to hear
that you're making progress.
But please don't forget
that we can't stay
past Christmas.
That's not an option.
Why would I stay
past Christmas?
I just told you, everything's
moving along quite well.
Remember, it's good to be
generous with your love,
but be careful with your heart.
No matter how much you grow
to love it here,
this is not your home.
would I be having
my halo polished
if I wasn't planning
on returning ASAP?
That thing was starting
to turn green.
Thank you.
So, what did he say?
- Who?
- Josh.
You called him, right?
- I did.
And it went straight
to voicemail.
Well, did you leave a message?
If you count panicking,
dropping the phone,
and then hanging up
with my foot, then yes, I did.
But in my defense,
he hasn't called me.
So I think it was actually
a pretty big move on my part.
I'm proud of you.
Are you excited for caroling?
I am. I used to go
with my mom.
Was she a good singer?
She was.
What about you?
Any caroling experience?
I leave the singing
for the choir.
I play the harp.
You play the harp?
They say I'm pretty much
a pro.
No big deal.
Oh, there we go.
There you go.
Thank you.
[joyful Christmas music]
I could've sworn
they said 9 p.m.
Could you hold this for a sec?
And it's cancelled
because of the snow.
That doesn't mean you and I
can't still go caroling.
I'll bet the weather is going
to clear up any moment.
[wind howling]
I'm freezing. Can we go?
Come on, now.
Just because the Noel-it-All
is cancelled,
and there's a giant storm
coming through,
doesn't mean that we
should just give up.
I think that's exactly
what it means.
Follow me.
[soft music]
Nothing beats Christmas
In a small town
Streets full of shoppers
Snow on the ground
Town Square red and green
Stock full of life
Yes it's just
as good as it sounds
Nothing beats Christmas
in a small town
Everybody, give it up
for Joey,
visiting us all the way
from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
What a decent rendition
of a beautiful classic.
How's everybody doing out there?
Let's keep this show moving.
Coming up next to the stage,
we have...
Ally Morgan.
Ally Morgan, come on up.
- Wait... How is that possible?
- I know a guy.
Don't worry.
It's just like caroling,
just alone,
in front of an audience.
What?! No. No, absolutely not.
I am not going up there.
- Ally Morgan?
Is that you back there?
Get on up here!
[crowd cheering]
That's your cue.
Okay, but no.
No, if I'm going up there,
you're going up there.
- No, you know I just haven't
warmed up my fingers yet.
Look, there's an extra guitar.
You said you played.
- The harp.
- There's string on it.
How different could they be?
I don't know. Just, look...
Something has been a little bit
off for me today,
and I just don't know how well
I'd perform right now.
- Please!
Please don't make me
go up there alone.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Let's go.
Can he use the guitar
in the next song?
- Absolutely.
- Perfect.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
By the way, what song
did you sign me up for?
Don't worry, you'll love it.
[soft music]
[gentle guitar melody]
The first Noel
The angels did say
Was to certain
poor shepherds
In fields as they lay
In fields where they
Lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night
That was so deep
Noel Noel
Noel Noel
Born is the King
Of Israel
[soft music]
Give it up for Ally Morgan
and her guitar player.
Great job, guys. Thank you.
Off you go. Thanks so much.
I'm your host, Angelina.
We're going to take
a brief intermission,
but before we do, I have a few
quick announcements
to the owner of a sled
with a red-nosed reindeer,
you left your nose light on.
[crowd]: Aw.
[man]: Good one!
[soft music]
Perfect. Now, just add
a new column.
Great! And you just successfully
created a spreadsheet.
Wow! You're a great teacher.
And I should know.
Yeah, well, you make it easy.
Why did you stop teaching,
Oh, I didn't.
I might not be teaching
in a school right now,
but teaching is a calling.
You never really stop.
Wouldn't you agree?
- Huh... Yeah.
I used to think that,
but you know, life happens.
What happened to your life?
I was...
two semesters away
from finishing my masters
when my little brother
got laid off
a week after he found out
he was having a baby.
