Angela (1995) Movie Script

Down by the bay
Where the
watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
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For if I do
My mother will say
"Did you ever see a
bear combing his hair
Down by the bay?"
Down by the bay
Where the
watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
Did you
pack the suitcase?
For if I do
It's back
there, don't worry about it.
It's back there.
mother will say
"Did you ever see a
bear combing his hair
Down by the bay?"
Down by the bay
Where the
watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
For if I do
My mother will say
"Did you ever see a...
with a polka dot tail
Down by the bay?"
Down by the bay
Where the
watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
For if I do
My mother will say
"Did you ever see a...
I can say is a creature
Down by the bay?"
Down by the bay
Where the
watermelons grow
blusey folk music
Well, here we are.
Hey, come here.
in the distance
Don't, look out!
Look out, don't step in it.
blusey folk music
singing hymn with organ
-So there were all
the angels in Heaven, right?
And they were all good.
I mean, they never did
anything even slightly wrong.
But then Lucifer, he was
the prettiest angel and the
See, he wanted to
take God's place.
But soon, God heard what Lucifer
was thinking and he tried to
kill Lucifer, and the good
angels and the bad angels had a
war in Heaven.
Then God won.
And he threw all the
bad angels off of Heaven,
down through the
clouds, down to this Earth.
And now, they live in the world,
and they try to take people to
their place, which is Hell.
That's why you have
to be clean inside.
They spill badness in
you and they take you.
Lucifer is the
worst angel, a king.
And he looks all day, all
night, looking for fresh souls.
He's extremely bad.
-Where does he live now?
Different places.
Right now, he's
staying in the basement.
-Our basement?
-He wants to take
one of us away.
-Depends on what?
-On who has more sin.
See, every sin
weighs just so much.
Lucifer puts them on a scale,
and whoever turns out with the
heaviest sin gets taken.
suspenseful music
-We're going down.
-It's too dark!
You just want me
to read you that story again,
don't you?
I don't.
suspenseful music
Ghosts don't get mail.
How do we know
we're not dreaming right now?
-You are dreaming now.
Don't worry, nobody can tell the
difference until they're seven.
-Am I dreaming you or
are you dreaming me?
suspenseful music
-I think that lady's
definitely an angel.
Angels talk in signs.
I'm not sure if she's a
good one or a bad one.
grunge music
playing on radio
You hungry?
Tsk, ow.
Did that taste good?
I don't think I can do
that church thing again.
I think
it's good for the girls.
It's bland.
This is getting
completely relentless.
We can't keep moving.
It just doesn't work anymore.
It'll be over soon.
-You're getting
real sick of this,
aren't you?
Just say it!
Just say you're
getting sick of it!
Just say it!
Cheer up!
I'm yours, okay?
You're stuck with me.
-Just promise me.
-That you won't put me
in one of those places.
I-- I promise.
I promise.
-Where they fuck
with your brain?
You shuffle around in
those fucking slippers?
-I promise.
I swear, I won't.
-You know what, Andrew?
-Huh, what?
-I don't feel anything
for the girls anymore.
I can't.
It's like I'm dead inside.
But I'm numb,
but it hurts.
-We just have to wait it out.
-Three sins.
-She might get even happier.
guitar strumming
suspenseful music
Mary, full of grace,
take away this ugly face.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
take away this ugly face.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
take away this ugly face.
Come here.
The Devil came.
-Never mind.
Just come on.
If we read the signs right
and we get all the way clean
inside, Momma
could get happy again.
-The last just turned
in early this morning.
Come here.
Where the heck were you guys?
-Thank you.
-How do you feel?
-Oh, you know like 20, 25 bucks.
Main thing is how do I look?
I don't want you to
go out anymore unless you ask,
This is the salamander seat.
-Something knocked over
the garbage last night.
-It's probably a raccoon.
-Are you going to kill it?
-Of course.
What do you think we're
having for lunch later?
-I thought you were
going to get a deer today?
I am.
After work.
-Can I come?
-Hey, you wanna come?
