Angel John (2009) Movie Script

That's enough.
Oh, God!
Go to your classes
before 9:00 a.m. from tomorrow.
He didn't take a bath today,
did he?
He probably has to attend
his morning classes.
Won't he be allowed in the
class if he takes a bath, Mary?
That Joseph and Mary's son
was Jesus.
But, this Joseph and Mary..
Thanks. - Maradona!
Wait, I'm coming too.
No way. By the time you limp
your way down, I'll be late.
I have to catch the St. George bus.
I am leaving.
Tell your dad that
the breakfast is ready.
Your dad, the super hit director,
need not know about anything else.
Don't take her words seriously.
You know how she is. - Yes.
Don't waste your time.
Go to your class.
I have a meeting to attend.
It's disgusting to see loafers
showing off their underwear.
Excuse me!
No one's forcing you to look at it.
You don't have to pay tax for this.
It's free of charge.
- What? - Yes.
"What's your problem, aunty?"
"Low waist pants with a yoyo style"
"The spinach vendor
finds it disgusting."
"Dude, we're in trouble."
Son, this stuff is cancerous.
Learn from me.
Even though I sell these things
I don't smoke, drink
or have any other bad habits.
You deserve to be run over
by a lorry. - What?
I think chewing this stuff
is a better option then.
"What's your problem, brother?"
"If I do something
that he doesn't do"
"it is a bad habit, mister!"
"If I do what he does"
"I'm a well behaved gentleman,
"Dude, stop bluffing!"
You will never prosper, scoundrel!
You'd think that he's from a royal
family, based on his appearance.
In reality.. - Why is he cursing
like saint Durvasa?
Hello, is this the railway station?
- 'Yes.'
There is a bomb in a train.
- 'Which train?'
Sorry, I can't reveal that.
The bomb might be in any train.
Fire force. - Sir,
in Shivapuram, sorry Panayur..
someone fell into a well.
Please, come soon! - Oh, my God!
Let some people suffer today.
Just for fun.
I'll have to enquire at the RTO
office for the owner information.
"Paupers will always
have no money."
"Long live yoyo style."
"Is there no one
to ask about this?"
"I'm there to ask about it."
Idiot, don't you have
a mother or a sister at home?
They have gone to Ooty.
They'll come back tomorrow. Why?
Look at how he's talking back!
Keep quiet, old woman. It'll soon
be time for your last rites.
Oh, no!
- Don't push me!
Get lost! Don't you have
anything else to do other than
groping women in the morning?
Let's go..
Lucky old man!
"Many white stars..
I want to reach for the stars."
"I want to blow off the smoke
like a sage."
"We love fun.
We love women."
"I am a sage,
a tricky sage."
"A tricky sage."
This is my number.
What's your number?
What for?
Just for fun.
My number is 100.
"Dude, I'm in trouble."
What the hell is this?
Did the telephone company
give you some kind of punishment?
Why have you written down
so many phone numbers?
Do you give your number
to every girl you see?
I will bash you so badly
that you will find it hard
to take a leak.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
Sir, I am Joseph.
I am the manager of State Bank,
Manayoor branch.
Please have a seat. Move aside!
- He is my dad, sir!
Is that so?
So, you're this infamous
eve-teaser's dad. Be seated.
As per the Article 354
your son will be imprisoned
for two years
and his photo will appear
in the newspapers.
No, sir.
Please do not register a case.
If people come to know
about this matter
I am as good as dead.
Sir, I will do anything.
- No.
That is not necessary.
Please, sir.
Let him go, just this once.
Why do you put your dad
through this? Answer me.
Take all your stuff and leave.
Thank you, sir!
- Okay.
Thank you, sir.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
We took a loan from your bank
in my wife, Sridevi's name.
We pay Rs. 3000 every month
towards it.
If you don't mind
you could help me out
by paying the instalment
for this month.
Joseph! He hasn't come out of his
room today! I'm scared!
He didn't eat anything today.
Didn't I tell you not to scold him?
Nowadays, children commit suicide
for the silliest reasons.
Oh! My God.
What if my son..
- Don't make me tense as well!
Let me see.
Maradona! - Son!
- Son!
Son! Open the door!
Oh, no!
Hold the side-table.
What do you see?
Can you see him?
Is he there?
Tell me something.
There's nothing on the fan.
Look properly.
Oh, no! What is it?
Tell me, Joseph!
What happened?
What is it, Joseph?
Don't bother about him not eating.
We have to get him married first.
Oh, Jesus!
What sin have I committed
to deserve a son like him?
for Save Children Forum.'
'48 hour non-stop backward walking
stunt by Khader Moosa!'
Give me some water.
- Here, take it.
- "Moosa!"
- Hail Mr. Moosa.
On time!
- Hail Mr. Moosa.
- "Moosa."
Dear all..
- Take the mic, Moosa!
Dear people!
None of the stunts that I
have done before
has been as satisfactory
as today's stunt.
That's because
Chandran, who is the secretary
of the organisation that aims for
the betterment of street children
called the Save Chandran Forum..
It's 'Save Children'.
...I mean, Save Children Forum
has organised this fundraiser.
I thank all the people
who donated
generously for this event.
My next stunt.. - Moosa, be seated.
When we asked Moosa to do
this event for the street kids
he was more enthusiastic
about it than us
and I cannot thank him enough
for that.
Hail Moosa!
Let many more like Moosa
come forward for the noble cause.
I'd like to express my sincere
gratitude to everyone present here.
I conclude my speech.
Thank you!
I will speak now.
My dear people!
The money collected for the forum
Rs. 10,000.75,
will be handed over by Mr. Moosa
to the famous movie director,
James Kuruvila
as a part of the
inauguration ceremony!
The cash is here.
Take photographs!
Doesn't Mr. Chandran have
anything better to do?
Ask them to click some photos.
Where's the photographer?
- Did you take the photographs?
Oh, really?
The famous director.
He made a film long back
which was a big box office flop.
Your dad is still boasting
about it.
What? Am I not right?
Your dad is a jobless director.
Take a photo..
'Who is this guy?'
Prem! - Master.
- Take the class.
G-Good morning.
Good morning.
I am Maradona.
- What? - M-Maradona.
I wish to learn karate.
Why did you choose to come here?
There are many other karate
classes in the neighbourhood.
But, I want to be your student.
