Angel in Exile (1948) Movie Script

Stand up!
No. 10259...
Report to the warden's office.
If you try to pick up
where you left off...
It doesn't work...
It'll never work.
Alright, Charlie... you can go.
And just one more thing...
You're gonna have pretty tough sledding
for a while...
Now if you have no definite ideas
on a job...
Now don't think I'm trying
to force anything on you here.
Look into this, or not...
just as you please.
It's the address of my brother's ranch,
near Billings, Montana.
Good food... good pay...
Give you a start in a new state.
You might think about it.
They'll give you an outfit downstairs...
...and you pick up your personal effects
at the desk on the way out.
Now... goodbye... Good luck!
Thank you, Warden.
Hello, Eddie...
Hello Mr Dakin...
you're looking alright!
Well I wouldn't have known you...
your hair's turned grey.
Yeah... well, I had a lot on my mind...
...including you.
You remembered the day, eh, Eddie?
I remembered...
Well I got my car here...
Shall we go?
Where are we going, Ernie?
I got some clothes for you
at the back.
Who's following us?
- I'm sorry about this, Mr Dakin.
- Who is it?
- Carl Spitz is the driver.
- Who's with him?
Max Giorgio, I think
They must've known
you was gettin' out today.
Max must love you
for not cuttin' him in!
Nobody gets cut in,
but you and me.
You can cut me out, Ernie.
Mr Dakin, would you have cut ME out...
...if I was locked up
and YOU was on the outside?
I don't know.
Well, I know.
Don't worry... it's tucked away,
nice and safe.
Took me 2 months
to find the right place...
But I got a honey...
Right up in the Arizona mountains.
What about THEM?
I'll lose them today.
No... wait a minute...
I got an idea...
Let 'em stop us.
Alright, pull up.
Keep your hands
where I can see 'em.
Okay, Max... they're clean.
Hello, Charlie...
Hello, Max.
You're looking good.
I was just about to look you up.
Yeah... sure you were.
Follow me into town.
Start the car...
and don't try anything.
Now listen, Charlie...
and listen good.
I don't like you.
I never liked you.
There's nothing'd please me better
than to take you apart right now.
But first of all I want to find out
what happened... the million dollars
worth of gold dust.
How do I know?...
I've been in stir.
The little gunsel here
didn't go into stir with you...
...and neither was the dust.
What happened to it?
5 years is a long time
to remember, Max.
Alright... I'll refresh your memory.
You knocked off the bank truck...
...and transferred the stuff to your car
like YOU planned it.
Then you and Ernie made a getaway.
But you never showed up
for the payoff.
I ran over a drunk...
I know... they gave you 5 years for manslaughter
on account of your record...
But Ernie got away with the car
and the dust.
What did he do with it?
- Have you asked Ernie?
- Yeah, we asked him.
We even tried to persuade him.
But the little rat insisted
he ran off a bridge into a river.
Only he can't remember
what bridge or what river.
Ernie's always had a bad memory.
Listen, Charlie...
I'm gettin' kinda sick of this.
I'm gonna ask you once more...
Where did he hide it?
Max.. I wish I could help you!
Al, gimme that belly gun
you frisked off of Charlie.
Alright, Charlie...
Maybe I can refresh your memory
with a little game of Russian roulette.
You were always great at that, Max.
Yeah... it used to work pretty good
on all the bad little boys... remember?
It depends on your luck, Charlie.
There's only one bullet
in the gun.
Now I'll ask you where
you've got the gold hidden.
If I don't like the answer,
I'll pull the trigger.
Maybe you've got 5 wrong answers.
Maybe only one.
Where's the gold, Charlie?
I don't know.
That's one for YOU, Charlie!
Where is it?
Like I said before, Max...
I don't know.
Well, your luck is running
pretty good, Charlie...
You got 3 more chances.
Now... come on... where is it?
Come on! Talk!
Go on and shoot!
I'm through asking questions, Charlie!
The next 3 pulls are gonna be fast.
Alright, Max... I'll talk.
A little town called Bayview.
A guy by the name of Sawtell's got it.
OK, Carl... load the bags.
We're going to Connecticut.
The 4 of us.
That guy Sawtell better be there.
...or we'll play roulette
with the chambers full.
Now wait a minute!...
What's that?
Kramer Ranch... Highway 10
40 miles north of Billings Montana.
Check with Clyde Kramer.
That was a nice try, Charlie.
Putting it in the gun
was a little childish...
But good!
Alright... let's go!
Shall I get rid of these characters?
What do you say, Charlie?
Shall we get rid of you?
Ah... let 'em alone...
Why should we get the cops on our tails
for killin' a couple of worms?
Let the worms crawl away.
Bye bye, boss!
Hey... Ernieboy...
He's goin' the wrong way.
How do we know they're headed
for Montana?
We don't know...
So we'll follow 'em.
Charlie always was
a great little kidder.
So we'll make 'em think
we've gone to Montana.
That'll make it easier to tail 'em.
This is our last stop.
The Land Office.
We file our claim to the property there
with the county recorder.
Then we're all set.
I wish they'd light some place.
2 days over desert mountains...
Bum grub... no sleep...
Hack down and case that joint
they just went into.
My name's Charles Dakin...
I'd like to file a claim
to an abandoned mine I found.
I've got a map here.
This mine is under the title of the Durango...
is that correct?
That's right.
Abandoned 1912...
...reverted back to the U.S. Government
in 1913.
Apparently worthless.
Well... the title's clear.
You understand of course
that you have to
put in at least $100 worth of maintenance a year
in order to retain your claim.
I do.
As a matter of fact...
...I'd look into this very carefully,
if I were you.
Isn't there something I should sign?
Alright... come in.
County Recorder's office...
They're looking at a map.
What do you make of it?
Maybe Charlie likes the climate,
and figures on settling down.
It looks like we're near
the end of the trail.
I was beginning to think
they were headed for Mexico.
Let's nail 'em
when they come out, eh?
What for?
The stuff is not in their car...