Let's hope we don't get busted.
blusey folk music
blusey folk music
It was an accident.
-What the fuck are you doing?!
-You don't love me.
How could you say that?
How could you say that?!
whistling "She'll Be
Coming 'Round the Mountain"
blusey folk music
-I'm away for one afternoon
and you set fire to the drapes.
-I really thought only
a corner would burn.
Now she's really upset.
-It's okay.
I think this will
definitely work.
It's the strongest thing
you could do for cleaning.
-How long do I
have to stay here?
-'Til your sin burns off.
I think it will take
around 15 minutes.
But you can't leave the
circle no matter what.
-How come?
-You leave the circle, you go
into the big nothing and you can
never come back.
-What's the big nothing?
-Place you go when you dream.
Same place as dying.
-I don't like this.
You got to do it.
It's all we have left if you
want to make Mom happy again.
-Don't you have any
sins to burn off?
-You're the one who
burned the drapes.
Okay, see ya.
The Virgin would only to
the person inside the circle.
So I better go.
But remember, I can't help
you if you leave the circle.
If you leave the
circle, it's permanent.
Down by the bay
Where the
watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
For if I do
My mother will say
"Did you ever see a
bear combing his hair
Down by the bay?"
Down by the bay
suspenseful music
suspenseful music
harmonica playing
Is this where you
always disappear to?
Is the lady an angel?
I mean the mailbox lady.
Make a sign if she's an angel.
Is she a good
angel or a bad angel?
Make a sign if
she's a bad angel.
ethereal dark music
I told you
not to leave the circle!
-But the Virgin came.
-That probably
wasn't the Virgin, then.
If she tried to make
you leave the circle,
it was probably the Devil
dressed up as the Virgin.
You're sure lucky
that I showed up.
That would have been permanent.
What if that was the Virgin?
This might really work.
violin music playing
-It worked!
-Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.
-Listen, did you get the
wine and the peppercorns?
-We have wine left
over from that party.
-We are going to need
lots of wine for that...
I think I'm going to
make chicken curry, too.
-Chicken curry, too?
You like chicken curry.
you're a dynamo in that.
You want pies?
What kind
of pie do you want, blueberry?
What kind
of pie you want?
-You know what I thought?
I thought I would scrape down
the whole living room, but I
would paint it a
different color.
Maybe a blue.
What ya think?
- Pink, pink.
- Pink?
What ya think?
- Pink.
- Red.
- Pink!
- Red.
And then I will do the
bathroom downstairs.
And then I will do
the girls' room.
What color do you
want your room?
You would like red.
Don't you?
-"Purple Haze," man.
You know what, Andrew?
- What?
- I really love this house.
I'm so happy here.
It's great, right?
I really like it here.
It's so nice.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
And thank you.
And thank you, too.
Hey ya and a ho ya
And hey ya and...
upbeat music
plays from radio
I had this dream where
I had a box of spa-- a box of
butterflies and some sparrows.
And I let them go.
And whenever we
left our house, we...
would still see the animals.
light rock
music plays in store
What size
do you think I am?
Hmm, why, I
would say a three?
-Do you have anything green?
Hello there!
-We have others if you like.
-Oh, you know what?
Um, I really shouldn't
buy any more jewelry today.
didn't get anything?
-You want it?
-Sure, come here.
you're the most
beautiful girl in the world.
Did you know that?
I love you so much.
I dreamed I could fly.
I think you should
practice 'cause I think that
would be really
great if you could fly.
country music playing
Um, can I get a
Manhattan and two cokes,
-Can I have a quarter
for the bowling machine?
-Here you go, sweetheart.
-Thanks a lot.
You're a beautiful woman.
-If I give you my
number, would you call me?
-What if I asked
you to dance with me?
You're wild, aren't ya?
-Actually, I'm
usually housebound,
but I'm just having a good week.
Is that so?
How much time do you have?
You got crazy eyes.
Um, listen
I don't want you to
tell Daddy that I danced with
that man, okay?
I was just kidding around.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?!
guitar strumming
-I got this great idea.