- Oh, these admirers..
It was quite difficult
to find your address.
Okay, why do you want
to learn karate?
I.. That..
A healthy mind resides
in a healthy body.
- Further, a healthy mind
is the house of healthy thoughts!
- Exactly.
If we have a good physique..
- If you have it? is easy to..
- Easy to?
...attract girls.
The fee is Rs. 600.
- Okay.
There will be three
classes per week. - Okay.
There will be night classes
on Friday and Sunday. - Okay.
See you tomorrow morning.
- Okay, master.
I will bring the fees when I come.
- Go..
Is he the son I never had?
'Every Friday,
from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.'
'watch the prime time special..'
What happened?
Is the great director not home yet?
He has a discussion today.
Dad had told me that
he would be late. - Oh.
Will it be over
before this century?
I can't bear the film maniac.
What? - Why are you insulting
dad all the time, Mom?
Everyone else does it.
And now, you too.
- Yes!
I'll keep doing it!
Your dad wasted all of my
dad's hard earned money
making a goddamn movie!
He will be satisfied, only when the
rest of it goes down the drain.
It's only because I have a job
that we haven't starved to death.
A handicapped daughter
who is enough
to get married..
The man doesn't even have the sense
to understand the
seriousness of the issue.
Dear people!
He will float on water
for 24 hours non stop
and create history.
I proudly present to you,
Mr. Khader Moosa!
Friends, only 25 more minutes left
to complete 24 hours.
- "Moosa!"
Maintain silence, everyone!
Don't disturb his concentration!
Moosa's concentration
is unbeatable.
Dear friends, do not scare
and drown Moosa
who gets nervous at the
slightest disturbance.
Hoping that the event will be
a grand success
I conclude my speech.
My salutations to all.
God, please don't drown Mr. Moosa!
Please move aside.
- Sir, Khader Moosa drowned
at the palace pond during a stunt.
- Oh, my God!
The dead body is floating
in the water.
People are hesitant to go into
the water because it's too miry!
Please come soon!
There's an emergency at
the palace pond. Move quickly.
Come on!
- Oh!
Just for fun.
I think there's a fire
in the vicinity!
Please make way for the
fire engine. Move aside.
This way..
Move aside, please..
Oh, my God.
Make it fast.
Come on, quick!
- Lift him.
Who are you?
No one needs to worry.
We could rescue
a life due
to our timely intervention.
That's the spirit
of the Fire Force!
Sir, what the hell have you done?
- What?
You ruined Mr. Moosa's stunt.
We were planning to send the
CD to 'Limca Book of Records'!
Everything is ruined.
- Was that the case?
I am sorry.
I thought that..
You have shattered my dreams.
- Oh, no.
'Khader Moosa,
rewriting history again!'
Your body is superb, master!
110. - What?
- Yes.
You are the 110th person
to praise my body.
- Oh, I see.
I'm sure about one thing.
- What?
If women see you
they'll definitely
swoon over your body!
You're like Salman Khan!
Yes, it's true.
Many women are crazy
about me. - Oh.
I know I shouldn't be
telling this to a student
but when it comes to women
I'm quite an expert!
Does your wife know about this?
I'm not even bothered about her.
She is a fool.
She does not know about my affairs.
I'm a mastermind!
Master? - Yes?
- I have a problem.
What is it?
It's like..
- Come on.
Tell me whatever it is.
It's been only one week
but, unlike my other students
I feel like I have a
connection with you.
So, don't hesitate to tell me
whatever it is.
I.. I got acquainted
with an older woman.
This is so exciting!
When did this happen?
It's been a few days.
We are good friends now.
- Really?
Is this the problem?
That is not the problem, master.
I feel like meeting her tonight.
Then, go ahead!
- But..
Her husband
is quite notorious.
Is he like me?
I can help you.
Take this bottle.
It's marijuana potion.
Ask your woman to mix it in
milk and give it to her husband.
He will fall asleep,
no matter how notorious he is.
Even if he wakes up, he won't
get over the intoxication. Take it.
Thank you, master.
- All the best.
- 'Osu.' Go!
The young generation lacks courage.
Tomorrow, I will ask him
everything in detail.
Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow.
'All karate masters
are not fools, but..' - Thai.
'...once upon a time
there was a master..'
Milk for me? How unusual.
Be back. I will set
everything right for you.
Stop the vehicle.
- Sir.
I will be back.
- Okay, sir.
'Anybody there.'
- What?
'Anybody there.'
'Anybody there.'
- What?
'Anybody there.'
Isn't he the same guy?
What was that?
I got a missed call.
- Why are you climbing a pipe now?
I wanted to check the water level
in the tank. - Is it?
Get down.
'My loan instalment
for next month is here.'
I'm too tired.
Shirley, give me a cup of tea.
I don't want milk anymore.
I feel intoxicated.
Ask your woman to mix it
in milk and give it to her husband.
You bloody cheat!
Come on, boys!
Follow me! - Yes, master!
A stunning performance
by our courageous hero!
A blind folded, non-stop,
bike ride for 48 hrs..
The man of fire! He is the synonym
of courage! - Mary..
I will come home late today.
'Blind folded..' - I'm
at his tuition centre now.
I thought I'd meet his teachers.
The fearless warrior.
He is the romantic hero of girls.
Khader Moosa.
What is wrong with him?
Is he mad?
"We have to live here."
"We have to die here."
"Where else is our refuge?"
"We have to live and die here."
"Where else is our refuge?"
- Hey, you! - Please, don't.
Stop the goddamn music! You have
tested my patience up to the hilt.
You're becoming
worse by the second!
Oh, no! - Please, don't!
- Let go of me!
What the hell were you doing,
instead of attending the classes?
Answer my question!
Answer me!
- Joseph, don't!
Let it go, Joseph!
- You won't understand my pain.
When they realised that I am
the father of this idiot
the teachers and students
took my photo
and autograph as well.
Do you know why?
Our son hasn't attended
a single class.
Look at him.
I should thrash him.
Do you know why he
goes out all decked up?
He loafs around and climbs drain
pipes in other people's houses!
Don't make me say more.
Joseph, enough.
Hereafter, he will study well.
- Yeah, right! - Come!
I don't see that happening.
He is not destined
to get good education.
Please come.. - He has shattered
all my expectations.
Son, will you study hereafter?
