Angel Has Fallen (2019) Movie Script

- Target is on the move.
third floor, south corridor.
Target moving!
Third floor! North corridor.
SOLDIER 2: He just dropped
to the second level!
SOLDIER 3: All teams
circle out and move!
This is Air One.
We still have no visual
on the target.
SOLDIER 3: All teams push down!
Move, move!
Don't let him get to
the extraction point!
SOLDIER 4: Move it, move it!
SOLDIER 3: Push, push!
SOLDIER 3: Move, move, move!
- Fuck!
Secure for drill.
In the fucking heart.
SOLDIER: Air One, you're clear to land.
You got me.
So, what do you think?
MAN: I think I'm fucking dead.
Mike, this course,
nobody makes it that far.
Don't bullshit me.
- Thanks for letting me use that.
- Yeah, no sweat.
So, where the hell did you
find this place, anyway?
During the Cold War,
they used to make cruise missiles.
I bought it for next to
nothing from Uncle Sam.
Turned Salient Global
into a 5,000-acre Disneyland.
You can come up with any scenario you
want here and put it to the test, bud.
- Any scenario.
Yeah, it's a hell of a layout.
MAN: Hey!
- What the fuck, asshole?
- Whoa, whoa.
He just kicked me
down the fucking stairs.
Well, don't stand on
the fucking stairs.
You fucking winding me up?
Hey, you don't train like it's real,
then you're dead when it is.
Cool it, Bruno.
We're all friends here.
Seems like a nice guy.
- Yeah.
MIKE: So, I went off
and bought a house,
and you bought
a small city in Virginia.
Well, as they say,
looks can be deceiving.
When DOD shut down
everyone's contracting gigs
after the Blackwater shit
it crippled my business.
All I got keeping Salient
afloat are training contracts.
The word is
David Gentry's retiring...
and you're on the deck
to take over.
Director of Secret Service, huh?
- And here I just thought you missed me.
Well, if I can get a contract for
your special ops to train here,
it'd finally get me
out of the red.
(SIGHS) Look,
let me see what I can do.
Okay? I'll bring it up to Gentry,
or whoever the new director is.
Hey, that's all I'm asking.
- All right, buddy.
- Thanks, Mike.
- Hey, when are you in DC next?
- Well, when do you need me?
I'm just saying, it'd be nice
of you to come over, you know.
Meet the family.
Throw on some steaks,
sit out back, tell lies.
Sure, I'd like that.
Just say when.
See you, bud.
- Hey, hon.
- How was the range?
Ah, easy breezy.
My friend Wade's got
a good thing going.
Bummed I missed Lynne.
How many stories
did it take this time?
The usual four.
You gonna take a shower?
No, I just washed the sheets.
I just...
You smell like gunpowder.
Yeah, you know you love it.
"Modern Nursing," huh?
(SIGHS) What, you thinking
about going back to work early?
I'm thinking about it.
But it's like she does
something so amazing every day,
I don't wanna miss it.
Pretty soon we're gonna have
you around here too more, right?
Yeah. He hasn't made
a decision yet, honey.
If you want me to,
I will march down
to the White House
and set Trumbull straight.
Think that'll work?
I can be pretty persuasive.
Trust me, I know.
Leah, we have
a good life already.
So I'm just saying, you know,
I'm not gonna get all worried about it.
MAN: So, how long
after this last concussion
did the migraines
and the dizziness start?
Pretty much right away.
And you said
it was from a car accident?
When did the insomnia start?
Well, I've always had a little.
Comes with the job, I guess.
What line of work are you in?
Computer sales.
Yeah, I travel a lot.
Mr. Jameson, you need
to be a lot more careful.
I'm seeing severe compression
between C3 through 5 in your neck,
possible spinal cord damage.
You're a disaster
waiting to happen.
Pathfinder's moving.
Just a few more of these pressers
and I'm done with this circus.
Ah, you know
you'll miss it, sir.
You have no life.
- Says the man who could be taking my place.
REPORTERS: Mr. President? Mr. President?
- Helen.
Mr. President, you promised to
amend the AUMF War Powers Resolution
to require approval
from Congress
before committing US military
forces to further conflicts.
- Is that still your intention?
- It is.
We've become complacent
to war in this country.
I intend to change that by making
it our last, but clear, option.
TRUMBULL: Yeah, Steve.
Mr. President,
with Russia continuing
to extend its military
well beyond its borders,
what is your strategy to stop them
from reforming the old Soviet Union?
Well, you'll know where I
stand on that issue at the G20.
There are rumors in the White
House that your new foreign policy
will broaden the use
of private contractors
to help bolster American troops,
who remain scattered around the globe.
Is there any truth to that?
That's all for today, folks.
Thank you very much.
WOMAN: Mr. President! Mr. President!
I swear,
these walls have more leaks
than a submarine
with a screen door.
It wasn't me.
You sure?
- I'm sure.
- Okay.
...who, once again,
leaked false info to the press.
Thank you, Sam.
I thought I made my position clear
about private contractor companies
during the election.
I am tired, sick and tired,
of a handful of people
profiting from our mission.
Hell, half these guys
aren't even American.
It's not the same fighting for money
as when you fight for your flag.
Now, enough with the leaks.
Who's talking?
TRUMBULL: Nobody's fessing up, huh?
Of course not.
Well, let me be clear.
It is not our troops' fault
that they are stretched so thin.
It's our fault.
The status quo has gone on
long enough.
It's time for a new way forward.
WADE: Well, I haven't done one of these for a while.
WADE: Oh, God.
MIKE: I forgot about that.
LEAH: What are you doing?
MIKE: You still doing this?
WADE: Here we go.
You gotta see this, babe.
It's very funny.
Yeah, well,
I wasn't much of a card player,
so I had to find a way
to spend the time.
- Mike said you grew up in England?
- Yeah, I did.
Yeah, my father was an expat.
I never really felt
I belonged anywhere.
But when I moved to the States
after school, I joined the army.
And how long did you guys
serve together?
I got into Third Batt
right after you.
- So, what, about three, four years?
- That sounds about right. Yeah.
Mike never tells me stories
about his army days.
WADE: Yeah, well, most of us don't.
It's just our way, I guess.
- But, hey, if you wanna hear a story...
- No.
- Yeah.
- No, she doesn't wanna hear a story.
No, whatever he's gonna say
is definitely inappropriate.