I want to start the band again.
Plus, we're not doing anything,
and remember those great songs
we wrote, but we never recorded?
Don'tcha think we
should do this?
Come on, baby.
Say something!
What do you think?
-What do you want
me to say, Mae?
-I don't know,
what you do think?
-I think it's unrealistic.
You know that.
-Mae, let's not
start this now, okay?
-Oh, come on.
Don't tell me you just think
we're just going to be stuck
here forever and ever and
afraid to get out of here.
-Mae, we just
moved in a week ago.
-Well, so what?
We can move to the city
and the kids would love it.
And we can stay with
Freddy and Margaret.
I don't want to
stay with Freddy and Margaret.
We can't just keep
packing them up,
you know?
-I can't sit here and play...
fucking housewife forever.
-Oh, oh, that
what you're playing?
All right, so you
want to go back.
What happens when you sink?
I don't care.
I just-- I just I think
we have more options.
-Mae, this blind optimism.
You've got to see it
for what it is for once.
-So nothing I feel is real?
-No, not nothing.
-Just what you decide.
You're just scared,
that's all it is.
What I'm scared of?
-No, that's not
what I'm afraid of.
-I just want to play in
front of people again.
-Okay, so go.
-What do you mean?
-Well, we don't really
need you around here.
Not in any, you know, any
functional kind of way.
-How could you say that?
-What do you mean,
how could I say that?
That's obviously
what you want, Mae.
Your freedom.
-What are you saying, Andrew?
-I'm just
continuing the conversation.
-Oh, come on, baby, please.
Don't be cold, please.
That was mean what I said.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
-It doesn't matter.
-How could you say that
I can leave by myself?
I can't leave by myself.
I love you.
Where you going?
-I have to get dinner ready.
-Andrew, don't go.
I'll be anything
you want me to be.
sad music playing
What did I do?
Why do you want me?
Please, listen, if you
take me, Ellie will die.
You can't take me.
Take Momma.
It was a bird.
-I take it back.
I take it back.
You can take me.
Take me.
blusey folk music
Angela, make
sure you lock the door,
I'll be back soon.
Ellie, don't worry.
I'll be back soon.
How long
is it gonna take?
-Not long once the
Virgin gets here.
-Well, we're not leaving
the circle or anything.
I mean, 'cause then we could--
we can go into the big nothing
and then we can
never come back, right?
I don't think she's coming.
ethereal music
-If we follow the signs
right, we get to real Heaven.
If we follow them
wrong, we go to Hell.
-Outside the circle?
-Come on!
-I don't want to.
-Well, if you don't
go, I'm going by myself.
Then you'll be
alone in the world.
adventurous music
This is
the big nothing?
It's a
mirror of our world.
But none of this is really here.
adventurous music
-How do we get to Heaven?
Oh, Muenster.
Hi, Darlene.
-Who's Darlene?
-I'm Darlene.
-Darlene is your sitter.
-What sitter?
-For while I'm at work.
looks really good.
I ate already.
Do you want to bring anything?
-Where are we going?
-Darlene's house.
-Well, actually, I thought I
would bring them by the yard
I got something I want
to drop off for Frank.
-You're going to take that
costume off before we go out?
You'll get itchy.
Tell you what, we'll go upstairs
and pick out a real pretty
outfit for you to wear instead.
-Yeah, go ahead, Ellie.
-I don't want to.
-Let's go, honey.
-Ellie, go ahead.
-Now, sweetie.
-Ellie, let go of the table.
I got her.
Ellie, let go of
the table, please.
adventurous music
Hey, fellas!
I mean my Frank.
Hey, Darlene.
are the Labess kids.
-This is Frank.
Why there
are cars in the trees?
-I brought you some
cookies for later.
He's nervous.
Have you ever been to a
yard like this before?
Well, it's a
family business and Frank is the
Not for long.
The funny thing is everyone
here is named Frank except the
Either they were named it
or got it as a nickname.
I just think that's
the craziest thing.
I have tried and tried to get
them to think of new names but
everyone just wants to be Frank.