- Yes. - He will study. Come on!
Thank God.
Why didn't you attend
the classes?
Poor man.
Your dad was insulted
at the tuition centre.
I am not attending the classes
for the same reason. - What?
Yes. There's no use of attending
the classes.
I cannot understand anything
they teach.
That's just your presumption, son.
Sophie gave these notes for you.
Take down the notes from it.
What a nuisance.
Son, you cannot become anything
without education these days.
Why can't you understand that?
After a few years
your parents won't be alive.
How will you survive
without a job then?
Do you understand what
I'm trying to say?
So, you are making
chicken curry today.
What a smell!
- I will slap you.
You are only bothered
about food.
What happened, Maradona?
Why did you take my dad
to the institute? - No, I didn't.
Your dad came to the institute.
- Oh, is it?
So, what about the books?
No one will give notes to you
because of exams.
That's why I gave you mine.
- Oh.
You think you did me
a great favour?
Mind your own business.
Don't try to teach me.
You nerd!
I will take care of myself.
Don't you dare interfere,
you cripple!
How did it go, Dad?
- Everything went just fine.
What? Did Saroj Kumar listen
to the story? - Yes.
Yes. He liked it.
He agreed to do it immediately.
I am relieved.
All your dreams will come true.
I am sure that your next movie
will be a super hit.
Director James Kuruvila
will return with a bang.
Now go..
Please get freshened up
and have food.
Come on, Dad.
'Next, film news.'
'Superstar Saroj Kumar has launched
his new film in London.'
'The film is yet untitled.'
'Saroj Kumar and team who shot
for the past one month in London'
'will be back by the
end of this month.'
'This is also superstar'
'Saroj Kumar's 50th movie.
After his return..'
Please sit, Dad.
Sorry, dear.
Get down slowly, Moosa.
Hold me.
Carefully.. Moosa!
What happened to you, Moosa?
What more can happen?
- He fractured his nose.
Moosa was tailgating our jeep,
A cat jumped in front of our jeep.
We hit the brakes.
But, I did not.
There was hardly half an hour left
to complete his 48-hour stunt.
What's the use in
talking about it now?
Anyway, this is the end of
my stunts involving blindfolds.
- But, the next one
is a super stunt.
- Yes.
He will stay with
30 venomous snakes
for 30 days,
in a glass chamber.
Officials from 'Limca Book
of Records' are coming too.
Don't try such stunts, Moosa.
It's dangerous.
It's just snakes.
No problem.
I must somehow perform
a famous stunt
to get a place in the
'Limca Book of Records'.
I want to prove myself
to the people who
questioned my courage.
Did you inform the media?
- Everything has been arranged.
- All right then, all the best.
Thank you! Good night!
- Good night.
I think I have a cold.
Take it slow..
- Careful!
Very good.
Serve him well.
See if you can get some
lizard meat as well.
That will help his pipe
climbing abilities.
My bad luck.
His company is such.
Why do you want
to start your own business?
I've had enough, Mr. Chandran.
I don't want to live
on dad's money anymore.
He is always mocking
and insulting me.
I just keep quiet for mom's sake.
- Isn't he your dad?
You don't know how it is,
Mr. Chandran.
He is like an army officer
ordering his subordinates.
Forget that. What kind of business
do you plan to do?
Internet cafe.
- Internet cafe?
There are a lot of them here.
- But it's never enough.
People go to cafe on the pretext
of chatting and e-mail,
and watch other stuff.
Even girls are addicted
to porn sites. - What?
You are quite clever.
- Apart from that
I will transfer some erotic content
from my CD's to the computers.
People will queue up at my cafe.
- Oh, yes.
You are a smart guy.
What about the investment?
That is why I came to you.
- I see!
Why are you worried about money?
You have a bank at home!
You expect me to ask my dad?
I won't do that.
He will kill me with insults.
It's not like you're asking
your dad for money.
You're just asking him for a loan.
Managers give loans
to whoever they want
and ultimately write them off.
He will give you a loan,
if he is a good dad.
Ask him to loan you Rs. 2 lakhs to
set up the shop and buy furniture.
I will help you buy the computers.
I'll never forget your
affection for me, Mr. Chandran.
That's all right.
Go and speak to your dad.
Loan for starting an internet cafe?
You can't even handle
simple paper work
and you are planning to do
your own business.
It was Mr. Chandran's idea.
It's not going to happen,
no matter whose idea it is.
Listen to me.
Concentrate on your studies
rather than seeking loan
from a bank for business.
I don't need a single
penny of yours.
Let me see if I can start an
internet cafe without your help.
I just need Rs. 2 lakhs
as an advance
to set up the shop and furnish it.
Chandran has promised
to get me the computers on loan.
How can I give you the money?
- Dad has some savings
in the bank under your name.
Please get it for me.
- Please.
Without his knowledge, how can I..
- If he comes to know about this
I won't be able to do anything.
My pride is at stake here.
If this doesn't happen,
I might commit suicide. - Oh!
Don't even think about it, son.
I will give you the money.
Let your wish come true.
"Pick up the sidekick.
Pick up the sidekick."
"Throw me, throw with force
better than this."
All the best!
- Thank you, sir!
"Stop the gag.
Stop the gag."
Mom. - Yes.
- I'm leaving to the cafe.
"Better step on the gas. Got 3
seconds to repeat 85 on the dash."
Mom, here's some money.
Meat is really costly these days
especially lizard's meat.
Mom, I bought this sari for you.
Pay off the loan for the computers.
I am the guarantor for your loan.
Chandran, I will definitely
pay back the loan. - That's enough.
No. Get out.
- No!
Hey man, I need a cabin.
I want to chat with my girlfriend.
This cabin.
Hey! - I just wanted to check
if you had internet access.
- Oh, God!
Let's break his damn internet cafe!
Hey, don't leave him!
I won't spare any of them.
Chandran, I will send all
of them behind bars.
You will end up running around
the courts.
It's not like they did
it for no reason at all.
It's because of what you did!
- Chandran..
That is not our problem right now.
It's money!
Somehow, we must
restart the business
or else we will be in big trouble!
- Before dad comes to know of it..
I must return the money
that mom gave me.
That's what I'm concerned about.
I had belittled my father a lot.
Why don't you think of my plight?
The loan sharks will start
chasing me in a couple of days.
I have responsibilities.