They got it stashed out
around here someplace.
We'll keep tailin' 'em.
Done much mining, Mr Dakin?
Placer or hard-rock?
You must operate with gloves on.
I been away a long time.
For your record, Mr Dakin.
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
We'll never make it in THIS car.
I got an old jalopy
parked here in town.
What about supplies?
All taken care of.
It's no use tryin' to go any further
in THIS crate.
Now I know why they shifted cars.
Well, anyway...
we know where they are.
Yeah... where?
There's 1000 miles of these mountains
they could hide in.
Well, what do we do?
Get the jack and get this thing
off of here...
We'll go back to town and find the guy
they were talkin' to in the Recorder's Office.
Well... this is it, Mr Dakin.
That's quite a road.
You should've seen it
before I got it smoothed out.
There... there's the Durango.
I'll show you the mine...
...and then we'll get the stuff
cleared out of the car.
What a mess!
Any cave-ins?
No... it's safe enough.
I blasted a hole to hide it.
I blasted a hole to hide it..
Hold it!
Alright, I got you covered...
Come on out!
Well, I'll be...
What a you doing in there?
I was after Poco.
My burro, seor.
He used to work in the mines.
He still likes to go back into them.
But what were you doing out here?
- Look, sister...
- Wait a minute, Ernie!
You've got to pardon my partner
and myself, Seorita...
...for being a little nervous...
Darango isn't very safe.
I was very careful, seor...
my father...
You mean there's somebody else in there?
No, seor... I do not.
I was about to say that my father
was nearby if I needed him.
We were getting water from the well.
We always use the Darango well.
Poco wandered away,
and I went after him.
If I have done something wrong...
Raquel... donde ests?
Estoy aqu, padre.
Todo esta bin.
Do dos a perfectamente bien.
What you poppin' off about?
There's nothing wrong, father...
These men were just a little frightened
I should be in the mine.
They consider it dangerous.
I'm afraid we frightened your daughter
as much as she frightened us.
As a matter of fact, we didn't know
anyone lived up in these mountains.
Some of us continue to be stubborn, seor.
There is a little town higher up in the hills...
...a very old Mexican town.
San Gabriel.
I see.
My name is Chavez...
Dr. Estaban Chavez.
How do you do.
And this is my daughter Raquel.
I'm Charles Dakin and this is
my partner, Mr Coons.
How do you do.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm a miner.. I claimed the Durango.
You claimed the Durango?!
May I ask what you expect
to find in it?
You don't think much of the idea?
There is no gold in Durango, Seor Dakin.
You may find some other mineral here.
Zinc, perhaps.
There is a very good market for zinc,
I understand.
Well, that's very interesting.
Perhaps we'll be calling you
Seor Dakin the Zinc King eh?
Vamonos, Raquel.
Hasta la vista, Seor Dakin.
Adios, Seor Coons.
Yeah... So long, kid.
If you should happen to need any more equipment,
or any workers, seores...
You will come to San Gabriel, eh?
Thanks a lot.
Adios seores!
I swear, Mr Dakin... I didn't know nothin'
about this San Gabriel.
- But when she come outta here...
- Pretty girl!
But Mr Dakin...
We got a big stake in this business.
Relax, Ernie.
I'm trying to.
Well, you've come this far...
Maybe you'd like to take a look
at a million dollars.
I just saw a million dollars.
Come on... we'll take a look
at the other one.
There it is, Mr Dakin.
Every ounce of it.
Look at it, Ernie...
What do you see?
Gold, Mr Dakin.
No... what else?
I don't get you!
Do you know what's really
in these sacks, Ernie?
Paris... Rio... comfort... good living.
And something else...
Like spending 5 years
in a rotten stinking little cell.
And waking up in the middle of the night
in a cold sweat...
...wondering whether or not
I'd been babbling on about it.
Or whether it's still safe or not.
It's always been safe, Mr Dakin.
Oh, I know that, Ernie...
You're the one man I trust.
The one man I can depend on.
It's just that funny things happen
in nightmares.
But the nightmares are over now, Ernie...
we're gonna live.
We've paid 5 years
for this million bucks.
And nobody's gonna take it away from us.
But nobody!
I'd like to get some information
about a friend of mine.
I think he was in here yesterday...
on business...
His name's Dakin.
Charlie Dakin.
Dakin... Dakin...?
- I don't think I remember him.
- Pardon me...
I couldn't help overhearing...
I think I can take care of this, Frank.
That name seems familiar...
- Dakin, did you say?
- Yeah... that's right.
Tall fellow, dark... about 30 years old?
Yeah... that's the one.
You the law?
Oh, no... we're just pals of his.
In some trouble, is he?
What do you mean 'maybe'?
He stole something from us...
something big.
I thought maybe
that it was something like that.
You seem to know quite a lot
about this fellow Dakin.
No... I noticed him because
he seemed so nervous.
So upset.
Where is he?
That I couldn't say.
Is Dakin really a miner?
Is that what he told you?
He asked me about
mining operations... Mexico.
I recall that because I thought
it was odd at the time.
He was on his way, he said,
to Mexico City.
Are you sure that's what he said?
Oh, yes... I recall that distinctly.
Thanks, friend...
Don't mention it.
I always like to do a stranger a favour.
He's lyin'.
- Of course he's lyin'.
- What do we do now?
We wait till Charlie comes in...
or junior there goes out to find him...
- Then we follow him.
- We can't make it in this car.
So, we'll trade it in for a car
that CAN make it.
What's up, Ernie?
Car comin'.
Get in the house.
Hello Mr Dakin.
Hello Mr Higgins.
I can see you've been working...
your hands are getting calloused.
Yeah... $100 worth of maintenance, you know.
You might offer me
a drink of water.
Yes, sure.
By the way, I told them at the office
where I was going.
They know I'm up here.
Not at all.
I suppose you're wondering
why I came up.
No... I've been expecting you.
Expecting me?
Because you're the nosey type,
Mr Higgins.
You want to know WHY
I claimed the Durango.
I think I know.
