Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988) Movie Script

No more bet.
No more bet.
Ball is in motion.
Last call,
ladies and gentlemen.
Last call to bet.
Hey, watch it!
How you doing, huh?
No more bets, please.
Let's go.
Thanks, Mellin.
Thanks, bullshit!
I'm supposed to be leading
this goddamn parade.
Cut through the park
and take the tunnel.
And no fuck-ups this time!
I don't want a repeat
of the Collins bust.
Hey, it wasn't my fault.
That guy was trying to pull
the film out of my camera.
Will you keep your
head down, goddamn it?
Anybody spot you
on this operation,
I'll be dumped quicker
than toxic waste!
You hear that?
Yeah, yeah.
When we get there,
you stay in the car
until we get inside.
You don't let anyone
see you get out.
You get there, you
take the pictures
and you get the hell
out, you got it?
You're a prince, Mellin.
And you're nudzh!
Goddamn kid.
Hey, what're we
going to a funeral?
Come on, move it,
move it, move it!
All right!
All right!
The party's over!
It's checkout time!
All right, move it!
Piece of shit!
Don't move!
Life is a cabaret, old chum.
You're weird.
Hey, how about giving
me a break, sister?
I'm not getting in the car!
Move into the car!
Let's go!
Move it!
Oh, this is unbelievable!
Hottest story in town
and you're the only one
that scored any photos.
How the hell did
you do that, kiddo?
People owe me favors, Nick.
Oh yeah?
I love this one.
Listen, speaking of favors,
I need you to cover an
opening tomorrow night.
Blue Sage Gallery, east side.
Send Jackson, I'm
freelance, remember?
Oh no, Jackson's
out, you're in.
Come on, Nick, give me a
break, I like the deal we got.
Besides, I got a full-time job.
What, your book?
Waste of time.
Who's gonna wanna book
about crack heads?
Nobody gives a shit
about street kids.
Yeah, how do you know?
Besides, if I'm good enough
I can make people see them.
Pictures can make
people feel things.
You can't make
people care, Molly.
I can try.
Blue Sage Gallery!
Eight, sharp!
What do you think
he's trying to say?
Darling, your sudden
conscience is very touching...
Damn it, Nadine, I mean it!
If you don't let me talk to her,
I am going to do some
talking of my own!
Shut up!
This is not the time
to be discussing this.
Molly, sweetheart, the people!
Shoot the people,
not the mannequins.
It's hard to tell the
difference, Hillary.
Don't tell me not to drink!
The dimensions of the
piece include the backs.
Sorry to interrupt
- but it's important.
- That's right.
It's important.
Do you think I could call
you back on this matter?
It seems as if I have a
very anxious client here.
Oh, thank you, darling.
Kiss, kiss.
Do you know this woman?
It's not a very
good picture, Molly.
Thanks, Hillary, I'll
give you a discount.
Do you know her?
Of course, she has a
gallery in Los Angeles.
Very sheik, lots
of foreign money.
Where are my
pictures, Miss Stewart?
I'll bring them
this afternoon.
Do you remember her name?
Roland, Rollins, Rollins
Imports, that's it.
Rollins, you're sure?
I'm sure, I'm sure.
It's in my Rolodex.
Do you remember
her first name?
Oh wait a minute, I should.
She's been here on
several occasions.
Is it Gloria?
That's right.
How did you know?
Lucky guess.
You take my advice,
you throw that number away
and forget about the
picture you took.
Your advice stinks, Mellin.
You know how long
I've waited for this.
For what?
What the hell are you gonna do?
You're gonna walk in there,
you're gonna confront,
you're gonna upset a life,
expose yourself, and for what?
I mean, just what the hell
do you think she's gonna do,
welcome you with open arms?
I just...
I just wanna see her, you know?
I need some answers.
I have a couple other
pieces I'd like to show you.
This way, just follow me.
Can I help you?
You should've asked me
that question 14 years ago.
My God.
Weren't you gonna
say anything, Mom?
Come into my office.
I don't know what to say.
How about, how are you, Molly?
Or maybe, are you all right?
How has your life been since
I abandoned you 14 years ago?
Molly, I'm just so shocked.
I don't know what to say.
Look, I didn't
come here expecting
to strike up some warm,
wonderful relationship.
I just wanna know why.
But I think you at
least owe me that much.
Why what?
Why I left?
For starters.
Your father wasn't exactly
the man you thought he was.
He never intended to come
back for us, I knew that.
When I met Doug, it was a
chance for a second start.
Without me.
I told myself you'd be
better off without me.
A 12 year old kid?
Oh, I was weak!
You never were.
I knew that Sally
would take care of you
and somehow you'd be all right.
Believe it or not,
a day hasn't gone by that
I haven't thought of you.
That's real touching.