Don't you have the funds
from Save Children Forum?
Don't even think about it!
I cannot touch that fund
without the committee's consent.
I will not do that.
What will we do then?
You must find a solution somehow.
I am ready to make money
by any means.
We can make easy money
through certain illicit ways.
Usman told me about this.
He made money in the same way.
- I am ready for any job.
That's not the issue, Maradona.
I don't really know a lot
about this business.
But, I am ready to give it a try
if you are with me.
You can trust me, Chandran.
We will do it together.
What is it?
It's brown sugar.
We must toil for a few days.
We must go to Goa.
You can make 20 lakhs
from a package worth 10 lakhs.
We will get a profit of 10 lakhs
in a very short time.
No other business can promise
so much profit.
We need to invest Rs. 10 lakhs.
We don't have the money.
If you promise to pay
it back in a week
Rajan, the loan shark will lend
you the money.
That's perfect. - But you must
pledge something to get the loan.
Do you have any property
in your name?
'Panaji, Goa'
Sir, received the amount.
- Okay.
Check your stuff.
- One second.
Thank you. - Keep it with you.
We must be careful.
I'll be careful.
Everything has been
perfect until now.
We need to get back
as soon as possible.
All our problems will be solved.
Who are you?
Run, Chandran!
Run, Maradona!
We shouldn't let them catch us!
They're right behind us!
They are behind us.
- Run! Oh, no! Police!
Hey, stop!
- Come this way. This side.
Catch them.
- They shouldn't get the bag.
- Hey, wait! Get hold of them.
Don't spare them!
Give it to me! - Why?
- There is no other way!
Don't worry. We will go back
to our town and find some way out.
It'd be better if we go
different ways. Go that way!
Keep this money with you.
Go! Get away from here!
Hey, stop right there!
Do not spare him.
I have done nothing.
I have no idea about anything.
Sir, please leave me.
- I do not know anything.
You can tell whatever you have
to say at the police station.
It's been a few days
since I saw him. Where did he go?
He said he'd be back in two days.
- Can't he at least call us?
Here, we're..
Isn't this Mathro..
Boss, it is Maradona.
- What?
Does the person with
the stupid name stay here?
Who are you?
- It is Maradona.
He is my son.
He isn't in town.
Where is he?
- I don't know.
Oh, okay.
You think you can fool me?
Kannan, look for him
inside the house.
What are you doing?
He is not here.
- Move aside!
What are you doing?
I told you that he isn't here.
- What happened? - He is barging..
What is it?
- Do you want to know? - Kannan.
Joseph, who are these people?
- I don't know.
Rajan is good to people
who are good to him.
But if you mess with me..
What is the matter?
- Your son borrowed
a sum of Rs. 10 lakhs from me.
He had promised to pay
Rs. 10,80,000 back in a week.
Now, he's missing,
along with the money!
- Yes.
Did you see this?
It's the documents of this
house, which is in his name
and the agreement that he signed.
I gave him the loan
on this guarantee. - My God.
I gave him the loan
on this guarantee. - Jesus!
I will throw everyone out
and sell this house.
Mister, please leave now.
We will do whatever you want.
Give my money back
I will leave only then!
- You will get it! - Okay.
But right now, please leave
without making a huge scene.
I'll leave now.
But I need my money back!
Don't make me come back here again.
Let's go, Kannan!
What the hell has Maradona done?
How could he have used
the house as a collateral?
And to loan sharks, no less!
He wouldn't have done that.
I will ask him when he is back.
- Oh, no! Joseph!
Nothing to worry. But, be careful.
It was a minor heart attack. - No!
His luck saved him. Let him be
on observation for a few days.
Thank you.
Where were you, Maradona?
Get on the bike! - What happened?
Is there any problem?
Is he still in the ICU?
- Yes.
Why have you come here?
Will you be happy
if your dad is dead? - Mom, I..
Don't ever call me that again!
Don't call me mom! - But mom..
Your father has loved
you more than me.
And, this is what you do.. - Mary!
This is a hospital!
Come on - Mary, leave him.
- Go.
Go wherever you please.
You sold our house!
You'll sell us next!
Before that happens, get lost!
Go! I don't want to see your face.
I don't want to see you.
I've had enough!
Why did you give me
a son like this, God?
I am fed up of this wretched life.
I've had enough.
Nobody wants me.
And now, my mom hates me too.
I failed!
I failed everywhere.
You are the one
who made me like this.
Don't think that you have
defeated me.
Maradona does not give up.
I am not willing
to follow your rules.
I will decide
my own fate.
And that is my death.
You sold our house!
You'll sell us next!
What sin have I committed
to deserve a son like this?
Get lost!
Leave me! I want to die.
- What if you won't die?
No, I want to die. Let go.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Who are you?
- Come here.
I am an angel.
Angel John.
Are you really an angel?
- Yes.
Oh, what brings you here?
There are certain moments in life
wherein the prayers and curses
are answered immediately by God.
In many such moments
you were the problem
for a lot of people. - What?
Many people have cursed you.
But, more powerful than any of them
were your mother's words.
Mothers are the angels on earth.
They are closer to God.
So, God has sent me to you
to save you.
I'm fed up of this wretched life
and I want to commit suicide.
You won't even let
me do it peacefully.
So, will you save me
and give me whatever I want?
Maradona, son of Mary and Joseph
from the Kurishingal family.
Your life span is 66 years.
- Is that so?
God will give you everything
you need within this life span
if you try.
I told you, I won't try.
What a God!
I will not live by his rules!
I am tired of life
and want an end to it.
I'll decide my fate
from now onwards
and right now, I'm going
to put my plan into action.
So, that's your problem. - Yes!
- I'll give you two options.
Your fate will depend on
the option you choose.
The first option is 66 years
of good and bad times along
with success and failure
which was decided by God.
- No.
The second one is living a life
according to your wishes alone.
- Yes.
I prefer the second option.
I want to achieve
everything quickly.
But if you choose the second one,
your lifespan will be reduced
to 1/3rd of your current lifespan.
- Why?
God has already decided
when you'll get something.
If they are achieved at one go
your lifespan would
reduce accordingly.
Our wishes are what
inspires us to live.
If wishes come true easily, there
won't be anything to live for.
What do you say?
- That's alright.
Goals that must be achieved
when you're young
is of no use when
attained at an old age.