I know that Charles Dakin was released
from a California prison just a few days ago...
After serving a 5-year term
for manslaughter.
Go on.
I also know that your hiding out
from someone.
And that you're a thief.
Is that all?
Not quite.
I know WHAT you've stolen... and that's
the most important thing of all.
There's only one thing
you could've taken
that would have brought you
up here, Mr Dakin...
One thing.
An immense amount of stolen gold.
I don't know how much you have...
But common sense tells me
you have it...
At the Durango.
What else does your common sense tell you,
Mr Higgins?
For instance...
Of course you know,
we'll have to kill you.
Kill me?
You don't understand...
I'm here to help you.
You need me.
Listen, Mr Dakin...
I'm not a fool...
I know the problems you've faced.
What in the world could you do
with the gold...
when there's a law against owning it?
You could claim a mine...
Get hold of a gold-mine...
Take your own gold
out of your own property...
and let the government
pay you for it.
How do YOU fit in to all this,
Mr Higgins?
But there are things
you don't know about mining.
For instance...
Have you ever heard of a little thing
called "Form TG19".
It's an affidavit.
A statement that every miner
has to make...
before he can get one penny
from the mint.
Here... listen to this part...
The gold referred to herein was obtained
by mining or panning...
...and no part thereof has been held
by this depositor...
.. in non-compliance of the Act of march 1933
No part of such gold has ever entered
into monetary or industrial use.
Every single deposit of 5 gross ounces or more
has to be sworn to, Mr Dakin.
And do you know who
has to countersign it?
An examiner... a notary public...
And they trust me, Mr Dakin.
With ME checking your gold in,
you'll be perfectly safe.
Think of it THAT way.
One half of what you get.
For safety.
Well, I'll be as interested in seeing
you succeed in this thing as you are.
Then... everything's settled?
Seems that way, doesn't it?
You're a very reasonable man.
But then, one must be reasonable,
when there's so much involved.
You probably have at least $50,000.
You're $950,000 off, Mr Higgins.
A million!?
Why the reward alone would
probably set a man up for life.
Maybe at least $100,000.
I didn't... I mean... no...
I wouldn't do a thing like that.
I understand, Mr Higgins.
I picked up a little sample...
Thought it might come in handy
for an assay report.
Or do we need that?
No... definitely not.
The last thing in the world you want... for a professional assayer
to go over this stuff.
Why, it's absolutely dynamite
in this form, Mr Dakin.
Any government expert could tell
it didn't come from the Durango.
That's why you have to mill it up here.
A little at a time.
Run it over mercury,
and recover it in a retort.
That way it will be in amalgam form,
and hard to trace.
Probably be able to send the amalgam
direst to the mint.
There'll be no need for it to go
through anybody else's hands.
And no lumps... pulverize this stuff
before you salt it.
Incidentally, I'd better hire a couple of men
for you when I go back.
I'll take care of that myself.
It's entirely up to you,
of course...
But I could save you
a trip to town.
I don't have to go to town.
Ever heard of a little place called San Gabriel...
up there in the hills?
San Gabriel?...
Yes, seems to me I have.
A few shepherds... Mexicans...
live up there, don't they?
Say, do you mind me asking why
you didn't change your name, Mr Dakin?
Oh yes... You've paid your debt
to society.
Suppose we leave it that way.
What society doesn't know,
won't hurt it.
I'll be up again tomorrow.
You'll need a lot of mercury,
and a retort.
In the meantime, rig up
an amalgamating table.
About a mile above here, I'd say...
Come on.
Aren't we gonna ride up?
In this coffee-grinder?
They'd hear us comin' a mile away.
Carmencita... it's a long time
since I've seen you.
Not since the broken arm, eh?
What a gay bandage!
What a wound!
How did this dreadful injury occur?
Rafael Lpez bit me.
Rafael Lpez is a monster!
To go around biting the fingers
of little girls.
And why did Rafael Lpez bite you?
Because I hit him in the face
with a tortilla...
...I think.
Nevertheless, Rafael Lpez
is a barbarian, eh?
Alright, Carmencita... that's all.
Seorita, I will pay now.
Oh... what a beautiful flower.
I will give you a receipt.
Carmencita Mesales... For services rendered...
one flower.
Gracias, Seorita Chavez.
Ah... Seor Dakin!
Come in! Come in!
El chaqueta, pap.
- Oh, Seor Dakin!
- Hello.. thank you
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
No... come in my friend...
You are welcome.
Sintese, seor.
Thank you very much.
Nothing wrong at the mine, I hope.
No... no... everything's fine.
I'm glad to hear that.
Stop it!...
Wine, Raquel!
Tell me, have you started production yet?
As a matter of fact, Doctor,
that's what I came to see you about.
We're so far ahead in production
that my partner and I can't handle it...
We need some help.
That's wonderful, my friend!
You said, the other day, you might be able
to get us a few men, here in town.
Well, of course, only...
Only what, Doctor?
There may be a problem.
Well, I'm willing to pay
anything you ask.
No, it's not that, my friend...
I'm sure we can find the men for you...
But a few of them may not
take your mine seriously.
- I mean...
- I know what you mean.
Mr Dakin, you make me feel like The Devil
trying to shake the faith of the saint.
I have shamed myself...
Forgive me!
You ask for a few men...
alright... you shall have them.
Now, is there anything else
I can do for you?
Well, we'll be doing our milling
at the mine...
We'll be needing an amalgamating table.
Amalgamating table?
Well, I don't know...
Ysidro lvarez!
Ysidro lvarez... he would have one.
Only he might not even know
where to find it.
A wonderful man, Seor Dakin.
Many years ago,
he was a miner himself.
If there is such a table
anywhere in these mountains...
...he will know of it!
My daughter is right, seor...
Ysidro is your man, believe me!
Where can I find Seor...
Alvarez? I will take you, Seor Dakin.
- It is not far.
- Oh, fine... thanks!
Unless you need me here, Father.
No... go on!...
Thanks a lot, Doctor.
This is Mr Dakin.