So, this job offer came along
and it felt like a sign,
and I made a sharp turn
into advertising.
Planning to only work here
for a year to help Seth
and my sister-in-law
get up on their feet.
That was very selfless of you.
Oh, he would've done it
for me.
Anyway, somehow,
a year turned into seven.
You know, it's never too late
to take another sharp turn.
I've put so much time
into this job,
I'd be lost if I had
to start over.
Well, sometimes,
you have to get lost
to find the path that you were
meant to be on.
Well, it's getting late.
I'd better let you get going.
Yeah. Got a big day
with the niece tomorrow.
Better get some rest.
Hey, thanks for the chat.
You always give the best advice.
Of course.
Oh, by the way,
have you heard from Ally?
All signs are pointing towards
that not working out.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But you know,
signs can only point
in the direction
that humans place them.
Have a good night.
Wow, you are a very impressive
Yule log decorator.
You should see macram
Christmas ornaments.
Shall we?
- Ally!
- Ah! Michaela!
I've missed you so much.
Ah, and somehow, you've grown
since the last time
I've seen you.
It's... it's good to see you.
It's really nice to see you too.
And you made a Yule log, wow.
Believe it or not,
I am trying to get better
at enjoying the holiday season.
That's great, Al.
[clears throat]
Oh, of course. I'm sorry.
Uh, Josh, this is my friend
Gabe. Gabe, Josh.
I love your Christmas
Thanks! Uncle Josh
just got it for me.
I almost chose a stegosaurus
in a Santa hat.
But I like the angel more.
You have very good taste.
Well, we don't want
to keep you guys.
It was good seeing you.
[woman, on loudspeaker]:
Alright, everybody.
It's that time!
We'll be starting our annual
wreath-making contest
in five minutes.
So, if you signed up,
please head on over.
Uncle Josh, it's time!
Ally, are you going to stay
and cheer Uncle Josh and me on?
- We should stay, Ally.
Maybe I'll sign up.
Oh, adults don't usually
compete on their own.
It's more for the kids.
Somebody sounds scared.
Feeling a little rusty?
Well, I can't say I've ever
made a wreath before,
but I'm not too
worried about it.
Well, I hope this goes better
than that 2003
sledding competition
where you broke your arm.
What?! You...
You told him about that?
Uh, I don't think so.
Uh, really, we should get going.
No, trust me,
this is going to be
a lot of fun.
I'm gonna go sign up.
May the best man win.
On your marks!
Get set...
[indistinct cheering]
[Ally]: Woo! You got this!
[Josh]: Oh, this is perfect.
Okay, you grab it.
Michaela! Woo!
[indistinct chatter]
We should put
the angel on top.
[bright holiday music]
[Michaela]: Come on, hurry!
[Ally]: You got this!
Come on, get the ornament!
Is that Santa?
Only ten seconds left,
[bell ringing]
And that's time!
Hands up, pine cones down.
[soft music]
Scores are in and the winning
team this year is...
Michaela and Josh
with their angelic wreath.
- Thank you so much!
- This is for you.
Thank you. That's alright!
First place, good job!
Yeah, what I never told you
was that all those nights
you were working late,
I was actually sneaking off
to practice
my wreath-making skills.
Good job, Gabe.
Yeah, hope you had some fun.
Not at all, actually.
I've no idea what happened.
Wait, Gabe, what happened
to your hand?
Huh? Oh.
Looks like you must've
scraped it
on a pine cone or something.
What is that? What?
I would go get that
checked out.
You don't want it
getting infected.
There's a first aid
table right over there.
It's nothing.
I didn't get a pine cone.
In your dreams.
It probably wouldn't hurt
to get it checked out.
Ally, are you coming
to Christmas Eve this year?
You said you were definitely
coming this year.
I wish I could,
but I'm working.
Well, we should get going.
Michaela and I have a ton
of cookies to bake.
I hope you have a great
Christmas, Ally.
I hope you do too.