Guess it's the thought
that counts, right, Mom?
I deserve that.
I did come back once
but you had gone.
Sally said you went to
New York, left no address.
You look so beautiful, Molly.
So do you.
Just like I remembered.
You still with this Doug guy?
He left.
But he left something
wonderful behind.
Her name is Michelle.
You have a sister, Molly.
A sister?
She was born shortly
after Doug and I went away.
I have a sister?
I don't believe it.
Does she know about me?
No, I couldn't bring myself
to tell her what I...
what I'd done to you.
Where is she?
Molly, I know this is
gonna sound just terrible
but this is not a good
time for you to be here.
Look, it's been 14 years.
I didn't stop by
just to say hello.
Car is here.
Just a minute.
Nadine's waiting.
I heard you,
Roger, just a minute!
Call me later.
Oh, there you are.
I am so happy.
That woman who was here earlier,
she called several
times and she really...
What's the matter?
Nothing, I'm fine.
Fine, you look
like you just...
- It's probably that Stewart...
- No.
- Want me to answer it?
- I'll get it, I'll get it.
Thank you, Marie.
I'll see you in
the morning, okay?
Hi, it's Molly.
What's wrong?
It's Michelle.
She's in terrible danger.
They won't let me talk to her.
I don't understand.
Where is she?
They've taken her away.
Do you know where she is?
I think so.
Why don't you call the police?
Oh no, I can't.
No, I can't.
If anyone talks to the police,
she'll disappear, I'll
never see her again!
Listen, stay there.
I'll be right over.
Hey, hold it!
Hey, hey!
This young woman said she
spoke with the deceased
on the phone a short
time ago, Lieutenant.
Doniger, Lieutenant Doniger.
So, did you know Miss Rollins?
Not really.
I hardly knew her at all.
What's your name?
Molly Stewart.
What was the nature
of your conversation?
I was going to meet her here.
She was waiting for me.
And how would you
describe her mood
when you last talked to her?
She was upset.
Actually, it wasn't much
of a conversation at all.
Do you have any clue
who might have done this?
Excuse me a second.
Miss Stewart.
What exactly was your
relationship with Miss Rollins?
She was my mother.
Six months ago your mother
filed a missing persons report,
four weeks later she
cancels that report.
You're telling me you don't
even know you're own sister.
I didn't even know she
existed until yesterday.
So you don't see your
mother for 14 years,
you pop into town to say hello,
she mentions nothing
about the disappearance
of her other daughter
and then she is murdered.
That correct?
You know,
you are a real sensitive
guy, Lieutenant.
They don't pay
me to be sensitive.
Have a seat.
Your mother's assistant says
that Michelle has not been seen
since she disappeared
six months ago.
So why did your mother cancel
the missing persons report?
I don't know.
Maybe she did hear
from Michelle.
Is your sister a prostitute?
I told you, I don't know her.
So why did you steal
her picture last night?
I thought I could have it.
She's my sister.
You know, Miss Stewart,
I think you're lying.
I think your mother did say
something to you last night
and what she said
has some connection
to why she was murdered.
And I think
you've been watching
too much television, Lieutenant.
Oh, that's rich.
That's rich.
May I go now?
Yeah, you can go.
I'll be keeping an eye on you.
Fine with me.
I'm used to it.
We made the 11
o'clock news last night.
You wanted her
dead, she's dead.
This is the United
fucking States of America.
We don't car bomb people here.
I told you to make it
look like an accident.
And what difference
does that make?
They can't trace
it to us, can they?
It draws attention
to the gallery
and who knows how much she
talked before you shut her up.
Nadine, she knew nothing.
She was just upset.
Not a footprint on it.
I told you I don't taste.
Just set up the exchange
deal for Friday.
But you know, my dear,
some of our buyers are
very, very disappointed.
It seems like your floaters,
they're not what
they used to be.
They're bluffing, I am
the best in the business.
Still, they're very unhappy.
Charm them.
It's your best feature.
And no slip-ups this time.
Wouldn't want anything to
happen to you, would we?
Would be very upsetting to
your adoring wife and children.
I'm quite fond of
them, you know?
I said what Holly and
everything was jolly
She hit the pipe, now she
hangs around with Molly
She used to know it all,
now she stumbles and falls
She used to be a pro
at the game volley ball
She met a Ballari, he
taught her how to carry
Now she's known in town
as the princess of Bettys
To the curb
Yo, what'd you say
She's to the curb
Yo, what'd you say
She's to the curb
Yo, what'd you say
She's to the curb
Yo, what'd you say
Gotta late night,
I gotta double up
I thought everyone I knew
from LA had disappeared.
Look at...
You are a sight for sore eyes.
It's my idea of
an agreeable person
and there's a person
who agrees with me.
You haven't forgotten.