Cmo lo haces!
He has claimed the Durango,
and wants an amalgamating table.
Es muy grosero de que te ras.
Slo de pensarlo me hace rer!
What did he say?
Excuse me, seor...
But you are wanting an amalgamation table
for the Durango!
To me it seems entirely reasonable.
Seorita... I know that mine...
And believe me... in my own mouth
there is more gold.
Well then I take it, you don't have
the kind of table I'm looking for.
Do you know anybody
the might have one?
Thanks a lot.
Listen... you serious you need it?
I have one.
It's not in very good shape.
Come... just take a look.
Oh... This an amalgamating table?
Of course no...
That's an old Indian dish!
Now... there is a table.
I made it myself...
Still good like 20 years ago.
What'll you take for it?
That's a good table...
one leg or two.
Perhaps... I don't know...
What's the matter?
I have... a conscience.
But you said the table was still good.
It is, Seorita... it is!
But, believe me, seor...
I would give you my table...
I work in your mine for bread alone...
if that can help you, but...
Look... I brought some ore
from the Durango...
You want to assay it up here?
Nothing to it...
I'll pan it.
How long will it take?
Maybe an hour.
Maybe less.
I'll tell you what I'll do...
I'll leave it up here with you,
and you look it over.
If you don't find any gold in it...
I'll take it like a man.
But if by some chance
you DO find gold...
I'll pick up the table.
How about it?
No sense, seor... Alright!
I'll do it.
And look it over hard, Ysidro.
I will, Seorita!
I will!
- I'm sorry...
Because everyone thinks
so little of your mine.
Sometimes I get a little discouraged, but...
Don't be discouraged, Seor Dakin.
Never be discouraged.
Well, what shall we do
for an hour?...
Would you like to go back
and talk with Father?
Or maybe you would rather
see San Gabriel.
I'd rather look at... the town.
Alright then...
San Gabriel it shall be.
Well, I had no idea there was
a place like this up in these mountains.
It's like part of the Old World.
It IS part of the Old World.
The Jesuits built it
in the 17th century.
What's going on over there?
That is the agua de San Gabriel...
The only water we have.
You mean the only water for washing.
No, seor...
The only water for anything.
Be sure you tell your mother
to boil that water...
before any of you drink it.
My father and take our drinking water
from the well at Durango.
What's that?
A communal sheep-dip.
In spring all the men
gather here.. help each other with the dipping
and shearing.
No wonder the water needs boiling.
We need a new well...
...but the water's very deep
in the ground here...
...and the cost of drilling
is beyond the means of San Gabriel.
What's this building?
That's the Mission...
One of the oldest in Arizona.
We use it as a schoolhouse now.
I teach the children there.
And that is our church.
Our priest comes here
only once a month now.
For baptising... marriages...
So you're a schoolma'am, eh?
Were you born here?
But I've been away a lot...
at a convent in Tucson.
What are your plans?
My plans?
I mean your ambition.
You know, your dreams.
You do have dreams, don't you?
Yes, I have dreams.
Come... I will show you.
This is my favorite dreaming spot.
From here I can see the whole world.
Out there... Mexico City, Rio, Buenos Aires.
And over there...
New York, London, Paris.
And over there...
San Francisco... And there... Canada.
And over there...
Hawaii, Australia, the Orient.
You got an 'A' for geography!
I dream something of seeing them.
All of them!
- But...
- But what?
But I will probably never leave San Gabriel.
Isn't that just as well?
You know, there aren't many
such places left in the world.
Without struggle, violence...
At least you've got contentment
up here.
There's no contentment
in San Gabriel.
There's only poverty...
There's only dirt.
- I'm sorry.
- Why?
I don't understand myself...
I've never said these thing to anyone before.
But somehow it seems different
with you.
Somehow, everything
seems different with you.
Thank you, Seor.
When a person becomes happy,
there seems to be a point for everything.
Isn't there?
Perhaps even in San Gabriel.
I would not be surprised if The Blue Lady herself
came to my father while we were gone...
...and told him never
to worry again.
Who's The Blue Lady?
A Mexican legend.
She's supposed to be the ghost
of an extremely devout Spanish lady.
named Doa Maria Coronel.
She lived 300 years ago.
Do you believe in ghosts up here?
The Seorita is a very much respected spirit
in this part of Arizona.
Why, people will tell you
she has been known to appear... great gifts from Heaven,
to those who are worthy.
Apparently she hasn't
been around lately!
None of us who are living
have ever seen her.
I am afraid we are unworthy.
Sort of leaves ME out too.
If anyone was worthy...
My father, for example...
He would get a new clinic...
...and all the vaccines in it...
.. and a fine hospital.
And what about YOU?
What would she do for you...
I mean The Blue Lady.
She would make it possible
for me to fall in love.
And me... suppose she came
knocking at MY door?
Why, there'd be gold
in your empty mine.
Of course!
Oh I would like to see Ysidro's face then!
So would I!
It must be finished by now.
Come, I will take you back.
Hey, Ysidro... is my daughter still here?
Do you have the table?
You look sick... here..
let me see your tongue.
Doctor... you know me
for many years...
Do you think I'm honest?
You've always been honest, yes.
- Mr Dakin was here.
- With my daughter, yes I know.
He told me "Gold in the Durango"
and I laughed.
You should not have done that...
When a man has so much faith.
You mean, not when
a man has so much gold!
Gold in the Durango?
Gold in the Durango!
I don't know, Doctor...
Last year... last month... yesterday...
...the Durango was empty.
I know that mine
just like my own self.
Then he was right...
He was right and we were the fools.
He knew the gold was there.
I'm not a religious fellow...
...but I think I saw a miracle.
Maybe you did, Ysidro...
There are many kinds of miracles.
Maybe you HAVE seen one.
Father, what has happened?
Is something wrong?
No, there's nothing wrong.
Then, what is it?
Excuse me, Seor...
The table is yours!
In 20 years mining...
I never seen such gold!
I do not pretend, seor,
that I knew you would find it...
But I know how hard
you must have worked...