By the way, he's just a friend.
[soft music]
Come on.
[Santa]: Merry Christmas!
[children laughing]
Okay, if you want
to go this way...
Hello, Gabriel.
I thought that was you
on the loudspeaker.
What are you doing here?
I needed to talk to you
and you already went
ice-skating. Okay!
Good. I need to talk
to you too.
You know, lately,
my powers have been
acting a little weird.
First, when I tried to change
the weather for caroling.
And then, today...
Look at this.
At the wreath-making contest.
Whoa. Who knew wreath-making
was such an extreme sport.
I didn't even know
I could get hurt.
Do you know what's going on?
- Well, think about it, Gabriel.
What makes an angel
lose their powers?
I don't know!
It's never happened
to me before.
Your powers only work when you
use them in a selfless manner.
Are you?
It must just be a glitch
or something.
I also wanted to remind you
that we're leaving promptly
Christmas Day.
I hear you.
Nice ears.
A little ticklish.
[Gabe laughing]
[indistinct chattering]
- Oh, hey. Let me see.
- Mm.
And you got a candy cane
for being such a good patient.
This is incredible.
[crowd murmuring]
Sir, sir!
Sir, it's gonna be okay.
[man groaning]
It's gonna be okay.
What happened?
[speaking in foreign language]
What? I don't understand.
[speaking in foreign language]
He's saying
his blood sugar's too low.
Okay. Here. Sir, eat this.
[speaking in foreign language]
He's gonna be fine.
Go find some juice
or anything with sugar in it.
- I'm on it.
- Sir, it's okay, just breathe.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Just breathe.
[indistinct chattering]
You were amazing back there.
Me? I'm still shocked
that you knew how
to speak Portuguese.
Just something I picked up
along my travels.
Is everything okay?
Uh, yeah, I'm okay.
It's just...
That scene back there
just brought up some stuff
that I hadn't had
to think of for a while.
Your parents.
They died in a car crash
when I was eight years old.
the other driver fainted
because he had low blood sugar.
I can't even imagine.
I am so sorry, Ally.
It was the worst
Christmas ever.
So much weight.
So much weight.
What a challenge
for someone so young.
But look at you.
Look... at the life
that you have created
for yourself.
All on your own.
Well, not all on my own.
After the crash,
I moved in with my grandmother.
My life has consisted
mostly of...
frozen dinners and work,
until I met Josh.
He convinced me to move into
my grandmother's house
and make it my own. And...
...finally sit down
for a home-cooked meal.
He showed me what I needed
without me even knowing
I needed it.
Twice in one week.
How lucky am I?
Dr. Winchester,
what are you doing here?
I pulled over when I saw
the ambulance,
but they told me
everything's been taken care of
by a Dr. Morgan.
Why am I not surprised?
Well, we were just here.
It was nothing.
Nothing?! She was amazing.
I don't doubt that
for a second.
Wait, aren't you supposed
to be in Palm Springs right now?
There were a few hiccups
with the sale of my practice,
so I delayed the trip.
I'm George Winchester,
by the way.
Gabe. Nice to meet you.
- Have we met before?
- I don't think so.
Although, I have been told
I have a familiar face.
So, how does it feel
to finally have some time off?
It was tough at first,
but... I gotta say,
I'm enjoying it.
- Hmm!
- I've also decided
to pick up a couple shifts
in the ER each week.
It's hard to leave
patient care for a desk job.
I was never able to do it.
When's your next shift?
- Christmas Eve.
- Christmas Eve?!
You're young! You should be out
celebrating with friends,
not pulling an all-nighter.
What can I say,
I'm my father's daughter.
Well, your father
always prioritized
time with family over work.
He'd arrange his schedule
like crazy
so he never missed
a Christmas with you.
Made all of us doctors
appreciate the work-life balance
a bit more too.
Let an old man with nothing
to do cover your shift.
- Really?
- Absolutely.
And then, you two can spend
Christmas Eve together.
- That's very nice of you.
- But one condition.