- All right.
- Oh, God.
Well, army cooks aren't
exactly culinary giants.
So we used to go
to this restaurant
that made the best fried
chicken that you've ever had.
And we'd eat baskets full.
And the cook,
he was this great old guy called Moe.
- Moe.
- Moe had to walk to work.
Five miles to work and five miles back.
Rain or shine.
Now, you can fry an egg on a
Georgia sidewalk in the summer.
So Mike went to every man in the
company, with a duffel bag,
and asked 'em
to put some money in, or else.
Now, your husband,
Yeah, tell me about it.
So Mike didn't quit
until every single one of them
emptied their wallets.
And do you know
what your daddy did?
Bought Moe a car so he didn't
have to walk to work anymore.
Mike Banning's one of the most
bullheaded men I've ever met.
No way was he gonna let
old Moe down.
There you go, sweetheart.
LEAH: That's for you.
Say thank you.
Drink that, please,
- and shut up.
Did you ever think
we'd live past 30?
No. Not back then, anyway.
Hell, I miss it.
The smoking,
the joking with the guys...
the adrenaline, the fighting.
- You okay?
You sure?
Hey, can I be honest with you?
I don't think I'm gonna take the
director's job if they offer it.
God, I'm not ready
to ride a desk yet.
I saw it in your eyes
the moment I mentioned it.
Hell, I wouldn't either.
We're lions.
And that ain't never
gonna change.
Tell you what, though...
I'll put in a good word for you
when they pick the new director.
Only if it's convenient.
To Moe.
To Moe.
FEMALE REPORTER: Analysts are concerned
that the buildup of
Russian forces...
I thought
you could only fit four.
Oh, thanks, I do want some.
I made some breakfast.
You want some?
No, babe, I gotta go.
I'll get some at the office.
Hey, you.
I still got it.
You look exhausted. I know you
didn't sleep again last night, and...
Babe... I'm okay.
Can we just talk about this
for five minutes?
- I gotta go.
- You're not that late.
I will see you
in a few days, okay?
We'll talk about it
when you get back.
We'll talk about it
when I get back.
I promise.
All right, Lynnie-pin.
- Can you say bye-bye?
- Bye, Lynnie-pin.
Ah, ooh, good!
AGENT: We're all set, Sector One.
AGENT 2: All clear, Sector Two.
AGENT 3: Pathfinder inbound.
AGENT 4: All units be advised,
Pathfinder Alpha.
AGENT 5: Command post,
get your middle perimeter all clear.
AGENT 6: Right, man.
- I'll be in with a few beers tonight.
But that's it. Starting today,
you're buying everything.
AGENT 7: Command post mid,
inner perimeter all clear.
FEMALE AGENT: Command post
adviced: The outer, middle
and inner perimeters all clear.
Banning copies.
You must really like fishing, sir.
It's cold as shit out here.
Anything to get out of DC
for a while.
Just don't know
who to trust anymore.
Whose idea was it
for you to throw your hat
in the ring for director,
yours or Leah's?
- Oh, mine, sir.
- Hmm.
Well, for her.
For me too.
It was... mine too.
Don't think I've ever
seen you so nervous.
Look, sir, if I'm not the...
I think it's a great idea for
you to pick up the torch, Mike.
I am selecting you for director.
I'll give it my best shot, sir.
Thank you.
That's what I was afraid of.
- What's that, sir?
- That look in your eye.
Like I just handed you
a death sentence.
Oh, if I had my way, sir, I would
keep hard-charging to the day I die.
But that's not realistic.
Give it a few days.
Talk it over with Leah,
and we'll go from there. Okay?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
Hey. Hey!
You all right?
I just need to rehydrate.
Why don't you get somebody
to cover for you?
No, sir. I'm good. I'm okay.
Mike... I'm fine.
You're scaring my damn fish.
They're frozen, anyway.
- Go. Smart-ass.
Murph, it's Banning.
Hey, can you give me a push?
Roger. I'm on my way.
AGENT: Banning's on his way.
AGENT 2: Come in...
What is that? Are they bats?
Drones! They're drones!
MIKE: Murph...
- Come with me, sir.
...get him under
the ballistic hard cover
and keep him down.
I'm on my way.
AGENT: Delta Team, engage.
Don't move. Don't move.
They're tracking us somehow.
Just hold still
and keep him covered, Murph.
I'm coming to you.
AGENT: Move back! Take the shot!
(AGENT OVER RADIO) Bravo Team is down.
Bravo team...
They're too small!
AGENT: Backup team,
move to Pathfinder.
AGENT 2: Open fire! Open fire!
- Shoot those motherfuckers!
- There's too many!
AGENT: Get down!
Oh, my God.
MIKE: They're coming at you, Murph.
Get him in the water.
The hard cover isn't enough.
- What about you?
- Go!
Sir, I got you.
Okay, sir, we're going under.
Dive deep.
getting disturbing reports
that there's been an assassination
attempt on the president.
FEMALE REPORTER: We're getting
reports of a drone strike.
FEMALE REPORTER 2: A backup Marine One
has been called to extract the president.
Alpha 17, this is Hawk 5.
We are approaching Saint
Matthews with Pathfinder.
MEDIC: One-fifty over 90.
MALE REPORTER: We don't have
many confirmed details yet,
but it appears that
President Allan Trumbull
has had an assassination
attempt on his life
while on a fishing trip today.
We expect to receive
more details soon,
- including the staggering death toll...
- Oh. Come on.
...on his Secret Service
protection team.
DOCTOR: Mr. President,
can you hear me?
NURSE: Agent Banning,
stay with me.
Is everything secure?
AGENT: Okay,
I want the president in Suite B,
and I want Banning
over here in the ward.
Hey, Johnson.
You're coming with me. Come on.
Peterson. Make sure HR has that lake secured. Got it?
AGENT: Mr. Vice President, this way.
How is he?
Well, he was already
in a comatose state
when he arrived on Marine One.
We were told
there were heavy explosions,
but we're not seeing any signs
of swelling
from traumatic brain damage,
which is great news.
Now it's a waiting game.
And the security detail?
Only one survived, sir.
Mike Banning.
The others died on scene.
And what's Banning's status?
He was also unconscious
when he arrived,
but he's already showing
signs of response.
We expect him to be alert soon,
and then we'll run some more tests.