God knows I've tried.
What're you doing here?
Has the Big Apple gone sour?
Spanks, everything
is such a mess.
Give me a hug in an hour
and I'll tell you
all about it, okay?
Oh, you's got it.
Such a curl
The perfect pronunciation
of this word
Can be a person, place
or thing or even a verb
You to the curb
Well, girl, you're
just permanently twisted
along with the rest of us.
Looks that way.
So how's tricks?
Well, I wouldn't know, dear.
Haven't turned one in years.
You've gone straight?
Straight to the poorhouse.
Got too weird out there.
People are dying all around me.
So I traded my mattress in
for a career in show business.
That bad, huh?
This is moonlighting.
Wait till you see my main gig.
It's not gonna be easy, kid.
The jungle turned deadly
after you retired.
I know but, I mean,
she's out there somewhere.
How tough do you really
think it's gonna be?
Every path has
got its puddle
That's how life
can throw you down
I'm serious, Spanky.
I'm going back on the street.
Someone must've seen
her; a john, a pimp,
maybe one of the girls.
if I can't talk you out of it,
at least let me
try and help you.
You can crash with me.
We'll find some old drag,
we'll go underground
and we'll bring back
the old Angel, pa-da!
We'll bring back Angel.
I don't know, Spanks,
I think I'm really gonna
be in the way here.
Come on, it's a great idea!
As a matter of fact,
I've even got one of those
sleeping things for people,
assuming we can find it.
Yes, a bed!
You take the bed
and I will take the perch.
Well what if you wanna bring
someone home or something?
Oh, my darling.
You're worried about
my getting laid.
That is so cute I
just can't stand it.
Well, forget it.
The revolving door
is off its hinges.
Okay, but
it's only temporary.
Now let's get you
dressed for act one.
You got a work permit, sister,
or are you looking to
get your legs busted?
Maybe she's deaf
as well as dumb.
Listen, I'm looking for
someone who's run away.
Have you seen this kid?
What is this, "60 Minutes?"
Get the hell out of here.
What the fuck you doing, huh?
What the fuck you doing?
You mess yourself up,
you'll be out of commission!
This honky chiquita stepping
all over our real estate!
Get in the car.
Wait a minute!
I said, get in.
He's gonna break
her in real good.
Child, her legs will be
over her head for a week.
You wanna tell me
what this is all about?
Don't push me, little girl!
I never mind picking
up some new gash
but nobody gets a taste till
I know if it's sweet enough.
Oh, it's sweet, daddy.
But you don't have to
play bad to get it.
I'll do all the bad stuff.
You just relax.
Oh, baby.
You sure know your
way around a car seat.
Why don't you hop in
back and get undressed?
I need just a
minute to get ready.
It's lonely back here.
Okay, baby.
Get out of them threads.
Why don't you do it for me?
You cock sucker!
Not tonight, sweetheart!
Hey, Spanky,
how's it going?
As I believe it was
Bing Crosby who said to,
I believe it was, Ingrid
Bergman, "Going my way?"
So this is the day job?
can't get busted for bopping.
Speaking of busted, young lady,
I heard you were out past
your curfew last night.
So you were right about
being a jungle out there.
Meet any tigers?
Only one.
But I declawed him.
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo.
Oh, kid, you're unbelievable.
Hop in, I wanna
hear all about it.
No, I can't, I'm
going to Hollywood
to see if I can
pick up some leads.
Waste of time.
Come on, I wanna take
you to meet Neal.
Who's Neal?
Well, let's see what we got.
Well, I grew up
in Columbus, Ohio.
Homecoming queen and all that.
I guess it's a cliche now.
I can't think of
anything else to say.
These are all outtakes
but all the girls I
talked to are on here.
We room together.
It's cheaper.
And safer.
God, you wouldn't believe all
the weirdo assholes out there.
Can I say assholes?
Ha, ha.
That's Vicky.
She probably met one of
those weirdo assholes.
That was my third film.
Oh, that's my agent.
Can you turn
that back a little?
was my third film.
Nadine, I know that name.
She says
that after the...
Is she anybody?
Yeah, she's everybody.
She's the biggest agent in
town for all the x-rated girls
but it's a front for
another business.
The word is that the
girls make the big money
bending their johns in half.
Doesn't make sense that my
mother would know this woman.
How many women do
you know called Nadine?
It's possible
but she's very rich
and she could've been a
client of your mother's.
This is the same Nadine,
she was more than a client.
How do I meet this woman?
You don't.
Yes she does, Neal.
Look, man, I don't
even know this woman.
Well, you know people who do.
Come on, let your
fingers do the walking.
You're crazy.
You don't wanna get mixed
up with these characters.
Yes I do.
I want to find my sister.
Who're you calling?