What's that?
Think about whether
this promotion
is actually what you want.
I promise.
Then, it's settled.
Nice to see you, Ally.
- Nice to see you.
And it's nice to finally
meet Ally's boyfriend.
- Oh, uh...
- It's nice to meet you too.
- Take care.
Okay, so why am I here?
It sounded serious on the phone.
Wait, did you and Gabe elope?
No! Not even close.
I wanted to be the one
to tell you in person,
that I turned down
the promotion.
- Ah, thank goodness!
- What?!
I knew you wouldn't be happy
in a desk job.
You're meant to be
with patients.
Why didn't you say anything?
I tried. You needed to realize
that on your own.
Okay, well, that's enough
about me. How are you?
My brother is in town.
We're gonna volunteer down
at the soup kitchen together.
He does it every year.
- Hmm.
- What?
Just say it.
Josh volunteers there
every year.
I've never seen you
this distressed.
Josh is such a good guy.
- Yeah.
But speaking of Josh...
He brought this.
- Wait, you saw him?
How did he look? Sad?
Wow, this is really light.
For a three-year relationship,
I sure didn't leave much behind.
It's weird. I always told Josh
that I didn't want
to get married
because I was waiting
for my schedule to change.
That makes sense.
I mean, you were working
almost all overnights.
Yeah, but now, I realize
that was just an excuse.
I love him so much
and I want to marry him.
I just...
I'm scared.
Josh loves you so much.
Just call him.
Josh, anything you need,
we're here for you.
Hey, thanks, guys.
[jazz music]
You know, I've been
meaning to ask you
for a new book recommendation.
Oh, ah! I'm actually
re-reading A Christmas Carol.
Scrooge? Misunderstood.
In many ways,
he actually inspires me.
- Really?
- Seriously, yeah.
I mean, he starts out
bitter and greedy,
and in a matter of days,
he totally transforms.
Dickens has this great line,
he says,
"He became better
than his word."
And at this time of year,
isn't that what we're all,
you know, striving for?
Okay, you've convinced me.
So how's work?
Got any big projects coming up?
Yeah. A big campaign
for a new high-end
dog clothing line.
Wow. That's great, Josh.
Doggies gotta stay
No, no. It's pointless.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
who doesn't love a golden doodle
in a teddy bear costume?
- So cute.
I'm not passionate
about my job. Ally's right.
Have you heard anything
from her
since you ran into each other?
No. Nothing.
I'm sure she's having tons
of Christmas fun
with Gabe.
Didn't she say Gabe
is just a friend?
Well, of course she did.
What was she supposed to say?
Before your fight,
wasn't Ally telling you
how in love she is with you?
Well, yes. But it obviously
wasn't enough
to fight for our relationship.
I mean, she wouldn't even
come to Christmas Eve.
That is not a lot to ask.
Maybe not to us.
Christmas is some of the best
memories from my childhood
and yours. But for Ally,
it's some of the worst.
You're right. I should've been
more sensitive to that.
And she's right. I've been
putting my dreams to the side.
But you know what?
That ends now.
It's time to make a huge change.
A huge change?
What's that mean?
It's time for me to become
as good as my word.
Man, it's slow,
even for Christmas Eve.
Can I have my jacket?
I'm gonna take ten.
Of course.
Oh, hello.
Happy Christmas Eve.
Peppermint hot chocolate?
- There you go.
So, how are things
with Ally?
Not great.
I hate to say it,
but I don't think it's gonna
work out with her and Josh.
You seem devastated.
They're clearly not meant
to be together.
She passed on the promotion
and she's going to work
back in the ER.
- Is that so?
- Mm...
You know, I think
that my mission
was actually just to get Ally
in the Christmas spirit.
Which I've done.
- Great.
We leave tomorrow morning.
I've decided to...
continue my stay
through Christmas
and continue
my relationship with Ally.
I told, that's not an option.
I don't care if I'm stripped
of my wings.
Or if I lose all
of my abilities.