SAM: When you're ready, sir.
I'll need to see you outside.
SAM: Sir.
This is Judge Spier of the
Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
She will swear you in
as acting president.
All right.
Let's hope this is only a formality.
Mr. Vice President,
if you'll place your hand on the Bible...
and raise your right hand,
and repeat after me.
"I, Martin James Kirby,
do solemnly swear..."
I, Martin James Kirby,
do solemnly swear...
SPIER: "that I will faithfully execute
the office of president
of the United States..."
KIRBY: that I will faithfully execute
the office of president
of the United States...
SPIER: "and will to
the best of my ability..."
KIRBY: and will to
the best of my ability...
SPIER: "preserve, protect and defend
the Constitution of the United States."
preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States.
- "So help me God."
- So help me God.
All right. Hold, hold.
Local police found a van
a mile to the north
full of electronics gear.
Some kind of launcher system.
Tell 'em don't touch a thing
until our people get there.
On it.
All right, secure the area.
All right, let's work.
Move there, please.
We'll check you in two at a time.
Two forward. Let's go.
David, thank God. Is he okay?
He's in the ICU.
But I'm sorry,
that's all I can tell you right now.
- Come on.
- What? Tell me what happened to my husband, David.
Leah, you need to come with me.
Come on. I'll get you a room
where you and Lynne can rest.
Why am I in cuffs?
I'm Special Agent Helen
Thompson with the FBI.
Can you tell me your name?
Who you work for?
My name is Mike Banning,
Secret Service.
Where... Where am I?
And why am I being secured?
You're in
Saint Matthews Hospital.
You remember how you got here?
(SIGHS) Just tell me
what the fuck is going on.
- What's the last thing you remember?
- Oh.
Mike, it's very important you tell
me the last thing you remember.
The president.
Where's the president?
Where is he? Is he okay?
President Trumbull is in a coma,
and your whole team is dead.
Except you.
Tell me how that happened.
- What happened on the lake?
- I need to see the president.
I need to see the president now.
- Not gonna happen.
LEAH: I've been sitting here for hours.
No one's telling me what's going on.
My husband's in the ICU...
Leah, I know this is
frustrating for you.
I'd like my daughter in here, please.
But I think it's best that
we just let Lynne sleep, okay?
I wanna see my husband.
And I'm working on that for you.
But first...
did you know about the $10
million in the offshore account?
- Mike's account.
- Ten million what?
Maybe you can explain why
I found your DNA in the van.
Skin cells, hair.
Right there on the launch controls.
Or residue from
the same explosives
used in the event
in your garage.
Mike, tell me about the encrypted
folder we found on the dark web.
Encrypted folder?
The encrypted folder
that contained
the classified map
and your Secret Service
itinerary for the lake trip.
Only you had that, Mike.
How did that happen?
Did you know about Mike's
issues with painkillers?
How about that he has seen four
different doctors in the last six months,
paying each one of them in cash?
Did you know about that issue?
The controls were left on auto to deploy
the drones during the trip's window.
The facial recognition to target
the president of the United States,
as well as every member
of your team, except you.
You had this perfectly
planned, Mike, didn't you?
Can't you see
that I'm being set up?
No, I cannot, Agent Banning.
He's in line to be director
of the Secret Service.
Exactly. Which is why I
believe Mike saw the inevitable
and was looking for
a big payout for you guys.
Now, if that's the case, Leah,
that means somebody paid him to do this.
If you can help me find that person,
it would help Mike's case considerably.
Fuck you, lady.
You can't play me.
My husband is a good man.
THOMPSON: You're being charged
with the attempted murder
of the president
of the United States,
as well as the premeditated
murder of your entire team.
No, no, no, wait. Wait.
Get the president.
He'll tell you the truth.
There's somebody else behind this.
It wasn't me.
We're transporting you to a
protected location for arraignment
once you're cleared by the doctors.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
MALE REPORTER: President Trumbull's
top guardian angel has fallen tonight.
Secret Service Agent Mike
Banning has been arrested...
REPORTER 2: Shocking revelations of
betrayal in President Trumbull's own team.
who was rumored to be in line
to be the next Secret Service
director, was the mastermind...
Banning has been arrested...
Banning, why did you do this?
FEMALE REPORTER 2: ...assassination
REPORTER: Secret Service
Agent Mike Banning...
REPORTER 3: Mr. Banning!
Mr. Banning,
is there any truth to the allegations?
FEMALE REPORTER 2: ...and many
of his protection detail dead.
REPORTER: Mrs. Banning, why did your husband do it?
- Mrs. Banning.
FEMALE REPORTER: Mrs. Banning, can we get a statement?
MALE REPORTER 2: Can we get a statement,
Mrs. Banning? How much did you know?
She just got home.
THOMPSON: Put a car outside.
She's not in on this.
Phones are tapped,
so we'll give Banning
some rope to hang himself.
MARSHAL: Hey! Wake the fuck up.
You're never sleeping again,
Leave him alone, man.
You don't even know if he really did it.
The hell he didn't.
Trumbull was just starting
to turn things around, too.
MAN: I'm into
all three motherboards.
Pulling their chains in three, two, one.
What the...
Thing just went dead.
MARSHAL: Shit. Look.
The escort vehicles, too.
MARSHAL 2: This ain't good, man.
Call it in.
- How? The radio's...
MARSHAL 2: What do we do?
What do we do?
MAN: Hey! Hey!
AGENT: No, no. No, wait.
MAN 2: Move!
Get out of the van.
Get out of there! Get out!
Move! Move!
Fucking move!
Fucking move! Move it!
Get on with it! Move!
Get the fuck in. Get in!
We're three minutes out.
Standing by.
So who are you guys anyway?
- Stop!
- Get him! Get him!
Get him off me!
Grab him! Grab him!
He got my gun!
- Shit.
What the fuck, asshole?
He just kicked me down
the fucking stairs.
I told you you should've trained
like it was fucking real.
(AGENT OVER RADIO) ...transport van...
MAN: Oh, God.
(AGENT OVER RADIO) Restraints...
Restraint bolts were cut with bolt cutters.
MAN: Fuck.
Get a wide here of the...
- Did you get this here?
RAMIREZ: Still piecing together what happened,
- but Banning's gone.
AGENT: Shit, shit.
RAMIREZ: This was no cowboy hit.
It was tactical.
Keep the search area wide.