...and how much faith
you must have had.
And believe me, I am as happy
for the faith in yourself... for the success
which it has brought you.
Well, thank you, Doctor.
Can I do anything else for you?
Well, we need a few men
at the mine.
You think you can find some time
to help out?
You mean, you want me
to help you?
If you want to.
Of course... gracias...
muchos gracias, Seor
Don't worry Mr Dakin,
apart from him...
I will have the workers for you
by tomorrow.
There's no hurry... after all
it's only gold.
Well, it's about time
I be getting back.
Thanks again Doctor,
for everything you've done.
I have done nothing, Seor...
I'll see YOU again?
That's alright!
Hey, Ernie!
What's the matter with you?
Why don't you answer me?
Hello, Charlie!
You're just the same old Charlie,
ain't you?
I was a fool to think that stir,
or anything else, would change YOU.
They were on me
before I knew it, Mr Dakin.
Yeah, your bodyguard was asleep
when we got here.
You know, you ought to change him
for a fox-terrier.
At least a fox-terrier could bark.
Alright, Ernie.
Well, Max?
I ought to back you up against that wall
and shoot you.
You know that, don't you?
You got any last words?
You trying to talk us to death?
Come on, get it over with!
Now, that's what I like to see...
an eager type!
It will be over quick enough.
Just as soon as we find the gold.
Oh, no... we haven't found it yet.
But we will.
We will.
Sit down, Charlie.
Over there...
Tie him up, Carl.
So, you didn't go to Montana, eh?
You didn't think I was going
to fall for that corny old gag, did you?
We're gonna give you about
half an hour to think this over.
And then we're going
to go to work...
Time's up, Charlie.
You know... I'm gonna enjoy this.
I hardly got started, before.
I was disappointed.
Now listen...
You can save yourself
an awful lot of bloodshed...
Hey, Max...
Seor Dakin!
- I thought...
- What do you want?
Is Seor Dakin here?
What is this?
Who are all these people?
What are they doing here?
We come to work!
- Work?
- Si, Seor!
That's why I want to see Seor Dakin.
I tried to stop them...
You must be crazy, there's no work here.
Now go on, beat it!
Qu ha pasado, papa?
Hable con el Seor Dakin.
l no puede estar aqu, chiquita.
I don't understand.
I must see Seor Dakin.
Well, he's busy.
You understand...
He can't see anybody.
You tell him Dr Chavez is here.
And Ysidro... his best friend.
Don't forget that.
Why don't you tell ME about it?
Maybe I can help you.
I'm Dakin's partner.
His partner?
Yeah... I just came up
this afternoon.
You must know about the mine!
Mine? What about the mine?
Did he not tell you?
Tell me what?
Mr Dakin has discovered gold.
Wait a minute... do you mean...?
Because of this discovery, the men believe
that he has performed a miracle.
Yeah... a miracle.
Well you wait right here...
I'll go talk to Dakin about it.
Charlie, I hope you'll forgive me
for losing my temper!
Boy, are you smart!
What a set-up!
So there's gold in your mine!
So all of a sudden,
you strike it rich!
And that stuff gets you $35 an ounce
in good old American currency.
Hey, what is this...
What's going on?
Carl, you are now as of this minute,
a partner in the Charles dakin Durango mine.
We're all partners...
I always said there was enough
for all of us to share.
And we owe it all
to good old Charlie.
You heard what the doctor said.
They think it's a miracle.
Yeah... and they want to see
their miracle man.
You better untie me...
before my friends get nervous.
Untie him, Carl.
Untie him, before he pulls another miracle
and unties himself.
Hey... what about his mouth?
That ought to do it.
Okay... so you can say
you run into a door.
I don't think you're gonna
cut your own throat, Charlie... telling your pals what's happened,
when we go outside.
Just in case...
We'll leave Carl here with Ernie.
One wrong word out of you...
...and your little chum here gets it
right in the back... understand?
You pulled a miracle.
We just pull triggers.
Hello, Doctor.
Cmo ests?
Que pas?
We come to help you, Mr Dakin.
Mr Dakin... you're hurt!
I'm alright... little accident
I had on the way home.
But... your mouth!
Yes... that's it.
I brought Poco.
I thought perhaps he could help in the mine,
pulling the ore-cars.
It would make him very happy.
That's great... fine!
I'm afraid, Mr Dakin, you must be
very angry with me.
If you want,
I will tell the men to go...
Oh, no... I can't tell you
how glad I am to see you.
It is well that you are
so patient, Mr Dakin.
The men believe so deeply...
I only wish I had some
of their faith.
You mean...
But I'm afraid the men will not go
very deep into the mine.
They believe that The Blue Lady
has appeared there.
I hate to break this up...
but we got things to do.
When you have more time, Seor.
Yeah, Doctor... sure.
Vamos muchachos, todo el mundo!
I said we had things to do, Charlie.
I heard what you said.
We can do it later.
Have it your way, partner...
But don't forget that Ernie
is still in the cabin.
Seor Dakin... what is the matter?
Who is that man?
No one to be afraid of.
Why is he here?
Why should you have him here?
Don't worry.
- You're in trouble... I know it...
- Raquel!...
- Seor Dakin...
- Do you trust me?
Of course.
Everything's going to be alright,
isn't it?
- Yes, Seor...
-Everything's going to be always alright.
ALRIGHT... remember that.
Go on home.
Cute kid! Who is she?
You leave her alone!
So that's the way it is!
Alright, Charlie...
Maybe she's got a friend.
Well, I gotta hand it to you, Charlie...
This is the sweetest setup I ever saw.
But what about those volunteer
workers of yours...
Can you handle them?
If they're making you nervous, Max...
Why don't you and Carl go outside
and chase them away.
Yeah... but where does
this character Higgins fit in?
So that's how you found us?
Yeah, we just happened to follow him,
looking for you.
He headed up here as fast as he could...
We followed him.
Playing the bloodhound now, Max?
Thanks, Charlie... thanks.
Now what's Higgins got on you?