I am willing to sacrifice
whatever I must...
for Ally.
Giving up all your gifts
that allow you to help
thousands of people
in order for you to pursue
an unattainable relationship?
Tell me, is that a sacrifice
that comes from a place of love
or a place of pride?
We have an undeniable
connection between us.
What am I supposed to do?
Walk away from that?
- My sweet Gabriel.
There's no doubt
that there is a connection.
But that's not why you're here.
Your purpose is to help Ally,
not fall in love with her.
I knew you wouldn't
I've had my fair share
of ups and downs.
I'm telling you right now,
to open your eyes.
- To what?
- To what's in front of you.
Do you think it's a coincidence
that Ally keeps
running into Dr. Winchester?
Sometimes, a coincidence
is just that.
We both know
that that's not true.
We are constantly being
with unexpected opportunities.
What opportunities?
Dr. Winchester sold
his practice already.
Did he?
I think you're so
wrapped up in your emotions
that you forgot to listen.
Doesn't matter.
There's nowhere Ally
would rather work than the ER.
I'm not so sure about that.
And how do you think
she'll react
when she finds out
what you do for work?
When she learns the truth?
Your mission is not complete.
And it won't be until
you accept the truth.
It's not you that Ally loves.
[Santa]: Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, children!
Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!
[soft Christmas music playing]
Merry Christmas!
[phone ringing tone]
The number you have reached
is disconnected.
[dial tone]
Hey, Mrs. Blake.
Hello, Ally.
I just came to drop
your tote off.
Wow! Christmas decor and music.
Someone's mixing it up.
It was my dad's
favorite album.
Hmm. My daughter's too.
Used to play it for her
when she was a baby.
Elvis could always
get her to stop crying.
You have a daughter?
Mrs. Blake?
I did.
She passed away some years ago.
I am so sorry.
I had no idea.
I never talk
about her to anyone.
I figure, less people know,
the easier it is.
Well, if you ever do
wanna talk about her,
I'd love to listen.
I lost my parents
when I was young,
so I know how lonely
it can be.
Oh... Ally.
I think I may have
misjudged you.
There's just
something about you that...
- Reminds you of her?
- No, it's not that.
You remind me of the person
she could've become.
I think your parents
would be very proud
of the woman you've become.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
So, did you get a tree-topper?
An angel, perhaps?
- They were all out.
I used to have one around here,
but I can't find it anywhere.
But I thought you didn't
own any ornaments.
It's actually the one thing
I kept of my parents.
Every year, Josh would make me
throw it up on
one of my houseplants
just so that the place
wasn't entirely
devoid of Christmas cheer.
We are done.
You think your parents
would like it?
I know they would.
Now, we just need
some presents.
How about this?
Oh, that's just a box
that Josh dropped off
at the hospital.
It's a box. It'll do.
You just gotta wrap it up.
Actually, you know what,
I think the tree-topper
might be in here.
[soft music]
There it is.
- Beautiful.
My parents.
All he ever did was love me.
I'm sorry.
You are the most determined
woman I have ever met.
If you want something,
go and get it.
No. No, it's too late.
It's never too late
for a Christmas miracle.
He deserves someone better.
Someone who will make ornaments
with him
and go to his family's house
for dinner.
And maybe the old Ally
wouldn't have done either.
But the Ally I know, would.
He didn't even give me
his number.
Then, maybe you do it
the old-fashioned way.
Everyone loves a grand gesture.
Oh, what if he doesn't
want to see me?
There is no one
in the whole world who wouldn't
be thrilled to see you.
[Gabe sighing]
This last week with you...
...has been one of the best
in my whole life.
And selfishly,
I want to hold on to that.
But it's time for you to take
this next step on your own.
I don't know what to say.
This week has been
so special to me.
I wouldn't have been able
to do any of this without you.
Yes, you could.
You did.
And you deserve to be happy.
You do too.
Are you busy next week?
Could I take you for lunch
and let you know how it went?
I'm leaving town tomorrow.
For how long?