Triple security
at all travel hubs
in the surrounding areas.
Banning is Secret Service.
He knows how we do this.
He knows all our tricks.
I want every surveillance
camera in the nation
going through
our facial recognition system.
Anything we see,
I want it followed up.
And I don't wanna hear anything
about a subpoena at this point,
'cause I really don't give a shit.
We will deal with that later.
We just found a crashed Suburban
near the ambush
with blood inside.
The VIN numbers
and plates were stripped.
- I wanna know if that's Banning's blood.
- Yes, ma'am.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
CID traced Banning's money back
to a state-owned bank in Moscow.
How 'bout that?
MAN: Renegade 607 confirming.
have you found Banning yet?
MAN: No, but we're on it.
(DISTORTED VOICE) We agreed to
keep Banning alive at the lake
so that he could take the fall.
Then you said you were
gonna make it look
like his team rescued him
and disappeared
with the 10 million.
And now, look.
You actually let him get away.
And he can expose us.
There's still enough evidence
to nail Mike as the mastermind.
WADE: The FBI have already ID'd
the evidence that we planted,
including his DNA in the van.
As we speak, they're also
connecting him to the money trail.
So let's not start panicking
and do something foolish.
I'm beginning to think
that your personal
connection to him
isn't an asset, but a liability.
If you want to benefit from this,
you will finish him for good
and pray Trumbull
never wakes up.
Your biggest mistake.
MALE OPERATOR: This is 1-800-collect.
You have a collect call from...
- Mike.
- Say yes to accept the charges.
- Yes, yes! Mike, is that you?
- Leah.
- Are you okay?
- I'm all right.
You okay? How's Lynne?
She's here with me.
- We've been getting death threats.
- Are the cops out front?
- Yeah.
- And a ton of reporters.
- Okay, that's a good thing.
They'll watch the house 24/7.
So you just make sure
you stay inside
and they'll keep you safe.
Have they talked to you?
Why didn't you tell me
about the doctors?
Babe, I wanted to.
But I can't explain right now.
You gotta trust me.
LEAH: Where are you?
Are you in jail?
Look, I'm not the only one
on the line.
I know you got a job to do.
So do I.
And I'm not gonna stop
until I prove
who really did this.
LEAH: I just want you here,
home with me.
Me too.
We're gonna get through this, babe.
You hear me?
Yeah, I hear you.
Come on, Mike.
Come on, come on.
MAN: High Mountain Militia.
Don't move.
LEAH: Mike, who is that?
MAN: Hang up the phone now, mister.
Do it.
I gotta go.
MAN: Do it!
I love you.
PETERSON: We got it.
The truck stop on Highway 163.
Get every local unit in
the area and surround it.
Let's see those hands.
Turn around.
Holy shit.
We got us America's
Most Wanted here, Tim.
Bet there's a big ol' bounty
on your ass.
Tim, you stay on him. I'm gonna call it in.
If he moves, shoot him.
TIM: Shit. He moves a
muscle, I'll light his ass up.
MIKE: You were saying?
MAN: Shoot him, Tim.
Shoot him!
- Shit.
MAN: What the hell you doing?
- I ain't dying for this shit, Bobby.
- Goddamn it.
- Your mountain militia needs help.
- You'd best drop that gun, boy.
Your keys in the truck?
Fuck you!
is in a tractor trailer.
Backup is needed immediately.
Pull over the vehicle!
Pull over!
- Pull over the vehicle!
Officer down! Officer down!
He's turning south on Vessel.
I repeat, south on Vessel.
is armed and dangerous.
Proceed with caution.
Three units in pursuit.
Backup is needed immediately.
OFFICER: This guy's crazy!
- Shit!
(OFFICER 2 OVER RADIO) We got him in sight.
South on Vessel.
OFFICER: Holy fucking shit!
Reverse! Move! Reverse!
- Christ.
OFFICER 2: Get out of the fucking way!
- Move! Move!
FEMALE DISPATCHER: He's on a service road, west on Vessel.
Use caution
as it's an unmaintained...
FEMALE DISPATCHER: Helicopter is on route.
PILOT: He's headed down
a dirt road by mile marker 33.
the chopper has him. Thank you.
PILOT: Mile marker 33.
All units converge.
Ah, shit. I've lost him.
PILOT: Suspect has crashed.
Suspect has crashed.
Mile marker 34.
OFFICER: Check the cab!
OFFICER 2: Get a light over here!
OFFICER 3: Does anybody have any visual?
If those dogs haven't found him
yet, he's gone.
Fuck it. Just bring 'em in.
- Blood's back from the Suburban.
- Really?
None of it's Banning's.
In fact, no matches at all yet.
Any activity on his encrypted folder?
- Hey.
Can I have a word? Hey!
RAMIREZ: Wanna talk to the
nice people from the press?
Can I have a word?
- No.
How solid is this intel
that Banning colluded
with the Russians?
MAN: It's tricky, sir.
The evidence definitely points to that,
but it's hard to prove
if it's really Moscow's doing
or an outside hacker
who wants it to look that way.
Outside hacker?
Hackers don't pay out $10
million for assassinations.
None have before, no.
The problem is the Russians will deny
this to the end if we take action.
But if we don't, they'll remain ambiguous
as to their involvement, so we look weak.
Just like with their
election tampering.
I really think we should
slow down here, sir,
before this blows up in our face.
The president of
the United States
is lying in a coma,
and 18 Secret Service agents are dead.
This already blew up in our face!
FEMALE REPORTER: A statewide manhunt
is under way for Secret Service agent...
MALE REPORTER: A massive manhunt
for Banning has already begun.
WADE: His face will be
plastered everywhere,
so he won't be able
to use public transport.
What time did the police
call in the semi crash?
Scanner traffic pegs it at 4:17 a.m.
That puts him at, what,
about a 200-mile range of the crash?
- Two-forty.
- Two-forty.
Okay, listen up, everybody.
Mike will have to find
somewhere to regroup.
Dig into his life.
Find out anything,
anyone that can hide him.
Every hour you don't
have an answer for me
is another hour
he's kicking our fucking ass.
How the fuck did you find me?
I run security for the president.
How do you think?
You've been here
the last five years.
North Carolina before that.
Alaska before that.
You see,
that's Big Brother for you.
No, actually, it was just me
wondering if you were still alive.
Did you do it?