Friend of mine,
he's a porno producer.
Went to film school together.
I make films, he makes money.
But most of these girls
that I interviewed
were all on the set and
they're Nadine's girls.
Hey, it's Neal.
Yeah, yeah, man, I thought
it looked pretty good.
Listen, are you still
looking for some new faces?
Because I got this girl.
She's in from New York,
she doesn't have an agent.
Well, I got kind of
an interest in her.
Personal interest, you know?
Oh, she's the prettiest
thing I've ever seen.
She's, let's see,
about five foot...
Girl next door type.
She is definitely a turn-on.
Wait a minute, what's
the guy's name?
Thanks a lot, Tom.
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
So, what'd you get?
I got the dope on the
director who's doing new video.
Time for our
audition, darling.
Oh, God.
Mr. Santangelo.
Hi, Mr. Santangelo, I'm Angel.
Neal Walker sent me to see you.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
the kid from New York.
I'm Gaylord Dover,
Angel's manager.
What does a kid in
porn need with a manager?
Well, I try to keep her
away from the riff-raff.
So put her in a convent.
All right, take a seat.
Not you.
Would you mind
walking around a bit?
Wait, Neal said you were
the girl next door type.
Next door to the
Boom-Boom Room.
Okay, all right, take a seat.
Now, excuse me for
being personal miss...
Well, I usually like my
ladies to be, you know,
I mean, do you have any
specialties or do you...
All right, look, since
you're a friend of Neal's,
I'm gonna give you a shot.
I'm all cast on principals but
I need some atmosphere girls.
Oh, well Angel give
great background.
You know, some say
it's her best feature.
Be at this address eight
o'clock in the morning.
Somebody will pick you up
and bring you to the set.
Once you get there, don't leave.
No phone calls from the set.
Lunch will be brought in,
you'll be paid in cash
at the end of the day.
Sound okay?
All right.
You know, Doniger,
you are about as
inconspicuous around here
as a duck on the
back of a horse.
Oh, gee, that
cuts me to a quick.
So where you headed?
To a friend's house?
That okay with LAPD?
Ah, Bernie Nicholson,
also known as Spanky.
Used to be a professional
hustler up on the boulevard.
You got the used
to be part right.
Wait a minute, I got
another used to be for you.
How about used to be Angel?
Also a professional.
Why, Grandma, what
big ears you have.
Why did you come back, Molly?
To get a tan.
You know, we were investigating
your mother's operation.
You know she was
trafficking in drugs?
That's a lie.
Classic front.
Buy a few expensive museum
pieces, stuff it with powder,
sell it to a wealthy art patron,
he trashes them and gets
fat off of the guts.
Is that why she was killed?
Most likely.
We believe she knew
from the beginning
about the art smuggling
but when she found
about about the drugs,
she became unreliable,
threatened them and blam.
You know, you have a real
way with words, Lieutenant.
Well, what can I say?
So, why don't you level with us?
She never told me about that.
But she did tell
me about Michelle.
Tell you what?
Just that she was in
some kind of trouble.
Like danger.
So that's why
you're hanging around.
I gotta find my sister.
Come on, Nancy Drew, can't
we work on this thing together?
No, I can't.
But if I need you,
I'll give you a call.
Yeah, by the time you
realize you need us,
it may be too late to call us.
She's on her ass.
She's on her ass again.
Ah, fuck, Christ, why the
fuck do we hire these people?
Cut! Cut!
That's enough, that's enough.
Look Darlene, you
hate this woman.
You're supposed to be
trying to kill her.
I broke a nail.
Broke a nail.
She broke a nail.
We're supposed to be shooting
the hand job inserts
this afternoon.
What's it gonna look
like in the closeups?
Well I'll get you a fake one.
You can work with a
fake one, can't you?
A fake one?
A fake nail, you yutz!
Look, I'd like to just
work with the principals.
That's a wrap on the background.
Thank you, people.
We should reload.
- Sound...
- Fake nail.
She'll work with a fake dick,
we're not gonna
have a fake dick.
Jesus Christ, I
don't believe this.
Hey, did the escrow
close yet on that condo?
But all my units at the
marina are rented though.
You know, I looked
at that place on Culver
that you told me about.
It's still too high.
So you guys into real estate?
We're into making
money, honey.
Yeah, Pam puts all our
cash into real estate.
I'm Shirley, she's Pam.
Hi, I'm Angel.
Two more years of this bullshit
and I can retire.
She's trying to be the
sexiest landlady in Los Angeles.
Hopefully the interest
rates won't bottom out
before my ass does.
Anybody seen my script?
Yeah, here.
Don't bother trying to
read it, it's in English!
This your first shoot?
No, I've done a lot.
Mostly out of town though.
The Mitchel brothers, right?
Yeah, right.