Okay, we are going
to my house now.
Are you married?
-No, this is my parent's house.
But I wanted the baby.
-Can I see your stomach?
-No, but you can listen to it.
Put your head right here.
You can hear its heart.
-So you could get
pregnant without a husband?
-Couple of kisses
and you're there.
But you have to want it, though.
I wish you'd seen his face
when I told him the news.
He was so cute.
His cheeks got all red.
And he just looked
at me for really,
really long time.
I'm sleepy.
If I nod off for a few
minutes, you'll be alright.
Just, uh, play
with those toys and,
uh, don't go upstairs.
-What am I supposed to do?
-Just stand there for a while.
We've got to get out of here.
Can't she
maybe a good angel?
-Darlene, no way.
She's just guarding us.
Question is how to
break the spell?
My water broke!
My water broke!
I think it's coming.
Get a towel from the bathroom!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, I think--
I think it's coming!
And call my mother.
Call my mother!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Hello, is
Mrs Ferguson there?
Well, this is Angela Labess,
a kid she is sitting for.
Well, Darlene is
having her baby now,
so if Mrs Ferguson
can could over...
It's coming out now!
coming right now.
Get it!
Get it!
That's a good thing
she had those ballet lessons.
Isn't that amazing?
I know.
Yes, thank you.
That's wonderful, wonderful.
Now I want to make sure
she takes her vitamins.
I will.
You know what I mean?
Look at the baby.
-How did you know what to do?
-I don't know.
I just caught him.
He was light as a feather.
I broke
her water, though.
-Excuse me, we have
to go to the bathroom.
-Frank was delivered
in five minutes flat.
How often do you
think that happens?
It never happens.
It's a sign.
It's a sign for us
to get out of here.
They won't notice that we be
gone for at least 15 minutes.
They are so
excited about Darlene.
adventurous music
Is the big nothing
place now when you're going when
you dream or when you die?
both the same place.
When you dream, you
come back in the morning.
So we're dead?
Do you feel dead?
But then we are
suppose to go to Heaven.
If we
follow the signs right.
adventurous music
What's that?
-I don't know yet.
You've could've
killed my sister.
Sit on his head.
-Get the kid away from me!
Apologize or she'll fart.
-Say "I'm very,
very sorry, Ellie,
and I love your smile."
I'm very,
very sorry, Ellie,
and I love your smile.
Ellie, take it away.
-Who are you?
-I'm Angela.
That's Ellie.
We are in a hurry.
Do you have any
food for sandwiches?
-I think so.
-What do you have?
-What kind of cheese?
-Well, why don't you make us
a couple of sandwiches and we
could go have a picnic?
Okay, quick, sit down.
We have to practice kissing.
-How come?
-What if we do it with boys?
-But I don't have
anyone that I want to kiss.
-You can't just
leave it to instinct.
Okay, now I'm going
to have to be the boy.
Just look like you don't
know what's going to happen.
Then kiss.
-Okay, wait a minute.
-I'm getting baptized
in this river tomorrow.
-We are already baptized.
No, we weren't.
-I'm getting it again
to be double blessed.
-Double blessed.
That's right.
-So the Devil wouldn't
be able to touch you?
-That's right.
What church you in?
-We are Christian Scientists.
Christian Scientists?
-We use electricity to
make people's souls cleaner.
That's what this is for.
What do you mean?
-Well, we attach this
end to some part of you.
And then the electricity in your
body goes through this cord.
We turn the crank and follow
where the metal part takes us
until you're
scientifically clean.
It's called "the soul scrubber."
I'm surprised you
haven't heard of it.
Of course, you
gotta be blindfolded.
It seemed like you can?
Yeah, anything bad
thing you have done in the past
five months is
automatically erased.
Fly, fly, fly.
adventurous music
-How much longer?
Not long.
Baby Jesus, lost and found.
Won't you bring
Tom's soul back round?
What if
he can't get up?
We'll never get to Heaven now!
You think things were bad,
they are getting badder.
He was bad.
But he
had monster cheese.
I told
you it's in code.