You'd like it if I did,
wouldn't you...
MIKE: I'm not gonna stay long.
Just need a place off-grid,
lie low for a bit.
- Hey, you got any water?
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
So you run off your own power
source, water, everything?
Sure. Why not?
You stay attached to their tentacles,
they own you for life.
Fuck. Hey, you got any aspirin?
Something stronger?
I don't do medications.
(SIGHS) Of course you don't.
- And by the looks of it,
you shouldn't either.
What's this?
Writing your own manifesto?
You know, I've had
a lifetime to think about
the things I've seen and I've done.
I don't want to ever forget.
That's how we get lost.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What chapter am I in?
Why are they saying it's you?
I was set up.
Not a surprise.
Fucking government.
No, not the government.
It was a friend of mine.
I'm trying to figure out who else.
Sounds like you should
pick better friends, son.
You know what?
Don't call me "son."
You lost that right when you
walked out on Mom and me.
I know what I did.
But I'd do it again.
Because of what fucking war
made me, turned me into.
And I see it in you.
I can see it in your eyes.
You think Iraq was
different than Nam?
Nam different than Korea?
No, it's the fucking same thing!
It's war!
And it doesn't matter
what you give them.
You'll give it because
you don't know any better!
And they'll take it.
Your honor, your youth, your life!
Me disappearing was the best
thing that ever happened to you.
You wouldn't have liked me.
Good afternoon.
There has been no change in
President Trumbull's condition.
He remains in a coma.
And while
we pray for the best...
we must now recognize that the
world as we knew it has changed.
After careful and diligent work,
our intelligence communities
have unanimously concluded that
Secret Service agent Mike Banning
planned and carried out
the assassination attempt
on the president...
with full support from top levels...
of the Russian government.
- Mr. President. Mr. President.
All options are on the table.
To that end,
I have just signed an executive order
calling for the use of a bold and
strong private contractor force
to be employed in our strategy.
Looks like we're finally
going back to work.
Found him!
- Talk to me.
MAN: We hacked into Banning's government IP server
and compiled his search history.
Over his entire career,
Banning's been constantly monitoring this.
It's a social security number that's
collecting VA disability benefits.
Check this.
That's Clay Banning.
That's Mike's old man.
He told me all about him. He was a
decorated ranger in Nam and a tunnel rat.
He came back, he went crazy,
left everyone, and was gone.
Where's Daddy now?
West Virginia.
Mike. Mike.
- How long I been out?
- Long enough for your friend to find you.
Come on.
There. There.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
- There's at least 15 of them.
- Yeah.
I ain't gonna hold them off
with this pistol.
- We gotta get outta here.
- I ain't going nowhere.
- What?
- No, no, this is my fucking mountain!
- No, don't go out there.
- Stay here if you want.
MIKE: Shit.
- What are you doing?
- Open that up.
What the...
Now, wait a minute.
Why did I think coming here
was a good idea?
I knew you had time to kill,
but Jesus!
Just keep low and don't bitch.
What are you doing?
All right, you stay here.
I'm gonna go and draw them out.
- No, no, I wouldn't.
- Why?
Old bull, young bull.
- What the fuck?
MAN: That way! They're over there!
- Great! Now they know where we are!
- Good. Fuck 'em.
- Okay, you stay here!
- What? Jesus Christ.
Are you kidding me?
Fucking crazy!
You almost blew me up, damn it!
I didn't tell you
to run down there.
MIKE: Oh, shit.
Well, I hope you got more fun and games,
'cause we're about to be overrun!
- Go pull on that wire.
- What wire?
In the fucking leaves!
Where else?
- Fuck!
- Go get it!
You're welcome.
You need to hear this.
Our intelligence communities
have unanimously concluded
that Secret Service agent
Mike Banning
planned and carried out
the assassination attempt
on the president
with full support from top
levels of the Russian government.
MALE REPORTER: This announcement
from Vice President Kirby...
- I told you they'd turn on you!
- You know, stop.
All right, just stop with
all your Big Brother shit.
Okay, your country didn't betray you!
You betrayed yourself!
What the fuck
do you know about it?
- I struggled all my life with this!
- What struggle?
You gave up!
You're right, son,
I did give up.
But sometimes it's better
to know when to quit
instead of lying to yourself...
and hurting the ones you love.
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling a friend.
MAN: It's Frost.
No, it's not.
Put him through.
WADE: Guess I should've
sent more guys, huh?
Why don't you come yourself?
Yeah, tell him to send
all the fuckheads he's got
in that shitty outfit of his!
Sounds like your dad's all fired up.
MIKE: What happened to you, Wade?
- How did it come to this?
- Look, I wish it could've been different, Mike.
But war is about deception,
and Trumbull was in the way.
You were a necessary evil,
caught in the right place
at the right time.
Be thankful that
you're still breathing.
Fuck you.
So, what is it?
We get into another war
and you get your billions
in contracts?
You think it's about
the money, Mike?
No, I wish I could
trade places with you.
You're the one out there
fighting, fighting for life.
Can you feel it?
Blood pumping? Yeah.
Lions, Mike. Lions.
Now I get to have my fix, too.
Oh, you'll get your fix.
Don't worry about finding me.
I'll find you.
That's my Mike.
That's my Mike.
Has this ever been washed?
No. Does it fit?
- Hold this.
- Wait. That's all you're taking?
I ain't letting no bureaucratic
pricks read about my life.
- Oh, my God. You still got it.
- Yeah.
- She got an engine?
- She lights the tires.
The toll cameras
are just up ahead.
You sure about this?
at least disguise yourself.
No. Then I look guilty.
Well, you already look guilty.
What the fuck's the difference?
HRT has cleared the cabin.
They say half the mountainside
was blown away.
Bodies lined up on the porch.
I wonder why Banning led us here.
THOMPSON: This is a fucking mess.
RAMIREZ: "We work for Salient."
- Salient Global, owned and operated by...
- Wade Jennings.
Yeah. You got a history?
I had to investigate
some of Salient's messes
when I was over in Iraq.
- Any positive IDs?
RAMIREZ: These guys? No, not a one.
Again. Forensics says there's not a
single match in any Federal database.
What is this?
Is this Moscow tying up loose ends,
or is this Banning trying
to throw us off the trail?
All right.
What if Banning was being set up?
Who would have the
capabilities to pull this off,
and who would benefit the most?