Higgins can be a blessing or a curse...
Depending entirely on
how you handle him.
If Seor Dakin tells you everything is going to be alright,
you must believe him.
Perhaps he does not know
that he's in danger.
That other man is evil.
I feel it!
So now you are Pepita,
the gypsy fortune-teller, eh?
You just don't worry about him.
Leave his fate with The Blue Lady.
Now let me see
if I got it straight...
Higgins sells the gold to the mint...
...and brings the money back up here to us, eh?
Yeah, we stay off being seen
to collect... under cover.
What a deal... not a hitch.
Just another gold mine
selling to the government.
But you're right
about one thing, Charlie...
We'd never get away with it
without Higgins.
What's his cut?
This will kill you...
Hey... he can pick up 100 grand
just by turning us in.
Well, I guess I'll have to go down
and have a little talk with Mr Higgins.
He's coming up here tomorrow.
Talkin's safer up here in the mountains.
Max, in case you got
any homicidal ideas...'d better take a look
at how things stand.
First... you can kill me and Ernie,
and take over the whole deal.
In that case, my friends outside will either
kill you or turn you over to the police.
WE can kill YOU...
Call it... self-defence.
Have 100 witnesses to prove
that you threatened their miracle-man.
But that's not so good...
That'd bring the sheriff snooping around.
And third...
We can call it a truce.
And sit it out...
...or until Mr Higgins sells all the gold
to the government.
We'll split it up in 5 ways
and live happily ever after.
Which will it be, Max?
What do YOU say, Carl?
It's up to you.
Okay, Charlie... we'll sit it out.
You'd better watch where you're sitting!
Wait a minute!
I told you a dozen times... no lumps!
Just sand.
You want them to see
that there's no gold in that rock?
Why don't you watch
what you're doing?
- What's eating you?
- You're puttin' in too much!
They'll even think
we struck the mother-lode.
Come on... we'll be here all night.
How are you doing?
We'll see it.
The Blue Lady must have liked Mr Dakin.
16 more pounds of that beautiful gold.
You know... I thought I was a miner...
and I was a dumb... or a wicked one.
Just say dumb.
$5,000... that's pretty good
for a week's work.
It's gotta be better.
How about that, Higgins?
We can start putting much more gold
into this thing now.
I'll tell them we've struck jewelry rock.
Jewelry rock? What's that?
That's a miner's term
for very rich ore.
After a while, those veins
always pinch off.
Ours'll pinch off
after a million dollars!
How are we gonna keep other prospectors
from stampedin' up here...
...when they find out about
this 'jewelry rock'?
I do all my business over in Tucson.
If there's any stampeding it'll be done
in the mountains around there.
You're a smart hombre, Higgins.
I get by.
Oh, when I brought that strong-box here...
I meant it for YOUR portion.
I don't get you.
Well, I mean to say...
naturally I have my own bank in Tucson...
I'll just take my share
back with me.
Say, you know Higgins...
I almost nearly forgot about your share.
That was a fifth... was it?
A fifth?!
Why, no... Mr Dakin said
I was to get a half.
Oh, it must have been
a slip of the tongue.
I think he must have meant a fifth...
don't you?
That means $200,000
for each one of 5 guys.
Of course, if there's only 4 of us...
I didn't mean...
Yes, a fifth'd be fine.
Well, your fifth up to now
is just $1,000.
So, I'll put it right in the box,
and we can ALL watch it grow.
- But I'd like...
- Now, listen, Higgins...
We took a pretty big chance on you.
Of course, it's a little late for you
to try to collect that reward...
...because you got our
...and you cashed the first cheque
that you got from the mint.
That makes you an accessory.
But... if you leave your share
right here...
It's a pretty good cinch you're gonna come back
with the rest of the payments.
Alright, Ernie... I'll take over...
you get some sleep.
Them 2 lugs... sitting over there...
lickin' their chops...
.. and countin' their money over and over.
Give me the word, Mr Dakin...
I'll set a charge of dynamite under that shack.
We'll take our chances.
If I only had a gun.
Give me a cigarette.
We made a deal, Ernie... remember?
- Goodnight, Mr Dakin.
- Goodnight, Ernie.
Is that you, Seor Dakin?
Buenos noches!
Where did you come from?
My father was called
to set Pedro Lopez's broken leg.
I came along to bring Poco a carrot.
They told me you were here.
Well, I'm not Poco.
I know...
I mean, I gave Poco the carrot.
I wanted to talk to you.
You aren't supposed to be up here...
the mine's closed for the night.
You don't have to guard it.
None of us would dare enter.
The mine is hallowed ground.
The Blue Lady has been here.
You must be a very worthy man,
Seor Dakin.
Yeah? Why?
The Blue Lady has not only
brought gifts for you, but...
...she has also been kind to me...
just because I know you.
She made it possible for me
to fall in love.
Yeah... well, go on home now...
Good night!
I'm sorry if I've said
something to offend.
Listen, Raquel...
Don't carry this Blue Lady thing
too far, will you?
It's alright for these people down here...
but it's not for you and me.
I know how you feel about me.
I feel the same way about you.
Our worlds are a million miles apart.
There's nothing we can do about it,
that would do you any good.
Come on... kiss me goodnight
and forget about it.
You need any help?
A pretty girl like you shouldn't
have to do all this hard work.
How about a little kiss, baby... eh?
If you pull that gun,
they'll cut you to pieces.
Now get out of here
before I kill you.
We'll see who kills who,
when the time comes.
Alright... go on back to work, men.
Raquel... go home...
And stay there.
If you want any water,
we'll send it to you.
Alright, Seor Dakin.
So, it is truly over, my friend.
That's right... all over.
You are leaving because of those men,
are you not?
Don't try to deny it!
Ever since they've been here,
you have been different.
Everyone has seen that.
Why don't you let us help you?
What's wrong?
Everything's alright, Ysidro.
I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
I was just saying goodbye
to Seor Dakin.
Then we shall not see each other again, Seor.
- Goodbye, Doctor.