I'm following the signs, Ellie.
That's all I can do.
blusey folk music
blusey folk music
-I think I'm pregnant.
-What are you talking about?
-From that
kissing you made me do.
Darlene said all you got to
do is kiss and want for it.
-No way, you get
pregnant from boys only.
You see this?
That is
exactly what men have.
They stick it in the woman.
I've seen Mom and Dad do it.
It looks like it hurts.
-Why do they do it, then?
-It's a rule you have too.
-I don't want to do it.
-Well, if you don't do
it by the time you're 21,
you start getting smaller.
-How come?
-'Cause there are certain
vitamins and I don't know.
But I've seen people like that
-- their mom's age and they're
small as you.
-And they shrink.
-Yeah, it happens
little by little.
Where are we going?
Wherever he takes us.
-Is that a pony or a horse?
a pony.
You running away?
-Kind of.
-I ran away once
but then I came home.
We're not going home.
-Do you like blackberries?
did you use to live?
How come you left?
'Cause our
mom got taken away.
Taken away
Taken away
Well, I got three
bucks you can have if you want.
-It's all right.
-You can't run
away without money.
It isn't practical.
It don't matter at all.
We are in the big nothing.
-What's that?
Place where
you go in your dreams.
Same place as dying.
Except we now
trying to get to Heaven.
I don't
believe in Heaven.
I think there's only Hell.
-How come?
-Life is Heaven.
Death is Hell.
-You got it all wrong.
adventurous music
Hey, who are they?!
Where did you get your outfit?
I'll tie the horse up.
-Mom, I met these
girls on the road.
-Oh, that's quite an outfit.
Where were you going?
She's just playing.
We live right around here.
We should be going.
-Have a cookie first.
-We are waiting for
our cat to have a baby.
Any minute now.
-You girls are
welcome to stay for supper.
But we should call
and ask your folks.
Uh, no thanks.
We really should be going soon.
-You sure you all right now?
-It's coming.
it's a sign.
See, this really
meant something.
-Are we still in
the big nothing?
delicate music
How much does it cost?
Two dollars.
rock music
You look
like a monster.
-Just shut up, okay?
-Do that again.
-Would you like to
try to win a prize?
-I could if I wanted to.
-Let me buy you a try.
-We have a winner here.
You have a choice of
anything you like.
-Uh, that one.
Thank you.
Is this your sister?
-Yeah, that's Ellie.
What's your name?
-Where your parents, Angela?
-They died.
You must be with someone.
suspenseful music
Hi, Frank.
Oh, hi, girls.
Well, this is my friend, Greg.
-Nice to meet you.
-So, you ran out on us.
-We went home.
-I was just getting
getting some air.
-I got a makeover.
Maybe we
should find your dad.
He said to
meet him right over there.
That man was a good angel.
-Had enough of the carnival?
Would you
like to go for a walk?
-When I was kid, we
used to come here.
You get a much better view
of the carnival from up here.
rock music
-What's the costume for, Ellie?
-Oh, good, very good.
Come here, Angela.
I like you very much, and I
will make you extremely happy.
-You will?
-If you trust me.
-I know who you are.
-What do you mean?
-I know where you
are going to take us.
-What are you talking about?
-We've been looking
for you for a long time.
been looking for me?
-What you talking about?
Who told you who I was?
-I just know.
Everything's ready.
It's okay.
-No, it's not okay.
It's definitely not okay.
I'll be right back.
What happened to you?
What happened to your eye?
-I fell.
-You fell?
Did someone take you somewhere?
What you do, run away?
Do you know what could
have happened to you?
You had me scared to death!
Where've you been all day?
-She got a makeover.
-Momma back yet?
Now answer me!
Where were you?
-No place.
-No place!
-Hit me.
-Go wash your face.
-You can hit me.
I was bad.
-Don't ever do that ever again.
What do you want to
do tomorrow, huh?
We'll do whatever you wanna do.
"Shall We Gather at
The River" by Robert Lowry
know where you live,
where Satan's throne is.
Listen to the words of John.