Yeah, I
heard that before.
Actually, I came to
LA to look for a friend.
Maybe you guys have seen her.
Her name's Michelle.
Never worked with her though.
Let's go.
We'll see you,
Angel, see you.
Bye, bye.
This guy was no pimp.
I know the difference.
He works for someone.
The same someone that
sent him after my mother.
I wish I knew.
Well what's the
connection between your mother
and a porno agent?
I found out yesterday my
mother was importing phony art
stuffed with cocaine.
You gotta drop this, okay?
You're in over your head, Molly.
I'm a big girl, Neal.
I know you can take
care of yourself,
it's just I don't wanna
see you get in trouble.
I made a promise to myself
that I was gonna find my sister.
Maybe if I can get to
her, I can help her.
Maybe I could help you guys.
I don't know you real well,
but I'd like to get to know you.
And playback.
I don't believe it, Darlene!
Sell it!
This dance could save his life!
Sell it!
Darlene, he's a
dead man, Darlene!
That's right, keep it fast.
Yeah, that's it.
Sell it!
Make me believe it!
Make me believe it!
Over to him, over to him.
That's right, keep him alive!
Keep him alive!
This dance can save his life!
He's a dead man,
Darlene, that's it!
Bring him around.
Come on!
I smell formaldehyde, let's go!
Christ, where's Dorothy
Lamour when you need her?
Ice cream delivery.
These chicks may
be into real estate
but this is ridiculous.
Chez Nadine?
I'm gonna go get
something to eat, okay?
Let me go!
Let go of me, you bastard!
Let me go!
No, let me go!
No, leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Get out of my way,
you son of a bitch!
Let me go!
Oh God, please, no!
You know, I don't
get one thing though.
I mean, if Neal's right,
these two girls
are professionals,
then what are they doing
working in a two-bit porno film?
Oh, it makes
them recognizable.
The silver screen mystic.
You know, a prostitute
on the street
can pull down 50 if she's lucky
but a movie star,
even an x-rated one,
gets top dollar for
spreading Saint Joy.
You know, everyone wants
to fuck a star, darling.
Oh, oh.
Don't mix the moo shu pork
with the sweet and sour.
Oh Christ, he's early.
Cover for me.
Relax, it's just Neal.
Just Neal?
That's great, like
I'm four feet tall.
Hey, it's gorgeous, huh?
So, tell me,
what do you think?
Too much blush?
Well, it depends what
you're going for, Spank.
Ann-Margret on an off day.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
You're a spitting
image ofAnn-Margret.
You be nice to this guy
tonight for tomorrow he dies.
I was gonna take
you to dinner.
Too late.
Yeah, we sent out.
I have a better idea though.
Spank and I followed two
of the girls home today
and the place is too
spectacular to be theirs.
I know it's Nadine's.
I wanna go take a second look.
Can you drive me over?
At this hour?
It's perfect.
Spanky's truck was too
obvious in the daylight
and I wanna get a closer look.
Come on.
Hey, I loved you
in "Bye Bye Birdie."
Bye, Spanky.
Don't do anything
I didn't used to do.
Jeez, it's quite a bash, huh?
You notice anything peculiar?
Besides the fact that
we weren't invited?
No, look a little closer.
There's no women.
All the guests are men.
She's running a house
right here in this city,
for Christ sake.
It looks just like a party.
Yeah, well you wanna bet
what's being served
for hors d'oeuvres?
So how does she
get away with it?
Look at the clientele.
There's not a man under 50
or a car under 30 grand.
Someone knows?
Yeah, someone knows or someone's
being paid not to know.
If your sister's in there,
she's being well taken care of.
That's not it, Neal.
Gloria told me
Michelle was in danger.
She was genuinely scared.
Well, she's got
every reason to be.
Look, Neal,
I'd really like to
put everything on hold
here for a while but...
Well, maybe we can for
just a minute or two.
Tell me I was right.
I got a very sensitive ego.
Okay, you're right.
Don't worry, I'm gonna
keep an eye on the house.
you have a right to know I
have a lousy track record
in this kind of thing.
Well I'm gonna
take my chances.
You're ruining your
body with that crap.
Well it's better than sushi.
How can you eat raw
fish for breakfast?
Do you know what's in donuts?
I'd hate to see the
inside of your colon.
Well I think that's
something you're never
gonna have to worry about.
Yeah, don't kid yourself,
in this business you
can't be too sure.
Nick wants to go over
the sacrifice number.
Boy, she's real fussy about
what she puts in her mouth.
Yeah, except when
she's on camera.
Oh, ow!
Hey, you guys, I need you
to help me out with a problem.
What's up?
Well, I didn't come to
LAjust to work in porn.
Nobody ever does.
What I mean is,
when I was in New
York I had a service,
you know, an out-call operation
and I need to get
connected up here in LA.