- Goodbye.
And may you always have the same success
you found at the Durango.
Thank you.
Oh, Doctor...!
Yes, Mr Dakin?
I just had an idea...
Si, Seor?
Mr Higgins here is taking
a large shipment of gold into town...
He won't be back for a week,
with the money.
Isn't that right, Mr Higgins?
I... yes.
Means we won't be leaving here
till next Thursday.
That's right, on Thursday.
So we can see one another
after all again, Doctor.
Lot of things can happen in a week.
Lot of accidents.
Good idea if we kept in touch.
It might be a good idea.
Suppose I walk up to San Gabriel,
So you'll know everything's
alright down here.
Yes, my friend.
If I don't show up...
send somebody.
You know, it's sort of isolated
around here...
Bad place for snakes.
Somebody's liable to get bitten.
I cut the snakes head off.
We will look for you next Wednesday
Adis, Seor.
Thanks for everything, Ysidro.
Now, what was it you wanted, Max?
Nothing, Charlie... nothing at all.
Come on, Higgins.
Well... that takes care of that.
Looks kinda quiet around here... don't it?
Mr Dakin... we ain't got
much more time...
A couple of days ago,
a woman came to me...
...and told me her sister had a baby...
She wanted me to be
the child's godfather.
Wanted to christen the kid
'Charles Dakin Catalina'.
How do you like that?
Not bad.
Said she wanted to give the kid a name
he'd be proud of all his life.
Yeah... that's a riot!
Another guy with a crippled hand
wanted me to touch it...
said I could cure it.
Who do they think I am? God?
You know, I wouldn't be
a bit surprised.
He's acting very strangely, isn't he?
Mr Dakin, I mean.
Very odd man.
I'm surprised that you and he
ever became partners.
Oh, it was fate that
brought us together Mr Higgins.
We were just meant
for each other.
Seriously though...
it seems a shame that...
That what?
He and Ernie have to be cut in
on the money.
Particularly, when they stole everything
from you in the first place.
You know what I mean?
No... what?
Please don't make it
more difficult for me.
I like Mr Dakin very much,
you understand...
Only... without him and his friend...
You and I and Carl could each
be cut in on a third.
Couldn't we?
You know, Mr Higgins...
You're the kind of a guy
I like to do business with.
No beating around the bushes.
I'll see you then, on Thursday.
Why... whats the matter?
I want to talk to you, Higgins.
Talk to ME?
I saw you cookin' up somethin'
with Max...
Somethin' me and Mr Dakin
might want to know about.
You want to know
what we were talking about?
Alright... I'll tell you.
Max wanted me to agree to a 3-way
instead of a 5-way split.
Said he was going to kill you and Dakin
as soon as the money was all in.
Naturally I was horrified.
I didn't know what to do.
I had to pretend
to agree with him.
But I determined to get in touch
with you or Dakin as soon as possible.
So now you're in touch.
So come to the point.
Well, I'm trying to.
You have a gun?
Here... take this...
I thought if you were armed,
you'd have a chance to...
It'll be a question of
the first one to shoot.
Thanks, Higgins.
Forget it!
I never have gone along with murder.
Un momento, por favor.
Seor Dakin!
I am so glad.
I was afraid.
Is your father here?
My father?
No... he is with Maria Gonzales.
I was just going over there.
If you want...
we can go together.
My father will see you very gladly...
He's missing you.
I'll wait here for him.
I'm afraid he will not be back
for several hours.
There is much sickness
amongst the shepherds.
Two have already died.
I see.
Alright... I'll go with you.
Is everything finished at the mine?
You will be leaving soon, now.
Take me with you!
Take me with you, 'amor mio'!
I can't take you with me
or tell you where I'm going...
You wouldn't believe me,
if I told you!
I only believe I would die,
if I could not be with you.
Look... I'm no good for you...
Forget about me.
Which am I to trust...
your words or my own heart?
Raquel, I...
Don't you want me, Seor Dakin?
Want you?!
Then take me with you!
What did he say?
Maria Gonzales... she is dying!
Hello, Doctor.
Ah... Seor Dakin...
The snakes have allowed you
to reach here safely, eh?
How's she doing?
I do not know.
I do not know anything.
I am no longer a doctor.
I am just a tired man...
that does not know anything.
What's the matter with her?
The matter with her?
The matter with her is San Gabriel.
The matter with her is poverty.
No education.
No sanitation.
No hospital.
Bad food.
Water that comes from a well,
that should've been condemned 10 years ago.
If she dies, I shall report that she died
from a little germ called typhus.
But the truth will be
that she died of poverty.
And nothing else.
100 times I've told them
not to drink that water...
To boil it...
Or to get water from the well
at the Durango.
As I have done, with Raquel.
But they think this well
in the town is charmed.
The Blue Lady has appeared.
You mean... because of the gold
in the mine...
Because of ME?
No, my friend,
you are not to blame...
No one is to blame.
Look... Doctor...
Doctor... they said you were here...
It is Ysidro lvarez...
He is very sick!
Can you go to him?!
That is the 10th one, Seor.
He asked me also to say
to Seor Dakin if I could thank him.
Can you go, Doctor?
There is nothing
that can be done.
I've sent down the mountain for help...
we can only wait.
If I went along with you and talked to him...
maybe it'd help.
You do not fear the typhus,
my friend?
You are willing to come along...
...because you have the faith
and the energy...
My friend, I need you desperately.
Our people need you.
Come along!
Together we will work.
Here's the doctor and Seor Dakin.
Hi, Ysidro...
Ah... Mr Dakin...
Now try not to worry...
You must get some sleep.
I'm alright... Mr Dakin's here.
Then I'm alright.
Hello there!
Hello, Mr Dakin.
You've come here to see me?
Tell me Mr Dakin...
how The Blue Lady was.
Is she pretty?
Yeah... she was pretty.
I'll need some cold cloths.
How it was?
What did she tell you?
Well, she was tall...
...very slender...
...and she had on a blue dress...
And a great light upon her?
Hey, Doc...