I looked and saw an
open door, and there,
I saw a lamb standing as
though it had been slain.
And there was a woman, clothed
by the sun with the moon under
her feet, and on her
head a crown of 12 stars.
And she was pregnant.
And she screamed in pain
because the child was coming.
And behold, a great red dragon
with seven heads and ten horns
stood before the woman who was
to give birth because the dragon
wanted to eat the child.
Now a war rose in Heaven, and
the angels fought against the
dragon, and the dragon and
his angels fought back but were
The ancient serpent, who was
called the Devil or Satan,
the deceiver of the whole world,
he was thrown down to Earth,
and his angels were
thrown down with him.
You are they who come
from this great tribulation,
this living water, this
is the blood of the lamb.
Let this living
blood wash you clean.
I baptize you my brother,
in the name of the Father--
And of the
Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
baptize you my sister,
in the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
-Could you do it again?
guitar strumming
I don't want
to be a loved by anybody
Not anybody but you
I don't want to be...
Shoved by anybody
Not anybody but you
I don't want to be
doved by anybody
Not anybody but you
"Shall We Gather at
The River" by Robert Lowry
You missed a saint.
"Shall We Gather at
The River" by Robert Lowry
guitar strumming
Can I go to the bathroom?
-Yeah, just when you're done,
make sure you and your sister
come through that
door right there.
You see it?
On the left, okay?
-I don't have to go hardly.
-One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight,
nine, 10, 11, 12, 13,
14, 15, 16--
17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
26, 27, 28--
-29, 30--
- 31, 32--
We got to see Momma!
-33, 34, 35, 36--
-Hey, how you doing?
Brought you some flowers.
The girls picked them.
Guess what we did yesterday?
I told Angela we could do
anything she wanted and she gets
this idea she wants to
be baptized in the river,
you know.
So I didn't want to
say no, so I took her.
Complete freakshow.
She got dunked.
So anyway, they say you're going
to be out of here pretty soon.
That's what they told me.
Mae, I had to call somebody.
You were bleeding.
What was I suppose to do?
I had no choice.
What could I do?
I had to.
Don't look at me like that.
Say something.
Tell me, you tell me
what I was suppose to do.
Come on, don't--
don't do this, Mae.
Don't fucking do this to me.
Tell me, talk to me.
Tell me.
Talk to me.
Come on, Mae.
Say something to me, Mae.
Mae, talk to me.
Say something.
Come on.
Say something to me.
Mae, talk to me!
Come on.
Say something to me,
you fucking bitch!
Don't fucking look
at me like that!
-Hello, my love.
-I'm sorry.
Where's Momma?
-She got sleepy.
She had to go
back to her bedroom.
She said she'll
see you tomorrow.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
-Not you, Momma.
Come on, Ellie.
Come on.
guitar strumming
I don't want
to be loved by anybody
Not anybody but you
I don't want to be...
Shoved by anybody
Not anybody but you
suspenseful music
-How do you get to Heaven?
-Uh, hmm.
-Please tell me.
I can't find a way.
-"Go down cellar," she says.
Give him a sandwich.
-Don't you lock the
door, you little monster.
I know who you are!
You let
me out of here.
Let me out!
-Please tell me.
suspenseful music
Who are you?
-Get out of here.
Get out of here.
-Please tell me!
-Get out of here.
Get out of here!
-Get out of here!
Get out of my house!
Get out!
Get out!
dramatic music
I love you,
more than
anything in the world.
You are like me.
-You can't take me.
You took Momma.
-But you are the bad one.
-No, I'm going to
the other place.
My place is as
beautiful as this place.
I love you.
ethereal music
-Leave me alone.
-Wake up.
We've got to go.
Please wake up.
I figured it out.
I'm not going in.
-Come on.
The longer you stay
under, the cleaner we get.
Just like the preacher did.
We just have to do it a
whole bunch of times.
ethereal music
This is going to really work.
-Okay, Angie, that's enough.
-One more time.
dramatic music
-Please, Angela, come back!
dramatic music
Angela, it's really real.
blusey folk music