Forget it.
Porn is a means to an end.
Turning tricks is a dead end.
Oh, give us a break.
you think I turn tricks
because I like the work?
I've been in this
business five years
and I know how to
take care of myself.
But it's getting weird.
You don't know what
you're getting into.
Look, I'm not an
innocent little girl.
Molly, it sucks!
I'd just hate to see
anybody else I care about
at the mercy of these schmucks.
All she wants is
an introduction, Pam!
I mean, what's the big deal?
Then you handle it.
What'd I say?
She's okay, she's just touchy.
A good friend of hers was
cut up real bad a while ago
and another one just
disappeared like two weeks ago,
you know, it's scary.
I'm sorry to hear that...
but I still need
that introduction.
Oh, I have to
show you that letter.
Turn around, Angel, I
wanna get a good look at you.
You're young, that's good.
Any experience?
Too much.
That's why I'm interested
in a steady job.
You'll need that sense
of humor in this business.
Any specialties?
French, Greek, B&D?
I like it straight up.
That's okay.
You still look like a kid.
Maybe we can pass
you off as a virgin.
Ever play the part of a virgin?
Only once.
All right, here's the rundown.
You work for me and
you work only for me.
Shirley told me.
You get free room and board
and your calls come through
me and I send you out.
On weekends, I usually have
a small in-house party,
very select clientele.
You mingle with the
guests, you have a drink
and entertain them in your room.
No money is exchanged,
I handle all of that.
I'm having a party on Friday.
Buy yourself something
sparkly to wear and show up.
If things work out,
you've got a job.
It'll work out, Nadine.
Roger, there's a new
girl on the way out,
her name is Angel.
Put someone on her right away.
And get me Shahid.
What happened?
I think I'm in.
And there's nothing
that I can say
that's gonna change your mind?
I don't understand how Michelle
could mean so much to you.
That you're gonna go
through any lengths.
I know she's your sister but,
hell, you've never met her!
She is the only
family that I have.
Look, Neal, you might
as well know everything.
This isn't my first
time to Los Angeles.
I grew up here and I
grew up pretty fast.
I know all about it, Angel.
You don't have to tell me.
You know?
Spanky and I go
back a few years.
Then you understand
why I have to find her.
She doesn't have to make the
same mistakes that I did.
She's got me now.
That's so true!
You look terrific!
I am wall-to-wall nerves.
No, no, don't worry about it.
Most of these
cronies are so old,
by the time they get to
the top of the stairs
they're half done for.
You'll do great!
Gotta go.
Delia, have
you met Colonel Harvey?
Hi, Colonel Harvey.
Well how do you say
that in your language?
How does he
do that in his language?
Fabulous dancer, really.
Yeah! Yeah!
You're great, great!
Here you are, doll!
Club soda, please.
Spanky, what the hell
are you doing here?
Oh, you don't think I'd
let you walk the plank
without a net, do you?
Spanky, I am warning
you, if you blow my cover.
I told you, I don't do
that anymore, darling.
Better make it a stiff one.
There's a lot of hungry
buyers here tonight.
Boy, this is some shindig.
Where does Nadine
do her advertising?
Mostly out-of-towners,
foreign types.
They give me the creeps.
Bartender, bartender!
you look lovely.
Thank you.
Oh, this is Mr. Fabazian.
My pleasure.
He doesn't speak
much English, dear.
See that he doesn't get bored.
We go upstairs, huh?
- Fabazian.
- Fabazian.
Well, there you
are, doll baby.
Now I don't wanna
hear any more excuses.
Nadine promised me
that you'd show me
where to stick my wicket.
Excuse me there, chief.
We go upstairs, yeah?
Where to stick your wicket?
Okay, so I'm not Hemingway.
Shoot me.
One hell of an actor though.
What are you doing here?
I'm not real good at sitting
around twiddling my thumbs.
Obviously, protecting
your virtue
is gonna be a full-time job.
May even break me.
How'd you guys get in?
I called that
producer friend of mine,
greased a few palms
and bang.
I have a surprise for you.
You're incredible!
Looks like I'm going to have
to keep you around for a while.
Did you put film in it?
Listen, I've got an idea.
I bet you do.
I'll pretend to turn you
on and you lead me upstairs.
I wanna do some snooping.
Who's pretending?
Come on.
You see that?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Plan your move carefully.
Cover me.
Let's dance!
This is Natasha?
Hi, darling.
Mr. Shahid, here, is
a big fan of yours.
He'd like to say hello.
How do you do?
I'd offer to buy
you a drink but
everything's on the house.
I'm not one of the girls.
Yeah, but you're
not one of the boys.
You're cute but
I'm with someone.
Yeah, I noticed.
He's a little busy and
you look a little lonely.