Contract company like Salient.
Get in on the war machine.
I wanna dissect Salient.
I wanna know what communication
is flowing in, flowing out,
who they're tapped into,
who they're monitoring,
And you know what?
Let's go rattle Wade Jennings' cage.
On it.
President Trumbull?
Can you open your eyes?
Is he coming out of it?
Well, it's too early
to say for certain.
But he's starting
to react to stimulus.
It shows me
he's trying to wake up.
You can go ahead and extubate.
According to inside sources,
President Trumbull is now
responding to stimulus.
Doctors aren't ready
to declare him out of danger,
but are hopeful that this is a sign that
he will fully recover from his coma.
More on Trumbull and what this
means to tensions with Russia later.
What's wrong?
I thought you'd be thrilled.
No, I am.
But Wade's not gonna quit
till he's dead.
Well, you can call in
and warn them.
Do you remember the part they think
I'm working with the Russians?
Besides, I don't know
who else is in on it.
I need to get to
the president himself.
Yeah. Then your own guys
shoot you.
Shit. Leah and Lynne.
Who are Leah and Lynne?
My wife and daughter.
You got a wife and a daughter?
Yeah. Look.
I gotta go, okay?
I got you involved enough.
Where you going?
I'm gonna steal this car.
I'll see you around.
Trumbull's improving condition...
calls into question the
retaliatory military response
set by Vice President Kirby.
Given Russia's aggression,
it's no time to re-posture.
America needs to show strength.
if and when President Trumbull
is back in command,
a reversal of Kirby's policy
could be at hand.
MAN: It's the secure number.
Renegade 607, confirming.
Did you see the news?
We have a contingency plan.
- It better work, or I cut rope.
- Excuse me?
Don't worry.
I know what you're capable of.
That's why I chose you.
But don't you underestimate me
for a second.
There's a reason I've survived
Washington for this long.
It's time to take the gloves off
and make this country strong again.
The question is,
are you gonna be standing there with me?
WADE: Speaking of,
where is my contract?
I don't plant $10 million
dollars for shits and giggles.
KIRBY: It is right here,
ready to send.
Finish the job, and your bet
will parlay into billions.
- You trust him to deliver?
- Just get the fucking job done!
What's going on
with our insurance policy?
It's happening as we speak.
Aw, here,
let me wipe that off. Here.
Here, you wanna
wipe your hands on that?
There, that's better.
What the fuck are you doing?
So sorry to alarm you, Leah.
- So sorry to alarm you.
We snuck around the back
to avoid the press and police.
What the fuck are you doing in my house?
Get out of my house!
Wade Jennings sent us.
He heard from Mike
you're getting death threats
and asked us to escort you
to his compound.
What? I don't care who sent you!
Get out!
- Leah.
LEAH: It's okay.
Please. Please don't resist.
For little Lynne here,
it's better we go quietly.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
- Okay. We're going.
I want Daddy!
All right, come on.
- Mommy.
- Ohh.
This wasn't the way
I wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Clay Banning.
Mike's dad.
How... How...
How would I know it's you?
Well, the reason you don't
know that truth already is...
because of me alone.
Tell me something personal
about him.
The only thing
I have for you is...
his birth name.
Michael Jameson Banning.
Born on base, Fort Hood, Texas.
His mother's maiden name...
Mary Alice... DeWitt.
And to this day,
I deeply regret walking away from them.
That looks kind of deep.
We should get it cleaned up.
SAM: Sir?
What exactly do you remember?
Some kind of drone attack.
I was floating in the water.
A lot of my protection
team killed.
GENTRY: Do you remember where
Mike Banning was at the time, sir?
Was Mike killed?
This is very difficult to say, sir.
We know how much you trusted him.
We all did.
But we found that Mike
was hiding certain things
from the Secret Service and you.
What things?
Both physical and mental issues.
SAM: The FBI also has
substantial evidence
that he was getting support
from the Kremlin.
Including a $10 million payment.
What else?
Kirby's very close
to going to war
with Russia over
the assassination attempt.
- Get him on the phone.
- Yes, sir.
Okay, we found a way in.
No compromise.
I don't pay you guys
enough money.
MAN: We have
an incoming helicopter.
WADE: Get a camera on that.
Salient, this is 145
with the FBI on a matter
of national security.
Permission to land.
145, you're clear to land.
got a court order for the wiretaps...
and CID is looking at
the Salient servers now.
Good. Now let's see
what he has to say.
Mr. Jennings.
I'm Helen Thompson.
I don't think
we've ever had the privilege.
I wouldn't call it a privilege.
Agent Thompson's the reason we're fighting
our wars with one hand tied to our dicks.
So I guess you know
why we're here.
You said it was
a matter of national security.
Yeah. When was the last time
you spoke to Mike Banning?
Well, if you're doing your job,
you'd know the answer to that.
Oh, I do.
Let's see if we've come up
with the same answer.
I am what I am.
If Mike led her here,
the feds will be onto us.
We're pulling the plug.
The whole thing?
Yeah, Salient's over.
We're moving offshore.
I'll crack the whip.
And on the way out,
we're making sure this gets done.
No matter what...
Trumbull's fucking dying today.
The White House has just confirmed
that acting President Martin Kirby
has made the unilateral decision
to retaliate against Russia
for the assassination attempt
on Allan Trumbull.
Two forward, let's go.
Stop there, please.
- I need you to get in the trunk.
- Okay.
All units, 11-99. Need assistance.
We have a gunman outside the ER.
a gunman outside the ER.
Secure the ER.
And I wanna know who the fuck that is.
AGENT: All teams,
close in, close in!
Move it! Move!
AGENT: Go, go, go, go!
converge on the first floor.
MIKE: Shots fired! Shots fired!
All available posts respond!
Let's go!
AGENT 2: Unit six responding.
Emergency room clear.
- No contact. All clear.
ER's a mess.
Thought I'd use
the elevators down here.
Hey, I need to see
your face and ID. Hey!
Don't move!
- Mike?
- Hands in the air, Billy.
- What the fuck?
- Sorry, Billy.
You know we only put one guy
outside the service elevator.
Go on. Turn around.
- Gun!
- Put your weapon down!
Boys, stay calm. Stay calm.
Stay calm, okay?
Stay calm. Hey. Hey.
I just need to speak to Gentry.
Get me Gentry!