I choose the second option.
Maybe you should think again.
No need, I am sure of my choice.
- Okay.
I will grant all your wishes,
starting today.
'you have hit the jackpot'.
'I will use this angel
in every possible way'.
- Nothing.
If you have the intention
of cheating me
you being an angel won't
make any difference to me.
I will show you my true colours.
- Rascal!
Who are you trying to scare?
If you disrespect me again
I won't spare you.
Don't provoke me.
You must call me Angel.
Hey, if you annoy me
no one or nothing
in this universe
can control my wrath.
Do you understand, Maradona?
Just for fun.
- Oh, no!
How did I reach here?
Oh, no!
Help me!
Help me!
Please help me!
Oh, no! Who did I meet yesterday?
He said he was an angel
and that he'd grant my wishes.
Was he a ghost?
I am not a ghost.
I am John.
Angel John.
What is your wish for today?
- What?
Tell me your wish.
- What is that?
Will you grant me any wish?
- Yes.
Yes, I will.
- Okay.
What shall I ask him?
Give me Rs. 5 lakhs.
Not 5 lakhs..
I want 100 crores.
100 crores.
- No, I won't give you.
That will create a lot of problems.
I don't have any problem.
- Not you.
It will create problems for me.
I will grant only one wish per day
and I won't grant
the same wish again.
- What?
You asked for money and
I gave that to you.
Don't ask me for money again.
This is not right, John.
I mean.. Angel. You should've
mentioned the conditions earlier!
I didn't say it yesterday
because you were hammered! - What?
Were you hammered yesterday?
Not me, it was you.
That's why I ddidn't tell you.
I was the one who was drunk.
Then, why did you not tell me?
You were drunk.
- Yes.
I was supposed to tell you
about the conditions. - Yes.
Since you were drunk
I couldn't tell you
about the conditions. - Oh!
Who exactly was drunk yesterday?
Oh, really!
Does that really matter, Marthanda?
My name is Maradona.
- Yes, Maradona.
Just for fun.
- What?
'Angel is even more cunning
than me'.
'I'll give the next wish
some serious thought'.
'I guess I'll enjoy
what I got now.'
"Create an uproar.."
Or this..
This one? No.
Come on, boys.
- What?
Why are you here?
- What?
Answer me. - Well,
I am the driver of this car.
I did not ask you.
- He cannot see or hear me.
He will assume that you are mad
if you speak alone.
Benz on rent
new attire and Mirinda to drink..
Did you think I'd let you
enjoy alone with my money?
Just for fun.
Let everyone see me for a while.
How many occupants are there?
- One person, Maradona.
So, what about him?
- Two occupants.
Where will I sleep?
- Your good name, sir? - Angel.
- John, Angel John.
Angel is our family name.
What's your name?
- Edwin.
Sweet name. You are as beautiful
as your name. - Thank you.
Your name? - Nikitha.
- You too are beautiful.
- Please come, sir.
Do celebrities come here?
- That's enough. - Bye.
See you later.
I guess I'll go back
to being invisible.
I can't understand you.
When exactly, can people see you?
I will be here from 9:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. That's my duty time.
Do you know each other?
- Don't talk nonsense.
I just answered your question.
- Please keep quiet.
Oh! You and your attitude.
- You see
I decide who, why and when
I will appear in front of anyone.
Did you understand?
- Yes. - Come.
I will eat after I take a shower.
'I wonder who's calling Angel'.
Hello, yes.
What? Did you call
to check if it's my number?
Yes, it's the right number.
Okay. Call me later.
I will call you later.
Some idiot is staring at me here.
Who was that, Angel?
The receptionist.
He is quite fast.
When did he give her his number?
"My pet name is Apple."
"You can savour me."
"My hometown is Ooty"
"put a sweater on."
- What?
You see, after 12:00 a.m.
isn't it a new day?
Can I ask for tomorrow's wish
in advance?
Can you bring Mumaith Khan here?
- You!
None of the angels in India
will agree to become a pimp.
- Get lost!
Food was not good.
Juice was okay.
Hello, restaurant? - Sorry, sir.
It's closed. Coffee shop's open.
What do you have in the coffee
shop? - Coffee and biscuits.
Bring me 10 coffees
and 10 packets of biscuits.
Hey, order a packet of biscuit
for me as well.
One packet of biscuits.
Joseph, it's cold out there.
Don't stand here. Come.
I feel relieved when
I look outside.
When I think about him..
God knows where our son
is right now.
Let him go anywhere.
Let's believe
that we never had a son.
We did not raise him
and take care of him
all these years to see this day.
He is our only child.
My son.
What is this, Joseph?
Don't you remember
what the doctor said?
I appreciate your decision
to learn karate.
In these days of atrocity
against women
karate is an essential tool
for self-defence.
Why do you want me to hit him?
After all, he was your teacher.
Oh, I see.
So, was it okay for him to hit me?
It was your mistake that you tried
playing games with his wife..
I'll hit you!
So, your wish for today
is to hit Mathai.
Right? - Yes.
I'll pretend to hit them.
They will assume that
you are the fighter
and you can shine in front of them.
- Yes.
How is my idea?
- It is good.
'Idea is good.
Let's hope it doesn't backfire.'
M A Thai is an exceptional karate
master in India. - Hey, Mathai!
Who called out my real name?
What is it?
Do you want me to thrash you again?
I came here to thrash you back.
- Hi, girls.
- Shut up!
Will this be a problem, Angel?
No, you won't be in trouble.
Go ahead. 'Ozu'.
Thai, shall we begin?
Treating your master with disdain?
- Hold him!
- You can start.
Be vigilant!
She's tall!
Come on, attack him!
Who is this at my back?
Move aside.
Who is it?
It's enough. He might be a master,
but he's still human!
Don't interfere in this, Angel.
So, that's the reason.
- Oh, no!
Hey, look.
He is handsome.
Is he Bill Clinton wearing shades?
"My pet name is Apple."
"You can savour me."
- What was that for?
Aren't you ashamed
of walking around
dressed like youngsters?
- Just for fun.
What fun? The other
type of clothing suits you.
Which one? Like how they picture
angels in TV?
In white?
- Yes, right.
Now tell me the truth.
Aren't you jealous about the girls
paying attention to me? - Yes.
I asked you to fight on my
behalf so that I could show off.