Why don't we take a walk?
But you could get into trouble.
Nah, I've been there before.
Do you know Shahid?
Yeah, yeah, very well.
Say, why don't we go
in here for a minute?
I wanna show you something,
I've got a little
surprise for you.
No, no, seriously.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
What's going on?
Who are you?
I'm your sister, Molly.
You're crazy, I
don't have a sister.
It's true, Michelle,
Gloria was my mother too.
She never told you about me
because she left me
before you were born.
Come on, open the
door, goddamn it!
- Come on!
- Listen to me, Michelle!
These people are trouble.
There's a lot of shit going
down that you don't know about.
You've gotta get away from
them and I can help you.
Get away from me!
You just get away
from me, all right?
Gloria's dead, Michelle.
That is a lie!
No, it's true.
She was murdered.
I saw her just before she died.
She told me that
you were in danger.
She was mixed up into some
kind of trouble with Nadine
and I think that's
why she was killed.
You've got to listen to me.
She is not dead.
She sent you here, didn't she?
She wants me to come back.
Well, I am not!
I can take care of myself.
And you can both go to hell.
I hope she is dead.
Do you hear me?
I hope she is dead!
Let's get the
hell out of here!
Stop, don't, no!
Oh, no.
Stay with her
until this is over.
She's still in there
with those animals.
You guys, we've
gotta do something.
We are doing
something, we're waiting.
Eventually she's gotta
come out of there.
They're not gonna have
one big slumber party.
Oh, the sins of
the rich and famous.
Oh my God, that's Pam.
What're they doing?
Somebody slipped
that bomb a major mickey.
Get down, get down.
This is it!
I'll get to Michelle,
you keep the driver busy.
Wait, wait, wait,
what're you, crazy?
Of course.
Spanky, stay in the car
and keep the motor running.
Always the bridesmaid,
never the bride.
Good old Spanky.
What the hell?
Goddamn it, Michelle!
Stop acting like a
child and listen to me!
Let's get the
hell out of here!
Where's Pam?
What're they doing to her, huh?
She's sick.
I don't know!
God, look what you did!
Well, I'm sure
where that came from.
That's right, so what?
So what?
Your mother was murdered
by the same people
that give you this shit!
Once I was where
you are right now.
I know what's down the road
and it's not gonna get
any better than this.
Well this suits me just fine.
Let's go!
Goddamn it, Michelle,
I'm your sister.
You just don't get it, do you?
Let's get the
hell out of here!
No, don't shoot!
Who were they, goddamn it!
What do they want?
They were just some kids,
they wanted some money.
Leave me alone!
Get her the
fuck out of here!
Where is Shahid?
Where is Shahid?
Come on!
They're in!
Hi, Shirl.
Molly, you were right.
Pam never came
back to the house.
I don't think she's going to.
Another disappearance?
That guy, Shahid, what
do you know about him?
Not much.
He's some sort of
partner with Nadine.
He's been around for years.
That girl that he
showed up with last night.
I mean, have you
ever seen her before?
Just last night.
She's my sister.
You're kidding.
I've got to find
some way to get to her.
She's in danger.
More coffee?
All you girls are
in danger, Shirl.
What do you think I should do?
I think you should
get out of that house.
I think you should get as far
away from Nadine as possible.
Well, isn't there anything
we can do about Pam?
It might be too late.
I'm not sure.
Well, I'm gonna be sure.
Before I leave there,
I'm gonna get something
to bus Nadine's ass.
Pam and I were friends.
This is where I'm staying.
If you find anything,
give me a call.
All right.
Be careful.
She's crying
My little angel
She's crying,
dry those tears
She's crying, crying, crying
She's crying
Those tears
She lays her heart
out on the line
To any man that'll
give her time
She always plays
but she never wins
And in the end
she's crying again
Oh my God, Michelle.
I've been so worried,
I thought they had you.
Marie, where is my mother?
Your mother's dead.
It was horrible.
The police said
she was murdered.
It's my fault isn't it?
She was so worried about you.
I have a sister, don't I?
A sister?
That girl, Molly,
she tried to warn me.
There was a young woman
who came to see Gloria
the afternoon of the accident.
She tried to help me, Marie,
and now she's in trouble.
I don't understand.
She's my sister.
I have to stop them.
That's what he said.
Come on, honey.
Really, I
wanna be an actress.
Come on.
Girls for drugs.
White slavery.
Middle Eastern, most likely.
Cocaine gets shipped in,
girls get shipped out.
Oh my God, Pam.
Think you can remember which
warehouse you saw them at?
Absolutely, I
know where it is.
All right, I'm
gonna need a warrant
and a signed statement.
I think you'd
better come with me.
By the way, from now
on it's my ballgame.
Any fuck-ups now
and we lose 'em.