He wants to speak
to the vice president now.
MIKE: Gentry!
- Find him!
I don't wanna fucking hurt anybody!
I just need to speak to Gentry!
Gentry! David Gentry!
Get me David Gentry!
AGENT: Put your weapon down now!
Have you completely lost your mind?
You have a true condition red here, David.
You need to get me to the president.
Why the fuck would I give myself up?
This is a real fucking threat!
What's happened, David?
We just arrested
Mike Banning, sir.
He's saying
we have a condition red.
Bring him to me.
Sir, we really should wait
to speak with the DOJ first...
Damn it, Sam!
Bring him right now.
Yes, sir.
Sir. I know who did this to us.
He's gonna try and finish the job.
You are not safe here, sir.
No, no.
This is the safest place for you, sir.
This place is on total lockdown.
Then how the fuck
did I get here, Gentry?
You know all of our protocols,
and now you are in cuffs!
Sir, sir. I served with this man.
I know what he's capable of.
- We don't even know if this guy exists.
- He wants you dead.
All we have is Mike's word!
He will find a way
in here like I did.
Eighteen agents are dead!
You're still alive!
- We are sitting ducks.
- All right!
Uncuff him.
Sir, we still don't know
whose side Mike is really on.
Yes, we do.
He's on my side.
He's the reason I'm still alive.
When you get to be president...
you understand that being spit on,
even betrayed,
comes with the job.
But it shouldn't come with his
or any of yours.
Now, uncuff him.
we need to recheck everything.
And we need to get him
out of here now.
Get Marine One inbound, okay.
And do not tell anyone
outside of this room.
Just do as Mike says.
- Sir.
- Yes, sir.
We're 20 minutes out.
GENTRY: Marine One's 30 minutes out.
- God, it's taking too long.
The primary motorcade's ready.
No, we're not going out the front.
It's too exposed.
(AGENT THROUGH RADIO) Command Post, outer,
middle and inner perimeters all clear.
- Check snipers.
- They did, Mike.
Check 'em again.
Snipers, check in.
SNIPER: Overwatch to Command Post.
All sectors clear.
This stupid thing has crashed
six times in the last hour.
MAN: Mine just did, too.
It's weird.
Why is that weird?
They were working
perfectly fine all week.
In fact,
they rarely crash like this.
Hey, see if any IP addresses
from a Salient Global in Virginia
are connected to this hospital.
GENTRY: Do it.
I'm not seeing anything.
- Check for any breaches, any hacks.
- I'm on it.
- Searching.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Where's that coming from?
- They connect to our oxygen lines.
Okay, get on the phone,
see what's wrong.
Somebody's controlling our gas
systems, and it's not us.
He's gonna blow this place.
I need the president ready
for transport up on the roof.
No, no, no.
We can't wait for Marine One.
We gotta go low viz and use
the emergency vehicles.
We're doing a full evac now.
Alert hospital security.
Pathfinder ready to move.
Beds 2 and 7.
...stairwell nearest you.
MALE REPORTER: Saint Matthews
is being evacuated.
(MAN OVER PA) Please exit the
building immediately. Attention.
GENTRY: Pathfinder's on the move.
DOCTOR: Let's get some
monitors on battery packs.
We're moving out.
They discovered us.
They're evac-ing Saint Matthews.
WADE: Fucking Mike.
I knew it.
- How long before you can detonate?
- Four minutes.
- You got eyes on Trumbull?
- Negative. We got the rest of the hospital,
but Secret Service disabled the
ICU cams the second they arrived.
Well, find him.
Teams Two and Three,
circle the perimeter.
Bellhop Nine,
what's the status of the threat?
Someone's heating up the liquid
nitrogen to an unstable level.
And we have pure O2
leaking down here.
One spark and the explosion
can set off these tanks.
The blast could level the ICU
three times over.
- Can't you just kill the power?
- It's too late, sir.
- It could go at any time.
- Emergency vehicles ready!
- The garage secure?
AGENT: All secure.
- We can't stop it.
- Shit!
REPORTER: We can only speculate
it's some type of...
The president is being evac'd now.
Sir, if Trumbull is awake,
we're gonna need
his authorization
before proceeding
with any kind of strike.
We don't even know
what condition he's in yet!
With all due respect, sir,
we should speak
to the attorney general
and get clarity.
The transfer of power
back to a president
has never happened
in our nation's history.
Which is exactly
why we do as I say
until we hear otherwise.
We stay with these op plans.
Am I clear?
MIKE: Is the road clear?
AGENT: Roger.
We only have two extra
vests in this truck.
Sir, I need you to put this on real quick.
MIKE: Step on it, Sims.
Get us away from this thing.
There. Back street.
Shit! Cover him!
WADE: Jam their comms.
Take away their backup.
Jamming Secret Service comms now.
MIKE: Back up, Sims.
Everybody out, passenger side!
Go! Keep them pinned!
Bury them under the rubble!
Sir, we gotta move. Go, go, go.
Stay behind the wheel.
GENTRY: Home Team,
this is Leader Six.
We're taking heavy fire
south of the hospital.
- This is Leader Six. Somebody answer me.
- Better move!
This is Team Leader Six.
We have Pathfinder.
We are taking heavy fire south of
the hospital. Does anybody copy?
I'm getting nothing!
We're almost to detonation.
Hospital's about to go!
Keep them pinned!
Let's get to that building
over there!
This is Leader Six.
Somebody answer me!
Listen to me, okay.
We're gonna make a move
and people are gonna fall.
Not you.
- You keep moving, okay? Ready?
- Yeah.
All right, let's go.
Everybody move! Go!
- Sam!
- Sir! Move! Move!
Triggering the igniter now.
Sir, go!
Get out! Get out the back!
Get the fuck out!
This way.
All right.
- Are you hit?
- I'm all right.
- Seal this fucking place off.
MAN: Roger that.
AGENT: Does anybody read me?
AGENT 2: We got
a total comms blackout.
AGENT: Does anybody have
a visual on Pathfinder?
- How's the leg?
- I'll live.
Look, I'm hearing nobody.
The comms are dead.
Wade saw us coming in here, too.
We need to find hard cover fast.
That's exactly
what we're gonna do.
All right, sir, all right.
We gotta go. We're moving!
MIKE: Build a barricade.
Put them in front of
this corner office.
Does anyone copy?
Leader Six, do you have Pathfinder?