You forgot the promise,
once you saw those girls.
When it comes to women,
even angels cannot be trusted.
No more fights for you.
Don't wish and ask me to fight
for you, because I won't.
Wish, my foot.
There's no use anyway.
It would've been better if I'd
committed suicide the other day.
Do you think suicide is a big deal?
Only cowards commit suicide.
When God shuts one door,
he opens a 100 others.
If you fret over the closed door,
you won't notice the opened doors.
Do you understand?
Of course you haven't.
You only have time to
think about suicide
and grope women in buses.
People like you think of suicide
for the silliest reasons.
If your dad beats you,
if your mom scolds you
when you get low grades in exams
or even if someone
changes the channel
you think of suicide.
Nobody has the right to destroy
the life that God gave you.
He is extremely cruel.
I used to light candles
and kneel before him in prayer.
I have prayed a lot, but in vain.
- 'Dear people.'
That's when I stopped my prayers.
- 'The fearless Khader Moosa..'
'It has been three hours since he
began his stunt with snakes.'
'30 venomous snakes, 30 days!'
He is a man of exceptional courage,
Khader Moosa
our pride and honour.
He will stay in a glass enclosure
for 30 days in town hall
starting today.
- Learn from Moosa.
If everyone who failed resorted
to committing suicide
Moosa would have achieved a record
for suicide attempts.
Will Khader Moosa break
the record this time?
Moosa got bitten by snakes!
By all 30 of them.
He kissed one of the snakes
in front of the people to show off.
One of the snakes got
angry and bit him!
How can snakes get angry?
- Well
I think Moosa probably kissed
the snake's wife.
Husbands won't tolerate other men
kissing their wives.
What about the rest of the snakes?
They might be their children.
Children won't like it if some
stranger kiss their mom!
It was a family attack. - Let's go!
- We've to go now. Let's go!
Moosa must be taken to the snakes..
I mean, the doctor.
Christ, please help my dad.
Please help him come up
with a good script for a movie.
Please guide Maradona
in the right path.
- The money is almost spent.
Who asked you to be lavish?
I'm not worried.
You are with me.
Who drank this?
- It was melting. So, I drank it.
Here, pay the bill.
Damn! Why do you
disturb my concentration?
Is this devil jobless?
- Hey, I'm an angel, not a devil!
Oh, I'm talking about Sophie.
She is always advising me.
Attend the phone.
- Angel.. - Do it!
Hello? - Maradona,
I need to meet you. It's urgent.
What's the matter?
Rajan has agreed to give
you another month's time
if you pay him Rs. 80,000
as interest for a month.
You don't have to worry.
For now, you will be able to pay
the interest if you sell these.
It's okay.
I will convince mom.
Your mom is really stressed.
That's why I decided to do this.
No, Sophie.
There's no need of that.
I will solve his problems.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I am his friend, John.
Angel John.
I know everything about you,
Maradona talks about
you all the time.
How's your dad's
film project going?
Dad is trying to come
up with a good script.
But, till date..
- I have a story.
I don't know if it's fit for
a movie or not. It was his idea.
The story is about a young man
who is slightly insane and spoilt
like Maradona.
His family and friends
were fed up with him.
The young man tries
to commit suicide.
An angel appears in front of him
and stops him.
The angel gave him two options.
The first option was to live
his life according to God's will.
The second, to live a life
of excess, according to his wishes.
But, if he chose the second option,
his years would be reduced
to 1/3rd of his actual life span..
The idiot chose the second option.
The angel took him away,
after his time was over.
How is the story?
- It's really good.
But, the script should be written
by some one really talented.
Can't you write it, Sophie?
How can I write a script?
You can.
Only you can do it.
You must write, Sofia
Don't you want your parents
to resolve their problems? - Yes.
You may go now.
She is very dear to God.
Did you know
that she includes you
in her prayers every day?
- The legal documents of my house..
Why do you need it?
You were kicked out.
Let it go.
No, Angel.
I need to get the documents back.
I will be at peace, only if
I get it back. Please.
Come in!
Who is it?
What is it?
Oh, my God!
What the..
I wonder whose
documents just went out.
God, it's Maradona's documents.
- Greetings. Please have a seat.
He is my uncle, John.
- Angel John.
He was in Kashmir.
- Oh.
He led the Indian Army
in the Kargil War.
Thank you.
- Here is Rs. 10,80,000.
including a months' interest.
- Hey!
Where are the documents?
- What?
I need to see the documents.
- It is..
I am not sure if you'll believe
what I'm about to say.
I was sitting here.
- You are, even now.
No, sir. A while back,
when I was seated here
the keys flew by itself
and opened the cupboard.
And then,
Maradona's documents
went out from here on its own.
What? Went out on its own?
- Yes.
Are you saying that you lost
the documents? - Yes. - What? - No!
Let's not conclude anything.
Since the papers went out
on their own
they might come back any time.
The documents are
very funny sometimes.
Are you trying to fool me?
I'm telling the truth.
Please don't hurt me.
I am innocent.
- Innocent?
Don't you know that loan sharks
are the devil's aides? - No. - No?
I didn't know before.
But now, I do. - Okay.
So, do you need his money?
It would be nice if I get it.
- What? - Oh, no!
No.. I don't want anything.
All I want is my life.
Okay, let's go.
Jai Hind!
- Okay.
I've fulfilled yet
another wish of yours.
Give it to your parents.
- Okay.
You must not call me
for the next three hours. - Why?
A new Tamil film has been released.
I must watch it. Bye.
Angel? Whose movie is it?
You will find the calculations
right if you add and subtract.
Does your body shiver
after hearing this?
How is my style?
Shall I leave?
- Mr. Chandran!
What happened to your phone?
When I couldn't reach you on
your phone, I went to your house.
That's when I came to know..
- Goa.. - Keep quiet!
The police couldn't register a case
against me as they couldn't find
the bag. But, they did beat me up.
What is this?
- I got the documents back.
My friend helped me.
You must pay back the computer
loan as soon as possible.
things will get complicated.
My situation is bad,
otherwise I would've..
Here's Rs. 10,000.
I would've given the entire amount
if I'd met you earlier.
Thank you.
- Sir, make it fast. - I am coming.
See you later, Maradona.
You didn't have to destroy my cafe
just because I took a small peek.
I will teach you a lesson.
My documents!
- Let them be with me.