It's all yours but promise
me you'll get my sister out
before anything happens.
Shirl, I think you better
disappear for awhile before,
you know, I mean, voluntarily...
No, I'm not going
anywhere, not yet!
We might've lost Pam but
we're not gonna lose Michelle.
You heard what Doniger said.
Yeah, he said that to you.
Nadine doesn't even
know that I'm on to her.
I can reach Michelle from the
inside and keep an eye on her.
Give her this.
Show her the picture inside.
Then maybe she'll believe you.
All right.
Be careful.
It's out of control,
I'm telling you.
Everything's on hold until
we can call the ship.
Gloria had another daughter
we didn't know about.
That Stewart girl.
Gloria must've talked
before she died.
I'll handle it.
No you
won't, goddamn it!
This is gonna be
easier than I thought!
What the fuck are you doing?
Put that down.
Not this time!
You killed my mother!
You look like you
can handle things.
Shut up.
I'm leaving for Vegas tonight.
Empty the warehouse.
And see that she
gets a long vacation!
Spanky, are you here?
Spanky, it's me.
Hello, dear.
Like mother, like
daughter, I'm afraid.
You know, Gloria, she
could've profited handsomely
from the ride too but
I'm afraid a conscience
got in her way.
Something you
wouldn't know about.
Enjoy the scenery
while you can, Angel.
In a few days, you'll
be on your back
in a whorehouse in Calcutta
fucking the locals for
fish heads and rice.
You know, you and Michelle
should fetch top dollar.
Even though white girls,
they wear out very quickly.
Lucky for me, there is always
a demand for new flesh.
How does it look from
this side, sweetheart?
Get out!
Loved your little story, Nadine.
But this time, I'm
writing the last chapter.
Get out!
- Hey, back off!
- One move,
or what little brains she
does have will be history!
Let's go.
Cuff him!
Let's go, scumbag!
Move it.
Move it!
You can't be serious.
Get in!
I said, get in!
Let's go!
Come on, come on,
let's go, Spanky!
We wouldn't be going
to anyplace rational,
like, say the police station?
Not yet.
I just have one stop
to make on the way.
Oh shit, they're
playing our song.
Here's our stop!
Pier 13, warehouse nine!
Shootout in progress!
We need backups!
Goddamn it, Molly!
Shit, watch out!
Call Doniger, tell him
it's the warehouse!
It's okay.
It's about time you
were good for something.
- No!
- Get up!
I will kill her!
Do you hear me?
I'm gonna blow her
fucking brains out!
I mean it!
I'm gonna shoot her sweet
brains out before I die!
There's too many
of us down here.
Killing the girl is just
gonna get you fried!
Just watch me, little boy!
All right, look!
What do you want?
Tell me what you want!
Throw your gun out!
Now step out!
I wanna see you!
Let the girl go.
You stupid fucking jerk!
Did you really think
it was that easy?
You all make me sick!
Son of a bitch!
Somebody call an ambulance!
What're you doing trying to
save my life, you dumb jerk?
Who do you think
you are, Wyatt Earp?
Oh, you know me.
Anything for a little attention.
Hey, Spanky, come on!
- Spanky, come on!
- Spanky, you hang in there!
Where the
hell's that ambulance?
He'll be okay, don't worry.
I don't wanna
think about the shit
that's gonna come
down over this.
Each one of you is just
damn lucky to be alive.
I'd say I was damn lucky
to have a sister like Molly.
Hey, I couldn't
afford to lose you too.
You know, I must admit,
in what you lock
in common sense,
you more than make up
for in sheer chutzpah.
Gee, thanks, Doniger.
You know, I never
had a family before.
But it sure is gonna be
nice starting one now.
Oh my God, the snow queen!
Nadine, chocolate is
not your best color.
Secrets of the night
Hungry for the light
No explanation
Secrets in our lives
A little compromise
No hesitation
We are prisoners
of our own making
Fighting to survive
Keep the search alive
And mask the risks
we are taking
But you could
never walk away
Without giving this a try
Secrets on your heart
Won't keep us apart
No separation
Secrets in the dark
Laying on the part
No expectations
No, no, no
You fall right
through the pain
And paid the price
Needing to explore
Open every door
While living a disguise
But you could
never walk away
Without giving this a try
Secrets of the past
Laid to rest at last
No complication
No, no, no
Secrets of the night
Hungry for the light
No explanation
No, no, no
I said
You could never walk away
Without giving this a try
Secrets of the night
Hungry for the light
No explanation
Secrets in our lives
A little compromise
No hesitation
No, no, no
Secrets on your heart
Won't keep us apart
No separation
No, no
I'm talking about
secrets, secrets
Secrets, secrets
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Secrets in our hearts
Vinegar Syndrome theme