He will be alright.
The night that I saw her...
she stood just inside the mine.
She was very pretty.
And she had a great light around her.
As bright as day.
And it was clear... just like
a sunset after a storm.
Now I have indeed seen a miracle.
Her fever has broken.
Were you scared of The Blue Lady,
Seor Dakin?
No, I wasn't scared.
Nothing to be scared of.
She was quiet, kind, gentle like your mother is...
when you're a good boy.
Now, you go to sleep.
That's it.
Her eyes were as bright as stars...
She smiled like a million dollars.
You tell all the sick kids
to believe in me.
If they do...
they'll all get well.
Taking Charlie an awful long time
to get back.
Don't worry about him...
He's not gonna pull anything
as long as he's got his little chum here.
It ain't like Mr Dakin
to stay away for so long...
I think maybe he got hurt
or something.
Why don't you let me
go look for him?
Shut up!
Why don't we pull out of here?
We got enough dough.
Relax, Carl... I wouldn't miss
that showdown tomorrow, for anything.
We can handle everything now, Doctor.
Our trucks couldn't get by the landslide.
They had to transfer everything
to horses and mules.
Sorry we took so long.
The county ought to do something
about that road.
Better get that woman down ahead...
I'll join the others for inoculations.
Come on dear...
You go and get in line
and have your vaccination.
More nurses and supplies coming in, Doc...
where do you want them?
Take everything into the mission, sheriff...
we'll use that as a hospital.
How's everything here?
This one'll pull through alright.
But I'm hanged if I know why.
Are you Charlie Dakin?
You're doin' great work.
Mr Dakin... You are awake... eh?
Where is Raquel? She alright?
She's alright... I sent her home
for a few hours... to sleep.
Sorry I passed out on you
last night, Doc.
That's alright... I cannot tell you
how grateful I am, for all you have done.
Those stories I told about The Blue Lady
last night do any good?
Yes, they did.
It has given the people faith.
Faith in YOU, my friend.
A faith that can remove mountains.
Faith in ME?
Do you mind if I get a little air?
Of course not.
So, that's Charlie Dakin?
Yes... Oh, thank you.
They seem to think quite a lot of him
round here, don't they, Doctor?
You cannot possibly imagine
how much, Seorita.
You know... I've seen this happen
time and again.
People find a man they can believe,
they can trust...
And all of a sudden
they aren't frightened anymore.
A beautiful day, my friend.
It's a day that will long be
commemorated in San Gabriel.
The people will say
this is the day that Seor Dakin...
...with fire in his eye
and faith in his soul...
...with The Blue Lady beside him...
...wrestled Death throughout San Gabriel.
You have given them a legend
to tell to their grandchildren.
Nobody on earth would have
given me anything but a...
Yes, my friend.
I want you to do something for me.
Of course... anything I can do.
I'm going back to the Durango...
In a half hour, I want you
to bring the sheriff.
The sheriff?!
That's right.
Tell him you've found a strongbox,
full of money.
You also found
the men that stole it.
Those men who were with you...
I knew there was something
wrong with them, Seor.
There'll be a reward.
Of course!
I shall see that it goes to you.
No, I want it to go to San Gabriel.
To Raquel... to you.
To build a new well.
And your clinic.
Just tell them it came
from The Blue Lady.
I don't understand, Seor.
Don't try, Doctor.
Just bring the sheriff in a half hour.
But surely we can go with you?
No, there's something
I've got to do by myself.
I do not understand.
- Will you bring the sheriff?
- Alright, my friend.
If that is what you wish.
But the snakes might be dangerous
along the trail.
The door to my house
is always open.
You will find a gun on the mantle
in the front room.
It ain't like Charlie to run out
on a million bucks.
Even if the cards ARE stacked against him
I tell you, something's happened
to him.
Hey, look!
Get the strongbox...
It's Higgins.
Ernie... where are the others?
Did my gun work?
Hello Mr Higgins!
Did you bring the rest
of the money?
I wouldn't want you to think that...
Well, I'd better be running along...
if you've got my share ready.
Yeah... sure we got it ready...
all divided up into 5 equal parts...
And to show you there's no hard feelings
... we'll let you take your pick.
Thanks... thanks again...
I knew you'd play fair.
Well, I guess that's that...
Now... if there's nothing else...
I'll be shoving off.
Thanks again... and so long.
Call it.
It's heads.
He won't need his share now...
Let's get it.
Mr Dakin... where you been?
Higgins got back with the dough,
and they shot him!
- Get out of here, Ernie.
- What?!
You haven't got much time...
Cops'll be here in a few minutes.
take the car and get out!
Are you nuts Mr Dakin?
What about the dough?
- Forget about it.
- Are YOU gettin' out?
Not just yet.
Looks like you did
a pretty good job, Dakin.
This is the gun Seor Dakin
borrowed from me.
It has not been fired.
There's a million dollars in the cabin.
The reward goes to the doc.
I'll tell you all about it later, Sheriff.
Let's take a look in the shack.
I came as soon as I could.
A soon as they told me.
You're hurt.
It's nothing.
It's funny it should end like this.
Or maybe it didn't.
Maybe it ended a long time ago.
I don't know.
I tried to do things differently.
Tried hard.
And I tripped over a miracle.
I didn't know where I was going.
I thought I had the sweetest racket
in the world.
I thought I was going
to take you away with me.
I couldn't do that, either.
I don't understand, Seor Dakin.
But it doesn't make any difference...
Nothing has changed between us.
Everything has changed.
No... nothing!
The mine's a fraud!
The gold was there!
No... but I put it there.
I planted it there...
Don't you understand?
I understand only that I love you.
I stole that gold.
And I don't care!
Am I to stop loving you just because
the wind blows differently...
...or the summer ends.
I know you...
and I don't know any thieves.
I know a man who does miracles.
Better check up on these bodies, Doc...
All 4 of them look dead to me.
You and Bert see what they brought down.
I'll take Dakin with me.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
arrest you, Dakin.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
But you will come back to me?
I'll always come back.