Give it back to me.
- First, pump some air into it
and then we'll talk.
- My papers!
- Get lost.
Angel! Angel!
- No more fights for you.
Don't ask me to fight for you
as a wish, because I won't.
Who are you?
- John, Angel John.
Hit him.
Just for fun.
"Angel John.
Angel John."
Angel John."
"Angel John."
You told me that you
wouldn't fight for me.
Just for fun.
So, you like me.
"Angel John."
"Hey, you!
Buddy, you don't want people"
"to find your whereabouts."
"Don't go. Wait.. Stay here."
"Who traps birds midway
through their flight?"
"I know it's not me.
I wonder who did that.."
"When the expedition of youth"
"rests on beautiful petals."
"The wayward path in your life"
"will cause problems."
"Do you understand?
- No idea."
"Instead of falling for fantasies"
"you should understand reality."
"Don't cry over betrayals"
"and you shouldn't lose hope."
"The rebel has chosen
the path he likes."
"Like a leaf
fluttering in the wind."
"He is so happy going
in the wrong way"
"that he has failed to
realise what is right."
"I'd love to be"
"a part of the happiness."
"I'd love to explore and search"
"and live my whole life
like a wanderer."
"I can't find happiness on my way"
"it's all sheer melodrama."
"Whatever I get is not enough."
"My wishes are just greedy."
"Who is the one,
who doesn't want people"
"to find his whereabouts."
"That's me."
"Okay. So, who traps birds midway
through their flight?"
"It's me!
It's me, Maradona!"
"Everyone is dancing
to unknown tunes."
"It's a pointless performance."
"Like a song
without proper rhythm"
"life has lost its harmony."
"Oh! My God."
'She took a dip in the water'
'and Hari waited intently
for her to come out of the water.'
'Why hasn't she come yet?
She'll come for sure.'
Out already!
5 minutes and 43 seconds.
- Damn!
Very poor.
- Don't lose hope, Moosa.
We will try again.
I hope you do know that
eight minutes is the world record.
- Yes.
- Someone scared him.
What is it? - James Kuruvila
is going to direct a movie!
Saroj Kumar will be the hero.
He agreed to do the movie the
minute he heard the story.
Sophie is writing the script.
Even a failure like James
has become famous.
Moosa, our sympathies are with you.
don't waste your life
on stupid stunts.
You should consider going back
to Gulf. - No, Sumesh.
I've set my mind on something.
I won't give up.
I don't care even if I die.
I will break the record this time.
You will see my name etched
in the 'Limca Book of Records'
as the man who held his breath
under water for the longest time.
Now, let me play it.
Moosa, what's the matter?
- Moosa!
Ever since the snake bite incident
in the glass enclosure
I've been reacting
to whistles and flutes
like a snake.
- My God!
I would have spread my hood
if I had one. - Oh, no! - Yes!
Khader Moosa is ready
for the battle.
Breath holding attempt.
- Moosa!
You write quite fast, dear.
People take months to write
a film script.
I don't know why, Dad.
It feels like someone's guiding me.
I'm just writing it.
The will.
Mom, I..
- Get up. Be careful.
My parents did not speak to me.
They didn't even ask about
my whereabouts.
Parents and relationships
are just for namesake.
Maradona is an idiot,
a loafer, a fool.. Do you know?
I used to study well and
work hard in high school.
What happened?
Did your brain just vapourise?
No, but my dreams were destroyed.
Dad promised me a computer if I
passed 10th standard
and a bike if I passed
12th with honours.
He bought me nothing. I became
a joker in front of my friends.
Many children study without
even having basic necessities.
Does that mean I
have to live like them?
When I joined college
dad forced me to take up commerce.
I still managed to study. I have
only two more papers to clear.
When I asked him for money
to start a business, he mocked me.
Why must I obey such a father?
'Dear people, Khader Moosa'
'will soon start his water stunt.'
Khader Moosa will soon start
his stunt in Kaveri river.
Why doesn't he stop
all these stunts?
His wife Zeenath has to come back
for him to stop his stunts.
He hopes that his achievements
will bring back his resentful wife.
It was me who foiled his record
attempt at the pond the other day.
Moosa will dive into water
to break the record.
due to sudden undercurrent
his legs will get trapped
in a net from a wrecked boat.
What will happen to him?
After a while, he'll die.
- No, Angel!
Angel, please rescue Moosa.
Grant me today's wish.
Save Moosa.
What kind of angel are you?
I don't need any of your wishes.
Your boons are of no use.
Mr. Khader Moosa
is making an attempt
to break the eight minute
breath holding world record.
All the best to Mr. Khader Moosa.
Thank you.
Hello, Fire Force?
- Yes.
Sir, Khader Moosa is in trouble
in the nearby Kaveri river.
Please help.
Khader Moosa, right?
Get lost, rascal. - Sir?
You have been fooling us
for quite some time now.
Do you think we are here
to entertain you?
Hang up the phone, rascal!
- Sir..
Let's go there, just in case.
Bye, bye.
Dear people,
Moosa has dived
into the water to break the
eight minute record!
Let's cheer for him!
Move aside.
- Where is Moosa?
Come on!
Move aside.
Sir, please do not foil
Moosa's attempt.
Okay. The Fire Force will never
repeat the mistake.
Let him break the record. The
Fire Force wishes him good luck.
Thank you, Fire Force.
Nothing to worry then.
Moosa has broken the record!
Mr. Khader Moosa has broken
the previous record.
Who is that?
Khader Moosa has set a new record,
a time of 9 minutes and 10 seconds.
Maradona, what happened to me?
Don't say anything, Moosa.
I'll tell them what happened.
Maradona, what happened?
I thought Moosa was in danger.
But, he came up
before I got to him.
You saved Moosa because
I dived into the river, right?
I would have saved him, anyway.
Because, you asked me for the wish.
But, you said you won't save him.
Did you feel bad,
when I told you that?
Yes. - You've known me
for only the past five days
and my refusal hurt you
to a great extent.
How do you think your parents,
who raised you
would've felt,
when you disobeyed them?
Maradona, look at me.
Shashi, my son is creating a
ruckus at home for the bike.
Joseph, don't buy him the bike
just because he graduated.
What if something happens?
He says he wants to study science.
Joseph, we work in a bank.
Science would not be
a good option for your son.
How about B.Com?