Will I ever see you again?
I guarantee it.
Thank you.
For everything.
I know I might not have it all
figured out yet,
but I know I can make it work.
the answers
are right in front of us.
We're constantly being presented
with unexpected opportunities.
You sure have been running into
Dr. Winchester a lot lately.
Yeah. Well, that's...
just a coincidence.
I don't believe in those.
[soft enchanted music]
[joyful Christmas music]
[indistinct chattering]
[soft music]
[indistinct chattering]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I tried calling.
Your phone was disconnected.
Yeah, the agency doesn't
let you keep your company phone
after you quit.
What are you talking about?
You were right.
I wasn't passionate
about my career.
I'm going back to UVM to finish
my degree and start teaching.
Josh, that's amazing.
And I've already got
some job interviews lined up
for the fall, thanks to this
new friend at work.
She used to be a teacher, so...
How's that for a coincidence?
Yeah, there's no such things
as coincidences.
I am so sorry about everything.
I was scared with how much
I loved you,
and how much it would hurt
if I ever lost you.
You'll never lose me.
And I'm sorry too.
I always say that
I have no family.
That's not true.
You are my family.
I never should've
made you choose
between me and your career.
I would gladly give up
all Christmases
and nights together if it meant
not having to live
one more day without you.
Well, you might not have to.
I spoke with Dr. Winchester,
and I asked him
what he thought about me
taking over his practice.
It's still really early
and we're figuring things out,
but it's looking promising.
Wow! Ally, that's...
So, I'm assuming this means
you'll stay for dinner?
- Absolutely.
Oh, and I'm free tomorrow.
And the day after that.
- Our first Christmas together.
- Our first Christmas.
I missed you.
[indistinct chattering]
[soft Christmas music playing]
[Josh]: Hey, Mom. Mom.
I'm sorry.
I should probably listen
to your guidance more often.
But I'm glad Josh and Ally
have their happy ending.
I'm pretty sure things
are going to get
a whole lot happier.
What do you mean?
I think we'll know soon.
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
But, man, I...
finally understand what all
those breakup songs are about.
Love hurts.
Just remember that time
heals all wounds.
I'm grateful for the time
we spent together. But...
Seeing Josh and Ally together,
it's clear to me that this
is how it's supposed to be.
I'm sorry I was harsh with you
the other day.
But I was scared that you
were going to make
an irreversible mistake.
But it might've been part
of someone's plan all along.
[soft music]
I guess there's only
so much guidance
I could give about human love
if I hadn't
experienced it firsthand.
The ultimate act of love
is to put aside pride
and giving everything
to the other person.
Which is exactly
what you just did.
I couldn't have done it
without you.
[indistinct chattering]
Now, who was this person
you fell in love with?
Uh, it was a very
long time ago.
Early Bronze Age, Mesopotamia.
Things were a lot different
back then.
Well, why don't we go grab
a peppermint hot chocolate
and you can fill me in?
Well, that story will have
to wait for some other time.
We're actually meeting
someone any second now.
[footsteps approaching]
- Hi, guys.
So, so sorry I'm late.
I didn't realize you can't ride
a bicycle on a freeway.
I know you.
You're the MC from the open mic.
Someone had to stop
you two from kissing.
It's so embarrassing.
That was my first day
on the job.
Angelina, right?
That's what it says
on my halo.
Well, you should've seen me
on my first day.
I put petroleum jelly
on my toast.
- Instead of in your car?
That's hilarious.
Gabe, you've graduated
to middle management.
And you'll be helping Angelina
with her first solo assignment.
This has everything
that you need
for your next mission.
Everybody, it's time.
[indistinct chattering]
[Josh]: Uh, everyone,
can I just have your attention
for a second?
There's something
I just wanna say. Uh...
Ally Morgan,
you've helped me
become the best version
of myself.
And I never want to spend
another moment without you.
Will you make me
the happiest
man on the planet...
...and become my wife?
- Yes.
Of course I will.
[soft music]
[applause, cheering]