AGENT: Alpha One, Team Two
circling back to rendezvous point.
ETA: 90 seconds.
MIKE: Good?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Dead.
Okay. Got fresh mags in both.
Hand me your nine.
- You sure this is gonna work?
- Has to. It's our only chance.
Just gotta hold them off long
enough until our people get here.
Hopefully soon.
Sir. I'll be back
before you know it.
Stay alive.
Yes, sir.
MAN: Run!
AGENT: Alpha One, Teams Two and Three
approaching rendezvous point.
MAN: Heads up.
FBI, HRT and SWAT have been dispatched.
And the National Guard's
been called in.
Half the country will be onto
this place in a matter of seconds.
- Let's get the job done.
- Move!
Move! Get out of the fucking way!
I'll try to make sure
they don't flank you.
Defend him with everything you got.
They're in.
WADE: There.
The corner office.
Barricaded shooters.
Team Three, get around
the back hallway. Flank 'em.
Roger. Moving into position.
Take open shots only.
Conserve ammo.
MAN: Teams One and Two in position.
- Go.
AGENT: Fire!
MAN: Move right! Move right!
They got Will!
Flush him out!
MAN: Shit!
WADE: Keep moving! Keep moving!
Bentley's gone!
WADE: Go, go, go, go, go! Go!
Last mag!
Let's fucking get 'em!
- I'm out!
- We need to fall back! Now!
(MAN THROUGH RADIO) You got a ton
of cops surrounding the building
about to make entrance.
- Set my extract.
- Roger.
Go! Go, go, go.
He fucked us.
Mike hid him somewhere else.
War is about deception. Go.
Hurry, get to your exfil.
The cops shut down
the south entrance.
OFFICER: Police! Drop your weapons!
OFFICER 2: On the ground!
OFFICER: Drop your weapons now!
OFFICER 2: Get on the ground now!
MIKE: Oh, shit.
OFFICER: Lower your weapons right now!
OFFICER 2: Get on the ground!
We have Pathfinder secure.
WADE: We're on the roof.
He's done. Let's go.
Come on.
Go on.
Fuck is wrong with you?
Come on!
MAN: Come on!
Come on.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
I'm glad it was you.
We're lions.
MALE REPORTER: FBI officials have
dropped all charges against Mike Banning
and its allegations of
Moscow's involvement
in the assassination attempt.
While reinstated President
Allan Trumbull
addressed the other world leaders
at the G20 in Hamburg yesterday,
easing tensions with Russia,
sources say indictments
against the real perpetrators
are expected any moment.
Sir, welcome back.
I would've come to you.
Ah, no worries, Martin.
You've been busy.
Have a seat.
So, how are you feeling?
Oh, today I'm feeling...
- presidential.
- That's great.
So, before she was gunned down,
a very heroic FBI agent
helped discover that...
Wade Jennings kept detailed
files of your dealings together.
- Did he?
- Insurance.
I really thought of keeping
you on just to fuck with you
over the next
three and a half years.
But that's the old way
of doing things.
Since this is his last day
before retirement,
David gets the honor of marching
you right out the front door.
You're joking, right?
FEMALE REPORTER: What's going on here?
Kirby, can you tell us anything?
Can you tell us anything
about what's happened?
Eat them on the whole row.
Yeah. One, two...
- Four.
- Four.
- Six.
- Yay!
What are your plans, Clay?
You know, I... I, uh...
I found a little RV,
and I thought I'd just
go mobile for a while.
Go up in north when it's summer
and go south when it's winter.
So we're not gonna see you
for a while then, huh?
No, you're gonna see
a lot of me, yeah.
I'll just drive the RV over
here and park it out front.
I just don't want to
impose on you guys.
You don't have to stay out
in the RV, Dad.
We got plenty of room in the house, huh?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
No, we'd love
to have you around.
LEAH: Yeah.
- Okay.
Thank you, Leah,
for that great breakfast.
You're very welcome.
He's glad you're here.
We all are.
Just don't break
his heart again.
I need you to follow through.
Yes, ma'am.
That's my intention.
Come in.
Hi, Mike.
How you doing?
- I'm healing up pretty good, sir.
- Good.
Go ahead, have a seat.
I hear there's something
you want to tell me.
Yes, sir. I know you're busy,
so I'll get right to it.
Before the attack, I...
I should've been more honest about some
of the things that I was dealing with.
The concussions, the... pills.
I let you down, sir.
You're damn right.
Why did you think you
couldn't come to me with this
after all we've been through?
I don't know, sir.
You know how I feel about the job, and I...
I didn't want anyone
to take that away from me.
But that is no excuse.
You know,
someone said to me once...
it's better sometimes
knowing when to quit...
instead of lying to yourself and hurting
the ones you care about the most.
I'm not gonna
let that happen again.
I'm here to offer
my resignation, sir.
it's our moments of struggle
that define us.
How we handle them
is what matters.
Like I said in the hospital...
I'm still alive
because you didn't quit.
If you choose to do so now,
now that's up to you.
But I still want you for director.
If you want it.
No more secrets.
No more secrets, sir.
Very good.
Thank you, sir.
You know, that's a good
thing you got off those pills
and you got your physical done.
But you got a whole lot
of shit going on upstairs.
You know, the stuff
we've been through,
it sits up there
in the top of your head
like it's going to explode.
If you don't deal with it,
it'll eat you up.
Seriously, Dad?
You're telling me that I have
to take care of my upstairs?
- Yup.
- You're like one level off of the Unabomber.
- Tell you what,
you wanna help me
get my shit together?
So, how about you come with me?
We get un-fucked together.
Where are we going?
This place my doctor's
sending me to.
It's supposed to
rebalance your brain.
Oh, shit.
Our goal here is to increase
your powers of control.
All of your negative energy melts
away in the zero gravity tank
while activating
your core feelings of love
and centeredness,
keeping your mind dreamily alert
just above the portal of sleep.
We call this threshold
"theta state."
- Hey... let's give it a try.
- Ah.
Come on.
- Okay. All right. Fine.
- All right.
Hey, this is all right.
CLAY: What? Wait! Hold it!
MIKE: Okay, okay,
get me outta here!
CLAY: No fucking way!
- Turn the lights on!
MIKE: Sorry, Dad.
CLAY: And you thought this was
gonna be a bonding experience?
I'm gonna pee in here.