Give him the money for starting
the internet cafe.
Don't let him know,
that I know about it.
At least, he'll prosper
because of his anger towards me.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I wanted you to know
everything today.
Isn't it your birthday tomorrow?
- Yes, I forgot about that.
We will celebrate
tomorrow with everyone.
You'll be 22 years old tomorrow.
- Yes.
Which means, that 1/3rd of your
lifespan will be over tomorrow.
Goals that must be achieved
when you're young
is of no use when
attained at an old age.
I want to achieve everything
very soon.
From today, I will grant
your every wish.
This is what I want.
Your lifespan will be
reduced to 1/3rd of 66 years.
So, tomorrow..
Your life will end by
midnight tomorrow.
You didn't listen to me.
This fate was your choice.
You will die at the hands of
a 12 year old boy.
Dear all, on behalf
of the colony residents and myself
I congratulate Mr. Khader Moosa
who made it to the
'Limca Book of Records.'
Also, I'd like to take
this opportunity to thank
none other than Maradona!
I have been on the lookout
for a good story.
I was able to find a good story
for my movie because of him.
I've chased movie stars for
a long time, asking for a chance.
None of the stories I had
interested them.
Maradona's friend, Angel John, told
the story to my daughter, Sophie.
Thank you.
Thank you, Maradona.
Thank you very much!
Maradona, please come to the stage.
Many people
have told me that I am mad.
I set out to make
the Limca record, not for fame
but hoping that Zeenath
my wife, who left me
after a minor tiff
would feel bad about leaving me
and come back
when I succeed.
Zeenath had called me yesterday.
Now, I have two awards,
Limca and Zeenath.
Maradona selflessly risked his life
and helped me.
He is the young brother
that I never had.
I'll never forget him.
I can never forget him.
My dad always says
that if we lean on sandalwood,
it's scent would be on us.
Recently, I had the chance
to lean against a sandalwood tree.
The scent of sandalwood
filled my soul.
Yes. The scent of sandalwood
is all around me.
Congratulations, Maradona!
God bless you.
Thank you.
- Come on.
Son, as a father,
this is the happiest moment for me.
I am ecstatic.
Wish you a happy birthday.
I'm really happy!
Let's go.
Dad has a birthday gift for you.
A bike. I'm coming!
I have never seen
your parents this happy.
For everything.
What happened?
- Nothing. I'll be back.
You have two hours left.
You have one more wish left.
can you heal Sofia's handicap?
That's my last wish.
It's just that I have
hurt her many times
calling her a handicap.
I need to repent.
That's not possible, Maradona.
You have already used a wish
for someone else, Khader Moosa.
Angel, can I increase my lifespan?
That's not in my hands, Maradona.
If you were in my place,
what would your last wish be?
Good question.
If I were in your place
I would use
it to spend my last minutes
with God's people.
God's people?
- Yes, they are everywhere.
Nobody pays attention to them.
Let that be my last wish.
Help! They are going to kill me.
Sir, they will kill me.
- What happened?
They will kill me.
Please save me.
They will kill me.
Oh, no!
Don't hit me!
Oh, no!
Please don't!
Please help me.
Sir, please help me.
Leave me.
Please don't do anything to me.
Sir, save me.
- You are here? - Sir..
No.. Help me!
Please leave me..
Please, don't! Oh, no!
- How dare you try to escape!
Please don't beat me!
- Stop it!
I will kill you.
Shut up!
No, please!
- Shut up!
No. Help!
Come, all of you.
- Give me..
Give me. - Give me more.
- I have not got my share.
You won't get anything today.
You brought in only Rs. 200 today.
Bring Rs. 500.
Then, I will give you food.
Hone your begging skills
and bring the money tomorrow.
That's enough for today. Go!
I am hungry. Please give me
something to eat. - Move aside!
How did you find her?
- How can your wish be ignored?
Did you get hold of the boy
who tried to escape? - Yes.
I made sure that he
won't ever get out again. - Okay.
- You cheat!
You were cheating me all along,
weren't you?
Maradona, listen to me.
- You disgrace!
Muthu, check it out.
Leave me.
Don't let him go.
Get hold of him.
Get hold of that scoundrel.
Your soul will leave your body
in a few minutes.
Everyone here is trying
to save you.
The doctor is going
to talk to your parents.
Doctor? - We are trying our best.
His condition is critical.
We cannot conclude anything
right now. Let's pray to God.
God! My son.
Why do they all love me so much?
The number of unquestionable
answers in life
outnumber the unanswerable
questions in life, Maradona.
Even though I gave you the
chance to decide your own fate
you couldn't make use of it.
Similarly, if everyone
gets to decide their fate
the world will be destroyed.
Your last moments are nearing.
You are dying.
What.. What happened to me?
You always say that God never
listens to your prayers.
Today, when you cried
for the street children
and shed your blood for them
God showered his blessings on you.
It's natural for people
to cry over their miseries
but, those who cry for others
are dear to God.
So, did you send me there
to help me?
The only way to save your life
was by gaining God's kindness.
I was only guiding you
in the right path.
When you showed kindness
to the people on earth
God bestowed his kindness
upon you.
It's time for us to part ways.
Will I ever meet you again?
I have to help many like you
who are yet to realise
the goodness in them.
No, Angel. Don't leave me.
You must share your love
with the people who love you.
What happened?
Who are you looking for?
Hi, Dad.
Bye, Mom.
- Yes.
Here's the invitation for the puja
of dad's movie.
The first card is for you.
This is for your..
I mean, our friend.
Who? - Angel John. - He isn't here.
I will give it to him later.
I'll go and give it to
your parents as well.
'When it rains Sandalwood.'
Lost.. I lost everything.
My wife took all of my money
and eloped with that idiot Kannan.
I do not want to live anymore.
Oh! My God.
Drop me down.
I will die now.
Oh, no..
Oh, no..
Who are you?
Who are you?
I am none other than..
I'm an angel!
- My God!
Just for fun!
'If you have a little
bit of goodness in you'
'an angel will look out for you.'
"Hey buddy,
who doesn't want people"
"to find your whereabouts."
"Don't go. Wait.. Stay here."
"Who traps birds midway
through their flight?"
"I know it's not me and
I wonder who did that.."
"When the expedition of youth"
"rests on beautiful petals"
"the wayward way of life"
"will cause problems."